FLCL Alternative (2018) Movie Script

[ Footsteps
[ Footsteps approaching
Bye, I'm leaving.
Have a great day.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Key chain clacking ]
[ Screen tapping ]
Every day just drifts off
into an orange light.
It's too bright for my migraine
or my eyes that are swollen
from crying all night,
but familiarity
can be a novelty.
So even if tomorrow is just
a gathering of yesterdays
cracked and tangled,
like my favorite nail art
and worn-out loafers,
in this city,
I will.
[ Birds continue chirping ]
-Hey, Pets.
Huh? Uh...
Good morni-i-i-ing!
[ Bonk! ]
[ Shakily ]
Good morning, Kana-bun.
What's wrong?
Did you get in a fight
with your dad again?
Oh, my God.
Today he sucked the egg yolk
right off the plate like...
[ Slurps ]
Ugh, rude.
Both: Huh?
[ Grunting ]
Almost there.
[ Groaning ]
you're getting nowhere.
You got to put down
the soda and snacks.
Step away
from the Dr. Pepper.
I got sweet rolls.
Want some? Huh?
No way.
It's too early.
No. You can eat
all you want in the morning
because you burn all
the calories throughout the day,
so these have,
like, 0 calories.
No, that's not
how calories work.
Oh, yeah.
Did you see this?
"Tsuganei Hot Girls Catalog?"
Ugh, no, here.
Pets: She's really making
that smile happen, huh?
Hey, wasn't she in
some other magazine, too?
That was an ad
for the mall.
Yeah, that's the one.
She's amazing.
If she keeps this up,
Tsuganei will finally have
its very own...
-Super model?
-Oh, my God! You're a celebrity!
The paparazzi might find me.
She makes me feel
all the feelings.
This is just a zine.
They only print,
like, 50 copies.
Now, girls,
no need to get jealous.
[ Bell chiming ]
-Oh, no. We're late.
-Mossan, you better run.
-Hey, wait!
Oh, my God.
Kana just super wiped out.
Okay, you've probably
already heard,
but the school will be
conducting something
very important this afternoon,
but you knew that, right?
-I didn't know.
-What is it?
Girl: I don't know.
-Right, okay.
We have qualifiers
for boys' basketball.
Today, our fate
will be determined.
Will we manage
to beat our beat
our streak
of 62 straight losses?
Our resolve
will be tested.
Come to cheer us on.
[ Applause ]
Isn't Sasaki
just the team manager?
He shouldn't be so pumped
about losing, am I right?
Oh, um, I guess so.
Guess so?
Don't you mean you know so?
Huh? Wh-- Wh-- What do you mean?
What are you implying?
Leave her alone.
Poor Kana.
I feel bad for her.
Don't feel sorry for me!
Because there's
nothing going on!
-[ Groans ]
Fine, I'm sorry, okay?
[ Stifled laughter ]
[ Sighs ]
Just don't do it again.
What's Sudo's problem anyway?
He's way louder
than any of us.
Super pisses me off.
Yeah. He needs to take it
down a notch.
But deep down,
he's just a wimp.
Oh. By the way, what was Sudo
going on about today?
The post-graduation stuff?
That's it.
How can they expect
any of us to know
exactly what we want to do
with our lives by now anyway?
Let's be real.
We've only been alive 17 years.
How do we know?
Plus, you get average grades
and are just mediocre at sports.
Hey! One of the hardest things
to do in life is be average.
I read that in
"Ping-Pong Club."
My life plan is to marry rich,
like, to a basketball player
or, better yet,
to a famous rapper.
I could totally
picture myself doing that.
-Like Kardashian?
-Yeah, why not?
[ Groans ]
I wish something cool
like a talking cat would appear,
and then she would give me,
like, a magical wand.
Young man: You going to the game
today, to the basketball game?
Young man #2: Yeah, I guess.
I have nothing else to do.
Should we go
cheer them on then?
Yeah. Why not?
These games do
get pretty exciting.
Yeah, right?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
See you guys at the commy center
after I get off work.
All: Okay!
-Order up.
-Got it.
Here you go,
one moon over my soba.
Okay, thanks.
[ Gasps ]
Uh...I'm sorry.
I can get you
a new one.
It's fine.
That said, guess this thing
looks more
like Mars
than the Moon now, huh?
[ Gobbling ferociously ]
[ Spits, coughs ]
Are you okay?
You didn't have to
eat it!
Oh, boy.
Is that how a grown man behaves?
What on earth were you thinking?
Appreciate it.
Don't worry about it.
Pollution and global warming,
inequality and sex scandals.
This is our world,
and we need to clean it up now.
It is a job of this government
to protect planet Earth
and the millions of people
who are living on it,
and that is why we must ban
all space travel.
-A travel ban, huh?
[ Blink! ]
[ Stifled laughter ]
-No need for a ban.
-Uh, good afternoon.
It's not
the average person
can just travel
to outer space.
Huh, but haven't there
been a bunch
of those commercial
rocket flights launching lately?
Only the 1% can afford
to take a flight like that,
and they only care
about their own well-being.
Excuse me, missy.
Honshu, please.
Make it the temperature
of warm milk,
somewhere between
body temp and ice water.
It'll give it the perfect blend
of taste and aroma.
Uh, okay.
[ Gasps ]
Uh, what?
Let me guess.
You 17?
Uh, yeah, so?
You're all tangled up,
like, in a knot, huh?
And you're all muddled
in the head.
I bet you're thinking today
will be like yesterday,
yesterday like
the day before yesterday
and so on and so on.
17 has arrived.
Life can't wait forever.
Seconds, please!
Uh, yes, sir.
[ Sucking through teeth ]
Ha-ha, success!
Might as well
give up, Mossan.
No! You'll see!
I'm not giving up!
Here we go.
Seventh sense,
don't fail me now.
[ Blocks clatter ]
Oh! Yes! That means you got
to take out the trash.
Damn it.
I can't believe
I lost to you.
Ah, that really
wore me out.
It totally felt like
the universe was on my side.
Is something wrong, Kana?
You look
really out of it.
Hmm, it's just
that a pink-haired lady
came into the shop
and said to me, "17 won't wait."
I wonder
what she meant by that.
Pink hair?
Was she trying to tell you to
enjoy your youth or something?
Maybe, but she also said I was,
like, tangled or muddled.
Well, she's not wrong, you know?
You are tangled.
Just look
at your headphone cords.
That's not my fault.
They do that
on their own.
It's so annoying.
It's true.
Super annoying.
Wait a minute.
What's annoying?
[ Both laugh ]
Hey, stop laughing!
You know, you guys have been
making fun of me a lot lately.
Come on!
Cut it out, Pets!
We're sorry.
Hey, Mossan, what are you
even doing over there?
Just doing some cleaning.
What is it?
Hey. Remember these?
You, like,
shoot them up in the air.
-You mean bottle rockets?
-Yeah, exactly.
I don't know why,
but I just had
this sudden urge
to build something.
I want to help.
Aw, let me see it.
Let me touch it. Let me have it.
-What is this?
-I think those
are for the wings.
-What does this thing do?
-Well, yeah, but why?
But don't you think
that's going to create
a little too much
wind resistance?
-And what about this, Mossan?
-Design over function.
Come on.
Tell me what this does.
They're just weights.
-This, too?
-No, not those.
Those are just
some bicycle valves.
What? You're putting
a rocket on a bike?
-Wait a second.
-What about it?
How is it going to fly
if you put weights on it?
Don't you know what
a bicycle valve does, Kana-bun?
Didn't I see some glue
over there?
Anyone got that tape?
Everyone, shut up!
I have a feeling we're going
to need more bottles.
There's more in the box.
Leave the drinking to me.
All right!
We are totally doing this.
Now, let's make
some bottle rockets!
[ Unenthusiastically ] Yay.
Is that all you got?!
[ Laughter ]
Yeah, that's it, just like that,
twist it and cut it.
Goody, goody, goody.
Bird-watching at this hour.
Kind of late, don't you think?
What are you doing in this town
or, rather, should I say,
"this planet"?
Everything is in order, sir.
So are you searching
for it again, the N.O.?
Oh, you don't
beat around the bush.
It doesn't matter
what you do.
There's no way
they're going to stop,
but you knew that already,
didn't you?
Oh, man.
You're no fun. Are you?
Well, I'll never know
unless I try.
Oh, wow. It's, like...
And it's so big.
We did it.
Think it'll fly?
It's got to fly, right?
Let's launch it,
launch it right now!
-No, not yet.
-Why not?
I mean, haven't you had
your fill of Dr. Pepper yet?
Diabetes doesn't wait
for anyone.
-Shut up!
-Then what?
Mossan: Too plain!
All: You're right.
Bye. I'm headed out now.
You didn't eat.
That's okay. I'm not hungry.
-[ Slurping ]
-Don't slurp.
Girls won't like that.
[ Door opens, closes ]
Mossan: Okay.
We'll make this part red.
This should be yellow, and this
over here should be pink.
Yeah, pink,
hot pink is my favorite!
I didn't know you were
so good at drawing, Mossan.
Ah, are we even going to be
able to win a single game?
Oh, how about if we add
some sequins here for sparkle?
All: Love it.
I have an idea.
Let's go shopping for supplies
before heading
to the commy center.
I was supposed to go on a date,
but I guess I don't have to.
Then I'm going to take
the day off from work, too.
Let's do this.
All: Mm-hmm.
Here we go!
Dareka no sei janai
Yappari boku wa ima
mo sutorenja
Hikari ni muragatte
Osoroi no yume wo mite mo
Igokochi warui dake
Kaze ni kieta rabusongu
Kabe ni hararenakatta posuta
Any of you have
been shopping in there?
Mossan: Not me.
Hijiri: Ugh, they're
such douchebags in there.
All I know is, our soba shop
is losing customers
because everybody
is going to this mall.
Susumu tsumasaki wo
Ame mo mizutamari
Mo ki ni shinai ze
Sugu ni kawakunda
Itsu no hi ka
Tachidomaru no nara
Boukenka no you ni susume
My foot
Michi naki michi wo
Oh, look at it!
It looks even better
than I imagined!
-It's so good.
-I totally love it.
This is totally a collection,
in my opinion.
Okay, now it's time
to get this beauty in the sky.
Outer space,
here we co-o-o-me!
[ All scream ]
[ Shuddering ]
Ow, ow.
Are you guys okay?
[ Gasps ]
[ Whimpers ]
What is this thing?
All: A pin?
All our work is destroyed.
A complete catastrophe.
[ All gasp ]
Mossan: Oh, God. What now?
That's disgusting!
Hijiri: Shit, we've got to
get out of here right now.
All: Huh?
-Kana, let's go.
-What? Why are you crying?
I don't -- I don't know.
we got to go.
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, that's pink hair.
[ Whimpering ]
My bad.
Is she dead?
[ Snarling ]
So hard.
Wake up, Kana-bun!
-You're just going to die here?
-Here, Kana, take this.
-Quick, I have another one.
-Yeah, me, too.
We did it.
She's back.
Nailed it.
That was a close one.
Ow, it hurts.
-Hey. What's wrong?
-What's the matter?
-Oh, no. What is this?
Kana, talk to me.
[ Blip! ]
All: Huh?
What the hell?
A flower?
Damn you!
Ugh, gross.
[ Roars ]
-We got to go!
[ Roaring ]
This is like
a kaiju movie.
Except for
it's real, right?
[ Grunts ]
[ All gasp ]
I didn't expect that.
I thought it'd get bigger,
but not that much.
I know you.
You were the one
at the soba shop yesterday.
Hmm? Haruhara Haruko,
Space Investigator.
I'm from from the Brotherhood,
Galactic Police.
Uh, space what?
I don't know.
She said space twice.
Now back to
the business at hand.
Okay, in order to beat
that thing, I need that thingy.
-You what?
-Pay no attention to me.
This isn't going to hurt,
not one bit.
Now hold still.
The less you struggle,
the easier it'll be.
I got it.
It's almost there.
Ah, there!
This is
a 1967 model Mustang.
Mama like!
[ Guitar revving ]
[ Grunting ]
Damn it.
Don't get cocky just
because you're bigger, now.
I'm going to cut
you down to size.
Heads up!
[ All groaning ]
It's shattered, just like
your fragile teenage dreams.
No big deal, though.
All you got to do now
is remake it.
I guess you're right.
Woman #2: The target
has been neutralized.
Kanda: N.O., the ability
to pull objects
the hyper-spatial channel
opened by the thought
difference of the left
and right brain,
bending time and space
to jump thousands
of light years in a second.
What are you doing?
Why have you suddenly decided
to come back to Earth, Haruhara?
[ Laughter ]
[ Indistinct conversation ]
[ Chuckles ]
Everyone ready?
All: Ready!
Let's count it down.
All: Four, three, two, one,
blast off!
[ Gasps ]
It's flying!
It's headed right for us!
[ Laughter ]
Mossan: Oh, God.
You look like a ghost.
First I'm going to get you.
Then I'm going to eat you!
No, wait, for real,
I can't get my hair wet.
Kana-bun, wait!
Let's talk through this.
You don't have to --
My phone!
-Oh, my God.
-I can't believe we did that.
My hair is going
to get frizzy, dude.
-Great, Kana.
-Just you wait!
-Come on! Come on!
-Stop, stop!
The shimmering ocean from that
day is burned into our memories.
The days flew by,
even though nothing took off,
but this won't last forever.
You won't know what's
truly important in your life
until you actually lose it.
It was then, at that moment,
when I realized it, not just me,
but that was when
everyone else realized it, too.
So the album debuted
at number 5
on the Billboard charts,
and my mentor
took the cover photo.
I mean, I, like,
totally freaked when I saw it.
Yeah, cool.
Oh, hey, I have an idea.
Why don't you model
for me some time?
that could be chill.
You could even invite
your friends to the shoot
if you want.
Sure, sounds fun.
I know, right?
And besides, if I'm going to
publish my own photo book,
I'd better get started,
you know?
I'm not going to be
a college student forever.
Am I right?
Yeah, totally.
Oh, I meant to tell you,
a senior at my college
has his very own startup.
He asked me to join,
[fading] but I don't know.
[ Man singing in Japanese ]
Kana: Can you believe it?
Bunta wouldn't eat them again.
Mom was so pissed.
Some people just
don't like them.
-Whatever. I like them.
-Me too.
People say they don't like them
without even trying them.
If you ask me,
tomatoes might just be
the best-tasting vegetable
in the entire world.
They're technically
a fruit.
I know that, but...
Is that Hijiri?
Aah! They kissed!
Do you see that?
Their lips totally touched!
-Yep, I saw it.
-They smooched!
They smooched!
Calm down.
It's not a big deal.
My head is killing me.
I was up all night yesterday.
Kana: Uh, Hijiri, I thought you
didn't even want a boyfriend.
All I said was, I wouldn't date
the boys from our class.
-Oh, that's savage.
-So, like, what does he do?
He's in college.
You're, like, popular
with all the guys, Hijiri.
What else is new?
You -- you --
you're dating a college student?
That true?
-What are you freaking
out about?
-That was so 5 minutes ago.
Yeah, man, you got to try
and keep up.
That's life.
So wait a sec.
Does this mean
it really is true?
You're on, Sasaki!
Give Yajima
back to us right now!
All: Right now!
Dating a college
student is improper!
Come on.
Give her back?
She wasn't theirs
in the first place.
-Eco-friendly cars are lame!
-Do something!
Can't you make
those guys shut up?
They're so noisy.
It's becoming really annoying.
What do you want me to do?
It's not my problem.
How can you say that?
This is
all because of you.
Okay, okay, okay,
let's all calm down!
That's enough out of you!
Who Hijiri is dating
is none of your business!
You hear me?
Don't butt in, Koumoto.
Sasaki is on our side, so you
better not get in our way.
What? What are you implying?
Why would that matter?
Yeah, we've got nothing
to do with each other.
Whatever, not trying
to start a lover's spat here.
You got it wrong!
I'm not at all interested
in Sasaki!
[ Chuckles lightly ]
If you just went along with it,
they probably would've
left you alone.
Oh, this one is cute.
there's no humor...
-I don't know.
-...in immature guys.
-Pretty hard to pull off.
-Trust me.
-How about this one, then?
-Oh, you savage.
I think that one is way better.
But now you got to deal with
all those girls gossiping, too.
What they think
doesn't matter.
I mean, we're graduating soon,
so who cares?
Yeah, I guess
you got a point.
Oh, is that new?
Did your guy buy it for you?
-Yeah, that's right.
Whoa. That brand costs about
as much as a used car does.
-Major bling.
-Wait a sec.
Why are you using
my stuff, Kana?
Why not?
[ Sloop! ]
Do I look grown-up?
[ All groan ]
Oh, is it that bad?
I guess you're still
too much of a kid.
That sucks. I tried,
but I guess you're right.
Oh, well.
I forgot to ask,
but, hey, you free this weekend?
All: Huh?
I'm Toshio Shioya.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, thank you.
Toshio, photographer.
-Photo, photo?
-Yeah, photographer.
I'm in college,
but don't you worry.
I'm a total pro.
Shall we start then?
You ready?
All right then.
Show me some teeth.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
Yeah, these are
coming out real nice.
Let's get some more shots.
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Hey, let's shoot there,
get one of you looking bored,
like, full of ennui.
-That's weird.
Mossan: Why are there
so many dogs around?
Kana: Wait.
They're not strays, are they?
I mean,
I saw a toy poodle.
Pets: Uh, I hope
they don't have rabies.
Kana: What? Haruko?
Ah, Kana-bun.
Why are you working
at a kebab truck?
Want meat! Want meat!
For budgetary reasons,
indentured servitude.
Want meat.
Then pay up.
This isn't a charity,
and if you don't have cash,
go away.
Can I have four orders
for the ladies?
that was so adult.
Many thanks!
Haruko: Order up.
-Oh, score!
-Oh, tomato, look!
Yeah, yeah.
I get it.
Hijiri: It looks delicious.
Whew. I'm getting hot.
Toshio? Toshio?
Sorry about that.
Pardon me, but, miss,
may I take your photograph?
You want a picture of me?
But I don't have any makeup on.
Come on.
Just one as a favor?
What if I let you
keep the change?
I don't think so.
Please go through my agent,
and I'm keeping the change.
Oh, pretty please,
for me, huh?
Let's go.
Or things will start
to get cold.
All: Oh.
That girl has got
a gift, all right.
Except they
totally ditched us.
Can she be
any more amazing?
And she's gorgeous, too.
[ Muffled scream ]
It's so hot!
What did I just eat?
Why would you do that?
Why is it so spicy?
I mean, maybe it's
a little bit spicy.
I don't know. I think it's got
the perfect amount of heat.
Seriously, you don't
think it's too hot?
It's made with
special space mustard.
-Is it too hot for you, huh?
Maybe your taste buds
haven't matured.
Mature taste buds?
You're kidding, right?
It's true, totally.
-No way.
-I swear.
Yoga: Order up!
[ Sighs ]
I said, "Order up"!
Yes, but look at it.
You spilled
the soup everywhere.
Don't worry.
This one is for a regular.
Mr. Moon?
Anchorman: Now we will listen to
the Prime Minister's statement
regarding questions
over the observational...
Sorry for the wait.
Here is your full moon soba.
[ Grumbles ] About time.
Prime Minister, in regards to
the current construction...
That's right, again.
[ Slurping ]
-Uh, he didn't even cough!
[ Slurps ] That's because
my tastes have matured.
I know there are voices of
opposition from our citizens,
so as dignified adults,
we grown-up members
of government ask
that everyone take our lead
and be a grown-up
like us on this matter.
Be a grown-up?
What does that even mean?
What it means
to act like a grown-up?
It's like when you're eating
soba on a Sunday alone.
There he goes.
I knew it was too spicy.
Shizuka: Will the two of you
just go and take a bath already?
I'm busy.
You go first, Bunta.
But I'm still watching TV.
Just go!
If you don't hurry up
and take a bath,
Dad won't have time
to take his.
Just 5 more minutes,
and it'll be done.
So I've been wondering.
Do you have a girlfriend, Bunta?
Yeah, I do.
No way! Even though you
pick the tomatoes out from
your food?
Are you serious?
I'm sorry.
I thought it would be better
to tell you in person
because that's
the grown-up thing to do.
I guess you're right.
It's not
about you, Hijiri.
It's me, okay?
So don't feel bad.
You kidding me?
I'm fine with it.
It doesn't bother me,
not a single bit.
I didn't think it would.
It's been really great.
Sure. No prob.
[ Car door closes ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
-That earring is so cute.
-I know, right?
Young man: She came to school
with a college dude.
Young man #2: Shh! Stop it!
She's right there!
Earth to Hijiri.
So, hey, can you show us those
pictures from the other day?
Yeah, the ones
your boyfriend took.
He sent you
the digital files, right?
Do you think we'll all
look like super models in them?
Who knows?
Oh, I heard that the camera
removes 20 pounds.
Are you sure? Because I heard
it was the opposite.
Kana: But he's a pro.
I'm sure he found an angle
to make us look thinner.
Oh, I can't wait!
-Miss Yajima?
Your friends that came in,
they ordered drinks.
Oh, okay.
Don't care if I break it
Throw it all away
I'm leaving your drinks here.
Come on,
Hijiri, join us.
We can hear you
down the hall.
Could you please
just tone it down a bit?
Where else am I supposed
to be able to cut loose?
We lost
our comu center,
and it's all 'cause
of those giant pins.
I know, but still.
Thank you!
You got a score of 35.
You take the next song.
I can't.
I'm working right now.
Come on.
Can't you sing one song?
-No, I can't.
-What song do you want?
-I said, "No."
-You have to sing one.
No, I don't!
[ Feedback ]
I'm kidding.
Man, you really
scared me for a second.
My bad.
La, la, la, la, la
[ Taps microphone,
clears throat ]
Put in my song.
You know the one.
Get ready to dance, girls!
All: Yeah!
Mossan: Hijiri was acting kind
of strange, don't you think?
Kana: Really?
She seemed normal to me.
Pets: She's always
kind of aloof.
Mossan: Like, didn't her smile
seem forced?
You're over-thinking it,
-Uh, you think so?
Hmm? Uh.
[ Whimpering ]
[ Shuddering ]
Hijiri: All right.
I'm headed home.
What should I do?!
What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do? What do I do?
What do I do?
What do I do?!
Mossan: Do you have any idea
how many dudes
confessed their love to Hijiri
in middle school?
Pets: Like, 30?
Kana: No, it's more
like over 50.
-Shut up.
-That's not a good number.
-She did reject most of them.
-That is so Hijiri.
-Uh, I don't know.
Mossan: I still think she had
a different aura about her.
it's midnight already.
You're positive he said
he was coming, right?
Yeah, when I texted
him earlier.
Maybe this
isn't a good idea.
Both: Huh?
He's here.
Oh, hi.
Where is Hijiri?
Did she ask you guys
to bring it instead?
Uh, well...
Uh, Hijiri told me
she wanted to meet me here.
She's going to give it back,
right, the necklace?
Meow, necklace?
What do we do?
I don't know
what he's talking about.
Dude, you're not making sense!
Explain yourself!
I think maybe Hijiri arranged
to meet him here, as well.
All: Hijiri!
What are you guys
all doing here?
[ Horn honks ]
All: Huh?
Hey, Tosh, did you get back
my necklace yet?
No, no, no, no!
Hijiri, avert your eyes!
Don't look!
There's nothing
to see here, I promise!
Of all girls, I didn't think
it would be Haruko.
Oh, yeah,
I forgot to tell you.
He dumped me,
said he liked someone else now.
It's life, happens all the time.
I know, right?
No, it doesn't.
You're wrong.
Why are you acting
so calm about this?
You'll understand
it eventually, Kana.
No, I'm not going
to understand it.
I'm never going to.
I don't even want to!
-You seemed happy, Hijiri.
Kana: And it was like
you were all grown-up.
Oh, crap. Uh-oh.
That's why
I couldn't let this go.
I don't want you to break up.
I don't know. I just thought --
Look, stay out of it, okay?
This is between Hijiri and me.
This doesn't have anything
to do with you guys.
Kana: I get it, okay?
It's none of my business,
but Hijiri is my friend.
Kana, watch out!
That thing,
it's starting to get bigger!
That's what I'm saying!
This is a big deal to me!
Two people who once liked
each other are now breaking up!
Uh, but that's not what she's
talking about right now.
Come on!
Kana-bun is flying!
Ah! Aah!
Hey! Hold up!
Not fair! That thing is mine!
[ Panting ]
Hey, do you have
a driver's license?
-Not yet!
-Okay. I'll lend you mine.
What? You crazy?
I'm not old enough to drive!
Women are from Mars,
and men are from Venus.
I don't know about you,
but I got a giant penis!
Huh? Turn right!
[ Man singing in Japanese ]
[ Camera shutter clicking ]
Toshio: Oh, amazing.
This just might
get me a Pulitzer.
Damn it. Huh? What?
Cut it out!
Hey, are they getting
[ Singing continues ]
-Look out!
[ Singing continues ]
Where'd it go?
Where is it?
Where's my camera?
Oh, I can't believe this!
Oh, this totally sucks!
Damn it!
I can't do it.
Go on.
Just leave me behind.
If you insist.
You didn't even hesitate!
Kana: Hijiri!
Are you okay?
Guess what? Turns out
I might be good at driving!
[ Chuckles ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Laughs ]
[ Inhales sharply ]
[ Singing continues ]
Way to go,
eco-friendly mecha.
Here we go!
I got it!
[ Singing continues ]
Michael Bay! Ha!
Sit and spin!
[ Groans ]
I'm so tired.
-You done good.
-Where'd it go? Hey.
Let's go.
I can take you home.
-We've been through a lot
tonight, and you know what?
I've decided I like you better.
[ Laughs ]
What? She's not going back
to you after this!
-Total scumbag.
-Ugh, I've had enough of this!
Wait! What are you doing?
S-- Stop!
-Cut it out, Mossan!
-Let go of me, Hijiri!
I'm fine, you guys.
I swear!
Mossan: How are you fine?
Let me go!
Because I'm no different
than him!
[ All gasp ]
That's right.
I'm no better than him,
always acting cooler,
pretending that everything
is fine when it's not,
looking down on others like
I'm the only mature one.
It was dumb.
I was really dumb.
But that's okay because
I'm going to stop now.
Toshio, that's yours.
It's not a good look
for me anyways.
And for the record,
we're nothing alike.
You got that?
So I guess that's what I get
for hanging out
with a bunch
of stupid kids.
Well, good riddance!
Whoa. Tiny.
Well, whether you're an adult
or just a kid doesn't matter.
The most important thing
is how big you are.
Those are on me.
Bon apptit!
[ Sighs heavily ]
It's spicy.
[ Girl imitating
telephone ringing ]
[ Dogs panting ]
Aw, man. Why isn't anyone
picking up the phone?
[ Barks ]
I'm sorry, but we're unable
to answer the phone right now.
Please leave a message
when you hear the woof.
Have a nice day.
[ All barking, howling ]
Ah, shut up!
[ Howling continues ]
We don't have
very much time left.
[ Man singing in Japanese ]
[ Bubble pops ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Snoring ]
[ Bubble pops ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Crash ]
Hey, Missy,
what you doing
waving your stick
around like that?
Well, it was that
or fall asleep.
It's starting to rain.
Why don't you call it
a night, huh?
Aye, aye, sir.
Heh. Try again.
[ Gasps ]
Come on.
Ugh. Worst morning ever.
Hey, Pets, did you happen
to bring your hair dryer?
No, but do you want to use
my handkerchief?
So old school.
Sasaki: Ida, what are you doing?
Put something on.
Quit flashing everybody.
Dude, shut up
and just take it off.
No. Wait.
Hey, what do you think
you're doing? Stop it!
Sasaki is skinny.
You'd better take
a good, long look, Kana,
while you
still got the chance.
What for?
[ Groans ]
It's official.
My bag just
crapped the bed.
Hijiri: You're like a walking
vending machine.
Mossan, we're only allowed
300 yen worth of snacks.
[ Bell chimes ]
Sudo: That last part may be
on the test.
It is on the test.
There, you're welcome.
-Yes. Thanks.
-Thank you, sir.
Oh, and one more thing,
college planning sheets,
Koumoto, Yajima, Hetada,
make sure you guys
turn them in this week.
Oh, I totally forgot
about that.
I'll get in trouble
if you don't turn them in,
so please
don't do this to me.
I'm begging you guys.
What are you writing down?
I'm at a loss. Oh!
Koumoto, Yajima, Hetada...
-[ Sighs ]
-He didn't say you.
You did all this?
These are amazing.
Come on.
You really think so?
I knew you were good
at drawing,
but I didn't know
you designed clothes.
I don't seem the type,
do I?
Uh, no.
You totally do.
I do? Well, good
because I kind of
entered myself in a contest,
and after they saw
my designs and visions,
here is what they wrote.
Kana: Whoa.
You made it past the first cup.
Is there anything
you can't do?
Oh, come on.
Stop it.
It's only the first round,
you know?
I mean,
maybe I was just lucky.
You look happy.
And suck at modesty,
you know?
Hey, by the way, if that's
what you wanted to do,
then how come you
never mentioned it?
Good question.
You are the only one
who turned in
their college-planning
Oh, it's just hard
to talk about it.
Being a designer seems
like a pipe dream.
But we're supposed to share
our dreams with each other.
We'll support you,
no matter what.
Regarding the observational
rocket base on Tsuganei Bay,
there are rumors
in some media outlets
that it's being built
as an escape route
for government officials
and wealthy citizens.
[ Slurping ]
They are completely groundless.
They're absolutely false.
Lying comes as naturally
to her as breathing.
I see.
[ Girls laughing ]
Is it really true?
There's no way.
I'm dead serious.
I saw him standing right
by my pillow.
The god of soba?
Did he ride a bull
holding chopsticks?
What did he look like?
He had dreads made of soba.
[ Laughter ]
That's why you quit deejaying?
To start a soba shop?
Too much ganja.
Don't make fun
of people's dreams.
Now, eat up.
It'll get cold.
You know, to be honest,
I wish a God
or some kind of higher power
would show up.
I need guidance.
Oh, yeah.
Should we focus on that
instead of slurping soba?
You have it easy,
You can always model.
I got zero interest
in it,
but it's what everyone
expects of me.
Pets, you're going
to college, right?
What am I going to do?
Just keep doing you.
You could always just stay
in high school forever.
Come on.
It's not funny.
I've got to channel all my
energy like Mossan does.
Doesn't seem like you,
-What? I so too can.
-[ Sighs ]
I don't think you can.
I couldn't.
Mossan may seem carefree,
but she actually cares a lot.
For example, like what happened
with that school festival.
Which one?
The one in eighth grade
that was so disorganized.
No one wanted to work on it.
It was the day
before the festival,
and nothing
had been done,
but Mossan said if we were
going to go through with it,
we had to do it right,
so she stayed at school
all night making arches,
signs and origami flowers,
fancy ones too,
and during the festival,
she worked the haunted house
while making the yakisoba.
That's crazy.
She's a machine.
She's unbelievable.
Yeah, but that dead look
in her eyes...
She's eating her fingers.
She's working so hard
at her part-time job,
it's like a full-time job.
Mossan, why don't you
take a break
and give one
to your stomach too?
[ Choking ]
[ Gasping ]
Ah! Of course.
Doctor, is it that bad?
Hijiri: Uh, what is Haruko
doing here?
Pets: Sexy doctor
really works for her.
I need to take a closer look.
Remove all your clothing.
I meant you girls.
Wait a minute. What's the point
of us removing our clothes?
Very, very nice, all the right
parts are sticking out.
What the heck?
Oh, let me see it.
Let me touch it.
Let me have it.
Oh, you girls are
so naughty!
Oh, your waists are so teeny
tiny, and you, my dear,
have a nice set of knockers,
but I'm more
into what's going on here.
You think that's
my best feature?
-[ Gasps ]
-We're here, Mossan.
You hang in there,
Doctor, her condition
is getting worse.
Scalpel, chainsaw and
that electric shock thingy.
Can you save her,
Well, that depends.
I mean, isn't it a bit
presumptuous for humans
to intervene in the life
and death of living creatures?
[ Gasps ]
The special-edition kalbi lunch
sent from Gyumaru,
Ambiya's roll cake,
Sakamoto Shoten's piping-hot
Hokkaido earl croquette,
Yubido's strawberry-chocolate
Parakke's thick-cut
well-done steak,
Bakery Melcie's pumpkin pie,
extra large hokke lunch set!
Oh, I can't eat another bite.
[ Sighs ]
[ Snores ]
She's overworked. That's all.
And she's overeating too.
It seems like she's been working
around the clock these days.
I wish we could just pay the
design-school tuition for her,
but times are tough.
-I want to use that color.
-I'm not done with it.
-And we have
so many mouths
to feed.
-Your chicken looks yummy.
-Your pork katsu
looks good too.
-On top of that,
she isn't
getting much sleep either.
She's working on
some contest entry at night.
-Me! Wait for me!
-Mom and Dad!
Hey, sis!
Get up already.
We made you dinner.
[ Children giggle ]
-Stop that. She isn't dead.
-Dinner! Dinner!
Pets: So the reason she's been
working so hard is
so she can go
to design school?
-Mossan hasn't said a thing
about how tough things
have been for her.
She's one tough cookie.
Hey, I have an idea.
Keep going,
a little bit more.
Backing up. Backing up.
Wait. How did Haruko
end up here with us?
I told you already that this was
part of my job, didn't I?
[ Grunting ]
You're going to slow.
Faster! Faster!
These cones need to be lined up
more artistically.
[ Humming ]
[ Groans ]
Excuse me. I think you missed
a spot, Pets, dear.
I can't move another muscle.
I can't.
I'm going to die.
I don't know.
Doing all this work
actually feels good,
especially because
we're doing it for a friend.
-I guess it does.
Let's soldier on.
Swing that bat.
We still got to use that
[imitates machinery] thing.
[ Thud ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
what are you doing here?
You should be at home
Mossan, what's wrong?
Did somebody ask you
to do all of this?
I said, "Did somebody ask you
to do all of this?"
Let me guess. Nobody did,
so you should just butt out.
But we're helping.
You're under all this stress
we didn't know about,
and we were worried.
It's none of your business,
Just go home!
This is my dream,
and it only counts
if I can do it on my own!
[ Machinery whirring
in distance ]
Mossan is being so stubborn,
isn't she?
I mean, she doesn't have
to push herself so hard.
Yeah. True.
What's the point
if she makes herself sick?
If she's sick, she can't even
participate in the contest.
I guess. You're not wrong,
but at the same time...
[ Grunts ]
It's Mossan's dream.
She should have a say
in it.
Maybe we should have asked her
permission first or something.
[ Grunting ]
[ Exhales ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Thudding ]
Ahh! Ugh.
[ Screams ]
[ Gasps ]
May the force be --
I leave you alone
for one second.
You've got no self-control,
like a horny boy.
Sorry about that.
You just keep pulling out
them losers,
loser after loser
of Medical Mechanica robots.
You really got
the worst luck, missy.
You're not wrong.
I'm sorry that I'm not
more useful.
Well, if that's the case,
you're better off
just staying at home
and being a hikikomori.
Mossan has
this amazing dream,
and I, on the other hand,
have nothing.
I don't know.
Having a dream or not
is fine either way.
[ Ringing ]
Oh, hold on a second.
I've got a call.
Hello? Hello?
Moshi moshi!
Hello? Hello?
Hello? Hello?
[ Dial-up tone sounds ]
Oh! You're useless.
Who even uses dial-up
[ Rapping ] You got
no dreams of your own
So you help your friends
with theirs, yo
Uh, you say you're helping,
but who is it that gains, huh?
Is it your girl
or a personal companion?
Why are you rapping?
[ Record scratches ]
Man: Let's get scratching!
You got no life plans
Say you got no dreams
So you help your friend
with nosy schemes
Your ego's just playing
That's what I'm saying
You're like a toaster,
useful as a poster
Can't find the one thing
that matters the most-a
It's a night to go dancing,
Yeah, that's right,
I mean, fighting, girl
That's the trend
I got no HQ
And I got no friends
Beating up the robots
Like laying 10
Alone in this battle
And I see no end
Communication is nothing,
And transmission is missing,
I'm afraid of
the Internet fashion, girl
Come on, freestyle
[ Laughs ]
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sewing machine whirring ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Cellphone buzzes]
Hey, Mossan.
[ Can pops ]
Sorry it's not
a Dr. Pepper.
What are you trying to say,
getting me a Diet?
Oh, sorry.
It's so like you.
Don't worry about it.
No. I mean, well,
for that too,
but I meant for butting in.
It's fine.
I'm over it.
You can't be, and I didn't say
I'd stop doing it.
But I'm asking permission
this time.
Let me help you, okay?
Mossan: Like, how?
Well, I can't sew
or go to your job for you.
I don't mean that, but I could
support you, like,
be an assistant
or something.
I'm not sure
I'm understanding you.
Real designers
have assistants and stuff,
so just think of me
as your practice assistant.
I mean, the contest
is coming up soon,
so you could use
the help, right?
I'll do anything
you need me to.
I -- I know I'm being pushy,
and you may not like it,
but working together
has got to beat
doing everything
on your own.
Well, there's always
the fabric, I guess.
It bunches and messes
up my stitching.
You could help me.
[ Chuckles ]
Hey, can I borrow
the sewing kit?
-Just don't lose any needles.
So what do you think Kana
is up to, huh?
Not sure, but she mentioned
about helping her friend
make a dress.
Too bad she's all thumbs
just like her dad.
How about this?
That's not quite right.
[ Sewing machine whirring ]
Come on. Keep up.
Lift those knees!
Pick up the pace.
Sir, yes, sir.
[ Giggles ]
Both: Nice.
-These outfits are so cute.
-Great designs.
-The models are gorgeous too.
-Oh, I like that one.
-That one is so hot.
-Keep going.
Here are your three finalists,
It's time now to announce
the grand-prize winner.
This is it, Mossan.
-Sure is.
-Calm down.
You look
super nervous.
After surviving
the first rounds,
who is going to ultimately
take home the crown?
The next top designer will be
selected right here, right now.
Don't worry.
We worked really hard
on this.
We've got nothing
to worry about.
And the grand prize winner
number 28,
Hana Tondabayashi.
Come on stage.
-Me? I really won?
[ Cheers and applause ]
T-That's okay.
You did your best.
I-I guess fate just wasn't
on our side today.
That's what went wrong,
nothing you did.
-It's fine.
Sometimes, no matter
how hard you work,
things still
just don't work out.
It's all about results,
plain and simple.
How do you feel?
-I'm sorry.
-But still,
I ended up having
a lot of fun,
and it's all
thanks to you guys.
Once again, here is
the grand prize design.
-Is she going to come out?
What's going on?
Girl #2: Why aren't they
bringing out the dress?
-Where's the model?
-Just -- Just stand by, folks.
Uh, I used to be spokesmodel
for the Space Collection.
I cannot wear something
so broad.
Man: Um, you have to.
It's the winner's design.
-It's not the right outfit.
-Somebody, please stop her.
[ Indistinct muttering ]
Hit it, deejay!
[ Snaps fingers ]
-[ Muffled screaming ]
[ Audience mutters excitedly ]
[ Cheering ]
Isn't that
Mossan's design?
What is Haruko
doing here?
I don't know,
and I don't care.
Kick ass.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Who designed this?
Uh, it's my design.
Coco Chanel?
But I didn't win.
Mossan, go on.
Get up there.
Huh? Okay.
[ Cheering ]
Hey, you!
You aren't a real model.
Why are you even up there?
Oh, crap!
The judge is
a world-class designer.
Celebrity Kick!
Haruko Punch!
[ Grunting ]
Guards: Aah!
Let's go.
It's too dangerous here.
Time to bounce.
Adios. Sayonara.
Uh, why don't you tell us
what you're feeling right now?
Well, I'm disappointed
at the results,
but I'm going to use this
to become
the world's top model!
Like I've been saying,
Mossan is double awesome.
The lines connect
the pin to pin.
Within the lines are
the plants of each region.
Haruko: With a goal of
flattening everything.
You didn't bother
to knock?
Maybe make some effort
to mind your manners.
Why would I know anything about
Earth manners?
So what you going to do?
Not a damn thing.
I'm just here to observe.
Once again,
you're no fun.
I suggest you keep your nose
out of this.
Medical Mechanica won't
stay silent any longer.
Just got to add
your two cents in, huh?
Well, doesn't matter.
I'm still going
to do things my way.
[ Door opens, closes ]
It's a shame, really,
if only these guys
had substance.
"A vision by the apple orchard,
stood a maiden with her
tresses freshly coifed
and with a floral vine
woven through her hair."
What does "freshly coiffed"
And fight.
-It's Sasaki.
-Hey, hey, hey.
What are you doing?
Why are you making
that sound?
I said, "Stop, please."
-Tsuganei, fight!
-Wait. Haruko? Why?
Haruko: Hey, Sasa,
help me read this, please.
-Who is that?
-It says, "Really erecting."
-My hunch is on the coach.
-But it's the off-season.
It says, "Well-hung."
And this one?
It says,
"Trim the bush."
[ Growls ]
OMG, girls.
Will you look at the face
that Kana's making?
Watch out.
You'll be burned by her
flames of jealousy.
You're so annoying.
Leave me alone!
It's probably better if you stop
teasing her like that.
That's enough.
Hey! Attention!
I need your undivided attention,
There's a reason we have
Coach Haruhara with us.
Okay, Ida. You tell them.
[ Crying ] I can't.
I'm sorry, but I have no idea
what I should say.
Sasa, do it, please.
Why me?
Yeah. Anyone can,
so why does it got to be him?
Looks like somebody
is super annoyed.
Somebody just can't
help herself.
Just spit it out already!
Ida is being super weird!
Seriously, why me?
So remember Kida High's
basketball team
who defeated our team
at regionals?
-Well, 10 out of 13
of their players transferred
to another school...
-They are?
-...which means our school
will be playing in their place
at the next game.
We'd love for everyone
to come and watch.
Oh, good boy.
You did great.
clap for him now.
-10 students?
-Talk about lucky.
All at one time?
[ Scoffs ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Players grunting ]
[ Whistle blows ]
-Come on, Ida!
-Show them what you've got.
-You suck.
-I came to watch this?
-Keep your head in the game.
Don't give up.
Oh, man, it's hot
as balls in here.
Oh, that handkerchief
is cute.
This is mine.
Want to trade?
Okay, but I made
this one myself.
You know what?
You're going to owe us
for putting us
in such hot and sweaty
conditions like this.
Not to mention people
don't usually come to a game
to cheer
on the team's manager.
-Come on! Let's go!
Haruko: Hey, hey.
How many points
do you need to score
to win in basketball?
That's not how basketball
is played.
-Oh, boy.
-Did that hurt?
-Nice shot, Ida.
What the hell
were you thinking, Ida?
You shut up!
You're one to talk.
[ Buzzer sounds ]
Listen up. Whatever happens,
you just got to keep fighting.
If you're not winning,
you're losing. Get out there!
Everybody needs to focus
a bit harder.
In the second quarter,
our shots are down by --
When is the basketball
thing over?
I think you're the one who needs
to be concentrating harder here.
But this doesn't have anything
to do with the game.
Shut up!
[ Thud ]
Stop your diddling,
make yourself useful
and prep our sports drinks.
Hey, I'll trade you this
for your karaage.
How is that a fair trade?
-Are you out of your mind?
Whoa. Looks like
they're about to throw down.
Oh, hell, yeah.
Don't hold back, guys!
[ Gasps ] Sasaki?
You know I'm not afraid to do
it, but it's not up to me.
You're hurting me.
Let go of me.
Whoa, oh, aah!
[ Thud ]
[ Gasps ]
Ow! It hurts.
My plan backfired.
I didn't mean to.
No. I'll be fine.
Then again, maybe I won't.
I'm sorry.
Liger Balm works best
for aches and pains.
Would you mind?
[ Gulps ]
[ Growls ]
You're good at this.
I've done it before.
Nasty. Just get a room.
Do something!
Please, Mr. Sudo!
Haruko: A little higher,
more towards the groin.
Uh, is that better?
Right over there, perfect.
Oh, somebody's out...
-That looks pretty raunchy.
That is no defense
against that kind of attack.
Kana: [ Growls ]
What are they doing?
That's so dumb.
What kinky thing is that?!
[ Gasps ]
I'm just messing
with you.
I'm sorry.
I swear.
So, what are you gonna do
about that?
It's got nothing to do with me.
I mean, it's not like...
I've got feelings
or anything...
not at all.
[ Groans ]
It's my head again!
-Are you okay?
-Ready or not...
don't throw in the towel.
Her legs are shaking bad.
[ Screams ]
No. I can't deal!
Oh, my God.
[ Cries ]
[ Crash ]
[ Scoffs ]
And to think I almost had it.
[ Groans ]
-Sasaki, wake up.
-Is he dead?
-What are all those guys doing?
-They're not taking this game
It's because they know
they're a joke.
In regards to unidentified
pins that have appeared,
there are malicious
conspiracy theories
being spread about
alien attacks
and other hidden agendas...
[ Growls ]
...but there is no need
for alarm.
I can't stand it!
Uh, hey, there, Kana.
You doing okay?
'Cause if you need to take
a day off for any reason...
I am perfectly fine!
What's most important
is love and brotherhood.
Nothing is truer than love!
Love they neighbor.
That's right.
It is love that will save us.
[ Sobs ]
Kana: Why is everybody
talking about love?
I can't take it!
I'm sorry, but I'm leaving.
[ Sighs ]
We are investigating these
mysterious pins as I speak.
With the scientific experts at
our disposal, we will soon...
Yes. I know.
I've been told that before.
I look prettier in person
than on TV.
I never said that.
Look at these bumps
I'm getting on my arms.
It's from an
allergic reaction to soba.
Did you know you could
even die from it?
Everybody will die,
That may be,
but there's a difference
between now and later.
You know, instead
of slurping up soba,
you should be
on surveillance.
And due to
a staffing reduction,
our headquarters
isn't operational anymore.
So, when do you think
that thing's going to move?
The earliest would be
in two weeks,
but I believe it'll actually
begin to flatten in four.
[ Sighing ] Oh, great.
I guess that means we need
to amend the plans.
Oh, by the way, there have been
several sightings of an alien
named Haru-something-or-other,
and word around town
is that you seem to be
pretty chummy with this being.
That was a long time ago.
I don't care.
All I'm concerned about
is that you don't cause
any more problems.
[ Water running ]
-You cause too many problems.
-That right?
But don't you think this
is gonna cause
problems for you too?
Don't flatter yourself.
Just looking to see
how your wound is.
[ Sighs ]
That's all
you want to look at?
I think you'd better soak
in there a bit longer.
I'm all healed up,
so don't you worry.
If that's the case,
I need to check you out.
[ Belt buckle jangles ]
Oh, it must be hard being
an irrigation officer.
It's immigration.
You know, those who don't know
how to mind their manners
need a little help
from the state.
W-Whoa! Hey, hey,
wait for the...Aah!
[ Coughing ]
Shampoo hat!
What -- What is this thing?
Will you stop squirming
and let me get it out already?
What are you touching?
Don't -- Don't touch me there!
What is this?
I knew you were no fun.
I just really hope that nobody
is going to get hurt this time.
Come on.
Help me out, guys.
What do you think I should do?
Leave me out of it.
How should I know?
If you push him down, then you
can get on top and mount him.
Kana: Can you all just be
serious for one second?
Well, we can try, but...
I thought friends were supposed
to help each other
in these
kinds of situations.
I don't have
any experience with this,
so would you please
just give me some advice?
[ All sigh ]
[ Bicycle brakes squeal ]
[ Gasps ] Sasaki?
This should be
You're crushing me.
Mount him, Kana.
What -- What are you
doing here?
Oh, uh, I wanted to thank you
for coming today.
It's not, like,
a big deal.
How did you know that we were
going to be here anyway?
First, I asked the guys
in class,
and then I went over
to your house,
and they told me you guys
hang out here a lot.
[ Gasps ]
-No. No. No. No. No. No. No.
-Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.
How does he even know
where she lives?
Stalker much?
Between love and madness
lies obsession.
Are you doing okay since
the ball hit you in the face?
It wasn't as bad as the time
I got kicked in the face.
Wait. Kicked?
"Don't overshare"?
Forget what I just said.
It's nothing. I'm fine.
Thank you for asking.
Thank goodness.
There's, uh, something important
that I need to tell you.
There's nothing going on,
I mean,
with Haruko and me.
Oh, right.
Since I'm a team manager,
I --
I can't ignore someone
in pain, see?
Uh, sure.
That...makes sense.
[ Whispering ]
Hey, what should I do now?
No way, no way, no way.
"Just do it"?
[ Gasps ]
[ Groans ]
Koumoto, are you okay?
[ All gasping ]
-I don't know what's going on.
What is it? Is it your head?
Does it hurt?
But I'm just fine.
[ Groaning ]
Oh, she ran away again.
[ Groans ]
[ Gasps ] Koumoto?
[ Sighs ]
Kana: [ Sobbing ]
What the hell
was I thinking?
What's wrong with you?
Don't you know
how to knock?
Hey, Mom says to come
and eat dinner.
Mm, I'll pass.
I'm not hungry.
How come?
You on a diet?
Just leave me alone.
Oh, I meant to ask.
How's it going with
your girlfriend?
It's going real good.
She's at the beach
right now.
Check it out.
[ Growling ]
[ Bell chimes ]
Wow. That pen you have
is really super cute.
It is?
Trade with me.
Is that a brush pen?
Interesting trade.
[ Kana growls ]
Haruko: Give me something
thicker, please.
I prefer one
that's thick and hard.
Sasaki: A 0.5 thickness
should be hard enough.
What? No! No! No!
[ Growls ]
The struggle is real.
That is pure agony.
Or pure adolescence.
Of all people,
why Sasaki?
He's kind of soft.
Guess that's why
he's the team manager.
Doesn't Sasaki have paroxysmal
kinesigenic choreoathetosis?
Something like that.
-What's that?
-Did you know that he actually
used to play some basketball
back in middle school?
But he's got some sort of
rare nerve condition,
so he can't exercise
Oh, that's why
he's team manager.
I'm so sorry, Sasaki.
I never should have judged you!
When I was a kid, I was weak
and got sick all the time too,
so I can understand
how he feels.
[ Gasps ]
Hey. Have any of you chicks
seen Sasa?
We don't know where he is.
If he's not in the classroom,
try the cafeteria.
-Hmm. That's a good idea.
What do you want?
Why are you looking for him?
Oh. What I want
doesn't concern you.
That can't be good.
That's a lot of sparks.
And why does it have nothing
to do with me?
What's that look?
Your face looks really ugly.
Shut up.
There's nothing wrong
with my face!
There's something wrong
with you, yeah?
Let me guess.
Is your heart broken?
[ Growls ]
She's getting her
even more worked up.
You're too immature
for feelings or relationships.
See you.
[ Growls ]
Good job, Kana-bun.
-You showed such restraint.
You never want to be the one
to take the first shot.
-That's it.
I've made up my mind.
[ Basketball thumping ]
Kana: [ Giggles ] No.
I've never heard of it.
You know, "DonDonDunk."
It appeared in
BomBom Comics.
I don't know what a DonDon
or a BomBom is.
[ Chuckles ]
Are you serious?
How is that possible?
It's a classic.
[ Grunts ]
Hey, are you all right?
Uh, yeah.
If I move too suddenly,
or when my heart beats too fast,
I get it.
When your heart
beats fast?
H-Hey, uh...
...I was wondering
if you were...
Well, if you were...
[ Thud ]
Go on. Get it out of her.
-It's happening.
-Smooch him.
[ Warbles ]
Gi-gi-gi? Gi-gi-gi?
Gi-gi-gi? Gi-gi-gi?
Huh? Hold on.
Wait a sec.
What's wrong?
It's weird.
I'm not feeling it now,
that spark.
Both: Aah!
[ All grunting ]
Ow, my butt! My butt!
That hurt!
What the heck
was that thing?
Is that another robot?
-He ate him.
-He had Sasaki sashimi.
[ Steam hisses ]
[ Roaring ]
Did they merge?
[ Basketball thumping ]
Could you try not
to look so smug?
She's got moves.
I'm going to check
his stats.
Sasaki is really good
at basketball.
Yeah, but being part robot
probably helps.
Damn you.
Well, prepare yourself for this!
-What's she doing?
-This is...
The ultimate
All: She's flying!
The left hand is
a whole nother place!
All: What?!
[ Electricity crackling ]
[ Explosion ]
It's all in
how you dunk the ball.
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs ]
Basketball sure is the best.
I love it.
Oh, that's gross.
[ Birds chirping ]
Sorry for everything.
I think --
I think I made a mistake.
I don't understand.
What do you mean?
[ Bell chimes ]
-That's the last warning bell.
Hurry up,
or we'll be late.
Hold on a sec.
I'll be right there.
I think that maybe...
I wasn't as ready
as I thought.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
See you around.
[ Man singing in Japanese ]
In the end, it turns out...
Haruko was right.
I'm not ready for love yet,
and I think that maybe
that spark that I felt
was probably because...
No. Not that mouth lift,
face lift.
Oh, my bad.
[ Laughter ]
...I hope it will always be
like this
every day, tomorrow
and the next, forever.
That wouldn't be so bad.
[ Warning alarm blaring ]
[ Air hissing ]
[ Poles snapping ]
Aww, that's so cute.
I want one, too.
You should just ask your mom
to get one for you.
-Good morn--
-But I like yours.
I'll trade you
my pin for it.
No way. Why would I do that?
This is my favorite.
Hi, Koumoto.
One, two.
[ Water splashes ]
[ Laughs ]
This water feels so good.
can we try front flips?
Come on, it'll be fun.
Hold on.
Where did Mossan go?
A walrus, it's a walrus!
I was going for manatee!
[ Laughs ]
Watch out,
I'm gonna get you.
[ Laughter ]
Get ready for this!
-For reals, for reals?
-For reals.
You sure about that?
Yeah, I read it online.
Girl #1:
They actually said Earth
is going to disappear?
Girl #2:
I don't think that's true.
Girl $3: Yeah, it's getting
super hot these days.
I know.
What's going on?
I heard they're working
on a migration plan.
Eh, steamy and soggy.
We'll end up like soba.
Man #1: Is there any correlation
between the iron
and this extreme weather?
[ Blows ]
Man #2:
There are reports of these
things appearing
in different parts
of the world.
Are the rumors
we're hearing true?
Is the Earth in danger
of becoming extinct?
Uh, well, so, the reason
I have is deeply rooted,
and I'm not just saying
that to appease you.
Well, the truth is,
I can't recall.
Understand I'm different
from you.
Only the wealthy
will be able
to migrate to Mars,
isn't that correct?
Don't play dumb,
answer the question, you hag.
-I don't believe you.
You're a terrible...
[ Cellphone rings ]
Kanda, answers!
How dare you let this happen?
[ Slurps ]
I don't know what
you're talking about.
That was so embarrassing.
Look at my pits.
They make something for that,
it's call antiperspirant.
We don't have enough
cargo vessels,
so we need to put a stop
to these migrations.
I'll have you know, this mess
is entirely on you.
Got it.
I'll gladly resign then.
And immediately.
Nobody's gonna care if some
pencil pusher's head rolls.
And what are you doing
about those irons?
What are their
representatives saying?
They're saying nothing since
there are no representatives.
That's the kind of people
we're dealing with. Nobodies.
Oh, God.
It's all 'cause of this woman,
She's upset them.
Well, I won't deny
that's certainly a possibility.
I don't care what you do,
just make sure you get it done!
Should have gotten them cold.
Now they're soggy.
So hot.
Mossan: Ceiling serve.
Uh-oh, looks like it got
blown by the wind.
[ Grunts ]
-Good one.
-You, too.
Set it, hurry.
Here it comes.
And a whack attack!
Look out, Pets.
Where did Pets go?
She was there
a second ago.
Did she decide
to get out?
[ Sky rumbling ]
-What do we have this period?
-It's calculus.
Student #1: Oh, man,
I'm just gonna nap.
Student #2:
Can someone turn up the air?
Student #3: Why don't you try
it next time then?
Guys, she didn't come back
to the classroom.
Maybe she went home?
This isn't like her.
She probably just ran away.
I mean, her family's
like super rich, right?
What are you
talking about?
Oh, you know, the Mars thing,
the migration.
What are you implying,
Answer or I'll BenGay
in your face.
What did I say
that was so bad?
You're still a jerk.
To Mars 'cause she's rich?
Like an official?
Yeah, like some really
high government position.
That's why her family's
so rich.
Oh, really?
Well, how do you not know
this, Kana?
I mean, you've known her
since elementary school.
Well, she never
talked about it.
That's hard to believe.
When did the two of you
find out?
I think it was Yoshia.
She's her own gossip column.
Yeah, she probably got it
from her parents.
They're gossipy.
Oh, I see.
Still here?
Get out of here.
Head straight home, okay?
Yes, sir.
Yeah, you too, dude.
Yes, ma'am.
I don't know what's going on,
but it's super strange.
Yeah, man, just suddenly
cutting school short like this?
Maybe 'cause it's too hot.
I guess there's nothing
we can do.
[ Steam hissing ]
[ Lever cranking ]
Blast prep complete.
Five seconds before blast off.
Four, three, two...
[ Gun clicks ]
It's useless.
I thought your job
was only to observe.
Don't piss them off
anymore than you have.
You still chose to wear
a suit in this heat?
Oh, always
the model bureaucrat.
I want you to take your hands
off of that detonator right now.
And what if I say, "No"?
Well, what if I say, "No"?
[ Pew! ]
[ Small explosion ]
[ Hissing ]
Tell me, why are you
so obsessed with this planet?
No reason.
I just don't want things
to go their way.
What are you
planning to do?
Don't you know
that they can't be stopped,
and they won't stop
until for no reason at all,
every single one of the planets
in this universe is flattened?
Humans have tried
to resist them,
but even if we were to drop
a nuclear bomb on it,
nothing would put a dent
in that iron.
Yeah, I guess
you're probably right.
The government is only planning
on saving a select few.
Everyone else will be left
behind to fend for themselves.
I'm tired.
I hate this job.
[ Gun clacks ]
Of course.
No substance.
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Car idling ]
Excuse me.
Are you a student
from Suganai High School?
Uh, that's right.
I go to Suganai High.
Are you perhaps
Ms. Koumoto?
Yeah, that's me.
You are?
I thought so.
Tomomi Hetada,
I am her mother.
Uh, Tomomi had a check-up
scheduled today.
We decided to let her
skip some school for it.
So that's what happened.
But she disappeared
without saying anything.
We've been searching
everywhere for her.
We haven't found her yet.
So is Pets, I mean,
is Tomomi,
is she really
going to Mars?
Is she going away
for good?
[ Sighs ]
[ Tires squeal ]
[ Car idling ]
I hope you
can find some clues.
We would really like to know
where she is.
Wait a second,
this is Pets' room?
It's not typical
for a teenage girl, is it?
She doesn't have
any stuffed animals
or posters of pop stars
on her wall.
But that's not
the only problem here.
This is how my husband
prefers things.
Although, truth be told,
he is rarely ever home.
Wait, but Pets would tell me
stories about her dad sometimes.
Oh, she would?
Well, I suppose she was
just trying to pretend
to seem normal.
You know, she's never invited
any friends
over to the house before.
However, that said, she would
bring your name up on occasion.
That photo, back in elementary
school, I gave that to her.
I know.
She told me
that your mother
took this photo
of the two of you.
She hates taking photos
so we hardly have
any of her in our home.
You've been friends with her for
quite a long time, haven't you?
If there's anything you know,
I'd appreciate it
if you could please
share it with me.
For example, I'm sure you know
where she is right now.
Well, I mean,
haven't you been in contact?
Actually, she hasn't.
Please, just tell me
where she is.
Huh? I don't know.
Why are you keeping it a secret?
I'm begging you.
Otherwise -- otherwise, I'll get
in trouble with my husband.
I don't know!
[ Panting ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Groaning ]
It hurts so bad.
[ Tires screech ]
[ Screams ]
[ Tires squeal ]
Get in.
But I'm pretty sure that
this isn't your car, Haruko.
Just get in, will you?
Ooh-whee, love it!
This is the V8!
V8, V8, V8, V8.
Why did you
decide to help me?
self-centered much?
I'm not doing this for you
or anything.
Sorry, my bad.
No one ever does anything
for anyone else.
Everyone only does things
for themselves.
[ Sighs ]
Kana: I didn't know anything.
On top of that, I didn't know
that I didn't know anything,
I just acted like I knew.
Everything in my life
was made up of lies.
Commu Center.
Kana never filled it out.
[ Grunts ]
[ Electronic growl ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Growls ]
[ Chomp! ]
[ Burps ]
[ Groans ]
[ Ground rumbling ]
[ Gasps ] Wait, hold on.
[ Screams ]
[ Roars ]
No. Somebody help me!
Oh, man.
[ Screams ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Roars ]
I found it!
[ Roars ]
Damn you!
Oh, crap.
Why won't it come off?
What is this?
[ Roars ]
[ Grunting ]
Screw you.
Hold on, okay?
I'm gonna get you out of this.
[ Grunts ]
What is this stuff?
We have confirmation
of target.
It's the terminal core.
Well, what are you gonna do?
Do you think you can stop it?
Well, I'll try everything
I can think of.
If we can, it will only be
for a few seconds.
What's the point of that?
Absolutely nothing.
I'll let you clean up
the rest of this mess.
Unofficial island. Head towards
the unofficial island.
It'd be a piece of cake if I
just had the master cannon.
Kanabun, are you okay?
[ Grunts ]
[ Roars ]
[ Tarzan yell ]
[ Chomp! ]
Remember to brush daily.
Early prevention is the key.
[ Gasps ]
[ Grunting ]
Damn beast!
I heard you're going to Mars,
is it true?
[ Gasps ]
So I'll never
see you again?
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's because...
As it turns out,
I didn't know anything
about your family either.
I thought we were friends.
If something,
anything is bothering you,
I'm the one that you're supposed
to talk to about it.
You can't just keep things
to yourself, okay?
We're friends after all,
aren't we?
We've been friends
for a long time.
You're so annoying.
It's true.
You're annoying.
Friend this and friend that,
shut up.
It's lame.
I can't anymore.
Why can't you get it already?
Like the time with Hijiri,
you call that being friends?
You butted, claiming to be
helping her,
except you're really not.
Same thing happened
with Mossan.
You should have left her alone,
but you just couldn't.
She told you to stay out of it,
and you said she hurt you
when you were the one
who had to pry.
Who does that?
You make things worse.
I'm sorry.
Stop apologizing.
I want you to do something
about it.
And don't get me started
on Sasaki.
Did you even know that I used
to be interested in him?
I never said anything
'cause you liked him,
then you
just threw him away.
All you ever care about
is yourself!
I had no idea.
Stop it!
Shut up!
I don't want to hear it!
[ Sobbing ]
I don't know why --
I don't know why I did it.
Back then, why'd I say,
Why did I want to become
friends with you?
[ Both sobbing ]
[ Rumbling ]
[ Grunts ]
Don't leave!
Don't go!
Oh, wow.
[ Grunts ]
What amazing power.
Pretty cool.
[ Screams ]
Whatcha doin'?
Want to walk home together?
Uh, yeah.
You're Hetada,
that right?
Yeah, but you can call me
Wait, Pez like the candy.
Mnh-mnh, it's just Pets.
It's Pets because Hetada
has two T's in it.
Okay, makes sense.
Do you have a nickname,
Uh, no,
I've never had one.
I'mma come up with one.
You're Kana Koumoto,
so you can be...
[ Echoing ]
Kanabun, Kanabun.
[ Normal voice ]
Kanabun, are you okay?
[ Groans ]
The beach?
Come on, what were you
trying to do anyway?
You know Kana,
always getting into trouble.
I'm sorry.
Pets: Believe it or not,
it was my fault this time.
No need to apologize.
Especially since
she's not going anymore.
-She's staying.
She decided
not to go to Mars.
It's all 'cause she wants
to hang out
with us a little longer.
Is that true?
I'm really sorry for not
telling you I was leaving,
for saying
those mean things.
That's okay.
It doesn't matter.
I'm just glad
you're here.
you're my friend.
I always want
to be near you.
Like I told you
a million times already,
I am a government
I can't prove it 'cause that hag
won't answer her phone.
[ Sirens wailing,
police radio chatter ]
You still going?
You sure that's
what you really want?
[ The Pillows'
"I Think I Can" plays ]
[ Screams ]
[ Whirring ]
I said,
we're under construction!
Aah! Aah!
Haruko: Aah!
[ Grunts ]
[ Clangs ]
[ Stammers ]
[ Crashes ]
You son-of-a...
[ Guitar revs ]
Don't get in my way!
You're pretty good.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Groans ]
[ Exhaling sharply ]
[ Groans ]
High-school girls
can be so complicated.
[ Rumbling ]
[ Rumbling continues ]
[ Gulps ]
[ Alarm blares ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Alarm continues ]
[ Horns honking ]
[ Helicopter blades whirring ]
Woman: Calculating
the estimated amount of time
until plant activation.
Activation in approximately
34 hours and 43 minutes.
[ Phone beeps, rings ]
Woman: Hello?!
Kanda: We have
less than two days
the plant activates.
The same goes for
the other parts of the world.
Oh, I see.
Well, I myself
will be on a flight tomorrow
at 5:00 P.M.
You sound like
you're going on a vacation.
You could say
it's a vacation of sorts.
I'm touring Mars
with our nation's officials.
Oh! Do you think Mars
has hot springs?!
Thank you
for your hard work.
Did you hear
what I sa--?
[ Phone beeps ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Clears throat ]
Everyone's just
out for themselves.
what's first period today?
Uh, calculus, I think.
Though, they'll just
make it study hall.
They should just
cancel class.
Yeah, probably.
But what would we even do
if we didn't have class?
Maybe we can go
to Kana's place.
She's been gone for days.
I guess we should give her
some space, huh?
[ Sighs ]
[ Whimpers ]
[ Cries softly ]
Man #:
Uh! What is that?
Man #2:
That's not space debris.
It came from
the far side of the sun!
Shizuka: Bunta, can you change
the channel, please?
Won't make a difference.
All they ever show
is reruns, anyway.
[ Gasps ] Uh, sis?
Are you feeling better?
I'm gonna step out.
Huh? But, where?
To work.
[ Door closes ]
Yoga: [ Grunts ]
You know,
you could've taken the day off.
No one comes in here,
Everyone's saying
the world's gonna end soon.
I, for one, though,
will be right here
making soba 'til the end.
Here, order up!
Thank you for waiting.
Well, hold on.
I'm pretty sure
I ordered cold soba.
[ Gasps ]
[ Hums ]
this is your usual order.
Today, I feel like
eating cold noodles.
I'm sorry.
I wanna keep it the same.
What the same?
Like it's always been.
I want to keep it the same.
I want things
to always stay the same.
Kana: [ Sniffles ]
Keep things the same, huh?
[ Sighs ]
Mossan: Holy crap,
what is with this heat?!
I should've just ditched
and stayed home today.
Wanna go grab
something to eat?
Do you think
they're even open?
Huh. Probably not.
[ Gasps ]
[ Both chuckle ]
[ Inhales sharply,
exhales slowly ]
[ Gulps ]
Haruko: What a loser.
You're a grown man
acting like a high schooler.
I'm doing no such thing.
Since when
did you take up smoking?
[ Exhales slowly ]
Since I failed to quit.
What brings you here?
Man...my back hurts.
It's 'cause
you're getting old.
Aliens don't ever age.
I've been 19
for years now.
[ Exhales slowly ]
Will there be a tomorrow?
The summer
when I turned 17
was when I tried smoking
for the first time.
Never in my wildest dreams,
did I imagine that I'd be
going out like this.
Oh, boo-hoo.
It's true.
You know what?
I wanna shoot
some fireworks.
But if it's
just the two of us,
it won't be any fun.
The more, the merrier.
Well said.
[ Grunts ]
[ Scoffs ]
Hey? Got a light?
[ Grunts ]
Guess we should take roll.
-Oh, nice and big.
-What's it look like?
Yep, of course,
no one's here.
[ The Pillows'
"Fool on the Planet" plays ]
I can't believe we actually
walked all the way here.
It's so far.
Mossan: My feet
are gonna fall off.
And they probably stink.
Ew. T.M.I.
The ocean's vast
and so big
And calm to look at
But I don't know
How the lyrics go
after that
That sounds awful.
Okay, seriously,
what are the lyrics again?
The moon will rise
every night
And the sun
will always set
That's it!
What's the rest?!
Uh, I'm pretty sure
that's the end.
I'm pretty sure
there's more.
I want to travel
to another country
[ Exhales sharply ]
Have a nice trip!
It was great knowing you!
We love you!
Take care of yourself
and don't forget
about us!
[ Grunts ]
Mossan: [ Laughs ]
Hijiri: Wait!
Go, go, go, go, go!
[ Laughs ] Come on!
Hijiri: No fair!
Kana: The shimmering ocean
from that day
was burned into our memories.
The days flew by,
even though we never took off.
I suppose I knew this
for some time.
I knew, but pretended not to,
pretended not to notice.
I thought
if I pretended long enough,
everything could
stay the same.
[ Engine roars ]
Yoga: Hmm.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Laughs ]
Oh, hang on.
My song is your song
They actually left.
I wonder what it's like
on Mars?
I bet it's fun.
I don't know.
But I sure would've
liked to have gone.
I really...
[ Voice breaking ]
I really...
[ Sniffles ]
[ Engine revving ]
[ Engine revving ]
Aha! There you are!
[ All scream ]
[ Both gasp ]
[ The Pillows'
"Last Dinosaur" plays ]
This is not the time
to be napping!
Miss Haruko?
What the hell?
I can explain
everything later.
[ Alarm sounding ]
It's finally happening.
[ Alarm blaring ]
Kanda: Come on, Rahu.
[ Rumbling ]
[ Metal grinding ]
Holy crap,
it's moving!
So, what's gonna
happen now?
I'm not one
for bad endings.
So, me and your girl
[ Engine revs ]
...are gonna blow it up!
Haruko: Fly?
all the way to Mars.
We don't know
how many people
will actually be able
to transfer.
I know it's a long shot.
But the only way
to do it is --
You're talking about
Kana-bun's N.O.
Kana Koumoto has the power
to make a ginormous mecha
disappear in a flash.
Well, I don't really care
what you have to do.
'Cause I'm not letting things
end like this.
We gotta give it
all we've got.
Huh. Acting all cool
in the 11th hour.
I am just a boring guy,
struggling for survival.
[ Chuckles ]
Then show me
how you struggle.
[ Chuckles ]
All right, then.
[ Inhales deeply ]
I think it's time for me
to make 'em squeal.
[ Groans ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Wind whistling ]
Look, it's headed
for school!
[ Gasps ]
[ Gasps ]
Holy crap!
What are
your thoughts...
on your city
getting destroyed?
Only your forehead
can put an end to this now.
Or you can just sit back
and enjoy the show.
Things can't stay the same
Deep down inside,
you've gotta know that
that's not possible.
The city and its surroundings
are changing.
And we all get older.
Things that are important to us
And if that's true,
then why not have
the same smile on your face?
What should I do?
I've got no clue.
I'm not you, after all.
Hijiri: Kana?
Are you really gonna
battle that thing?
I'd say she's ready.
[ Inhales deeply ]
Listen up!
I love all my friends!
Why is she shouting?
Not just my friends!
I love everyone!
Nicely done!
Go on and tell 'em
how you really feel.
Look what the cat
dragged in.
it's not gonna be like --
[ Both screaming ]
Well, this should be fun.
Outnumbered 30-1.
Time to even the odds!
[ Steam blows ]
[ Shouts ]
Come on!
Quit standing around!
Hurry up
and let 'em have it!
Yes, I love
every single one of you.
You matter.
I love spending time
with you.
Because I love...
I keep saying the word
I don't have dreams.
I don't know what I want!
I don't know
what my future holds.
I just wanted things
to stay the same forever.
I didn't wanna believe
that things would end.
[ Grunts ]
[ Both grunting ]
I knew that
it wouldn't last forever.
It couldn't.
[ Guitar revs ]
But I didn't...
I didn't wanna believe it.
[ Shouts ]
That said,
it doesn't mean...I...
I'm not...
not saying it right.
[ Groans ]
[ Engine revs ]
Aw, come on!
Are you still worried about
what others think?!
Shout your feelings!
You're 17!
[ The Pillows'
"Thank You, My Twilight" plays ]
It's the exotic reaction!
What's that?
She looks so cool.
Kana: All my life...
I've been lonely.
I longed to have friends.
Because I didn't
wanna be by myself.
I was terrified
of not being liked.
I was so preoccupied
with what others
thought about me,
that I did things for them
that they didn't even want.
But I was the one
who needed them.
I got into fights
with those I loved,
because I wasn't being honest.
Everything I did was an act!
It was annoying!
I can admit that now!
And I'm no longer scared
of not being liked!
[ Straining ]
[ Gasps ]
Aah! Aah!
Oh, wow!
Are we flying?!
Did I lose weight
or something?!
It's an anti-gravitational
Why, Pets?
Why leave?!
[ Crying ] I'm never gonna
see you again!
We never got
the chance to make up,
and I never
got to say goodbye!
[ Gasps ]
What is that thing?
It's huge.
There it is.
The naked focal point.
This power is beyond
the scope of our calculations.
At this rate,
space-time itself
will collapse!
I'm sorry!
But, Pets,
I wanna say
a proper thank you!
And I wanna say goodbye
to you!
Let me!
We're still friends,
I feel so sad, Pets!
[ Sobbing ]
So very, very sad.
[ Crying ]
even though I may feel sad,
I like it here.
[ Normal voice ]
And so, I will stay.
[ Sniffles ]
Hey, Pets?!
I love you!
[ Screaming ]
Aah! Aah!
[ Breathing shallowly ]
[ Screaming ]
[ The Pillows'
"Little Busters" plays ]
Bye! I'm leaving!
Have a great day!
Kana: Every day just drifts off
into a pink light.
It's too bright for my eyes
that are swollen
from crying all night
and my head
really hurts from it.
But familiarity
can be a novelty.
So, even if tomorrow just
is a gathering of yesterdays,
cracked and tangled,
in this city, I will...
Hijiri: Hey, Kana!
Mossan: Hey, Kana!
Kana: Morning!