FleshEater (1988) Movie Script

How far is this place, anyway?
Pass one of those over here.
No, pass it down.
All right.
Give me a kiss, give me a kiss.
- That's good.
- This is so much fun.
Those guys.
I'm Ralph.
- Ralph.
- Ralph.
Here you go.
- Oh, great.
- Now, come on.
You tell me this isn't better
than any frat party on Halloween, huh?
This is gonna be the best
Halloween you guys had.
I'm telling ya.
I can't wait
to get.
- Where's he taking us?
- Sally's hiding
- a beer over there.
- I don't know,
- this is a long ride.
- I know.
- Yeah, well...
- I hope we don't
- get too cold tonight.
- I know, I tell ya.
- I don't have a jacket.
- No one wants to share.
Hand me over another beer,
would you, please? Please?
I'm tired of being the one
supplying all the time.
We're gonna build a fire.
First thing we're gonna do
- is build a big fire.
- Yeah.
- It's beautiful.
- There we go.
- Finally.
- This is a great idea.
Hey, don't forget the cooler.
I got the beers, I got the beers.
All right.
Lisa, grab the radio, please.
Anything else?
And the sweatshirt.
Oh, how sweet.
There you go.
Come on off, Kim.
Come on, I got you.
There you go.
You know, I'll bet these woods
get pretty goddamn scary at night.
Who knows what might happen to us up here?
- Remember Sammy Perkins?
- Yeah.
Sammy and his girlfriend came up here
about a year or so ago to go parking.
Nobody's ever seen them since then.
Sammy joined the Army.
Yeah, and his girlfriend
Janie got pregnant,
went to Virginia to have
the baby at her aunt's.
That's what everybody thinks,
but a good source told me
that they were murdered
right up here.
This guy is full of shit.
The story goes like this.
Old man Spence's dog came home one day
with a man's hand in his mouth.
And on it was a class ring
with the initials S.H.P.
Those are... or should I say
were... Sammy's initials.
Why don't you knock it off, Eddie?
Talk about something else.
Yeah, she's right.
Why don't you save the horror stories
for around the campfire?
What's gotten into her?
Hey, Lise, why don't you
give our friend Eddie
some of this, huh?
Maybe he'll get stoned and fall asleep
and we won't have to
listen to him anymore.
No, thanks.
- Here.
- Hey.
Why don't you ever kiss me like that?
Well, maybe if you had
tits like her, I would.
Go to hell.
Hey, Lise.
Give me a break, will ya?
Here, this ought to cool you off.
You asshole, Eddie.
This is a brand new blouse.
Grow up, Eddie, will ya?
What an asshole.
What the hell is this?
Goddamn college kids on my property again.
What the hell is this?
Some kind of joke?
Jesus, what an ugly son of a bitch.
I feel like dancing.
All night long, come on.
All night long.
Come on.
Let's dance!
Why don't you come up and dance?
No, no, no, I'm watching you.
Oh, come on.
Oh, fine, just a little bit.
All night long, come on.
All night long.
Come on.
Lisa, what the hell are you doing?
Come on, with everybody watching?
You're worse than Carrie.
Yeah, right.
Give me that blanket.
Help me.
That's good.
Come on.
I've been waiting all
day to be alone with you.
What's your hurry?
We got all night.
Why are you holding back?
Didn't you want to be with me?
It's not that, it's just...
everything is going so fast.
This is our first night out, you know.
Are you saying I'm too pushy for you?
A little.
It's just... I don't think I'm ready
to get serious with anybody right now.
Who said anything about getting serious?
I just wanted to get together with you
and have some fun, you know, fool around.
First time I met you at Julie's party,
I wanted to be with you.
Well, maybe you don't understand
what I'm trying to say,
but when Julie fixed us up
to go on this hayride together,
I was really excited about it.
I mean, you are really cute.
And I haven't been out
with a lot of girls.
I just never had any girl
treat me the way you have.
Well, I'm sorry.
I don't mean to come on so strong,
but it's just that I really like you,
and I want you to know it, you know.
So why don't you come a little closer?
Come here.
Did you hear that?
Something's in here.
I'll bet it's that damn Eddie.
If it is, I'm gonna kill him.
Is that you, Eddie?
Little pervert.
You think you'd sneak in here
and get yourself a cheap thrill?
Get out of here, Eddie.
I don't know who the fuck you are, man.
Get out of here.
No, no...
Oh, shit!
No, no!
You guys want to play
Frisbee or something later?
What do you think?
- Yeah, yeah.
- Is that bullshit or what?
No, it's real nice out there.
Yeah, why not?
- We can do that later.
- It is.
We're here to drink beers.
Who got the beer, anyway?
Yeah, could you throw me one, please?
I'm not kidding.
It's okay.
Yeah, quit your complaining, will you?
- It's gone.
- Yeah, it is.
What can I say, I started it down there.
Well, I don't know.
Hey, Lise,
you better make sure Ralph
doesn't drink all the beer.
He's been going at it pretty good
ever since the hayride.
Eddie, you asshole.
You're stupid.
Before you get too comfortable,
I suggest you gather up some firewood.
- Yeah, firewood.
- That's not a bad idea.
What time are you coming back
to pick us up, anyway?
It's up to you.
I can pick you up anytime
from midnight 'til tomorrow morning.
Yeah, tomorrow morning sounds good.
If you want to stay here
tonight, that's fine by me.
But I'd like to warn you
that it gets mighty cold up here,
and all you have is those blankets.
Well, Carrie and Bill could
stay warm in a snowstorm.
But I'm not sure about the rest of us.
Tell you what, I'll
come back at midnight.
You tell me by then, okay?
All right, that sounds good.
Well, better go get some firewood.
I ain't getting no
firewood without some beer.
Hey, Kim, right here.
Here you go.
I'm not carrying it.
Come on, please.
- Or else what?
- You can carry this.
I'm always carrying everything.
Well, show me where there's lots.
Well, there's lots.
There's a good one,
- right over here.
- Aw, babe.
We can't even use that for kindling.
Yeah, look, it's good, it's old.
- This is good and old.
- Now, give it here.
- I'll break it.
- Thanks.
Did you hear that?
Hey, it's only me.
Eddie, you really are an asshole.
Did you know that?
Oh, I scared you, didn't I?
Yeah, well, you're a
real jerk, you know, man?
Why don't you just stop playing your games
and give us some help here?
Oh, excuse me, boss.
You see, I must have come up here
with the wrong impression.
I thought we were here to have fun.
Yeah, well, you call that fun?
Here, carry that.
Come on, damn it.
You scared the shit out of me.
Oh, hey, man. I didn't
mean to scare you that way.
Well, you did.
Listen, we're going through beer
a little faster than
we figured back there.
Any chance you'd bring us back
a couple six packs when
you come back later?
Sure, why not?
You didn't bother me,
but you scared Lisa.
You know what I mean?
He didn't mean anything by it.
It's only a joke.
Come on, we're up here for fun.
Hey, it was pretty serious.
Well, you take care of the beer?
It's handled.
He's gonna bring back a couple six packs.
- All right.
- Aw, damn.
I should have asked him
to get me cigarettes, too.
Well, I haven't heard
the tractor start yet.
Do you want me to try and catch him?
No, no, sit down. Sit
down, relax. I'll do it.
I need smokes, too.
What kind do you want, Kim?
Kool, thanks.
Did I miss anything?
Now what?
- Hey, Eddie. Eddie.
- What?
How long has Lisa been gone?
- Take a walk.
- I don't know,
it's been a while.
Hey guys, I think I'm
gonna go check it out.
See where she is, all right?
- All right.
- I'll be back.
- Be careful.
- I will.
- What the hell?
- Lisa!
Bob! Kim!
Oh, man...
God, what happened to her?
Something attacked
her in the woods, man.
Look at her shoulder.
It bit right through her.
Shit, she's bleeding bad.
We gotta get out of here.
We gotta get out of here now.
What about that farm house we passed?
Whatever we gotta do,
we gotta do it quick, man.
Come on, go!
Wait, what about Bill and Carrie?
Oh, Jesus, I forgot about them.
Look, take her up to the farm house.
Me and Sally are gonna
go get Bill and Carrie.
We'll meet you there.
All right, be careful.
- Come on you guys, go!
- Come on.
Go! Tony, help me out, please.
Carrie, Bill!
Carrie? Bill?
Oh, God.
Jesus Christ.
Sally, come on, let's get out of here.
Let's go.
Hold her tight, come on.
- Come on.
- Slow down, Tony.
- Slow down.
- Come on, come on.
Hold on, baby, we're almost there.
Come on, I got you.
I got you, come on.
- Come on, you're there.
- It's gonna be all right.
Come on, come on.
Tony, run ahead and get the door.
- All right.
- Let's go, hurry up.
- Come on! Come on!
- All right.
- You're gonna be all right.
- Come on.
You're gonna be all right.
You're gonna be okay.
Let's go, come on.
Let's go!
Fucking bit right into her shoulder.
Get her in here, get her in here.
Everybody in, shut the door.
Come on, baby, come on.
Come on, all right, in here on the table.
Let's go, honey, I got you.
On the table, lay on the table.
Kim, help me out, please.
Move her back some.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
You're okay.
Hey, Julie, what I want you to do
is look around the place, okay?
Find anything we can use
for weapons, all right?
You guys, come on,
there's gotta be some hammer
and nails around here.
Find it, board up the front door.
Tony, you count all the windows
and board them up, too, all right?
All right.
Got some nails, here.
- All right.
- Go board those things up.
- Look what I found.
- Oh, fantastic.
Tony, make sure you
board up that door first.
Hey, you can't do that.
What about Bob and Sally and the others?
You can't leave them out there.
- The hell we can't.
- Eddie!
They should have been here by now.
Tony, board it up. Now.
Lift your head up, Kim.
You gotta do something.
Hold on, babe.
Hold on.
We're gonna have to
stop that blood somehow.
Give me your bandana.
Lise, baby, come on.
Come on now.
Put it on, put it on it.
Just hold it down, hold it tight.
Hold on tight.
I know it's gonna hurt, baby.
You gotta take it, hon.
Come on, it's gonna be all right.
Just hold on. Hold on to me.
Lisa, Lisa!
Oh, baby.
Get that window.
Go get some nails and some
boards for that window.
Go get that thing taken care of.
Okay, all right.
What the hell?
Ralph, open the door.
- No!
- Come on, man.
These things are right behind us.
It's too late!
Go find some place else to hide!
Oh, you bastard!
Come on.
That fucking Eddie.
When we get out of here,
I'm gonna kill him.
What's happening?
What's going on? I don't understand.
Was Carrie dead?
Yeah, and Bill too.
I don't understand what's going on.
But we're safe down here.
We'll be all right.
Eddie, what's going down?
Who was at the door?
No one.
Man, I heard you talking to somebody.
Who was at the door?
It was Bob and Sally.
Why the fuck didn't you let them in?
We can't.
Those things are too close.
We can't take the chance.
What are you talking about, man?
- You're crazy.
- Ralph, no.
You son of a bitch.
You're gonna leave them out there to die?
Those things are too close.
We can't take the chance.
You mother...
You bastard.
Get away, or I swear to
Christ, I'll shoot you.
How's that, boy?
How's it feel being on
the other side of the gun?
- Ralph...
- I ought to blow your
- fucking head off.
- Don't do it.
Don't do it.
Eddie, come here, hurry up!
What's up?
Ralph, this phone works.
There's a dial tone.
You gotta be shitting me.
Oh... all right!
Come on.
911 is your emergency
or medical assistant,
how can I help you?
Hello, I know this is gonna sound
a little screwy to you, all right?
But there were a bunch of us,
and we were at Spence's farm,
which is off of Route 5,
and we were taking a hayride,
and we were attacked.
We were attacked by some kind of a...
- Man.
- We were attacked by a man.
Some kind of a lunatic.
It was a monster.
Some kind of a monster.
Now, was this monster a Godzilla type,
or a Frankenstein type monster?
Look, I don't have the time
to be jerked around right now.
You have got to believe me.
Just send somebody out to
Spence's farm on Route 5, please.
Sir, it is Halloween.
If I send an officer out there
and we find out it is a prank,
you're gonna be in more
trouble, I assure you,
than any monster could ever give you.
This is no prank, okay?
Could you just believe me and
send a policeman or somebody
out to Route 5? Spence's farm.
My girlfriend's been hurt.
The least you can do is send an ambulance.
There's a bunch of us.
We're holed up in some old
kind of farm house here.
The line went dead.
Oh, no.
Well, finish boarding up the windows.
All right.
No way those things
are gonna get my ass,
no way in the world.
Hey, Lise.
Has the bleeding stopped at all?
I think so, but she's still unconscious.
- Jesus Christ.
- Let me get this over her.
You're gonna need this.
That's okay, she needs it more.
She might be okay if help comes.
All right, that should hold it.
God, Tony, I'm so scared.
Oh, I know.
Look, I'm sure everything's
gonna be all right, okay?
Do you really think
that's gonna keep them out?
I'm sure it is.
And somebody's gotta be on the way.
I hope so.
Look, I'm gonna go and make sure
everything else is secure, all right?
- Okay.
- Okay.
Ralph, get in here!
- Move out the way.
- Shoot her out!
Move out of the way and I'll shoot her!
Move it!
Oh god, it's Carrie!
Well, get the fuck
out the way, I'll shoot!
Ralph! Ralph!
That sounded like a gun shot.
Where did they get the gun?
I don't know,
but maybe they'll kill those things off.
All right, now you
board up that door now!
Tony, get in there and help Eddie.
Was that Carrie?
No, she must have ran off.
That was the driver, I think.
Came right in through the door.
Well, did you kill him?
What do you mean, did I kill him?
Aren't they already dead?
I don't know, I shot
him right in the face.
Isn't that enough?
Do you think help's gonna get here?
Look, Julie.
We called, all right?
If they're gonna come,
they're gonna come soon, okay?
Oh, my god!
Jesus Christ, Kim! Kim!
No, no!
Oh, my god!
Oh, it's horrible.
I feel so scared.
We gotta keep quiet.
Harv, come in, please.
Yeah, Terrie.
Harv, this is dispatch.
We seem to be getting a report
of some disturbance on
old man Spence's farm.
Spence's farm?
Yeah, we want you to go
down and take a look, okay?
Some crazy kid called here and said
he and his friends were
holed up in a tool shed,
and they were being
attacked by some monster.
Sounds wild.
It's probably a crank,
"cause it is Halloween,
but he did sound serious.
We may have some kind
of trouble out there.
Okay, I'll check it out.
Yeah, keep an eye out for
old man Gornick's son, too.
He was driving some kind
of a hay wagon this morning
and he just vanished.
His mom called and said
he never came home,
so there might be some
kind of trouble out there,
I don't know.
Okay, you got it.
Thanks, Harv.
Chris, mom told you to wait.
Who cares?
You're gonna get in trouble.
Oh, Chris, I asked you to wait
until I was finished with your sister.
Look at the mess you're making.
Now we've gotta hurry up.
Okay, let's put a little bit of this on
and we'll be all ready to go.
What's taking Susan so long?
I think she's in the shower.
I heard water running.
I'll be right back.
Susan, can you hear me?
Yes, I heard you.
Please hurry.
The kids are anxious to go
and I need you to answer the door for me
'til my husband gets home.
I'll be down in a minute.
Do you want a caramel apple?
I'll get it for you.
No, no, no, no, no. Not
two messes now this evening.
Later, we'll do that later.
Okay, Heidi, let me put a
little bit of this on you,
and we'll be all ready to go.
Damn, the trick-or-treaters
are here already.
Aw, can I get it, please?
I want to see how they're dressed.
Okay, honey.
The candy's in the
basket by the front door.
But just one piece of candy
for each trick-or-treater.
- Okay?
- Okay.
You're supposed to say, Trick or treat!
I'm gonna go check on Heidi.
I'll be right back.
Heidi! Oh, god, Heidi!
Oh, my god. Susan.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, god, no.
Terrie, I'm getting out of the car now.
Oh, Jesus.
Terrie! Goddamn it, Terrie,
open the radio!
Please, get on the radio.
I need help quick.
I'm at Spence's farm.
These kids have turned into maniacs.
They're trying to kill my ass!
Send help!
I'm wounded and these kids are not human!
I shot one in the chest,
but it never fazed him.
I shot two in the head
and I think they're dead.
Harv, Harv, come in!
Vince, Vince?
This is Terrie from dispatch.
Yes, I sent Harv out to Spence's farm
for a disturbance and he called.
I think he shot someone,
or someone shot him.
I don't know, I lost contact with him.
I don't know.
He might be dead.
Something's really...
Okay, red ball it.
Come on.
Did we have a lot of
trick-or-treaters tonight?
More than I expected.
The Jenkins kids were here again.
So... so how long ago did
you run out of candy?
Must have been about half an hour
before trick-or-treat was over.
And by the way,
are you gonna feed the horses tonight,
or do I have to do it again?
Yeah, I'm gonna feed the horses.
I have my stuff right here.
Thank you.
You all right?
- Yeah.
- Let's go, come on.
How do we know he's not
one of those things?
We don't, but we gotta take a chance.
We gotta talk to somebody.
Come on.
What the hell do you kids
think you're doing here?
- You gotta help us!
- Please, you gotta help us.
- Help you?
- We were up at the campsite.
- We're being chased.
- And our friends...
- Monsters or something.
- They're all...
Wait a minute, who's after you?
- Our friends.
- The monsters.
- They've all got killed.
- They're trying to eat us.
- Monsters? Wait a minute now.
- They're killing our friends.
Is this a Halloween gag, or what?
- It's no gag!
- This isn't any gag, man.
You gotta help us!
- They're coming!
- They're chasing us.
You gotta get us out of here.
There's something in the woods.
And they're all coming this way.
Wait a minute, you're
serious, aren't you?
- Yes!
- I'm telling you,
they're coming after us.
You gotta get us to a phone.
There's police up here,
they couldn't help us.
Hold it, hold it.
How'd you cut your face?
- Listen, I'm okay.
- She's all right.
You just need to get us
- out of here.
- Get us to a phone.
- Please, please.
- That's all.
We just gotta get out of here.
Listen, I'll let you go up to the house
- and use the phone.
- Good.
We can straighten that
out up there, all right?
Now, come on.
This better not be any kind of Halloween
trick-or-treat thing.
A Beaver County couple was charged
with running a sophisticated
prostitution service
that let clients charge their bill
- on Visa and MasterCard.
- Look at this.
The couple,
surrendered to be with police today.
I'm not giving that to 'em,
you give that to 'em.
An escort service.
But the grand jury presentment
alleges the escort service
was a prostitution operation.
The Coraopolis Borough Water Authority
will raise its rates 18% next year,
and that means a typical customer
will pay $48 more a year.
The increase would pay for more than
one and a quarter million
dollar improvements
needed by the water authority.
Two homes were destroyed in
fire last night in Chippewa
and the cause of the blaze
is under investigation.
There is suspicion on this one.
It started in a home at
181 South Hope Street
and spread very quickly.
It burned about four hours
before being brought under control.
Total damage is listed at $80,000.
Fortunately, there were no injuries.
And out.
Break, 30 seconds.
- Your hair looks fine.
- Great.
- Check your makeup.
- Oh, thanks, Cookie.
I'm as pretty as I want to get.
Oh, boy.
I think I'm gonna let you read this one.
coming up on one, please.
Oh, thanks.
We've just received.
What this newscaster thinks
is a very strange and unconfirmed report.
I repeat, unconfirmed report.
- The Beaver Police Department...
- Jackie?
Informed us there have been reports
of some attacks by what they refer to
as people that appear to be dead.
As I said, we've not been able to verify
these bizarre claims,
and as we all know, it is Halloween night,
but just to be cautious,
we are asking that anyone seeing
any suspicious looking character
on or around their houses.
To call the Beaver Police Department.
Jesus H. Christ.
- Oh, no.
- Holy shit!
How did she get in the house?
What the...?
Quick, save yourselves.
Get out of here!
So where the hell is everyone else at?
Ah, the hell with everyone else.
The most important people in the universe
are here tonight.
All right.
I am gonna drink you to death.
This is Mad Mike,
coming to you from the darkest shadows
this Halloween night,
reminding all you guys
to grab your ghoulfriends
and hold them close,
'cause it's a full moon tonight,
and who knows where the wolves are?
Why don't you get us a couple of beers?
I've got
another four in a row for you
from WHNG, starting with, "Starting Over.
Joanne sure makes
that cheerleader outfit
look good, don't she?
She does.
She looks a hell of a lot better
than the ones we have on campus.
Did you see the way
they checked out her ass
when she walked by?
What do you expect?
They're only human.
Yeah, but they're our boyfriends.
Of course, you couldn't tell.
They haven't paid much
attention to us tonight.
All they've done is huddled together,
talk about football, and
check out other girls.
I've seen you check
out other guys' butts.
Well, I never should
have worn this costume.
Everybody here is dressed sexy except me.
I don't blame 'em for ignoring me.
Here, I'll fix that. Come here.
Quit complaining, already.
Let's just have a good time.
Yeah, let's have some fun.
Oh, give me another one.
Come on, Andy.
Don't you think you've had enough?
You're drunk.
Nag, nag, nag, nag, nag.
Why don't you just put
a leash around my neck
and drag me across the floor?
You've got your nerve.
Ah, you're no fun anymore.
I'm gonna go over here
and drink with those guys.
What's the matter?
Can't your boyfriend handle his beer?
He flunked two of his
exams the other day.
I think he's trying to get
rid of his frustrations.
Well, you know,
a few frustrations
you know you'd like to get rid of.
I think I could take you under my wing.
Knock it off.
Save your passes for the
football field on Saturday.
Where's your date, anyway?
I don't know, she's around somewhere.
Well, I'm sure she
wouldn't appreciate you
hitting on me while she's gone, would she?
She doesn't care, she loves me.
Well, it bothers me.
This is a really great party.
Yeah, it's getting better all the time.
I really like your costume.
Thanks, I like yours.
It's probably the best decoration in here.
That's a really great song.
Come on, let's dance.
You bet.
Why don't we head off somewhere
where we can be alone?
Yeah, you bet.
Come on, over here.
Why don't you turn the light off?
This hay is killing my back.
Would you go on the bottom?
You bet.
You know, my roommate
didn't even want to come
to this party tonight.
She said all you football guys
would do nothing but drink beer
and rape us girls.
Yeah, well, your roommate
don't know nothing.
Yeah, it's like when
I went off to college.
My dad said I better watch myself.
You know, with all those guys around.
Yeah, well, your father
don't know nothing, either.
Yeah, I guess I can take care of myself.
It's not like I'm loose or anything.
I'm particular about who I go out with.
I don't just date anyone, Paul.
Paul? Steve.
My name's Steve.
Yeah. Steve. I meant Steve.
I don't even know a Paul.
Oh, yeah, right.
Come here.
Sounds like a party.
No, they're not gonna believe us.
We'll make them believe us.
We have to.
No one else has to die
tonight, I promise you that.
Are you okay?
Yes. No.
I'm scared to death.
I guess I'm all right, though.
We're gonna make it.
We've come too far to give up now.
I can't take much more of this.
I really can't.
Sally, I love you.
I love you, too.
Come on.
Andy, do you realize your buddy Scott
is hitting on me?
He was just drunk.
He's drunk? What about you?
Well, somebody has
to drink all this beer.
Just because some people
didn't come to your party, Andy,
is no reason for you to get so drunk
that you spoil it for me
and everybody else.
I went through a lot of trouble
to put this party together.
I don't hear anyone else complaining.
You're just complaining,
and I'm not drunk.
Andy, you're drinking too much.
Come on, just lay down.
- Andy, come on.
- Leave me alone,
- leave me alone.
- You're drinking too...
Hey, listen, we need your help.
We were with all our friends,
and we were attacked by...
Let me explain.
Now, this is gonna sound very strange,
but you've got to believe us.
Who the hell are you guys?
What are you doing here?
I didn't invite you.
Where are your costumes?
- You look like shit.
- Look,
I know we weren't invited,
Then what the hell
are you doing here?
Shut up, Andy. Let him talk.
Look, we need your help.
There's these people out
there, they're crazy, killers.
They're all over the place.
They killed all of our friends.
Look, they killed a cop
and some friends of ours.
They're heading down this way now.
Oh, if they're in
costume, they can come in.
If not, get the hell out.
Look, this is no joke.
Look, do you have a phone?
Is there anybody's car we can borrow?
- A car?
- Just...
haven't you been listening to the news?
- It's all over the news!
- It was on the television.
- We saw it.
- Come on.
There's people everywhere.
It's not gonna be long until they're here.
I think you've seen just one too many
cheesy zombie flicks, pal.
What in the hell is with them?
Oh, they're just a bunch of losers
that crashed the party.
Some people died tonight.
We're not lying to you.
There's something out
there on Spence's farm.
And it's gonna come up here.
- You can't let them get you.
- They aren't even in costume.
Ah, here's a great costume.
Hello, my darling.
Come dance with me and
I will suck your blood.
Oh, my god!
They're here.
Come on.
This looks like a good place to hide.
Oh, my god.
Oh, that damn Andy.
Probably started another fight.
I'm gonna go check it out.
Why don't you stay here.
- Stay in the mood.
- Sure.
What the...?
Hey, kids. Listen to this.
We interrupt our four in a row
with a news hit...
Of the dead walking the earth.
From Beaver County.
The zombies are on the prowl.
Hungry for living flesh.
So if a ghoul invites you to dance,
just say no.
Give me your attention, men.
I want you to understand
we have a dangerous situation here.
I've already lost one man.
Most of you knew Harv Morgan.
I want to get those
things that killed him.
Now, we're gonna split into groups.
No less than two people to a group.
We're gonna head west until
we meet up with a group
coming from the east with Deputy Garing.
What are we looking for?
Yeah, Sheriff, what are these things?
They're dead things.
They're dead and they're
attacking people, killing them.
Eating parts of their bodies.
Believe me, I saw what was left of Harv,
and I don't want anyone
taking any chances with these things.
What I want you to do is
get out there and kill 'em.
Don't try taking any prisoners.
Once you see 'em, shoot 'em dead.
Now, the last message Harv
got through to the dispatch
was that you had to shoot
'em in the head to kill them.
Hitting 'em anywhere
else is not effective.
So aim for their heads, shoot to kill.
Even if it's somebody you used to know.
Remember, they're dead
and they're dangerous.
If you don't kill them, they'll kill you.
Don't anyone wander off by themselves.
We want no mistakes and
no people getting killed.
Once you see 'em, shoot 'em dead.
Vince, what I want you to do
is go up on top of the hill over there,
use the scope.
Look around. You see
anything, yell down to us.
The rest of you, now,
we're gonna go off to the west,
break off in groups of
threes and scan this field.
All right, let's go.
Deputy Garing.
My group's heading your way.
Start yours out now.
Send a couple men up
to check out the Dodi
house on Lonkard Hill.
Okay, Sheriff,
I'll start them out now.
Make sure Sergeant
Mitch takes his group out
to check the Zipid Farm
and Doc Petragula"s place.
I want it cleared all
the way to Manns Creek...
Base, base!
Come in, base.
Base, Sheriff.
Dave, who the hell
let those news people through?
I told you, nobody
passes those road blocks
without my okay, damn it.
Now, follow orders.
Nobody else through
without my authorization.
You got that, Dave?
Got it, Sheriff.
What's going on here, Sheriff?
Basically, all I can tell you
is we got some things running around
out there killing people
and we're trying to get it under control.
What are these "things,"
as you call them?
Right now, I couldn't
tell you precisely.
You know, you're being
pretty vague about all this, Sheriff.
Well, I can't be any more
precise than I've been.
We just don't know right now.
Well, do you suppose
this has any connection
to reports we had years back
about a Satanic cult that
was operating out here
at Spence's Farm, and as I remember,
there was reports of human sacrifices
and other occult occurrences.
Well, I was just a rookie on the force
when all that happened,
so I really couldn't answer.
Although, we do have somebody
investigating that right now.
Do you have any idea how
many you've killed so far?
I couldn't give you an
exact number, but quite a few.
Now, these things, as you refer to them,
I understand they may be local kids.
Shut that damn camera off.
We don't know whether they're kids or not,
and we can't put that out.
Otherwise, we'll have every
parent in the county down here.
Now, what we need is to get
the situation under control.
Once we do that,
I'll be happy to answer
any question you have.
Now shut that off.
All right, think we're gonna get
any of those things today, guys?
I sure hope so.
I sure hope.
I don't even know what one looks like.
I don't know, can we get 'em now?
Until after we kill them?
- Oh, I'd love that.
- Lovely idea, Yeah, yeah.
- What are we looking for?
- Wait, hold it, guys.
Hold it.
I think I see something.
- Hey, there's two of 'em.
- Yeah!
Let's get the bastards.
Well guys, should we go gut 'em?
- Yeah, let's get 'em.
- Let's get 'em.
There's one.
Jack, check that one
out with your scope.
That's one of 'em,
whatever the hell it is.
Shit, there's one now!
Get him!
Look, there's one now.
Shoot, shoot!
Don't shoot her.
It's my daughter, for Christ's sake.
Look at the blood here.
Somebody bought it here.
That's for sure, man.
Watch out, look!
Shoot her, damn it!
Good shot.
I'm gonna go out and see
if that thing is dead.
Yeah, good idea.
Holy shit!
What, did you get another one?
- Damn kid.
- A kid?
Why don't you go and check out the house
and I'll go around back.
Oh, what a mess.
You okay, sweetheart?
Hold me.
Oh, you're shaking.
It's cold, I'm scared.
Just a little while longer.
We're almost out of this mess.
We're almost home.
I had an argument with
my mother before I left.
She didn't want me to go on the hayride.
She thought some of the
guys might cause trouble.
Some of the guys? Like me, huh?
Bob, there's something
about me that you should know.
What? What's wrong?
It's just that I care about you.
And being with you isn't
like being with anybody else.
You know, I've never met
anyone like you, either.
How long has it been now?
What, a year?
Almost two.
But listen to me a minute.
I think you're the one.
One? One what?
The one I want to marry.
You know what?
I feel the same way, too.
I mean it, I really
mean it. I depend on you.
I trust you.
I know you're gonna get us out of here.
Let's go away some place.
Forget about everything that's happened.
Do you want to go away with me?
Sure, baby.
Where do you want to go?
How about Tampa?
Remember last summer?
Remember how much fun we had?
Remember how sunburned you got?
Tampa would be a nice place to have kids.
Have so much fun.
Take real family vacations.
Oh, yeah.
That sounds so nice.
As soon as we get out of here.
The future lies ahead.
Isn't that what your sorority motto is?
Yeah, the future.
I can hardly wait.
I think the shooting has stopped.
Come on, I think it's safe now.
No, no.
I just want to stay here with you
for a little while longer.
Come on, think of all
the things we have to do.
All the plans we're gonna make.
Yeah, it's gonna be great.
It's gonna be great, isn't it, Bob?
We're gonna be so happy, I know it.
Oh, yeah.
Very happy.
Come on.
Come on.
Hey, Jim, did your men see any
on the other side of that field there?
Did you see any, Vince?
I didn't see anything,
didn't get anything.
Vince, there's two over there.
I'll get 'em.
Oh, no!
Jesus Christ, no!
Don't shoot, no!
Good shot, Vince.
Yeah, I'm getting pretty good at this.
I wonder if there's any more around here.
Okay, I understand.
We're on our way.
That was Vince.
He just saw two coming
out of that barn up there.
That whole damn place must be full of 'em.
Be a good idea to torch that thing.
Why don't you two go start on it?
All right?
Dave, send the fire trucks in.
I'm going to torch this barn down here,
and I don't want the fire
getting out of control.
Sheriff, the Chief's been notified.
Okay, Dave, be a good idea to send
an ambulance down with it.
If it's back here, send it on down.
Already on the way, Sheriff.
Keep your eyes open, men.
I don't want anything
coming out of that barn,
alive or dead.
Let the barn burn to the ground, chief.
Just keep the fire contained.
Jesus Christ!