Flight 7500 (2014) Movie Script

3071 on count,
Runway 1-3 for takeoff.
- All right, I'm clear, I guess.
- Flight 610 Happy go ahead.
61 go ahead, here we get....
Transplanting tonight in Jet 66.....
...I'm gonna catch up one time.
You can keep signal, uh, monitored.
- Plan K!
- 7500, do you copy?
This is the end of my life.
7500 say again!
Text to you, on the way, I was a second away.
7500, please respond.
FLIGHT 7500 You are not alone
Four Hours Before
Hi. I'm so sorry. I'm late.
How it's working?
- All set.
- Okay.
- Thank you. Do we have any special?
- No.
Any doubt, light load.
Oh, thank God, because...
I have only three hours of
sleep, and I have a mass setting.
- Your sister's wedding, how was it?
- It's really beautiful.
Yeah. But I think it's freaky
a little bit.
I've engaged for eighteen months.
My sister meet this guy, and I have three months later,
And I think-- I mean
I think it's so wrong.
But, well, they have such look in their eyes.
You know her passion, in pancake.
My mom give them 2 years max.
She can think Nick is a much safer path.
Oh, it's cute.
Look! Not a book.
Now I'm crazy.
A little?
He's cute.
But, Suzy, I hope it doesn't do look on
your face in the next propose.
- What do you mean?
- Well....
No. I was tired.
And the vodka began to kick me in.
I'm just kidding.
Hey, would you, uh,
- mind do first?
- Yes.
- Suzy.
- Huh?
- Welcome aboard.
Attention, passengers!
Now boarding Vista-Pacific Flight 7500,
to Tokyo at Gate 3B.
All right. Thank you.
- Hi. Welcome aboard.
- You didn't need to upgrade it.
I don't know about this out-bound,
but I was perfectly countable,
in count pass.
How long do we talk about
this trip? Ten years?
- I had the smiles but student style.
- Exactly, Champagne all the way!
It's so much but we'll try to put in.
Oh God. I'm worry about
sitting next to that.
I think he's hungry.
He's not homeless.
Buddy, thank you for whatever we picked.
You don't want to seat next people eating Chinese,
Indian, Teochew,
pass people with babies, sores, trippers, you know.
People with lice, gingivitis...
Pia, that's the can rules.
I know, Brad. I just want
our honeymoon to perfect.
- Oh-oh, here we are.
- Okay. Let me check.
- Okay. See, it's perfect.
- Yeah.
- Welcome aboard.
- Thank you.
Upper-class is right upstairs.
Have a good flight.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
For we have the upgrade first round sake on me.
- Deal.
- And the second. And the third.
And I'm sure to use that Spa Ninja.
- Someone with the oxygen facial?
- Mmm-hmm.
- Awesome! Oh!
This is gonna be the trip of whole lifetime!
Excuse me, sir.
Welcome aboard the Vista-Pacific Flight 7500.
We'd like to remind you to deposit your luggage
in the storage located in the overhead vista.
Additional storage is located
underneath the seat in front of you.
Oh, Yeah.
It was really good.
Good side.
- To Tokyo.
- Tokyo.
- Nice trip.
- Tokyo.
Excuse me, Captain. I had
urgent message from Ground Control.
Oh! Always catch me.
They send a very important check with overlook.
- Oh. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
- You're welcome.
Hi. Three whole days in Tokyo
- Just the two of us.
- Yep.
"Incoming call Meg at home"
- Wow... call boyfriend!
- Okay.
- Go check my schedule.
All right.
Yes. I'm in pre-flight check
right now.
We get to get them there by six.
Check in.
- We should tell them.
- We can't.
I'm not gonna be able to hold off for three weeks.
- What are you thinking?
- Well, I'm thinking it's too late to pull out,
and really there's once in the
lifetime nonrefundable trip.
Come on. Three weeks!
Three weeks, and we come back,
and we tell someone it's over.
It's simple.
Oh, please, God. No.
Jesus Christ. No, no, no, no.
Oh boy!
No, please God, no!
- No.
- That could be a problem.
Welcome abroad Vista-Pacific Flight 7500.
- Please find your seat as soon as possible.
- Oh, thank God.
Choice is a unique isle.....
- Oh, yeah.
- You're happy?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Check as you got into seat.
It's perfect. I get the
Gourmet Trav. Mag. there.
- I put my purge here and I--
- Excuse me.
Ladies and gentlemen, Captain Pete Haining speaking.
I'll be assisted by my co-pilot
Tom Henderson who's gonna to...
support taking you to Tokyo.
This is our boarding a few minutes
then we'll be on our way.
The penny was you.
Maybe we swap seats?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh, good!
Excuse me! Hi. Uh--
There are some empty single seats behind us here.
Immediate when we're in the air you could move,
so we could all...
have better rooms?
- I like it here.
- Okay.
Okay. Okay.
- What?
- It's all right. Okay.
LAX Plan. This is
Vista Pacific 7500 Heavy.
Looking the pick up clearance to Tokyo.
Vista Pacific 7500's clear for Tokyo...
may have the Seal Beach
5 departure-mile climb...
and maintain 10,000 feet.
Look, I get to go.
You can't get on a plane
without saying "I love you." It's bad luck.
I'm sorry to speak out.
Skype me when you land.
You'll see everything will be okay.
Don't worry!
We don't even know yet.
No come on! You got to say.
I love you.
Take a few moment now, to locate your airbag...
Okay. I love you.
I get to go.
...manually inflated by blowing
into the air tubes at your shoulder.
If you might have a change in cabin
air pressure, the oxygen masks...
automatically drop from
the compartment above your seat....
Look, it means the hair is not good.
And did I not tell you I want blue eyes?
Doubt beyond all doubts.
Just turn them out.
Look! I get--
I gotta go.
Okay, we're taking off.
Stay where you are. Enjoy your flight.
Excuse me, Sir.
Please put that in overhead
compartment. Here I'll get it.
No, just--
I'll do it.
It's okay.
It will be set up there.
So I'm backpacking to Asia.
- It's going to be awesome. I'm a kid someway from Bali--
- Excuse me.
- All electronic devices have to be--
- No problem.
It's total early myth, by the way.
I guarantee I'll leave this staying on.
This plane is not going to crash.
So why did they say it then?
That's the man trying to keep us
down controlling our thoughts.
Yes, ma'am.
Vista Pacific 7500.
You are clear for take off on runway 2-8-1.
Engage thrust mode.
Eight knots.
A pretty....
It's a beautiful lookout.
Look at that.
On the air look alike.
She lived in a castle.
Look, it's here. Do you see?
The captain's turned off the fasten seat belt sign.
So feel free to move about the cabin.
However, we do recommend when seated you put...
your seat bell secured right back,
in case of unexpected turbulence.
All have been myth.
Hey, why do I feel you turned it off?
But I didn't.
That's the phone stash?
I sell 100 bucks each.
For one of these, you need one?
Oh, no. I don't need a
stolen cellphone, no.
Hey. Times are tough, sister.
Look around! There's a
global financial crisis.
Who screwed the pooch, man?
Things help our gen, why?
Got to make a living somehow.
Surfing ain't free!
I'm sure there is.
It's water.
In cash, girl friend. In cash.
This is my dress.
I acutally designed it myself.
Oh, honey. There is your dad.
Rick's dad... Oop! He's great.
When he get drunk, he's a little
touchy to real reasonings.
You know, nobody tells you about all the questions.
Like, should you bring your hair up?
Should you pull your hair down?
My God, I didn't realize--
You got so many.
Look at our rings.
I showed you mine, it might be
a little bigger. But those are pretty.
Have you seen 16-I?
Oh, yeah. He still eats wafer,
pretzels supply!
Hey, Jacky. Can you get me two bottles of champagne?
- Okay.
What about... row eleven,
miserable married couple?
They haven't said a word in the entire flight.
They hated each other's gut.
You think she may have compassion,
or you think it's a bad choice?
Uh, he grates my ass twice already,
so I think wrong choice counts.
And then we have
a bridezilla on 16-F.
She won't quit with the wedding photos.
But she didn't take 18 months and a half on the date.
It's hard planning a wedding when you find one.
30,000 feet above the reality.
- You, I meant, though.
- I thought you loved this job.
You love this job, but...
life is messy when you grow up.
So what's the deal?
You think he really leave his wife?
Three days alone in Tokyo.
It's gonna work out.
You see?
Right, we have chicken, fish, and
you know, we have a live band.
- Oh! Can you? Seat in?
- I get to go.
- She must need the restroom.
- Yeah.
She's lovely.
You want to make sure the
one next to us. Yeah, sure.
Excuse me. Would you like to see
our wedding photos?
You know, it's such an amazing day.
What? I, uh... Sorry. Can't hear you.
- Okay.
- Would you like something to drink?
Fill me a glass of milk, please.
I know she didn't issue very cold dark.
You're okay?
That's really cool.
Sorry about that, folks.
We hit some unstable air.
But it looks safe with you right now.
It's okay right now.
- And you?
- Yeah.
- Here we go.
- Tell me, are you okay?
- Thanks.
- That's okay.
- You okay?
- No, I can't just breathe.
- Help. We need help here.
- Yes. What is it?
He-- He just said
he couldn't breath.
Sir? Are you okay?
Suzy. Come here.
- I'm going to get the first aid kit.
- Okay. Go ahead.
Sir, take a deep breath.
Is there a doctor or medical professional in our plane?
Please identify yourself to the crew if you hear me.
Please identify yourself
if you hear me. Thank you.
Breathe. It's okay.
No... I can't breathe.
- Don't you take a deep breath?
- Please!
- Oh, God.
All right, breathe!
What's going on? What's going on?
Is he sick?
- Is he sick? What's going on?
- I think I can help you.
He's having trouble breathing.
- He just can't breath.
- I just leaving. Thank you.
- Now, nitroglycerin.
- Yeah, yeah.
You'll be okay. You'll be okay.
Now his heart is a little worse.
Take his pulse.
- Are you a doctor?
- I am paramedic.
- You know how to take blood pressure?
- All right, yeah.
I'm right with you, sir.
Look at me! Hey. Look at me!
Look at me! Look at me!
Squeeze my hand for "Yes".
Do you have chest pain?
Are you epileptic?
- Diabetics? Asthma?
- Asthma.
- Pulse is 90.
- Take a breath. Deep breath.
Okay. Everything's fine.
No other time, I say.
I don't want to die in a plane.
Breathe in! Breathe in!
Breathe in!
Oh, no! Look!
Grasp him! What happens?
Hey, sir.
- He's not breathing.
- So?
We take him to the galley.
Three, two, one, go.
All right. I help passenger.
Down. Right.
- You got an AED?
- Yeah.
- Yes.
I'll do compressions,
You do mouth. Come here.
- Analyzing heart rhythm.
- Clear.
- Analyzing picked CPR.
- Please!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.
And breathe.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, breathe.
Stay clear!
Come on.
- Sorry, he's gone.
- No.
He's gone.
- He just died.
- What?
San Francisco Radio. Confirm
the name of the deceased passenger.
Lance Morrell.
Travelling alone. Seat 17C.
Do not chance to resuscitation.
Where it seems landing is unnecessary and dangerous.
Understand Vista Pacific 7500.
What is your intention?
Continue the flight plan in the file.
Roger that.
Vista Pacific 7500 have it.
We have a medical team waiting for you at Haneda.
How many passengers saw our effort?
Uh, 11 to 18 in economy,
I don't know about the rest, the curtain's real close.
Okay. That's good.
So if anyone asks, you say a passenger is ill.
Where he go, like south address, like south Tokyo.
You don't want to cause the panic.
What do we do with the body?
We can relocate everyone
comfortably downstairs in the economy
and still provide you with
upper class room with amenities.
And as compensation, each passenger
will receive two vouchers...
for upper pass round trip travel everywhere in the world.
- What happened?
- I don't know.
The guy just passed last night.
Yes, I under--
I understand, uh,
I'm afraid there's no choice.
In events like this the pilot in command has...
the legal authority to enforce decisions.
No need no worry, okay?
- Mm-hm.
- Take your bag.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Okay, now, any help here?
- I'm on this.
- That's okay.
Ground speed: 898 km/h
In-Flight time: 2 hr 28 minutes
Time to Destination: 8 hr 20 minutes
So let me get this straight:
We're going on our honeymoon.
And you're kissing your part to a man
with blood all over his mouth.
He was dying.
For whatever you die from his mouth is all over your lips.
Herpes, HIV-1!
Your table's ready.
Hey, Liz.
Now the party for two.
Hey, on this--
Excuse me?
- Down there and check it out.
- Okay.
How long his body starts decomposing?
I have no idea.
I smell him already.
We're trapped with the dead body for the next 6 hours.
- Come in?
- Okay.
- Come in?
- Okay.
I'm sorry about that.
Don't you act like you're not at all freak out,
the creepy scorpion girl!
Death is a part of life.
It's part of your life, maybe, but not part of mine.
There will be one day.
I knew it.
He's already cold!
Pretty good bitch.
Take it well.
Long time!
Where do we go?
Halfway this way.
You got it?
- Thank you.
- All right.
- Keep watching.
- Okay!
- I'm great!
We have to buckle him in.
What? Stupid seat bell!
Okay. Lets go.
Lets get out of here.
Hey. You gave help to
the dead guy, right?
- What happened to him?
- I don't know.
Could it get contagious?
Might be.
You know, um, how you were saying before?
You know,
"death is a part of life."
I agree with you.
When the guy died, probably thought
he had all the time in the world.
He sat on the plane,
had no idea he was on an end today.
And maybe he want to write a book.
Maybe he want to have kids.
Sorry. Too late.
But you remember that one day, you and I,
all of us, we'll all be dead.
You don't want waste one second of
whatever time you have left.
Yes. I wish I can live like that.
- Oh, why can't you?!
- No.
Peope get all tied up in what they think they should do.
'Cause you die, you die.
Nobody's gonna give you a gold star
in heaven to go in a business school
and marry a house wife.
I'm now with the business school.
All I guessed.
- Obviously!
- Yes.
Excuse me!
Hey, honey. I'm just, uh,
showing her our wedding photos,
and, how we could
organize them keep doing by--
Yeah, forget the photos.
People a kind of start dropping in the aisle,
they're peering our kind of stuff.
It's my honeymoon.
"Pregnancy test"
Hi, can I get you some coffee?
- Coffee?
- Yes, please.
Here we go.
Please don't smile.
Please don't smile.
Everybody, put your seat back on!
Let me go!
- Oh God!
- No!
Oh, No!
"Oxygen Deployed..."
Tom, put your mask on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on, Tom, breath!
Tom, put it on!
- Brad.
- Grasp one.
Here. Put it on for me.
Take mine.
- No!
- No!
Put on!
All right.
Hang on.
"Emergency Oxygen"
- Aah!
- Breath!
I remove my mask.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
This is Captain speaking.
This is convenient cabin pressure...
on board.
Computer indicates...
that the seal was damaged from the previous turbulence.
We isolate the issue and we fly a lower altitude.
Cabin pressure is restored to normal.
You may remove your oxygen masks and breathe freely.
Any passengers in distress, please now find Flightcom.
Everyone in the seat.
Keep belt fastened.
Sir, are you okay?
Is that really okay?
Oh, my God.
Come on. Come on.
Good. It's me.
Just breathe. Breathe.
Breathe, please.
Come on.
Honey, please.
Okay, that's it. Slow down.
Slow down.
It's okay. It's okay.
Okay. Good to you.
You're okay. You're okay.
You're saved.
- Are you doing okay?
- Um, no.
I had told you you shouldn't have come on this trip.
I thought we were going down.
You know, I shouldn't go, 'cause my finger nail were blue.
Oxygen deprivation.
Can you clean that up?
- Hey, Suzy. We should do a sweep.
- Okay.
- Any trash?
- Thank you.
We could've tried it again.
I couldn't.
Not a third time.
What if it had happened again?
I was younger, all I want to do is be a mom.
I have talked about the job and career.
You wanted to be happy while your friends
think you're cool and ambitious.
in my heart, my real dream,
I just wanted a home with you
and our children when they laughs.
Yeah, so do I.
I was just...
The first time, I--
Just what?
- I'm going to stretch my legs
- Sure.
Thank you. You look good.
What's... it?
You okay?
Dead guy is freaking me out.
Pull out.
All right.
Thanks for your watch.
Do I have...
my brand new Rolex?
A little gift I compressed from my--
my new friend... over here.
He got my genius choose, and...
he doesn't talk very much either.
But really, I'm just dying with you, ma'am.
Tokyo Radio. This is Vista Pacific
Flight 7500 Heavy. Do you copy?
Tokyo Radio. This is Vista Pacific
Flight 7500 Heavy. You got me?
You can see... as you reach...
Death is a part of life.
Now I feel long end today.
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Yeah. Fine.
Have you had one died on a flight before?
No. First time.
- It's so sad.
- Yes, it's crazy.
Do you know that guy in row 13 who
is all the time playing the video game?
13F. He hasn't been
in seat awhile.
What? Um....
- 13 F?
- Yeah.
Excuse me.
Do you know where the passenger
who's sitting there is? Are you with him?
Um, Yeah. He went upstairs.
Come on.
Sir, you need to go back to your seat.
The body's gone.
We have to go.
Remember that trip we took to Cabo?
When we, uh, had a huge fight in the hotel room,
and didn't speak for what?
Four days?
- Mm-hm.
- Yeah, I remember.
Why do you bring me up the worst time we ever had?
Because I keep thinking about our times we wasted.
The weather was great, the hotel was beautiful.
I just realized that disaster.
I don't want to waste anymore time.
What do you mean "the body has gone"?
I think the skid moved it as spike.
Closed! We'd better find him open grounded.
Look, it got to be on board.
Just do a sweep go row by row.
- We're gonna do a sweep, row by row, okay?
- Okay.
- Yes.
- Hey, Pete, um,
can I just ask you something?
Did you happen to see a-- a jet flying near us?
Um, an F-16?
An F-16? No.
I'll investigate and call back.
Thank you, Captain.
Everything's fine.
It's fine.
Please. Please. Please.
Oh, thank God.
My God!
Excuse me.
I'm so sorry. Just a second.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Excuse me. Can I, uh--
Good night.
Here you go.
Hey. Do know what the stewardess
has just said?
Dead body is missing.
- What?
- How could it be missing?
I don't know.
The passenger's missing, too.
I saw he go upstairs,
never came back, and--
Okay. You see it's going to sound weird,
but I saw something on my monitor.
- It's kind of a look like the dead guy.
- Come on!
Holly scrap!
I saw him, too.
Why didn't you tell me, then?
It's not time to talk about that communication shit.
- There's a dead body I think folks could see.
- Yeah, I know.
Hey, guys. We need to find out
who the hell the dead guy is.
'Cause whatever going on, just got to him.
Hey, check his carry on.
I don't understand.
He's gone.
You know what I always wonder?
What do people think about just before they die?
You know who I'm just thinking about?
My first boyfriend, Sean Osborne.
He kissed me, then, and my knees literally go weak.
I had to...
hold on him or fell on floor.
Always hope I find out at Nick.
Time runs quick out there.
- I'm sorry.
- Yeah.
- So, you got the body?
- No.
Peter. I know you're not
leaving your wife.
- What?
- It-- It's okay. You know?
Your kids together.
I wish it were different.
So timing.
An ID?
Here we go.
That guy's named Lance Morrell.
From Corona, California.
Oh, it's hair?
The names on it, Tracy,
- Oh my God. Dare Hair victems.
- We don't know that.
Look, this product is known in
the State of California to cause cancer.
- Physically, this thing to kill her.
- With cancer?
Or it's more like a weapon?
Uh, my mom always had my dad's state of cancer.
- Laptop's locked.
- Oh.
You try his birthday.
4 15 72.
- Uh--
What's it supposed?
- A the weird street.
- Mm-hm.
There is still another guy's sack.
Have eyes!
I try keep them together.
It seems like a purge, though.
Checked, persist.
What are you doing?
It's not what you think.
This is, uh, Lance Morrell's stuff.
The passenger who died.
You have no right to be going to someone else properties.
Yeah, when something happened
in this plane, it all started when he died.
Look, we know the body is missing, and the passenger.
- And you saw something, too?
- I didn't see anything.
Through the window, I've heard you.
We need to get into his checked luggage.
His checked luggage is in the cargo hold.
Yeah, and might be something in there
will tell us what's going on.
- You get in there.
- Enough!
- Now go back to your seats.
- Yes, Ma'am.
- Okay.
Probably I come with you?
Nop. And I'll hatch.
What is that?
- It said this is a shinigami.
- The death doll.
Face Web would deliver to a client in Tokyo.
Looks cool.
In Japanese mythology, shinigami is the death's spirit.
When you rip from your life too quickly,
you have to let go over whatever is holding your spirit.
So you can move on.
Once you've done that,
the real shinigami will take your soul...
to the afterlife.
Why would someone bring that on a plane?
I don't know, but I can tell you one thing:
Lance guy's holding on, he's not let him go.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Ah, ah, aah!
I'm sorry, Meg.
This guy... no sky watch...
Morrel's weird....
Radio Tokyo. Come in.
This is Vista Pacific Flight 7500 Heavy.
No! No!
Did you hear that?
I don't want that on the plane.
What should we do then?
Throw it up the window?
Hey, are you okay?
What the fuck with that?
I can take on.
All right, take on video tape.
Come with us.
Death is a part of life.
No way do you saw an end today.
You don't want to waste a second
of whatever time you have left.
And you remember...
what day,
you and I, all of us...
all be dead.
She's not here.
Watch out!
Oh God!
I don't understand.
Hey, hey. Come on. Come on.
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me.
What was that there?
What was that there?
When you rip from your life too quickly,
You have to let go, forever.
It's keeping you here.
It flies you move on.
Good evening.
The Vista Pacific Flight 7500...
from Los Angeles to Tokyo,
By what we heard from Traffic Controller,
they were encountering rough turbulence unexpected.
And soon after that, all communication
with the plane ceased.
What due to the turbulence
in that exclusion, a cabin seal.
And that seal gave way in a short time later...
creating a rapid decompression of air within the plane.
At this point in time, we believe
the oxygen masks malfunction.
And in a de-pressurized environment,
the lack of oxygen could be failed.
Watch out.
And now breathe. Come on. Breathe.
Our communication attemp from that point on...
is not successful.
Do you happened to see a jet, a F-16?
At time we could have to take a closer look at that plane.
But no sign of life does exist.
Excuse me. Excuse me, sir.
Is there any chance of...
survive to those on board?
At this point in time,
we believe the chance of survival is slim.
I brought some prayers as
with the families of those on board.
The plane's flying in autopilot lasts 5 hours.
We expect it runs out of fuel and crash in the Pacific.
We continue to give information
as it's made available to us.
Don't let me go.
I won't.
Death... as it goes from life.
...as long as we change,
do with your life.
Life in death.
Life in death.