Flight of Dragons, The (1982) Movie Script

Gorbash! Gorbash! Come!
There was time between the
waning age of enchantment
and the dawning age of logic
when dragons flew the skies.
Free and unencumbered.
Look down there Gorbash, my friend!
On that troubled earth below us,
confusion and chaos reign.
All mankind is facing an epic choice.
A world of magic or a world of science.
Which will it be?
d Flight of dragons d
d soar in the purple light d
d In the sky d
d or in my mind d
d Flight of dragons d
d sail past reality d
d Leave illusion d
d behind d
d Is it the past d
d I see d
d When I look up to the heavens d
d Believing in the magic d
d That I know could never be d
d I want to go where they are going d
d Into the world they've been d
d Can I open up my mind d
d enough to see d
d Flight of dragons, d
d heavenly argosies d
d Catch the wind, d
d rise out of sight d
d Flight of dragons, d
d pilots of fantasy d
d In the sky d
d or in my mind d
d Flight of dragons d
d Flight of dragons d
This cannot be.
The worlds of magic and logic
must exist side by side.
Not destroy each other.
Take care!
Be careful with your
machines I say.
Who is making all that rumpus?
It's that balmy old gent
what lives upstream.
Your motors must not
crowd out all magic.
For the world is lost.
How sort of magician I hear?
I am Carolinus!
The Green Wizard.
Your loony you are. Get
back to where you belong.
I belong everywhere, for my
domain is the green world.
Nature itself and all its inhabitants!
Envatos... Umabella... Flamenca...
Away with your mill wheel.
A ball of blue magic to make it disappear.
Disappear say I!
Magic he calls it.
My little boy could do better.
- Father you need rest.
- No time.
Just was not there.
I called upon magic and there was none.
- The pain again?
- I can't let it bother me.
Have you written the
messages as I asked?
Yes father, but...
Then summoned The Silver
Owls Of The Full Moon.
- But...
- Summoned them I say!
Is it true?
Did they stone you?
Well, me and young Gorbash will fix um'...
We'll burn down that mill and
devour every living one of them.
That would do no good.
Just a little scared then... uh?
A short fiery blast to turn
their hair white uh?
Smrgol, please!
Father, the owls.
Smrgol, I'm summoning my
brothers to a meeting.
Our first in four centuries.
Ommadon too?
The ancient laws command he be included.
Make Gorbash ready for the journey
to the Temple Of All Antiquity.
I wish I could carry you, old friend.
No, you serve me well as the past.
Let young Gorbash bear your burdens now.
Father, who are these brothers?
You never spoken to me of them.
I know you are Green
Wizard Of Nature Realm.
But the others?
My brother Solarius, is the Blue Wizard.
Lord of the depths and the heights.
He's realm is outer space,
deepest ocean, highest mountain.
My brother calls council, but why?
Lunarian! Lunarian!
And my brother Lo Tae Zhao.
The Golden Wizard.
His realm is light and air.
He is lord of transcendence,
healing, contemplation.
I was expecting this, it was inevitable.
Shen Zu, Shen Zu!
And finally, high in Loathly Tower.
My last brother,
The Red Wizard.
Lord of the devils domain,
seducer of darkness,
master of that heartless
magic the world calls black.
Bryagh, Bryagh!
My fool brother has just
realized the inevitable.
Well, I'll go.
It should prove amusing.
Bryagh I say!
Astride the terrible Bryagh,
he is absolute ruler
of that infernal like mass of
primordial filth which is his domain.
But why does Antiquity force you to
include something so abominable?
As evil is a part
of all things,
evil is a part of
our world of magic.
For the irony of all existence
is that good would be
totally impotent without
the contrast of evil.
Oh father, take care.
- Gorbash stands ready.
- Then I am on my way.
Ah? Whether does thou
command me, Oh Master?
Gorbash, for pity's sake,
no formality please.
Heh,... Well I ah,... Like to
do things by the book.
To the Temple Of All Antiquity.
- Right. Where?
- I'll guide to as we go.
Dear brothers, we meet today in
the Temple Of All Antiquity.
Come, come get on with it.
Why did you summon us?
As you must have noticed, our magic
powers have been growing dim.
I have so noticed.
It is because man is
choosing logic over magic.
- But why?
- Because logic is so,... Logical.
So what are you going to do?
Sit around like a bunch of old
nanny's and let it happen?
Please, hear me out.
I propose we create the
last realm of magic.
- Magnificent!
- Incredible!
The Magic Realm, where
all enchanted things
might retreat before
their age ends.
If we consolidate our powers
there will be enough magic left
to create such a place.
Sealed off from the rest of the world
by the Midst Of Invisibility.
You would defeat science and logic with,...
a foolish retirement village?
Not defeat my brother, enhance.
The world though it does not realize
it cannot do without magic.
For example, man hears of the
dragons invulnerable skin
and lo, he makes
armor, battleships, tanks.
A fairy flies and furiously jealous man
himself defies gravity with
machines he will call airplanes.
A magician looks into this crystal
and sees and hears halfway
across the world.
"Aha", says man, "if only it could be so."
And centuries from now
he conjures up miracles but
calls them radio and television.
If man is to surmount the insurmountable
there must always be magic to inspire him.
The world needs magic.
Magic cannot die.
It shall be.
I will bring you distant
stars, wonders from the sea.
And I will bring you peace and harmony
so that every magic thing
might live together
and share what enchantment remains.
No! Never!
I will not concede defeat
by this modern world!
I will not retire to
this "Fool's Paradise."
But we have no choice! The inevitability
is the strongest magic of all.
I have weapons you would not dare use.
Fear rules men.
By summoning all the dark powers
I will infest the spirit of man
so that he uses his science
and logic to destroy himself.
What havoc and raze. Turn
brother against brother.
Greed and averous shall prevail.
And those who not hear my
words shall pay the price.
I'll teach man to use his machines.
I'll show him what distorted
science can give birth to.
I'll teach him to fly like a fairy.
And I'll give the ultimate answer
to all his science can ask.
And the world will be
free for my magic again.
Stop! This must not be!
We want none of your dark magic.
While your powers die, mine will flourish.
Man will never inherent my domain.
For I am making man mine.
He will understand and
come to desire my magic.
It is inevitable.
You shall see.
This dark determination
I swear.
By this red crown.
The source of all my dark power.
So be it!
Now and forever!
Can you not feel the world
turning in my direction already?
Can his dark magic be stopped?
Only by invading his realm and capturing
that cursed red crown from his head.
You may include me.
I will bring the fire of the meteors,
the rage of the seven seas.
What was that all about?
Antiquity will not allow
us to become involved.
The eternal laws of
enchantment expressly forbid
the four magic brothers
from waring on one another.
Oh, quite right.
Terribly sorry.
- But what can we do?
- We must inspire a quest.
With its sacred mission, to steal
the Red Crown Of Ommadon.
We will enlist the aid of
allies who share our beliefs.
Mortals, enchanted folk, beast, dragons.
All such creatures in my
dominion are peaceful.
Hardly suitable.
I can inspire Neptune himself to join
and great whales and serpent of the sea.
Unfortunately, the quest
will be waged on land.
No good brothers, it seems I and I
alone can inspire such a mission.
Whom will you send?
Well first, my old friend
Sir Orin Neville-Smythe,
The Gallant Knight And True.
- And?
- My dragon, Gorbash.
He's young and impetuous but
incredibly strong and brave.
And...? There must be three
to begin a magic quest.
The laws so command.
There will be another.
A leader.
- I haven't the slightest idea.
- How Then?
Tonight, after you both have
returned to your realms
I will turn to antiquity for the choice.
Its wisdom shall prevail.
Well, whoever Antiquity choose, Your
leader will have his job cut out for him.
I leave him this,
The Shield of Saturn.
Forged from the mystic dust of her rings,
it will deflect any dark magic spell.
I have only implements of peace,
but perhaps he will find the
Flute of Healing Sleep useful.
It is from the
Temple Of The Muses.
When played, it will lull the
most fearsome dragon to sleep.
Thank you, good brothers.
Ommadon will not prevail, and
his crown shall be captured.
- So be it!
- May victory be ours.
Hay, a war at last.
Finally I'll will see battle.
Not a war.
A quest.
Well what ever you call it.
I'm ready for it.
Unfortunately so is Ommadon.
Hear me now Antiquity.
Hear me, oh great conglomeration
of spirits gone before.
Make you will known.
Who shall lead the quest to
capture The Crown Of Ommadon?
Search the future.
He will be the distant
descended of Great Peter
The Dragon Master.
Ah, I have heard legends of Great Peter.
Centuries ago he tamed the dragons
and taught them to speak.
Seven hundred and seventy seven generations
separate Great Peter
from he whom you seek.
But why so many generations
away from the original.
He is the first of the descendants
who is a man of science.
Why should that be important?
I do, I do. Implicitly.
Tell me in which century
will I find this champion.
Ten hence from this. Our nine thousandths.
That would make it the 20th
century by man's calendar.
The closing decades.
A silver acorn?
Drop it into the Limpid Pool of Time
and you will find him.
And now, farewell.
Are you certain this is
The Limpid Pool of Time?
My dear young fellow, I am one
of the four magic brothers.
I should know a limpid pool
of time when I see one.
Dragons and wizards and
dungeons and princesses.
Dragons and wizards and princesses
and dungeons and castles.
Mr. Dickenson, is this
all you think about?
Never mind what I think,
what do you think of this new
Flight Of Dragons game I invented?
It's fun.
What can I say.
Just a couple of thousand
dollars we can manufacture this
and we'll all be living like kings.
"Just a couple of thousand." he says.
Like it was peanuts.
This is an heirloom. It
must be worth something?
Your heirs didn't loom so big.
If I give you fifty I'd be fired.
Flight Of Dragons, aren't you
writing a book by the same name?
I don't have time to work on it now.
Not with holding down two jobs
but, if this game sells...
You know something, Mr. Dickenson?
Nothing personal, but
you're a real dragons nut.
They fascinate me.
Always have.
I'm sure they really existed at one time.
See, I'm trying to dope out how they
breathed fire, how they flew, how they...
I take back the nut part.
Your a dragon fanatic.
Right, I eat, breathe, and sleep em'.
I hope to become a member
of England's Dragon Society
and I live here in Boston!
You turn, evil wizard.
Why am I always the bad guy?!?
Aha! I got you blocked in
The Enchanted Ice Passage,
frozen stiff.
Yeah, but an 11 we'll give me
dragon fire to melt it...
That's going to be our leader?
That's the seven hundred and
seventy seventh son of...
Antiquity must know.
Trust Antiquity.
How's he going to stand up to Ommadon?
Playing with toy dragons.
Look! Look closely at those small
chessman he's playing with.
The piece the pawn broker
is playing with is Ommadon.
And there's me,... and my brothers.
Dickenson piece is you!
And in the background, Princess Melisande!
Somehow, Dickenson knows what
we look like.
Good old Antiquity.
I knew I could trust it.
Gorbash, fly to Silvenair and wait for me.
Tell Melisande to summon
Sir Orin Neville-Smythe.
But where are you going?
Intombley... Varioso...
Custon... Wizar... Kala!
Bring me to him. I insist!
Marvanzio... Kala!
What the heck happened? Hey, are
you deaf or something?
A splendid game.
Come down and joint it.
Untronto... Kala!
There's no beating that.
Come down I say.
- What happened?
- I'll explain during the journey.
- Journey?
- Sit down.
Vidzumad... Kala.!
Keep your wits we're almost there.
That's what you said before!
Since those diced burned out it seems
like we've been falling for hours.
Actually it's been more
like ten centuries.
- Welcome home, Carolinus!
- Good old Smrgol!
A dragon!
I'm actually seeing a dragon!
A real dragon?
Call me Smrgol!
Son of a gun, a dragon!
I'm talking to a dragon!
I'll get you down.
A dragon, I'm riding a blooming dragon!
What you call me?
- Turn your head!
- Pardon me, I'm sorry.
I've just been singed by dragging fire.
What a great way to travel.
Well, if you don't need me any longer,
I hear the call of my comrades.
A mating dance perhaps Um?
Really, Smrgol. At your age.
You wanted dragons my son,
dragons you shall have.
I'll never understand.
All those toy chessman I carved.
Those dragons and wizards.
How did I know what you look like?
Why question? Just trust Antiquity.
Am I dreaming all this?
Am I on that game board or in reality?
Perhaps somewhere in between.
Imagination is the most
potent of all magic.
Look! Another of your
creations come to life.
- Father! Father!
- The Princess Melisande.
My fairy princess.
Oh, I made her everything I ever
desired in a woman.
Well, what I mean to say.
What you mean to say,
is just what you said.
- Will I meet her?
- Yes.
Oh, but not dressed like that.
Department store Seersucker
all charred by dragon exhaust.
Convento... Circulum Kala.
I hope the fit is correct.
As I explained during the drop,
my magic is quite limited these days.
Your Highness, may I present, ahh...
Sir Peter.
- Sir Peter, this is the Princess Melisande.
- Your highness.
Oh, you must be he whom my guardian
has sought to save our world.
Ahh, I suppose I am.
- Am I?
- Trust in Antiquity.
Did you summon
Sir Orin Neville-Smythe as I requested?
He'll be here by dawn tomorrow.
Carolinus!, Hello!
Wow! Another one.
Hey, look at what I've been saving.
Its gold, Gold, GOLD!
Oh! That pain again. I've asked
him not to bellow so.
Simply magnificent sight.
But Sir Peter, it is only
Gorbash our house dragon.
House dragon?
Now you've met the entire family.
Gorbash, this is Sir Peter.
Oh yes, how-d'ye-do.
See a soup tureen.
A-A bowl to you, of solid gold.
Really Gorbash.
If you're hoard grows much larger, there
will be no room for furniture in the house.
Blast, that's what I keep telling you.
I need a cave of my own.
Soon enough, when our quest is victorious.
Well ah... Sir Peter old buddy, your
army's better be worth their salt.
We need power.
- My army's?
- Sir Peter has brought no army's.
What? No armies!
Aah,... Will you please.
What good is he? What good is he!
What good is he!
Calm down. Now just
look at yourself.
Release some gas young fellow, at once.
Huh? Oh...
And turn your head.
The fiery breath has something to
do with the dragons ability to fly.
- But what?
- I'm certain youll figure it out.
Help me!
- Uncle Smrgol!
- He's lost his fire! Help him Gorbash!
- What happened, old friend?
- My... My comrades...
My Cronies...
The entire... flight they all...
All turned against me.
The other dragons?
Because I-I wouldn't denounced you and...
and join Ommadon.
The other dragons have
gone over to Ommadon?
Aye. Aye he's cast a spell on them all.
A flight of dragons to protect his crown.
What a strange use for gold.
Because dragons tend to
ignite ordinary bedding,
they must find a soft
metal to sleep on,
and gold proves
most comfortable for them.
Ah,... hence the dragons need for a hoard.
Ahem. Perhaps we'd better continue
this conversation in my study,
less chance of interruption there.
The Last Realm Of Magic,
My own personal dream.
Wow, what a movie show!
Sit down my son, I've got lots to explain.
So that is Peter Dickenson!
That is the pathetic fool Carolinus
has enlisted to steal my crown.
Still, Antiquity must have had a reason.
Bryagh, fetch me the fool.
And so you were the one person from all
the centuries whom Antiquity has chosen.
They say it is because
I am a man of science?
Well aren't you?
I was at first, honor student,
scholarships, awards, grants, research,
but, how it all bored me.
Who could ponder equations when he
had the chance to imagine dragons?
So I turned my back on it all
and started on my book
"The Flight of Dragons".
"The Flight of Dragons".
Yes, yes here it is.
"The Flight of Dragons"
by Peter Dickenson.
It's impossible. That's
not even half finished.
Of course not. This is my
library of unwritten books.
See? Beowulf, The Idols Of The King,
Gulliver's Travels, The Tempest,
Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz...
Nice to know you finish it some day. Aye.
Oop, no fare peaking at the end.
You are unique.
A man with one foot
in the realm of magic
and the other in the
realm of science.
Sir Peter, I present you with
The Shield Of Saturn
and The Flute Of Olympus.
Sir, I'm no warrior.
I'm awkward, clumsy.
Not anymore my son,
for I believe you have
found your time and place.
You are too modest, Sir Peter.
Let us toast the quest.
No, no, my dear. Cider makes
evil magic in the stomach.
Oh, poor father...
You know, I had a
professor with your
condition but it had
nothing to do with magic.
It was plain stomach ulcers.
Milk was the only thing that helped.
Milk? Really?
Alas, Gorbash has devoured
every cow with in 20 miles.
Oh father, waist a little magic
and change the cider.
- This toast is important.
- Ah, I suppose you're right.
Kala... Bovinamo!
To the quest!
I tried all kinds of spells
and incantations, but...
You see, Sir Peter?
Your science has helped already.
Do you find this
enchanting, Sir Peter?
Beyond my wildest dreams.
If all this is just a game,
I wish to play it forever.
I beg you to take this.
A talisman.
Take it and may it protect you.
You are my champion, Sir Peter.
Bring me back The Red Crown.
- I'll tell you I smell strange dragon.
- Look, terrible!
Bryagh's capturing your
scientist for Ommadon.
And our quest is over before it starts!
- Father, Gorbash, do something!
- Wait here! Come on!
I'll overtake the swine!
The devil dragon is to swift.
A removal spell is called for
to bring Peter back.
That takes too long.
Let me do it.
I call on all Antiquity
to give me magic enough.
How does it begin?
Carvic crom zoominiy lava.
Carvictom... zoomili... lavathol...
Ahh! Father he's dropping Sir Peter!
May our rocks crush your skull.
Untumble... varistone... misaclonis...
madleumrot... Oh the biases! Kala!
What happened?
Where's Peter?
He's Gone!
He's Gone!
Gorbash, your releasing to much fire!
Breathe in! Breathe in!
Come nephew, you can pull
through, keep breathing.
Yeah. Open your eyes.
Ah, h-he'll be
coming around soon.
I didnt have time.
The spell was incomplete.
- I'm certain we'll find Sir Peter.
- Where?
He could be at Loathly Tower, Boston,
or on the moon for all I know.
He's awakening.
Right as reign.
By all that's magic, is the
dragon not a wonderful creature?
Open your eyes boy. Come on.
Come all the way about.
It's me lad, your uncle.
Dont you recognize me?
Uncle? What?
- Melisande!
- I am here, brother.
W-We kissed...
What is it child?
Does he knows where Peter?...
He... He...
He is Sir Peter!
Well of course I'm Peter.
By The Beards Of Antiquity!
- I went and merged them!
- Merged?
Peter and Gorbash are one.
Peter is in Gorbash!
Well blast it man, undo it.
I can't undo till I find what
I did in the first place.
But... but where is Gorbash?
He's still inside here with me.
I feel him in the back of my mind,
sleeping soundly right now.
Well, may he rest well till I
figure how to separate you.
This can't be a game.
I-I-I never invented a rule to
cover a situation like this.
Sir Orin Neville-Smythe,
at your service!
I ridden all night.
Before the quest begins,
I hope theirs time for
a good hot cup of tea.
My Dearest Brothers
Lo Tae Zhao and Solarius;
Today, at noon, began the quest to
capture the Red Crown of Ommadon.
If the urgency of our
mission is never questioned,
yestereve's tragic comedy is proof
enough of our waning magic powers.
For a spell went wrong,
and Sir Peter of Beacon Street,
was merged with my
dragon, Gorbash.
Our quest now contains one
knight, Sir Orin Neville-Smythe
and one dragon with the mind and
heart of twentieth century man.
The laws command that three begin.
Melisande being out of the question,
I enlisted the temporary aid of old Smrgol.
Aw, I know Smrgol is aging
and none too strong,
but I hope Carolinus will
gather other allies.
He'll need them.
Meanwhile, the old dragon
will be able to teach Peter
the way of his species.
A dragon,...
that doesnt know how to be,...
a dragon!
Come on out you mealy-mouthed little runts.
Is this necessary?
You want to fly don't ya?
To fly you need gems stones.
To get gem stones,
you rob dwarf mines.
Come on out I say!
And bring gems!
- Hurry now, before we devour you!
- You wouldn't really?
Ah, dwarfs no.
They all sinewy and hairy.
Well the meat you get is not
worth pickin' out of the teeth.
Now swallow them down.
Not all the way,
let them find your craw.
Odd sensation.
Never had diamonds
in your craw?
I never had a craw.
They help grind up the white
fire rock when you eat it.
Thats limestone.
A puny man word if I ever heard it.
You'd wear down your teeth grinding
this stuff so you swallow it in chunks.
Wiggle them around with the
gemstones till their pulverized.
It's like birds use grit to grind seeds.
Yeah, but don't talk with your mouth full.
What's all this to do with flying?
It makes the fire in your
belly that gives you lift.
Hmm? Limestone is
high in calcium.
Calcium when mixed with stomach
acids would form hydrogen.
Hydrogen is lighter than air,
thus giving the lift you talk about.
Something like a blimp.
You got fire inside you when you go up.
That's all you need to know.
No, that's not logical. How
could my ribs contain fire?
If I could only visualize.
Aw, for crying out loud.
I know.
Man this is great.
Now, as you explain,
I'll make a diagram.
Of all the.
Aw, well I'm doing it for Carolinus.
You see we got this
great like,
um, like a honeycomb of bone and
muscle inside us.
- Something like this?
- Hey, hey that's it.
Compartments we can expand and contract.
And when we expand the hydrogen
a-a, "Dragon Fire" as it were.
Expands and makes us lighter
than air, and up we go.
Hey, how do I get down?
Blow it out.
Yes, close the valves and
expelled gas to come down.
Well, go ahead.
Turn your head ya' dummy!
But I wonder why it comes out as fire?
Because we're dragons and
dragons breathed fire.
Yes, but what makes the ignition?
The "Thor Thimble" fool.
Lluk' n' th' ruff' oof' yor' moufe'
Feel it, feel it with your tongue.
Yes, it feels like a thimble.
Ow! Ow!
The electricity ignites the
hydrogen hence the fiery breath.
Dragon fire, dragon flight.
It all makes perfect sense.
Oh, what I wouldn't give for my typewriter.
Ah shut up and eat your limestone.
I must say Lancer, this is the
lowest quest I've ever undertaken.
Still, I suppose it necessary that
Sir Peter to learn how to fly.
Nice chap what?
Soon it will be nightfall.
Ommadon hours.
I'd best summon them.
Og, hear that? Aww, he's calling us.
Shall we go back on foot or...
do you think you can
manage a short flight.
I can try.
Expand... feel the lift...
Now propel yourself this way.
Use your wings to steer to navigate,
and to keep your balance.
Look, I know you don't like comparisons,
but this is exactly how a 747 does it.
I love it!
I say old chap, bad show.
- I'm ok, I'm ok,
- Argh, you blew all your fire.
You won't have any lift again until dawn.
Well you certainly don't
want chance night flight.
We best make camp.
Right, I'm going to miss my bed of gold.
Care to join me, Sir Peter?
No, I suppose not.
All big dragoned as you are,
must be most annoying.
I have a longing to eat a cow.
I can't believe it, an entire cow.
Hoofs, tail, bones, ears...
the whole thing.
Yes well, to each his own.
You know, I shouldn't
really like you so much,
with all that business
with Melisande and all.
If it weren't for this,
this dragon business,
the laws of chivalry would force
me to challenge you to a joust.
I hope we never come to that, Sir Orin.
I do love her with all my heart.
Her purity, grace, innocents,
and title are an inspiration.
- Have you known her long?
- Since she was five.
Oddly enough, you brought us together.
- Me?
- Well, Gorbash did.
You see about a dozen years ago,
I was mucking about
in Ommadon's Red Devil Realm
or whatever it's called.
Some... sort of quest, returning
from a crusade, perhaps.
I suddenly spied a
rather smashing sight.
A nest of dragons eggs.
Well, I was about to
do a charcoal sketch,
when who showed up, but Bryagh.
He began to sup of the next
generation, as it were.
Hold and get ye hither,
or prepare to die!
Rather,... rather good
blow, if I do say so.
Must have been half an hour
before I opened my eyes.
And when I did,...
I'd found he had decimated
the entire litter, save one.
Well it seems a shame to die for an egg.
But I'd made the challenge.
Laws of chivalry and all that, you know.
Bit of this. Bit of that.
He had me. I had him.
Couldn't open his mouth you see,
the gases built up inside.
And I, took a bit of a chance
And let him devour my metal gauntlet.
In less than a moment it
touched "Thor's Thimble."
Bit of a internal
explosion I fear.
Almost killed him. Wished it had.
He didn't like it at all.
Took him seven years to recuperate.
Quite a bit for dragon.
Hates me, needless to say.
Anyway, I'd saved the egg.
Cute little fellow, awkward and helpless.
Named him Gorbash in honor of the contest.
For it was rather gory and
I did get a bit bashed about.
Get it? Gory, bashed. Hence Gorbash.
Popped in on my old friend Carolinus.
Found he'd adopted an
enchanting daughter.
Gave her the little dragon.
Old Smrgol said he'd be like an
uncle, teach him the way of dragons.
I made a vow to fall in
love with Melisande,
when she was old
enough, of course.
Kept the vow, huh, dash it
lot of good it did me.
And now she likes me.
I did write rules to
this game you know.
No, I mean, I'm
really quite sorry.
Not at all old chap. Feel lucky
she's attracted to you.
Blast! It's fading.
- Is all my magic spent?
- Father, rest.
- But I thought I heard just as it faded.
- Heard want?
A chattering sound which could
indicate something so terrible.
No, impossible.
Not in the forest. And yet,
I wouldn't put it past Ommadon to...
See! See! Blast you.
Gentle sweet brother...
My magic's not spent just confused.
I want the forest, not...
I am speaking to you through my magic,
which is none too strong.
Let me be quick. Melisande has
powers to see over distance.
- True, but...
- Father, let me try.
Very well my dear.
Close your eyes.
Easy now.
You will see Gormli Forest.
Our friends, defenders
of the Magic Realm...
Yes, yes. Smrgol is asleep.
Peter and Sir Orin are speaking.
Oh father, I do hear that
sound, it's terrifying!
We best follow the old
fellows example.
We'll be nearing the devils
realm by the morrow.
And will need all
the rest we can get.
Do you Hear? Strange. Like some insects.
Not?... Crickets no doubt.
- Seems to make my hold head tingle.
- Yes it It is rather annoying.
It couldn't be! They only
appear at the seashore.
Impossible I tell you!
Why you yelling at me like that!
You stupid slobbering beast!
Don't you know Sand Murks?
Why you idiotic, tin coated,
little goody two shoes.
Peter, it's the Brain Fryer!
Blot out the cursed sound!
Sand Murks, try to understand!
Hold Sir Peter, I beg you.
It's the Sand Murks.
Horrid little creatures who
attacked by the millions.
Their chirping drives all
living things insane.
Your brain will
burn till you die!
I did it to bring you to your senses.
Now listen, fly, fly away
before it's too late!
Can't,... I can't, used up all
my left in the crash before.
Look, I see them.
Clear your mind! Think, think anything
a poem, a song, don't let
them burn your mind!
d Soombody call me an
inn, lue sing cuckoo d
d girl-it's-sad-and-briad-med!... d
d Oh sing cuckoo! d
I come from Alabama, with
a banjo on my knee...
I'm gon-I'm gone to Louisiana
my true lov... my true
No! For to see. For to see.
Help me!
It rained all night
- Melisande!
- The Noise! I can not stand it!
Melisande, come to your senses!
You! You killed my mother and father,
you blamed the night demons!
But you!
Oh Susana, don't you cry-
Come from Alabama
d Cu, cu, cuckoo ah! Nay see cuckoo
play cuckoo lucy cu cuckoo. d
- What?
- They've, they've retreated.
Thank heaven. Thank heaven.
Oh my child, what have I allowed to happen.
Have they robbed you of all your senses?
With you sleep like this forever?
Oh, my darling, darling child.
Hold cur. Not one step further.
And this is the thanks I get?
Gorbash old friend.
You look like you've seen a ghost.
Matter of fact, maybe you have.
Who's laughing? Huh? Making such
a confounding racquet.
I haven't slept a wink all night.
Missed my gold and
Aragh, good old boy,
I -I thought you were dead.
- You know him?
- Know him? Of course I know
It's Aragh, friend of the family.
Like a, a big brother to you.
What's the matter, Gorbash?
Did the Sand Murks steal your memory?
Sand Murks? Were there
Sand Murks? Here?
They live by the sea.
Eh Smrgol, you could always
sleep through anything.
The whole trick with Sand Murks is
to get the big one, the queen.
The others are brainless without her.
Aragh, you're supposed to be dead.
Killed, dragged out to
sea by a giant squid.
Quite right.
I woke up underwater.
Awaken, brave Aragh.
I am Solarius, lord of this realm,
and I can restore you.
Do I, do I live once more?
No, you are drowned, but
I have a task for you.
Accomplish it, and
you will live again.
Ommadon has enlisted the Sand
Murks to defeat Carolinus.
You must destroy them.
Give me life and I will.
After the task. For nothing living
can withstand their terrible cries.
Destroy them and you will
start to breathe once more.
Seemed like a fair bargain.
I did my part, and as soon
as Queen Sand Murk was gone
I started to breathe.
So Solarius obviously did his.
Good old Gorbash.
What times we used to have.
Aragh, I've-I've got to explain.
Explain later, we have the
Sun and must press on.
Forward, to the realm of the red death,
and the Red Crown of Ommadon!
- You have friends about?
- A female Trouble.
She's protecting her cubs.
If he's not careful, he'll have
the whole family on his hands.
I can't say I mind the
chance to rest though.
What the blazes?
Blazes? We've got to get loose.
It's Dragon Ruins.
Hold your breath, don't breathe.
Ugly, foul, smell.
Those golden (crimson) flowers.
Can't stay awake.
Not a wolf for miles.
Well, whoever is doing the
shooting god bless him.
He certainly can
handle a longbow.
I trust he's on our side.
There he is.
Good show old man. I bow to such expertise.
And doff his helmet to a better man that I.
And I doff my cap to you Sir Orin.
By all thats holy!
I am Danielle of the woodlands, Sir Orin.
You know me?
My father sang of your exploits.
You have always been a hero of mine.
- Too good to be true.
- Hush!
You must forgive the wood elves.
They are petty outlaws,
but good at their jobs.
And this is their leader,
Giles Of The Treetops.
For shame!
We saw the dragons.
We thought they were Ommadon raiders.
A thousands pardons Sir Orin.
Had we but known.
Ahh, think nothing of it little fellow.
The way things are nowadays,
we all get a bit mucked up.
Get your men down from the
trees and awaken the dragons.
Hurry now.
Whatever your quest is,
I should be honored to join.
Well, it's a bit unusual,
but, speaking for myself,
I should be honored.
Nay, delighted to have you.
I assure you, my skills
will prove most useful.
Daniel has joined them father,
and Giles, The Elvin Outlaw.
Night is falling and
they are but a day away,
from the Realm of Ommadon.
Looks like an inn.
last outpost of civilization
before the realm of red death.
And beyond that wall, all is Ommadon's.
Seems to be a castle guarding the gate.
Ay, Gormli Keep.
The tollhouse on the way to Hades,
with a giant ogre as tollkeeper.
The Ogre of Gormli keep,
I've heard tell of him.
A lumbering three-eyed
giant as big as a house.
Press on, to Hellsway Inn.
Good bed and some hospitality
will be welcome tonight.
Innkeeper I say.
At your service Sir Orin.
How are my friends doing, below?
I will look to them.
I do not usually allow
dragons in my cellars.
But for you...
Who are those four somber spoilsports?
Merchants from Ommadon's realm.
You allow Ommadon swine!
My inn is between two worlds.
I cannot take sides.
Well I don't like um!
I'll see to the dragons downstairs.
On to Ommadon.
- More wine?
- Wine not.
This isn't wine. It's mead.
But not bad.
Peter, how that a' Beacon
Street song go again?
d I came from Louisiana
with a banjo on my knee. d
d Oh ho, Susanna, oh don't you cry for me, I've
gone to Alabama with a banjo on my knee. d
Pluck-a, pluck-a, pluck-a,
pluck-a, pluck-a,...
I am ruined!
Those dragons, they've
devoured over 100 ham,
60 cheeses,
and at least 30 barrels of my finest mead.
Tut Tut, you will be well paid.
Dragons have gold you know.
- They have it with them?
- You will be paid eventually.
My father told me,
"Never extended credit to a dragon."
Too late for such caterwauling's.
Too late.
For the morrow brings
Your rooms are ready.
Will you finally to bed?
- Ay, good innkeeper.
- For we may not see another night.
I'll, show you the way.
And lo, they sleep. An all to
brief surcease, well earned.
And but for the watchful moon keeping her
vigil o'er the slumbering countryside
all is still.
- What is it child?
- Something looms.
Huge, terrifying. With two mad
eyes, where three once were.
The ogre.
Ommadon has sent the Ogre Of Gormli Keep.
- Smrgol, look!
- Um? Ach'. What a terrible mess.
- Did we?
- Don't-don't admit to anything.
Look! The Innkeeper.
Murdered. It's horrible.
I smell ogre.
Help! Over here!
Giles, are you all alright?
I'm near parboiled to a fare-thee-well.
But I sooner be cooked
than crushed by that thing.
- Tell me what happened man?
- I hid in the soup when I first heard him.
He reached in the window and took Danielle
and Sir Orin from where they lay.
- Then off he goes.
- Where to?
The dungeon at
Gormli Keep no doubt.
They're to hold them till Ommadon decides
what foul deed to perform on um.
Oh no.
A fat lot of good I am at this quest.
Overcome by the Sand Murks and
trapped by the elves net.
And then a stupor when the ogre attacks.
Now, now Peter, you've got a job to do.
And you'll do it.
What's that?
You must take the Ogre Of Gormli Keep.
Let me tell you something
about how to fight ogres.
- You listening?
- Yes.
First thing to know this
about the bones in an ogre.
They're thick, you see an
ogres arms and legs are,
are mainly bone. That's
why biting is no use.
And their flesh don't burn.
So save your fire.
Aww, If this were my game
and I face these odds,
I'd just fold up the board
and put it on a shelf.
Ahh, Please continue.
Let's see, hopefully,
throw him over a cliff,
If no cliff, go for the throat or stomach.
Never let him get a grip.
I-I'd take him myself but,
age has gotten to me.
I know, sir.
- Huh? You mean I should?
- No sir!
Well, don't tell anybody
what I just confess.
Ah, there it is.
Gormli keep.
Now you hold back and hide in the brush,
we'll need the horse when we free um.
Ay, now, call him out.
Give him the challenge.
- Ahh, what's his name?
- Huh? It don't matter with an ogre.
Hey, you will suffice.
Hey you, come on out and fight!
Go to it lad. Go do it! Now!
Charge him, hit his chest,
knock him over the wall.
Strength, give me strength!
No lad! Nooo.
What are you doing?
Aw, bad no.
You let it get a grip on ya!
Aw, blazes!
Hey, Hey You.
Let that schoolboy go.
Ahh, Ommadon coming.
You think he can help you?
- S-S-Smrgol?
- Yes.
Aw, that a,... a back side maneuver, I a...
Will that was, one I'd...
uhh, failed to mention.
Easy, easy old friend.
I think...
I think something's,... burst inside me.
I think my heart's gone laddy.
But, but I-I did do him in huh?
Yes! Yes you certainly did.
What I dreamt,
to have a way, to finish it glorious...
And so they move through Gormli Gate.
Old Smrgol. Oh, I shall miss you friend.
And lo, they enter...
The Realm Of The Red Death.
Easy Lancer, easy boy.
Just a stagnant stream.
We can ford it.
Wait, I know that smell.
Don't go near it!
Daniel, take one of your arrows
and shoot it into the stream.
Waste an arrow?
Will need all we have.
I'd do as he says.
By my father. What is that slime?
Dark magic, that's what! Dark magic!
Maybe, but is also highly corrosive acid.
Much stronger than anything
I ever ran into at the lab.
It's got a sulfur base though
that's what I smelled.
You do speak in riddles old man.
What's causing the horrible muck?
What is it?
A Worm Of Sligoth.
Never saw one that big.
If Lancer can get me in
and out quickly enough,
I believe I can behead the scummy thing.
Wouldn't do any good,
Chop it up into 100 parts and each
one would live to spread the slime.
- Do we make a run for it?
- Too chancy.
- Oh, of all the filthy.
- Steady lass.
Peter, fly the others away.
I'll remain and do what I can.
I'll not take flight.
Either I'll have worm for supper
tonight or worm sups on wolf.
No, there's a better way.
Peter, are you intact?
Yeah, used up all my fire though.
No lift left.
Dont know if anyone's though of
this but, after that display,
Ommadon sure to know we're here.
These replicas of our visitors are
exact, to the smallest detail.
Perhaps they can handle
ogres and worms.
But see how they fair with
the evil arts of Ommadon.
No, no! Most terrible!
What is it daughter?
What does your mind see?
A grasping hand, dark and fearsome.
To rob them of their
will and courage.
To take their hearts and
extinguish all hope.
A spell, an evil black magic spell.
Press on you say? What's the use?
- This cause is hopeless.
- Aye.
- We've killed a worm. What's that?
- Wait, what are you talking about?
I'm just a little man,
but my foolishness is great.
I belong in the trees,
the forest, not here!
My arrows, no matter how true
what good are they here?
I don't believe my ears!
Fool! Trick back Carolinus
to bring us here.
They are bewitched surly.
Listen, Peter of Beacon Street.
Listen to me, before it gets to you.
What?... Who?... A blue wizard?
Was the Shield of Saturn not given to you?
The shield?... Oh yes, Carolinus said...
It will protect you from Ommadon's spells.
Find the shield son, and drive
this obscene force away.
Easy boy, easy!
Away! Away!
What's this?
How dare he?
How dare he?
Yes, Bryagh.
It's your turn now.
You and your legions.
Grind them to dust!
Go forth and death be thy destination!
Doom. Doom.
A Flight of Dragons!
Doom. Doom.
Doom. Doom.
- Look!
- Dragons!
Dozens of them. Hopeless.
It may be hopeless, but, I'll take
a few of them before they get me.
- Let me take Bryagh.
- If I die, let me die a dragons killer.
No offense Gorbash,
but I suddenly hunger for dragon.
Wait, we've got a chance.
Sir Orin, in your saddle pack, the
tiny golden flute. Give it to Giles.
Now elf, pipe us a tune.
- And they are down, all the dragons.
- Destroyed?
- Asleep.
- But an enchanted sleep.
When they awaken, Ommadon
spell over them will be broken.
They will join us!
The Red Crown of Ommadon may soon be ours.
Nay father, nay.
One still is awake.
Bryagh. Ommadon's power over him
is stronger than Lo Tae Zhao's.
He has blood on his mind
and can take them all.
Peter will fight him.
No, father. Peter being a dragon,
now sleeps too.
Awaken old boy. We've won!
I've never seen such a sleep.
Puny scum of Carolinus!
Prepare to die!
Oh my darling,...
I'll crush you both, you filthy crawley!
Giles, my darling Daniel, and Aragh too!
Blade, with whom I have lived.
Blade, with whom I now die.
Serve right at justice, one last time.
Seek one last heart of evil.
Still one last live of pain.
Cut well old friend, and then,...
Now die.
I would have... lived a
life with thee Lassy.
So now I die.
I am victorious.
Not quite yet.
Well, well, well.
The scientist!
And how did you shed dragon,
filthy little man thing?
As Gorbash slept, I suddenly
felt myself, Peter Dickenson.
And I thought, "Two things cannot occupy
the same place at the same time."
And the moment I comprehended that...
I guess logic is stronger than magic.
Stronger than my magic?
have gathered...
the sum total...
of the worlds evil...
in one place.
And that place is me.
I am invincible!
No magic stronger!
I am the world and the world is Ommadon.
I can do anything.
Test me.
I can reach up and pluck down the Sun.
You can't do that.
Why, why you insect?
Seven heads and each one a simpleton.
Don't you know what you reach for
isn't in that position anymore?
The Sun is the Sun!
- I can see where it is!
- Where it was pip-squeak!
Any school boy knows that light
travels at 186,300 miles per second.
What you see is the Sun's position
eight and a half minutes ago.
No magic but mine,
can move the Sun.
I command it!
Not magic gas head, mathematics.
And that's the answer to
why Antiquity chose me.
You are magic. Mere illusion.
I am science, logic, and the truth.
You don't frighting me.
Nothing so horrible could be real.
- I deny you!
- Deny me and you deny all magic.
Say it then!
I deny all magic!
Deny this...
Kimpacto... solauu... insomaa.
Eran... courant... palay.
Ocaun... eeoan.
Those incantations can't hurt me.
I have some incantations of my own.
How about,
A body in motion tends to stay in motion.
Protons have 1,832 times
the mass of electrons.
All light is bent or refracted as
it goes from one medium to another,
in a direction perpendicular to the
interface between the two mediums.
- AAH!
- Hallucinations may result from the
selected actions of
external conditions.
Upon the variations from their specific
type which individual present,
Gravity varies as to the inverse
square of the distance.
The velocity of light is equal to the
wavelength times the frequency of vibration.
The geometrical properties
of the space time continuum
are determined by the masses
present in space and time.
Come devils, witches,
demons, ogres, trolls,
sand rats, harpies,
ghouls, sorcerers.
Come algebra, anatomy, astronomy, biology,
chemistry, geology, geometry, mathematics,
meteorology, neurology, oceanography,
paleontology, physics, psychology,
sociology, logistics, and so on.
sociology, logistics, and so on.
Behold my darling, the magical realm.
And look.
It's Carolinus.
I am home.
We are home.
Well Gorbash, awake at last?
Aragh, I thought you were
dead beneath the sea!
Old friend. Oh thank heaven
you're still intact.
We've won, Sir Peter we've won!
I don't understand. Why the blazes
do you call me by this man name?
- Gorbash?
- Of course Gorbash.
Why so shocked, Sir Orin?
You who practically hatched me.
Sir Peter, is gone.
Gone? Where?
As Carolinus hoped, he used his
knowledge of science to deny magic.
But, by denying magic,
he is lost to us forever.
- Father!
- Melisande! She's awake.
Father, Sir Peter was here.
- Yes, yes my darling.
- Look!
The Crown of Ommadon.
As foretold, it awaken you.
No, the kiss awakened me.
The kiss?
I was lost in that sleep of death.
Then I felt his lips upon mine.
I opened my eyes, and for
an instant I saw his smile.
Then he was gone.
Awakened you with a kiss eh?
Well, perhaps he isn't
completely lost to magic.
May, May I join him father?
Of all questions, I feared that the most.
- May I?
- That must be your decision child.
Go, and you may never
return to the Magic Realm.
For even now the great dome of
invisibility grows over our world
to protect its sanctity for all time.
And no one on the outside
may enter its boundaries,
save for the length of a dream
or flash of an inspiration.
But it will stay through the years
the centuries and the ages.
A part of man for all time.
And when ever man needs
magic, we will be here.
You dragon fire melts my ice.
Oh, you win.
- Look, I gotta' get back to work.
- Wait a minute.
- I do have some business now.
- I told you that watch of yours...
Not the watch.
Ye gods! Solid gold!
- Where did you find this?
- Oh, I had a hoard.
I dont blame you for not telling.
You can live off this for years.
Travel, Europe, Asia, cruises.
No, I'll be satisfied with a cottage
surround by trees near a stream.
Like one I used to know.
Oh, can I help you Miss?
Where do you kids get these things?
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