Flipper (1963) Movie Script

[Man] I've lived all my life
on the sea.
So did my father.
So will my son.
I've seen the giant creatures
of the deep,
the great whales,
making their passage
to northern feeding grounds,
and the last herds
of the sea elephant.
I've watched the cunning
maneuvers of killer whale...
As they leaped
into the air...
And hit the sea with the sound
of a Cannon shot,
frightening the sea elephants
and sea lions into the water,
where they would
become easy prey.
The shark,
lacking this cleverness,
prowled for what smaller fish
he could find.
The giant octopus,
fearsome-looking but timid,
has many a time
avoided my boat.
But the dolphins,
the dolphins always
seemed to come right up
to the Fisherman's boat
and ride the bow wave
with the speed
of a torpedo.
they seemed at times
to be talking to each other
and to be looking at us.
I used to watch them
for hours,
studying them,
thinking and remembering
the stories I'd heard
about them.
But I didn't
really know the dolphins
until my son, a child,
as in the Bible,
led me to an understanding
of their kind.
It was a few years ago
when the red plague destroyed
almost all edible fish
in the Florida keys.
Like the fishermen above,
the surviving creatures below
were hungry.
Even the swift dolphin
was able to find no food.
The fish were poisoned
by the plague.
Their lifeless bodies
were spread throughout the sea.
Pa, maybe this time
the fish will be alive.
Maybe the red tide
didn't come out
this far.
But we're going
to find fish if we
have to go 2o Miles out
and clear to the bottom.
They're dead.
Well, let's
get rid of them.
Used to be you'd
throw out an anchor,
you'd hit a fish.
Pa, look!
They're sure
making time.
They're probably
looking for fish
the same as we are.
It shouldn't be
as hard for them.
What's the matter, pa?
[Wind howling]
Is something wrong, pa?
Hazel must have
changed her course.
The weather station
this morning said
she was headed west.
She's coming north now.
Amplifier's gone.
I should have
carried a spare tube.
You're not scared,
are you?
No, pa.
Lash down everything loose.
We're going to make a run
for home.
Message block, son.
Good boy.
Read it.
"Return to port.
"Coast guard patrol boat
will intercept you.
"Hurricane hazel
now heading north.
Winds increasing
up to 8o knots."
But you knew that
I should have known it
an hour ago. Hold fast.
[Boat horn honks]
You Porter ricks
out of coral key?
That's right.
We've been trying
to raise you.
Radio's out.
You heard from Nick velakis,
another boat like mine?
Just had him
on the radio.
He says he can
make it in all right
ahead of the storm.
I can't
take you a-tow.
Do you want to
come aboard?
Risk my boat?
No, thank you. We'll make it.
Pa, are we going
to make it?
I promised your ma we'd
be home before dark.
Come on, Zack, hurry up.
It's terrible
outside the channel.
I haven't seen
your folks go by yet.
You better go and get them.
Mr. l.C. Porett,
you old fool.
Stop nagging that boat
and get on up there
to the post office.
And leave mirabel?
I'd rather
leave my wife.
There's Porter.
Porter ricks' boat.
Come on, Porter!
Come on, mirabel!
Porter, where the halifax
you been?
Nick velakis come in yet?
I ain't seen him.
Come on!
Everybody's going in
and heading for the
post office.
Sandy, if your mother's not
already at the post office,
you get home
and help her, you hear?
Ok, pa.
Give me that line.
Where the blazes
you going now?
I'm going to put that boat
up at willow creek.
She'll be safe there.
You ain't got time.
Give me that line!
This boat's my living!
Gee, I'm sorry.
Where have you been?
The whole town's been worried
about you and your father.
Is my mother inside
the post office?
No. I was just
going to see if--
you go back inside.
I'll get her.
Gee, you're lucky.
A hurricane
on your first visit.
Where's your pa?
He's taking the boat
up willow creek.
Ma, what about Pete?
Can I take him?
Everyone's allowed
one luxury.
Go get him.
Pete, where are you?
[Bird squawks]
Pete, come down here.
We got to get to
the post office.
Pete, I'll whale
the tar out of you
unless you come down here!
come down here.
We got to get to
the post office.
Your ma all right?
Ma's ready to go.
Get Pete and come.
Come on down here,
You didn't worry?
I did.
Will it be here
when we get back?
The boat's safe.
We can always build
another house.
Dang-blast you,
you stubborn old bird!
Come on, Sandy.
Pete won't come.
We can't wait.
He'll be killed.
Pelicans have lived
through more hurricanes
than we'll ever see.
Come on!
Can I bring
my boat in, miss hettie?
No, sir,
Mr. l.C. Porett.
You can come in,
but you can't
bring the boat.
I can't leave mirabel
out here.
She'll blow away.
"Parcels in
any post office
of the United States
"shall not exceed
1oo inches
in length
and girth combined."
Section 135.32,
postal laws
and regulations.
I don't want to mail
mirabel anywhere.
The same applies
to holding in
Are you coming in?
Not without my mirabel,
I ain't!
I'm pretty sure we got
ahold of everybody
that didn't go inland,
except Nick velakis.
His boat's still out.
Well, if the phone goes out,
we've still got the radio.
Yes, well, we're
fairly comfortable here.
If the water level
don't rise,
think we'll
make it all right.
[Baby whimpering]
Nick must have run
with the wind,
put in at one
of the other keys.
He would have called me.
The phone lines
might be down.
When he's safe,
I feel it.
Stella, he has to
be all right.
Nobody knows the sea
like Nick.
The sea,
it kills even those
who know it.
I'm not worried
about myself.
I just hope
my father and cousin
aren't trying to come
out from the mainland.
The state police don't let
anybody on the causeway
once the hurricane
warning goes up.
Well, I bet he's
sure worried about me.
What? With you
staying with hettie?
You know what she says.
No hurricane
would dare blow down
a U.S. post office.
[Pounding on door]
Miss hettie?
Miss hettie?
Miss hettie?
It's still no,
Mr. l.C. Porett.
Don't make no difference,
miss hettie.
Mirabel just blew away.
Oh, Mr. porett,
come in.
Oh, Mr. l.C. Porett,
you poor, dear man!
Post office.
Who's calling?
Who? Parker?
Oh. He wants you.
Miss hettie white speaking.
Yes, Mr. Parker.
I'm looking at her
this very moment,
safe, high and dry.
Aren't you, Kim?
Now, don't you worry,
Mr. Parker.
As soon as hazel leaves,
you come right on out.
Of course,
we'll take good care--
hello. Hello?
Well, line's down.
That means the water's
over the causeway.
Yeah, we could have water
in here, like in '58.
Winds to 12o.
Gusts to 16o.
Barometer is still falling.
Waterspouts reported
in the area.
Full Gale warnings
have been posted.
[Baby whimpering]
Pa, what about Pete?
My fish house!
It's on fire!
My fish house is on fire!
Mr. Abrams!
If it's not there,
what do we do?
Build it again.
That's right, son.
Let's find out.
It's still there!
Isn't it beautiful?
You sure are.
Thanks for not crying.
Pa, taken him
with us,
pa, we should have.
You haven't even
looked for him.
Maybe he's
under the house.
Let's go see.
Well, let's
take a look.
Old hurricane Pete.
You get him
untangled, son,
he'll be all right.
Maybe we'd better
look inside.
Pete, you old...
You gave me all
that trouble last night,
and you're gone, you old...
your house is ok!
I thought
I'd come and see.
but this bird isn't.
Hey, it's Pete!
Yeah, and just as big
a pest as ever.
Hi, Mr. ricks.
It's kind
of damp inside,
but it's
not too bad.
You going to see
about the boat?
Right now. Want
to come along?
Come on.
Pa, she's wrecked.
No, not wrecked,
just swamped,
but there might
be some damage.
Here, son.
You bail out
the dinghy
while I take
a look here.
A shark!
Over there!
It's a dolphin.
You hurt or scared?
Just scared,
I guess.
Good. You better
start bailing.
Mr. l.C. Porett's going to have
to help me get the boat out.
Drive shaft's broken.
Lay to, northern star.
Lay to, baby.
Anytime your Jack is
ready, Mr. l.C. Porett.
Aye, aye, Porter.
1/3 ahead,
northern star.
1/3 ahead.
Easy as you go.
Gee, it's
so pretty up here.
There he is again!
Ever see anything
like that before?
Most dolphins do like
that every now and then.
Little right rudder,
northern star.
Do they really,
Mr. ricks?
Well, there are lots
of stories about dolphins.
One old one that
Nick velakis...
That Nick tells about
a Greek poet named arion,
who lived some
3,000 years ago.
Once when he was sailing home
to Greece from sicily,
robbers took his money
and threw him overboard.
Well, a dolphin who was
following the ship swam to him,
lifted him up and carried him
safely to shore.
You believe that, pa?
Well, I believe dolphins
are very special animals.
Sure. A dolphin
isn't a fish.
They breathe air
and have eyelids
and have babies,
just like people.
The dolphin jumped
right out of the dinghy?
Like a bucking
No, like a dolphin.
I was yelling,
"shark! Shark!"
[Knock on door]
Oh, hello, sid.
Would you like
a cup of...
What is it?
Porter, I thought
you ought to know.
He was your friend.
Nick velakis?
We found his boat,
but not his body,
and we searched
all day.
"He is not dead.
"He doth not sleep.
"He hath awakened
from the dream of life.
He has outsoared
the shadow of our night."
Unto almighty God,
we commend the soul
of Nick velakis,
who might not have
been of our faith,
but was in spirit
a brother to us all.
We commit his body
to the deep.
Nick velakis was
killed by the sea,
but he wasn't
defeated by it.
His life and his living
came from it.
When the red tide came
and took the fish away,
he kept looking for
new places to find them
as food for all of us.
Nick, I'll keep
In there, young man.
Put it in there.
Oh, Porter,
knew I'd catch you
on the way back.
Sorry I couldn't attend,
but the living
come first.
Lou germain sent you
a wire from ocala.
read it yourself.
It's really to you.
Thanks, hettie.
Come, now,
a little bigger...
I wonder what's
on Lou's mind.
Sandy, my father's on
his way with my cousin.
Is he bringing
his new boat?
Uh-huh. We'll
all go fishing.
Sandy, you've got
a lot of chores and
repair work at home.
Yes, sir. See you
later. Fishing.
It's nice of Lou germain
to offer to help.
Truth is,
I was going to
ask him.
It's going to take
a good $300 worth
of credit--
a new drive shaft,
engine parts,
a new plank.
Pa, have you thought again
about doing what Lou did?
Go onto the mainland,
I mean.
a boat agency,
or some inland job
we talked about?
At least there would
be no red plague
or hurricanes.
There might be
other things.
I guess.
Well, if you're going
to truck the boat into
ocala in the morning,
let's go to bed.
Would you want to live
on the mainland?
I just don't know
Leave those till
morning, sweetheart.
Oh. I don't want
to forget this.
Do you expect him
to get all those chores
done before you get back?
He ought to.
I'll be gone at least
a couple of weeks.
Dang you, Pete.
Don't you think
this is heavy enough?
Beat it.
Mom, could
I please--
thanks, ma.
Dragging tired.
I think you've done
enough for one day.
[Boat horn honks]
It's Kim
and her father.
They've come for me.
Ma, can I go?
Of course.
Hi, Sandy.
Hi, Kim.
Dad, this is
Sandy ricks.
Coming with us?
Oh, yes. Sir.
With the red plague
and the hurricane
is there any fish out there?
Oh, yes, sir.
If you know
the spots.
You're the pilot.
Cast off the line.
The plague hasn't
left very many fish,
but sometimes
there's one or two.
Sandy, you remember,
I told you my cousin
was coming with dad.
Bill jamison,
Sandy ricks.
Come on, Sandy.
Be careful.
Hey, let's
go find bill.
[Dolphin screaming]
He's hurt.
What was it?
A dolphin.
Go get your pa.
Over there a little bit.
Doc barnett will know
what to do.
He's taken care of
just about everybody.
a slight concussion,
but he's going
to be all right.
Sandy, I can't
thank you enough.
If bill's ok,
could we go back
to silver cove now?
Silver cove?
What for?
That dolphin, sir.
It has a spear in its side.
What could we do
for it?
My pa taught me
to put a dog or a cat
or any animal
out of its pain,
especially a dolphin,
because they beach
themselves before they die.
But, Sandy,
I've got to call
bill's mother
and tell her
what happened.
She may want me to
take bill in to see
the family doctor.
It won't
take long, dad!
Please, sir?
Kim, it's not that
I don't want to.
Bill's mother would
never forgive me.
[Cocks gun]
[Uncocks gun]
[Dolphin screeches]
Hey, go ahead.
You're free.
I cut you loose.
Are you hurt that bad?
Please move!
Just a flipper
or something?
I can't leave you here
to die.
Can't you move at all?
Where did you go?
What did you do?
Supper will be
ready in a minute.
Didn't you go out
with Kim and her father?
Oh, sure, mom.
Well, that's nice.
Sandy, you been
up to something?
Oh, no, ma,
Sandy, what?
I've got an 8-foot
dying dolphin
in the fish pen.
An 8-foot dolphin?
You know how long
that cabinet is?
About 8 feet.
Now, you go wash up
for supper.
Sandy, I think
I'll have a look.
That's what
I told you, ma.
He got speared.
Oh, that poor thing.
What'll we do, ma?
Same thing I'd do
for any animal.
Get me the kitchen knife
and the iodine.
And then I just
towed him home.
Where did you go?
What did you do?
Nowhere, nothing, huh?
I think it'll be supper
and a good night's
rest for you.
That water's freezing!
You want to catch
your death of cold?
Back to bed.
Yes, ma'am.
I just wanted to see
how flipper was doing.
Yes, flipper.
I named him flipper.
Don't you think that's
a good name, ma?
I think you should go
back to bed. Go on, now.
Poor flipper.
My cousin says
he's awful sorry.
Daddy took him home
this morning.
Ma, is he
going to die?
It's a very bad wound.
But you fixed it.
He needs strength
to recover.
He needs food.
In the ocean,
he'd have a chance--
in the ocean?
Ma, the first shark
that saw him
would kill him.
He's so weak!
He'll die here, too,
without food.
Couldn't we...
Can't I...
Your pa told you how much
fish a dolphin eats.
About 15 pounds
a day.
With the red plague,
where would you find it?
Some days up
at silver cove,
there's a lot.
Not every day.
He'd be well
in a few days,
then we could...
Please, ma?
Well, you try it,
but just today.
Come on, Kim!
Sandy, don't go
down anymore.
You'll make yourself sick.
But only
two little fish?
There just
aren't any more.
I guess
you're right.
[Screech screech]
I guess he doesn't like
those kind of fish.
What are we
going to do?
I don't know.
You don't feel
you owe me nothing
for a whole day's
[Different man]
You owe us
a day's fishing.
50 Miles out
and 50 back.
Our deal was
for marlin.
All we get
is a bunch of
trash fish.
Don't expect to
see us back
again either.
Mr. lake, sir,
could I have
some of the fish?
Take them all.
To get them,
clean my boat.
Clean it of the smell
of fish, every board
and seam.
From now on,
this is going to be
a coral reef sightseeing boat.
The devil with fish!
Yes, sir.
[Flipper cries out]
Hey, ma!
Sandy, come out!
don't do that!
Sandy, come out!
Don't do that!
Please, Sandy!
What's the matter, ma?
I think we better
go in the house
and talk this over.
Still, even if, um...
Even if flipper is
as gentle as a dog,
how will you feed him?
There aren't any fish,
not even at silver cove.
Mr. Abrams is
bringing in fish
from the other keys
to sell here.
Mr. Abrams is not
going to feed your dolphin.
I'll do chores for him.
He needs help to
rebuild his fish house.
What about
your own chores?
I'll do them both.
Mine, too.
Please, ma.
Let me try.
Well...You can try
for a while,
but you'd better get
at that fence
first thing
in the morning.
Ok, ma.
Hungry again, huh?
All right,
it's a deal.
You're hired.
A dollar an hour.
In fish?
In fish. Start
nailing up the boards.
Hi, Rick.
Hi, Roy.
Hey, Kim Parker says
you got a porpoise
at your place
that does tricks.
You're a bigger liar
than she is.
I've been out to your place
a couple of times.
It don't do no tricks.
I can prove
I'm not a liar.
afternoon, bring
all your friends,
but everybody's got
to bring a ticket.
One fish.
Each kid has got to
bring a fish.
Hi, Charlie.
Watch him
get it.
Take a seat
right over there.
& everyone loves
the king of the sea &
& ever so kind
and gentle is he &
& tricks he will do
when children appear &
& and how they laugh
when he's near &
& they call him flipper &
& flipper,
faster than lightning &
go get this,
& no one, you see,
is smarter than he &
& and we know flipper lives
in a world full of laughter &
& flying there under... &
go get these.
& ...Under the sea &
& look at the sky
when rainbows appear &
bring this back
to me, flipper.
& you can be sure
that flipper is near &
& call him by name,
alas and alack &
& he'll give you
a ride on his back &
& we know our flipper,
flipper knows every answer &
& no one can be... &
come on, dance.
Flipper, dance.
Come on.
& and we know flipper lives
in a world full of wonder &
& flying there under,
under the sea &
do you love me?
Do you love me,
& many a night
way down in the deep &
[dog barking]
& oysters make beds
so flipper can sleep &
& happy and gay
when he comes along &
& they all start
singing this song &
& they call him flipper &
& flipper,
faster than lightning &
& no one, you see,
is smarter than he &
& and we know flipper lives
in a world full of wonder &
& lying there under,
under the sea &&
po telephoned.
I say, po telephoned.
He'll be in tonight.
Say, that boy
of yours
sure has a way with
critters, ain't he?
Po figures to be in
about midnight.
Thank you, Baxter.
[Children laughing]
[Bird squawking]
It seemed like
1o weeks.
It sure did.
That's why I didn't
stop to put the boat
in the water.
What is it, po?
Oh, maybe it's not right
keeping you out here,
but, Martha,
1o days in ocala
decided me
all over again.
I couldn't trade this
for jammed sidewalks,
auto smoke,
all that hurry...
Unless you said
you wanted to.
I don't want to.
Why, none of the work's
been done...Martha?
Well, po, the day after
you left, it so happened
that a dolphin--
this'll take a while.
We better go inside.
Pa, watch this!
Come on out, son.
I want to talk to you.
Pretty good,
huh, pa?
I've never known anybody
who's seen anything like it.
It's like the old stories
Nick used to tell about.
But your mother
tells me you expect
to keep the dolphin.
You'll figure some way,
won't you, pa?
Where? The boat's ready.
I'll need the pen.
Couldn't we dig
another, maybe?
It took a month and
$500 to blast that
one out of the coral.
Sandy, the dolphin's
well again.
Let him go free.
Pa, he's come
to be my friend.
I'd lose him.
I couldn't do that.
He's a friend who's
kept you from your work.
Not one thing finished
in the 10 days I was gone.
I'll do my work,
How'll you feed him?
Doing chores
for Mr. Abrams.
What about
your own chores?
I'll do them, too.
Son, you've
tried that before.
It just
didn't work out.
I couldn't
let him go, pa.
I've gotten
to love him.
Do you remember
Stella velakis
at the funeral?
Didn't she love
her husband?
Sandy, for you,
this may be
the first time.
I know it hurts.
Open the fish gate.
Can't, pa...
Pa, please don't.
Flipper, don't go.
Flipper...Come back.
[Church bell ringing]
I sure hope
we find flipper.
I never prayed so hard in
my life as I did this morning.
[Motor starts]
Nothing again?
Have you thought
about what I said
the other day?
About losing things
and--and people you love?
Uh-huh. Like flipper
and Nick velakis.
Like everybody.
Not you and mom.
In time, everybody, son,
but that's not
to think about now.
What we've got to
make up our minds to
is to find fish.
Look ahead to better
days, new friends,
and, for you...
School, come September.
How come the hurricane
hit everything but
the schoolhouse?
Boy, am I ever glad
to see you!
You say something?
Uh, no, sir.
Stay down. Pa doesn't think
you're a good influence.
You'll fall overboard!
where are you going?
Flipper, where are you going?
You want us
to follow you?
You see something?
I thought I saw
some fish jumping,
toward shore.
Well, that's green point.
I don't see anything.
I thought I did.
Well, hang on.
Sandy! Come here!
Pa! Look!
live pompano.
What made you try
off green point?
Well, Sandy
saw them jumping.
Well, I didn't
exactly see them...
Tomorrow I'll be back
there at first light.
And, Martha, tomorrow
I'm bringing back
a boatload.
Son, by the way,
when I'm gone,
will you fix that wire?
[Tap tap tap]
[Tap tap tap]
Where have you been?
Sure missed you!
You didn't have to
stay away that long.
Flipper, come here!
Flipper, come up here!
Flipper, don't do that!
Hey, where are you?
Flipper, no!
Flipper, no!
You ate
all of pa's pompano!
That's pa coming now.
All of them.
Every last one.
That dolphin got
every last one of them.
Pompano's selling in ocala
for better than $1.00 a pound,
and you let a dolphin
into the fish pen.
What have you got
to say for yourself?
Pa, the fish
you caught today,
couldn't I help you
get them into the pen?
There were no fish
at green point.
Yesterday's catch
was just an accident.
Yes, sir.
What's wrong
with you, boy?
How old are you, 12?
Almost in your teens?
Or are you 9
or 7 or 5?
A child who doesn't
have the sense to know
what his next meal
depends on?
Answer me!
The fence, the yard,
the nets--
not one of your chores
done, and now this!
Are you growing up
or down?
Aren't you getting
any sense of
of obligation,
Or are you hanging on to
a "feed me, dress me,
blow my nose" childhood?
Answer me! Are you--
I'm sure he would...
If he could.
Sandy, you better
go to your room.
One more thing.
Tomorrow you'll
go out by yourself.
And by yourself,
you'll find the fish
to replace what
that dolphin ate.
And you'll keep
going out every day
till you've replaced
every pound of them.
Yes, sir.
Because it was
the truth.
But you were too rough.
He's just a boy.
Well, he's
got to grow up.
he is a boy.
He's hurt.
He's crying.
He still has to be
told the truth.
The way you
told him? Shouting?
Nearly taking
his head off?
Well, you should have
stopped me.
I did.
Look, Martha,
I love that boy--
then why don't you
tell him?
Men just don't
talk that way.
Maybe they should.
Look, sweetheart...
I grew up with the sea.
The sea is never soft.
And he is
a Fisherman's son.
Where are you going?
Is it for me?
Can you get me
another one?
Oh, flipper!
Near Kingman reef,
There's never
been fish there.
What made you try?
I...I just had
a feeling.
Well, never mind why.
Let's go back and see.
[Motor starts]
Pa, will they be
alive this time?
Only one way
to find out, son.
Wow. This could mean life
for coral key again.
We'll stop at the wharf
and tell them,
then we'll go home.
Only this time,
I'll make sure
the fish gate
stays closed.
But flipper
was the one that--
flipper can find
his own fish.
Easy, folks.
There's enough
for everybody.
Here's a big,
fat one.
Hold out your
sack, there.
Sandy, you keep it going
with Mr. porett, will you?
Keep them coming,
Well, what do you think?
Good as it ever was,
but for commercial,
there has to be tonnage.
Is there
There's never been any
at Kingman reef before.
Well, there is now.
Maybe it has to do with
the red tide or it could be
a new current through
Kingman channel.
Baxter, you and I could sample
the whole area in one day.
I'll be at your place
at 7:00 in the morning.
Mmm! Smells good.
Lord, whose bounty sustains us,
we ask thy favor.
Unite our hearts
in family love.
Strengthen our will
to serve thee in peace.
We thank thee, o lord,
who bringest forth food
from the sea for us all. Amen.
Pa, when the lord
brings forth food,
he gets help
sometimes, doesn't he?
Well, the lord helps those
who help themselves.
I mean, the lord,
for instance, would ask
one man to help another?
Of course.
Well, sometimes wouldn't
the lord ask dolphins
to help people?
What's on your mind, Sandy?
It was flipper who
led me to Kingman reef.
Flipper, huh?
Yes, pa.
Well, maybe you saw the same
dolphin, and maybe you didn't.
Doesn't matter.
Try to understand, son.
If the dolphins come,
they tear our nets.
They eat our fish.
They chase the rest away.
Now, they may be your friends,
but when the fish are scarce,
they're a deadly enemy.
If they come,
we'll kill them.
We have no choice.
Even flipper?
Even flipper.
[Motor starts]
Where are you?
We ought to be getting
pretty close now.
Hundreds of them.
If we kill a few,
maybe the rest will run.
Look, po. There's one
that got inside.
I'll get him.
[Cocks gun]
Wait, Baxter.
See something?
And so, after flipper
killed the shark,
he lifted me up and
brought me back to you,
just like you
told us about arion,
the Greek poet.
You believe me,
don't you, pa?
I saw it.
And, pa, there are
lots of fish,
millions and
millions of them.
And it was flipper
who led me to them.
Aren't there plenty
for all of us?
I think it was written
for us today to share
with the dolphins,
not to kill them.
& everyone loves
& the king of the sea &
& ever so kind
and gentle is he &
& tricks he will do
when children appear &
& and how they laugh
when he's near &
& they call him flipper &
& flipper,
faster than lightning &
& no one, you see,
is smarter than he &
& and we know flipper lives
in a world full of wonder &
& flying there under,
under the sea &&