Flipper's New Adventure (1964) Movie Script

We call him Flipper
faster than lightning
No one you see
Is smarter than he
And we know Flipper
Lives in a world
full of wonder
Lying there under,
under the sea
There once was a boy
Who lived by the sea
Ever so kind
But lonely was he
Until one day
One day when he met
A friend he'll never forget
His name is Flipper
Faster than lightning
No one you see
Is smarter than he
And we know Flipper
Lives in a world
Full of wonder
Lying there under
Under the sea
Mr. L.C. Porett,
remember now,
tomorrow we're coming through,
dolphin pen and all.
Ain't no need
to push none.
The boy and the dolphin
will be gone by then.
Fact is, they'll be
gone this afternoon.
It has to be done.
Look, it can't be
put off no more.
Jump, Flipper. Jump!
Come on. Once more.
Come on,
take me to the dock.
Thank you, Flipper,
but bananas
aren't for dolphins.
They're for people,
and you're not a people.
Coming, Mr. Porett.
Hi, Mr. Porett.
Come on down
and see Flipper.
Why, I haven't
time now, son.
Come on to the house.
I have to talk
to you right away.
Yes, sir.
Drop anchor, Star.
I still don't
How come I have
to leave here?
Sandy, all of this...
It's always been
state property.
And now they're
coming through here
with a new causeway,
starting tomorrow.
There just
ain't room no more.
I got to talk
to my pa.
You can't.
I tried to reach him.
He's still up at
the Park Ranger School.
Well, what
about Flipper?
What's gonna become
of Flipper?
Well, Flipper, you don't have
to worry about him none at all.
Why, he's gonna get
the best care...
by the best people
in the whole world
when it comes to dolphins,
the Miami Seaquarium.
Well, they're coming down
to get him in an hour.
To get him?
You mean,
to take him away?
But nobody
can take Flipper.
I won't let anybody
take Flipper.
Look, there ain't no
place else for him.
What, with your pa
still gone
and your ma passed away,
God rest her.
You have to go up
to Madisonville
and stay with your aunt.
Mr. Porett,
Flipper has to go where I go.
Sandy, there's no more water
in Madisonville
than you can get
from a well.
Now, you know Flipper
can't live in no bucket.
Mr. Porett, please...
I'll be back in a half hour
to help you get ready.
I'm sorry, son.
I thought I raised
you real good.
I did the best
I know how.
Yes, sir.
The best I know how.
Watch your helm, Star.
Engines ahead full.
Nobody's going to
take you, Flipper.
You wait right here.
Dear pa...
Please don't worry
about me.
I'm going far away
where no one can find
Flipper and me.
But just remember,
I'll always love you
and be thinking of you.
Your son, Sandy.
To my pa.
Yes, Porter Ricks,
He's one of them student rangers
at the diving school.
Hello, Po?
I been trying to get you
for three days.
Listen, is Sandy
up there with you?
'Cause if he is,
I want you to put
the front of your hand
on the back
of that boy's britches!
No, Sandy
isn't here with me.
Why should he be?
He has what?
Well, Po, the first day,
I thought he'd come home
when he got good and hungry,
and then I started
really looking.
The boy ain't around
nowhere, Po...
and Flipper's gone too.
Mr. L.C. Porett...
You must've been using
a soap bubble for a skull.
I'm coming down
on the first plane.
And when I get there,
I want a boat,
and I want it ready to go.
Mom still says
you can have the boat
as long as you want it,
Po, but she'd kind
of like to know
how long you'll need it.
How long?
Till I find Sandy,
that's how long!
Till I search every
little bay and cove
up and down
the Florida coastline!
Anywhere a boy might try
to hide with a dolphin.
Well, you don't need
to worry none
about him going out
into the open ocean!
Why not?
Well, see, about the time
Sandy disappeared,
the coast guard
was searching every inch
of that water out there,
using planes and everything,
looking for three
escaped convicts.
Gil Bateson,
you heard of him,
and two other
Gil Bateson?
For a while they thought
they'd headed out in a boat.
If Sandy had been out there,
they'd have spotted him
right off.
I know. I checked
first thing.
It's a big ocean.
But Sandy wouldn't go out
there in just a skiff.
Even you couldn't have
made him that desperate.
Po! Wait!
I've been saving this
for you, Flipper's horn.
Sandy went off
without it.
It might help you
find him.
Mr. L.C. Porett.
Sorry I was
so angry with you.
I know, you were only
trying to do well.
That's the lord's truth,
Po. It sure is.
Help me out, will you?
Sorry, Flipper.
That's empty.
That was the last
can of food too.
I guess I'm in trouble.
Bad trouble.
Flipper, I don't care what
happens or what you say.
I'm not
turning back now.
Thanks, Flipper.
Guess I'm not
that hungry yet.
Sam! Sam!
Dang-blast it!
You're getting too old
to hear anything!
There's a castaway
out there.
I'm changing my course
to pick him up.
Oh, no.
Flipper, it's gaining.
You've got to help me.
Sam! Sam! Sam!
Speed her up, Sam!
Sam! I think you got
to speed her up!
He's pulling away!
All right.
He's pulling away!
Faster, Sam! Faster!
20 years you've been
working on that engine!
It can't even catch up
with one puny boy
in one puny skiff!
Well, do something!
Forget it, Sam.
I said, forget it.
Whoever he is,
he don't need
any help from us.
We need help from him.
O.K., Flipper.
We're O.K. now.
All right, Flipper.
You can rest now.
Don't worry.
We'll make it.
it's just perfect.
Everything we could want.
Nobody anywhere!
They'll never find us here.
Flipper, I wouldn't
trade you for anything.
I don't care
If the skies are cloudy
Long as you're with me
It's a fine and dandy
Cotton candy world
I see many times
When I'm feelin' lonely
You come into view
It's a fine and dandy
Cotton candy world
With you
You're the prize
I won
You're the apple
on the stick
You're the one
I had to pick
You made my heart
Go tickety tickety tick
Every day is a day
of wonder
Never ever blue
It's a fine and dandy
Cotton candy
Fine and dandy
Cotton candy world
With you
Quiet, Flipper.
A plane.
I've got to hide.
An underwater cave.
We couldn't have
a better hiding place.
Flipper, this is great!
Go up and take a look,
get the boat out.
Come on.
This may be
the best break we've had
since we ran that cabin
cruiser up on the rocks.
What'll we do now?
Act like castaways,
see if we
can hitch a ride!
The boat's
leaking again!
Stuff the rags
in tighter.
O.K., Flipper?
Mummy, daddy, there's
a little boat over there
with some sick men in it.
Could be
those convicts
they've been
searching for.
Well, if it is,
they're half dead.
We'd better
take a look.
Go below and
get my gun,
will you, Julia?
That's the three.
They fit the
descriptions perfectly.
Better get
on the radio.
Can one of you
give me a line?
I wouldn't do that,
Drop your gun
on the bottom of the boat.
All right.
Now move!
Just what we need
to take us where
we want to go.
Probably not enough food
for people we don't need,
so we're going
to make a little swap.
You're going
to take our boat,
and we're going
to take yours.
All right.
We'd better do
as he says.
Wait a minute.
We may need you
to run this boat.
You stay.
Yeah, but they
can't handle that...
All right, lady.
It's all yours.
All right, lady.
Get in the boat!
All right. Let's get
this clunk inside.
Come on, children.
We'd better start rowing.
Help them, Flipper.
Tow them if you can.
A sea monster!
No, it's a dolphin!
Well, never mind it.
Try to row.
But it's attacking us!
I know.
I saw her
try to hit you.
I don't blame you.
I'm getting
blisters, mummy.
Oh, well...
Well, wrap those rags
around your hands.
Oh, mummy, look!
Quickly! Put them
back together!
Oh, quickly!
Quickly, honey!
I can't!
Try! Try!
Row! Row as quick
as you can.
Oh, my babies!
Won't be long now.
I can't!
A ring, look.
Hold on.
Hold on now.
Hang onto it.
Hang onto the ring.
Gwen! Are you all right?
Penny, are you all right?
Thanks to this.
Where did you
get it from?
It must have been
in the boat all along.
Oh, mummy, what are we
going to do now?
No food, no water.
Marooned here.
What will happen
to daddy?
It'll be all right.
Somehow, it'll
be all right.
Good work, Flipper,
but I guess we both
better get out of sight
before they start
looking around.
See ya later.
Morning, Flipper.
I'm going down to see
how our visitors are doing.
Follow me down the beach.
Come down at once
before you fall down
and break something!
Oh, but, mummy,
we're all so hungry.
We've got to reach
those coconuts.
Well, maybe we could
cut the tree down.
There must be
millions of things
we can find
in there to eat.
Well, yes, there are,
but there are also
millions of things
that are very poisonous
and none of us knows
which is which.
I'm sorry,
but I can't run the risk
of your getting ill here.
We'll just have
to catch fish
or look for turtle eggs
or something like that.
But how, mummy?
I don't know.
We can try.
I'd like to help them,
but they just can't
know i'm here.
Now, Penny,
you try to fish,
and, Gwen, look along
the beach over there.
See if you
can find something.
Sometimes things
are washed up.
I'll look over there
among the trees.
That's a super idea,
Take this to her, Flipper.
And be sure
she doesn't see you.
Flying fish!
Take this to her, Flipper,
and stay out of sight.
But, mummy, they
must be flying fish.
They flew
right up at me.
Penny, they're
not flying fish.
They're a fish
called Grunion.
At a certain
time of the year
when the moon
is right,
they swim up
on the beach.
I don't see any moon!
Children, I don't care
what kind of fish they are.
I'm just glad we have them.
See? I told you Providence
would take care of us.
Can't I try it, mummy?
Oh, Penny, you'll
only get in the way.
I'll just go on
a bit longer.
Flipper, they just
can't do anything right.
Come on. I'm going
to need you again.
Oh, I'm sorry.
All I'm getting
is blisters.
Well, we'll just have
to eat this fish raw.
Oh, no!
Gwen, in the far east,
millions of people
eat it every day.
With a little lemon juice,
it's quite good.
But we don't
have any lemons.
Well, we must eat!
It's that monster.
Well, never mind.
It won't come on land.
Come on. We must eat.
Mummy, matches!
Dry ones!
I swear they weren't there
10 minutes ago!
They must have been
washed up from some ship.
You see?
Every time we need something,
somehow we get it.
It's just like I told you.
It's Providence
watching over us.
Well, let's hope
that Providence
is looking after
daddy too.
Thanks, Flipper, again.
All that trouble so they
can have just one good meal.
we've got problems.
Who are you?
Look, please...
Forget I'm here.
I'm hiding out. I...
Hiding out?
I'm, I'm a fugitive.
I mean...
You're part of that gang
that took my father!
No! No!
Look! I'm a friend!
I'm not one of them!
Look, I've been
trying to help you.
That's how you got
the fish and the matches
and that life ring
when your boat sank.
Flipper brought
them to you.
He's my friend.
He's your friend too.
He's bringing you
a present.
Thank you...
Then why did you say
you were a fugitive
hiding out?
Well, I didn't
really mean...
I haven't got time
to tell you now.
But the important
thing is,
you've got to promise not
to tell anyone I'm here,
not even your mother.
All right.
I promise.
It's got to be an oath,
a blood oath.
A blood oath?
That way I can
really trust you.
Then I'll help you
all I can.
Well, all right.
I swear I won't tell
about Sandy Ricks
or Flipper.
I swear I won't tell anything
about Sandy Ricks...
That's me.
Or Flippah.
His name is Flipper.
But that's what I said.
Why do you
talk so funny?
I talk funny?
Where did you learn
to talk like that?
That's where I live.
Oh, Penny!
Go ahead.
Be right there!
Look, whenever you
hear this whistle...
try and get away
and meet me.
Say, you fight
pretty good.
You were lucky.
You should see me when
I've had enough to eat.
How about that, Flipper?
We'll save these matches
no matter what happens,
and we'll take turns
watching the bay.
The minute you see
or hear anything,
a plane, a boat,
this signal fire's
to be lit instantly.
Right, mummy.
It's our only chance
to get help
for daddy.
I'll take
the first watch.
Maybe just you and I
should stand watch, mummy.
I think we can rely
on Penny too.
You know
how Penny is.
She daydreams.
Maybe Gwen
is right, mummy.
I'll see if I can have
some more luck fishing.
All right.
Look, I'd better
come with you.
Not bad
for a daydreamer.
Gwen, why don't you
take these back to mummy?
All clear?
It's O.K.
O.K. Now meet me
where I told you.
See how easy it is
when you know
what you're doing?
Now, what did I tell
you about tinder?
Only use the inside
bark of the tree
because it doesn't
get any rain,
so it's always dry,
real dry.
Now, another thing you
should know right away
is how to climb
a coconut tree,
also, how to
husk coconuts.
My pa showed me
how they do it
in the south seas.
It's not hard,
even for a girl.
Come on.
No, no.
You get sweeter milk
from the green coconuts.
O.K. That's pretty good.
I know, for a girl.
Please, Gwen, you
only get in the way!
And that's the way
you come down...
almost the same way
as you go up.
I remembered it all
from a movie I saw
about the south seas,
Mutiny on the Bounty.
Well, I saw Mutiny
on the Bounty,
and I don't
remember that.
And that's how I remembered
how to make a fire
by rubbing sticks together.
It all came back to me
when I was sitting
over there
fishing and daydreaming.
You want to try it?
I'll show you how.
Oh, my weak ankles,
you know.
Well, maybe you'd like
to husk those coconuts.
Hit them hard against
the point of that rock
the way I showed you.
Oh, well...
maybe Penny
ought to do it.
Well, she seems to know
so much more about it.
Penny got
the coconuts.
I think it's her
turn to rest now.
I see no reason,
why you
shouldn't do it.
You know, this is
a magic island.
It's just
full of miracles.
Imagine that you see
A hand of magic
Paint the trees
and the streams
It's like walking
into a lovely
Land of dreams
Well, take my hand
Come with me
There's such
A wondrous world to see
That you see
A rainbow painted
Right in front
Of your eyes
Like a million flowers
were dancing
'Cross the skies
Well, take my hand
And you will see
If you imagine
long enough
If you imagine
strong enough
This wondrous world
Belongs to you and me
Just imagine
And you'll see
This tree can be
most useful of all.
It's the palmetto.
Inside the top here,
there's something
real good to eat
called swamp cabbage.
I never knew there was
so much we could eat
right under our noses.
That's where
most people do eat...
Right under their noses?
See these leaves?
Once you learn
how to weave them,
you can make
almost anything.
Stick with me,
because right now,
I'm going to teach you
how to weave
a fish trap.
You're pretty good
at it.
It's not hard.
What on earth
have you got there?
It's a fish trap.
I made it by weaving
palmetto. It's easy.
Now, I know I didn't see
anything like that
in Mutiny on the Bounty.
This was in
Showdown in Samoa.
Well, well,
if you ask me, mummy,
it looks a pretty
ridiculous contraption.
Shall we just
try it out?
Yes! Why not?
I think it's been
down long enough.
come and help, Gwen!
It's remarkable.
It's nothing,
You just don't see
the right films.
Come on.
Let's get it back.
Showdown in Samoa?
You know who
this guy is?
I've just been going
through his papers.
Sir Halsey Hopewell.
Or, excuse me...
The Sir Halsey Hopewell.
One of the world's great
airplane builders and designers.
Worth $10 million.
Honored by six governments.
Yeah, we got ourselves
a real prize here.
I got myself some
prize new ideas.
Yeah. Feed him
to the fishes.
Save some food.
We don't need him
around here anymore.
Oh, yes, we do.
We're changing course
right now.
We're going
to turn around
and go right back
to that island.
Besides, he ain't
eating very much.
All right, Mr. Sir.
They mustn't!
They mustn't bring
anybody here.
Flipper! Stop them!
Look, mummy,
there it is!
Oh, mummy!
What happened?
Why would it do
a thing like that?
See what I brought you?
How dare you send
Flipper to put out
our signal fire?!
How dare you?!
I'm sorry,
but I had to.
I just can't risk
having any strangers
come to this island
who might find out
about Flipper and me.
Flipper and you?
That's how it is.
Do you realize
you may have cost us
our only chance
to help our father!
Our only chance to
get word to somebody!
Not what happened to us,
what happened to him!
Oh, you... you...
I'm sorry about
that too, but...
You've got
to understand...
All right, I will keep
my blood oath
because I have to!
But don't you ever try
to help us again!
Or even speak to me!
I got your message
to meet you, Po.
What's up?
Mr. Porett,
these charts of mine,
now one of them's missing.
Did you take it?
No, Po.
Which one's missing?
The chart of the Bahamas
and the West Indies.
I had it.
It's gone now.
Po, you don't think
the boy headed out
that way, do you?
I don't know.
There's a coast guard station
in Puerto Rico
that covers
that entire area.
That's where
I'm going now.
Hi, Flipper.
Want me to come
with you?
Penny, why won't you
look at the fish trap?
Why are you being
so stubborn?
Because I know there
won't be anything in it.
When the wind
is this high,
the water's too full
of plankety.
And that's when fish
just won't go
into fish traps.
But at least
you could have a look.
It might not be
so windy over there.
And there might be
some lobster again.
I'm tired of nothing
but bananas and coconuts.
Oh, I'll go
and have a look.
Yes, Gwen, do.
I'll come with you.
No. All right.
I'll do it.
We'll all go.
Oh, mummy,
it's really heavy.
Cans of food.
And a flashlight.
And it works.
And a can-opener.
A can-opener?
That's what it is,
look, a can-opener.
Oh, mummy,
this place is haunted.
Do you know anything
about this?
Well, I...
It's that dolphin.
Oh, that creature.
It must have put
those cans in there.
With a can-opener?
Oh, let's get away
from it.
It might do anything.
But a can-opener!
Hi. Did you
like those things
I put
in the fish trap?
There's lots more.
I don't want
to talk to you.
I found
a sunken boat.
It's just loaded
with things
that you and your sister
and mother could use.
Well, you just keep them.
Thank you.
We don't need anything
from you anymore.
I know
I made a mistake.
I'm trying
to make up for it.
I even put
my flashlight in
so you could
signal at night
if you saw a plane
or heard a boat.
I'm trying
to help you.
We don't need
your help anymore.
Thank you.
Daddy's back for us.
It's daddy!
Mummy, mummy, quick!
It's daddy.
Look! Look!
Yeah, Flipper, I know.
Her father's back,
and we'd better
get out of sight
just in case
she does tell.
Oh, look!
Come on, look.
There he is.
Be right back.
It's those convicts.
Run, mummy, run!
We'll be with daddy
no matter what happens.
O.K., ladies,
get in the boat.
Are you all right?
Yes. Are you?
Yes, all right.
All right,
all right, lady.
Sit down over there.
Get on the radio,
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
This is WG9026.
Sir Halsey Hopewell
on the Penn Julia.
I can only send
this message once.
Please tape record
if you can.
I will wait 10 seconds.
My wife,
my two daughters, and I
are being
held as hostage
by Gil Bateson.
He and his associates
want a guarantee
of immunity
and safe conduct
to wherever they wish to go.
If they do not get this
within one hour,
they will kill me...
and my family.
Do not...
I repeat, do not conduct
any search activities.
Stay away.
I repeat, stay away,
or they will
kill us all.
And I mean it.
I'm very sorry, sir.
But all search activities
have been suspended
that entire area.
But why?
I can't tell you that.
Well, then
for how long?
At least 24 hours.
Perhaps longer.
My boy may be still
floating out there
somewhere in an open skiff,
half dead.
Don't you understand?
I think I do,
Mr. Ricks.
I'm the father
of a boy myself.
If you'd like
to sit down,
and wait...
Wait? I'll hire
my own search plane.
No. I'm sorry.
We can't let you
do that either.
We have our reasons.
We also have reason
to believe
that the situation may
improve very quickly.
Let's both hope so.
Excuse me.
Hey, Gil.
Want some more food
on board?
There's a bunch of cans
drifting in there.
It looks like
they popped up
from that
cabin cruiser we sunk.
Well, we got a few more
mouths to feed...
don't know for how long.
Better go and get them.
It was a shark.
I saw it.
It was this long.
Just like that.
All right, all right.
Get back there.
I'm tired of
looking at them.
Get 'em
in that cockpit,
tie them up
and keep them tied.
Hey, Gil.
Look at that.
How about a little
target practice?
Save your ammo.
You never know when
you may need it.
Only take one bullet.
Save it,
I told you.
What do you suppose would
make a fish act that way?
Got some kind of loco weed
in the water or something?
Turn around.
I'll cut you
I got one.
The other 2
are forward.
Thanks, son.
Darling, I want you
to handle the boat.
Look out!
Flipper. Stop them.
Twist it.
Sandy, you were
Thank you.
Mum, dad, Gwen,
this is Sandy.
He's been helping us
all along.
Only you
didn't know it.
Sandy, I don't know
how you did it.
I don't know how
to thank you either.
Don't thank me.
Thank Flipper.
Wasn't for Flipper,
I wouldn't have been
able to do anything.
But who's Flipper?
He's been hurt.
Coast guard radio,
San Juan,
this is WG9026.
Sir Halsey Hopewell
on the Penn Julia.
WG9026, this is coast guard
radio, San Juan. Over.
Need urgent assistance.
We have found
your three convicts.
We also need someone
who can help
with an injured dolphin.
Did you say
an injured dolphin?
That is correct,
an injured dolphin.
Stand by one.
I'll give you
our exact position.
We'll help you, Flipper.
We'll help you somehow.
it'll be all right.
Flipper, please
stop moving.
Pa, if Flipper
he won't have to
stay here, will he?
No, son. My Park Ranger
commission's come through.
The Coral Key
Marine Preserve...
that's where we're gonna be
living from now on.
And there'll be plenty
of room for Flipper.
He's got
to save Flipper.
He's just got to.
Well, if anybody can,
it's Dr. Burton.
That's it.
Let's see
what happens.
If Flipper swims now,
he's going
to be all right.
He's swimming.
He's going
to be all right.
He's going
to be great.
you're wonderful.