Flirting with Danger (2006) Movie Script

[ Softly exhaling ]
[ Softly moaning ]
We set records for the school.
Tommy at quarterback, me at end.
When I couldn't rent
a limo for senior prom
Tommy rented a pick-up truck.
Same year, same colour as mine.
He was more than my friend.
He was my idol.
He was more than
a corporate lawyer.
He was a generous man
who gave his time
to any cause that needed him.
I loved Tommy Heaton.
I can honestly say,
he was the man I wanted to be.
And I don't look forward
to a world without him.
That was very moving.
These look just
about finished. Claire?
Freesias. My favourite.
And they still smell great.
Can you take them away please?
Don't you think it's hard, Rafe?
Going through all
his stuff like this?
Very hard.
He was 34 years old.
How could he have
a heart attack?
It happens, sometimes.
"Spencer Van Allen. Madrid."
Who did Tommy know in Spain?
What are you looking for?
I'm sorry, Jane.
I'm the executor of Tommy's will
so I got to pull all
his papers together.
- He was seeing someone?
- Could be.
He was being pretty
close-mouthed lately.
If he was seeing someone,
be involved with someone
and not tell me about it?
[ Fax line static ]
You're late, Marino.
I know, I'll make it up to
you. I'll pick up the check.
Yeah, it's your turn anyway.
Here I was trying
to sweep off your feet.
That hasn't worked
since high school.
Have you ever seen
anything like this?
Explicit little suckers.
Maybe it's a new
way to pick up men.
"If you'd like to sin,
bare skin and a grin,
meet me at the beach
6:00 a.m. Thursday."
She sends this seductive
stuff to a stranger?
- Enterprising.
- Gutsy.
That kind of mystery would
have done it for Tommy.
But not you? You wouldn't be
tempted to call that number?
Besides, you just
get a fax tone.
And the number's unlisted.
Not for a cop.
Do it.
I'm curious.
Are you Tommy Heaton's friend?
[ She giggles ]
I saw you at his funeral.
I'm Laura Clifford.
I'm Rafe Marino.
- Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.
Um, how do you know Tommy?
It's a small town. Same dinner
parties, same charities.
He actually was on the committee
for the gala at the tennis club.
I just joined, and all they
tell are Tommy stories.
So, last year he
actually recruited
an Appalachian jug band.
He felt that the members should
be open to all sorts of music.
That sounds like Tommy.
Well... It was nice
to see you again.
Oh yeah. Nice to see you.
- Bye.
- Bye.
What took you so long?
It's none of your business.
[ Dialing ]
This is Tommy Heaton.
No one's here to take your call.
Leave a message at
the beep. Thank you.
[ Beep ]
[ Dialing ]
This is Tommy Heaton.
No one's here to take your call.
Leave a message at
the beep. Thank you.
[ Hangs up ]
[ Phone ringing ]
Gloria! Hey!
Sorry. I'm on my way.
Hey, Rafe!
Long time no see!
Hey, how you doin', Anthony?
You too good for
the old neighborhood?
Yeah, right.
Here you go, buddy.
Saturday afternoon at the park,
we could use you!
I'll show up one of these days.
You're on.
All right, see you later!
Gloria! Here, come on!
Let me do that.
You said 10:00.
I'm sorry, I overslept.
Hey, when was the last time
this place was cleaned?
Any luck running down
those notes Tommy made?
Yeah. I made some calls.
Somebody's following up on that
guy Spencer Van Allen for me.
Oh, did you check out
the fax number for me?
- Yeah, I got the address.
- Well, great!
I don't know if I should
give it to you though.
You're gonna
go there, aren't you?
You are.
I'm curious.
He knew her, so you gotta?
That's got nothing
to do with it.
Sure it does.
You're still trying
to climb into that world.
And you're still
putting it down.
No, I'm not!
Yeah, you are.
- I'm not
- You are. You wanna go?
Oh! Jesus!
The person you are
just might be better
than the one you're
trying so hard to become.
[ Laughter ]
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I help you?
I'm a friend of Tommy Heaton's.
I'm listening.
- You knew him?
- Um-hmm.
I assume you know
he died suddenly.
Yes. I heard.
I wasn't sure you had. I
didn't see you at his funeral.
Why would I go?
We never met.
I knew who he was though.
Anyone else here
know who he was?
Just what is it
that I can do for you?
Tommy Heaton got some
faxes from this number.
I'd like to find
out who sent them.
That means you know?
It means I'm bored.
Before you slip into a coma,
could you search
your consciousness
for the name of someone else
here he might have known?
Think about it... Hilary.
[ Door opening ]
OK, I've reached
everyone in the family.
I'm still waiting to
hear from his sister.
What time's my deposition?
OK. I'm going over to Tommy's.
I need to pick up some papers
before I meet
with them tomorrow.
Can I duck out early?
I've got this memorial
service at noon.
Anybody close?
My doctor died
about a month ago.
He had a sudden heart attack.
His family's scattered
all over the world
so they waited until
now to have the service.
That's too bad.
I know.
Dr. Van Allen was the best.
Van Allen.
Any relation to
Spencer Van Allen?
That's him.
Do you mind if I tag along?
Queen of the funeral set.
This is her second one today.
Like, my mother and her friends
go to all the funerals in town.
[ He laughs ]
You know, Van Allen
was a young man.
Too young.
That's Bob Burgess,
Van Allen's partner.
How long were they partners for?
Five, six years, I think.
He's a nice guy.
Excuse me, Donna.
My wife and I knew
him for a long time.
- We...
- Um, Doctor Burgess?
I'm Rafe Marino. Could I
speak to you for a minute?
Yeah, sure.
Excuse me.
I was told that doctor Van
Allen died of a heart attack.
Yeah, believe it
or not, that was it.
Very sudden.
They found him, of all
places, in his hot tub.
I know, I asked him.
Burgess said he'd see
if Van Allen got faxes
like the ones I
found here at Tommy's.
Just don't jump to conclusions.
Jump to conclusions?
This is the first thing that
makes any sense to me.
You know, Tommy's death
sure makes no sense.
Tommy keeping secrets
from me makes no sense.
So, the fact that
finding this guy's name
on a piece of paper
in Tommy's house
and then finding out
that this guy died?
That's the first thing
that makes any sense to me.
And you think what?
There's some connection?
Some kind of conspiracy?
Well, look. I sure don't
believe in coincidence anymore.
You think Tommy is leaving
you messages from the grave?
It would have been easier
just to pick up the phone.
He tried, Glor.
Remember I was in Japan that
month before he died.
But because the time difference,
we never managed to hook up.
Come on, Rafe.
If it was that important,
he would have made contact.
Maybe you're right.
But Tommy did say
what he wanted to talk about
was too complicated
to leave on voice mail.
And knowing him,
he probably figured he could
handle things until we spoke.
OK. You know what?
You wanna follow
this, then do it.
Just don't go crazy, all right?
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
Never. Bye.
[ Chatter ]
I know this great
Appalachian jug band.
Well, hi!
Have a seat.
Thank you.
Wow, that is so weird
seeing you twice in one week
at two funerals
and a tennis club!
And the restaurant.
And the restaurant. Yes.
Did you know
that Van Allen guy well?
No. He treated my sister
when she was in town.
He was very sweet to her
so I felt the need
to pay my respects.
[ Laughs ]
Tommy introduced me to a
whole different world.
And then made me believe
I could live in it.
Of course I taught him how
to make a mean lasagna.
You know...
By the time we
finished law school
he was dangerous with
a head of garlic.
[ Chuckling ]
You know, I...
I go to call him a
million times a day.
I'm sorry.
So tell me, you lived in
a big ranch in Texas?
What, like the Ewings?
Yeah, it was pretty big.
That must be a nice way to live.
It was. Until
my father died.
And then everything changed.
The simplicity was gone.
And then we moved to Dallas
and all I wore was party dresses
and I never got
back on a horse again.
Hmm. To changing that.
[ Laughing ]
[ Beep ]
Mr. Marino,
Dr. Burgess on two.
Hi, Dr. Burgess?
Hi. Did you find any
faxes at Dr. Van Allen's?
Would you mind reading it to me?
Yeah, that's the
same one I found.
Is there a return
number on the top?
Great. Thanks.
Burgess found the
same fax, Gloria.
They were seeing the same woman.
I'm gonna try to get the death
certificates. Both of them.
Good, then we'll see
if there's anything
else they have in common.
The delivery men promised
to be there by 5:00.
Call me if they're late.
I'm just looking for an excuse...
I'm just gonna...
I'll call you back.
You again.
I asked. No one
knew your friend.
How about Spencer Van Allen?
Anyone know him?
Another name.
What's this, a game show?
No game. I'm looking for
someone who knew those men.
- What do I get if I win?
- A place in heaven.
We do this once,
can we get it over with?
If I get the answers I need.
There's 5 people who work here.
James and Ricardo. Two men.
That sound about right?
Didn't think so.
Eloise, our
bookkeeper. She's 60.
He likes them old?
That brings us to me and Ellen.
Like I said, there's
not many people here...
Who's Ellen?
Antonelli. She just left.
I saw her.
When's she due back?
Tommy Heaton?
Spencer Van Allen?
You know either of these guys?
Do I want to know them?
They're both dead.
Oh. I guess not.
So, why do you
think I knew them?
Somebody at your office knew
them. Pretty well, it seems.
I'm just trying to find out who.
Well, talk to Hilary.
I already did.
She says it wasn't her.
How long have you worked here?
Let me see. How long
have I worked here?
A couple of years.
Three, I think. Since I
got back from Italy.
I went for two weeks.
Met a sexy Italian
and stayed 3 years.
Spontaneous woman.
And when my grand-father died
I needed a fresh start.
And of course, there
was the inheritance.
And your family, where are they?
Well, my mom left
Texas when my Daddy died.
She moved to Europe.
And your sister?
What about my sister?
Where does she live?
She loves to travel.
Oh, eat this.
[ Laughing ]
[ Laughing ]
How come you're not married
to one of those tycoons?
Because I'm very...
very selective.
I'm very, very lucky.
They said they'd put me
on the stand first.
Last time they get
a favour from me.
Did you find out anything yet?
Not even hello?
Come on, Gloria.
I don't have time
to argue with you.
This is what I know:
I pulled both reports
on both deaths.
Both had heart failure. Both had
alcohol in their systems.
Could be the combination of
alcohol and the very hot water.
Coincidence, but logical.
I don't buy it.
Why not?
Because they dated
the same woman.
It happens.
Not to my friend.
It's the defiant part
of you that I like best.
Does that mean you'll help me?
Don't I always?
A Jack Tucker sent over an
application for you to fill out.
Who's Jack Tucker?
He said he's president of
Laurelmount Tennis Club.
Don't know him.
Well, he wants you
to fill it out.
For their files, he said.
He messengered it over.
Yeah. Can I speak
with Jack Tucker?
Hi, Jack. it's Rafe Marino.
You know, I think there
must be some mistake.
I never applied for
membership in your club.
A gift? From whom?
And when did
Mr. Heaton buy it?
OK. Thanks.
A surprise for my birthday.
He bought it a week
before he died.
That's when he was
trying to contact me.
This is Laura Clifford.
Please leave me a message
at the sound of the beep.
Hey, it's me. I was
hoping to stop by.
But you just don't
seem to be in.
I just find myself missing you.
See you later.
[ Doorbell ]
[ Doorbell ]
Italians from our
neighbourhood don't play tennis.
Except of course the ones
whose rich preppy friends
buy them memberships.
You're a snob, you know that?
There's nothing wrong with
learning to live well.
I like the way I
live. Always have.
You know, there's a
reason he did this.
I'm just not sure what it is.
Can't you accept
a gift graciously?
Not lately.
Anyway, come on,
let's get out there.
You said you needed exercise.
I meant basketball.
A little one on one.
You crazy? You can
beat me at that.
I know.
[ Sighing ]
I like this place.
Of course.
Next time we play my game.
I don't think so.
What, you don't like losing?
I'll buy you a drink.
Excuse me. Could I get a couple
of cranberries and sodas?
Sorry, I'm not
the bartender here.
Oh, sorry!
You're new here?
- Yeah.
- Dino. Assistant pro.
I'm Rafe Marino.
- This is Gloria Moretti.
- Hi.
I like new members
who bring beautiful
tennis partners.
And I like assistant
pros who flatter me.
And I'd like to meet the
tennis pro. Is he around?
Oh. That would have
been Rod McGee.
They're still looking
for his replacement.
- What, he left?
- He died.
From what?
He had some problem
with his heart.
Had he been sick?
It just came out of nowhere.
How long ago?
Two, maybe 3 months ago.
Anyway, it was
nice meet you guys.
- I'll send that bartender over.
- Thanks.
From what I can find out,
none of these guys were sick.
They were all young and healthy.
And there's a good chance they
were seeing the same woman.
What about this
tennis pro. McGee?
Did he get the same faxes too?
I'm checking.
Well, nobody else is.
Maybe nobody else
sees what you see.
Come on, Captain.
You have to admit this is odd.
Not necessarily.
You're telling
me it's coincidence?
I'm not buying that.
Listen, somebody
dies in this city
every 13 minutes.
They drown, they get shot,
they even have heart attacks.
Believe me, there's no
multinational conspiracy.
OK, maybe not. But I think
he's on to something.
Everybody's on to something.
When he gets something,
then I'm interested.
Thanks for your help.
You know better
than this, Moretti.
I know Rafe's not
gonna left this one go.
Even if he has to
follow it up himself.
Hey look, I'm sorry.
He can be a real jerk sometimes.
Screw him.
He'd have to listen if I had
something besides theory.
Damn it! Why didn't Tommy
tell me anything about her?
You know, we didn't have
those kinds of secrets.
He wouldn't have told
you, Rafe. He was slumming.
It had to be
something more than that.
You ever think that
what drew you to Tommy
might have been what
drew Tommy to you?
Tommy wasn't slumming
with me, Gloria!
No! That's not what I meant.
I think he was intrigued
with the "street" in you.
You know, you're a good
detective, but a lousy analyst.
Hey, come here.
I'm on your side.
You know that?
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hello?
- Hey.
How did it go?
Webster won't touch it.
- Are you OK?
- Not really.
Well, um...
Is there anything I can do?
I'll be all right.
I tell you what. Why don't you
let me take care of you tonight?
Pamper you a little. You know,
make you a great dinner,
we can curl up beside the fire
and you can tell
me all about it.
You know, get it off your chest.
Will you wear the same coat
you had on last night?
I never cook a meal without it.
Then you got a date.
[ Doorbell ]
- Mr. Marino?
- Yeah.
- Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Ruth Cassidy.
Wilston Realtors.
Thank you so much for phoning
me. I really appreciate it.
You've a lovely, lovely home.
Thank you.
Hey, Donna. Any calls?
Well, I'm here at Tommy's
with the realtor.
So I should be back
around, say, 4:00 p.m.
OK, thanks.
Hey, Tommy, it's
your sister, Jane.
Remember me?
Come on, give me a call. Bye.
[ Beep ]
[Southern accent]: Hi, Tommy!
I'm gonna be a
little late tonight.
I'll meet you at your
house say 'round 10:00?
[ Beep ]
What about those
designers you talked to?
Any of them has a southern
accent like her?
But they have something to
do with this. I'm sure of it.
OK, leave it here. I want to
see if they can enhance it.
You still fiddling
with those things?
Good looking shirt
you got there.
Yeah. It feels great.
I bet it does.
It's Tommy's, right?
You look better in a torn T.
You saying you
think I look cute?
Not anymore!
Sure you are. Admit it.
Oh, please.
OK. I gotta get back to work.
That is some clever dinner menu!
Well, you said it was
your favourite meal.
And tonight is all
about pampering you.
Oh... It's like having
breakfast in bed.
That is the general idea.
[ Doorbell ]
Don't answer it.
They'll go away.
No, they're not.
But I'll get rid of them.
Hey, uh....
I need to talk to
you about something.
This isn't a good time.
- Um...
- Sorry...
- Gloria Moretti.
- Yeah, this is Gloria Moretti.
- This is Laura Clifford.
- Hello.
I didn't want to bother
you I just had to
drop this off, so...
Yeah. I love
French toast, so...
I know.
[ Clearing throat ]
Would you like to join us?
Oh, no! No.
You should stay. Laura
makes great French toast.
I bet she does.
And hash browns!
Yeah. Come on, you
know you can't resist.
I'll get an extra plate.
Thank you.
Hash browns?
Not bad.
I should get your recipe.
I didn't mean to stay so long.
I've monopolized
your whole dinner.
Well, we've enjoyed your
company. Right, Rafe?
Yeah. Uh, did we find out
anything about the tape?
They're still working on it.
She's starting to
become real to me.
Not too real, I hope.
Um, do we know any more
about the tennis pro?
We can talk about that later.
No. It's OK.
Well, Rafe is right.
It's all very strange.
Gloria? The tennis pro?
Yeah. Yeah, he got
the faxes too.
Hey! The guys are really excited
about Saturday's softball game!
4:00 p.m., right?
You'll be back before
the ballet, right?
The charity benefit, remember?
Of course! Yeah, of course.
I'll be able to do both.
- OK.
- OK. All right.
So, are you tired of me yet?
Let's just say you seemed
so distant tonight.
Oh, it's not
you. It's just...
You know, this thing with Tommy
is really starting to bug me.
I know.
And I want you to know
I understand that.
Just as long as
that's all it is.
What else could
it be? You know?
We're good.
You're perfect.
Well, I don't think your
friend Gloria thinks so.
Why would you say that?
I think she likes you.
More than just a friend.
That was a long time ago.
We both took different paths.
What do you mean different?
She wanted to stay
in the neighbourhood
and I wanted to see what
else was out there.
I think she regrets it.
No chance.
And you?
Look what I found.
That was a good shot.
So uh, tell me about Rod McGee.
What do you want to know?
Well, about his social
life. His women.
Like everybody else,
I guess. Only more so.
God, that man had moves.
Who had moves?
- Rod.
- He had a great butt too.
Can't stay away
from me, can you?
So, is this a lucky accident
or do you belong here?
- I'm new.
- How fortunate.
So, you knew Rod McGee well?
He was the pro here.
Well, even I knew that.
Well, I never kiss and tell.
Make an exception.
There's my match. Gotta go.
What, he was seeing Ellen?
He was seeing everybody.
What's with all the questions?
Ah, just curious.
Any main woman?
Some chick sent him flowers
every time he won a match.
Weird to send a guy
flowers, don't you think?
You ever see any card?
No. Always the same
kind of flowers though.
Glass bowl, white flowers.
A real sweet smell.
You know, there's nothing
more magnificent
then the sight of a
graceful ballerina on point.
You bet.
[ Laughing ]
I especially liked the part
where the black swan,
the wicked Odile,
seduces the handsome prince.
Your stop, Miss Clifford.
Um, just for a minute.
I have to stop at the office
and pick up the keys
for the morning.
Just what was I supposed to say?
I don't know.
How about the truth?
You worked here the whole
time and you never told me.
And I saw you at both funerals.
I knew those men. Socially.
They were prominent
people in this town.
Why wouldn't I
be at their funeral?
Why didn't you tell
me you worked here?
Let me ask you a question.
You've called me 3 times
a day since we've met.
Where'd you think
you were calling?
Your office. You never
said where it was.
You never asked!
Rafe, when did you say
that the faxes came from
Glimmer Interior Design?
What are you talking about?
When did you say that?
I don't know. We've talked
about it so many times.
Yes. But when did you say the
words "Glimmer Interior Design"?
I don't know, Laura.
Exactly. You don't know
because you never said it.
You said they came
from the same place.
You never said
where that place was.
Of course I did!
I must of!
You can never be wrong, can you?
Oh, especially now.
You think you've got
it all figured out.
I knew those men,
my office is here.
I must have killed them. Right?
Come on. I'm not
really saying that.
But you said you
worked in real estate.
What are you doing working here?
Let's get something
straight. OK?
I don't work here.
I own the building.
In fact, I own many buildings.
This place is convenient,
so I keep my office here.
Are we at Glimmer
Interior Design? No.
They're my tenants, Rafe. OK?
They pay the rent.
They keep up the property.
I don't know what they do
with their fax machines.
It's all very logical.
You know what I think, Rafe?
I think you would use any excuse
to blow this out of proportion
because this,
you and me, scares you to death.
Oh, please!
This is what you do
when things get too good?
Right, Laura.
Put the focus on me.
Maybe that's where it belongs.
I don't need this.
I think you should leave.
Yeah. I think you're right.
Yeah, you do it.
I've seen you do it.
When? Name one time.
I could name 10.
Well, start with one.
All right. That court
reporter in your firm.
You invented some crazy
reason to end that.
We weren't right for each other.
That's what you always say.
Oh, What about Nancy?
I didn't end that.
That was college. You didn't
have your act down.
- I wanted to marry her.
- 'Cause you knew she wouldn't!
You're wrong.
We had it planned.
Until she realized you weren't
the Marino from Wall Street,
you were the Marino from the
grocery store on Broadway.
Rafe, you've always had a blind
spot for these society types.
You just never
admit it to yourself.
I'm very clear about Laura.
And you've had a problem
with it from the beginning.
My problem is with you.
I heard the girl on the tape.
It's not her voice.
I'm telling you,
it's not her style.
Why would someone like Laura
pick up a guy with faxes?
She was at both funerals.
Oh, please.
She hardly knew them.
What do you expect her to say?
That's not fair.
Oh, but it was
fair when you said it.
I know. I'm reconsidering.
I think my perspective
is a little less clouded.
And this has got nothing
to do with the fact
that I'm involved with her?
Egotistical jerk.
I haven't felt that way about
you since the tenth grade.
You sure?
OK, maybe it galls me that
you fall so hard for them.
Maybe it's because my
sweet 16 was at Luigi's.
But she did know those guys,
and she could have
used that fax machine.
Then again, maybe
I'm not so objective.
Are you spying on me?
...and when I saw you come
down this deserted road,
I got concerned.
It isn't safe for you
to be wandering around
here by yourself.
I own this place, Rafe.
This is where I come
as a retreat, OK?
It's perfectly safe.
This is yours?
[ Sighing ]
I'm just surprised, that's all!
It's just so different
from your house in town.
It suits me.
This is where I come when
I want to be alone.
When I want to be...
You know, just...
What do you want, Rafe?
Uh... Look, Laura.
I don't know what that
was the other night.
OK, you had a point.
I was out of line.
Well, you had doubts about me.
You must still have questions.
So, go ahead, ask.
You answered everything
the other night.
You actually thought
I killed him?
I thought it was possible.
Then say it.
I don't think that anymore.
Why not?
Because I know you.
Is that better?
Daddy said he was leaving.
That he'd fallen in love
with someone else.
A woman who had
another little girl.
He was going to live with them.
I hated that little girl.
Anyway, um...
They had a fight that morning.
And I remember my mother
was throwing all of his
clothes in a garbage bag
and screaming at him.
"Take everything and
don't ever come back".
That's when it happened.
What happened?
He was standing at the top of
the staircase, and he fell.
It was an accident.
I tried to catch him,
I swear I did.
He died right there,
on the marble floor.
He was alive one minute
and then gone the next.
How old were you?
He said that no one would
ever love me like he did.
That I was his
special little girl.
But he lied.
Poor thing.
A part of me was glad
he never got to go.
Ah, this is a
different look for you.
What's that supposed to mean?
Nothing. It doesn't
mean anything.
I'm just not used to
seeing you dress this way.
Well you know,
this is the way I feel
so this is the way I dressed.
Every time I think I
know you, you surprise me.
You know, we're all
a little more complicated
than we seem, Rafe.
So it appears.
Not to put too
fine a point on it,
but weren't you wearing
something different
when you left the office?
The pretty skirt.
I don't think I like
this third degree.
Come on, it's just conversation.
Maybe not.
[ Sighing ]
I'll call you later.
Don't forget tomorrow. The
awards ceremony at the club.
I want to see who shows up.
I won't be able to make it.
Why not?
I don't have anything to wear.
[ Sighing ]
OK, everyone.
Just a little speech.
I want to thank Laurelmount
for this great-looking trophy.
And I also want to thank Susan,
the number one seed,
for spraining her ankle
and not showing up.
[ All laughing ]
To paraphrase Blanche DuBois,
the best role
of my short yet illustrious
acting career
[ Southern accent ]: I have
always relied on
the kindness of
better tennis players.
[ Applause ]
- Dino.
- Rafe.
- Is this seat taken?
- It's all yours.
Great, thanks.
Ellen, congratulations.
You look nice.
Dino, scoot.
OK, Rafe, we're on.
Doubles. We take
on all comers.
How about tomorrow?
I don't want to lose my edge.
You still competing, Ellen?
Don't be a sore loser.
I had the sun in my eyes.
[Southern accent]: Besides,
you had the kindness
of better tennis players.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Time for a toast.
Here's to winning.
Mmm... It's great!
You should you try some.
So sorry!
Let me get that.
Yeah. There you go.
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Beep ]
"Meet me at the beach."
I woke up
and I was kicking myself
for not going with you.
It was 3:00 in the morning.
I was angry but
I realized it was too silly.
So I remembered where the
key was and here I am.
Well, it's a nice
way to wake up.
Oh, freesias.
My favourite!
Now I'm getting flowers.
I hit a nerve.
I can't just drop
everything and go to lunch.
I don't have a fancy job
in a law office.
I'm working.
I'm a working stiff.
You're a cop. And better than
that, you're a detective.
I need your help.
She's closing in on me now.
What do you mean?
She sent me flowers, and I got
a fax. Just like the other guys.
Did you follow it up?
Of course. The florist said
the order was paid for in cash.
First time customer.
She was busy yesterday,
so she didn't really pay
attention to who it was.
Look, I know Webster won't let
you get involved officially.
So you want another
favour. Unofficially.
Just follow up on those two.
That Hilary and Ellen.
I know the answer's
somewhere close to them.
You know, I'm only doing this
because I like having
you in my debt.
I always knew that about you!
Get out of here!
[ Phone ringing ]
No, not now. I can't stop now.
I'm late for a meeting downtown.
Tommy's maid was found this
morning dead in her bathtub.
Just like the others.
Not like the others.
The others were young
guys who got faxes.
Well, there has to
be some connection.
Why was she still working at
the house anyway? He's dead.
She was keeping
it up until it sold.
The rich. Even from the
grave they have servants.
Look, I need you to send
the stuff from her bathtub
over to the lab to see
if it tells us anything.
Get it to me. There's a guy
there who owes me a favour.
Just make sure Webster doesn't
see you drop it off, OK?
He's already starting
to ask questions.
I love you, Glor!
Now he admits it!
Did I scare you?
What are you doing down here?
Well, I hear this is where
lawyers hang out for lunch.
And I hear you're a lawyer.
Huh. Yeah.
Did you ever find that woman
you were looking for?
- No. Not yet.
- Oh.
So is there any chance you'll
be looking for a woman
who doesn't send faxes?
[ Chuckling ]
Uh, I'd like to but, I'm kind
of seeing someone right now.
Define "kind of".
Um, I'm sorry Ellen,
it's not gonna work.
Can't say I don't try.
[ Phone ringing ]
[ Beep ]
There's no time on this.
What time did this come in at?
Around 3:00 in the morning.
I'm going to take a good look
at this office building.
Why do you think you'll
find something new?
Because I'm going when
no one else is around.
I'm coming with you.
No. I can't let you
do that. You're a cop.
And I don't expect to
do this by the book.
- I'm coming.
- No.
Good morning.
- Hey.
- Hey.
You must have got up early.
Yeah, I couldn't sleep.
Well, that's too bad.
I slept like a baby.
Well, I got bad guys to catch
so I'd better get to it.
I'll call you later.
All right. Thanks
for coming over.
Bye, Gloria.
Hot little number, that Ellen.
What do you know about her?
She comes from very old money.
Her father died.
She hates working here
but it pleases Mama.
And Mama controls
the purse strings.
Of course.
Of course.
Hilary is pretty
much of an enigma.
Standard deb bio.
Very cool exterior.
There's definitely
something more to her.
She kicked up a
real fuss in college.
What did she do?
Her and some friends rigged
a rival homecoming float
with a load of fireworks.
[ Laughing ]
Blew it to shreds before
it reached the judges.
Nice girls do things like that?
Her family had to cough up a
large endowment to get her...
What's that?
You're sure, operator? Nine
digits for the whole of Spain?
There's not one area
with 7 digits?
OK. Thank you.
[ Beep ]
- Hi.
- You were coming over.
I was, it's just it's
late and I'm exhausted.
Is there anyway
we can skip tonight?
You're gonna be sorry.
I think I already am.
[ Beep ]
[ Beep ]
[ Fax printing ]
Gloria, there's a new
fax number this time.
Can you get me the address?
Now! Right this minute!
OK, thanks.
What are you doing here, Ellen?
Well, I was hoping I might
catch you on your way back
from a hot date
that turned cold.
Were you so sure I'd be alone?
Would that make a difference?
Where were you tonight, Ellen?
Out and about.
Out at a drug store
busily sending faxes?
What are you talking about?
You know, I'm getting
these sneaky little faxes
and I'm not too crazy about it.
I don't send faxes, Rafe.
If I have something to say,
I say it directly.
And just what is
it you're saying
when you stop by
unannounced at midnight?
That I have urges.
Don't you ever get urges, Rafe?
Maybe for something sweet?
Someone sexy?
Someone you'd like to kiss.
Or more.
[ Exhaling ]
Mr. Marino, this is Ruth
Cassidy's assistant.
She has a buyer for
Mr. Heaton's house.
Please meet her there at 8:00.
[Southern accent]: Rafe?
Where are you?
I'm back here in the den.
Don't you think
it's time we met?
You seem to know
so much about me...
and me so little about you.
I'm coming for you!
The broker said she never
left you any message.
At least that can make Webster
put me on the case officially.
- Oh, what a guy.
- I did some other checking.
Just preliminary stuff, and...
[ Exhales ]
And what?
I'll do a more
thorough check tomorrow.
The trail went cold before
she showed up in New York.
Are you going to tell me
you ran a check on Laura?
I had to, Rafe.
I knew you wouldn't.
She has no family
left in Dallas.
Her grandparents are both dead.
I could have told you that.
You just had to ask me.
I guess you know
about her sister?
Her sister?
I didn't get that.
Yeah, she moves around a lot.
Nobody knows exactly
where she is.
You know, her mother lives
somewhere in Europe
and that's it,
there's no other family.
What a waste of time!
You could have just asked me!
OK, smart guy.
What about her schools?
Did she go to boarding school?
Don't they all go
to boarding school?
OK, a little less
attitude, Gloria.
All right? She grew up in
Dallas after her father died.
She was around 8, I guess,
and lived with her grandparents.
The whole silver spoon bit,
and that's it.
That's where you're wrong.
There was no silver spoon.
She grew up in a
two-horse town in Texas.
Madrid, I think it was.
Madrid, Texas.
God, Texas!
What is it?
It's the number I found
on Tommy's desk.
Annandale Psychiatric Hospital.
I gotta check
something out, Gloria.
[ Banging ]
Who's there?
Hey, it's just me! I knocked
but you didn't hear.
Thank God. You scared me.
I'll be right out. OK?
Yeah, OK. I'll be here.
[ Phone ringing ]
- Hey, can you get that?
- Yeah, sure. No problem.
Oh. I must have
the wrong number.
No, no. Are you looking
for Laura Clifford?
Yeah, she's up in the shower.
Can I take a message?
I'm her mother.
Who are you?
It's Rafe Marino.
I'm a friend of Laura's.
Oh, yes. She told
me all about you.
Yeah, and you too.
How's Europe?
Fine, I assume. I'm in
the States right now.
Oh, visiting your
other daughter?
Excuse me?
Laura's sister.
Is Laura all right?
Yeah. Of course.
Then have her call me,
will you please?
Yeah. OK...
This is the kind
of surprise I like.
I've got a better
idea instead of dinner.
Come here.
[ Chuckling ]
No, Laura.
[ Phone ringing ]
Hold on. Hello?
OK. I'll see you then.
You're going?
It's important.
More important than me?
You know, I... I can't.
And by the way...
your mother called.
I have something for you.
What's this?
Transmission reports.
Our office fax machine
automatically puts
one out every month.
I completely forgot about them.
Well, you made such a nuisance
of yourself over those faxes,
instead of tossing them in
the file like I usually do,
I took a closer look.
Look at this.
There is your home number
and that's pre-set.
The 22nd, 3:00 a.m.
and the 24th, 5:00 a.m.
Yeah, I remember them well.
I didn't think they could
have come from our fax
but I guess you were
right all along.
Thank you.
Which is why I pulled the
last few months from the file.
What's that number you gave me?
Tommy Heaton's, right?
Two months ago.
The 10th, the 12th and the 15th.
Ellen was in Europe that week.
She couldn't have sent them.
Van Allen's number's there.
That was the week I was
in the hospital hav...
Uh, never mind.
Rod McGee's name?
Ellen was back East antiquing.
You're sure it's just one person
who's sending
these faxes, right?
It's not Ellen,
and it is not me.
Those weren't pre-set.
So unless we're
working as a team,
neither of us was
around to send them all.
Unless our 80-year-old cleaning
lady has an overactive libido,
somebody else has
a key to our office.
No, I'm an attorney.
You know, maybe I should speak
to the person in charge.
Look, you're the third person
I've been transferred to.
All I want is a yes or no.
Gloria, Gloria!
Look, if I need
something specific,
I'll get you the
necessary documents
to release the paperwork.
I just want to save us
both time and trouble.
Any luck with the prints?
Clean so far.
Webster's finally agreed
to start the process
to exhume all 3 bodies.
We'll see if they were
heart attacks after all.
OK, thanks.
OK. Thank you.
Ellen Antonelli.
Was she a patient at Annandale
around 20 years ago?
Hilary Anderson?
Neither one? OK.
Um, how about Laura Clifford?
Good, that's good.
No, not Laura Crawford,
Thank you. All right.
Uh, excuse me.
Sorry. Is Laura around?
Uh, not at the moment.
Who are you?
I'm Rafe Marino.
I'm a friend of Laura's.
Hello, Rafe. We talked
together on the phone.
I'm Laura's mother.
Oh! Nice to meet you!
Please come and sit.
Thank you.
Uh, your perfume
reminds me of Laura.
My late husband adored
the smell of freesias.
It was his favourite.
He had this made for me when
we were first married.
It's beautiful.
Thank you.
So, when's Laura due back?
Oh, she had a few
last minute errands.
We're going away
for the weekend.
Oh. She didn't tell me.
We just decided.
I see.
And how long are you in
town for, Mrs. Clifford?
- Crawford.
- I'm sorry?
Mrs. Crawford.
Oh, Laura took her
grandfather's name.
Laura Crawford.
Right, Crawford.
Annandale Psychiatric in Texas.
God, I hope I'm
wrong about this.
I don't want this to be true.
[ Doorbell ]
You inviting me in?
I'm sorry. It's just
everything happened so fast.
Mother came in and I didn't
have a chance to call you.
Then she insists on going off
and spending quality
time together at a spa.
I don't even know where
she arranged it all!
Oh, come on.
Don't be mad at me.
Stop it, Laura.
Stop what?
The stories.
The lies.
Madrid, Texas?
That ring a bell?
Of course.
I was born there.
How about Annandale
Psychiatric Hospital?
I had a breakdown.
For God's sake!
Go on.
My father died.
I couldn't cope with the loss
so I got professional help.
You're gonna vilify me for that?
Laura, please.
You know, this is a
painful part of my life, Rafe.
I don't like to talk about it.
I try not to think about it.
So frankly, this is
none of your business.
But I need to hear it, Laura.
I was 8 years old.
And scared.
I'd just lost the most
important person in my life.
And in a horrible way.
How exactly did you lose him?
I told you this, Rafe.
At the top of the
stairs. He fell.
And it was an accident?
Yes, of course.
They tried to blame me but...
it was an accident!
I don't what what
to believe anymore.
I need to sort this out.
Then you sort this out.
But leave me out of it.
[ Sobbing ]
[ Door closing ]
[ Exhaling ]
[ Knocking ]
I had a feeling
you'd still be here.
Yeah, I got to be in
court tomorrow at 9:00.
How you holding up?
OK, you know, I'm not fine.
Actually the truth is I'm...
I'm feelling pretty lousy.
I know.
No thanks.
I know. That's why I came by.
To uh, make you feel better.
Oh... Chocolate
covered doughnuts.
That's the way you used to
seduce me back in the day.
Who knows, maybe
I'm still trying.
You know, I...
I don't want any
of this to be true.
I don't want to
be wrong about her.
Maybe you are. Maybe none
of this will pan out.
Yeah, but my gut
tells me that...
I know you really
care about her.
You know, maybe I'm just
looking for the wrong things.
No. You're not.
You're looking for
the right things,
just in the wrong people.
Look, go home for a while.
Take your doughnuts
and go get some rest.
I just need to stop
thinking about this.
I am gonna go home,
shut off my phone,
take a shower and try
to become human again.
Good idea.
Did you sort everything out?
You know Rafe, everyone
comes with a past.
I thought I could
keep mine to myself.
But I was wrong.
Look Laura, you know I
wish things were different
but you know, things
just aren't that...
Shh, OK?
Come and sit
down with me please?
We'll talk after you've
relaxed a little bit.
What's that?
My mother gave it to me.
Doesn't that feel good?
I know exactly what you need.
My sister taught
me how to do this.
She's right.
It makes the skin feel so soft.
You have to massage it
deeply into the skin.
Lab report.
What the hell? I never
heard of such a thing.
Me neither. So I talked
to the guy at the lab.
Now they all died
in the bathtub.
But it could have been in a
sauna he says, or even a shower.
What happens, the steam opens
the pores of the skin,
the toxin is absorbed,
causing what appears to be...
A heart attack!
What's the matter?
I want you to meet my sister.
What's her name?
I'm going to get more oil.
[ Siren ]
[ Dialing ]
This is Rafe.
leave a message and...
You better not touch him.
You better not touch him.
[ Dialing ]
I'm coming, Rafe. I'm coming!
Now, that feels
good, doesn't it?
[Southern accent]: You're never
gonna leave me
for another woman.
Or somebody else's little
girl like daddy did.
I knew once he was at
the top of those stairs,
he's gonna go out that door
and never come back.
I can't let that happen.
I can't hear you, Laura.
Of course you can't.
Laura's gone.
I'm Louise.
Rafe, pick up the phone!
[ Sighing ]
Rafe! Rafe!
Rafe! Get out of
there right away!
- Are you OK, Rafe?
- What...
What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- It's OK. Don't leave me!
You'll be fine.
Get this stuff off of you.
Don't leave me, Rafe.
You're gonna be fine.
Drop the knife.
Drop the knife!
Drop the knife!
[ Inaudible ]
So, where are we going?
I thought we'd walk
over to Carmine's for lunch.
A little pasta, bottle of vino?
Maybe some of his
ricotta pie for dessert.
[ Laughing ]
How's that sound?
Sounds great.
Just like old times.
Life's funny, you know?
I wasted so much time
looking for that person
who'd complete me.
And all the time,
there you were.
I always knew
you were far-sighted.
Come on, Romeo.
I'm starving.
I was so alone
In that cold world
All I wanted was to get away
But now all I dream of is you
All of the pictures of you
They'll never replace you
I want to embrace you
In our little world
Now my feet can't touch the ground
I just can't hold myself
A simple look at you and I'm blown away