Float (2023) Movie Script

Hi, Mom. I'm all packed.
Change of plans!
Dr. Wong squeezed you
into his research team.
You'll start Monday.
Wait. What?
His work is very good,
very groundbreaking.
But I don't need a job
before I start my residency.
There still be an advantage.
Get a flight to Toronto. And--
So you don't want me
to come, um, to Taipei?
This is for your future.
What do you think
is more important?
Hi. It's Waverly,
your niece.
Um, I-I'm good.
Uh, I'm here...
in Holden.
Hi, Auntie.
Oh, my goodness!
Oh, my gosh.
Look at you.
I haven't seen you in...
What are you doing here?
I-- I don't know.
Come in.
Come in. Come on in.
Let me help. Okay.
When's the last time
you saw your parents?
Not since
Grandma passed away.
That was four years ago.
Your mom can be tough.
Believe me, I know.
Maybe you should--
I'm sorry.
I should be in Toronto. I--
No. I was--
Can't believe
I just barged in on you.
I can get a hotel--
Hey. No. I would have
done the same thing.
And don't be crazy.
You're not getting a hotel.
Look, I have to get to work.
Oh, of course.
I'm sorry.
Oh, stop apologizing.
Why don't we get you settled
in my guest room?
Uh, it's the second door
on the left.
And look.
Here's a key.
Okay! Well, uh...
I'll catch you later.
Okay. Bye!
Summer showers.
It just started pouring.
Oh, wow!
Are there manatees here?
No. No, no.
But it's my favorite animal.
They hang out in marinas
because they like
to swim under the boats
that expel fresh water,
and I wanted to paint it
doing that under a beer tap,
but they told me not to.
I can't believe
this is your job.
You hungry?
Oh, yes. No, come on.
You have to eat here.
It's busy inside,
but tell Lena I sent you.
Oh, um...
I don't know how often
you talk to my mom,
but I haven't told my parents
that I'm here.
And I'm going
to tell them, I--
Fight your own battles.
your mom and I
don't talk much, so...
Enjoy your food.
Table? Take out?
What can I get for you?
Oh, um, I'm Rachel's niece.
Ah! Waverly!
Let me grab you a seat, okay?
Can you give this to Waverly?
Table nine.
- Thanks.
- Sorry.
your first time here,
I am serving you
the jerk chicken.
You eat meat, right?
Yeah. Yeah.
How did you...
Don't worry about it.
They're still waiting.
If you're busy, you don't--
No, no, no. Rachel
told me you were coming.
Can I grab you something
other than water?
Do you have JPL?
Ooh, that's my girl.
- Jesse!
- Yeah?
- Grab me a JPL?
- Yeah.
This is my evil
twin brother, Jesse.
Evil? Pleasure.
Nice to meet you.
He just got in
this morning.
You guys must have been
on the same flight.
-I'm here for the summer,
so if you need someone
to show you around,
give you a tour,
I'm your guy.
I'll keep that in mind.
Yeah. Yeah, keep--
Keep that in mind.
There you go.
Oh! You should
come on down to the dock
for the barbecue later on.
Locals only.
Your jerk chicken
will be out in one minute.
Hey! You made it!
This is my wife, Van.
Uh, I brought wine.
Oh. I need a refill.
Mm-hmm. Mmm.
Okay. He needs to wash away
the city life he lives.
-Toronto is amazing. Don't hate.
That's where...
That's where I'm starting work
in a couple of months.
Hey, Blakey! You made it.
-Aw, you look so beautiful.
-Aw, thank you.
-Compliment me?
-You look beautiful too.
Thank you.
Hi, Blake.
Good to see you.
Good to see you.
You're Rachel's neighbor.
Uh, yeah.
I saw you
through my window earlier,
in your backyard.
I like your chickens.
Yeah, they're the best.
Um... I'm-- I'm Blake.
Waverly. Rachel's niece.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Mmm. Waverly,
this wine is beautiful.
-What is it?
-Thank you.
It's a pinot
from the south of France.
My favorite. It's my go-to.
-Do you want to try some?
-I'm good.
I got my go-to from the south
of my backpack, so...
Well done.
Where should we go
after this?
We talked about
the drinking and smoking.
Time to go.
Hey. Hey, screw you.
I'm staying here.
- Yeah, screw you.
- Ethan, go home.
Maybe you can try
just leaving her alone.
I swear to God.
-She's tired of your shit.
-Hey, Ethan.
Back off.
I don't need you
to do this.
Nice job, dick.
You're okay.
Easy. Easy.
Are you okay?
I'm okay. Are you okay?
I'm okay.
Let's try and stand up, okay?
Nice and slow.
Hey, is she okay?
I think so.
Take my sweater.
We'll take you home, okay?
Home. Now.
Good to see you.
Waverly, I call you
many, many times.
Are you in Toronto?
Why you not answering?
Hi, Mom.
I've been calling and calling.
Right. I'm sorry.
You never ignore me
like this.
I-- I lost my phone,
and I just got it back.
You mean,
you haven't left yet?
Yeah. I'm still in Chicago.
But I'll be there tomorrow.
Thank you
for getting me in.
You're up early.
Yeah, I gotta get to work.
I'm a lifeguard.
I, um... guard the lives
at the beach.
So, I was dealing
with a pro yesterday then.
Oh, yeah. Yeah.
How are you feeling,
by the way?
I'm fine.
So you can't swim, huh?
Uh, yeah. I kind of missed
that boat as a kid.
I could teach you.
I mean, if you want.
That's so nice.
Well, I'm a tough teacher,
so you'd have to take it
pretty seriously.
I'm... leaving tomorrow.
Oh. I thought
you just got here.
Uh, I did.
It's complicated.
Hey. Um...
Thanks for saving my life.
You're welcome.
I'm in the ocean, baby.
We're still moving.
Guess we'll destroy
your castle.
Up top.
Oh! Good one!
You're gonna get
a wicked sunburn out here.
You hungry?
So yesterday,
what were you doing
fighting those teenagers?
Yeah, that was, um,
my sister and her...
I don't know. Boyfriend?
I-don't-know boyfriend?
Well, kids her age,
I don't really think
they date anymore, you know.
They're just hanging out
or whatever.
You're a traditionalist.
No. I'm--
You're 800 years old.
Yes, I'm
a thousand years old.
I'm the oldest guy
in Holden.
What about your parents?
What do they think
about your sister's
I-don't-know boyfriend?
Uh, it's actually
just the two of us.
It was
a boating accident, um,
where they first met
in California.
Isabel was seven,
so I've just kind of been
her guardian ever since.
I'm sorry.
Oh, God, it was
ten years ago now.
Tell me about your parents.
Oh. Um...
I haven't seen them
in four years.
Nothing, um--
Nothing bad happened.
They're just...
They're not like
other people's parents.
What do you mean?
We immigrated to Chicago
when I was three,
and I've been on my own
my whole life, basically.
They-- They moved back
to Taipei when I started
boarding school, and...
Yeah, um, they make sure
I have everything
that I need,
but we don't talk.
Like, they don't
really know me.
I guess I don't
know them either.
We're pretty sad, huh?
Well, it's not a competition.
You said you were leaving,
but it was complicated.
What do you mean?
I was supposed to spend
the summer in Taipei
with my parents,
but kind of flew here
on a whim
when they got me
into this research gig
in Toronto instead.
What kind of research gig?
Just at this hospital
where I'm starting
my residency.
Excuse me?
You're gonna be a doctor?
A family doctor, yeah.
A doctor!
I mean, I think so.
Um, it's what my parents
always wanted for me,
and I've always
loved the idea,
so I never really
considered anything else.
Why question something
that works, right?
Well, I'm sorry
they canceled your plans.
These are amazing.
They're so good.
purely out of curiosity, um...
what would it look like
if I were to take
swimming lessons from you?
You'd come in every morning
for an hour
before I start work.
You'd be swimming
in no time.
That's impossible.
I'd be your worst student.
Uh, I'm just no good
in the water.
You'd be fine.
Can I meet your chickens?
Nice and tight to your body.
Feel safe.
Say hello? Say hello?
- She's not great with people.
- No?
That one's so cute.
Oh. Um, I have your key.
It's been nice
having you here.
Yeah. I'm so glad
we reconnected.
And thank you again.
I, um, came
in such a crazy way,
and, anyway, I appreciate
you putting up with me.
Putting up?
Yeah. I'm not normally
very impulsive,
so it will be good to, you know,
just get back on track
and not screw anything else up.
And this, uh...
this job.
You've really gotta do it?
Mom and Dad pulled
some strings, so...
Yeah, but, like,
do you want to do it?
I mean,
I'm not gonna take up
your guest room
and mooch off you
the whole summer--
If you want to go to Toronto
for this research thing,
then do that.
But I love
that you're here.
So if you're gonna leave,
don't put that on me.
I think I need
to just keep packing.
Ready for your worst student?
Uh, I just need
to change first.
Yeah. Those doors.
Those ones?
Okay! Hop in.
Oh, shit!
Okay. You're okay.
You're okay. Okay.
Okay. You're all right.
What were you doing?
You told me to get in.
Not the deep end!
This-- This was dumb. I--
Okay, okay, okay.
Wait. Wait.
It's my fault, okay?
take a deep breath, okay?
Breathe with me.
One more.
Okay. On three,
big breath in.
We're gonna bend our knees,
exhale as we go down. Okay?
One, two...
-Isabel, right?
Thank you for saving me
from the macho fray
the other day.
Any time.
Are you hanging out
with my brother?
Um, he's teaching me
how to swim.
Mmm. Are you here
for the summer...
Yeah. Yes, yes. I am.
This town is so boring.
I'm, like, literally
counting out the days
till I get out of here.
I haven't had time off
since med school,
so I figured now is my chance
before I start my residency.
What are you doing
right now?
This is amazing.
Um... Do you come here
with your boyfriend?
Ethan is not my boyfriend.
We are just hanging out.
-Don't tell my brother
about this place.
-I promise.
Do you guys
not get along?
He just doesn't,
I don't know, trust me.
I went through this weird phase
in high school that was bad.
I just kind of shut down...
and started having these, like,
kind of serious panic attacks
'cause, you know,
my parents...
So Blake took me to Vancouver
to see some doctors
who prescribed some drugs,
and those just
made it all worse.
But that was
a few years ago.
I'm doing better.
I'm doing really great,
I don't know about Blake
sometimes though.
How come?
He's just sad.
Oh, nice.
Oh, shit!
Oh, my G--
Okay. That is--
That is embarrassing.
- I wonder where Rachel is.
- Oh, yeah.
- Hello!
- Hey!
- Hey!
- You stayed!
- She stayed!
- Waverly, what's your drink?
Oh, um, a boulevardier.
It's like a negroni,
but with whiskey.
Yep. Boulevardier.
What is it again? A--
Do you know
how to make it?
-Okay, then come here.
Come show me.
I want one. Please.
Yep. Anyone else?
Me too.
We are having guava juice.
Two guava juice.
Mmm. Guava juice.
So it kind of sounds
like you're unemployed.
No. That's not the case.
- I have a business partner that I left things with.
- Uh-huh.
I just wanted to see
if I can come and go
a bit more.
Yeah. I'm trying
to prioritize family,
the home...
Oh! He loves us.
I'm just very optimistic
that your offspring
will be a little cooler
than you.
-Just like you.
-Oh, harsh.
Okay. Boulee, boulee,
boulee, two guava.
- All right.
- Cheers.
Mmm. Shit!
Waverly, you are
never leaving.
- Let me try some.
- Can I try?
Don't say anything.
Quickly, quickly.
Waverly, would you be up
for some bartending tonight?
We need more hands.
But I've never worked
a bar before.
Oh, you'll do great.
It's super chill.
I hear you're
quite the bartender.
Can I get you
a Cariboo?
You disappointed
I'm not having one of
your fancy drinks?
Just the way
you like it.
Maybe I should have got
a fancy drink.
Really good.
- Hey, Blake!
- What?
This is our song!
Come on! Let's dance.
Waverly, everyone loves
your boulevardier.
It's two for $10.
Okay. So I talked to Lena,
and we kinda want you to stay.
Like, work here.
Would you?
Yeah, I'd love that!
Yeah! Yes!
I'm so late.
Had fun last night?
Yeah, feeling real good.
Here. Take this.
Oh. You're an angel.
Want me to drive?
Yeah. Yeah, for sure.
Stop screaming at me.
- What?
- Oh, God.
Tilt your head back.
Remember to breathe.
- Everybody!
- Incoming!
Good job, Rebecca.
Ignore them, okay?
You're doing great.
You can do it! Good girl.
All right!
Everybody get...
Hang on.
Ready for our kicks,
Open your eyes.
Kick! Everybody!
Okay. I'm letting go now.
Keep breath--
You have to remember
to breathe.
You'll only float
with air in your lungs.
It's impossible.
Trust me. Try again.
Breathe in.
Don't look at me.
Look at the sky.
That's good.
Keep breathing.
You got it.
You're floating.
Good job there.
Excellent work.
How about the kid
that was wearing--
Goggles that were
bigger than his face?
It was so cute.
It was cute.
Really bad goggles.
- Head to the change room.
- I was there first!
You can change in here.
It's, uh, right there.
Wait. Um...
Hiya, kids.
I'll go get changed.
Yeah. Yeah.
Do you ever miss family?
I have family here.
I've come to realize that
there's biological family,
and then there's
logical family.
Mom should call you more.
She used to.
But she doesn't
really get why I'm here,
and that's hard.
So, yeah,
I'd avoid her calls,
and I guess
we drifted apart.
she was always
the one who called.
What's with
all the questions?
I was just daydreaming.
Oh! Let's go in there.
Look how cute these are.
Look what I found.
No. These. These.
I would wear that.
You need to wear these.
Ready! I'm ready!
Oh! Ow!
Waverly! I need you!
I need you now!
You're not going in?
I'm gonna--
I'm gonna go join.
Okay, let's go.
- Let's do it!
- The water's warm!
How long do I
have to do this for?
Deep end.
-I'm right here.
Pace your breathing. Kick.
Come on. You got this.
You're doing great.
Almost there.
Almost there.
Go, go, go, go.
Yes! You did it.
Okay. Grab my arm.
Get me out--
Get me out of here.
I got you. Come on.
- Okay. You're okay.
- Okay. Okay.
You're okay.
You did it.
A child could do that.
Who cares?
You did it.
I don't know why
I'm so scared of
the deep end.
Well, it's scary.
You can't see the bottom.
Nothing under your feet.
Everyone's scared
of the deep end.
You, uh...
got a...
Hey, Blake.
Why are you doing this?
Waking up early every morning,
teaching me how to swim.
I like spending time with you.
- I'm on holiday.
- Why are you so adamant about all this?
No! You keep trying-- No!
Just calm down!
-You keep trying to control me.
Get your hands off her.
Come on!
- What the hell's going on?
- Fuck off!
Isabel, you okay?
Don't walk away from me.
Isabel. Isabel!
What happened?
That's why you're so upset?
Just give me back
the keys, please.
-No. You're not going
anywhere like this.
-Just give me back the keys.
You're not driving right now.
Tell me what happened.
I'm fine, okay?
Hey. Isabel.
Come here for a second?
Are you okay?
I just want to go home.
-What can I do?
-I just want to go home.
She just wants to go home.
We made a pact
after the funeral.
I was gonna be her person,
she was gonna be mine.
I could always
make her laugh,
you know.
Then she got older,
and things got harder.
You're trying.
She knows that.
She doesn't
talk to me anymore.
She doesn't
tell me anything.
Maybe she thinks
you won't really hear her.
I know that's what
keeps me from talking
to my parents sometimes.
You're really good
with her.
I just like taking care
of people, you know?
Making them feel heard,
especially when they're hurt.
Like a good
family doctor.
I like spending time
with you too.
It's just, I can't really
do this properly, you know?
I have to be here
for Isabel,
and not to get
ahead of ourselves--
But I'm leaving.
I'm leaving. I get it.
We can just be friends.
Friends. Cool.
Um, I should-- I should
get back to work, so...
See you
tomorrow morning?
What you said
about your parents,
I didn't mean
to just gloss over that.
Oh, that's okay.
Maybe you could
tell them the truth.
Just say how you really feel.
I know I'd give anything
for Isabel to do that with me.
I kind of have feelings
for Blake.
No kidding.
And we talked about it,
but he said
he couldn't really
because of Isabel.
Well, that sounds
kind of dumb.
I know, right?
So what did he say?
What do you mean?
When you said it was dumb.
Well, I didn't
tell him that.
I told him
we should be friends.
Why did you do that?
clearly he didn't
want to go there.
And what?
Am I gonna force him?
You remember when I said
they didn't want me
to paint a manatee drinking
under the beer tap?
I had to stick to my guns.
If they don't love it,
I'll paint over it.
No harm done.
Just a little extra work.
Well, I like it.
Look, you already
did a brave thing.
Your parents made
a plan for you.
You told them,
"I don't want to do that."
And here you are,
having the best summer
of your life,
going after a boy you like--
They think I'm in Toronto.
Because I told them
that I was.
I know. I--
I don't know
what I'm doing.
It was just easier
at first,
but now it's been so long,
and... I don't know--
I don't know what to do.
I've never done this before.
You know...
when you were born...
your mom...
your mom was so scared,
so distraught
that you were a girl.
She couldn't wrap
her head around
how to raise a girl.
How to give you
the best life.
She prayed and prayed
for a boy,
because boys get
the things they want,
not girls.
She never told me that.
Your mom? Really?
All I'm saying is
we all have our own shit.
tell me the three things.
Tilt my head back,
lift my legs,
hold my breath.
I mean, breathe.
Same thing, kind of.
You don't even
have to kick hard.
Just float.
You're doing it.
-Are you looking at me?
Don't! Don't look at me.
Hold on.
Come this way
a little.
Back my way.
This way?
My way. Towards me.
Okay. Am I doing it?
Yeah, that's better.
Keep breathing.
Almost there.
Keep going.
And the crowd goes wild!
Ah, Waverly! Yeah!
Thank you!
What are you doing
What? What is that?
Okay, okay.
I still can't believe
how beautiful this place is.
Not a lot of this in Chicago?
Let's go in.
Wait. Wait here.
You're so far away.
And I'm still standing.
Told you I could teach you.
So this is
about you now?
Can we just stay in the moment?
You are insanely beautiful.
Yes, you are.
You're awake.
No, I'm sleeping.
I'm sleeping.
We missed our lesson.
You don't need
swimming lessons
You were swimming
in the ocean.
But I do need
to get to work.
I'm gonna call you later.
Like, on the phone
and everything.
You don't have my number.
Are you sure about that?
Mom. Hi.
You've been very busy?
Um, yeah.
How's Dr. Wong?
Dr. Wong's been great.
Good. Your father--
Actually, I just
have to go to work.
I'll call you later.
Oh! Go, go, go.
Okay. Bye.
Is this a thing?
Uh, what?
That you're clumsy.
I'm cool. I saved that.
It was falling.
You barely saved it.
Ignore this.
Look at how
You can't ignore this.
...it is here.
It is pretty beautiful.
How are you feeling, Lena?
Oh, tense.
Everything hurts.
You should sit.
Yeah, I should.
Are you feeling anxious?
Sometimes it's hard
to tell if it's anxiety
or excitement.
That makes sense.
They actually create
the same sensations
in your body.
-You just interpret
them differently.
Waverly, I think
I see lovebirds.
You and--
Oh, she's thinking
about moving here.
-You're thinking of staying?
-No, no, I'm not.
-Oh, why not?
That's what I did.
-Yep. Me too.
Rachel, you did?
Well, my marriage
didn't work out,
but my life did.
Oh, Waverly.
You could be our
bartender forever.
Okay. You could open up
your own cocktail bar.
Whatever you want.
Yeah. That could be cool.
You aren't
actually serious?
I mean...
No. Uh... Blake and I,
of course,
we haven't talked
about any of that.
But it's too soon.
It's too soon, right?
You love him.
you want to share?
No. No.
Where the hell is Isabel?
Probably hanging out
with her friends.
So what's your plan
when she goes to UBC?
I don't know. No plan.
No plan?
You don't want to move
back to Washington State,
get your degree?
I don't know.
I mean, I'm not gonna,
like, sell the house
and just bolt.
I've got a responsibility
to Isabel.
Yeah, I'm not saying
you gotta sell the house
and jam.
What I'm saying is
maybe it's time
you ask yourself
what you want to do.
Thank you. Thank you.
Wait, wait.
I gotta tell you.
Okay. So we're both,
like, four years old.
Okay. You don't have
to tell this story.
Gotta tell the story.
She wants
to hear it.
Mm-hmm. I do.
Blake is playing Legos
all by himself--
No. Don't listen.
Close your ears.
I sneak up behind him
and pronounce really loud,
"Optimus Prime!"
And he just
bursts into tears.
I was an emotional kid, okay?
I cried a lot.
What are you doing?
You didn't even
say it like that.
I did say it like that.
"Optimus Prime!"
Ah! Let me just
turn this off.
Everything okay?
Uh, yeah.
Um, it's my parents.
They're in Toronto,
and they think I'm there.
But I'm obviously not.
Why don't you go call them?
Yeah, I should.
I'll do that.
Uh, Waverly!
Hi, Dad.
Uh, what are you doing
in Toronto?
I had to come for a pitch,
so we came to surprise you.
Where are you?
Um... I...
Is everything okay?
Yeah. Yeah. Um...
I'm in Holden
with Aunt Rachel.
Your mother wants to--
Waverly! You lied to us!
Why would you do that?
I-- I'm sorry.
Oh, you are sorry?
You need to come here
right away.
Please, listen.
Your father's gonna get you
a flight to Toronto right now.
No, I'm not coming.
We're here waiting--
Hey! You couldn't take
two seconds to text me back?
Jesus Christ. Really?
You reek of weed again.
Oh, my God. Get over it.
in high school smokes.
Not everybody in high school
has the same problems you do.
The only problem
I have right now is you!
I'm just trying
to live my life.
I'm a normal teenager.
And you're just
this stunted man-child
whose only purpose in life
is to control me,
and I'm done!
Okay, just--
Where are you going?
Great. Nice choice.
Yeah, well, at least
I can stand to be around him.
I saw that you left.
Yeah. I needed
to check on Isabel.
-Oh. Is everything good there?
She's, um, out with Ethan.
They want me in Toronto,
my parents, but I--
Yeah, okay.
You don't have to--
I mean, we knew this
was going to happen, right?
That you were
going to leave,
so it's cool.
We don't have to act
like this is anything
more than what it is.
What it is?
What is it?
Just a summer fling.
Whatever, you know.
That's what people do
when they're on a trip, right?
Blake, I...
Never mind.
If that's what you think,
then I guess that's it.
Thank you, thank you.
Aw, sweetie.
Hey, Waverly.
Hey, bud.
I got this technique
where I do it--
I'm thinking...
maybe I should just go.
I did think about staying,
you know, forever.
But I do want
to be a doctor.
And Blake...
He thinks I'm leaving,
and he hasn't reached out.
It's pretty clear
where he's at.
Well, what about us?
I want you
at my baby shower.
- Van wants you there.
Jesse wants you there.
- Mm-hmm.
Plus, you have a shift tonight,
and I'm gonna need
two weeks' notice.
Thanks! Nice to see you.
Wow. I don't know...
Hey, babe.
What do you think?
What do you think, huh?
I think I need to wear this
every single day now.
I love you.
I love you.
Thank you so much
for coming.
Mmm. I wouldn't miss it.
Go grab a drink.
I'll be right back.
Where you been?
Nowhere. Really?
So, um, nothing's going on?
Everything's okay?
Yeah. No.
It's not a big deal, so...
Bro, I can tell
it's a big deal.
You know she's going
to leave, right?
So, what?
Are you just gonna
let her go?
It's not that simple.
Of course it's not.
Hello, everyone!
Hi, everyone.
I just wanted to say
thank you for being here.
I feel so lucky
that I get to raise
this beautiful creature
in this community.
Shit. I can do this.
I just--
I just love you all so much.
We love you too, Lena!
We love you!
Oh, come here.
-Okay, um--
-I'm fine.
For a lot of people,
this is like a vacation spot.
Like, for me,
it was somewhere to escape.
But then I met Lena,
and now for us,
it's home.
And you all are the people
who make it home for us.
Okay. Let's drink!
You gonna talk to him?
Why would I do that?
Because you want to.
Why do I have to do
all the work?
You don't.
Just say your piece.
You have to make yourself
known in this life.
Not for anyone else,
but for you.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my back!
Let's have a seat.
The guests can wait.
- Oh, my God. Oh, shit.
- Holy smokes!
I'll be right back, baby.
It is getting windy out there.
Oh! Shit! That's--
That's my water.
Okay. So what--
what do I do?
Get the car and get Van.
-We don't have a van.
-My wife. Van?
Hey, Jesse? Jesse?
Don't panic anyone, okay?
Giving birth!
She's giving birth!
Where's Van? Where's Van?
What? Let me find her!
Waverly, Waverly, please.
I need you to help.
You're a doctor.
No, I'm not a doctor yet.
But her doctor will take care
of her at the hospital.
Is it happening? Get Lena.
I'll get the car!
Come on. Come on.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! It's wet.
you're doing so good, babe.
It's coming! Quick!
Don't worry about anything.
We'll take care of it.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Baby, you're doing good.
Thank you, Waverly.
Watch your butt!
Thank you, bye. Go, go.
Where's Isabel?
What? She's supposed
to be with you.
I haven't seen her.
I think I know where she is.
Rachel, can I borrow your truck?
There's her bike.
Through there,
by that rock.
I don't know
what to say to her.
I don't know
how to fix this.
Maybe tell her the truth?
Tell her
how you really feel.
She's more mature
than you think, you know?
Ethan came looking for you.
I'm not here to fight.
I'm just worried
about you, okay?
I'm trying.
I just keep picturing
Mom and Dad looking down on me
and just cringing.
When you got sick, I feel
like I messed everything up.
It wasn't your fault.
I can't let it
happen again.
When you're hurt,
or you're upset...
They would want me
to make sure
that you're safe.
But you can't protect me
all the time.
You're growing up
too fast.
So what?
You did too.
Because you had to.
When I was sick...
I don't know what
I would have done
without you.
But now I need you
to back off
and let me live my life.
Just promise me
one thing.
If you are ever
in trouble--
Yeah, you'll always
be my person, Blake.
Come here.
Okay. We gotta go.
Lena's in the hospital.
Baby's coming.
Let's go.
- Come on!
- I'm coming! Okay.
Hey. Come here.
Thank you.
Uh, we should talk.
- Later.
- Guys.
- Yeah.
- Come on! Let's go!
Oh, my God.
You have a baby!
How are you?
Yeah, I'm good.
Uncle Jesse.
That's me.
They pick a name yet?
They didn't like
my suggestion.
What was that?
Optimus Prime.
You're a real
piece of shit.
The sun's gonna rise soon.
We've got to take her there.
Yeah. Yeah, okay.
You're right.
You're right.
We can sleep when
we're dead. Let's go.
Where are we going?
I'll drive.
It's so quiet up here.
I'm mad at you.
This wasn't
just a summer fling.
Not for me.
The other night,
when I called my parents,
I told them that
I wasn't gonna go
to Toronto
because I wanted
to stay here with you.
The truth is...
...if it wasn't for you
and your stupid chickens,
I would have gone back
that first week--
I never should have said that.
That this
was a summer fling.
That was shitty.
Very shitty.
Very, very shitty.
And not true.
Not how I feel.
I finally connected
with Isabel
for the first time
in forever,
and I never would have
been able to do that
if it wasn't for you.
You're so smart,
and I knew you were in the car
rooting for me.
in love with you, Blake.
I, um...
You know, I--
I don't--
I don't know how I can
be a home for Isabel
and-- and be there
for you too.
I can't leave,
and I know that staying here
isn't really what you want.
That's my choice,
not yours.
But you're right.
I don't know
what it's like
to be someone's parent,
someone's... home.
I'm gonna go to Toronto.
My parents
are still there,
and I don't know
how long it will be before
I'll get to see them again.
This could be my chance
to tell them how I feel
and spend some time with them.
You're gonna do great.
We should get back.
You should come.
- Thank you.
- Taxi!
Hi, Dad.
I can take those.
Very good.
I'm sorry I lied to you.
It's unacceptable,
what you did.
You know how bad
it looks?
Dr. Wong did us a favor--
How's Auntie Rachel?
She's good.
She painted this mural
while I was there.
It was really beautiful.
She's very talented.
Yeah, she is.
Mom, um,
Rachel told me you were
nervous when you had me
'cause I was a girl.
Of course.
Life is tough for a girl.
Well, I'm okay, you know?
Being on the island
these last few weeks,
it was amazing.
And it made me realize
I'm exactly where
I'm supposed to be.
That's good.
How come
you don't call me?
Your mom calls you.
I know,
but how come you don't?
Daughters talk
to their mothers.
You want me to call?
Um, maybe tomorrow
we can rent bikes
and check out
those bike lanes you found.
You didn't tell her?
We are leaving tomorrow.
Hmm? What?
You're leaving?
Then why did I come here?
This is where
you're supposed to be,
to get ready.
I haven't seen you
in four years.
I thought we were gonna
spend the summer together.
I was supposed
to go to Taipei, remember?
That was the plan.
Your mom got you
into Dr. Wong's highly--
That's not the point!
I was looking forward
to seeing you because...
because I missed you.
All these years
I've been on my own,
just taking care of myself,
listening to you,
doing what you
expect me to do,
and-- and I don't ask you
for anything.
I am all alone here,
and I thought that--
I thought that we were gonna
spend the summer together.
That-- That I was gonna be
a part of this family.
I-- I feel like
you don't know me at all
and you don't even care.
-I gave birth to you.
How could I not know you?
Is you awake?
I don't want you
feel lonely.
I'm sorry.
I call you all the time,
didn't I?
You do. You're right.
I'm sorry I didn't
answer your calls.
I know you want
what's best for me.
Oh. Next summer,
maybe we all go visit
Auntie Rachel together.
- Bye.
- Bye-bye.
Um, one second.
What are you doing here?
I, um...
I was worried about you.
You know, Isabel told me
that your parents left,
and, um...
That's not why I'm here.
I needed to see you
and I needed to tell you
that I love you too.
Because I do. I'm...
I thought-- I thought
that I was doing
the right thing.
But this is
probably too late,
isn't it?
Come here.
Thank God.
Where's the bedroom?
You are insanely beautiful.
Yes, you are.
I don't want
the summer to end.
Me neither.
So, I know
what I'm doing this fall.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
Are you gonna
go back home?
I don't know.
You could stay.
I could.
I need to figure it out.
Yeah. You will.
Next summer...
will you teach me
how to surf?