Flocken (2015) Movie Script

You are now joined together
in holy matrimony.
Let us pray.
Our Father in heaven,
we ask thee for this marriage
that Fredrik Ostholm and Anna Granberg
have joined into in front of you...
Help them create an open and warm home
where their children are safe
and their friends comfortable.
Help them forgive each other.
Let them daily receive joy and power
from your heart.
In Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.
They're coming!
So far, so good.
I'll kill anyone who stumbles.
- You'll slaughter us, or what?
- Turn right here.
Here, girls.
There's only one cake.
- We'll die if the cake falls.
- Our lives depend on the cake.
It's swaying! Don't drop it!
I'll go first.
- Hold it really tight.
- Damn, ifs swaying.
I'll go first.
Alex, could you serve this?
I wasn't going to make a speech today.
But when you get married you should
thank everyone, so I'll give it a try.
First Ian. Where are you'?
Damn, Ian... I almost
started believing in God today.
It was so goddamned funny...
I'm sorry, I swore again.
That's not really my thing, so...
But thanks, though.
And before my brother finishes all our
alcohol, I want to thank him as well.
Bro, boss...
Without you,
I don't know what I would have done.
You can still beat me at arm wrestling,
but l bench press more than you.
And I also want to thank Susanne.
- Cheers, everyone!
- Cheers!
Right, one more person to thank! David!
Remember when we were kids, and
I drove that moped through the ice?
Without you, I wouldn't be here today.
And I am eternally grateful to you.
Thank you. You're like a brother to me.
I think I should shut up now
and let the party carry on.
- Thanks for coming. Cheers!
- Cheers!
Did she die, or something?
Hello? - Come help me, damn it!
We can't leave her lying here.
Come here, damn it!
She must have drunk a lot.
- Jennifer?
- What are you doing'?
- Jennifer?
- Jennifer, what are you doing'?
CORKYCORKY: anyone there?!
B-MAN: hung over as fuck
CORN CORN ". cam he worse than A
SARA75: OMFG!!!!
MISSPATTISON: Feel sooorry
comm com -. 3
MISSPATTISON: but she said something
messed up
Alexander, could you
please start reading'?
- Me'?
- And someone else can continue.
- Where from?
496. "The tears began to flow..."
Yeah, okay.
"The tears began to flow
and sobs shook him."
"He gave himself up to them
for the first time on the island;"
"great, shuddering spasms of grief
that seemed to wrench his whole body."
"His voice rose under the smoke before
the burning wreckage of the island?'
"and infected by that emotion, the
other boys began to shake and sob too."
"And in the middle of them, with filthy
body, and unwiped nose Ralph wept"
"for the end of innocence,
the darkness of man's heart"
"-and the fall through the air of the
true, wise friend called Piggy."
Fuck, that's Mom. - See you!
Get in.
Where are we going?
You have to be able to
talk about things, don't you?
Hi, Jennifer.
- Mom's not home.
- Fine, we wanted to talk to you anyway.
Let me help you with the wood.
I'll take that one.
Ifs for upstairs, right'?
Come on, Alex.
What are you two doing'?
Are you fighting about something'?
Alex, what's happened?
I want to know.
Jennifer, could you look at me please?
I heard a rumor that claims...
That you say that Alexander has...
Why would you lie about
something like that? That's terrible.
When you like each other'?
Go hug her and make up.
Now, was that so terrible? Well?
- The bell rang.
- Excuse me'?
- The bell rang.
- For class to begin?
- Yes.
- And what happened when the bell rang?
I tried to leave,
but he was holding me.
- Who'?
- Alexander.
- So you're trying to go out the door?
- Yes.
He held onto me, and...
- He holds on to you.
- Yes.
He says... He says
he wants to film my breasts.
I tell him he's fucked up.
- Alexander wants to film your breasts.
- Yes, with his phone.
Then what happens? Do you remember?
- Was he allowed to film your breasts?
- No.
Then what does Alexander do'?
He tries to pull my top up.
Do you remember
what you were wearing that day?
Could you describe
what you were wearing?
I had a blacktop.
And... a red checkered vest.
Black top and a red checkered vest.
Is that correct'?
- Please respond "yes" or "no".
- Yes.
- Red checkered top and black vest.
- Yes!
And what happens after that'?
I tried to push him away.
- You tried to push Alexander away?
- Yes!
- What does Alexander do then?
- Knocks me over.
What does that mean, "knocks me over"?
He kicks me. About there. Down here.
Noted for the protocol:
she pointed to the back of her knee.
- Then what happens, when he kicks you'?
- I fell.
- You fall.
- Yes!
- On the floor'?
- Yes!
- How do you land on the floor'?
- On my stomach.
So you are on your stomach,
face to the floor'?
- Yes.
- Then what does Alexander do'?
He... tries to pull my pants down.
Do you remember
what pants you were wearing?
- Excuse me'?
- Leggings. Gray leggings.
So Alexander tries to
pull your gray leggings off?
Then what happens?
Then he pulls my panties off.
So Alexander has managed to
remove your gray leggings?
Please answer yes or no.
So Alexander has managed to
remove your gray leggings?
What does Alexander do once he has
removed your leggings and panties?
What does he do then'?
Jennifer, what does he do then'?
- Tomorrow is sports day.
- God damn it!
Wait. You can choose between
football and rounders...
- That sucks!
- Or you can take a walk.
- Can I smoke? Otherwise, fuck it.
- Hey, that attitude... Calm down.
Hi, there some people here to talk to
Alexander. Just a few questions.
Alexander, could you come here?
- He hasn't done shit!
- It's that damned cunt!
- Jennifer is a fucking liar!
- That's not up for discussion now.
- It's bullshit.
- But ifs...
- Shut up!
- You don't tell me that! Sit down!
Are you dumb'? Look, the cops are here!
This fucking sucks!
- She's a mental case!
- Sit down!
- Shut up!
- You don't say that to me!
- Leave!
- You can leave!
You can't do this!
That's my best friend!
- Out of the way!
- Sit down, Isak!
- Check this out!
- Calm down!
- We don't know what's happened.
- Shut up!
Hello, boy. Hi.
What are you thinking about'?
I have to go home now.
Excuse me'? How can you take a child
for an interview without his parents'?
Alexander is fifteen,
and that's how we handle it.
- What's your name?
- Tomas Axwall.
Thank you, Alexander. We'll get in
touch if we have more questions.
I can train him.
We can have a sort of mini circus.
What do you say'? Want to try it'?
- Make sure Lennart doesn't get burned.
- He's stuck.
A little bit more there.
- What was it you said?
- He said he could break dance too.
Break dance'? What did he do'?
Is she's in love with you?
Is that the problem?
Girls can be awful,
gossiping and making things up.
Doesn't she understand
that you're not interested?
Is that why she's doing this'?
Let it go now.
What is the worst part'?
- He said I could go home.
- What'?
He said I could go home if I confessed.
Alex, it will be fine.
We'll fix it. It will be fine.
CORKYCORKY: Everyone knows she's lying.
MISSG: She's said things before
but really, the police...'?
B-MAN: She probably fucked them too.
Whores like that will do anything
MISSG: Fucks anything that moves
FELIX THE CAT: Just like her mom
B-MAN: ha ha right
anyone could be next
MISSG: Ho ho hoes!
CUN It will find its way out, I'm sure.
Jennifer, you know
you can always ask me for help.
If you're ever in any trouble.
- Yeah.
- You can always talk to me.
I was fifteen once, and I know you can
say stupid things you don't mean.
But only the truth counts.
Who are you texting?
Who are you texting?
Isak says Alexander didn't do it.
Isak is a complete moron.
You sure don't act
as if you've been raped.
What the hell!
Everything alright?
You just did the right thing.
You have to tell the truth.
Let's gather here.
Come on, everybody.
Ah. Glad to see you here, Jennifer.
We'll do some exercises in the water.
We'll divide into pairs.
You two together. And you two, good.
Here's another pair. And you with her.
There. You two, and you two.
Peo, can I switch with Amanda,
to be with Jennifer?
Yeah, sure.
Let's get in.
Okay, take turns to dive for these.
You go get it first, okay'?
Dive. Dive!
What the hell are you doing'?
- Let me go, psycho!
- You're trying to drown me!
- Let me go, whore!
- Jennifer!
- You're nuts!
- That's coming from a psycho!
Hello. I'm glad I had time
to see you. Sit down.
- I'm not sure you know what happened.
- This is a small school.
- We have no secrets.
- Jennifer and I were thinking...
We're right
in the middle of the semester.
I think it would be hard to find a
school you could move to, Jennifer.
- I don't want to move.
- What do you mean?
- He could fucking move.
- We figured Alexander could go.
This is a municipal school,
and we welcome everyone.
- He's nuts, don't you get that'?
- Calm down.
- You listen to him, but not to me.
- No one is left unheard here.
- This is a good school, and...
- If you think so, you're fucking blind!
Hello. Use a plate, will you'?
How was school today?
- Well'?
- Fine.
Daddy forgot his lunch box.
Can you take it to him?
Finish your sandwiches first.
Don't you trust me'?
- What the hell are you doing here?
- Where's Dad?
Oh. Come on.
Tony! - He's over there.
You know the way out.
CORK'! CORN '. May 24th, W AM
SARA75: What'? What'? What'???
MISSG: really:'(
B-MAN: they believe all kinds of crap
SNOOK: lying cunt
MISSG: is she doing it for money or what
CORKYCORKY: so fucking low
MISSG: Probably fucks the judge too
Let's buy less booze this time.
Just one bottle.
You said that the last time, too.
We'll buy a bigger bottle this time.
- See you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
Aren't you cold'?
Want to come inside?
- Do you want something to drink'?
- Yes.
- I'm going to kill those fuckers.
- No, you're not.
You'll die too.
If you want to kill me,
you have to release the safety first.
I'm not lying about it.
Why would I lie
about something like that'?
As soon as we can afford it,
we're leaving.
- Where would you go'?
- Never you mind.
Where would you like to go'?
Ifs always sunny there.
Hot as hell.
- Well, Flisan. 'Time to show who rules.
- I will.
Just toss the amateurs out.
You need a kick for good luck.
Go. Thrash them.
Come on!
Good. Go on!
Good. Very good. Stay up there.
- Why isn't she allowed to play?
- What a fucking idiot.
Come on, girls!
Good job, girls. Very good.
- I'm talking to Peo.
- Please don't.
Good. Let's gather here.
- What's going on'? Why can't she play'?
- Cut it out.
- She has nothing to do with this.
- Calm down, will you'?
Stop it. Just stop it!
- She has nothing to do with it.
- Stop, will you!
I wasn't allowed to.
- You'll get to play another time.
- It's not the same.
I couldn't play
since Jennifer is a lying whore.
I'm sorry.
Do you want my stiff cock
in your wet cunt'? Here it is!
Are you awake'?
Can't fall asleep?
What's on your mind'?
I'm going to bed.
Hey, David.
If I could have your attention, please.
Are you all here to attend
the court case B 2044-14'?
- Yes.
- I must tell you about a decision.
The hearing will be held
behind closed doors.
Because of the ages
of the involved parties.
- What does this mean?
- That only directly involved parties...
wand custodians
are allowed into the court room.
- I don't understand this.
- You can't be there.
Jennifer, can you tell us what happens
after Alexander gets you on your back'?
You've said that he's sitting on you,
holding your arms down.
What happens after that'?
He...'? It isn't easy to talk about
this, but we have to move forward.
Then what does Alexander do'?
- He takes out...
- He takes out?
- He takes his penis out.
- His penis?
And what do you do then'?
Does he do anything'? What happens
after he takes his penis out'?
Does he try to do anything with it'?
He tries to push it into my mouth.
He pushes it into your mouth.
Do you do anything'?
I try to get loose.
He's holding me down.
You try to get loose,
but you cannot move at all?
- No.
- Does Alexander do anything else?
- He jacks off, and...
- He jacks off, you say.
He comes on my face.
He comes on your face.
I have no further questions
for Jennifer.
Well, Jennifer, I also have
a few questions to ask.
Correct me if I'm wrong.
Didn't you and Alexander often
go to this bathroom together?
- I mean before this event.
- Yes.
What did you do in the bathroom?
- I don't know.
- You don't know'?
You have to remember something you did.
Didn't you make out in there'?
- Yes.
- So you used to make out in there?
- Only sometimes.
- But not this particular day?
- No.
- So what did you do?
- I don't know.
- You don't know'?
Then why are we here?
You seem confused to me. Are you sure
you remember what happened in there'?
- He raped me.
- So you used to make out in there?
- But on this day, he raped you'?
- Yes.
- Have you ever feared Alexander before?
- No.
- Never felt threatened?
- No.
Alexander isn't a trouble maker, or
someone who fights in the school yard.
- No.
- Yet, he suddenly raped you'?
- Yes.
- You're sure of this?
Did he put his penis inside of you?
- Did he put his penis in your vagina?
- No.
- So where was it'?
- In my mouth.
I have no further questions.
We want to refer back to the first
interview made with you, Alexander.
- Okay.
- Tell us what happens in the interview.
He said we could go home
if I confessed.
- Who said you could go home?
- The policeman.
He said I could go home
once we were done.
To you, that meant
that you had to say you did it.
- Your statement then is not correct?
- No.
You felt forced to confess to
something you didn't do.
I have no further questions.
Alexander, when you
were interviewed, why did you
tell the same version of events as
Jennifer told the police and the court?
Do you have any explanation for that'?
- I just said something.
- You "just said something".
Something that
exactly matches Jennifer's story.
I don't know.
Okay, Alexander, but...
If we buy that, how do you explain
that Jennifer was bruised in the places
where she should for your
first version of events to be true'?
- I guess she fell, or something.
- "Fell" '?
Well, in that case, I
have no further questions.
Thank you. I thereby declare
today's court session finished.
Sentencing will be carried out
today at 2 PM.
Don't look at her.
They're vultures.
- We should tell them to fuck off.
- Never mind.
Ifs five of.
CORKYCORKY: Suspended sentence
and a fine! SHOCK!
ROCKY: how the hell can they
sentence an innocent
B-MAN: sweden fucking blows
FELIX THE CAT: she's gonna suck cock
ROCKY: hell yeah!
B-MAN: If I see her, she's dead
MISSG: Whores
are for raping... and killing
CORKYCORKY: we'll see who's first
Sometimes, we do not understand
God's ways of testing us.
You are strong.
It will be fine.
There wasn't any evidence at all.
- No one believes it.
- What'?
That Alex did this.
Here's your choir.
- It will be fine.
- We know it will be fine.
Thanks for calling.
Good to see you again.
It's been a whole week!
Let's stretch our vocal chords,
so that we can last all night.
And I thought we'd do this one.
Remember it'?
Join in.
I bought a tablet this weekend.
Know how they work'?
No. I had a mobile phone,
but it was in the shower with me.
I'd put it on the window sill,
and I was going to answer it.
I had to try to dry it out
with a hairdryer.
- Well, damn.
- So, what did you buy'?
Is she really that good a fuck'? Well?
That entire family is just insane.
Hey, Mia.
I'll be back at the register
in a minute.
- I need to talk to you.
- L'll just have a smoke.
I think ifs best for you
to stay in the stock room today.
I really find this
to be very difficult.
But we have to put our customers first.
That's how it is.
What the hell? How do you do this'?
Show them on Facebook
how much fun we're having.
Look as happy as possible.
And look good.
I think that will do.
But... l'm not finished.
You've done a good job, but we will be
handling cleaning in other ways.
You know you can always turn to me.
I've known you since
you were this small...
I remember that time
we went fishing together.
And you and Amanda got that huge fish.
Do you remember that'?
CORKYCORKY: anyone there?!
B-MAN: How are you feeling?
B-MAN: No one believes her
no one believes whores
FELIX THE CAT: That they even
dare show their faces...
CORKYCORKY: They should fuck off
B-MAN: Maybe we can help them to...
FELIX THE CAT: Sooner than later...
B-MAN: It's a promise...
sounds great
have 300 followers online
CORKYCORKY: sounds great
have 300 followers online
I put the blog up.
The "Free Alexander" blog.
There are already loads of people who
have commented and want to support us.
At least I'm doing something!
You don't do shit!
Why the hell did you have to
fuck that damned chick'?
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
- No!
- Happy birthday to you!
- No, stop!
- Happy birthday to you!
Stop it!
- Long may she live! Hip hip!
- Hooray, hooray, hooray, hooray!
- There wasn't going to be a party.
- Of course there was!
- Do I wear these?
- Yes!
Dad is a bank robber!
You're a dick.
Good lord, he's pale...
What the hell are you doing'?
- Come on.
- You're drunk. Go home.
- You're drunk. Go on home.
- Come on.
- Go home!
- Leave him alone!
Go inside, you whore!
Stop it!
That's enough. It's enough!
Are you happy now, fucker'?
I'll see you later.
CORKYCORKY: why won't they move?
MRCHELSEA: should have shot them too
maybe he gets it now
MRCHELSEA: forever alone
B-MAN: after graduation
Who is it'?
I think you'd better leave.
What the hell?
Are we going?
- Are you coming'?
- Just leave.
- Get out of here, you whore.
- Are you calling me a whore?
- Go away!
- You, who fucked the entire village?
Get out of here!
How can you be such a coward? Well?
Did you hear me? Go the fuck away!
- He's not answering.
- What'?
- Go to bed.
- How am I supposed to sleep?
Ifs not that fucking easy.
Where are you going'? Well?
You aren't going anywhere. You've
done enough, and ruined my life!
Do you understand me, you whore cunt'?
Aren't we leaving soon?
- No.
- What'?
- You looks so nice.
- Aren't we leaving soon'?
We're not going to graduation.
Come on, Flisan.
Come here.
- Want a beer'?
- Yes, please.
- Thanks.
- Do your ribs hurt'?
My hand hurts. Your skull is hard.
- Hit harder next time.
- I will.
How is your eye?
Amanda Hapala.
Jennifer Lindstrm.
Is Jennifer here?
Natalie Karlsson.
Alexander stholm.
Before we exit into a lovely summer,
I would like to...
Let's look back
at the year that has passed.
I would like to take the opportunity
to speak about community.
About why we're stronger
together than alone.
I am so very happy
to be here with all of you.
Together, we create the society
we want to live in.
Together, there's no limit to
what we can achieve.
But now, Alexander wanted to
hand out a flower to his classmates.
As thanks for all the support.
Alex, Alex, Alex, Alex!
- I think you can turn it now.
- Here's the party!
Put that in the kitchen.
- There you go. Welcome.
- Thanks.
Alex, can you help me serve?
Graduation in church was so lovely.
- Yes, it was!
- I almost started crying.
- I actually recorded it.
- You did'?
- Yes, look here.
I'll put it on Facebook.
Let me see.
They look so nice.
- We will miss them.
- Absolutely.
And there's Ian.
- Those girls played so well.
- Yes, it was amazing.
What are you doing'?
Alex, why have you
taken off your clothes'?
Alex, are you unwell?
What are you doing'?
Stop it, you're worrying me!
Alex, could you at least talk to me'?
- I did it.
- What?
- I did it.
- No.
- Stop. Don't say that.
- Don't you get it'? I did it.
Whatever the case may be, you can't
sit like that. Do you get me, Alex?
I want you to get dressed
and go out again.
I'll go first, and you come in a bit.
Is that a deal?
There you are!
Are you going to the party'?
Have a good time tonight.
- Bye.
- Say hello from me!
Bye now!
- Want to go swimming?
- Yes, come in.
Let's go swimming.
- Are you coming, Alex?
- No.
Come on! It's not cold.
It's super cold, but damn it,
come join us in the water!
Come on, Alex.
- Come on, you lazy bones.
- We're coming, damn it!
Come on.
I think you're so beautiful.
No, someone might show up.
But someone... Stop it! Stop.
Stop, someone might... I don't want to.
Let me go! I don't want to!
Stop it!
Let me go!
I don't want to!
Inspired by actual events