Flodder 3 (1995) Movie Script

Sleep it off somewhere else.
Some people here have to work.
I don't wake you up when
I have to work.
Zonnedael 25 years, well, well.
Who would have thought?
Quite a performance.
I guess the organization's
going well.
What was your name?
-Van Brandwijk.
Van Brandwijk.
-Ruud Van Brandwijk.
I'm the chairman of the event
Mrs Vonk coordinates the
Mrs Vonk.
I decide on the route for
the parade.
I establish the dress code for the
evenings before the final night.
And I take care of the music for
the gala.
No pop music, that's clear.
It's a celebration with style.
And I deal with publicity and I send
out the invitations.
Did you know 2 ministers and 3 members
of the House have lived in Zonnedael?
Is that true? And will they be
The invitations have been sent.
I wouldn't be surprised if they
showed up on the final night.
You prepared everything very well.
We have little to add.
Right, Sjakie?
We disagree.
We're very worried.
The Flodder family. We can't keep
them in the neighborhood.
They're causing problems and they
have to be dealt with.
They could ruin our celebrations.
I have to protest against these
Once again, the unprivileged are
being stigmatized.
The Flodder family are decent
They have a heart of gold.
And a house full of silver. Stolen
Each year, a fortune disappears
into that den of thieves.
These accusations are unfounded,
Mr Brandhout.
If people would just give them
a chance.
A chance? Those scumbags grab every
chance they get.
They ruin the neighborhood with
that pink car of theirs.
This is slander!
We'll keep a close eye on the
Flodder family.
The celebrations will not be disturbed.
Right, Sjakie?
Not by the Flodder family.
We don't need any problems when we
have important guests.
We have to forget about the past.
Maybe they were once antisocial, but
those days are over.
I have serious doubts about that.
They've undergone a remarkable
They've become a lot more social,
also due to my guidance.
They have a sense of
They show initiative, they have
Are we still talking about the Flodders?
You'll be amazed when you see how
much they've adapted.
Good afternoon.
What can I do for you, officers?
We wanted to have a look around
if you don't mind.
Anything wrong?
-I hope not.
We've received a tip.
About contraband.
Contraband in my shed?
Yes, strange things happen in the
Very strange things.
I assure you everything's alright.
I have the bills of lading here.
Forgeries are getting better
and better.
You couldn't tell they were real.
I'm afraid my colleague will have
to check these boxes.
I'm very afraid too.
But you can't do that.
-Sorry, just following orders.
Found anything suspect, sergeant?
Very suspect.
What about this?
-Those are just CDs.
Pop, house, classical, normal
They look pretty illegal to me.
Very illegal.
-We'll have to confiscate this box.
Confiscate? Are you crazy?
Insulting a public servant and
obstruction of the investigation.
Get the handcuffs. This gentleman
wants a ride to the station.
Sorry, I didn't mean it.
But these CDs have to go to
the customer.
The only thing that's going is
this box.
And to be safe, this one and
this one.
We'll release them if they turn
out genuine.
Thanks for your help. It will lead to
a reduced sentence.
That went well, Kees.
These uniforms are paying off.
This is for more than 3000 worth of CDs.
That guy from the other shed called
the cops.
Act normal.
Go after those two.
-Run, Kees!
They took three bags of coffee from me.
What about you?
Nothing, I knew they weren't
real police.
Forget about it.
-Look, Johnnie.
Andr Alberti, all three parts.
They're from before his operation.
They sound like shit.
And Greatest Hits By Blind People.
That's a lot better, Johnnie.
-Yes, but they're still after us.
They're very stubborn.
When is their lunch break?
I'm getting hungry too.
Hold tight, Kees.
What are you doing?
A shortcut.
We lost them.
Yes, we did.
What a nice road. Plenty of
Why is there no one here?
-It's strange.
So little traffic.
Unbelievable, landing on a public
Did you get his number? We'll file a
complaint for reckless flying.
That's the last time we've gone to
the harbor.
But we did get three bags
of coffee.
Great, Kees, but who of us drinks
We have to try something else.
We've done all of the sheds.
I like the uniforms, though.
Maybe you can give people parking
Tourists buy it sometimes.
He's lucky, no damage to the paint.
Cutting us off, what an idiot!
Those guys are a liability
on the road.
First he's in a big hurry and now
he's asleep.
And his customers are waiting.
What does 5 Zonnedael mean?
5 years Zonnedael? Sounds like
a sentence.
The pizza guy isn't in a hurry.
They're all slackers. Their customers
eat cold pizzas.
Yuck, I don't like fish.
I do, give it to me.
Have fun with it.
You should have asked what kind of
pizzas we wanted.
It was a surprise.
What's this?
-Salami, I guess.
That's a type of blood sausage.
Why do they call it salami then?
Give it to Kees. You like salami
don't you?
Yuck, meat. Don't you have
anything vegetarian?
Vegetarian? Is that what your new
boyfriend eats?
It's healthy. Meat makes you
aggressive, he says.
True, when Kees sees a naked bitch,
he goes berserk.
Yuck, egg.
You can't handle eggs. They make
you fart.
Alright then.
Did we walk the old man today?
He stinks pretty badly.
-It's Toet's turn.
I did it yesterday.
-You just put him out in the garden.
You tied him to a garbage truck,
last week.
Do it together, couple of jerks.
Walk an extra block with him. When he's
had eggs, you don't want him inside.
Pineapple's always a feast.
Six on the Richter scale.
Mrs Flodder?
Hello Henkie, Toet.
-Sjakie, old fucker.
What are you doing?
-What does it look like?
You've added an engine.
Yes, now the old man can walk
What a bright idea.
-Except, the engine doesn't start.
Can you pull?
-Of course. Let me.
What did you do, jerk?
Did you break it?
What an asshole.
-Sorry, guys.
I didn't mean to do that.
Hey, Sjakie.
Had breakfast? I didn't know you
were a vegetarian.
I came to talk about the 25th
anniversary of Zonnedael.
Oh, that's what all the Christmas
decorations are about.
Next week, there will be a big party
with fireworks at the end.
Good, we like fireworks.
It's a very complicated thing
to organize.
The entire neighborhood's
Every little bit helps.
But there are always people afraid
it will get out of hand.
I doubt it. This is a very quiet
They were wondering if you would
help out too.
Of course, we love a party.
Maybe you can clean up the house
and the garden a bit.
Yesterday, I said to Kees that we
had to clean up the mess.
Sort things a bit. Exhaust pipes on one
side and tires on the other.
We're working on it, Sjakie.
We had to get used to this
But we're doing better and better.
Kees is playing tennis for instance.
How come?
He has to learn first, so he started
by watching the girls play.
You can learn a lot by watching.
And Ma's visiting the neighbors.
She got an invitation.
That's nice to hear.
Here's the envelope. It was for a party
or a demonstration or something.
With free booze. Just her thing.
But this was for the people who lived
here before you.
That shows how quickly they accepted
us here.
See you, Sjakie.
Mascara makes your eyes shine.
Our mascara's waterproof.
I'll give you all a bag with our
Where did you hide the booze?
How did that Flodder woman get in?
She had an invitation, somehow.
Mrs Flodder...
-Nice shelves.
Did you read all of it?
Will you join us again? I poured
you a coffee.
I need something to wash it
down with.
Sorry, please continue.
Our products have been tested
on lab animals.
What kind of animals?
Rabbits, I think.
Why do they need eye shadow?
Ever seen a rabbit go out?
They're breeding enough as it is.
You have to remove your make-up
before you go to bed.
Remove it? I can tell you never
go out.
After I pick up a guy, I don't
want to scare him.
I'm fed up, Mrs Flodder.
You keep talking over her.
I thought we were supposed
to have some fun.
Let's keep it nice, ladies.
See? I'm only kidding.
I think this whole demonstration
is wasted on you.
Do you think so? Why, bony bitch?
I could come back another time.
I was only trying to say...
-I know what you're trying to say.
They're 45 guilders per bottle.
Ladies, ladies!
Ladies, stop it!
Is that the demonstration lady,
Maybe I'm old fashioned, but do they
look good?
That terrible Flodder woman.
Will you join us for a drink?
-First a shower.
Let me know if you need help.
The men's toilet is full of bitches.
A shame I can't take you home. I'm
not allowed through Zonnedael.
I'll just walk the last bit.
Thanks for the lift.
We'll get you, coward.
What's he doing?
-Run, Kees, they're crazy.
We're teaching this pervert
a lesson.
Forget about it.
We don't want to hurt you.
What was that?
I learnt this today at my karate
Next week we'll be kicking pieces
of wood in half.
I guess they were lucky then.
That looks expensive.
-Are you talking to me?
You've got some expensive bags.
You look more like the type for
a pushcart.
What are you on about, dude?
I like a big mouth.
Where are you going?
-None of your business. Home.
Stay here, girl. There's plenty
of room.
Do we know each other?
But I can't remember.
-Alright then.
Have you got a light?
Nice lighter.
-Yes, it is.
It was a gift.
-Yeah right, it's pure gold.
Ok, it wasn't a gift then.
Do you live around here?
-Behind there.
Want to have a bite?
-Are they feeding the ducks?
I like you.
What about the Boeuf Brouill
Are you pulling my leg?
Their staff doesn't even make enough
to eat there.
Yes or no, girl.
I eat there almost every day.
Something wrong?
I'm afraid to get in.
I only started working here today.
My name's Jacques van Kooten.
Most people call me Sjakie.
My name's Mirjam.
Where do you work?
-At the Social Affairs department.
I'm the new office employee.
-I work there too.
At the end of the corridor.
Isn't that very far?
-Yes, but it's close to the fire escape.
You're funny.
-Can I get past?
Oh dear.
It'll come back.
This lift keeps going around.
A bit like life itself.
We slowly go up and then we
slowly go down again.
Sometimes you go through a dip
but then you go up again.
You're philosophical.
Maybe I think about things
a bit more.
I really have to catch my bus.
Do you mind?
Go ahead. I'll wait for my bag.
See you tomorrow, Sjakie.
Is this yours?
-Yes, thanks.
Hey, where's...
-It's all spread out downstairs.
Clean it up yourself.
That Flodder woman ruined the
She covered us in hairspray.
And then she took all the bags
of samples.
I brought the Flodders up
at city hall.
But they didn't listen to me.
They're too busy with education for
the disadvantaged.
And subsidies for immigrants.
And shelter for homeless people.
They don't care about our anniversary
Bram's mother told me he and his friends
were beaten up by that family.
Without any reason.
-Somebody should do something.
I talked to Reinout De Graaf.
He hates those Flodders too.
Do you think he can do something?
He may know a legal way to deal
with them.
He also helped us with the building
permit for the garage.
He'll have a look at it.
Do we have a sharper knife?
This is nice. What is it?
Calamari. Squid.
I didn't know you could eat that.
It's one of the specialties here.
You never know what you'll get.
It's always a surprise.
At the bottom it's still warm.
Do you want more?
-Depends what you're offering.
This feels like tomato.
No, it's peach.
I love peach.
Why would people throw it out?
This all we need.
I'm not so sure about that.
Is there any wine?
One moment.
They serve heavy wines here.
Can you handle alcohol?
I've always been able to keep
it in.
To our first date.
You're not getting any ideas,
are you?
Tomorrow I'll have forgotten
all about it.
About me too?
That depends if we'll have some
more fun.
You guys are all the same.
Do you like football?
-Yes, but where do you find 11 men?
I mean tonight's match.
It's sold out.
-I always have a spot.
Are you coming or did you have
other plans?
No, no plans.
Wait a moment, guys.
Tastes pretty good.
-That's what I thought.
Real Belgian chocolate. I got
20 boxes on the cheap.
I somehow understand they
don't sell.
You don't want to eat your own
Just think of someone else.
I'll explain one more time.
I'll drink the two beers faster than
you'll drink the one jenever.
That's impossible.
I'll drink my glass and then you
can drink yours.
You'll never win. What do we bet?
If I win, I get those three bags
of coffee.
And if I win?
You'll get fifteen minutes with
-We can't touch each other's glasses.
No, that would be cheating.
Do you know where Ma is?
I haven't seen her all day.
I don't know where she is.
-Strange. have you seen the opener?
Handy boyfriend to have.
But now I can't get to it.
That's the third time this week.
And always that loud music.
-Imagine being their neighbors.
How can we sleep with this noise?
It's antisocial.
It might stop soon.
-They've been going all week.
Those lowlifes only think of
Tomorrow, we're going on holiday.
-That's why I want to sleep well.
It's such a long drive. And Pepita's
getting all nervous.
It's quiet. They've stopped.
Do you hear, Ed? They...
You shouldn't have said anything.
Break his ankles!
-Are you having fun?
Absolutely, normally I'm home with
five kids.
Tackle him!
Well done, that'll teach him.
Five children? How old?
All different.
The player on the left's unmarked,
dog face!
You wouldn't say you have
five kids.
What do you mean?
-You look good.
Wait until you see me in
the morning.
Sure, if you insist.
You'd like that, wouldn't you?
-Get that man!
They shouldn't have put that loser
on the right wing.
See you next time, scumbags.
-Bye Johnnie, it was fun.
Come and see me when you're in
the area. The coffee will be ready.
Bunch of apes! Shame on you!
Get out!
-Mind your pacemaker.
They're destroying the neighborhood.
Look at our arch.
Bunch of scum. All friends of those
Come inside. They're gone.
You'll catch a cold again.
The police don't do anything.
If I get my hands on you, I'll
chop your heads off.
One by one!
I feel like two weeks of holiday.
Have you got the maps?
Can we leave the house unguarded?
-The neighbors will keep an eye on it.
That's exactly what I'm worried
I mean the other neighbors. Get in.
Thanks, I'll take it from here.
Look at those mugs. Did they
Nice of the kid to walk our dog.
Bring it back though!
Want a pancake, Kees?
I never heard you come home.
I was out all night and now
I'm starving.
Out all night? With who?
A great guy.
Beady eyes, unshaven, a big
Exactly my type.
He can burp the national anthem.
Wow, a musician.
He started talking to me in
the park.
I could see he had class
right away.
The way he was sitting there...
Where were you, Ma? You missed
a nice party.
She's just telling me she met
a guy.
First we went to have a bite.
In the Boeuf Brouill.
-Isn't that the expensive place?
He has good taste, of course.
And money. One tip there is more
than the cafeteria makes all night.
So he's rich.
What's rich? He's smart.
And then we went to the football.
You don't mean last night's final?
No, the empty lot at the back here.
Of course I mean the stadium. It
was sold out.
Where did he get tickets then?
We didn't need them. We had our
own spots.
He made special arrangements.
For me.
I'll have a bath.
A bath? Ma?
-His own seats in the stadium?
He has class.
Even better, he has money.
-Do you think?
You can't get into the Boeuf Brouill
without a bank warranty.
Ma and a rich guy? Who
would have thought.
We'll never know how she did it,
but a rich family member...
Mirjam, what a coincidence.
-Hello, Sjaak.
I was on the way to my office.
Do you want a coffee?
I've already got one.
Are you busy?
-Yes, I have to copy all this.
That's Mr Wijnands. I have to go
back to work.
I haven't even finished my coffee.
-Give it to me.
Is that alright?
-No problem, don't keep him waiting.
Thanks, Sjakie, bye.
You still owe me the report about
hazardous goods in Zonnedael.
Yes, it won't be long.
It'll have to wait until after your
coffee break, if I'll still be around.
The most beautiful suburb of the
country, named Zonnedael...
attracted a crowd on the day of
the opening.
Many dignitaries were present.
Zonnedael was officially opened by
the Queen.
Many architects worked on this little
piece of paradise.
They even expressed their creativity
in the pavement.
The architects have been listening well
to the housewives.
The houses are clear and bright.
There are many fire-proof
This family has decided to go out
for dinner.
They're doing so in their own spacious
Zonnedael has a waiting list of
over five years.
But these people are privileged.
They can call themselves Zonnedaelers.
That was 25 years ago, when only highly
educated people lived here.
People of rank, like former
Let's discuss how the organization's
Mr Van As.
All the drinks have been delivered.
Only red wine's a problem.
-No, that man is a problem.
I have given him the address of my
supplier in France four times now.
Maybe he lost it?
Write down: Dupont in
Sant-sur-Valle: 00-33-248772.
Tell him to ask for Jean-Luc
and to mention my name.
The only parking lot we have are the
fields of the hockey club.
But it's the day of the junior
They can play on another day.
This is more important.
There's Reinout.
I don't need to introduce Reinout.
He arranged the chopping permit for
the extension of our golf course.
Are there any legal means to do
something about this family?
I've looked into the matter.
This could be the exit visa of the
Flodder family from Zonnedael.
You're kidding. What is it?
Four years ago, the commissioner's old
house was assigned to the Flodders.
Why didn't anyone protest?
This document proves that politicians
struck a deal back then.
There were conditions that
the Flodders had to meet.
Why didn't anyone know about this?
This is very sensitive. The document
isn't public.
How did you find out about this?
Fishing's one of my hobbies.
This is fantastic. Listen.
The agreement is terminated when any
family members are involved with crime.
Isn't that all they do?
They've been arrested before but
no one knew about these conditions.
The next time they'll be arrested, the
whole family can leave.
There's no way out of it.
Sounds very good.
Do we have to wait until they're
Maybe we can help them a bit.
A 1992 convertible.
White. It was parked in front of my
They must have stolen it when
I was gone.
No, I didn't see the thief.
My address... 52 Acacialaan.
Thanks, bye.
Very well done.
I'm a bad liar.
-It sounded very convincing.
And now what happens?
Leave it to my cousin. He's an
experienced actor.
I'd remove that.
That's the fuel pipe. I might need it
in the future.
Are you the Flodders?
Who wants to know?
-I'm Boris.
I got your name from that guy you
do things for...
-Yes, he said you could help me.
I found this car and I want to
sell it, if you know what I mean.
Kareltje said you were good at using
a file, if you know what I mean.
We're also good at using knife
and fork.
We understand. There are some chassis
numbers in the way.
I've never seen any chassis numbers.
-Because we always spray over them.
Do you do that too?
They're not really removing the numbers
from my car, are they?
It won't get to that.
They'll be in jail by that stage.
Call the police.
So that's a deal?
I'll pick up the car tomorrow.
-Don't forget to bring the money.
Are we starting on the car right away?
-No, I'll do it tonight.
Let's put it in the garage. We don't
want anyone to see a stolen car here.
Can't I drive it for a bit?
No, we can't take any risks.
Alright, one block. But then you'll
clean up the garage.
That beanpole's getting in my car.
They're driving in my car!
Maybe he's driving around the block.
-He's going straight to Poland.
Police, help, Johnnie!
There's the police.
-And where did my car go?
Kees, don't drive so...
Where is it?
-Where's what?
The stolen car, smartass.
Where did you hide it? In that
You can't just go in there.
Step aside, you.
We received a tip.
What a mess.
-But no car.
Sorry to have bothered you.
Always those false reports.
We've got better things to do.
I put it a bit further. We can
go get it.
Let's not do that. This car's a bit
too hot.
Where did that kid put my car?
-Don't worry.
He might have wrecked it.
There it is.
-My car!
In front of my house!
How can it be here?
Isn't this 52 Acacialaan?
Yes, why?
Did you report the stolen car?
A white convertible. This one?
Yes, but the thing is...
So you've got it back.
Was it ever stolen?
You have to understand...
-We don't like false reports.
Did you think we have nothing
better to do?
And your insurance company won't
like this scam either.
I'll be keeping an eye on you.
That almost ended badly.
-We'll have to be smarter next time.
Yes, speaking.
-My name's Rick, I'm a movie producer.
You were very good at the last
What are you on about?
Who are you anyway?
-Of course you don't remember me.
I was in the middle of a production,
so we couldn't really talk.
But what I saw looked very good.
I don't know what you mean.
Is Johnnie behind this?
Now I remember. Johnnie once
showed me pictures of you.
We were all very enthusiastic
on the set.
Right, that was all?
Don't hang up, Kees.
I called to ask if you want to make
some money.
That depends. How much?
Three thousand for an hour's work.
What do I have to do?
-We're making an art movie.
It needs some nudity. The screen
test is this afternoon.
Before you continue: I don't do
children or animals.
That's not what I meant.
I was thinking of some simple risqu
That's alright then. What should
I bring?
You'll be playing a cheeky hooker.
So wear something hot.
Lots of make-up, the works.
I can't walk the streets like
that and Johnnie can't drive me.
If you start getting changed,
I'll send a car over.
You don't have to walk the streets
in those clothes.
In fifteen minutes?
Well done, very convincing.
I'd like to know what we're doing.
Organizing an anniversary or
making a porn movie?
We're trying to provoke the
I want the council to see that they're
guilty of all kinds of filth.
Nudism, scandalous behavior,
that kind of stuff.
Offences against public decency. Ground
to expel them immediately.
And we make sure we have
the proof.
This can't go wrong.
Is it far?
The film set.
-No, it's there.
Behind there.
I think my indicator isn't working.
What are you looking at?
Your moustache's falling off.
-My moustache?
Am I still wearing it?
I just came from the film set.
I forgot to remove it.
Right, guys always have car trouble
when I'm in the car with them.
Would you mind checking if it's
Alright then.
-It's the right one at the rear.
What's this?
Come back!
Unhappy customer? The biggest pigs
always drive the nicest cars.
But this is our spot. Keep walking!
I think it's horrible. You and I
in the car, with a camera.
I feel dirty.
-No, the Flodders are dirty.
Look at that girl.
Checking out the girls, naughty boy?
Hello, sweetie. What have you
got to offer?
A slap in the face and a knee
up your crotch.
Haven't you got enough?
It's enough that's she's playing
the whore.
The real proof is when she goes with
a guy.
She'll say she wanted a ride,
but no one will believe that.
I'd never walk around in my bare ass
like that.
Having to go with any strange man.
Having to do everything those
men ask.
Getting on your knees, bending
over and...
I'd hate to do whatever those
ladies do.
There's another car.
-Come on, girls, work!
Hello, lady.
-I only need a ride.
I bet. Get in.
Bitch, stealing our customers.
Yes, got it.
We can go home.
Nice car, isn't it? I just
bought it.
I'm still breaking it in. What
about you?
You look pretty broken in.
What do you say?
-Let me out. I'll walk.
Let me out!
Good brakes.
This will impress the council.
Good that she got into the car.
-That's the main thing.
Otherwise she could say she just
happened to be walking there.
Are we expecting anyone?
I've made an appointment to go
through the finances.
As long as it doesn't take
too long.
Nice color, isn't it?
But that's ready to go, including
It's not that much, is it?
It's working.
I'm only telling you once, old man.
This is the gas and this is...
And this is the brake.
Maybe we should have used gas,
instead of Ma's whiskey.
I have some mail in my room.
-Sorry, I'm going down.
Is tomorrow alright too?
-It has to be sent as soon as possible.
I'll bring it over in a sec.
-As you wish.
Mirjam, what are you doing here?
I wanted to ask if I can take some
mail out for you.
I just finished work and I thought
maybe I can help you.
But you weren't here so I checked
out your desk.
That's very friendly but
you don't need to do that.
I can do it myself.
-But I like to do it. For you.
That's very sweet of you.
Normally, I do it myself.
-Let me do it.
This letter's very important. It has
to be sent today.
Don't worry, I'll do it.
Mirjam, do you have a permanent
job here?
Or are you an intern?
Something like that.
Van Kooten.
What are you doing?
-I was just... uhm...
People from Zonnedael keep calling
about those Flodders.
They keep racing through the suburb and
throwing noisy parties.
I thought we had a deal.
-They're enjoying life.
I'm not. We'll have important guests at
the anniversary, next week.
There will even be a minister on the
closing night.
I want the place to be quiet.
Is that clear?
You've got 5 seconds to let go of me
or you'll be eating through a straw.
Don't you recognize me, Johnnie?
I'm your father.
I bet you didn't expect to ever
see me again.
No, that's a big surprise.
-That's what I thought.
You don't look like him, Johnnie.
-We all don't look alike.
But whose father are you? We all
have a different one.
When I moved in with your mother,
you were already there.
Right, so I'm not winning any
prizes today.
You haven't changed, Johnnie.
As a little boy, you also had
a big mouth.
Remember how you offered the kids in the
street protection for ten marbles?
I don't remember that.
All those kids you dumped in the ditch,
with a bike wheel around their ankles.
I had to free them before the
police arrived.
You were quite something.
Did I do funny things too?
-You couldn't talk yet when I moved in.
I guess I was still a baby.
-Kees, you started talking at 12.
What do you remember about me?
-I don't know you.
I left your mom when she was
8 months pregnant.
But then...
-To the reunion of father and daughter.
Are you really my father?
-I'm afraid so, Kees.
He just came back from getting some
That's not how it went.
The underworld was after me.
I had debts and I didn't want to
put your mother in any danger.
That's why you left her with three
Three? What about us?
You came later. He's only responsible
for your sister.
Was the old man there too?
I don't remember him.
Who is that anyway?
-We still don't know.
It's all very touching but what
do you want?
I've traveled a lot lately.
I've seen a lot.
But now I want to settle down.
-Ah, you want cheap lodgings.
He'd better stay with us instead.
Why did you never send a postcard?
I didn't have your address.
So how did you find us?
I just looked around well.
I think it's working. He's been
inside for 15 minutes.
So if he moves in with the Flodders,
they will be kicked out?
Exactly. Infringement of one of the main
clauses: no additions to the family.
So he's really the father of one of
those kids.
Yes, that's the big joke.
I hope this finally works so we can get
back to organizing the anniversary.
If this works, we'll have successful
Without those Flodders.
Why have they never met their father?
-He's been in jail for years.
Reinout talked to his probation
He was prepared to help us in exchange
for a reduced sentence.
I have my doubts.
-Don't be such a pessimist.
I know this is going to work.
Let's go. Reinout will be there.
One day we lost Kees.
He was around three years old.
I found him amongst the laundry.
Johnnie put him in there.
Lucky you found him in time.
-Well... in time...
The laundry cycle was halfway.
This is all great fun, but I don't
know if Ma wants to see you.
I understand you're a bit angry,
but you are family after all.
And who else can I leave my
money too?
What was that?
What did you say?
That you're family?
-After that, about money.
I've made a lot more money than
I can spend on my own.
So I want to leave it to my
loved ones.
To my family.
-We have room in the attic.
We can't take a strange guy in.
-This is your very own father.
Kick him out!
-Hi darling, long time no see.
This is Kees' father. Listen to
what he has to say.
I've listened more than enough to
this flounder. Get out!
Wait a moment.
He's still Kees' father.
There's only room for one father
in our house.
I'm getting married again.
To Robbie.
-Is that the rich guy?
Who mentioned a rich guy?
-Hello, can I...
Stay out of our family affairs.
Don't you dare come back!
Kicked out of the house?
Are they insane? Their own father!
He messed up.
-I knew it.
Another man? She's getting
How can a creature like that find
a man?
What was that? No, I don't
think so.
We'll talk to each other later.
The nerve! Asking if I can put in a good
word with his probation officer.
I don't think so, after this mess!
Did you say marry?
-That Flodder woman has found a man.
She's getting married?
-Yes, do you understand it?
That's excellent.
-Why? Another troublemaker.
They're getting a new father.
-If that wedding will happen...
Then we get rid of them for ever!
You're here for the wedding of 10:30?
-Yes, I'm the groom.
Where's the bride?
She's just arriving.
As eldest son I have to warn you
of this wrong step.
Yes, those steps look tricky when
you're wearing this dress.
That's not what I mean, Ma.
Is it wise to marry that piece of
street furniture?
Do you mean Robbie?
-Have you thought it through?
Marriage is a big step.
Mind your own business!
You shouldn't exchange rings
at your age.
Did I ever interfere with all the broads
you've dragged into your bedroom?
No, but...
-This is my last chance at a great guy.
If you cause trouble, you can hand
me the keys to the house.
Who are they?
A congratulations telegram?
Sjakie, are you going to the wedding of
Mrs Flodder?
I took the afternoon off for it.
-Give them my regards.
I will.
-I'm happy for her. She deserves it.
Shouldn't that be straight?
Sorry, I didn't see you.
Let me help you.
-No, let me.
What's this? This is part of the
Flodder file.
Where did you get it?
-I needed it for a moment.
This is confidential information.
It can't even leave the department.
My father made me do it.
This can't be true. I forgot all
about it.
Addition to the family...
What, your father?
-It was all his idea.
It's not true.
-I had no choice.
Sjakie, it's really not my fault.
Marriage is a union between
two people who love each other.
You have to support each other, so it
can't be an empty promise.
Will Sjakie be coming?
I thought so, but you know him.
He's rather selfish.
He only thinks of himself.
They're a beautiful couple, aren't they?
-I wouldn't know.
Aren't you happy for Ma?
Can't you see how she looks at him?
He's homeless. He's never eaten
off a plate.
We might have to serve his dinner in
a garbage bin.
And we can't read the paper anymore,
because he doesn't use sheets.
I'd now like to join Geertruida Flodder
and Robert Van Zuylenhof Tot Voorstal.
He has a strange name.
If anyone objects to this marriage,
speak now...
Don't you dare.
or forever hold your tongue.
Stop, don't get married!
Stop this wedding!
What's Sjakie doing?
Let me see if I understood.
If Ma marries...
-you lose the house in Zonnedael.
That sounds pretty bad.
Right, Ma?
I wasn't listening. Why did we have
to stop?
I'll explain it to her.
Only the 7 of us can live in our house.
We can't add anyone.
You can't marry.
-Watch me.
If you get married, we lose our
Did you hear what I said?
We continue.
You'll be spending your wedding night
in a cardboard box.
Love conquers everything.
She's crazy.
-Yes, about him.
That was close. Van Kooten almost
ruined everything.
We've already done the first part.
So if there are no further objections
against this marriage...
Now what?
What's all this about?
We're about to perform a marriage.
-You'll have to do without this groom.
We first want to have a word
with him.
How did you find me, Danil?
Do you know those shop-window
Yes, they're my children.
I'm sorry, Geertruida.
-You're not a poor bum at all.
I'm pretty comfortable, actually.
So you've been pulling my leg
all this time.
I would have told you everything.
Filthy liar.
Relax, Ma.
We were just in time to stop this.
Bunch of parasites.
You can forget about the inheritance.
They don't care about the money,
They thought I was a poor bum.
So what are you, con man?
Relax, he's rich. That's not
so bad.
What kind of inheritance are we
talking about? 100,000?
See, they're already after your
money, dad.
That wouldn't have happened if you
had kept your mouth shut.
And that applies to all of you.
Selfish bunch!
It's because of you that I went
into hiding.
And your money is safe. No one
can touch it.
I only wanted some peace.
Away from all the billion
dollar deals.
And from the mergers and
the transactions.
Just get back to myself again.
Enjoy daily life.
Falling in love.
-And lying your ass off.
Stick that money up your nose.
I'm going home.
The wedding's over.
I was supposed to catch
the flowers.
You should have told us about
the billion dollar deals.
Johnnie could have helped. He's
very good at dealing.
Sjakie, I'm sorry.
The damage has been done.
Did they lose their house?
-No, they didn't.
It's about me. I've been hurt.
You betrayed the trust of
a civil servant.
I don't want to see you anymore.
I have to tell you one thing.
-Don't say anything.
I liked you very much but I'm
disappointed in you. Farewell.
I know I did something very bad.
I want you to know I always enjoyed the
afternoons around the coffee machine.
The better I got to know you,
the more I cared for you.
It's too late. You abused
my trust.
Don't be upset. You did your best.
I'm no longer playing along, dad.
You probably don't need to anymore.
If we're lucky, our problems will
be solved after all.
We don't need that goofy civil
The things people are capable of.
All that effort to get your house.
I thought that screen test was
And your father. What a jerk.
Look at your own father!
Amazing how important fine
print can be.
Maybe we should talk to
Mr Van Brandwijk.
That won't help. Be happy that
they failed.
Ma almost ruined everything.
Have you recovered, Ma?
Yes, I'm glad I didn't do it. I'd have
had to change last names again.
I hope that's the end of the nasty
Absolutely. I checked your file
There's nothing strange in it
So we can stay here?
It's your house and it will be
your house.
I mailed the request for the bi-annual
rent renewal.
That was perfectly in time.
Another coffee, Sjakie?
What's wrong with him?
It wasn't that bad, was it?
I don't think your coffee has
anything to do with it.
Is this the Flodder residence?
Are you Mrs Flodder?
-What can I win by answering?
An eviction order.
What are you doing?
Who's that guy, Ma?
-Did you order a paperhanger?
What are you doing on our door?
-Can you read?
You have to leave by Wednesday. The rent
hasn't been paid.
You're kicked out of your house?
-By Wednesday. The auction's on Friday.
All because Sjakie couldn't be bothered
to walk to the mailbox.
Can't you do anything?
At moments like this, you need
your friends.
If you need a place to crash...
My shed's full of imitation antiques.
But maybe next week.
-I was thinking of something else.
They're going to auction our house.
So anybody with money can buy it.
But you have to have the money.
That's where you come in.
You can all contribute.
Kees will pass the glass around.
Let's be generous.
It's for a good cause.
I just spent my last coin.
Or else I'd have given it to you.
Just give me these then.
-What are you doing?
Thanks a lot, people.
This is at least... 150 guilders.
That's not enough, is it?
-Maybe we can buy back the mailbox.
Drinks for everyone.
But I want your help for
something else.
They're kicking us out at 10 am,
on Wednesday.
And we like to sleep in.
It could get wild. Who can we
count on?
I have nothing else to do.
Thanks, Simon. Will you bring your
dogs again?
They put them down yesterday. I have
a bone to pick with those cops.
I'll be there too. I lost my job in
the harbor. I need some action.
Me too. Those assholes gave me
a wheel clamp.
They tore one of my best dresses
during the arrest last week.
I'm in too.
I'll bring my karate class
for some practice.
Great, guys. Wednesday is the
big day.
They'll see the Flodders can
put up a fight. Cheers!
Is it finally happening?
-Whether they like it or not.
What do you want?
-Hello, you're moving today.
I don't think so. We have
Good, they can help you move.
I don't think so.
You're only making it harder for
Better get back in your pedal
cars fast.
She's calling her mother.
Can we get some reinforcements?
If she's calling the same Chinese as we
do, she'll be waiting for a while.
Yes, have a look at that. We know
you by now.
Get in line!
Do you still have a big mouth now?
Get all your things and leave
the premises.
I don't think so.
You didn't expect that, did you?
It's getting better and better.
-I suggest you get lost.
Get in position now!
Up yours now!
Attack now!
-Get them!
This could take a while.
They can't handle it alone. We have
to help!
Stop, all of you!
Just when it's getting interesting.
The eviction has been postponed.
I made sure you won't have to leave
until after the auction.
Why did no one tell me that?
They only just told me.
Postponed? So we get this again
on Friday?
I found out I can make a bid on your
house too, on behalf of the council.
-During the auction.
The house would become the property
of the city. You'd be safe.
Except for the council.
-Yes, but as long as I'm there.
Well done, Sjakie.
Listen, playtime's over.
Thank you all for your help and you're
all invited to Friday's big party.
Party, why?
-Sjakie's going to buy our house.
I'm glad you've all shown up.
We have to make an important
The impossible is happening on the eve
of our 25th anniversary.
The house of the Flodder family
will be auctioned tomorrow.
I'm reluctant to ask you what I'm
about to ask you.
I do it because I love Zonnedael.
I love everything this suburb
stands for.
Beauty, style, willpower.
I'm asking you to buy the house
of the Flodders.
So we can decide what will happen
to it.
I propose an increase of the yearly
to 10,000 guilders.
If we don't act, the council will own
the house.
And I don't need to explain who they
will put in it.
My wife and I are depositing 20,000
How much is a livable Zonnedael
worth to you?
You can't park here.
The parking lot's there.
You park it.
-Do you trust him with your car?
Absolutely. Those are the
wrong keys.
You didn't forget your checkbook,
did you?
When will our house be up?
13 Netelweg is next.
And after that they'll do our house?
-13 Netelweg is our house.
You always give the police
another address.
What's going to happen, Sjakie?
Your house will be offered for sale
and everybody can make a bid.
The highest bidder will get
the house.
It's starting.
-How far can you go, Sjakie?
I can go up to 800,000.
We'll be processing lot 47.
It's the house at 13 Netelweg.
A luxury villa, built in 1970.
Fairly well maintained.
But trashed by the last
Nice house, isn't it?
The front yard will have to be dug
out down to 4 meters...
because of petrol and used oil.
We never had a problem with that.
-It's ours.
I'm starting at 250.
That's 2 and a half guilders.
We can bid too.
It means 250 thousand guilders.
A bid of 300.
-It's the people from the wedding.
That's Mr Van Brandwijk. He's the man
who wants to get you out of Zonnedael.
So that's Ruud.
No one more than 300?
-Come on Sjakie.
We have a bid of 350.
400. No one more?
Just our luck, a party pooper.
400 going... 500!
A bid of 500.
Doofus. He thinks you're bidding.
550. No one more?
This could take a while.
Until someone runs out of money.
No one more than 600? 650.
Mr Van Brandwijk bids 700.
I can only go to 800.
A bid of 800.
What are you doing?
-I'm bidding for Sjakie. He's so slow.
Now I can't bid any higher.
800. No one more than 800?
Careful, Ruud.
We're already 80,000 over our
But we have to get it.
We have to have the house.
-You're going too far, Ruud.
800 going...
-We've got it, Sjakie.
800, going, going... 900.
I'm fed up with your Flodder
900, going...
-Well, that was it.
I'm sorry.
Going, going...
We have a bid of a million.
Who's that guy?
Who's that? He can't be with
the Flodders.
I don't think so. Look at
his clothes.
One million... going...
going... sold to that gentleman.
For one million guilders.
Thanks, Sjakie.
-We'll find something else, Sjakie.
What will you do? You have no
house anymore.
No roof over your head.
-Yes, that sucks.
But what really sucks is that we have
invited everybody to the party.
These keys, sir...
-You already got it for me, thanks.
I said I never wanted to see you
I wanted to see you one more time.
You picked quite a moment.
-I'm really sorry.
I never meant to hurt you.
How are you?
-None of your business. Not good.
We're on our way to the poorhouse.
And how do you live?
I think we can be content.
The buyer didn't exactly look poor.
We got rid of those Flodders and it
didn't cost us a cent.
What's happening there? Is that
the bum?
Do you know each other?
-Yes, he's my secretary.
Geertruida, we had a great week
I'd like to do something for you.
For all of you.
This is the deed to the house.
This makes you the owners.
See it as a farewell gift.
Did you see that? The Flodders got
their house back.
What kind of secret deal is that?
-I'm surprised too.
I don't think we can do anything
about it.
So they can stay in that house?
I'm afraid so.
That's unbelievable.
How can this happen in a democracy?
You're a strange person.
We're having a party tonight.
If you can escape your children,
you're welcome.
But don't get any ideas.
That you gave us the house doesn't
mean anything.
You were just a bit short. Don't you
have any gold teeth?
Don't let him provoke you.
We're having a party tonight. Can we
park some cars in front of your house?
He's a sore loser.
What a hothead.
-Did you invite him to the party?
No, he takes up too much room on the
dance floor.
Found a nice girl, Sjakie?
-This is Mirjam.
Everything ended well, so we
made up.
She's sorry.
-I'm sorry that I caused you problems.
Forgive and forget. The beer's in
the kitchen.
Going for the jackpot, Sjakie?
-Nice little legs.
Those kids of yours.
-What about them?
They're alright.
-You've got a bunch of creeps.
They've got that from their mother.
She was always after my money too.
Poor you.
-I'll get them, just wait.
How will you do that?
When I die, all my money goes to the
whales. My kids get nothing.
Do they know that?
-Of course not.
They can find out at the funeral.
It's just a shame I can't be there.
Did we have a meeting?
We have an unpleasant announcement.
Ruud, what's wrong? What
They kicked me out of the committee.
I'm no longer chairman.
-Well I'll be.
I bet that's Liesbeth's idea.
She always wanted your position.
Call the mayor and tell him you
won't accept this.
This means we've also lost our seats
of honor.
I didn't have a dress made for nothing.
2500 guilders.
And Liesbeth will take the credit for
our work.
Hello, mayor.
Yes, I know what time it is. My husband
wanted to talk to you.
I chose those wall lights. Nice, no?
And check out the tiles in the
You should see it in daylight.
What about this room?
Did you decorate this too?
-I don't think so.
Kees, I can explain.
He taught me that yesterday. He said
it could come in handy.
Hey, go away.
Bloody hell.
Our car.
-Yes, I'm very shocked.
You should screw over
the insurance.
I mean the old man. He's fooled us
for years.
What's with the terrible noise?
The neighbors have company.
Can't they warn us when they
throw a party?
What was that loud bang?
It can't be the fireworks. That's
I hope they won't overdo it.
Pepita doesn't like loud sounds.
Have you been smoking in secret again?
-What makes you think that?
You can't fool me. I smell smoke.
What a strange dog.
Yes, unusual.
Wouldn't he know?
602 here, go ahead.
We're getting reports about a car
driving through gardens. Go have a look.
Understood, we'll have a look.
I bet that's those Flodders again.
That's terrible, Johnnie.
-I wanted a new car anyway.
That fire! Has the fire department
been called?
Where's the police?
-Too many questions, Sjakie.
It's starting there too.
I don't think anyone's home there.
Unbelievable how it burns.
That's because of the cheap building
Look out!
This is 602 with an emergency.
-Go ahead.
Zonnedael is burning.
-Do you find that funny, 602?
It's no joke. The whole suburb's
on fire.
Everything alright?
Water, water!
I told you not to eat too many
Stop the car!
What's with those sounds?
Maybe it's about the 25th
I can't reach the fire department.
They're busy.
Maybe they have the night off.
Careful, it's dangerous.
Careful, the fireworks!
Great party. I didn't expect that from
your neighbors.
If they keep this up, they won't last
until 26 years.
Yes, this could get out of hand.
I hope they don't go on for too long.
I want to have a good sleep.
My car, my car!
Finally we have our own house, and now
we don't have any neighbors.
Great we can play loud music.
-They emptied our entire swimming pool.
They didn't even say goodbye.
-Those losers from our suburb.
They all just left.
-Why do you care, Ma?
Well... you know... they'll always
be your neighbors!