Floodlights (2022) Movie Script

This programme contains strong
language, scenes which some
viewers may find disturbing, and
deals with sexual abuse.
Jesus Christ.
You. And you.
Soft as shit.
..you're letting him back
into you all bastard day, huh?
And you,
hiding behind the bastard ref.
I saw you.
And you...
..you're still in bloody Latvia,
you bastard.
Oh, and you two.
You're in the reserves. Bath now.
Go on!
Don't let me look at you.
You make me sick if I look at you.
Fourth in the league.
And you give them that pile of cack.
It's a bloody disgrace.
Woody, go talk to the cameras.
Neil Warnock must be happy
with your form?
Just relieved he's not digging
me out,
which means I must be doing
something right.
Cut there. That's everything.
Keep at it, buddy. Put us back in
the season.
Do my best. Thanks.
There he is. Oh, ho, ho.
Hey. Tough game, that.
Too right.
Where was our number 10?
He was cruising around like he's on
the Queen Mary.
Keep it down, Mum. we were all
shite today.
You need to keep your head over the
ball. You're skying it a lot.
She's got a point.
It's like a bloody masterclass
from Johan Cruyff.
Yeah, all right.
Woody. Quick word, please, mate.
See you back at the ranch.
Do you want anything from Co-op?
Milk, ta.
Had a cracker today, Woody.
Cheers, mate.
That cross you whipped in before
half-time, should have been buried.
It happens.
Got a pen?
What for?
Sign your programme.
Cheshire Police.
Wanted to talk about Barry.
Your old football coach.
He's serving jail time in the
States, last time I heard.
Was. Releasing him early.
Good behaviour.
We think there's more skeletons
in Bennell's closet.
What do you think?
I think you should stop
staring at me like that.
We just know that you were one
of his famous academy graduates,
so we're interested in your take.
My take is...
..I ain't got one. Nothing to do
with me.
Bennell be out soon, Andy.
If you've got any information,
we'd really appreciate it.
Come on, that's it.
That's it, come on.
Go on, Andrew!
Well played, Andrew!
Well played, Stockport.
Cracking, that, centre half.
Good lad.
Number 7's quick.
True, he's good.
Copped him twice.
Beautiful goals, though.
You had a belter there, lad.
Do you play like that every
time you lace up?
Andy, is it?
Or Woody?
I bet only your mum calls you
Andrew. Yeah.
Do you know who I am?
No! Scout?!
I'm the star-maker, son.
Over 30 professional careers
made, and counting,
more than any other junior
coach in the north-west.
Do you...
..do you want to make
it to the top, Woody?
You show me a lad who doesn't want
to be a professional footballer,
and I'll show you a liar.
You got something special, lad.
You've got to know that player
inside and out,
how he's going to react in certain
And can he handle the pressure?
Have you heard of the Young Eagles?
Man City?
Yeah, yeah.
They're all first-teamers now.
And they all came through me,
and they're all, they're all on top
dollar now.
Why did you leave City, Barry?
I mean, big club that.
There's too many cooks, Terence.
Too many cooks.
I mean, I...
..I can't be dealing with the
because Crewe, Crewe are more
my style,
the star-maker style.
And...the parents. Jeez,
there's some right wrong 'uns.
Obviously, you two are in the same
I'm joking. Oh!
I'm joking. I'm joking.
No, you're both perfect.
You're both perfect.
You've got a perfect family.
Thank you.
You got ghosts in this house, love?
Come in.
Barry was just in the area, so he's
popped in to see us.
You all right, Woody?
Good day at school, mate?
Bit boring.
Look up, love.
Of course it is, compared
to football.
But it's necessary.
All my boys keep
up with their schoolwork.
I insist.
So, by the way, Woody...
..do you...
..do you think you're good enough
to be one of my boys?
Pardon. Pardon?
Barry wants you to sign with
Crewe Juniors.
Tuesdays and Thursdays training,
match on a Saturday.
And we have got a great crop
of skilful lads,
and you're going to fit right in,
no problem.
What do you think, Andrew?
Anyway, listen, I've got to shoot.
I'm scouting under-10s in Buxton
at six.
So, we'll speak soon, I hope.
I'll love you and leave you. God
bless. Good to see you.
See you soon, kid. Thanks, Barry.
See you later.
Why didn't you say anything?
I was just too...
..I don't know!
You do want to sign for Barry,
don't you?
Because if you're happy
at Stockport Boys...
Dad, this is the best news ever.
He thinks I can make it.
He thinks you've got what it takes.
He really, really rates you, baby.
Come here.
Come here!
COMMENTATOR: It's two against one.
Oh, what a tackle by Woodward!
That was a certain goal.
He really is becoming an
England hero.
See that, Dad?
Sparky! Net breaker.
Love Hughesy.
Never understood why we sold
him to Barcelona.
Contract dispute.
Right. Picking your mam up from the
so you're the man of the house, OK?
Does she have to work there, Dad?
I lost me job, son.
It's where I am, I'm afraid.
You right sodding lucky bunch.
Here, at the best youth academy
in the country.
With a manager who can't wait
to play you in his first team.
With a chairman who can't wait
to sign his chequebook
to pay you for the pleasure.
And then who knows what,
after Crewe.
Man United...
..Accrington Stanley!
It's going to be tough.
But you trust in me,
and then maybe you too can go
from earning 20 quid a week
to two grand.
So, lads,
if you work with me...
..and you relish this,
this great opportunity,
which Crewe Alexandra has given
to you,
then there is absolutely
no reason...
..why I -
why I can't make your professional
football dreams come true.
Get down and give me 20.
Welcome to the team, mate.
My name's Ash.
My name's Woody.
You're a quality keeper, mate.
Keep playing like that, and I reckon
we'll get pro contracts with Barry.
You mean YTS, 30 a week?
That'll do me.
Till United sign me, big time.
Where are you from?
Stockport lad. Cheadle Hulme.
Posh. Not the posh part.
So, listen up.
Our first game is against
Stone Dominoes, away,
a week on Sunday.
Anybody not available?
No? Good stuff.
Then we have...
And then Port Vale.
Strong outfit.
Then Oldham, and...
..Chester City,
and then Man United.
And I think we can do them all.
Any questions?
See you Thursday, mate.
Yeah. See you, Ash.
Come on, other side of the pitch.
Fantastic that, boys.
Fantastic effort, boys.
Well done, well done, lads.
Fantastic. Ten out of ten.
Well done.
Wow. Proper wow.
What a team we've got.
You need to keep your head over the
ball. You're skying it a bit.
Did you see my goal?
You were brilliant.
You all right, Jean? Terry?
I'm sorry about that slaughtering.
I know you're a family of
United fans.
Oh, no, no, not on this occasion.
Listen, I was just wondering.
Is Andy free at the weekend?
We ain't got no game on Saturday,
and he could have a sleepover
at my house on Friday
with a few of his team-mates.
Watch Crewe first team, Saturday.
Kick around on the pitch after.
WHISPERS: Mum, please, Mum.
I mean, it sounds great.
Can we come?
Of course he can go. You don't pass
up an opportunity like that.
Great stuff. All right.
Well, listen, I'll swing by when
he gets home from school.
Thanks, Barry. What about that?
Sorry, just...
..I just wanted to say...
..the lad's full of beans about his
football and your coaching.
That's good. Yeah. Yeah, it is.
..thanks. You know...
..I owe you one.
Listen, when he runs out
at Old Trafford,
then you can buy me a pint - or
a Bovril.
I don't touch booze.
Sounds like I win on that deal.
Hey, Andrew wins, Terry.
Always the boy.
Just a pleasure for me to put
smiles on faces.
His, yours, Jean's.
Taking ages.
Right. Bags out the back.
Watch that door there, it's a
bit bust.
Let you out.
Here it is. Do you have a pool
Have I got a what? A pool table.
You'll have to find out, kid,
won't you?
Divulging my secrets.
There you go.
Here you are, leaders first. Move.
Last one in, shut the door.
Go on, Woody. You ready?
You ready? Yeah.
Welcome, boys, to Aladdin's cave.
Check that machine down there!
This is the coolest house ever!
Bought that from brand-new, that.
Not even been used.
In there is Clifford.
He's a bosc monitor.
Boo! You got scared!
You got scared.
You lads like gaming consoles,
Guess how many games I've got for
that? What?
All of them. All of them.
Go on, if you want, in a bit.
How do you even play?
You're meant to be a great defender!
What's your favourite film, Woody?
Dunno. I kind of like superhero
Here's a superhero I like.
The devil!
Too scary for Woody.
You reckon?
You too scared? No.
Yeah. Prove it.
Shall we put it on? Yeah.
Go on, then.
Yeah. You sure?
Ooh, scary!
He got him, then, didn't he.
Right got him. See you later.
Way to go, that, isn't it?
You all right, there?
Right, Ash, Jobbo, Batzy.
You're in here, lads.
In here.
No more beds, I'm afraid, so...
You're in with me.
I can sleep on the settee if
it's easier.
No, it's fine.
You're all right.
Just get your pyjamas on.
I'll be back in a minute, all right?
Back me up, here, Ash.
Come on, now. All right.
Listen - oi, listen.
Shush, shush, shush.
Listen to me. Pipe down, or I
promise you,
we will not go and see
Crewe first thing tomorrow.
Good night, wasn't it?
You OK?
Just thinking, before...
You're probably one of the best
defenders I've seen in ages.
I'm so glad I found you.
Thanks, Barry.
I've been doing this a long
time, you know?
And I'm going to help you.
You know, make your mum and dad
dead, dead proud of you.
And, bless, your mum going off
working in that chip shop.
She won't have to do that.
She won't have to do
that any more, once you make it.
Be good that, wouldn't it?
You know what?
I'm not even tired, me. Are you?
Are you not? Do you want to play a
game or something?
Might as well, if we're awake.
I know this game. I've played it
with a few lads who've stayed
over before.
It's called Follow Me.
Dead easy, dead simple game.
Good footballers' game.
So wherever I put my hand, yeah?
Then you just do the same, yeah?
You follow me?
Make sense, yeah?
Right, let's play.
It's called Follow Me, Woody,
You've got to do what I do.
Well, go on, then. It's just there,
do it.
What's that? What's that?
It's not playing patty cake, mate.
I've got to know that you're strong,
if you're going to make it.
You know, you're a number five.
You're a defender, lad.
You've got to have some muscle
behind you.
Here you go, good lad.
Here you go. Good lad.
What's wrong?
I said you were a special kid,
didn't I?
You're my favourite.
Want to be my favourite, don't you?
Now, come on.
You follow me.
Oh, there he is! Here he is.
Did you have a fab time?
Well, tell your mum, then.
It was ace.
Come on, then.
Coming in, Barry?
Yeah, if that's all right.
Yeah. Come on.
We learned a lot about stuff,
didn't we, Woody.
The more we train, talk tactics,
the better.
As much as we can.
Even Christmas Day, if we've got a
game that week.
Christmas Day? Yeah.
Well, Christmas Day
is just another training day.
Ask any pro.
And Boxing Day's one of the biggest
games of the year.
So if you really, really want it,
you train Christmas Day, 100%.
Have you seen how well he passes?
With both feet.
I know Crewe.
And this chap right here, he is
right up Dario's street,
I'm telling you, he's going
to love him.
Will you stay for tea, Barry?
It's only egg and chips.
And peas! And peas. Sorry.
You sure?
Well, if we can't pay you,
at least let us feed you.
Well, if you put it like that. Yeah.
Right then, young man, where are all
these trophies and medals
you've been banging on about?
They're in my bedroom.
All right, you going to show me,
Yeah? Quite the collection
you got, isn't it?
It's all right. It's all right,
yeah, if he just shows me?
Yeah, yeah. Just a quick gander.
Be good.
Go on.
Oh, wow.
Check this out.
Man U central.
This one's when we won,
when I got Player of the Month.
Nice bed.
This one's for Player
of the Tournament
at Greater Manchester Schools
Gigg Lane.
Come here.
What you doing? It's all right.
Come here.
It's all right. Good lad.
Come on.
I'm not poisonous, mate.
You're all right.
Do you see how happy you're making
Mum and Dad? Hmm?
Just by being with me?
You're a good lad, Woody.
You're my favourite.
Do you want to be my favourite?
Hmm? Look at me.
You want to be my favourite,
don't you?
That's fine. Good lad.
Good boy.
Good boy. Yes.
Let's go. Come on!
Think of that little lad
who dreamed of the Premier League.
We've never been closer, lad.
This season's our big chance.
Go on, pass, pass, pass.
Bloody hell!
Run any faster, Woody, I'm sending
you for a bloody drugs test.
Kidding me.
You two again?
Can we come in quickly, Andy?
Won't be long.
I've just seen the wife leave,
so it's probably a good time.
What, are you two staking me out?
Not at all.
Just waiting for a good time.
We're almost certain that the boy
Bennell abused in the States
wasn't the only one.
How would you know? One squealer,
what does that tell you?
He squealed because he thought
he'd contracted AIDS off Bennell.
Without the AIDS thing,
he would have kept silent.
Yeah, it seems there's an issue
with lads not speaking up about this
sort of thing.
Your name keeps cropping
up as one of his favourites.
It means you slept in his bed
Who told you that?
It's just what we're hearing.
And I'm asking, who from?
We can't tell you that,
Well, I can't be arsed calling them
a liar.
I was never one of his favourites.
I don't even know what that means.
But you did sleep in his bed.
Everybody did, at some point.
..the US authorities are releasing
Bennell early.
And he's on his way to Manchester
right now.
But our investigation suggests
there are crimes in the UK
he needs to answer for.
And this is where you come in, Andy.
With a statement from you,
we can arrest him when he arrives,
charge him and get him
before a jury.
We can protect your identity.
You won't have to tell the world.
But for any of this to happen,
we need a statement from you, Andy.
You were close to him.
You're the key.
Saying what?
Our opinion? Bennell should not
be on the streets.
And we were hoping that
would be your opinion too, Andy.
Help us.
Welcome to Blackpool.
Right, boys.
OK, Jobbo, Batzy.
This is you, 103.
Come on, in you get, shut up.
Ash, Woody.
Got to split you up, I'm afraid,
This is you, mate.
Room for yourself, big man.
There you go.
Next. Frazier, Smitty, Matty.
Here we go, boys.
All three of yous in here.
And no messing about, lads, yeah?
Win the tournament tomorrow,
and then we can relax.
All right? I'll see yous in a bit,
All right, Woody, you're down here
with me.
But there's room with Ash.
Yeah, you're...with me. Come on.
TV: What B is common to
an accordion, concertina...
Yes? Bellows.
Bellows is right! Yes.
I'll be back soon.
Have a bedtime read.
TV: What A is the person...
Yes, Sarah? The accused.
The accused is correct.
Fuck off.
What did you say?
Listen to me, right?
You're dropped tomorrow.
I'll find another bloody keeper.
Fuck off!
What are you doing?
I heard Ash call out.
Never mind that, cloth ears.
Get back into fucking bed, now!
There we go. Congratulations,
Batzy, you deserve it.
Cracking tackle, that.
Right, then, finally,
last but not least, best defender.
There's only one in contention.
Stand up, Woody!
You deserve that.
Fantastic effort today.
Every single game,
you're brilliant.
Well done.
Well done, lads.
So listen, seeing as though we only
went and won the bloody thing,
I'm going to treat us to go
on the Big Dipper
and the Grand National
over at Blackpool Pleasure Beach!
There we go.
You played fucking great today,
I am so, so proud of you.
Apart from Ash. He couldn't even
catch AIDS.
You're rubbish!
What happened to you, lad?
Listen, there's one more thing.
Now, Jobbo...
..Jobbo had a fiver nicked
from his bag.
Now, I think I know who did it,
but I just can't prove it.
Eh? You were first in and out
of the changing room, lad.
I was just stretching.
I'm just saying.
It's not good, is it?
Don't feel nice, that.
It's called trust.
When you play football in my team,
there's trust amongst everybody.
You trust me, you trust each other.
Bang out of order, Ash.
You should be ashamed of yourself,
# I'll be here till the end of time
# So you've got to let me know... #
You all right?
# Should I stay or should I go?
# It's always tease, tease, tease
# You're happy when I'm on my knees
# One day is fine and next is black
# So if you want me off your back
# Well, come on and let me know... #
Don't look at me like that.
Ash was crap, so he's out.
You won't get a better keeper
than Ash.
Please, don't question me on this,
Hiya, Jean.
Hi, it's Barry.
Yeah. Yeah, we won it.
Yeah, I'm going to have to buy
a bigger trophy cabinet for this
Listen, Jean, it's late
and we're training tomorrow,
so it's probably easier
for everyone
if Andrew stays at mine tonight.
He can help out with me
on the sale tomorrow.
Yeah, you want to stay at mine
tonight, Andrew, don't you?
Yeah, come round and speak to your
I'll put him on now.
Hi, Mum. Hiya, love.
You won the tournament?
Yeah. That's ace!
Did you play well?
All right, yeah.
Got best defender prize.
Oh, did you? That's wonderful.
So you're OK, are you, staying with
Barry tonight?
Er... We'll miss you,
but it's up to you.
Hiya, Jean.
Hiya, I've just got a few urgent
calls to make,
so can we call you just
before bedtime?
Is that all right?
OK. Perfect.
Yep, will do, OK. Take care now.
Thank you. Bye-bye.
Sorry about that.
That's all right, Barry, I'm off.
You got those chits? Indeed.
Thank you.
Oh, it's mainly overnights
with the lads at your place.
Yeah. Not a chance you've had those
Ipswich tournament receipts yet?
You're joking.
Well, can I get Ipswich
and Blackpool on Friday,
just because I'm out on Saturday.
I've got another overnight tonight.
I'll do my best.
Please do. Bloody skint looking
after these lads.
All right, take care, yeah? See you
later. All right.
Right, lads.
Boxing Day is the most important
match of the year,
and I need my top
three boys to be at their very best.
I know it's cold. I know it's
miserable. I know it's only 8am.
But look around here.
How many people can you see?
That's right. None.
Do you know why? Because they don't
play for Crewe Alexandra.
Go on. Sprint, Jobbo, or I'll boot
this ball up your arse.
Jog back. Come on, shift it,
shift it!
Side, side, side.
Bounce off the outside foot,
that's it, go.
Good lad. Round me, round me.
Go on, back.
Shite. Jobbo.
Unlucky, lad. Woody.
Oi! Oi, get up!
No fucking queers in this sport.
Do you have to tonight?
Why not?
Because it's Christmas.
Suit yourself.
Get your heads up.
Look at me.
Get your heads up and get
into the changing room. Go on.
I could have had that winger all
Why didn't you play me?
You're not fit, lad. I am.
Up here.
How come you're red?
Red's United. United always win.
I want to play tomorrow.
It won't happen again.
You're first name on the team sheet,
Good lad. Good lad.
Go on.
My name is Andrew Woodward.
This is my witness statement
on the sexual abuse I suffered
at the hands of my football coach,
Barry Bennell.
This is the first time
I have revealed this happened.
The abuse started almost
when I started staying at Bennell's
It consisted of...
..French kissing and molestation.
Forced to receive oral sex.
Forced to give oral sex
to ejaculation.
Forced to watch and read
hardcore pornography.
And rape.
This happened almost on
a daily basis for three years.
SOBBING: And I felt there was nobody
I could tell.
Are you, er... Are you OK to sign
this, Andy?
Are there others?
It...it doesn't matter.
You're all we need.
It matters to me.
I... I can't tell you.
I'm really sorry, mate.
Anonymous testimony.
But no-one will know it's you.
I can promise you that.
Your name will not be made public.
You're having a fucking laugh!
Did you not fucking see that?
Jesus Christ.
Come on!
Come on, lads!
That's better, lads, come on!
Come on.
Oh, fucking hell, Woody!
Fucking hell!
For fuck's sake!
Get him off, now. Get Deano on.
For fuck's sake.
Why do I fucking bother?
Hiya, Mum. Hiya, Dad.
Sorry I'm late.
Neil wanted a chat, and then
I wanted to bring a gift.
You all right?
What's up?
What's up?
Bob from darts gave it me.
He's a Crewe fan and saw that on his
way home after the match.
Did you know about this?
Did he...
Did he do anything to you?
..I wouldn't let something
like this happen to me.
How could I?
I'd knock the bastard out, first.
Have you taken these tablets before?
Please be aware that there
are side-effects from them.
So if you do experience any severe
we suggest to stop taking them and
contact your doctor straight away.
Thank you. Have a good afternoon.
Thanks very much. See you later.
Jesus H, how many times
have I heard that bollocks?
"I know, gaffer." You know fuck all.
If you knew, I wouldn't be telling
you, would I? So listen to me,
nothing fancy.
Where's Woody?
Not a clue.
Not seen him.
Where's Woody? I've not seen him.
Think he's in the toilet, gaffer.
In here, boss.
Woody! I know you're in there.
You take a dump in the morning,
like everyone else.
Time's up. One minute!
Out here now.
You've got five seconds.
Five, four...
Oh, that's it.
You see me in the office
after the match.
That's it?
You just feel stressed?
Kids are playing up.
That's not fucking stress.
That's a full-on panic attack.
I can't play you
if you're barricading the fucking
toilet, can I?
Well, can I?
Is there anything you want to tell
I'm fining you a week's wages.
It can't happen again, because
if it does, I can't play you.
No-one in football can play if
you don't sort your head out, Woody.
You know what I'm saying here,
don't you?
Don't fuck it up, lad.
Not now.
Do you hear me?
PUNDITS: Before we get to City,
let's have a quick chat
about Andy Woodward and Bury.
Yeah, yeah.
Andy Woodward, the invisible man.
Not on the team sheet, not on the
bench, not on the injury list.
Totally dropped off the radar.
Something's gone
on behind the scenes.
Well, let's hope he's OK.
If he's released from Bury,
it's pretty much non-league
and lights out.
All right?
And you?
What do you think?
How's the football?
Not good.
I heard you got bombed
out of Halifax.
Doesn't look great on the CV,
that, now, does it, eh?
My career's over.
Because of what you did.
..I made your football career.
So that makes us even.
All I did was love you.
I still do.
Well, it's great
that you still love me.
Because that means you'll help me.
I'm suing Crewe
and I need your help, legally.
Are you letting the world know, are
Or is it all hush-hush?
Are you scared of what people might
think, Woody?
I need you to say the club
knew what you were doing,
because they say they didn't.
They did.
They knew I was making them
loads of dough.
They knew I was
the fucking star-maker, yeah?
Everyone knew.
You know what I mean.
The abuse.
Well, that makes it sound hangin'.
Like you didn't enjoy it.
But that's not true,
is it, Woody? Eh?
Anyway, I can't help you.
I've got a lot of time
for Crewe Alexandra.
They were good to me.
And they gave you everything
to make your dreams come true.
So think about that, Woody,
before you try and screw 'em
out of a few quid.
How many?
Apart from the kid in America,
and me,
how many?
What do Terry
and Jean think of you now?
Because I have to say,
I am extremely disappointed.
You was England material, once, lad.
And now look at you.
You're a fucking joke.
..you could have just said no.
Are you coming, Andy?
Remember, the sergeant wants you
with Child Protection early
I'm staying to watch the end
of the game. On your own?
I'm a big boy.
I thought you didn't like football.
I still watch it.
My career ended early, didn't it?
Oh, yeah, before you joined
the Force.
Bad injury, right?
That's right, pal.
Remember, Martin.
There's no rush.
I'm just here to listen and help.
Your mum told us she used to leave
you at the sports club
while she was at work.
What sort of stuff would you do
there? Homework.
Do you play any sport, Martin?
At school.
What position? Defender.
Andy? In here, please.
DS Denmyre and DI Bakewell,
Professional Standards.
Andrew Woodward? Yeah.
We need to interview you about
allegations made
whilst you were acting as a family
liaison officer.
Allegations of gross professional
misconduct of a sexual nature.
Sounds ridiculous, but... Not here.
In custody.
We know you were both consenting
adults, but she claims
you persuaded her for sex when she
was a witness on a case,
one that you were supervising.
I didn't persuade her.
She came round to see me.
Doesn't matter.
It's still professional
misconduct, isn't it?
..I stopped it because I didn't feel
And I'm sorry that...
the phone.
Please pick up.
Let me say I'm sorry.
I just want a chance to talk.
If you don't want me in the house,
then I'll go.
I love you, and I love our kids.
VOICEMAIL MESSAGE: Andrew, it's me
Look, please, just call us back.
Me and your mam are getting worried
We're your family.
There's no judgment here.
We love you, son.
You know that.
Ashy! My main man, my bezzie mate,
look at you!
Woody, mate, look at YOU!
Best goalkeeper in Cheshire.
It seems like a different lifetime,
football and all that.
Oh, get lost.
You played pro.
You made it.
Saw you on telly
playing for Sheff U.
And Bury, back in the '90s.
I'm a cop now.
Well, I was.
Sort of.
Why are you getting in touch, mate?
You know, we go back.
Played together on that team.
On Barry's team.
I've put those days out of my mind,
I told him, you know.
I told him not to get rid of you.
He didn't.
I quit the team.
I was told
it was the other way round.
I'm not surprised. Are you?
Long time ago, that, mate.
Feels like yesterday.
Where are you now? In the world?
Waterford. Ireland?
Oh, clever boy.
I design my own clothes.
Long story. Really?
Well done, you.
Are you sure you're OK, mate?
Where are you?
When am I going to see
you for a drink?
Yeah, OK.
Let's sort it.
Listen, I'm on the school run.
I'll give you a bell next week,
have a proper catch-up.
When can we have a proper catch-up?
Dead soon, I promise.
Yeah, yeah, definitely.
Good to talk to you, man.
Don't forget.
Call me.
See you, pal.
Anything you'd like to add, or...?
Like what?
A bit difficult to get your head
Anything you'd like to tell us?
LINE RINGS OU Hey, Woody, how are you?
Sorry I've not been in touch.
You know what he used to do to me,
don't you, Ash?
When he used to take me to bed.
Everyone knew, didn't they?
I didn't know, no, but I suspected.
I think everyone knew.
No-one talked about it.
Did he do it to you?
He tried.
What happened?
I said...no.
You didn't say no.
You said, "Fuck off".
You heard it?
Why didn't I say "fuck off"?
Why didn't I say anything?
Why was I his favourite?
I'm sorry, mate.
You know, he tried to contact me
on Facebook,
be my friend.
Can you believe that?
Changed his name, obviously,
because that's what paedos
should be allowed to do.
He calls himself Richard Jones now.
He's out and about, enjoying life.
Well, I'm not.
Enjoying life.
Not one bit.
Not for ages.
Woody, where are you, mate?
Oh... You OK?
Anyone I can call, let them know
you're all right?
I'm tired, mate.
Really fucking tired.
And I just wanted to say goodbye.
Woody, what are you doing right now?
Love you, mate.
You were a great keeper.
Best I played with.
Pick up the phone, mate.
Pick up the phone!
He's out of jail.
Why is he contacting Andrew?
I thought St Peter was a white
White beard.
It's the first time?
First of many.
I'm doing everyone a favour.
Like me?
Who else has had the honour
of this favour?
Who else have you even told?
You need to find someone who can
help you, pal.
It won't work.
Just make me relive it.
I feel like I'm trapped with him.
In his house.
In his bed, in his arms,
in his mouth.
You need to take control of it all.
How do I control something?
He owns these thoughts.
I can't get rid of him.
Have you even tried?
Talking? Yes.
You're still breathing, aren't you?
Aren't you?
Remember -
you said no-one talked on the team,
but everyone knew.
Well, you're wrong.
Not everyone knew,
but they should now.
And I mean everyone.
Let everybody know what happened
to you.
What he did to you.
Let him be judged on that.
That's how you take control
back from Bennell.
That's how you survive all this.
We're now arriving into
Manchester Piccadilly station.
Our final stop for this service,
Manchester Piccadilly.
I'm off out for a bit.
Who with?
You don't know him.
You know that I'm a sports
specialising in football.
I wasn't sure I should ring you.
Not easy.
I had to smoke about ten cigs first.
I'm glad you did.
Not the cigs! They'll kill you.
It won't be the cigs that kill me.
You do the Secret Footballer column.
Oh, our sister paper, The Observer.
So who is he, then?
He's a secret.
You don't mind if I record
our chat, do you?
I do, actually.
I thought you wanted to talk to me.
Talk like the Secret Footballer
That's just a Premier League
gossip column.
This story, your story is...
it's beyond stuff like that.
If it's true, it's...
You don't believe me?
I never said that.
Yes, you fucking did.
I'm not an idiot.
I have to be diligent
as a journalist.
I didn't mean to sound dismissive.
I do this anonymously, or not at
If you stay secret...
..so will your story.
Hearsay, instantly forgotten.
This story can't be forgotten.
I'd never forgive myself.
Oh, that's a shame.
It's all about you, is it?
This is about our national sport.
This involves the FA, the PFA,
the Government.
This is the biggest scandal
this game's ever seen.
But nothing will happen
if you remain hidden.
I just know it.
And that is what will hurt the most.
Danny, mate...
..I've got five sons.
They love me.
I love them.
They think I'm a real man.
Why aren't you a real man?
Because real men don't get raped.
But you...
You were just a child.
As an ex-pro, your voice
carries serious weight.
We can shine the light
on the Bennells of this world
and help save the next generation.
Do you think there's other
players out there
that he did the same to?
Bennell started at Chelsea in '71.
And he kept coaching until '94.
Four teams a year.
That's loads of boys.
He's been done for four.
Yeah. I think there are more.
There must be.
There must be.
You should have seen these walls.
This was my shrine to football.
Who was your hero?
Terry Butcher.
Pride of place.
Truly great defender.
Like you were.
Like you are.
Are you ready to do this?
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Don't give up!
Keep going!
Go on, keep going!
Don't give up.
Oh! Oh!
Oh! Great goal, son.
Can't half ping it.
Just like his dad.
He keeps skying the thing, just like
his dad!