Florence + the Machine: The Odyssey (2016) Movie Script

- So, Philippe?
- Yeah, the mechanics did a great job.
- It's a real beauty.
- She's a what?
A real beauty!
Well, your beauty
still smells of car grease.
That's part of her charm, man.
I don't want to spoil the party, but
How far do you think
this seaplane can glide?
There's only one way to know, right?
Just kidding, relax.
We're going home.
OK. Ready to land.
Shit! Holy shit!
Holy shit!
"Don't Knock It"
by The Delta Rhythm Boys
We're late.
Julie! We're late.
Not only do we have the bathyscaphe
but we will also have
two midget submarines on board
to reach depths never,
never seen by man yet.
Now, our divers will be equipped
with streamlined scubas,
fitted out with
an integrated lighting system
and a marine telephony system
to communicate underwater.
- Please have a look.
- James Bond style.
We already broadcast
dozens of animal documentaries
No, no, no. You did not understand.
We must not have explained it properly.
I am not making animal documentaries.
I am going to tell the story of men
who are going to explore a new world.
Captain Cousteau in the lead
and around him,
a gallery of other personalities.
His loyal right-hand man, Bbert,
and discreet wife, Simone,
who the entire crew adores.
And the son, with the movie star looks,
The spectators will travel with us
to all the oceans
on the face of the earth.
They will discover,
they will explore.
They will share our emotions.
They will be afraid when we take risks.
They will tremble,
they will laugh, they will cry.
It is not stories about fish
that interest people,
it is stories about people and that
is what I intend to show your viewers.
And how many films
will this contract cover?
- Twelve.
- Six!
Thank you.
- To Calypso.
- Calypso!
Stay here.
Come with me.
Doctor Clark.
The Head of the Zoology Department
of the University of Maryland.
- My son Philippe.
- Hi.
Nice to meet you. This way please.
She's the world's most renowned
shark specialist in the world.
You don't have any luggage?
- I was told to travel light.
- OK, great. It's a quick 1-hour flight.
If I had negotiated even 0.1% of all
the oil wells I discovered with him
You wouldn't have to make TV films.
You stay at the controls.
It's an order. All right?
- Welcome. Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
Captain Cousteau.
Do you really believe
that man will colonise the seas?
Oh, absolutely.
I believe that in the near future
a homo-aquaticus capable
of living underwater will exist.
A shunt connected
to a chemical cartridge
would ensure
the oxygenation of the blood
and thanks to artificial gills,
man would be able to rediscover
its original world.
The aquatic world.
I believe that, with the help of science,
man knows no limits.
I believe so.
Chin down a little bit.
That's nice.
Excuse me.
Just check the cable there
on the floor.
How are you?
OK, 5 minutes to work.
I totally agree with you
but you'll have to talk to my colleague.
I'm very pleased indeed.
Hold on.
All right, talk to her. Talk to her.
Yes, I have no time now.
I'm sorry I have no time.
You know, this is exactly where
I went diving for the very first time.
I would have liked to have seen that.
Let me check.
Good. Ready?
I'm not sure this underwater grotto
is a good idea.
Can you please trust me?
This is gonna be unbelievable.
It's fantastic.
It's like swimming in an aquarium.
You'll love it.
Let's go.
- Mr. Cousteau?
- I'm coming, I'm coming.
Mr. Cousteau?
I'm coming, I'm coming.
I hear Philippe
has formed his own crew.
Yes, I think he wants
to work on slightly different topics.
- Ecology.
- Yes.
Captain Planet.
I ask you to give a warm welcome
to Mr. Jacques Cousteau.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you very much.
This is home.
Some species of whales
have already completely disappeared
from the Atlantic
due to intensive hunting.
Here, the Great Whale
is affected by pollution.
- And are we talking about oil slicks?
- Oil slicks,
heavy metals, garbage,
you name it, it's out there.
It's love.
No, they never mentioned an advance.
Let me refresh your memory.
You still owe them two films,
which they've paid for in full.
You're not gonna squeeze
another dollar out of them, JYC.
You'll feel sad to leave this entrancing,
magic place,
but the Calypso,
indifferent to our cause, nostalgia,
is already setting her course
towards new adventures.
- So, how did you like it?
- Very much.
Actually, so much
we'd like to see a little more.
JYC, we're worried about
the two remaining films
you're supposed to deliver
before the end of the year.
As a matter of fact,
I'm going to deliver four in one go.
Let me explain to you.
This will be my greatest expedition yet.
I am going to explore the last
untouched open space in the world.
Frozen Spaces. The white continent.
Icebergs, whales, penguins
Places where man
has never dived before.
I already have the title.
'Voyage to the End of the World.'
An expedition like this, we'd have to get
all-new diving equipment.
And above all,
a special boat, an icebreaker.
- Have you an idea of the costs?
- I want five million dollars.
Oh no. No way, no way.
- How much are you prepared to
- One million.
- Max.
It's a deal.
That's not even gonna rent you
an icebreaker.
An icebreaker?
Who needs an icebreaker?
I am taking Calypso.
- The Calypso? In the Antarctic Ocean?
- Absolutely.
- Fabulous! I love that idea.
- She's a very good boat. She'll make it.
I love that idea.
Oh, that's great.
So right over here
Two coffees, please.
Excuse us for bothering you, Captain,
- but may I ask you for your autograph?
- Yes, of course.
- I admire you so much.
- I still remember those two sea-lions.
- What were their names again?
- Pepito and Christobelle.
- Christobelle!
- That's right. They were so adorable.
- We won't bother you any longer.
- And once again, bravo.
Thank you very much.
Have a good day. Thank you.
- OK. And this one?
- Yes, let me check.
- And this one?
- OK, yeah. This one at the top.
"My love,
I don't know
when you'll read this letter,
but after several days at sea
writing to you makes me feel
like you're not so far away.
The ocean here seems more immense
than anywhere else.
Soon we'll be in sight
of the first islands.
I cannot wait to discover
this unknown world."
We're going to try to circle around
to the west. Over.
The depression is growing too rapidly.
The only solution is to turn back
and head for shelter.
Otherwise, you'll encounter hell. Over.
Roger that.
It's time for you to turn back
and seek shelter. Over.
I'll get back to you.
Over and out.
Merry Christmas to you, baby!
No one is gonna buy documentaries
about ecology. No one.
Yes, because TV channels don't want
any trouble with industrialists.
- That's why.
- Where the hell is the car?
They are the ones who pollute,
but they buy advertising time
every year.
- Cut out the left-wing diatribe for me.
- Hey, we don't need these guys.
The world's oceans are in danger.
I am here today to announce
the creation of the Cousteau Society.
A non-lucrative organization
whose mission is to protect nature.
If industrialists pollute,
it is not out of cynicism.
They do not want
to actively destroy the planet
and they will be willing to accept
and follow the regulations
of the politicians,
but the politicians don't do anything
because they are thinking
of their elections.
And the funds collected by
the Cousteau Society will be used
to produce our future documentaries
and to raise public awareness
for the need to save nature.
I believe it will take a widespread
people's movement
to push the governments
to take the necessary measures
to protect the planet.
Now, my son Philippe
and myself
will give conferences.
We will go and meet the people.
And you believe that the people
will rise to the occasion?
You see, people think the sea
is so immense that man
will never be able to destroy it
and that is a fundamental error.
One day, we will no longer
be able to swim in the sea.
Because only the simplest forms of life,
such as bacteria and viruses
will be able to survive the pollution.
The longer we wait,
the poorer the world we want to save
will be.
We have the power to act
as citizens of this world,
for the sake of our children
and our grandchildren.
We can change things.
This is our planet,
and it's the only one we have.
Man has probably done more damage
to planet Earth
during the course of the 20th century
than in all of human history before that.
We live in an interminable succession
of absurdities
imposed by the blind logic
of short-term thinking.
The demographic explosion.
The divorce of south and north.
The climatic changes of all sorts.
The elimination of thousands of species
all over the world.
The dictatorship of materialism.
The only cure is the recourse
to utopia!
Yes, of course I wanna talk to her.
Put her on the phone.
Hello, yes?