Flores Raras (2013) Movie Script

The art of losing
isn't hard to master
So many things seem really
to be meant to be lost
That their loss is no disaster
Lose something every day
Accept the fluster
of lost door keys
The hour badly spent
The art of losing
isn't hard to master
Two verses
It feels incomplete, Elizabeth,
observations broken into lines.
The poem ends just where
it ought to be picking up steam.
I'm sorry.
No, no, you're right, Cal.
I'm tired.
I'll take a trip.
Ah, the geographic cure.
Terrific, except you
can't escape yourself.
Well, we'll see.
Fresh lands.
I'm getting nowhere here.
And I'm getting nowhere here.
I can't imagine life
without your weekly attacks
on my poetry and virtue.
That's good, that's good.
Let's go.
Listen, Lowell...
If anything happens
to me when I'm away
I want you to write my epitaph,
and I want you to say
I was the loneliest person
who ever lived.
For Christ's sake, Elizabeth,
why the hell would you
say something like that
Oh, you know, Cal...
Just a momentary lapse
into melancholy drama
before the first libation
of the day.
Did we cross the equator yet
It's about a minute to go.
I'll ring the bell.
- Thank you very much.
- Sure.
Did we miss it
I'm afraid so,
but it wasn't much, really -
just a slight bump.
How did we get here so fast
Really, such indecent haste.
Thank you.
See her
There she is!
Elizabeth Bishop,
welcome to Brazil.
Thank you.
How are you, Mary
Never better.
The traffic was awful.
We thought we'd miss you.
Lota drove
like an absolute terror.
Let's go, let's go, girls!
Welcome to Samambaia.
This is Joaninha,
my guardian angel,
my black sister.
She's saying welcome.
- Thank you.
- We say, Obrigada.
Excuse me.
That's the new house
Lota is building us.
Long way from Vassar, huh
It certainly is.
How are your parents
We don't speak.
What happened
I live with a woman.
They know
They found out.
They say I'm dead to them.
I'm sorry.
This is my home now.
That's a Maria Leontina,
Lota's favorite painter.
How is it... here
We are discreet in Rio,
but up here
no one bothers us much.
I think it's beyond
their imagination.
Mine too.
No, no, no.
You don't have to do that.
Still dancing
Still training.
It seems to be keeping
you in good shape.
Oh Elizabeth, really...
Anyway, it's all yours.
The room, that is...
Mary, come on, let's go up!
This is me...
I designed this all myself!
Every inch of it.
You see the stones
I kept the moss on them.
Did you notice
the shape of the ceiling
It follows the mountains.
It must been a lot of work.
It was a lot of fun, Elizabeth.
It's like being outside,
isn't it
What an adorable cat.
Does he have a name
No, he's just a stray.
Come here, I want to
show you something.
Now that is marvelous.
It looks like
a modern sculpture.
You should leave it
just like that.
It is just like that.
It's only for three days.
You can put up with an old
friend of mine for that long.
Does today count as day one
How close were you in college
We were both very busy,
pretending not to be
who we were
while being attracted
to each other
for what we thought
the other might be.
Well, that doesn't quite
answer the question.
No, we didn't...
But it was close.
She's so blas.
She is stuck up, defensive.
She is shy...
Deceptively funny...
There was this boy
who was crazy for her.
I don't know
what she did to him,
but he sent her a postcard
saying "Go to hell, Elizabeth."
My, God, I'm so impressed.
And then he killed himself.
Excuse me.
But this is
a very good Bordeaux.
Not today, thank you.
Would you care
for some water, Elizabeth
Can you drink the water here
Oh, yes, it's from our spring.
Is it mineral
No, darling, it's fresh water.
That's Farofa,
traditional Brazilian food.
It's delicious.
Hey, you're pushing away
the best part.
I'm allergic to nuts.
That could be
a problem in Brazil.
And Rio, do you like it
Well, I didn't get to see much,
but it sort of seemed like
a cross between
Mexico City and Miami.
A toast, to the inaugural meal
of the most amazing
house in Petropolis!
No one but you
could have done this, Lota.
Here, here.
No, no, no, don't do that.
Don't toast with water,
it's bad luck.
Trust me, it's worse luck
if it's not water.
It is so peaceful
on the ceiling
It is the Place de la Concorde
The little
crystal chandelier is off
The fountain's in the dark
Not a soul is in the park
I can't believe you know that.
I may be a politician,
but that doesn't mean I can't
love poetry as well as power.
We must go under the wallpaper
to meet the insect-gladiator
To battle
with a net and trident...
But I forget how it ends.
No, I can't.
Please, Miss Bishop.
I'm sorry, I just... can't.
And leave the fountain
and the square
But, oh, that we
could sleep up there
Excuse me.
Why wouldn't you finish your
poem when Carlos asked you
He was in awe of you.
It was rude.
I'm not a performer.
No, you are imperious,
you are aloof...
and drink good whiskey alone.
I'm... sorry.
We can't all be as proud
of our work as you are.
No, really,
I find it so admirable -
"I designed all this myself,
every inch of it."
I hear one of my poems,
and I'm... mortified.
Observations broken into lines.
Beautiful observations broken...
into perfect lines.
I guess this is why you
should never meet authors.
Good night, strange woman.
What did she say
Oh, she apologized.
What did you say
Maybe I was a little
too quick to judge.
As you said, she's very shy.
A kiss and make up situation.
Something like that...
Without the kiss.
Good night.
Good morning.
I think I should see a bit
of Rio before the boat leaves.
What's the point
I mean, you're right,
Rio's just another crummy city
full of sweating Cucarachas.
I'll drive you.
You can stay at our
apartment in Copacabana.
I'll show you around Rio.
No, thank you.
I think it's best if I stay
in a hotel near the docks.
Sit down
and have your breakfast.
Why don't you spend
some time here
Take the next boat.
It'll do you good.
- Lota.
- What
No, thank you, really,
It's all planned.
Well, see how you
feel after breakfast.
I'll drive you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God...
You want to play the capoeira
Christ, what have I done
Still want to kiss me
Absolutely not.
You look like
a diseased pumpkin.
Well, you're going to have
to stay here tonight -
and with us a couple of days.
I'll stay here with her.
Any Caju fruits in there
It only works once.
Good trick.
It was my trick, minha flor
Minha flor, what does that mean
Literally, my flower,
but it means honey...
Thank you.
Is that a Calder
Well done.
Yes, it is.
Look who I found for you.
Thank you, Mary.
The next ship doesn't leave
for another three weeks,
so settle in.
What does
"abaixo o governo" mean
- Abaixo...
- Abaixo o governo,
Down with the government.
And are you related to
Jose Eduardo de Macedo Soares
Jos Eduardo...
He slept with my mother
nine months before I was born.
At least you have a father.
That's debatable.
He wanted a son, he got me.
Then he wanted a daughter
who would marry
and give him grandchildren.
That's not me, so...
End of story.
My father died when
I was eight months old.
At least you had a mother.
Until I was five, then she
was taken to a mental hospital.
Is she still alive
- Time for presents!
- Presents!
If you don't like it...
No, I love it, it's exquisite.
I'm sorry,
I didn't have time to wrap it.
It's by one of our best poets,
Manoel Bandeira.
It's beautiful.
Thank you, Carlos.
Who knows - maybe one day
you'll come back to Brazil...
and translate him.
Happy birthday.
How did you know I love Racine
How could you not
Well, my French
isn't what it used to be.
Mine is great; I'll translate.
Another one.
Oh, Lota, I can't take this...
Please. It would be rude
to refuse it.
For your trip.
Most people forget to bring
theirs when they travel.
Thank you, Mary.
Well, I think the birthday girl
should make a toast.
No, no.
Just a drop, don't worry.
Here's to the rock beneath us
that shores up this house,
to everything in life
that may seem improbable,
but is not impossible.
I'll drink to that.
I love the Calder on you.
You should have kept it.
Perhaps I will.
I want you to stay.
And Mary
We're great friends,
we love each other,
but basically,
we are roommates.
Does Mary know you're roommates
Of course she does.
Maybe she doesn't
want to admit it.
What is that
So I'm leaving...
I'm going back home
until you figure this out.
Mary... This is your home.
Then send her away.
I can't.
You don't know her.
She screws everything up.
She was like that in college.
Let's adopt a baby.
You'll buy me a baby
so that you can have an affair
with another woman!
That's what
you've always wanted.
This is the key
are you offer me
This is the key
are you offer me!
Stop it!
Stop it! Stop it!
And Mary just... left
Yes, to Rio...
To think about what to do.
I feel terrible.
Lota, she's one
of my oldest friends!
What kind of life
can you expect
if you put friendship
before love
One that doesn't
move quite this fast.
Come here.
Come here.
I'm so in love
with you, Elizabeth.
I should warn you...
Unless I'm rather drunk
I'm very shy.
And furthermore,
love's not something...
So this...
will be your studio.
I'm going to put it
right on top of that plateau.
You'll have the
most gorgeous view.
You blew up the mountain
so I'd have a better view
It's the least I could do.
Where did you
study architecture
I was born an architect.
I've decided
to accept your offer.
I'm so happy, Mary.
Life wouldn't be
the same without you.
Come on.
I have no other options.
Of course you do,
but this is the best one.
We'll find
a beautiful little girl,
we'll raise her together.
- A family.
- No, you don't understand.
I meant I have no other
option than to love you.
Oh, Mary.
I love you too, Mary.
I love you too.
Wait, wait, wait...
See how entangled we still are
Maybe I should
go back to New York
until you and Mary figure
out what you really want.
I know what I want.
You want
everything and everyone.
I want everything I can get,
of course.
I will never have
children of my own.
You want me
to bow to convention
or to jealousy,
or whatever it is,
and throw away a woman I loved
who wants to make
a family for us.
Lota, a child is forever.
No, we are forever.
We are forever.
You got to have a little faith.
Not everything is so... brittle.
Some things don't
shatter or break...
Some things get stronger.
Where did you learn
to speak such good English
By reading your poems, honey,
how else
Come on.
Like it
Well, it's just another city
full of sweaty Cucarachas.
Like this...
Or like this
I think the wider.
No, no higher.
That's good...
You're the boss.
You look ravishing.
Come with me, please.
- Salud.
- Salud.
- What
- Stop.
Nobody is looking.
We should go.
You see.
I'm so glad you kept the trees.
That's why I had
to blow up the mountain.
In New York
I survived in a dark box.
Not any more.
You have sunlight
from here to there.
Come in.
Come in, my flower.
It's perfect.
It's all yours.
Better write something good.
I bet you will.
Thank you.
It's heaven.
How do you like the flowers
Any news about the baby
Joana is looking.
A letter from Robert Lowell.
Didn't he win the Pulitzer
I miss him terribly.
We used to meet quite often so
he could rip my work to shreds.
And where did these
meetings take place
Oh, no...
it's not like that, Lota.
My God.
No, we'd meet by the
boat pond in Central Park.
Funny, I know that
boat pond very well.
My father took me there
when I was young.
You know the little
boat of mine
It was a present from him.
But he had a real one too,
and we used to go sailing,
Never mind...
Boats was all we had in common.
Silver stars in your...
Shooting stars...
The shooting stars
in your long hair...
The shooting stars
in your black hair...
The shooting stars
in your black hair,
flocking in bright formation...
Black hair, flocking where...
So straight so soon.
Any white hairs back there
Like falling stars,
rare and beautiful.
The shooting stars
in your black hair
In bright formation
are flocking...
That was private!
You left it in the kitchen.
No, I forgot it in the kitchen.
When I want you to read
something, I'll show it to you.
It wasn't ready!
I loved it.
It's magnificent.
Do it again.
Do it again.
I think it should go over there.
No, Cookie, don't you remember
It goes over here.
So you have more space to
move once you open this boxes.
It's a beautiful desk.
Thank you, Dona Lota.
I'll charge you later,
Miss Bishop.
It's OK, I'm not drunk,
I'm just crying in English.
Cookie soaked in alcohol.
OK, we'll walk you
back to the house, OK
Mary, take an arm, please.
I'd love to,
right off the body.
I told you I can't drink.
Really Who'd have guessed it.
You smell nice.
What's that medicine called
that makes you stop drinking
- Antabuse.
- Right.
Do they have that
in this godforsaken country
Of course.
I need to take it again.
Yes, I think you do.
Did I ever tell you,
I hate babies
I had no idea.
What a pity; You'd make
such a good mother.
Awful little things.
And you'll be what to this baby
I'll be Grandma -
Grandma Lota.
And you'll be Grandma Cookie.
No, no...
I'll be Auntie...
by marriage.
And I'll be Mom.
Maybe this isn't
such a good idea.
Of course it is.
Help me!
Help me!
- Help!
- Mommy!
Mommy, mommy!
Give me the bottle.
Give me the bottle.
Son of a bitch, Cookie.
Into that world inverted
Where left is always right
Where the shadows
are really the body
And we stay awake...
Where the heavens are shallow
As the see is now deep
And you love me...
Into that world inverted
Where left is always right
Where the shadows
are really the body
Where we
stay awake all night...
That is like we imagine
knowledge to be -
Dark, clear,
Moving, utterly free
Drawn from the cold, hard,
mouth of the world
Drive from
the rocky breasts forever
Flowing and flown.
Pretend you're floating
on a wild river
and you're very, very scared.
Elizabeth, this telegram
arrived for you.
Open it.
No, I can't.
Telegrams are always bad news.
- Give it to me.
- Don't.
I'll open it.
Sweetheart, please.
Stop it!
I'll open it.
- Cookie...
- What
You're scaring me.
You won the Pulitzer...
for "North and South."
You won the Pulitzer Prize!
Miss Bishop!
Miss Elizabeth Bishop,
Ambassador James Clamenton,
and his wife Mrs. Maridan.
Miss Bishop,
it's a real privilege
to have you here
with us tonight.
Thank you.
It's an honor to be here.
Shall we
When I was in college
and stayed up late,
they punished me
for being 'bohemian.'
Here in Brazil
you all stay up late,
and your best beer
is called Bohemian.
I have always felt alien.
Here in Brazil I am an alien.
I was orphaned young
and have always felt homeless.
So far away from America,
I should feel more alien
and more homeless than ever,
but you treat me like a sister,
and I have never felt
more at home in all my life.
Thank you.
Now you have the Pulitzer -
what else do you want from life
The Nobel Prize for literature.
What about you, Carlos
What do you want
I want to be president.
I will be president of Brazil.
Just Brazil
In fact, today I took
the first step.
The UDN Party invited me to
be their candidate for governor,
and I accepted.
It will be announced tomorrow.
- I hope you win.
- Thank you.
- Here is...
- A toast...
To the future governor
of the State of Guanabara.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me.
Miss Bishop.
Jose Eduardo...
It's an honor.
Thank you.
I liked "North and South" a lot.
Thank you again.
And I'm also so glad
my daughter's taste
in Americans is improving.
You're lucky to have a father.
Knock it off, Cookie, OK
That's the father you have.
Well, if you don't stop,
I will uncork this in your eye.
- No!
- Yes. Yes, I will.
Don't you do that!
That really hurt.
That That was nothing.
Go on then. Try me.
Oh, my God...
I've never made love
to a Pulitzer Prize winner.
I think I've already had
more than enough.
Just a sip, for us.
You celebrated
with the whole city.
It's my turn.
Oh... Cal
Cal, who is paying
for this call
Yes, yes, it was tonight.
Precise observation
combined with
a free-roaming imagination.
I'll take it.
That's better than
"observations broken
into lines."
Yes, you did!
Yes you did say that!
Don't deny it.
He did
He called you
Can you believe
Aldous Huxley loved my book
I loved your book too.
I wrote a poem for you.
Do you want to hear it
Um hmm.
Close, close
All night the lovers keep
They turn together
in their sleep
Close as two pages in a book
That read each other
in the dark
Each knows all the other knows
Learned by heart
from head to toes
Do you like it
I love you, Lota.
Guess what Carlos wants me...
Sorry, darling. I'm just...
right in the middle.
The New Yorker wants me
to write poems for them
on a regular basis.
Wow, that's fantastic!
Don't they pay really well too
Yes, yes, it's all marvelous.
So, what's the problem
I don't know...
It's a commitment.
You don't like commitments
I already have
a commitment - to pessimism.
A pessimist
is never disappointed.
Carlos wants me to go to Rio
to help him in his campaign.
He wants your money.
I'm sorry...
That was totally unnecessary.
And not true.
No, not true.
My idea was to write a poem
based on some of my favorite
Brazilian expressions.
So it is true,
you are the queen
of the black coconut candy,
but still your cow
is stuck in the swamp.
You ask me to break
a branch for you,
but still from
on top of the dry meat.
You've always pulled
the sardine toward yourself,
and yanked on my sack
like a bellringer.
But now your luck has changed
and even the urubu flying
beneath you craps on your head.
It was you who said,
"Pepper in someone else's eye
is such sweet refreshment!"
So, help you
No, amiga.
Go comb a monkey.
He loved my ideas...
And we are going
to build a park.
You're magnificent.
I know.
I'll be in charge
of all creative of decisions,
and... supervise the entire
construction of the park.
I'm so happy for you.
We need a drink.
I'm going to ask Mary
to work with me.
She needs the money,
and I need
somebody I can trust.
Hello, Elizabeth.
Good afternoon, Carlos.
Good to see you.
Hey, hey, Cookie.
- Is everything all right
- Yeah, yeah.
Hello, Elizabeth.
I...brought a surprise.
Thank you, thank you,
but Mary already
took care of lunch.
Thank you anyway.
Please go through the park,
if you wouldn't mind.
I live on 43rd
and Madison Avenue.
The male biceps...
Meet my Nubian prince
and saviour, Lota,
he who bore me down
from Purgatory.
Wait, wait.
Let's go. Careful.
Hi, Auntie Elizabeth.
Hello, sweetie.
How was school
I hate being the new girl.
Well, you'll be back
at Samambaia soon.
I don't like Mommy to work.
You have to go eat.
Are you drinking whiskey again
Is she asleep
Out like a light.
Did you tell Clara I drink
Your drinking is not
a secret to anyone...
It was to Clara.
Did you tell her
Please, please.
Let's not ruin dinner.
Maybe she just
overheard something.
Kids have big ears.
She shouldn't
have heard anything.
She's a child,
and one I'm terribly fond of,
and I'd appreciate if you
wouldn't poison her against me.
I'm concerned about my daughter
living under the same roof
as a drunk.
Mary, that's enough!
Anything that's new
or they haven't seen before,
they call elitist!
This country
doesn't deserve you.
Maybe we should
get out of Brazil.
People keep
talking about a coup.
That's what we need!
I can't believe
you're saying that.
This president is a disaster.
Even so, he was
democratically elected.
There has to be a process.
This is the process, Elizabeth!
We are in South America!
Do you want live
under a communist regime
Do you
Maybe we should
take a vacation.
How dare you
demean me like that
- What
- Vacation Now
- Actually...
- Why not
After all, it's not like
I'm writing great poetry.
I'm just a glorified gardener!
I won't abandon my country -
or my park!
Lota... Are you hurt
Are you OK
I'm fine.
Everything is fine.
Where are you
I'm at the Palace with Carlos.
The palace
Yes, we are celebrating.
As Tom Jobim says,
"Brazil is not
for beginners..."
How can one live in a place
where stamps come unglued,
soap melts almost
before you can use it,
rivers run too fast to the sea
I would like to understand this
unbearable joy Brazilians have,
this constant urge to celebrate.
And then there's
your melancholy,
it's drama,
it's flamboyance,
it's abandon.
To a North American,
particularly one like me,
out of proportion, excessive.
Kennedy's assassination...
Such mourning,
such outpourings of grief.
The doormen,
cab drivers, cleaning ladies...
Why What is it you lost
But when
the military coup happened
and you lost your freedom,
I was there, I saw it;
You went on playing
soccer on the beach.
The longer you
stay in one place,
the less you understand it.
Well, anyway...
thanks for coming.
Have fun.
I know you will.
Bon appetit.
These are the people
I work with.
It isn't funny to me.
I'm sorry, I just got lost.
You got drunk.
I'm not drunk.
You want me
to be indulgent with you.
I won't be.
To me, indulgence is
a lack of esteem,
a sign of disdain.
You better go back
to Samambaia for a while
and sober up.
You see the bird
I got an offer
from New York University
to teach a semester
there in the fall.
It'd only be for
a couple of months,
and I think it might
be kind of fun.
I need you here.
Stay one more day.
Cookie, you know I can't.
What about our garden
It's in desperate need of you.
See you back here Friday
for your birthday.
Happy Birthday, Aunt Elizabeth.
Thank you, Clara.
You're welcome.
Happy Birthday, Elizabeth.
Thank you, Mary.
This arrived from
your friend Lowell.
Oh, thank you.
Here you go.
Lota had to stay in town
for a meeting with Lacerda.
She'll be up
as soon as she can.
Can you say good night
Good night, Aunt Elizabeth.
Good night, darling.
I don't drink because
things go wrong, Lota.
I want to drink
every minute of every day.
Things going wrong
just gives me the excuse
I've been looking for.
But why
Because if I don't
have what I want...
I'm lonely and sad.
And if I do have what I want...
I'm sure I'm going to lose it.
And the waiting is unbearable.
I think I'm gonna buy
you a hat like that.
Having you all to myself
here in Ouro Preto
was the best birthday present.
That's how I want
the light in the park to be.
That would be magical.
It will be magical.
Wait and see.
By the way, when we go back,
I want you to write
a book about the park.
I've been thinking about
the offer from NYU,
teaching for a semester.
I told you I needed you.
It would only be for a semester
and you could visit...
Did you already accept the job
Answer me. Did you
So you came on this trip
knowing you were leaving me!
I'm not leaving you;
t's just for a semester.
How dare you -
after all I've given you!
You want sympathy,
but you give none back.
You want to be loved,
but remain completely elusive!
I'm not elusive.
So it's not a strategy,
you're simply indifferent!
That's not true.
Do you realize that you
never said, "I love you"
You can't expect someone
who was raised in a desert
to swim like a fish.
Oh, what a pretty
turn of phrase!
I don't find it...
Actually, I did say it once.
Oh, you did When was it
You were asleep.
It was after the Pulitzer...
I was asleep!
Thank you so much!
This is hilarious!
This is poetic justice!
I've even got the fucking poet -
or... rather I don't!
Please don't make a scene.
It is just a semester.
Do you really believe
that you can handle
one whole semester
without me to keep you in line
You'll be so drunk you won't
know where you're teaching!
Live without me
You're not strong enough.
You can't survive without me!
Don't do this.
OK, let me guide you
through the first week.
Write a poem, a sonnet,
how to fuck up a relationship.
But only one page,
because it doesn't...
take very long.
That's it...
Run, as you always do,
you drunk!
She packed two bags,
kissed Joana goodbye,
and left for the airport.
I didn't just attack her,
I humiliated her.
That was my mistake.
Your mistake would be
to chase after her.
I think you should have a
little pride, a little strength.
I don't know,
maybe you're right.
That's why she
fell in love with me, right
At the end of an affair,
there really are only two cures.
Here we go.
One is to simply
endure the pain until it ends,
time heals all wounds,
etcetera, etcetera.
The other...
is to dissolve old memories
in lavish doses of alcohol
while vigorously fornicating
with anything that moves.
Truth is,
I'm happy to be here Cal,
and so happy to see you.
But I miss her.
Things get in your blood.
Miss Elizabeth Bishop...
The faculty.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Pleasure to meet you too.
Welcome to New York.
Thank you very much.
I don't really know
what I'm doing here,
because I don't really believe
you can teach anyone
to write poetry.
What I can do
is to train the poet's eye.
Nice place.
Still need to do a lot of work.
Exile is only a luxury for those
who steal before they leave...
Something I forgot to do.
Do you need somewhere to stay
No, good God, no.
I'm fine. Thank you.
I can never
run for office again,
but here I am... alive.
In these days,
that counts as lucky.
I just heard
from friends in Rio.
Lota's in the hospital.
What kind of hospital
She wanted to turn
the park into a foundation,
to keep it safe
from the government and...
I know that.
What kind of hospital
She failed.
The military threw her aside.
What kind of hospital, Carlos
A mental hospital -
for depression and breakdown.
My darling Cookie,
I know I was rude,
but surely enough time has
passed for you to forgive me.
I finally took
your advice about my father,
and I'm so grateful
to you for this.
Please answer one of my letters
Just one.
Why are you here!
Why didn't you tell me
what was happening
Where is she
She can't see you, Elizabeth.
- She can't see you!
- Take your hands off me!
Yes, I am.
I'm Elizabeth Bishop.
How is she
She's still very depressed.
I want to see her.
She's just starting to recover
and now you want to do
this to her all over again!
She needs to be calm,
no stress.
Your name makes
her very agitated.
Why don't you go home,
get some rest.
We both love Lota,
so tell me honestly -
is this because of me
This one time, Elizabeth,
it's not about you.
Think about it...
How could anybody
possibly be that confident
But she thinks
you're the cause...
and also the cure.
She is obsessed
with you coming back.
She imagines you
nursing her through this...
like she nursed you
through your alcoholism.
The word through, implying an
emergence on the other side,
might be a tad premature.
Elizabeth, if you come back,
she'll probably
get a little better.
But if you leave,
she'll crash again -
only worse.
And then it will be your fault.
She was here
And you didn't even tell me!
The doctor wouldn't allow it.
Hi, Cookie.
How are you
Much better, thank you.
I want to come and see you.
Are you...
Are you well enough to travel
Of course I am.
I...I just had a little slip.
But now everything's
back the way it was.
There we go.
You should let me
carry that for you.
It's OK.
You must be thirsty.
I made some
ice tea this morning.
- Here.
- Thank you.
You never answered my letters.
I never received any.
That's impossible.
I sent you dozens.
No, darling.
Not now.
The art of losing
isn't hard to master
So many things seem filled
with the intent to be lost
That their loss is no disaster
Lose something every day
Accept the fluster
of lost door keys
The hour badly spent
The art of losing
isn't hard to master
Then practice
losing farther, losing faster
Places, and names
And where it was
you meant to travel
None of these
will bring disaster
I lost my mother's watch
And look...
My last, or next-to-last,
of three loved houses went
The art of losing
isn't hard to master
I lost two cities,
lovely ones, and vaster
Some realms I owned
Two rivers, a continent
I miss them
But it wasn't a disaster
Even losing you
The joking voice,
a gesture I love
I shan't have lied
It's evident
The art of losing's
not too hard to master
Though it may look like
Write it...
Like disaster