Flower Shop Mystery: Dearly Depotted (2016) Movie Script

- [man]: Morning, Abby.
- Morning.
- Here, let me help you.
- Oh, thank you.
- We're now open. So is one
of these coffees for me?
You shouldn't have.
- I didn't.
They're both for me.
Not to mention
the double espresso I had while
waiting for those coffees.
- Coffee binging. Is this
something we should talk about?
- No. Maybe.
Oh, fine.
- Thank you.
It's called guilt.
It works every time.
Abby, here's to you
surviving tomorrow's wedding.
- Oh, let's hope there is one.
- What, is there a chance
there won't be?
- Mm...
Jillian is the
family's drama queen.
She's already jilted
two fiancs at the altar.
- Whoa. Ouch.
- I cannot get stuck
with 900 cut flowers.
This wedding has to happen.
- What are you doing?
- Just taking my coat off.
- What are you doing?
Is there something
you don't want me to see?
- Taking my coat off...
- Come on. Get out of the...
What is this?
You bought a police scanner?
Didn't I hear you say
you were going to stay out
of other people's business?
- I am.
- Oh, OK.
Right, fine.
Would you like me to maybe
install this in your car,
or do you want to operate it
here in your flower shop?
- See you tomorrow.
[Marco chuckling]
Oh, wait, Marco! By the way...
- Yeah?
- So look, I know you
don't know my family
and you don't know
the bride or the groom,
or any of the guests,
but one of the groomsmen --
well, actually my partner --
had to drop out, so--
- You're just wondering if
maybe I could walk you down the
aisle as a groomsman fill-in?
- Yes.
- Done. How easy was that?
- Thank you.
[door chime ringing]
- Nicky.
- Hey! I brought coffee,
but I only brought two.
- What is with you guys?
You girls are, like,
obsessed with coffee.
- Mm... Bye!
- Alright, ciao!
[door chime ringing]
- He seems to be finding a lot
of excuses to come over here.
- What? He just helped me with
the door. My hands were full.
- Uh-oh.
- What?
Oh, no. No, don't say it.
- Here comes the... bride.
- Abby? This whole thing
was a huge mistake.
I'm calling it off.
- Oh, no.
It's just cold feet, Jillian.
Go home. Put on some socks.
- What was I thinking? I've only
known him for six months.
- Oh, six months is a perfect
amount of time to fall in love.
- I mean, I don't know.
Maybe I was just distracted
by this big, honking diamond!
- Oh, you're not that shallow.
And do you remember that
you told me you loved him?
- Yeah, I do.
- See? Oh, those two words.
So you can say those two words.
- I suppose if I marry him,
I could always
get out of it later.
- There's the spirit!
- Yeah, OK!
Thank you, Abby.
You're more like an older
sister than an older cousin.
- Older, close in age, whatever.
[loud kissing]
- Thanks!
I'm so excited!
[door chime ringing]
- You just saved us 900 flowers.
- Let's get these
centrepieces in the car.
[indistinct chatter]
- [Marco]: Quite the turn out.
Is this yours?
- OK. Let me check out
this one, just in case.
- That looks gorgeous.
- Thank you. Wow!
- Oh, come on. Don't make
a big deal. It's a rental.
- You look great.
- Can I help you with your coat?
- Oh, no, that's OK.
I'm just a little cold.
- Oh, OK. Oh!
For you.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Abby! Thank
goodness you're here.
The flowers on table
seven are wilting.
- Oh! OK, got it.
Bethany, this is Marco,
the groomsman replacement.
Bethany is the wedding planner.
- It's my first
wedding in New Chapel.
Honestly, I don't know who is
more nervous: me or the bride.
Let me take your coat.
- Oh, no, that's OK.
I'm a little chilly.
- Oh, dear. I'm going
to go check on the heat.
- "Wedding planner"?
She does realize there's only,
like, three people a year that
get married in this town, right?
- She moved here
a couple months ago.
Starting over, like me.
Her husband passed away. Oh!
Look who's here.
- Hey, guys.
- You look beautiful, Nick.
[various greetings]
- Marco, you know
my husband, Richard.
- Yes, I do. Richard,
good to see you again.
Nice tux, by the way.
- Likewise, my friend.
- Due back tomorrow at 11?
- Affirmative.
- Sydney!
- Hi, Mom.
- You made it!
- Any chance to avoid
dorm food! Hi!
- Hi! You look lovely.
- Thank you, you too.
- You look beautiful.
- Thanks, Mom. You too!
Where's Grandpa?
- Disinvited. Evidently,
there's some ancient history
between him and Gloria Osborne,
the mother of the groom.
- History like...
dating history?
- Either that or he gave her
a parking ticket.
- You know, I was
thinking I should video
the flowers for the website,
while they still look perfect.
What do you think?
- Good idea.
- Let me. My face is starting to
cramp up from all the smiling.
- Oh! OK. Thank you.
- To useful children.
- Cheers.
- Bridesmaids, photo please.
Excuse me. Abby? Coat, please.
- Oh, OK.
Here we go.
Thank you.
- Alright, right this way.
OK, right this way, ladies.
- I look 12.
- They look 12.
- They are 12!
[distant hubbub]
Oh, Mrs. Osborne.
Your son is marrying
a very special girl.
I'm Abby Knight.
The florist? And also
cousin to the bride,
which means we'll be family,
in a way.
- This day just
keeps getting better.
- You do realize
I'm standing right here.
- How could I not, dear?
You're seven feet tall.
May I suggest flats?
[indistinct whispering]
What are we waiting for?
Let's get going.
- Can I have your
attention, everyone?
The ceremony is about to begin.
Can everyone please follow me
into the Empress room,
right this way?
- Is that Jack Sutcliff?
That guy owes me a bar tab.
- Good luck with that.
Hold this. I'm going
to put out a fire.
- Don't get burned.
- So, crashing
weddings now, Jack?
- Just this one.
I need to speak to Melanie.
- Well, talk to her somewhere
else. Anywhere else.
- Come on. The old man
won't let me close to her.
- Can you blame him?
- Look, I'm not going to cause
a scene. I just want
to talk to her.
- Abby!
Um... We gotta go.
[organ playing]
So did you put out that fire?
- Who am I kidding? I should
carry around a garden hose.
- How'd he get
an invitation, anyway?
- He didn't.
Ex-husband to cousin Melanie.
- Another cousin?
- Yep.
Black sheep in the family
with the big hair.
- Got it. What's the deal with
the guy with the scowl
on his face?
- That would be her father,
Josiah. Also a black sheep.
- I thought a family could
only have one black sheep.
- Ours has a herd.
- It's a flock.
- Flock is birds.
- And sheep.
[song: Bridal Chorus
by Richard Wagner]
[eerie music]
- Thank you.
[eerie music]
- [muffled]: How dare you!
- Get your hands off me!
[scattered whispers]
[muffled]: Don't you
ever touch me again!
- I can't breathe.
- Yes, you can.
In and out, in and out.
- Can you just step in for me?
- No, because then I would
be the one getting married.
- What should I do?
- Talk fast.
- We are gathered here today
to join Jillian Knight and
Claymore Osborne in
holy matrimony.
And we'll skip the vows
and ask if anyone here
has an objection to this union.
[throat clearing]
Does somebody have a ring?
- Oh, this is it? I do.
- Wow. I do, too.
[small squeal]
Oh, sorry. Thank you.
- I now pronounce you
husband and wife.
You may kiss the bride.
[song: Wedding March
by Felix Mendelssohn]
- The alarm went off
at the store.
- OK.
[piano music playing]
- What do you call
a group of sheep?
- [robotic voice]: A group of
sheep is called a herd...
- Ha ha, yes.
- ...or a flock.
- Oh, yeah.
- Oh, OK.
Alright, touch.
- Lady Osborne, 12 o'clock.
- She is no lady.
- No, I don't want to
eat that. Take it away.
- Remind me never
to get married in...
She looks miserable.
I don't get it, either.
Her son married a perfectly
nice gold digger.
- Jillian's not a gold digger.
That would require digging
and Jillian doesn't
do manual labour.
- I'm sure, knowing my new
bride's track record,
many of you weren't sure
this day would ever come.
[laughing and booing]
But it has,
and I'm so thankful you're
all here to share it with us.
And I'm so thankful
that you said yes.
- [various]: Aww.
- To my beautiful new bride.
- [various]: Cheers.
- Lead me on the
dance floor tonight
With my two left feet
Don't know left from right
But I'll dance for you
Only you
- Dance with me,
dance with me
- Sway across the floor
- Dance with me
- Hold me close
With a one step, two step
Three step, four
With my two left feet
Sweep me across the floor
With a one step, two step
Three step
We'll dance
Because we want to
We'll dance
because we love to
- Should we?
- Sure.
We are talking about
the same thing, right?
- I'm talking about dancing.
- Oh, I thought you meant
the buffet.
- Abby, you don't dance?
- You know, I'm a little bit--
- Come on. Just follow
my lead, you'll be fine.
- Oh. And that's worked out
for you in the past?
- OK. Let's just have fun.
- OK.
- Alright?
- That I can do.
- Because I want to
- Dance with me,
dance with me
- Sway across--
[Swing version of
Pop Goes the Weasel]
- What do you think?
- Follow my lead.
- Are you holding back?
Why don't we move
towards this way?
Woo! Ha ha!
- That woman hates me.
- The dancing isn't helping.
Let's get out of here.
- Whoa!
Look at these.
These are incredible, Abby.
- Thank you.
- So pretty.
That's gorgeous too.
- Thank you.
This cake is amazing.
- I'm sure it is.
- Want a bite?
- What's that? Oh! Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
- You know what? Red velvet cake
is actually chocolate cake
with food colouring.
- Please don't take the joy
and mystery out of
red velvet cake for me.
You ruined it.
- Come on.
What do you mean I ruined it?
I'm sorry, I was just--
- Come on. Come on.
- I was just giving you
some background information.
- Oh, thank you. We should go
round to see how all the flowers
are holding up.
- Oh, look.
You have flowers everywhere.
- Yeah.
- Alright, what's in here?
- Um... it's the parlour.
That's my crystal punch bowl!
Or what's left of it.
Looks like somebody
had too much to drink.
- Or not.
- Ugh. It's Jack Sutcliff.
- Pretty sure he's dead, Abby.
- What?
[suspenseful music]
- Who found the body?
Never mind, I already know.
Please tell me
you didn't disturb it.
- The body belongs...
belonged to a Jack Sutcliff.
His ex-wife was my cousin,
Melanie Turner.
He said he came to talk to her.
She left early with her father.
- I suppose you already have the
murder weapon and confession?
- Punch bowl.
- What?
- Punch bowl. The murder weapon
was a punch bowl. There
it goes. Well, half of it.
The other half is missing.
You should probably check all
the dumpsters in the vicinity.
Trash collection
day is tomorrow.
- Thank you.
I believe I can
take it from here.
Let's keep this
place on lockdown. No one
leaves until I get statements.
[quietly]: And check all the
dumpsters in the vicinity.
Ms. Knight, you're free
to go. Don't leave town.
- My first wedding
and there's a murder?!
- And I'm going to need
the wedding video
and all the pictures.
- I'll get that for you now.
- Richard Bender?
- Yeah?
- I understand you
left early, sir.
- Yeah.
- Um, my husband had to leave.
He got a call from his store.
- And when was that?
- It was during the ceremony...
- After the "I do's."
- Yeah, after the "I do's."
Look, I own a jewelry store
and the alarm went off
and I got a notification
on my phone.
- [Nicky]: I saw it.
- I saw a case like this
on Columbo.It was
the groom's mother.
- Whatever happens, stay out
of people's business, Abby.
- Excuse me. Can we at
least let my guests go?
This obviously has nothing to do
with my side of the family.
- I understand,
Mrs. Osborne. I will need
a statement from your son.
- The only thing that Claymore
is guilty of is marrying down.
- That's enough, mother.
How can we help?
We have a flight to catch
in an hour to Turks and Caicos.
- I'm afraid you will
have to postpone.
- This is ridiculous. Claymore
doesn't even know this...
Sutcliff person.
Although I can't vouch for her.
- I know him, like, a little.
- What's "a little"?
- I, um...
went out with him once or twice.
It was before we met.
- Did everybody date this--
- What are you still doing here?
You've been cleared to leave.
- Oh, well, it's OK.
We can just stick around,
you know, if you need to--
- No, I don't know.
I think I'm fine, Ms. Knight.
Do you require directions
to the coat room?
After you. Goodnight.
- Thank you.
OK, that gives us
three suspects so far.
Oh, coffee. Thank you. OK.
What's up?
- The police came to
our house last night.
They said Richard left
the wedding around the time
Jack was killed. They're
suggesting he triggered
the store alarm himself
as an excuse to leave.
- Why would he do that?
- He doesn't even know
Jack Sutcliff.
- They are desperate
for a suspect, huh?
Hey. It's gonna be alright.
[door chime ringing]
- Morning, monkey. Morning,
Nick. Got your coffee.
- Oh, hey, Dad.
- So I missed a wedding
and a murder.
- And Gloria Osborne.
- Oh, good thing.
- Morning, all.
Abby, I've got your...
coffee order.
- Thank you.
- So why don't we
get started here?
Let's find ourselves
a killer, shall we?
- [quietly]: Almost forgot
we have a business to run.
Uh, you forgot your coffee.
- Thank you.
- Hey, guys. Mrs. Day!
What can I do for you?
- OK. What do we know
about Jack Sutcliff?
- From what I know,
Sutcliff was a hustler.
Charmed the
ladies, scammed the men.
- Who would want him dead?
- Most of the ladies.
A lot of the men.
- Not me, because dead men
don't pay their bar tabs.
- It's motive we're looking for.
Everything points to Josiah.
- Or Melanie.
- No, Josiah hated Jack
for abandoning his daughter.
- But wouldn't Melanie
hate him more?
- Josiah's had his share
of trouble over the years.
I got called to the farm
more than a few times
when I was on the force.
- The black sheep
live on a farm.
[Marco laughing]
No? Alright.
- OK. Cousin Jillian dated Jack.
Maybe he had something on her.
- How could she have done it?
Weren't all eyes on the bride?
- She did leave the party
early to check her makeup.
- Shoes.
- It's the same thing.
- No. Shoes. Shoes.
Not the same.
- Dunn won't be eager to
investigate the Osbornes.
They're big contributors to the
policemen's fund. I, however,
have no such qualms.
- Dad, just because
she uninvited you
to your niece's wedding
doesn't make her a suspect.
- We'll see.
- OK, well, I'll go pay a little
visit to Josiah and Melanie.
- I'll go with you.
- No, that's OK.
- No, I insist. In fact,
just try to get rid of me.
- Tempting.
- Go with her.
I don't trust Josiah.
I almost forgot. I need flowers.
- Oh, OK. Uh... For whom?
- Do I ask about
your social life?
- Constantly.
- I'm gonna pay Gloria
Osborne a social call --
something I haven't
done in a long time.
- There was a relationship?
- A brief one.
Back in high school.
She was always
looking for greener pastures.
You know, that kind of green.
So I want a flower that says,
"Hey, I don't like you.
You're not a good person."
- Oh. That's going to be tough.
- And that, "There's no chance
that you and I will
ever be friends."
- Got it.
- That says, "In fact,
you're lucky I'm even
talking to you."
- Um, how about this?
Dead, dried,
but yet somehow still tasteful.
- Perfect. What do I owe you?
- Details.
[door chime ringing]
- Those aren't for a date-date?
- With those flowers?
If it is, I doubt
there'll be a second one.
- Yeah, I've been there.
- I bet you have.
- A police scanner
is such a cool thing!
[scanner squealing]
- Stop playing with it!
- What? I just want to touch
the buttons.
- No, stop it!
- Alright, alright.
- 484 at Bea's Custom Gown Shop
off Marsden.
- Oh, 484. That's...
That's petty theft.
- Woo. Regular crime
wave around here.
- It's going to be if you don't
stop playing with that.
- What's going on here?
I thought we were returning
my tux. This is...
- Jack Sutcliff's apartment.
- Wow. How'd you find that out?
- I saw his address
at the bottom of your bar tab.
- That wouldn't happen to be
the bar tab he didn't pay.
- Yeah, the one he didn't pay.
Sutcliff, Sutcliff, Sutcliff.
- Sutcliff?
- J. Sutcliff. 101.
- 101? OK.
What are you doing?
[scoffing]: Come on.
Alright, look. It's been
a while, but I used to be
really good at this, so...
Or we could do that.
- Wow.
He had bad taste.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
- Looks like
he raided my grandma's.
- I'm going to go check
the bedroom, OK?
- OK.
- Yeah?
- You might want to see this.
Who are you?
- The apartment manager.
What are you guys doing here?
- What does it look
like we're doing here?
- Breaking into an apartment.
I'm calling the police.
- Hold on. This is Detective
Knight and I'm Inspector
- Oh. Is everything OK?
- Ma'am...
I'm sorry to have to say this,
but Jack Sutcliff is dead.
- What happened?
- Um, I'm sorry,
we can't discuss the case.
- Was he behind on his rent?
- No.
Paid on time every month, cash.
- Great. Guess everybody
gets paid but the bartender.
- Did he have any visitors?
- Women, mostly.
Although there was one girl
that came around a lot.
- Can you describe her?
- I'm afraid I never
got to look at her face.
I heard some arguing, though.
- Arguing...
- They're thin walls.
- Well, then.
Thank you for your time, ma'am.
[throat clearing]
Sorry for the bad news.
We are going to be going.
- I'm sorry.
That was quite
the performance of
a police inspector back there
in Sutcliff's apartment, Abby.
So what'd you find in there?
- Nothing.
- Really?
What's in your pocket?
Sutcliff had a card
for R.B. Jewelry?
- It's Richard's store.
I'm sure it's nothing.
- Then why do you
look so worried?
- I'm not. Let's go.
- I'm guessing
the next stop for Inspector
Abby is the Turner farm,
to check in with her flock.
- Yep. And... it's a herd.
[birds chirping]
- Abby. What are you doing here?
- I just wanted
to check up on you.
This is Marco. Jack was
a customer at his bar.
- I'm very sorry for your loss.
- Could we come in?
- Yes, just for a minute.
My father's due back.
He doesn't like visitors.
- OK.
[baby voice]: Hi!
Your baby's beautiful.
- We've both been crying a lot.
- Oh, can I try?
Can I? I used to be pretty
good at this. There we go.
OK. Oh.
[baby crying]
I used to do this all the time
when Sydney was a baby.
Oh, she was a screamer.
[baby wailing]
OK. Oh, boy. I think
I've lost my touch.
- Abby, let me try.
Here, may I? Oh, there we go.
Oh, there you go.
[baby gurgling]
I have a way with the ladies.
- He's a boy.
- Oh. Ah, OK.
That's good to know.
- Would you mind if we asked you
a few questions about Jack?
- I've already talked
to the police.
- I know. I just...
I thought it would be easier
if Josiah wasn't here.
I know that he hated Jack
for leaving you and the baby.
- He hated him long before that.
- So had you been seeing him?
- Just once, last week.
- At his apartment?
- He called and asked me
to bring the baby over.
- Did you argue about anything?
- Just the opposite. He said
he'd come into some money
and wanted us
to be a family again.
I told him I'd think about it.
I know it sounds stupid,
but I still loved him.
- It doesn't sound
stupid at all.
- Why'd you rush out
of the wedding?
- I went to talk to Jack.
My father followed me
and they started arguing.
I insisted we leave when
things got out of hand.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
He went and got our coats.
- So how long do you think
your father was gone for?
Long enough to kill Jack?
[car engine]
- For all his faults,
he's still my father!
- I know.
- [whispering]:
Come here. Come here.
- Josiah! Josiah,
we're just here to help.
- Help who?
- Whoa! Hey, hey, hey.
- Help who? The police?
- No, no.
[baby crying]
You, Melanie, the baby.
Your family.
- I can protect my own family.
- Just put the gun down, sir.
- You got 10 seconds
to get off my property.
- And you got 2 seconds
to put that gun down.
- Marco, let's go.
[baby crying]
- Now we'll go.
- Next time, it'll be loaded.
- Abby?
- I watch too much TV, Rambo?
- Come on, Abby.
Anybody can do that.
Did you see me get that
baby to stop crying, though?
- That was luck.
- Oh, really?
Yeah? I tell you,
that Josiah is one
terrifying guy.
- Yeah. And he's clearly
a guy with a short fuse.
[suspenseful music]
[helium hissing]
- Hey, Abby!
- Oh!
Hey, Richard.
Thank you so much. Come in.
- No problemo.
Where's Nicky?
- She is out on a delivery.
I didn't want to talk to you
on the phone and I didn't want
to talk in front of her.
- What's going on?
- I'm sure it's nothing,
but you are my friend
and you're my best
friend's husband.
And so if you're keeping
anything from Nicky,
maybe I can help.
You know how nosy I am.
I'm going to find out anyway
and then it'll just be weird.
- What are you talking about?
- I, um...
I, um... I found this
in Jack Sutcliff's apartment.
- Oh, well, I mean...
- You told Nicky that
you didn't know him.
- Alright, look.
He sold me some watches
a few months ago
and they turned out
to be stolen.
- So what,
the guy sells you
a couple of hot watches?
- Yeah, try...
$100,000 worth of watches.
- That's a lot of hot watches.
- Yeah.
I mean, I wanted to tell Nicky.
I just couldn't.
I was embarrassed.
I felt like such an idiot.
I still do.
- Did your store
alarm really go off?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I don't...
I don't know why.
Look, I mean, I'm not
going to stand here
and tell you that
I'm sorry he's dead
'cause I'm out 100 grand,
but I really had nothing
to do with it.
- I know you didn't.
- Now, um... can you not
tell Nicky about this?
- I won't.
- OK.
- But you should.
- Promise me when I get married,
you won't throw a giant wedding?
- And how big is giant, exactly?
- More than five people,
including you and a plus one.
- Oh, Bethany!
- Hello!
- You know my daughter, Sydney.
- Yes, of course.
- We met at the wedding --
which was beautiful,
by the way, except for...
- Yes, um,
except for the murder.
- Sit down, please. You can help
us finish these onion rings,
which we should
not have ordered.
- I don't want to interrupt.
- You aren't. I have to head
back to school
and if you don't stay,
my mom's going to have to sit
at this table by herself,
which looks kind of sad.
Call you later. Love you, Mom.
- I love you.
- Bye, Bethany.
- Bye.
She's lovely.
- Thank you.
And she's right.
- I'm always right.
- OK... Sit. Please, sit.
- Thank you.
- Oh! Oh!
I am so sorry. I'm such a klutz.
- It's OK!
Sums up my whole life:
one big mess.
- Uh...
Uh, but your life's not a mess.
Just your purse is,
thanks to me.
- I'm sure you're wondering.
- Not at all. Please, I'm sorry.
- It's just that Bethany Hart
sounded so much more romantic
for a wedding planner
than Beth Hammerholt.
- Ooh. I can't argue
with you there.
- And my doctor
prescribed those to me
after my husband died.
- No one understands
that more than I do.
- Of course.
- That's a club
we didn't want
to belong to, huh?
- Well, I came to New Chapel
for a fresh start
and it seems that bad luck
has followed me here.
Let's face it. No one's going to
hire me to plan another wedding
after this.
- Oh, I don't know.
I think things'll look different
after the crime is solved.
And it will be.
- You're working
with the police?
- Not so much working with them;
more working behind their backs.
- Well, I'd like to help
in any way I can.
- Thank you.
- Bethany! Welcome. How are you?
- Thank you. I'm well, thanks.
- Can I get you anything else?
- Yes, please. Can I have
a Chicago salad to go
with no cheese,
no bacon, no croutons
and the turkey and
dressing on the side?
- You just ordered a bowl
of lettuce, right?
- Just ignore him.
That's what I do.
- Come on! You can't insult
the waiter here. You do know
what can happen in the kitchen.
Alright, let me work really hard
at getting you
a bowl of lettuce!
- Onion ring?
- Maybe just one?
- They're really good.
- No, thanks. I won't be long.
- I don't appreciate
uninvited guests.
- I gathered that when
the uninvited guest
at your son's wedding
ended up dead.
Think of this as a social call.
- I'm surprised
you can afford these.
- They were on sale.
Perfect for you.
- Lovely.
You know we haven't been social
in a long time, Jeffrey.
- Mm-hmm. Not since
you were poor.
- You haven't changed
at all, have you?
- Thank you.
- It wasn't a compliment.
What do you want?
- No small talk?
Alright. I'll get right to it.
Just like you, I have
friends on the force,
only I don't have
to pay for mine.
According to one
of those friends,
you made a nice contribution to
the policemen's fund last year,
just after you were
caught shoplifting.
- Ah. That was
a misunderstanding.
- No, that was an overpriced
Louis Vuitton purse.
- I have six Louis
Vuitton handbags.
Why would I need to steal one?
- Rich people don't shoplift
out of need. They do it
for the thrill.
- Ah. And now you're
a psychiatrist?
- Jack Sutcliff was
a valet parking attendant
at the store on the day
you didn't steal that purse.
- This is absurd.
- Is it?
Because what I'm thinking
is that he was privy
to that little
"misunderstanding" of yours.
He wanted some money
to keep his mouth shut.
You paid him off and then
he came back for more.
- Get out.
- Before you throw
something at me?
- Yes. A lawsuit for harassment.
- Good to see you,
Gloria, as always.
What's that old saying? Uh...
"You can pick your nose,
you can pick your friends,
but you can't pick your family"?
Like it or not, you and I...
we're family now.
- Ativan, Ativan, Ativan.
"Madison, Wisconsin,
heavy metal band..."
Uh... Ha!
Oh, here we are.
Here we are. OK, Ativan.
"Anti-anxiety drug."
[door chime ringing]
Oh, hey, Nick.
- Richard told me
about your chat.
- Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to get involved. I just--
- Couldn't help yourself?
- Are you mad at me?
- Never. Well, maybe sometimes.
But not this time.
- Thank you.
- Who's "Beth Hammerholt"?
- That is Bethany
Hart's real name.
- And we care about this why?
- Her name's fake. What else is?
- I don't know. She seems
pretty perfect to me.
- Yeah. Perfect
people hide stuff.
Ooh, here we go, here we go.
OK, blah, blah, blah.
Hugh Hammerholt. And...
he's a partner at
Hammerholt and Finch
with wife Beth. I think
I'm going to give them a call.
Seriously? How come the phone
is never in its home?
It's got a home.
It should be in the home.
- I just got here! I don't...
- Phone home.
It's not there.
- You do realize I just
walked in the door, right? Oh!
- OK.
- You've reached Hammerholt and Finch. Please leave a message
and someone will
get back to you.
- Hello. This is Abby Knight
and I was referred
by Beth Hammerholt,
the widow of
your former partner.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Would you please call me back
at Bloomers in New Chapel?
Thank you very much.
- They look like a happy couple.
- Yeah. Now he's dead
and she's all alone.
I wonder if I should go talk to
his family. Or maybe I should
talk to her family,
if she has any.
Or I could--
- Stop snooping
and take the night off.
And by night off,
I mean you, Marco, dinner
and no discussing the case.
- Why would I do that?
- Because I already invited him.
He'll be at your house at 7.
You're making your
famous lasagna.
- I don't have a famous lasagna.
- Well, I told him you did!
So just make it.
And everything you need
is in these bags.
Oh, and wear that
red dress you bought
that has been hanging
in your closet for months.
- Is this retaliation
for my talking to Richard?
- Yes.
- [quietly]: You're worse
than my daughter.
Can I just buy it?
- I put the recipe in there.
- Come in!
- Wow. I, uh...
I didn't know we were supposed
to get dressed up, Abby.
- And I was just
about to go change!
- No, no, no, no. You will not
do any sort of a thing.
You look fantastic.
- Thank you, thank you.
You do too.
Thank you for the wine.
Let me get an opener.
- No, no, no. Hey, hey.
Let me.
- Carry around a corkscrew?
- Well, you know.
Tools of the trade.
Just like I'm sure you
carry around, you know...
- A weed whacker?
- Yeah, probably not. Yeah.
It would be a bit
too big for your pocket!
There we go.
You know,
I have to say I am honoured
to have finally had a chance to
try Abby's world-famous lasagna.
- Well, it's just
an old family recipe.
- Gotta keep it
in the flock, huh?
- The herd.
- OK.
[Marco sighing]
This is nice. I mean,
I think it's the first time
you and I've been alone
like this together.
- What are you talking about?
We're alone all the time.
- Yeah, but there's always
people around us, right?
Customers, relatives...
oh, did I mention dead bodies?
- Well, how do you know
that I don't have a dead body
underneath this sofa?
- Ooh, I don't.
I might have to do
my detective skills.
Let's see if there's
any dead bodies...
No. We're all clear.
- We OK?
- I'm good.
- So...
[cellphone ringing]
Um... it's Sydney.
- Yeah. Saved by the cell.
[cellphone ringing]
- Hi, baby. Everything OK?
- Hey, Mom.
Am I interrupting anything?
- No. No, nothing.
- In that dress?
- Hi, Sydney!
- Oh! I'm so sorry.
I am interrupting something.
Go back to nothing!
- It's not at all romantic.
- Speaking of romantic,
check your email.
Wedding video.
Bye, Mom.
- Bye.
So, should we go
check out the video?
- Yeah, of course.
- OK.
- Alright.
[Abby humming]
- OK.
- Flower arrangements.
That's fascinating.
- You know that's my work
you're talking about?
- You do realize
I'm a guy, right?
- Oh, yeah. You've made
that abundantly clear.
- You know what?
Look at this. See that?
I have to admit,
I love your dress.
- Oh...
- I do! Whoa!
Look at those moves.
- Oh! Aw, the band.
Isn't the band good?
- They're amazing.
- OK, wait. I've got
to watch that again.
- Yeah, let's do that.
You know...
I don't know about you, but
I think we look really
good together.
- Yeah, that, that.
That, that, right there.
- What?
- There. That is Jack Sutcliff,
but who is that other guy?
- Some guy in a dark tux, Abby.
Which narrows it down to,
what, half the wedding?
- What's in his hand?
- It's a lighter.
- OK, wait, wait.
Listen. Hold on.
No. Look, look, look!
- I'm looking, I'm looking.
- He does that click thing,
that flip with...
He's flicking it open.
That means it's a Zippo.
Richard's a smoker.
Nicky's been trying
to get him to quit.
I have got to enhance this.
- Um, just send it to me, Abby.
I'll take care of it, OK?
- No, no. I can do it right
here. I have a special program
for that. Enhance, enhance.
- Um, listen, Abby. Maybe
I should go back to the bar.
Help them close up.
- Oh, OK.
- Listen, um...
You know, thank you
for a nice dinner.
- Yes, you're welcome.
- I'll... I'll see you tomorrow?
Call you tomorrow?
[Abby grunts.]
[door closing]
[cell dinging]
- Jillian?
[phone ringing]
[throat clearing]
- That's what you're wearing?
- It's a police station,
not fashion week,
and what am I doing here?
- Dunn suggested
that I call a lawyer,
but I told him I don't need
a real lawyer. I've got you!
- I am a real lawyer.
- I can't believe I'm missing
Turks and Caicos for this.
If you were running this
investigation, wouldn't you
let me go on my honeymoon?
- I'd be happy
to get rid of you!
- Plus, we're living with his
mom until Claymore can buy us
a home. You'd be surprised
how small a mansion can feel
with her in it.
- You. Again.
- Officer Dunn.
Is there a reason you haven't
released my client yet?
- You're practising law now?
Dressed like that?
- I was jogging.
Look. If you're not
charging her with anything,
she'll be leaving with me.
- As I told Ms...
Mrs. Osborne here,
the wedding video shows she left
the reception for eight minutes.
- And as her lawyer,
I reserve the right to see
all of the evidence that
is being used against her.
- This isn't a trial.
- I'll just get a subpoena
and you can waste
a day getting into court.
- I pronounce you husband and
wife. You may kiss the bride.
- OK, right there.
She's wearing $2000,
gold, high-heeled shoes.
Fast forward.
Fast forward, fast forward,
fast forward... Stop!
There. There.
Those are $3000,
satin, kitten heels --
which proves she went
to go change her shoes.
- It doesn't take eight
minutes to change shoes.
- It does if the dressing
room is at one end
of an 18 000 square
foot banquet hall
and the victim is killed
on the opposite end.
That is a long walk.
- Maybe she ran.
- Have you ever run
in kitten heels?
- So she took them off
and then ran.
- My client might be shallow
and have bad taste in shoes,
but even she's not shallow
enough to change her shoes
after killing someone.
[camera shutter sound]
- I'll take it
into consideration.
- Let's go. We're done here.
- Yay!
- It was the first thing
that came to my mind.
If the Louboutin fits...
[police radio chatter]
Is there anything you're not
telling me about you and Jack?
- Are you asking as
my cousin or my fake lawyer?
- Again, not a fake lawyer.
You didn't see him
at the wedding?
- I was kind of busy panicking.
- There was nothing
going on between you two?
- OK, maybe we went out
a few more times
than I said. But once
Claymore proposed, that was it.
- His landlady said that
there was a woman that visited
his apartment frequently.
Was that you?
- Apartment? Seriously? Ew, no.
Look, I told you everything.
Please promise me you won't
talk to Claymore about this?
- I won't, but...
maybe you should.
- Oh, no.
He's already nervous enough
without worrying about me.
He already ran off in a panic
to his broker twice
since the wedding.
Now I know why they
say marriage is work.
- You've been married
three days.
- Yeah. Thanks for being
there for me, Abby.
- Hey, we're family.
Ooh, ow. That is a big ring.
- I know.
- You do love Claymore, right?
- Look, I know everybody thinks
that I married him for the money
and maybe I did, partly,
but he also partly married me
despite his mother.
And that doesn't mean that
we don't love each other
in our own way.
- Clearly a match
made in heaven.
- Oh, don't tell me...
- Can you find out who
Claymore's stockbroker is?
- How about a double espresso?
- He's gone to see his
stockbroker twice
since the wedding.
- I make a mean cappuccino.
- Jillian said he's
extremely nervous.
- I got it! Decaf.
- Have you heard anything
I have just said?
- Yes. I have heard
everything you've said, Abby.
The Osbornes' broker's a guy
with the name of Mike Monroe.
He's actually going to be
swinging by here later today.
Follow the money, right?
Oh and by the way, it's not
that unusual for a rich guy
to actually talk to his broker.
- During his wedding week?
- I don't know. Maybe he
realized how expensive it was
to actually be married
to your cousin.
- Just what makes you think
that this Monroe guy
is going to tell you anything?
- Because he owes me.
- Bar tab?
- Well, that too.
We served in
the rangers and, uh,
I did him a little favour.
- How little?
- Pretty much saved his life.
- Oh.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- So maybe I'll just stick
around a little. Listen in.
- Hmm, how do I say this? No.
- Well, maybe I need
a stockbroker.
- I'll get you his card.
- Will you call me after?
- Yes. I'll do one better.
I will swing by. But only
if you have any more
of that lasagna left.
- OK.
- OK.
You're looking
flashy there, dude.
From fatigues to suits.
Thanks, Brie.
It's good to see you again.
- Cheers.
- Cheers, to good health.
- OK. Now that you bought
me a nice, big, fat steak
and a couple of beers...
- [both]: Again.
- Tell me. What do
you want? A stock tip?
- A tip, yeah,
but not on the stock, Mike.
I need a little info
on one of your clients.
- Well, you know
I can't do that.
- Yeah, I do.
- OK.
I know you're thinking, hey,
he's not going to say no to me!
I'm Sergeant Major
Marco Salvare.
Hero of the 75th and the man
who saved his life. Am I right?
Alright, who is it?
- The Osbornes.
- Come on, man. Those are
some of my biggest clients.
- You trading for Claymore?
Is he up or down?
How far down?
[throat clearing]
- Coming!
- Just like your father,
prying into people's business.
- Technically, prying
was my father's business,
but I can totally see
where you're going with this.
Um, it's not really a good time
right now. Maybe we could
meet in daylight,
perhaps at a mall
or maybe in public
or at the police station?
Oh, that's...
That is very pretty.
- Sutcliff gave
this to Melanie.
Probably stole it.
You know, I...
I thought I raised her better.
I don't know where I went wrong.
I told her we
shouldn't have gone
to that wedding.
We didn't belong there.
Now I got the police
showing up at my door.
You and your boyfriend.
- He's... actually not.
What did you tell the police?
- Nothing. They said
I need a lawyer.
- Well, you do,
if you killed Jack Sutcliff.
It's no secret you hated him.
You fought with him at the
wedding. You came back
in a second time.
- If I killed him, I would
have done it face to face,
not on the back.
- I have to say, that's
not the greatest defense.
- I raised Melanie by myself.
All I ever did was
try to protect her.
And then Jack
Sutcliff comes along
and leaves her with a baby
and a broken heart.
How would you feel if someone
did that to your daughter?
- Not good.
- I went back in to see him.
I can't say what I would have
done, but when I found him,
he was already dead.
I knew they'd blame me,
so I grabbed Melanie and left.
- You have to tell
that to the police.
I can recommend a lawyer.
We went to school together.
He's really good.
Let me have him call you.
- You know, I...
I know I haven't been
much of an uncle to you.
Especially after
your husband died, I...
It's just my nature, I guess.
Thank you.
- You alright?
- I'm fine.
- What was he doing here?
- Unraveling.
- What's this?
- Our latest clue.
I didn't know you sold lighters.
- Oh, yeah. Every now and then.
- You don't still smoke, though.
- Still want one.
You know what?
That is a pretty bracelet.
- Do you think it was stolen
from Gloria Osborne?
- No. I mean, it's fake, right?
I mean, it's a good fake,
but it's a fake.
Don't tell me this
is a gift from Marco.
- Oh, absolutely not. No, no.
We are so not close
to the fake jewelry stage.
- Got it.
- Or any stage.
- Yeah, my mistake.
- Jack Sutcliff gave this
to my cousin Melanie.
- Oh.
Well, that figures.
- Hey, I'm sorry about bringing
up the business card and stuff.
- I'm glad you did. I mean,
I felt awful lying to Nicky
and now I'm... Well,
you're a very good friend.
- Oh, thank you.
- Thank you.
Thanks. Good luck with it.
- Fake!
- Yeah! Oh, Mrs. Dewhurst,
we have in the new diamonds.
[eerie music]
- I found some blood on
the door to Richard's shop.
My dad's having it analyzed.
- [Marco]: And you're thinking
it'll probably
match Jack's blood?
- No. And even if it does,
the real killer could
have planted it there.
Which I saw in
a Magnum, P.I.rerun.
- Anything else
to report, Magnum?
- No, just some antique
lighters in the jewelry case.
- Really?
- Oh! I gotta go.
OK, bye.
Bethany, hi!
- Abby.
I was wondering if you
wanted to grab dinner later.
- Oh. Oh, I'd love to,
but, um, rain check?
I'm going to the Osborne estate
to wish bon voyage
to the newlyweds.
- Still married, huh?
- Oh, I've got some
good news, though.
- I could use some.
- You know Dr. Burken
from the drugstore?
Her daughter just got engaged.
Hoping for a spring wedding.
I suggested you plan it.
- And they know about the...?
- The dead body at your
last one? They don't care,
as long as you're
in their budget.
- Thank you, Abby.
Thank you so much.
- You're welcome. Oh,
and I'm doing the flowers.
So here's to our next venture.
May everyone remain upright.
Oh, I am so rude.
I'm so sorry. Do you want
a cup of tea or coffee?
- I'd love a coffee.
- I'll make a fresh pot.
Let me just put this away.
[phone ringing]
- Do you need to get that?
- Oh, no.
The good thing about flowers:
they're not impatient.
Though I sell impatiens.
- This is Hugh Hammerholt.
If your call has
anything, whatsoever,
to do with my ex-wife
Bethany, do not
call me back.
Do I make myself clear?
- You checked up on me.
- I'm sorry. I just... Sometimes
I just, I can't help myself.
- I thought we were friends.
- We are!
- If you want to know something,
why don't you just ask me?
- OK.
Why would you say
your husband was dead?
- Because I wish he was.
- Oh.
- I spent years planning the
perfect wedding for other people
and then it was my turn
and he left me after two weeks.
It was humiliating
and not a story I wanted
to tell or think about again.
Is that what you wanted to hear?
- No. Bethany, wait.
I'm really sorry.
- Me too.
[door chime ringing]
- Not exactly the wrong
side of the tracks, huh?
- This will give us a chance
to find out some
information on Claymore.
- [Marco]: Thank you, sir.
[distant clock ringing]
- Hello, hello!
- Hey, guys.
- Abby and Marco! Hi.
- That's me, tagging along.
How you doing?
Hey, buddy, how are you?
- Hey!
- Oh! Look what I got.
A little gift from us.
- Yes, to celebrate four days
of glorious marriage.
- So how's married
life treating you?
- No complaints so far.
- When do you guys take off?
- Tomorrow, finally. I cannot
wait to feel that warm sand
on my toes. But it means
I'm going to have to take off
these new shoes.
- You seem happy.
- We are.
- We are too.
Aren't we, honey?
I would like to propose a toast.
To four of the
happiest people around.
- To the newlyweds.
- Yes. To the newlyweds.
- [various]: Cheers.
- Oh, listen, Claymore,
I've been meaning to tell you.
The bar's taking off and
I have a little extra cash
lying around. I thought
I'd invest in the market
and I was just wondering if
you had a recommendation for me.
- I don't really
play the market.
- Oh.
That's... Oh, I just...
I thought you would.
- No, I like to play it safe.
- Oh.
- Isn't it wonderful
we're all family now?
Well, except for you, Marco,
but who knows what
the future holds, no?
- Let's not get ahead of things.
- Yeah, way ahead.
- Miles.
- Continents.
- Galaxies. How much longer
do you want to keep
going with this?
- That covers it.
- So Abby, I'm hoping
this time next year
you'll be putting together
a flower arrangement for
our baby shower.
- Well, you move very fast. I--
- Gotta move fast.
Making up for lost time.
- Whoa, look at that!
Got some Cubans, huh?
- Every fantastic puff.
- They smell awful,
but they're his only vice.
- He may have another one.
Or two.
- What's that supposed to mean?
- Is that you, Claymore?
- Yeah. So?
- I thought that you
didn't know Jack Sutcliff,
and yet you were arguing
with him before your wedding
and before he was murdered.
- What... What are
you doing, Abby?
Everything's fine.
- What she's trying to say,
Claymore, is that you stole
your mother's jewelry
and wanted Jack to fence it
and you replaced the real
jewelry with fakes so she
wouldn't know, didn't you?
- Why on earth would
he do something like that?
- 'Cause your husband, Jillian,
is $2 million in debt.
Give or take.
- Wha... Is any of this true?
- I wanted to have my own money
so we could have our own life.
- Claymore,
don't say another word.
Last time I checked,
it's not illegal to sell
your own jewelry.
- Yeah, but it is illegal to
kill the person who's
blackmailing you.
- Jack wasn't blackmailing me.
- What were you arguing about?
- The amount. We were
doing business together.
He was skimming from me.
- That I believe.
- Get off my property.
- Are you coming with us?
- No. I'm staying
with my husband.
- He'll be under mommy dearest's
thumb the rest of his life.
- Do you think he killed Jack?
- I don't know, Abby. I don't
think he's got the guts for it.
- Jack got hit from behind.
- Possible 10-54 on route 2,
Stony Cross.
- You hear that? Hold on.
- I repeat, possible 10-54
on route 2, Stony Cross.
- It's 10-54.
It's a dead body, Abby.
- That's the Turner farm.
- Yeah.
[siren wailing]
[indistinct conversation]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, hey, hey. Guys, guys.
It's OK. I got this.
- What happened?
- Melanie Turner's dead.
- [gasping]: No!
- Her father came home
and found her in the bathtub.
It looks like she
overdosed and drowned.
- Overdosed? On what?
- We won't know until the
toxicology report's back.
We're assuming it was a suicide.
- Why would she commit suicide?
It doesn't make sense.
- Makes no sense to you, ma'am,
because you're not a cop.
- Look, look. Melanie's
family, alright? Come on.
Let's put the badge away for
five seconds. Just tell
us what's going on.
- A broken piece of the
crystal bowl was in her room
with her prints on it,
so she obviously killed Jack
in a lover's quarrel and she
couldn't deal with the guilt.
- Or whoever killed Jack
also killed Melanie
and is framing her.
- You watch too much TV.
- It doesn't mean I'm not right.
- OK, look.
If you killed someone,
would you actually
steal the murder weapon and
then bring it home with you
and leave it lying around?
I mean, really?
- Sometimes killers aren't that
calculating. This was a crime
of passion. There's
no logic involved.
- What's going to happen
to that poor baby
with both of her parents gone?
- Josiah's sister in
South Bend is taking him,
and apparently she and her
husband loved Melanie
like a daughter.
[indistinct police radio]
I'm sorry.
I would have liked to have seen
this ended differently too.
- You OK?
- Something's not right
about this.
- I know.
I know.
[door chime ringing]
- Hey, Abby.
- Hey, Dad.
- Ah, poor Melanie, huh?
I do have some good news.
The blood at Richard's
store was from a bird.
- A bird flew into the door
and triggered the alarm.
- Yes. While I'm here,
I'll need another bouquet.
Something... lively this time,
that says "I miss you."
- OK.
- "I love you."
- Oh, OK.
So probably something red?
Something beautiful.
Something full of life.
- How about a little
of everything?
- Who is this for?
- Your mother.
- Oh.
- Honey, listen.
Let's celebrate tonight.
[door chime ringing]
OK, love you. Bye.
- You're here early!
- Richard is officially cleared.
- Oh, great news.
I never doubted him.
- Oh, I know. It was
just such an ordeal.
- You know what?
Why don't you take the day off
and go surprise him?
- Really? Thank you.
- Yeah.
Oh, but promise me first
that if I ever even think about
getting involved with something
other than floral arranging,
you'll tie me to a rosebush.
Thorns included.
- Well, I can't
make any promises.
And besides, a few
thorns couldn't stop you.
- Hey, how you doing?
- Oh, and now that you're out
of other people's business,
focus on your own.
- Ugh.
- Hey.
So, uh, this--
- Want a coffee?
- Oh, yeah, actually.
Thank you. Um...
I have the toxicology
report on Melanie.
- Lorazepam?
- Yeah, they think that
she got it off the internet,
because none of her
doctors prescribed it.
Listen, Abby. If you need me,
I'm next door, alright?
- Mm-hmm, thank you.
[door chime ringing]
- Hey, Abby. Am I too late?
I can come back tomorrow.
- Oh, no, no. Not at all.
Just let me finish.
I will be back in a second.
So congratulations!
Your mom says
you're getting married.
- We met with that wedding
planner you recommended.
She seemed perfect.
- Bethany Hart?
- Unfortunately,
she's leaving New Chapel,
so I'm going to plan it myself.
What do you think
of a Cinderella theme?
- OK. There's some inspiration
books over there,
if you want to take a look, and
I'll be with you in a minute.
- Abby.
- I heard you were leaving.
Can I come in?
- I just started packing.
- I really just came
to say I'm sorry.
What I did was really wrong.
- Thank you.
I may have overreacted.
Wouldn't be the first time.
- Bribe? Friends again?
- I'll go get some glasses.
I heard about
your cousin Melanie.
[intense music]
I'm so sorry.
- Me too.
It's so hard to
believe that she would...
kill anyone.
Let alone herself.
- Here we are.
To new beginnings.
- Excuse me.
Oh, my gosh!
I... I...
I have to get back to the shop.
- I thought you were closed.
- Uh, I am.
I... There's this, um...
A few flower arrangements for
a 50th that I've got to finish.
I have to have
them ready earlier.
Well, good luck, Bethany.
- You too, Abby.
- Sorry to drink and run.
[door squeaking and shutting]
[dramatic music]
[door chime ringing]
"Lorazepam." Lorazepam.
"Generic for Ativan."
- Hey, you've reached Marco.
Leave a message.
- Marco! Bethany
was involved with Jack.
Call me as soon as you can.
Hey, Bethany.
What are you doing here?
- You just couldn't
let it go, could you?
You saw the picture.
- Picture? What picture?
- Of me and Jack.
He said he loved me.
And I believed him.
I gave him money and
he traded it like some joke.
He came to the wedding
to talk to her.
He wanted her back.
- That's just who he was,
- He laughed in my face
and walked away.
And I was not going to be
humiliated by another man again.
- So you picked up
a bowl and you hit him?
- I didn't mean to kill him.
It just... just happened.
- It was an accident.
I'm sure the police
will understand.
- I'm not going to jail, Abby.
Not for Jack.
Not for Melanie.
And certainly not for you.
[helium hissing]
[door chime ringing]
- Abby!
Put it down. Put it down.
- [high-pitched]: It's OK, I've
got everything under control.
Call the police.
- What happened?
[heavy breathing]
You know, I don't think
I've ever seen helium used
quite like that before, Abby.
- Ugh. I just...
I just keep thinking
if I didn't encourage
Jillian to go through
with the wedding, maybe none
of this would have happened.
- Abby, it would have happened.
You just tend
to accelerate things.
- Is that an insult
or a compliment?
- Yes.
Look. Alright.
We could go out, right?
- We could.
- Or we could stay in,
play a little music; maybe
teach you a few dance steps?
- Oh...
See, I think you
have that reversed.
- Oh, really?
- Although it does
sound tempting.
Just a quiet night at home.
- You and me.
- Mm-hmm.
- Are you kidding me?
Are you kidding me?
This is really... Are we
seriously doing this again?
[Abby groaning]
I can't get a break!
[Marco groaning]
- Oh, whoa! OK.
Jillian. What are
you doing here?
- How could you let me marry
him? He's a complete mama's boy,
which I could have handled
except I just found out
the ring is fake!
- Really? Who knew they made
cubic zirconium that big.
- Can I stay with you?
- Oh, I really don't think
that you would be comfortable
here after a big mansion.
- Yeah, I know. Your place
is small. But I really need
to be around family right now
and you're like my older sister.
I'm starving!
- Yummy, lasagna.
- Thank you.
- It's preheated.
- Abby!
I just heard. Are you OK?
- I'm fine.
- What a lunatic!
- Mom. We were so worried!
Grandpa's on his way.
- It's OK, you guys,
really. I am fine.
- You shouldn't be alone
at a time like this.
- I was with her...
- And I brought food and drink.
- Hi.
- Hi, Marco.
- Leftover famous lasagna...
- Hello. Thank you.
- I need some wine!
- Go get some plates.
- OK.
- OK, glasses.
- Oh, that looks good.
- This looks amazing.
- It's gonna be OK.
- Thanks for
bringing all this food.
- That's what best friends do!
[police radio chatter]
[wine pouring]
[dishes clattering]
- Here you go.
- OK, we are... OK.
Thank you.
- Wine.
- Aw, it's OK.
- Where's my wine?
[overlapping voices]
- Officer in need of immediate
backup. We have a 10-67.
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