Flower Shop Mystery: Snipped in the Bud (2016) Movie Script

- So, what do you think?
- Maybe I'm just dizzy
from the fumes, but...
I like it.
- I still don't get it.
Who snail-mails an anonymous
note with a hundred bucks
in cash and explicit directions
for black roses?
- It's pretty clear, Abby.
Angry, scorned, vengeful,
wants to remain anonymous.
- I tried to see if
the handwriting matched
any of the previous receipts'
Nothing. Nothing matched.
- Of course you did.
And did you also test
the envelope flap for DNA?
- I can't, it's self-adhesive.
I can't get a saliva swab.
- I did not expect an answer.
- They're going
to Millston College.
- Bruce Barnes?
- Yeah, none other
than Sydney's pre-law professor
whom she's terrified of.
- Great! We just give her a call
and get the gossip. She'll know.
This is exciting!
- No, no, not exciting.
We are not calling Sydney.
She's thinking of dropping
the course because of this guy!
- OK, she can't, we need
someone on the inside.
- The only thing
keeping her in the class
is Kenny, her TA.
I think she's got
a little crush on him.
- Speaking of crushes...
Morning, Marco!
- What's the good word, ladies?
Everything coming up roses?
- Yes, actually.
Black roses. Can I interest you
in a dozen of them?
- Yeah, I think I'll pass.
Looks more like a Goth trend, or
maybe someone was really angry.
- Angry.
- Angry Goth.
- I was wondering if you had
time today to grab lunch.
- Where to, big spender?
Your bar?
- Well, come on, today's special
is three-alarm chili.
If you say yes,
I'll make it four-alarm chili.
Don't tell anyone, though.
- I feel very special, but I'm
gonna run these roses over
to campus, deliver them
to Barnes myself. Maybe chat
with him about Sydney.
- You sure she'd want you to?
- It's not a big deal.
I'm just gonna gently inquire.
- Like a helicopter parent?
- More like a small drone.
- Alright, well, what about
tonight? Dinner instead?
- I can't. Having dinner
with my dad tonight.
- Thanks for asking, right,
Marco? Maybe next time.
- Bye.
- Abby Knight,
the little breeze.
- Carson Howell.
It's been a long time.
- Those flowers are for me?
Tell me you're not still mad.
- For what?
How you beat me for
law school valedictorian?
Or that you dated and dumped
half of my friends?
Or for winning the Dermabrir
trial against me
on a technicality, thus allowing
a greedy corporation
to continue to abuse animals
to test their precious
cosmetic products?
- Good, so we're cool.
- No!
You know what? Injustice
infuriates me.
- OK. A, you graduated second.
Not too shabby. B, I showed
every one
of your girlfriends a great
time, and I would've
shown you the same,
if you'd ever given me
a chance. And C, I won the
Dermabrir trial fair and square.
Don't blame me if it was
one of your last cases.
- Carson, you know full well
that I did not leave law because
of you. And while we're at it,
I think it's a conflict
of interest for you
to teach law here
and still be the legal advisor
for a company like Dermabrir!
- So I heard you're a florist
now. How's that going?
- Yeah, it's great.
I'm visiting the law department
now. Professor Barnes. A friend
of yours, I assume?
- Bruce Barnes and I are
anything but friends.
I doubt whoever sent him those
flowers is, either.
- I don't judge,
I just fill the orders.
- So, I'm heading to the dean's
office right now,
but will I see you again?
- My daughter's more likely.
She's pre-law here.
So if your paths do cross,
try not to be your usual self.
- I will be the model
of support and inspiration.
- I guess you can teach
an old dog new tricks.
- Love you too.
- Uh-huh.
You got my text!
- I got a text and
four angry-faced emojis.
- Angry? Those were an excited
face! Oh God, they are so teeny!
I don't know why I try using
emojis. I'll stick to writing
- Mom! Wow...
those are morbid.
Since when do you personally
deliver stuff
out of New Chapel?
- Come on, what's half an hour
to see my daughter?
And I'm also doing a little
multitasking. I'm dropping
these off for Barnes.
- Barnes?
- It's just a delivery.
And then talk shop,
lawyer to lawyer. Hmm?
Concerned mom to lawyer.
- Helicopter mom with black
roses. Please don't
embarrass me.
- Please, honey! When have I
ever embarrassed you?
Don't answer that.
- If he breaks one of his famous
black pencils in front of your
face to make you feel stupid,
don't say I didn't warn you.
- I'll be fine.
This is harmless. It'll be fun,
OK? Dinner next week.
- I'll try.
- Oh, come on!
I'll send you an emoji.
Fun mom buying dinner emoji.
Hello... Belinda.
I have a delivery
for Professor Barnes.
- He's in class. He should be
back any minute, though.
Those are strange.
- Some people think
they're strangely elegant.
Well, if you could just show me
his office, I will set them up.
It's all part of the service.
[phone ringing]
- One second. Law department?
Oh yes, I'll bring them
right over.
It's the corner office.
Just don't touch anything.
He's very... precise.
- OK. Thank you.
- Who are you, and what are you
doing in my office?
- Professor Barnes.
- That is the name on the door.
- Um, I'm Abby Knight.
I'm with Bloomers,
the new florist in New Chapel.
Uh, these are for you.
- What are those...
- Roses.
Theme roses, I guess
you could say.
- They're ghastly.
- Well, they're a gift. Somebody
wanted you to have them.
- Well, I don't want them.
- OK, then.
Well, if you have a minute,
I wanted to talk to you about
my daughter. Sydney Knight.
She's in your criminology class.
- What about her?
- I think she's feeling
a little overwhelmed
by the class.
- You mean by me.
- That wasn't exactly
said, but--
- If she wants to be a lawyer,
she needs to grow a spine.
Wait until she goes up
against her first tough judge.
I'll look like Santa Claus.
- I know.
[sharpener sound]
I was a lawyer--
[sharpener sound]
I was a lawyer for many years.
- Abby Knight. You fought Howell
in that Dermabrir case
last year, didn't you?
Put up a heck of a fight,
if I remember.
- I certainly tried.
- And now you're a florist.
- It's a long story.
- I'm sure it is.
Now would you please remove
those grotesque flowers?
I have papers to grade.
- With all due respect,
a lot of work went into
those grotesque flowers.
By me, in fact.
- Like I always say,
if you want something done,
do it yourself.
- Thank you for your time.
[cell phone buzzing]
- Well, hello, Abby.
- [Hi, Marco.]
Sydney was right,
the guy's a real tool.
He threw all of our hard work
in the garbage right
in front of me.
- [You did your job,]
delivered your order
and stood up for Sydney,
so just do me a favor.
Just be a shrinking violet
for once, and go back to
your flower shop, please.
- No, I've gotta get those
flowers back, for my own self-
respect and for the respect
[of florists everywhere.]
- Why do I think this is not
gonna end well?
- Because, my friend,
you are a pessimist,
[and I am an optimist.]
- I'm a realist and you live
in Abby World,
which, granted, has some lovely
neighborhoods, but there are
some trouble spots.
- See, and I thought all men
liked a little trouble
every now and then.
I'm going back in, Marco.
- Listen, Abby, that's... Hello?
- Professor Barnes, I really
just... I... wanted to talk...
Yes, it's the faculty on third
floor. Please hurry. Security!
Don't go in there.
I just called the police.
- What happened? Who are you?
- Abby Knight. I was just
delivering roses.
- Wait, are you Sydney's mother?
- Yes, why? Who are you?
- I'm Kenny Lipinski,
I'm Sydney's TA.
- Kenny.
Kenny, right. Look, Kenny,
I think it's best if
you come back later.
- Kenny, what's going on?
- I don't know, ask her.
[radio chatter]
- Ms. Knight, I understand
that you spoke with Carson
Howell this morning.
What was your
relationship with him?
- We didn't have a relationship.
We knew each other.
I hadn't seen him in a year.
- What happened last year?
- We fought a court case.
- Together?
- Against each other.
I used to be a lawyer.
- I see.
- Detective Reilly,
I was just delivering roses.
- You found the body.
You were alone at the time.
You have a history
with the deceased.
Me, I'm just asking questions.
- Sir,
what should I do with these?
- What kind of florist
are you, anyway?
- They're theme roses.
- What were they doing
in Professor Barnes' trash?
- Why don't you ask him?
- Ask me what?
- Let him through.
What were those flowers doing
in your trash?
- Look at 'em. That's where they
belong. Why are you still here?
- Because I'm the one who found
your pencil jabbed into
Professor Howell's neck.
That's why.
- You should talk. This woman
and Professor Howell
have had a past.
And it's not pretty.
- He was no friend of yours.
- Sir, where do you
think you're going?
- Where do you think I'm going?
To my office. Look, I'm as
shocked by what happened
as anyone, but I have a class in
15 minutes and I need my notes.
- That's been canceled,
Professor. And I have a few
questions for you too.
- OK, so, can I go, please?
- We just need to process
your fingerprints.
- Seriously? I'm a suspect?
- Just standard procedure,
Ms. Knight.
I suspect you know that already.
Don't plan any trips.
- What does that ever mean?
- Hey, stop.
- Sorry.
This floor's closed off.
- But I'm here to see my
husband, Professor Barnes.
- How did you even get into the
building? They're not supposed
to be letting anyone upstairs.
- I don't know,
I just walked in.
Is my husband all right?
- Jocelyn!
What are you doing here?
- Bruce! I came to talk to you.
What are the police doing here?
What's going on?
- Can I talk to my wife alone?
- Sure.
- Go.
- Well, you know,
it's no big deal.
Right? You just gently inquire,
delicately, and then...
- That is not my fault.
- I know.
Look, did this detective
actually call you a suspect?
- Not in so many words,
but he said not to plan any big
trips. What does that even mean?
And if I was a murderer,
would I even stick around
to alert the police?
- Abby, he was just
doing his job.
- Exactly,
so you don't have to.
- What does that mean?
- It means... it means,
Abby, that I know you.
You're already thinking about
how to investigate this.
- That is so not true.
- Listen, just do me a favor,
stay out of it. Get more
you're gonna look more
- More?!
- Yes. Sorry, but yes,
more suspicious.
- I... have to agree with Marco.
I think you should
keep a low profile.
- Sources have confirmed
the body was found
by a New Chapel florist
who was delivering flowers
to the law department
of Millston College.
- Or...
you could use the attention
to promote Bloomers.
- Excuse me. Ms. Knight?
- Uh, yes, can I help you?
- Yes. My name's Connor McKay,
Illinois-Eagle Times.
- Oh, I already have
a subscription, it's online.
Thank you.
- No, actually, I'm a reporter.
I was hoping I could
ask you a few questions.
- About what, Mr. McKay?
- The murder at
Millston College. I...
- Oh, you know what?
I'm really sorry, I, uh,
got no comment right now.
- This'll only take a moment.
- I appreciate that, I really
do. I'm just trying
to close up here.
- Um, OK, well, if you wouldn't
mind taking my card,
and if you change your mind,
please give me a call.
- OK. Thank you.
- OK.
- You know, if you don't talk
to reporters, they'll just
write what they want.
- Dad, if that reporter
wants to talk to anyone,
he should start with that awful
Professor Barnes.
- Why? You think he killed
- Maybe.
Apparently there was no love
lost between those two.
You should've seen Barnes.
His old colleague not even cold,
and all he wants to do is get
to his next class.
- See?
Good I checked. No oil.
I'll add some for ya.
- Alright.
Thanks. I really have
to get to work.
Oh. Oh, I get it.
You just wanted an excuse
for a second up.
- Yeah. Not my fault you make
the best coffee in town.
- Flattery will get you...
- Ab.
About the murder... take
some advice from an old cop
and don't go playing detective
again just yet, OK?
- So what should I do?
- Enjoy your life! Take care
of Sydney, your business,
and keep your old man
in the loop.
- OK, Pops. Thanks.
- Ah, look at this old motor!
- Are you kidding me?
"Knight lost what some speculate
was a career-ending court case
to Howell.
It is reported that
their rivalry has gone back
as far as law school."
God, this guy did his homework.
- Did he mention Bloomers?
- Nikki,
this is serious, and you're
thinking about advertising.
Wait a minute. No.
No, he didn't mention it.
Oh, Detective!
Are you here
to buy your wife some flowers
for your anniversary?
- We're divorced. Maybe I should
buy some of those black roses.
- Maybe you should.
My friend is innocent.
- Ms. Knight,
could we speak in private?
- It's OK, Detective.
Nikki's my best friend.
- You should know that there
were two sets of fingerprints
found on the murder pencil.
One of them was yours.
- Well, that is simple,
I knocked over a bunch
of Barnes' pencils
when I was in his office
and had to grab them
to put them back, so...
I'm sorry I didn't
mention it. I forgot.
- Seems like a rather important
thing to forget.
- Who else's prints
were on the pencil?
- Hm.
- Professor Barnes'.
- Well, maybe there's your man.
- Well, they were his pencils.
Of course his fingerprints
would be on them.
- Why am I any more
of a suspect than he is?
- I didn't say you were.
It's a nice place
you got here, Ms. Knight.
I'll be in touch.
- Abby, is this bad?
- Well, it would be if I had
actually killed someone.
- Well, then it's a good thing
you didn't. You didn't, right?
- Seriously?
- So, I got to thinking.
With the press
and Detective Reilly
obviously ganging up on you,
I thought: Let's do this.
Let's figure this out.
- OK, what do you have in mind?
- Well, I'd like to start
with the suspect list,
and then move on
to possible motives.
Can I get a pen and paper here?
Yeah, um... just like that.
- First we have Barnes, OK?
He had the means, he had the
opportunity, and the motive.
- But being a jerk
isn't motive enough.
- Professional rivalry. I
checked. Howell has tenure,
Barnes doesn't.
And Howell basically told me
they were enemies.
- But why kill someone
in your own chair
with your own pencil?
- Rage, Nikki,
temporary insanity.
It happens all the time.
OK, next: law assistant Belinda,
and Barnes' wife Jocelyn.
Belinda conveniently disappears
before the murder; Jocelyn
conveniently appears
after the murder.
And somehow she managed to pass
all the guards downstairs,
which is weird, but...
- All circumstantial,
- Yeah, but Dad, they're both
attractive, and with a player
like Howell,
that could mean something.
- We players get such
a bad reputation.
[all laughing]
- Alright,
what about this Kenny character,
the TA? You said he showed up
after the murder too, right?
- Yeah, no, he's more of a wrong
place wrong time case. Like me,
he's on the back burner. I'm
interested in the black roses.
Is there a link between
whoever sent them to Barnes
and whoever killed Howell?
- Or are they one and the same?
- Why send creepy roses
to Barnes if you're
gonna kill Howell?
- Diversionary tactic.
Mistaken identity.
- Someone wanted to kill Barnes
but stabbed Howell?
- It happens, Abby.
- Looks like you got your work
cut out for you, kiddo. Bye-bye!
- Bye!
- OK, I just have to go back
to the refrigerator
and get just a little bit more.
- I'm sorry I'm late.
What's going on?
- It's that article in today's
- What?
- Excuse me, I ordered my roses
ten minutes ago.
- Just...
three seconds.
- ...main suspects.
Said Detective Reilly:
"Though we are still
"in the gathering stages, we can
confirm that Ms. Knight's
fingerprints were found
on the pencil that killed Carson
Howell." And what about that
beast Bruce Barnes' prints, huh?
- You're the main suspect!
The good news? Bloomers,
with our address. The place
has been like this all morning.
- Well, are people
at least buying stuff?
- Like it's Valentine's Day,
Mother's Day, Halloween and
Christmas all rolled into one,
and guess what's
the number one order?
- Revenge roses.
- Bingo, sister. So you know
what I'm thinking? I'm thinking
we create an exclusive line
just for bad occasions.
Arguments, divorces,
breakups, just to say
"I hate you". What do you think?
- Knock yourself out.
- Yes!
- I'll be in the back,
trying to maintain a shred
of my botanical dignity.
And trying to stay off
America's Most Wanted.
[entrance bell jingling]
[clearing throat]
- Abby, you've got company.
- Well, I don't suppose you're
here to bring me good news.
- Wow, I get
a better greeting from my ex.
- Abby's still innocent,
by the way.
- So, Abby, you're pretty good
at this, aren't you?
- Being innocent.
- I was referring
to the flowers.
Although I thought you might be
a little concerned...
about this. It was sent
in an anonymous email.
- Doesn't look great.
- No, it doesn't.
In fact, you look
quite angry with Carson
Howell there. Were you?
- Detective,
Carson Howell and I
had kind of a...
twisty history
that stretched
from law school
into our professional lives,
and let me tell you,
he's not a good man. Not at all.
He's a total womanizer.
Not to me, but to all of my
friends. And yes, I did lose
a very important case
to him, and yes, I did bring
all of that up when
I saw him that day,
but I had no reason
whatsoever to kill the man!
Ha, ha, ha! Look at me!
Abby Scissorhands, ooh!
I'm gonna...
I'm gonna... I'm gonna
put that there.
- Well, I just thought
that you'd like to know
that this is out there.
- I appreciate that.
- OK, you just looked
like a crazy person.
- I know the evidence
is circumstantial, but
an argument could be made
that I had access,
motive and opportunity.
- Don't forget that video of you
threatening Howell within
an inch of his life.
- I am glad
that you find this so funny.
- I'm not saying I find it
funny, I...
You know what I find funny? What
you're doing with these bottles.
What are you doing?
Is this the alphabet?
- No, I'm color-coordinating.
It's very calming.
- That's great, but this right
here is cold. Really cold.
- Sorry. I hear
that Howell's memorial
is tomorrow night. I was
thinking that maybe I could...
wecould be proactive,
you know, suss it out quietly?
- You mean like a stakeout?
- No, come on, I know
not to meddle.
I mean, just be my own best
advocate, you know,
find... clues, facts,
without being seen.
OK, yes, a stakeout.
- Look, I think
it's a great idea,
and I'm going with you.
- Oh, thank you!
That's kinda cold.
- Ha! Yeah. I'm gonna make sure
you're not seen.
We don't want this any worse
than it already is.
- Alright, you're right.
I'll just hover around the
edges, you know, kind of
memorial... adjacent.
Alright, keep your phone on
in case I need you, OK?
- You know that most stakeouts
run in pairs, don't you?
- Not in Columboor Kojak.
Those guys were lone wolves.
- Right,
I forgot your precious
old detectives' shows.
I stand corrected.
- Mm-hmm.
- Don't let anybody see you, OK?
No need to be more suspicious
than it already is.
- You think?
- Alright,
you know who to watch out for?
- Yeah, I found all the pictures
online. Thank you, Facebook.
- Go get 'em, partner.
- Be careful, OK?
- Bossy.
- Alright.
- Professor Barnes
will now say a few words.
- Carson Howell and I spent
twelve years together
teaching law, and
I can honestly say
he had a better understanding of
what was right and what was just
than any man I've ever had
the fortune to know.
He was a great educator,
and quite simply,
was one of the finest men
that any of us will ever meet
in our lifetimes.
[loud honking]
Carson Howell will never be
forgotten, on campus or off.
That was because
of his dedication
to making Millston College
as great as possible.
[texting chime]
[cell phone buzzing]
It wasn't just the way that
he taught, or his charity work.
It was a great loss
for the school
and for everyone
who knew Carson.
[texting chime]
...that we may not disappoint
him by faltering
in our studies and our teaching.
We must continue his legacy,
realizing the potential
that he saw
in each of us.
Thank you.
- Mmm.
- Hi, Abby.
- Are you stalking me?
- Do you usually stake out
memorial services?
- I do.
I do. Yep, I do.
These things are like
a bonanza for new flower trends.
- Good answer.
Well, if you're not too busy
right this second, what do you
say I squeeze on in here
and we do ourselves a little bit
of an impromptu interview?
- I don't think so.
- Don't you want to defend
- I have nothing to defend. I'm
innocent. Everybody knows it.
- I don't.
- Well, you should. Now,
if you'll excuse me, I have
to get back to my st...
st... strategic, uh,
flower observations.
- You can't get rid
of me, Ms. Knight.
- Doing a pretty
good job so far.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- So, how did you say you knew
Professor Howell,
Mr. Savare?
- You know, I was
meaning to ask you:
you're an event planner, yes?
- Yes, as a matter of fact,
I am.
- You have got to check out
my restaurant. Chicago Bar
and Grill in New Chapel.
Have you heard of it?
- Oh, yeah.
- It'd be a great place
for your next party. If you're
looking for a fun spot, that is.
- That sounds good.
Could use a little bit
of that right now.
- Yeah.
Here's my number. Why don't you
call me and set up a tour?
- Sure.
- Making new friends, Jocelyn?
- Dear.
- Marco Savare.
It's a pleasure, sir.
I just wanted to say...
I just wanted
to let you know how moved I was
by your emotional speech.
Looks like you're gonna miss
Professor Howell quite a bit,
- Yes, there will be a hole
around here for certain.
- Professor Barnes, I just
wanted to say thank you
for your beautiful words.
- Belinda seems
awfully broken up,
doesn't she?
- That one? She cries
at the drop of a hat.
A pencil breaks
and she starts wailing.
- Professor, Mrs. Barnes.
- Kenny. Have you met
Marco Savare?
He's... I'm sorry,
how did you know Carson?
- Oh, we were, uh...
old squash buddies.
- Kenny Lipinski.
- Marco. Pleasure.
- We're all gonna miss
Professor Howell very much.
He was a great man. One of many
great men around here.
Anyway, I have to get to class,
but it was nice meeting you.
- You as well.
- I could use a drink.
- Yes, absolutely.
Of course. After you.
[camera shutter clicking]
Nice security, Abby. Did Columbo
teach you to keep the doors
unlocked too?
- I have a lot of things to do!
- Like what?
Whether you should eat sour
cream and onion or BBQ chips?
- Well, they were out
of salt and vinegar.
- Brilliant.
- When you were in there,
did you happen to meet
Walter Pierce?
- Who?
- Walter Pierce. He owns
Dermabrir. Howell represented
him in that animal rights trial.
- OK...
- I just saw Kenny
be real friendly with him.
- Huh. Well, no,
I didn't meet him,
but I did meet Kenny.
Seemed like a nice kid.
- Hm!
- But did youget
a chance to check out
Barnes delivering
Howell's eulogy?
- What did he say?
- Made it sound like they were
brothers from another mother.
- Oh! Right,
so if someone suspects Barnes
of killing Howell, they'll have
to think twice. Very clever.
- Maybe he was taking
the high road.
- I doubt that.
- Drive, I want to tell you--
- Don't tell me what to do.
- Can I at least tell you about
my charming Jocelyn Barnes?
- Yes.
- Can I eat your chips?
I'm kidding.
- OK, Belinda-- why was she
so broken up at the memorial?
Hmm? Did she do more
than assist Howell?
- And if so, how many women
was Howell juggling?
- Well, from his past history,
I'd say
a lot.
- Money or love.
Most murders always trace back
to someone not getting
what they wanted.
- Well, do you think that
Jocelyn was not getting
what she wanted?
- I'd say it's a possibility.
I mean, she was totally--
- All over you.
- Come on, I mean,
I'm a pretty interesting guy.
I'm just saying the facts!
I'm an interesting... She kind
of thought I was interesting.
What? I'm just--
- Chiseled features.
- Thank you, Mr. Knight.
- Pay attention, please.
We got Kenny. OK.
What is his connection
to Howell's old employer,
Walter Pierce, if any?
- And did this Pierce have
any reason to want Howell
out of the picture?
And did Howell know
too much about Dermabrir?
I did some digging.
That company definitely
has its ups and downs.
- That's very interesting, Dad.
Let's add that to the mix.
I'm gonna go meet up
with Belinda. You make an
appointment to talk to the
lovely Jocelyn. Behave yourself.
- Joce...
- Relax. Easy.
And maybe Sydney can set up
a meeting for me and Kenny,
see what he knows.
- And I'm gonna work
on our line of black roses.
I'm telling you,
we're gonna be trending.
- Yeah, I can see it now:
Tough crowd.
- I just feel terrible.
- Kenny, are you sure you're OK
to talk about this?
If it's too soon,
I totally understand.
- I mean, Professor Howell
had just secured me
this amazing federal law
clerkship and...
well, I never got
a chance to thank him.
But if you're OK,
I'm OK.
Are you OK?
- Well, I would be lying
if I didn't say that it's been
a bit nerve-wracking, but...
we are hanging
in there, aren't we?
- Definitely, Mom.
- Well, if it's any consolation,
you have a lot of support here
on campus, starting with me.
- Thank you. So does anything
jump out at you about Howell
that could be relevant?
- Um...
Look, here's the thing.
Barnes wasn't the only one
who had issues with Howell.
- Go on.
- Well, um, after
he was... killed,
word around the law school
was that Howell
had just split up with a woman,
someone who wanted
too much from him.
according to the rumor,
whoever it was didn't take it
too well. Even made threats
about his job.
- Do you know a guy by the name
of Walter Pierce?
- Uh, Pierce, yeah. Yeah,
um, he works with Dermabrir.
I just met him
at the memorial. Why?
- Well, Howell did work for him.
I was wondering
if Pierce was involved somehow.
- Not that I know of.
Anything's possible, I guess.
Do you mind if
I ask you a question?
- If you wanna take a selfie
with a murder suspect,
it's already been done.
- Uh...
- Yeah, that happened.
- No, no, it's just...
Professor Howell didn't...
didn't end your law career,
- Kenny...
- My dad died six months
before that trial.
My mom was rethinking
her entire life at that point.
Professor Howell had nothing
to do with why she quit law.
- I don't think I could've said
it better myself.
- I'm sorry. I had no idea.
You two are pretty
amazing, you know that?
- We like to think so.
- "Please deliver before noon,
February 4th".
The question is:
was Belinda so upset at the
memorial because she was the one
Howell dumped
for wanting too much?
- Or was it Jocelyn Barnes?
- See, I can see Jocelyn
cheating on Barnes,
but not necessarily with Howell.
Why don't we send you in
as bait,
see who bites?
- Why don't we not do that?
- Hm, speaking of Jocelyn,
have you set up a time
to meet her yet?
- Yeah. Yeah, I did. I actually
left a voice message, but
I haven't heard back. Why?
- Something is off, the way
she just showed up in the law
department on murder day.
I've got some questions
I want you to ask her.
- Alright, I can do that.
- You make a mean burger,
Savare. You can cook for me
- Really? Is that
an invitation for a date?
- Slow down.
- Well, I hope
you left room for dessert.
- Always.
14 orders came in overnight,
so as soon as we get back
from the flower mart,
you start with the vases
and then I'll just--
- Uh, I'll get that.
Detective Reilly.
- Morning.
- Abby?
- So, we are making
house calls,
I see.
- I hope you have a warrant.
- It's not that kind of visit.
- Well, carry on.
- I went by the flower shop,
but it was closed.
- Yeah, 'cause it's 7AM.
- Well, then yes, a house call.
I have a question: who sent
the black roses to Bruce Barnes?
That's a missing piece
that you could provide,
but strangely, you haven't.
- Not strange at all.
It was an anonymous note.
- That's a very convenient
Perhaps you--
- Hello! Hello!
How's my little
murder suspect?
That was poorly timed.
- Well, if it isn't highly
decorated Detective Knight!
- Detective Reilly,
Detective Jeffrey Knight,
AKA my father.
- Detective, please,
don't let me interrupt.
Act like I'm not here.
- I delivered those roses
to Barnes in person.
Why would a murderer put
themselves right there right
then for everybody to see?
And don't say access
to the victim,
it never holds up in court.
- Ms. Knight, I'm just asking
the questions.
It's my job. Well,
you understand that,
Detective Knight.
- 100%.
Let's look at the facts,
Abby gets an
anonymous note,
delivers flowers,
finds a dead body,
and hey, we're cops,
we're just doing our job.
I know you're just
filling in the blanks.
I'm sure you know it's not Abby.
You probably wanna get
that anonymous note for your
files and rule out Abby. Right?
- Yes, that was my next request.
- OK, The note is at Bloomers',
and I will drop it off
at the station by 9.
- Great.
- Nice job.
- Back at ya.
Don't you just love
a good murder case?
- You know, I was thinking that
maybe a disgruntled student
ordered these flowers
for Barnes, and let's be honest,
it can't be the only person who
thinks he's a bully, right?
- Yeah, I thought
of that too, but I mean,
would a student really blow
a hundred bucks on a prank?
- Hey! Our roses
are not a prank. They're art.
- I'm sorry, Nikki. Alright,
a hundred bucks,
US mail, not a local florist--
it seems too much thought for
a student to have done this.
- You're pretty impressive,
Abby. I have to admit,
I like the way you think.
Among other things.
- Oh, relax, partner.
- Abby, I don't want you
to worry about Detective
Reilly anymore, OK?
My guess is he's got nothing.
He needs something and he's just
trying to rattle your cage.
- Well, he can think again.
- You tell him, tough guy.
What? What is it? You OK?
- What if they don't find
whoever murdered Howell?
Hmm? I mean,
what if all this attention on me
doesn't just blow over?
I have so much to lose.
- OK, come here.
Come here. Come here.
Listen to me. Hey.
This is all gonna work out.
And I'm not gonna let
anything happen to you.
- Promise?
- I promise.
OK, let's get back to work.
We've got a total of six
suspects, three on site
at the time of the crime,
two proximal suspects,
and finally, the unknown
sender of the black roses.
- Hi, Belinda. I'm Abby Knight.
- I know who you are.
Suspect number one.
- I had nothing to do with what
happened to Professor Howell.
But I would like to talk to you
about him, if that's OK.
- I'm really busy right now and
I have to get to a meeting, so--
- Besides, I'm hardly the only
person that the police have
their eye on.
- Come with me.
- Who do you think killed
Professor Howell? If you had
to take a stab--uh, guess.
- I really don't know. I've
worked here for ten years
and I've never met anybody
who didn't like or at least
respect Professor Howell. Ex--
Except Professor Barnes,
but he doesn't really
like anybody, so...
- How about somebody he was
dating who got possessive,
like "If I can't have him,
nobody will"?
- Look, it's no secret Carson
had a revolving door of women,
but any specific troublemaker?
Not that I know of.
- And you and he, nothing?
- Me? No!
No, he was my boss
and my friend.
Plus I already have a guy.
- Still, this must have been
very hard for you.
- Like I said, he was my boss
and my friend and...
it haunts me
every minute.
I have to go to the admissions
office, OK?
- OK. I'm sorry.
Thank you. Thank you.
- Ah! You!
- I was just leaving.
- You better be,
or I'll call security.
- Alright, call security. Call
Detective Reilly if you want.
I would be glad to clue him in
on your motive.
- Oh, really?
And what would that be?
- His denying you tenure.
You thought it would help if
Howell was out of the picture.
- You have a very vivid
imagination, Ms. Knight.
I strongly suggest
you drop your snooping and go
back to your little flower shop,
Ms. Knight. You don't
want me as an enemy.
- I believe you.
Careful, you're leaving a trail.
Motive confirmed.
- From the looks of it,
seems that Mr. Barnes here
is your primary suspect.
- A lot sure points to it.
Maybe too much.
- Either way, the guy sounds
like a total horror show.
But... OK, Abby,
attractive woman to
equally attractive woman,
do you really believe Belinda
never had a thing for Howell?
- I was able to resist
his charms; there's no reason
she couldn't. But I was thinking
the same thing, that's why
I'm not letting her off
the hook so fast.
Dad, do the honors.
- I see your Jocelyn Barnes
column is a little light.
What's with her?
- Ask Marco. He's
on Jocelyn watch.
- As a matter of fact she's
coming by the bar tonight,
so, news at 11.
- Don't forget to ask her
about Barnes' tenure.
And, uh, why don't you check out
her fidelity quotient?
- How do you propose
he does that?
- Not to worry, Mr. Knight.
I have a few
tricks up my sleeve.
- Give the man a little space.
- Learned some things when I was
in the army, let me tell ya.
- Oh, my goodness.
[indistinct words]
- Oh, um, it seats 170,
but I can also close
a couple of these rooms
if you're looking for something
a little more intimate.
- Oh, that's great.
Marco, thanks for the tour.
I am sure that I can
bring you some business.
- Really? Fantastic. I love to
hear that. I'm always looking
for a good recommendation.
Listen, I got a great idea.
Let me make you a drink.
- Oh...
- Just one. Come on!
You're in my place,
let me make you a drink.
- Oh, why not?
- I make a world-famous
vodka martini,
I'm telling ya.
- It's been a crazy week.
One cocktail won't hurt.
- It'll definitely help.
Come on. So listen,
I have to ask:
what is the life like
for a law professor's wife?
- Well, I can't speak
for other wives, but mine...
mine has its special challenges.
- Really? Well, so,
this is my world-famous
three-olive vodka martini.
Four olives, people
get in trouble.
- I will.
Mmm! Mmm...
- Huh? Right?
- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- Challenges, though, huh? Man,
that's gotta be tough on you.
- Sounds like you two
had a fun night.
- Well, any one of my martinis
will get you talking, so...
Speaking of talking, all
she kept talking about
was how hard it is to be married
to Barnes and what a tough
and crabby guy he is.
Wait. Am I...
detecting a little sort
of jealousy here?
- No!
I'm just looking out for you.
- Oh. Um, where was I? Oh, yeah.
She did confirm there was
a rivalry between Barnes and
Howell. See, Barnes was jealous
that Howell had all this
popularity, especially
within the administration.
- What about the tenure issue?
- Major sore subject. Wait a
second. Can I get you a martini?
- Absolutely not. Continue.
- Um, Barnes was furious
that Howell wouldn't
grant him his tenure.
But, no surprise here,
whoever the new committee chair
was gonna be, Barnes was hoping
he would reconsider his bid.
- Well, did she say
who she thought might
have killed Howell?
Like for example her tenure-
deprived maniac husband?
- No,
she was actually protective
of Barnes, yet also
protective of Howell.
You know what was really weird?
Is by the time
she had her second martini,
she was implying
a certain level of fondness
for the late professor.
- There's a shocker.
What if Jocelyn and Howell
were an item, but she got clingy
so he dumped her,
and then she came that day
to try to talk him out of it,
but couldn't, and then
took revenge with one of
her husband's prized pencils?
- Come on, Abby, it's a bit of a
stretch. I don't know. I mean,
benefit of doubt here,
I think Jocelyn is
a pretty decent person.
- Well, even decent people
can lose it, Marco.
- I agree.
Oh, I forgot to mention this.
I couldn't steer Jocelyn
into telling me how she showed
up at the law department
that day.
But I will next time,
don't worry.
- Next time?
- You know, I have to admit,
I'm really digging this
whole jealousy thing.
- Come on, I'm...
I'm really just looking out
for you. Can I have
that martini now,
- Three or four olives?
- Five.
- Whoa.
- Thought you'd given up.
- You haven't given up
on your investigation.
Why should I give up on mine?
- Good point.
- Does that mean
you're ready to talk?
- Not really, no.
- Oh, come on.
You know you want to tell me
about all that new cool stuff
that you found out
recently with your friend...
what's his name again?
Marco Salvare?
I'm a reporter. It's what we do.
- No, thanks. And I know
if I don't talk to you,
you're not responsible for what
you write, but you know what?
You're totally responsible
for what you write.
And for who you mislead.
And who you hurt.
And on that,
you can quote me.
- Have a great day, Ms. Knight.
- How'd you do? B plus?!
Sydney, you killed it!
B plus from Barnes is like an
A plus from regular professors.
I hope I didn't say that too
loud, but... but it's true!
- I studied like crazy
for that test, but honestly,
I thought he was gonna give me
a bad mark just because.
- Just because why?
- Because my mom has it out
for him. Or vice-versa,
I don't know.
- Yeah, well, your mom's
in a pretty tough spot. She's
gotta do what she's gotta do.
- So, what's your best guess
on who killed Howell?
- I'm still leaning towards
the scorned woman theory,
but who knows? You know
what I will tell you, though?
You know who's really flying
under the radar right now?
It's Belinda Harper.
- From the office?
- Yeah.
- Why do you think?
- Well, I mean,
I just saw the way
that she was around Howell.
She was totally into that guy.
I don't know if anything
ever happened between
the two of them, but...
if it did...
I'm just saying.
- Dad? What are you doing here?
Is that my paper?
- Yeah.
I thought you might need some
company while you read it.
Here, drink this first.
- Is it bad?
Oh, of course it's bad.
It's 8 o'clock in the morning
and you're here
with tea and sympathy.
- It's a $9 tea drink
for Andy.
- Ooh! Good. Very good.
Now let me see the paper.
What? My driver's license photo?
- It gets better. Meaning worse.
- "Ms. Knight has repeatedly
refused interviews.
"Local observers seem eager
to talk about her.
"'If she's got nothing to hide,
why not talk to the press? Makes
you wonder, doesn't it?'
"Said one longtime
New Chapel resident
who requested anonymity."
And the photo...
It already looks
like a mug shot.
- Monkey,
maybe you should sit down
with this reporter.
You know, back in the day,
I knew how to work the press
in my favor. You can do it.
- Oh, Dad, right now I just need
to get to work. Thank you
for the tea.
- At the very least, get
a new driver's license photo.
- That's for sure.
- What happened to your hair?
- What are you talking about?
It's bold. I personally...
love bold.
- Guys, come on!
Can we please focus?
- OK, I'll do it. Listen,
Nikki and I were talking earlier
and we both think that you
should get yourself a lawyer.
- I'm sure Dave King would be
happy to take your case.
- Hire a lawyer?
I am a lawyer. A good one.
If I lawyer up now,
I look 100% guilty. No way.
- Abby, we're just
looking out for you.
- I know! I know!
But the instinct was right!
I'm a good lawyer,
but Reilly hasn't
witnessed that yet, so
I'm gonna go visit him pro se,
which is Latin for myself,
and set him straight
using facts, using logic,
convincing him beyond
a reasonable doubt
that I am innocent!
But this goes away.
In addition to a strained
work relationship
in regards to jealousy
about tenure, Bruce Barnes
had the most obvious reason
to murder Howell. However,
I would not discount rumors,
even though they are
pure conjecture and
inadmissible in court.
A jilted lover may have
actually killed him, leaving
the names Belinda Harper
and the aforementioned
Jocelyn Barnes.
So, in summation, there are
at least five suspects
with a motive. Abby Knight
clearly did not have the
deliberation, the intent,
nor the premeditation to be
a suspect. And with that,
Detective Reilly,
I rest my case.
- That still doesn't
change the fact
that your fingerprints
were on the murder weapon.
- That's it? That's
your investigation?
- Fingerprints can be such
a nuisance. Especially
when they're yours.
- In a very rare moment of
klutziness, I knocked over
Barnes' pencils.
Had the courtesy to clean
after myself, and that is why
my fingerprints are all over
those pencils.
- So your lack of dexterity
is your alibi?
- My grace precedes me.
Are we done here?
- I believe so.
- That was an accident.
- Ann,
can I get a fresh cup of coffee
and some baking soda
and some vinegar
and a couple of aspirin?
And a rag.
- Ever heard of the phrase
'he who represents himself
has a fool for a client'?
- Let me guess. It didn't
go over so well.
- I talked to Reilly. He will
not get off the fingerprints.
- Well, maybe you gotta put your
investigation on hold for now.
- What? No! That's
the whole point!
Clearly, I can't
count on the law.
It is me, myself and I,
and hopefully you.
- Give it a week, Abby.
What's it gonna hurt?
Focus on your shop,
focus on Sydney, your dad--
focus on me if you want.
Let the truth come out
the way it's supposed to.
- I don't get it, Marco.
What is this, a control thing?
You're trying to teach me
a lesson?
- Abby, whatever happened to
"I have so much to lose"?
- I do,
even more so now, but when
I said that, I didn't think
it would include you.
- OK, fine.
I will support
anything you do. I will.
But I'm worried about you, OK?
And I think you need to take
a break. I told you
I'd make sure nothing happens
to you, and I'm gonna keep that
promise the best way I know how.
- Focus remains on New Chapel
resident Abby Knight
for the murder of law professor
Carson Howell.
Knight, a former Chicago lawyer,
is the owner of a Main Street
flower shop called Boomers.
- It's not Boomers,
it's Bloomers!
- Is this ever going to end?
- Knight had a history
of conflict with former
law professor Howell.
- You!
You have no conscience!
I don't even understand
how you live with yourself!
- Abby, come on,
keep it in the courtroom.
We feel vindicated.
- Oh, I'm sure you do!
- Dermabrir's exceeded
all the regulations.
- You're an animal!
- A career-damaging
courtroom lost to Howell,
plus fingerprints found
on the murder weapon
has kept Knight
under the microscope.
Knight, who continues
to run Boomers--
- Seriously, again?
- Whoa, easy with the scissors!
- However, with no other
suspects, charges are
soon to follow.
- Well, I have a public comment.
It's Bloomers!
- You know what, Nik?
I think it's time
I go public as well.
If Marco calls, tell him
I... went to the dentist.
- Are you sure?
- I am so sure.
- Hey, remind him that it's
Bloomers, not... Boomers.
- Let me just say I'm glad you
decided to go on the record.
I really think
this is gonna help your cause.
- I am ready to begin
when you are,
Mr. McKay.
- OK,
Ms. Knight. Let's start
at the beginning.
The morning of the murder, what
brought you to Millston College?
- I was doing a flower delivery.
To Professor Barnes.
- OK...
- Boy, you really covered your
bases here. Good work, kiddo.
Reads like expert testimony.
And nice photo.
- Thanks, Dad.
I just told the truth, the whole
truth and nothing but the truth.
- Well,
I thought it was totally
bold of you. Great job.
- Thanks. Well, hopefully now
everybody can just draw
their own conclusions.
[entrance bell jingling]
- Hmm.
- This'll be good.
- "When I touched the pencil,
it was a pencil,
not a murder weapon".
So much for taking
a break, right, Abby?
- Have you ever heard the phrase
'the truth will set you free'?
- Yeah, have you ever heard
of the phrase
'the lady doth
protest too much'?
- Yes, and it usually doth come
from a man.
- Oh, she's got us there, Marco.
- OK, alright, fine.
Let's just hope Detective Reilly
appreciates it, because Barnes,
that's a whole other story,
let me tell ya.
- Well, technically
she hasn't said anything about
Bruce Barnes, or anyone else
for that matter,
that's not already out there.
- Thanks, Dad.
I feel good. I feel
like I'm in control.
- I'm glad you do,
because there are
some things in here--
- Delivery for Abby Knight?
- That's me.
- Oh my gosh, Abby!
Who sent you those?
And why didn't they
order them from us?
- "So kind of you to speak out.
Thanks for nothing.
Bruce Barnes".
- Hm!
Guess Barnes really didn't like
that article after all, did he?
- Well,
he can do his own interview.
[television playing]
No, thanks,
I don't wanna...
- I do this whenever I get
stressed and then I hate myself.
- Oh... gimme a bite.
- We will return to our
murder mystery marathon
right after this message.
- I don't know, Dad.
Do I keep trying to solve the
mystery that's threatening
my entire existence,
or do I listen to Marco, step
away and do the system
do its job?
- You're asking someone
who worked for the system
for 40 years.
When it works, there's nothing
like it. When it doesn't...
- There's nothing like it.
- Uh-huh. Listen to me.
Take a breather.
Not to make Marco or me
or anyone else happy, but
to give yourself a break.
I think you need it.
- What do you think Mom
would say if she was here?
- Your mother? She'd say:
"Have faith, pussycat.
"And please,
please, please,
tell Dad to step away
from the ice cream."
- Dad...
- Fine.
For Mom.
[TV show resumes]
- What's this?
Is Madam Columbo
closing up shop?
- No, I'm just taking
a little bit of a hiatus.
And no, I'm not caving to
the pressure, I just realized
I was neglecting my store,
my family, my best friend.
- And you're OK with Detective
Reilly running the show?
- No,
but my sleuthing netted
some great intel,
so I figure I bought myself
a little life insurance policy.
- Which hopefully you won't need
to cash in.
- Nik, that's beautiful!
See, you are way too talented to
spend time on revenge roses.
- Thanks,
but I think I'm really
good at those too.
I was so jealous when I saw
these black roses from the other
florist. Which is why,
if you're OK with it, I wanna do
a revenge roses marketing blitz.
Up our social media presence,
help put Bloomers on the map.
- What,
as something other than the home
of the law school killer?
[phone ringing]
Go for it. Knock yourself out.
Just remember to keep the happy
flowers a priority.
[phone ringing]
I will be forever creeped out
when I see a black rose. Or a
black pencil, for that matter.
- Hi, Bloomers.
Uh, yeah.
Oh, of course! Yes,
we can do that, no problem.
Um, I can check.
- Can't believe Barnes
sent you black roses.
Could he actually have
a sense of humor?
- More like a childish temper.
- Mom, you stood up
for yourself,
just like you always told me
to do. If Barnes wants
to defend himself,
he can do his own interview.
- Yeah, that's right.
- By the way, Kenny said
that he thought your article
was great and really smart
of you to do.
I think he was secretly happy
that it made Barnes squirm
a little.
- So he's not a big
Barnes fan either?
- Hardly.
Barnes doesn't let
Kenny do anything.
Won't let him help with lesson
planning, won't let him
help with the grades,
nothing. Kenny can't seem to get
away from guys like Barnes.
- What do you mean?
- Oh, well,
he was just telling me
about his dad. Like Barnes,
he's a control freak.
His dad wants him to join
the family law firm, but
Kenny doesn't want to.
He wants to be his own person.
- You really like this Kenny,
- He's alright,
but don't worry, Mom, I couldn't
even imagine dating my TA.
School's complicated enough.
Especially with the murder
and everything going on.
Are you OK?
- You... Can you believe this?
- Hey...
it's gonna be OK.
Justice will prevail.
- And where did you learn that?
- I wonder.
Here. For you.
- Thank you.
- It'll be OK, Mom.
- Jocelyn, hey!
- Oh...
- You OK?
You look a little shaky.
- Do you have a moment to talk?
- Yeah, absolutely.
Yeah, come on.
Can I get you anything?
- Peace of mind would be nice.
- So why didn't you
tell the police?
- There were too many
reputations at stake.
Bruce's, mine...
and even though
he's already gone, Carson's.
Plus, Bruce made me swore
that I would keep it to myself.
- Why tell me? Why now?
- Once I heard that interview
with Abby Knight, I realized
that she could go to jail
for a crime she didn't commit.
A crime that I could be
responsible for.
I just couldn't keep it inside
anymore. I had to tell someone.
You were so kind to me
last time, I... I just felt
that I could trust you.
Can I?
- Of course you can trust me.
Jocelyn, this is actually
the person you should be
telling this to.
Do you know Abby Knight?
- Oh...
- Thanks, Jenna.
How long were you and Carson
Howell an item?
- Almost a year.
I was just so lonely with Bruce,
but... I didn't want to
divorce him either.
Beneath all that bluster, Bruce
is just a terribly sad
and sensitive man.
- It sounds like you finally did
want to divorce him, though.
- I was in love with Carson,
not Bruce.
I needed to make a stand,
move my life forward,
but... I guess it just
wasn't meant to be.
I want to Millston that morning to tell Carson that I loved him
and I was gonna leave Bruce,
and when I finally told him,
he just... shut down.
He actually seemed shocked
that after all this time,
I had such strong
feelings for him.
He ended it with me right then
and there. I was devastated.
I didn't know
what to do.
I tracked down Bruce
in one of the classrooms
and I made him speak with me
and... I told him everything.
I had never seen him so furious.
He was so vulnerable
and disappointed.
And that's when Bruce
made me swear that I wouldn't
tell a soul. It was a terrible
scene for everyone.
I hung around the campus for
about an hour or so, thinking,
then I went back
to Bruce's office to...
I don't know, just talk,
apologize, see if
he'd calmed down.
That's when
I found out Carson was dead.
- Think your husband killed him?
- I think he called Carson into
his office and confronted him,
and then they fought, and then
Bruce ended up slamming that
pencil into his neck.
Bruce is a very precise man.
- That's exactly what
Belinda said.
- Jocelyn, you don't
have any proof, right?
- Just a theory. One that I
desperately hope is untrue,
but... I'm also afraid
that it might not be.
- Jocelyn, can we just back up
a bit? After the murder,
you said that when you went
back to the law department,
you bypassed the police
and walked straight
into the building. Did you?
- No, not exactly.
For obvious reasons,
I couldn't tell that cop
that I'd spent the last hour
in a second floor bathroom
being sick to my stomach
over everything.
- Which means that you were
already in the building
when the murder took place.
- What exactly are you
trying to say, Ms. Knight?
- Only that...
I completely understand why you
kept all this from the police.
- Well, let's be clear.
I wanted to love
Carson Howell, not kill him.
- I get it.
Just because she didn't send
the roses doesn't mean
she didn't kill him.
- It also doesn't mean she did.
- She sure was quick to throw
Barnes under the bus
for Howell's murder.
- Come on, she said it's just
a theory. And frankly,
I think it's a plausible one.
- So?
- So what?
- Where does it leave us?
- Well, obviously
it's some new info.
Maybe it's time to bring out
the old suspect board.
- Yes, yes, yes! Thank you!
- Whoa! Thank you.
- Tomorrow morning, OK?
Bloomers. Strategy meeting.
- I'll be there.
Donuts or Danishes?
- Surprise me.
- I will.
- Thank you.
- See you in the morning.
- Bye!
Walter Pierce?
- So...
- Right.
Take a look
at this photo.
This photo was taken
right after the verdict
in the Dermabrir case.
- Sorry, it's just... it's
a great glamour shot of you.
- OK, focus, please.
Please pay attention.
OK, look here. That's Howell.
That's Walter Pierce,
from Dermabrir.
Behind him is Kenny Lipinski.
- OK, so?
- Kenny told me
that he first met Pierce
at Howell's memorial,
but this case
was a year ago.
- OK, why not
say anything?
- I don't know. Either
he legitimately forgot
or he's protecting
Howell... or Pierce?
- Or himself.
- Sorry I'm late!
I just...
This is exciting! What changed?
- Proof that Jocelyn and Howell
were linked together.
Still a question about Belinda,
but if everybody else's stories
are changing,
why not hers, right?
- Even if Reilly's already
cleared her name?
- Especially if Reilly's
already cleared her name.
I think another trip out to
Millston College is in order,
specifically to see Belinda.
Wanna come with me, partner?
- Name the time.
- Later today? I don't know.
I've got a ton of work to do,
then I leave right for vacation.
- Vacation? Um, I'd really only
need a few minutes.
[It'd really help, especially
if you're going away.]
- I don't understand,
Ms. Knight. What more
can I tell you?
- [I just have]
a couple more questions. Really,
I will be fast, I promise.
- OK.
Be here by 6.
- [Thank you.]
- Thanks for letting me know,
I appreciate it. Bye. Ugh!
Well, I had a shipment scheduled
for 4, but they're running late
and I have to be here
to sign for it.
- Well, if we don't leave now,
we'll miss Belinda.
She's going on vacation.
Can you believe that?
- Well,
people do take vacations, Abby.
- While they're being
investigated for murder?
- That's only by you now.
Let's remember that. Go ahead,
I'll catch up as soon as I can.
Maybe we can talk to Kenny too.
- Text me
when you're on your way.
- Alright, will do.
Be careful, OK?
- I'm sorry, but I have to get
these letters out before I go.
I can't talk after all.
- Please, it really won't take
a long time. Five minutes.
Four minutes.
It won't take...
Wait, three minutes.
Two. Please.
- OK, go.
- I know that you said
you had no romantic interest
in Howell, but I've heard
- I didn't say I never had any
interest in him, I said nothing
ever happened between us.
- I don't understand.
- Sure, I had a crush on Carson
when I started working here.
Every woman does. Did.
And at first, we flirted
a little. A lot.
I knew it was unprofessional,
but once I realized how
many women he juggled,
I knew I didn't want
to be part of that club.
- And he was OK with that?
- Not at all.
The more I resisted,
the more he pursued.
And once I got
a serious boyfriend,
Carson got
even more aggressive.
- And this went on
for ten years?
- He calmed down over time.
And honestly,
we were friends, we worked
really well together,
but I vowed if it ever
started up again, I'd quit.
- And?
- And it did.
On the day he was murdered.
- The morning he was killed?
- That morning, he followed me
into Professor Barnes' office
and he told me
that he'd just ended
a relationship and
he was free again
and maybe now was the time
for us to finish what
we never started.
I finally had
to threaten to quit,
and... that totally
set him off. I mean,
I literally had to fight
to get out of there.
It was crazy.
But I certainly didn't
stab him to death, even...
even if he made me want to.
Look, I have to go.
- OK. Yeah.
Thank you.
I really am sorry
about your friend Carson.
He was my friend
too, and...
despite his flaws, nobody
deserves to die like that.
- They have decided to name
a lucrative clerkship
after him, so I guess
he will always be remembered.
- Yeah.
- Too bad Carson won't be around
for... Lauren Kaplan to thank.
- Lauren Kaplan?
- Yeah, this year's recipient.
[cell phone buzzing]
Look, I have to go.
That's my car.
I wish I could stay and help,
but I've got a plane to catch
and some margaritas waiting for
me to wash this all behind me.
I hope they find
the killer, Ms. Knight.
But it's not me.
[cell phone buzzing]
Ugh, I'm coming!
- Have a good trip.
Kenny Lipinski.
"Dear Kenny, after extensive
"we regret to inform you
"that you will not be receiving
the clerkship as requested.
Carson Howell".
The day before he was murdered.
Oh! Of course!
Pick up, pick up, pick up,
pick up, pick up--
- [Hey, it's Marco.
Leave a message at the beep.]
- Marco, I know
that you're on your way,
but I think Kenny Lipinski
killed Carson Howell.
Oh, Sydney!
Oh baby, come on!
Oh, pick up!
- [Hey, it's Sydney. Leave
a message after the beep.]
- Sydney, it's Mom. Call me back
as soon as you get this.
It's urgent, honey.
Is Detective Reilly in?
- What, uh, what brings you
here? Let me guess.
You came to propose a peace
offering to Professor Barnes.
- Ha, nope.
That ship has definitely sailed.
Uh, what brings you here?
- Oh, I have office hours in a
bit. I figured I'd just come in
and start packing up Howell's
office. Someone's got to.
Is that Professor Howell's
- Oh! Yeah.
Evidently, some of his old mail
didn't go out, according
to Belinda,
whom I came to see.
But she's gone now, so...
They're, uh, they're evidently
just rejection letters
to the other students that
didn't get the clerkship. The
one Howell recommended you for.
- That's interesting. I don't
remember Howell mentioning
anything about sending out
personal notes.
Or Belinda, even.
- She did say that they must've
just gotten lost in the
Um, hey, Kenny, can I
ask you a question?
You told me that you met Walter
Pierce from Dermabrir
for the first time
at Professor Howell's memorial?
- Yeah. Yeah, that's right.
- Take a look at this article.
Isn't that you
standing behind Pierce?
With your hand
on his shoulder?
- Uh, yes. Yes,
it certainly seems that way.
- Oh, so you did meet him
before the memorial.
- I know how you feel
about Dermabrir. Can
you really blame me
for not wanting you to know
that I did their legal work?
- I thought Howell handled it.
- Well, officially,
yes, but I did all the briefs,
I did all the research...
All Howell did
was sign off on them.
- What else did you lie about?
- What are you talking about?
Why are you doing this?
- Kenny, you can tell me.
It's OK.
I'm really, really sorry
about that clerkship, Kenny.
I know how much
you counted on it.
- You... you have no idea.
I deserved
that job, too.
I did everything that
Howell asked. Every brief,
every syllabus, right down
to the most tedious task,
just so he could look good.
- What happened?
- What hap--he got greedy!
OK? He succumbed to the power
and the money
of the almighty...
Kenneth Lipinski Sr.
- Are you saying that
your father bribed Howell
not to give you the clerkship?
- Let me tell you
something about...
about the Lipinski
family, OK?
Sons follow in their
father's footsteps.
See, I'm supposed to take the
reins of the family business,
or a dynasty collapses.
This job was a once-in-a-
lifetime opportunity for me.
Do you understand that?
Think about it: the
Justice Department,
Washington DC--this was
my ticket to the big time.
And away from Lipinski
and sons, I would never have
to answer to my father again!
had to take the law
into my own hands.
- So, Kenny, did you, uh...
did you film that angry video
of me?
- I had to warn you somehow.
Before you started
getting too close.
- To what?
To finding out you killed
Professor Howell?
- That was a nice touch
with the black roses,
by the way, Ms. Knight.
- You sent them. How did you--
- Sydney told me
all about your flower shop.
I figured, why not?
Did you like my note?
Couldn't you have sworn one of
Howell's scorned women wrote it?
[door opening]
- Hi, Sydney,
what are you doing here?
Why didn't you call me back?
- It's Kenny's office hours.
I didn't see you in the hall.
My phone died.
- Go right now! No, stop!
- Stay back! Stay back!
I'm good with this thing.
- OK.
- Hand me the letter.
Shut up! Hand me the letter.
- It's gonna be OK, honey.
Here, take it. Alright,
now let her go!
- Stand back!
- Let her go, Kenny. Nobody has
to know anything about this.
But killing Professor Howell
does not change the fact
that he gave the clerkship
to someone else.
- No, see, that's where you're
wrong. Howell didn't get
a chance to send out
any notification
to the applicants.
I can still take the job.
I just gotta get rid of
all of those letters,
then it's your word
against mine.
And in case you've forgotten,
you are the prime suspect
here, not me.
- OK. Take 'em.
Take all the letters.
- Why don't you get them for me?
My hands are kinda full.
- Mom...
- It's gonna be OK, honey.
- Mom!
- No!
- Mom!
- Quiet.
- Abby, what happened?
Abby, can you hear me?
Abby, are you OK?
- Oh, Marco... He's got Sydney.
I couldn't warn her in time.
- Abby, look, I got here
as fast as I could.
I called you and--
- There they are!
Go down the right,
I'll go down the center. Hurry!
- Don't say a word.
Don't say a word.
- Mom!
- Quiet!
- Let her go!
Just let her go, OK? Please.
It doesn't have to be this way.
Kenny, just let her go.
- It's over,
It's over, man.
[police radio chatter]
- Well, I suppose
I owe you an apology.
- A simple "thank you" will do.
- Thank you.
Although, for the record,
we were zeroing in
on Kenny Lipinski.
- No, you weren't.
- OK, let's just say
that we hadn't officially
ruled him out.
- Well, maybe next time
you'll take me more seriously.
Not as a suspect.
- And if you need help at the
department, Abby can always do
some pro bono work on the side.
- I think we'll be fine.
- OK.
- Ms. Knight...
stay out of trouble.
- Mom! You were awesome.
You saved my life. Thank you.
And Marco.
- You are welcome.
- You don't have to thank me.
It's part of being a mom.
- You should tell Nikki
to send him flowers.
- Oh no, no, no.
I'm staying out of
the revenge roses business.
- Yes, that'd be a good idea.
- Oh, sweetheart.
I'm sorry about Kenny.
I know you liked him a lot.
- Why do I suddenly feel like
I have the worst taste in men?
- Oh no, do not worry about
that. See, taste in men is
genetic, and lucky for you,
I am your mother.
- And lucky for your mother,
Marco here runs
the bar next door.
- And that's lucky why?
- Stay with me for dinner,
ladies? Little four-alarm chili?
I gotta be honest,
it's something special.
It's really good.
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