Fly By Night (2018) Movie Script

You should try getting on one.
Wait until I get over my fear of flying.
What's that?
I'm trying to quit smoking.
It's good that you're back.
Let's get something to eat.
Jakarta Flight C726 has arrived.
Where are you going?
Bukit Jelutong.
House or apartment?
Ah Soon, there's a camera
in the back seat.
Take it.
You don't need to be old school for me.
I saw smartphones
when I was jailed back then.
I don't trust technology.
Sir, your taxi is here.
What about this then?
The Japanese gave this to me
for insurance.
We switch it off if we are doing a hit.
Do we have guns?
We don't play with fire.
Let's keep it small, only extortion.
Who do we have?
Ah Wai and Gwailo.
One gets pissed easily,
and another one is stupid.
I know.
They're not the smartest people.
But they're one of us, right?
The quality of things nowadays is so bad.
-Ah Soon.
Did your brother take good care of you?
Rest assured, Godmother.
He has been taking care of me.
That's what he should do.
If your godfather were still around,
he would do the same.
My bookie saw someone bribing a cop,
but the cop wouldn't take cash.
Instead, the guy took the cop aside.
He took off his pants
and gave him a blowjob.
Who's the one giving the blowjob?
He gave the cop a blowjob!
You've got to be kidding me!
He has seen all kinds of shit in jail.
Really? Did the cop just let him do that?
It's a blowjob. Why not?
Mom, I'm going out to do some work.
Be careful.
All right.
-Are you serious?
-Trust me.
People in jail,
they've seen all kinds of shit.
What kind of shit are you talking about?
It's nothing.
I was just saying that I respect you
since you've probably seen
all kinds of shit.
That's right.
A big mouth like yours
can probably fit a few in.
When did you get out?
Not long ago.
All right, listen up.
From today onward, Ah Soon will be
a crucial part of the team.
He is one of us now.
No matter what he did,
you'll have to respect him.
Take off your hat.
Do you need me to help you get that?
Great, following an old addict
is exactly what we need.
Is he Malay?
I want to know everything
about him and his wife.
We can use this.
There's a thing called a smartphone.
It's got a camera,
and it fits in your pocket.
You've got everything in this.
What if you get caught
and all of our information gets leaked?
We won't get caught.
People get caught.
Am I talking to you?
What the fuck are you staring at, convict?
Are you mute?
What are you doing?
Sit down.
What are you doing?
He was like a son to your late father.
And a brother to us.
You better behave and listen to me.
This is my house.
We go by my rules.
I've ordered new ink cartridges.
Go get it.
-I just bought a new printer.
-Go get it!
I'll go.
Leave it.
I'll go get it.
Is there anything else you need help
picking up, boss?
Hey! Brother Bookie. Yes.
I've been very busy lately.
Just give me a little bit more time.
Your dad's home office
is exactly the way I remember it.
Nothing has changed.
You know him.
He liked to keep things in order.
Ah Soon. Have you got the device?
Does it work?
No. Of course, I know I'm late but...
Hello? Can you hear me?
Azman, I need the bank details.
He's a Datuk.
He earns a lot, but he spends a lot.
There's not much money
in his bank account.
The wife has most of his money.
Watch them closely.
Follow them.
Hello, Ah Soon.
I want pictures of his wife.
Make sure they are clear.
Gwailo, get me his number.
There's an empty spot right beside my car.
I didn't see it earlier. Don't be mad.
Are we going after his wife?
No. Her husband.
We'll handle the wife.
Is this his wife?
She's not my cup of tea.
I'll drink it anyway.
-Mr. Khairy.
-Who is this?
-You should park your car.
You can't contact Khalida, am I right?
Who are you?
There's a bus stop at 200 meters.
You can park there.
Where's my wife?
Your wife is wearing
a blue shirt today, right?
She's got a great figure.
You better not do anything to my wife!
If you don't give us what we want,
we will take turns with your wife.
Then we will kill her. Do you understand?
Okay, what do you want?
Ah Soon.
Ah Wai.
-Ah Wai.
You haven't seen your wife
in a while, right?
Do you know how I know this?
Because I'm the one
who has been taking care of her.
I'll visit them on my way out later.
Spend wisely.
Hurry up, Gwailo!
-Chinaman, I'll head off first.
I don't wait for people.
Hey, wait up.
I never know what they're up to anymore.
You can't wear caps inside.
But it's my lucky cap.
It's the rules,
you can't do anything about it.
All grown up but still picking fights.
We can settle this. I know how this works.
Sure, we can settle it.
But you got to talk to the headmaster.
Don't you know who I am?
What's your name?
You should know my family name.
The Ambassador.
You've been to one
of our grand events, right?
Alan, is there one "L"
or two "L" in your name?
One "L."
You have the characteristics
of a gentleman.
Of course, I am a gentleman.
So we can settle this, right?
How much is your usual?
Is one thousand enough?
Three thousand?
Sounds fair, doesn't it?
What do you think this is?
Late payment for your road tax?
Bring him to the station.
Five thousand.
That's much more than what you're used to.
Am I right?
Section 352, Assault Act.
Section 26K.
Attempt to bribe a police officer.
Do you know what "K" stands for?
And you claim to be a gentleman.
The taxi robbers have appeared again.
What did they do this time?
They extorted a Datuk.
The headquarters finally gave us
permission to go after them.
Privileges of Datuk.
The money was too little.
The money we got was too little.
It's not that bad.
We each make seven thousand a week
by just driving and making the calls.
What else do you want?
But I don't get to do anything.
He only asks me
to do easy jobs most of the time.
So? Do you want to take less?
He doesn't trust me.
Chinaman never trusts anyone.
Come on, I have skills.
I want to do bigger heists.
I don't want to just earn
seven thousand per job. Okay?
Sure, you've got skills.
If only telling jokes was a skill.
Let's drink.
I want to break off on my own.
Did you hear me?
-How's it?
-Hey, Alex.
I have something going on now.
I'll talk to you later.
Hurry up.
Hurry up.
What's going on there?
He owes the boss money,
they bring him to see the boss.
Have a seat.
Don't be shy.
Do you want some tea?
Do you know why you're here?
I know.
I didn't pay back your money in time.
That's right!
You lied to me.
You broke your promise.
As humans,
we need to keep our promises.
Animals on the other hand,
they don't need to keep their promises.
You're not an animal.
Am I right?
He can't speak.
Maybe it's because he's thirsty.
I will ask you two questions.
If you get both of them right,
I'll give you two more days.
First question.
Do you think I've been good to you?
Good! Excellent answer!
That earns you one day.
Not bad.
Second question.
Here goes the question.
Do you think...
I'll be as good
to your wife and daughter?
What is that?
I see.
You were trying to say
"Please, don't." Am I right?
It's "Please, don't."
That's not the answer.
You only have one day.
The tea might be a little hot.
Hold on for a while, it'll be over soon.
Please, don't...
Don't scream.
Don't move.
The more you move, the more it hurts.
Here it comes.
I thought you were dead.
You gave me a fright.
What am I going to do if you die?
A reminder to you.
Next time, try to enunciate better.
Otherwise, I don't know what
you're saying.
What if you wanted to say "Yes,"
but I heard it as "Die"?
It could turn really ugly for you.
I had just come back from a business trip.
I took a taxi from the airport counter.
There was a lady working at the counter.
She gave me a ticket.
Do you still have the ticket?
Check out the security footage.
Hello, Jane.
I just got back from Singapore.
It's just me today.
I haven't told him yet.
See you later.
Send my regards to Brian.
I think you should leave the ring here.
Don't you think it looks nicer on me?
Now is not the time.
When is the time then?
We will never have a future.
You're beautiful.
There are many men out there
waiting for you.
There's something I need to tell you.
Let's end our relationship.
Where are you heading, sir?
Emerald Hills.
Are you working alone?
70 Ringgit.
Pass this to the driver, please.
Gate four, right?
It's gate three.
May I ask why this ticket has two ticks
and mine doesn't?
House or apartment?
Maybe that's for detail confirmation.
Confirmation for the driver?
Do you recognize this man?
This guy told me that
he picked up a taxi here
and ended up a victim of extortion.
The lady at the counter asked
if it was a house or an apartment.
What a coincidence.
This is not the first victim.
There have been many.
There's only one taxi counter here.
There are thousands of taxis
and customers in this city.
There's no way I would be able
to remember everyone, right?
I understand.
Gate three, right?
I'll remember you.
-Go away!
-Mind your own business.
Do you mind if I join you?
Do you come here often?
I like eating here.
Where is that flight from?
How do you know?
That's the last flight.
We've met before.
You look very similar to my captain.
He loved watching airplanes too.
What are you doing here?
I'm just watching the airplanes.
Do you need a taxi? I have one.
Mention my name to get a discount.
They call me Chinaman.
If I need a taxi, I'll find you.
See you around.
Stop messing around.
What's wrong?
Something bad happened.
Can you be more serious about it?
Am I not being serious?
-What happened?
I shouldn't have
let you involve me in this.
What do you mean?
What are you talking about?
Didn't you say you wanted to make
extra cash? Didn't you say this is fun?
Hey, that time was different.
I have a son now.
I don't want to go to jail!
Why are you raising your voice at me?
I've said this countless times.
We won't get caught, okay?
I'll talk to Chinaman myself.
There's no need!
You can just tell me if anything comes up.
Forget it.
-Do we have a problem?
-What do you want to say?
-What do you want now?
-I'm teaching your mom
how to do kung fu.
Come on. Let's head to bed.
This conversation isn't over.
Yes, it is.
What happened to you?
My bookie threw me a Halloween party.
I'm in.
It's good that you join in.
If not, I wouldn't know
how to spend all the money.
Is that all?
Just the two of us?
Just the two of us.
Are you sure?
Of course not.
Your mom said she's coming later.
Does she live alone?
How do you know she's rich?
Does this look like a village?
Do you have more details?
Is this a name card?
It doesn't even have her phone number.
It has her office address on there.
I see, there's an office address.
Okay, I'll go buy a tent.
Why do you need a tent?
There's an office in front.
So many people come in and out.
Do you dare to do it there?
Or you can just camp here.
Let's see how long it will take
for her to come out.
Do you want to do this or not?
I want.
What car is she driving?
What color is it?
That's what we're here to find out.
That's why Chinaman
only targets those landed houses.
"That's why Chinaman only targets
those landed houses."
That is why we are still poor.
If you don't want to do this,
you can just leave.
I know what I am doing.
How is it?
Do you want to head to the office or not?
Did you bring the flyers
and the sim cards?
In the glove compartment.
Chinaman better not find out about this.
He won't.
-Which unit does she live in?
Didn't I tell you?
She's rich.
Can I get a little trust?
I know what I'm doing.
She's an easy target.
I really hope it's that easy.
Reanne Chai.
You're currently living in
an apartment, unit D1209.
How's it? Do you like those photos?
Don't be so nervous.
We're only going to do it once,
so you better not hang up.
Or else, we will come and play with you.
Damn it.
Hey, don't do that again.
All we want is money.
You have that, right?
Remember not to go to the police.
Otherwise, we will come after
your pretty nose.
The police will never
be able to protect you.
Twenty thousand,
I'll call you back shortly.
From the day we met,
I've never taken this ring off my finger.
Our relationship is not love.
Marcus, I'm pregnant.
Get rid of it then.
How is it?
Twenty thousand?
If you leave me alone,
I'll give you a hundred thousand.
What do you mean?
Where's the money?
Right here.
Give it.
What are you trying to do?
What are you trying to do?
I'll scream if you mess with me.
I only have ten thousand.
Bitch! You said you'd pay
a hundred thousand, where is it?
I only have this much.
Are you playing a trick on us?
I'll kill you!
Damn it.
If you murder me,
do you think you'll get away with it?
Crazy bitch!
I can tell you how to get more money.
Don't you dare play tricks on us anymore!
Everything he owns comes from his wife.
If his wife finds out about me...
What do you think
is going to happen to him?
Why should we trust you?
What's in it for you?
I just want the ring.
You can keep the rest.
Why should we help you?
It's personal.
Keep in touch.
I only have this much.
Are you playing a trick on us?
I'll kill you!
You better give me that phone.
What if I don't?
Hey, where's your mom?
-Hey, Chinaman.
You've become so heavy!
What did you eat today?
What did you eat?
I want to quit.
That man really frightened me.
The guy who came asking questions
at the airport.
The guy at the airport?
Didn't Ah Wai tell you?
No, he didn't.
Don't worry.
I'll look into this.
Boy, greet Uncle Ah Soon.
-Uncle Ah Soon.
-Ah Soon...
Why are there so many joss papers?
It's for my godfather.
When I was in jail,
he always came to me in my dreams.
He wasn't too happy.
I didn't get a chance to pay my respects.
Get in the car.
Here comes the fish.
Come, let's eat.
Let's eat.
-Godmother, let's eat.
-Mom, let's eat.
-Let's eat.
-Mom, let's eat.
-Let's eat.
Boy, what are you supposed to say?
Please eat, everybody.
Good boy.
You're home late.
-I needed to get work done.
-Let's eat.
Pass me that.
-How's work?
-Here you go.
How's the food?
Work is going well.
We're going to take a break.
I'm going to take you on vacation.
That would be nice.
Here, try this.
What happened?
I was drunk the other day
and fell into the drain.
He must be looking at the girls.
Isn't that normal?
Let's put it down.
-Right here?
All right.
It would be nice if dad is still around.
He loved you a lot, do you know that?
Did he nag a lot like you?
Still can't light the joss sticks?
Hey, we haven't lit the joss sticks.
It's the same.
Just dump the joss sticks in later.
Why did you tell Mom
that you want to take a break?
Someone is watching us.
We'll be laying low for a while.
How long will that be?
Very long.
How will we survive if we go on a break?
Just trust me.
Chinaman, we'll head off first.
It's so clever of you.
You bring my cap out.
We're heading out.
Stay out of trouble.
Just trust me.
I hope they know what they are doing.
If not, these joss papers are for us.
Ah Soon, let me do it.
It looks like a Batman logo.
It's not a Batman's logo.
What are you doing here?
I've told you not to come here.
We are done.
I've made it very clear.
Did you take the photo?
How can I lose this?
Are you looking for a taxi?
I'm looking for someone.
Come on...
Has anyone seen this person?
How about you?
Can you recognize him?
I haven't seen him before.
I'm out.
Can you recognize him?
Thank you.
My phone is barred again.
Pay your bills then.
-I don't have money for this.
-I'm leaving soon.
Do you want to grab a drink tonight?
Are you looking for a taxi?
Your cap is nice, sir.
It's not bad.
Have you seen this person?
You look pretty similar.
Almost like twins!
Have you seen this man?
It must be your ghostly double then.
-I need to work.
-Go ahead, please.
That's him.
His name is Kamal.
He was your dad's protg.
Your dad really favored him.
He always thought this person
would be his successor.
Because he's smart.
No caps allowed inside.
-Come on!
-Damn it, I lose again!
Hey, Cheryl.
What are you doing after work?
-Definitely not hanging out with you.
Come on, don't be like that.
-I thought you were dead.
-Touch wood!
This place is too much fun
for me to die on.
Someone told us what happened.
Word travels fast.
I'll need a little help tonight.
Then I'll have to double the interest.
You tell this asshole
that we have money to spend.
Watch your mouth.
Get me a bottle.
Write my name on it.
Your name will definitely
be written on it.
Keep the money.
Come on, let's head in. This way.
Come on.
You lost.
My friend, he's on a hot streak today.
Come again next time, okay?
Little boy.
It seems like you ran out of chips.
Show me your cards, asshole!
My apologies.
Guests are here to visit my father...
Hey, little boy.
Here, use it to take a taxi.
Guests are here to visit my father
But he's not around
I asked the guests to come in for a seat
And served them with wine
You're really pouring
a glass of wine for me?
Ah Soon.
This is for you.
What's this for?
It's for you. Take it.
You should come with us.
I'll pay you back.
I've quit drugs.
I don't do drugs anymore.
Let it go.
It's in the past anyway.
There's something I need to tell you.
It's about Ah Wai.
Sit down!
These two...
Are they your men?
If I'm not mistaken,
this is your younger brother.
What do you want?
What's the rush?
Give me some time to calculate.
How much was that bottle that he broke?
One thousand two hundred and forty-five.
As for the renovation fees,
it's fifty thousand.
Speaking of renovation,
that's my biggest loss.
While it's under renovation,
I can't do my business.
The guy they burned
was a very, very good customer of mine.
But anyway, that was before he died.
Getting rid of the body,
it'll be five thousand.
That gives you a total of
one hundred one thousand and forty-five.
Also, the two of them
still owe me a sum of forty thousand.
I'll round it up for you.
Three hundred thousand.
That's a lot of money!
We don't have so much money here.
I can clearly see that you don't have
so much money.
certain things
can't be seen with our naked eyes.
But if you listen, you'll hear a lot.
Do you want to hear it?
I'll let you listen.
We'll have a large sum
of money coming in soon!
Did you hear that?
It looks like your brother
doesn't know about this.
How could you not let
your brother know about this big plan
that you had outside?
What a piece of crap.
I'll give you two days.
After that,
I won't just be coming for money.
I think you should have
a lot to talk about.
I don't want to bother you guys.
Your men really cost you a lot.
Do you know who the hell he is?
You've just thrown us into a cage
with a monster.
What have you guys done?
The target has a lot of money.
He runs Trinity Jewellery.
Chinaman, we should have told you
about this earlier.
What's the exact amount?
We don't know.
I'm the one who asked him to help me.
We are in this shit because of you!
It's because of me--
If it weren't for me--
Have you ever made 300 thousand?
Have you...
Keep talking!
That boss of Trinity...
What do you have on him?
The company belongs to his wife.
He's having an affair with a woman.
What else?
They run a diamond business.
We assume that he has a lot of money.
-Damn you, two stupid pricks!
-Ah Soon!
-Don't do this!
-Are you fucking idiots?
Stop it!
You need to calm down!
This is all because of you.
I told you that
they'll eventually fuck us up.
I'm trying to figure out a way
to fix this now.
Can you just calm down?
The fire alarms went off
at the club last night.
Then it went quiet.
No one reported on this.
Here it is, sir.
What do you have?
This car is registered
under the name Kok Boon Seng.
This guy has been dead for 50 years.
Find out more.
Here's your drink.
Thank you.
This guy is definitely not working alone.
What should we do about his car, sir?
-I want five hundred thousand in cash.
-Who are you?
If not, you will hear this every day.
Five hundred thousand in three hours.
I'll only say this once.
If I see anything I don't like,
you'll be in deep shit.
You've reached...
Leave your message...
Ah Wai, are you listening?
I am.
Hey! When you get the money,
come straight back.
Help me hold this for a second.
The crazy bitch keeps calling me.
Yes, she's blowing up my phone too.
She's called a million times.
Just ignore her.
She's the least of our problems now.
She won't pull some crazy shit
on us, right?
I take this for you, all right?
Are you all right?
I don't feel good about this.
Help me keep an eye on them.
Follow that taxi.
Stop playing with your ring.
Is all the cash in the bag?
Bring it over.
Go to the motorbike
and put the bag in the back.
Pass the withdrawal slip
to the motorcyclist.
Wait a moment.
Go home and count the money.
If you have the correct amount,
let Gwailo know.
I'll get my taxi
and count the money there.
Are you crazy?
Go home and count the money!
Do you hear me?
There is a suspicious activity involving
the taxi gang.
We are awaiting
further instructions. Over.
Tail the taxi. Keep your distance. Over.
Get in the taxi.
Get in the car.
Once we confirm that
you're not fooling us, we'll let you go.
Get in the car.
Ah Soon, something is wrong.
Hey! What are you doing?
Are you seriously hijacking this taxi?
-Shut up!
Start driving.
Okay. Where are we going?
Start driving!
This is crazy.
You are ruining our plan.
Do you really think that
I'll trust you to get me what I want?
What? You're in this together?
Hand over the ring!
Multiple shots fired at 21E, Section 2.
Sit down...
The game is just getting started.
Let's sit down.
We have set the bait.
Just wait for the fish to bite.
Ah Wai?
Ah Wai, can you hear me?
Can you please step out, sir?
Did I do anything wrong?
I don't know.
Did you do anything wrong?
I just parked my car here.
You look familiar.
Have we met before?
Have you ever sent food to my house?
Didn't you?
Can I have your identity card?
You're Kok Boon Seng?
It's good that I could put a face
to the name.
Okay, Kok.
I want to ask you a question.
You look...
very young for a guy
who has been dead for 50 years.
What's your secret?
What happened?
Do you mean that crazy bitch?
She came out of nowhere.
How did she get there?
How the hell would I know?
She must have followed the rich guy.
Let me go!
It seems you both knew each other.
I'll ask one more time.
Why was she there?
I really don't know!
Ah Soon...
I saw you chatting with her
outside the bank.
Are you sure...
you want to keep lying to me?
I'll tell you everything.
At first, Ah Wai and I targeted her.
But she didn't have any money.
That guy dumped her, and she gets nothing.
All she wanted was his ring.
She wanted revenge! That's all!
How would I know that you didn't
cut a deal with her to get more money?
Maybe you even
plan to keep the money for yourself.
I didn't do it!
Ah Soon! Let go of him!
Let go of him!
Let go!
Let him go!
Ah Wai and the money
are both in his hands.
"Lau Kok Wai."
Your record is not good.
We know about your wife.
Michelle Cheong Xue Ni.
Do you recognize this man?
What about this?
It's the same person, isn't it?
Do you recognize him now?
Do you recognize him?
Look at the pictures.
We know you're not
the one who calls the shots.
You don't look like one.
Why don't you give us all the details?
Give me the names.
Give me the addresses.
You help us,
and we might be able to return the favor.
Go to hell.
Figure it out yourself.
Haven't you heard the saying,
"Keep things simple"?
Get up.
Get up.
Have a seat.
Go to hell.
Have a seat.
Go to hell.
A little bit more...
All right?
Just a little bit more...
Go to hell!
Go to hell, you police!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Remember this face.
My brother! Talk to my brother!
What did you say?
Ah Wai got caught,
and we owe people a lot of money.
No matter what we do,
we are screwed this time.
Who's this?
You can call me Chinaman.
Great! Straight to the point.
This is Inspector Kamal.
You can call me K.
What's inside the bag with me now?
Five hundred thousand.
Just by listening to your voice,
it sounds like you're...
a gentleman.
Yes. I'm a gentleman.
A gentleman doesn't lie.
I'm not lying.
The thing is,
as compared to the withdrawal slip,
only half the amount is in the bag.
I've got a feeling
that the other half is with you.
The cash and my brother.
Take it, they're yours.
Hey! That's enough!
Enough! Stop it!
I think it's time to take that ride.
You set the time and place.
I'll wait for your call.
Don't forget.
Bring the money with you.
What did he say?
Marcus tricked us.
He split the money in half.
Jared isn't going to let this slide.
Now, there's this asshole, Kamal.
Why don't we find a place to hide first?
We have the mafia and the police after us.
If we don't settle this,
there will be no place to hide.
Do you have a plan?
Do we still have the joss papers?
Find me a Hi8 camera.
Ah Soon, meet me at the pond.
It's not safe here.
Get down to work.
Where's New Zealand?
It's far from here.
The water is blue there.
We can fish all the time.
What can we do there?
I'll drive a taxi,
and you will go to school.
It'll be a happy life for us.
This Hi8 camera was very hard to find.
It should be in a museum.
We have prepared the money.
Everyone has their secrets.
Just admit it!
Why won't you admit it?
Just admit it!
I think we--
My apologies, I'm thirsty.
Looks like you're missing
another Chihuahua of yours.
Where did he go?
Where's your boyfriend?
At your mom's house.
Having fun with your mom.
This boy has an acid tongue!
He's too ugly. I don't like him.
You don't like me?
But you also owe me an apology.
For your ugly face.
I don't like your face either.
This handsome fucker here
really has a way with words.
He's so humorous.
Where's my money?
I want this handsome fucker
to bring it to me.
Come to papa.
It feels a little light.
Do you mind if I open it?
-Open it up then!
Put the gun down.
-You really are a handsome fucker.
-You keep talking, and I'll kill you!
-Let me check if you have bullets?
-Gwailo, put the gun down!
If I kill him,
we'll get rid of all our problems,
-That wasn't the plan! Put the gun down!
-Stand right there!
-Don't move!
Handsome fucker!
I told you, you're a handsome fucker.
Bring him away first.
This is getting exciting,
Even the police are here.
What's going on here?
Just surveying the area.
We just bought this piece of land.
We have received complaints
about nuisance in the area.
That's not true.
We are not looking for trouble.
Look, everything is okay.
Identity card, please.
Identity card?
Ah Soon. Hang in there.
Let's get up.
Come on. Get in the car first.
Be careful of your head!
Your head...
Is that fucker dead?
Stop talking so much!
Give me a cigarette.
-What? Cigarette?
-Give me a cigarette...
I'll kill all those bastards.
Ah Soon!
Where's my money?
You let go of my brother first.
I'll give you a bonus.
How about you come to the station?
I set the place.
Does he want to meet here?
Hello, Chinaman.
Where are you?
What crazy game are you playing, Chinaman?
I can offer you more than just cash.
You said you're a gentleman.
You're too confident, my friend.
I'll give you five minutes.
This belongs to my dad.
Why won't you admit it?
Just admit it!
What have you done?
I'll take care of this mess.
Go clean yourself. Go!
Let us go.
I'll keep this as a secret
until the day I die.
I can't let you go.
I'll give you 12 hours.
After that, I'll come after all of you.
Your negotiation skills,
that's from your dad.
How did you know I was going
to let you walk free?
I didn't.
I just know that you're a gentleman.
Hurry up, let's pack the things.
-Where are we going?
-The vacation we talked about.
Come, let's go.
Where's Ah Wai?
Ah Wai will catch up with us later.
Mom, we don't have much time.
Don't lie to me.
The taxi heist on the news, was that you?
Where's Ah Wai?
Didn't you look after him?
All right, I'll meet you there.
Here comes the fish.
We're going to take a break.
I'm going to take you on vacation.
Ah Wai.
You're on your own now.
Take care of yourself, okay?