Flying Down to Rio (1933) Movie Script

Remember this, when Mr. Butterbass
calls you to attention...
...I want to see every eyelid snap.
- Yes, sir.
Take your posts.
- Good morning, young ladies.
- Good morning, Mr. Hammerstein.
About face.
That is one thing
I will not tolerate in this hotel.
And now, the band.
Right over here.
Good morning, Popeye.
How dare you speak
when I have not asked you a question.
Now then, I have had several complaints
about all of you.
That's funny.
No one has complained me.
I will dismiss, discharge and disqualify...
...any employee
who gets familiar with the guests.
But what happens
if the guests get familiar with us?
- Quiet.
- Please.
I have been imported from Switzerland
by the management of this hotel... enforce discipline...
...and I will.
Where is the boss of this outfit?
Where is that loafer, Roger Bond,
and his assistant loafer, Fred Ayres?
Coming right down.
- How do you feel, boy?
- Yeah.
Well, this is all in one piece.
That's more than we'll be if we don't
get to that hotel in 29 seconds.
Come on, kid, will you?
Well, why don't he put
a kitchenette and bath in here?
- Crazy, I guess.
- Crazy nothing. That guy writes songs.
Well, that's screwy, ain't it?
It's so screwy
that he can buy a plane just like this.
No touch.
In just 10 seconds they go on the air.
If those two loafers aren't here
I'm going to fire them.
One, to make ready...
...two, to go...
Five, six, pick up sticks.
Afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.
This is Roger Bond and his Yankee Clippers
from the Date Grove of the Hotel Hibiscus... Miami, Florida.
We offer for your pleasure
as our first selection...
..."Music Makes Me,"
with a complete vocalization... that charming, bubbling,
effervescent little lady...
...Miss Honey Hale. Contact.
In me you see a sinner
And dancing is my crime
It seems a sin I've got to give in
To syncopated time
It makes me lose my dignity
It makes me lose my poise
Some folks call it music
My folks call it noise
I like music, old and new
But music makes me do the things
I never should do
Oh, I like music, sweet and blue
But music makes me do the things
I never should do
My self-control
was something to brag about
Now it's a gag about town
The things I do are never forgiven
And just when I'm living them down
I hear music, then I'm through
'Cause music makes me do the things
I never should do
I like music
I like it old
I like it new
But it makes me do the things
I never should do
I like music
I like it sweet
I like it blue
But it makes me do the things
I never should do
My self-control
was something to brag about
Now it's a gag about town
The things I do are never forgiven
And just when I'm living them down
I hear music, then I'm through
'Cause music makes me do the things
I never should do
When I hear music
Hey, Rog.
Go easy, will you?
Don't bite the job that feeds you.
Just what am I doing?
That Swiss bell ringer is on the level
about not fooling with the cash customers.
Hold your hats, boys.
Here we go again.
The Latin type.
Belinha, my head aches so badly.
I think I will go and eat an aspirin.
You will excuse me.
Do not rise.
- Titia, shall I go with you?
- No, stay.
But while I am gone
please do not introduce to Belinha...
...too many American customs.
Hey, Rog.
The last time you had that look...
...all we had to live on for two weeks
was a can of prepared dog food.
His father owns
the sunny side of Wall Street.
And writes the preferred list.
They say if he'd only give up airplanes,
songwriting and leading orchestras...
...that he could name his own figure.
He could name mine any time.
You know, if a Brazilian girl
was half as interested in him as you are...
...and had half your freedom...
- She'd what?
- She'd get him over here, just for you.
- Oh, yeah?
You mean, she'd try?
Watch me.
Oh, Rog.
What is he doing now?
He just fell into the trombone.
You'd better have a heart, Belinha.
You'll break up the whole orchestra.
Whenever a Brazilian girl starts something,
she must finish it.
- Yes, madam?
- A pencil.
Thank you.
Remember the dog food.
And it was the kind
they made out of fish.
Mr. Bond?
For you, sir.
From the lady, sir. The dark one.
After all, look at her.
What have I got to lose?
Only 20 jobs.
Since when is dancing a familiarity?
Perhaps it's a formal resignation.
She's smiling at him.
What have these South Americans got
below the equator that we haven't?
- Excuse me, sir...
- Tell Senhora De Rezende...
...that her niece is dancing
with the orchestra leader.
Hurry, please.
Oh, waiter, tell De Rezende
that Belinha is dancing with a musician.
- Yes, sir.
- Go on. Make it snappy.
Here, boy, tell Rezende
the kid is dancing with the drummer.
Okay, pop.
Tell the old sea lion that baby
is hoofing with a piccolo player.
- Oh, madam. Oh, madam.
- Yes?
Mademoiselle is going in a big way
for a gigolo.
Belinha? A gigolo?
My niece.
Is it possible?
The flower of the womanhood of the
Alves Lima De Castro Pimenta De Rezende.
Isn't it terrible?
- This is my aunt.
- Oh, how do you do?
My niece thanks you for your politeness,
young man.
She will not require
any more of your services this afternoon.
Is the usual rate higher?
I am not familiar with such matters.
No, no. It's quite all right.
It's very generous.
I think. Oh, just a moment.
- Thank you, sir.
- With my compliments.
The quaint young man
has given me an orchid.
In my country they grow like weeds,
you know.
Come, Belinha.
Senhora, would your niece prefer
a geranium? Or a begonia, perhaps?
Pull in your apples, boys.
Here comes William Tell.
Well, Roger's done it again.
Yeah, and just as I was getting
caught up with my alimony too.
That Sir Galahad has gotten us kicked out
of every job from Maine to Miami.
I wonder where we go from here.
Heads we go north,
and tails we go south.
And the quarter goes to the bellhop.
- Hey, that's my case two bits.
- Here comes Fred.
Boys, boys and girls,
and you too, Honey.
Have I got a surprise for you?
- It couldn't be money.
- Well, what is it?
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
This is really good news.
Rog has outdone himself.
I'll bet he's broken both legs running after
two women at the same time.
Nothing of the kind.
He's landed us a job in Rio.
Rio de Janeiro.
The Hotel Atlantico.
- We'll be flying down any morning now.
- And swimming back in the afternoon.
I'm taking my water wings.
Will one of you boys pass out
these salary checks?
- Gladly.
- I said one of you.
Well, I can pass them out.
Here, Eddie, you do it.
Get in line, you guys.
Oh, I beg your par...
- Good morning.
- Mr. Bond, I'm so sorry.
- I had no idea I was making trouble.
- Think nothing of it.
I'm just accepting a new engagement,
and not to dance either.
Please don't be angry with me.
I'm sorry.
I must send this.
You see, we missed the plane
to Rio de Janeiro...
...on account of Titia's headache.
- Did you say Rio de Janeiro?
- Yes.
Father is not so well
and wants me there right away.
What a strange coincidence.
It happens...
It just so happens that I have a friend
who's flying his own plane down south.
How far is he going?
Just as far as you want him to.
If he could fly me to Port-au-Prince, I could
still catch this morning's plane to Rio.
Do you think he'd take me?
Take you?
Well, I think I could persuade him.
Oh, how nice of you.
I'll go right up
and tell Titia to pack at once.
No, just a moment. You see... friend's plane is very small,
and it only has room for one passenger.
- Oh, dear.
- Are you afraid your aunt won't let you?
She'd have to for Father's sake.
Dear Father.
Titia can take the next plane.
I'll tell her.
- Hi, Rog. Everything all set?
- I hope so, baby. I hope so.
Shall I lay out your heliotrope coveralls,
or the pink ones with the tan grease spots?
Well, I usually fly with you, don't I?
Or am I just a fly in the carburetor?
Well, I tell you, Freddy, old man,
you see, it's this way:
I met a friend, a very old friend
who asked me as a very special favor.
You know how it is.
You'll have to fly down with the boys.
You don't mind, do you? See they
have a dill pickle with their box lunch.
Oh, and send this wire saying
we're coming, and I'll see you in Rio.
"Flying Down to Rio."
Boy, what a title for a new song.
You like that?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
And the very name
for that new number too.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
Well, see you in Rio, boy.
Is this the plane of the gentleman
who is taking a lady to Rio?
Yes, ma'am. If you're the lady who expects
to go to Rio with the gentleman in the plane.
My niece is going.
- Kindly conduct us.
- Yes, ma'am. Right this way.
Are you the conductor?
Have you the proper credentials?
Are you married?
You have children?
Why does he not speak?
Is he a deaf mute, or only dumb?
Please, Titia, he's doing us a favor.
I don't know.
He does not appear to be quite right.
Perhaps I'd better go along.
No, you can't. You see, it won't fly
with more than two aboard.
Here we go.
Step right up, miss.
There we are.
- Wait, I have not kissed my niece yet.
- Don't worry, lady.
He'll take care of that for you.
Belinha, do not speak to him
unless it is absolutely necessary.
Oh, dear me. Something tells me
I should never have let her go.
Rodriguez, get them down.
Go after them.
Senhora De Rezende,
I was a good coachman.
You made of me a chauffeur,
but you cannot expect me to be an eagle.
Do I have to fly all the way to Haiti
on a piano bench?
Do l...?
Just a gigolo
Everywhere I go
Was that a close shave.
Wasn't it fortunate this
convenient beach was at your disposal...
...when the motor went wrong?
Or perhaps your plane always makes a forced
landing when you have a lady passenger?
I don't think it's anything serious.
Probably just the gas line.
We should be off in no time.
I'll believe you
when we're in the air again.
- So you're going to be a sap and fix it, huh?
- What?
When was there a better opportunity
for dirty work at the crossroads?
Throw away a part of the motor.
She'll never know the difference.
Listen, your suggestions have been
getting me into messes all my life.
And I'm the one who ends up
getting his face slapped.
All right, but don't keep reminding me
of the opportunity you missed.
Well, I suppose I'll never hear the end of it
unless I do as you say.
This is gonna be more serious
than I thought.
Of course he's deliberately
trying to keep you here.
That's why he picked a deserted island.
Isn't that what you want?
I can't let him know that.
After all, I must maintain my reserve.
You and your reserve.
If people knew you as I do,
they might be a little bit shocked.
Now give her your bag of tricks.
You know how we always do it.
Start with your music.
- I don't think she'll fall for that old line.
- We haven't met one yet who didn't.
What will I play?
Can't you get an inspiration
by just looking at her? Look at her.
She's like an orchid.
And there's the moonlight.
"Orchids in the Moonlight."
There, I've given you
another title for a song.
If they only understood themselves
as we do.
Isn't it silly how humans deny themselves
the things they want most?
To satisfy stupid convention.
But we can speak the truth.
I can say I love you.
Oh, I didn't mean this.
I don't know how it happened.
What difference does it make?
It happened, isn't that enough?
No, you don't understand.
I haven't the right.
My life has long been arranged.
Don't tell me anything so 18th-century
as a family arrangement could...
We do things so in my country.
Then I'm going to institute
some radical changes in your country.
But my fianc has even built me
a beautiful home on Rio bay.
But you love me.
- You're taking a lot for granted.
- And I love you.
You don't even know my name.
You must forget tonight.
Now you're talking a lot for granted.
I'm determined
that you'll never see me again.
If I have to turn the country upside down,
I'll see you.
- I won't permit you.
- We'll see about that.
- You'll do just as I say.
- Oh, will I?
- You will.
- I will not.
Your family, your fianc, the army, the navy,
and all of South America can't stop me.
And if you're silly enough to think that...
I've stood about enough from you.
Oh, miss.
Oh, miss.
Good morning.
I'm just going down to the corner drugstore
to get some breakfast.
Is there any special way
you like your coconut juice?
Say, listen...
...l'm not going to spend the rest
of my days with a dumb wife.
Well, if you're going to act that way,
I've got some looking around to do.
Mr. Bond.
Mr. Bond, where are you?
Where are you?
Roger, where are you?
Where have you gone?
- What's the matter?
- Wild men. Cannibals.
Roger. Roger, darling. Roger.
What happened?
I don't know.
Oh, I say.
I beg your pardon, sir...
...but it is strictly
against the rules to move the ball.
Say, what kind of
a desert island is this, anyway?
- Where are we?
- This is Haiti, sir.
Port-au-Prince Golf Club.
I was availing myself
an early morning practice...
...for the caddy's tournament, sir.
- But I saw wild men.
The bellhops taking their morning dip.
Wild men, fancy that.
Say, is there any place near here
where I can get a mechanic to fix my plane?
Oh, certainly, sir.
The airport's a five-minute jaunt from here.
If you'll listen, you can hear them
warming up the Rio plane.
We caught up
with yesterday's plane?
Oh, yes, sir.
It spends the night here.
- It leaves in 10 minutes.
- Splendid.
I'll get my bag and take the Rio plane
the rest of the way.
Thank you so much for the lift, Mr. Bond.
It was lovely of you. Goodbye.
- Come.
- Right-o.
Say, wait a minute.
I can fix my plane in a jiffy.
- To Rio.
- Right-o.
If you're looking for the part
of your motor you threw away...'ll find it on top of the piano.
Oh, this isn't just another girl, Julio.
This is the real thing.
Old man cupid
didn't fire an arrow this time.
No, sir. He sunk a harpoon.
- So this time it's a Brazilian girl?
- And what a Brazilian girl.
I'm goofy about her.
I am crazy for her.
As a matter of fact, I like her.
I met her in Miami at the Hibiscus Hotel.
Yes, she was traveling
with one of those Dona Elenas.
And talk about luck.
The day you sent for me, her father got
sick and she had to hurry back here to Rio.
And you'll be seeing her here, of course?
No, that's the catch.
She wouldn't tell me her name or address.
Then it's all on your side.
In a pig's monocle.
She's dizzy about me.
Did she tell you so?
She didn't have to tell me.
I can take a hint.
I tell you, Julio, she is exquisite.
She has a face like a flower, a rose.
What am I talking about?
She's like an orchid, a white orchid.
- She sounds enchanting.
- Enchanting, bewildering.
Bewitching, intoxicating, devastating.
I tell you, Julio, every time I think about her
I want to bite myself, and that's news.
She has beautiful black hair
and big brown eyes, eh, Roger?
How true, how true.
And has she got:
And when she smiles
there's a funny little curve to her mouth?
That's right.
But how would you know?
And, Julio, that wonderful night
we spent on the beach together.
Just the two of us alone,
not a soul for miles and miles.
- Was there a moon?
- A glorious moon.
There would be a moon.
- It all comes back to me now.
- Yes?
- I took her passionately in my arms.
- Yes?
- And as I drew her to me...
- Yes?
No, it was too beautiful.
Too sacred to talk about.
Roger, what happened after you took her
passionately in your arms...
...and drew her to you?
- That's when I ran into difficulties.
- Difficulties?
It seems the poor kid is already engaged
to some local cluck...
...who signed her before
she knew any better.
A poor, defenseless child
in a baby buggy.
And now the mug is trying
to hold her to it... squawking about some shack he's
knocked together for her on the waterfront.
- Did you ever hear of a heel like that?
- No.
Julio, I want you to do something for me.
I want you to help me find her.
- Who, me?
- Yeah.
Oh, no, Roger. I could not do that.
- With us an engagement is very serious.
- Serious?
Don't you think it's serious when every time
I think of her I wanna bite myself?
Boy, am I suffering.
Well, here's to her.
And happiness.
Thanks, old man. Thanks a lot.
Hey, Rog? Oh, Rog, the boys are downstairs.
We're waiting for you.
Hey, hey, no more
of that bathroom drinking.
Listen, we have to go and hear
the Turuna Turuna band tonight.
I can't go hear anything.
I gotta go find someone.
Go find someone?
That look in his eye.
You don't mean the senhorita?
After that frosting you got in Miami?
Boy, she made him look
like an angel cake.
Well, I guess it's no use.
I see you've got your hunting suit on.
Say, keep out of jail, will you?
They throw the keys in the bay down here.
So long, fella. Nice guy,
but he takes his work too seriously.
Pardon me, Rog.
I must make a phone call.
Sure, help yourself.
Make yourself at home.
Julio. I was just thinking about you.
But you're going to see me tomorrow night
at the Aviator's Club.
I must see you tonight.
It's very important.
Wait, dear, I'll ask Titia.
Julio wants to see me tonight.
Have him come over.
Julio, darling, I'm so sorry.
Titia says no.
You see, we're so busy.
You do understand, don't you?
Oh, you're such a dear.
Good night.
We are so busy thinking
about a band leader.
Darling, Titia... know I'd never do anything
to hurt Julio, don't you?
But, darling, mayn't I have just a little fun
before I settle down...
...and start having all of those thousands
of children?
What's the matter?
- Didn't she have a friend for you?
- Yes. Oh, no.
- We are just making some plans.
- No, thanks.
There's going to be a ball
at the Aviator's Club tomorrow night.
- I want you and Fred to be my guests.
- Swell. Maybe she'll be there.
It's possible.
Say, that would be a great place
to try out my new song.
Listen, I'll show you how it goes.
I call it "Orchids in the Moonlight."
I wrote it for her.
- It's a nice cozy little spot you have here.
- Thank you.
I personally myself
will escort you to your table.
This way, please.
I also have the honor to visit
your country once.
I play vaudeville.
I played Milwaukee, Cincinnati,
Newport News...
...and Schenectady.
- Schenectady?
- Yes.
- You ever play Syracuse?
- Syracuse, sure. I play four, five times a day.
- Nice work, if you can get it.
- Yes, and the most astonishing thing was...
- Did you play there?
- Yes. No. Yes.
The most astonishing was
that the audience always laughed.
Laughed. You're telling us.
I also have reserved those tables
for your Clippings.
Clippers, if you don't mind.
Yes, thank you, Clippings.
And this table here, please.
This table for you.
Senhorita, sit down.
Now, I want you to admire
my greatest attraction, the Turunas.
Turunas? They look like
a bunch of zombies to me.
So that quartet's a band.
Well, if that's our only competition...
Don't hurt the old boy's feelings.
We have some distinguished visitors
from our sister continent, North America.
- Shall we play them a foxtrot?
- No, we want the Carioca.
- Play the Carioca.
- The Carioca. Play the Carioca.
- Carioca.
- Why don't you play the Carioca?
What's the matter
with the foxtrot?
Pardon me, senhor. The American foxtrot
is considered too tame, too dull.
- Our people prefer the Carioca.
- I see.
- You mean, they prefer it in public?
- S, senhorita. Everybody in Rio.
Very well, then.
Boys, the Carioca.
If that's all they can do, we're a cinch.
Our band will be a sensation.
- Think they've got something.
- They have.
This stuff is swell, but we can't do it.
So that's the Carioca.
- What's this business about the foreheads?
- Mental telepathy.
I can tell what they're thinking
about from here.
The trick is to keep
your mind a blank.
With that music?
Oh, Freddy, is my mind red.
- Our stuff can't top this.
- I guess Roger's gotten us in bad again.
It'll be a long walk back home from here.
Just how much does it cost
to get home from here?
Home nothing. I'd like to try
this thing just once.
Come on, Honey.
We'll show them a thing or three.
It's a Carioca!
Say, have you seen the Carioca?
It's not a foxtrot or a polka
It has a little bit of a new rhythm
A blue rhythm that sighs
It has a meter that is tricky
A bit of wicked wacki-wicky
But when you dance it with a new love
There'll be true love in her eyes
You'll dream of the new Carioca
Its theme is a kiss and sigh
You'll dream of the new Carioca
When music and lights are gone
And we're saying goodbye
Two heads together
They say are better than one
Two heads together
That's how this dance is begun
Two arms around you
And lips that sigh
"I am yours, and you are mine"
While the Carioca carries you away
Mine while we Carioca
Till the break of day
Say, have you seen the Carioca?
It's not a foxtrot or a polka
It has a little bit of new rhythm
A blue rhythm that sighs
It's got a meter that is tricky
A bit of wicked wacki-wicky
But when you dance it with a new love
There'll be true love in her eyes
You'll dream of a new Carioca
Its theme is a kiss and a sigh
I'll say, you're gonna dream
Of the new Carioca
When music and lights are gone
And you're saying goodbye
Boy, no wonder it never gets cold
in this country.
Kind of hot.
Let's try a little of that, babe.
Now that you've done the Carioca
You'll never care to do the polka
And then you'll realize the blue hula
And bamboola are through
Tomorrow morning you'll discover
You're just a Carioca lover
And when you dance it with your new love
There'll be true love just for you
You're gonna dream of the new Carioca
Its theme is a kiss and a sigh
I say, you're gonna dream
Of the new Carioca
When music and lights are gone
And you've said goodbye
Those shadows are here again.
- Who are they, Antonio?
- They're Greeks.
A gambling syndicate from Monte Carlo.
They want to take this hotel over.
How can they get it away
from De Rezende?
They look like they could take anything
away from anybody.
Speaking for myself
and my colleagues at the bank...
...we anticipate some difficulty
concerning the gambling permit.
The permit will be arranged.
Wires will be pulled.
Myself and my colleagues would feel
considerably embarrassed...
...should Carlos De Rezende be able
to meet his obligation in spite of everything.
That contingency will not arise.
Steps will be taken.
Speaking for myself and my colleagues...
...we will give the matter
our personal attention.
Listen, I'd recognize her a block away.
You're looking for a noodle in a haystack.
Come on, we've got to think up an idea
that will top that Carioca.
I know. Supposing we do
a number with musical saws...
...and we could end up
by sawing Honey in half.
I'd much rather split a banana split
three ways. Come on.
Well, you two work it out.
I'll go and find her.
- She's probably miles from here.
- That's right. Sure she is. I know she is.
- You do?
- Yeah, I feel psychic.
Look. Walk straight ahead three blocks,
then turn left three...
...then to your right two,
then bear left four.
Then to the right, then to the left.
- I'm gonna settle this thing right now.
- Oh, Freddy.
How did you ask
for little tarts in Portuguese?
Don't heckle me.
Try the Culbertson System.
Good afternoon, senhorita e senhora.
You remember me.
I'm Roger Bond's friend.
You had us thrown out of Miami.
This man, take him away.
You have insulted my patrons, senhor.
You are in the wrong part of town.
Hiya, Tarzan.
Been having fun?
If you even speak to that girl
they throw you out on the sidewalk.
Boy, is that class.
Want a cookie? Take your choice?
Not bad.
- Hello, Fred.
- Hello, Julio.
- Where's Roger?
- Where's Roger?
I haven't seen him.
I thought he'd be with you.
No, I haven't heard a word from him.
Well, shall we try the jails first,
or the asylums?
- I hope he gets here soon.
- So do I.
The junior members are putting on
a special tango to his new music.
Fred, I want you to meet my fiance,
Senhorita Rezende. This is Mr. Ayres.
- How do you do?
- Yes, how do you do?
And her aunt, Dona Elena De Rezende.
Mr. Ayres.
- Belinha, is that not the young man?
- Of course.
We met Mr. Ayres today
in the pastry shop quite by accident.
He left rather suddenly
and without saying goodbye.
Yes. I said goodbye
but you didn't hear me.
I was out on my...
I was outside at the time.
Well, I guess I'd better go
and stop Roger...
I mean, I think I know
where to find Roger.
If you'll excuse me.
It's awfully nice to have meeting you.
The boys are here again.
It's okay with me.
Darling, I thought you had deserted us.
I was looking for the mayor.
Is this the new composition?
Oh, yes. They're playing it
for the first time.
Will you excuse me for a moment?
Did you say something to her?
Not a word. Pardon me.
Oh, let them be alone.
After all, the child has been away so long.
They'll soon be married.
Anything wrong, dear?
No. Oh, no.
It was so warm in there.
- Romantic music, isn't it?
- Isn't it?
The words are romantic too.
And dangerous.
For instance, in the moonlight
on a tropical island...
...they might make any woman
fall in love with any man.
When orchids bloom in the moonlight
And lovers vow to be true
I still can dream in the moonlight
Of one dear night that we knew
When orchids fade in the dawning
They speak of tears and goodbye
Though my dreams are shattered
Like the petals scattered
Still my love can never die
There is rest in the twilight
When the day is through
But the shadows that fall
Only seem to recall
All my longing for you
There's a dream in the moonbeams
Upon a sea of blue
But the moonbeams that fall
Only seem to recall
Love is all
Love is you
Julio. Oh, Julio, marry me right away.
Of course, darling.
Hiya, boy. You seem to be
doing all right with my song.
Belinha, I want you to meet my friend,
my best friend.
Mr. Roger Bond.
This is Senhorita Rezende,
my fiance.
Your fiance?
But this is the...
- Then you're the...?
- Yes.
I'm the local cluck who built her
a shack on the waterfront.
Say, this is going to be just too bad...
...for one of us.
Oh, Mr. Ayres.
Isn't this our dance?
Oh, yes. Yes, of course. As a matter
of fact, I was just looking for you.
I am so glad you came along.
Thanks. But I guess
I'll be going along any minute.
Well, maybe those shock troops at the door
won't see me with you out here.
I knew it.
Look, Belinha is dancing our tango
with an americano.
What laundry do you send your shirts to?
Say, this is a kind of tough spot, isn't it?
I don't know.
Things like this usually
straighten themselves out.
Shall we let nature take
its course?
Yes, nature and common sense.
Well, I guess I'll just stick to nature.
Anyhow, the girl usually does the deciding,
doesn't she, Julio?
Gentlemen... colleagues at the bank
and I are perfectly satisfied...
...that De Rezende's opening
will be a failure.
The mayor is away.
Without an entertainment permit
the hotel will be a fiasco.
In a week we should be able to turn it over
to your syndicate.
- Good morning, Freddy.
- Hello, Honey.
Where did you get
the dog-and-pony act?
It's worse than that.
The MacCarthy sisters.
A bicycle act from Brooklyn.
I found those two
on the American consul's doorstep.
That one was left behind
on a world cruise for school teachers.
And last but not the least, we have
the yes girls from that Carioca cabaret.
Cheer up, Freddy.
They teach kangaroos to box.
Well, toodle-oo. If you need me, send one
of the MacCarthy's over on her bicycle.
All right, girls. Now, sit down
and we'll talk this thing over.
Now, the first thing we've got to do
is concentrate, understand? If we don't...
Hey, boys.
Wait a minute, will you?
Now, the idea is...
Hey, Rog.
Listen, girls...
Hey, Rog, how do you expect me
to teach these follies girls if you don't...?
Listen, girls...
Now, girls, listen.
The idea...
- You always was good, Fred.
- Thanks.
Listen, girls, you got a routine
to learn here, you understand?
Oh, you like it? Great, great.
Listen, girls...
Oh, thanks very much. Thanks.
And you too, son.
Listen, now, girls,
why not take this thing...
- No, senhor.
- No? Maybe you'll like this one better.
- No, no.
- You're right. That's terrible.
No, no, no.
No, no, no.
- What is it? What's happened?
- Senhorita Rezende.
- They say the rehearsals must stop.
- What?
It seems my father
has no entertainment permit.
Oh, is that all? Well, in my country...
Hey, Rog, give me 50 bucks.
No, don't. That's a prison offense.
Belinha, your robe.
Senhor Rezende. The police tell us
you forgot to get a license for the show.
Oh, I did not forget.
I have a license
for the original opening date.
I did not know there would be trouble
about opening earlier.
But a new license cannot be issued
without the authority of the mayor...
...and he has gone on a trip
to the interior.
Nobody knows why or when
or for how long.
What about the acting mayor,
the district attorney?
The commissioner of parks and buildings?
- Sure, there must be someone.
- I have tried everything.
I am afraid there will be no opening.
I hope you will forgive me.
Come, darling.
Hey, Rog, we gotta do something
about this.
And I know just what to do.
- Where's Julio?
- At the Aviator's Club
That's perfect.
Now, listen, this is terrific.
If we can get all the members
of that organization to cooperate with us...
...then the president of China
can't stop us.
Back off, girls.
- Everything fixed, Julio?
- Yes.
- Hello, boy. Hello, babe.
- Hello.
Oh, this is swell.
Look at all the planes.
Behold. As you requested, the gentlemen
of the Aviator's Club at your service.
Julio, you're marvelous.
Now all we have to do is sales talk the girls
into coming across. Come on, let's go.
And in conclusion, girls, I want to say
that I'm not asking anything of you...
...that I wouldn't ask of my own sister.
Now, will you do it?
I'll do it. Sounds like a new thrill.
- Come on, girls.
- That's the stuff.
So that's the way it is, girls.
And I'm not holding a thing back. I know
you'll all come through. How's about it?
- Okay with me.
- Why don't you do it yourself?
That's just what I'm going to do,
you little witch.
Come on, girls, let's go.
It's a new game, girls,
and it's just too ducky for words.
Now, let me see.
Now, the rest of you girls
turn your backs.
That's right.
Now, don't you dare peek.
Oh, this is going to be more darn fun.
- Blindman's bluff?
- That's right.
- I thought so.
- Oh, you did, did you?
See that they're all fastened on tight.
We don't want any slip-ups.
All right, hold still, girls.
- Say, do you think it's safe?
- I hope these straps will hold.
It's a good thing my parents
don't know about this.
To think I'd ever come to this.
- I don't know whether I like this.
- We can't make the same mistake twice.
- Up you go.
- Okay by me.
Oh, not so tight, please.
That hurts.
Something tells me
this is the wrong thing to do.
I'll try anything once.
Senhor Bond, one moment
of your precious time.
Senhor De Rezende send you this.
Oh, thanks.
Saint Christopher.
I seem to have walked
into something this time.
Oh, Mr. Fred.
Everything's all right at the airport.
How's the house?
Look, the American tourists
from the other hotels.
I persuaded them to come here.
That's great, and they all look as if
they could pay their checks.
- Good day, Senhorita Belinha.
- Good day, Senhor Vianna.
I came to express my sympathy...
My best wishes to your dear father.
Thank you. I will take you to him.
Not many people here
for a grand opening.
Nice beach you have here.
That's what I always say.
There's nothing like a nice beach.
We have nice beaches at home too.
We have Rockaway Beach
and we have Revere Beach.
- Check your package, sir?
- It's my medicine.
- Check your...
- My lunch.
- Check...
- Am-scray.
How do you do?
- What are all these packages?
- It's my laundry.
This is a present.
Oh, no, no, no.
I insist that she must be checked.
We had a hard time getting her asleep.
I am a patient man,
but this is beyond endurance.
Who are all these strange people
with those bundles, my dear Carlos?
Why, they're guests
of the hotel, my dear Alfredo.
Where is Roger?
It's time for him to lead the flight.
- I don't know. I haven't seen him.
- Senhor Julio.
The young American requested me
to give you this, this and this.
Thank you. Pardon me.
"Dear Julio, this one is on me.
You can fly as well as I can,
so you lead the parade and be the hero.
I'm taking a plane down to Buenos Aires.
So long, Roger.
P.S. Why don't you marry the girl?"
- What shall I do?
- Do?
Do exactly as he says and you'll be doing
everybody a favor, particularly that P.S. Part.
"Why don't you marry the girl?"
- Elope. That's it. You and Belinha elope.
- Elope?
- Yeah.
- In Brazil we do not elope.
It's against the law. It's bad taste.
In Brazil it takes two weeks
to be respectably married.
Listen, I've heard somewhere,
and what's more I believe it...
...that the pilot of a plane is exactly like
the captain of a transatlantic liner.
Twelve miles out of port
he can marry you.
As soon as this party's over,
you grab Belinha and a plane...
...and put an end to all of this nonsense.
Come on, Julio, use your Brazil nut.
What a pity it is
that you cannot have some entertainment.
With such a distinguished guest as you,
Senhor Vianna...
...there is no need for anything else.
- Look.
- Oh, look.
I trust, my dear Carlos,
you are not doing anything...
...which might offend the authorities.
I trust not, dear Alfredo.
Roger, what are you doing here?
Well, Julio's leading the planes. I'm...
I'm going away.
- You're going away?
- Yeah.
Belinha, I thought everything
would work out for us...
...but things are different
down here in Brazil...
...and I realize now that...
...well, you never could belong to me.
Yes, Roger, you're right.
Here we belong to our families
and our promises.
Even though all we want in the world
is beautiful, crazy happiness.
I guess I should have checked out
when I first learned about Julio.
- Any of you fellows like music?
- Sure.
Well, let's tear it wide open.
- Are you ready, boys?
- Ready.
Take it.
An old sailor in old times
Would sing an old song
Rolling down to Rio by the sea
A young sailor in these times
Would sing a new song
Flying down to Rio, come with me
Where the lovely Brazilian ladies
Will catch your eye
By the light of a million stars
In the evening sky
My Rio
Rio by the sea-o
Flying down to Rio
Where there's rhythm and rhyme
Say, fella
Twirl that old propeller
We've got to get to Rio
And we've got to make time
You'll love it
Soaring high above it
Looking down on Rio
From a heaven of blue
Send a radio to Rio de Janeiro
With a big hello
Just so they'll know
And stand by there
We'll fly there
My Rio
Everything will be okay
We're singing and winging our way
To you
- The mayor.
- Hey, mayor!
Carlos, Alfredo.
Sit down, gentlemen, please?
My dear, dear Carlos.
A tremendous success.
My congratulations.
I saw the sky writing at Terespolis,
and I hurried down here at once.
Vianna, you and your colleagues
ought to be very happy.
- Yes?
- You must buy us all champagne.
I insist. I insist.
Oh, very well. Waiter.
Hey, how do I get out of this?
What's the combination?
- Come, Belinha.
- But where? Why?
This time, I'm taking no chances.
- Julio, where are you taking me?
- On your honeymoon.
Don't be silly. I'm not married.
You will be before you know it.
Can you legally marry people?
Well, yes, if they're fools enough
to ask for it.
- Is this the young lady?
- Yes.
- And this is the young man.
- Oh, fine.
Roger, her happiness is my happiness.
Good luck.
Oh, look, look.
Look, here comes Julio.
Gosh, that gal don't care
who she gets thrown out of what.