Flying Lessons (2010) Movie Script

# I tremble
# I tremble, I tremble
# I tremble
# I tremble, tremble
# they're gonna
eat me alive #
# if I stumble
# stumble, stumble
# stumble, stumble, stumble
# they're gonna
eat me alive #
# can you hear my heart
# beating like a hammer
# beating like a hammer
# help, I'm alive
# my heart keeps beating
like a hammer #
# hard to be soft
# tough to be tender
# come take my pulse
# the pace is on
a runaway train #
# help, I'm alive
# my heart keeps
beating like a hammer #
# beating like a hammer
( sighs )
Man: My name is
Harry William pleasant.
I'm a police officer.
Uh, it's an everyday
kind of thing now, my life...
Everyday kind of job
And, uh, protection.
So that's what I give them,
that's who I am,
Protector of the peace.
( coughs )
( cell phone beeps )
( dialing )
( cell phone ringing )
( ringing, beeps )
( starts car )
( ringtone )
( beeps )
Young woman: Hi, mom.
I'm... coming home.
( exhales )
So, where do you live?
I'm sorry. Tell me
your name again.
Oh. "the girl you
fucked on the bus."
( laughs ) that will be my name, right?
The one you tell
your friends?
The girl you fucked on the bus.
( laughs)
I'm Sophie.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
All right, Benji.
That's me.
You goin' to Lompoc?
'cause I would
love a shower.
Yeah, let's go.
"sheriff," young lady,
Coffee black,
slice of pie,
Apple if you have it.
Right away, sheriff.
( door closes )
( keypad beeping )
( beeping )
Oh! My god, Sophie!
Hi. Hi.
My baby girl.
Oh, my baby girl.
Come here.
You only have one suitcase? Yeah.
So, um...
Sorry I'm...
I'm-I mean, I'm sorry about the
late notice. No, no, no. Come on in.
I hope youre hungry, because I
made reservations at the club.
Is- I hope that's okay.
That's fine.
Oh, honey. You just-
You look great.
Thank you.
So do you.
Well, thanks. Um...
I lost ten pounds
since I saw you last.
Well, a year and a half.
Not exactly a miracle diet.
I'm just-
oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
If you want to go ahead and get settled
in, um, your room is all made up.
What happened to that eye?
Senior pictures.
Remember those senior
class pictures?
Donnie Gibbs,
that son of a bitch,
Gives me a cheap elbow.
First day of basketball
practice, big shiner.
My right eye,
all black and blue.
And my mother tells me,
"harry pleasant...
"take a good look
at this picture.
"your whole life,
every time we look at you
"we're going to see
this black eye.
Your whole life."
( chuckles )
You remember him?
Donnie Gibbs.
No, I don't, harry.
To having you home.
All right.
May you get on 'er
and stay on 'er.
If you can't come in 'er,
come on 'er.
That's a new one.
( awkward chuckle )
So, how's Jason?
Jay. Jay.
Administrative assistant.
Musician. I knew that,
and, um, that-
That sounds so fun.
What-what does he play?
We broke up, actually.
When did this happen?
Man, this is cold.
Wait, wait, wait.
Wait, wait. Wait.
Sweetie... where
are you living, then?
Um, I'm-I'm looking
at a couple of places.
Well, that's great. Yeah.
Are you working, or...
You know what?
Can we just... skip this part?
You know what,
I'm your mother.
These are the questions I'm
supposed to ask you, so...
Mother away.
You need money,
don't you?
Yeah, yeah.
How much-how much
do you need this time?
I guess, like,
I need, like, $5,000,
That would be, like,
first month, last month,
Security deposit
kind of thing.
Nothing. I just-
I'm sorry, I just... Thought
maybe you came home to see me.
Listen... honey.
Have you thought about
maybe just..
Moving home for a while?
Um, I'm not moving home.
Why? Why not? Why not?
I'm not moving home.
Because I'm in the middle of
things right now. What things?
Things. My life, mom.
I'm in the middle of my life.
You know... Sophie,
Hard as it is
for you to imagine,
There are bigger problems
to solve right now...
Than your life.
Well, I'm, um, not hungry.
Please, please. Please don't.
Please don't leave. Pl-
( silverware clatters )
# and I have never met
# anyone quite like you
# makes me feel like I could
do those sort of things #
# I never thought
I'd be able to #
# and I have never met
anyone quite like you #
# and if you don't...
( Sophie laughs )
Surprise, surprise.
Yeah, it is.
What are you doing here?
I was just driving.
You're parked.
I pulled over.
The engine is not on.
Did you, uh,
forget about me?
What are you
doing here, Sophie?
Got lost.
Come on...
Why so serious?
I'm gonna get back.
( mouthing words )
( laughs, groans )
( shouts )
( fence clanking )
( breathing heavily )
( grunting )
( shouts, groans )
( knocks on door )
( pats hood,
laughs )
This thing
still doesn't run?
You should just
get rid of it.
I don't know.
Probably gonna
fix it up first.
You've been saying that
since high school.
You look different.
( chuckles )
I heard, you know.
About you and Milla.
Think I wouldn't find out?
You can deny it.
I'll believe you.
( clears throat )
How's your mom?
She, uh...
Said she wanted me
to move home.
I told her I couldn't.
And I'm... taking off tomorrow.
Things to do.
Mom writes you a check,
She's off.
Things to do.
Yeah, well, she cut
me off, actually. So...
Well, uh...
How's, uh...
( counting bills )...
How's three dollars?
Three dollars. Well...
Billy, I don't-
I can't take
your lunch money, Billy.
Are you happy here?
Kissing you
used to make me happy.
Soph. Stop.
Hmm. Stop. Stop.
Stop. Stop.
( laughs )
Soph... it's okay.
( sniffling ) no.
Nothing's okay.
( mother groaning )
I'm in here, Sophie.
I'm okay.
I'm all right,
God, honey.
You don't remember me.
No, I do.
Everything okay?
My mom fell.
How bad?
She'll heal.
Friend of mine's getting a little
cut stitched up over his eye.
Took quite a bit of convincing
to get him here.
Normally that ain't nothing
except for the fact that he-
Except for what?
Except for the fact that he
doesn't remember how it happened.
He gets confused.
He wanders off.
I been staying
with him nights,
But it's gotten to a point
where if I don't find...
...somebody to look
after him during the day
I might have to
put him in a home.
( sighs )
how much does it pay?
Nurse: Mrs. Conway.
Mother: God...
Where's that cream?
Where's the cream?
Oh, shit.
It's nothing.
I'm fine. I'm not-
I'm not asking you to stay.
No- thank you, honey.
I'll get used to
those crutches,
So if you want to go, just-
just go.
It's only two months.
Thank you, honey.
Ohh. And I know what I said
in the car, but listen,
Listen, I'm not asking you
to stay, okay?
You got your whole life
back in Los Angeles.
I'm not about to ask you to put everything
on hold for me. I mean, that's ridiculous.
I mean, I wouldn't do that, because
I'm not that kind of person. I'm just-
I was thinking I would
stay... And get a job.
Honey. Sweetie,
you could-
I told you I'm not
going back to Dartmouth,
So can you please
just drop it?
I know. Shh. I won't. Sorry.
If I stay...
Just promise me we don't
have to talk about it.
I promise.
( knocks )
Why don't you
come inside?
( phone line ringing )
woman: Conway Jennings office.
Hi, yeah, this is
Caroline Conway calling.
I was just wondering
if Steven was there.
Yes, hold one moment,
Thank you.
( intercom buzzes )
Steven? Caroline Conway,
line one.
Uh, just a second.
( sighs )
( groans softly )
All right, put her through.
( phone rings )
This is Steven.
Hi. What a nice surprise.
Well, actually, I was just kind of
hoping you could stop by the house.
What, today?
I was thinking like around,
uh, around two o'clock.
Uh, two, two...
Yeah. That-
that should work out fine.
Oh, great.
I'll see you then.
All right, bye-bye.
( sighs )
( car starts )
Aahh aaah aaah aah!
Aaah aah aaah aah!
( breathing heavily )
You're alive.
You're alive.
These people, I don't
know who they are. Those...
They say he'll get worse.
What's wrong with him?
( chuckles )
According to harry?
According to the doctors
he has Alzheimers disease.
I make his breakfast,
so it'd be lunch,
Maybe dinner, depending on
what time I get back. Mm-hmm.
Don't worry about his bath. I'll
take care of that, unless you-
Oh. (laughs)
No, that's...
That's cool.
It's-really, it's just...
Keeping an eye on things.
Harry: Oughta be able
to figure 'em out...
...Too damn many of them.
This is Sophie.
Okay. I guess I'll let you two
get to know each other.
Good luck.
( door opens, closes )
Can I use your restroom?
Upstairs at
the end of the hall.
# ( music box plays )
( music continues )
the next one down!
( music box off )
( music box resumes )
( chuckles )
Apart from the gimp,
how ya doin'?
'07 was so much better.
I heard about the appeal.
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Benefits denied.
Yep, it's been
a year and a half,
And everybody in
this gossipy fuckin' town
Is still saying that
Andy killed himself.
I don't think they... They
all think that, ya know?
Well, the insurance company
thinks that.
Well, that's what they do,
these insurance companies.
I mean, they just...
They drag these things out.
You know, Steven, I was driving
by the office the other day,
And I couldn't help but notice
My name was still on the sign.
I was promised
a monthly payment,
By you, by the bank,
There was a whole schedule
worked out. Remember?
We're just way past time,
Andy's interest in the firm
falls to me, right?
I'd like to help you,
really I would, but...
What are you saying?
You just have to be patient.
( humorless laughter )
just a little while longer.
Another year?
What is it?
Um, I'm in a little bit
of trouble here, Steven.
What kind of trouble?
Uh, just, um, behind on
the mortgage a little bit,
And the creditors are-
are circling.
I mean, I guess I could, uh...
Could sell the house, uh,
or, I don't know... what, um-
Fucking foreclosure.
How far behind are you?
Three months.
Let me talk to some
people, and, uh.. Who? Who?
Who can you talk to?
I know some people
down at the bank.
I'll go chat with them and we'll
see if we can figure this out, okay?
Don't worry.
All right?
What are you doing?
I've missed you.
Oh, god, you're
a terrible liar.
Oh, no, no, no.
I'm serious.
I've tried...
I've tried...
But it's true.
( crickets chirping )
So... I'm staying.
I just wanted
to tell you that.
Harry: They're gone!
Whoa! Harry...
You're not wearing
any pants, okay?
They're gone! The box
of pictures are gone!
Okay. How about
you put on some clothes?
All-all right?
Harry, are you
decent yet?
( cabinet doors closing )
Hey, hey, hey! What are you
doing? Hey, harry. Harry.
Are these it?
I had 'em!
You mean the pictures?
Are these- are these
it? I had a- what?
Where did you-
Where did you-
where'd you find this?
It was in the oven.
The oven!
The oven?!
Friends for
For-for thirty-plus years
with that old man.
I never would have
guessed the oven.
Who would have thought
the oven?
My, uh...
My, uh... records
And my mail...
Sometimes even my socks, in the freezer.
( chuckles ) and he says
I'm the one who needs help.
It's all these...
All the letters,
they said, uh...
All these things...
All these things.
They said, uh...
Ma-make a scrapbook,
This is Lucy.
She's my daughter.
How could you
forget your daughter?
Thank you.
you want some help?
You want to help?
Hand me that, uh...
Uh... the sticky thing, uh...
That's Bernice.
She died last year
at mission villa.
I'm sorry.
She wanted me
to go there too.
It's all she ever
talked about,
So we pretty much
stopped talkin'.
Well, I've had all the crime
fighting I could handle for one day.
So you get out of here.
It's a beautiful day out there.
( chuckles )
oh, wait.
Oh. Thanks.
Bye, harry!
See ya.
I don't know about
selling this place.
Yeah. I mean...
Sure, it's an option,
but, uh...
The more I think
about it,
Selling's not a good idea,
not in this market.
you're probably right.
( sighs ) anyway,
who's gonna buy it?
I mean, who-
who are we kidding?
Right? This house?
It's a beautiful home.
Do you remember
when you were a kid
There was always
this one house, right?
I mean, it was haunted or there
was a witch living inside of it
Or it was where a man...
( sighs )
where a man killed himself.
I've been living in that house
for eighteen months.
I mean-
You have no idea.
Sometimes I have to
Actually hide
behind the curtains
Because there's this whole stream
of little kids and their bicycles
Lining up on my driveway, and they're
pointing and trying to get a look
And they're saying, "ooh! That's
where the man killed himself, mommy,
That's where the man
killed himself."
Tell you what.
Let me pay your mortgage.
( laughs ) no.
I'm serious.
No, no, no, no.
Steven- really. Look-
I'll just bring you up to date just
until we can figure this out, okay?
You asked me for my help;
let me help.
Sophie, hi!
Steven: Hello, Sophie.
You're home early.
"oh, thanks, mom,
I'm-I'm good."
Bye, sweetie!
Girls, you did a good job-
Oh! You okay?
Oh, my goodness.
Okay, bye.
Come here. Oh.
God, your mom told me
you were teaching.
First year point.
So, how are you?
How's-how's L.A.?
It's good.
L.A.'s... good.
It's amazing, actually.
Are you dancing?
Yeah. Yeah. Well,
I mean, auditioning.
How long are you home?
Um... I don't even know.
My mom just fell
and broke her leg.
I'm sorry.
About what?
It just happened.
I'm not mad. I'm...
I'm not anything.
Yes, you are.
Oh, my god.
Look, I was-
I was gonna call you back.
It's just with teaching
and... Annie...
How is Annie?
She's almost four.
You want to go
do something?
I can't.
I have to pick Annie up
from the sitter.
But we should.
Yeah. Yeah.
We should.
It's good to see you.
You too.
This town still dead?
I like it here.
You've never left.
I've left.
We were gonna gonna graduate
high school and move to New York.
Me, you and Milla.
It was gonna be beautiful.
We were convinced.
Well, you were convinced.
I wanted to sing,
Dance, you know...
( laughs )
anything except Dartmouth.
Well, New York
was your dream.
And your dream was what?
Maybe my dream was you.
I got a job.
Fuck you. Don't laugh.
( laughing )
You're not supposed to laugh.
I'm serious. I-I got a job.
I'm working for this old guy
named harry pleasant.
Which I think is
a very cool name.
Have you talked
to your dad?
No. Got out
and he didn't come home.
I'm not. Yeah,
he's a fuckin' loser.
( exhales )
Well, how's your mama?
My mom's got me.
Do you remember
that time we got busted?
In the pool?
You asked me if it was true
what people said about my dad.
And I remember...
I remember I wanted to say no.
I mean, I remember
I wanted to say something,
And before I could,
you said, "fine,
As long as we don't have to
talk about my parents either."
I really liked that
about you, Sophie.
Uh, Sophie?
That was really rude
of you today.
I don't like him.
What do you want me to say?
(slurring) yeah, Sophie,
that much is clear.
That "mush" is clear?
that mush is clear?
Have another glass
of fucking wine.
He's an asshole, okay?
He's disgusting.
He's... he's ugly.
No. Not ugly.
he's Steve fucking McQueen.
The point is, he's helping
you with the mortgage.
Gee, I wonder why.
( scoffs )
( door slams )
( game show droning
on TV )
More coffee?
No, just the check, please.
( door opens )
Hi there. Excuse me,
I have to pee.
Oh, god.
( sniffling )
God, I was-I-
I thought he was taking a nap. I know.
I was so worried.
Is he okay?
He's fine. He's home.
I- I just-you know, you just
turn around for a second,
It's like-
This isn't gonna work,
is it?
What, you're, uh...
You're just firing me?
What, you didn't think
I would notice?
I can't leave him here
with you like this.
And I can't have him
out there.
He's not out there, okay?
He wouldn't be
just out there. I-
I can keep him safe.
Fine. You know what?
Whatever. Fuck it.
Fuck it.
# darling, please don't go
# eyes in heaven below
# and when the winds go
# finally a storm
( knocking )
Do you have a minute?
I messed up.
I know that.
I really need this job.
I need to-
I promise I'll keep him safe.
Sophie, you can't. You're-
harry: She found my pictures.
She did.
In the oven.
She found 'em,
like she said.
So there it is.
Okay, home stretch here.
Oh. Um... gotcha.
( chuckles )
Don't you have, like, a-
like, a regular... razor?
Well, that's-
That's navy issue, about
as regular as they come.
Oh... right.
Hold on.
First lieutenant,
second wing.
That's you?
F-86. Navy pilot.
That's Korea.
Two days before
they come with everything.
Get to be my age,
most things you can't remember.
You think I'm crazy?
No. I don't think
you're crazy, harry.
It's okay.
That's what he told ya.
I feel that way anyhow.
But sometimes I'm not.
And that's when I'm thinkin'...
The pictures in your head...
You see...
You have to make peace.
Tomorrow is always tomorrow...
Today- here.
That's-that's Korea.
Two days before
they come with everything.
Like flying all over again.
You wanna?
( laughs )
Are you gonna stare at me all
night or are you gonna come in?
Man: Hey!
Harry: They say at first
it's just the little things.
Names, dates...
But then the dates
become years...
Names becomes faces...
The faces become whole people,
Like they never even existed.
I lied, you know.
When I first met you...
I thought you were cute.
To piss off my parents,
you were perfect.
It was a good plan.
Thank you very much.
So what's the plan now?
I don't know.
( mutters )
How's Sophie doing?
She got a job.
Oh, yeah?
Yep, yep, working for
a retired police officer.
You're kidding.
Who woulda thought, right?
talking to the police.
You know...
I made those detectives
Talk to every person
that Andy knew.
Well, you know that,
And every single person said...
That no, no,
He wouldn't
do that, right?
I mean, it was
impossible. No way.
I mean, everybody
gave statements.
Everybody except Sophie.
Well, you know, the, uh...
The insurance company's decision
isn't final, Caroline.
If she were...
To remember something,
Anything at all...
Believe me, I know.
All I'm saying is,
it's a lot of money.
What, you don't think
I've asked her?
I've asked her,
therapists have asked her,
There's no-
there's just-
There's nothing.
You're just gonna
have to face it.
Sophie: Harry?
I'm your father.
Who are you
talking to?
We don't have to tell her.
Harry, you want to
sit down for a minute?
Bernice wants
to tell her.
She insists
that we tell her.
That's hers.
That's Lucys.
It's beautiful.
You look
a lot like her...
My Lucy.
Yes. Okay, no. What else?
( sighs ) no,
I did not lose the list.
Because I'm looking at it! I
have it right here in my hand!
I have to go.
Thank you.
You hung up on her,
didn't you?
Yep, Andy was always
at the gym too.
Okay, so, what's your big plan?
Have you ever thought about selling
Andys shares in Conway Jennings?
I don't know. How much
do you think they're worth?
I don't know.
I'd have to see.
Okay, well... why don't you
go ahead and do that?
Well, maybe I will.
Okay, then.
Okay, fine.
Where are my keys?
Sophie: Harry.
Where are my keys?
Sit down.
It's almost time for
your morning show.
Where are my keys?!
I can't let you leave.
I can't be late for work! Please,
give me my keys! Calm down, it's okay.
I know you-I know you
took my keys! Harry.
I know you did!
I'll take you.
I'm begging you. Everything's
gonna be all right.
Yeah, no.
I'll take you.
Take your coat.
( sighs )
my keys.
You don't have to drive.
I'm gonna drive. Okay?
Watch your step.
Harry: Where-
where we goin'?
Sophie: Harry,
it's a surprise.
They called us "the aces".
You see, the wing
break away from the plane...
Catch up with the truth pretty quick,
you know you're comin' down with it.
In a flash,
it's all around you,
The thunder...
Bumblebees in the sky...
You land there in the water...
And it's... quiet.
Like sinking under the knives...
Over and over again,
dull knives against your...
Legs and your arms.
Like big waves
cutting you down.
Had to try...
Really try just to breathe.
Well, eventually you...
You give in, you stop.
And you never forget.
The parachute...
Through the parachute
I could see the surface...
The carrier on fire...
A little warm...
And then it turned over.
And something...
Something inside me...
are you okay?
I finally surfaced with
everything I had left.
And the bombs and explosions
all around me
Like a million sunrises
all at once.
And you never do...
You never do...
The beauty.
The beauty.
You never want to forget.
( line ringing )
Steven: Hi, this is Steven.
Leave a message and I'll
get back to you. Thank you.
I missed him.
I'm mean, I didn't really
know it till... I saw him,
But I did.
So... how are you?
How's Kevin?
No Kevin. Mm-mm.
Maybe for a second,
but no.
Um, I mean, he sees
Annie on the weekends,
And he's a great dad,
But he's...
He's just not-
Who's not? You guys
talking about me?
( laughs )
Not at all?
All right,
I gotta pee.
Ohh. I'm done.
You're here.
Yeah, we're doing
Irish car bombs,
Just drop a shot of whiskey
in a glass of beer and chug it.
It's like a big shot,
if you want to join us.
Will you take me home?
Billy: Soph!
We can't.
It's all I think about.
You want me?
Jesus Christ, yes.
Okay, I want you.
( moaning )
Take this off.
Take this off.
( moaning )
Oh, yes.
Just-just stop,
all right?
What the fuck
is wrong with you?!
Just take me home.
( zipping pants )
All right,
I'll call ya.
All right.
All right?
( sighs )
How was your night?
How was yours?
Warren Beatty was on leno.
( knocking )
You clean up good,
Oh, yeah, well...(laughs)...
I thought I'd try it on.
Are we, uh, are we
going somewhere special?
No, not me. Lucy.
Every year she comes
on my birthday,
And, uh, sometimes-
sometimes she dances with me.
( knock on door )
I don't want
to talk to you.
Look, I'm sorry, okay?
I think you should leave.
I'm still here, Sophie.
I'm still here.
I'm not the one who leaves.
And that's my fault how?
No, that's not
what I'm saying.
Then what are you saying?
I love you.
You do?
Because I do.
Well, I don't love you.
I don't.
Except I know you do.
( rings doorbell )
Sorry about that,
It's because
she can't have kids. Bernice.
We've been trying for years.
Now she wants to adopt.
Harry: And you talk about these things-
Suddenly find yourself
talking about these things,
All these things you never
wanted to talk about.
Should we not tell her?
My Lucy?
When the time is right...
But it's never right.
It's never the time.
And my advance,
when can I expect that?
Within 24 hours.
Right here.
She's my Lucy.
She's my Lucy.
Now the mother wants to
meet her and say hello,
And I'm not even
her real father.
Harry: Lyin' to everyone
all these years...
Here I am
trying to make the rules.
Be careful. Look both
ways! ( tires screeching )
If your father was not the
person you thought he was,
Is that something
you'd want to know?
My father's dead.
He died.
Do you remember him?
You see?
That's what I'm afraid of.
( car door closes )
It was me and you.
It was supposed to be me and
you getting out of this town,
And then what,
I miss a pill?
I don't even know.
What I do know is that
It wasn't me and you anymore,
Sophie; it was you.
I wanted one thing
that you had,
And the only thing
that you left behind...
Was Billy.
He doesn't want me.
He wants you. He has
always wanted you.
You gotta believe me.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
( sighs deeply )
I don't know what to do.
( laughs )
Do you love him?
( revving engine )
- Hey.
- Hey.
I think I have it
all figured out.
The, uh, the plan.
Come with me to New York.
Why won't you?
That man you work for...
Harry pleasant.
His daughter.
You wanted to know
what he did, my dad.
When that girl
was twenty-one,
He hit her.
He was drunk.
Doesn't even
remember it.
He hit her with this car.
This car.
And she died.
I tell everyone
that he's a loser.
I tell everyone
that I hate him.
None of that's true.
I don't hate him.
Maybe he's never
gonna come home.
He's probably not
gonna ever come home.
But I don't hate him.
I miss him.
I really miss him.
( sniffling )
I love you.
Even when
I wasn't here...
Even when
I couldn't say it.
( sniffling )
You're not him, Billy.
We're not them.
Not these things.
These aren't our things.
Yes, they are.
They are.
# good-bye, my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to
think about you #
# can't you just
let me be? #
# so long,
my luckless romance #
# my back
# is turned on you
# shoulda known
you'd bring me heartache #
I'm sorry.
# oh, most lovers
always do #
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I, uh...
Have a little
surprise for you.
Come here.
Isn't this
what you wanted?
Yeah. No, I mean-
well, do you need more?
God, no. I-
is that what it is?
Well, then I'm not
Thank you.
You're welcome.
I'm sorry, I have to
go to work. I'm late.
I'm sorry.
( humorless chuckle )
Will you come
sit with me a minute?
I made you something.
Oh. (laughs )
Yeah. Uh...
( both laugh )
Happy birthday.
Oh. (chuckles)
Oh, my-
( chuckles )
I'm gonna be leaving soon.
I'm gonna have to find
a good place to hide this,
Or Bernice will steal it.
( dialing )
( line ringing )
( sighs)
( ringing ) come on,
come on, come on, come on.
Woman: Stanton,
Morrison, Phillips.
Yeah, I'm
- I'm trying to reach Conway Jennings.
This is Stanton, Morrison
- yeah, I can hear you.
I'd like to-
how can I help you, ma'am?
Yeah, um, I'm looking for
a Steven Jennings.
( telephone rings )
This is Steven.
Caroline: Hey, Steven.
I'm, um, I'm sitting here
holding... a letter
Saying that I am four months
now behind in my mortgage,
And, um, I mean, I-
I should just throw this away
Because you paid it.
Look, this really isn't
a good time right now.
Wait, wait. Who is Stanton,
Morrison, & Phillips, anyway?
I sold the firm, Caroline,
all right? I had to.
W- when?
I had to while it was
still worth something.
Okay, uh, well, that's-
that's great.
Um, so how much
do I get?
Well, it's, um...
It's a little bit more
complicated than that.
It's not fucking complicated.
Where is my fucking money?
Look, Caroline...
I've got family, okay?
I got responsibilities.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
Caroline, we both know
that this is not-
Stop. Stop.
Please, just stop.
Please. Can I see you?
Can I just see you?
You can come over, okay?
(crying) can I see you?
Please, can I see you?
Just... come over, okay?
I'm just home. Sophie's out.
We've just come-
( slams down phone )
( dial tone )
( 1940s dance music
plays on hi-fi )
You said that Lucy
would dance with you.
Will you dance with me?
( music box plays )
She's not coming, is she?
No, I don't think she is.
You look a lot like her.
What are you doing?
I'm thinking of
redoing the room.
(slurring) maybe
a little more modern.
What do you think?
I think you're... drunk.
Yeah, I guess I am.
Want to know why?
I don't know.
Because it's a Wednesday?
No, I'm-
I'm drunk because
I'm all alone.
And pretty soon...
Very soon...
I'm gonna be all alone with
no place to be all alone.
What do you mean?
You were right
about Steven, honey.
It was all a big lie.
And I signed off on it.
( sighs )
Remember this jacket?
It was your daddy's.
He always wore it
to the ballet, remember?
You said we wouldn't
talk about him.
I'm all alone here, Sophie.
I can't fix this.
What do you want from me?
You mean other than acting
like you could give a shit?
Those questions that they
asked you were not all that-
No, no. I'm not going
back into it, mom.
Sophie, just-
just-just listen.
You said
you wouldn't do this.
That insurance money...
I need money-
you said you wouldn't do this.
I know.
Mom, you said you wouldn't.
I know, I know, I know.
Just if there was something
that you could tell them.
There's not!
(stammering )
a statement, anything,
If they could just ask you a few
questions, a few more questions.
I've already told you there's nothing to
remember, and that is never gonna change!
I need that fucking money.
That's fine.
No, it's fine.
I'll just sell it all.
Is that what you want?
Everything we have
to the highest bidder.
That's fine.
Honey, please, I just-
All... All they want to know...
All they want to know...
Is that you saw him, honey.
You-you saw, right?
And he was...
He was okay, he was-
he was fine.
I mean, he wasn't...
He wasn't suicidal,
for god's sake,
I mean, that wasn't-
that wasn't daddy.
What? I wanted it to be a surprise...
So I came home early.
I saw a light on in the barn.
( coughing in distance )
( man sobbing )
I didn't even...
Know that dad had a gun.
He told me that he loved me.
And that I was...
A good girl.
And he told me to go inside.
And I said,
"no matter what it is,
we can just forget about it
and start over."
No, I don't believe you.
You're lying.
Then he asked me
where you were.
Ha. I was at dinner.
No, you weren't.
I saw you.
( dialing )
( line ringing )
( door opens )
( laughing )
What are you saying?
You were always with him.
Dad knew.
Shut up!
I told him that if he was gonna
do it that he should do it...
Operator: 911. Please
state your emergency.
...But I wasn't going inside.
( door opens, closes )
Harry: Hmm.
1972 ford ranchero 500.
Beautiful car.
# on my back
# fall asleep
# never know what it means
to dream #
# on my back
# fall asleep
# never know what it means
to dream... #
My cab's here.
New York, huh?
So, uh, call me
when you get there?
I think about him too,
you know.
I think about him.
I think about him
every day.
Just like you.
Every day.
Every moment.
Sophie... Sophie...
He was sick, honey.
It wasn't your fault.
You couldn't have stopped him.
You couldn't have, there was
nothing you could have done.
It wasn't your fault.
I know.
Listen, um...
I'll call you
when I get there.
I'll, uh,
get the door for you.
Bye, mom.
Before I started losing 'em
I was pretty sure that,
when you get down to it,
The facts, I'm sayin',
Memories are all
you really have.
They're all that
make you real or...
Separate you
from what comes next.
( starts car )
Without memories
you don't really exist,
All you are hasn't even...
Happened yet...
...Your future.
Like an anchor, kinda,
Keepin' a foothold on
what's what and who's who.
But now I'm not so sure.
That's all just bad thinkin',
How's a man supposed to fly?
Live his life? I mean...
...If he's got everything
anchored down in yesterday?
Doesn't give tomorrow
much of a chance...
Now, does it?
# tie my shoelaces
# just to see me fall
# the bloodshot eyes
of a porcelain doll #
# and entertain me
# laugh at my expense
# the quiet scares me
much more #
# oh at last,
do it with grace #
# I feel I'm falling down
# and with no time erased
# no regrets, mama
# no mistakes
# one act of kindness
deserves another #
# I will catch you, babe
# steal the moon just to watch
and find some peace #
# at the road where
love and laughter meet #
# I will miss thee, daddy
# oh, can't you hear?
# flying high
under trepid fear #
# oh at last,
do it with grace #
# I feel I'm falling down
# and with no time erased
# no regrets, mama
# no mistakes
# one act of kindness
deserves another #
# I will catch you, babe
# I'm yours if you
# have courage to be true
# I'm yours if you
# have courage to be true
# I'm yours if you-oo-oo-oo
# have courage to be true
# I feel I'm falling down
# and with no time erased
# no regrets, mama
# no mistakes
# one act of kindness
deserves another #
# and I will promise
# to catch you, babe