Flying Monkeys (2013) Movie Script

Man, I'm depressed.
What are you depressed about?
We smuggle exotic animal
halfway across the world,
and then my privilege
to clean up their crap!
What'd you just say?
Man, whatever.
You should be happy you have
a job during this recession.
It sound like one got loose.
You probably forgot to secure
one of the cages, you idiot.
Get back there.
What you looking at me for?
What the hell is
going on back here?
I swear to God,
if you jump out at me,
I'm gonna feed you
to that tiger.
Well, I
haven't seen you in quite awhile.
How you been?
I thought you might've
kicked the bucket.
Nah, No such luck.
Fill her up?
At your prices?
I don't think so.
How about $20 worth?
You gotta love
high-school girls.
We keep getting older,
and they stay the same age.
And as we go out
into the world,
let us commemorate this day as the
day we began our lives in earnest.
And as we
venture out on our own,
let none of us forget
where we grew up.
She is so hot.
Mmm, smokin'.
Where we spent our youth,
working together in unison
for one exceptional goal.
Getting into your pants.
Our friendships, the trust will
be the strength of our future.
Our class may not be large,
but we are a mighty team.
He's still not here,
is he?
Come on, come on, come on.
I can do this. Gonna make it.
I'm gonna make it.
I know he's coming.
Our town may not be big and modern,
but it is a special place.
Just grab her on her ass,
and make a hookup for tonight.
Yeah, but I think you're
forgetting one minor detail.
Her dad's packing heat, man.
He'd shoot me on sight.
No risk, no reward.
I thought you didn't give a damn
what super bitch had to say.
I don't.
But we only graduate once.
Oh, my God.
Come on!
Not a problem.
I'll get there.
It's just my
daughter's graduation.
Come on!
May this town be a
special meeting place for us all.
Thank you for
the best times ever.
Okay. Okay.
Oh, boy. Hello.
Keep up the great
work, my star athlete.
Where would we be without you?
All right.
Everybody's so proud of you.
That was a really
great speech, Chasity.
Hey, boo.
Oh, hey, Daddy.
You know I love you.
Love you, too.
Hey, Sheriff Flemings.
Little something-something.
Don't buy any beer with that.
Better late than never.
Come on. You knew he probably
wouldn't make it on time.
Yeah, and I won
a scholarship to Harvard.
Are you gonna be
at the party later?
Just call me.
I'll pick you up, okay?
You better be.
You better be.
I'm gonna test you.
I didn't make it, did I?
Dad, the ceremony
started at 1:00.
Ah, God. I'm so sorry, Joan.
If I had a dollar for
every time you said that...
You'd be rich. I know.
More like retired.
The blueprints for the downtown
lawsuit were due today.
On the way here, there was
a huge tractor, and...
No, it's fine. I understand.
Don't worry about it.
Oh, my God, Rudy. You're
never gonna believe this.
Just this crazy
happened last night.
I mean just craziness.
I wouldn't go in there with...
Hey, don't go in there.
I'm warning you.
Touch me again, I'm gonna
put you in the ground.
Who packed the shipment?
He did.
Well, he must be one
stupid son of a bitch, huh?
Rudy, listen.
You don't understand.
Shut up!
One little monkey.
That's all I got.
Come here, little buddy.
Come here, baby. Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Where are the other animals?
That's what I've been
trying to tell you.
That thing I saw last night
must've ate them.
Take this.
I thought I told you
to shut up. Now take this.
It's just a little monkey.
Who do you think
you're fooling?
You think that I care
that you killed your partner?
Now I don't have to pay him.
I didn't kill him!
Look, I paid you for
a plane full of animals.
Now they all
showed up in pieces.
It's not gonna fly, Wang.
Lee's dead.
The animal's dead.
Things are a lot more
screwed up than you think.
Look, you're gonna
take it back to China.
Or else I'm gonna come over
to that garbage heap in Hong
Kong that you call an apartment,
and I'm gonna take you out!
Do you understand me?
Got it.
You've got one week, Wang.
One week.
Hey, little guy.
Did you run away from home?
Bet someone's looking for you.
Hey, there.
Isn't that so cute?
I know.
You have to come to the party.
I don't think I'm gonna go.
You'd rather stay here
and play with your animals?
If it's that or watch the football
team play beer pong, then yes.
I'll tell you what, though.
I think Jason
needs some attention.
Just not that into it.
You would seriously rather
stay here and smell cat feces
than lounge poolside,
sipping on margaritas?
Um, yes. Precisely.
Just checking.
I'm out.
Okay. See you later.
You suck.
Hey, bro.
You gonna bite me?
I'm gonna kill you!
Damn dirty monkey!
Bite me again.
Hey. Big party tonight.
What's there to celebrate?
Joan, come on. I said I was sorry.
What else can I do?
Mom wouldn't have missed it.
You know, when she died,
I didn't think I was
gonna lose both of you.
Did you do this?
Can I help you?
Oh, hey.
Uh, how you doing?
Not bad. How about yourself?
Uh, I'm good.
Can I help you find
anything in particular?
Got some interesting animals
other stores don't.
Yeah. Actually, I'm looking for
something special for my daughter.
Um, seems like you have
a lot of birds. It's...
Is it mostly birds here?
How old is she?
She's 18.
Actually, shejust, uh,
graduated from high school.
Starts college in the fall.
She wants to be a vet. So...
I think today may
be your lucky day.
Wait right there.
Oh, well...
It'd be the first one
in awhile.
You're home early.
Look, um...
I've apologized about a
million times at this point.
So, I'm not gonna do that.
I know that this
doesn't fix everything.
What is it?
The whole idea of
wrapping a present
is that the person actually has to
open it themselves to find out.
You can't buy me off, Dad.
Look, I just wanted to
get you something special.
It's a monkey.
It's a monkey. I know.
You went out and
bought me a monkey.
I bought you a monkey.
What, you don't like it?
I mean, it's not that.
But it's an exotic animal.
I mean, it's not
easy to take care of.
I know. I know.
And I thought of that,
but I thought, uh,
you know,
if a future veterinarian
can't take care of
a little monkey,
who can, right?
Hey, little guy.
Oh, don't be scared.
It's okay.
Um, look.
I know that it's not
cool how many hours
I've been hanging out
at the office.
But sometimes you just
kind of wanna throw yourself
into something else, you know?
Wasn't just a soccer game
or a dance recital.
This was my
high school graduation.
It was so important to me.
Look, it was important.
And I blew it.
It's okay.
Well, shall we take him out?
Hi, little guy. It's okay.
Oh. Incredible, right?
My gosh.
Hey, what do you say
we have a cookout tonight?
I've got plans with Jason.
Oh, okay.
Shall I monkey-sit?
Um, you know what?
I can tell him another night.
No, forget it.
You don't have to do that.
No, I... I wanna
spend time with you.
I mean...
We have a monkey now.
We do have a monkey.
All right. Well, why don't you
tell Jason to come over here,
and we'll all have a cookout.
Okay, sounds good.
All right.
Now, can't be
in a cage anymore.
Come here.
Oh. Oh, my gosh.
Should I bring the cage?
Um, no. I don't want him
ever in the cage again.
Okay. So what's his name?
His name is Skippy.
Okay. Well, I don't think you're
gonna get any arguments from Skippy.
Aw, I think
he likes me.
I think I likes you.
Whoa! Little dude!
So what's your dad gonna
do next time he misses
a critical moment in your life?
Buy you a tiger?
Come on. Did he even
say he was sorry?
Um, like, 10 times.
I mean, look what he got me.
I didn't know
buy-me-a-monkey sorry
was an acceptable
form of apology.
Yeah. I don't know.
I mean, he's trying.
Gotta give him that.
He's my dad, you know?
I guess.
You sure he doesn't have
any diseases or anything?
Yeah. I think he
just is scared of you.
He doesn't really like my dad either.
And not a big fan of people.
I think he just likes you.
Maybe he just likes girls.
Speaking of girls...
Chill out, okay?
Come on.
Dinner's almost ready.
This was supposed
to be our night.
It still is.
We never have any
time alone together.
If it's not your dad,
it's Sonya.
If it's not Sonya, it's somebody
else, or something else.
Now you got a monkey. How am
I gonna compete with that?
It's always
something with you.
You act like spending
time with my family
is the worst thing
in the world.
What family?
I'm sorry.
Look, I'm on lack of sex,
like ajunkie is
on withdrawals.
Okay? I'm going crazy.
I don't like this.
It's not fun.
You should wanna spend time
with me to spend time with me.
Not because you
wanna get in my pants.
All right, whatever.
Have fun with your old man
and your stupid-ass monkey.
Hey, thanks for dinner.
And the monkey.
Oh. You're welcome.
Um, I'm gonna make him
a bed in the guest room.
Sounds good. Hey, Joan...
If Jason can't see how awesome you
are, he's probably not worth it.
Okay. Thanks, Dad.
Hey, Skippy.
Look what I got you.
This is your new bed.
No more cages, okay?
Yeah, you like it?
All right. Good night.
Oh, Jason.
You know, the thought of your dad
coming back is kind of freaking me out.
I told you.
He's on duty all night.
Well, what if he
comes home early?
He'll shoot you.
Way to boost my confidence.
It's not your confidence
that I'm trying to boost.
Oh, yeah.
Did you hear that?
I don't think
that's such a good idea.
Let me go in there.
Let me see her.
Sheriff, please. Jeff!
Let me see my daughter!
Jeff, please.
Who the hell are you?
Who we are doesn't matter.
Why we're here does.
If you work for the
government or Greenpeace,
some other crap like that,
you best realize that
every man in this camp
is fully armed
and ready to fire.
You've lost men in the night.
Mysteriously ripped to shreds.
And what little was left of
'em you found the next day?
Am I right?
How did you know that?
I also know that you recently
caught a specific monkey,
and you sold it.
There are only two of 'em
left in the world,
and the other one is nearby.
What's that got to do with us?
It's what's been
killing your men.
Monkey couldn't
do that to a man.
That's not a monkey.
It's called a Xigo.
Something different.
Something evil.
They look like monkeys, yes.
But at night, they change into
something completely different.
"Demons," he says.
That's great.
Our family has been hunting
this demon for centuries.
I get paid to deliver animals.
Including those monkeys.
That contract is canceled.
We are prepared to hire you
and your men to track for us.
Or what?
Or the next poacher
they'll go for is you.
You just bought yourself
a tracking team.
Hey, little guy.
Let's get some breakfast.
Ooh, did I leave
the window open?
Come, little guy.
So you don't like nuts.
You don't eat fruit.
What do you eat?
Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
God, are you okay?
What? What happened?
And Chasity.
What about Jason?
You don't know.
They're dead.
They found them
together in her house.
What? How do you know this?
The whole town knows.
Everybody knows.
No. No.
I'm sorry.
Sorry, honey.
I need to call my dad.
Good morning, Mr. Palma.
Hey, Dorothy.
What do you got?
Hutchinson called.
He wanted to know if you could
push your 1:00 to 3:45.
In the morning,
he needs a revision
on the blueprints
you sent yesterday.
Oh, and your
daughter called.
She said she tried to
reach you on your cell.
Uh, okay. Thank you.
Sorry. Come here. Come here.
Come here. Come here.
Oh, God.
Come here.
This stuff isn't
supposed to happen.
Not in Gale.
Well, some bad stuff
happens everywhere, baby.
The Xigos were bred
by a sorcerer to be soldiers.
When killed,
they come back to life.
They duplicate.
They become two new Xigos.
When the sorcerer died,
the surviving Xigos fled.
How did you get into
the demon-killing business?
Centuries ago, the emperor
commissioned my clan
to hunt the surviving Xigos
wherever they had fled.
They must be killed
by our blessed weapons.
they will duplicate.
I told you, no guns.
Yeah, and I told you, we don't
go anywhere without our guns.
We had an agreement.
I know.
Bring the guns,
but don't use 'em.
Your guns are gonna make it worse.
Much worse.
And how are we supposed
to defend ourselves?
You found and
tracked one of 'em.
I paid you to track.
Nothing more.
Our weapons were
blessed long ago.
Only our weapons will stop the Xigo.
Not create more.
No guns, Joe.
So why don't you
just bless our guns?
Ancient demons require ancient
weapons that were blessed long ago
and passed down
through our family.
Done and done.
Now do you know why we didn't want
you to sell the other monkey?
He was their leader.
There's another one left.
We need to continue our hunt.
How you holding up?
I just want her back.
I'm gonna find
the son of a bitch.
And when I do...
I won't need no
warrants or cuffs.
Sheriff, don't you think
this might be kind of early
to start treating
this like a murder?
It looked like some
kind of animal attack.
Yeah. What kind of animal?
There ain't no animals around here
that could do something like that.
This... This ain't Africa.
You know how we always
played the game, right, BB?
I need you to be
with me on this one.
It may not be straight.
Are you with me?
Yeah. I always got
your back, Sheriff.
Come on. Let's get into bed.
You're the only thing that's
making me smile right now.
All right. Good night.
You sure you're
feeling up to this?
I mean I could take care
of this if you want.
Maybe you should go home
and get some rest.
No. Whoever killed my
daughter isn't resting.
Neither am I.
Let's just get to the Tompkins
farm and check it out.
It's about damn time.
Mmm, trust me.
I'm not in the mood.
I'd listen to him,
Mr. Tompkins.
What do you got?
It's around here.
You ain't gonna
believe the mess.
Got my best damn pig.
You want this?
What do you eat?
Hey, baby.
You hanging in there?
Yeah, I'm trying.
All right. Well, I gotta
take off for a little bit.
Will you call me,
if you need me?
Yeah. I will.
All right.
Um, where did you
get Skippy from?
Where'd I get... Uh, Rudy's.
It's this, uh, pet store
right by my office.
He just won't eat anything.
So I don't know.
I was gonna ask them
what they were feeding him.
Won't eat a banana?
Monkeys don't eat bananas.
That's weird.
Can I actually,
uh, have a banana?
Thank you. All right.
Okay. Bye.
Are you ready to go?
Yeah. I guess.
Are you going on
the monkey food diet?
Pretty much what I do eat.
But Skippy hates that stuff.
He doesn't eat anything.
I just hope he's not sick.
So what did he eat
where your dad got him?
Who knows?
My dad was so worried
about making up
for graduation,
I don't think he
even thought about it.
Hey, count yourself lucky.
Some kids just get cars
and trips to Europe.
You got a monkey that
costs nothing to feed.
Hey, can we stop by the
pet shop on the way home?
I'll ask them there.
Yeah, cool with me.
Maybe I
can get one, too.
Yes! Yes!
Heard 'em squealing
last night.
Came out with Old Blue ready to
let fly at a pack of coyotes.
"Old Blue"?
My shotgun.
But by the time I got here,
whatever ate my hog was long gone.
Got my dog, too.
Loved that little guy.
Ripped him apart
like the Devil himself
had a craving
for pooch and pork.
But you wanna know
the strange thing?
No tracks.
And I've done a fair share
of tracking in my life.
Whatever got my hog,
ain't no coyote.
Yeah, unless that coyote got
himself a new pair of wings.
I promise, Jim, we'll get
to the bottom of this.
Whoa, can I help you,
Hey, um, my dad got
a monkey from you.
No returns.
Don't even go there.
Oh. I wasn't trying
to return him.
I was just wondering
what you were feeding him.
You know, I've tried nuts, grains, and
fruit. But he won't eat anything.
Cats and birds. That's all
he ate when I had him.
Are those
double yellow heads?
Um, those are
endangered species.
You shouldn't have them
or be selling them.
What are you, some sort
of animal rights freak?
I run a legitimate
business here.
Um, I mean,
I was just...
You were just leaving.
Well, thanks for the info.
I wanna thank you for helping
us eliminate the Xigo.
There is one more
in America because of you.
Who'd you sell
the monkeys to?
Some guys.
Said they worked for
a collector, all right?
A name.
We need to find them.
You paid me
to track for you.
I did my job.
We don't squeal
on our clients.
I'm gonna count to three.
I thought honor meant
something in your world.
Like he said,
we don't know anything.
So you're just
gonna have to shoot.
The name.
Yeah. All right.
All right. It's, uh...
Tell me!
Rudy Marcus. He trades in animals.
All right?
So how you doing?
You hanging in there?
Yeah. I'm fine.
You know, if you need to talk
to someone, you can come to me.
You know that. Right?
Do you ever
think about her?
Yeah. Yeah.
Every minute of every day.
Well, I guess
we're boring him, huh?
I got you now,
you sons of bitches.
I knew they had wings.
Got you, you son of a bitch!
Gotcha! You like some of that?
Oh, man! What...
And get the milk...
Whoa! Oh, hey there,
little guy.
Where the heck
have you been, huh?
Somebody is gonna
be glad to see you.
Oh, I got an idea.
Let's surprise somebody, huh?
Let me, uh, let me
get this together.
Where is the tray? Uh...
Look what I found, huh?
I was so worried about you.
Where'd you go, huh?
I'm worried about you.
You know, today being Jason's
funeral and everything.
I just want you to know, whatever
you need, I'm there for you.
Thank you.
All right.
Well, uh, breakfast
is ready.
I'll be downstairs whenever
you two wannajoin me, okay?
All right, bye-bye.
Thanks, Dad.
Where'd you go, little guy?
Where did you go
last night, huh?
You can't run away
like that, okay?
You could get
killed out there.
Did you get hurt?
It's Jim, all right.
No tracks.
Just like the pigs.
Whatever did this
swooped in,
tore the old man
up to smithereens.
What we're dealing with here is the
same thing that killed Chasity.
Sheriff, this is
getting way out of hand.
We need to call in the Feds.
Call 'em. But I'm not
waiting for 'em.
It'll take 'em
two days to get here.
Who knows what can
happen in two days.
Thanks for bringing me.
Like I would let
you drive today.
And, you know,
just being there for me.
Of course.
Did you want me to come by
after Chasity's funeral?
If you want.
Do you think
I'm a bitch for not going?
What? No!
Are you crazy?
The only reason I'm going is
because our parents are friends.
I love you. Mmm.
Thank you.
Tell Skippy I said hi.
I will.
Paul. Hey.
Hey, Joan.
Hey, what's up?
I wanted to try and talk
to you after the funeral.
But you sort of
took off before I could.
I just, uh, thought
I'd stop by.
It's not a problem
or anything, is it?
No, it's fine.
It's terrible what happened,
you know. Jason.
But, I mean, really,
you think about it,
this could happen to anybody.
Could happen to me.
I still can't believe it.
Listen, what Jason did...
I... I'm really sorry. Like...
Um, I'd rather not
talk about it.
But he knew how much
I liked Chasity.
And we talked
about it at graduation.
He helped me.
He was on my side.
He told me how to make her like me.
But you know, after seeing
what he did to the both of us,
he didn't care about anyone's
feelings except for his own.
I don't really think
that matters.
Yeah. But you know
what matters is,
I would never, ever, ever
cheat on you like that.
It's been
a pretty crazy day.
And, um...
I'm sorry...
I'm just...
All I'm trying to say is,
if you ever need
a shoulder to cry on,
someone to talk to,
a hand to hold,
I can be that guy.
Okay. Um... Thank you.
You have a monkey?
You little bastard!
Stop! What is your problem?
Please, can you just go?
But, Joan, I...
Who is it?
Who is it?
What the... Who the... Oh!
We're looking for a monkey that
you recently flew to America.
The monkey!
Where is it?
Who the hell are you guys?
Do we look like
Interpol to you?
Where's the monkey?
What is it with everyone
and this monkey?
That monkey
killed my partner.
It ate the other animals
in the cargo.
I told him not to take it.
You're going to
take us to him.
Man, screw her
stupid-ass monkey.
What's that? Hello?
No. That little monkey.
Uh, you laughing at me?
Huh, is that it? You
laughing at me, little man?
That's cute.
Well, guess what?
You scratch my back,
I'll shoot yours.
That's what's up. I'll
take you home, little man.
Let's see you
scratch me now, huh?
I'm dying, and I'm uh...
Dead or alive, monkey,
you're going up on my wall.
I don't know where
you get them wings,
but I do know
it's dying time, my friend.
Oh, damn.
Yes, yes, yes, sweetheart.
Yeah, I'll be home just soon as
I make the, uh, cash deposit.
Would you cut that out?
You know I'm always careful.
All right. Later.
What? What the...
Hey, I know. I know.
I know it's late.
Dad, he flew out of the
window, so I followed him.
And then there were more.
He killed Mr. Sites.
Wait, wait. Just... Will you slow down?
Who killed Mr. Sites?
He grew these wings,
and he became really big and just
flew out of the window and took off.
Honey, um, look. I...
I can't understand you, okay?
I'm on my way home. All right?
Where are you?
At the gas station.
Okay. Well, go home.
All right? Go home.
Lock the door.
I'm on my way. Okay?
Please just hurry, Dad.
I will. I will.
Lock the doors.
Yeah, Sheriff,
it's James Palma.
Um, my daughter, uh,
she just called,
and she's at
Sites gas station.
And then, she said... I didn't
get all of it straight.
She was very panicked,
but she said
that there was some
sort of flying animal,
and it had killed
Old Man Sites.
She said
Old Man Sites is dead?
Like I said, she wasn't
making a lot of sense.
Look, I need you
to do me a favor.
Can you get over to
the house right now?
I'm about 20 minutes away.
Okay? Can you get over there?
All right, James.
I'll be there in five.
Okay. Thank you.
I'll meet you there. Okay?
Baldridge, head over
to the filling station.
James Palmajust called,
said his daughter
witnessed the murder
of Mr. Sites.
Said, uh, some sort of flying
animal, whatever, got him.
Wait, Sites is dead?
That's what
you're gonna find out.
I'm gonna swing over
to James' place
and get a statement from his daughter
and meet you back over there.
I don't think the suspect
will still be there.
But if he is,
you know what to do.
Copy that.
Well, well, well. If it's not
my old friend little Wang.
Back so soon?
I'm assuming you didn't fly halfway
around the world to say hello.
You got my animals?
Not exactly.
What is this,
your entourage?
The monkey, where is it?
What are you, a cop?
They're not cops.
Then what the hell
are you doing in my store?
We need to know
where the monkey is.
It's right here.
Apparently you don't
understand English too well.
So my friend, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson,
are gonna translate for you.
I don't appreciate your
presence in my store uninvited.
In America,
we call that trespassing.
And I got every legal right to
put you down where you stand.
Screw you!
It's the last time I'm asking.
Where's the monkey?
I sold it, all right?
To who? Give me a name.
Uh, uh,
he wrote me a check.
It's in my pocket.
I haven't cashed it yet.
You're coming with us.
What the hell for?
You got what you wanted.
To put a face to the name.
Get up!
I feel like I'm going crazy,
but that's what I saw.
I mean, they weren't wearing a
costume or anything like that?
They were eating Mr. Sites!
Uh, that don't
make sense.
I mean, are you sure?
Yes! I'm 100% positive.
That is what I saw.
Sheriff, come in.
Go ahead.
No sign of Sites over here,
but something big went down.
Place is trashed.
I'm on my way.
You're welcome to come along
if it makes you feel safer.
No, it's fine.
My dad's coming home soon.
Looks like that's him.
I'm so sorry about Chasity.
Me, too, honey.
It's not your fault.
Hey, James.
Watch over her. Thanks for coming by.
I will.
I'll give you guys a call.
Let you know what's up.
All right.
Thanks for checking in.
You look worried. Haven't
seen you this worried before.
You should be, too.
I mean, everybody
in this country owns a gun.
And they
love using them.
There could be hundreds
of them by now.
We have to kill the leader.
What the hell you got?
Lots of blood,
but no bodies.
No tracks?
No. Just like
Tompkins' place.
Whoa! What the hell
are those things?
I have no idea
what they are.
But I do know they're the
son-of-a-bitches that killed my Chasity!
Think we killed 'em?
Go in the garage and see if they got
a ladder, and we'll check it out.
Run, BB!
Pizza's here.
Hey, sorry it took so long.
This place was hard to find.
That'll be $15.
Okay. Thank you.
Enjoy that pizza, sir.
I've called Sonya
over 100 times,
and she still
isn't picking up.
I can't get through
to the Sheriff either.
We have to go check on them.
Well, hold on. Okay?
I mean, we're not even sure
they're in trouble, right?
Okay, look.
This is what I'm gonna do.
I'll go by the gas station.
I'll check on the Sheriff.
Then on my way back here,
I'll go by Sonya's,
see if she's okay, see if
she wants to come back here
and be with us. Okay?
No, I'm...
I'm coming with you.
Hey, Joan.
I need you to
stay here, all right?
This is the safest place
for you.
I mean,
if anything would happen...
But you have to
call me, okay?
I will. I promise.
All right. Okay.
All right, be safe.
Oh! God!
Your daughter was right.
About what?
The flying bat monkeys.
They... They attacked,
uh, Baldridge in the pasture.
They came, and they ate him.
Came after me. One jumped on my
back, and then I got in the shed.
And then they all flew away.
So you saw what Joan
was talking about.
Like, a flying bat monkey?
I'm saying I saw exactly
what Joan described.
You're lucky
she's still alive.
You know how to
use one of these?
What do you think?
Just take the safety off,
pull the trigger.
I got a bad feeling this has
something to do with Skippy.
I gotta get back to the house.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa,
whoa, what do you mean, "Skippy"?
my daughter's pet monkey.
Well, how long
you had Skippy?
I gave it to her
the day after graduation.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Come here. Let's go.
It's quicker, safer,
and I got tons of ammo.
Get in!
Open up! Open up!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
You okay? Sonya...
Oh, my God,
Sonya, are you okay?
You don't have any crazy
monkeys in here, do you?
No, no, no. Why aren't
you wearing any clothes?
I was taking a shower.
He was in there. He was
in there looking at me.
My God.
It was horrible.
Are you okay?
Sonya, are you okay?
I punched it in the face.
Look, let's... Let's get you
some clothes. Come on.
Flemings, please respond.
We got a situation
down at the sugar mill.
Possible 459.
I'm on my way.
All right, we're gonna
stop off at the sugar mill.
And then we're gonna
go check on Joan.
Stay back. Let me take a look.
Okay. I'll be right here.
Just keep your eyes peeled.
What? Do...
Do you see something?
The door's locked.
He's probably around back.
Let's... Let's go around back.
Scotty, the pizza kid.
They swarmed him,
attacked him, and ate him.
Pizza's warm.
It just happened.
Well, you know, maybe he...
Maybe he's wounded,
and he's just hiding someplace.
Is that possible?
Let's check on the guard.
Hey, get yourgun up.
You see anything flying, just
point and pull the trigger.
Hey. You can do this.
Come on.
Okay, I gotta
get back to Joan.
Okay? You gotta
call for backup.
Maybe the National Guard,
okay? I really...
I have to get back to
my daughter, all right?
Just hold on a sec.
Okay, just...
Run! Run!
Oh! God!
Here. Point. Shoot.
Gale, Kansas, look at that.
We don't need to go
to the Palma house.
I mean, I can hear their gunfire.
They're everywhere.
What's with these fools and their guns?
Let's go.
Get down! Get down! Get down! Get down!
Get down! Get down!
Gotta load the guns.
We gotta load the guns!
Here. Where's your gun?
You just took it.
It's in the car.
Oh, they'll be back.
Here you go.
Drop your weapons!
Drop 'em, now!
What, are you
protecting those things?
No. We're protecting you.
You're making
things worse.
Okay, Bruce Lee, feel free
to make things better.
Shooting them
with your guns
is only causing them
to multiply.
They only die
when we kill them.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. Me and
James have been killing 'em.
That's why they backed off.
They're calm because
they come in waves.
Trust me.
They will be back.
You seriously don't realize
how they are increasing in numbers
every time you shoot them?
What are
those little toys?
These are ancient weapons
that were blessed long ago
and passed down
through our family.
We wouldn't have to be here if
it could happen any other way.
A week ago, there were only two
of the Xigos left on the planet.
Now, because of
all your shooting,
look at what
you have started!
Hey! You son of a bitch!
What'd you sell me?
I didn't know. I thought
it was just a monkey.
Oh, you didn't know?
I told him that monkey
was bad news.
Yeah, well, your dumb
ass sold it to me.
And you still owe me
for the rest of 'em.
Now's not the time!
Look, I need to know everything
you know about the monkey.
I bought it from that guy
right there at his pet store.
Seemed like a great pet.
It was very cute.
They'd been bonding.
If one's been in your home,
you should be dead.
And you haven't noticed
anything strange about him?
I mean, to me, it... It really
seems like he loves her.
They're killers.
At night they transform and hunt.
They don't bond.
Your house is his nest now.
No matter what he's like during the
day, your daughter is in danger.
We have to get
to your daughter now.
Let's get
the hell out of here!
What about my money?
No guns!
Oh, God!
Get in the car, now! Drive!
Get in and go!
You know, one minute he wasn't
there and I was taking a shower.
And then, I opened my eyes,
and there he was, staring
at me, in the shower!
I feel so violated.
Joan! You're safe.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
My God, I was so worried about you.
This is Yin.
She's hunting Skippy.
Do you have a picture of him?
Of Skippy? Um, yeah.
That's Nikko. Not Skippy.
Who's Nikko?
He would've been the last
if I had gotten to him first.
He leads the others now.
How do we kill him?
With a sanctioned weapon.
All right, aside from using
these blessed weapons of yours,
what do we do?
I mean, there's way
too many out there
to use just
swords and arrows.
He's the oldest
of all the Xigo.
We kill him,
and the rest die with him.
Okay, well, if he's this
first-born whatever-you-call-it,
why didn't he kill me?
Because he likes you.
Nobody's ever tried to
befriend or be kind to them.
They've always been treated as
the monsters that they are.
When he comes for her,
we will be waiting outside.
Are you suggesting
that we go out there
and leave Joan here as bait?
He will come back for her.
We have to.
No way!
Dad, I don't think
he'll hurt me.
He let me live
at the gas station
when he could've
easily killed me.
Here. Take the weapons.
Find someplace safe to stay.
I will.
Hey, Joan...
Find someplace safe,
all right?
It'll be dawn soon.
So monkey bat will turn into
Skippy when the sun comes up.
Yes. It'll be easier
to kill him that way.
We just gotta wait,
make sure he doesn't see us,
and we'll be
waiting for him.
Get up.
Hey! Monkey bat!
Get off my porch!
Where have you been? Been
looking all over for you.
Can you take
a couple of girls?
Joan. Thank you.
All right.
I'm done. All right? I started this.
It's time to end it.
I'm going in there.
Take Sonya and
go someplace safe.
Now. Joan, go!
Let's go.
Hey! You, monkey dude,
your breath stinks.
Get off him!
Come on.
No more monkey business.
You Okay?
Yeah. I think so.
Didn't I tell you
to go someplace safe?
I saved your life twice.
I think you
should be thanking me.
Well, I guess... I guess
we'll call it even, huh?
Yeah, and don't be bringing
home anymore pets.