Fog City (2023) Movie Script

["Sun for a Lover"
by Ghost Bike]
With the shimmering sea
Sea of troubles around me
With the sun for a lover
and a bare bodkin
of song in hand
I run for cover
from ash rains yet to come
I run on my own
rather the ills we have
From the colorless plague
That blows smugly
across this land
With the sun for a lover
With the sun for a lover
With the sun's hand in mine
And we hide together
laughing, omniscient
Like lovers' eyes
We've discovered a country
where all travelers remain
A secret beach of our own
that might our quietus make
Should they etch
the whole world
into a Weber deathscape again
Like buried love
surrounds me
I run
In awe from those around me
Like buried love
surrounds me
I run
[rain pattering]
[metal creaking]
[woman 1]
Can I get another round?
Uh, tequila, please.
Ugh, just three more weeks
and I get to peace out
of this God-forsaken island.
I'll be a Hoya
and I won't ever have to deal
with anyone thinking
my father's factory
is gonna blow up
-and poison everyone
to the point of madness.
-Although that would be
kind of cool, right?
-Provided we were
at a somewhat safe distance.
-[giggles] No.
Well, fuck anybody
who thinks that anyway.
Uh, it's easy for you to say.
Everyone hasn't been calling you
Poison Paige your whole life.
Ah, so your family wealth
comes from some old, secluded,
mysterious factory
-that looks like a 1900 prison.
-Yeah, pretty much.
-And your father's
probably manufacturing
zombie rage gas
or chemical weapons
for the government.
Or worse.
Father never talks about it.
-Girl, I'm sure it's fine.
Fine. People think that it leaks
and makes you crazy
with fits of rage.
Hmm. You do have
a bit of a temper.
-[chuckles] Bite me.
[both laugh]
Seriously, though,
I just cannot wait to graduate
so people can stop accusing me
of having Paige Rage.
-It is clever, though.
-[chuckles] Shut up.
-[rattling in the distance]
[woman 1]
Oh, my God.
You guys smell that?
-God, it's the...
-[man 1] Go! Go!
Oh, what-- my God.
-[man 2] Come on! Everyone out!
-Okay, let's go.
-Let's go. Let's go.
-[Georgia] Yeah.
-[beeping continues]
-[man 3 grunts]
-My God.
Did this place catch on fire?
I don't smell smoke.
-Looks like the old Paige Plant
finally blew up.
-No way.
Holy fuck! This isn't happening.
-[gas hisses]
-Well, it is happening.
-[Robbie] We're all gonna
go crazy with rage.
-[Georgia] God, shut up!
Oh, no, Poison Paige
strikes again.
-You guys are fucking jerks.
-Come on.
It's a classic fog in the bar
to make someone think
their family factory
went all Chernoball.
-[Robbie laughing]
I forget how to say it.
Yeah, it's a tale
as old as time.
What, like Beauty and the Beast?
Uh, yeah, actually,
it's, uh, it's just like that.
Except Poison Paige
is the beauty and the beast.
-[Reegan] Whatever.
-Oh, really, Jimmy? Is that it?
-[Paige grunts]
-[Robbie] Shit!
-Dude-- [grunts]
[Reegan laughing]
-[Robbie] Fuck.
-I'm sorry.
Jesus Christ.
You two feeling funny now?
-Not in a good way.
-[Robbie groans]
-[siren wailing]
-Let's go.
Yeah. I'll go get my keys.
-[siren wailing]
-[horn honks]
-[Reegan and Paige chuckling]
-[Reegan] Jimmy and Robbie
should pay for everyone's tabs.
No skimping on the tabs, boys.
Ah, the sun's coming out.
You want to drive?
Fuck, yeah. [giggles]
-[car engine turns over]
-[engine revving]
["Not a One" by The Young Wild]
Nah nah nah, not a one
Nah nah nah, not a one
Nah nah nah, not a one
Nah nah nah, not a one
Nah nah nah
[song playing over car stereo]
Yes, a weekend of relaxing
and drinking
with your wonderful friends
and wonderful boyfriend
is just what you need.
Yes, but does it have to be
in West Craven?
-It's also where my factory is,
And where my uncle's
vacation home is.
My uncle, who never remembers
how much booze he bought
-the last time he was there.
Which is, like, never.
Alright, fine. We'll go.
But we have to take
the long way in.
I don't even want to drive
by that place.
-Uh, yeah.
-[chuckles] Yeah, yeah.
I just hate even looking at it.
It's so ugly.
Ugh, then don't look at it.
look at this fucking Lambo.
It's not that bad
being Poison Paige.
Don't make me kill you.
Yeah, yeah.
Pretty car, pretty boyfriend.
Life is so tough.
JK is a whole other thing.
You guys gonna do it or what?
Do it? Yeah, okay.
Well, yeah,
he's a really nice guy.
You guys should just do it.
Yeah, I know. And thanks
for the Nike ad, by the way.
Well, besides, do you really
wanna wear white to college?
See, that's the thing.
Next fall, I'll be at Georgetown
-and he's going to be at Duke.
Oh, my God,
I think they date rape
the freshman girls
with rape whistles.
That's disgusting.
Yeah, so is date rape.
And rape-rape,
fucking Blue Devils.
Well, putting that aside,
I just... [sighs]
I don't know
if I want to lose my virginity
only to break up next Christmas
after realizing
this long-distance thing
was a huge mistake.
Oh, my God,
you guys have been dating
for, like, nine months.
Most girls would be nursing a
baby by now with a guy like JK.
[Georgia chuckles]
Well, um, okay.
We actually tried
a couple of weeks ago.
-What? Really?
but, uh,
it didn't really work out.
He, uh-- We were drinking,
and I guess
when a guy drinks too much,
-it doesn't work.
Um, it was for the best, though.
Whose best?
I don't know. Ours.
Well, what did you guys do?
-Yeah, like...
-Did you blow him?
Nope, not that.
Well, you should've
just blown him.
Somehow that always works out.
Um, I tried to give him
a hand job.
-Yeah? Did that...?
-Um, no.
It turns out he is a lot better
at it than I am, so.
-Yikes. Well, practice.
-I think by next fall,
whether you're still wearing
white or not,
you guys should be able
to work something out
before you start dating
college guys.
Mm-hmm. Yeah, yeah.
Just go get your shit.
Okay, okay. Oh, maybe keep JK
away from the booze.
Just saying.
Back in two shakes. Mm.
I'll make a run
right for the coast
in the great unknown, my love
in the great unknown
They're never gonna
take us alive, my love
They're never gonna
take us alive
in the great unknown, my love
in the great unknown
They're never gonna
take us alive, my love
They're never gonna
take us alive
in the great unknown, my love
in the great unknown
[eerie music]
[car engine revs]
-Hello, creepy killers
or Duke students
with rape whistles.
Anybody out there?
And now we're sitting ducks.
Hold on.
Reegan, don't leave me here.
Come on, Reegan, not funny.
God. Seriously,
Reegan, not funny.
Reegan, seriously, not funny.
God, where is everybody?
Reegan, come on.
-[dramatic musical sting]
-[gasps, laughs]
-[all laughing]
Oh, God, fuck my life.
-[car door closes]
I had to find the keys.
My uncle keeps them
in a stupid fake rock.
Hmm, and what's your excuse,
I don't know.
Would you believe rain delay?
-Rain delay it is then.
-[both chuckle]
I'll grab my stuff, babe.
Come on, Reegan,
let us in this bitch.
-All aboard.
-Good old lucky number seven.
Yes, yes, we know,
it's the only house
on the street.
Must someone mention it
every time we're here?
Probably. Where are the lights?
-Ha-ha. Come on.
[eerie musical sting]
[both giggling]
-Two. Yeah.
-[mouths] Two?
Ooof! How's that hand, slugger?
How is the foot is more like it.
Yeah, I heard Jimmy
will be pissing blood
for a week.
-[Chelsea] Oh, Christ.
-I also hear that's not
because of the kick either.
How do you guys all know?
Well, don't look at me.
I've been with you
this whole time.
Everybody knows.
It's a small island.
I also heard that, uh,
Booker made Jimmy and Robbie
pay for everybody's tabs
after you two left.
Yes, that was all me.
Oh, my God. That's so funny.
No. No, guys, it's not.
My dad is gonna be super pissed
and little Jimmy and Robbie
are just gonna plan
more ways
to torment me for revenge.
-Baby, they're harmless.
-Yeah, fuck those bastards.
Jimmy will wind up
working for his dad
at the lumber yard
after he flunks out of Boston
College and Robbie will...
Well, actually,
Robbie will probably wind up
a lawyer
or something respectable,
but neither will bother you
after graduation.
I need a drink.
Ah, rocks for your soul.
And rocks for your hand.
Ah, thank you. I love you.
Um, and what about me?
Oh, I'm sorry. Did you want
some 21-year-old single malt?
Then there's beer
in the fridge there, tiger.
This place is lousy service.
-I'm not a barmaid.
-Now, also, the cell
reception out here sucks.
[eerie music]
-Cheers to--
-[Tanner] To me, right?
I mean, you two lovely ladies
had the audacity
to start drinking without us.
Well, you were late.
Mm. Better late than pregnant,
I always say.
Well, it wasn't
for a lack of speed,
I assure you that.
Eh, never it is.
Oh, nice.
Just take your dad's Cobra
out here?
You know it, rides like a dream.
-Just like Chelsea.
-[JK] Nice.
You wish you knew how I drive.
Oh, I know how you drive.
It's terrifying.
-I said you ride like a dream.
-Yeah, in your dreams, babe.
-I'm just saying.
-Yeah, maybe someday.
-Should I hold my breath?
-Not if you want to survive
the night.
Hey, there's
a lot of booze here.
Uh, it doesn't always help.
Hey, where's Cassie?
[eerie music]
[soft moaning]
[moaning continues]
[both moaning softly]
I really...
...really like you.
I really like you, too.
-[Blake] A lot.
Oh, my God.
So much.
-Oh, my God.
-I like you so much.
[moaning continues]
-No, I decided
I love you actually.
I love you, too.
How much?
So much.
Only so much?
So, so much.
-Oh, my God, what is that?
That, my dear,
is my so much love.
Ew. No, not that. That.
[ominous musical sting]
[siren blaring in the distance]
-[Cassie] Where is
that noise coming from?
-[Blake] What the fuck is that?
Hurry up, get dressed.
Let's go downstairs.
[siren blaring continues]
-Reegan, what is that?
-I've never heard anything
like it here before.
-[Chelsea] Check Twitter.
-[Tanner] Is that really
what we've come to?
-Like, Siri,
what the fuck is that noise?
Yes, like that. Do something.
[siren blaring]
Hey, thanks for joining
the party, guys.
-[Cassie] What's up, doc?
Yeah, doc.
They fuck like rabbits.
Guys, come on.
It's a rabbit thing. [sighs]
[siren blaring continues]
Look outside.
Holy shit. What? What is that?
-I have no idea.
-I mean the gun.
Why do you have a gun?
-Fuck, put that away.
-I was a boy scout.
Oh, so the Boy Scouts of America
prepare to carry guns now?
-Yes, as a matter of fact.
-I thought you guys
just sold cookies.
We don't sell cookies, Reegan.
Maybe you should.
Okay, where's that fog
coming from?
I've never seen
anything like that.
Alright, enough. Enough, guys.
Let's just go inside. Okay?
[blaring continues]
[siren blaring stops]
Okay, that's better.
Oh, God.
It's still coming this way.
Not to be the sensational
asshole of the group,
but my phone has no bars.
-No, the service isn't great.
But if you just--
-[Cassie] I want to leave.
She's right. We don't need to
sit here like it's Scooby-Doo
and solve some mysteries.
Sirens don't sound
for a good thing, right?
-No, he's right.
We should just drive away.
-Really, really fast.
-Damn right.
No, it's not safe outside.
Not safe? We don't even know
what that shit is.
Wait, do we?
My factory is
beyond those trees.
Look, it's your father's
factory, isn't it?
Yes, okay, my father's factory,
which, at present,
has a mysterious orange fog
from its general direction,
and it's heading
directly towards ours.
Holy fuck my life
with a bloody stick.
-Ugh, graphic.
-Yeah, very specific.
Okay, look,
what are we dealing with?
I don't know. Nothing good.
Yeah, Georgia,
you need to come clean.
What is your family cooking
over there?
Zombie gas? Rage gas?
Nuke sauce? What is it?
Oh, my God,
this isn't happening.
-We're all gonna die.
-I don't know.
Come on, Georgia.
You have to just tell us.
Your top secret rage cloud
is headed this way.
It's not a rage cloud.
[ominous music]
Okay, honestly,
I don't know what he makes.
I just know
it's not anything good.
And I, I don't want to find out.
I, I'm with Cassie and Blake.
We have two fast cars
and a tank.
-I say we go.
-Yeah, now.
You know, I hope you enjoy
your Lambo, Georgia,
'cause now we're all dead.
I don't think
that's a one-to-one ratio,
Tanner, come on.
Yeah, well, you'll have to check
my math then, Reegan.
This isn't funny, Tanner.
-Funerals never are.
-[JK] Okay.
Okay, hey, look,
let's just drive away, okay?
Come on, babe.
Babe, I really don't want to go.
Okay, well, you say
we shouldn't leave
to get away from it,
but you can't tell us
what it is?
I can't tell you what it is
because I don't know.
If I knew, I would tell you.
Bullshit, Georgia.
I don't believe
daddy never told you
what's in the family's
secret sauce.
-Yeah, exactly.
-[Reegan] Hey, Chelsea,
wha-- what kind of insurance
does your dad sell, huh?
I don't know,
like, house insurance and stuff.
Does he offer flood insurance?
Does it cover acts of God. What?
-Point taken.
What about clouds of toxic gas?
Does it cover that?
Because if it does,
we should go ahead
and give him a call about now.
Oh, that's right.
Our cell phones
don't have service.
We have to just take our chances
and leave
before the cloud reaches us
and makes us all crazy.
Whatever it is, I know
we don't want to breathe it in.
[wind gusting]
And it's getting closer.
-How much time we got?
-[JK sighs]
It's coming, okay?
I-- Slowly, but it's coming.
Let's hit it. We can come back
for the stuff later.
Wait, wait.
Can't we just hold up here?
Come on, guys. We don't know
how far it's spread.
Look, we know
it's spreading here, okay?
Can't we seal this place up?
We could seal this place up,
Oh, oh! There is a bunch of,
um, I don't know, like,
construction shit
from when my cousins were trying
to finish the basement,
we could...
No, we could never
make this place airtight.
Even if we could
make it airtight,
we'd be trapped in a house,
losing oxygen, obviously.
It could pass.
Will it, Georgia? Will it pass?
How would we even know
if it's safe?
We wouldn't.
Our cell phones
don't have service.
The cloud of toxic gas is bad.
We should leave now.
Yeah. Look, we need to go.
We don't even know where to go.
-That didn't stop the pilgrims.
Just saying,
not knowing which way to go
isn't a reason not to go.
-I'll second that.
-Hmm. Lost at sea
ain't no picnic either.
God, it always comes down
to picnics with you.
Guys, let's go.
So much for lucky number seven.
Yep. Lucky number seven.
Come on, Chels.
We may actually make it.
JK, hit the keys. Let's go!
Let's go, okay? Let's go.
-Reegan, you coming?
I, I just need to lock up.
-[Blake] Hey, Tanner,
which way are you guys going?
-We should take to the routes,
maximize our chances.
JK, we should go
through the woods.
We can go off-roading
with this thing if we need to.
Hey, Reegan, hurry up!
I am hurrying.
We're gonna try
and make it back to town.
Yeah, we're not stopping,
God speed.
-[car engine turns over]
-[JK] Reegan, let's go.
-Coming, Jesus!
-[Georgia] Okay, Reegan,
we'll head down along the ocean.
What? No, no, no.
You should come with us, babe.
I want to, but there are
three ways around the marsh.
-We have to try them all.
-We gotta move.
[car engine revving]
[sighs] Okay, just don't drive
through the fog
unless you have to. Okay?
These cars aren't airtight.
Well, maybe the Lambo is,
I don't know.
[car engine revving]
[tires screech]
-Okay, just call me
as soon as you can, okay?
-I will.
Alright, Ramblers.
-Let's get rambling.
-[car engine turns over]
[dramatic music]
[cars revving]
Babe, I'm scared.
Don't worry, babe,
if this were a horror movie,
-none of the cars would start.
Thanks, I feel much better.
[dramatic music continues]
[eerie music]
-You okay?
-I don't think so.
We're trapped.
Okay, well, let's go back inside
and get really, really trapped,
shall we?
[eerie music fades out]
JK, will you please check
all the doors
and windows down here?
And then we tape the edges.
Has anybody heard from Tanner
and Chelsea?
-[Cassie] Nope.
-That doesn't mean
that they didn't make it.
We just don't have service here.
Yeah, they're fine, or else
they'll be back here already.
That fog is coming
Fast & Furious.
Okay, but right now
we just need to
seal this place up tight.
Hello, we still need oxygen,
I do remember, Cassie.
I read it somewhere.
Where I read it...
[clicks tongue]
-...that I don't recall.
-Just saying.
I know, but this is
a big house though.
-We should be fine for a while.
-[Cassie] For a while?
-[Reegan] Cassie,
will you just go upstairs
and double-check
that all the windows are shut?
Oh, and then, Blake, will
you come downstairs with me?
Sure thing.
More booze down there
or just spiders and monsters?
[ominous musical sting]
Definitely monsters.
-Mm, it's better than spiders.
-Well, I don't know,
let's just gather all the tape
and shit we can find
and really secure this place.
What about me?
Scotch. Pour the Scotch.
Glad I could help.
[wind gusting]
[floor creaking]
This better work.
[tape tearing]
["See What You Want To"
by Western Scene]
Baby, I think
I could fix you
How about that?
That shit is never gonna work.
All the AC and everything
is turned off, yeah?
We should get the vents.
[ominous musical sting]
[gasps] I always thought
I'd die hot and sweaty.
-I just figured it
because I was having sex.
-Clearly not.
Oh, babe, babe.
I didn't mean anything by that.
I'm gonna go
check the other vents.
You'll see what you want to
I will try to hold you down
Just see what you want to
Baby matter all is late
[music fades]
JK, will you help me reach?
Yeah, ready?
-[both grunt]
-Yo, Blake,
check that AC in there.
-[toilet flushes]
Can't have any circulation.
It's really too bad that
we can't use the fan in there.
-God, come on, Blake.
-[Blake] Sorry, nature call.
-Yeah, you should
have let it ring.
When lunch called
for heavy doses of sriracha,
I've picked up, twice.
Guess we are not safe out there
and now we're not safe in here.
Just go get your girlfriend
and make sure
the windows upstairs are sealed.
Here, take this.
-[exhales sharply] Good work.
[eerie music]
-[dramatic musical sting]
Babe, you scared me.
What were you doing?
Closing up the doors
and windows.
Shall we join the party?
Come on.
[ominous musical sting]
Did you guys stop again
for carrots?
No, no carrots.
Just tight windows.
I think we're good,
No, we're not. Look.
We're fucked,
aren't we?
Oh, my God, we're gonna die
in this fucking house!
No way, if this place
is sealed up tight.
Even if we were sealed in,
which we're probably not,
-we're gonna fucking
run out of air.
-Enough with the oxygen, Cassie.
I'm sorry, okay? But I'm just
about at the end of my rope.
Then find more rope.
What else can we do?
-What do you mean?
-Just because we're trapped
and it's hopeless doesn't mean
we should stop trying things.
No, that is what it means.
Besides, we've done everything
we can do.
There's no phones,
there's no way out
and there's no help
coming our way.
-What does it do?
-[JK] What?
The gas. The poisoned fog.
What does it do?
Hey, she doesn't know.
Maybe it doesn't kill you.
Maybe it just makes you crazy.
That's what people say, right?
Baseless rumors.
Maybe fits of rage
that pass after a while.
But there's a reason they built
that factory on the cape,
in the middle of nowhere.
-[dramatic musical sting]
-I really don't know. I don't.
Okay, just think about it.
Your family has
all the wealth, right?
-Yet they don't sell anything.
Well, the Paige Plant
has never made anything
that we can see or, or, or buy.
So who buys it?
-I don't know.
-Okay, then it's got to be
chemical weapons
-or something awful.
-It's got to be the US.
I mean, they would know
about it, if not, right?
This factory's
been here forever.
Yeah, but the siren
stopped, so--
Or the poison gas
ate through the siren.
Or killed the people
ringing them.
It's not eating
through the walls
or killing us.
So what?
We should just
embrace the horror
and cry and make peace with God?
Is that it?
[car doors closing]
-[thuds on door]
-[sighs] Christ.
-Hey, guys, come on, let us in.
Reegan, open the door. Come on.
I forget.
Do bullets kill rage zombies?
-Put that down.
-[Georgia] Let them in.
Wait. What if they're...?
What if they're what?
God, don't touch me, Blake.
-We're letting them in.
-Okay? Look, we just finished
sealing the place.
-Hey, guys, come on. Let us in.
-Do not let them in.
-[distant speech]
-You guys are acting crazy.
We're acting crazy?
Yeah, you're waving a gun.
We don't know
what that stuff does, Georgia.
-Yeah, they're
definitely infected.
Or contaminated.
So what? We just leave
our friends out there
to die?
We don't know
if they're gonna die.
Great. Then we should
let them in.
Georgia, I think
we need to think about
what's best for the group.
If we let part of the group die,
then we're not
that much of a group.
Hold on, okay?
Tanner, go to the side door.
Side door? Side door.
It's locked. It won't open.
Just let us in.
Oh, fuck! I can't believe
-this is happening.
-Reegan, it's locked.
Hold on! Just hold on!
-[Chelsea] Reegan, come on.
-[Tanner] Reegan!
-[Reegan] Hold on.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-[JK] That's not a great idea.
-You're right,
it's not a great idea.
-So, don't fucking do it.
Oh, honey, if people
only did great ideas,
your parents would have
used a condom, my uncle
wouldn't have bought
this fucking house
and none of us
would be here right now.
[Georgia scoffs]
[ominous music]
-[ominous music]
-[loud clacking]
-[Cassie screams]
-[Blake] Oh, come on.
And fuck!
-[JK] Shit!
-[door rattling]
Blake, we have
to get out of here.
Baby, I don't want to die.
Not now. Not like this.
We're fucked!
The good news is that
we didn't really need
the power on for anything.
-[JK] What?
And that's good news?
-[Blake] Is there bad news?
Tanner, make them let us in.
[knocks on door]
More bad news?
Well, it's not the breakers,
so, yeah. Great news all around.
-Yeah, great news.
Open the fucking door!
-[knocks on door]
-[Tanner] Come on!
Don't do that, Reegan.
And why should I listen to you?
Because I'm a smart fucking guy.
Be that as it may.
Okay, okay, just, just hold on.
Rel-- Relax.
-You're gonna kill all of us.
Goddamn it!
Are you serious?
You're fine with this?
You guys are fine with this?
-Reegan, open the door.
-[Chelsea] Shit.
This is bullshit.
We have to let them in.
Shut up. No, we don't.
I do not like this one bit.
Ugh. Jus-- Just--
You guys just wait
until I'm on
the other side, okay?
-[Chelsea] Okay, yeah, fine.
-[Reegan] Ugh.
-Let's go. Shut the door.
-Jesus Christ.
-What the fuck are you doing?
-[JK] Whoa,
-just take it easy, Blake.
She just let them in
with God knows what.
With what? We don't know.
You do know, and now
Reegan has killed us all.
I didn't kill anybody.
If anything,
her father killed us all.
-[Reegan] Sorry.
Reegan. What the fuck?
Let us in now!
Do not open that door!
I'm serious.
Let them in now!
Open the door, Reegan!
-[Blake] Stop!
Why do you have
a gun in my house?
-I thought it was
your uncle's house.
-What the fuck ever?
Okay, Blake,
just put the gun down, okay?
Oh, you're all losing it.
We're losing it?
Quick recap. You're waving a gun
-in this house.
You can't shoot fog.
-[gun cocks]
-[ominous music]
Point it somewhere else.
Not if she's gonna
open the door.
Open the door.
Hey! Okay, Tanner, Blake,
everyone, here's the deal.
We, we, we don't know
what's out there.
And we can all agree
that if whatever it is
can get you or get on you
or contaminate you
or anything...'s already done it
to at least Tanner and Chelsea.
But, but if, and this is a big
if, if we're safe in here,
then, then they're safe
out there.
So now, we're all
equally sealed inside.
The best we can be
equally safe or unsafe.
Reegan, unlock this door.
Tanner, if you were somehow
worse off having been in the fog
and we can somehow not be
as worse as you
because you're out there
and we're in here,
then it's only fair
that you stay put.
Jesus, we're fine! Fuck!
Hey, hey! Calm down.
They're gonna think
the fog made you crazy.
Maybe it did.
We're gonna make it, okay?
We don't even know what this is.
[dramatic musical sting]
I'm gonna walk away
from the door now.
Georgia, you're not gonna try
and open it.
And, Blake, you're gonna
do me a favor
and put the fucking gun away
before you shoot your eye out.
God, we shouldn't
just leave them out there.
No, they're fine.
They're no more fucked
than us now.
-Which is severely.
-They were in the fog.
-The fog never touched us.
-[JK] Wait, babe.
-The fog never
touched you guys, right?
-[Reegan] No, no.
Georgia here is a real peach.
She drives like a dream.
I wouldn't fucking know.
Ugh, this is a nightmare.
Well, uh,
since we're all definitely
going to die tonight,
I am definitely going to
get drunk before we do.
Maybe you put the safety
on that first, eh?
At least you got laid
on your last night on Earth.
What? Okay, I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's kind of true.
-But, hey, it's not too late.
Easy, sailor. I didn't realize
you were going off to war.
Let me just lift up my skirt.
You know what? That would not be
the worst thing.
Oh, God, you are
an unbelievable asshole.
I actually believe the asshole
that he is.
We are trapped here
by God knows what,
and you want to use that
as an excuse to get laid.
-Is that it?
-You know what? You know,
you know what? That's it.
-That's exactly it.
-The man has a point.
Fuck off, Blake.
JK, I cannot believe
we're having this conversation
right now, and here.
-We're amongst friends.
-Are we?
Yeah. What? Do you want
to take this conversation
-Yeah, one of the bedrooms,
-Fuck off, Blake.
And no, I don't want
to take this conversation
[sighs] Just fuck
your boyfriend, Georgia!
God, Cassie, stay out of this.
-[Reegan] No. [scoffs]
She's right, Georgia.
You should just
fuck your boyfriend,
even if he is being
a dick about it.
-Just stop.
-No, I, I'm, I'm not gonna stop.
You want everything
to be perfect.
You expect it to be
because that's what you think
life has to be.
God, and you,
you have this perfect life.
You, you have
your perfect family,
and you always look perfect.
And you dress perfect
and you have your perfect car,
and you're going
to perfect school,
and you have
the perfect boyfriend.
Perfect, perfect, perfect.
Everything has to be perfect.
And, and now Georgia
wants the perfect fuck, too,
before she'll even consider
giving up her virginity.
God. And you know what?
It's not all
gonna be perfect, is it?
Even knowing
that we may all die tonight,
which totally sucks by the way,
it somehow made worse
by the fact that we may all die
from being exposed to the source
of all your perfectness.
[dramatic musical sting]
Even knowing
you would never dream
of giving up
your precious virginity
for no other reason
than the fact
that it won't be perfect.
Well, uh, I'll save you
the suspense.
It's not going to be perfect.
It never is,
and it doesn't need to be.
-I'm not like you, Reegan.
-[Reegan] Like me?
You, you, you're not like me?
You're right.
I, I am not perfect.
And, and given the
circumstances, perfect or not,
I, yeah, I,
I would fuck my boyfriend.
We might all die tonight.
God. And you know what?
I wish I...
Never mind.
You are such a slut.
You don't understand at all.
[chuckles] Just because
I wouldn't date a guy
for almost a year
and still not know
whether or not
I want to fuck him
doesn't make me a slut.
You're supposed to be my friend.
You, you know what?
An another thing,
wanting to be held
and, and kissed
and, and share some kind
of human connection
when you're scared
and, and lonely,
and might die some horrible,
gruesome death
also doesn't make me a slut,
Your Highness.
God. And you know what?
I, I'm not going to apologize
for wishing I had someone here
who wanted me.
And nor will I apologize that
it's annoying that you do
and you don't even want it.
God, just fuck your boyfriend,
It's not gonna be perfect,
but it'll be normal.
I would.
If you want to fuck JK so bad,
then maybe you should.
We're all gonna die
in here anyway, right?
At least some of us
can die happy.
-That's not what I meant.
-Isn't it?
Okay, you know what, Reegan?
We don't even need--
Don't you dare even say it.
Fucking say what?
Say that we've been dating
for nine months, 14 days
and what, what, two hours
and you still don't want
to sleep with me?
-Look, and even if we,
if we don't die tonight,
then we'll just spend
next Christmas breaking up
because we spent
a semester realizing
that the long distance
doesn't even fucking work.
That's exactly
what she said earlier.
God, Reegan, you bitch.
I fucking knew it.
Come on, JK.
We're gonna die anyway.
God, I'm never gonna speak
to either one of you ever again.
I swear to fucking Christ
never again!
Well, that won't be
for very long.
Thanks to you and your father.
Now, will it?
-[Georgia sobbing]
-[thunder rumbling]
[rain pattering]
[ominous music]
Poor Georgia.
So they just broke up, right?
Reegan, I, I just can't.
This is all fucked.
I can't think of anything worse.
Her best friend is going
to sleep with her boyfriend.
We all may die tonight.
-That's what I can think of
that's worse.
-We're fine.
-We were out there
and nothing happened.
Nothing happened to us yet. I...
[exhales sharply]
I really don't feel good.
Don't say that.
[wind gusting]
[thunder rumbling]
[dramatic musical sting]
["Need It" by Half Moon Run]
In a dream
I was untrue
Shouted in sweats
And I knew it was you
All the while
as I traced your spine
Tore out my hair
Through my peace of mind
Well, if you breathe in
I'll breathe in
Slowly let go
If you need it
Then I need it
Only we'll know
Can't be the same
As we lie in a lie
Knowing full well
Your virtue's my vice
In the night we...
Ugh. [chuckles] This has--
This has never happened
to me before.
-Um, just,
just give me a minute, okay?
'Till my race has been run
And if you breathe in
Then I'll breathe in
And slowly let go
And if you need it
Then I need it
Only we'll know
And those sorry words
-It was just stress.
I have an idea.
[exhales sharply]
[rain pattering]
[water pouring]
Come, get in the tub.
And if you breathe in
Come on.
Then I'll breathe in
Only we'll know
Listen, Georgia,
just stop doing the dishes.
[ominous musical sting]
[glass shatters]
I'm really worried
about Georgia.
-[glass shatters]
They've gotta listen
before this gets out of hand.
Blake, open the door.
Damn it, Tanner!
Just fucking chill.
Can't you see that Georgia's
already coming unglued here?
Hey. Hey, hey, hey, Tanner.
We're gonna be alright.
-Well, is that
what you think, Chels?
Why don't you take
a look around you,
at the situation
we're in right now?
Alright? And your women's
intuition tells you
that everything
is about to be alright?
[eerie music]
I'm so sorry.
I'm the worst person ever.
I, I don't know what to say.
I know
you're gonna hate me forever.
And, and you should.
I'm just, I'm, I'm freaking out,
and I know that's not an excuse.
I just, I don't,
I don't know what came over me.
Maybe it was this fog,
I... I don't know.
I'm just so scared.
will you just say something?
Oh, my God,
your hand, you're hurt.
-Let me see.
-Don't you fucking touch me.
I'm so sorry, Georgia.
You can call me
whatever you want.
I, I, I deserve it.
It's all true.
It's true?
All true?
You just fucked my boyfriend
right above my fucking head.
-No, I didn't.
No? Look at me.
You didn't just
fuck my boyfriend?
It didn't work out.
We tried, but...
But what? What, Reegan?
I'm the world's worst person,
I know that.
What did you do...
...when it didn't work out
with my boyfriend?
-Hmm? What?
Did you jerk him off?
-No, I didn't.
-I'm sorry. No.
What, Reegan?
Will you please just, just stop?
-You fucking blew
my boyfriend, right?
-[Reegan sobbing]
Just say it.
Did that work out?
That always works out, right?
Yes, okay?
I hate myself.
[both grunting and groaning]
[Reegan coughing]
Georgia, stop!
[both groaning and grunting]
No. [chokes]
Oh, my God!
Reeg-- Reegan!
-[Reegan groaning]
-[high-pitched whistling]
[muffled chatter and yelling]
[JK, muffled]
Georgia! Georgia, stop it.
-[Cassie] Blake, do something.
-[Tanner] Open the door!
[muffled chatter continues]
and groaning continues]
[dramatic musical sting]
[muffled chatter continues]
Georgia, stop!
[Georgia grunting]
[high-pitched whistling stops]
[JK, normal]
-[Blake] JK!
-[JK] Georgia!
-[Blake] Get her.
Don't touch me.
-Come here. Come on.
-Stop. Stop.
-[Blake] Hey, get
that fucking handcuffs.
Blake! Stop!
-[Blake] I'm coming.
-Blake! Get it here!
I'm coming, I'm coming.
I got it.
-Stop! Stop!
-Cass, come.
Get her up! Get her up!
-Get her up! Get her up!
Get her up! Get her up.
I can't find it, Blake.
-[Georgia] Stop.
Babe, fucking handcuffs!
We need 'em.
-[Cassie] Hurry up, Blake.
-[Blake] You got 'em?
-[Cassie] Here, take 'em.
I got her. I got her.
Now keep her tight.
Keep her fucking tight.
No, I got her.
Watch it, guys. Please...
[cross talk]
-[Georgia] Stop!
-[all grunting and groaning]
-[Blake] I got her. I got it.
-Watch her head. Watch her head.
-[Blake] Okay, go!
-[Georgia] Stop!
The pole!
-[handcuff locks]
-[screams] No!
-I got it. I got it.
-You got it. You got it.
You got it.
Stop! Let go!
Tape her fucking mouth.
Tape her fucking mouth.
-Fucking Georgia.
-[muffled screams]
Shit. This is so fucked.
This is so fucked.
-[Georgia sobbing]
What the fuck did she do?
What the fuck was she thinking?
It's real. It's real.
Fuck. This fog's gonna
make us all crazy.
Or it already is. We're gonna
tear each other apart.
Not, not, not us.
No, no, no.
It didn't get us, okay?
Just, just Georgia and,
and Reegan were...
They were affected.
The fog must have got 'em. No.
Or it's already in here.
No. No, no, we're fine.
We're fine. We're fine.
[thuds on door]
You think this is fine?
-I don't feel well.
-Listen to me. Hey, listen.
The fog, it got...
It got Georgia.
Maybe, maybe Tanner and Chelsea,
but not us, okay?
Yeah, yeah.
We, we've been together
this entire time. We're fine.
Unlock this door
or I'm breaking it down.
-We are fine.
-If you smash down that door
-you will prove that
you are not fine...
-[gun cocks]
...and I will shoot you
in the face.
Tanner. Tanner,
it's not worth it.
[door closes]
[muffled straining]
[muffled sobbing]
[wind gusting]
[eerie breathing]
Listen, Reegan didn't lose it.
-Reegan's dead.
-Yeah, but we're not.
Okay, we don't know
if Georgia and Reegan
were out there in the fog,
but we were, and we're fine.
-We gotta get outta here.
-Look, I don't know
what that fog does,
but maybe, maybe Georgia
was the only one affected.
Like, maybe she was somehow
already exposed to it.
I feel like I'm going crazy.
You're just angry and scared.
[JK strains]
[somber music]
[JK whispering]
I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.
[wind gusting]
I can't let Tanner
and Chelsea in here... matter what.
You understand that, right?
I'm so scared.
But you understand, right?
Please, don't hurt them, though.
I have to protect us.
First, no matter what,
we have to make it
through these together.
I really, really like you.
I really, really like you, too.
I don't know what to do.
I think we're super fucked.
No, no, we are not, okay?
The three of us are fine.
-I don't feel fine.
-[Cassie] Don't say that.
Hey, hey, look at me.
You're fine.
Hey. We need to handle Georgia.
[muffled straining]
What do you,
what do you mean handle Georgia?
-JK, think about it.
-Think about what?
Normal, sweet, perfect Georgia
just ripped Reegan's throat open
with a fucking bottle.
-Yeah, we saw that, Blake.
-She's gone.
Georgia is gone.
She's a monster.
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
No, man. This fog,
this fog is making you crazy.
Maybe so. But what now?
Does it kill her?
Is it reversible?
Maybe it is nothing.
Maybe she just lost her shit
because her best friend
just blew her boyfriend
right in front of her.
-What is your point, Blake?
-My point...
is that her life is over.
And we need to end it now.
We can't do that.
You can't do that.
Hey, assholes,
don't even say it.
Am I the only rational
fucking person here
that realizes
we have to kill her?
Why don't you
write that sentence out
and read what you just said?
I don't need to, Chelsea.
I know what needs to be done.
-Dude, best case scenario,
she spends the rest of her life
rotting in a prison cell.
-Maybe an insane asylum.
-Okay, babe, there's that.
Or she's down there,
she's getting worse.
And she will come up here
and kill us all.
-It's not gonna happen.
-No, one of those
is gonna happen.
Dude, she's handcuffed
to a pipe.
And she's likely chewing
through her arm
-as we speak.
-What? What? She's a rat now,
-is that it?
-Probably something
much worse, yeah.
[Georgia sobbing]
-[bones crack]
-[muffled groaning]
[muffled screaming and sobbing]
JK, she can't just slit
her best friend's throat
and blame Daddy's
family secret recipe
and go on with a normal
and happy life.
JK, I like Georgia.
I do, but we don't know
if she's down there infected
or contagious in every minute
that she is breathing our air
or breathing at all.
She is hurting our chances.
[tense sting]
My God, just do it. You have to.
Do you, do you think you can?
Yes, the three of us
have to survive.
We don't know how long
until this fog passes.
I really loved her.
-And you chose Reegan.
-[angrily] It wasn't...
-[normally] It wasn't like that.
-What was it like?
Guys, it doesn't matter.
If nothing else,
she's taking up our good air.
[inhales sharply]
We have to do something.
Even if he's right,
I won't let him
just execute her.
And us?
How long before Blake decides
we're taking up his good air?
[ominous music]
[gun cocks]
Hey, Blake! No!
-[thuds on door]
-[JK] Just stop, Tanner.
-[JK] Blake.
-[Chelsea] Tanner!
-[thuds continues]
-Tanner, stop!
-[JK] Blake, easy, man!
-You fucker!
-I'm telling you.
-[gun cocks]
-You don't have the balls.
Last chance.
Hey, fuck you, Blake.
-[Cassie screams]
[thuds upstairs]
Tanner, stop it!
Tanner, Tanner, no!
We're all in this together,
[screaming in anger]
-[Blake] Tanner!
-[Cassie] No!
-[screaming continues]
-[gunshots continues]
[muffled heavy breathing]
Oh, what the fuck?
-[Blake] JK! JK!
-[JK] Blake. Blake?
Grab the duct tape.
Cass. Cassie? Baby?
-Hey, look at me. Look at me.
[wind gusting]
I, I, I don't know
what to do, Tanner.
You guys-- You got--
You gotta stop the bleeding.
-I know, I know. I'm trying.
-You gotta plug the hole.
[stutters] No, I can't.
I can't.
I need to keep pressing.
Look at me.
I'm not gonna get any worse
if you do it, okay?
-You gotta go.
I need you to duct tape
all the holes in the wall, okay?
-Okay? Okay.
Oh, God. [breathes heavily]
[dramatic music]
Come on.
-[Cassie sobbing]
-[Blake] Hold it together.
[Cassie groans]
Okay, put it. Get it up.
Okay. Holy fuck.
I fucking told you, Tanner.
Fucking told you.
I fucking told you.
Fucking told...
Your life is over, Blake.
He attacked us.
No, asshole. You started
firing at him and me
in this fucking room
that you trapped us in.
You're crazy.
Maybe, Blake.
But you're not. Right?
Right, that's what
you kept saying.
You kept saying
that you're fine.
You know, in fact,
I even heard Cassie
and Tanner and even JK say that
they don't feel well,
but not you asshole.
You just kept saying
that you are of sound mind
and body.
Fuck you, Chelsea.
Fuck me? No! Fuck you!
You're going to jail
forever, Blake.
[music box playing]
What can I do?
I cannot believe how crazy
you're acting, Chelsea.
Fucking nuts. Fucking nuts.
I am okay.
I'm a little cold, but I'm okay.
Hey. You look okay, yeah?
You're lying.
No. [sobbing]
Tell me more.
Tell me more lies.
Tell me that
I'll take that ride someday.
We will, Tanner.
Just as soon as
we get outta here. Okay?
Like a dream.
[music box stops]
Jesus Christ. What do we do now?
We don't know how much fog
is in here.
-What about Georgia?
-What about her?
-Well, we still have to go ahead
and kill her, don't we?
-No, we don't have to kill her.
-Why? Because you shot Tanner?
-No, because this fog
is her fault.
The fog isn't here, bro.
Yeah, but we don't know how--
We don't know anything, man.
God, look what we've done.
We know nothing.
[eerie music]
[thuds on door]
-God. Chelsea, how's Tanner?
He's going to die, JK.
If you don't help me,
he's going to die.
-What can we do?
I need you to help me
get him to the car,
-and then I will get him
-Chelsea, you'll die.
Cassie, the only place
people are dying
is in here.
We can't go out there.
JK, Tanner is your friend.
Now help me get him to the car,
It's not gonna happen, Chels.
Look, we,
we can't go out there, okay?
[banging on door]
-[gun cocks]
What? What, Blake?
You, you just shot him
and now you're going
to just let him die?
People will understand.
I don't think that they will.
Shut up, Chelsea.
-[banging continues]
Stop that.
Or what, Blake?
Are you gonna murder me too?
Because that's what you did
to Tanner.
-If he dies, you are a murderer.
-[gun cocks]
-No, the fog.
You'll let the fog in.
-Christ, Cassie.
Not "don't shoot
my friend in the face,"
just "please, don't let
the scary fog in." Fuck.
Blake, do something.
She's going crazy now too.
[grunts] You guys are
the ones going crazy.
Cassie, tape.
Come on, you guys.
[dramatic music]
Open the fucking door.
Just stay with me, okay?
Okay? I'm gonna get help.
Oh, my God! Please, help!
[muffled shouting]
-[glass shatters]
-[music stops]
[blood spatters]
-[JK] Cass.
-[Chelsea choking]
Tape it.
[siren blaring in the distance]
The sirens, Blake.
What are you gonna do?
I'll handle it.
[groaning softly]
[muffled splashing]
[ominous musical sting]
Finally. What?
I have to fucking handle
Always with the fucking thing.
-[Chelsea grunting]
-[siren blaring continues
in the distance]
[breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
[knocks on door]
-[JK] Easy, Blake.
-It's the police.
Please, open the door.
No, we're fine.
Please, just go away.
Is anyone hurt or injured?
We're fine.
You don't have a warrant.
Just go away. You can't come in.
There's been a report
of gunshots.
I don't need a warrant.
Is everybody
going fucking crazy?
No. You-- I can't do that.
You cannot come in right now.
Please back away from the door.
I highly suggest
you do not do that.
-Listen, kid--
-[gun cocks, shoots]
What the fuck?
Holy shit.
-[indistinct radio chatter]
-[Cassie screaming]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct radio chatter]
-[Blake] Cassie!
-[rock music]
[gun cocks]
JK, get the fuck out of the way.
JK, move!
Oh, shit!
-[J. Gonis] Ah!
[Cassie sobbing]
Cassie. Cassie. Cass. Baby. Hey.
It's okay. Cassie.
He shot me.
It's okay, it's okay.
We just gotta clean it, okay?
-Blake. Blake,
the fog's getting everywhere.
Alright, we gotta
get upstairs, okay?
We'll lock ourselves upstairs.
There's a massive bathroom.
It's, it's in the corner
of the house.
-If we can seal it,
we'll be fine.
-[Blake] Okay, come on.
[Blake grunts]
Come on, babe. Come on. Come on.
-[Cassie sobbing]
It's okay. It's okay. It's okay.
Come on.
-Come on.
-[Cassie sobs]
[tense music]
[Chelsea groaning]
[crying in pain]
[indistinct radio chattering]
7-3-5-6, South-East division...
[man 4] Patrol 3-2-A,
can you put me down
at the scene of the accident.
radio chattering continues]
[Chelsea sobbing in pain]
-[J. Gonis grunting]
[glass shatters]
-[J. Gonis groans]
[eerie music]
radio chatter continues]
[eerie breathing]
[muffled radio chatter]
[muffled dispatcher]
...let me call you on this.
[Georgia grunting]
[dramatic music]
[J. Gonis screams]
[both grunting and groaning]
[breathing heavily]
Here, mate. Blake.
What's up?
I'm gonna check on Georgia.
No, no. We have to keep
this place sealed up tight.
[dramatic musical sting]
I'll be right back.
No. If you leave,
I don't know
that I'm gonna let you back in.
You will let me back in.
-Blake, you're gonna,
you're gonna let me back in.
Hurry up.
Fuck. Fuck.
[dramatic music]
Baby? Babe? Argh. Georgia?
Babe, hello?
Put-- What?
Where are you?
Georgia, I'm sorry.
Georgia, I'm...
[Georgia groaning]
[JK groaning]
[both groaning]
-Babe. Just-- No. No, no.
[JK groaning]
[axe clatters]
[clears throat]
Baby, how you doing?
I've been shot by... a policeman
in retaliation
for my boyfriend murdering,
I assume, his partner.
So, not great.
Don't say murder, okay?
You can't say murder.
Semantics are the least
of my worries.
You can't say murder.
[creaks in the distance]
And it fucking hurts.
Nobody was murdered.
[door rattles]
What is that?
[music box playing]
Hey. Hey, JK?
-[Blake] Hello?
I'm scared.
It's okay. I got it.
[door rattling]
Get back!
I'll fucking kill you, alright?
I'll fucking kill you.
-[loud bang]
-[bangs continues]
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
No, they're gonna get in.
[music box playing]
[Georgia grunting]
Get off, Georgia!
It's okay.
You know it's okay, baby.
It's okay, alright?
Fuck you!
I'm gonna kill you.
I'll fucking kill you.
-[Cassie] Blake.
-We're okay. Okay?
I'm right here.
[Georgia continues grunting]
Get the fuck back.
Georgia, no. Please.
This is your fault, Georgia.
This is your fucking fault. Ah!
[grunts and pants]
Georgia, please. Please, stop.
-Please. We're suffering.
Georgia. Georgia, stay back.
-[Cassie] We're sorry.
Please, don't.
-[Blake] Georgia, please.
-Just... just give me
a second. Just give me a second.
-Please, don't. Please.
Georgia. Georgia. No, no, no.
Please, Georgia, stop!
No! No!
Please. We're sorry, please.
[axe clatters]
[Georgia laughing maniacally]
[Cassie screaming]
["Stuck On You" by Mars Argo]
Stop! No! Stop! No.
No! No!
[Georgia straining]
[water bubbling]
[both grunting]
Won't you see
I'm your queen
Come with me
I'm a thief
Float with me
Lie to me
Make me think
I'm your queen
You say I'm young
You say I'm dumb
You say it's true
But I'm stuck on you
I think you want
to see me numb
It's nothing new
But I'm stuck on you
[Blake groaning softly]
I see you over me
[gun clicks]
In my dreams
-I'm asleep
-Eat balls.
Make me think
I'm your queen
Lie to me
You say I'm young
You say I'm dumb
You say it's true
But I'm stuck on you
I think you want
to see me numb
-[music stops]
-[gun thuds]
[ominous musical sting]
[water running]
[wind gusting]
[eerie music]
[bottle opens]
[Reegan] God. And you know what?
It's not all gonna be
perfect, is it?
We need to handle Georgia.
Just do it. You have to.
I really loved her.
[glass shatters]
-[car engine turns over]
-[music playing over car stereo]
I'm looking for
a straight answer
Are you down...
[Robbie chuckling]
I'm fucking hungry.
[muffled chatter]
Yo, Georgia. What the fuck?
What the fuck happened to you?
What the fuck happened to me?
To me?
Are you, are you okay or...?
Nope, I am pretty not okay.
What happened?
Well, Jimmy. You got your wish.
My father's factory leaked
and everyone here went mad
with rage.
No. No, it didn't.
The factory didn't leak.
Where, where are all the cops?
The cops are dead?
Yeah. Everyone here is dead.
Everyone's fucking dead?
All fucking dead.
What? What the fuck?
Oh, my God.
Had nothing to do with it.
Fucking Christ!
I'm pretty sure
he can't help either.
They're all fucking dead.
We were just fucking
with you guys.
Yeah, we just wanted
to get you back, man.
We rented some
fucking fog machines.
We found a tornado siren online
and everything. It was just...
So they sell tornado sirens
online now, do they?
Yeah. I...
-None of our phones worked.
-Well, cell phone jammers
are easy to find Georgia--
-[Jimmy] Yeah, online.
What the fuck, G--
-I don't know what to say.
-Oh, Jesus.
What the fuck are we gonna do?
I feel awful.
Awful? Everyone here
is fucking dead.
And you feel awful.
We're sorry, okay?
Yeah. Yeah, you're sorry.
Whoa! What the fuck?
[dramatic music]
[Georgia grunting]
[dramatic tense music]
For fuck's sake.
Ugh, fuck.
You want Fog City?
I'll give you Fog City.
I'm looking for
a straight answer
[woman 2 sobbing]
["A Good Night's Sleep
and a Cab Fare Home"
by The Strypes]
I'm looking for
a straight answer
Are you down
am I in with the chance, or
Are you just keeping grip
'for I zip up my jeans, see?
Well, I'm with a fast girl
I'm ready
But I'm too well on
to keep her steady
And I think we should get
hot and heavy
Baby, don't you agree?
Tie your loose hands
around my neck and pull me in
'Cause I've got nothing
but a keen eye for ya
and a need to sin
You've got me baby
I'm sold
So let me take you back
and I'll make sure
It ain't just my heart
that you stole
Oh, it'll be
a good night's sleep
and a cab fare home
Well, I'm hoping
for a quick text
Sayin' you ain't going
back with rest
Well, I'm waiting
for a wild wasp's nest
Think success, baby
get your coat
I wanna go outside
And get away
from the Saturday night
But baby I think
the future's bright
If we beat the lights
to the final road
Tie your loose hands
around my neck and pull me in
'Cause I've got nothing
but a keen eye for ya
and a need to sin
You've got me, baby
I'm sold
So let me take you back
and I'll make sure
It ain't just my heart
that you stole
Oh, it'll be
a good night's sleep
and a cab fare home
Slow tunes are miserable
She got you floating baby
thinkin' 'bout you
Tie your loose hands
around my neck and pull me in
'Cause I've got nothing
but a keen eye for ya
and a need to sin
You've got me, baby
I'm sold
So let me take you back
and I'll make sure
It ain't just my heart
that you stole
Oh, it'll be
a good night's sleep
and a cab fare home
["Vanishing" by Bassett]
I'm looking
for a straight answer
Are you down
am I in with the chance, or
Are you just keeping grip
'for I zip up my jeans, see?
Well, I'm with a fast girl
I'm ready
But I'm too well on
to keep her steady
And I think we should get
hot and heavy
Baby, don't you agree?
Tie your loose hands
around my neck and pull me in
'Cause I've got nothing
but a keen eye for ya
and a need to sin
You've got me, baby
I'm sold
So let me take you back
and I'll make sure
It ain't just my heart
that you stole
Oh, it'll be
a good night's sleep
and a cab fare home
-[siren wailing]
-[people clamoring]