Fog Over Frisco (1934) Movie Script

Joe, Bills here.
- Hello, Bill.
- Hello, Joe.
Bills here.
Come on, Baby. Scram.
- Boy.
- Whats the matter, cold feet?
- Am I glad to get rid of those!
- Take a drink!
- Did you get it all?
- 250 Grand.
Is that all?
From that mail job delving
polls in New Orleans,...
...from that Casey Bank robbery
and that purple mob,...
...stock well get later.
Listen Jake, if I were you
Id unload those as quick as possible.
Whats the matter?
Well, I have a hunch that
Dick has been tailing me.
Dont worry, hide out
till I send for you.
Take another drink.
- Fill them up.
- Whos this one on?
The guy who cant turn the egg.
Oh, I see, go ahead.
- Watch this. There you are.
- You did pretty good, Tony, but...! I'll blow this over Telegraph Hill.
Izzy, the great
world egg blower.
Come on, turn it over.
One Youll never make it
that way, Izzy.
Two, this is your last chance.
Come on, turn it.
- Three, youre flop.
- Yeah, I guess it must be the wrong egg.
All right, set them up.
The drinks are on Izzy.
- Silver Fizz for mine.
- Clover Club for me.
- Atsap Flip for me.
- Go ahead, drink up, drink up,...
...Ill have a headache.
No, wait a minute. The drinks
are on the house.
Its ok with me, boys, I dont care
how many drinks you mooch of me,...
...but youve been laying
down on my space lately.
Why dont you kick
in with some notices?
- Go jump in the lake.
- I cant swim.
The journals have given
you plenty of publicity in...
...the last 2 years, but you
ain't so crazy about it!
Why, boys, this is a new deal, ain't it?
Well, Arlene Bradford,
it's good to see you again.
- I thought you'd forgotten us.
- Well, aint' that Joe,...
- ... it's marvellous to be here.
- Come this way.
Come on, boys, head it up for Arlene.
Hello, Arlene.
- Thanks, Bill.
- That's all right.
Gee, Arlene Bradford and Spencer Carlton.
I haven't seen her in a night-club
since they became engaged.
Oh, a perfect set up from here, perfect.
Hello, Arlene.
Where have you been lately?
Hello, dear, it's good to see you.
Well, Joe, same old place!
Same old place, but your
old friends have missed you.
- That's encouraging.
- Of course we've been glad to hear about...
...your engagement but it's
sure been bad for business.
- Hello, Arlene.
- Hello, Tony.
- Tony, this is a pleasant surprise.
- Val, what are you doing here?
Spencer, you know Tony Sterling.
- Of course, how are you?
- Hello, Carlton.
- Won't you sit down?
- Thanks.
- Have a cigarette?
- Thank you.
- Hello, Arlene.
- Hello, Dick.
- What do we play for you?
- Oh, let's have...
..."Why don't I dream those dreams"?
All right. You can have anything you want
in this place, you know that, don't you?
That's a rash promise.
Anything you want, Arlene.
All this hobnobbing,...
- ...that's why I didn't want to come here.
- They're just good pals of mine,...
Don't crap, darling, don't be a whim!
Let's dance.
City desk, Gertrude
Hello, Joe, this is Archie. They got
a hot little squib on Arlene Bradford.
Back on the primrose path and acting
as mentor to her little sister.
Yeah, make it spicy.
When did you start
running around with Arlene?
Please, Charlie, don't think
Arlene is a bad influence.
Her engagement proved a marvellous
thing. She is really a dear.
You'd never know Arlene,
she's changed entirely.
It's about time.
Hey, society! Who's the
gal dancing with Tony?
She's the only real Bradford
daughter. Arlene's her stepsister.
She must be respectable.
I never saw her before.
I picked Arlene off the blather
for everything. From speeding... being pinched in Chinatown raids.
- Oh, that I were young
- And old Bradford's got more millions...
...than there were Indians
out here when his family landed.
I'm sorry to trouble you, Miss
Bradford, but your car is blocking... a couple of others in the parking
space. May I have your keys to move it?
- Thank you..
- Cheer up, darling.
I'm alright.
- Did you get your picture?
- I'm just getting it now.
- How do you like the wine?
- Fine!
- Vintage 1911, right?
- Right, Arlene!
Oh, Spence!
- Well, let's go.
- That suits me. Cheque, please.
- But we've only been here a minute.
- Well, Spencer doesn't like it here,...
...and besides I have a headache.
- All right.
- I'm darn sorry you have to hurry away.
I might go dancing with you alone
some day if you'd think to ask me.
- That's a bet. How about Saturday?
- All right.
Oh, hold it. Hey, hey,
hey. Just a minute. Hold it.
- Everything's ok now, Miss Bradford.
- Sorry to have troubled you. I didn't...
- ... know we were going home so soon.
- Well, that's alright.
Only don't be such a stranger.
- Miss Bradford's car.
- Saturday then?
You promised to keep
Arlene's name out of all...
...the newspapers. Be
fair, give her a chance.
- I'll pass the word around among the boys.
- Ok, so long.
Good night.
Good night, darling.
Sorry I was the bad girl.
- It's quite alright.
- See you tomorrow. Shall I drop you off?
- No, I'll take a taxi, thanks.
- Night, darling.
- Night.
- Thanks for the good time.
Good night!
Hold it, hold it, hold it!
That's you
- The crack still goes.
- Oh, yeah?
Grand tune, isn't it?
It's grand for dancing.
Arlene, I'm so glad I
went with you tonight.
It was good to see Tony
Sterling. You like him?
- Don't you?
- Fit, rough and ready, but...
- ... I suppose he'll settle down.
- Say, Arlene, you think there's much...
- ... of a future in reporting?
- Probably for Tony.
If his uncle dies,
he'll own the journal.
I didn't mean that.
Hello you, Radsy, old rascal,
you'll wake father, come here.
- Be a good boy.
- Good night, Val.
Good night, Arlene.
Good night, Arlene. Hope your headache goes,
let me know if there's anything you need.
Thanks, I'll be all right.
Listen to this, boys. Just came:...
..."Chief O'Malley, police
department, San Francisco,...
...believe country wide organisation
using San Francisco as distributing...
...point for stolen securities.
Stop. Appreciate you cooperation.
Walling, departing of justice".
What do you think of that?
- I wonder where he got his tip.
- Never mind, we'd better...
...get right on it. You cover
the bank and security houses.
Whatever you do, don't tip your mitt.
- Good morning, everybody.
- Good morning.
- How are you, dad?
- Did you have a good time last night?
Oh, lots of fun. Spencer's
so cute with Arlene.
Oh, we ran into Tony
Sterling, he's a grand fellow.
- What kind of time did you have?
- Oh, I had lots of fun too,...
...with my rheumatism.
It must have been quite a
party to have caused this story.
Arlene, you promised to
turn over a new leaf after...
...Now you're dragging...
- ... Val's name into your notoriety.
- Let me see it, Arlene.
You're asking too much,
both of me and of Val.
But father, we didn't stay
in Bello's half an hour.
- Long enough to cause plenty of damage.
- This is not Arlene's fault.
It was the most innocent party in
the world. We were with Spencer and...
...the only other man we
spoke to was Tony Sterling.
Don't try to alibi me, Val.
Trouble with you is you have too
many of your mother's qualities:...
- ... unstable, violent...
- Please, father, please!
- Bad blood. A rotten heritage.
- Sour grapes.
You couldn't hold my mother
because you're a mean worn out
Shut up!
I'm sorry if I hurt you
but it had to happen.
Well, I think you
were unnecessary cruel.
No, we had to have it showdowned.
Aren't you making it terrifically
difficult for Arlene's fianc?
Well, there's another face of this
situation I haven't discussed with you.
What's that?
Carlton's work has suffered
greatly in the past few months.
They tell me at the
office he's been worrying.
And we can only attribute it
to his association with Arlene.
- What?
- Yes, Arlene.
I tell you the girl is a pathological
case fit for a sanatorium
...and I'll have her
commited for insanity if...
...she gets mixed up in
just one more scandal.
She's really been wonderful
lately and I want to help her.
I'm going down to the journal and give
those reporters a piece of my mind.
We're trying to trace
some stolen securities...
- ... said to be floating around.
- We'll inform you immediately...
- ... if anything suspicious occurs.
- Yeah, but we got orders to make...
- ... that third checkup here.
- Having a very conservative clientele,...
...we naturally take the greatest
precautions to protect it. Just a moment.
Carlton, will you come
into my office a moment?
All right, I'll be there
just as soon as I can.
Really, I was anxious about
you last night, darling.
I'm perfectly fit, thanks.
Frightfully worried.
Arlene, you... havent
started that again...
Now, don't start moralizing.
I swore I'd never touch a
stolen bond again and I mean it.
I've been going crazy to get rid
of all this stuff in the vault now.
Truly, sweetheart, I
was forced into this.
That's what you told me two years
ago when you first started this.
Arlene, you tricked me time and
time again and I won't stand for it.
- Honestly, this is the end.
- Oh, that's what you said so many times.
Darling, you've got to help me
this time, 'cause I'm in a jam.
Arlene, how did you get tangled
up in this racket anyway?
Well, I went into it with my eyes open.
You can't imagine the terrific thrill
out of walking around under the nose...
...of the police carrying hundreds of
thousands of dollars worth the blute.
Do you realize what you're saying?
Well, it's all over now,
we're going to be married.
Arlene, you return those bonds.
No, I gave my word of
honour I'd get rid of them.
Oh, you gave your word of honour. Well,
that's easy, you're in the clear,...
they can't touch you. I'll be
the one who'll take the blame.
Spencer, don't be such a child.
And another thing: I've made personal
aid for you over eight hundred thousand...
...dollars in the market and what have
you done with it? You've hidden it from me.
I've told you I'm putting it
away in a safe place for my dowry.
Should certainly satisfy you
Be a good boy and write me
out a check for fifty thousand
A. B Bouchard usual.
Good morning, Mr. Bradford. It is very
good to see you again, Sir, we missed you.
It's good to get back occasionally, Jim.
- Do be careful, darling.
- Don't worry, dearest.
Val, I had nothing to do with this.
Your attitude towards life and
people is cheap and cynical.
Honestly, Val, you got me all wrong.
It must have been Archie Van Ness.
It sounds like him,
he saw you at Bello's.
Don't put the blame on
anyone else. I know reporters.
They put their papers above
everything fine and decent.
I'm terribly disappointed in you.
Young lady bought out young man. I
should have had a picture of that.
Where's that rat, Archie Van Ness?
I saw him going just
exactly where he belongs.
Come in.
A radiogram for you, Miss.
Oh, thank you, Thorne.
...if you don't stop snooping
I'll have you discharged.
What are you looking at?
Why, Arlene, you're trembling!
- Arlene, what's the matter with you?
- I want you to do something for me.
- Come here.
- I was afraid you'd be upset after...
- ... the scene with father this morning.
- Never mind that.
Oh, and by the way, I
gave Tony Sterling the...
...devil for allowing that
story to be printed.
Oh, don't be too hard on the poor boy.
Reporters make enough for a
bust in their lives as it is, I want you to take care of
this. It contains some valuable papers...
...and you're so much
more dependable than I.
Are you planning to go
away or elope with Spencer?
You romantic child, of course not!
I'm too commercial,
think of wedding presents.
- Arlene...
- Well, if it's too much trouble
Not at all, I'll put it in
a safe place gladly. Bye.
And please keep away from father until
I can get things straightened out.
Will I?
Thorne's speaking.
Thorne, I'll take here any
incoming calls this afternoon.
Very well, Miss.
Is that you, Arlene?
Did you get my message?
Be careful, darling, might be overheard.
- When are we going to get together?
- Ten thirty, Bello's.
All right, ten thirty
at Bello's. Be good.
Bye, darling.
I'll take it.
- Thorne's speaking.
- Thorne,...
...will you come up to my room, please?
Come in.
- You wanted me, Miss.
- Yes, Thorne.
Will you have a messenger deliver
this to Mrs. Spencer Carlton...
- ... at the Sherman Arms?
- Sherman Arms, yes, Miss.
You'd better come right over.
We want to talk to you. Hurry up.
He'll be right along.
How did you come to know all this?
It was really by accident
that we discovered...
...stocks and bonds
lists had been stolen...
...among the deliveries from the
home office at the Honolulu branch.
- We cabled you immediately.
- Being a comparably recent addition... Bradford and company, I feel
doubly upset over the situation.
You've done fine work at the
islands. It's we at this end...
...who are entirely to blame.
It's going to be a delicate
job to make restitution...
...without injuring our reputation.
We have an organisation capitalized
at twenty-five millions,...
...every penny of which will be jeopardized
if we lose the confidence to our clients
This scandal must not
become public property.
- Oh, by no means.
- There will be no prosecution.
I personally will bear the losses because
I feel that I am personally responsible.
You've not been actively in charge.
We'll all contribute.
- How much is it?
- May amount to two o three millions.
Well, no wonder Carlton was worried.
I have a strong hunch we haven't
scratched the surface yet.
Pardon me, gentleman.
Hello, Spence.
I want to have a talk with you
before we go in to Maynard and Porter.
- Maynard is here?
- Yes, we sent for him.
I don't care. Have me arrested.
I knew it!
Now you must pull yourself
together. We're going... straighten this out
from a different,...
...angle but you must tell me
the truth: is Arlene implicated?
The truth, she got you into this mess.
I knew it.
I knew it, if it weren't
for your engagement
There isn't any engagement,
Arlene has broken it.
What? Thrown you over?
After wrecking your life?
I'd shoot her. Thorne!
- Sir?
- Is Miss Arlene in her room?
No, Sir, she isn't in the house, Sir.
Hold on to yourself, son. Go home now.
I'll take care of Maynard and Porter
alone. Keep away from the office...
...until this blows over. And don't
worry, I'm protecting you, son...
Good night.
Hello, Spence, is Arlene?
Well, what's the matter?
- There you are
- How much are you making out of this?
You had your cut, don't ask questions.
Listen, Arlene, I'm not one of
those society punks that'll take...
...anything you wanna give
them, including the air.
You can take what you get and like it!
Come this way.
Well, I hope you care to enjoy
this. This is my last job.
- What do you mean?
- Just that.
You ought to know you can't get
out of a racket as easy as that.
Lots of important guys
are dependent on you.
I've got personal reasons and
- Who's there?
- Bill.
Arlene, he's waiting
in the private room.
Thanks so much.
Darling,... wonderful to see
you! Had a good trip?
- Perfect.
- I was so surprised to get your wire.
I came on business. I
can only stay a few days.
- Well, what's the matter with you?
- Nothing.
- Are you trying to high hat me?
- No, but things have been...
- ... different the last few months.
- Different? Not with me.
What about your engagement?
You know that was purely
for business reasons.
- Now give me my letters.
- No, not in a million years!
Now, don't be obstinate. Those
letters don't mean anything.
Nothing to you perhaps,
but everything to me!
You seem to forget that it was I that
got you a job at Bradford and Company.
You were marvellous
to me, I realize that.
I just don't love you any more.
- You mean that?
- Of course!
- You're not joking?
- Now, let's be reasonable.
You used me when you needed me
and now you're through with me.
Perhaps the same plan that you
followed with the young Carlton.
- How did you know that?
- I've been to the house tonight...
...and there is a very devil to pay.
You take my advice. Stick to
young Carlton who loves you.
Go away and start life
again a long way from here.
- I'm going to the Islands with you.
- That's impossible.
Perhaps you'll change
your mind by tomorrow.
Give me those letters. Let's
call this incident closed.
Arlene, you can't go like that. Arlene.
Yes, it certainly is. It's a
ghastly business all around.
The personal problem with Arlene and
Spencer worries me more than anything else.
Oh, don't let that worry you.
It's decidedly for the best.
- You can't mean that.
- Yes, I do mean that. I'm glad...
...the engagement is broken.
- Thorne, you give me my hat and coat.
- Yes, Sir.
I'm going out for a breath of fresh air.
- I'll be back in a few minutes.
- Yes, Sir.
- Good night, Everett.
- Good night, Oren.
Oh, that's Arlene.
Be still, Ragsy!
Be a good boy. I'll be right back.
Now keep quiet, Ragsy.
Why don't you answer me?
- Thorne.
- Yes, Miss.
Thorne, who was using the elevator?
I was just going to see, Miss. I
thought it might be Miss Arlene.
- I thought so too.
- I'll see if her car is in the garage.
I'm going with you.
It couldn't have been
Mr. Bradford, Miss.
Isn't father in the
library with Mr. Porter?
No, Miss. He left with Mr. Porter
a moment ago. Said he was going...
- ... out for a breath of fresh air.
- Oh, no, it couldn't have been he...
...I can always tell when it's father.
It must have been Arlene. But I can't...
...remember her ever going in like
this and going right out again.
Just seems rather strange, Miss.
Her car is here.
- Then she must have come back.
- But where is she?
The doors are open.
There's nobody here.
- There's a taxi.
- Oh, no, it couldn't be.
Arlene. Arlene.
Are you sure Miss Arlene used
her car this evening, Miss?
I'm positive. It wasn't
here when I came home.
Strange she didn't say something to me.
Who is Oh, father
What on earth are you
doing here at this hour?
Something very funny has happened.
Arlene came home in her own car...
...and then went away in a taxi
without saying a word to anyone.
- And I hope she never comes back.
- Oh, father.
I won't talk about it know, but
Arlene has reached the end of her rope.
But you'd help her if she
needed it, wouldn't you?
I tell you all about it tomorrow.
Good night, go to bed.
Good morning, Ragsy.
How are you this morning?
Dear Val. I'm through.
You have been kind to me.
But I can't stand your
father's way of living. Keep...
...the envelope I gave you.
I may send for it but...
...I'm not coming back. Ever.
Good bye. Arlene.
Father, Arlene has left, left for good.
- I almost wish that were true.
- Oh, you don't mean that. Be fair.
Oh, don't worry about Arlene. She's
like a cat: bound to land on her feet.
I'm afraid something
terrible has happened to her.
- No doubt, no doubt.
- Oh, but father this is serious.
Oh, you're wasting your
sympathies, my dear.
We can't leave her like this.
- Thorne!
- Yes, Miss.
Get me the journal on the
phone right away. Hurry, please!
Right away, Miss.
Louise, quick! Get my
things. I'm going out.
Oui, mademoiselle, tout de suite.
Hello. The journal?
Tony Sterling, please.
What? He's not there? Oh,
no. No, I'll get him later.
Hurry, Louise, hurry!
One moment. Mr. Carlton's
apartment does not answer.
Perhaps he's on his way
down here, Mrs. Bradford.
All right. Will you get me Tony Sterling
at the journal on the phone for me?
Tony Sterling at the
journal. Quickly, please.
Just tell Mr. Carlton when he comes
in that I may be back to see him later.
And do me a favour, have this
put that on the vault for me.
Yes, indeed.
One moment. Mr. Sterling is
not at his office just now.
- Would you like to leave a message?
- No. No, thank you.
That's all.
You've no idea, Miss
Bradford how many of these...
...scares turn out to be
simple misunderstandings.
Oh, I know it sounds silly,
but I know something's happened.
- Arlene has never acted this way before.
- We'll do everything to locate...
- ... your sister.
- I'm very grateful to you.
Everything will be all right. In fact, I
wouldn't be surprised if she was at home...
...when you got there. You leave
everything to me, Miss Bradford.
Thanks, Chef O'Malley.
I feel much better now.
I've been driving around for hours
trying to make up my mind to come through.
- Oh, and one more important thing.
- What is it now?
Don't say anything to the
Newspapers. My father hates publicity.
- Oh, not a word.
- Thank you.
Hold on your cigars,
boys. Here's O'Hagen.
Oh, yeah? Well, you
guys will loosen up with...
...a box of cigars when I
tell you what I'm gonna
- You.
- Right.
All right. Come on, boys.
You. No?
- You.
- Wrong.
All right. Try it again.
All right, boys, let's go now.
It better
Right. And don't let it happen again.
Your phone is ringing.
Hello, Joe? This is
Spike. Got something for you.
Spill it.
Well, now comes a hot
young blond mama-
...named Valkyr Bradford.
Then disposes that
Named what?
- You better call her Val.
- Go on.
Well, this dame's all blows
in the Chief O'Malley's office... just now and tells him that
someone walked off with her sister,...
- ... Arlene Bradford, you know her.
- Hold on, Spike.
Say, Ed. Rip off that front story. We
got a good kidnapping story coming in.
All right, Joe.
Wilson, get me the clips and the pictures
from the morgue and Miss Arlene Bradford.
And Drew, jump on your horse. Take a
camera down to the hall of justice,...
...get an interview with and a photograph
of Miss Val Bradford, who's down there...
...interviewing the police
about her missing sister.
Listen, Boss, let me
go down there, will you?
You stick right with that phone and
write everything that Spike's got.
Get me all you can for
the first run. I got...
...about twenty minutes
left before deadline.
But I'm a personal
friend of the Bradford's.
That's swell! Sneak in all
the inside stuff you know.
Come on, Spike. Is
this Joe on the level?
Well, looks like your
playmate got in a jam.
Hall of justice. Step on it.
There are no pictures and no information...
...on the younger girl.
These are all Arlene's.
Joe, the Bradford
dame dodged the boys... the hob before they
could snatch a picture.
- Here's the stuff, I'm gonna beat it.
- Sure you are. Get an interview...
...of the old man
Bradford and his daughter.
Take Izzy Wright. Take
pictures of them both,...
...especially the daughter
and keep it exclusive.
Ah, you mean futuristic pictures
Get out of here. And don't
forget you're newspaper men.
Oh, are we?
Look, those buzzards beat us to it.
Come on, Tony, take it
easy. Val isnt here yet.
Oh, is that so?
Well, we'll se you later.
Drive around the corner.
You see that stuff? You
can't get to anybody here,...
...not even that old man Bradford.
You hide in the garage. I'll stand
here and catch her if she comes in.
Hello, Val.
Got it. Come on, Val,
give me the story, quick.
- Is that your man?
- Sure, but
- Give me that camera.
- Oh, Val, listen.
Give me that camera. Will not
have my pictures on the paper.
Val, Val, dont take it so big.
So that's the way you help me, is it?
Tony, don't take it so big.
Val, wait a minute, let
me explain. Val, please.
Val, you know I
wouldnt let anything get... the papers that
would hurt you. Val, Val!
- Come on. Izzy, let's get out of here.
- Wait a minute, Tony.
What's the matter?
You don't suppose
Good Lord!
Cold. Dead for hours.
This is the car Miss Bradford's
been running around in?
Sure, Val used Arlene's
car and she's been...
...driving this way all over town.
- Oh, what a picture, what a picture.
- Thorne, this is Tony Sterling,...
...let me talk to Miss
Bradford, it's important.
Just a minute, please.
Miss Valkyr, Mr. Sterling
on the house phone for you.
I don't want to speak to him.
But I tell you it's
All right.
Tony Sterling's speaking, city desk.
Hello, Hogue, this is Tony. I'm in
the Bradford garage and I have the
- ... biggest story printed since
- As for the next, I've seen it once.
Izzy and I just found Arlene
Bradford dead in the back of her car.
Her sister was driving all over town not...
...knowing she had the body
right there with her.
- Hold it, hold it. Got it.
- Izzy has pictures of everything.
How's that for a break?
Shall I call the cops?
Call the cops? You do
it and you're fired!
Don't tell anybody,
not even the Bradfords.
You and Izzy get down here with
those plates as fast as you can and...
...lock that rumble seat until
the deadline of the last edition.
All right.
- Gotta get another one right from here.
- The boss says to keep everything
Yeah, well the get
these plates printed.
- Open it up.
- Hey, are you crazy?
- There's somebody coming.
- Is it?
Tony, what was it you
wanted to say to me?
Listen Val, there's
something you should know.
- But it's for you only. Arlene
- Arlene!
That is, I mean, Arlene's car
What he wants to say is
leave everything to the journal.
They'll do more towards finding
your sister than anyone in the world.
Oh, that's wonderful of you.
Oh, Tony, I've needed you
all day, I've been so worried.
And father wouldn't pay any attention
to me. He was furious when I
Well, Val, we'll
straighten everything out.
Miss Bradford, your
father wishes to see you.
All right, Thorne. I'm in for it now.
Oh, Tony, will you come with me? Father's
been so upset of my going to the police...
- ... that I dread facing him alone.
- You bet I will.
That's a swell idea, swell idea. Tony's
the best man in San Francisco for the job.
Tell Hogue I'll be along
in about half an hour.
You'll bet, I'll see you later.
- Val, what made you go to the police?
- Some very odd incidents that happened...
...happened last night and a note
from Arlene that I found in her room.
And then there was Spencer
Carlton, he acted so queerly.
I havent been able
to reach him all day.
Well, that's the way it looks to
me. Don't worry about Carlton,...
...I told him to keep away from the
office 'till things get cleared up.
The accounts will be finished either
late tonight or in the morning...
...and we'll need him then.
- Better not.
- Don't be afraid, I'll handle him alone.
Sterling, how the devil
did you get in here?
I came in place of Miss Val to talk to
you aboutabout Arlene's disappearance.
Val made a great mistake
in going to the police.
You're making the mistake.
There's absolutely
nothing to have fears.
But the journal is in
possession of vital information...
which leads us to
believe that Arlene is
- ... well, at least in great danger.
- Sounds like a newspaper trick.
- If this a hoax
- Believe me, it isn't.
Oh, I cant give you
information now but...
...I want to know what happened
exactly last night.
Literally nothing.
- Come on, be a good fellow.
- He's a tough fellow that guy.
Well, Louise, we know just as
little now as we knew this morning.
Come in.
- A telegram for you, Miss Bradford.
- Thanks.
Dear Val, I'm in trouble and
I want to come home. Stop.
Bring my car and that envelope
I gave as soon as you can... the end of the Butcher Town
Bridge. Stop.
Come alone. Love=Arlene.
It's from my sister. She's all
right. I'm gonna go and pick her up.
Quick, my hat and coat.
Thorne, wait a minute.
Yes, Miss.
Thorne, give this to father and
tell Mr. Sterling I'll be right back.
Yes, Miss Bradford.
Then you can't tell me anything?
Well, I'm not at liberty
to divulge the reason.
Arlene's departure was no surprise
as these gentlemen will agree.
- It was a natural move to expect.
- Of course I'm not the police,...
...but it's a mistake for you
to withhold any information.
It's not relevant. Don't
say anymore, Everett.
Come in.
Pardon me, Mr Bradford,...
...Miss Valkyr was called away
suddenly. She told me to give you this.
Didn't I tell you the
journal's fears were groundless?
Arlene is alive and
will be home shortly.
Give me that wire.
That's marked 2.50. That's only an
hour ago. She couldn't have sent this.
- It's a phoney.
- What the devil do you mean?
Arlene is dead. Murdered
I think. Her body is... in the rumble seat of her car.
Don't sit there like idiots. Do something!
Butcher Town Bridge. Don't you
understand? The murderer's after Val.
Mr. Bradford, Sir, I'll get your car.
Press room. Spike Smith. Spike,
I want cops and lots of cops.
At the Butcher Town Bridge. And hurry!
The Bradford case is blown wide open.
- Let's go. Let's go!
- Yes, Sir.
Start the motor, driver!
Butcher Town Bridge and hurry.
- Hey, wait a minute, that's my cab.
- You mean it was
You're sure you're headed
for Butcher Town Bridge?
- I couldn't miss, boss.
- Give it all she's got.
We're flying now.
Come right along with
me over the bridge.
Don't worry. I'll take
you to your sister.
- I am very sorry, Mr. Bradford.
- Not a lucky day for you, Sir.
What are we gonna do now?
Listen. I'll hide out so she won't
spot me. You grab the letters...
...from the girl. And then
get what's in the rumble seat.
- Ok, boss.
- Look out, here she comes.
Whatever you do, don't hurt the
girl. We don't want her on our hands.
Where's my sister?
Where is the envelope
you were supposed to bring?
I haven't it. Where's my sister?
Come on, cross her.
I'll get what she got.
Let go off me.
- Come on, give us that envelope.
- I couldn't get it, it was too late.
- Come on, where is it?
- On the phone, at my father's office.
Let go off me. Let go off me I say.
- Where is my sister?
- Gimme your hand. You take her hand.
- Jake. Jake, there ain't no letters.
- Don't let her tell you that.
- Jake Bello!
- Get them, slug. Why did you call me?
Now we've got to take her
along with us. Go grab her.
- The cops are coming.
- Arlene is stiff for long
Take the sister, take the dame with us.
Help! Help!
- Val! Hold out.
- Help!
Val, hold out!
- Help!
- Grab him, grab him. Easy, easy.
Grab him, grab him. Easy, easy.
Is he all right?
Yeah, he's got a bad
gash back at the ear,...
- ... but I guess he's ok.
- Pull it over here. Now catch...
...that boat before they get away
with the girl. Come on. Pull it here.
Go on. Shove off!
Bradford sisters victims
of murder and kidnapping.
Police launch loses abductors in fog.
Arlene Bradford slain;
Step-aister abducted!
Murder and kidnapping
strike prominent family.
Arlene Bradford murdered.
Step-sister kidnapped.
We have a few details on the Bradford
case which has shocked the whole city.
Arlene Bradford, step-daughter
of the multi-millionaire...
...banker and philanthropist was murdered.
And Valkyr Bradford, the younger
daughter kidnapped by a gang of thugs.
Mr. Bradford had offered a
reward of fifty-thousand dollars.
No, madam. We've heard nothing new.
Wipe your shoes, men. This way.
- Clean your feet!
- I didn't step on anything. Right?
Be careful with those boxes of yours
and don't scratch the furniture.
Now after shoving the body of Miss
Bradford in the rumble seat of the car,...
...the intruder came up in the elevator
and stood quietly into the suite here.
- Coming up in the elevator. Are you sure?
- Miss Val and I were affected... the sound of the elevator running.
Seeing no-one on the upper floors,...
...we both went down to
the garage to investigate.
When we got down there we found no-one.
But I did notice that the garage doors...
...were open. In any event,
he read the note left... Miss Arlene for Miss Val.
It was pasted on the mirror there.
- But it was found here.
- Hold it! Hold it!
- What the devil are you doing?
- I just wanna give it a futuristic touch.
- Get down!
- But I gotta be up.
You'll be up for thirty days
if I I get my hands on you.
Come here!
The telephone conversation you told
us about, Would you recognize...
- ... the man's voice if you heard it?
- Well, I'm not sure.
But I do know where
the rendez-vous was.
Come on, who is the guy
she met here last night?
- I don't remember and that's the truth.
- Maybe Jake saw them.
Sir, who are you and what are you
sticking your nose in this for?
Come on, come on. Lay off the butler.
- We wanna see Jake.
- Oh, well Jake isn't here at all.
- He left yesterday for Sacramento.
- Yeah, where is he stopping up there?
I don't know. He said
he'd be back tomorrow.
You tell him we wanna see him...
...and don't you be
taking any little trips.
Well, according to his brother,
Jake Bello, he went to Sacramento.
Send out a dragnet for him. He
might be any place but Sacramento.
I'm not taking any chances.
- Who was around the house that night?
- Mr. Bradford, Mr. Porter -one of his..., and Mr. Maynard- manager of
this Honolulu branch and Mr. Carlton,...
...Miss Arlene's fianc
- at least he was until yesterday.
- Don't forget yourself.
- Fortunately Mr. Bradford,...
...and Mr. Maynard, Porter and I were all
at the house when the telegraph came.
That's a punk alibi. Carlton looks
like the best bet. Where does he live?
Sherman Arms.
Dead since some time last night.
Shot right through the temple.
Ah, the girl's ring.
- Might have been the motive.
- "Forever in my heart, Arlene"
Hah, chief. Looks like an
open-and-shut murder suicide case.
No, no, Carlton has been dead too long.
Mr. Bradford might know
something about the gentleman.
- Don't forget the guy from the Islands.
- Yeah, the fireworks didn't start until...
- ... he showed up.
- He brought bad news.
Carlton and Miss Arlene were up to their
necks in the stolen securities racket.
You sure got good ears.
We had a tip on that.
- Go on, spill the rest of it.
- Well, there is a lot of money involved.
You see, Carlton's
system was to substitute...
stolen securities for bona fide bonds...
...and stocks belonging either
to us or held for our clients...
He then sold the good
securities and credited them...
- ... to Miss Bradford's account.
- Except in our case.
He shipped off the stolen stuff,
never dreaming we'd check...
- ... the serial numbers.
- No news, eh?
Keep up the search.
Increase the reward if you think best.
Do anything. Anything to save my daughter.
...Let's go home, Everett. We can do
nothing more until the vault opens.
I don't want to go home now. I
feel closer to things down here.
We've been checking over Arlene's
personal account. It's staggering.
She's had over eight hundred thousand
dollars to a credit at one time.
And practically all of it
has vanished into thin air.
That's the least of my worries.
Well, son, did you get fixed
- up?
Never mind me. Is
there any word about Val?
No! And if you hadn't put your rotten
newspaper above common decency,...
...Val's life would be in danger.
Don't rub it in.
I'm sorry. I know you did fine
work in trying to save her live,...
...and I know how you feel about Val.
Oh, thank you. Just put them here.
They belong to Arlene.
I want to look at them.
To whom it may concern.
January 12th, 1932. I leave
everything to my husband.
- Who?
- Arthur Burchard.
Signed, Arlene Bradford- Burchard.
Married? Impossible.
Married and engaged to
another man at the same time.
- Who is Arthur Bouchard?
- I haven't the faintest idea.
I've never heard of him.
I do remember Arlene mentioning
this man three or four years ago.
- But I never met him.
- Where did he live?
Los Angeles. I think. I'm not certain.
Say. I better get down to
the office. Get a line on this.
Well, thanks. So long.
Good morning, boys. Let's
get going. Listen to this:...
A.B. Burchard hasn't been around
Los Angeles for several months.
Plenty of money. Mysterious
financial connections.
Owns a hundred-foot cruiser
yacht, the N.H. Siwon.
Slim thinking, boys.
What do you make of it?
- The yacht.
- Mmh. The N.H. Siwon of Los Angeles.
I think Tony's hunch is right. Now
you two boys get down to the walk...
...the first thing in
the morning and if you find...
...anything that looks like
the N.H. Siwon, let me know.
We can spill the story
to the police and we...
...can get photographs of
them boarding the boat.
And if there is a rescue of the
Bradford girl, you'll be there to cover.
Val Bradford still missing.
Where is Jake Bello?
Who is Arthur Burchard?
Have you seen this man?
The greatest man out
in the history of the...
...state marks the progress
of the Bradford-case.
Every law enforcing body has
been pressed into service.
Airplanes will assist as
soon as daylight permits.
Say, look at that one!
That answers the description of the
N.H. Siwon but it's got the wrong name.
NOWISHN. What a screwy name for a boat.
Now if that was only the N.H. Siwon, Oh,
what a beautiful picture that would make.
Hey, holy smoke, take a look at that!
Well, what do you know about that!
Hello, chief. This is Daly, Harbour
Detail. I've got some news for you.
What? Are you sure? Well,
that certainly fits Jake Bello.
Now get up to the Bradford girl!
Then our case is
knocking into a cock hat.
The Harbour Detail has just
fished Bello out of the bay.
Well, Carlton is out and Bello is out.
Goes right back to Bradford.
- No, no, no!
- Mr. Bradford, weren't you at the scene...
...of the crime a few minutes
after it'd been committed?
And didn't you say your
stepdaughter should be shot?
- Now, this is outrageous here!
- Be quiet, please.
How dare you imply Mr. Bradford?
Somebody waited for Arlene in the
garage and killed her when she came home.
And then I suppose I
kidnapped my other daughter.
Thorne, have you been giving
the police all this information?
He has. That's his business. He is a
secret service operative assigned to...
...breaking up the
stolen securities racket.
And after he had gotten the goods
on Jake Bello, Arlene and Carlton,...
...all this happened.
Then I think you should
concentrate on Jake Bello.
- Ah, somebody bumped him off.
- What?
Bello may have had something to
do with the stolen bonds but...
...he has nothing to do with
the murder of Miss Arlene.
There's only one mayor suspect:
a mysterious bird that...
...met Miss Arlene the night
before out at Jake Bello's.
Well, if it's any help
to you I might say that I
You're the man!
I recognize your voice.
- You'll have to do some explaining.
- Gladly. You see, I tried... get Miss Bradford to return
some intimate letters of mine.
- She refused and then you had a fight.
- An argument, rather.
You see, I expect to be married next
month. And those letters in the hands...
...of a woman like Arlene Bradford
Had you on the spot. What happened?
She left the room in a huff, and
I returned to my hotel. That's all.
- Those letters must be very important.
- Only to me.
Where are they?
I wish I knew.
Gentlemen, I just recall. Val had me
place an envelope belonging to Arlene... the vault. Could that be?
Right under the nose.
Let's have it.
The vault will be open in a few minutes.
I think we're jumping at conclusions.
Where the devil is O'Hagen?
He ought to be here by now.
Gentlemen, I doubt whether I can be of
any further service. If anything...
...comes up, get in touch
with me. Good morning.
- I am sorry, but I think you'd better stay.
- Your order, chief?
- Yeah.
- Here are some letters from the vault...
Oh, thank you.
After me, Mr. Maynard.
Come on, boys.
- Let's look these things over.
- Ah, they are nothing but a lot of sappy... letters, chief.
I protest against having
my intimate correspondence...
- ... bandited in this manner.
- Be quiet.
You're mixed up in a murder case.
Arlene, darling. I hope you will be
able to meet my agent from St. Louis.
He has been a lot of help
to me in times passed.
Particularly at Bello's
fall some years ago.
He informed me that quick
action on the deal is necessary.
We don't seem to be getting anywhere.
Well, this doesn't seem
to be all there is to it.
We'll see how it raids under the rays...
Why don't you hunt up Arlene's
husband? This man Burchard.
That's exactly what I intend to do.
Hello, hello, hello!
Go on, scram! There's
nothing for you in here.
Hello, chief. We've
located Arthur Burchard.
What? Where'd you find him?
- He'll be here in a few minutes.
- You don't say.
Would you like to see some pictures?
- I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? What did you do?
...He is sorry...
Take a peek at these.
- They're pictures of my cruiser.
- Yeah, I took them this morning.
I thought you might like to see them.
Have you had it long?
About five years. I use it
for business on the Islands.
I've just sailed it over from Honolulu.
Oh, some more pictures of my boat
Yes and no. Look at that
negative through the light.
You see, that's the way Izzy caught
it through the finder in his camera.
letters are reversible.
A very easy matter to change.
Just turn the boards over.
the same. So are the owners.
Gentlemen, meet Joshua Maynard
alias Arthur Burchard,...
- ... Arlene Bradford's secret husband.
- Keep your hands off!
I did nothing you can hold me for!
Val! Poor Val. How did you get here?
Don't move!
Stay here!
- Well, he tried to shoot it out.
- Good work.
- Hold it! Hold it!
- Get an ambulance for O'Hagen...
- ... and call the coroner.
- Ok, chief.
Well, I guess that
finishes my butler job.
Thorne, you better watch yourself,
you're liable to become...
...a well-known secret service man
Here is to crime.
Ah, they did nail you,
didn't they, O'Hagen?
Ah, it's just a little nickle
in the arm, that's all, chief.
Don't mean nothing to a guy
from the south of the slug.
Gosh, O'Hagen, I'm sorry. We
have the cops staked out,...
- ... but I couldn't tiff you off.
- It's ok, Tony.
Val, dear. Where have
you been? What's happened?
I've been enjoying Mr. Maynard's
hospitality on his yacht.
Jake Bello extended the invitation.
On that boat, I heard of
everything that took place.
Jake Bello followed Mr. Maynard
and Arlene home. They continued... quarrel about the letters which,
written in code, implicated Maynard... the bond racket.
Jake left his taxi outside. It
was the one we saw driving away.
Maynard must have lost his head
completely,... for he killed her.
Jake saw everything
that happened inside.
. Maynard, realizing what he
had done, shoved the body...
...body into the rumble seat and using
Arlene's keys, he took the elevator... her room.
During his quick search, he
discovered Arlene's note to me,...
...pasted on the mirror, which told him
that the letters have been left in my care.
He must have hidden when I came in.
Jake Bello waited in the garage
until Maynard came down,...
...and then Jake tried to blackmail him.
I see. Maynard was too
smart and hooked him,...
...into the deal with
a promise of big money.
He got Jake to send
that phoney telegram.
They didn't mean to kidnap Val at
first, but she recognized Jake... Butcher Town Bridge and
they had to take her along.
Then Maynard's men threw Jake into
the water and he couldn't swim.
Did you get it, chief?
I guess that's it.
Ah, Mr. Bradford, how
about the reward money?
What, you?
Yes, sure. You know what, my picture
was responsible for the evidence.
You know, the futuristic touch.
What, you aren't
laughing me out, are you?
- All those angles.
- Give me the city desk.
Tony Sterling speaking.
Gee, it's good to see
you again sweetheart.
Joe Hogue, hurry. And
I'm gonna marry you.
No, no, no; not you Joe.
Hang on a minute. How about
it sweetheart, yes or no?
- The story is important!
- I don't suppose I dare...
...spoil a good story.
Listen, Joe, tell that
rat Archie Van Ness... announce the approaching marriage
of Valkyr Bradford and Tony Sterling.
Well, that's not all.
Here's the real story:...
...Joshua Maynard alias Arthur
Burchard, yeah sure, that's the one!
Well, he was shot to death...
- ... while trying to escape from
- Hold it!
Just a minute!
Got it! Got it!
I've got it!
I've got it!