Fogo (2012) Movie Script

Last ferry leaves
day after tomorrow.
Norm, you wouldn't have
a home brew, boy?
Oh boy, Joe...
I don't know what to say to that.
You know you got one.
You know you got one around.
I think I got a home brew there.
- You think you have?
- Yeah.
I'll tell you, I'll give you
this for a home brew.
No Joe, keep your spaghetti.
You think you got one though, Norm?
I'll get you a home brew, yes.
You can keep your spaghetti.
I don't want your spaghetti.
All right, boy!
That's the only one I got anyway.
...go on and sit down,
I'll be in in a second.
Ok, my son.
Oh boy, there wasn't much
to that potato!
Times are hard, boy.
Times are hard and
they are getting harder.
- Yeah, all the time.
- I hope you enjoys that.
God bless you, son,
god bless you.
Well, boy...
...I minds the time that
there were lots of home brew.
Oh my God, lots of every kind of beer,
now we can't get none.
Oh, my son, it's hard!
And is getting worse.
It's getting worse all the time.
I was doing a stew, yesterday,
and all I had was potatoes...
- ...I had nothing to put in it.
- And they weren't a feast for that.
And they weren't very good,
mostly rotten.
Never thought I'd get hungry.
Yeah, it's alright for you,
you're only a young fella, see.
You take like me...
- I'm not getting younger, you see.
- No boy Joe, I know what you mean.
My son, I remember a lot
of things around here...
...the things we used to do
and all that...
- The good old days, I guess.
- Oh, my son...
- It'll break your heart, my son.
- Yes I know, Joe.
It breaks your heart at my age.
I tell you, it will break your heart.
Yeah, it's getting really hard.
I don't know what to say.
There's nothing I can say, I guess.
No, boy.
I never thought we were
coming to this.
No, and I didn't either, Joe boy.
Yeah, it's getting pretty bad out there.
- Too bad to talk about, boy.
- How are we going to survive?
You can go away, I can't leave.
I don't know.
I don't know what to do.
Poor outport people anyways...
...what you said.
But you can't take a man
from the soil that he knows...
...tear up his roots
and expect him to grow.
And for God's sake don't say
how much greener's the grass...
...'cause those uprooted people
will weather too fast.
He sits on his boat and
his gaze on the bay...
...and he wonders from all
the old things they did said.
And for God's sake don't say
how much greener's the grass...
...'cause those uprooted people
will weather too fast.
So you can't take a man
from the soil that he knows...
...tear up his roots and
expect him to grow.
And for God's sake don't say
how much greener's the grass...
...'cause those uprooted people
will never...
Oh! Fuck it, I got it, I forgot.
I can't remember nothing,
I can't remember nothing now.
Shit man, it's cool out there!
- Cold day, Broaders.
- Yeah it is, Norm boy.
So, Ron, what's Naish and your mother
planning on doing, staying or going?
Naish is staying. He's gonna
stay with my mother.
And my mother, she lived here all her life.
She's going to stay here, too.
Definitely, yeah.
- What about you, Norm? You're going or...
- I'm definitely going to stay.
I am going to stay,
but I got one problem.
I don't want to stay and see
my mother dying in the house, right'?
I understand that,
yeah, that's hard.
So why don't you say, fuck it
and we'll go to Cape!
Sounds good.
Sounds good.
And by the way, do you have
any other bottle left?
Yeah, I got it saved.
- Yeah?
- Yep!
Come on.
Come here, Thunder.
We're not going nowhere,
we're staying here, Thunder.
We're staying here, aren't we?
Yes we are, yes...
We're not going nowhere.
Give me a kiss, boy.
You're a good dog.
Lie down now.
Hey, my buddy.
Lie down now.
Lie down.
Here, Pach.
Lie down.
Come on, lie down.
Good dog.
Good dog.
Good dog, boy.
...and Pach!
Come on, Pach!
Come on, boy!
Come on, Pach!
Come on, Pach!
Come on, go on!
Hey, Thunder, stay here!
Come here, Pach!
Come here! Here!
Come here!
Oh boy, it's hard...
A little bit of warmth.
Come on Pach,
come on, boy! Go on!
Go on.
I got to get more wood.
Yeah, I got to get water, too.
Are you coming,
Thunder and Pach?
Thunder, Pach, come here!
Come here!
Fuck it!
Fuck you!
Holy fuck!
Come on!
Tasting better all the time I think.
Yeah, I got a fine buzz on!
Good stuff.
Yeah, not bad.
I think I am getting the buzz on too.
Fine little buzz on the go now,
yeah no doubt, Norm.
Pity we're getting down
to the last of it.
The say it's good 'til the end.
So nice though,
relaxing, hey boy'?
Well, Broaders,
we are getting there.
Two little swigs,
or one big swig each?
Two little swigs will prolong it.
We enjoyed it pretty good over all.
Oh fuck it, we enjoyed it!
It's good 'til the last drop.
So is life.
Oh, Broaders, what would I give
to have one more night with her.
Guns & Roses.
You brought back memories.
Good memories, hey,
good memories, Foley?
Yes, definitively.
But they were the good days.
Pach, Thunder!
Come on Pach, come on boy!
Thunder! Thunder! Thunder!
Come on, Thunder, come here!
Come on, Pach boy!
Here Thunder, Thunder!
Come on, boy!
Here, Pach!
Here Pach, Pach, Pach!
Come on, Thunder!
Come on Pach, come on boy!
Here Thunder, Thunder,
come here!
Here, Pach,
come on, Thunder!
Here, Pach, Pack!