Followers (2017) Movie Script

[phone ringing]
Wake up, bitch.
[stephanie groans]
What time is it?
In the morning?
Three miles five days a week.
Who is that?
I don't even know who that is.
You're such a slut.
I wanna get out of here.
Steph, that's your apartment.
I don't even care.
There's a car here.
Is there anyone else out there?
Somebody broke the window.
Cassie, you should
just call the cops.
[cassie screams]
[music playing]
What's up, Cookies?
It is Rookie Cookie and we are
on Day 17 of my 30 day work
out challenge.
Hey, Caleb here.
People ask me all the time what
type of supplements I take.
I just wanted to show you a
quick and easy ab workout.
I want to share with you
a very unique exercise.
Chin up right into a muscle up.
Well, as you can see right
now, I'm getting ready
and I'm going on a date.
This really cute guy,
Caleb, asked me out.
Yesterday's date
was pretty awesome.
Brooke is really fun and I'm...
Babe, it's time to wake up.
I got some coffee.
I got coffee.
There we go.
It's hot.
It's hot.
What's the matter?
Why are you so camera shy?
Because I don't
have any make up on.
Come on.
Come on.
Just sip some coffee.
All right.
I'm going to have to
put this camera down.
It's time to wake up.
It's time to wake up.
It's time to wake up.
It's time to wake up.
What time is it?
It's time to wake up.
I think you know
what time it is.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
[shower running]
No way!
That's so not right.
Hey, guys!
Brooke and Caleb here.
We're just about all packed up.
Pretty excited.
We have about a four
hour drive ahead of us.
Babe, I want to make sure
I don't forget anything.
We've got the tent,
cooler, chairs, yoga mat,
you've got the camera.
Do you have extra batteries?
And there goes my boyfriend.
Always forgetting things.
But yeah, pretty excited.
It's my first time camping.
As you all know, it's
our one year anniversary.
So gonna...
[car alarm going off]
Hey, Pete.
You scared me.
You guys going somewhere?
Yeah, we're about to go camping
for the weekend actually.
We're just finishing packing up.
About to leave...
That's cool. in a minute.
That's cool.
You want me to watch your
place while you're gone?
No, I think we'll be OK.
But thank you.
What's with the...
Oh, yeah.
I'm just finishing one
of our video blogs.
You know.
Oh, yeah.
You guys post them on
the internet, right?
That's cool.
Would you like to be in one?
I'm just about to kind of...
Oh, yeah.
That'd be cool.
Hey, what's up?
I'm Pete.
I'm the neighbor.
It's Pete.
If you've got a
problem with this girl,
you've got to come see me
'cause I'll sort you out.
He's got it for a while.
He's a pretty nice guy.
...just wanted to
say hi to everyone.
I want to give a shout out.
I just started selling cars
at my uncle's dealership,
so if you...
We better get going, guys.
Hey, Pete.
What's up.
Hey, man.
Have fun on your camping trip.
What's the matter?
You couldn't afford a hotel.
No, no.
Hey, thanks for watching.
Cool, man.
Let's hang out sometime.
Oh, you betcha.
Oh, my god.
Why do you talk to him?
He walked up to me.
What do you expect?
Just ignore him.
The guy's...
I can't just ignore him.
Freaking everywhere.
He's a person.
He's a nice guy.
He offered to...
Oh, my god, bro.
That's frickin' weird.
He's just curious.
I'm not even looking at him.
I don't care.
Oh, OK.
That's bizarre.
He's really nice.
God, I frickin' waved to him.
Be nice.
He's really nice.
Why did I do that?
Oh, damn it.
His creepiness rubbed off on me.
OK, don't let it ruin...
It's a new day.
Here we go.
[music playing]
(SINGING) I'll bet
that you know that.
I want to be in
your arms so bad.
Where you at?
Baby, can you come over?
I'm waitin' and beggin',
we want to lose control
and you're fakin' you're gazin'
this fairytale you know it.
With your hands, wave them high.
Put your lines in the sky.
We shoot higher and higher.
We're shooting stars,
we're shooting stars.
With your hands, wave them high.
Put your lines in the sky.
We shoot higher and higher.
We're shooting stars,
we're shooting stars.
With your hands, wave them high.
Put your lines in the sky.
We shoot higher and higher.
We're shooting stars,
we're shooting stars.
We're shooting stars,
we're shooting stars.
We're shooting stars,
we're shooting stars.
You don't even realize
the amount of skill
that it takes to ride
on these country roads.
Speaking of country
roads, I want
to share a little
something with you.
Oh, look.
A phone pole.
Country roads...
Yeah, stop singing.
...take me home to the place...
Hey, isn't it good that
we kind of saw him... stop.
When would you like to
possibly settle down?
Oh, I haven't
thought about that.
I honestly... I don't know.
That idea kind of freaks
me out a little bit.
You just, you asked if we
could buy that house back there
in the middle of nowhere.
Why would somebody want to buy
a house in the middle of nowhere
if they didn't want to
settle down and have kids?
Rent it out?
Make money off it?
Make money.
All right, that sounded like
a settled down type topic
from here.
I think...
But do you want kids?
I think you're looking
way too much into it.
So my boyfriend is going to
make me eat gas station food.
Yeah, but you had to go pee.
Well, I had to go
to the bathroom.
So we killed two birds
with one stone, right?
I don't know about
the food here though.
Yeah, but we're in the
middle of nowhere here, so.
Well, what are my
healthy options?
Well, like, I don't know,
fried chicken and french fries?
You want me to eat that?
Well, I mean, you can throw
it up afterward if you want.
Are you trying to
make me gain weight?
I... no.
Look at that.
That's disgusting.
It's not even real food.
You want some?
No, I don't want any of that.
Not if you want
clogged arteries.
You're gonna die
at the age of 50.
You're missing out.
It tastes awesome.
Sometimes you've got
to live a little.
That's not my type of food.
I'll meet you outside.
I've got to fill
the car up with gas.
[phone ringing]
Hey, I can't really
talk right now.
Yeah, I'm with him.
It's our one year anniversary.
What do you expect?
I'm not just going
to not do something
with him for our one
year anniversary.
Like, he would
suspect something.
OK, look, I really can't
discuss this right now.
But, like, when I get back in
the city after the weekend,
I'll call you and we'll
talk about it, OK?
No, I promise I'll call you.
I love you too.
All right.
Hey, guys.
Just checking in here.
Want to give you a quick update.
We are at a truck stop.
Brooke is inside,
and we are going
to make this very special
because I'm planning on popping
the big question
on this trip and I
want to share this experience
with you because you guys have
seen us from the very beginning.
So I think you'll agree with
me that she is definitely
the one I should spend
the rest of my life with.
So she's going to
film a yoga video
and I'm going to
set everything up
and film this whole experience.
I'd be lying if I
said I wasn't nervous,
but it's definitely
going to be something
that she'll never forget.
She's coming right now.
So we have about an
hour left on our trip.
So Brooke...
Can we please go? Brooke, why don't
you tell us what...
Turn it off.
Please, can we go?
What's the big deal?
Caleb, please drive.
This creepy guy just
walked up to me.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
He knew who I was.
I just, I don't know.
I'm just... can we
please get out of here?
Wait, hold on.
I really don't want to be here.
Hold on.
Slow down.
What do you mean a creepy guy?
Oh my god.
Do you know this guy?
Is this the creepy
guy you were...
hey, what's up?
You forgot your wallet.
Y'all going camping?
Caleb, please just drive.
Can we go?
You're welcome.
Please turn the camera off.
So a little bit
of a video update.
We are 30, 40 minutes away?
About 35.
35 minutes away.
Literally in the
middle of nowhere.
It's beautiful.
And we have no service at all.
We are off the grid officially,
which is what we wanted, honey.
No service to do anything.
What the hell?
There's a guy riding our ass.
[horn honks]
What the hell is this?
[men yelling]
Roll your window up!
That's the guy from
the truck stop!
What the...
Why do you have
your window down!
Pull over!
Why did you even roll
your window down?
I don't know!
He just pulled beside.
I thought he was passing.
Oh my god.
All right.
Well, look, they're
clearly moving on,
so let's just wait
here for a second.
What is your favorite baby name?
I haven't even thought
about that yet.
What, have you?
I think either Caleb
the second or Casey.
But Cs.
I like Cs.
Casey for a boy?
Isn't that a girl's name?
No, it can be both.
Boy or girl.
OK, we're finally here.
Can't get too excited.
It's 15 miles an hour.
I really hope this is a new one.
It's going to take us
an hour to get them...
to get there.
I can't even speak
I'm so excited.
Oh, look.
Other people are here.
It's not just us.
No, we're going way out
in the middle of nowhere.
So we're going where nobody is.
Oh, no.
But everyone's back there.
Now we're here.
Here we go.
Primitive camping right there.
Primitive camping?
That means no bathrooms.
Most importantly, no internet.
Just you and me.
What about Wi-Fi?
I mean, not Wi-Fi, but...
No Wi-Fi.
Come on.
Oh my god.
Looks miserable.
You always this slow?
You didn't say anything
about alligators.
Come on.
You're not going to
see any alligators.
And you know this for a fact?
I'm not walking across that.
I don't see one gator.
There has to be a way around.
Not one gator here.
Not doing it.
This is freaky.
Caleb, seriously.
I'm not comfortable knowing that
I could get eaten in my sleep.
You don't have anything
to worry about.
My parents are
going to kill you.
There's mosquitoes
everywhere, Caleb!
Yeah, but you don't have to
worry about snakes, right?
I swear to God, if
there's a snake,
I'm kicking him towards you.
Stop it.
I'm really actually scared
that there's a snake somewhere.
I'm looking at something pretty
cute on my screen right here.
There you go.
Isn't this cool?
I mean, there's not one
other person out here.
I don't know how
I feel about that.
I don't think you look afraid.
I think deep down inside
you'll appreciate this.
I'm terrified.
Well, you're doing good so far.
Well, we've only been
walking for what, 10 minutes?
A little longer than that.
So you know what?
That means that time is flying.
I think you enjoy this.
Hey, so we've been walking
like 15 miles so far.
How far have we been walking?
Two miles.
Are we almost there yet?
No, seriously though.
Like, I'm tired.
Like, how is this supposed to
be a good anniversary thing if...
It is, we're... hey,
look, we're almost there.
Like, how far though?
We got...
Seriously, this bag is heavy.
We just have a little
bit further to go.
I'm carrying a lot of stuff.
Yeah, but look, Miss
Fish Chick, I mean,
this is just a three mile hike.
You're trying to
make fun of me...
I said Fit Chick.
You're trying to make
fun of me because you
know I'm aggravated right now.
Well, because you're complaining
about being so tired.
Well, I am.
Look, I'm carrying
most of this stuff.
Well, this was your idea.
Yeah, but I'm not complaining.
Well, you've probably
done this before.
I haven't.
Trust me, we've just got a
little further and it's...
I would just think that
on my first hike ever
we wouldn't go 15 miles
into the middle of nowhere.
15 miles?
15 miles?
We've gone two miles.
Two miles, and
we're almost there.
Are you really tracking this?
Like, exactly two miles.
Yes, I am.
All right.
Let's get going.
No more complaining.
This is going to be fun.
Why am I dating you?
Hey, this is it.
Wait, really?
Yeah, 20 miles later.
20 miles.
Can I actually take
all this stuff off?
Like this it, this is it?
All right.
Well, I guess you better
start building that tent.
Move your foot.
No way.
Should I get...
Why is that so bright?
Turn the camera away.
Well, it's a special occasion.
For what?
What do you mean what?
My first time camping?
No, it's our anniversary.
Oh, yeah.
And I've got something special.
More wine?
No, something better.
Hold the camera.
I can't see a thing.
It's way too bright.
I'm excited!
Does this make you happy?
Uh, yeah!
All right.
Wait, can we take a
picture before you pop it?
All right.
Hold on.
I don't know.
You have longer hands.
I'll hold it.
Can you get the bottle in it?
Let's get it in here.
Did you take a picture?
Oh, no.
Hold on.
Let's do it again.
You suck.
Pop it.
I want to see it.
All right.
Hold this.
Here we go.
Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait.
Let me actually see that.
How would you like me to pop it?
Pop, lock, and drop it?
That's not sexy at all.
All right.
Don't mess up.
Don't mess up?
If you're lucky, you'll hit
an animal with the cork and...
I know.
...feed us for, like, a week.
All right.
The camera's kind of heavy.
All right, here we go.
I'm getting impatient.
I know.
OK, sorry.
I've got to try to
make it straight.
I'm trying to find the wire.
I don't know how to
zoom on this thing.
Are you ready for this?
I'm excited!
Take a swig!
Take a swig!
Chug it!
That's great.
I took a swig of the bubbles!
Round two.
You can edit that, right?
No, it's totally
going on my blog.
I think it's your turn.
I'm glad you love
me for who I am.
Watch a professional.
That's hot.
Here, just hold
that right there.
I'm not the only one.
[music playing]
Stop laughing.
No, do a little dance.
Do a little dance.
OK, but this can only
be, like, our video.
This is our video.
Who else do you
think is out here?
I'm just saying you can't
post this on anything.
I will not post this.
Oh, I love this song.
I'm going to do a little
dance for you though.
Only you.
You are awesome.
I don't think I can get any
lower because the champagne is
making me [inaudible].
How did you get to be
such a good dancer?
I don't know.
I didn't know you
could dance like that.
Now this a little bit.
That's my girl.
Are you done with it?
I didn't drink it all by myself.
It was all you too.
I only had a sip or two.
That was it.
You know what?
I think we should [inaudible].
All right.
Let's go.
Oh my gosh.
What is this?
What is this?
I don't know.
I think my feet
got a little dirty.
It's about to get dirty.
You're talking about
the tent, right?
Oh, it's so bright, Caleb.
Why is the camera on?
It's not.
Yeah, I can see the light.
It's a red flash.
Turn it off, Caleb.
Well, you film
everything else, right?
Not this!
This is private.
Yeah, but this is private.
You taste like bug spray.
No, really though, turn it off.
Turn it off!
All right.
I'm tired.
Hey, where are you going?
I've got to pee.
Hurry up.
I want to cuddle.
For all you guys out there
who follow my girlfriend
back there, it's been a year
and it's still pretty awesome.
And that is a goodnight.
I was just asleep and...
did you hear that?
That was... Caleb!
Wake up!
Listen, listen, listen.
Someone's outside.
No one's outside.
Just listen!
I heard someone walking.
There's no one out there.
Just listen!
Will you go check?
Like, I'm not kidding.
I heard... someone was walking.
I heard footsteps.
Be careful.
I'll be back.
[caleb yells]
[brooke screams]
Oh my... Oh my god!
I hate you.
Did I get you?
Did you... are you kidding me?
That's what you get
for waking me up.
That was good.
That was good.
You almost gave
me a heart attack.
That was not funny.
Seriously, I hate you so...
You can turn the camera off now.
I hate you so much.
I love you too.
Oh, goodnight.
Well, good afternoon.
It's about 12:30.
It was a little crazy last
night, but right now we're up,
Brooke's doing a yoga
video, and it gives me
the perfect opportunity to
do what I came here to do.
Hey, everyone.
Brooke here.
Today I'm going to show
you my favorite yoga pose.
It's called the side plank.
And since we're out here in
the beautiful mother nature,
I thought I'd do it right
here by this gorgeous lake.
So first thing you're going to
do, you're going to get down
into your chaturanga pose.
Make sure to breathe
nice and slow.
This is going to be
our starting point.
Then you're going to
slowly work your way
into your normal plank.
Now, remember to really
squeeze your core.
This is a big core
exercise and you want...
not your booty in the
air, but just level.
The next thing
you're going to do,
you're going to go to
your hands and you're just
going to go sideways.
Be sure to breathe
nice and slow.
This is engaging
in all your core.
And then you're going
to turn and you're
going to go to the other side.
Go up.
Make sure to do
it nice and slow.
Really breathe and really
engage in your whole core area.
It's so beautiful out here.
[brooke screams]
All right.
I think I've got
this all figured out.
Brooke gets back
from yoga, then I'm
going to propose
to her right here.
And god, I'm nervous.
But all I know is that I love
her and I want to spend...
I want to spend the rest
of my life with her.
I just hope that she says yes.
Get on the ground!
Stay down!
What do you want?
What do you want, man?
Shut up!
Just don't hurt us!
Put those on!
Just do what he says!
Just do what he says!
All right, all right!
I got it!
I got it!
Behind you!
Behind you!
What are you... come on, man!
Please don't hurt him!
What you want, man?
Shut up!
Brooke, you OK?
Everything's going to be OK!
No, it's not!
[gun shot]
My name is Nick
and this is Jake,
and we're making a documentary
about how easy it is to track
people through social media.
And kill them.
But not really.
We're trying to show how
dangerous this could be.
What we're doing here is
we want to show everyone
that people are kind of free
with the information they
put online these days.
So we want to get
that information
and really take advantage of it.
So what we did is we
found a YouTube celebrity
couple online that
frequently blogs
about their personal lives.
I tracked them down through
their social media accounts
and they're going to
be our target couple.
So we're going to track them
down, give them a big scare,
and hopefully we'll shed
some light on this subject.
Yeah, we want to really
show everybody just
how dangerous this all is.
I'll give that dangerous line.
That was good.
That was good.
Freaked me out.
Do we need to do it again or...
No, we're good.
We're good.
Let's cut this.
All right.
So the person that
we have as our target
is actually someone
that I've actually
been following for
the last few months,
and her name is
Brooke Marie and she's
got a sizable audience online.
She's a fitness blogger,
a yoga enthusiast,
and a YouTube personality.
And I think it's
going to be incredible
when we actually meet her
and her boyfriend Caleb.
And it's going to be
great because they
got a sizable audience and
exposure for us and for them.
Hey, man.
This is good.
We're making cinematic
history here.
The point is we
found her online.
It was really easy.
We actually sent her a friend
request, she accepted it.
What's another
subscriber to her, right?
But to us, we've got
some critical pieces
of information online including
where she is currently living.
And even better, she linked
it to her Instagram account,
and on her Instagram
account at the top
is a bookings email address
for all of her booking stuff.
Jake, what's up?
Booking stuff?
What does she book?
Well, I mean, she's
a brand ambassador.
She books for a lot of stuff.
That's how YouTube
people make money.
What does she
actually do though?
Does she should do anything?
Is it like a trade or a skill?
You know, just the
point is though,
is that we have her stuff.
We have her contact
information and we're
going to reach
out to her and see
if we can get her real address.
So that's where we're at.
I can't wait to meet her.
Camera's rolling?
So over the last
couple of days, we've
been emailing Brooke
as a guy named...
You know what you're
going to say, right?
I got it.
We've been emailing Brooke as a
guy named Tim from a Green Tree
Supplements company
and we managed
to get her phone number.
And now we're going
to call her and see
if we can get her address.
So here we go.
Hey, is this Brooke?
Hey, it's Tim from the Green
Tree Supplement company.
How are you?
Good, good, good, good.
We were wondering if we
can send you that sample.
What do you think?
Well, sure.
Basically how it works is
that it's a natural green tea
extract that is a
fat burner combo'd
with energy boosting that you
could put in, like, anything...
shakes, smoothies, water...
and it tastes delicious.
And we were trying
to market this
to the fitness community and we
though you'd be perfect for it.
Basically how this would
work is that at first we
would send you a sample.
And if you liked it, we
could send you a shipment
and you could, I don't
know, incorporate it
into your fitness
routine and we could talk
about sponsoring your channel.
That's great.
Basically the next step
would be to get your address.
Just give me one moment.
Whenever you're ready.
Just a moment.
Yes, I'm sorry.
One moment.
One moment.
I'm sorry.
And whenever you're ready.
Just, oh, yeah.
And that was apartment...
And that's... OK.
So what we can do next is
we'll send you a shipment,
and expect something
in four to six days.
Thanks, Brooke.
We got it.
We got it!
This is her address.
Let's go see Brooke and Caleb.
Let's go!
All right.
They're livin' the condo life.
Caleb and Brooke in a condo.
That has a nice ring to it.
The gate's closing.
Aw, the gate's closed?
Well, what the heck are
we supposed to do now?
Hold on.
Just wait.
Oh, this guy is
definitely looking at us.
And that's that
security right there.
Oh my god.
He didn't even bat an eye.
And that's the condo security.
And we're in.
Open sesame.
Access granted.
Death vlog on the roll.
Death vlog.
Death vlog.
Da na na na na na
na na death vlog.
All right.
Where are we going?
So we're looking... so we got
into the apartment complex.
We got their address.
So we're pretty close.
What building number is
that that we just passed?
That was building 22.
So they've got to be
around here somewhere.
I know it.
And look how easy it is
to find someone like this.
It's crazy.
They're going to freak out
when they see this at the end.
Like, just a day.
Just a day of stuff.
That's him.
Oh my god.
That's him!
Oh my god.
That's him!
That's him.
That's him.
That's him.
That's him.
Oh my god.
That was him.
Turn around.
Turn around.
People are so stupid.
Really stupid.
Oh my god.
Go back over there.
Drive past him.
Drive past him again.
This is awesome.
I'm going to park up here.
Oh my god.
That's definitely him.
That's definitely him.
That's definitely him.
All right.
Pull up.
Oh, there she is.
There she is.
She's in the car.
All right.
I'm going to park.
I'll keep an eye out.
I want you to get out.
Get out?
What, are you crazy?
Get out.
Use cars for cover.
She's... they're going to see us.
Get footage of them.
They're going to
blow the whole cover.
She doesn't know who we are.
I have a camera in my hand.
You don't think that
that's a little weird
and people are
going to freak out?
You think that she's going to
find it weird when they film
every single thing they do.
It's going to be weird
that you have a camera?
Get out and film, dude.
I really don't know
about that, man.
I really, really don't.
Nick, get out of the car.
You'll be happy you did later.
Dude, the documentary.
I don't know, man.
I really don't feel comfortable.
[interposing voices]
Get out of the car.
All right.
All right.
I'm going.
I'm going.
This guy.
This is so stupid.
This is so stupid.
Dude, shut up.
We're going to get caught.
Get closer.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
This is so close.
I feel creepy right now.
[car alarm going off]
Where are you going?
Did she see me?
Why did you run?
No, no, no.
They almost saw me.
I think they saw me.
Are you still filming?
This whole thing is... yes.
Well, you did something right.
That was really
freaking awesome.
You want to shoo
the documentary?
It's all about taking risks.
I know.
I know.
That was just a little...
that was really close.
[interposing voices]
Zoom in from a distance.
No one wants to watch that.
All right.
40 feet away from them.
They're leaving.
They're leaving.
All right.
All right.
We're going to follow?
Lay low.
Lay low.
There they go.
That was really risky.
Shut up.
Let's take our time with it.
Let's progress through it.
Thank you.
This is going to be awesome.
I think so.
I think we're on
to something here.
I mean, that was close.
I don't...
Well, we've got to take risks.
That was us meeting
them in the flesh...
All I ask...
...for the first time.
All I ask, dude, is
that you trust me.
This is going to be big.
We're going to
make changes, man.
We're going to change things.
I'm sweating.
Oh my gosh.
Where'd they go?
What if we would have had
the cops called on us?
Like here, right now.
That was weird.
What are they going to do?
Check our camera?
The whole thing would
have been blown.
That would have been
the end of the project.
I don't know about all that.
Team death vlog.
Here we are.
And there is Caleb and Brooke.
They seem really happy together.
This doesn't seem like a
usual place they would eat.
No, they definitely seem
like spinach, kale farm
to table, organic people.
Let's go inside.
You want to go in?
Get a closer shot.
Well, hello, Brooke.
All by herself.
I've got an idea.
What's that?
I'm going to go talk to her.
No, you're definitely
not going to do that.
Just whatever you do...
Wait, no.
Whatever you do, do
not stop filming.
Look, someone just called her.
Someone just called her.
It's our one year anniversary.
What do you expect?
I just can't, like, not go.
Look, I know you've got this
idea about going out there,
but no.
Not right now.
There's a moment for that.
We're not going to
do that right now.
I'll call you when I get back.
Jake, I'm serious.
I love you too.
Trust me.
Just trust me.
This is going to
be amazing footage.
Jake, oh my god.
My name's Jake.
It's so nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Jake.
I've seen, like, every
video you've posted.
I'm one of your 200 some
odd thousand followers.
Do you mind if I get a picture?
Just one.
By the way, you look
fantastic on camera.
I really... I'm sorry.
I've really got to go.
Oh my gosh.
You've got to be kidding.
Thank you so much.
See you around.
You've got to be kidding.
You took a picture with her?
Jake, are you serious?
Now that was interesting.
People will watch that.
I can't believe you got
that close to them, man.
That was... you've got
some big cajones, man.
But we did it.
That's great.
For the film.
For the movie, that was good.
I just can't see
past this truck.
I know.
We are getting out to
the country right now.
Look at this.
Look at this slack
jawed Yoga on the back...
Whoa, what is this guy doing?
Dude, this guy's a nutcase!
What is going on here?
This is really...
Dude, she's...
What a jerk!
They're going to run
them off the road.
Oh my gosh!
Oh my gosh!
Oh, no, no, no.
He just ran off the road.
Oh my gosh.
Oh, you redneck douche bags.
What do we do?
What do we do?
I don't know.
Just keep your distance.
Keep your distance.
I'm going to pull over.
Pull over.
Pull over.
We'll find a rest stop.
We'll find something.
We can't go back right now.
That's a little too weird.
That was weird, man.
We are traveling into
the filmmaking abyss!
That's amazing.
This is going to be good!
This is going to be great.
We can be... hey, documentaries,
they flow naturally
with what you're getting.
I think we're on to
something big here.
That's good.
That's exciting.
That was nuts.
We lost them.
It was those jerks
in the pickup truck.
What the heck was
that all about?
It's all right.
I mean, we know the campground
that they're going to.
We know where
they're going to be.
Now that these guys scare
the crap out of them,
they cancel the whole trip.
I mean...
No, I know Brooke.
She's... we've seen her videos.
She's going to go
through with this.
All right.
No, they're not down there.
I didn't see any cars.
Here we go.
Here we go.
No, that's not them.
That's not them.
You got any service?
I've gotten no service
out here at all.
You know I hate camping?
It's not so bad.
Bugs, snakes, weird shit
crawling all over you.
I don't know.
Did you have a bad experience?
Well, yeah.
I mean, I went camping a
grand total of one time.
One time.
And I was eight years old.
I went camping with my family.
And we were at lunch and
I was eating a hot dog
and a snake from above, a
small snake, fell on my hot dog
while I was eating it.
And that just like freaks
you out, obviously, as a kid.
Freaked me out so much
my mom took me home
and we spent the whole
weekend watching HBO
while the rest of
the family camped.
Been an indoorsy guy ever since.
Know what I mean?
I used to go camping
with my father.
I didn't always want to go when
I was younger, but he insisted.
My dad was an interesting guy.
Had a weird way of
teaching me lessons.
A couple times we'd go out to
the woods and the first day,
two days would be fun.
I'd wake up in the morning
and he would be gone,
and I had to find my
way around by myself.
Oh, here we go.
Is that it?
That's it.
Go Easy.
They might be here.
Might be around here somewhere.
Hold on.
Just... I think they're
like deeper into the woods.
I think we're OK.
Just be quiet.
Is there anything in there?
I mean, they've got to
be around here somewhere.
Let's go in there.
Let's go in.
Grab your bag in case we have
to stay out there overnight.
All right.
I really wasn't thinking
we'd do that, but OK.
Team death vlog going into
the forest for the hunt.
I mean, are we...
I mean, is this even
the right direction?
I'm not really sure.
We're going here.
Primitive camping.
Well, why?
Well, think about
who we're following.
Caleb's kind of an extreme guy.
Extreme sports.
He's going to want
to be alone with her.
No interruptions, right?
She would hate that.
So she'd want to stay close.
Well, where are we?
We're over here.
So we're... so this
is essentially...
So this is essentially
a fork in the road.
We're either going
to walk 1.1 miles
and not find anybody
or walk 3.4 miles
and possibly not find anybody.
[interposing voices]
Don't walk much, huh?
You got any better ideas?
Actually, I do
have a better idea.
We use technology.
Check it out!
Here we go.
And see, now we can
scan the entire roadway.
This is perfect.
The longer we play with this,
the further they get away.
We got it.
Hold on.
Oh, shoot.
It just disconnected on me.
Oh, come on!
There's your technology for you.
Jake, come on, man.
This is important.
This is a very
important gift to me.
All right.
I lost it.
Wait, no!
I found it!
No, it crashed.
We crashed it.
Well, I think we should
go find it at least.
Forget the drone!
Well, it's an
expensive gift, Jake.
All right?
Let's find them!
Jake, it's...
How about that?
The reason we're here.
All right.
We are deep into
the woods right now.
And, I mean, we're trying
to find Caleb and Brooke.
Watch your step.
I don't know.
I just... I feel like we're
exposed to the elements
right now.
You know, this is not exactly
what I signed up for, Jake.
I think we should just call
it a night, find the trail,
let's get out of here.
I'm serious, Jake.
Let's get out of here.
It's starting to get a
little too much right now.
I'm pretty sure my
mom is calling me.
I don't even have
service out here.
I'm pretty sure my mom's
left me a ton of voicemails.
Your mom?
Your mother.
How old are you again?
Here we are hunting
for Caleb and Brooke.
So hungry right now.
Come on!
Jake, come on!
Wait up, man!
All right.
Well, now which way do we go?
Oh, OK.
Hey, Jake.
No, seriously.
I need to go to
the bathroom, man.
Can you hold this?
Jake, I need to go
to the bathroom, man.
Can you hold this camera?
Can you hold it?
Thank you, man.
Oh, god.
Would you shut up?
I needed that, man.
We're good.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
What happened?
What happened?
What did you see?
I swore I just saw a frickin'
black widow spider, man.
Oh my god.
You saw a black
widow from that...
Oh my god, dude.
That freaked me out.
Dude, spiders.
Me and spiders, no, man.
That is where I'm
drawing the line.
[jake laughing]
It's not funny, Jake!
It's not funny, man!
Those things can kill you.
Do me a favor.
Put your hand in your pocket.
You feel anything hanging
between your legs?
[jake laughing]
Look, man.
Everyone's got phobias.
Jake, man, I'm
hungry, I'm tired.
Forget it, man.
We're just not going
to find them tonight.
I'd rather just be at home, man.
Don't you just want to feel
the comfort of your bed?
Air conditioning.
When we find Brooke,
you better hope
she's a lesbian because the
things you're saying right now
are extremely feminine.
It's enough.
Stop running your gap, dude.
Well, Brooke likes
sensitive guys, Jake.
Maybe that's something
you could learn, OK?
You know what I'm
sensitive to, Nick?
You know what I'm sensitive to?
All right, Jake.
Take it easy, man.
You running your mouth
over, and over, and over.
I can't hear a thing!
Easy, man!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, man.
I'm sorry.
Why are we out here?
We're here to make a movie.
All right.
Now, do you actually
believe that?
Well, yeah.
Yeah, man, but I'm just...
Then whey are you
laying on your back?
Get up.
You could use the exercise.
People come in all sorts of
shapes and sizes, all right?
Where are we right now?
What are you hearing?
I heard voices.
All I can hear is mosquitoes
buzzing by my ear.
We cant hear anything
if you keep talking.
I'm sorry.
All right.
Come on.
Use the tree.
Use the tree.
Come here.
That's them!
You're standing in the open!
Come here!
That's them.
We found them.
We've got to turn around.
Go back.
Come back out here
when it's dark.
Can we go find my
drone now then?
All right.
It's 3 AM.
We're outside Brooke
and Caleb's campsite.
This is crazy.
All right.
I want you to get in
closer, all right?
Get in closer, get
in the tent, and get
a shot of them sleeping.
No, no, no, no.
That's too crazy.
No one's ever done this before.
If you ever had to get
a shot, it's this one.
Come on.
This will make the movie.
All right.
Good point.
Holy shit.
Turn the light off, turn the
light off, turn the light off.
Turn it off!
Turn the light off!
[caleb yells]
[brooke screams]
Oh my god, Caleb!
So not funny!
That was huge!
Oh my god!
That was huge!
That was good.
That was good.
So that's the end of
day one of death vlog.
It was a really
tiring day, but we're
getting some rest
in our car tonight
and we're getting pumped up
for tomorrow's big reveal.
I can't wait to surprise
Brooke and Caleb
and see the look on
their faces, and I
can't wait to meet Brooke.
And I think after
all this, we're
all going to be
really good friends.
Team death vlog out.
What we're doing
here, is it really
going to make a difference?
Is anyone going to see
this and be affected by it?
Are you going to see this and
make a change in your life?
No, you're going to look up
from your phone long enough
to laugh about it with a
friend, and then you're
going to look right
back down at your phone
and see how many of your
friends liked the same article.
But that's as far as
it goes because it
didn't happen to you.
You're not the one in danger.
Not yet.
And I'm tired of
begging you to see it.
So what I'm going to do,
what I'm going to do tomorrow
is I'm going to do
something that's
going to send a ripple
through the psychosphere.
I'm going to try and change
the course of human evolution
and show you that we're
no longer transcending
to the fusion of
humans and technology,
but rather descending into
slaves for it because we eat,
sleep, drink, breathe
electronic validation.
Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Snapchat,
the juggernauts of
the etherworld that
feed our egomaniacal desires.
We are prostitutes for likes.
We're not our likes,
we're not our followers,
were not even our
photos anymore.
Nothing is gained
from all of this.
Nothing is accomplished.
We don't gain anything except
for maybe a few followers.
A few strangers
who we know nothing
about who took an interest in
the persona we have created.
Followers that we didn't mind
sharing or name, phone number,
address with.
The time for telling you that
this is dangerous and no good,
that time has passed.
Now it's time to show you
because no one pays attention
until someone gets hurt.
All right.
Today is day two of death vlog.
Today's the big reveal.
All right.
Today is day two of death vlog.
Today's the big reveal.
I can't wait.
I'm excited.
My buddy in crime,
Jake, you're the man.
How do you feel?
Real good.
I love it.
He's excited as I am.
He's ready for this.
Today we are going to
make cinematic history.
All right, man.
Jake, this is it.
The big reveal.
You ready for this?
All right.
Put this on.
What is this for?
The hat?
Well, because it's scary, man.
This is scary?
They are going to freak out.
All right.
Let's do it.
So the first thing
you're going to do,
you're going to get
down and put on a pose.
Oh my god.
That's her.
It's Brooke.
You're going to slowly work
your way to your normal plank.
Now, remember to
really [inaudible]..
God, she's beautiful.
This is going to be amazing.
So you're going to turn.
You're going to go
to the other side.
Make sure to do
it nice and slow.
What the hell?
Really breathe and really
engage in your whole core area.
Jake, don't do it!
Don't do it!
It's so beautiful out here.
Good, and then once
you're done with that,
you're going to make
sure to go... oh my god!
Shut up!
[brooke screams]
Please don't hurt me!
Wait, wait!
Please don't hurt...
Shut up!
Easy, man!
Get up!
Get up!
Come here!
It's OK.
Everything is going to be OK!
Please don't hurt me!
Man, easy!
Jake where did you get a gun?
Jake, tell me it's
not loaded, man!
Tell me it's not loaded!
Shut up!
Please don't hurt me!
Dude, where did you get a gun?
Where did you get a gun, Jake?
Get on the ground!
Stay down!
What do you want?
What do you want, man?
Shut up!
Put those on!
Just do what he says!
Just do what he says!
All right!
All right!
I got it.
I got it.
Behind you!
Behind you!
Please don't hurt him!
What do you want, man?
Shut up!
It's OK!
Everything's going to be OK!
No, it's not!
[nick screams]
What the hell, Jake!
Are you crazy?
Do not!
Do not tell them that
everything's going to be OK!
It is not going to be OK!
They cannot keep doing what
they're doing and expect to get
away with it!
To live the way they live.
They cannot!
What are we doing with
this documentary, huh?
We're going to finish it,
we're going to put it online,
it's going to get liked,
it's going to get shared.
We're going to be doing the
same exact thing that they are.
The same thing!
It's just a cycle over,
and over, and over.
There must be
consequences for it!
There must be!
With them, we could
change everything.
[brooke screams]
[nick shouting]
Wait, wait, wait!
Brooke, wait!
Get away from me!
Brooke, I don't know!
I don't know who those guys are!
I have no idea what's going on!
I swear I'm just a filmmaker.
I was just documenting.
This is not part of the plan!
Who are you!
I'm just a... my name's Nick.
I'm a documentary filmmaker.
We're doing a
documentary about you.
But that sit back there, I
have no idea what that is!
You're a part of that!
You have the mask!
What the hell is this!
It's just a documentary thing!
I swear!
I swear!
We were doing it
just to scare you.
That was my buddy
Jake that just died.
But the girls and that
shit, I don't know!
I don't know what it is!
I'm freaked out of my mind!
We just got to get
the hell out of here!
We've got to go!
I have no idea where I am!
That guy died!
I have no idea where we are!
Caleb's back there!
I just want to go!
Where's Caleb?
I don't know either, but
we've got to get out of here.
We've got to find
some help, all right?
Are you with me?
Let's go!
No, we can't leave Caleb!
We have to help him!
Are you crazy?
We're not going back there!
This is your fault!
You have to help me!
Look, it's not my...
You have to help me!
This is your fault!
Brooke, Brooke...
They killed your friend!
What do you think they're
going to do to Caleb?
All right.
But this is not a
good idea, Brooke.
You're helping me.
All right.
Let's be careful.
Just take it slow.
There's no one here.
They're gone.
Was that recording
the whole time?
Yeah, it's still recording.
Oh my god.
It's Caleb.
...get this all figured out.
Brooke gets back from yoga, I'm
going to propose to her right
And god, I'm nervous.
But all I know is that I love
her and I want to spend...
I want to spend the rest
of my life with her.
I just hope that she says yes.
He was going to...
Get on the ground!
Stay down!
What do you want?
What do you want, man?
Shut up!
Just don't hurt her!
All right, well, did they say
which way they were going?
Looks like they...
I think it was that way.
I think they went that way.
All right, let's go.
Let's go.
Oh, wait.
No, no, no.
Brooke, Brooke, Brooke.
Oh my god.
That's not...
Oh my god.
That's not what I
think it is, is it?
I don't know.
It could be Jake.
I don't know.
All right, let's just
follow the track.
Let's just go, all right?
Let's follow the track.
We'll figure... oh my god.
They could be anywhere.
Oh my god.
The trail, it gets...
it kind of ends here.
Do you know which way they went?
No idea.
They could have gone anywhere.
Do you hear that?
Hear what?
My brothers and sisters, I
have seen the heavens open
and I've beheld the white horse.
Holy shit.
And upon it was a rider.
[muffled yell]
And his name was
faithful and true.
And in his righteousness, he
judges and he brings us to war.
And his eyes fire
with fiery glow,
and his robe is
dripped in blood.
And in his mouth is
a sword shaped tongue
that cuts down the nation.
And now, now he calls to me.
To lead his army [inaudible].
Well, well.
Another sinner has come
seeking absolution.
Bring me the rod of iron!
[caleb yells]
Shut up!
Thank you, daughter.
You're next, but you've
got to wait your turn!
I hope we see you on
the other side, brother.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
What the...
Now, little lambs, are
you ready to be forgiven?
Sit still.
Oh, shit!
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, god!
Where am I?
They're all dead.
Caleb's dead.
Jake's dead.
Brooke's dead.
I think I'm next.
I gotta get out of here.
And I have no idea where I am.
What the hell was that?
Nick, run!
Run, run, run, run, run, run!
Where am I?
This isn't right.
Where's my keys?
Where's my keys?
Where's my keys?
Gotta get out of here.
What was that?
Oh my god.
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Thank god you're alive.
Do you know the way out of here?
Caleb had the keys.
We have to go get Caleb.
We can't go back there.
You saw what happened.
But Caleb had the keys.
[interposing voices]
(WHISPERING) I got my keys.
I've got my car.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
It's a good thing we've been
recording all of this, Brooke,
because this could
all be evidence.
Brooke, I'm serious.
I need you to tell
us what happened.
I'm serious, Brooke.
Can we talk about Caleb?
Can we talk about it?
Caleb's dead, Brooke.
I'm serious.
All right, fine.
Let's talk about the
guy you were talking to
on the phone at the diner, huh?
You want to talk about that?
What are you talking about?
The guy that you were on
the phone with at the diner.
You heard that?
Well, I didn't hear much.
I heard that you
loved him, and I know
you weren't talking to Caleb.
You know nothing, OK?
Oh, all right.
Well, now you want to talk.
What, you think because
you watch some videos
that we post online that
you know who we are?
You don't know a thing!
You don't know anything
about me, about Caleb.
I loved him, so don't make me
out to be some kind of monster.
I was going to break it off...
Holy shit!
Nick, help me!
Do something!
[brooke screaming]
Turn it off.
The car should be
around here somewhere.
Hey, Brooke.
Brooke, I need every bit of
you right now, all right?
We're going to get out of here.
Just a little bit further.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come, come, come.
Oh, god!
[nick yelling]
Holy shit, that's the car!
I just wanted to
do one more post.
I wanted to say goodbye
to all my friends.
Mom, dad, and most
of all, my followers.
I want to say thank you
for all your support
throughout the years.
All your love, I've tried to
be what you want me to be.
Perfect hair, perfect
body, perfect boyfriend.
Truth is, I've had an eating
disorder for the past five
years and I cheated
on my boyfriend.
I'm a terrible person.
I've been manipulating
people my entire life,
and it's all for the likes.
A million followers
is not worth it.
It's not worth it.
I don't know if this is
going to get out to anybody,
but the last thing
I want to say is...
[glass breaks]
[Brooke screams]
[music playing]