Food of the Gods II (1989) Movie Script

[ Rat Screeches ]
[ Munching ]
[ Man ]
Animals have rights!
[ With Crowd, Chanting ]
Animals have rights!
Animals have rights!
[ Chanting Continues ]
Professor Delhurst!
Professor Delhurst,
I want to talk to you.
[ Chanting Stops ]
Would you get out of my
way, please? I'm late.
For what?
Another execution?
Somebody call security.
The animals keep checkin' in,
but they don't check out.
Do they?
You're not a scientist.
You're an undertaker!
[ Crowd ] Yeah!
We are not through,
Professor Delhurst!
Within the next decade,
two of you
will die of cancer.
I am doing my best
to reduce those figures.
What an asshole.
Come on. Let's go!
Animals have rights!
[ With Crowd, Chanting ]
Animals have rights!
[ Chanting Continues, Distant ]
[ Rat Squeaking ]
Josh, you're late again,
and I already sent
the samples out.
[ Telephone Rings ]
Lab. Yeah, he's here... sort of.
[ Whispering ]
It's Dr. Travis.
[ Sighs ]
Yeah. Kate, look. If it's
about that job, I'm still
not interested. I'm com--
I'll be on
the next plane.
Yes, Neil--
I'll find someone
to cover your lecture.
I'll feed your little
girlfriend, and I won't
ask any questions.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Engine Stops ]
[ Sighing ]
Thanks for coming.
I want you to meet
my colleague, Dr. Hamilton.
And I would like you
to get the fuck
outta here.
It's all--
Get outta here!
Are you deaf?
Get outta my room!
Get outta here, you bitch.
Get outta here!
Get outta here!
Get outta my room!
Kate, what happened?
Bobby had
a growth deficiency.
His parents brought him
here for treatment,
and I administered
a new growth hormone that
I'd developed-- 192-Methyanol.
You used and experimental
growth hormone on a kid?
Neil, it was thoroughly tested.
I've used it
on patients before.
No, with great success.
I was going public with it
next month, in fact.
[ Footsteps ]
But something
went wrong.
I suspect that the 192 is
reacting with something in
Bobby's blood--
[ Bangs ]
To synthesize
a new growth molecule.
Yes. Exactly.
[ Sighs ]
Have you been able
to isolate it?
No. I haven't.
That's why I called you.
Neil, when I was teaching,
you were the best student
I ever had.
You're a brilliant
scientist. I need your help.
Kate, I specialize in plant
research. You need to get him
to the med center.
His parents
don't want him moved.
His parents are very
powerful people, Neil.
They don't want him turned into
a media freak. They don't want
the embarrassment.
There's nothing
I can do...
except ask
for your help.
What about his behavior?
[ Tsk ]
Bobby was one of the sweetest
kids you could ever know...
when he was admitted.
And now this.
He needs you, Neil.
[ Quietly ]
All right.
I'll do what I can,
but I need a sample of all
his bodily fluids and the 192.
Yes. Of course.
Anything you want.
Just-- Just ask.
[ Classical ]
[ Sighs ]
It's not working.
Months of experiments,
11 different formulas,
now a scalp transplant,
and it's still not working.
We're wasting our time
with animals,
Professor Delhurst.
We give them massive
doses of radiation
so they'll lose their hair,
then we try to make it grow
back again, but it won't.
Just end up dying from cancer.
Don't be an idiot
all your life, Brett.
They pay me to study cancer.
The institute expects
animal research.
They expect
radiation treatments.
If it happens that I stumble on
a cure for baldness, lucky me.
And lucky you too, baldy.
[ Sighs ]
Well, we'll wrap this up.
Tomorrow we'll start
on the beaver.
[ Rattling ]
[ Electronic Beeps ]
[ Whining ]
[ Rattling ]
[ Whimpering ]
- Look at this.
- [ Whimpering Continues ]
[ Rattling ]
Hit the lights, Al.
[ Sighs ]
- What'd I tell ya?
- [ Girl ] How does Delhurst
get away with this?
'Cause he's subsidized
by institutions that
condone atrocities...
and pay for them
with our tuition money.
Poor things.
[ Girl ]
Let's take 'em
with us.
No chance, Alex.
We'll never make it
past security.
[ Al ] We can't just leave 'em
here. Delhurst will kill 'em.
To do experiments,
you need a lab...
and research data.
- Mark, I thought you said
we'd just take pictures.
- I lied.
[ Glass Smashing ]
[ Smashing Continues ]
[ Polaroid Film Advancing ]
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
Oh, gross.
Can you imagine that--
Excuse me, ladies.
'Cuse me.
[ Growls ]
Excuse me.
Thank you.
Excuse me.
Thank you.
[ Gruffly ]
Do you know anything
about this, Hales?
- No, sir. I have no idea
why you've called us here.
- Months and months...
of valuable research data
has been destroyed by
a willful act of vandalism.
There is no place for that
at this institution.
I'm warning you.
There will be
a full investigation.
And if any of you
were involved in this,
there will no longer
be a place for you
on this campus.
[ Knocking ]
I'm so glad
you're here.
A sequence analyzer.
Where did this come from?
It's for a private project,
Mmm. Moonlighting, Neil?
Well, judging from
the morning newspaper,
you don't exactly restrict
your research to cancer, do ya?
Ah. That brings me
to my point.
Those vandals destroyed
months of my work.
I heard. I'm very sorry.
I'm relieved to find you
so understanding, Neil.
Look. Our research overlaps.
If you'll just let me have
access to your data--
and perhaps that
sequence analyzer
over there--
you could really help me
put me on my feet again.
I can't. Not right now.
Neil, I'm a colleague
in need.
I'm under a deadline,
Edmond. I'm sorry.
You've been working
for years to produce...
produce that only Lilliputians
would appreciate.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.
The flowers are lovely.
It's just that those
fools from the N.I.H.
are breathing down my neck.
I'm gonna lose my funding.
Edmond, how many times
do I have to say no?
I won't forget this, Hamilton.
[ Typing On Keyboard ]
List all protein molecules,
then replace
amino acid sequence,
then contrast and compare
each one to 192-Methyanol
human growth hormone.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
Well, we know the stuff works--
[ Chuckles ]
and quickly.
How quick?
This just took
a few hours.
How did you come up with this?
It's an accidental
hormone concoction.
It's like trying
to make a martini
and ending up with L.S.D.
What are you gonna do with it?
Ah, break it down
and run some tests...
and try to figure out a way
to stop Bobby's growth.
There doesn't seem
to be any limit
to the effect of this stuff.
You gotta think
beyond that, Neil. This
is the food of the gods.
You realize
how valuable this is?
Big cows, big fish, big pigs--
food for everyone and anyone.
We're talkin' the end
of world hunger here.
I'll just settle
for an antidote.
Sure. But in the meantime,
let's figure out a way
to utilize it.
Run some tests with a few
lab rats. I can go right down--
I work on plants, not animals.
Afraid Alex'll find out?
[ Brett ]
I've never seen him
so pissed.
The bastards ruined everything!
Thank God the animals
are still okay.
Neil, um, I was just
coming by for a visit.
Oh. Well, you just
walked past my door.
Well, I was thirsty.
You wouldn't know anything about
the party in Delhurst's lab...
last night, by any chance,
would you?
- Dr. Hamilton. How are you?
- Why fine, Mary Anne.
Fine. Thank you.
- Loved your lecture last week.
- Thank you.
Excuse us.
Anytime, Dr. Hamilton.
Planning some late-night
cramming sessions?
Oh, come on, Alex. You know
I wouldn't even dream of
another woman.
Oh, sure.
You got time for a bite to eat?
No, I don't. I have
an appointment.
With whom?
I'll see you
tonight, okay?
8:00, and we'll do
something special.
Mmm. Sounds X-rated.
Anytime, Dr. Hamilton.
[ Squeaking ]
[ Squeaking Continues ]
[ Glass Breaks ]
[ "Three Blind Mice" ]
Well, old girl,
I better put you to bed
before you bankrupt
the department.
[ Footsteps Approaching ]
[ Josh ]
It wasn't easy, but I managed to
expropriate 35 male specimens...
of a Rattus norvegicus
from the head
of the biology department.
Forget it, Josh.
Neil, it could help you
find an antidote.
You need something to test on
other than tomatoes.
[ Rats Squeaking ]
Look, Neil. I know you
don't like it. But there's
a human life at stake here.
You're not testing eyeliner
for some cosmetics firm.
Just test it
on one of them.
Uh, I think Louise
is going into heat.
I better move her back,
or you'll have to fight off
the competition, buddy.
All right.
Thanks, Josh.
[ Squeaking ]
[ Squeaking Continues ]
[ Knocking ]
Oh, uh, Alex. I'm sorry.
I completely forgot about today.
- That's okay. We'll just go
for a quick bite.
- Yeah. Sure.
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Rats Squeaking, Faint ]
Josh, uh, mind the store. I'll
be back in a couple of hours.
[ Alex ] Bye.
[ Door Closes ]
[ Switch Clicks ]
[ Door Opens, Closes ]
[ Al ] Hey, Mark.
What the hell we doin' this for?
Hamilton's only got one pet rat.
[ Electronic Beeps ]
I'm trying--
Come on, man.
I'm trying, okay?
[ Mark ]
Look at this, you guys.
I was right.
[ Nibbling ]
[ Snarls ]
Holy shit.
[ Snarling Continues ]
Come on. Let's get it done.
This one is going straight
to 60 Minutes.
Come on, man.
I'm tryin'.
[ Snarling, Growling ]
Angie, don't forget to take
the lens cap off the camera.
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Connection Clicking ]
- [ Shrieks ]
- [ Yelling ]
[ All Chattering, Yelling ]
Al, let's get out of here!
Get 'em off of me!
Get 'em off of me!
- [ All Yelling, Indistinct ]
- Angie!
God! Get away from me!
Away from me!
Get away from me!
- [ Angie Screaming ]
- Oh, God!
God! What are you doing?
Move it!
Mark, move your butt!
Come on. Get up!
Get the hell out of here!
[ Wailing ] Where'd it go?
[ Mark ]
Oh, don't go!
Hey, wait for me!
[ Panting, Grunting ]
- [ Grunts ]
Goddamn it!
- [ Electronic Beeps ]
Where the fuck
is Mark?
- [ Screeching ]
- [ Yelling ]
Mark, we need the card
to open the door!
- [ Chewing, Rending ]
- Mark!
Wait here!
Get off of me!
[ Yelling ]
[ Mark Yelling, Continues ]
[ Angie ]
Mark, get the card out!
- What's going on in there?
- [ Rat Screeching, Continues ]
Get the card out!
We need it to open
the door to the lab!
Mark! Mark,
what's going on?
[ Panting ]
Help! Help!
[ Alarm Ringing ]
No! No! Hang on, Mark!
Help me!
Hang on!
[ Chewing, Rending ]
- Mark!
- [ Grunting, Gurgling ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Chewing Continues ]
[ Moaning, Crying ]
[ Growling ]
[ Rats Squeaking ]
[ Yells, Crying ]
[ Squeaking ]
[ Continues Crying ]
Coming through!
Get out of the way!
[ Panting ]
Oh, God!
[ Moans ]
[ Footstep Crunches On Glass ]
[ Voices Murmuring, Distant ]
[ Sighs ]
Well, can you at least estimate
the big rat's weight?
[ Sighs ]
I don't know.
Fifteen, maybe 20 pounds?
I don't know.
Leave her alone!
She didn't cuddle
the damned thing.
[ Sighs ]
How big was that rat when
you left here last night?
About 14 ounces. But--
You wanna know what I think?
[ Al ]
I think you fucked up.
I think you fanatics got carried
away tryin' to ruin this place.
I think the rat cage
fell on your pal,
ripped his throat open.
A bunch of hungry test animals
escaped, jumped him.
You got scared
and left him to die.
This 20-pound rat bullshit--
tell it to the Enquirer.
I don't buy a word of it.
If you're gonna
arrest us, then do it.
Otherwise, we're gone.
Not until I say so.
Oh, and you can go too, Doctor.
You didn't see anything.
Glad I could be of assistance.
I'm sorry
about this, Neil.
Now you know how I felt.
How big were those other rats?
It's very important.
How big were they?
Government, uh, pays you
to study... plants,
as I understand.
Is that correct, Doctor?
That's right.
Well, then would you mind
telling me what you were
doing with these rats?
I was experimenting
with a new growth hormone.
Obviously, it works.
Now, we gotta find a way
to recapture those rats.
What do you mean, "rats"?
You only injected one.
But it's possible--
Finding rats is not a police
matter. I've already got
the exterminators on that.
as I'm sure you're aware,
the grand opening of the pool
takes place in three days.
Now, um, I don't think we need
to have any publicity on this
unfortunate incident. Do you?
All I see
is a dead kid
without a face.
[ Trips ]
[ Heavy Metal ]
[ Continues ]
[ Ends ]
I can't believe
they called us in
to find one stupid rat.
How are we supposed
to find one rat?
Yeah. There is--
There ya go.
[ Crowd Cheering ]
What are you doing?
I'm watchin'
the game.
[ Announcer ]
Twenty yard line.
Runs down there--
Hey, we-- we already
caught the rat
anyway, huh? Huh?
You see, that's exactly
what's wrong with this country.
Nobody takes pride
in their work anymore.
[ Announcer Continues ]
Well, I do.
I'm a professional.
What are you sayin'?
Never mind.
What? You're gonna
take a flamethrower
for a rat?
[ Chuckles ]
No, Bay City breath.
This is no ordinary
See, I modified
this baby myself.
I just find
the rat, aim...
and... kazoom.
You got a light?
[ Angie ]
Those bastards. They don't
give a damn about Mark.
They just think
that-- that--
[ Al ]
Angie, this ain't gonna help.
[ Sighs ]
I'm just so...
[ Sighs ]
[ Footsteps ]
The police
didn't believe our story.
The dean is acting like
nothing ever even happened,
and there's not a damned thing
we can do about it.
[ Toilet Flushes, Distant ]
Mark wouldn't be
sitting around.
He would have gone out
and gotten proof.
[ Sloshing In Water ]
Al, it stinks down here.
What makes you think
we're gonna find him
here anyway?
Because it stinks.
Rats like this kind of shit.
[ Footsteps Sloshing ]
What if we get lost?
Got it taken care of.
- This is scary shit.
- What?
[ Sighs ]
The plant seems to have retained
the growth formula without
significantly altering it.
You mean, eating this would
be like taking an injection
of the growth hormone?
Ah, it's possible. On top of it,
I found rat saliva
in the tomato specimens.
This is scary shit.
All right. We know it exists
unaltered in the mutants--
human, plant or animal.
Now, if I can find an agent
that neutralizes the hormone,
it should work on the kid--
on rats too, for that matter.
I think a few shotgun blasts
would be more appropriate
treatment for those suckers.
[ Footsteps ]
[ Mop Sliding On Floor ]
That's enough, Zeke.
You can finish up later, huh?
Sure, Doc. Need some
industrial strength
cleaner anyway.
- This blood's dried up
crustier than old Delhurst.
- [ No Audible Dialogue ]
What happened, Neil?
I was running
some tests.
- On animals?
- It doesn't matter now.
It doesn't matter? My friend
was killed here last night.
- No one asked him to break in.
- And who asked you to play God
with these animals?
Look, Alex. It was important.
I needed to run those tests.
That doesn't justify torture.
[ Footsteps Departing ]
[ Neil ]
Alex! Wait a minute, will ya?
Will you slow down a second?
Why should I?
[ Both Panting ]
'Cause I can't
explain a thing to you
if you're running away.
Come on.
You okay?
Damn it.
Told you to buy
the alkaline.
I did.
You left it on.
Well, if you noticed
I left it on, why didn't
you turn it off?
Al, I think we came
this way already.
No chance.
I've marked in every tunnel.
[ Squealing ]
[ Announcer, On TV ]
You're looking at the classic,
drop-back passer.
He completes
for 34 yards to--
[ Screeching ]
Got great sight lines--
[ Continues, Indistinct ]
[ Burps, Smacks Lips ]
How's the cancer research
with Professor Delhurst going?
Let's just put it this way,
Elaine. It's high time I got
back to my doctoral thesis.
What's it on?
Ancient altican cures
for androgenic alopecia.
How and why
they worked.
"Androgenic alopecia"?
[ Squealing, Distant ]
- [ Screeching ]
- Holy shit!
[ Screeching Continues ]
[ Screech, Distant ]
That rat's huge!
[ Panting Heavily ]
- [ Screams ]
- [ Screeching ]
[ Scream Ends, Distant ]
[ Book Hits Floor ]
- [ Rat Screeches ]
- [ Yells ]
[ Rat Screeching, Continues ]
[ Brett Yelling, Continues ]
[ Rending ]
[ Snarls ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Squeaking ]
[ Tapping On Keyboard ]
Lock up.
Come on, catalyze.
Same molecular structure.
I'm not getting there,
trinitro. Come on.
Give me a D.N.A. match.
Smaller chains.
That's it.
That's it!
I think I've got it.
I think I've got it.
Josh, I've got it!
[ Josh ]
Hey Alex. He's got it.
[ Telephone Rings ]
Yeah, Dean.
I'll be right there.
[ Hangs Up Phone ]
See you guys later.
Well, let me tell ya.
I've seen an awful lot
of rats in my time--
some big,
some very, very small--
but that was
the Loch Ness Monster of rats.
Closest one to this,
I think, was back in 1985.
[ Lieutenant, Indistinct ]
We were doing a sweep of the
sewers in the old city hall.
I wanna see it.
Well, it's not
a pretty sight.
Just show me.
[ Exterminator ]
We're out two of my best men.
And we always get our rat.
I meant the rat.
This isn't the rat.
[ Dean ]
Of course it is.
There is no yellow spot.
The rat I injected
had a yellow spot on it.
Hey, you're lookin'
at a barbecue, buddy.
This rat could've been
a goddamn dalmatian
for all we know.
That's right, Neil. And we
have the absolute assurance
from the exterminator...
that this was
the only one.
Why don't you listen to me?
This is not the same rat,
which means there are others.
Really, Neil,
I think you're being
just a bit paranoid.
It's all over.
I came as fast as I could.
This is incredible.
How did you do this?
Do you realize
the possibilities?
Your assistant
is lying here dead,
and all you can think of are
the scientific possibilities?
How is the poor boy?
[ Clears Throat ]
All right, guys.
Let's get this thing
outta here.
Come on!
Quit standin' around.
All right, Lieutenant Weizel.
[ Squeals ]
What was that?
Al, did you
hear something?
Let's get outta here.
An? Angie!
[ Rats Squealing, Distant ]
[ Squealing Continues ]
[ Screams ]
Help me!
[ Continues Screaming,
Indistinct ]
Someone help me!
Al! Al!
[ Screaming ]
Al! Oh!
Help me!
[ Whimpering ]
[ Rats Squealing, Screeching ]
What happened?
What happened?
Al! Al! I saw them.
[ Snarling, Screeching ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Straining ]
No! No!
[ Al Yelling ]
[ Angie Screaming ]
No! No!
[ Both Continue
Yelling, Screaming ]
[ Rending ]
Angie! No!
[ Rending Continues ]
[ Al Stops Yelling ]
[ Alarm Wailing ]
[ Heavy Switches Banging ]
[ Alarm Continues, Distant ]
Bobby! Are you--
- Bobby!
- [ Heavy Footsteps ]
[ Barking ]
[ Barking Continues ]
I hate you, Dr. Travis.
[ Telephone Rings ]
Neil? It's Kate.
Look, we're running out of time.
Bobby tried
to get away last night.
The guards had to stop him.
He wasn't badly hurt, but he's
completely out of control.
His strength
is overpowering,
and he's still growing.
I've had to sedate him and--
Neil, I am so afraid.
[ Clock Ticking ]
Kate I'm very close. Give me
one more day and I'll be there.
Just hang on, okay?
[ Clock Ticking, Continues ]
[ Dog Barking, Distant ]
[ Snarl ]
[ Engine Starts, Runs ]
[ Engine Stops ]
Okay, boy.
Come on.
Let's go.
- [ Rat Squeaking ]
- Attaboy. Get a good whiff.
[ Rattling ]
[ Rattling Continues ]
Think you got
enough firepower?
If they've gone
as crazy as Bobby,
we're gonna need an army.
[ Rock, Distant ]
[ Crowd Chattering ]
[ Man ]
I love this country!
[ Hiccups ]
Come on. My roommate get's home
at 2:00.
Un momento. I got
to take a piss.
[ Panting ]
Dr. Hamilton,
what are you doing here?
What do you say--
can I buy you a drink?
No. Maybe another time,
Mary Anne.
Excuse me.
What's with
the dog?
Uh, it's an experiment.
- Can I come?
- I'll tell you about it later.
Great. I'll drop by your... lab.
Will ya cut the shit?
[ Sighs ]
[ Screech, Distant ]
[ Wails ]
Oh, Carlos.
[ Giggles ]
[ Dog Panting ]
[ Josh ]
Which way, boy? Come on.
I think he's onto something.
Don't get your hopes
up too high.
There's over three miles
of these tunnels.
They go under every
building on campus.
[ Barking ]
What is it, boy?
[ Squeaking ]
[ Neil ] Easy. Easy. Get over.
Get him out of the way.
[ Barking Continues ]
[ Squeaking, Louder ]
Stay back, Josh.
What's that?
Kinda early for huntin' season,
ain't it, Doc?
[ Dog Panting, Whining ]
Zeke, what the hell
are you doing down here?
It's not safe.
Tell that to the kids
freezin' their asses off
in Farkison. The heat's off.
Besides, I've been comin'
down here for 20 years.
Ain't nothin'
gonna sneak up on me.
You just keep your eyes open.
Give us a holler
if you see anything.
Like giant rats, Doc?
[ Chuckling ]
[ Switch Clicks ]
[ Electric Motor Starts ]
[ Motor Continues ]
[ Wheels Resume Squeaking ]
[ Squeaking Fades ]
[ Both Moaning, Grunting ]
What is it?
I'm sorry.
I got to go.
Again? Shit.
Un momento.
[ Sighs ]
[ Liquid Streaming ]
La cucaracha, la cucaracha
Ya no puede caminar
Ahh. Ohh.
[ Screeching ]
[ Screams ]
- [ Screeching Continues ]
- [ Screaming Continues ]
Carlos, quit being
such an asshole.
- [ Yells ]
- [ Tires Squeal ]
[ Gags, Retches ]
[ Screeching, Distant ]
[ Electric Motor Stops ]
[ Squealing And Screeching,
Distant ]
[ Squealing And Screeching
Continues ]
[ Motor Whirring Starts ]
[ Wheels Squeaking ]
[ Water Flowing ]
It's a sewer system.
Could be where
the nest is.
[ Strained ]
We're gonna need more
than a tracking dog.
[ Coughs ]
Dog can't follow
the scent in water.
[ Coughing ]
You all right?
[ Motor Whirring
Approaches ]
[ Wheels Squeaking ]
[ Motor Stops ]
- [ Rustling, Screeching ]
- [ Yells ]
[ Yelping ]
[ Yelping Continues ]
Help! Help!
[ Wails ]
[ Rat Screeching ]
[ Zeke Wailing, Reverberates ]
Goddamn it, Zeke.
[ Motor Running Down ]
You scared the hell out of me.
What the hell was
all that yelling about?
[ Basketball Bouncing ]
Man, that new floor
is excellent.
Check the spring to it?
The whole place is wild.
And the pool.
It must seat a few thousand.
Hey, you going
to opening night?
Yeah. I gotta work security.
All right.
I'll see ya.
All right. Check ya later.
[ Engine Starts, Runs ]
- [ Screeches ]
- [ Man Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Chatter On Police Radio ]
Twenty years of wreck checks,
and I've never seen
something like this.
Well, you're gonna see
a lot more of this if you
don't evacuate the campus.
Yeah, well, it's private
property, Doc, so that's
not exactly my call.
All finished, Lieutenant?
Well, there's a few things
that concern--
I'd like this tidied up
as soon as possible.
Dean, you can't ignore this.
[ Sighs ]
This is, uh,
just a car accident.
Since when do cars
eat your liver?
We'll let the police
worry about that.
And what about the other deaths?
Zeke. The kid who got hit
by a car. Half his ass
was bitten off.
Are you outta your mind?
Ah, look, relax, huh?
Listen. Why don't we wait
and see what the coroner says.
All right?
Well, a lot more people
are gonna get hurt...
while you guys
are sitting around
waiting for autopsies...
that tell you something that's
staring you right in the face!
[ Hits Car Hood ]
What does it cost
to run your lab, Hamilton--
to pay for your
salaries, research,
the roof over your head?
Come on, Dean.
We don't have time--
Any idea...
what it costs to run
an entire university?
I know.
And I know how
to keep it running,
because that's my job.
I also know that
if this university
is shut down...
because of giant rats,
no one is gonna send their
kids here, and no one is
gonna donate one red cent.
Tonight is the grand opening
of that building.
There are going to be
a lot of wealthy alumni
with checkbooks in hand.
Do you understand me?
[ Weizel ]
He's a local kid.
You recognize him?
From the campus,
isn't he?
[ Footsteps ]
[ Stops Rustling Papers ]
- [ Drawer Closes ]
- [ Footsteps Approach ]
[ Jostles File Cabinet ]
Ah. Neil.
There you are.
What are you
doing here?
I let myself in.
I hope you don't mind.
Security check.
It's my duty as chairman
of this department to, uh,
prevent any further
occurrences of vandalism.
For instance, this...
should always be locked
when you're not here.
Mmm. Why don't you quit
insulting my intelligence
and get the hell out of here?
[ Chuckles ]
Neil, what can you be thinking?
Look. I'm sorry
you lost your data,
but if I find you here one more
time, I'm gonna give you more
trouble than you can handle.
Okay. Okay. I'm leaving.
But you're wrong
about this, Neil.
You can't possibly believe
that I, a fellow scientist,
would actually stoop to--
[ Turns Lock ]
Dr. Hamilton?
Mary Anne.
Mmm. Mmm.
[ Moaning Softly ]
[ Continues Moaning, Louder ]
[ Gasps, Moaning Loudly ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Both Screaming ]
[ Squeaking ]
How was it?
- How was what?
- The tunnels?
Oh, uh--
[ Sighs ]
Did you hear the news?
Not much.
The administration hardly
said a word. And I'm worried
about Al and Angie.
They didn't come home
last night.
[ Josh ] Listen, Neil.
I've got a great idea.
Rats have a terrific
sense of smell.
A female rat in heat
can pick up a male scent
from a long way off.
If we can inject a female rat
with the growth hormone,
she'll lead us to the males.
How do we know she'll be
We don't,
but, uh, I think
it's all we got.
Let's get to work. We're gonna
need a map of the sewer system,
and some kind of...
a radio direction device.
Uh, we're also gonna need
a rat in heat.
[ Squeaking ]
Oh, no. Not her.
I'll go to the biology lab
and I'll find one.
I would wonder if a radio device
will work in the sewers.
[ Squeaking ]
Sometimes I think
he loves you more than me.
Well, I don't know about that.
She never liked me.
She's just jealous.
[ Laughs ]
[ Small Engine Buzzing ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Beeping Continues ]
[ Engine Stops ]
[ Beeping Stops ]
[ Squealing ]
[ Screams ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Blows Whistle ]
I got a copy of
the sewer plans.
What's that?
Well, with any luck,
it's gonna be the antidote.
Lieutenant Weizel just called.
He wants you down the
pedestrian tunnels right away.
[ Siren Blaring ]
Oh. [ Indistinct ]
[ Groans ]
Don't worry
about it.
[ Sighs ] I know, buddy. We're
gonna get you to the med center.
Don't worry about it.
You son of a bitch.
I see you're smoking again.
Smell it on your breath.
[ Laughs ]
Give me one.
Hang on, bud.
[ Exhales ]
It works.
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles, Sobs ]
Now will you admit
there's a problem?
She's right.
We gotta do somethin'.
Of course,
we've got to do something.
I'll, uh, call in
the exterminators. Lieutenant,
you get together your best men.
Find them and kill them.
Kill them all.
We have got a plan.
We can lead you to their nests.
A professional can
take care of this.
I want extra security around
the sports complex tonight.
The official opening is in
two hours, and I see no reason
to alarm anyone.
Get on it! Now!
You listen to me now, Dean.
Now how many people
are gonna die because you--
When are you gonna stop?
I want you out of here,
Hamilton! One hour!
Out of your lab,
out of this university!
You see this man on campus,
I want you to arrest him
for trespassing!
[ Grunts ]
Get on that elevator!
[ Neil Grunts ]
All right!
Go on!
This is a licence
to print money.
[ Chuckles ]
Reaction to the hormone
is as expected--
immediate and rapid growth!
I'm gonna be rich.
I'm gonna be rich!
I'm gonna be rich and famous!
on top of everything else,
this is a cure for baldness.
I will now test
the dehaired cells of a canine.
[ Whimpers ]
[ Gasps ]
The cells are multiplying
at an incredible rate.
Mitosis at the speed of light!
[ Gasps, Grunts ]
[ Grunts, Groans ]
[ Whimpering ]
[ Water Running ]
[ Panting ]
[ Gagging ]
[ Gagging Continues ]
[ Gagging Continues ]
[ Groaning ]
[ Groaning Continues ]
[ Groans ]
That son of a bitch!
[ Sighs ]
Come on.
God, you look awful.
[ Gurgling,
Splattering Noises ]
- It works!
- [ Sighs ]
[ Squealing ]
Hi, old girl.
[ Squeaks ]
Well, it looks like
you're going to be coming
with me after all.
So will I.
[ Squeals ]
"In" the land
Of the free
[ Cheering, Applause ]
And the home
Of the brave
[ Cheering, Applause Continue ]
[ Booing, Scattered Applause ]
It is my great privilege,
as dean of this university,
to welcome you all
to the opening...
of our new sports complex.
[ Cheering ]
[ Fanfare ]
[ Dean Shouting, Indistinct ]
This is also the occasion...
of our first annual synchronized
swimming championships.
And I know that this
will be an evening none of us
will ever forget.
[ Squeaks ]
[ Beeping ]
[ Squeaks ]
[ Tracking Device Beeping
Continues ]
She stopped.
She's maybe
a hundred meters ahead.
We're at Level 7G. It's
the lowest part of the system.
She must've found the nests.
[ Neil ]
Look at these.
[ Fanfare ]
[ Applause ]
[ Ends ]
Our first team is from
Varley College,
and here they go.
[ Choral ]
[ Beeping Continues ]
[ Beeping, Increasing Speed ]
[ Gasping, Panting ]
Come on.
Let's keep going.
[ Synthesizer Rock:
"Ode To Joy" ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Grunts ]
What is it?
It's chlorinated.
[ Continues ]
[ No Audible Dialogue ]
[ Crowd Chattering ]
- [ Gasps ]
- [ Shouting, Screaming ]
[ All Screaming ]
[ Squealing ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Rending ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
- [ Screams ]
- [ Squeals ]
[ Rat Screeching ]
[ Screeching Continues ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Growls ]
[ Screams ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Screams ]
[ Spectators Screaming
Continues ]
[ Squeaks ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Rending Continues ]
Hold it!
Hold it!
[ Shouts, Indistinct ]
[ Rats Squeal ]
All right.
[ Shouts Orders, Indistinct ]
Come on, now!
Get your line of fire straight.
Don't fire wild!
Don't fire wild!
Keep it low!
Just get the rats!
[ Gunshot ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Groans ]
Come on! Come on!
Don't fire wild!
- [ Grunts ]
- [ Yelling ]
[ Man Yelling Continues ]
[ Gunfire ]
- [ Squeals ]
- [ Screams ]
You fucking idiot!
Get out of here. You're toast,
you fucking idiot!
- Get the fuck-- There's some
on the other side! Shit!
- [ Squeals ]
[ Screaming ]
[ Squeals ]
We gotta do something!
I've got an idea.
Come on!
Hold your fire!
I can get them
in the courtyard!
How? How?
Never mind. Just have
your men there, buddy!
Backup! I need backup
upstairs in the courtyard!
Just get it up there now!
Come with me.
Where, man?
Never mind.
Just come with me.
Come on.
[ Screaming Continues, Muffled ]
[ "Three Blind Mice" ]
[ Sirens Blaring ]
[ Squeaks ]
[ Continues ]
[ Screaming Continues ]
Let's go!
[ Ends ]
Lock the rats
in the courtyard.
And don't shoot at 'em
until I say so!
Don't let your men fire
until I get the white rat
out of the way!
[ Screaming ]
[ Squeals ]
[ Squealing ]
- [ Squeals ]
- No!
- [ Squeals ]
- [ Squealing ]
No! No!
[ Squealing ]
[ Screeching ]
[ Groaning ]
- Louise.
- [ Gurgling ]
[ Gurgles ]
[ Ringing ]
Neil. Wh-What's happening there?
I've been trying to reach you.
Look, I'll explain
to you when I get there.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Please, Neil.
You've got to hurry.
Bobby has lost his mind.
Really, we cannot control him
any longer.
He's dangerous.
Kate, just hang on.
[ Heavy Footsteps ]
Just a few more hours,
I can be there.
[ Muffled Scream ]
[ Screams Louder ]
Kate? Kate!
Kate! Kate!
[ Shouts ]
[ Rock ]
When you're movin'
right up close to me
That's when I get
the shakes all over me
Shakes down the backbone
I got the quivers
down my knee bone
Tremors in my thighbone
Shakin' all over
Just the way that
you say good night to me
Brings that feeling
deep inside of me
I got the quivers
down the backbone
Shivers down my thighbone
I got the shivers
down my knee bone
I'm just
Shakin' all over, yeah
Yeah, yeah
Shakin' all over, baby
You've got the power
Ooh, all over, baby, yeah
When you're movin'
right up close to me
Want you to keep on movin'
right up close to me
I get the tremors
down my backbone
Shakes in my knee bone
Tremors in my thighbone
I'm just
Shakin' all over
[ Grunts ]
Shakin' all over, baby
Shakin' all over, yeah, now
I'm just shakin', baby,
Shake, baby, shake
I wanna shake, baby, shake
Shake, baby, shake
Got, gotta me shakin', now
Baby, shake
Ooh, yeah,
shake, baby, shake
Come on, come on
Shake, baby, shake, yeah
Shake, baby, shake,
Got a fever
Shake, baby, shake
[ Fades ]