Food of the Gods, The (1976) Movie Script

Hit it, hit it!
Way to go.
I'm trying here.
Way to go, Jay Parks!
Okay, let's go.
Forward eye.
6-22. X-3. Okay?
On one, on one. Ready?
Six. Three. Four.
My name is Morgan.
I play football.
We worked our butts off trying to get
it together for the big Sunday game.
So the coach told us to knock it off,
and relax for a few days.
One of my teammates, Davis,
came up with the idea that
we head out to the island.
He went ahead to
make the arrangements.
I talked our PR man, Brian,
into coming along.
I felt the day off
would do him some good, too.
It'll be great to be
in the country again,
and enjoy some
of the open spaces
that man hasn't screwed up
with his technology.
My father used to say, "Morgan,
"one of these days
the earth will get even
"with man for messing her up
with his garbage.
"Just let man
continue to pollute the earth
"the way he is,
and nature will rebel.
"And it's going to be
one hell of a rebellion."
Of course,
I never took him seriously,
but I still remember the way
he looked at me when he said,
"You'll never know when and
where it's going to happen.
"And once it starts, you'll never
know how and when it'll stop."
It's funny how my father's
prediction comes to mind
when I go to the country,
like today.
Venison tonight, right?
.We haven't got him yet
We will.
They've got it!
Go on, beat it.
Hey, what'd you do that for?
Come on, Davis. We won. The poor
bastard lost. What more do you want?
Get out of here.
Hey, come on, let him go.
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God.
You stay with him, Brian,
I'll be right back, okay?
Where the hell did you get
those goddamn chickens?
Hey, do you know those
bastards almost killed me, huh?
You had no business in there.
Look, my name is Morgan.
I need a telephone.
There's been a bad accident
in the woods out there.
My friend is dead.
We don't have no phone.
Well, where can I find one?
None nearby, you can't.
We're the only farm
on this end of the island.
What? No one else?
That horse, did you get it from
the stable near the ferry landing?
Yes, I did.
Well, when you take it back,
they got a phone.
Thanks a lot. By the time I get
there I won't need one.
Please, mister...
Could you take a
look at something that
scared the wits out of me?
Hey, look, lady, I've already
seen your chickens.
No, this is something else.
I wouldn't ask
if Mr. Skinner was here.
The Lord knows I wouldn't.
But I'm frightened
they've got to it.
What do you mean, "they"?
Please, mister,
will you take a quick look,
and tell me if you think,
it's what I think it is?
Do those look
like ratholes to you?
Yeah, they sure do.
I knew it.
They got at the food.
They must've.
Is this what you've been
feeding those chickens?
No. This is the way
it comes to us from the Lord.
The chickens
won't touch none of it,
unless we mix it with
the meal and the bran.
Yeah, well, that wasp seems to
like it well enough.
I mean, what is it?
The good Lord give it to us
'cause we're deserving people.
And we pray regularly, we do.
And the Lord is
going to see to it
that we don't need
money no more. Never.
Look, lady,
I don't think you realize
how dangerous this
stuff could really be.
Mr. Skinner's in
the city this minute,
making a big, important
money deal for this food.
That's what he's doing,
right now,
at the same time
we're standing here talking.
Yeah, but that's not
gonna help very much
if something besides those
chickens have gotten into this food.
Well, nothing on our farm
killed your friend,
if that's what you're thinking.
Lady, how large do you think
those rats will grow
if they've gotten into
this food of yours, huh?
Mr. Skinner'll know
what to do,
no matter what ate it up.
He'll know exactly what to do.
Yeah, well, I hope so,
because I'll be coming back.
I didn't think
we'd be going back like this.
What do we do now?
I guess we let
the coroner figure it out.
We gotta tell him
what we think, don't we?
No, I don't think so.
I mean, we'd sound like
a couple of prize idiots
telling the District Attorney
a giant something or other
killed our buddy, wouldn't we?
How many times you been
busted up playing pro ball?
I don't know.
I don't think
there's a guy in the league
who hasn't been
laid out once or twice.
Except Davis.
Been playing with the team
for seven years.
Never even been
carried off the field.
Yeah, so what's the point?
So, what I want to know is,
how does a guy with all that luck
have this happen to him?
Well, I guess his luck ran out.
Oh, excuse me, sir.
Anything happen today, sir?
Like, unusual.
Well, a man was killed stag
hunting on one of the islands.
Fell off his horse.
You mean, unusual like that?
Not exactly.
I saw the body.
His two friends
brought him across.
He was all swollen and ugly.
You know what I mean?
I don't suppose
his friends said anything
about seeing some
big things, did they?
Anything of that sort, sir?
Oh, God!
Who's there?
Lord, save me, save me.
I just came from
the coroner's office.
Yeah, what'd he say?
From the amount of
poison in his body,
he estimates that Davis was stung
by no less than 250 wasps.
Come on, let's go.
Where to?
The farm.
Come on, what do you want
to go out there for?
The ride.
Well, I'd like to
go along with you,
but I'm splitting for
Chicago tonight, remember?
Come on, Brian, will you?
Hey, baby, if I don't set up
that promotion in Chicago,
you jocks ain't gonna have too many
fans watching you play football.
Come on, you know darn well
you don't have to be there
for at least two days.
Well, all right.
If the truth were known,
I'm really not all that ecstatic
about going out there
with you, Morgan, you know.
Oh, Tom, come on.
Please hurry.
Tom, get it going.
Oh, please stop.
Please, please stop!
Why didn't you stop?
What for?
The girl was pregnant.
So she wanted something, Jack.
Maybe they were in trouble.
lt can wait.
We'll pick them up on the way back
You don't care about anybody
but yourself, do you?
Is that what you think of me?
I think you're
the most selfish man I know.
So why do you work for me?
Because jobs for
female bacteriologists
are just not that
easy to find, Jack.
So who told you to be one?
You're a bastard,
did you know that?
As a matter of fact, I do.
Oh, Tom,
I don't know what we're gonna do.
.Just stay calm
Don't worry about
a thing, sweetheart.
Who put this goddamn gate here?
Hey, what's that?
Oh, my God!
What do you suppose killed them?
Well, whatever it was, it did
a good job on the barn doors.
I'm really impressed, Jack
. How about you?
Well, I don't know. You can't
tell much when they're dead.
How do we know some clown
didn't make this thing
out of plaster of Paris and
a handful of ostrich feathers?
Let's see if we can
find Ma and Pa Kettle.
I don't see anybody.
Mr. Skinner!
Anybody around?
He said he'd be here.
Well, maybe he's out back, huh?
Oh, I'm sorry, miss.
I thought you was...
Well, I don't know what...
My heads all mixed up.
It was them coming in.
Mr. Skinner said they would.
What happened to your arm?
It was the big worms, miss,
crawling horrible things.
And then the rats came.
In the barn, awful giant rats.
Well, we're looking for
Mr. Skinner.
What do you want him for?
Well, we were supposed
to meet him out here today.
Mr. Skinner didn't
come home last night.
Maybe he stayed
over in the city.
Well, that doesn't matter. You can
show us whatever you have out here.
But Mr. Skinner never stays
away overnight. Never.
Are you trying to tell me I've
wasted my time coming out here?
Did you make a money deal with him?
No, not exactly.
Then, I'm afraid I can't
show you our secret.
It wouldn't be right.
Look, I didn't travel all the way
out here to this goddamn hole
to see some dead
chicken carcasses.
Now, do you have something
you want to sell or haven't you?
Hold it, Jack. Why don't you just try
being a little human for a change?
Mrs. Skinner, we have
to get back to the city.
Couldn't you show us what
your husband fed the chickens?
I won't let Mr. Bensington take
advantage of you, I promise.
All right, miss, I'll show you.
I don't care what happens.
I just want my husband
to be with me again.
That's what your husband
brought us out here for?
Just like Mr. Skinner
found it.
Just like that one day.
At first he thought it was oil,
and it was gonna make us rich.
Come on, Lorna.
But wait a minute, Jack,
wait a minute. Look at this.
I've never seen
anything like it.
Mrs. Skinner,
how did your husband
happen to feed it
to the chickens?
Well, when we found
out it weren't no oil,
There was nothing to do about it,
so we fed it to the chicks.
Right out of
the ground like that?
No, miss.
Nothing'll eat it unless
we mix it with chicken feed.
And did all the chickens grow?
Only the baby chicks.
Nothing seemed to
effect the grown ones.
Nothing at all.
Nothing happens to the full-grown
chickens, is that right?
Well, they didn't grow none,
if that's what you mean.
But I didn't say
nothing happened to them.
Well, what did happen?
They got ate by
the real big ones.
Come on, Lorna.
Mrs. Skinner...
I don't like you.
Well, if that stuff
is worth anything,
I'd like an option until Miss Scott,
here gets the stuff analyzed.
I don't want nothing
more to do with you.
You didn't take me seriously
back there, did you?
I was only
having a little joke.
Jack, look!
Oh, thank you.
Did you see them?
It was last night.
They were right there
in the middle of the road.
Right in front of us.
We almost hit one.
What were they?
They couldn't have been
what they looked like.
Yes, they were.
They were these huge rats.
I've never seen
anything so ugly in my life.
All right, we'll pull you out
and you follow us.
It won't help.
I busted my rear axle.
Are you going
back into the city?
Well, we have to make
a stop at a farm, first,
then we'll be going right back.
Okay, but if we're still here,
can we get a ride
back with you then?
I think you'd
better come with us now.
Oh, that's all right,
we'll be okay.
We'll just stay inside the bus.
You okay?
Damn fortunate
you happened along.
Yeah. Well, actually,
we didn't just happen along.
We came out here
to see Mr. Skinner.
What about?
Are you Mr. Skinner?
No, I'm not Mr. Skinner.
Do you know about the food
the Skinners have up here?
Yeah, a little.
Well, I can tell you right now,
if you're entertaining
any intentions
of becoming involved,
you're too late.
My company controls all rights.
Well, then, maybe
it's not Mr. Skinner
I want to see after all, is it?
I'm not interested
in any partners.
Until Mr. Skinner
comes home and says
he wants you to have our food,
Mr. Bensington,
nobody owns nothing but us.
The good Lord give it to us
to do as we please.
Well, it would appear
you were just moved back
three spaces and lose a turn.
Well, anyway,
my company has first refusal.
Miss Scott here was present when
Mr. Skinner made us an offer.
That was yesterday morning.
Well, then, I suppose legally,
you just might be right.
No question about it.
When I throw our charges with the
district attorney, I'll know who to name.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Second degree murder, I guess
that's what they'll call it.
My friend was killed by your wasps
yesterday afternoon.
They're not my wasps.
Well, if you own the stuff
that made them grow,
I guess you're liable
for whatever they do.
Now, wait a minute.
Oh, we'll wait
more than a minute.
My buddy here
and I are going to
give you a hand
in cleaning them out.
Well, you'd better get the hell
off this land. You're trespassing.
Sorry, can't do that.
We'll have to get
the wasps in their nests,
and they don't go
home till after dark.
Dirty bastards!
I'm Lorna Scott.
Oh, you're with
Mr. Wonderful over there?
I'm in charge of the bacteriostasis
in his plant, yes.
It must be fascinating work.
Since you're dying to know
what it is, I shall tell you.
I keep the bacteria growth
within an acceptable tolerance.
How interesting.
Brian, we're gonna need something
that'll work for a wick.
Maybe some rope rubbed down with
powder from our shotgun shells,
and some plaster or cement.
See if the Skinners have any, okay?
You don't like women around when
you're doing your thing, do you?
What's my thing?
Facing danger.
I don't mind.
Are you sure?
What's there to mind?
Oh, can I come along?
Why not?
It won't be easy, but I think
I can learn to like you.
You're the first man I've met
who has balls enough
to beat Bensington
at one-upmanship.
You're nice yourself.
Thomas, she kicked.
Right here.
Like what you see?
I realize I'm not very attractive
being so pregnant
and all, but...
No, it's not that.
I just guess the whole thing
wasn't such a good idea, after all.
I just thought we could
see things more clearly.
Thomas, I'm seeing
things very clearly,
and I'm not going
to change my mind.
But it's my baby.
I want it to have my name.
She'll have her own name.
Did anybody ever tell you,
you're crazy?
Why? Because I'm happy
we're having a baby?
It'll be the same kid
even though we're married.
But our relationship won't be,
yours and mine.
But what's the difference,
damn it?
We're still
the same two people.
Just tell me
what the difference
a lousy marriage certificate has
to do with our relationship?
Hey, that is exactly what
I'm talking about. Nothing!
And that's why
I don't want one.
Thomas, look at me.
You love me, don't you?
And I love you.
We live together.
We grow together.
Do you believe that?
It's huge.
Come on, let's get
back to the farmhouse.
Oh, God, forgive me
for doing bad things.
I swear, I won't sin again if you
just return my husband to me.
A doctor ought to be taking
care of this, Mrs. Skinner.
The Lord healeth the sick,
That's from the Bible.
Yeah, well, I think maybe you
should drive back with us tonight
Oh, no, I can't do that.
When Mr. Skinner returns,
he'll want me to be here.
He will.
Mr. Morgan.
Mr. Morgan. Mr. Morgan.
They got Lorna
God have mercy
on the poor girl.
Well, what happened?
I'll show you.
I'll get my gun.
That slope in back of the house.
That's where we saw them.
Then, all at once,
they came at us!
And Lorna ran up on the slope,
but the earth gave way.
She fell in there.
That's where the big rats went.
But Lorna's down in there.
Lorna, can you hear me?
Morgan, get me out of here!
Okay, I'm coming down.
You're sure they were rats?
- I know a rat when I see one, mister.
- Give me a hand.
They're nearly
as big as horses.
Is there anything you didn't
feed the food to, Mrs. Skinner?
Brian, get the rope and
flashlight from the jeep, okay?
Oh, Lord.
It's happened, just as
Mr. Skinner said it would.
Being punished 'cause
we sinned against nature.
The only sin, Mrs. Skinner,
is your goddamn stupidity.
You're not a good man,
Mr. Bensington.
The things you say and do.
You okay?
Hand me the shotgun.
Coming in.
Got it?
Take her up.
Morgan! Morgan!
Are you okay?
Careful there.
Where are those ratholes?
will you go in with me?
Don't be a fool.
Thanks, Brian.
You okay?
Thanks to you, kid,
we missed the last ferry.
You bastard.
Please, could you just
lift me up, please.
Yeah, sure.
You all right?
Oh, yeah.
It stopped. It stopped
What the hell was that?
Rita. Rita,
come to the door.
Come on out.
Tom, what is it?
Oh, my God!
Oh, Tom!
Look at them.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Come on. Come on.
Oh, Tom, I can't..
They're out there,
all over the place.
- They're everywhere. They're everywhere.
- Big rats.
Where? Out there on the road
where your camper was?
By the camper, yeah.
Wait, how many were there?
I don't know.
They're all over the road.
Come on, Lorna, we'll drive right
through them.
Hold it right there.
What the hell
do you think you're doing?
This car might be the only way
out of here for all of us.
That's why I'm taking it.
If anybody wants to come along,
they can come.
Now give me the keys.
Not until I know it's safe.
Safe, hell!
It's my car, god damn it!
Give me the keys.
Okay, Bensington,
I'll give you your keys back,
but if you try and
take any of these people
out of here before
I tell you it's okay,
you're gonna have more than
rats to fight. You got that?
Hold it a second, Morgan.
How could they get
at us inside the car?
Well, after they force us off the
road, they'll give us a choice,
of either dying inside the car
or coming outside
and being eaten.
Well, I don't hear you coming up
with a better suggestion.
Well, how about this one?
You and I go
for a ride in my jeep
and take a little look
for ourselves, huh?
What the hell for?
I don't know. Maybe those kids
exaggerated a little.
- I'm not interested.
- Maybe they exaggerated a lot.
I'm still not interested.
Well, just you and me,
Brian, let's go.
Maybe he's right, Morgan.
His car is closed.
We could plow right
through the bastards.
Okay, Brian, you go out there
and plow right through
the rats with the man.
If you don't make it,
no one can say you didn't try.
All right, just tell me
one thing, okay?
What the hell are we
going out there for?
In this open jeep,
we don't stand a chance.
Dumb bastards.
They're even worse
than I thought.
Jack, the girl is sick.
I don't know what to do.
It's stopped.
She could be
having a miscarriage.
Help me! This is
the end of it. I want it all!
Didn't you hear what I said?
I said the girl is sick.
She could be dying.
Find every container you can.
Pails, bottles, jugs,
anything that'll hold it.
We'll load the car
and then get out of here.
You don't give a damn
about the girl, do you?
You don't give a damn about anybody,
but yourself and money.
Do you know what
this food is worth?
Enough millions, you can use
$100 bills for toilet paper.
You can flush it down the toilet
without even counting it.
Well, I didn't know that's what
you wanted money for, Jack.
I'll give you one thing,
though, you're creative.
You're a no good son of a bitch,
but you're creative.
What are you stopping for?
What are you doing?
You don't think that's going
to keep them out, do you?
I'm going to follow that road,
right down there.
That road?
That's the way the rats are coming.
The rats are coming...
Oh, relax, will you, Brian
? Relax.
Well, we're in luck.
The fence runs right into the water.
Oh, Jesus Christ, Morgan!
You saw how big they are.
This goddamn fence isn't going to stop
them, nothing's going to stop them.
Well, maybe not.
Even if it did, they can swim.
You know that? Rats can swim.
They'll swim right
around the end of it.
No, I don't think so.
I think if they go in the water,
they'll sink
straight to the bottom.
Come on, are you kidding me?
You ever seen movies of
a hippopotamus in the water?
I should swim so well.
Yeah, well, they've been doing it
for a hell of a long time.
So have rats.
Yeah, at a weight
of about 10 ounces.
At 150 pounds,
the gravity pull is gonna make it
a whole new thing.
I think they're gonna have to learn
how to swim all over again.
You could be wrong.
.And the fence goes to
the water on this end, too
If they attack us out here
in the open, we're dead.
We've got an unbroken
wire fence running across
the north side of the island, with
water on both sides.
It won't even slow them down.
Charged with electricity,
it will.
You should see how
funny you look, Jack.
You're scared shitless
the rats will come,
but you want money
badly enough to chance it.
Well, fill this, god damn it!
The stuff is drying up.
I'm beginning to think maybe that
stuff should stay right where it is.
What the hell
are you talking about?
Well, it doesn't look so good,
as a super-contribution
to the world, I mean.
Starving people?
And you're going to feed them
all with big chickens, right?
Yeah, and giant cows and sheep,
and ducks and fish,
and you name it!
Yeah, well, it sounds good,
but wouldn't bigger creatures
have larger appetites?
I'm way ahead of you, kid.
I'm going to take this stuff and
have it converted to plant food.
Oh, and you're gonna feed all
the big animals with big plants.
Right on.
And within five years,
hunger will be
a thing of the past.
And that's what you're
doing it for, is it, Jack?
For the benefit of all the hungry
people throughout the world.
Especially the children.
Oh, God, you're going
to make me cry.
Hey, Lorna, you surprise me.
I always thought
you were like me.
Anything for a buck.
Oh, no, you underestimate
yourself, baby.
Nobody could be
a whore like you.
You're number one.
I heard that argument
you had with Bensington.
Are you that much concerned?
Well, why'd you
throw away your job?
I couldn't take the chance
the rats would get me
before I told Bensington exactly
what I thought of him.
You okay?
I think I'm going
to be sick again.
Get up. Come on.
It's all my fault.
Her pregnancy or
her being out here?
Well, it's too late to do
anything about either, isn't it?
Oh, God, help us.
I won't never sin again, never.
Only don't let no rats eat us.
Please, God.
- Is that enough?
- Yeah.
Come on, baby.
Choke this thing, here.
There you go.
Take the shotgun, Brian.
You know something,
I'm supposed to be in Chicago,
day after tomorrow.
Yeah, I know.
Think I'll make it?
I sure hope so.
Oh, Jesus, here they come.
Don't shoot.
What if it doesn't stop them?
We won!
Morgan, we won!
All right, let's get
out of here. Come on.
You were right!
They can't swim!
Let's go.
If I was a fish, I'd have thought
it was too easy.
What's the matter?
Did you count how many rats there
were back there at the water?
- Just now?
- Yeah.
No, I didn't count them.
Yeah, well, if you had,
you'd find out
that there's only
half the bastards
we left back there
at that generator.
So what?
So, I think the rest
are up to something else.
Like what?
Like, we better
find out damn quick.
Where the hell are you going?
Come on, Morgan,
let's break this down.
Come on, let's get
the hell out of here.
Oh, God.
If you care for that girl
in there with your baby,
you better change your mind.
Once I leave here, none of
you are going to get out alive.
I couldn't take Rita back
out there with those rats.
There's no way.
You just didn't
see them like we did.
Now, you listen to me, you get
that pregnant girl of yours
out of here and into that car.
And don't give me any bullshit.
And the old lady goes, too.
Well, get them, god damn it!
Yeah, that's right, Jack.
You be sure and take
Mrs. Skinner with you.
You'll need her signature
for the rights, won't you?
What happened to your friend?
He run out on you?
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.
Hey, come on.
Hey, let go of me, you son of a bitch
Hey, hey! No, stop it!
Please, stop it!
Stop, no!
Oh, Lord!
Look! Look, look!
Get the shotgun!
Mr. Thomas.
Listen, everything's
going to be okay.
Better go in the bedroom with Rita.
She's not feeling too well.
Looks like
the white one's the leader.
Save your energy, Thomas.
They're out of shotgun range.
Hey, we scared them off.
Yeah, for a while anyway.
For a while? We can hold them
off forever, man.
Just cool it, will you?
Mr. Morgan!
Mr. Morgan, the well's run dry.
I been pumping and pumping
since the Lord knows when.
Yeah, well,
you can stop pumping.
Those rats have cut through
the pipe right to the well.
What do we do about water?
That's the least of our problems.
Those rats will be in here
long before
we ever get too thirsty.
Oh, my God.
Hey, Morgan, how do we know
we can't reach them
with our shotguns out there?
Boy, just another 20 feet closer,
we'd get them all.
Hey, you're
ruining those shells!
Yeah, I know. But that's all we
got left to save us.
Hey, look, Thomas, count
the shells we've got.
If we're lucky enough
to knock out one rat
with each shell,
there'd still be
enough of those bastards left to
hold a hell of a people barbecue.
Oh, you've got an answer
for everything, don't you?
Well, maybe we shouldn't
have listened to you,
maybe Bensington was right.
Yeah, you got a point there.
Well, nothing gets
to you, god damn it!
We could've been
the hell away from here
if it wasn't for you.
I'll tell you what. Bensington's
car is still out there.
You can take it if you want to.
I'm sure he won't mind.
I know all about
delivering babies.
Living on a farm,
you get to know those things.
going to be all right.
- Lorna.
- Yeah.
Can you handle one of these.
You ever shot one?
Oh, terrific.
Well, it's ready to go.
Hold it tight against
your shoulder. It kicks, okay?
God, I know my husband isn't coming
back to me. I know it, I know it.
Was the finest man
in the whole world.
Is it possible that
Bensington was right?
We could have
driven through them?
Yeah, it's possible.
How can you be so cool?
Aren't you afraid?
Sure, but I'm more bothered
that those rats are out there
trying to outsmart me.
If I told you how I felt right now,
you'd think I was crazy.
Tell me.
I want you to make love to me.
It is crazy, isn't it?
At a time like this.
the first thing we'll do
when we get back
to the mainland
is continue this
conversation, okay?
But that's just it, I don't think
we'll ever get back.
They're attacking again.
I need more shells.
How's it going?
I've been lying here,
thinking about what
it's going to be like
when those rats get inside.
Morgan says
we're gonna be fine.
Do you believe that?
You know, I used to think
about dying a lot.
I'd sort of lie there in bed,
at night, in the dark.
I guess I've always
had a terrible fear of it.
Rita, don't.
I used to fantasize
the most horrible death.
You know, the most frightening.
None of them come close
to being eaten by rats.
The funny thing is,
now that it's happening,
it really doesn't seem
to matter, except for my baby.
What do you think
our chances are?
Pretty good.
Like hell.
Have it your way.
Any minute now those rats
are going to bust in here,
and you're still fussing around
with some lousy jars.
Well, it's something to do.
Something to do?
That, my dear boy,
is what life is all about.
From the time you're born,
it's finding something to do
while you're waiting to die,
and you try like hell to prevent it.
I'm not afraid to die,
'cause it means
I'll be with my husband again.
I'm not afraid.
Not afraid.
Now, you get your ass
in gear and get over there,
and put that strip in that
gasoline jar and move it!
I think we ought to at least
talk about it. All of us.
Yeah, about what?
Bensington's car.
It's still out there, and
the rats haven't hurt it.
I'll tell you what,
we'll take a vote on it.
- Good. If we...
- After we come back.
From where?
Say, I'm not
going to leave Rita,
if that's what you're thinking.
Pick up those jars
of gasoline, Thomas!
You're going to kill us.
Now open the front door!
Oh, God.
Oh, no!
I think the baby
means it this time.
How did you know
there was a dam?
Mrs. Skinner told me.
Don't let the baby die
, please.
Can you see?
Can you see the head?
Is the head coming?
It's showing its head.
Yeah. Now, push.
Is it a boy? What is it?
It's a boy.
It's a boy? It's a boy.
Jesus. We'll never get...
We won't by sitting here.
Come on.
Light this thing.
Everybody upstairs, now!
Oh, God, no!
Well, I guess
that's the end of them.
The end of Bensington's one
last big shot at immortality.
We were able to get Thomas's
camper fixed long enough
to get us back to the ferry and
away from that nightmare for good.
I'm back with the team,
and things won't be the same
without Brian and Davis.
My father was right.
The land rebelled much worse than
he ever could have imagined.
Nature was attacked,
and hit back with a vengeance.
I hope we got it all,
and the Food of the Gods has gone
back to wherever it came from.
I hate to think
what would happen
if even a trace of
that stuff is left.
If it got into
the watering ponds
or into the irrigation ditches.
Did we get it all?
Because if we didn't...