Foolish Plan (2016) Movie Script

In 1339,
Emperor Yuan Shun issued an edict
that canonized Qi from Korea as the Queen.
He ordered eighty-one craftsmen to build a set of
precious mirrors and gave them to Qi,
named the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors,
which symbolized "Dragon and phoenix combine.
Peace reigns over the land."
In 1368,
Zhu Yuanzhang's army invaded the capital.
The Yuan Dynasty ended.
Queen Qi secretly fled to Korean and disappeared.
The Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors
have been missing since then.
No! Please stop that!
Please! Just stop!
Get out of here.
Don't gamble again.
Stop, stop!
Please! Don't beat me!
Let's call it a day.
Finally. I'm exhausted.
Are you okay?
It's sour.
Let's get some sweet fake blood next time.
I'm Mei Dazhi from Hong Kong,
a less successful mid-aged man.
I went to Police Training School
and worked as a private detective.
On my worst days,
I sold Fish Ball Rice Noodles at the Causeway Bay.
Now I work for a casino in Jeju Island.
Chip exchange.
Money laundering.
While those are dishonest practices,
I'm good natured.
I married a girl called An Jing (quiet),
but she isn't quiet at all.
Instead, she got me involved
in an elaborate fatal scam,
which happened tonight.
What wish did you make?
It's obvious.
She wishes I love her all my life.
I hope your stock deal at HKEx this time
will be a success.
Where is the Phoenix Mirror?
Bai Chuxiong, I won't give it to you
even if you kill me.
Sister, you can't go back to Hong Kong.
Bai Chuxiong won't let you get off so easily.
All the documents were signed by you.
He set you up.
I know, but I can't hide from it.
We will get through this together.
Where do you put the money?
Just forget it.
It's too much.
You can't raise the money by gambling.
Bai Chuxiong wants money, right?
Well, I'll take a chance.
I have been working in the casino
for so many years.
And what do I see?
Dog-eat-dog, breakup and ruthlessness!
I don't care. I have to do this for my sister.
Dazhi, if you Jove me...
If you love me, let me go.
If you love me, just let me go, will you?
They reason why I won't is exactly
because I love you!
You understand?
Mei Dazhi, let me out!
Mei Dazhi, let me out!
Do you remember
the letter of indemnity you signed at HKEx?
You didn't pay even a penny.
It's your signature
on the letter.
You set me up.
Don't be so childish.
If I file the letter of indemnity
to the court,
who do you thing the judge would trust, you or me?
Listen to me.
Go to Jeju
find your student Zaizai
and get the Phoenix Mirror.
Then we'll be even.
I've got it.
Tomorrow night,
I'll send someone to pick it up in Jeju.
And we'll be even then.
Miss An.
This is the deposit, three million.
Find a hit man for Chuxiong in South Korea.
An unfamiliar face.
No loose end.
In South Korea?
Yes, because our target is in South Korea.
What a coincidence, boss.
I happen to have some men in Seoul.
Very reliable.
Perfect match makes it priceless.
To eliminate the troubles you have
to dig up the roots.
Got it.
When you get the Phoenix Mirror...
This is Cha Ki-Bum
from Seoul.
He claims to be the best film
makeup artist in Seoul.
A man having integrity and big dreams.
No bad habit.
He frequents
parties thrown by South Korean stars,
and are on terms of intimacy
with most A-listers.
Why did he come to Jeju to kill someone?
He has never made that clear.
It's so difficult to understand him.
Oh, my money!
My eyebrow!
Oh, I'm sorry!
Wait a minute.
I'll fix it for you with the pencil.
What are you doing?
It's okay.
Oh, my God!
I'm sorry.
You nuts!
Come here. Don't run.
Get out of my way!
Get out of my way!
This way, this way!
Stop! Don't do this to me.
Give me a break!
Wild laughter gives you decreased immunity
and accelerates the secretion of stress hormones.
Your hair will fall off in wisps,
and you will die within five hours.
Boss, boss, give me one more mouth.
One month?
Fifteen days, and I will pay you back.
Fifteen days?
Five days. Five days will do.
Five days?
Yes, five days.
Hello, Myeong Cheol.
I got a big deal for you.
One million Hong Kong dollars for a hit man.
One million Hong Kong dollars
is less than 150 million won.
Thirteen, even the price of pickles goes up now.
It's impossible to hire a hit man at this price.
So 500 thousand more.
I need an unfamiliar face.
Thirteen, here's the deal.
Two million Hong Kong dollars,
one million paid in advance.
I'll send you the world's best killer
to get the job done perfectly.
You can contact him personally.
Okay, deal.
What are you good at?
I'm a make-up artist.
I heard you speak Chinese.
A little bit.
Do something for me
and all debts can be cancelled.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I will do it.
But what do you want me to do?
Go to Jeju and kill someone for me.
Kill someone?
Damn it, you ruin my cosmetics.
Someone booked a room for me.
A moment, please.
What a shame to kill such a pretty girl.
Bro, I've got the files.
1:00 a.m. at the all in house.
Kill her when you get the thing.
Your boss has arrived at Jeju.
Collect money tomorrow.
Well, don't be afraid.
These are the props for our filming.
Sorry for that.
Checkout for you now?
Seventy-eight thousand won.
I'll get you two-thousand change.
We've got a customer now. I'll call you later.
Here's your change.
How could this happen to me?
You are...
Where is it?
Where is my stuff?
Where is mine?
Give it to me.
Give it to me.
Give it to me. Give...
Don't run!
Hey, don't run!
Don't run!
Honey, let's take a vacation
and have fun this time, okay?
So let's enjoy
our honeymoon.
Use your eyes, okay?
Damn it,
you ruin my cosmetics.
You look much more handsome now!
Guoguo, Guoguo, Guoguo, look.
A casino chip. How many zeroes are there?
One, two, three, four, five, six.
What a windfall! God bless.
He is Hao Dongdong.
A Hokkien living in Beijing.
He owns an apartment and a car,
and is the best antique appraiser in Beijing.
Gamble is a commendatory term to him,
or at least a neutral term.
Boastful, romantic, wife-lover.
The first thing he does after marriage
is take all of his egg money
to travel with his wife.
But this time,
he happens to choose Jeju as their destination.
For my Audi and your Dior,
let's do it.
Let's go.
I'm rich.
Here we go.
This way, please.
I'll exchange the chips for you.
Banker, banker, banker, banker.
Honey, do you have more money? Give me some.
That was all we got.
Dior? Audi? We can't even afford Oreo now.
You have been winning.
How about
we follow you?
The jade ring in God of Gamblers.
Full jade green. It's precious.
You are an expert.
You bet.
I am
the best antique appraiser in Beijing.
Come on, come on.
We are rich now!
We are doing good. Just keep betting.
I'm running out of luck here
and going to another casino.
Where are you going?
I'm leaving. You go ahead.
Don't do this. I have faith in you.
The Chinese believes in
friends helping each other,
common development and common prosperity.
How do you write the character "people?"
One stroke to the left and another to the right.
They connect and bolster each other.
They need each other,
and fall down when they leave each other.
Do you know unity is strength?
Three "people" together, you, her and me.
Nothing can bring us down.
How about this?
We put our money together
and go to another casino to play big.
Good idea.
But there are rules.
I want 40% of your winnings.
Exchange your chips. I'll wait for you outside.
Honey, hurry up.
Don't go.
Come on.
I'm making big bets now.
Honey, do we have more money?
Not a penny left.
We lost the down payment of our department.
How much do you think this is worth
if I pawn it?
An Jing.
Don't pawn it.
Dazhi and I both work for casinos.
If word gets out,
it'd be a shame for Dazhi.
I got money.
50% interest as usual.
Where do you think we should sell her to?
Where there are too few women for so many men.
Pay your gambling debt with prostitution.
Pack her up.
Do you also want to go play in India?
Free shipping for you, dear.
The young master said
Pack them up.
I don't want to be a shemale!
I don't want that!
Let me call Dazhi.
Don't bother.
I'll call him.
Cash or check?
No Cash.
Thirteen, I'll go take a call.
Sir, here's your check of one billion won.
Please keep it.
It's a bearer check, so anyone can cash it.
Long time no see.
What's up?
An Jing owes me some money in Vegas Casino.
Please come here and take care of it.
Okay, I'll be right there.
Sorry, I have to excuse myself.
Mention my name at the New Royal Casino.
Everything will be fine.
Dazhi, what's wrong?
Nothing. Just a small problem.
Tell me about it.
I'll take care of it for you.
No, thanks. I'll see you later.
Hey, come back soon.
Okay, okay.
They owe us 500 million won.
Old rules.
Interest included.
A total of one billion won.
I'm not paying back for them.
So cut it in half.
200 million.
Buddy, buddy.
You can't just rule us out like this.
The three of us are a team.
So we should share weal and woe together.
It doesn't make sense that
she took 30% of my winnings,
and now I have to pay my debt on my own.
That's clearly a double standard.
I'm not a coward.
If we were in Beijing,
I'd pay them without hesitance.
I own a quadrangle courtyard in Beijing.
I know you are from the streets in South Korean.
If you help us weather the storm this time,
I'll pay you back with interest
when we go back to Beijing.
I'm Samson at Gaza now,
but I'm still Samson, right?
Enough talk.
I don't care how you split the debt.
If you don't pay me back
before 12 o'clock tomorrow,
my son will send them to God knows where.
Our boss said,
if you don't pay him back
before 12 o'clock tomorrow,
our young master
will sell them to God knows where.
No, no, no, no.
You can't sell us.
Tell me about it. I'll take care of it for you.
12 o'clock tomorrow.
I'll pay.
I'm taking her
out of here.
You know the rules.
You can't take her.
One of you two,
go get money with him.
You go.
You go.
How about I go?
You spank me, and I spank you.
Dazhi, come and play with us.
Thirteen, I want to ask a favor of you.
Does it has to be now?
Let's go.
Dazhi, tell me about it.
I'll take care of it for you.
You won one billion won in the casino today.
Can you lend it to me?
One billion?
It's life-saving.
Cut the crap.
Who would save my life then?
Beat it.
Bro, bro.
You've got to help us this time.
You are our last hope.
Who are you?
We are on the same boat.
Thirteen, if you lend it to me,
I promise I'll pay you back with interest in a month.
He owns a quadrangle courtyard in Beijing.
Yes, I have a quadrangle courtyard.
So if you lend it to us,
I'll pay you back with interest
when I go back to Beijing.
I trust you.
I trust you.
I'd be a dumbass if I trust you.
What are you doing?
You have to lend the money to us today.
No alternative.
You want money, right?
You have to let me out first,
so I can get you the money.
Come on.
We are brothers. So take it easy.
I know it's an urgent need.
Problem solved.
Yes, yes, we are finally saved.
You... Stop!
Come on!
Give it to me! Whoops!
Don't come over.
Stay where you are.
Let's talk.
It's a loan.
So we will pay you back.
You call it a loan?
It's obviously a robbery!
I got it. I got it.
Oh, my god. Oh, my god.
Oh, my god, hurry, hurry.
Pull me up.
The check.
That was close. Hurry up! Get me up!
Sir, here's your check of one billion won.
Please keep it.
It's a bearer check, so anyone can cash it.
You want them in cash?
Here's your check.
His passport is still here.
So he will come back.
Buddy, what should we do now?
Sit back and wait.
You two poor guys. You are no match for me.
You lured us away,
but didn't expect we would come back, did you?
Give it to me.
Lend me the money.
Give it to me.
Lend me the money.
Give it to me.
Lend me the money.
Stop that. Just give it to me.
Well, well, seriously.
You are my last hope.
If you help me get through this,
I will pay you back with interest.
I have never won money before.
This is my first time.
Screw you!
You again?
Take that!
Go to hell!
Get him!
We are totally done.
In no way can we get the money now.
But let's pray he won't die.
Or I have to take responsibility for that.
Look at this.
A cheap junk.
He won't lend the money to us even if he has it.
Buddy, I got a plan.
I will fly back to Beijing tomorrow morning,
and steal all the valuable antiques
from our store,
and pawn them
to pay our debt.
I can embezzle.
I will kneel to my boss.
If he won't forgive me,
I will turn myself in.
Better to serve my time in Beijing
than do it here.
We can't make any mistake.
Because one mistake will lead to another.
I will reflect on my mistake.
I take the fall. Okay?
I just hope that my wife is all right.
When I'm released from prison,
Guoguo may have become someone else's wife.
I know some local loan sharks.
We borrow from them
tomorrow morning
to pay the debt.
You mean usury?
With the compound interest,
we will never pay them off.
I thought you have a courtyard in Beijing.
That was a lie.
I'm just a Hokkien in Beijing.
But you still got your hands
and feet.
You are still alive.
So much for your pep talk.
Just come up with a solution.
Okay, I'm thinking, I'm thinking.
Let's trade tomorrow.
I'll send you the time and location later.
Remember to wear a black coat
and black sunglasses.
And bring a red rose.
Trade? What trade?
He killed someone.
An Ning?
Sir, here's your check of one billion won.
Please keep it.
It's a bearer check, so anyone can cash it.
Yuan Dynasty.
The No.1 auction house of the world.
It's a life saver! Come have a look.
Sowerby Auction House
lists the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors
as their star lots,
whose starting price is $ 40 million dollars.
And the Phoenix Mirror alone
is worth $ 10 million.
An Ning's death
must have something to do with it.
It seems that
they doesn't know Thirteen.
So what should we do?
Let me think about it.
What does the text say?
They tell us to trade tomorrow,
and will send the time and location later.
They also ask us to wear black coat
and black sunglasses,
and take a red rose.
You look familiar to me.
So let me introduce myself.
I am Thirteen who is popular in Yau Tsim Mong,
dominates Lan Kwai Fong.
A sexy and attractive boy.
I'm telling you.
I'm a rich man, you know?
I own a billion won.
You don't believe me, do you?
You don't believe that I am a rich man.
Look here.
Look at this necklace.
There is check of a billion won in it.
Here's the plan.
We pass ourselves off as Thirteen tomorrow.
You take the Mirror and I take them down.
Girl, we are saved.
They get the money?
Who sent you the message?
Give me the phone.
What are you doing?
Don't do this!
Get off! Get off!
No, stop it!
Get off me!
What are you guys doing?
What's the commotion?
Boss, it seems her husband sent her a message.
We want to find out if they get the money.
Come on.
Let me see
the message.
No way.
You are making a mistake.
I'm a good guy.
Vietnam's best...
Where was I?
Vietnam's best sauna center
wanted girls from us,
but I didn't give you two up.
It's a shame for you to threaten girls.
Just show it to him.
When we get the money,
I won't stay here for one more second.
Give it to me.
Watch them.
Okay, okay.
They are gone.
It's once in a lifetime.
The fortunes find their way to us.
I want both the money and the stuff.
Follow them.
You escaped?
Who escaped?
Is it my wife?
Is it my wife that escaped?
Where are you?
Stay there.
Where is my wife?
Is my wife there?
Is she?
An Jing!
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
Did they hurt you?
Everything is okay now.
How did you run out?
Why didn't you reply my message?
They took my phone.
They took my phone.
Are you nuts?
What's wrong with you?
What did I do wrong?
I sent a message
just to assure them.
But how could
the two of you escape so easily?
It's okay, buddy.
They are standing in front of us safe and sound.
It's not that simple.
There must be something wrong.
Guoguo, Jet's get out of here.
Let's go!
I bet you can't get out of Jeju.
What else do you expect me to do?
They are killers.
Tell me what else can I do?
You know, I'm really scared.
Pull yourself together.
They killed someone. How could I not be afraid?
They killed someone. They really killed someone!
See for yourselves.
How could this happen?
It's impossible.
Who sent you this?
It can't be my sister.
How could my sister end up like this?
Sister! Sister!
An Jing!
- I'll rescue her.
- Calm down.
Let me go.
I've got to rescue her.
Sister, sister!
Happy birthday to you.
You two just go.
Buddy, I actually don't want to...
Just go!
An Jing.
I'm so sorry
for this.
Let's go.
Watch them.
We can't leave.
It's disloyalty.
Which is more important, your life or loyalty?
- Go.
- I'll stay.
Hurry up.
Hao Dongdong.
I always respect you
in front of others.
Look at yourself.
You look like a decent man,
but are actually a coward.
We borrowed the money
and contributed to the whole mass.
And now you want to get away with it.
Honey, listen to me.
- But I will stay.
- You can go now.
- Come on, Jet's go.
- I won't go.
Where are you going?
Free shipping for you.
Go to hell!
Honey, let's go.
Get on the car.
Hurry up!
My car!
They are gone.
Shut up!
Shut up!
We have high-tech.
They are here.
How come there is a tracking device in the car?
It's not surprising
in this business.
It's useless to turn it off.
They will find us anyway.
We can't run away from them.
We lose the signal.
Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!
Get to work.
I've got it.
Tomorrow night,
I'll send someone to pick it up in Jeju.
And we'll be even then.
Bro, I've got the files.
1:00 a.m. at the all in house.
Kill her when you get the stuff.
Your boss has arrived at Jeju.
Collect money tomorrow.
Where is it?
Where is my stuff?
Where is mine?
Give it to me. Give it to me.
Don't run!
Don't run!
Don't come over.
I'm not a bad guy.
Don't come over.
I'm really not a bad guy.
Don't worry.
I am the best makeup artist in Seoul.
Thank you.
how is your performance recently?
You are making money, aren't you?
With the rope.
Like this.
Contact Thirteen.
We choose the location.
Wearing a black coat
and black sunglasses
and bring a red rose when meeting.
Got it.
An Ning.
I love you.
An Ning, An Ning, An Ning, An Ning!
I will never forget the eyes of my dad
before he died.
My dad was so silly.
He should have given the Dragon Mirror to him.
At least
I wouldn't have been an orphan now.
He took the Dragon Mirror.
Maybe this is
my God-given chance for revenge.
British Sowerby Auction House
read the document we offered,
and has listed the Dragon
and Phoenix Mirrors as their star lots.
The starting price goes up to 40 million dollars.
Everything is under my control now.
Boss, the Mirror is all we need.
Why do you have to...
we have to make sure nothing goes wrong on this.
If someone fiddles the star lots,
will ask the Commercial Crime Bureau
for investigation.
You know the background of our company.
So we have to stamp out the source of trouble.
Miss An.
Here you are.
It's still not too late for you to regret it.
I won't blame you for that.
While it's priceless,
it costs the lives of my whole family.
Miss An.
You need it more than me do.
Hand it out,
and you will be free.
And I will be, too.
Emperor Yuan Shun's Queen Qi was from Korea.
When he officially canonized her as the Queen,
he specially had these mirrors built
and gave them to her.
When Queen Qi secretly fled back to Korea,
she brought nothing
but this set of bronze mirrors.
My dad told me that my great-great grandmother
was the maid of Queen Qi.
Before the Queen died,
she gave the Mirrors
to my great-great grandmother.
Bai Chuxiong and my dad were business partners.
My dad told him the secret when drunk,
so Bai Chuxiong began scheming
to do everything possible to get the Mirrors.
Where is the Phoenix Mirror?
Bai Chuxiong,
I won't give it to you
even if you kill me.
So the Dragon Mirror is still
in Bai Chuxiong's hand.
What's so great about the Mirrors?
They are just bronze mirrors.
We can build a fake one and give it to him.
It's impossible.
When the Dragon Mirror
and Phoenix Mirror are separated,
they are in the shape of dragon and phoenix.
But when they are put together,
the image of Queen Qi will emerge.
So you have to put the two piece together
for the identification of true and false.
What a workmanship!
I'm sorry.
If I remember correctly,
this is the first time An Jing apologizes to me.
I love her,
so no matter what she does wrong,
I give her tolerance and understanding.
Looking into her eyes,
I know she misses
our carefree, quiet and romantic life.
I never gamble,
because I know you always lose in gambling,
but for her love,
I have to come forward.
I'm going to gamble this time,
and I have to win.
We are leaving.
Take care.
Let's go.
I knew you dare not to kill.
But I do.
Tell me.
Where are the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors?
I don't know.
Are you talking or not?
Tomorrow, tomorrow I'm going to trade.
They will replace the Mirrors halfway.
You freaking son of bitches!
They are late!
Who are you?
The hit man.
Where is Thirteen?
In the casino.
Gambling addict.
You bring the stuff?
Give it to me.
Where is the money?
Come on, give it to me.
So beautiful!
It's simply perfect!
Let me have a look.
It's none of your business.
Get out of here.
Don't touch them!
Go away.
You, go.
Inform Sowerby Auction House immediately.
I told you not to buy so many things.
I have already bought them.
You just keep nagging about it.
If you don't want to carry them,
just throw them away.
What's the matter with you?
- What's the matter with you?
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
You should apologize.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Why do you always quarrel with me?
So what can you do with it?
Why did you throw the things away?
I wouldn't have done that
if you kept your mouth shut.
Well, cut it out.
What's the matter?
You look distraught today.
What happened to your hand?
I knew you were unreliable.
I want both the money and the Mirrors.
I want both.
I want both.
If you don't want to carry them,
just throw them away.
What's the matter with you?
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
- What's the matter with you?
You should apologize.
Your mirrors are fake.
They have been replaced.
The guy you ran into is called Mei Dazhi.
And the girl is An Jing.
The two of them are having fun
at the Sixth Shipyard.
You can check the Mirrors if you don't trust me.
Who are you?
Torture Mei Dazhi for me when you get him.
Who are you?
Hello? Hello?
What's wrong, boss?
They don't fit.
They don't fit!
You freaking son of bitches!
The Sixth Shipyard.
Go to the Sixth Shipyard now!
The Sixth Shipyard!
You're Mei Dazhi.
And you are An Jing, right?
Come here, come here.
An Ning, you are still alive.
And replaced my mirrors.
What a trick!
All right.
So today, let's put an end to this.
I'm telling you,
the Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors are mine,
and will always be mine.
First kill...
Misunderstanding, man.
It's all misunderstanding.
Son of a bitch,
I thought you told me it was a real gun.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
The money and the Mirrors are all yours.
Here you are.
Get lost!
Bye-bye. Bye-bye.
Get it! Hurry!
Where are the Mirrors?
Come on, let's go.
Boss, go!
Boss, go!
Your fingerprints aren't on the gun.
Let's get out of here.
You will be all right.
Where is the driver?
Let's call it a day!
Everybody, it's over.
It's over, get up.
Why do you lie in the water?
Come on.
It's over!
It's over! It's over!
It really hurts.
Why do I take a beating every time?
Everybody, the Mirrors are here.
Dazhi, let's get some sweet fake blood next time.
You freaking son of bitches!
It is a cookie.
Have you ever seen such an expensive cookie?
Have you seen a cookie worth 40 million dollars?
Here we are.
A bunch of people that
are brought together by fate.
And this is our story.
A bizarre, ironic story
with twists and turns.
Some people say life is like Russian roulette.
Only when you control the rotation and cycle
can you turn the impossible into possible,
and become a real winner.
Go find him.
I have worked with him for years.
His number is on the back.
We are leaving.
Take care.
They are here.
Thirteen sends us to pick you up.
He is your bodyguard.
This way, please.
There is a hidden structure.
If you lift it up,
the Dragon Mirror and the Phoenix Mirror
can't be put together.
Only my dad and I know the secret.
So beautiful!
Your mirrors are fake.
They have been replaced.
The guy you ran into is called Mei Dazhi.
And the girl is An Jing.
The two of them are having fun
at the Sixth Shipyard.
You can check the Mirrors if you don't trust me.
Who are you?
They don't fit!
You freaking son of bitches!
The Sixth Shipyard.
Go to the Sixth Shipyard now!
The Sixth Shipyard!
An Ning, you are still alive.
And replaced my mirrors.
What a trick!
The Dragon and Phoenix Mirrors
are handed over to the National Museum.
I heard that Bai Chuxiong was taken away
by the Commercial Crime Bureau
when he got off the plane
for investigation.
In retrospect,
those were the most fantastic three days in my life,
but they made me understand a truth.
Greed is the real poverty.
Satisfaction is the real wealth.
A simple muffin
is the truth of life.