Footy Legends (2006) Movie Script

[soft, ambient music playing]
[melancholic music playing]
[train rumbling]
[melancholic music continues playing]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Come on, mate,
you can get this. I can feel it.
I'm going to be right outside,
right here with ya.
Remember that try you scored
against Bass High, huh?
-How good was that?
-Yeah, that was all right.
Yeah? Or or that tackle
you made against St. Dom's.
-That was unreal.
-That was good, eh?
-You're the man.
-I'm the man.
You're gonna get this job.
-I'll get this job, Lloydy!
[girl] Yeah.
[announcer speaking indistinctly
over PA system]
-You can't come with me.
-Why not?
'Cause you just can't.
[telephone ringing in distance]
-So, you a Holden or a Ford man?
-Yeah, definitely Holden.
We just lost our best sales rep
to bloody Ford, so
now we've got to get a new one.
Yeah, I've just lost my job
at the fire extinguisher company
that closed down last year.
You probably heard about that.
I was putting together the canisters
and stuff, so I'm very good with mechanics
and tools and that.
We're looking for a salesman, mate,
not a mechanic.
Yeah, I can sell cars.
A good salesman can sell anything,
not just cars.
They make us believe in them.
Can you do that?
Yep, definitely.
[interviewer] Sell me this latte.
This latte is made from fine glass,
eh, imported from Sweden.
It's very tough, you know, it won't break,
like, no matter what you do.
I'll buy one.
[interviewer laughs]
-[Lloydy] How'd you go?
-Stupid job anyway.
[woman speaking indistinctly
over PA system]
[children chattering in distance]
[melancholic music playing]
-You got one. Yes!
[breathing heavily]
[melancholic music continues playing]
[children chatter indistinctly]
[both singing]
We got a present for Stinky
We got a present for Stinky
We got a--
Luc Vu, you're Anne's guardian?
-What did you do this time?
-My name's Alison Berry.
I'm with the Department
of Community Services.
We've been waiting for you since three.
Do you want to go to your room?
Anne's school has lodged
a formal complaint about you.
About what?
Ah, well, your sister's constantly ill,
and, uh, she's missing lunches.
-Her school fees still aren't paid.
-Yeah, like, she's all right.
So you can go away if you want.
The department's issued you
an order to appear in court.
[awkward silence]
I have to hand this over to you.
[Alison] Thank you.
[melancholic music playing]
[upbeat music playing]
[continues grunting]
[woman] Hands on your waist.
Hands on your waist.
[yelps, giggles]
It's a cold day, all right?
-[man] Mikey, move it.
-[Mikey] No.
-Move it.
-No. You're a dole bludger.
-Who bloody told you that?
Who said that to ya?
-[man] Shane.
-Hang on a second.
-[Shane] Tell me. Now.
-[man] Shane?
[both grunting]
-Come on, boys, pack it in.
-We're all strong, yeah.
[all grunting]
[man] Go on, Terry!
[truck brake hissing]
[indistinct shouting, grunting]
[indistinct clamoring]
[Mikey] Don! Don!
[man] I've got it!
Oi! Oi! Which one of
you boys owns that trailer?
-I do.
Well, can you scavengers
go back and clean up your mess?
It was already messy.
Listen, mate, you either go back
and clean it up now,
or we'll throw your whole bloody trailer
in our truck.
-Take it easy, mate. We'll do it later.
-You'll do it now.
-You touch anything, you'll regret it.
-[scoffing laughter] Hear that?
These girls here who play footy
like sheilas want us to regret it.
These boys were playing footy?
Look more like netball to me.
[laughs mockingly]
That's funny, huh? Netball. That's funny.
At least we've got teeth.
[all laughing]
[distant dog barking]
["We Can't Be Beaten" playing]
[growling and grunting]
[man grunts] Pick it up!
[all shouting and grunting]
[man] Go! Go!
Yes! There you go! [laughs]
[man] Oh, these guys stink!
-[overlapping shouting]
[man] Incoming!
[all shouting and grunting]
Hey, girl boys?
[all shouting and grunting]
[all shouting and grunting]
[yells angrily] You're gone!
[shouting angrily]
Come on!
["We Can't Be Beaten" fades out]
["Loi Ve Dat Me" playing in Vietnamese]
[song stops]
[speaking Vietnamese]
[Luc in Vietnamese] Hi, Grandad.
[in English] I got two As and a B.
I got a B for English.
[in Vietnamese-accented English]
[speaking Vietnamese]
-[in English] I spelt "cholesterol" wrong.
[speaking Vietnamese]
[in English] Okay?
[speaking Vietnamese]
[mimicking gunshot] Bam!
[in Vietnamese] You hear me?
[mimicking gunshot] Bam!
[awkward silence]
[melancholic music playing]
[Luc in English] What are you doing?
You're a slow coach. You can't get me.
[Anne] You're a slow coach.
[Luc] Oh yeah? [laughs]
-[Luc grunts]
-[Anne exclaims] Ah!
Mom used to like the skin.
Just eat it.
Mom used to like drinking coffee.
Mom used to like going to garage sales.
Oh yeah?
Mom used to like shoes.
Mom used to like
Mom used to like making cakes.
Mom used to like doing my hair.
[Anne] Hey, look.
[footsteps approaching]
Well, its head's come out.
How'd you do that?
What does it eat?
Um, insects and stuff.
Okay, I haven't fed it yet.
-Do you like it?
-[footsteps receding]
[car engine cranking]
-Can I help you there?
-Oh, hi.
Um, I was wondering
You've cut my money for this week,
and just wondering?
Yes, well, we checked
your forms last week,
and you didn't apply for all those jobs
you said you did.
Yeah, I did.
You're supposed to apply
for five jobs a week.
We checked with, ah,
Video Ezy, Woolworths, Hong's Bakery
None of them have even heard of you.
So you've been penalized.
Oh, come on.
It makes no difference if I apply or not.
They're not gonna give me the job anyway.
You still have to apply.
I've been going to interviews for months.
Come on, mate, stop whinging.
I've been going for years. Come on.
[Lloydy] Luc?
Let's get a beer, mate.
[reporter speaking indistinctly on TV]
[tableware clatters]
Everything in here is for people
with degrees and shit.
I'm thinking of joining the army.
Why not?
You can't, man. You're way too soft.
If there's anyone here
that can fight, it's me.
Hi. Um, I was wondering if
you wanted another sausage man.
I think I'd be very good at it.
No, mate. I've already got a sausage.
What about a steak or a spare rib?
What about a spare rib?
Honestly, mate, only need one bloke
dressed as a sausage.
There's not enough room
out on my pavement.
But what if he dresses as a spare rib
and promotes you somewhere else?
He could walk around Yagoona
as a spare rib for ya.
No, how about at the footy?
-What footy?
-At the Holden Cup next month.
How about we play in the cup,
and we'll put your name on our jerseys.
You're playing in the cup?
-You and your bloody ideas.
-We can do this, man.
We've just gotta register seven players.
No point, is there?
They're not gonna play.
-Look at these, man.
-They're bloody sausages.
They're as good as anything.
We might even get to go on TV.
-Can't believe this.
[both laughing]
[Lloydy] Get off.
[TV playing indistinctly
in the background]
[woman yelling] Bloody hell!
Oi. What's going on?
What's going on?
Your kid's pissing into that!
He almost got himself electrocuted.
Now, who the hell taught him that?
Oi! Oi! What are you doing?
These are my footy socks.
My high school footy socks.
You've lost it.
[TV continues playing indistinctly
in the background]
[classical music playing on TV]
-[bell ringing]
-[woman] Babe, don't worry about me.
Nothing'll happen to me, gorgeous.
[man over PA system]
Visiting hours are now over.
Would all inmates
please make their way back inside?
Visiting hours are now over.
[woman] What?
[bell ringing]
[man over PA system]
This is the final call for all inmates.
Visiting hours are now over.
[metal door closes]
[knocks on door]
Hi, Jasmyne.
Hey, Robert.
So, what's up?
Say I was to ask you out
I'm not.
if I ever did one day
what would you say?
I wouldn't know what to say.
But please don't do it.
We're better off as friends, yeah?
Great. I'll see ya.
I'll see ya. See you later.
[door closes]
Bye, Jasmyne.
[breathing heavily]
[Anne] What do you play footy for anyway?
'Cause it's fun.
'Cause when you play, people like you.
-You want to hold Brittany?
[laughs] Hello, Brittany.
Hey, sexy! You, in the footy jersey.
Ah, look.
-Can I have your number?
-[Luc] The boys.
-Yeah, you can win a ute.
-My uncle's got a ute.
-[Shane] Your uncle's got a bomb.
-Hey, listen, guys.
Do you remember years ago we played Byron?
And everyone thought we'd lost the game.
Do you remember that, guys?
Everyone thought Everyone.
-But not youse.
-But not us, guys.
We won, hey? Remember that?
And what about when we played Aloys, guys?
Everyone thought we were dead
for sure. Everyone.
-But not youse.
-Not us, guys.
-We smashed 'em, eh? Eh?
[Luc] What about the Year 11 formal, huh?
We thought no girls would dance
with us, remember?
-Yeah. No, no they did.
-Except for Terry.
-Shut up.
-[all laugh]
Terry, throw me the ball, man.
I'll show you some magic.
["What's My Scene" playing]
And another thing
I've been wondering lately
Oh, baby, tell me where have you been?
Now the stage is set
Where's my Juliet, baby?
Is it maybe
My Midsummer Night's Dream?
What's my scene? What's my scene?
What's my scene?
Tell me, what's my scene
Stacks on!
Stacks on!
[all laugh and grunt]
[indistinct chatter]
[car revving in distance]
[Luc] Oi.
[motivational music playing]
[man over radio] It's a beautiful day
for a surf, ladies and gents.
But if you are not into the wonder of the
waves, and God has not blessed you,
then why not show up today
at your local rugby league oval
for some youse football action?
That's right, ladies and gents.
The qualifying matches
of the Holden Cup are on today.
There's matches on everywhere,
from Rose Bay to Dubbo,
From St. George to St. Peter's.
The Holden Cup is
[motivational music continues playing]
[indistinct chatter]
-[referee] You the captain?
-[Luc] Yeah.
Right. Holden Cup rules, no conversions,
only tries. Keep the game flowing.
No scratching, biting,
stomping, all right?
Winner qualifies for the cup.
Did you hear that guys? Must win today.
-[supporters cheering, applauding]
-[Ryan] Go, Dad!
-[Boof's wife] Go, the Schooners!
-[boy] Go, Yagoona!
-[Anne] Go, Yagoona!
-[boy] Go, Yagoona!
Come here, Ryan. Go, boys! Take it!
[whistle blows]
-[man 1] Let's go, guys.
-[man 2] Come on, come on.
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
-[supporters exclaim] Ah!
-[boy] That's killed him!
-[overlapping shouting]
[referee] Come on, boys!
What have you got?
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
[Terry] Luc! Luc!
-[Luc] Go!
-[Lloydy] Go, Terry, go!
-Yeah! Let's go!
-[supporters applaud]
[whistle blows]
[referee] Four-nil.
Come on! We can do this.
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
[Terry] I got him!
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
[man] Shit, they're in!
[whistle blows]
[referee] Four-all.
[making mocking chicken noises]
[indistinct jeering from opposing team]
Go harder next time. [laughs]
What happened there, huh, guys?
-Come on, come on.
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
[supporters applauding]
[whistle blows]
[man] Eight-four, Kirribilli's way!
[player coughing]
I'm just letting you know, all right.
All the other losing teams
got thrashed, so
you boys can still qualify
if you draw the game.
-That's it?
-A draw will get you in.
Good luck.
-[Terry] We could probably do it.
-Mate, we can definitely do it. One try?
If we can break 'em.
Listen, guys, they're always
up on the last, right?
We put up the bottom. We'll go in.
Yeah, bro. You show us how.
-[players clamoring, shouting]
-[supporters cheering]
[player] So close.
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
-[man 1] Get it out, get it out!
-[man 2] Give it a kick!
-[man 1] Get out of it!
-[man 2] No one let it go!
-[supporters cheer and clap]
Eight-all. You're both in.
-[whistle blows]
-[players cheering]
[motivational music plays]
[chanting] Yagoona Schooner, Schooner!
Skull, skull, skull!
[all laughing]
"The winners of the Holden Cup
will work with Lowes Menswear
to promote their new summer collection."
Ha! No more looking
for that missing trolley, huh?
We win this, mate,
we'll get real work, you know?
No more lining up
begging from suits, guys.
Real jobs.
This is crap.
No, it's not.
Sarah did her presentation today
about the Dalai Lama.
The Dalai Lama thinks
that we can be kids even when we're old.
What? Like this?
Stop it, stop it. You're a bong head.
I hate this. Mary's was really beautiful.
Yours is heaps better.
Yeah, but her dad helped with hers.
[sighs] He's good at everything.
Excuse me, Your Honor.
I just want to say that, uh
that I I believe that most of the
the things that
the school's saying about me
uh stems from the fact
that four months ago,
I lost my job at the factory
when it closed down.
I've been looking for work, and, uh
[melancholic music playing]
I'm an excellent brother, Your Honor.
I guess, uh
Sometimes I don't
Sometimes I stuff up, but mostly I'm
[sighs] Mostly, I'm an excellent brother.
So, uh, I think that you should
leave me be the guardian of Anne.
I object to what they're saying,
Your Honor.
I'm a very responsible person.
I captained my football team
for three-and-a-half years.
And, uh, we had a 60
[sighs] 63% win record.
I'm a very responsible person, Your Honor.
[melancholic music continues playing]
[walnuts shattering]
[footsteps approaching]
[speaking Vietnamese]
[in English] Oh my god, what's that smell?
Go to sleep, Bob.
-Go to sleep, mate.
-[Bob laughs] Yeah, yeah, Joseph.
[speaking Vietnamese]
[motivational music playing]
[Luc in English]
"South West Express, July 7th, 1996.
By reaching the high school's final,
this year's Yagoona High Rugby League team
is the best team
the school has ever produced.
From the baby-faced giant, Donald Lalau,
upfront, smashing his way
through the opposition"
C'mon, mate. [grunts]
"to the lightning speed
of Terry Keenan on the wing,
the team has talent across the field.
In the centers,
Yagoona's flair is on display
with the dazzling stepping skills
of Walid Chamas.
Chamas runs beautifully
off the golden boot of Boof Toeye.
In defense, Yagoona is rock solid
with the tenacity of Shane MacDonald
standing firm and strong.
In attack, the determination
of Robert Lloyd,
who plays with so much heart,
should carry them out of many a grave.
Finally, every winning team
needs a strong leader,
and in Luc Vu, Yagoona this year
have a truly gifted captain
who on his day
is capable of creating magic.
If they can beat Hornsby
in the high school's final,
these boys will surely
become stars of the future."
-[Boof] If I ever smoke again
-If I ever smoke again
-[Boof] my dad, Boof
-my dad, Boof
-will kick me with his footy boots
-will kick me with his footy boots
-in my nuts.
-in my nuts.
-And it will really hurt.
-And it will really hurt.
-Like this?
All right. Again!
All right. Again.
-If I ever smoke again
-If I ever smoke again
-[Boof] my dad, Boof
-my dad, Boof
-will kick me with his footy boots
-will kick me with his footy boots
-in my nuts.
-in my nuts.
Stop that. It's Cliff Lyons.
Do your homework.
Then can I watch you do footy?
[indistinct chatter from distance]
You know, Donald's gonna be on TV soon.
-Serious? You're in a porno?
No. Playing football in the Holden Cup.
Yeah? [chuckles]
I hope this doesn't take too long,
'cause I've got a game on tomorrow.
You've got a court hearing on Tuesday.
I'm playing in in this tournament.
And if we win, I'll get a job
at Lowes selling menswear.
-So, everything's gonna be all right.
-You've gotta be joking.
Are you gonna try telling that
to a magistrate next week?
Because she'll, um,
she'll just laugh you out of the room.
Anne needs proper care.
I care heaps for her.
Well, honestly, Luc, she needs an adult.
What's that supposed to mean?
Well, she needs a responsible guardian.
She needs someone who can [inhales]
someone who can support her.
Someone who can pay her school fees,
someone who can
look after her.
[awkward silence]
Like, what happens?
How does it work?
Okay, well [clears throat] Um
Initially, Anne would go to a refuge
until we found a suitable
foster home for her.
[Alison] It'd be fine.
Um, and we'd try to keep her
at her present school, of course.
And, um, you could visit her
as often as you like.
Luc, don't you think
you've had long enough to decide?
Well, otherwise you're gonna
have to stop all this nonsense
and go and actually get a job
and, um show us,
show the magistrate,
that you can look after her.
So, we'll be looking
after her for you, will we?
I can't.
-[clears throat]
-[papers rustling]
Can I see Anne now, please?
Hi, Anne. How are you?
She's just, uh
Good luck on Tuesday. Bye, Anne.
[footsteps approaching]
The hell'd you do that for?
[spiritual music playing]
[door squeaks open then slams shut]
[toy squeaks]
-Oh, hi.
Not taking that out, are you?
We're moving.
We're getting out of here, Rob.
You look like you've lost weight.
Yeah, haven't you? You look good.
You're just leaving Yagoona?
Hey, I'd better get back inside.
I've got so much to do.
[awkward silence]
[children chattering in the distance]
[Joseph speaking Vietnamese]
[in English] What happened?
Can I borrow some money?
[speaking Vietnamese]
[in English] How about this?
-Is this real gold?
-You know that's not his, honey.
-You shut up.
He never fought in no war, honey.
He's a gentle old sod.
He did too. He's a hero.
The only war he ever fought
is against is cholesterol.
Get him to put on his helmet.
It doesn't even fit. [laughs]
You were in the army, weren't you?
[speaking Vietnamese]
[downbeat music playing]
[in English] Hey, I look after
Stinky pretty good, eh?
I do, man.
You'll be all right.
You think I'm a shithouse?
No, I don't.
Come on, mate.
You're all right.
She needs someone to like
Like your granddad was to you.
[helicopter buzzing in distance]
My final interview's next week.
They reckon I'm in.
You join, you'll end up as a hostage.
Look, mate, I want something that is real.
You're not made for it, man.
Well, what am I made for?
I've got a grasshopper for your turtle.
["Cold Water" playing]
[speaking Vietnamese]
MARCH 30TH, 1957, TO FEB 12TH, 1999
Cold water
Surrounds me now
And all I've got
Is your hand
Lord, can you hear me now?
Lord, can you hear me now?
Where's your puffer?
Anne! Anne, where's your puffer?
Lord, can you hear me now?
[Luc whispers] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
[vital signs monitor beeping]
I'm right here.
I'm staying here with you, okay?
[whispers] I'll stay here with you.
Hello, everyone, welcome to
our exclusive coverage
of the inaugural Holden Cup.
Over the next two days,
Matty Johns and I are gonna bring you
all the action live of this exciting
new footy championship.
And behind us here, we've got
the gorgeous new prize for the winner.
They call it the dream, Vossy,
the Great Australian Dream.
Absolutely. It's gonna be a cracker.
We've got fans pouring in
from as far north as Newcastle.
From the west in Dubbo.
It would seem supporters
from everywhere are making a pilgrimage
to see their favorite teams do battle.
[Matty] Now, as we speak, the fans
are lining up outside the stadium.
Look at the Holden Ute, Vossy.
It is absolutely gleaming.
And over on the promotional hill,
the people are excited.
You're excited. I'm excited. I can't wait.
I love it when you're excited.
No more than your wife, though.
Stand by, ladies and gents,
we're ready for day one of the cup.
[vital signs monitor beeping]
Excuse me.
Um, why isn't she waking up?
I've been trying to wake her up.
She's fine. The medication
just makes her drowsy, that's all.
-What the?
-[all laugh]
Youse wait and see how fast I go now.
Boys, he's gone Brazilian.
Lebanese, mate. What are you on about?
Where is he?
-All right, are you boys Yagoona?
All right, you know the rules.
The winner of today's games
plays the winner of tomorrow's games
in the final tomorrow afternoon.
Where's your last player?
Ah, he's
And the next match coming up
is the boys from the bush,
the team from Dubbo, taking on a team,
can you believe this, ladies and gents,
a team from of all places, Yagoona.
You've gotta be kidding me, Vossy.
But seriously, one of the great things
about rugby league,
as long as you can tell the difference
between a ball and your backside,
you just form a team and get on with it.
Bloody beautiful, actually.
[Matty] Look at the size
of those Dubbo boys.
[Vossy] They are vegetarians, my friend.
-Come on!
-[man] Get 'em! Get 'em!
[player shouts indistinctly]
[Matty] And here come
the boys from Yagoona.
[Vossy] They could all be
in a witness protection program.
Their heads would get them
out of jury duty.
Hang on a second.
There's only six of them out there.
[Vossy on TV]
They've only got six players.
-[man] Yagoona. Yagoona,
-[all cheering] Yagoona!
Stinky. Stinky. Hey, how're you feeling?
Are you all right?
Why aren't you at the footy?
Footy's dumb anyway, eh?
You should go.
Are you gonna be all right?
Sure? Okay.
[footsteps receding]
[whistle blows]
[Vossy] And on the sound of
the whistle, we're underway.
Strap yourself in. Deep kickoff.
This is Boof Toeye.
-[screams] Ah!
-[thuds and grunts]
[Vossy] Gentlemen, defense
has cleaned up tackle number one.
[players clamoring]
[Vossy] And the big hair bear
goes down in tackle two.
[man] Come on, ref! See that?!
[Matty] Come on, referee.
You can't let that go.
[Vossy] That was just
a blatant knee in the head.
-[continues grunting]
-[ref shouts indistinctly]
[Vossy] The blokes from the bush
are giving it to the lads from Yagoona.
[Matty] They're in
a bit of trouble early, Yagoona.
They're learning
what this tournament is all about.
[players shouting, grunting]
[Vossy] Look out, young man.
He's lost the ball.
Dubbo in position. Here go the Dingoes.
Getting close to the line.
Fantastic play.
They're gonna score just like that.
-What a goal!
-[whistle blows]
-Absolute bullshit!
-[screaming] Bullshit!
What do we do? [breathing heavily]
We've got to try and just keep them out.
You know, I feel sorry
for the Yagoona boys, don't you, Matty?
Mate, I do. I do. But there
are advantages to being kicked out early.
I mean, they'd be home, showered,
feet up in the lounge with a beer
watching themselves on TV
before they know it. [chuckles]
-Even in a live telecast?
-Even in a live telecast. You watch it.
[Vossy] And Yagoona get set
to feed the scrum.
And it looks as if this bloke
has never fed a scrum before.
He's gone on the wrong side.
-[Terry] Ref, wait up.
-[Lloydy] Luc!
[whistle blows] Hang on, break it up.
Bring it up, bring it up.
-Are you the halfback?
-About time, Luc.
-Sorry, fellas.
-Well, come on. Let's feed this scrum.
[man] Okay, boys. Let's go hands.
Go, come on!
[referee] Okay, come on, guys. Come on.
[shouting] Yagoona Schooner!
[Vossy] Call an ambulance, Matty.
[Matty on TV] Call an ambulance.
Here it comes.
[Vossy] What a hit, first up.
Looks like finally, they've got this
Joseph. [yelling] Joseph!
Shut up!
For Christ's sake,
I think your boy's on telly.
Go to sleep, Bob.
It's half-time. Dubbo leading
by four points to nil,
but I reckon Yagoona are very lucky
to be only trailing by one try.
We're dying.
That's bullshit, Terry.
My grandad was shot in the war.
He had a hole in his stomach,
but he kept going.
[Terry] So?
We're not dying yet, Terry.
They scratched me. No one scratches me.
You stand up and fight, Walid.
Hey, Boof. Remember that guy
who kicked you in the nuts at Santos?
Remember that guy?
Imagine he's out there playing, man.
Imagine that.
Yeah. I'm going to go out there
and beat them like I'm my landlord.
That's it. That's it, Shane.
Terry. Remember Vince?
Vince, he stole your girl man,
the only girl who's ever liked you
in your entire freaking life.
Remember that guy, man?
Imagine he's out there playing.
Hey, Lloydy, what about Jasmyne?
Everyone always said
she was too good for you, mate.
Mate, you never do nothing, Lloydy.
[inspirational music playing]
Feel all the shit we've got, guys.
All the shit we've got.
Let's go out there and do it, guys.
[Vossy] Second half is underway,
and the kickoff by Yagoona.
And Dubbo with the ball,
and this is Big Glenn--
[Matty] Whoa. What a hit by Shane.
-That is great stuff.
-[Vossy] He's got it.
Get up! Get up!
[Matty] Dubbo spread the ball.
[players clamoring]
[Matty] He's hanging off
like a monkey on a tree, Vossy.
[Vossy] Felled with a great charge.
Yagoona are lifting.
[Matty] Oh, they're lifting, all right.
Those half-time Schooners
are doing 'em good.
[player] Go forward! Come on!
[Vossy] And again, the defense lines up.
[Matty] Oh, what a tackle.
Dubbo's lost the ball.
[overlapping shouting, clamor]
[both grunting]
-Straight out. Straight out.
-[Matty] Yagoona, very impressive.
[Vossy] You know what, Matt? We might
actually have a game on our hands.
And another big run.
He's gotten through too!
[Luc shouting indistinctly]
Deeper, deeper. Now, Boof, now!
[Matty] Boy oh boy,
is this kid having an impact, Vossy.
[Vossy] They should spread this.
They've got numbers.
And Luc does exactly that. Great play.
[Luc shouting indistinctly]
[Matty] To the bloke in
the headgear. Go, son.
[Vossy] A wonderful try to Yagoona,
"the kid in the headgear."
It's four-all
[shouting and cheering]
The clock is ticking down.
It's all locked up at four-all.
-And Yagoona's got a great chance here.
-Boof, I want it!
[Vossy] Their little halfback
steps right, dummies to his left.
[indistinct shouting]
Great defense from Dubbo.
They're not giving up just yet.
[players continue clamoring]
[man] Move! Other way!
[Vossy] It goes out the backline.
[Matty] Runaround with the big fella.
And the little bloke with no hair!
-[Matty] He might score here. He does!
-[Vossy laughs]
[crowd cheering]
[Matty] What a try, Vossy!
[commentary continues, indistinct]
[referee] Yagoona wins, game over.
Who would have thought?
Yagoona into the second round.
Amazing stuff, you little beauty.
[Vossy] If you're not enjoying this,
you're very hard to please.
[indistinct shouting]
[Matty] Yes, Vossy,
they're breezing through this match.
[Vossy] Luc to Donald.
He's gonna get there.
And he does. Try!
Go Schooners!
[Vossy] Racing down the sideline.
Throws it to Shane.
And Shane scores!
-[whistle blows]
-[cheering intensifies]
[upbeat music playing]
[Vossy] Heartwarming stuff.
He runs across field.
Throws it over to Walid.
And they'll score here.
Try! These guys are on fire!
Well, let's go down to our sideline
commentator, Mario Fenech.
Mario, what just happened is so very rare.
Yes, mate. Rare as a virgin rabbit.
But who will they play in the final?
Will it be the snags from Drummoyne,
the surfies from Cronulla,
or, of course, will it be Billy Major,
who sets out to prove himself
with Double Bay?
Yeah, thanks, Muzza. Can you believe it?
Yagoona into the final.
-Cinderella story.
Fairy-tale stuff.
[Luc] Billy Major.
Luc Vu.
-You did real good out there.
Just to let you know, I'm putting together
a first-grade team for next season.
Yeah, I read about that in the paper.
Honestly, mate, I'm impressed
by what I saw from you.
Well done.
[footsteps receding]
-[Lloydy] I found one. I bloody got one.
Oh. It's dead. It's just just a shell.
[Shane] On your right, bro! Walid!
[overlapping shouting, chatter]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[cheerful music playing]
[indistinct chatter continues]
[indistinct shouting, chatter]
[indistinct clamoring continues]
[feel-good music playing]
[Terry] Good catch!
[indistinct shouting]
[Luc] We're in the final, man.
-[girl in car] Come on, hurry up.
-Yeah, I'll just be a sec.
[slams shut]
[Lloydy] Hi.
I just want to tell you before you leave.
We made it into the final
of the Holden Cup tomorrow.
Good on you. I'm really happy for you.
Do you really have to go?
Yeah, this is the ass-end of the world,
remember? [chuckles]
Australia's the ass end.
So, I guess this is
the ass end of the ass end.
[both chuckle]
The next time I see you,
you probably will have made it.
I'll see ya.
[door opens]
I think you're beautiful.
And I've had this, like
crush on you for years.
Ever since my tennis ball
went over the back fence
and you gave it back to me.
I'll miss you.
-[door closes]
-[engine cranking]
[engine cranking]
[engine cranking]
[engine clicks]
Good luck tomorrow.
[engine starts]
[door opens, closes]
[car revving away]
[sighs deeply]
What are you doing here?
I came to see Anne,
whose life was put in real danger,
thanks to you.
Yeah, that was an accident,
but she's all right now, so
You know that there is no way I can stand
up in front of a magistrate on Tuesday
and tell him that you are
fit to look after anyone.
I've asked that Anne be placed into care
as soon as she leaves here.
[awkward silence]
-You haven't really given me a chance.
-I think you've had too many already.
-Okay, now.
Brittany's gone to sleep for winter.
Do you think she'll ever wake up?
I hope so.
I wish
she wasn't gone.
Yeah, I miss her too.
When are they going to take me away?
-Who's gonna take you away?
-Alison came before.
If anyone takes you anywhere,
I'm gonna come with you. All right?
We'll go visit Grandad
after you're better, yeah?
You know, Grandad didn't fight in the war.
He just made it up.
Who told you that?
And Grandad.
You gonna be all right here tonight?
Yeah, I'll watch you play
on the TV tomorrow.
[speaking Vietnamese]
"Your mother, your mother." Bullshit!
[breathing heavily]
[spiritual music playing]
[birds chirping]
-Hi, Anne.
-What's happening?
Could you please tell me why I should
be fighting for your brother on Tuesday?
'Cause I've got nothing to go on.
I've just got a blank page.
Can you give me one reason?
Do you wanna see something?
[knock on door]
-Morning, Luc.
Hope it's not too early for you, mate.
-Oh, this is my assistant.
-G'day, mate.
-Do you guys wanna come in?
-I won't take long, champ.
I got a chance to, uh,
check out your games on video last night.
Good stuff. You've got
real potential, mate.
Yeah, it's a good bunch of guys.
I wanna offer you a contract
to be part of the Bay squad
next season, hey?
It'd be a full-time job, of course.
You'd be playing with us,
training with us.
-A full-time job?
-You'll pay me to play footy?
-Of course.
That's great.
That's brilliant.
Listen, mate, uh, our halfback
just pulled out at the last minute.
We need you to start today in the cup.
-Oh, today?
Yeah, I'll have to play
with Yagoona today.
Mate, you'd be perfect for us.
You'll slip right in.
I can't just swap teams.
It happens all the time.
Tuqiri, Kimmorley, David Beckham.
Can't I play with Yagoona for you?
We need you to play for us.
Or, uh
Just think about it.
[tense music playing]
What is it?
They're gonna take her, Lloyds,
if we don't win today.
Mate, by this afternoon,
we could be modeling undies for Lowes.
[Lloyd chuckles]
[indistinct chatter]
Come here, mate. [grunts]
[indistinct chatter]
[man] Hey, boys! Make room.
[indistinct chatter]
[melancholic music playing]
-[Vossy] How about this?
-[Terry] Is the sauce free?
Billy Major's got some of
the former greats back together
on hand for Double Bay. [scoffs]
[Matty] And what a superb line-up, Vossy.
Bradley Clyde, the ultimate
New South Wales warrior.
Gary Larson, one of the mightiest Maroons.
Cliffy Lyons, former Manly superstar.
And Roddy Wishart,
the man carved from steel.
[Vossy] And don't forget Brett Kenny,
one of the greatest playmakers
the game has ever seen.
And to round out for seven,
he's also got Phil Harrington
and Rob Bayless,
the halfback from Dubbo
who played yesterday.
-[Matty] Can he really do that?
-[Vossy] Yes, he can.
A team can have any combination of players
as long as no one
[commentary continues indistinctly]
It's an extraordinary line-up.
From a coach who is desperate
to prove himself to his new club,
and they are paying him a monster.
Now, Double Bay are
playing Summerhill first up.
Look, I wouldn't wanna be
in Summerhill's shoes right now.
I really wouldn't. 'Cause, Vossy,
I think we all know who's gonna face
Yagoona in the final this afternoon.
Clyde? Larson? Kenny?
Jesus Christ.
[Terry whimpering] We can't go out there.
We can't.
-You should have known this.
-[Lloydy] How, Terry?
They only announced
their team this morning.
Yeah, stop whinging, Terry.
Yeah, Terry. You're such a geek.
[Terry sobbing]
[Terry sobbing] This is all your fault.
You stuffed us up.
You stuffed up, Terry.
You used to be smart.
Now, you're pushing trolleys.
-Leave it, mate.
-[Luc] Oh, big Lloydy, eh?
You get a trial with the Eels
and you don't even show up.
What's gonna happen to you in a war?
You bastard.
We've got a game on today.
Yeah, that we're gonna lose.
'Cause all our lives, we lose everything.
[Terry sniffles]
We can't, guys.
In the past ten years, man,
I've done it all.
I've done coke, ease, gear,
and trust me, nothing
nothing comes close
to playing football, man.
Yeah, bro.
For the last two weeks,
my boy looks up to me.
I can see it in his eyes.
I just want to play football.
[announcer on TV] By this afternoon,
only two will remain.
Two teams who will battle it out
for the precious prize.
The Holden Ute,
the Great Australian Dream.
Watch as Yagoona take on
the Sunday champions
live in the final of the Holden Cup.
In the beginning, there were 32.
From the west, they rode.
From the east, they sailed.
But against all odds,
it's Yagoona who have gone through.
Can the fairy tale continue
for the Schooners,
or will their story end here?
Tune in live at 4:00 p.m.
for the final of the Holden Cup.
[inspirational music playing]
Where are you going?
[inspirational music continues playing]
[Bob] What are you doing, mate?
[music fades]
["Shine" playing]
Just say I'm your daughter.
Then they'll let me in for free.
Get up, get up, get up, get up
Lift your head
C'mon, c'mon, get up out of bed
Today's the day you hold the world
With your song
[bell ringing]
Go now, go now, go now help escalate
Angels, come down
Help with this parade
[referee] Boys, you're on.
To hear your voice ring out
C'mon let's shout
And let your song be heard
This is the time
This is the day
That we've been waiting for
All the world will stop
To watch you shine
Are they on?
Oh, my lads.
I'm gonna back the underdog,
'cause that's what we're all about.
That's the Great Dream.
To back the underdog against all odds.
Go, you Yagoona no-names.
-[everybody] Donald. Donald. Donald.
-My boy. That's my boy.
You've never ever seen him play, have you?
Hey, has it started yet?
Come in. Come in.
This is the
-They kick it off to us, boys. Let's go.
All the world will stop
To watch you shine
[song ends]
[audience cheering]
[tense music playing]
[Vossy] It's game on, folks.
The final of the Holden Cup,
we're underway.
Lyons fields the ball for Double Bay.
Back for Clyde.
Up comes Shane out of the defense.
He went for a shoulder charge
and missed him.
Now Larson with the ball for Double Bay.
Another missed tackle.
This is terrible stuff from the Schooners.
And Double Bay with Wishart
over halfway, little Terry is chasing.
And it's four-nil after about two seconds.
Yagoona Schooners, it's already four-nil.
If there's a God in Yagoona, you'd better
throw on a jersey and run out there now.
[Joseph laughs] Hey, darling.
[exclaims] Ah!
[Vossy] And Boof kicks off.
They're going for the short kick.
[Matty] Terry's got it back from him.
Yagoona's in with a chance, Vossy.
-Terry's hammered by Wishart.
-[Vossy] Crunch.
[Matty] Raise the ball,
Boof looks for support.
-[Vossy] But there's no one with him.
-[man] Help him. Help him!
[Matty] He picks him up
like a little toy teddy bear.
Boof's tackled on the 40.
[Vossy] Well, in goes the dummy half.
What are we doing? Kick it. Everyone, try.
[Vossy] Walid to big Donald,
and he kicks it.
Come on, Yagoona, you're all right.
Just don't kick it to Kenny!
[Vossy] He's kicked it
straight to Brett Kenny.
-[all exclaiming] Aw!
-[discontented groaning]
[Vossy] Kenny steps around Luc,
goes past Terry, dummies past another.
Kenny's only got one to beat.
I got him!
-[Matty] Oh, no. Tragic.
-[whistle blows]
[Vossy] Eight-nil, my friend.
Shut the gate.
If the Yagoona side
don't start playing footy soon,
this score-line is gonna be embarrassing.
We've gotta do something.
We gotta.
[Lloydy] Luc.
-Everybody in. For every tackle.
-That's it.
[Luc] Yeah, all right.
[breathing heavily]
Everyone in. We tackle till we die.
[Vossy] Double Bay
still making a lot of ground.
They've given it to Clyde.
[Lloydy] Go, Yagoona.
[Matty] They're all jumping in.
The whole lot of them. Look at this.
Four, five, six.
[grunting] Everyone in!
Everyone in! Yagoona!
[Vossy] Great tackle, Yagoona.
We can tackle. We can tackle.
[overlapping shouting and clamor]
[crowd cheering, whistling]
[Matty] Larson charges through,
and he's pulled down
just short of the line.
[Vossy] Great play.
Both sides, great play.
And Wishart's gonna get caught.
Great cover defense by Terry.
He looks hurt.
[Matty] Come on, son, get up.
[Vossy] Lyons, he looks certain to score.
Wonderful scrambling by the hooker, Boof!
They've saved another try!
They hold him up! Great effort!
But they're starting to feel it now.
The Schooners, they're looking buggered.
[Matty] Kenny to Harrington.
Will he go all the way?
-Great tackles.
-[Vossy] Way to go.
Larson chargers.
Surely, they've gotta score.
-And held up again!
-[ref blows whistle]
It's beautiful. Bellissimo.
-They'll battle it out forever.
-[whistle blows]
[Matty] And that's half-time
in our sensational final.
Double Bay lead eight-nil.
Down the paddock over here.
[everybody breathing heavily]
[Lloydy] What are you doing?
What the hell are you doing?
-Let me go, Lloyd.
-Where're you going?
They're gonna take her away, mate.
I got offered a job this morning.
I have to take it.
[Boof] What's he doing?
[spiritual music playing]
[commentary continues indistinctly
in the background]
[spiritual music continues playing]
[Anne] Hey, Stinky Head.
Stinky head! [giggles]
[Anne] Hey, where are you going?
Come on, guys.
I thought you said it was fun.
[soft, hopeful music playing]
Stacks on.
Stacks on.
[inspirational music playing]
[Luc] Hey! Hey! Ha-ha!
[all clamoring, laughing]
[whistle blows]
[Vossy] We are underway
for the second half.
The Double Bay Dolphins leading
the Schooners by eight points to nil.
What can they come up with
in the second half?
Boof is in a dummy half. A long for Luc.
Now he gets it a long for Donald.
Lovely little runaround.
Where'd they get that set play from?
Now, there's a man inside.
It's Lloydy.
Lloydy's through the gap.
The Schooners are into the clear
for the first time in the match.
[crowd member] Lloyd, you've got this!
[Vossy] The crowd is urging him on.
[Matty] Wishart goes!
[Vossy] But cover defense
is coming across.
It's Rob Wishart. Oh no! A head clash.
But Lloydy's hung onto the ball.
It's a try.
It is eight points to four,
but Lloydy is down.
[Luc] Lloydy, that was awesome, man.
So bloody wanted to do that.
-You're the king, mate.
-Hey, mate.
[breathing heavily]
Stuff the army. I've got my own.
[Terry] We can't go on.
We haven't got enough players
to fill the park. And
And they're just too awesome.
They're legends.
Yeah, but they've
never played together before.
And we have.
We've played in parks, rivers
Played everywhere, man.
Since we were small.
Real small.
Honestly, guys. I can't get jobs.
I can't do math. Can't spell for shit.
If there's anything we can do
for anybody, guys, it's this.
[supporters cheering] Yagoona Schooner!
Yagoona Schooner!
[chanting] Yagoona Schooner!
[supporters continue chanting]
Yagoona Schooner!
[chanting] Yagoona Schooner!
[inspirational music playing]
[whistle blows]
["Holy Grail" playing]
Woke up this morning
From the strangest dream
I was in the biggest army
The world has ever seen
We were marching as one
Go, Dad, go!
On the road to the Holy Grail
Started out seeking fortune and glory
It's a short song, but it's a
[Walid] Terry!
Hell of a story when you
Spend your lifetime trying to get
Your hands on the Holy Grail
-[players clamoring]
-[supporters cheering]
But have you heard about
The Great Crusade?
We ran into millions
And nobody got paid
I'm still here
I'm still a fool for the Holy Grail
[indistinct groaning and chatter]
-One more. One more, Don.
-[Terry] It's eight-all.
[Vossy] But hold your horses,
hold your donkeys.
On the countback, Double Bay
would still win because they scored first.
Yagoona have to get one more
to get a victory.
Okay, okay. There's still a minute to go.
Who's it gonna be?
[cheering, indistinct chatter]
[crowd cheering over radio]
-[cheering of crowd]
-[indistinct commentary]
[Vossy] One minute to go.
Look out for the short kickoff.
Here it comes from the Dolphins,
from Cliffy Lyons.
They're gonna get the ball back.
It's a tragedy for the Schooners.
He's let-- Oh, what a
Set back in position.
This is an unbelievable finish.
Come in, guys. Listen.
There's no time left, okay?
We must win this scrum.
We have to win it guys, all right?
We win this scrum, we've got one shot.
One shot.
[all cheering]
-[all grunting]
[referee] Take the ball.
[man] Luc! Luc!
[all grunting]
[tense music playing]
[dramatic music playing]
[heartbeat thumping dully]
[dramatic music continues playing]
[heartbeat thudding dully]
[all cheering]
[Vossy] He's done it! What a try!
Yagoona have done it.
Yagoona have won the Holden cup.
Vossy, I am lost for words.
That's why they call it
the greatest game of all, mate.
The greatest.
Ah, life is great, Vossy.
Life is great. Give us a kiss.
[both laughing]
[melancholic music playing]
I love you! I love you! I love you!
[all cheering]
[melancholic music continues playing]
[all cheering] Yay!
[crowd cheering]
[melancholic music continues playing]
[Boof] Come here, mate.
[indistinct chatter]
["The Horses" playing]
[engine starts]
[indistinct chatter]
We will fly, way up high
Where the cold wind blows
Or in the sun laughing having fun
With the people that she knows
And if the situation
Should keep us separated
You know the world won't fall apart
And you will free the beautiful bird
That's caught inside your heart
Can't you hear her?
Oh, she cries so loud
Casts her wild note
Over water and cloud
That's the way it's gonna be
Little darlin'
We'll be riding
On the horses, yeah, yeah
Way up in the sky, little darlin'
And if you fall, I'll pick you up
Pick you up
[melancholic music playing]
[music fades]