For A Few Bullets (2016) Movie Script

Wei-Wel of Dots & Lines
The Japanese government wants to restore Asia
As an excuse to work with
With a traitor Song Jingshi
try to use Nanjing as
A model to create
Greater Manchurian.
Based on this reason they decide
To hold a great celebration
Next month in Nanjing.
"Showa" in Japanese
Actually from the famous literature
In ancient China.
The people in general want to show
Clearly, all nations are in harmony.
This means to eliminate disputes
For the purpose of creating peace
And prosperity.
And look for East Asia togetherness.
I believe, in the ceremony
Nanjing's new government,
We will get the satisfaction of all nations.
Commander Oda Koki I tell you,
All it takes is getting
Precious objects.
Do not worry. I've sent people
to get it.
Sir, your suitcase.
/ Just put it here.
Stop! Journalists are prohibited from entering,
Get out now!
The interview is over.
Song Jingzhi was killed.
The Japanese military is very angry.
And they immediately spread
731 divisions
The Oda Koki commander left Nanjing
No one can stop
The emergence of a new era.
And a different society
Which will be offered
Under Japanese support.
Great ceremony for the new government
Nanjing will be held on schedule.
People suffer from civil war.
This time is perfect for the hustler
According to the news, Shi Fo is a hustler
China's long-lost best
has now returned to the wider world ...
Come here!
- Wait.
You cheated!
Zhuang, look,
There is so much money.
We'll be rich!
I told you what, emm?
Why did you fire a gun
Before throwing a smoke bomb?
You want to take my victory?
This sweet blood is cooked well.
Big brother, when are you teaching me disguise?
I promise, before I die,
I will teach.
All told if Shi Fo
Is the best hustler in China.
I think he's retired.
/ Is it okay we use his name?
It's not good right?
/ I do not know anything.
He does not need that title anymore.
- Right, you're right!
I think the most valuable owner
is the best.
I like this sentence.
If this photo has been printed
Take it to a newspaper agent.
Hey sister.
You said you would give me
Stone Yi Dian Hong.
Come here, come here.
What not to be
Owned by another hustler?
Good stuff!
The best hustler in northwestern China,
Show good reputation.
They say,
If I can find you.
This is yours.
/ Thank you!
Thank you Tn. Zhang.
Zhuang, I learned this from you.
Good luck!
I'm really sorry.
I'm Lin.
hat bastard made me do this
I have no other choice,
That's why I lied to you.
If you do not believe me,
Check here.
Batu Yi Dian Hong is here..
It's in my pocket.
Do not shoot, do not shoot!
Damn you, stop!
You're the old bastard!
/ Stop it! Stop!
Do not touch me.
/ 3 yuan.
4 yuan.
/ My wife will yell at me.
Your wife will yell at you
It makes me happy.
Shh, shut up,
Or I kill you!
Move, step aside!
Where is he?
What are you laughing at?
/ Shh ..!
3 ...
Hey shit, I'll remember you.
Hurry, get him!
Why did not you jump? Let's see what you are
Can jump faster than my bullet.
Let's jump!
This is called a conspiracy counterpart.
It's a waste of time to teach you.
You bitch!
I'll crush you!
That was so rude.
Have I ever slept with you before?
I do not remember it.
Ah, I remember.
Yes, I remember.
Doctor Shi, you have returned from the market.
Yes, I'm back.
Miss Jin sang again.
Today you talk to Ma's widow.
How is the result?
Nothing interesting.
I'm tired of talking.
The cucumber is very fresh.
Is this 3 Yuan
Or 4 yuan?
How dare you follow me!
You're old bangka!
I left you for a while and
You tease another woman?
Say it.
Which bitch?
What he has
Which I do not have?
When I was young
I do not care about anything
And I run with you to Shanghai.
You are almost 30 years old at the time.
Since Japan broke into China
You pretend to be Shi Fo
And create a national financial crisis.
I could kill you now.
Can you play a new one?
Now I have an important mission.
We need your work.
If you agree, you can redeem yourself
By doing good service.
Let him sleep with me
And I'll think about it.
You do not want to give me one?
Why is this in my hand?
Damn shit!
Tn. Zhang.
Leave us.
Very rude!
I'm not Shi Fo.
But I am the best hustler in China.
The second
People are stealing from making a base
Their luck at the national crisis.
The third,
For us, we have our own rules.
This is what we never did
Work with women.
You shock me!
About never work with women
I do not agree with that.
It's rude to women ...
1 month ago, on the border
Some areas,
They found an ancient tomb
Of the Yuan dynasty.
Some rulers force by using
Violence to destroy the tomb.
Many cultural artifacts are taken by
Commander of the ruler.
That takes possession
A valuable country.
I heard, after 3 days
He will use it to create
Agreement with Japan secretly.
So we have to seize it
Before they meet.
Zun 4-Dragon Square-long?
You should have told me before
You tied me up and shot me.
Right now,
You will become the hero of this country.
And we will release you.
I have 1 condition.
When I've done it,
I need to
Take pictures with artifacts.
And I need you to post this photo
In all newspapers.
I am hungry
Must eat!
Zun 4-Dragon Square-long
In its crawl.
The key is always brought by him.
Monday to Friday he went to the barracks.
Today is a week,
He will go to the bank in the market
To do business with
Chinese businessman Zonghan Xu.
Hey, commander!
My friend, I have not seen you for a long time.
Kivenov will use his plane
To help Zonghan Xu smuggle him.
Zonghan Xu will use his bank for
Helping Kivenov hide his money.
This time Kivenov is doing business
With Japan
With the help of Zonghan Xu.
Go talk to her,
Easier with that way.
I'm full, you pay the bill.
Birahi spring from warmth
And food!
Come on.
You've gone too far!
I say 1 person once!
Miss Li, please pay.
I warned you before,
Do not try to mess with me.
I'll take this one.
I'll go take a shower.
Where are you going?
How dare you...
Wow, you guys are fun.
If we are in barracks,
I will execute you.
Really comfortable.
Are you having a good time?
You're wasting too much time.
We do not need you anymore.
Oh, yes?
How long does it take to take a bath?
- I did not ask you.
2 hours.
So half an hour later,
He will go to his club Zonghan Xu
to eat.
How long will he be having dinner?
By driving maybe 4 hours.
You know the language of the lips?
There was one more surprise.
/ What is that?
Beautiful girls and gambling.
It is 5:30 pm.
Before he had dinner,
You take the suitcase, then I can
Use the money in his suitcase
To join their gambling party.
I'll make Kinekov interested in me
And control the game.
I'll try to gain time
Up to 3 hours more.
Return the first stone Yi Dian Hong.
Why should we trust you?
/ Then why are you hiring me?
Everything is ready,
Which we need only ...
Let's say!
You bastard.
Welcome, commander.
I've prepared a big surprise for you.
Hurry, follow me!
Over here, over here.
Why are you so long ago?
I've been waiting for half an hour.
Oh, you want to be like that!
Up, up, like this!
How, how did you get ...
Who are you?
I win.
These people are stupid.
Wait a minute.
Who's stupid?
Who's stupid now?
You bastard.
Give this to the people there.
Men wearing black clothes.
"He's a hustler"
You were cheating.
I'm a man who has principles.
Who cheated me
Will be shot.
But I give you one more chance.
These 3 cards,
One of them is King.
If you make the right choice
You may go freely.
If you're wrong,
Then your life will end here.
You must choose or you will lose.
Wait, wait, wait,
Let me do this.
Too easy.
Not this one.
Not this one.
If the middle is not too ...
You mean that cheat.
Just kidding.
Just have fun. So this young man
Can remember next time.
Young man, we will meet again.
Just kidding.
Well, I'll take the money
And let him live.
You are...
I'm the old bastard.
We have obtained the precious thing.
Please give us the next instruction.
What about Xiao Zhuang?
He had taken the money and ran away.
You know it's going to be okay
He's just a hustler.
Train tickets for tomorrow?
I'm sorry, Miss Li.
Wu Xin.
Japan offered us
More interesting appointments.
You're a traitor.
I have sent a message with your identity.
They definitely think of these artifacts
Still in your hands.
Will be inscribed on your tombstone.
Watch out!
Hurry, come on fast.
Do not shoot!
You do not want to bring back
This garbage.
Hey sister, no!
/ I'm not your sister!
I am your grandfather!
Hey bung.
Come on call grandpa!
Be careful, watch out!
You stopped!
Come on, quickly.
Here it is.
Hurry up!
/ Right!
I'm tired of him
But be honest
Your breasts ...
Hey nona are you awake?
You fall asleep for 3 days.
Good skill.
This technique twisted Hung Gan.
His skills are good too,
But if you change it like this,
Its power will be better!
Your wife is very rude to you.
- Please! / I'm not his wife.
Who are you?
I'm the famous Jin Sanniang.
You two are crazy.
Can you take off then we talk?
Unmarried is a good choice.
Do not get married too soon.
Must enjoy the feeling of choosing
Man when you are still single.
Like me,
A lot of men who have a crush on me.
I do not really suspect
Can marry him.
Then why are not you more careful?
Your husband is the best. Yi Dianhong Stone-ku ...
/ There are very few guests in our house.
This is amazing!
So today,
Is my fault.
Come on, we toast!
Come on.
/ Cheers!
I did not drink much,
Why do I feel so drunk?
You're the one who made me drunk.
San Niang?
When Zun 4-Dragon Square is long destroyed
A small cube will come out.
Forcing Japan to do business
With a high price.
What is this?
/ Chinese Imperial seal, "Yuxi".
After Qin Shi Huang destroyed
6 countries
Make this "Yuxi" with He Shi jade.
Call Li Si to carve the birds
And the letters on the seal.
Regulated by the blessing of the gods, live forever.
It is a symbol for every dynasty.
Can you talk normally?
Shut up.
So for the government,
This means political power.
It's the biggest valuable thing. But
For ordinary people, this is a beautiful jade,
Also the biggest valuable item.
For both sides,
This is an invaluable thing.
Liu Bang uses this
To seek power
And handed it over to the Tang dynasty.
After the Northern Minority Clashes
In Central China,
This thing disappears and becomes a legend.
After Mingtaizu Zhu Yuanzhang discovered
Power, his greatest regret is
I did not expect it to be deep inside
Zun 4-Dragon Square-long from the Yuan dynasty.
Do not believe in myths.
It does not matter though it's hidden inside
Zun 4-Dragon Square-long.
With this you can buy a lot
Stone Yi Dian Hong.
So who is a fool
Who destroyed it?
The 5th of next month,
Nanjing will hold a big ceremony,
To celebrate its establishment
puppet government.
During that time, "Yuxi" will be shown.
It will be a sensation.
You scared me.
If we can get it.
The whole world will know
I'm the best hustler in China.
It will be a sensation.
Let's go.
We will not succeed.
The train has departed 3 days ago.
How about the plane?
Is it enough time to get there?
Hey friend.
I haul a motorcycle
In the plane
And ready to be sent home.
Man, you have matches?
Do you have matches?
Stand up!
Stand up!
Fuck, sell me a fake glue.
Change of plan.
Do not move!
Catch that bastard.
Come on!
- I'm driving!
You little bastard,
I'll shoot you 20 minutes.
Let's take off.
Do not shoot the plane.
You fools, catch him.
I need him alive!
Hurry, they chase.
Take off!
Yes I took off, I took off.
Come on, quickly!
Kugilas you.
Come on.
Kugilas you!
Come on.
Now you can not escape!
I saved your life again.
The game is over. / What is wrong?
/ You've kicked out the pilot.
/ Wait for me.
Wait for me.
Let's go faster. / Keep trying anything
In a precarious situation.
Shoot them, I do not care anymore
With the plane.
Come on! Come on!
Look at your big ass, use that!
I'll show you how
Real soldiers.
Come on, do not disappoint me.
Show them
How amazing you are.
Come here, baby, come here.
Shi Fo ...
/ San Niang!
Get out of the plane, you're old man.
How dare you make me drunk!
I can not get out!
/ I will kill you.
So I certainly can not get out
To meet you.
Are you the best hustler in China?
Shi Fo.
We get "Yuxi".
Commander, your plan is amazing.
Do not Cry! You must memorize
This song before the ceremony.
Good girl.
If you do not want to, I understand.
I will give you poetry.
Come on.
The moon and walls are unchanged
From dynasty to dynasty.
.But no one came back from the battle.
As long as the general maintains strongly
The invaders will not occupy your territory.
Very good!
China today
Do they have a strong army?
And who is his enemy?
We are his enemy!
Now people are judged
Based on its strength
Not his age.
Among these 2 years are all the biggest cases
Has been cleared up by me. You can ask
To a man named Xiao Zhuang.
Everyone will adore me.
I am the best hustler in China.
What is wrong?
/ Sh.
You bastard!
It's good.
Have you taken account of the routine
Train trip? / The routines are many turns.
Minus a good angle,
And plus I can read stars.
We'll meet the train
In Jiayu Guan.
Where are we now?
We're in the clouds.
Land the plane.
Do not get misdirected.
What is this?
It's a mine!
Aka will die.
The game is over, the game is over!
Leave it to me.
/ What?
Pin is in your hand.
This is it.
It is a press mine.
If you do not press it, you will not explode.
Are you sure you are this
The best hustler in China?
I can hear them plowing
Kinekov's plane.
Please do not worry, commander Yamada.
"Yuxi" is on the train.
Special Agent has arrived.
Commander, the artifact inside
Hopefully Phantom
Will love it.
You mean the executioner
"Phanthom concentration camp No. 731."?
We're out of the clouds.
Move out.
You old bastard!
I will kill you.
/ The train!
We follow the train!
Landed now!
- I do not know how!
The left engine is off. / I told you,
We should not trust women.
The right machine is also dead.
Let's help, there's a cliff ahead!
Come on.
What do you attract?
/ I'm helping you.
Do not shout.
We're going to crash!
I accidentally. He did it
/ Damn you, I did not do it!
Indeed, I'll help
Button your shirt.
Let go of your hands!
I really do not mean ...
/ I'll kill you!
The train came from the direction
West to east.
From here turn north
To the next station.
Sha He Station.
We will cross the Gobi desert in the middle
In a straight line.
/ Can we succeed?
With me, nothing is impossible.
Let's go.
May I drive?
/ Sure, Tn. Shi.
Wait! Wait.
Can you bring me the box?
You lied to me, you bastard!
This is not good.
It's okay, with that box
He will not die.
That bastard, just say something like this?
Check the map?
/ The map is brought Shi Fo.
You bastard!
Thank you very much.
When your business is settled, visit me.
We'll have a drink.
This time we lost a lot.
I lost a lot of friends,
Must be paid more.
Honey, he's so handsome.
You did not do your job well
And you want more money?
Are you sure that makes sense?
You also ride this train?
Good to see you.
/ Yes I am too. - Good.
I will kill you
Old bastard!
Please do not fight here.
Take the train first.
My daughter-in-law likes me.
My son is jealous.
I have sent a telegram,
Zheng Peng is now dead.
Nobody will believe it
You are now innocent.
He still smiles on his face,
Must have been fun.
It is enough!
Now, he's dead.
"Yuxi" has been lost,
What should we do?
Keep looking inside this train. / How,
There are about 500 passengers on the train.
His body is still warm,
Meaning he died not long ago.
So the killer must be down at the last station.
Sha He Station.
- Right!
This train has 8 carriages
Except for the locale.
There are 4 economy class cars,
And 2 business classes.
Plus 1 restaurant car.
We divide into 2 groups.
You go to the car of the economy.
I'm going to business class.
Then we meet in the restaurant car.
And also I say
I take a fishing pole to Gansu.
It's like taking a pair of skis to California,
That makes no sense.
Hi, friend.
You read "The Golden Lotus"?
(Golden Lotus)
I also like to read it?
The illustration is my favorite.
You're not allowed to come here.
Wait, return my uniform!
That person...
Do not bring a ticket.
You always fall in love.
As long as your life is surrounded by men.
/ Your finger is slightly yellow.
Show you like to smoke.
I told you the tickets!
Show me your tickets!
Hi handsome man.
I'll show you my ticket.
In addition to the tickets,
Your bag contains something more important.
Stop pretending to be mysterious.
Just say it.
The bag, lighter.
It's true.
Here's the ticket.
I should have known you were the culprit.
Yoshizawa Miho.
Why all women
More tough than men?
You are dead!
Hey asshole, the bag is mine!
If you keep running,
I'll kill him!
- Wait!
Now 2 against 1.
Oh, yes?
Stop you old bastard!
Catch him!
He's a spy from Japan.
This is it.
So you want to fight me?
This is it.
Drag me!
Ah, you're hurt.
Drag me up!
Give the bag first.
/ Impossible.
Want to die!
I'll castrate all of you!
I'll give you the bag
If you pull me up.
So we have agreed.
Damn, I thought.
You're hiding something.
Naughty boy.
I'm protecting the artifacts.
I'm protecting the artifacts.
You forgot, you're the one who broke it
Cube 4-dragon.
Wait, wait, I'm tired.
Miss Li, "Yuxi" is here,
Not in the hands of the Japanese.
You're a hero to your country.
/ "Yuxi" is a state property!
No one can steal it.
Nobody can steal it!
I'm protecting the artifacts.
You, stop.
Do not go.
It's a vast desert.
You, stop!
Woman sucks.
If we can not get out
Before the night.
We're gonna die here.
How annoying.
If not for you,
"Yuxi" must have been in my hands.
Then I can live in Shanghai,
And every day can be a sensual pleasure
Girls around me,
Gamble every time.
So the center of attention.
Now I feel, this is not fair.
I'll sleep with you
It's just a matter of time.
Do not move.
I will treat you.
Otherwise you will die.
Are you teasing me?
You know how to find a place here?
Chewy and cruel!
I will not help you again.
From now on,
We walk alone!
Do you know?
If we were
Found camel carcass
We will be lucky.
In the hump of a camel
We can drink a lot of water.
To his left
And also to his right.
It contains lots of water.
Enough for us both.
To drink for a few days.
Put me down,
Or you will die.
What are you doing?
/ God bless me.
This is not a hallucination.
Slowly, slowly,
There are still many.
You survived through the desert.
Worth admired.
But, the most happy person is
Your father.
Your father is my best friend.
Come on, come on.
This is so good.
Try it, try it.
You're still alive, look at your father.
How glad he was.
Hey, he's not my father.
You see?
What are they doing?
Look at the fabric in their hands.
You know, that's for what?
Are you real?
Years at the University of Pennsylvania
Was the best time of my life.
What Pennsylvania?
Let's talk vulgar-vulgar.
This topic makes me tired.
For example,
Do you think I'm handsome?
Do not tell me you like the same girl?
My fiancee.
If you call me like that,
I am happy.
He is taller than you.
And more handsome than you.
He's the man of all women's dreams.
He is young and promising.
He's a lot of people idols.
What the title of this song?
"In a distant place"
Great title!
And then...
/ Then,
He died bringing the victory.
I shot him.
Get "Yuxi", Miss Li will make
Great sacrifices for our country.
I'll take a picture of him.
In the end, Shi Fo will protect her.
Very clear I guess.
Actually, now the world is in turmoil.
Leave it to America
Maybe a bad idea
But if it's over
In the hands of the Japanese?
So what? Do not change anything.
China is strong and will not collapse.
Do not talk nonsense!
This is our problem.
We will decide for ourselves.
This is a Chinese artifact.
It is also a cultural symbol for the world.
We Americans always follow the rules.
To protect all cultures in the world.
So, I will take this "Yuxi"
Back to America.
I am your "kaishakunin".
(= suicide assistant)
So you!
- So you are.
Please kill me ...
/ Yoshizawa
If you want to make love to me
You will not regret it.
I'll let you
having fun.
Hey buddy.
We're in Shanghai!
It's a big city.
The big city is very "big".
What are we doing here?
You say,
What are we doing here?
Hey old jerk!
Move out!
You make me late!
I'm sorry, sorry.
/ Move out!
Let's go, please.
Through this way.
Do you like this room?
Yes, good.
Your tips.
Tell me if you need anything.
Do not look too far.
Check the area nearby.
American Consulate in Shanghai.
What are they doing?
First, make sure first where "Yuxi" it.
Xiao Zhuang, you follow Howard.
Ruo Yun you follow Luisa.
First understand the facts first.
/ Good. / Good.
What is your job?
/ My job,
The most difficult.
This is the most expensive ice cream
At our hotel.
You think my money is not enough to pay?
I heard he's a rich man.
Oh, he's a bastard from Korea
Who fled to Shanghai.
Too little!
Sorry, this is some caviar for
Once field.
Never mind dad.
We have to get away from this sickening city.
Yes father.
We soon go to America.
So, I do not care about anything now.
Yes, it is true.
I heard it, Mrs. Howard will board the ship
Back to America.
At night before they leave,
They will hold a farewell dinner.
The goods are "Yuxi.
All ships are closely guarded
Even Japanese people are prohibited from entering.
The most important,
Only 3 days before dinner
And we still do not know where
The existence of "Yuxi".
We have no reason whatsoever
To enter the consulate.
Although "Yuxi" is there
We have no chance of getting it.
No matter where "Yuxi",
During a farewell dinner,
It will be there.
Dinner room on board.
During dinner,
"Yuxi" will be displayed.
Then they will bring back
To an American room
All processes are running
More or less for 5 minutes.
So we are in 2 locations
Where we act.
First at the dinner place,
The second in the American room.
Those two places were impossible.
Security setup this time
Is the highest level,
Just like the Swiss bank's barrel room.
Glass box made by Lyme company in Germany.
The chance of making a mistake is zero.
And, the dinner room
And glass box space
Connected together with a security alarm.
So positioned you there
Then we can not do anything.
If they got into the wrong room
That there is the same glass box in it.
I heard in this ship
Adjoining rooms
Was a prince of Arabia.
God of wealth to America.
nd these 2 rooms are the same decor.
We can make these 2 rooms
Looks the same.
Steal the key of the Arab
And give it to SCS members.
As we adjust the room,
Then switch the army's turn
To get into the room and pick up "Yuxi".
But our time is only 5 minutes.
Then you must have a plan
Better than this now?
Last question,
How do we get into the ship?
Use this.
The rich from somewhere.
They plan to board the ship to America.
But the only problem is
We need 1 more person.
You are a bunch of liars!
Okay, his crew is ready.
This is my fault,
When we stole the plane
I lost you.
This is my fault.
- Stop it!
I am angry
Not because he left me.
Because you guys have a fun mission,
And he did not invite me.
You are all corrupt.
Living on people everywhere,
For fun to spit lust
every where.
Now we will take all the mistakes
Which you do.
East Asian Union and Youth Command
All vying to kill you.
This is our paycheck.
Do not be polite.
We'll kill it first.
Please release us.
- You're a bitch!
Beating a woman?
I'll kill you now.
Husband beating wife should die ...
...must die.
How's my acting?
Please forgive us.
How much are they paying you?
I'll pay 3 times as much.
/ But what we have to do
If the Youth Command finds us?
/ 5 fold.
Well, agree.
I'll get some "black goat"
To get into the ship.
When everything is settled,
Then we will set you free.
8 fold!
Invitation to a dinner dance party.
/ But I know how to dance.
In dancing, the teacher is
the most important.
Where can I find a teacher?
Come on. / No, no, no,
I do not want. I do not know how to dance.
Yes yes you can, I'll teach you.
Come on.
Come on, drop it.
The first time is always like this.
Raise your legs.
Really stupid, right?
The game is over!
This mission
Before the dance.
Xiao Zhuang will take the key.
Watch your way!
San Niang and I will
Swapping the room.
You must hurry.
Your time is only 3 minutes.
/ Xiao Zhuang will meet Ruo Yun at the dance.
Yes, Sir.
This is not to be lost, Lieutenant.
Who is this person?
Please help me.
Who's that anyway?
Someone lost the key?
This mission,
The most important is cooperation.
Because the time is short,
Do not make a mistake.
From now on
The most difficult is ...
/ What?
Not bad.
Not bad. Spinning.
Let's go on.
Remember the first time I met you,
You play like this.
You won my heart.
At that moment.
Our Ruo Yun is incredible.
He has many languages.
Everyone has their own hobby.
You like taking photos.
How is your plan? Did you
Find a location for a photo studio?
I stopped.
Okay, fine, let's eat.
Hey Xiao Zhuang.
When the mission is settled,
What are your plans for the future?
I do not know.
Get married.
Can you stop talking?
Can not!
Xiao Zhuang I want to ask.
Reply me.
Excuse me.
I'll get him.
- Wait!
Answer me first.
Of course I want to get married!
/ Wait a minute!
Cinema tickets.
He was too embarrassed
To give it to you. Take!
Come with us.
Your plan is perfect.
Actually we are in a race
To sneak into the ship.
But now this is perfect.
We need not quarrel with America
And then we can get "Yuxi".
So I really appreciate it.
You're that goddamned chair?
You're not dead yet?
/ Watch your mouth!
Yamada, calm down.
You want more fame
Of money.
And love relationship is not it?
I'll show you something cool.
If anyone knows if I'm still alive,
That person is Ruo Yun.
When we graduate from University
We promise each other
When the war ends we will marry.
But our beliefs are different.
He had a mission to kill me,
But he can not do it.
Because, he loves me.
When the war is over,
Everything will be clear.
Ruo Yun,
Will come back to me.
So, I'll give you 2 gifts.
First, when you get "Yuxi".
I let you take pictures,
And post them in all newspapers.
Everyone will see it.
You'll be the best hustler in China.
The second,
I will not see Ruo Yun again.
Everything is fine?
You know what's important between
The hustler?
Did you see Xiao Zhuang?
/ No.
Madam, do not you consider
To sell it to me?
And suddenly we are here with
This valuable item.
The prince was not in his room.
Ah, he's with the Americans.
A bit late to act now.
And there's a double custody here
To protect "Yuxi".
Change of plan.
When the party is over, you and San Niang
Will block both sides of the aisle.
I will change the room.
/ The time is not enough.
This is the only way.
/ But, honey...
See you.
Ladies and gentlemen, loud band, thank you
Much on his arrival tonight.
You guys look fantastic tonight.
Jeez, give applause to join
Yes, thank you.
Now you guys might know me
The American ambassador to China.
But what you do not know
My wife Louise here ...
Where have you been last night?
You do not have to think too much.
When the mission is over.
We will go on our own.
So tonight we have to get drunk,
We should have fun,
And we have to dance!
When we're done
Marry me.
Take care of this.
The key.
Yes, Sir.
/ Be careful
Come on!
/ Good.
You are extraordinary.
Have we ever met,
You look so familiar.
What does it mean?
/ I do not know.
I heard your wife is
A very famous singer.
What he's prepared for
A song for us tonight?
Emm ...
/ Let's get started.
How is the plan?
- Just wait, look at me.
Emm, no, no ...
I have not been singing for a long time.
Come on.
/ Shit! Shut up!
Hi all.
In that case,
I'll sing a song for you guys.
Get out of here.
Forgive me.
- You're a stupid drunk.
Goddamn it.
There are actually lots of songs
Which I can sing for you.
I love you guys.
Come here, come here.
/ What's San Niang here?
Do you want to read something in my room?
We are with many people.
Oh, my God.
Do you want to come?
And now turn it slowly
Which you carry in your hands.
Let's hand it over.
Hey you guys, stop, come back come back!
Hey shit.
I'll kill you!
You got it very quickly.
As expected, you're the best hustler
In China. Extraordinary!
I have prepared this.
Which one do you want?
I do not want.
Let me explain.
/ You're a liar.
And I trust you.
I'll explain everything to you
We really appreciate the cooperation
Tn. Zhuang with us.
I'll give it
All the casinos in Shanghai to him.
He's lying.
I did all this
Just to show you,
who he really is?
Ever since you let me go,
I know,
My Ruo Yun is still there.
He loves me.
Our faith, though
Different at the moment,
But someday we are
Will be on the same page.
Everything we do,
Not for ourselves.
But to end
This war is faster.
Because you said,
When the war ended
We will get married.
Do you remember when we were at
University of Pennsylvania?
You liar!
No, I never lie to you.
He's the one who lied to you.
You believe me,
Or him?
Up to you.
/ You bastard!
You fucker!
No, no!
You are dead!
The Chinese can not bargain.
Xiao Zhuang.
Xiao Zhuang.
Xiao Zhuang!
Xiao Zhuang!
What about this woman?
I'll take care of him.
Yes, Sir.
Xiao Zhuang.
You bitch!
Now we're done.
/ Xiao Zhuang ...
More handsome than me.
Xiao Zhuang ...!
Xiao Zhuang ...!
Song Jingzhi faked his death
To steal "Yuxi".
A new big sistuasi
Will be written in annual history
Together with "Yuxi".
Have I ever slept with you before?
It's a very boring life.
Then what interests you?
Like you?
Become a hustler
Without responsibility?
I have my own rules.
I never lie to the old, sick,
Weak, disabled and pregnant.
But you're still a hustler.
When all this is over,
Marry me.
Xiao Zhuang ...!
I say myself over and over again,
he is not here,
He left me.
But I can not convince
Ruo Yun,
I still love you.
If you can accept me.
I'll take you out of here.
This is your last chance.
Tn. Song.
You have to go upstage
Welcome Chairman Song.
/ Did not you kill Yamada?
Zhuang, I finally found out
How disgusting I am!
The game is over!
Be quiet, or there is no food for you.
Are you sad for me?
Watch Out!
/ You are dead!
He's upstairs!
You do not know I'm a hustler?
You're so deceived.
Phanthom concentration camp No. 731.
A few days ago
With the help of Japan,
"Yuxi" is known to be missing during
Thousands of years,
This marks a
A new beginning.
Let her go!
/ Let's make it like this,
Watch your beloved die in front of you.
You're trying to make me go.
Hurry me down.
You can not beat him.
The basement is filled with gas,
Hold your breath!
Hold on
What are you talking about?
This is the symbol for
The greatest time for China.
This is a sign
Which shows we will create
East Asian unity is strong.
This is also a declaration
Declaration of our new government.
Which leads China
to achieve
Great East Asian unity.
Ruo Yun!
I'm carrying a gun on my back.
Watch out!
It's been a long time since me
See myself bleeding.
I really appreciate you.
If I do not know which one
Phantom actually,
We have no chance to win.
Xiao Zhuang!
Ruo Yun!
Do not mind me.
Why do not you shoot!
Why do not you shoot!
.Hold your breath.
Be a couple in heaven.
It turns out you are!
.Oda Koki.
Xiao Zhuang!
Xiao Zhuang!
I have not slept with you.
How can I die?
All is over.
Not yet.
Live the New National Movement!
Living New Development in East Asia!
Freedom and Commonality in China
Will forever!
In addition to stealing "Yuxi"
What else can we do?
It's a perfect plan.
Do not rush first!
I have something else.
A mine trigger tool.
Let us remember that great moment.
That bitch!
Hurry up!
/ Here here...
Already, already, already.
My dear cooks well.
I'll give you a foot massage for you tonight.
Reduce the hot water.
I do not want to burn my legs.
Xiao Zhuang.
Why did you wake up?
- It's a good medicine.
It's a cure for animals,
But you can use that
In the same way!
The food is almost ready.
Call Ruo Yun.
There is one more dish
Before the table is ready.
Come back soon!
/ Do not worry!
We're not long.
You eat first.
Do not wait for us.
Maybe a midnight snack.
I have to repeat how many times?
I told you I do not know.
Listen to me son
If you did not say where "Yuxi" is now
Or you will not go home
Where am I going?
You're on your way to America,
That's my fool's house.
Happy summer!
Wei-Wel of Dots & Lines