For My Brother (2014) Movie Script

AII right, boys. Lunch is ready.
Aske, heIp Bastian out.
Are you okay?
They're so cute.
Don't you want kids of your own?
Sure. I just need to find someone
who'II have them with me.
Is that a probIem for you?
We can't all be as lucky as Lasse,
now can we?
It might speed things up
if you didn't live with your mother.
I guess.
All right, boys, let's go eat.
A toast to my youngest son,
the new head of the club.
- Great idea.
- Cheers, darling.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Now we just need to get you
started playing again, Lasse.
All in due time.
Aren't you hungry, Bastian?
No? That's not like you.
- Is he ill?
- I don't know, Bodil.
Feeling sick?
Eat something.
Bastian, eat your food.
- Lasse, don't.
- The kid's just acting.
Is it good?
Answer the question.
You hear me?
- So long, boys.
- See you later, Mother.
Will you be home
for dinner tomorrow?
I won't be back till late.
I'm meeting someone in town.
There'll be leftovers, then.
See you, honey.
Can I come?
You can't. There's no room.
Bastian, the bags and Granny.
Go read "Fairytalia" in the tent.
I'll be back in a jiffy, okay?
- See you.
- Bye bye, Aske.
Bye bye!
Are you good
or do you want another?
No thanks.
I was thinking if maybe ...
I mean ...
Could you lend me some dough?
Sure. How much?
Fifty. Sixty, maybe.
Sure thing. Not a problem.
Just to make ends meet, you know.
Of course.
We help each other out, right?
- Where's Aske?
- In the tent, I suppose.
You're taking a walk with Hans.
You do as you're told! You hear?
Wanna come?
Put your shoes on, then.
I like you a lot.
Is he asleep?
How the hell should I know?
Look for yourself.
Goddamn busybody.
Lasse, he's not here.
Where is he?
Well, then I guess
he fucking ran away.
I ought to do the same.
Piss off, then.
If I'm as disgusting and ugly
as you keep saying, then piss off!
Is Hans taking a walk?
Did Aske go with him?
- Did Aske go with him?
- For Christ's sake, yes!
- Did you let Aske go with Hans?
- They're just taking a walk!
You didn't.
I've seen the way Hans looks at Aske.
He's a sick, twisted pervert.
They're just taking a walk!
No harm in that.
Jesus Christ...
- Let me go!
- You stay here!
If he has touched my boy,
I swear I'll kill you!
- Leave him alone!
- Mommy...
- Mommy...
- I'm here.
You make me sick!
What the hell are you doing?
Just you wait.
You're a dead man.
Just you wait
till the police get you.
I truly hope the same thing
happens to you one day.
I'm taking Lasse down with me.
He's done this with so many boys.
If you tell anyone about this
I'm gonna fucking kill you!
Get him! Get him!
Mommy, no!
Wake up...
Come on...
Please wake up.
Please wake up.
Please, Mommy...
Wanna hang out at my place?
I can't.
I have to pick up Bastian.
- And there's that biology report.
- That's not due till Tuesday.
It's a four-day weekend.
I'm just kind of hung-up.
All right, but if you have
some spare time, just call me.
You've got company.
Hi there.
I'm having a party Saturday.
Maybe you'd like to come?
I'm not really sure if I'm free.
Well, if you feel like it
you're more than welcome.
See you around.
- She's crazy about you.
- That's just how she is.
I'd give anything to get with her.
Have you seen
the knockers on her?
A guy can dream, right?
See you around.
What are you doing?
- Just playing.
- You are? Can we play, too?
Hey, where are you going?
- It's my place.
- Then what are you doing out here?
Are you gonna cry now?
He's strong!
Stop it! Stop!
What the fuck?
Is that how you defend yourself,
you little faggot?
Let's split before he eats us all.
Fucking loser!
Is he dead?
Andreas did it.
Wanna bury it?
Do you think Mom will
take care of him now?
Yeah, I'm sure she will.
Did you go to Mom's funeral?
No, I didn't.
- Did Dad go?
- I think so.
- You're going to bed early.
- But tomorrow...
Shut your mouth!
Here you go.
Bloody hell! You little...!
What a fucking mess!
You clean that up right now!
Get to it!
I'll teach you.
What a fucking mess.
I've had enough.
Get the hell out of here.
And don't come down,
you goddamn slob!
Was that a laugh?
All right. Wanna help me
with the dishes?
Last one down washes!
- You wash 'cause you're washed up.
- Very funny. Clear the table.
Did Mom hit you?
Mom never hit me.
- Then why does Dad?
- It's the only thing he knows.
- It's his way of saying he's sad.
- But he doesn't cry.
I know.
But some grownups can be sad
and won't let it show.
When I grow up
I won't hit my kids.
I'm glad you don't hit me.
I guess there's no one to hear
my bedtime story tonight.
- I'm right here!
- Oh, I didn't see you.
- Liar.
- Okay...
I couldn't see you,
but I smelt your stinking toes.
And Teddy.
Prince Mias and Prince Ramo
rode through the flowery valley.
The valley bloomed
with thousands of flowers -
- in the most
beautiful colours imaginable.
Ramo leaned forward
and hugged Simi tightly.
Her mane was the same beautiful hue
as his own curly locks.
They rode on through the valley -
- and far ahead they glimpsed
the shapes of ancient houses.
It was the City on the Edge.
Itty-bitty pigs were
wallowing in the mud.
And whenever
one of them stumbled -
- all the others would oink at it
like little pigs do.
There wasn't a soul in sight, -
- yet the two princes felt
like someone was watching them.
But there was no one there.
They trotted on to the town centre
where they came upon an old crone.
A haggard old crone
drawing water from the well.
... said the crank
as the woman scowled at them.
But they gathered up their courage
and rode over to her and asked her -
- where all the other people
had gone.
She glanced over her shoulder -
- as if she was looking for
something or someone.
And with a croak she asked them
who they were -
- and who they were looking for.
They explained how they were two
princes out to rescue the princess -
- from the evil Lord Tigo
of the Shadow Realm.
- And now it's sleepy time.
- Tell me a bit more.
After a day like yours, Mias and
Ramo would be fast asleep now.
When will Dad be home?
Will you stay till I'm asleep?
Sure thing.
Sleep tight.
Who is it?
No one you know.
Open the door!
- Hi. Come on in.
- Thanks.
- Hi.
- Can I take your coat?
Come on.
- Are you okay?
- Sure.
I'm okay.
Kiss me.
Do it to me.
Can I have you without it?
- It'll cost you extra.
- That's okay.
Come on!
Do it!
Dear God.
Please watch over Bastian...
... and make Dad remember
to take his pills.
And watch over Mom, too.
Thank you.
Dad! Dad!
Aske. Aske...
Are you asleep?
- No, you're not.
- Am too.
Then how come you're
looking at me and speaking?
It's in order to -
- do this!
- What do you want now?
- Nothing! Stop!
- Why?
- Because!
- Because what?
- Just because!
Promise to behave, then?
- Can I go fishing down on the pier?
- Did you ask Dad?
He's snoring.
Sure, go ahead.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Hi.
- Hiya.
- You just got out of bed?
- Yeah.
Sleeping late, huh? We went
to see a horror flick yesterday.
- Any good?
- It was awesome.
Totally American, but really cool.
Did you do that biology report?
No, I didn't have the time.
I'll do it another day.
- Now, there's a party.
- What do you mean?
Your old man. He snores.
My dad snores, too. It feels like
the whole house is coming down.
My mom hates it.
- Wanna head on into town?
- Yeah, I guess.
Great. I'll just go to the loo
while you eat.
- Guys, look who it is.
- It's the cry-baby.
Let's go say hello.
- Hey, isn't that the cry-baby?
- It sure looks like him.
- Don't let him eat you.
- He's got a taste for Magnus.
- Hi there.
- Looking to catch some dinner?
- Hey! Are you?
- No.
You should help out your old man,
now that he's unemployed.
They don't buy food. They just eat
the leftovers from his daddy's shirt.
Where's your faggot brother?
- Huh? Can't you speak?
- He's at home.
- So, you can speak?
- Is your Pops there, too?
So, does your faggot brother
and your Pops ever fool around?
- What are you boys doing here?
- Old fart. I know where you live!
Let me help you.
There you go.
I was bullied, too, once.
But I'm good now.
I'm okay. Say, could you
teach me how to fish?
- Don't you know how?
- No. Wanna teach me?
- You can try if you want.
- I'd like that.
Lookey here. Want one?
- No thanks.
- Aw, come on.
Having a good time, huh?
- Want some? There's two left.
- No thanks.
Are you coming
to the party tomorrow?
- I'm not sure.
- Aske, come on.
- How many are coming?
- Around ten people or so.
- You should come and bring him along.
- That would be awesome. Right?
Come on, sweetie,
we're in a hurry.
- Where are you off to?
- Going to have our nails done.
Send me a text, okay?
And bring your swim trunks.
My dad's letting us use the pool.
They're so hot.
- I just don't feel like going.
- What's wrong with you?
- Nothing. I just don't feel like it.
- But why not?
Pretty girls invite you to a party
and you don't feel like going?
I really don't understand
what's wrong with you.
- I can't go if you won't.
- Sure you can.
No way. They only invited me
to make sure you'd turn up.
If you don't show, they'll totally
ignore me. That's so not cool.
Are you sure you won't go?
- It's just that...
- This is my one chance to get laid.
- My dad's not feeling so well.
- Yeah right.
- Silas...
- Never mind, Aske.
Just think about it.
Wanna play some 'World War'?
- Yeah, sure.
- Cool.
- I'll use my new tactic on you.
- Nothing wrong with the old one.
Not against you, but when I'm
playing some Korean online -
- I get owned.
I can't even get my footing.
But this dude gave me a tip...
- Put your shirt on.
- Why?
- Just because...
- Come on.
He said that if you
explore the map fully -
- before your opponent
you quadruple your resources.
- Does it work?
- Sure.
I've tried it a few times
and racked up a decent score.
- Hi.
- Hi, Silas.
Enjoying a cold one, eh?
You know.
Good thing that school
is over soon, huh?
Yeah, I can't wait.
Guess you'll be looking for
a little lady friend, then.
Well, I wouldn't mind that.
But we can't all be as lucky
as this guy.
- Whadda you mean?
- Well...
Didn't Aske...?
Haven't you told him about Sasha?
- There's nothing to tell.
- Who's Sasha?
Just a girl at school.
There's nothing going on.
She wouldn't be inviting you
to a party if she wasn't into you.
What party?
What's this about a party?
Never mind.
We're not going anyway.
Aske said you were ill...
- I never said that.
- Whatever.
- He said so, did he?
- It's not important.
Well, if Aske want's to party -
- he's free to go.
It's a free country.
What was that about?
You haven't told him about Sasha?
- There's nothing to tell.
- That's not true.
Why did you tell me he was ill?
He doesn't look ill to me.
A few beers too many
doesn't make a person ill.
I'd like you to leave.
All right.
See ya.
So you're telling people I'm ill,
are you?
- Are you?!
- No.
Oh yes, you are. Blabbering
away with your filthy mouth!
You know what?
I'm not the one who's sick.
It's you!
You're sick in the head!
- Did you tell him anything else?
- No!
If I ever find out
you told anyone anything -
- I'll fucking slit your throat!
You hear me?!
Maybe we'd better call it quits,
the ways things are going.
No, Dad. I'll do it.
Dad, I'll do it!
Your ass is even sorrier
than your fucking mother's.
- Maybe he'll do better.
- No, Dad... I'll do it.
Jesus, you're pathetic.
You remind me of your mother.
You can show me later -
- how well you perform.
Are you crying?
I like you, Aske.
Come here.
I really like you, too.
We're off.
No bedtime story?
Not tonight.
Dad's waiting downstairs.
- Darn.
- I know.
Where are you going?
We're just going for a drive.
We'll be home soon.
Then I'll come check on you, okay?
What about my pill?
- You can skip it today.
- Okay.
Take off your seatbelt.
Take it off!
Just do as they say.
You got that?
- You got that?!
- Yes, Dad.
If not, this will be your last time.
And you know
what that means, don't you?
Bow down.
Let's go.
Get in there.
Get out here. Come on.
Lie down!
Shut the fuck up.
You've got the sea,
the beach, the woods, -
- the fields ...
You've got everything out here.
- It's a great place to live.
- Oh, there you are.
But we're moving back to the city.
My wife can't find a job out here -
- and the kids are starting school.
- You can't just go back and forth.
- She does that already.
Here's to you, Aske.
You're the greatest.
- And so feisty.
- Just the way we like 'em.
With a nice ass!
Aske is such a sweetheart.
Go home. Beat it!
I mean, she was all over the place.
With an ass like this.
Or even wider. My point is -
- that fat bitches are
so fucking eager to please.
And always with
a crease for your dick.
Jesus, you're too much.
I need to wash that down.
He's got a dirty mind.
Here's to a great day.
What a blast.
What are you waiting for?!
Do it! Do it! Take me!
What are you waiting for?! Do it!
Do it! Do it!
Do it, damn you!
Come on! Do it!
What are you waiting for?!
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
Wanna go with me
to Hjorring on Sunday?
You got a hook-up?
Like I always do.
A boy and a girl.
- How old?
- Eleven and twelve.
You can do the girl.
She's totally clean.
You can tape them together, too.
I'm in.
Can he perform?
Can he fuck her good?
According to his father,
he's very precocious.
Hi there.
- Lasse.
- Karen.
Hi, Karen.
You're such a stunner.
- Don't...
- But you are.
Can't a man speak
his mind anymore? Cheers.
- Cheers, Lasse.
- Cheers.
Dad's making noises.
Come here.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Shut your ass up!
- Oh, you better believe it's shut!
- I know you fucking like it.
You don't know shit.
That's just disgusting!
Then get the hell
out of my house!
Fucking pervert!
You're fucking disgusting!
You fucking slut!
Wanna sleep here?
All right.
Let's pretend it's Fullness Bread.
It'll be just like in Fairytalia.
Sure, we can do that.
What's wrong?
- What is it?
- There's someone out there.
Is it Fillip?
Someone or something's there.
I just know it.
Can you see him?
I think it's the Black Spies.
I can't see them.
We'd better hide in the forest.
We're not safe here.
But they'll see us if we run.
Not if we take this seashell
and toss it out the window.
The sound will distract them
and then we run the other way.
Come on!
- It's dangerous to stay here.
- Why is that?
Because everything
will rat us out to Lord Tigo.
The dirt, the twigs...
The old trees talk to him.
Can you hear them?
And the wind whispers...
The woods are cursed.
If we stay here much longer
we'll be captured.
And then we'll never free the princess
in the tower by the sea.
This is just a game, right?
It's not real, is it?
Maybe. Come on.
Oh, there you are,
you little fucks.
It only suits you to turn up
when it's time to eat, huh?
That's when you turn up.
Go upstairs, Bastian.
Do as your filthy brother tell you.
Go upstairs!
Jesus Christ...
Giddy up, Bastian!
Aske, Aske, Aske...
What's wrong?
Dad just...
... needed a nap.
So, are we going or what?
Today is not good.
Some friend you are!
Think maybe you could
tuck yourself in tonight?
Silas really wants me to go to
this party. There are these girls...
Are they gonna kiss?
Maybe. If they feel like it.
So can you?
I'll be home before dark.
And I'll tell you
two stories tomorrow.
Won't Dad be mad?
He's asleep.
- Are you sure?
Really sure.
Teddy can tuck me in.
He sure can.
Who'll tuck you in when you grow up
and I'm not around?
You thinkTeddy will?
No, my wife's gonna do that.
Okay. You think she'll do that
every day?
Let's hope so.
Of course she will.
I'm game.
What about presents?
I haven't brought one.
We can share mine.
It's expensive enough for two.
Are you sure?
- Yeah. Come on.
They're down here.
Are you ready or what?
How do we get out there?
Are you guys drunk?
- Not yet. Are you?
Come on.
So we have it all to ourselves?
- Sasha's dad is the pool attendant.
Leave your stuff and get in there.
We're gonna get so wasted.
This should be fun.
Hi there. Happy birthday.
This is from the two of us.
Hi, Aske!
You look nice.
Oh, you got a present.
- Open it!
There's a first time for everything.
I just don't like it.
- You haven't even tasted it.
Is there anything to drink
besides beer?
Here you go.
Try this.
- Thanks for the present.
David, could you...?
You don't drink beer, Aske?
- No, not really.
Here's to that.
- Cheers!
How was it?
Not that bad, huh?
And now I think it's time
to sing a birthday song -
- for my little sweetie.
Oh, he's up already.
The rest of you, stand up.
Today is Sasha's birthday
Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!
She's sure to get the present
that she's been wishing for
with plenty of hot chocolate
and birthday cake
Cheers, sweetie!
Bastian speaking.
Hi, this is Hans.
Can I speak to your Dad?
He's sleeping.
- I see. Could you wake him up?
- Good boy.
It's for you.
- Asleep in the middle of the day?
Fuck off.
Hjorring at three o'clock.
We leave here at nine.
Yeah, whatever.
Drink it down.
All of it!
Where the hell is that boy?
Do you know where he is?
Do you?!
At a party.
I see.
That fucking kid.
Did you call him?
And he didn't answer?
Come here.
Come with me.
Come on, goddammit!
Take of your pants!
Take 'em off! Do it!
What's wrong with you?
It's totally limp.
Get the hell outta here!
Go fuck your daddy up the ass
if that's what makes you hard!
Was it good?
It was this good!
Was it that small?
He couldn't get a boner, okay?
Sweetie, what's wrong?
Aske just couldn't...
... get it up.
I'm so sorry.
But, sweetie, it's just a dick.
An itty bitty dick.
Want some?
Where's Aske?
Why don't you just beat it, Silas?
And take Aske with you.
Bye bye, Silas.
Bye bye!
What's going on?
Sasha came back in -
- and now she's dancing
with some other dude.
You couldn't perform or what?
Aske, couldn't you perform?
No! And neither could you
if your Dad had been porking you -
- and forcing you to have
sex with strangers all the time!
Fuck you, Silas!
What's wrong?
Is it your dad? Does he really
do the things you said?
Don't touch me!
I just want to help you.
I'm your friend.
Bastian is gone.
He's gone?
- Yes.
And his underwear
is lying next to my dad.
Do you know
where he might be?
I have no idea.
Maybe in his hut.
All right, let's go look.
Put on a shirt and some shoes.
We'll find him. Okay?
He said it was your fault.
I don't like you anymore.
I don't want to go home.
You wanna sleep at my place?
I don't wanna go home.
You can sleep at my place.
I think we'll just sleep here.
You're welcome to come.
But tomorrow, then what?
I don't know.
- Will you go home?
I don't wanna go home.
You won't have to. I promise.
What'll you do?
You can't stay here.
I don't know, Silas.
But we're not going home.
You could stay
at our cabin in Norway.
- Yeah.
But it's so far.
Isn't that the point?
Far away from here.
I don't know.
What'll your parents say?
It's not a problem.
Aske, come here.
Are you okay?
I'll be right outside.
Whatever you do,
you'll have to go to the police.
But he's my dad.
- And your his son.
Bastian is his son.
It's not right. It has to stop.
And only the police can stop it.
- You think so?
I do.
I could tell my parents
and then...
It has to stop.
You're a total mess.
My conscience is killing me.
It doesn't matter.
- It does matter.
It's just not right.
Are you sure
you don't wanna come?
Yeah. We'll stay here.
Okay. I'll be back in the morning
and then we'll get you up there.
All right.
Are you gonna tell them now?
- No, I'll wait till you've left.
My mom would just want to
keep you here. I'd better wait.
Can I give you a hug?
I'm sorry.
- Aske, dammit!
I'm the one who's sorry. Okay?
I'm the one.
Tomorrow, all right?
See you.
You sure look cheerful.
You'd look the same
if your kids stayed out all night.
That's why I don't have kids.
I'm fine on my own.
Well, isn't?
Here's some money.
Just take it.
There's plenty of food in the cabin.
Just take whatever you want.
I wrote down the address.
It's within walking distance
of the train station.
The key is underneath
the tree stump by the door.
It'll be okay, Aske.
I'll talk to my folks tonight.
Take care of yourself
and your big brother.
And be a good boy, okay?
I'll see you around.
You bet.
She's cute, huh?
You can touch her.
Go on. Give her a kiss.
Are you okay?
You think Dad misses us?
Do you miss him?
I miss Mom.
I know.
It hurt so bad.
I know.
Come here.
It's okay.
Dad is sick.
But why did he do that thing
with his willy? I'm not a girl.
I don't know.
He said I had to help him
because you weren't there.
Did you pretend to be a girl, too?
- Yeah.
But those games are over, okay?
Are you hungry?
- Yeah, a bit.
Let's look for some food.
Or maybe catch a fish in the lake.
I can't do that.
Sure you can.
- No, you do it.
Let's find something here, then.
Meatballs or...
wieners and spaghetti.
Wieners and spaghetti.
All right.
Simi reared and whinnied -
- as two hooded men
stepped out from behind the trees.
Mias pressed himself
against Ramo -
- as the men started
howling like barbarians.
One of them grabbed Simi's reins.
Suddenly, more men appeared.
They pulled the two princes
to the ground.
And even though
they yelled for them to stop -
- the men just laughed scornfully.
Two of the broadest
and most heavyset men -
- clasped their hands around
Mias and Ramo -
- and slung them on their backs.
And even though they struggled -
- it was to no avail.
The man holding the reins
gave the order to move on -
- and all of a sudden
they had all disappeared.
Once again,
the woods fell absolutely silent.
Did you get there safely?
I told my parents
and my mom called the police.
We didn't go.
He is my father after all.
Can't talk right now.
Could you come over?
Of course.
You're a natural.
Think there are any fish here?
- Nah. Where would they come from?
But the river should be full of fish.
Wanna go?
- Sure.
There. Throw it out.
Mias and Ramo hid from the Mioraffes
behind some huge boulders.
What's that?
These giant creatures
that live on the Endless Plains.
Like a cross between
a giraffe and an elephant.
Only they're much bigger
and have six legs.
Stop! Hans! Hans!
Where are you taking my boy?
You're my best friend in the world.
And you're my best friend.
Come here.
One wrong move and I blow
your brother's fucking head off!
Get over here!
- Dad, don't...
Come on! Slowly!
So you planned to hide out here
and let me rot in jail. Did you?!
I'll fucking teach you!
You're so pathetic,
screaming like your bitch mother!
And that friend of yours...
Bloody hell!
Come on!
Come on!
Bastian, come on!
You're dead! Doomed to rot!
And don't you dare coming back!
Bastian, stay with me!
You hear? Stay with me!
Bastian, stay with me!
Listen to me!
Bastian, stay with me! Please!
Bastian, stay with me...
Bastian, Bastian...
Please, Bastian!
Please, stay with me!
You and me, Bastian. You and me!
Bastian, Bastian...
You and me...
Forgive me.
Forgive me...
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