For Prophet (2024) Movie Script

Hey, God.
James Fisher here-- Junior.
God, I'm only days away
from getting out of this rehab
and I can't help
but be overwhelmed
by how awesome You are.
It's been 30 days
of sobriety, it's--
28 days, if I'm honest, God.
I can't, I can't lie to you.
Lord, I'm here to pray
for my hometown of Mount Zion.
God, it is crumbling.
I pray for my stepmom--
for Sharon Fisher.
I pray, God, you will help her
to find all the funding
for the homeless shelter.
Most of all, God, I pray
for my brother, Damon Fisher.
I don't know where he's going.
He's lost
his faith entirely, Father.
He's struggling in his marriage.
I mean, his wife--
she's so cold right now.
I don't know what happened,
but she-- it's like the Arctic.
Anyway, God,
I just, he needs you, Father.
Please, please help him.
Michael, Michael, Michael,
Michael, Michael!
Do you
hear what I hear?
Glory be,
I hears the sound of prayer
from the brother of
our own Joaquin Prophet.
Damon Fisher of Mount Zion.
Do you hear what I hears
There you are, Raphael.
Hey, Mikey.
what an entrance.
Hey, Gabe, I loves you
and you, and you,
and you, and you.
We loves you too, Rafa.
Do you know why you've
been summoned here, Raphael?
Oh, I heard prayers.
Prayers for the prophet.
Our Father has chosen
a Walking Prophet
and, Raphael, you have
been chosen to go to Earth
and help him fulfill
his spiritual purpose.
Glory, glory, glory.
Thank you, Father. Woo!
And to
help this prophet,
you will
partially incarnate in flesh
and learn how humans live.
In flesh?
Like "flesh," flesh?
Or like, um--
walk I through this.
With human beings.
On Earth.
So I will have emotions
and-- and sensations
as humans do?
Does this,
by chance have anything to do
with the thought I had
two eons ago?
is on earth, Rafa.
needs to heal Mount Zion.
I is the angel of healing.
And I loves human
beings eternally, go I.
How does
I help this prophet?
prophet has a demon.
One of Lucifer's
chief demons.
Oh, Lord, no.
I must heal.
How does I get
acquainted with this prophet?
I know
you're struggling
with your faith, but--
No, babe,
I'm not struggling.
- It's gone.
- Don't listen to her.
I don't
have faith anymore.
- Right, fine.
- God is a superstition.
I just feel like-
God is a superstition.
- Can I talk?
- Yeah, yeah.
I just feel as if
he doesn't take action
for our marriage,
unless I ask or persist.
No, no, no. I do,
I do everything for us, okay.
Wait, now one at a time.
Speak right to him, Cassandra.
Thank you,
Dr. Carradine.
Yeah, doctor? Okay.
Damon, honey,
mortgaging our home
to start a juice bar is
not doing everything for us.
- Whoa, babe, what.
- Cheap shot.
Your mother
gave us the house.
- Stepmother.
- Half the house, okay.
I, I owned half.
We, we own half
and then she owned half.
- Now, now we own it completely.
- That's a perfect logic.
That's not how
a mortgage works, honey.
- Oh, what do you know?
- I'm up half the night
most nights doing
any graphic design work
I can get my hands on just so
we can pay said mortgage.
I know. I know,
babe, you're amazing.
the medical school debt.
Yeah, It's bad.
It looks bad.
The truth is,
I don't feel comfortable
talking to you like this
unless we pay someone
and I'm ashamed of that.
- Ugh.
- We're a blatant cliche and---
You're a cliche.
I've been praying.
- Why?
- What is this?
We need
to go to church.
- It would solve everything--
- Boo, boo, boo!
No, no, babe. We do not need
to go to church and pray, okay.
That's not gonna
magically fix everything, okay.
I'm sorry.
You're so open to nature,
but cold to God.
- No, honey, I mean--
- God!
And we barely make love anymore.
Okay, that's true.
That's very true, man.
I'm starting to think
you don't want children anymore.
Oh, we don't want children.
We do not want children!
Tell her we don't want children.
Tell her we don't
want children, ugh!
I'm just not ready, yet, babe,
- It's been three years, honey.
- No, babe, I'm sorry.
But it's been two years
since Pops died.
I meant--
yes, you're right.
Lord help us, you're right.
It's the miscarriage
you idiot.
Even I know that. You're dumb.
I know, okay.
You're really dumb, dude.
Yes, I know.
Okay, it's been three years.
- I'm sorry, babe. I'm sorry.
- Am I crazy here?
Stupid lithium.
No, you are not the one
who is crazy, babe.
Get up, get up. Get up, get up!
Hey, come on buddy.
Get up, get up.
Come on, yeah.
Do those push ups.
You're getting swole.
Drinking the water.
That's right.
Oh, pushups, yeah, more pushups.
Yeah, turn the page.
Can you even read?
Hey, you're pooping, aren't ya?
Ah, fresh fruit. Like
that's gonna make her love you.
Oh, denied! Denied by the wifey.
Hey, hey, maybe you need
to do some more pushups.
Ah, you crack me up.
All right,
get the bag, get the flyers.
Come on,
plug in your headphones.
Come on. There it is.
Don't forget the shirt.
Come on, I'm waiting.
You really take forever.
Every morning you take forever.
Yeah sure text the wife,
even though she's
literally upstairs.
So pathetic and weak.
All right, hurry up.
Oh, come on.
Again with the breathing?
What, what do you
think it's gonna do, man?
I'm right here.
I'm not going away.
I'm waiting. I'm waiting.
All right
open up the door, dummy.
Come on I am you. You're me.
We're together.
Finally, you're late, again.
There he is.
Oh, perfect. Just like that.
Really? Baby needs hydration?
You took six steps.
There you go-- oh, you limping?
Come on, it's just one step
in front of the other.
There you go you're doing it.
Hey, you're walking.
You're walking, buddy.
You read these, when people
shove these in your mailbox?
Do you read 'em?
Nobody reads these.
How many more of
these houses do we gotta do?
Kenny Randy?
I'm listening to him right now.
He's on the radio.
I'm gonna be on tomorrow.
Well, we'll support you.
We always do.
- I appreciate it. Yeah.
- It's gonna suck.
So it starts at
six o'clock-- six o'clock.
Don't tell them
it's gonna be fun.
You know how my mom is anyways.
- Sure.
- Always acting crazy.
She gets a little jiggy with it.
A little jiggy.
Oh, yeah,
this is terrible dialogue.
All right, I'll see you later.
Here, let me get out
another one for you.
What's up? What's up?
Good to see you, buddy.
All right, what's going on?
Passing them out for an hour.
All over the neighborhood today.
- How are people responding?
- Don't even read them.
Ugh, stop having
those conversations.
They don't even like you.
Just give them one.
Just give them a flyer.
Say, thank you.
- Roth is the best, okay.
- All right.
- I don't like Roth.
- See you later, all right?
Nobody likes Roth.
Here I am now
and I'm gonna stay
All right. All right.
Okay, all right,
I'll see you. See you Mary.
You gotta get
better at talking to people.
You're really awkward.
You know that?
Ah, don't do that.
Don't touch that.
You're gonna fall off the edge.
You can't even walk
without falling.
Think this is a bad idea.
Hey, let's walk over there.
For-- it's foolproof for--
for stupid people like you.
- Oh, okay.
- Hey, hey, hey, remember.
Anybody trying to get a bed
at the shelter tonight?
early bird gets the bed.
You're a sinner, Private Damon.
Aw, thanks,
Lieutenant George. Goofball.
I don't
think I like that guy.
Good morrow, folks.
You young folks
and you old folks.
You good folks
and you bad folks.
A very good morrow
to each and every.
Kenny Randy on the horn,
taking over the airwaves
this blessed morn
like I do every day of the week
from seven to 11.
And today, this day, oh,
this day we have a lineup to die
and go to heaven for,
I cannot lie.
Bananas, spinach, almond butter,
with a cashew milk base.
It's raw, it's organic
and all summer, we're all local.
Hey, and don't
forget Living Foods
does have a fantastic
full catering menu.
- Woo.
- Yeah. All right.
Living Foods,
free samples, everybody.
Here we go.
Boss, here.
All right, thank you.
Come on.
You were never gonna be as good
a doctor as your dad anyway.
Moving along day by day
We're good. We're good.
Trying to figure
things out for myself
Easier said than done I say
But it's not
like I haven't had help
I'm gonna be
on the first train
That can take me
far away somewhere
I'll never go if
I don't leave today
And it's about time
I'll be getting out of here
And every morning
one day in each town
Bring your wallets
and your appetites--
Everybody listen up, listen up.
Here it comes.
Two days
I'm gonna be live
at the St. Raphael shelter.
All the proceeds go
to keeping the shelter
open another year.
He didn't mention Living Foods.
He didn't mention Living Foods.
We asked him
to mention Living Foods.
How can he, ugh!
Hey, hey. All right,
thanks for coming, guys.
- Thanks for coming.
- Thank you, Damon.
Oh, you're welcome, girls.
Have a great day.
Okay, closing up
early guys and gals, sorry.
Thank you.
Now everybody get down
to St. Raphael's, okay.
Probably not
gonna have a bed by now,
but at least
you'll be able to get--
- Come on.
- Rebecca, hey.
How are you? Good to see you.
Hey, how's the
laryngopharyngeal reflux?
Yuck. Ah, disgusting.
- All right?
- All right, yeah.
You're a doubter!
You wanna get some, maggot?
- Shut up and give it!
- You heathen!
- You sinner!
- Hey.
- You owe me money, crazy.
- Stop!
- Get off of him!
- Fight, fight, fight.
- Give me that.
- Whoa-whoa, fight, fight--
- And your wallet
and that shirt.
- Come on.
- Stop your sinning!
Shut up, crazy.
You're lucky I don't have
my piece.
- You don't wanna do this, man.
- You're gonna die.
You're gonna die!
You're gonna die!
I saved you.
- Yeah.
- I saved you.
You're lucky I'm here.
It's okay.
Lieutenant George, let's go.
I got you.
You're okay, he's gone.
He's gone.
The archangel Raphael
descends to heal.
Oh, the seraphim
from The Most High God.
He descends for you,
Private Damon.
You sinner! You're all sinners!
You're a sinner
and you're a sinner.
Oh, your shirt's so dirty.
You smell like fish.
The systematic
in this country
has been crippling
and is the number one cause
for the rise in homelessness.
From 1955 to 1994,
92% of people--
- Hey, babe.
- Hey, honey.
- Whoa.
- I'm sorry.
What happened?
You smell like death.
Oh, take it off! Take it off!
Tell her you're not a real man.
I got mugged
and I lost the deposit.
Exactly, Cassandra.
My daughter-in-Law is responding
the way everyone
should be responding
to the council defunding
the St. Raphael Shelter.
We sympathize, Dr. Fisher.
We do.
However, the last administration
left us with massive debt.
This city council, this mayor,
we're not going
to do that to the taxpayers.
So, some services
just have to go.
This is wrong, Mrs. Capenelli.
You closed the rehab center.
You closed
the mental health facility.
This year it's the shelter.
What, what's it
gonna be next year?
fire department, schools?
Come on, people, geez Louise.
If I could say,
but, but one thing,
Council President Capenelli.
Go ahead, Mayor Owens.
A lot of us are with you,
Dr. Fisher.
Citizens, public servants,
we want your shelter.
We want our shelter
to thrive and flourish.
St. Raphael has been
an oasis for decades.
20 years, people. 20 years.
But the shelter was
founded by your husband, yes?
Dr. James Fisher,
the renowned oncologist
and former council president,
Who was also
the founding physician
Mount Zion Community Hospital.
- Some 35 years ago, correct?
- Correct, again.
Please, Mayor,
tell me more correct things
I already know about myself.
Personal feelings aside,
the decision
the council makes tonight
will be the decision
by elected officials.
The community
will be represented
and you will have
to accept that decision
knowing it is what is best.
Because we don't simply
believe it is what is best.
We know it is what is best,
because it's our jobs to
know what is-- what is best.
That said, I'm looking
forward to the fundraiser.
I plan on donating
thousands of dollars myself
to the homeless shelter.
Yes, Mayor.
And yet you support defunding
the crisis shelter of hundreds
of thousands of dollars?
The night--
you know the saying--
the night is always
darkest before the...
- Dawn.
- The dawn.
The dark is-- the night is dark.
- Night.
- When dawn--
when morning comes, you're
gonna feel a whole lot better.
Remember that, Doctor.
Complete fallacy and trite.
But thanks anyway, Mayor Batman.
All right, that's enough.
We are officially commencing
with the
Mount Zion City Council meeting.
Okay, now that
that's out of the way.
- That was fantastic, Mom.
- You're late.
Move on to resolution 543
to reallocate funds
from the shelter
to the Downtown Development
project and outstanding debts.
- I so move.
- Second.
All in favor
of the resolution, say aye.
All opposed, say nay.
All right,
the resolution has been approved
and will be
implemented immediately.
Do it. Get angry!
Feel the rage!
- Mount Zion is going to hell!
- Yes!
Mr. Fisher,
if you don't calm down
Chief Baez is going to escort
you out of the meeting.
No, no, no.
I got mugged today, okay.
A knife shoved in my face.
I was just trying
to help a homeless guy.
People are leaving this town
like rat's on a sinking ship.
Do you still actually believe
we have a population of 60,000?
Are you that deluded,
Mrs. Capenelli?
- Good show. Attaboy.
- Chief Baez, will you please
escort Mr. Fisher
out of the meeting?
- Leave him alone!
- We're not leaving.
Come on. Come on, Fishers.
Let's not make a scene.
Let's be civil.
Oh, I want you
to arrest me, Chief.
Tase me. Tase me,
Chief, tase me!
Yep, looks like you'll have
to arrest us, Mrs. Capenelli.
On the social media.
Motion to end
the meeting immediately.
- Second.
- All in favor, say aye.
- Really?
- Aye.
- Hypocrites!
- Cowards!
- Come on!
- Come on.
out the door, babe.
Don't forget
your new pepper spray.
All over it.
you're late again, idiot.
Come on, stop--
You don't have to breathe.
Well, you do...
God morning, Joaquin.
Hey there, um...
I'm sorry-- "Good morning?"
God morning.
I loves you.
Um, are,
are you selling something?
I is Saint Raphael,
the archangel.
A seraphim of The Most High God.
And you, you're a prophet
of The Most High God!
Ooh-whoo-hoo! I know.
- Oh, oh.
- Oh, wow.
Is this warmth?
Oh, I is happy.
Hey, hold on a second.
I is love and love is I.
And you, you are
salt of the Earth, prophet.
Oh, no need for pepper.
As the Psalms proclaim,
"Blessed be the Lord.
Glory be to The Most High God."
Huh, um, you know what?
Just, just give me a minute.
I, I forgot something, okay.
I see your thoughts, Joaquin.
Just a minute. Rafa. Rifi, Rif?
Raphael. Raphael.
- Raphael, yeah.
- Raphael.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay.
Let us keep moving, prophet.
Time is funny.
Oh, hello.
Oh, you're pre--
no, you're pretty.
This is hard!
Babe, I got this strange feeling
I know this woman
outside from the shelter,
maybe the psych ward.
Oh, that's so fun.
Oh, humans do this every day?
Oh, I loves it.
- Ooh, it's so soft.
- Yep.
Um, you know, I think I might
drive her there myself, okay?
- More, more, more.
- I've got the pepper spray.
Aw, you too, bud.
What would you
say to meeting my mom
and a couple of her friends?
Glory, can I see every
little thought you have.
My God, the fear.
Okay, so that's a, that's a yes?
Okay. Come on.
I can't wait for
you to meet my mom
Hear with your ears,
Joaquin, your physical ears.
The Most High
communicates through sound.
Hold on a second, let me--
See with your physical eyes,
Where is your man
with the movie camera?
Sorry, what?
I asks you a question.
Where is your man
with the movie camera?
Now, hear with
your physical ears.
When I is present, the
grace of The Most High descends
and you cannot see or hear this,
this man,
the man with the movie camera.
Your demon,
he is a hallucination.
Is it a hallucination or
an hallucination? Oh, I get it.
It, um-hm,
it depends on the accent, yeah.
Human languages are
stranger than the actual humans.
Did you know
that in the English language
there's only one
word for the verb to be.
I do not
understand that one iota.
It's just like, ugh, words
and then words
on top of the words.
Words, words, words.
The archangels of The Most High
speak one language; love.
Prophet, hear with your ear.
Damon, kiddo, we might
have another bed tonight,
but probably not.
Look, I,
I wanted you to meet, um...
Damon? Damon?
Honey, I--
I don't have time to wait,
but we can talk about
the social media later.
Oh, us yelling.
Got some likes, right.
Thanks so much, kiddo. Love you.
- Love you too.
- Where are we?
What? What?
Hey, did I black out?
Did you black out?
What's going on?
What's going on with you?
Hey, Damon.
What's going on with you?
Come on in, we're open.
- Junior?
- No. Yo, no.
He's just gonna want more money!
Hey. Hey, hey.
Breathe, brother, breathe.
Breathe, breathe.
- I gotta-- I gotta--
- Breathe.
I gotta say it.
For all the lies, for all the--
all the times that I--
I took money from you and--
and Pops-- I wasn't there.
James, buddy, it's okay.
It's all right,
buddy, I forgive you.
- It's not right.
- No, you don't.
Through Christ,
I ask for forgiveness.
I ask, I re-- repent.
I surrender Jesus to you.
I ask for forgiveness, God.
I ask for forgiveness,
healing of the nation, dear God.
He's just gonna ask
for your money.
- Hey, hey.
- He's just gonna ask you.
He's gonna give
you the sob story
and then he's gonna
ask for your money, man.
- Is that okay?
- Come on. You know this.
Don't fall for it, dummy.
You want a smoothie?
Oh, brother, I need a cigarette.
How did he even find you?
No one even knows
about your juice bar.
I'm sorry.
That's how terrible
this restaurant is.
I heard about the fundraiser.
Oh, you sure Dr. Sharon's
gonna want me there?
Ah, well, there's, there's
gonna be a lot of booze,
but, uh, of course, man.
She'd love to see you, Jimmy.
I'm actually going
by James now. James.
- Ha, sure.
- James, of course.
Yeah, of course.
you're a drug addict.
No, I get it, bro.
- I wouldn't believe me either.
- Oh God!
But I'm gonna be praying
for you--
- More God?
- And the shelter.
I mean
hardcore prayers, brother.
Oh, here comes the Bible quote.
"I can do all things
through Christ
who gives me strength,"
Philippians 4:13.
So I'm staying
at the halfway house
and I'm gonna help get
people into Jesus there.
Fantastic, man,
you know, you are all over this.
Brother, God is all over it.
I'm a mess.
But with God.
Ugh, ugh.
God is so good, brother.
- He's been so good to me.
- Look at that face.
Just wanna punch
that guy in the face.
God you are so good
Holy God you are so good
Ruining my
smoothie experience.
Okay, this is embarrassing
James, James, it's okay.
Do you know that one?
No, no, I don't know that.
Hey, Ma, Junior's back in town.
Thank you.
You didn't give
him money, right?
No, I did not give him money.
He seemed good. He, uh--
Went crazy.
Found Jesus.
Geez Louise.
Dr. Fisher, Sharon.
Hi, Patels.
Come meet the Patels.
They're rich,
young, and new in town.
Bought major
commercial real estate.
Big money-- well, he is, but--
It's so good to see you,
Dr. Fisher.
You too.
- Mrs. Patel, come on.
- How you doing?
this is Damon, my son
and the caterer
for our fundraiser.
- Stepson.
- Yeah, yeah, you've gotta come.
I mean,
I'm planning an all organic,
plant-based extravaganza
of taste and health.
Well, we are vegetarians.
Aren't we, sweetie?
- Yes we are, sweetie.
- Really? That's fantastic.
Here you've gotta
come by the store sometime.
It's, it's Living Foods on--
And are you Kenny Randy fans?
- Huge fans. Aren't we, dear?
- Huge fans.
he will be broadcasting live
from our fundraiser.
Damon's gonna be on
the air with him tomorrow.
Oh, get outta here.
By the way, Mom,
that, that woman from earlier
that I talked to you about,
she's here look--
- What?
- Where'd she go?
She was just,
she was just there.
You can buy
a whole table if you like.
That won't be a problem.
That's what
the Andersons are doing.
Well, we'll think
about it won't we, dear?
Anything for you, sweetie?
- Joaquin.
- Ah!
I, I gotta go to, uh--
pleasure to meet both of you.
Hope I see you tomorrow night
and just best of luck
to the whole Patels.
Bye, Damon. Sorry, come with me.
Hear with your ears, Joaquin.
I have been
sent by The Most High
in the name of the Son of Man.
You are blessed, prophet.
You're still a sinner, private.
You have been,
oh, recruited, scouted,
drafted for the army
of The Most High.
Oh, wow!
I feel like
you're not getting it.
You know a part-time prophecy.
Yep, prophecy
of the highest order.
Only six more days of work.
You have been chosen to save
Mount Zion from destruction.
You have been ordained,
anointed, prescribed.
No, that word,
ah-ha, predestined. Yeah.
Is that gas and rubber?
Mm, oh, I love it!
Thank, Yah. Oh.
Leave me alone.
This is the Prophet Joaquin?
He's running.
I lived outside of time
and space most of the time.
So if we could just--
Cass, Cass, babe, are you here?
She can't help you.
Did you not drive today,
Oh, okay, oh.
Hear with your ear.
What just...
Oh, you lost time
and a little gravity.
Just a little.
- How did you?
- What? No, I didn't.
I did nothing.
He does everything.
Oh, no, I don't believe
in that--
Wait, yet you
believe your demon, right?
When he tells you
what to do and say.
You know, uh-uh, hallucination,
no, that was incorrect.
Your man with a movie camera
is a demonic visualization
of your egoic self.
You have a demon, Damon,
one of Satan's chief demons.
The very same demon that
every human is battling, self.
That is your demon, Damon.
Damon with a demon.
That type of thing can
overwhelm emotional humans.
- So I plan to take--
- Breathe in.
Wait, no. I is
trying to love you, Joaquin.
Yah, yah, yah, he breathes
to ground himself. Okay.
Let us ground him.
Ah, glory, glory, glory.
Attention, prophet.
The prophet who
prophesizes of peace.
When the will of
a prophet comes to pass
and that prophet will be known
as the one whom
the Lord has truly sent.
Tell I when you
hear with your ears.
Say when, prophet.
Tell I when you hear
with your ears.
- Just say when.
- What?
Tell I when you hear
with your ear.
I hear it! I hear, I hear!
Quiet, quiet.
Hey, what the hell's
going on over here?
Hey, what just happened?
You didn't feel
anything in Rockford?
I read it was a 4.5.
But either way, Mom,
everyone was texting
and posting about it.
Crazy. Huh?
What? What?
Yeah. Yeah.
What is that?
- Uh-huh.
- What is that?
- Uh-huh.
- What is that?
What is that? Do you hear this?
Yeah, I know.
Exactly. I agree with you 100%.
It's the miscarriage you,
idiot. Even I know that.
Dumb. You're really dumb, dude.
You're-- okay,
you know you're right.
You're right. I'm sorry, babe.
I know.
It's been--
it's been three years, okay.
Am I crazy here?
Stupid lithium.
No, you are not the one
who is crazy, babe.
I miss your dad too.
I wanna talk about Pops.
But you won't.
I want to work this
anger with God. You won't.
Great, now stay in your body,
This is an ambush.
They're ambushing us.
Wanna talk about Pop's death.
Shut up.
Shut up, shut up, shut up!
Fine, okay. I'm here,
let's talk.
- Yeah, whatever.
- Whatever.
whatever, I don't give a--
Oh, God.
Okay, that's not natural.
- What is that?
- Talk.
- Honey, where are you?
- Ugh.
Pops, Pops was...
Why is everyone sick?
Okay. Everyone is sick.
There's illness
and diseases everywhere.
I mean doctors are getting sick.
I mean, we aren't-- no, no,
doctors aren't
healers anymore, okay.
They're, they're diagnosers.
They point and they name.
"There it is. There it is.
"There's that disease.
That's it."
I mean two more months to live?
Who cares?
Take some pills.
It's garbage, babe.
So yes, of course,
I'm open to nature
because that's how
actual healing happens.
Doctors deal in death.
Babe, I don't
wanna deal with death.
I wanna serve the living, okay.
The body and the Earth
can be miraculous, okay.
Modern medicine doesn't work.
Prayer does not--
Yes, yes.
I just don't know why cancer
is killing everybody, babe.
Everybody's sick.
What kind of God creates cancer?
Honey, honey, honey, I know.
I understand.
I've been praying so much
for you and our family.
I don't understand
God's plan sometimes, too.
There's no arbitrary God.
I love you, honey.
Great breakthrough.
I care about the business.
You know I do.
I want only success for you,
for us. God knows I do.
Ah, what is that?
What is that? What is that?
Where the hell
is that coming from?
Junior's back in town,
by the way.
Please tell me
you didn't give him money.
- You gave him money.
- Oh.
Hey, we need to go.
Okay, something's
really not right here.
There's things--
there's things coming out.
And I see them,
and I-- I don't--
I don't know what they are,
hey, don't walk away from me!
Mr. Kenny Randy
will be with you in a minute.
No place else
you'd rather be than with me,
Kenny Randy, on AM 1410,
my friend.
Prepare to suck.
Damon, how you doing, buddy?
- Terrible.
- Fantastic.
You know-- thanks
for coming tonight, buddy.
- Thanks for everything.
- It's an honor.
No, your folks were amazing.
And I gotta say, I'm sorry
about what happened to your dad.
Yeah, me too. Thanks.
Good man. Good doctor.
So how long you been practicing?
Oh, I'm,
I'm not a physician, actually.
What do you mean you're not...
He's not a physician.
Oh, your mom's--
Okay, all right.
Well, I--
I went to medical school.
I-- well, I'm actually
a small business owner.
After my dad died,
I started Living Foods.
Yeah, that's great, man.
Put your headphones on.
We got like a few seconds left.
Put 'em on, dude. Put 'em on.
Nothing to be nervous about.
We got you.
Easy, it's gonna be easy.
You feeling good?
Good, good, good.
What is that?
What is this?
And we're back,
bringing you the rhythm.
Bringing you the rhyme,
all of the time.
Now let me tell you this,
this morning we're gonna have
a geologist talk to us
about the insane earthquake
that was felt
all over the suburbs.
I even felt it
downtown a little bit too.
But that's gonna be
later on in the hour.
First, we gotta ask a question.
Are you feeling blessed?
Woo-hoo-hoo! I am!
Truly blessed?
And remember, part-time
Five more days.
No big deal,
as you humans might say.
That's what's happening
for me at St. Raphael Shelter.
Tonight we're gonna
have a fundraiser.
- So bring your appetites--
- Starting to feel emotions--
- Bring your wallets.
- As you do.
7:00 PM.
Come live or stay tuned.
It's, it's so interesting
'cause I'm crying.
And right
now in the studio--
And I feel sadness.
Oh, thank, Yah.
The former director
of the St. Raphael Shelter.
Glory be to God.
And son of the late, great
James Fisher.
That man is Damon Fisher.
He's in the studio right now,
ladies and gentlemen.
Damon, welcome to the show.
Thanks, Kenny.
Damon, I have to say right now
that I have been
feeling moved by the spirit
to bring you into this show.
So let's just cut
all the small talk.
Let's get down to business.
Tell the folks.
Uh, well, the,
the village of Mount Zion
has cut funding to
St. Raphael's crisis shelter.
Ouch, ouch,
they cut funding to the--
out there by
Allen River and Mount Zion
with the
glorious community hospital
and, and the,
the wonderful homeless shelter
that's taking a hit this year.
That's what you're telling me?
They lost state funding
years ago, federal, decades ago.
The mental health
facility closed last year.
Um, and now with the
local public funding gone,
the shelter might close.
That's hard to hear, folks.
Lord, that's hard to hear.
All right, well, my listeners
know that I'm from Mount Zion,
born and raised and I
have lost family members
due to addiction and depression
amongst-- amongst other things.
So, I am and always will be
an advocate for mental health
and the homeless.
These are the issues
that affect all--
I is too.
And I know that your
entire family has been--
They're salty.
Did you know that?
Dr. Sharon Fisher,
who currently splits her time
between saving lives--
I'm gonna touch your crown.
Do not loose faith, prophet.
Okay, is there a crowdfunding
campaign website
that you wanna
mention here, Damon?
Oh, okay. All right,
he's a little nervous, folks.
That happens. That happens.
You want some water?
Now, tell your community
the truth.
Okay, don't worry about it.
I'll tell them about this.
About the corruption?
About the what?
Prophesize, prophet.
Yah. Yah, yah.
Mount Zion is in debt
and is crumbling.
People are starting to
wonder if there's corruption.
The people are?
God is going local, not global.
Does this anything
to do with the fundraiser?
God is going local, not global.
I like it. There it is.
Time is funny, prophet, speak.
Okay, you can't
just drop corruption
and then not explain; Damon?
- Joaquin--
- Can I just talk
- about the shelter?
- I did not wanna do this.
- For now which--
- I is frustrated, Father.
Living Foods, will be catering--
I must do what I must do.
I can't wait for you
to try my menu.
Show me another way.
It's-- it's fantastic.
Living Foods, huh?
- Fine.
- Uh-huh.
Do not lose faith, prophet.
No, don't--
embezzlement, collusion.
Local fascism,
all the way to the top.
Mayor Owens?
Mayor Kevin Owens of Mount Zion?
Damon is,
is there something that you know
that you're not telling us?
I mean, are you--
Embezzling funds from the city,
adding to the massive debt,
forcing social programs
to close.
Okay, all right, there--
there you have it, folks.
There you have it.
Mayor Kevin Owens.
I-- I'm talking about the mayor.
I'm not talking
about the rest of them.
Mayor Kevin Owens of
Mount Zion and I'm sure that--
Proof is on the way.
There it is. There it is.
You, you heard it here, folks.
Um, we will be bringing you
more on this story
as it progresses.
All right, we're gonna be
here at the fundraiser tonight.
It's gonna be live
and stay tuned because it is
getting juicy out here, folks.
I cannot lie.
- Joaquin.
- That is not my name.
Yah. I is trying to help you.
Surrender to the will
of The Most High.
I don't need--
I don't need your help.
Every human needs help.
Laughter, I love laughter.
Thanks to Yah.
I don't believe
in God anymore, okay?
Welcome to your story, Joaquin.
Coming back to faith
in The Most High
You have two arcs, don't ya?
One character, one angel.
I mean thank The Most High
that you don't
have to pull a Noah
and build a different
type of ark,
if you catch my drift,
you know what I mean?
Can I get an amen?
Thank ya.
No, no, thank you.
For Yeshua's sake, Joaquin.
It's not like you have to
wander the land in a sackcloth
and sandals
preaching the Armageddon.
Saving the shelter,
practically done.
Then the town,
and then your marriage.
Uh-uh-- my marriage is fine.
Do you not hear with your ears,
No, what about what I--
what about what I--
What you just said on the radio.
I mean is, is any of
that true about the--
Look at the energy.
I gotta go, um, but I'll explain
everything tomorrow, right.
Godspeed. Okay, bye.
Hey, bro.
The Spirit
moved you, brother.
Glory to Christ Almighty.
No, no, no, dude.
Dude, I'm not sure what
I was saying. I just--
posting about it.
It's mostly local platforms,
but we all knew
something was fishy.
Now we knew the truth.
The people are behind you.
Real sick and tired of this.
Yeah, dude,
I don't have any evidence, man.
I don't know what I'm saying.
I read you loud and clear.
And I know
a hacker guy from rehab.
I'll give him a call.
- Glory be to God!
- Oh, no-- no, James.
James, brother.
What is going on here?
What did this so-called angel
tell you about me, huh?
Find your stupid car now.
Hey, Josie. What's up?
Health inspector's here.
Are they still here?
Where are they?
They said it was random, I...
"Flagged several items in areas,
"Living Foods
is officially in review
"by the Board of Health."
Didn't we just get
inspected like last month?
- Last two weeks--
- Come on!
I was gone two hours.
How is this possible?
I left one juice code
in the fridge.
I was gonna pull the codes
this morning too.
I swear to God!
Just the one old juice?
- One old juice?
- Ridiculous!
- That's it?
- Is that true what you said
on the radio this morning, boss?
- Oh.
- No, it's not true, Josie.
The so-called
angel is outside yourself?
The so-called force for good
is forcing you to do things
against your will.
Think about that.
Think, think, think, think!
Hey, babe.
Sorry I missed your call.
I was, uh--
So the mayor's office
just emailed me
and told me that
my graphic design services
are no longer needed.
Well, the-- the election's
been over for months,
maybe they
don't need you to, uh--
I'm on social media, Damon.
Honey, what's going on?
I don't wanna be angry.
I want to understand.
Please, just talk to me.
Is it true?
No, it's not true.
It's all a scam.
It, it really could be.
Yeah, I mean...
we're looking into it.
are you talking about?
- Who's we?
- Hang up!
Look, I'll explain more tonight.
- Hang up!
- I'll see you tonight.
I've just got so much to do,
you know for, for tonight,
I scheduled
an appointment
- with Dr. Carradine tomorrow.
- Hang up. Hang up!
You were
being serious, right?
No. No! Well, I don't, I don't--
No, say no.
You were
acting weird yesterday too.
Why are you being weird?
We need everyone at their
absolute best tonight, please.
Talk to the Patels.
They're rich and they
might even enjoy your food.
All over it, Mom. I'm good.
I'm good.
Do you have a mole
in the mayor's office?
- What do you have on him?
- Nothing.
No, no. I-- I don't have a mole.
This could be good for
the shelter if it's true,
but you can't accuse someone
of something without evidence.
Of course, Mom.
City council wants to talk.
- Unanimous?
- Ugh.
It's out of our hands, really.
City policy, Mr. Fisher.
We have a backup caterer.
It could be temporary.
We will consider you
for our next event.
Thanks, Bob.
Love the juice bar, by the way.
It's a raw food restaurant,
Councilman Nameless
and Irrelevant.
There's something in the way
Hi, Jenny Patel.
That's not alcohol is it?
You guys,
I want you to meet the Reverend.
Go up to him and apologize
and all the health
department issues go away.
Do it. Do it, do it!
I said do it!
Go now.
Do it. What are you doing?
Hey, get up. I said do it!
Get up. What are you doing?
- Get up right now!
- Damon, what are you doing?
Just helping
to circulate the blood
and nutrients and energy, Ma.
I'm so sorry, kiddo.
You know I tried
to talk to them, but--
I understand, Ma.
Honey, you--
you know you can go home, right?
You don't have to be here.
I wanna support you
and the shelter.
And save your business.
Thanks, kiddo.
Do you know where Eric is?
It's about time.
What goes around
comes around.
Hello, everyone.
Are we all here
for the fundraiser?
It's actually
a semi-formal this evening.
Where's the mayor?
And-- and there are tickets.
- There he is,
- WOMAN: Mayor Owens.
Criminal Owens.
Go back to wrestling,
Kevin Owens.
I am a different Kevin Owens.
What do you have
to say for yourself?
Take it outside, guys.
This is a nice,
peaceful, private event.
It's okay, Chief,
I'm glad you asked that.
I'd like to read a statement
that will be
tweeted out on my Twitter,
on which I have
That's a lot of followers,
I have served the city of
Mount Zion nobly and humbly,
yet everyone has heard
this disgusting accusation.
These claims are false.
And I implore anyone including
the--, this--
this smoothie shop owner
to bring evidence,
real evidence against me.
I love the city
of Mount Zion with my heart
and-- and I would
never do anything to hurt it.
For the record. There are
absolutely no missing funds.
The City Council has
added a meeting on Sunday night
to finish that last meeting
that was so disrupted.
And we will open
the floor to the community.
Bring it on!
- Recall! Recall!
- James.
- Recall! Recall!
- Brother!
What are you doing here, Junior?
I'm James, Sharon, and
I'm not here for the fundraiser.
I'm here for the protest! Woo!
- Recall, recall, recall--
- You're hurting my feelings.
You're hurting my feelings.
You're hurting my--
Recall, recall, recall.
What are you talking about?
What would Jesus do? Huh?
Would He sit down and be
quiet watching all this go on?
No, He would call out the
Pharisees for their hypocrisy.
He would bring to light
the corruption that is fascism.
- Recall, recall, recall.
- Woo.
Let's take this protest
outside City Hall!
Everybody, come on.
Come on, brother.
You're with us, bro.
You gotta join the fight.
Recall, recall.
I'm meeting with my hacker
friend from the rehab soon.
Recall, recall. Recall, recall.
God's got a plan, brother.
He's got a plan.
- Recall, recall--
- James.
Recall, recall,
recall, recall.
Pray it til the walls
come crumbling down
That's how you kickstart
a fundraiser, right?
I cannot lie. Do I lie?
No, I do not.
Now, okay, stay tuned.
As I break down what's
going down here at the village
of Mount Zion as we
get this party started.
Hey, get up, man.
We need to talk.
- Oh, God.
- Come on.
You need to come
downstairs right now.
We need to talk.
Get up! Come on,
get up, get up, Damon!
God morning, prophet.
Oh, apologies for not being
with you all day yesterday.
You did glory on your own.
The Most High loves you.
You know,
I could lose my business.
This isn't business, prophet.
This is war.
Are you still not
hearing with your ears?
Oh, I-- I is frustrated.
Oh, okay, so where's
this proof about the corruption?
Nah, I mean is the shelter
not halfway to their goal?
Give glory to The Most High God.
Now, no, we don't need
any more help here, thank you.
You need to surrender.
Now, take one step
to your right.
Take one step to your right.
Ah! What the hell?
You are not
hearing with your ear.
Now, I is angry now.
I don't care! Ah!
The Most High chose I
as your personal archangel,
because I messed up.
Got something wrong,
wait, oh, missed the mark.
- Dropped the ball.
- What'd you do?
I-- it's hard to talk about,
especially in English.
I-- I had a thought.
A thought?
I is having all these
thoughts all the time
and I, I is not happy about it.
What was the thought?
That human beings can't change
and are doomed
to destroy themselves.
Not that I believe that thought.
Wait, I thought you
could see the future.
Heavens, no.
No, I can only
see what The Most High
has determined for Himself.
Not what human beings
still need to decide.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
I would never force you
to do anything
that you don't wanna do.
We're family.
You and I, all right.
Hey, hey, I would
never force you to do anything.
Hey, don't walk away from me.
Hey, get back over here.
Raphael. God heals.
She's the demon, right?
I mean alien to all you know.
Outside yourself.
Alien-- alien parasite.
Think, think,
think, think.
Brother, this little library
is so cool.
They've got The Passion
of the Christ on VHS.
VHS, man.
- Shh!
- Sorry. Sorry.
Also, God's directed me.
I'm gonna be an entrepreneur.
You're looking at
an entrepreneur right now.
Just like my brother, man.
- Ha!
- Fantastic, man.
Yeah, a entrepreneur.
"An" entrepreneur?
- An entrepreneur.
- A drug addict.
An entrepreneur.
- Hey!
- Shh!
We-- sorry--
we should do something together.
Can you imagine the
Brothers Fisher entrepreneur.
- It's perfect.
- Sure.
Yeah. All right.
Um so, James, do you remember
a few years ago
after Pops' funeral
we, uh, we talked about the,
uh, the--
No. Stop it!
I direct you
right now to stop it.
- What?
- Stop it!
Actually, never mind.
I was, I was just, uh...
The man with the movie camera?
You remember?
Yeah, brother. I do.
I'm listening. What's up?
Well the, uh,
the man with the, uh...
Did he come back?
He never left.
- Well, we gotta pray.
- No!
But the accusation alone...
Accusations on social media
can ruin lives
even if they're untrue.
Like on the radio.
I know, babe. I'm all over it.
What does that even mean?
Look, I'm not mad
because I lost a client.
I'm mad because clearly
there's something
you're not telling me.
We need to talk honestly, honey.
Don't listen to her.
She's a devil woman.
If I tell you the truth,
you're gonna think I'm crazy.
Honey, no. I wanna know.
The truth is always best.
- Like you. Like you.
- Great, everyone feels
in unique ways.
Now be honest, Damon.
That's what we're here for.
- Stupid camera.
- Talk to her.
Camera's not even working
It's not even working
or it's stupid.
I didn't want
to say what I said.
It, it, it was--
Oh, he's killing me.
It wasn't my own, my own will.
It was kinda God's will.
It is not!
Okay, you know I believe in God.
Let's go to church this Sunday.
- Yeah.
- Why?
Um, a few days ago,
I, uh, I started
talking to someone.
- It's a lie.
- Someone I'm still--
- Tell her you're lying.
- Not sure how to explain.
I'm listening.
You're lying. Tell her!
Tell her you're lying!
It's okay to cry, honey.
He's not gonna cry!
Oh. Oh, honey.
- Ugh.
- Great.
Stop lying.
I'm not crazy. We're not crazy.
You're not crazy.
We're not crazy.
They're crazy, we're not crazy.
Where you going?
I don't think I'm learning
Mary! Councilman Waters!
Hi, Damon.
Look, free
samples all day today.
Come on.
Come on, you can't beat free.
So, I like my food cooked
and I was, like,
reading more and more
and I don't believe in your
beliefs and your philosophy.
Mayor Owens is a good man.
Look, I know you're hurting,
but you need to be
a good man too.
Come on, Mary.
Really? Traitor!
Ah, shut up!
You're all sinners!
You need to surrender
to the will of God.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you--
Sinner, you need to surrender
- to the will--
- Hey, stop.
Sinners, sinners.
Surrender, surrender!
I don't know what to do, Pops.
Do not pay
attention to that noise.
What's up, James.
I swear on my cat's grave.
I, I just, I don't think,
I didn't tell Sharon.
- You didn't--
- Just shut your mouth.
You should talk
to Dr. Johnson at Mount Zion.
He's not crazy.
I would never say that.
Crazy is an awful term, Junior.
It's a trigger word.
Don't, don't call me Junior,
Dr. Sharon.
Don't test me, James.
Why don't you
support your son here, Ma?
I do. Look...
What happened
that made you believe
that this angel is real, kiddo?
It was that earthquake.
This angel
made it happen, kinda.
I didn't say that
stuff on Kenny Randy, okay.
This angel did.
I lost all control
and, and she makes
things happen, kinda.
She? I is non-binary.
Sounds and noises.
- Voices?
- Noises.
Things that just seem to happen.
There that, that.
Did you, did you guys
just see that light flicker?
Heaven, yeah, I did, brother.
The-- the body is
miraculous, kiddo.
we can feel all energy, the--
What, what are
you talking about?
Do you even believe God anymore?
I can believe in medicine
and God.
Yeah, but you don't.
You don't need God.
I mean, I mean, Pops...
Pops, he needed God.
We may not all agree on Him,
but, but he's a--
a need for most people.
Not for you.
Are you judging me, James?
Aren't you supposed
to love everybody always,
now that you've been born again,
huh, Saint James?
I thought you were
supposed to be supportive
and motherly, Mother.
This is not about me being
supportive and motherly, James.
And I know something
about losing both parents
at a very young age.
I have done the very best
that I could to raise you
and you know that.
You-- you say
you're clean, again.
But most mothers
would have given up on you
a long time ago
and you know that.
But I, I haven't.
I would never give up
on either one of you
and I, your,
your dad was so much better
at talking about God.
I think-- I hope that I--
that I have shown you
how much I love you
and, to me, God is love.
Yeah, I know you did, Mom.
I'm really sorry.
I know I hurt you a lot.
- Oh, it's okay.
- I know I left it, to--
I put you in such an
impossible position with dad
- and he was dying and I--
- No, it's okay.
It's okay, son.
I'm sorry too, honey.
I'm sorry, son.
I'm so sorry, Mom.
Tell them to check
the crowdfunding numbers.
I got you now.
Cross my light
and hope to live.
All is well.
Joaquin, where is your faith?
I don't have faith.
It's James, right?
It's not ever Jimmy or anything?
- No, it's James.
- I'm going nuts.
Have you talked to Cassandra?
You need to tell her.
Have them check
the crowdfunding numbers.
Hey babe. Love you.
- Hey, sis.
- Hey, daughter.
Hey, what's going on, guys?
Where is your faith?
Do not tell me
it is walking away.
Holy-- uh...
I checked the crowdfunding
numbers early.
It's, uh,
$700,000 in about three hours.
- Amen.
- Oh, that's amazing.
It's an email from the--
it's the Patels.
Ah, they have a cousin.
Well, he has a cousin.
She's a Bollywood dancer
or actress.
She has two million followers.
She reposted it.
I mean, holy cow, right?
Social media.
Holy cow.
- The angel's talking.
- I is.
Right now.
An angel. An archangel.
I'm talking to one, kinda.
Yeah, see that, that's
what I couldn't tell you before.
Didn't want you
to think I'm crazy.
Crazy for The Most High.
Okay, uh.
Brother, I know you two probably
have a lot to talk about,
but we really need to
talk about starting a podcast.
We're gonna start a podcast.
Oh, okay.
I spoke to your mom
on the phone.
We had a good talk.
Run! Run!
Don't sit down.
We made an appointment
for you to see a psychiatrist.
Your mom's friend,
Dr. Johnson, next week.
You should talk to someone
other than family about this.
We love you and we want
what's best for you.
Don't listen to her!
Fantastic. Yeah,
I hear you, babe, absolutely.
Look, I just, I need
to tell you something, okay?
I'm listening.
I'm trying to understand.
I love you.
I wanna tell you the truth
about everything, okay.
No! You're an idiot.
I wanna take action
for our family, okay.
You're an idiot! Stop it!
We love you, honey.
We only want
what's best for you.
I know. I know.
I just uh, um--
Shut up! Shut up!
I might have to go
on Kenny Randy--
- You're an idiot!
- Again... Kinda.
- Have to?
- Yeah.
I don't think I have a choice.
I don't wanna get angry now.
That's not what you need.
Just listen to your mom
on this one. Please?
Yeah. Yeah.
Do you believe in angels?
I believe in God.
And God wants what's
best for you, I know that.
Don't listen to her.
Hey, get out here.
Get outta there!
God morning, Joaquin.
Human, I'm like your man
with the movie camera.
Nothing can stop
The Most High from reaching you.
Silly human.
I'm coming for you.
You need to tell
your wife about I.
I was just there, you weren't.
And the miscarriage.
We did.
False. Truth is better.
Joaquin, your destiny
awaits and Yah knows it.
Human, I have had
it up to there with you!
If you do not fulfill
your prophecy--
"For no one lights a lamp
"and puts it under a bushel
nor a hidden place.
he puts it on a lampstand
"so that everyone
can see its light."
"No one tears a piece
out of a new garment
"to patch an old one, otherwise,
"they will have
torn the new garment
"and the patch from the new one
will not match the old."
I mean, whoa.
This is some genius stuff.
Oh, here's one,
I like this one too.
"No person drinks old wine and
immediately desires new wine.
"New wine is not
put into old skins
"so that they do not burst."
Whoa. So what do
you think of that?
Put into a new wine skin
so that it does not spoil it.
Oh, and, and an old patch is not
sewn into a new
garment because a tear--
Please stop, please.
Please stop. I pray, ha--ha.
If you had faith,
that might work.
But you don't, so that's why.
Oh, I is being funny.
I is being all funnies.
I is being funnies.
Oh, Joaquin.
Hey babe.
Hey, turn around now!
Listen to me.
Done said it again
The words I know you hate
Trying to pull
back anger's reigns
- Hey, babe.
- Hm?
I promised
I would keep my lips closed
If there ain't love in what
I say paint me a liar again
'Cause I'm
tripping on my tongue
It's dripping with folly
Trying to find the words
to say that I'm sorry
I'm so sorry, babe.
I need you
I'm so sorry I can't
talk to you about anything.
I wish that I could
talk to you about everything.
You need to prophesize now.
You have to choose.
I'm done.
No, not yet.
Now is time for prophecy.
I'm done, okay.
I'm taking action.
I'm choosing. I'm done.
Cross my light and hope to live.
This is the last
thing you have to--
well, that I can help you with,
Painless, like before.
Don't, don't touch me, okay.
I'm done with
things just happening to me.
I'm not passive. I'm active.
You need to surrender to
the will of The Most High God
for the sake of both you and I.
No, no, part-time only.
You said that.
Three more days.
Do not lose faith.
Do you not want
to know the prophecy?
Do you
really not wanna know?
Joaquin! I, the Archangel
Raphael is the prophecy.
You, the Walking Prophet,
need to tell
everyone about angels.
It is your path, your journey,
your quest, your prophecy.
Joaquin! I is not angry,
Father, I is disappointed.
I've already told everybody
and everybody
thinks I'm bonkers.
I'm done.
Do you wanna know my path,
my future,
my prophecy that I see?
It's shutting my mouth.
I'm paving my own path.
It's my own free will.
No, no!
The spirit has him. Mm-hm.
No, what?
I has none time for this,
- Prophet, come here!
- No, no!
Do you not wanna save your home?
At this point,
all is I wanna do is go home.
And if you do not prophesize,
I cannot prophesize my--
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
You must hear with your ears.
You must surrender.
Angel of healing?
Okay, you?
You are the angel of healing?
Okay, Raphael means God heals.
Okay, why didn't God
send you three years ago
to save my oncologist dad
who died of lymphoma?
Why did God kill a cancer doctor
with cancer, okay?
I have a little theory.
It's because God
is more interested
in dramatic irony
than human beings.
I am done!
I don't wanna be a doctor!
I don't wanna be a prophet!
I don't wanna be crazy!
Crazy for The Most High.
Oh, I does not like
anger incarnate here!
Woo, I does not.
I'm sorry for the human emotion.
I loves love.
I loves you, Joaquin.
The Most High
loves you beyond words.
Here, let I prove it to you.
Oh, Damon.
Oh boy, what a week, huh?
Been quite a week, man.
A lot of people
want you back on the show.
That's what I'm hearing.
- Faith walk.
- Fantastic.
So-- so, so, so...
what did you wanna talk to me
about before the show?
Tell him love you
more than yesterday.
Go on.
Uh, I'm
supposed to say love you--
More than yesterday.
Excuse me?
Repeat, reprise, encore.
Uh, love you...
- More than--
- Yesterday.
- Yesterday.
- Yeah.
All right, Damon, all right
what's going on here?
Does that mean something to you?
It was the last thing
his daughter said to him.
She died of cancer
four years ago.
Was their inside phrase
throughout her childhood.
She was six years old.
Their secret.
No one outside
their family knows. Yeah.
- Can, can he hear you?
- No, no, no, no.
I just, I find whispering
to be more dramatic. Yah.
It's true.
All right. All right,
um, I'm sorry.
Yes, Damon,
that means a lot to me.
What's going on?
The Archangel Raphael is
dictating to me as we speak.
The Archangel Raphael is--
Do you believe in God? Yeah?
I definitely do.
Yeah, what's going on, man?
Do you need an energy boost?
I'm here if you need it.
Uh, would you
believe me if I told you
- an archangel sent me here?
- Raphael, Raphael.
- The Archangel Raphael.
- Raphael.
Raphael? Archangel?
Uh, she's,
she's dictating to me right now.
What is with the she?
I is a non-binary seraphim,
Well, she looks like a wo--
okay, I'm sorry.
But the-- the angel,
the Archangel Raphael,
is dictating to me and
told me about your, uh...
Monica. It's Monica.
- Monica.
- Monica.
Oh, Damon...
Damon, Damon, Damon,
Damon, Damon, Damon...
I wanna throw you out
and I wanna listen more.
I wanna hug you
and I wanna punch you
in the face.
Damon, your dad,
your dad treated Monica
and he overheard
she and I saying this...
That's what happened
and you're just remembering.
You had a hell of a week, man.
I get it.
Tell him that Monica
chose ballet up in heaven
and, oh,
she is dancing up a hurricane.
It's beautiful.
Tell him. Mm-hmm.
Mm-hmm, ballet.
She-- or-- they--
- Raphael.
- The angel,
the Archangel Raphael wants,
wants me to say...
Monica chose ballet. In heaven.
And she's
dancing up a hurricane.
Come here, come here.
I'm sorry, man.
Say it again.
Dancing up a hurricane.
Say it again! Say it!
She's dancing up a hurricane.
I haven't got a choice, man.
She chose ballet.
She chose ballet.
She did, man.
Pirouetting, pirouetting.
She was
She, uh,
she loves to pirouette.
Dancing, dancing
With angels now
Back from the break folks, back
to Mount Zion, the shelter--
Cross my light and hope to live,
It all works out.
- And this Sunday--
- Faith walk.
- The big city council--
- Take a faith walk.
In the studio,
we have the young man--
You must take
a faith walk, Walk.
English can be fun.
I give Yah that for sure.
Damon, how are
we looking, buddy?
How are we looking, Damon?
Okay, all right.
He's nervous.
That's understandable.
Let's all send him some good
prayers and good vibrations.
So I, uh...
Yay. Yay, woo-hoo! Yay, God.
I have been talking to an angel.
- Yah.
- The Archangel Raphael.
- Oh, I loves you.
- She's in the studio
with me right now.
Yes, she is, he is, they are.
You made a huge mistake!
You loser! You imbecile!
You nothing!
You waste of
perfectly good skin.
What the hell is this?
What's going on here?
Anxiety, confusion, shame!
Woo, T-shirts.
Who wants a T-shirt?
Best new podcast in Mount Zion.
- T-shirt? Fantastic apparel.
- James.
Hold on one second.
We're gonna get on that.
- James, what the hell, man?
- You!
Brother! Look what the Lord
has brought us today.
Who are these people?
Well, they were
over at the juice bar.
They were looking
for the angel man,
which I love, by the way.
On another note, though,
did you wanna do
the recording today?
Did you wanna do it tomorrow?
When did you
wanna get in studio?
Stop, stop.
What, what are these shirts?
It's for the podcast.
I was telling you about it?
We-- I didn't make that many.
We could do
a totally different name.
We could do Fishers of Men.
I-- I thought
they would be good.
Cass, Cass, babe.
I didn't do this.
Cass that,
that's, that's my fault.
If you could hold on one second.
I gotta go.
Babe, babe, talk to me. Come on!
this is all my fault.
You go away!
- Okay, that's fair.
- Surrender.
Babe, I didn't
have a choice, okay.
Remember, I told you
I might not have a choice
to go on the radio again?
Do you hear yourself?
Everyone has a choice, everyone.
You need to take responsibility
and you need to be examined.
You're not thinking straight
and I know you say
that God is giving you signs.
Maybe He is, but I don't
think God is giving me signs.
I know He is and He's telling me
to go to my parents' place
in Rockford.
I don't feel safe.
No, babe.
The Most High
has a plan, prophet.
Cross my light and hope to live.
Then either help or shut up!
Babe, babe, I love you, okay.
Look, this is all gonna
be over in a few days, okay.
Cross my heart and hope to live.
Look, everything's
gonna be fine.
Babe, I'm all over it.
Please, Lord, help my husband.
Oh, I have to tell you!
Damon, honey,
your mom and brother
didn't want me to tell you this.
James does have a hacker friend.
He hacked the mayor...
Found nothing, nothing.
Please call me
after you see Dr. Johnson.
You can't trust a drug addict,
brother. I'm sorry.
But God's got a plan though,
I know He's got a plan.
Absolutely, babe.
Babe, pray that my
appointment goes well, okay?
Babe, I can fix this.
I can get rid of these people.
I can fix this.
I loves you, Joaquin.
Why aren't you helping me?
I wishes I could.
You must surrender on your own.
I wishes I could.
You wouldn't shut up before,
now you do nothing?
I cannot force you any longer.
It would be selfish of me to.
If you fulfill your prophecy,
I fulfill my purpose and I can--
I can go, I goes home.
My journey
is intertwined with yours.
You must surrender on your own.
Get the hell
outta here, okay.
- Brother--
- I'll call the police-
Brother, hey,
brother, it's my fault.
You shut up, Junior!
You shut up and
shut that off, okay?
I didn't ask for any of this.
You get these people outta here
or I'll call
Chief Baez personally, okay.
- You don't have to--
- Shut up!
What do you need, Ma.
So you heard?
Have you been
to the juice bar yet?
Josie, what's up?
The county shut us down.
Angel man,
angel man, angel man,
angel man, angel man, angel man.
Bring it on you sons of--
Here, here's
the corruption, okay.
This is evidence right here.
Clearly coming
from the mayor's office.
That's right.
Mr. Fisher, what are you doing?
My store is spotless
and up to code.
That's the County Health Board,
Mr. Fisher.
We have nothing to do
with their investigations.
- Hilarious.
- Ha-ha, yeah.
Are my ears burning?
No, no, he--
he called some people
and made up some bull crap
and now my business
is ruined, okay.
That's corruption.
I would never!
Have you even read the letter,
Mr. Fisher?
Or did you just follow
your emotions over here?
I heard their decision.
You cannot give out food
to homeless people
without the proper permit.
I've been waiting on
the permit for months.
I-- I give out free samples.
You can't beat free.
Well, you can argue that
to the county at your hearing.
Apparently, they have
evidence to the contrary.
We have nothing against angels.
We love angels.
Big fans.
Oh, shut up! This guy.
And we're all very interested
to hear what evidence you bring
to the city
council meeting tomorrow.
Very interested.
I would like
to punch you in the face.
I now knows how to help you.
I did not overstand before,
yet now I--
You're a liar.
You're not even named
in the Bible.
You are a half-rate, hack angel.
I mean who knows what
else you lied about, huh?
Maybe you're an alien parasite.
Tear her limb from limb!
You don't know anything.
I mean you throw me
your scraps, huh?
Is that what
The Most High does, Yah?
I mean Michael and Gabriel
would never screw up.
Have thoughts like you.
Yeah, every human loves
Mikey and Gabe. It's crazy.
But I-- I know
I'm only third in line
and I'm only named in Tobit.
Yeah, yeah,
which isn't canonical either.
Well, no,
Tobit is Deuterocanonical.
Again, you speak truth,
Prophet, yet I see fear.
I knows you are angry.
All right,
I wanna call this off okay.
You get your third string,
nobody of an angel
outta my life.
Now it's getting
a little personal, Joaquin--
All I wanna do is go home.
You don't care about me.
You need me.
You're the demon.
- No, Joaquin.
- No, I'm done, okay.
Good riddance parasite!
That's how you do it, Damon.
That's how you do it.
Taking action for yourself.
Not being a fly in a web.
Come on, let's get out of here.
I think they're
gonna protest City Hall.
I spoke to Cass.
Pops would've known
what to say about all this.
Do you have anything to present
tomorrow at
the city council meeting?
you think we're crazy.
When I say fire, you say all.
- Fire.
- All!
- Fire.
- All!
When I say re,
you say call.
- Re!
- Call!
- Re!
- Call!
We just
need to talk, okay.
We just need to figure out
who we are as one
independent person, you know?
Yeah, come on. Let's--
let's just talk to each other.
You know really, let's
just keep talking, keep, okay.
Hey, hey, come on, man.
Let's talk to each other.
Hey, let's...
Step to it, private.
You are a sinner.
I got it, Lieutenant George,
okay I got it, okay?
You are acting like a
cake-eating scumbag. Ugh!
Lord, that's his problem.
Why is he like this?
Let's get back to what we
were talking about before, okay.
Just you and I.
Just you and I, man.
Man and self, okay.
It's, hey, hey.
Hey, come on. Come on.
Hey, you hear me, Damon?
- Cass? Cass.
- Excuse me?
I thought you went to
your parents place in Rockford.
You have the wrong person.
I know I seem
a little crazy lately,
- Please leave me alone, sir.
- I'm your husband-- Come on!
That was a test and you failed!
It's okay, though.
Failure is part of becoming one.
It's united. You and I not,
not divided.
Oh, you stupid,
stupid town. Ugh!
Oh man, we're together.
We're fantastic.
There's no higher power
or lower power.
Whatever it is,
this alien entity calls herself,
an archangel is telling you.
We're good.
We're so good.
God is not good? We are good.
We are good.
She has made us so divided.
Who is she, huh?
Raphael, this angel of healing.
What has she healed?
Are you healed? Huh?
No. You're not respected.
You're poisoned. It's a joke.
She is a joke.
God doesn't love you.
God killed your dad!
He killed your child.
What kinda God
would do that, huh?
He is a cancer. God is cancer.
God killed your real mother.
James lives and she didn't.
God is not good. We are good.
Brother. Uh...
You're up.
Good things. Good things.
How are you feeling?
I started you out
on an antidepressant
plus an anti-psychotic.
You are lucky. Very lucky.
You're blessed.
We're praying for you, brother.
Have you spoken to Cass?
You need to call her.
We've got some good news.
Not now.
Ma, he could
clearly use some good news.
- Please stop, James.
- What?
We're going to make
the city council meeting today.
I found the evidence.
This is not a courtroom, Mayor.
Everybody calm down now.
All right,
no protestors, no rioting.
This is a city council meeting.
Good, tonight's revised schedule
allegations of corruption.
Anyone with
knowledge of this misconduct,
anyone with actual evidence,
please come forward now.
Within the documents
presented heretofore after
to this city council,
there are, you will find...
unbeknownst to us citizens.
I have found two memos.
Yes. Yes.
Two memos concerning the budget
and the systemic-- systematic
funneling of resources
towards new, highly speculative,
highly suspect,
new development deals
away from social programs.
The council has been
open about new developments
and where resources are going.
People are concerned
about the prices of their homes,
Mr. Fisher.
There's no unbeknownst here.
What you're accusing the mayor
and this council of
is exactly
what we were elected to do.
Oh, come on. No.
If you don't have
actual evidence
to present here today...
Hey-- Admit you were wrong.
Say, "I'm on meds now."
"Everything is fine." And go!
God afternoon, prophet,
I'd like to put in a motion
to move this meeting
along past this nonsense.
Anybody second me?
- Second.
- Second.
I am in control here!
Tell her I'm in control.
Tell her! Tell her, tell her!
My sincerest apologies, prophet.
Your demon is quite mad,
but all is good now, yah?
Wait, wait, wait.
I need to say first--
Um, I'm Damon Fisher.
I don't know if you
heard me on the radio--
Okay, I'm done with this.
You have forced my hand,
Mr. Fisher--
Yes, you may speak, Mayor Owens.
Yes, thank you,
Council President Capenelli.
I have it on very good authority
that Damon Fisher has been
diagnosed mentally ill and--
That's a lie.
That is a lie.
You, just yesterday--
Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Why is it such an insane notion
to believe in angels?
Why? I mean you seem
to believe in demons.
You guys are
walking all over each other
like demons right now.
Why not angels?
I believe in angels, Mayor.
My daughter's an angel.
And right now
she's probably in heaven
dancing with somebody you love.
You know we all
have angels, people.
Even if we can't see them.
I believe you, Damon.
I can use this voice
in my next
American incarnation, yah?
Oh, it's so strong.
Thank you, Mr. Kenny Randy.
However, I was not speaking
of his appearance on your show.
Correct me if I'm wrong,
Mr. Fisher,
but were you not
almost involuntarily
hospitalized last night.
You would be in
a 72-hour psych-hold
if it wasn't for
your mother's interference--
That is not exactly true.
You also harassed
a woman downtown last night.
I have witnesses.
You have
knowledge of The Most High.
You know
The Most High reigns above.
- Now, have faith.
- Oh and, of course,
as we all know already
he thinks he talks to angels,
I rest my case.
This is not a courtroom,
Mayor Owens!
This is a city council meeting
and I would like to
get back to said meeting.
Put this all behind us.
One angel.
Only one angel.
The Archangel Raphael.
Third in line to the throne
of The Most High.
An archangel.
Oh, the Archangel Gabriel
has prophesized unto thee?
Praise be,
I'm talking to angels.
Okay, just come on.
Sit down, kiddo.
Come on.
And so this angel...
If she is real--
Not my pronouns.
She told you
to lie on the radio?
Because there's no embezzlement.
If I were you,
I would quit while I'm behind
and we'll just write this off,
because you're dealing
with mental health,
which I'm an advocate for.
I'm an advocate, record that.
I'd like it taken
down in the record
that I'm also
in favor of mental health.
Brother, hey,
this is my fault. I'm sorry.
We're gonna find
the evidence though.
Okay but, but for
right now maybe we should just,
just let them get back
to their meeting or whatever.
This is it, prophet.
Sorry, man, it's my bad.
We're here.
The moment, the decisive act
every true character must make
and it is not going to be easy.
I have nothing left.
You, you have the Holy Spirit.
Now take one
step backward, mm-hmm.
Chief Baez, please.
You're the demon!
You must go crazy for God.
God is a superstition!
Surrender to the will
- of The Most High.
- Get out of here.
Shut up!
Hey, brother, brother.
Hey, Damon.
Hey, Damon.
I got this.
It's all right, Chief.
Do not listen to this, Damon!
This is you and you alone.
I can't make you do a thing.
You must choose.
I don't know how to surrender.
- That's okay, brother.
- We got you, Damon.
Let's, let's just
go out in the hallway, brother.
I would love to
surrender with you.
Stop acting crazy, you idiot!
You must have faith.
Stop corrupting his body
with your parasite.
As I have faith in you.
You're a good hearted soul
trying to do what is right.
Brother, hey, hey. It's okay.
- Okay, buddy.
- No, no, I surrender.
- I surrender. I surrender!
- Brother.
- Stop. James--
- I got you outside, brother.
Let's just go outside.
You don't-- don't hurt him.
- You don't have to hurt him!
- I surrender!
Get out of here!
Here it is, Joaquin,
my show of faith in you.
- Father, I surrender.
- I will destroy you!
I loves you.
Glory be to God, Yah.
I surrender!
It appears the entire block
is powerless right now.
Damon, honey,
I found something,
Babe, I hear,
I hear with my ear.
I got evidence.
Chief Baez,
can you please take care of--
I am Cassandra Fisher
and I have evidence.
It's not exactly what my
husband thought, but I found it.
We have moved on from this.
Please take
the Fishers out, Chief.
No, hold on.
I wanna know,
Council President Capenelli,
what exactly do you have,
Mrs. Fisher?
What do I have?
Honey, I prayed and I prayed
and God gave me
an idea and it worked.
He told me to speak
to James's hacker friend,
asked him to dig a little deeper
and this time
he found something.
I've just sent
everyone I know a document.
Whatever this email is,
this email is a lie.
I haven't stolen
a dime from this city.
Those documents are stolen.
She just said that.
It-- it's inadmissible,
inadmissible in court!
Don't, don't worry,
Mayor Owens, you're clean.
Mrs. Capenelli,
on the other hand...
Excuse me.
Your council president
has been taking bribes
every way you
could take a bribe.
Gifts, cash, cryptocurrency.
This is preposterous!
Real estate companies,
industry, campaign contributors.
She shut down social programs
and signed new development deals
making bank.
I haven't taken a dime.
Those documents are stolen.
Mayor Owens said.
One of the illegal gifts
she accepted
is that necklace
she can't stop touching
which is worth 10 grand.
All there in the documents.
All lies. All lies, and stolen,
and inadmissible.
I would like to-- to-- to--
we've already established
that we're moving on
with this meeting-- Order.
I-- I order.
This isn't a courtroom,
President Capenelli.
This is my meeting.
It is our meeting.
Mayor Owens,
Chief Baez, Councilman Waters,
please open an investigation.
I know we can't
solve this today.
I'm not the bad guy here.
Shut up, Kevin.
And, honey, you're welcome.
I love you and we're
going to make this work.
Babe! Babe!
Come on, brother.
You are the greatest.
You are the greatest
in the whole world!
Motion to end--
Motion to end this charade
going on here
and-- and get back to actual
pressing business next week.
Do I have a second?
Fine. Whatever.
I-- I can't even.
What's the next
part of the agenda?
Justice, justice,
justice, justice.
Woo, oh, man.
Hey, I bet we go viral.
You talked to
an actual archangel.
I mean, you know, she
was third string or whatever,
but I mean you
were on Kenny Randy.
Hey, local news
and then we go viral.
Oh, oh, you should be a--
a-- a spiritual leader.
No-- no, teacher
then spiritual leader.
Hey, are we good?
We're good. We're good, man.
You and I... we're good.
Faith walk.
- You're pregnant.
- They're ready to--
What? What
are what are you talking about?
Let's go home.
Not going
back to being alone
- Babe?
- Is everything all right?
It's great, Ma.
Save those tears
for another day
Baby I'm not walking away
Brother, what about the news?
I'll give you a ride later.
Nah, uh-uh, I am walking!
So, I was walking
down the wrong road
Believing every
silly thing I was told
Well, give up my life to join
the stars in the sky, yeah
Meeting him in
every all the guys I meet
Now I see I need you,
you and me
And I rose to your love
Like a blackbird to his doe
Two, three, four
To his doe, to his doe
To his doe, to his doe
Oh yes I remember that night
Like it was the beginning
of the rest of my life
The smell of your hair,
the look in your eyes
Well, me and you, girl,
we're gonna conquer the world
Conquer the world
when in Rome
when in Rome
when in Rome
when in Rome
whoa-oh-oh, when in Rome
I've changed my ways
and you've shown me your home
Not going
back to being alone
Save those tears
for another day
Baby I'm not walking away
God you are so good
God you are so good
After all I've done
still all you do for me
God you are so good
Long before time began
You knew my sin
would end up on your hands
But you still gave me life
And you still
paid the price of it all
That's why
I'm longing to sing
My Savior God
you are so good
God you are so good
After all I've done
still all you do for me
God you are so good
Lord I've let you down
You paved a way but
I turned right around
But in spite of it all
you still catch me when I fall
That's why
I'm desperate to sing
My Savior God
you are so good
God you are so good
After all I've done
still all you do for me
God you are,
you're the light in the dark
When I can't find my way
You're the voice in my heart
when I'm longing to stray
When the world falls apart
you will always stay the same
That's why it's easy to sing
My Savior God
you are so good
God you are so good
After all I've done
still all you do for me
God you are so good
God you are so good