For Regn (2024) Movie Script

Is everyone here?
Sir, I too just got here with you.
Thanks. Let's go.
Who are these people? Do they take
this place for a fish market?
Sir, they're your clients!
You think I don't know that?
Say something!
Sir, you just said "silence,"
so we don't want to risk it.
Mister! Don't get my boss tensed.
He already has BP.
So will a banana reduce his BP?
Sir, even my stomach doesn't
feel good since morning.
Anjanappa, he's a mediator!
Sorry sir.
Spit it out!
Sir, we are the groom's family.
-Our relatives were insulted at the wedding!
Even dinner wasn't served.
We came at 12 pm! And they didn't
even have proper seating.
And when they said there's
no food, we were helpless!
Not done, sir.
We're the groom's relatives and
will sit wherever we please.
And we demand to be served!
Sir, we're the girl's relatives.
Family, friends, relatives. Enough!
Get to the matter now.
And I'll speak after that.
Bloody fellows.
He's eating another banana.
Get me one too, bro in law.
Be cool. That's the doctor's advice.
You're the only one who understands me.
Do you know why?
It's his 100th case.
If you say another word,
I'll leave the room!
Why are so many of you here?
To chew my brains?
Don't you have the sense to not bring
so many people to a mediation room?
Why are you even here?
Divorce? You?
I'm unmarried, sir.
Who wants the divorce then!
Not us, sir.
These two.
Then why are you all talking?
Except for the clients, the rest can go out.
Get out!
What's it? Why divorce?
What's the matter?
I can't figure out anything
from these photos.
Am I on some reality to
show to play guessing games?
Please explain so I can understand.
Don't waste my time!
He's the one in the picture. Ask him.
Okay. I'll ask him.
Hello sir.
Please explain, sir.
She clicked the photo sir. Ask her.
If I have to explain my situation...
If I talk about this photo in which
I look like the villain, you'll walk out sir.
Hence, I shall narrate my
story from the start.
And you must listen in rapt attention.
Only then you will understand.
I can give my attention
only once you speak!
Only build up stories.
-Get the matter.
Get to the matter!
Wake up lazy bum!
This fellow never wakes up on time.
Oh god! Why am I doing arathi to our picture!
God, please protect us always!
God alone knows what awaits us!
And my husband hasn't
returned from his jog yet.
When will I make coffee and have it?
And there's still so much to do.
And Ganesha festival is round the corner.
Every day you come jogging twice.
Is it to lose weight or look at girls?
Hi Ragini!
I'm getting a call.
-Tell me dear.
Haven't you finished jogging yet?
No, I'm still jogging.
Sis, not jogging, he's bird watching.
Shut up.
My foot jogging! You've not lost even 100 grams.
Your pot belly remains as it is. Come soon now.
Okay dear. We'll be
there in half an hour.
Blue girl!
-Let's go.
Any excuse to get out of the house!
This Anji is a bachelor and loafs
around with my husband.
So you're finally up.
I was hoping you marry before I die.
But looks like that won't happen.
"Please come and bring
your garbage bins too."
They never come when we
keep the garbage out.
They only come when we get
busy with other chores.
What are you nodding your head for?
Are you listening to what I'm saying?
Ornaments for the ears!
It's like talking to the wallls!
Bro! Why are you always in vibration mode?
Your cute daughter-in-law, grand kids
and great grand kids will all come.
But don't worry bro. I'm getting late for office.
Your cute daughter-in-law, grand kids
and great grand kids will all come.
But don't worry bro. I'm getting late for office.
Just chill bro.
When did I become "bro?'
Don't worry bro
The tensions of today
will vanish tomorrow bro
Just chill bro
Ever smile, never fail
all the best bro
You must chase your goals
if you want to fulfil your desires.
Ramakrishna says there's just
one guru and that is you
Let your confidence be bright
In common sense lies brilliance.
Depression is just nonsense
Live without violence.
Don't worry bro
Just chill bro
The girlfriends I wanted
went silent after break-up
What one needs in life is balance
And a little guidance
Victory and defeat are common
Defeat is a good lesson
When you sleep,
not everything is a dream
Because a dream will
not let you sleep
Take control of your desires
Then you'll never be disappointed
Your hard work and dedication
Even if you fall, you're a sensation.
Don't worry bro
The tension of today,
will vanish tomorrow bro.
Just chill bro
Ever smile, never fail,
all the best bro.
Nobody knows the
validity of life on earth
Yet man will never quit his boastful ways
Update yourself everyday
That's the secret to success
Nothing is permanent here
What counts is how
well you lived.
Hero or villain
is in your character
So choose to make
your life a blockbuster.
Nobody has perfection
Everyone's struggle
is for registration
You got to listen to me
Don't worry bro
Today's tensions will vanish tomorrow
Just chill bro
Ever smile, never fail,
all the best bro.
Hi sir.
My darling, sweetheart...Ashu.
Please answer my call.
Shall I speak on the phone
or face to face, sir?
Take those earpods off.
Take it off I say!
I'll chop off your ears if you act deaf.
I've been talking to you on
the phone for so long!
Have you even bothered greeting me?
I did sir.
To whom?
The horse.
Mere sounds for me.
Greetings for the horse.
Come this side.
Take my car keys.
We need to go somewhere urgently.
Where to sir?
There's an art shoot today.
Let's go to the spot.
But why should I come
for an ad shoot?
What do you mean?
Do you know what's happened?
The model who had
agreed, hasn't shown up.
So, you will be our model instead!
Sir, I work in marketing.
I can't do all this.
Wherever you work, I'm the
one paying your salary.
Now do what I say. Let's go.
Come on.
Sir, I'm a bachelor.
If I do an ad for this product,
I don't think anyone would marry me.
I can't sir. Please.
Why are you troubling me so much?
You treat me like your father,
isn't it?
Isn't there any value to that?
If I had a son...
Do as you please.
I won't force you.
It's your call.
I'm thinking of getting the
bills in place next week.
Shall I come in this costume, sir?
Strip off completely, that's even better!
C'mon cheer up!
Should I do this? Please rethink.
Rethink? Okay, I will.
But, I'm also wondering if I should
make that will in your name.
I'll do it sir!
-That's good.
Gentlemen and....ladies...
You think is an election campaign?
Ladies and gentlemen, it seems!
Okay sir, I will.
Greetings all! This is something
everyone needs.
Because it's very
important in all our lives.
If you have it, you can be
happy and joyous in life!
This is called Ashwaleha.
Once you have it, you are bound
to be endlessly lucky!
Now it's your turn to change the game!
True horse power indeed!
It's a secret. Which is why I'm whispering.
Should you have it, none can match your energy. I swear!
60 per cent done, 40 per cent remains.
Be prepared to become Shakthimaan!
Call the number below
and place your order, ok?
One more thing. If the product
doesn't work for you,
you don't have to pay us, we will pay you!
I repeat. If the product doesn't work,
we will offer your money back.
Sir, one for me.
How is it!
-Hey Ashu!
If you are so tired, you
could've taken one too.
I'm not all that tired.
Does that product really work?
How will I know?
I haven't tested it.
You've marketed it.
So how can you not test it?
It's a big deal I've done the ad.
And imagine testing it.
I have free samples. Do you want to test it?
Does it work?
I swear on you, it does!
God, and it becomes about me now!
Continue your story.
Who could this be?
Kamakshi...such a lovely name!
Please tell me dear.
We got to know you're off to Bangkok.
How did you get to know about that?
We get to know about everything you do!
Oh no, Pankajakshi!
It's not Pankajakshi sir, I'm Kamakshi!
Some Akshi!
What is it that you want now?
If anybody gets to know about this,
I'll be in much trouble dear.
Who are you dear? What do you want?
Don't worry sir. I've called to help you.
It's okay if you skip other tablets, but this is a
tablet that you surely need at this age.
Am I right?
Yes, yes!
So shall I come to your house?
Not my home.
There's a coffee shop next door.
Come there dear.
Let's meet there.
Okay sir. Please share your location
on this number. I'll meet you there.
Okay dear.
I just mimicked a girl. I'm not one.
Control your horse. Take it.
Customers must relax and go back.
And why are you telling this to me, sir?
Do you know why we have this system?
New couples, lovers, those who've broken up, the ones who
will break up, bird watchers, potential suitors and potential girlfriends
must all come to our hotel, relax
and share their joys and sorrows.
So don't be over smart and go to offer their bill!
Okay sir.
-Look at how happy everyone looks!
Our hotel is a lovers' paradise, chap!
That's why our patrons...
What's this dude!
Such youngsters have come to our hotel!
What if they get overwhelmed with
love and get a heart attack?
Have they kept their phones in the tray?
I'm sure they did, sir.
Please give it back to them.
If somebody from their home calls and these boys don't
answer, they might get worried that these are no more.
Go and give it back.
-Ok sir.
Hello young boys!
Hey Venkata, she's not here yet. Call her.
It's me Kamakshi!
Venkatappa speaking.
Flight to Pattayam!
How can I help you?
Help? You said you'll give me the
product at the coffee shop.
Where are you?
Oh sorry! I'll be there in 5 minutes.
But how will I identify you uncle?
Uncle? Please don't say
that. I feel so bad.
With a lot of love,
please call me "Venku."
That's enough.
Okay my dear Venku.
Please wait for me dude.
Venku. Dude. It's our Kamakshi after all!
Hello gentlemen!
Hey, get up I say!
Who are you?
Your Ashwa Leha. Pattaya.
Not so loudly dude!
Everyone can hear you.
Where is Kamakshi by the way?
She won't come, sir.
She won't come?
What happened?
I mean, she's into marketing
and I'm into sales.
What do you mean?
Venku, when we want loans,
the bank makes a girl talk to us.
And they get men to speak to us
for the loan recovery.
And we are fools for believing them.
Look fella, we don't want you or
your product. Get lost!
Sir, it's not that. Actually...
Don't bullsht now and waste my time.
Is that so? You don't want it?
Then Pattaya?
We swear on you, we don't want it.
We will have a thumping
time in Bengaluru itself.
We have the Hercules power!
I'm sure you'll be in the next
Marvel series. All the best.
One minute. I'm getting a call.
Hello, who is it?
It's your mother.
Mom, I'm on the bike. Tell me.
Are you on the phone while riding?
Stop the bike and speak.
Won't the cops catch you?
Oh god! Just tell me mom.
Okay, come home by 5 pm, okay?
We have to buy a Ganesha idol.
I can't. I have work.
What's his problem? Give me the phone.
Talk to him.
Ask that waste body who's forever
watching TV to go fetch it.
Can you hear me?
-I heard it all.
It's me your waste body father speaking.
I heard.
-That wasn't for you dad. Actually...
I know my boy. I've seen you
since your were a day old.
Don't play games with me.
Come early today and let's go buy the idol.
Hello, dad? Hello?
I can hear you clearly boy.
I got it. I'll fetch it myself.
Please buy an idol whose trunk
is towards the right, dad.
This you can hear clearly, huh? Hang up now.
What did he say?
-His usual antics.
Get ready, we'll go and buy it ourselves.
This one is nice!
The previous was nice too.
But you wanted to bargain.
Ok, keep quiet now.
This voice sounds familiar.
That sounds like our waste body son!
Come with me.
What is it?
What is he doing here?
And who is she?
How cute is my daughter in law!
Do you need to do this now?
Let's go find out.
We forgot the Ganesha idol!
Your son is ready to make
a Ganesha of his own.
Come let's go talk to him.
Look at how he scooted!
I'll show you who the waste body is!
-Oh c'mon now!
Wait till I at least sit.
-Just look at him!
Keep quiet now.
-Never answers our calls.
Network is always busy.
-Enough now!
He'll have it from me.
-Go slow.
Where have we come?
I saw the bike coming this way.
Let's go on. Maybe this is her house.
Maybe? You just pick random places.
And you expect me to tag along.
My karma!
-Don't whine now.
Whose house is this?
I don't know, but if there is
a dog be ready to run.
I'm crazy to come with you.
-Come, come.
Son, never leave your footwear
as a pair. They get stolen.
Leave them helter skelter, okay?
Perfect son.
Perfect, dear. He's my product.
Look at how he's kept his footwear!
Wait till I find you.
Keep quiet! Enough with your cuss words.
Let's go in.
Who are you?
Whose footwear is this?
First you tell me who you are!
Tell me who this belongs to?
It's my owner's.
Your owner?
I'm sparing you as
you're a senior citizen!
I meant the owner of this house.
Then who are you?
I'm the house help.
House help? Move aside then.
Wait! Where are you
rushing like a city bus!
Madam! Some people have just
barged into the house!
Look at them!
-What's it Kamala?
What is it? Ganesha collection?
One moment.
She thinks you're here for Ganesha collection!
Keep quiet, dear.
I'm not here for any collection.
Where is He ?
Here he is.
What is here?
What is "here?" Where are my clothes?
Please keep my clothes in one place.
Always scattered..
What is this?
What is this costume?
What's wrong with you?
And who is this girl?
I'm asking you, who are they?
Come my boy.
You were the only one missing.
What are you doing here?
Bro in law....actually...
What? Tell me.
At home, you don't even fetch a lemon.
And here you're carrying in a pumpkin!
What's going on here?
Why does your uncle
look like he's electrocuted?
Because these high-tension
wires are from my home.
Dad and mom!
Dad and mom? Why didn't
you tell me earlier?
Why didn't you at least
show me a photo!
What do we do now?
What to do?
I'll manage. You just
nod to everything I say.
If you two keep whispering,
how will we understand?
Say something now.
Just spit it out!
I'm his wife.
What's all this?
Oh god, I'm caught!
My boy, marriage can
be compared to a forest.
All kinds of animals live in it.
And we must face them and survive.
Or get scared of them and scoot.
And you guys are married playing
hide n seek by marrying in secrecy?
Turn around now.
What have you done my son?
My dream was to see my only
son get married before I die...
Don't keep saying you'll die.
People will think you have some disease.
You're right bro in law.
What you said is correct.
Whatever you said is true.
-He should've told us right?
He should've told us it was a while ago, too.
He should've also said he can't bring
the idol as he has another home.
And this you should ask him, right?
He's an adult. How can I?
Then what about me?
Wow! Look at this!
Is this why you weren't home?
One week it was product delivery in Hubli.
I'm not coming home, dad.
Fuel is over. I'm staying
over at a friend's.
What's your story?
Today on it's night shift.
I will have to stay in office.
I felt suspicious when he
started with these lines.
I even told you but you didn't listen.
You kept taking his side.
Oh god! What happened!
Call an ambulance!
Please take him to a hospital.
Dad what happened?
Is it hurting?
Is your head reeling?
Lord! You destroyed my leg!
Didn't you feel like telling
us you're married?
Dad, I wanted to...
When son? After a baby?
It's okay dear! I'm glad.
Glad for what?
Your sole son has gotten married
behind our backs. And you're glad?
It's not Ashu's fault.
My sister had eloped to get married. Since then
my mother is against love marriage.
Another love marriage in the family
wouldn't be accepted, so we did this instead. Sorry.
It's okay. You have acted according to the situation.
Instead of digging the past, as
elders let's bless the couple.
What do you say?
I've already accepted this.
What about you?
I accepted this the moment I saw Ganesha!
Yes son.
We saw you at the pandal searching for
an idol with the trunk to the right!
Come let's make coffee.
Please bless me!
You too!
-Lord, my leg!-Sorry!
Careful dear.
Dad is it hurting?
Please call you parents.
I'll talk to them.
She lost her dad to a boating
accident in childhood.
Sorry. What about your mother?
She's alive, thankfully!
Okay, call her then. Let's talk and sort this.
I'll call her but she's rather strict.
Can you convince her, please?
Don't worry dear. You're like
a daughter to me now.
I'll talk to her.
Beautiful house. What's the rent?
Not rented. It's our own.
Your own?
While I was thinking of laying the foundation,
he's already constructed the building.
After all, he's your son.
Dad, did you get me chocolate?
He'll get it later.
When elders speak,
you must not interrupt.
Nothing extraordinary
about it bro in law.
Please tell him.
Since his name is Anjanappa,
- my son can't pronounce it.
- So he calls him appa in short.
Isn't it dear?
-Yes dear.
Please take him.
-Naughty boy!
I'm not that lucky though.
You are so casual Ashu.
You're always playing the fool.
Then tell me why should I be serious?
Mom is coming tomorrow.
Let her come. Why are you scared?
We're already married.
All that remains is for her to bless us.
If she gets angry, she's
capable of shooting us dead.
My mother in law has a gun?
-Stop it Ashu!
After my sister's incident, looks
like she will reject us too.
I'm scared Ashu.
So let's get rejected.
You marry whoever she asks you to.
I'll also be on the
lookout for some nice girl.
It's best you marry someone else.
Hey Anvi...
Yes, I'll marry someone else.
But where should I hold the reception?
Harischchandra ghat?
Please listen to me.
I won't joke about this matter.
Let your mother come from Mangaluru,
with her gun and maybe rowdies,
I will never let go of you.
Why are you panicking?
I'll handle it. We will handle it.
Are those tears or rain drops?
It's raining.
Let me see.
A smile seems to be on the way!
If you think you look nice
smiling, you don't!
Okay, if I say you look good smiling,
will you treat me to coffee?
Let's go, it's raining.
Have you been gymming?
Why do your hands feel...Anvi?
It's not Anvi, but Mangaluru Manjunatha.
Last time you came to office,
and now you're in my bedroom.
Not just bedroom, I'll follow
you to the toilet if required.
Once you have come to me, I will pester
you till you give me all the details.
You've taken me random places including
an idol market & cafe. What the hell!
Tell me where you guys first met
and how you fell in love.
Sir, I will. But please be patient.
And in my bedroom, that too?
Will you tell me or not?
Or I refuse to move from here.
Sir...Manjunath sir. Please sir.
-No, no.
Tell me.
Tell me and I'll go.
-I will, sir.
Manjunath sir.
I'm here to book my tickets...
Mind your step. I have coffee in my hand.
I can fetch you coffee, no big deal.
Ma'am, book five tickets for next Saturday.
Where to?
Ah! Bangkok!
Give me the names sir.
Ramappa, Chandrappa,
Ramachandrappa, Chinnappa, Gaddappa.
And age?
65, 70, 72, 67, 68.
Heard it?
Please get it done soon.
A beautiful girl in the lift!
And it's love at first sight!
My heart is in a tizzy since I saw her.
It feels like I've been hit by a thunder bolt!
I will now follow you everywhere!
I've lost my heart!
It's you I've lost my heart to!
Lord Anjaneya may be a bachelor,
but I am not!
I've lost my heart!
It's you I've lost my heart to!
I'm not eating on time
Nor am I even sleeping!
Who can I share my predicament with!
I'm clueless what to do next!
I've lost my heart!
I'll fulfil all my desires
I'll shower her with love
Say yes to me
I'll agree to everything you say
Is your office on the fourth floor?
What's on the ground floor?
Hello? I don't have the phone in hand!
Hello, I'm on the way sir.
What's your problem?
Ma'am, I have a proposal for you.
Your name, please...
It's not what you think it is.
My office is on the ground floor.
Ah! This company?
It's not "ah" company. The
company's name is Shakthimaan.
I work in the marketing section.
I thought both our
companies can strike a deal.
A deal?
-I mean...
A lot of people travel to Bangkok,
Pattaya and Papaya through your company.
If you give us their contact details,
we will cross sell our products to them.
Yikes! I can't give my client
details for something like this.
We'll give you a commission.
You're going to give the owner a commission!
Ah! So you're the owner?
I'm not "ah" the owner. I am the owner.
Please think about it.
This will not work out.
My name is Anvitha.
Anvi, my name is Akshay.
Give me a packet of chakli.
Sir, one packet of chakli.
Sir, one rasgulla.
-Sir, one rasgulla.
One cham cham, please.
Give me one cham cham sir.
What's your problem?
We're in the same building.
Please approve the proposal...
Sir, please pack everything in this shop.
Sir, give her everything in this shop.
Mad fellow!
Thank you.
What's your problem?
It's less on spice.
Oh really?
Please make it more spicy.
-It's okay.
What about the proposal?
We're in the same building.
We have similar customers.
It will help if you deviate them to us.
Like they say, sharing is caring.
We don't know how to share.
We just give it.
Let's go for coffee?
Pay the bill and go home.
Dude, do you accept G Pay?
I've lost my heart!
I've lost my heart to her
Lord Anjaneya may be a bachelor,
but I am not!
Have you come for a puja?
-No, I'm here to watch the RCB match.
And you?
I'm here to pray my wishes come true.
Did you get a boon?
I've to request the goddess.
May your wish be fulfilled.
Coffee? You forgot?
6 pm?
Thank god!
It's pouring now.
Miss Anvi, that cafe over there... doesn't look like it's going to stop soon.
Let's go over and have coffee, please?
Shall I go to my hostel, please?
Just come with me!
They've left the keys in the door!
God! My staff is so careless!
Sir, we're locked inside!
Sir, please open the door!
Come, there's piping hot
food waiting for us!
What are you laughing for?
I don't even have my phone. And it's late.
What will I tell my mother if she's tried reaching me?
And you want to have tea, coffee,
pakodas and bhajiyas at this hour!
You'll be happy when you mix them all and drink!
-Are you okay with milkshake?
I'm filling an application form.
Everything is filled except one column.
What application?
Starkids international school.
They have started giving admissions
for the next five years.
Obviously, I've filled my name as the father.
The mother's name...
Go on write.
I can't be shy, bite my nails,
caress the floor with my
feet and be dramatic.
I've filled the name.
Anvitha. My name.
Like seriously?
Reshape my love
and present it to me
Let your breath
be a recurring form of kisses
Drape your emotions
with joy
When I fell in love with you,
it felt like the sky
was in my palm
Love can never be measured
My smile is my speech now
Reshape my love
and present it to me
I'll be a smile in your memories
I'd love to adorn
your neck as
a dazzling necklace
This endless love
is dedicated to you
If I become speechless,
fill me with your words
When you lose your heart to
someone, it's truly beautiful
Reshape your love
and present it to me
See I told you there was something amiss!
Who are you two? Lovers?
Sht! Come!
Sir, hotel superb sir! Very nice!
Let's go!
Let's go check inside!
Can't you check if it's properly locked?
Ok, switch on the camera.
Sir, fabulous cafe!
And special for us too.
We were hungry, so
cooked by ourselves.
But we're not eating for free.
I've paid up here.
If it's more, give your staff.
If it's less, let me know.
Ultimately, god bless the
hand that feeds us!
Thank you!
Wow, they came, cooked,
ate and even paid up!
Dude, now on, keep the
door half open at night!
We'll make good money!
Damn this remote!
Stop fiddling with it! Switch on the TV.
I hear the government may fall anytime.
Hi mom!
-Hi Anvi!
-Thank god you came.
This is a PG?
-You come in first.
What kind of a PG is this?
It has senior citizens in it...
Who are they?
And mom.
Dad and mom, this is my mom.
Mom, they are...
dad and mom.
Dad and mom?
Whose dad and mom?
What are you saying?
They are you son-in-law's parents!
Hey. What in law are you talking about?
What are you even saying!
Can you explain?
Tell me what happened.
Will you tell or shall
I give you two raps?
What is going on?
Did I come all the way for this?
Please come, let me explain.
Who are you?
Leave my hand.
-Come with me.
Come with me dear in law.
It's true, I've made a mistake mom.
But I will never do anything
that brings you shame.
Please bless us. We'll be happy.
Your husband makes dosas for you too!
He's showing off because you're here.
I have a request.
Tell me.
-Our kids have got a register marriage done.
And both our relatives
don't know about it.
So, in a small way, at a big hall, as a formality,
let's arrange lunch for a few people.
For a few people why book a hall?
We can do it at home!
I was just joking!
He's our only son.
And we wish to celebrate too.
Let's go all out and do it.
But how will we get them to agree?
They have no choice.
Didn't we agree to their register wedding?
Now they must agree to ours.
It's my dream to see my
son's wedding before I die.
Why? Are you ill or something?
Oh no! She just happened to
say it in the moment.
Please don't take it seriously.
But who will convince the kids?
My brother, Premadootha will do the job.
I know.
Bro-in-law, sis and dear in-law,
you're all here, I know. Come.
What's the point in buying a car, getting it registered,
but not putting up a number plate?
A marriage holds meaning only when
it is sanctified by society.
Now come to the point.
You must get them to
agree to this wedding.
I can't do it.
You can carry a pumpkin,
but you can't get them married?
You got know about it too?
You helped them register the wedding.
Take some trouble and get this done too.
I can't do this.
Tell them.
-You must!
I can't!
-You must do it by tonight.
I cannot!
Go, tell!
Wait. They're talking!
How can I when they're
having a conversation?
Tell them.
Wait, I will.
Good night.
Damn you!
They're asleep.
Where are they?
What are you doing there!
Stop fiddling with that torch.
It's not switching on dude.
There's no need for it now.
Dude tell them.
Dear in law, in a simple way, let's do the
wedding in a big hall for everyone.
Wedding? Again?
Are you'll crazy? We've already had a
registered wedding and you know it.
You don't understand these things.
Her only daughter. And as far as I know,
you're their only son. Isn't it bro in law?
Hey, shut up!
-Really? Now agree.
Yes Akshay. I couldn't witness my elder
daughter's wedding. -How sad.
At least let me attend my
younger daughter's wedding. - Yes.
And your mother wants to see
you married before she dies.
Please agree. Poor lady, it's all god's plan.
Please keep quiet.
Dad and mom.
I wasn't there for your wedding.
Will you marry again?
Marry her?
-Marry him?
Shut up! I'll kick you!
A marriage function will have many challenges.
Should something go wrong,
we're not responsible.
Anway, marriage itself is a drama.
We'll have the bride-seeing
ceremony in Mangaluru next week.
What do you say?
-Good idea! Isn't it Ashu!
What is it!
The boy is restless.
Eager to see the girl, huh?
She'll come, don't worry!
No...I'm fine.
I think I've seen you before...
Turn that side.
Now turn this way.
I've seen you before too.
Turn this side.
Now turn that side.
Wait dad.
So, what do you do?
Face it now. Tell them.
I work in a marketing company.
So what do you market?
Go on, tell them.
Say it.
I'll tell them.
Please listen to his dialogue.
He works in my company.
The company is called Shakthimaan.
He has a good salary.
He's a wonderful boy.
What the hell!
Anna , why are you so late?
I couldn't help it.
-What's this attire?
You kept calling me continuously.
You add sparkle to any event!
This is Diwakar anna.
-He is a dear friend of my husband.
He's been an Yakshagana artiste for 40 years.
Once he dons this attire, then none can match him!
Diwakar anna has been with
our family through thick and thin.
Anna, Akshay is the boy who's
here to see our putti.
That's his father.
-His uncle.
That's his mother.
Blessings to all on this auspicious day!
I'm impressed with the boy!
Your future looks bright.
A grain a rice is enough to say if it's cooked. And by the
mere appearance of this boy, I can say, he's a fine one.
A broad forehead, long nose, lovely cheeks, a broad chest.
Your character and personality
just shines through! I like you!
I'm more than happy to give my friend's
daughter's hand in marriage to you.
I'm off my dear sister.
-So soon?
The Kurukshetra battle is
in progress on stage.
And I'm a crucial
character in it. See you.
Blessings be to all.
Our putti is here!
What does the boy have to say?
Okay for me!
Wait. Don't be in a hurry.
It's a drama. Don't forget.
I want to speak the girl.
Of course! That's why you've come here!
Let us know if you
need something.
So sis-in-law...
He's not from our community, right?
What's the big deal!
They speak a different language from ours.
That's why.
What happened?
-Didn't putti get proposals from our community?
Add some spice into the curry.
You'll be good at it!
Dumb woman
Go on.
Okay, I'll look into it later.
Please have your coffee. It's getting cold.
-Have it.
What does our boy say?
He hasn't said anything yet.
I'm fine.
What about the girl?
Mom, I need some time.
She wants some time.
I want to speak to the girl.
Go my dear.
Clear his doubts.
Whatever "doubts" he may have!
Come, show me your house.
Why do you need time?
If I say yes immediately,
they might get doubts.
I've come from Bengaluru.
-What will you give me?
I gave you coffee, right?
Coffee? That's all?
Ashu, that's all you think of!
Coffee? That's all?
-We'll get caught!
Akka, they're calling you downstairs.
What's happening here!
If you spill the beans about us, so will I
about you and your boyfriend Darshan.
He's my boyfriend!
If he's your boyfriend,
then this one is my husband!
Understood you monkey?
My mother, his parents,
everyone knows about it.
So pretend like
you know nothing!
I seem to have joined a drama troupe.
God! Such terrific actors!
Okay, come down.
Sis. Bro in law.
My boy, do you
want to say anything?
I have nothing to say this time.
You were eager to say so
much all this while. Tell.
Let them tell.
My dear, do you want to
go the terrace again?
Let it be as per the elders' wish.
Minugu Taare Kalpana!
So it's decided then.
Let the celebrations begin!
Aishwarya, bring the sweets dear!
Where's my sweet?
Wonderful acting from you too!
Mr Anjanappa, I know you're the man
behind all of this drama.
Akka has told me everything.
I've been searching for you everywhere.
Why aren't you getting mehendi done?
Not in the mood.
You get it done.
Why? Did bro-in-law say something?
Wait, let me call him.
Don't call me Aishu.
-Wait a moment.
Hello...where are you bro-in-law?
Hello. Greetings, my sister in law!
How are you?
I'm good. Did you scold akka?
Don't ask Aishu.
Why will I scold her?
She's refusing to put mehendi.
Really? Give her the phone.
What's the matter?
I'm just worried about our family & relatives kicking
up a fuss and it separating us as a couple.
Is that even a concern?
We're getting married
again for our parents.
To register our relationship
in front of everyone.
Guests at a wedding always have an opinion.
Chill. Relax.
If something comes up,
our parents will handle it.
Or the elders. And uncle!
Don't worry.
I hope you know that if
you get tensed, so will I.
Tomorrow is the wedding.
Don't you want to look good?
Good. That's the spirit.
Go and get the mehendi done.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Bye Ashu.
Let's go.
Finish the job quickly!
-What are you guys doing?
You'll have it from me. Finish up.
You need an entire day for this?
-Where shall I keep this, sir?
Keep it on my head.
Take it away! Idiot!
Who kept this basket here?
Looks like all the mad
men have come here!
What happened son?
Dad, what's going on here?
I had already told you
I don't want this.
See how they're behaving.
They will behave this way
until the wedding is done.
Then they'll have lunch
and forget about it.
They'll know the difficulty when
they get their daughters married.
I can't bear to watch all this dad.
I'll beat them up, that's all.
Don't even attempt it.
Take heart. I'm with you.
You go and get ready
for the reception.
You have to be up early tomorrow.
Go rest well.
I'll handle all of that.
You go and rest son.
Carry on.
I bless you with all all
my heart, my little one
May you always live happily,
that's my only prayer
Taking baby steps
the little girl
whose hand I held,
is today stepping to wedlock.
So please offer her your blessings!
Please bless her.
It's an auspicious occasion
for this beautiful damsel
It's an auspicious day
for this graceful lass
Honour her and bless her
You're not just my daughter,
but my whole world.
It feels like yesterday that
you indulged in baby talk
My little one is a
married woman now
I'm overwhelmed by tears of joy
How do I bid...
How do I bid farewell to
you my little one?
Be well always...
All that drama yesterday
led to a rise in his BP!
What drama? You guys had the most fun.
And complained the loudest.
And now you're blaming us.
-We heard loud complaints too.
Your relatives started dancing. Nuisance!
Don't irritate us.
You are the reason for his situation.
And now you blame us. Keep quiet!
Please ask your
wife to keep quiet.
-Why are you mum? Speak up.
Don't you get it? The groom's side have
been dominating the bride's side since ages!
Why is everyone arguing like this?
What's the issue?
What do you mean?
Can't you see what's happened to him?
Akka, it's not a heart attack, relax.
Don't make a big deal of it.
He's still alive!
What nonsense!
Get up.
Why is everyone acting so hysterical?
What's happened is in the past.
Move on. Think about what to do next.
Listen to him. Please drop everything now.
Hold his hand/
Well done!
-Finally married.
Uncle, thanks for maintaining
everything so well.
Thank you very much.
I just want you to be happy.
But dude, you are the luckiest!
Who gets to have two first nights!
Oh shut up, nothing of that sort.
Yes, coming.
Hello! It's my first night.
-Oh yes, carry on.
Please ask Kamli to fetch me coffee.
Damn! When will I get lucky?
When will things turn in my favour?
First night, huh?
Cashews! Grapes!
I like it, I like it.
Sir, the cashews are mine.
-Is it?
The grapes?
-They're mine too.
Then I'll eat them together.
Sir, why did you come here too?
My wife will come now.
It'd be good if you leave.
Relax. Please relax.
Sir, you want stories at this hour?
Once you tell me the story, I'll leave.
Sir understand the situation.
She's coming now. Please.
And you understand my situation.
On the wedding night, a
husband will be child like.
He will be stubborn, so pacify him.
You must give him all he wants.
Please leave,
On the wedding night,
a husband behaves child like.
You must give him all he wants.
He will be stubborn,
so pacify him. Go!
-You want to showcase the first night? Continue the story.
Only if you leave, can I go
ahead with the first night.
In two days, I'll tell you the story.
Another two days?
I'm sorry, another two days! No way!
Please sir! Those are my cashews.
Please sir!
I won't budge from here.
I will stay here.
-Please sir.
She's coming now, please.
You're just too much ajji!
You must bring a good name to
both your parents and in laws.
Go in dear.
Oh god, go there. Not there. Come here.
Not here, there.
Where! Okay here.
Can you go under the cot?
I'm a six footer. Impossible!
What shall I do?
-Go in my girl.
She's here! And you?
Lets go.
Where's my husband?
I wonder what he's upto.
Bro-in-law, she's calling you.
Even at this age, she's
seeking her husband!
Wine just gets finer with age my boy!
On the wedding night, a husband
behaves child like apparently!
-And he must get all he wants apparently!
I must bring a good name to my
parents and in laws apparently!
But anything that's easily got,
is never valued apparently!
Tears of joy suggest a
love song in the making
Fresh, new feelings are
making their presence felt
I can never tire of
our sweet nothings
It's hard to pass time
when you're not around.
It's tough to figure
this thing called love
Reshape my love
and present it to me
Good morning Goo!
-Good morning.
Good morning my dear!
Good morning.
-Slept well?
All went well?
Looks like everyone is unwell!
All went well. Ask me straight.
What is it that you want to know.
Will the old furniture
continue being here?
What old furniture? They're all new.
Dumbo! I meant your in laws.
Will they be here forever?
Hey Anvi!
-Hey idiot!
If you've come to a hotel, eat and leave.
Don't interfere in the management.
You home wrecker! Hang up!
Hi, good morning.
Have you had coffee?
-Good morning,
Hi dear.
Where's your cousin?
She left in the morning.
Kamala, is everything ready?
-Yes ma'am.
Let's start.
-Housework never ends dear.
Come watch this programme with us.
-No dad in law.
I had vowed to feed kids at an
orphanage if the wedding goes well.
I have to make chapatis.
You'll make it all?
Why take the trouble, dear?
You've just got married.
Let me make it for you.
-It's ok.
I'll make it mum in law.
Ma'am, shall I help you?
-No thanks!
I want to make it on my own
for my dear daughter in law!
Akka, may I remind
you it's chapati and not dosa.
Think about it.
-Shut up.
I'm the one who runs the kitchen.
Don't chew my brains.
Sit my dear.
Talk to them. I'll cook.
She'll cook, you come
sit with us dear.
How many chapatis my dear?
About 300.
Bro-in-law, play WWF.
The chapatis have turned hard, huh?
I'll whack you.
I just said it's a little spicy,
You should've agreed to it only after
knowing the quantity of chapatis to be cooked.
I didn't realise.
-What are you upto?
Come dear.
The kids at the ashram were
so happy with the chapatis.
-See, I told you!
We'll be leaving tomorrow dear.
Why? Are you upset that I
got you to make chapatis?
No way! It's been a long
time away from home.
We'll be back soon.
Next week perhaps.
Please be back soon. I've promised
to send chapatis next week too.
Funny for her, but
my hands are aching!
Hello sir.
What's up boy?
The wedding went well?
I'm sorry, I couldn't
take time off to come.
It's okay sir. It went well.
You must come home.
By the way, do you
plan to return to office?
Sir, I meant to call you.
-Who is it?
Yes my boy, you always
mean to do something.
But I end up doing it instead.
So what time will you
come to office?
Sir, I want a day's leave.
Sir, I'm newly married.
You took two weeks of
leave for the first one.
I can't keep sanctioning leave.
Sir, this isn't my second marriage.
Everything is the same chap.
I can't grant you leave.
Come to the office now.
Please sir just one day.
Sir, two days.
-What nonsense!
Sir, three days!
-Hey, no way!
Sir, one week.
Sir, you're not audible.
Not two weeks, just one week sir.
Just get lost.
We need a celebration
Love is jubilation
Of sweets talks
And daily chats
The journey is nice
Let's forget the directions
I have a crush, a rose and my girl
But I lack courage...that's all!
Love is jubilation
The heart is reeling
Let's rejoice
Let this smile always shine
If you come and dash
Only then will this
heart make a flash
There's a mischief in your eyes
Ours is a fresh love
Unknowingly, I lean
towards you
There's a strange
chemistry that binds us
Love is jubilation
The heart is reeling
We need a celebration
Love is jubilation
Of sweet talks
And daily chats
The journey is nice
Let's forget the directions
I have a crush, a rose and my girl
I lack courage...that's all.
Love is jubilation
The heart is reeling
Love is jubilation
The heart is reeling
What happened?
Your mother had called.
There are no pictures of your
family in the album, she said.
Did I click the pictures?
Or make the album?
What's my fault in this?
It's not your fault.
She just shared
her thoughts with you.
You specifically said no photographers.
So none came from my side.
It's such small issue, so why bother?
If it's a small issue,
then why did she call me?
Won't it hurt me?
It's the small issues that become
big later. You won't get it.
You always get a call at the right time.
Are you done with your week's leave?
Sir, we were just talking about you.
Always ready with an answer.
You've become really smart.
I hope you're coming to
office at least today.
Meeting? A long one?
I'm on my way.
Bye. Catch you later.
Sir, what are you doing here?
It's my fate that I met you!
I'm tired of your leaves, holidays
and no shows at work.
So I came to your house to
catch you red handed.
Wonderful sir.
Please come in.
There is an ad.
You must do it.
No way sir.
Do you know what happened last time?
I've become famous. People
recognise me wherever I go!
I can't do it.
Fine don't do it.
Let's find someone who's 55 or 60 years old.
So why are you asking me about it?
So I came to ask you
who can we get for the part.
I thought as much.
You never come without an agenda.
But I don't know anyone of that age.
How can that be possible?
Look around you properly.
They're not new borns you know.
Is it you?
I'll thulp you!
Give it a thought.
Is it him?
What? An ad?
And me? No chance. I won't do it.
Sir, I'm aware of his popularity.
I'm a bachelor. Please spare me.
I won't do it, sir.
-Please do it uncle.
It'll be fine.
-You won't understand it dear.
Please do it dear!
-I won't dear!
Sorry sir. No way I'll do it!
Dear viewers, greetings! This is Ashwa Leha.
It's important for all,
especially senior folk.
Just a spoonful in a
glass of milk and you're....
Hello there!
Is it?
Let him come.
He'll have it from me.
Why haven't you gone to work?
It's work from home today.
Where is he?
He was with you at the location.
He was. But then left me
alone mid way. Call him up.
He must be busy.
-I don't eat junk. Call him.
He left me in the middle of the ad. Look at
my attire! I came by auto that too!
He must have been close by.
Does this to his own uncle.
He's not answering. Must be busy.
I'll fetch you some coffee.
I don't want coffee or tea. I'm hungry, give me this junk.
I haven't eaten a morsel
since morning. Let him come.
Have some coffee.
-Have him call me when you speak to him.
This is just an air-filled packet.
Why isn't he answering!!
Earlier if I called, he'd answer in the
first ring and say "what's up darling?"
Now I have to call him a 100 times.
Ashu, I've called you a 100 times now!
Why didn't you answer?
I'm hungry, please bring the food.
You don't answer when I call.
But when you want food,
it must me promptly given.
Thank you.
Is the salt okay?
The spice?
What's wrong with you Ashu?
You have problem talking to me?
I'm a little tired today.
I'll talk later.
What's your problem, Ashu?
You don't answer even
if I call you multiple times.
And you don't talk to
me when you come home.
I told you I'm tired. Don't you get it?
Can't I at least eat in peace?
Such attitude!
He ate alone and went off.
I cook, he eats and
again, I have to wash up.
Anvi, sorry.
I've hurt you a lot.
Never answers calls!
Hello, this is Anvita.
-Tell me madam.
Can you connect me to Akshay, please?
-Sorry madam, it's been two days since he came to office.
He hasn't come?
Kamala, I don't want coffee.
Excuse me, someone called Akshay works here.
-Akshay sir hasn't come in two days.
Here's your tea.
I'll have in office.
-I made this for you! Ashu!
Ashu, wait.
Ashu, please have breakfast.
I have some urgent work at office.
I'll have it there, bye.
Who do you think I've cooked this for?
You're only bothered about yourself.
-Anvi, tell me dear.
How are you?
-What's the matter?
Ashu hasn't been himself lately.
-Is it?
Can you come home and speak to him?
-I will.
Okay, please come today.
What's up uncle?
Are you watching TV?
I'm swimming.
I haven't seen you since you did the ad.
I am supposed to ask you that question.
You're taking me too lightly of late!
Please serve the food. dear
What does he think of himself?
Just because I'm unmarried,
don't think I don't understand things.
I understand it all.
Earlier, you guys would eat
together without a care in the world.
Why the distance now?
Someone please talk!
Did you come all the
way to ask me this?
Did she tell you all this?
Why would I? I haven't said anything.
Why will she?
You think I'm blind?
It's all happening in front of me.
Uncle, unlike what you think,
let me tell you all's well.
You've come after long.
Please eat well and sleep.
Okay dude.
It's rather serious.
Why should I stay hungry
for these two?
Like they say, husband and wife will
always work their way around.
It's the one who pokes his
nose in between who's crazy.
What's wrong Ashu?
Please tell me if there's anything.
You weren't like this before marriage.
Which one? The first or second?
How many times have you been married?
You left uncle mid way at his ad.
He felt bad too because you
didn't respond to him too.
I called you so many times.
You didn't answer my calls too.
Won't I feel bad if you
go on like this?
Please tell me what's wrong. I'll understand.
Please don't hesitate.
Don't hide anything please.
If such misunderstandings crop up
between us, it won't be good.
Please say something Ashu.
You never respond to what I ask.
Sir, who passed away in that ward?
Who cares when so many
die here every day!
Without my knowing,
A mistake has occurred
I didn't think
before talking
and that has hurt
someone's feelings
Just once
Say you love me
Just once
Say you love me
What are you typing away?
I'm ordering something online.
Everything is new except
your old car. Piece of junk!
Don't call my dad's car junk.
You're junk. I'll change
you and get another.
You'll find another, huh!
Tell me why is there so much silence
That I can hear my own heartbeat?
I feel emptiness within
I cannot see the light
How can I live in this darkness?
In the absence of words,
this love is broken
There's no difference
between night and day
The struggle now is to end this feud
Just once
Say you love me
Just once
Say you love me
Hi Anvi!
Say you love me
Hi Anvi!
How are you?
Why aren't you responding to calls?
Anvi, why aren't you talking?
How are you?
Anvi....why are you crying?
What happened?
Anvi, please talk.
Anvi, I'll come tomorrow, don't worry.
Anvi, talk!
So much has happened!
I had my doubts about
this guy from the start.
Doubt? About what?
Poor you. How will you know?
And you won't understand if I tell you.
I'll show you the proof too.
No aunty. Let's not do such
things. I'll speak to Ashu.
Don't speak to Ashu. I'll handle it.
Whatever it is,
be frank and ask.
What's with sending spies?
What photos are these?
I told you I'll explain everything.
You doubt me so much?
I have no doubts Ashu. I want clarification.
Who is the girl in the picture?
You got the photos. Did you get clarity?
I didn't. I am asking you for it!
I told you I'll explain. Why the hurry!
I'm hurrying?
Why are you creating a scene?
I'm not creating a scene. You are!
I'm telling you...
-Go on tell!
I will. What's the urgency?
-Stop you two!
You keep quiet uncle.
What do you know?
You're a bachelor.
Don't interfere.
-I've been witness to it all.
Talking too much, aren't you?
She wants clarification. Give it.
Tell her.
Anvi, give me
some time. I'll explain.
Okay, I'll be with my mother.
When you're ready to clarify,
come and fetch me.
That's the boy...night...CCTC camera.
Yes, he's the one.
Why does he look so dull?
Like a dried up french fry!
He's a nice man.
Has a helping nature.
Wonder why he's sad...
No, no. My customers must
never be like this.
Let me go and talk to him.
Good idea, sir. Give this and talk to him.
Is this his order?
-Yes. -Give it.
All this is part of love.
If you let go, it will come to a halt.
And if it comes to
a halt, it will break.
Don't head into a break-up.
Go and fetch her.
Love is precious.
It's priceless!
Yes sir, but...
To understand one another and lead
life is not easy, said our elders.
Accept defeat, it's okay.
In your old age, loneliness will haunt you.
And nobody knows it better than me.
Go. Can I share something?
Man may survive without anything.
But not without companionship.
Go and get her.
Drop the ego. Win after losing!
Okay sir.
Thank you.
I'm here,
but my mind wanders
in search of you
Happiness has
melted away from life
Haste made us
end up here
When hearts separate,
tears unite
My heart pines in pain
Joy has disappeared
Can we please restart?
Pain is another name
for sacrifice
Happiness has melted
away from life
Haste made us end up here
Greetings Ambuja.
As youngsters, it's common for
them to make mistakes.
As elders, we must solve
the problem for them.
Ashu has left to Mangaluru.
He will definitely come to your house.
As an elder, please advice Anvi
and send her home, please.
They got married without telling us.
But it was us who willingly
got them married again.
No matter how difficult, I'll ensure
they become one again.
Time hasn't
healed the pain,
but has only
made it more painful
The words...
I spoke to your mother.
I'll send Anvi.
Tell me the matter.
You can't, isn't it?
I'm tired of this charade
The smiling face is
now dotted with tears
I'd feel consoled even
if saw a ray of light
Who will cure me of this sadness?
Happiness has melted
away from life
Haste has made us end up here
-Anvi wait!
Tell me.
Sir, why are you crying?
I've never had such a case in my career.
This is a matter about your life.
It will not affect me in any way.
I can sign the papers and leave.
Do whatever you want.
You don't know the value of time.
You marry only once.
And when it breaks,
we help you reconcile.
You'll face the
consequences of a break-up.
A moment's haste will
lead to a lifetime's regret.
Wait a little.
Have patience.
Don't you know how
beautiful life can be!
Life is too precious.
Don't waste it.
Where's your husband?
He won't wait this long.
He's gone home.
He'll come tomorrow.
I'm tired of listening to your
son's case since morning.
And here you are...
What has occurred is far different.
And what's happening now is also different.
We don't know if they were
happy when we got married,
but they'll surely be happy
if we get divorced!
It's a small issue that took
place at the wedding, sir.
And now it has reached the court!
And everyone who has come here
don't know why they're here.
And you're asking them...
...about our life!
See what's happening!
Someone else is deciding my fate.
Now you tell me dear.
-Don't bother asking her.
Just one word. Divorce.
Why are you so keen on separating them?
Listen to what he has to say.
Can you all just keep quiet?
Sorry sir.
-What photo is it? And what's the matter?
In the mediation room, be clear.
That's when all doubts get cleared.
Don't simply sit here.
I can't decide anything till I
understand what the issue is.
I need time.
What do you take me for?
Tomorrow is your last chance.
I'll give you a day's time.
Then on it's you and the case.
Hello, because of the word I gave you,
look at what's happened with my life.
I'm unable to handle this.
Please offer a solution.
Otherwise, I'll just call it quits.
My dear, today is the last day.
Please ask your husband to
speak about the matter.
Husband? I've come to you so
that you take up this task.
My boy, don't waste the court's time.
Tell me what the issue is.
Never hide anything from
a lawyer or a doctor.
Come to the matter now.
Sir, can I speak?
Akka, you?
How can you bring such
things into the mediation room!
Sir, here's the matter. Listen to me.
His company's product Shakthimaan
had become very popular.
And people came in droves to buy it.
They bought it without
reading the pre conditions.
And then a diabetic took it
despite warning, and died.
And his wife threatened to sue Ashu's company.
So him and his boss, kept the matter under
wraps fearing a backlash by the press.
Ashu, listen carefully.
This is a question of our company's future.
You're well aware of the effort that
has gone into building this company.
Like my son, you must get
this case solved, please.
Until it's sorted, please don't talk to
anyone about it, including Anvi.
Do you understand, Ashu? Please.
This is all that happened, sir.
Mom, how do you know all this?
Your boss called me and explained everything.
I had to come and talk
because he was unable to make it.
Your my son.
How can I see you in trouble?
Anvi, what do you say now?
I want to hear it from him.
He's not saying anything.
I can't decide. I want more time.
How much more time!
Don't listen to him and fall for it.
Why couldn't he say all this earlier?
Yes, if he had, you'd have
spread the news like wildfire.
And the company
would've gone bankrupt.
Shut up!
Sorry sir.
Do you take me for a fool?
If you guys want to discuss amongst
yourselves, then why come to a lawyer?
I'll give you one more day.
Think properly, decide and come to me.
I know you won't come to court.
But please trust me.
All will be solved soon.
Don't worry.
Why are you silent
after calling me here?
Whatever it is, tell me fast.
If you keep staring at me,
all will be sorted?
It's enough!
Anvi, you're sensitive, so I didn't want
to bother you with what happened.
Ah! But while dating, you'd
tell me everything, isn't it?
But this one matter you
couldn't share with me right?
Why? Don't you trust me?
It's not about trust Anvi.
I din't want to hurt you, that's all.
Please try to understand.
I don't need these explanations.
I've any way made my decision.
You've already made a decision?
Tell me you mean it.
Is this truly your decision?
People who have nothing to do with us
are taking decisions about our life.
The ones who aren't related to us
want to break our relationship.
Why don't you understand!
If I have spoken to you patiently all this time,
it's because I love you dammit!
How easily you take decisions...
I can't imagine life without you.
Whether you leave me
or decide to separate,
it's all left to you.
But I'll tell you one thing.
Think not from here,
but from here.
I had told you yesterday,
that today will your final chance.
Tell me whatever you have decided.
What decision sir? How can she
live with someone like him?
Shut up!
I warned you that another
marriage isn't necessary.
Did you listen to me?
Uncle, I told you too.
Random people are taking
decisions on my behalf.
It's best to be a bachelor like you!
From the day I got married, problems began.
I don't know why I did that dumb ad.
Some idiot died eating that product.
And now everyone is killing me!
Where's your husband?
I'm just casually asking,
where's he?
Shall I start investigating about it?
You don't have a family and you can't
bear to see others lead a family life!
It's people like you who're behind
the divorces in our society.
You poison the minds of people!
You like it, isn't it?
Anvi, everything
can't be explained always.
You must understand and have patience.
That's when family life goes well.
If we both are fine,
then all will be well.
It's only when you let a third person
interfere that you end up in court.
If we are right, only then
can they set things right!
And advice us.
I'm sorry Anvi.
I'm leaving.
Take any decision you want.
Take time if you need that too.
But remember time never waits for anyone.
Understand that.
Madam, the old dues are pending.
You're unduly pushing it.
The case is currently on.
And a huge amount has to come in.
I'll settle the payment in Bengaluru.
Uncle, isn't he the ward boy
we saw at the hospital?
Sir, who passed away in that ward?
So many people die here
every day. Who cares?
-And that lady was in the snap with Ashu.
-Be careful.
What are they doing together though?
No clue.
-Something is wrong.
One moment.
Only we know that your husband
died of natural causes.
I think it's risky to put a case
on random companies for it.
Last time, it was a refined oil company.
Then a hotel. And now
on Shakthimaan products.
And to top it, a pharma company too.
I'm worried now.
Stick to your job.
Take the fee and win the case.
The commission will come to you.
If the product doesn't work for you,
you don't pay. We'll pay you.]
Ashu, sorry!
Sorry Ashu...
That's all?
I'm sorry too dude.
-It's okay.
An uncle has no respect at all!
Must never hang around in such places.
Let's go?
Where are you off to?
Sir, one help.
File a return case.
We'll visit a temple and be back.
Case okay, but why temple again?
First we got married unwittingly.
Then we got married for our families.
Now we want to get married for ourselves.