For the Emperor (2014) Movie Script

United Pictures presents
an Opus Pictures production
Who the fuck?!
Son of a bitch!
I really don't get it.
I don't know if that was
a miscalculation on his part,
or limitation of his control,
but he couldn't fulfill his duties
as a relief pitcher,
and completely blew the lead...
Where did it all begin?
Busan High Pitcher Lee Hwan
leads team to series win
MVP Pitcher Lee Hwan
Scouted to Red Whales
Most Anticipated Debut
Sudden Shoulder Injury
Dropped to 2nd String
A walk, then a triple in the 9th,
and a loss by 2
equals 50x payout.
Is he really a rookie?
His accuracy is one of a kind.
Let's finish the deal.
Everything's here?
It was a few hundred short
last time.
Don't be a cheapskate
over pocket change.
We got heavy unloaders today,
play a few hands.
It's littered with
rich fucking posers.
See you.
Let's go.
Hwan, let's do this again soon.
You're short a bundle.
Did I bring you to the 1st string
for sucking me off?
Commission, asshole.
Incoming raid!
Get out!
Catch-and-release is my job
as a prosecutor.
Treat me to fancy sushi soon.
Take care, Sang-ha.
Even penny slot players
are gamblers.
You're lucky, Hwan.
Isn't this yours?
Look at them bruises,
are you alright?
It looks pretty bad.
My heart fucking aches...
Listen here.
Loans are supposed to be paid back,
not to be forgotten.
If you paid in time,
you coulda saved them bruises,
and have a good laugh.
Who the fuck?
I want my money.
Is that fucking mutt lost?
- Here.
- Yes, sir.
Listen here, you shit,
you're so out of your...
It's the king of game fixer, Lee...
Look, look.
Stop right there.
You really surprised me.
A tough guy, eh?
I don't know what your deal is,
but being an athlete
means shit in this part of town.
Tossing balls now and then,
and street fights are...
I said I'm sorry.
Fuck your fucking sorry, fucker.
I need to be compensated,
Give me a card.
Hwangje Capital
- It's him?
- Yes, boss.
He was kicked out
for game-rigging.
He's the one.
You outnumbered him,
yet, he still bested you?
If I wanted to, I could have smashed
his spine and every bone in his body.
But we outnumbered him,
so we went gentle.
Hey, you'll freeze to death.
Get up, mister!
Out of my way!
Look at this prick.
It's unacceptable to come back empty
from a collection.
Jong-ho, weren't you
on top of this?
Rockfish still has some clout
on the streets.
Shit could hit the fan
if we don't tread carefully.
Don't make excuses like a bitch.
You're the fuck who called?
This guy's a piece of work.
You want a loan
for the compensation?
Isn't that why
you wanted to see me?
I don't got shit.
So why shouldn't I
ask a shady loan shark?
Brave motherfucker, this one.
Get the fuck up,
if you wanna
keep breathing!
I did ask for you.
What'll you do
for the money?
Shouldn't you at least
have some credibility?
He's called Rockfish
a retired gangster.
This fat fuck took off
with our money.
Young man, isn't life
more important than money?
Don't get worked up
and get killed,
sit this one out
and observe.
See how pros do it.
- Let's go!
- Yes, boss.
Bring Sang-ha,
you hear me?!
Stay out of this,
I got this!
Son of a whore!
Come at me!
Who the fuck are you?
Do you know who I am?
So, you're goldfish?
Time to pay up
if you had enough fun.
What the fuck...
Rockfish's all but finished
in Busan.
Done deal?
Everyone knows you now,
what will you do?
- Why do you care?
- Why shouldn't I?
Continue working for us.
You got the chops.
Overconfidence alone won't
put food on the table.
Either cook, or line up
at a soup kitchen.
If not...
starve to death.
When does he start?
He'll report tomorrow, sir.
Life's full of ironies.
How's Madame Cha?
She's doing well.
The old man likes her too.
Tell her to keep a good watch.
Put him in good mood.
Yes, sir.
Got a boner?
Let's go.
Boss, he's in great shape.
I picked out his clothes.
He's got a good build,
so everything fits.
Even rags look good on him.
Fuck that shit,
look how skinny he is.
Leave the past behind,
and have a fresh start.
Yes, sir.
Come on, boss!
He took care of a weak ass bitch,
there's no need to
put him on a high horse.
Fucking gambler.
What the fuck
are you staring at?
I'll fucking rip your eyes out!
Boy, get up
Get the fuck up!
Calm down.
Hwan is now part of the family.
Raise your glasses.
Didn't make you
for a cheap drunk.
Stay with Kyung-su
and learn the ropes.
Yes, sir.
Wait, come here.
Fucking smooth.
Stick it at the right height.
When you're on the toilet,
squeezing shit out,
your soul is also released...
And at that moment,
they have to see the sticker.
Don't you see this?
I know it's an Au-fucking-di.
- It's worth more than...
- Fine, deal's over.
Wait, please!
Let's go.
No, I'm not done here.
Hold on a minute.
1-click Bets -
League Schedule
Let's go.
Did you turn it off?
I picked a few teams.
You fucking nuts?!
Fuck off!
Hands off!
HVe-jllng, you're up.
100 grand!
Holy fucking shit!
Going home?
What's the most useless thing
in our business?
Sympathy won't make you rich.
If you sympathize with a pig,
how'd you eat pork?
So cool...
You see?
Once you let go of sympathy,
you gain respect.
Luck or skill?
The betting, I mean.
You play a lot?
Ball players can't make bets.
Baseball is all I know,
so I see the big picture quickly.
Why don't you manage
our sports betting website?
If you're so versed in betting,
you can manipulate the odds
and game selection to our favor.
Think it over
and open the glove compartment.
Take it.
It's an older model,
but Benz is still a status symbol.
I'm alright.
You can't park here.
I was about to leave.
Got plans tomorrow?
Who is he?
Your pimp?
Just a friend.
You two rubbed uglies,
haven't you?
He wouldn't look at me
so menacingly othewvise.
Was she tasty?
Her pussy still firm and tight?
Who the fuck are you?!
Stop it.
Stop it!
I thought he'd get 5 years,
but he only served 3.
Cutter's not someone who'll let
bygones be bygones.
Stay on full alert.
Hwan, pay your respect.
This is Hwangje's chairman.
He takes care of
our betting website.
He's got the wits
and punches to boot.
Probably good at
choking old men too.
So the congressman's lobby
didn't work?
Buhyun Bank is tight
with the ruling party.
An idiot can only do so much.
At least you got the casino
and hotel stakes out of this.
Please ease your mind.
Imagine doing it on my land,
know how much that'd be?
We're not talking about
a few million.
Take good care of
the men noted there.
How did this break...
I'm sorry, chairman,
I'll replace it, sir.
Got $500,000 on you?
Bury him when you break
hotel ground.
Please spare me,
I will...
replace it with something similar
within my power.
I'm sorry sir, please.
Due to newly excavated relic
at Blue City construction site,
development will be postponed.
Do you see those lights?
Aren't those squid boats?
Squid come swimming
toward those lights.
I guess all living things are
attracted to shiny things.
- Agree?
- Yes.
Funny thing is,
people call those
'Lights of Night Sea'.
But up close,
it's a chaotic slaughterhouse.
Our business is the same.
If you want to succeed,
your eyes have to lit up like that.
could I ask you something?
Why did you take me in?
I was at a point of no return.
Lee Hwan.
It's a great name.
A name that reeks of money.
3 years later
Hwangje Finance
- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.
Boss, how do you expect me
to walk away now?
Your match rigging article
will be released.
We finally got it legalized,
so imagine the backlash.
It won't be pretty.
You know full well
how hard I worked on it.
By yourself?
Anyway, bring me
the complete list of games you fixed.
Do you still go to Temptation?
A dirty mop is for cleaning,
not to be used as a blanket.
Remember that.
Shouldn't you be on
a debt collection run somewhere?
Here to boost my business?
What a fucking day...
Look at this bitch!
Your promotion isn't
your fucking high horse.
Did I beg for it?
He went too far this time.
Isn't it time to cut him loose?
Tae-m u .
We're going on 15 years, right?
Why do you think I've kept you?
I don't know...
Some unique qualities?
You were always by my side.
I won't turn my back on
members of my family first.
I'll give Hwan a warning,
take care of your own boys.
There's another pressing matter.
Cutter will be out soon.
Busan Penitentiary
Only the hungry
grabs the fishing pole.
Are you using Hwan
as your bait?
Speak of the devil.
I don't own anything.
Money has no master.
Money only lets out a scent.
That scent is
the sweetest in the world.
But once you taste it,
it turns into poison,
and rot you from inside.
I know you desire to be rich.
Then only chase the scent.
Are you sure?
Boss, Hwan is with the old man.
Could he be dipping into
a different pocket,
because you pulled him out?
He may feel cornered,
there's nothing he won't do.
The news of Marina sector seeking
private capital will be out soon.
Won't it look great
with a few yachts,
and a resort over there?
Sounds very expensive.
Business is done not with money,
but with people.
Indeed, the chairman's influence
casts a wide net.
Congratulations, sir.
No need for that.
I'm still just a front.
We must free ourselves from
our sponsors and stand tall.
A9 Feed?
Don't lose sleep
over the website.
Can't live forever
on fringes of the law.
I know you worked so hard
to relocate the servers.
It's fine,
don't fret it sir.
If this takes off,
I'm leaving the loan business behind.
From here on,
these are our future.
Very nice.
I need a good sponsor
and stand tall too.
Where were you
in the afternoon?
Kyung-su was looking for you.
I had things to take care of.
You can't do everything
you desire to do,
and become someone you desire.
We all have pre-destined paths.
If you know your place in life,
everything'd be easy.
I guess it's not always so obvious.
I hope you still prefer
old man's cock.
Why are you so late?
Did you have a VIP
or something?
Did Sang-ha tell you?
All I got is this body...
If they're paying,
what can I not do?
Loan without any interest...
Nothing I can't do.
Madame Cha's debt...
is significant.
I'll take care of it.
So you'll blanket the mop?
Transfer Cha's debt to Hwan.
Also, spread his
responsibilities to others.
Dipshit, if you took out a loan,
have the decency to pay back!
I'll pay back!
Look at this punk ass,
think you're all that?
Don't you know this is my turn?
Jong-ho sent us...
Get the fuck out of my face.
Do you really want me dead?
Your interest won't die with you.
I really hope that I won't see
your blood on my hands.
This 250,000 ha sector includes...
So how much?
Of the $201.5 million,
$150 million will be privatized.
Who are they negotiating with?
HY and Jeil,
but HY's the front runner.
Isn't chairman Kang
in charge of Jeil Marina?
That's correct, sir.
Give him a call.
Right away.
Chairman Kang,
yeah, it's me.
I hear you're working on
something fun.
It's no fun?
Should I spice things up?
Is it okay to be here
during the day?
Who cares.
I polished
a piece of shit into gold,
but someone else'll reap the benefits,
and I'm reduced to
collecting debts from the feeble.
But that's how you got to
where you are now.
This'll make you feel better.
There was only sky
and sea here.
Why's it so messy now?
Even a mountain changes
in a decade.
Ocean will surely too.
This is rather awkward.
You have to leave, sir.
Prepare two matching coffins.
Lead him out of here!
What's an abandoned rook
doing on the chessboard?!
Take care of it!
Let go!
Perhaps you took
your job too personally.
- What are you talking about?
- Don't play dumb.
I was grooming Hwan just fine.
I will not allow him to falter
because of you.
He's not your fucking mutt!
Cha Yun-su...
Madame Cha, I mean.
Can you handle it?
Take the fucking knife!
Did that whore take
your fucking balls?
Stand down, boy.
You up for this?
It's all your own undoing.
Don't you know
what we're here to do?
How could I not?
Kill 'em all!
You fucker...
You fucker...
Try to stay awake.
Boss, the cleaning is done.
But Cutter isn't
out of the picture.
Yes, sir.
You Okay?
The call cannot be connected...
Next up, Han Young-su,
a former Red Whales,
has committed suicide.
His bereaved family stated that
he took his own life,
when he was unable to
control his mounting debt.
CEO Jung Sang-ha
Where is the end of this road?
How will I look
when I finally reach it?
Here for Madame Cha?
Do you know where she is?
She's famous for
ripping men off.
She probably got to
several others too.
could be the end for Jong-ho.
Did you...
Plan it?
Is that what you think too?
Don't fuck around,
say it straight!
I saw you...
stab him.
Is that what you want
to believe?
Say it again.
Go on, slice me.
Slice me open.
Goddamn fuck!
Getting stabbed is on par
for our line of work.
But I won't tolerate my own
turning his back on me.
Stop yapping and go home.
We got work cut out for us.
Off you go.
Sang-ha, my boy-
Hwan! Boss is in trouble!
I can't reach Tee-mu.
Remember where we first met?
Looks like Sang-ha raised
a fine minion.
You're Cutter?
So disrespectful...
Son, kids who don't respect elders
don't live long.
Then come earn my respect.
You should've stayed down.
What will you do?
If I go to hell,
I'll bribe Lucifer
and go to heaven.
Life's full of ironies.
Isn't it funny?
Sang-ha burned you,
but you unknowingly worship him.
He's the one
who fucked your life.
You were caught in the trap
he laid out for me.
You pitiful bastard...
Continue working for us.
But up close,
it's a chaotic slaughterhouse.
But I won't tolerate my own
turning his back on me.
Please join me in welcoming
the new CEO of Jeil Marina,
who'll lead our ocean industry
to the international stage.
I sincerely thank you all
for attending this grand occasion.
No calling, no moving,
no talking!
"If you desire money,
chase the scent."
That's what you said to me.
You can't even differentiate
money from blood now?
I'm up for it, sir.
Go on now.
There're already cruise boats
on Han River,
a few more yachts
isn't a big fuss.
I'm dreaming even bigger things.
Looks like...
you don't dream very big.
It must look petty to politicians.
What do money and power
have in common?
The one who's holding it
is the master.
You should become
the master of your own domain.
You said so yourself.
"Once you let go of sympathy,
you gain respect."
So why did you pity me?
You must be gravely mistaken.
I... never pitied you.
I don't...
even know what sympathy is.
From here on,
I'll only feed on
Should you be like this?
- Be well.
- They're not...
people we can handle.
A rook...
leapt out of the chessboard.
Come, sit down.
We got an extraordinary relationship.
Endless greed...
You tasted money too well.
Your head must be rotten to hell.
Cut him slowly,
let him feel it.
I need some popcorn.
So many plot twists.
Look over here please!
Did you contribute to
the ruling party's campaign?
I had the ledger in front of me.
Where is it?
I'm dying to know that myself too.
Where could it be?
In any case,
that's the situation we're in.
Take a good rest while at it.
Make sure to find out
what happened.
Also, release Sang-ha back out.
This isn't a soccer game,
you don't sub one for another.
I'll setup another game.
You just reset the board.
You're the only king I recognize
on the chessboard.
But I'm the one who controls
the board, even rook.
Don't forget it.
Boss, did you see the old man
on TV yesterday?
He looked so frail
and pathetic!
How did you work your magic?
Boss, everything's calm now,
why don't you bring her back?
I realized that she never once
came to me first.
I finally understand why.
Let's hear the weather forecast.
Yes, boss.
CEO Lee Hwan
Why go to such lengths
for him?
Watching him eat
with his bare hands...
was like...
seeing myself.
Cutter and I followed
the old man blindly.
But Hwan is sitting at
his dinner table.
So as a parting gift,
I'll give him a spoon.
Take everyone out.
These are the statement
and contract,
everything's here.
Shall we?
Could I get a smoke?
I said a goddamn smoke!
This is all you got?
Get ready.
you got a smoke?
You didn't have to do this.
Let go!
Rat fucker...
Send him to his mom.
Come here, you little shit!
Lee Hwan
How did we end up like this?
There's a storm brewing.
Let's go inside...
Could I have stopped it?
When should I have stopped?
The clouds in the sky...
feel too close...
directed by PARK SANG-JUN