For the Sake of Vicious (2021) Movie Script

Excuse me.
Oh, I just.
They're not all for me,
they're my son's favourites.
Mine, too.
Dr. Malcolm to Ward 3.
Dr. Malcolm to Ward 3.
Have a great night.
No, no!
Get out of my house!
Get out of my fucking house.
Open the door!
I have your phone.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
I'm not here to hurt you.
I'm not here to hurt you.
You remember?
You remember me?
I don't.
I'm gonna slowly just back
out into this bathroom.
And we're gonna go downstairs,
and we're gonna sit down, and
we're gonna talk about this.
Now I know right now, that
my word right now doesn't
mean fucking shit.
I get that.
I get that.
I just need you to just come with me, okay?
Give me my phone.
Then I'm not going anywhere.
I need you to look at these.
This is Charlotte, right?
I remember her.
You're the dad?
Now I need you
keep that man alive.
I sort him out,
you take him outta this
house, you understand?
I don't care what other
shit you do with him,
I just want you both gone.
You know a response to any
of this would be greatly
fucking appreciated?
Yeah, I know, I'm sorry,
I finished later than I thought.
I need you to just keep
him a little bit longer tonight
if that's okay?
Might have to be for the
whole night if you can?
Yeah, I know what night it is.
Crap, yeah, put him on.
Hey, buddy!
I've been waiting, you're late!
Yeah, I know.
Uh listen, Nana's gonna take you
trick or treating tonight, okay?
Yeah, I'm still here.
Uh no, I didn't get the costume,
I was feeling pretty sick, hon.
Yeah, I know I did.
Okay, hon, you know, I can't
really talk right now, okay.
Hey, what!
No, she said that at school?
Do what she says.
Yeah, no,
that's pretty crazy, it is.
Okay, hon, hey.
You know, I can't
really talk now, okay?
Um, nothing.
I'm going to uh, pick
you up in the morning
and we're gonna eat all the
candy for breakfast, okay?
You know, I love you.
I'm Chris.
Fuck you.
I know him.
His name is Alan.
He raped your daughter?
Grab me my kit.
The ratio of milk to cereal
in your sister's bowl
is bordering on absurdity.
What's the solution?
Let her keep eating?
I gotta work late, so Francis
is gonna pick you guys up,
take you guys out.
Save me the suckers.
Love your face.
Love you, too.
What is this?
I can't have this near
the fucking house?
It's just kids.
It's Halloween.
You don't have
to stay here for this.
You can just go.
Yeah, I think it's a little late for that.
I'm invested now.
Besides, this is my house.
So how old's your son?
So you've got him tied to
a chair in my kitchen.
You took this to trial.
He walked.
You said you were a witness?
I didn't actually see anything.
You said he did it?
He did.
Based on what?
Fuck me.
I didn't pull this off
without some sense of
fucking certainty.
Prove it.
It was a fingerprint
in my house.
And his people kept trying
to threaten me every time
I tried to press charges.
And he had a car that was...
That was parked
two blocks away from my
house on the same night.
And my wife... my wife worked for him,
and so he knew about us.
He knew my daughter.
It's like he stood there
in front of a prosecutor
with a fucking smoking gun
and... and nobody could see
it except for me.
And you haven't
heard the stories.
About him raping kids?
I'm pretty sure
I'd remember that.
Let me tell you something,
this guy's shit list is so...
You know, everybody has shit!
It doesn't make it
necessarily true.
You're gonna take his side?
You beat a guy half to death!
Broke into my house,
made me lie to my kid!
Tied up my fucking
landlord in my kitchen.
And you could've
called the cops.
That's enough, that's enough!
Oh shit.
Okay, head forwards,
head forwards, head forwards.
Can you breathe?
Can I call my kids please?
I gotta reset your nose
and I need you
to just take a couple
of deep breaths.
If I don't do it now,
it's gonna...
No, please. Just stop, stop! Please stop!
Look, I uh, I don't know
what he has told you.
But you are only getting
one side of a very
complicated story told to you
by a very sick individual...
Oh, I'm fucking sick!
- Enough!
- I'm fucking sick!
I need a bathroom.
So do it.
What now?
You speak, you get bathroom privileges?
I've got nothing to say.
Fuck you!
Fuck you.
Just relax.
Do you or do you not have
something to do with...
Don't get her involved.
I can speak for myself.
It's her place, her kitchen.
It's your property,
you piece of shit.
Well, then why is she here?
What do you want?
Fucking want?
Can I call my kids?
No, I uh...
I won't... I won't say anything.
You can put a knife to
my throat or whatever it is
you feel like,
that you need to do.
I need you to read this.
I need you to read this.
What is that?
Read it.
Please just read.
Out loud.
"My daughter's room was
just above the living room."
Okay, you know what?
Just keep...
Please just keep reading.
This kitchen is not
a courthouse,
I am not a clerk.
Look, I think if you want
this to be said out loud,
then perhaps you should say it.
I can't.
"Took me a minute,"
"I uh, then
I heard another scream."
then I heard another scream."
Sorry, "I found her at the park"
in one of those coloured tubes.
She was shaking and she
won't even look at me.
I pick her up.
I can feel her shaking
and there...
was blood on my hands from holding her.
Her pants are torn down
the middle.
"The doctor said that
she had tears and had been... "
Your car was parked
two blocks down from my house.
What car?
Make, model, year.
My story has not changed, okay?
I stand by it and
so did a prosecutor.
Yeah, nice guy, Alan, right?
Nice guy-
Man of the people,
man of the city,
but you just remember one thing?
Your shit-list runs as
high as anybody else's...
Okay, Chris
is this what you want?
Are you gonna pull
a gun on me now or what?
What is this?
You just say
the word, fuck stick,
because I've got one outside.
Enough already.
And I'll fucking put a bullet
right between your fucking eyes.
This is... Jesus Christ, Chris.
I've been unfaithful.
I've engaged in lewd and
questionable behaviour
around others.
But I didn't run
from it, I fought it.
And this?
This is affordable
housing for people.
I mean, surely she can attest
to this, pipe in if you'd like?
This is nothing to do with this.
This is just you and me.
I'm not getting between
the middle of you,
this is between the two of you...
It's your narrative,
you've gotta understand.
- You're dragging this off base.
- What base?
I don't even know what grounds
you're trying to stand on?
You've got me tied to a chair.
Now something terrible
happened to your daughter,
without question.
A parked car on a street
does not thus equal
condemnation as a rapist
of children.
Which as a father of two,
goes against every moral fibre
of my being.
So fuck you
and your accusations.
You know, that I own
multiple properties in this city
and one of them
happens to sit in
the subdivision where you
were living at the time.
This has all been
carefully broken down,
my time as been more
than accounted for.
You were in my house.
I was never there.
Yes, you were.
I never set foot
in that fucking house.
You know, I have proof.
Yeah, a finger print, right?
And that it was mine?
Fine, I don't deny that.
But what I do deny and
will continue to deny is
that I was the one
who planted it there.
Specifically and coincidentally,
in your upstairs
fucking hallway.
Told her about any of this?
That I was sleeping
with his wife.
She told you, she did.
She confessed it in front
of a wolf pack of lawyers
and my wife.
I didn't do what you think
I did?
I never said anything.
No, I know what you fucking think I did!
I know!
He wants to say it,
he wants to fucking say it.
Look at his eyes.
- Look at his fucking eyes.
- Chris?
Can you stop?
Just fucking look at his
eyes and you fucking tell...
Listen to me,
I need you to look at me.
I need you to fucking look
at his eyes!
This is not going anywhere.
You think I did it, huh?
Just fucking say it.
You can fucking tell me?
I did not say that.
I wanted to fucking crucify you,
you and my wife.
I wanted to fucking
crucify you both.
I would never, I would never
fucking touch my little girl.
Nobody is saying that you did.
I didn't rape my kid!
Neither did I.
No, no!
I will go through you.
You're gonna have to.
Why are you a part of this?
- Is it because of the...
- Just...
Shut up.
You know there's a number,
uh you don't have to call,
you just text.
And they'll send somebody
to take care of this.
Hand me the phone?
Hand me the phone.
I'm not your subject.
You can't come here into
my home and use me for
whatever bullshit it is
that you're doing here.
Okay, I'm sorry for what
happened to your daughter,
I really am.
But I was her fucking
nurse and nothing more.
Okay, you know,
I had something happen to me.
I played it out so many
times in my head that
I'm not even sure if that's
exactly what fucking
happened anymore.
But it's been six months
for me and it's already
twisted into something
else up here.
It's been, what?
Five years for you, Chris?
Maybe you should start
thinking about things
a little differently.
In the star In the star
In the star In the star
Oh yeah
Thanks very much.
Who is this?
I know.
Know what?
I know you know him.
Uh yeah, I told you that I did.
He's my fucking landlord
and nothing more.
That's your big conspiracy.
Once or twice a year he leaves
a fancy car of his
in my shed for the season
and that is it.
Not that any of this
is your fucking business!
Fuck you.
You hear me, fuck you.
I don't want you in this
house anymore.
I don't want you here.
I've got someone on the way.
Did you do it?
Uh, uh, uh I didn't uh...
I didn't do what he said I did.
Don't go.
Just say it.
I don't... I don't know
what you want me to say?
You raped my daughter.
Oh shit!
You fucked her.
Ah Jesus!
You went into her room.
You grabbed her.
And I should been there
to protect her from you.
You sick fuck!
Say it.
Say it, fucking say it.
Fucking say.
Stop it, Chris.
Stop it.
Please stop, please
stop, please.
Please stop, please stop.
Look, stop I didn't,
I didn't touch your...
I did not touch your daughter.
I did not touch your daughter.
Please, I have two
daughters of my own and I
just wanna see them again
please, just stop it
please, just stop it,
Chris, please just stop it.
Stop it please.
No, you just
I know you fucking did it.
It's okay.
It's for me.
Go, go!
Get her!
Roll over!
Yeah, get her!
Get her hands!
Get her feet!
Let's go.
Fuck it.
Who are you?
What the fuck?
Get his hands.
Let's get her up.
No, please, listen to me.
You don't have to do this.
I have nothing, this has
nothing to do with me.
Come on!
Get up!
I think, you don't have to do...
Take her upstairs.
Come on!
Please, this has nothing to...
Fuck sakes!
Holy fuck.
No, no!
Alright, get him too.
Alright, here we go.
YOU okay?
This piece of shit.
Motherfucker piece of...
You son of a bitch!
Oh fucker!
What is this?
This is not me.
They're not gonna let us leave.
Just stop!
I don't... listen!
I don't know what
to do right now.
But something is happening
that is completely
out of our control.
Now, I can't do this by myself.
Alright bitch,
fucking come and get it.
Get the fuck off me!
Get the fuck...
Oh my God!
Oh, oh my God!
Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.
Yeah, yeah.
Take it easy.
Nice and slow.
Jesus Christ.
What the fuck is this?
She's got a fucking gun.
Alright, everybody,
stay fucking calm.
Be cool.
No, let him go.
Can't do that.
You let him go!
Jesus, fuck!
Someone fucking get her.
Romina, run.
Can someone
fucking grab this whore?
Fucking Jesus!
I'm sorry.
Get her!
Get that son of a bitch!
[No, no! no]
Please, please,
please I just wanna call
my kids, please?
What do you want?
I want it all.
He did it.
He did it.
No, no, no!
I'm sorry, Chris.
Oh God.
Trick or treat?
Thank you.
Happy Halloween!