For Those in Peril (2013) Movie Script

AARON: I remember
when I was little.
The mums and dads used to tell
all the little kids
about the devil
in the ocean.
How it had cursed
the town,
and all the people in it.
And everyone was scared,
and everyone was sad.
And it looked like only
darkness would remain.
And they knew only
if the devil was caught...
would things go back
to how they were before.
CATHY: Sh. It's okay.
Everything is gonna
be okay, I promise.
MAN 1: We was always
brought up, respect the sea,
'cause the sea's
the master.
And you don't take chances.
Never take chances.
MAN 2: The sea was very calm,
very quiet,
very peaceful,
not a lot of wind.
Something must have been
catastrophically wrong.
MAN 3: If you're out there
and something's gonna happen,
it's gonna happen.
If it's gonna take you,
it'll take you.
Put your head up.
Lifeboats and helicopters
were unable to recover
the following day,
but still no sign
of those missing.
This week of celebrations
is also a chance
for us to remember
those that we have
lost this year.
A chance for us
to remember the happiness
and the love
that they gave us.
And to realize that they
will always be with us,
both now and forevermore.
Eternal Father
strong to save
Whose arm hath bound
the restless wave
Who bidst the mighty
ocean deep
Its own appointed
limits keep
Oh, hear us
When we cry to thee
For those in peril
on the sea
"Do not stand
at my grave and weep.
I am not there,
I do not sleep.
I am a thousand
winds that blow.
I am the diamond
glints on snow.
I am the sun
on ripened grain.
I am the gentle
autumn's rain.
When you awaken
in the morning's hush,
I am the swift
uplifting rush
Of quiet birds
in circled flight.
I am the soft stars
that shine at night.
Do not stand
at my grave and cry.
I am not there;
I did not die."
WOMAN 1: The whole thing's
a tragedy, really.
Seeing Aaron go out to sea
with his older brother...
older brother
not coming back.
WOMAN 2: Six went out
and only one came home.
It's really
incredibly sad that
so many young men were
lost in one disaster.
WOMAN 3: He survived
and came back,
but it's a shame that
the other boys didn't make it.
You'll be glad to get
back to normal again, eh?
How's Aaron getting on?
Yeah, he's all right.
That's good.
But don't you go leaving
me on my own again, okay?
It's harder to look busy
if you're not here.
Okay, then.
AARON: I still
see you around.
In the darkness.
In the beauty.
Together we fought
one hundred wars.
we found the world.
I just miss you,
you know.
We all just
really miss you.
It's not that.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
There you are.
Think about this
carefully, now.
I want this as evidence.
We will be engaged in...
In what?Less than 3 years' time.
Three years?Well...
Were you not shitting it?
I would've been
shitting it like
fucking right, man.
Course you would
have been.
You shat yourself when big
Annie showed you her growler,
didn't you, man?
We all thought
you'd moved away.
No, just not been
around for a while.
Can you remember anything?
Can you not remember
anything at all?
No, not really.
Go. Go.
There it goes, man.
It's there.Where?
It's gone up there.Where is it?
There it is.
Over there.Yeah, I see it.
There it is.
It's still alive.
Oh, man.
Fuck you!
That was
on the head, man.
Look, he's waving at you.Do it.
Go on.
You shat yourself.
MAN 4: Everybody's just trying
to move forward
and get on with their lives,
but every time that you
see him, you just think back.
There's been a bad
accident here,
and Aaron's just a reminder
all the time.
AARON: They say I need
to be strong.
That we should
all move on.
Big boy here
starts his job tomorrow.
I know what
you're thinking.
You're looking at him going,
"Has he got a paper round?"
Well, no,
he's actually not.
He's going out on
the boats with me.
AARON: They've all forgotten,
saying you're gone.
That you'll
never come back.
But I know
you're not gone.
I know you're still alive.
REPORTER: There has been
no trace of the boat
since it set out
from the harbor--
MAN 5: You depend
on the survivor's explanation.
What happened?
If he could explain why did
he survive and they didn't?
and rescue teams
found no sign
of the men...
WOMAN 4: You
think to yourself,
"There's two brothers
on that boat.
Maybe there should have been
an effort to save each other,
but yet only
one survived."
MAN 6: When a boat goes down,
the families will respect
the ones that's lost
more than the one
that comes ashore.
Always the way.
What about the dreams,
the bad dreams that
you were talking about?
I don't really get
them so much anymore.
Aye, well, it's a process,
day by day.
We're just trying to
figure out what would
be best for you just now.
Do you not see why
we're worried about you?
There's nothing
wrong with me.
Hello, Coast Guard Rescue.
How can I help?
AARON: I was just wondering
if you've still got
boats going out looking...
and-- and if you've
seen anything.
Sorry. Do you know the people
on the boat at all?
AARON: Yeah, no, I did.
One of them
was my brother.
The amount of time
that's passed, it's not...
To be fair, it's not
looking too good, I'm afraid.
How do you know
that they're dead?
You're gonna have
to be realistic here,
that it's very rare that
we'll ever see them again.
Can I have a word?
He was a good lad,
all right?
He said one of the boats
out there was yours.
That's right, aye.
I was wondering
if it would be all right,
maybe next
time you go out,
maybe I could
come with you.
I wouldn't want
pay or anything.
I just need to go out,
you know.
I cannot help you there,
I'm afraid.
Or do you know anyone
else that I can talk to?
I cannot help you,
I'm afraid.
Well, have you seen
anything out there?
Like what?
Don't know.
Just anything.
You remember John, eh?
He was out in the boat
with you and your brother.
You remember John, right?
Aye, well,
John was my son.
I thought you'd come here
to talk to me about John,
ask how me and his mother
were doing, but no.
Funny thing, I remember
him saying to me
he didn't think you were
right for the boats.
Said having someone like
you out there was dangerous.
Why do you think
he'd say that, eh?
I don't know.Eh?
I don't know.
You don't know.
Well, maybe
you can tell me
why I'll never
see my boy again.
Why I'll never get a chance
to even put him in the ground.
Yet here you are,
large as life,
asking if you can
come onto my boat.
You don't know you'll
never see him again.
What did you say?
What the fuck
did you say?MAN: Eh, easy!
Keep him the fuck
away from me.
I think you'd
better leave.
They say this is possible.
This isn't possible.
They don't know.
Not for sure.
I will find you.
Hi, Jane. It's me.
I was just wondering if you
wanted to meet up or anything.
Are you still
at the college?
Did you like it?
It was all right.
You still do
your dancing?
Just with the wee
ones, you know.
They keep me busy enough.
What is it?
You remember
when we were wee,
you and Michael had
a pretend wedding here?
You had a tablecloth
on your head.
And Michael made
me the best man.
I think he made
you the priest too.
Do you ever feel
like he's still here?
Like he might come back?
All the time.
Got you, Michael.
Hey, Aaron.
What's happening?
What the fuck
are you wearing, man?
Try it on.
Yeah, try it on,
go on, go on.
Were you out last night?
One of the girls at work
said she saw you.
I wasn't.
BOY: How he can walk about,
and people have seen him,
like nothing's happened.
He shouldn't be here.
He shouldn't be back here.
Simple as that.
AARON: She loved you more than
all the beauty in the world.
She was born laughing
in an angel's bath.
They say once, her father
hit her mum so hard,
she didn't
talk for a year.
She's the only one
who'll believe me.
She's the only one
who can help.
I was wondering if there
was maybe a job for Aaron,
just for a wee while.
I've enough of a job keeping you
lot on the now, you know that.
Well, can he not
just come in while I'm here,
just to help out?
I don't think it's the
right place for him now.
Do you think
anyone will hear?
Just do it.
Come on. Hurry up.
Come on.
It's really loud.
AARON: Do you think...
if you believe
anything enough...
it'll come true?
JANE: Of course.
AARON: I think if you believe
anything enough,
it will come true,
if you just believe.
Would you wait on him?
JANE: I'd wait forever.
AARON: Do you think we'll
ever see him again?
JANE: I know we will.
FRANK: I know you feel
sorry for him,
but it's not your
job to look after him.
I swear sometimes you're
too nice for your own good.
But you need to start
looking after yourself,
All right?
All right.
Where are you?
You're gonna be
all right, mate, okay?
You hear me?
I'm just needing
to go out.
Is he all right?
Sorry, darling.
He's not moving.
He's gonna freeze
sitting there like that.
I know, I know.
I'm sorry.
Are you all right?
Come on.
Let's get you home, eh?
Come on, now.
It's all right.MAN: There he goes.
MAN: Fucking Jonah!
You should have
never come back.
Lift your leg.
It's all right
to miss him, you know.
We all miss him.
But it's just the two of us
and we're needing to try
and make sure we're okay,
all right?
If Michael was here,
things would be all right.
If Michael was here,
things would be all right.
Your brother's
not coming back.
No matter how much
we wish things were
he's not coming back.
All right?
Look at me.
Look at me.
CATHY: One day, the devil in
the ocean cursed the town
and all the people in it.
It took all the fish,
and all the little children
in its big, dirty belly.
And everyone was scared
and everyone was sad.
And it looked like only
darkness would remain.
AARON: I remember
when we were young...
and full of love.
All we needed
was each other.
Heaven was everywhere.
Mama's heart was strong
and we were never scared.
We promised
we'd always be together.
Anything seemed possible.
Sh. It's okay.
gonna be okay, I promise.
CATHY: And the light
under the water
would lead them
to those lost to the devil,
'cause they knew only
if the beast was caught
would the curse leave and
people would be safe again.
Nobody would ever get scared
or sad or ever be alone.
Everyone would
live forever.
And everything would
go back to how it was.
AARON: I remember
what happened.
I remember what
happened that night.
The devil in the sea
took you in its dirty belly.
It's to blame for all.
I'll cut you
from its belly.
I will cut you
out of the devil.
Only then will we be
together again.
Only then will heaven
return to Earth.
Didn't think I'd ever
be back in here again.
Think this is the cleanest
I've ever seen it.
You all right?
Right, that's it.What?
Get your hands down.
Get off. Get off.
Did Michael ever speak
to you about me?
Don't know.
What kind of
things did he say?
I don't know.
Just that you
were the best.
The best?
Do you think he thought
I was beautiful?
Say it.
He thought you
were beautiful.
No, you say it.
Like he would.
I think you're beautiful.
Do you still miss me?
Yeah. A lot.
Say you miss me.
I really miss you.
Do you still love me?
Of course
I still love you.
I will always love you.
And you never need to be
worried or scared or anything,
'cause we'll be
all right.
Everything will
be all right.
You all right?
I'm just waiting on Jane.
She doesn't want to see
you right now, man.
She says she thinks
it's best
that you don't see
each other for a while.
She just needs to sort herself
out, you know what I mean?
She wouldn't say that.
That's just
what you're saying.
And how would you know
what she would say
or wouldn't say?
I know
she's scared of you.
You know everything, eh?
Do you know that...
she sees you as
a fucking embarrassment?
She can't stand
being around you.
Did you know that?
She's going to help
me find Michael.
You what?
She's going to help
me find my brother.
Fucking hell, man.
You're a piece of work,
aren't you?
I know you're
out there, but
you are wired to the fucking
moon, big lad, aren't you?
You see, you forget
I knew your brother,
and I hate
to say this,
but he wasn't everything
you thought he was.
Aye, he knew his place
better than you did.
But he was a wee
fucking fanny as well.
You are...
What am I
Tell me, what am I?
A dick.
If I see you around this house
again, you creepy little cunt,
I'll fucking
kill you myself.
Now stay away
from my daughter,
and stay away from
my fucking house,
or I swear to God
I will fucking kill you.
You get it?
Now fuck off!
Jane? Jane.
What is it?It's all right.
Just come here.
Come with me.Are you all right?
What you doing back here?
Do you not listen to people?
What the fuck
are you doing?
Hard man come round
to my fucking house, huh?
Dad, get off him!
Leave him!
Dad, get off!Frank, get off.
Get off him! Dad! Get...
Fucking clear off
and get him out of my house.
It's all right, it's all right.
He didn't hurt me.
Fucking hurt you?
That is enough!
Now, Frank...
Get your hands off me!
Me and you are gonna
talk when you get back.
Look, I just don't think
seeing each other
is such a good idea
right now, you know?
Don't say that.
I know you're
different from the rest.
I see that.I'm not.
You are.
What would you say
if I brought him back?
Aaron, I'm sorry,
I've got to go home.
No, please, don't.
Jane, please, don't go.
Please. Please.
Look, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
I can't find him on my own.
Aaron, I'm sorry,
I've got to go. Aaron.
Jane!Get off, Aaron!
Just don't leave me.
Look what you've
made me do.
Get off! Get off!
Jane, I'm sorry.
AARON: If you were here,
you and Mum would be fine.
I think she could
get over me.
But she can't
get over you.
I'll cut you out.
I will cut you
out of the devil.
Right, next up
we've got Cathy.
I didn't even
put my name down.
No.Come on.
On you go, Cathy.
Come on.
Up you come, darling.
This is for my boys.
The first time
Ever I saw your face
I thought the sun
Rose in your eyes
And the moon
and the stars
Were the gifts you gave
To the dark
And the empty sky
My love
And the first time
What's happening?
Your brother was
a good guy, eh?
So what actually
happened out there?
Can't remember.
Can't remember anything?
See, some folk
are saying that
you wanted rid
of your brother.
That you didn't
want any witnesses.
And that when
they found you,
you were covered in all
the other men's blood.
I wasn't.
That's just what
I've heard, man.
I don't want
to fight him, man.
Go on, man.
For fuck's sake.
Fucking hell, man.
Fight back.
Fight fucking back, man.This is stupid.
Stop being
a fucking pussy, man.
Hit the fucking boy, man.
And he turns round
and fights back.
Get off me, you pedo!
He's rag-dolling him.
All right, man, get up.
Get up.
Get off him.
Get off of him.
Here. Get off of him,
you fucking idiot.
Get fucking off him!
Listen to what I'm
fucking tell you.
Get off the fucking boy.
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
He's half your
fucking size, boy.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean...
Jesus fuck, man.
You want to try
it with me? Go.
You're not so fucking tough
now your brother's
not here, are you?
You remember that?
You used to get your brother
to batter fuck out of me.
What a fucking stupid
psychopath bastard, man.
MICHAEL: Fucking sick of
looking after him.
See the amount
of times that
I've got him out
of near kick
JANE: Don't you think you're
just a little bit harsh
on him sometimes?
MICHAEL: How's it harsh?
How's it harsh?
I don't know how me looking
out for him is harsh.
I don't know how me
stopping him
getting his fucking
head kicked in is harsh.
You're laughing,
you fucking idiot?
Soon none of
this will matter.
Funny, aye?
It's coming for us all.
Beat it, you fucking idiot.
Get to fuck.
Is that you?
AARON: Don't be scared.
Don't give up.
For now you are with the devil, but soon the light will come.
I'll get there and I'll
swim down and I'll fight it,
and I'll find you and will
cut you out of its belly.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
GIRL: It's about a red devil
that sleeps under the water.
When you descend
into the ocean
if you got eaten by it,
you'd have to live
inside its tummy.
Fuck you!
Michael, come here.
Punch him. Punch him or
I'm gonna punch you.
He's always been
so fucking soft,
so scared of everything.
I see that there's a lot
of hard boys about here.
I don't feel like
he doesn't fit in.
I know he doesn't fit in.
Say, "I love my brother.
He's the best."
Never.Say it.
MICHAEL: It's like he floats
about in some wee cloud and...
It's like
he's never grown up.
I will find you.
One little boy who lost
everyone he really loved.
He went out to the water
to find the monster.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
DR. FORBES: I really can't see
any other option now,
I'm afraid.
We have everything
he needs here.
CATHY: He's all I have.
He's all I have left.
Make sure you're ready.
'Cause it's coming
for us now.
I can't stop it.
I can't get him
back on my own.
I've tried. I can't
get them back on my own.
Come on, now.
I can't...
You're okay. Just...
You're okay.
I just miss my brother.We know.
I miss my brother.
You're doing fine.
I'm sorry.
You're doing fine.
Come on.
I just miss my brother.
I know.
Come on.
99 elephant,
100 elephant.
Are you in here, Michael?
Michael, where are you?
You're not here. Michael.
Aaron, stop. Stop it.
What are you doing? Aaron.
Aaron, stop. Stop it.
What are you doing? Aaron.
It's not fair!
It's all right!
It's all right.
It's okay.
He's not there.
Where is Michael?
I just think it's maybe for
the best for a wee while, eh?
Just till you're better.
They can help you there.
I'm just needing to know
that no matter what happens,
you'll be all right.
I promise things
will get better.
I promise.
Remember you said
if we stayed together,
everything would be alright?
You said that.
You said that all
we needed was each other.
I know I did.
But I'm not gonna be here
forever to look after you.
I don't know how
to help you anymore.
MAN: My mother used
to tell me...
AARON: I might do
something really bad.
MAN 1: When my father
went to sea,
there used to be a big
red fish following him.
MAN 2: Didn't think of anyone
else except himself.
His brother was
probably screaming.
MAN 3: It was all put
down to the devil.
MAN 1: And he said that was
the devil of the sea.
AARON: I just want you
to give me a sign.
Do you ever feel odd
like just being
with us all the time?
I don't mean it in a bad way,
but don't you?
AARON: The devil's
going to take
all the bad boys
and girls.
Like it took my brother
and changed his heart.
Fucking move.
Fucking move.
Fuck you, man.No, fuck you.
Fuck off.
No, you fucking
sit over there.
Don't sit on me.
Tell him to sit wi' you.Michael, calm down.
Fucking move.Don't fucking hit me.
MICHAEL: He's a fucking
He embarrasses me.
How do you think that
makes me feel, right?
I'm embarrassed
of my brother.
They don't like him here.
They don't like him here,
that's the difference.
I know it's coming.
It's coming for all of you
and it's coming for me.
And I'm the only
one who's ready.
AARON: Unless it's stopped,
it will wipe everyone out.
Everything will disappear.
I'm the only one who knows.
Only then will we be
together again.
It's coming
for every one of you.
Only then will heaven
return to Earth.
What the fuck's that?
What one of youse
was that?
You know it was you.
You're sitting watching me.
It wasn't fucking me.
Fucking hell, man.
Come on out!
Come on out!
Jesus Christ, man.
Who's that?
Show yourself!
Did you see anybody?
Show yourself!
Get somebody!
Get off him!Get somebody!
AARON: I remember
when we were little,
we'd pretend like we were fish
swimming in the ocean.
We'd go down together,
seeing who could stay
under the longest.
Help! Help!
Tryin' to find a light
to lead us to heaven.
Shit. Shit.
AARON: All the time knowing
if we'd been bad,
the devil would take us.
Aaron. Aaron.
It's all right.
Calm down.
Calm down. Calm down.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Stay with me.
Oh, God.
It's coming, Billy.
Stop it, Billy, it's coming!
It's coming!
I won't let it get you!
It's coming. I'm not gonna
let it hurt you, Billy.
Now, you see.
You stay right here.
It's coming.
It's coming.
It's coming.
It's coming.
Over here!
I wouldn't have hurt you.
I wouldn't have hurt you, Billy.
Swim to the boat.
That's it.
Good, son.
That's it.
You're safe now.
Michael, please.
Please, help me!
I'm sorry!
Let me through.
Let me through!
What happened?Oh, God.
Oh, God.
I'm coming.
Let him down!
I've got you, baby.
I've got you.
It's okay, baby.
Mummy's got you.
It's okay.
It's all right, baby.
It's all right.
It's okay, son.What the hell has he done?
You're a fucking
You should have
never come back here!
Leave him alone!
You're a bastard.
I hope he fucking dies!
Fucking leave him there!
I don't.
I wanna stay me.
AARON: There'll be
nothing left.
The devil is inside everyone.
Everyone will disappear.
The devil is coming
for you all.
We're lucky the police are happy
for us to take it from here.
I mean, obviously we'd prefer
if he came in on his own.
But if not, then we'd have
to arrange another way
to have him picked up.
We really don't want that.
We just need to
look at tomorrow
as a fresh start for you.
All right?
Now, obviously
they'll go through
everything with you there.
But if there's anything
that either one of you
wanna ask me just now...
Will Mum still be able
to come with me?
She can come
with you tomorrow,
but it is best that
you're apart for
a while, okay?
You okay?
Are you all right?
I was just trying
to do something good.
You know?
I know.
Look, no matter
what happens...
...try not to let
anybody put you down...
...or tell you that you
should be more like them.
Promise me that
you won't let them
change the person
that you really are.
Because they're just scared.
We're all just scared.
You needing anything else?
I remember
when you were little,
if we were going
away somewhere,
you'd wanna take
everything with you.
Clothes that didn't
fit you anymore or
broken toys that you
hadn't played with for years.
Remember if we got scared,
you'd tell us the story
of the monster?
Would you tell it just now?
I can't really remember it.
Go on.I can't remember it.
One day...
the devil in the ocean
cursed the town.
It took all the fish
and all the little children
into its big, dirty belly.
And everyone was scared
and everyone was sad.
And they knew
that only if the devil
was caught
would things go back
to the way they were before.
Then what happened?
One little boy...
who'd lost everyone
he really loved...
went out to the water
to find the monster.
He went so far
under the water that
he turned into a fish.
And he swam all day and all
night looking for his family.
Then one day...
after searching
the ocean
so long he was ready
to give up...
he saw the big monster
sleeping at the bottom
of the ocean,
and he swam right
into its mouth...
and up into its big belly.
And in there,
he found all the fish,
all the little children,
and everyone he'd ever loved.
And then everything
was okay again?
He set them all free...
and the devil
was gone forever.
The curse left the town,
nobody got scared anymore,
nobody got sad or ill...
and all the little boys
and girls would live forever.
Everything went back
to the way it was.
I'm sorry, Mum.
It's all right, son.
Your mummy loves you, okay?
It's okay.
AARON: I remember
when we were little,
we'd pretend
to be fish,
swimming deep
down in the ocean,
trying to find heaven,
looking for the lights
to take us there.
We all changed, though.
We forgot
what was important.
We all forgot
how to love...
how to dream.
We need to go back
to how things were before.
We need to go back.
Where are you going?
They've found him.
They've found him.
Cathy, come back!
They've found him.