Forbidden Quest (1993) Movie Script

IM Pictures presents
a Bidangil Pictures production
in association with
CJ Entertainment
HAN Suk-gyu
LEE Beum-soo
KIM Min-jung
executive producer/ CHOI Wan
associate producer/ KIM Min-ki
produced by/ KIM Soo-jin
YOON In-beum
written and directed by/ KIM Dae-woo
What brings you here?
I came to buy some chinaware.
Can't you see that we're closed?
Well, do you have a bowl
with a brass bottom?
Who'd have something like that?
Then how about a bowl
with a brass top instead?
I have no clue
what you're talking about.
But come inside and look around.
Is he still alive?
Yes, he's barely breathing.
Hurry, and bring him inside.
Have you nothing to say?
I beg your pardon?
Terrible, so terrible.
How could they do this to him?
We need to get something
on the Lim family and appeal.
And when do you plan
to use that tongue of yours?
Afraid the Deputy Prime Minister
is too powerful even for the King?
Well, you see...
Do you not understand
what your elder is saying to you?
Are you afraid of Lim?
But no matter
how furious this makes us,
how can we submit a false appeal?
But that's exactly what they did!
Even if the other side does evil,
as a scholar I cannot lower myself
to the same level as them.
So what you're saying
is that since you're a scholar,
you will overlook this travesty?
You don't think
I'm in torment as well?
I'm Just as upset as you, father.
I must leave for the Royal Court.
How can you leave when your brother
is in that condition?
You also don't need to scold me.
No, you cannot Just leave!
- What do you think...
- Look here!
Look at this leg...
and you still wish to talk
of your academic duties?
Aren't you even angry?
Our family has been disgraced.
Who gives a damn about integrity
and academic duty?
Do you not want vengeance?
Know what people
are whispering behind your back?
They're saying
that you're a selfish coward!
Inspections officer, Kim Yoon-suh,
is here your Majesty.
Good, good.
Have you heard about the case
on your way here?
Yes, I have your Majesty.
Despite my limited means,
I will do my best.
Deputy Prime Minister.
What happened to Inspector Kim's
younger brother?
He received the court's unlimited grace
and arrived home today.
If they're brothers,
their personalities must be similar.
Inspector Kim Yoon-seo is different.
He is a man of gentle temperament
who avoids going against the tides.
He looks that way, too.
Anyway, I hope he resolves it,
and puts a smile on my lady's face.
I accepted it because
I couldn't tell the difference.
But the scribble I put on the back
as a child wasn't to be found.
It was switched by someone
while being mounted.
Not only was it dear to my heart,
but our family's honour
is on the line.
Whoever it was,
he knew what he was doing.
Both the paper and artist's seal
has been duplicated perfectly.
It seems you have profound knowledge
in Chinese paintings and writings.
I would profess an interest
but nothing close
to profound knowledge.
I'd love to hear your thoughts
on the subject sometime.
Of course.
We trust you will put your utmost
efforts into this case.
You must catch the culprit.
You must not take this case.
It's fruitless.
Think the scoundrel is waiting
around for you to find him?
But it's the King's order.
Feign illness and dismiss yourself.
Take good care of yourself.
We are about to embark
on a great Journey.
What Journey?
Have you lost your mind?
We must annihilate Lim
and his faction,
and establish a new state!
Never mind this.
We've had enough.
Take it for yourselves.
Yes, sir.
You're spoiling your servants.
Giving them our food...
Have you heard of Lee Gwang-hun?
I heard he's very experienced.
Lee Gwang-hun?
You mean the 'angel of death'
of the Justice Administration?
I need to ask you a favour.
I must say, you've got guts.
Do you even know
which party I'm a part of?
It's the King's order,
sides don't matter.
Are you sure
we're at the marketplace?
There are no stores open.
They only open up briefly
in the early evening.
Once the sun sets,
housemaids fill the streets.
Who knows what they're selling.
So how old are you?
Who, me?
Thirty-six, why do you ask?
You seem to be talking to me
as if you're an elder.
How old are you?
I'm your elder then.
Look, look. Is that him?
- Please let me go!
- Where do you think you're going?
Oh, right.
Inspector Kim.
Check inside.
Oh, right.
Why do you think we're here?
How should I know?
Why, you little...
Ouch, ouch.
Where's the mounter?
Mounter? Mounter? Who's that?
If I find even one piece
of stolen goods here,
I will break every bone in your body.
Stolen goods?
What stolen goods?
You're really asking for it.
You dare snatch it?
Then what should I use to hit you?
Okay, then how about this one?
Alright, Let's do it.
Mister Lee...
Over here.
He's getting away.
What are you doing here?
Transcribing a book.
What book is that?
It's a book of indecency.
Then you're committing a crime.
It's definitely not a right thing.
There was a racket outside,
so weren't you scared?
Of course I was.
But there are many waiting
for this book.
You're very skilled at calligraphy.
My lowly stature
limits the potential of my talent.
But your talent is undeniable.
Shall I leave?
Please go on.
Why are you going around
hitting people?
This village
is getting a little too scary.
How dare you.
Hwang, you know this man?
This gentleman is...
He's with the Justice Administration.
He's here to buy some chinaware.
Come on by later.
If he came for chinaware,
he must be the housewife.
Why that...
Whether I'm a housewife or not
is my business.
You're interfering with my duties.
- So get out of here.
- Get out of here?
- What if I say no?
- Come on man,
he asked you to leave.
Oh yeah?
By any chance, is that a rod
made out of a bull's cock?
You've got a good eye.
You must've gotten a taste of it.
It looks longer than ours.
You've hit others with this
but have never been hit, huh?
Hey you,
do you know who I am?
How is it?
Got a good taste of it?
What happened?
Sorry I passed out.
I caused more trouble for you.
You can barely pluck a chicken,
so don't try that again.
- About today...
- Maybe you should get on your way.
I've got a lot to do.
Did you paint these here?
Yes, it's a hobby of mine.
Why do you ask?
Such strength in the strokes...
It's really nothing.
I've got to see to those vagrants.
Let me see you out.
Sir, to be honest,
I don't want to protect
that mounter either.
It's Just that a friend of mine
is involved.
His only crime is that
he can copy any drawings.
He's innocent sir.
I will do all I can
to protect his identity.
Could you trust me on this?
Your loyalty to him...
would only bring you your death.
Go here
and see if you find something.
Would you like to read
a few verses?
What kind of person
do you think I am?
But if you insist.
Wet genitals...
She holds a thick penis in her hand,
and puts it in her mouth.
It certainly is outrageous.
That's the purpose of these books.
It's not all that special.
The author's pen name is In Bong.
He's considered the best of his kind.
In Bong?
The whole city
waits for his latest creation.
The whole city?
Why haven't I heard of him?
You and he live in different worlds.
Like a bird in the sky
and a fish in the waters.
A bird shouldn't be ashamed
that it isn't aware of the fishes.
Go on.
And so, both Kim Mak-swe
and Hwang Eoh-geun
were flogged fifty times.
Don't you think their punishments
were rather light?
- Well, yes but in this case...
- I see.
Do what you see fit.
I heard you're an excellent writer
and calligrapher.
My lowly talent is not worth mention,
your Majesty.
Anyway, the Queen will be very happy.
Please cure them well.
I don't understand...
why you're doing this.
Don't worry, I Just liked you
from the beginning.
You're very masculine and energetic.
But why me?
We've Just met.
And I'm not energetic.
I like you, too.
A nation is not only made of men
of prominence.
Men who can copy paintings like you
are necessary.
Don't you think?
I can safely say that you will be
in great demand someday.
No, that will be very unlikely.
Now, please get some rest.
There's a wound here.
Can I ask you something?
Yes, if you must.
It's about what
the calligrapher said.
Is there some trouble again?
No, no, that's not it.
He said the writings of In Bong
are renowned.
What about it is so exceptional?
His name is not to be said in vain
under any circumstances.
It's a pseudonym anyway.
What makes it so great?
I've never thought about why.
It's a difficult question.
How can I explain this?
He knows the true flavour of it.
True flavour? What do you mean?
You're the greatest writer in Korea,
so how can you ask that?
Oh, come. Please explain.
Well, it's almost dreamlike.
It's like you're in a dream...
and seeing things in a dream.
Tasting things
you can only dream about.
That's the true flavour of it.
Oh boy, how could you have written
without knowing these things?
It's hot!
I heard you carried out the King's
order with dedication and diligence.
And you Joined forces with our enemy
who did that to your brother?
I did carry it out
but I was not the one...
Memorial to the King
The thick penis penetrated
the woman 's wet genitals.
These are the rules.
You are not to look at the Queen.
If she gives you a gift,
you are to Just bow in gratitude.
If you extend your hand...
Look, I know that much.
I asked you to come see me
so that I could thank you personally.
I was only doing what was my duty.
I heard your physical strength
played a big role this time.
I don't understand, my Lady.
With the gang of vagrants.
When you and your partner
were in danger,
I heard you let out
a thunderous roar.
Then you pounced on the criminal,
and he moved his arm like so,
and you flew like a frog
towards the wall.
Well, that was...
And you went dizzy
and fell in and out of consciousness.
Thank you.
What do you mean, my Lady?
Anyway, thank you.
I was stung by a bee as a child
and ever since I cannot stand bees.
I don't know what this is about,
but go on, tell me.
I wrote it on a whim, I mean,
for game.
Would you take a look at it?
What's it about?
It's an indecent book.
'Chu Wol Sek'.
'The Light of the Autumn Moon.'
- You already have a pen name?
- Well, I thought I'd need one.
Don't make fun of it.
A royal woman...
If it's no good...
Well, what do you think?
I knew it.
I was planning to burn it anyway.
Who would've thought
you of all people?
Come on now.
I said it was for sport.
This is what I think.
I think you should make this
a series of stories.
From the moment they meet,
until the deed is done.
Make it tantalizing.
You think it merits such a fuss?
I thought my trousers
were going to bust.
Did you get the treatment?
We could have met at my store.
Why do we have to meet here?
Looks like there's a problem.
You don't look too well.
No book either.
I was too arrogant and proud.
I thought it would be easy,
but it wasn't at all.
So you didn't even try?
Let's see, I promised
the manuscript to the merchants on...
To make copies and get them ready,
I needed it by today.
Now I can't honour this deal.
It's going to become messy.
Those merchants can get nasty.
Oh sir, if only you could...
'Hukgok Bisa'?
You mean,
'Tale of the Dark Valley'?
I was Just trying it out.
Do you think it is inappropriate?
It's pretty explicit.
Isn't that the point?
Well, these books
tend to have sober titles.
But from the first page?
Wait, I guess I don't have
what it takes.
- Give that back to me.
- Sir, hold on.
Slap it here.
What is this?
Just do it
and stop asking questions.
Now we have an agreement.
Hwang, wait!
Hwang! Hold on!
So you haven't started
Chapter Two yet?
Well, it is what it is.
I was feeling under the weather.
And filial duties kept me busy.
And the maids mistakenly threw out
what's been written so far?
Yes, that's right.
So, what's the reaction
to Chapter One?
Well, I mean, it is your first time,
a little rough around the edges.
I see.
I understand.
Let's Just say it never happened.
I Just don't think
I can keep this up.
That darn temper of yours.
It is a huge sensation, okay?
Really, are you sure?
Look, this is your book.
See how it's all worn out?
And look at the last page.
Who wrote all that?
Those who read your prose
were inspired to write down
their thoughts and opinions here.
What do you call these messages?
In my ten years as a merchant,
this is a first.
Since the readers left messages...
how about calling it a message board?
A message board.
Sleep abandoned me
after I read your work.
How well you know the secrets
of a woman's heart.
It is strange.
This is my story.
I must meet the writer.
Did my lover confess to you?
Chu Wol Sek, the writer.
He is human trash.
I will never read his writing again.
I will only read your work.
In Bong's followers are all trash.
Die In Bong!
I eagerly await the next chapter!
You want to keep this?
Aren't those coloured glasses?
My eyes are fine.
These aren't for improving vision.
Writers usually wear these.
How can you all
come in droves like this?
Sorry, good bye.
The writer only wants to work with us.
What can I do?
I'm sorry.
I'll see you later. Go on, go on.
Those tradesmen.
I've already circulated sixty copies,
and I'm still short.
Such a fuss over some clumsy work.
Well, it seems you've recovered
the cost of paper.
Well, that is...
Sir, your books are selling well.
But the uproar is, well...
In Bong has come out with a new book,
'Maiden Ok Ryung'.
Oh, I see.
I was wondering what that was.
This man, In Bong.
I'd like to meet him.
Every book of his causes a sensation.
Your books are no less of quality.
It's Just that...
Just what? Tell me.
Do I lack that 'true flavour'?
No, not at all.
It's Just that...
There's an air of pretentiousness.
No, I mean...
Air of pretentiousness?
Yours is the second
best selling book,
so what's the problem?
You have such ambitions.
Second to 'Maiden Ok Ryung'...
Why isn't this working?
Your Joke is going too far.
Where would I get a book like that?
Who is trying to incriminate me?
I'm not saying you read it.
Then why are you here?
In truth,
I'm writing this kind of novel.
So what?
But I need some illustrations,
and wanted to ask you to paint them.
So you want me to illustrate
your scandalous books?
You've got some nerve!
How dare you ask this of me?
What about that painting?
I wanted to ask the person
who painted this
to illustrate my book.
Even if it's indecent,
my fans are eagerly awaiting
for the next chapter.
The life and breath in this painting.
The lust behind the twitching muscles.
I need the person who created this.
I know I may be acting rash.
But I need you.
I really want your pictures.
I'm going to act like this
never happened.
This is the first time
I'm disobeying the national law
by not throwing you into Jail.
Go back home quietly.
Please do this favour for me.
Are you dying
to be locked up in here?
I bring you over
to a wonderful place like this,
so why such a long face?
As members of the court,
we shouldn't be socializing like this.
Shouldn't be socializing?
If it's so wrong, why are you here?
You girls go outside.
What's this?
If I was you,
I wouldn't touch that and Just leave.
It's not too late.
Just walk way.
I apologize for the commotion.
I only wanted to thank you
for your efforts.
You saw me alarmed
by a trifle animal.
You risked embarrassment to save me,
I can never thank you enough.
I send this small token to you,
and hope you'll accept it
as a sign of my gratitude.
She sewed it personally.
Don't accept it.
If you do, she'll ask to meet.
If there's something the Queen wants,
she will do whatever to have it.
Where is your courage?
I refused to believe people
who called you a coward.
Where is the man who struck the bee
without a second thought?
Your words don't matter.
I'm leaving.
Do you know how difficult it was
to leave the palace?
What business do you have here?
Father, I will take it from here.
Please don't worry and go inside.
With a court lady?
I don't believe this.
Please speak.
It's indecent,
not to mention blasphemous.
And it makes no sense.
Oh my.
- That's the physiology of these books.
- Well!
So are you going to do it or not?
I want to do it.
I'd like to start
Chapter Three like this.
Queen Yoon is overcome with desire
and sneaks out of the palace.
She has an encounter
in the midst of the crowds
during the lotus festival.
That's ridiculous!
What do you mean?
How can a woman of her stature?
Even fiction should
have some plausibility.
Reality is unrealistic.
It's like a dream.
Like something seen in a dream.
Like something tasted in a dream.
That is what this book is all about.
You could call it
the 'true flavour' of life.
True flavour'.
And one more thing,
I'm the writer here.
And you're the illustrator.
Please recognize the difference.
I understand.
the two lovers circle a pagoda,
and the man pulls the queen
into the storage.
If you don't stop, I'll scream!
I know you don't have it
in you to scream.
Why are you doing this?
What? He touches right away?
Of course.
Wouldn't he be stupid not to?
But there would be
a couple upstairs already.
It doesn't matter.
Can it be this wild?
Stop it!
He took off his noble hat?
Why are you yelling?
You're saying he took off his hat,
and explores there with his mouth?
And I plan to describe in detail
the shape and state of the genitals
in this edition.
Such indecent words.
Why are you sitting like that?
Do you have an erection?
What are you talking about?
So can you draw it?
Draw what?
A guy standing her back to a tree,
with his mouth exploring down there?
Let's draw them lying on the ground,
with him exploring in earnest.
You could draw his behind
at a slightly lowered angle.
How are you going to make
sixty copies with such a slow hand?
You're right.
You're not making art.
Take it easy.
If you don't like my work,
I can leave.
No, no, no.
Keep going.
I'm strangely tired.
I only do it
because I like the paintings.
Okay, okay.
I'll take better care of you.
Wow, what a great idea
to illustrate the writing.
I'm shocked.
One must be a cut above the rest.
Allow me the liberty of saying.
Go ahead. It's between us.
You are my treasure and fortune.
You're too much.
In your next book,
what's your vision for that scene...
What pose will you depict?
That's a marvellous talent of yours.
Just your typical
man and woman position.
Nothing special.
I knew it. I knew it.
Nobles are too boring.
That's why I asked to make sure.
Come over here.
I'm transcribing right now.
I said come here.
Don't nobles
usually take this position?
Like this until it comes out, right?
They Just keep doing this, yes?
What fun is that?
Only a cricket would like it.
I'll show you what women like.
Lift this.
Relax, stop tensing up.
Like this?
Now, if you do it like this,
what happens?
It goes really deep, no?
She'll go crazy, saying it's deep,
it hurts, and it feels good.
This much.
This is the least you can do.
I've been thinking
of one or two things.
Two things?
Don't think too indecent of me.
A noble takes off his hat?
Please hold this.
Please stand up for me.
Me again?
- Come, get up.
- Oh, why me?
Turn around like this.
Prop up the woman like this.
The man goes behind her,
and lifts the leg like this.
Darn, it's stiff.
Like this from the behind.
Doing it like this.
Oh my, it does look a bit sadist.
Saddest? Why sad?
This position is good when the ground
is lumpy and there's little time.
So that's one.
Now lie down.
This time, move up, up farther.
Lay the woman like this,
and the man lies next to her
with a leg up like this.
Hey, can you make that sound again?
Like this, okay?
Doing it like this.
The distinction here is that each
can do his or her own business.
Scholars like us
have a lot of reading to do.
Look here, give me that book.
So while making love
you can also read.
That's a great position for me!
I can write while doing it.
Yes, you're right.
You don't have any time
to rest anyway.
Is there any more?
Well, yes.
But he's too old for it.
What position is it now?
Tell me.
Then let's go into the bedchambers.
No, Just tell me.
I was able to draw the other two.
I said let's go to the bedchamber.
I said no.
Why, are you frightened?
Oh, please.
Then listen carefully.
the woman lies with her gaze
towards the skies.
She raises her legs over her head.
What's wrong?
Do you not understand?
Just that it is so indecent.
How will you visualize my writing
if you're already like this?
No, I'm all right. Keep going.
At any rate,
she raises her legs so high,
her feet touches the ground.
Are the knees touching each other?
Or are they parted?
That's up to you.
It doesn't matter.
- Knees together.
- Now, it's the man's turn.
His legs are about two feet apart.
He places her in between and enters.
No, wait now.
He'll be looking in the opposite
direction than the woman.
I dont understand.
He stands with his back to her?
And then he assumes the 'bend forward'
position, bending the knees.
You can call this
the 'horseback' position.
Why would one stand like that?
The purpose is always the same, no?
He raises her buttocks,
and enters her.
That's impossible!
Look, Inspector Kim!
Authors should
have some responsibility!
A reader may try to imitate
what's described in this book.
What will you do if the penis slips,
and he gets injured?
I will warn people
against imitating things in the book.
You satisfied?
It's anatomically impossible,
and even if it were,
it would be a true miracle.
So, have you tried
this position yourself?
How can you think that would be
allowed in our household?
From the look on your face,
you lack confidence.
Is it because you haven't finished
the illustrations?
This will cause a significant delay
in our schedule.
I know that.
It will be very complicated
and difficult.
The merchants will become nasty.
Wait a minute.
Is it because
you couldn't understand me?
This woman's face.
Isn't this your wife?
Yes, it is.
I know very well
that her face isn't suitable.
Why are you so angry?
I was just asking.
Do you know how much she suffered
for this picture?
Conjuring up an impossible position.
It's driving me crazy, too!
As you know from my work,
I have to see it with my own eyes.
What a lack of imagination.
So if you see it with your own eyes,
can you draw it?
You mean, it can be re-enacted?
Of course not.
I was just supposing.
You're overreacting.
When the weather is like this,
her Highness gets a craving for this.
She loved the way I made them
since the she lived at home.
Why does she need to see me?
Ever since she returned
from the temple,
she's been in a bad mood.
She wants to see you again.
I trust nothing will happen again.
You're a man and it's natural
for her to want to see you.
you can hold out, right?
Where's the meeting place?
Follow what's been ordered from here.
Follow an order from there,
then everything will be ruined.
She said for you
to decide the place.
So I can choose the location?
How could you do that?
Do what?
Just leave me there alone.
What was I to do?
I know you are a man of honour.
I am not who you think I am.
I'm filled with these dirty thoughts
that squirms inside of me.
That's the person I am.
Dirty thoughts?
What kind of dirty thoughts?
Tell me how dirty they are.
How could I possibly tell you?
Go on.
Look here.
Why do you keep looking at me
and then that mutt over there?
What are you talking about?
I didn't mean to.
Why get on my case?
Oh yeah, about me doubting
the possibility of that position.
I'm sorry about that.
Please show me the rough sketch.
What time do I have
for a rough sketch?
It's all in my head.
From the time our country was born,
we are probably
the most lecherous fellows.
Don't you agree?
There will be none like us
even after we are gone.
Who knows what the future holds.
Please stop looking at that dog!
Take a deep breath.
Do you remember
this sweet fragrance?
What do you mean, your Highness?
When I was back living at home,
you snuck me out
during the Dano Festival.
It reminds me of the fragrance then.
You still remember, your Highness?
Of course I do.
It was a wonderful day.
It's so strange.
That I never came
across this fragrance before.
Can I
ask you
a personal question?
Look closely.
Which one of these is the best,
I mean...
Which one shows a woman
in complete ecstasy?
Here, look.
And this one.
Are you acting like a lunatic?
That one was a bit pretentious, no?
How about this one?
She looks like she's in pain, huh?
A bit different, no?
Tell me, which one do you like best?
Why are you doing this?
I asked what's the best one?
This is important to me.
The last one.
The last one?
What's going on?
It's just crazy.
Over a hundred maidservants
barged in.
For what?
Demanding 'Tale of Dark Valley.'
You mean, our book?
They read it again and again.
And never return it.
They've become complete addicts
after reading that book.
Oh, goodness.
And who is this?
Right, this is the artist!
But why the disguise?
No matter how difficult
your predicament is,
you should still have a drink.
Since you're our key contributor.
I'm sorry to decline.
The expression of pure ecstasy.
It was the best.
A mixture of pain and pleasure
to the brink of death.
You think so?
I wasn't too convinced.
So then,
you're saying
there's something better?
Well, it should look
like a woman's about to sneeze.
Yes, like this.
That's ridiculous!
You mean, women...
Make that kind of face?
What money are you talking about?
What? 'Maiden Ok Ryung'?
What's wrong with you?
I mean 'Tale of the Dark Valley'!
So you want it all for yourself?
What about you?
Last time, you...
That's right,
you took all of 'Boudoir Tales'.
Hwang, that was then.
I promise to make it up to you.
Come on, give me a break.
A huge hit doesn't come often.
Share the wealth, okay?
Forget it.
So you really wrote
'Tale of the Dark Valley'?
I loved that book!
You were one of my readers?
- I am, too.
- Hold on.
This gentleman
made 'Tale of the Dark Valley'.
He may as well have written it.
Treat him well.
Of course.
You double booked like the last time
when that eunuch came, huh?
Not today, okay?
Hey, give me another girl, will you?
Your Highness, you wanted to hear
about current events.
What would you like to know?
Well, about what's going on
in the world.
Any subject in particular?
We just wanted to know if you have
a special area of interest.
Do you get to hear
a lot of rumours and gossip?
For instance?
Well, you see.
How about something scandalous?
Yes, that female is surely strange.
There's only one male,
but she couldn't stand him
and killed him.
Do you know what decapitation is?
My Lady? Decapitation?
You mean, to cut the head
and limbs of the body?
Is that what you mean, my Lady?
Yes, I do know about it.
Don't they tie the body to horses?
It's not that merciful and quick.
This punishment is done
with a rusty and dull blade.
A dull blade is used
to slowly and painfully
slice off the limbs.
Why are you saying
such horrible things, my Lady?
If you do not honestly answer
the questions I'm about to ask you,
this punishment will befall on you,
do you understand me?
My Lady...
Why did those wenches today
keep whispering behind my back?
Well, that's because...
You must not understand fully
the meaning of decapitation.
My Lady.
Everyone in the northern parts
are against it.
But it's where it needs to go.
But everyone in the northern parts
dislike the ending.
Look here man.
Just because they dislike it
I can't let them get
in the way of my story.
Please, what are you saying?
Our biggest readership
is in the north.
If they don't want a sad ending,
we cannot kill the characters.
This is an omen of ruin!
How can the readers influence
the ending of a story?
I've never heard of such absurdity.
I have an idea!
They both survive and head north.
I will not tolerate
such an irresponsible conclusion.
And another thing!
How can the artist be this late
to the meeting!
We're closed.
I said we're closed.
'Chu Wol Sek'.
The artist who drew this,
did he see everything?
Who is it?
Judging from his skills,
he's no amateur.
I cannot
divulge his identity.
You cannot divulge?
How could you?
He committed himself to this endeavour
on my word alone.
So your commitment with him
is important,
but the fact that I risked my life
to come here is not?
That's not what I meant.
I can't tell you his name.
I see.
I understand now.
My Lady!
How dare you!
How dare you intervene!
My Lady, do not leave like this.
I'm overwhelmed, your Majesty.
Don't be.
Instead, I'm very happy
you asked for me.
What has caused you
so much distress?
It's just so awful.
Don't tell me you're already tired.
No, your Highness.
It's just a general rule
to stop at this point.
You said you'd go on
until his tongue started to droop!
This is it? Is this all?
For this convicted felon?
My Lady, he's had all he can take.
This man is hovering
between life and death.
His tongue...
His tongue is trapped in his mouth
as his jaws are shut tight.
It's because
he's afraid
of blurting out the truth.
There should be more to the torture.
What's the next level?
First, we break his legs,
then burn him with a hot iron,
Your Highness.
First, we need to set him down.
He will die like this.
Everyone, leave.
Will it all end
if the artist steps forward?
What are you saying?
He's like this
since he wouldn't reveal the artist.
So if he is found,
will he be released?
Do you know who the artist is?
It doesn't matter.
I want to hear it from his own lips.
His Majesty will intervene now.
So get ready.
Who do you think
is the most pitiful man in the world?
I don't understand, your Majesty.
I always thought it was you.
Giving up your manhood
to be near the woman you love.
How pathetic.
I do not understand what you mean,
your Majesty.
You think I don't know?
You fool.
It doesn't matter.
But you know what?
Now that I'm here with you
at this time of the night,
I don't know who's more pitiful,
you or me?
I never understood you before.
But now I'm beginning to.
Your Majesty.
Let's go.
This fellow.
Let's see how great he is.
What an odd fellow.
Even breaking his legs
doesn't make him talk.
You should be used to this by now.
So, what's next?
Next, we brand him with a hot iron
and burn him, your Majesty.
What a very strange fellow.
How do you feel now?
Isn't this enough
to soothe your anger?
Don't you think?
We will start again after meal time.
So prepare for the next round.
Careful, careful.
The Inspections bastard writes it.
And the Justice bastard draws it.
Inspector Kim.
Let's see your face.
The Secret Police.
If they're eunuchs, then...
The jerks with no testicles?
You bastards.
Why don't you go home
and clean your behinds,
and stop following people.
You fools, you really are clueless.
We let you get away.
Always listen
to the order from here.
That's because you have nothing
down there to issue an order.
Wonder if you'll still talk like that
after you're dragged back.
Aren't you worried
about what awaits you there?
Have you no regard for the law?
Let us handle them.
It's been a long time
since I've had to use these.
I'll go first.
You little bastards.
Oh my...
Are you okay?
I'm going.
Hey, Justice guy.
Don't you know these friends?
I have to play with them first.
Look here, Eunuch Cho!
If you kill him,
I might become disheartened
and be inclined to say anything.
You don't have the guts.
It's not in you.
I myself don't know
what's inside me.
So how can you be so sure?
Let him go.
Get him out of here
before I change my mind.
Carry him.
Inspector Kim.
Am I not right?
What are you talking about?
A person who can't speak
is a dead person.
So, you've caught on.
They said you were going
to block his mouth,
and to watch over you.
I knew it.
Why did you do it?
It's you who said to always listen
to the order from the head.
You see.
There was an order from here, too.
I can trust you, right?
What happened?
We caught him and brought him back.
What do you want to do?
Of course, I was angry at first,
but I feel better now.
That was quick.
I knew from the start.
You wanted to hear
something else from him.
I don't know what you mean.
I see fearlessness in his eyes
when he looks at you.
Looks like...
Looks like...
Looks like you've slept
together many times.
What are you saying, your Majesty?
It's the male foolishness that puts
the fearlessness in his eyes
after the first few times.
But it's the truth.
Your words are too rash.
Not even once.
You've seduced a woman
who's not even once loved a man.
And you used her as a muse
for your writing.
But this woman
did not want to believe that.
She would have forgiven you
had you said
it was out of love.
But you refused to bend your pride.
It didn't even matter
that you didn't love her.
I can't stand this anymore!
Where's Eunuch Cho?
Your servant?
Why couldn't you just lie
and tell her you loved her?
Why do you
make such a miserable fool of her?
I will turn you into a eunuch
and you will be by her side for life.
Operate on him.
Your Majesty, he is too aged,
- so he may die.
- It's not a concern.
And since he's a very indecent man,
cut as deep as you can.
Your Majesty! I seduced him!
I used my power and my influence
to force him into it.
Can't you see?
It was me
who brought this onto myself.
Please excuse him and spare his life.
Have you no shame?
It's the truth.
I was the one who wanted him.
So please...
My Lady.
flowers were in bloom everywhere.
You teased me that day.
But you also enjoyed it.
Suddenly a bee flew over to you,
and I chased it away.
It was such a beautiful day.
Since then,
there hasn't been a day
that I did not think of you.
an indecent imagination
had taken me over.
But I could not differentiate
whether it was love
or an indecent desire.
That is why I had such a hard time
professing my true feelings.
If my life hangs on the word love,
how can I say it?
I will keep it in my heart
until I see you in the afterworld.
I will.
I will wait.
In front of me
you say, 'I will'?
And, 'I will wait'?
You dare say that
in front of me?
Anyway, what does it matter?
You two will meet
in the afterworld anyway.
This would be all useless.
I am the loser.
The one who loves the most
is the loser.
The top is made of china,
and the bottom is...
That's enough. What is it?
'Chu Wol Sek'.
The last chapter of his memoirs.
- Do you have it?
- You should have come earlier!
You're too late.
What a pain.
Wait! Wait!
I'm too curious.
What happened to the Queen?
Probably rotting in the palace.
She's just cooped up there.
And what about Inspector Kim?
Easy, easy...
Inspector Kim!
Why do you turn your back on us?
Come on.
Aren't you glad to see us?
It just, happened.
What brings you two this far?
Did you write another novel?
A high official falls in love
with a prisoner
while interrogating him.
He falls in love at first sight.
This prisoner
is surprisingly handsome
and has a prim air.
But what's odd about this prisoner
is that the more he gets tortured,
the more he enjoys it.
The more I tortured,
I don 't get it at all!
- He enjoys being tortured?
- Yes.
Hwang, what do you think?
It's absolutely shocking.
But I have a question.
Yes, go ahead.
Wouldn't there be only one position?
If it's between guys,
this would be the only position.
Then wouldn't the illustrations
be too dull?
You fool.
I thought of a title already.
It's probably going to be
too explicit as usual.
Since there are two sticks,
'The Secret Tale of the Twin Rods'?
You haven't changed a bit!
No, no.
It's about two old friends.
'Mates'. How about 'Mates'?
You've been away too long.
You've lost your touch.
That's strange. I quite like it.
Come on.
Anyway, who knows?
Who knows how it might be
centuries from now?
The world will be dirtier than ever.
Titles will have to be more erotic.
Hold on.
Don't be surprised.
It's moving.
What do you call this?
- Since it moves...
- Yes, since it moves...
Yeah, with pictures.
Moving pictures!
How about that?