Forbidden Woman (2013) Movie Script

(siren blaring in distance)
Woman drivers get
on my nerves, man.
Try to own the road...
you shouldn't be in charge of
2,000 pounds of steel anyway.
That's a job for a man
and a man only.
What kind of man
jumps into the backseat
and screams like a baby
for no reason?
What... For no reason?
For no reason?
You almost ran
three cars off the road
and when I asked you to turn for
Starbucks coffee
you almost spun a 360.
Man, look, you are not
a stunt driver, Sheila.
I shouldn't have had to
call your mama to talk you
out of that backseat, Jarvis...
that just ain't right.
What... this ain't right.
No, hey, you know what?
I thought you were going to
keep that between us.
Well, I didn't say that
you had to make her sing to you
to calm you down.
You know what,
I've reached my point.
I've reached my boiling point.
My whole life
flashed before my eyes.
- (phone ringing)
- It must have been a long flash
- 'cause you older than dirt.
- Oh, oh, I'm older than dirt.
I'm young
where it counts.
Hey, Charles... shh!
I'm glad you could get
a few seconds to get away.
Oh, yes, yes!
I love the purse.
It arrived yesterday.
Oh, you know it.
Yeah, I know...
Oh, no, no, no.
No, I won't call you
on this line any more.
But you call me when
you can, okay.
Okay, mwah,
I miss... I miss...
huh, dial tone, huh?
You are never gonna learn,
you know that?
One of these days, one of these
wives of these married men
you've been running around with
will make a story out of you
on the 6:00 news.
I can see it right now.
"Famous jump-off
gets knocked off."
Back to you, Jim.
Just shut up.
You just jealous
'cause your woman
got you wrapped around
her little finger.
When she say jump, you jump!
At least I'm jumping
in my own house.
When these married men
jump off of you
they jump right
back to their wives
'cause you're like the famous
trampoline of Chicago.
Yeah, I said it.
Hello, that's right.
Look, I'm just out here
trying to get all the nice things
that I deserve, okay?
Rather than be
unhappy like you.
- At least I don't pretend.
- You don't pretend?
Every day you pretend.
You walk around here all uppity,
your nose so far in the air,
your feet don't
touch the ground.
This a old-fashioned home wrecker,
all right?
You know, my grandmother,
she had a word for it.
It's a photograph word,
they called it a "Jezebel" spirit.
You're just mad 'cause
I wouldn't be caught dead
with a junior attorney like you.
Yeah, I'll be a junior,
and you can be a Jezebel.
How 'bout that
for the time being?
Man: Good morning, everybody.
Isn't it a glorious morning,
I must say.
Are we getting a raise?
You know, since you're always
pretending to be working
I'm going to pretend
you didn't ask me that.
- Amen, Brother.
- Praise the Lord.
We need to make sure
our files are in order
for the Simon and Stevens
You know...
that's exactly why I love having
you as a part of this firm.
You always do
the things that are important.
You know, with this merger
Simon and Stevens...
it's gonna do
a lot for this firm.
Yes, it is.
You know, um...
my daddy started this firm with
a thousand-dollar loan
from our great-great grandfather,
who was a slave hand
in Mississippi.
He built this firm from nothing.
And just to think,
pretty soon,
we're gonna merge
with one of the biggest firms
in the state.
And you know what?
I'm gonna need
a VP of Operations.
I'm thinking...
...corner office.
- Mmm.
- A bonus...
- Mm-hmm.
...and a company car.
You know what I mean?
Yes, sir, I know
exactly what you mean.
Fool, you ain't going nowhere.
You gonna be right here
with me in the cheap seats.
You know, I am very fortunate.
I don't mean
to brag or boast
but I have a beautiful home,
a wonderful job,
and a fantastic wife.
- Did... did I say fantastic?
- You did.
'Cause I mean fantastic.
I mean, oh so fantastic!
Oh, that's good 'cause
you ain't no spring chicken.
- Sheila!
- What?
What's wrong with saying
the truth around here?
Well, boss, I am here
for whatever you need.
You know what?
I'm finally looking forward
to meeting that
lucky lady of yours.
- Fantastic.
- Yeah.
Listen, she's on her way
and when she gets here,
will you tell her
that I'll be in my office,
working on those merger papers?
- We are on our way, son.
- We're on our way, boss.
Did I hear
him say VP maybe?
- Uh, yes, you did.
- No way.
Pretty soon, I'm about
to be ballin', out of control.
Yeah, man,
you could use that, man.
After the year you just had.
I mean, with the nasty breakup
and your mother passing away.
That was pretty hard on everybody,
you know?
- Yeah...
- You deserve it.
You know, she broke up with me
a week after they told me
my mother had cancer.
Who would do
something like that?
Whoo, man,
that's cold-blooded.
But she did have some
nice legs.
- I'm just saying.
- Come on, man.
I've been so down
and depressed, man,
I could use some good news.
You know what, you...
you deserve some good news.
I gave that woman
everything I had.
Just out of curiosity, just tell me,
how much did you have?
Huh, wouldn't
you like to know?
Yeah, you know what,
I'm glad to see you
finally out of the house, man.
For a minute, I was kind of worried
about you for a second.
You know, to think that, uh...
through all the pain,
all the hard work
and dedication,
- finally gonna pay off.
- Mmm, that's right.
Studying all those
long law hours,
drawing up contracts
and licenses,
getting Randall's laundry.
Well, actually you had me
getting his laundry...
And to think,
just ten years ago,
I was scraping up money
to buy noodles.
We... we were scraping up money
to buy noodles...
And now...
I'm in a position to be VP
of the biggest firm in the state.
I'm about to be
the man!
You about to be the man,
we about to be...
We about to blow up!
Woman: Hello, everyone.
I'm Vanessa,
Vanessa Young.
My friends call my Vanny, but you guys
can call me...
Oh, Vanessa.
Well, how you doing,
I'm Jarvis, nice to meet you,
it's a pleasure.
That's funny.
Randall has never
mentioned you before.
That's because he's
just a junior attorney.
Hi, I'm Sheila, I do all
the secretarial work around here.
Sheila, yeah, your reputation
precedes you.
I'm watching you.
And you must be Elston.
Randall rants and raves
about you.
How intelligent
and dedicated you are.
Are you dedicated to
my husband, Elston?
Oh, my goodness,
there's my little love bug.
- How you doing?
- Good.
It's good to see you.
Uh, everybody... met my wife, Vanny.
- Yes.
- I guess.
I can't believe you never
mentioned my name once.
- Not once.
- Whatever, whatever.
I don't mean to brag, but I just want
you all to know
she is the ultimate
love of my life.
Oh, you don't need
to pour it on...
You have transformed me
into everything
I am right now.
And you've made me
whole again.
You already got me, Randall.
- Stop it.
- Yeah, he got you...
right out of the cradle.
So are you working
late tonight?
Um, Vanny,
I wanted to, um...
I wanted to talk to you about that.
Um, you know with
this big deal next week
I'm gonna be burning
the midnight oil, so...
I mean, is there something you
wanted that we can talk about?
No, just ever since you
came close to making this deal,
I've just been restless.
I've been at home, lonely.
We used to have
more fun than this.
I know, I know, but as soon
as this merger goes through,
I'll have a lot of time
on my hands
and we can pick up
right where we left off.
Yeah, you picked up right from
the school playground.
Sheila, would you...
Vanny, listen,
why don't you
take the credit card
and go down to that little boutique
that you like
and do a little shopping,
buy whatever you want.
Mm-hmm, if you need
my administrative skills
while you're down there,
I'm available.
I love you.
It was nice meeting
And I'm watching you.
That... one gorgeous woman.
You know, I can't believe he didn't
mention my name not once.
Don't I do a lot around here?
Not even
a little bit of, you know,
"Hey, Jarvis, I like the way you made
the coffee, man."
Prepping my sugar... nothing.
I get no respect.
Sheila, I'm telling
you right now.
I see how you watch TV.
You flip
the channel every second.
Oh, come on, man, you know
I'm just a junior attorney.
You know, ain't got this kind of
cable at my house, can't afford it,
so I got to watch every
station I can.
- Yeah, speaking of your house.
- Uh-huh.
When you going home?
Go home?
Oh, come on, man.
You know you miss your boy.
Come on,
we just hanging.
I been at work with you all day, man,
why you getting weird?
What... weird?
Of course not,
I'm not getting weird.
I just, you know, like hanging
with my dog,
my homey,
you know what I'm saying?
Just kicking it with my boy.
You know, rolling
with the homey.
- What did you do, man?
- Huh?
What did you do?
Okay, all right, look.
I stayed an extra half an hour
at the sports bar.
Now she looking for me,
I'm scared.
Man, come on, dude,
you gotta help me, dog.
Call the police... no, better yet,
call my mom.
Why don't you
put your foot down, man?
- Put my foot...
- Raven will respect you more
once you take up for yourself.
- Really, put my foot down?
- Yes.
Last time I put my foot down,
she put that foot in my mouth
and wrapped my own leg
around my neck.
I'm telling you,
this woman is a serial killer.
I'm not talking Cocoa Puffs.
I got the solution,
perfect solution.
Can I live with you?
Oh no, oh no, you ain't bringing that
foolishness in my house.
- No, sir.
- Come on, man.
Look, you think I could suffer from
post-traumatic stress syndrome?
'Cause, like, I be sitting at my desk,
I be, like, twitching.
I be, like, scared,
my bowels ain't moving in weeks.
It's weird, dude, I'm...
something's wrong, dude.
I'm having nightmares,
- Nightmares?
- Yes.
In the day?
Yes, tell me
that ain't crazy.
Nightmares during the day,
that's me, that's how I live.
- Know what you need to do?
- What?
You need to chill, okay.
- "Woosah," breathe.
- Just breathe?
Breathe it out, bro,
you're gonna be fine.
I read that somewhere,
just breathe.
- Yes.
- Okay, yeah.
You know, who used to really
help me breathe?
- Who?
- Yvette.
Yeah, Yvette, I'll tell ya, she really
knew how to calm me down
- when I used to feel like this.
- Come on, man.
Don't go there.
You broke up
with her three years ago
so stop it, all right?
Look, I mean, three years,
it's been a long time, man.
- Stop it, man, stop it.
- She was the love of my life, dude.
You just mad at me now
because I'm, you know...
I used to date your sister.
You said it
was cool, E.
No, you told me I had to go through
with it, okay?
These situations
are kind of awkward.
These breakups where
it's my best friend
and my sister, you know?
Nobody could
treat me like Yvette.
I mean, she was...
I mean, she was cool, I mean...
I loved nobody like her.
That's right.
You know, she just need her space,
that's all, you know.
You know what, speaking of space,
- I need my space, okay?
- Yeah.
Now I'm not saying
you gotta go home, bro,
but it's about that time.
I need to unwind a little bit, you know,
kind of just...
air out, so...
- What, just like that?
- I'll see you at work tomorrow.
Just 'cause I started talking about
your sister and everything,
reminiscing, now you
gotta kick me out like that,
- that's how we go?
- Nothing personal...
That's how we do it?
- We brothers?
- Let me have mine.
All right, okay,
see, now my face leaking.
You see this, you see this?
Now... now... now all
my stuff is coming loose.
I'm gonna go grab
some tissue.
You be good, all right?
You're a hot mess,
you're a hot mess.
I'm gonna get some tissue, man.
Oh, whoo, these emotions.
Whoo, all right, I gotta...
get it together, man,
get it together, get it tog...
Look... what do we
have here?
Oh, come on, Elston,
you can't go out like that.
- Where he at?!
- (door slamming)
Well, hello, Raven.
I know that
fool up in here.
I ain't worried about
you, boy.
Where the hell is he at?
Elston: I don't know if
I wanna tell you.
You know what, I told that fool
to be home when I get home.
You know, if I step in that
door and he's not there,
well, let's just say,
he's humping for a thumping.
Itching for a whipping.
Jarvis, my candy jar!
Where the hell you at?
Lord, Lord, Father...
please, please save me from this
crazy, crazy, crazy woman.
Please, I know you
created her but she is...
Don't make me miss
Baby, sweetheart, dumpling,
honey pie, sugarfoot.
Um, funny thing
had happened.
I stayed late at the cantina
because I had a bad burrito
and I was stuck in the bathroom.
Yeah, stuck in the bathroom.
So, uh, you don't have to be mad,
okay, don't harm me.
I eat them burritos
all the time.
They ain't never did nothing to me.
Well, there was that
one time, but...
It was too many damn
people on that bus anyway.
You cleaned out the entire bus station,
Raven, come on.
Boy, shut your mouth.
Look here.
I am going to the store
for a few things.
You better be outside
when I get back.
And I mean at attention.
I ain't got all night.
- Can you pick me up something...
- Hell no.
- (door closing)
- (sighing)
You can
come out now, bro.
You sure?
Yeah, it's safe, come out.
- You sure she gone?
- Man, put the vase down.
Man, I'm telling you, man, I can't deal
with this messy violent stuff.
I'm telling you, man,
I'm a man, dude.
- You're pathetic.
- I'm pathetic?
- Yeah.
- Whatever, dude... shoot.
That woman don't know nothing about
no boundaries, man.
I don't know why you
put up with that, bro.
A healthy relationship
has proper boundaries.
Yeah, I know, boundaries.
Last time I tried to get
some boundaries with her
she tried to bind
my hands and my feet
and held me hostage
for four hours.
It was crazy.
Man, y'all are crazy.
Yeah, yeah, we crazy.
I guess I'm crazy too.
You know what, though,
I ain't gonna lie.
We used to have something special.
We used to have something...
it was something.
- Something.
- I just...
Ever since I messed up
that one time,
- she never forgave me for it.
- Yeah, she never forgave you.
That's for sure.
You know what,
women don't... women are like elephants.
They never forget.
They act like they forget,
but they don't forget.
They be telling you they forget.
They just want to
make you feel like you forgot
but they ain't forgot nothing.
- What were we talking about?
- Feel me on this.
If you can cheat
on your woman...
Uh-huh. can you
say you love her?
Maybe you don't love her
if you can cheat on her, huh?
- Boy, you know...
- I'm just... I'm just...
l-I-I-I never thought of that.
- You know what?
- What?
Give me a minute,
I'm gonna pray about this.
You do that, go ahead,
talk to Him, go ahead.
Jesus... if I don't...
if I cheat on her...
Oh, sh...
Go, I ain't here, I'm invisible.
This is it, man,
you got a problem.
Hold on.
- (whimpering)
- Look at you.
- Surprise.
- Yvette.
- Hey, sis.
- Hey.
I wasn't expecting you
'til next week.
It's Yvette,
how you doing?
Yeah, well, I thought
I'd surprise you.
You know, I had to fly in
to cover the game last minute
with the flu bug going around.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's good to see you.
You don't mind
if I crash, do you?
Come on, stop it, of course,
I'll get your room ready.
Let me get you something
to drink first.
- Okay.
- What you want?
Um, some water.
- Water it is.
- Yes.
I must say, sis,
I'm pretty proud of you.
Got the new job at
the network, huh?
Oh, thank you.
My sister's a sportscaster.
I've been watching
all your stuff online.
I saw that piece you did on concussions
in the NFL.
It was pretty stellar,
kind of stellar.
(clearing throat)
I've been, uh...
I've been following you too.
- Jarvis.
- Yeah.
I didn't expect to
see you here.
Well, I should have known
you two are joined at the hip.
Yeah, you know,
I was trying to tell him
about boundaries and stuff,
you know what I'm saying?
A healthy friendship has
good boundaries and stuff.
But he don't listen.
- See a real relationship...
- Okay, you know what, um...
...let me get your bag
and, um... guys can talk.
- How's the weather?
- So...
- Eat your...
- How's...
All right, um, I guess
it's been a while.
Yeah, it's been a minute.
Yeah, yeah.
Look, I'm...
I know I didn't call and everything
but, I mean the last time we spoke,
- things kind of ended...
- Yeah, I know, I understand.
It's okay.
I mean, I flew
a thousand miles away
and you didn't find it good to call me
and check on me.
No, "Yvette, how you doing?"
Or maybe, "I'm sorry."
After all this time,
you still can't apologize.
You know, maybe
I should just go.
No, no, no, no,
no, no.
You stay, I'll go.
...I'm sorry.
Thank you.
How hard was that?
L... I gotta go,
'cause, you know...
Well, give me a hug.
- For real?
- Yes.
Give me a hug,
stop playing.
- For real?
- Stop it.
- See?
- Yeah.
See, we can at least be friends.
We... Friends?
I think friends
is a good idea.
I think, yeah, this...
Oh, that feels friendly,
that's friendly.
Oh, yeah, ooh, yeah, that's...
- That's...
- (door slamming)
Oh, whoo!
Hey, hi, girl!
Hey, hey, um, have fun!
How you doing, baby?
You got the nerve to cheat
on me with a cute girl?
Hello, I'm Yvette,
Elston's sister.
- Uh-huh.
- She cute.
You know what, I should kill you
right where you stand.
After all I done for you.
Wait, it's not like that,
we're just old friends.
Yeah, yeah, just listen to her.
Just old friends.
Listen here, baby girl, old friends
don't embrace like that.
- That's right.
- You know, my mama was right.
You can't trust a man
as far as you can throw him.
You ain't nothing but some
two-timing no-good fool.
Look, we were just...
we just friends...
I'm just visiting... I'm just visiting
with her.
- Just visiting?
- Yes!
Hey, hey, hey, what's all
the commotion in here?
It's just Raven, you know,
acting out again.
I'm gonna show you acting out.
- You know what...
- Take that out of my house.
- I will see y'all, good night.
- It was lovely seeing...
And you know what?
You stay away
from my man.
We're happy.
Okay, thank you.
- Good night.
- Close the door behind you.
Boy, I tell you.
Should we be
calling the police?
No, that's them two
all the time.
Lucky there weren't no blood.
He'll be all right
in the morning.
Am I safe here?
What you mean,
are you safe here?
Big bro got
your back, of course.
Yeah, just like old times, huh?
- Of course.
- Um-hm.
Mom did always say for you to look out
for me no matter what.
Yeah, she was
always talking about
keeping family first, huh?
I miss her.
Yeah, not a minute goes by
I don't...
think about her, you know?
Only God knows why
he needed her up there.
Amen, sister.
- I missed you.
- It's good to see you.
- Are you hungry?
- Starving.
Okay, we need to go out, sis.
- I have no food here.
- Clearly.
- Somebody knocking.
Yvette: Yeah.
Hey, uh...
Oh, sorry, Elston,
good to see you.
Come on in here, baby.
- You know my wife.
- Of course.
Good to see you.
Listen, um, don't mean
to barge in on you.
We were on our way
to a jazz club
and there's a big accident
on the Kennedy Expressway
so decided to take your exit.
- Got a bottle of the bubbly.
- Okay.
Thought I'd share it with you.
We're so sorry to intrude.
- This was not my idea.
- That's nonsense.
You guys are welcome.
Make yourself at home.
And who is this
lovely young lady?
This is my sister Yvette.
You met her last year
at the Christmas party.
Yes, I remember.
You still look smashing.
Well, thank you.
Yes, you're very cute.
Thank you.
Oh, my...
What's wrong?
I was just caught off guard
by the size of your feet.
Please, don't take offense.
L... It just startled me.
Me a little bit too.
Um, we better pop the cork
on that bottle.
I'll do the honors.
Oh, look, allow me,
I got it.
Ah, Elston.
(cell phone ringing)
You know, this thing got
a mind of its own.
Hello, yes.
Excuse me.
Yes, I can follow
the team to Dallas.
Yes, yes...
Young man, would you mind helping
a damsel in distress?
No problem.
Thank you.
So, you know,
some things require a strong
young man's touch.
Whoo, ah-ha-ha.
I'm getting a raise.
What are you
doing here, Sheila?
The question is,
what are you doing here?
I was just helping
her, okay, relax.
Yeah, look like you
was helping yourself.
Bag, please.
Mr. Randall asked me come by
and drop off these files
after I came back
home from my card game.
I went blind seven.
I'm set, baby.
I won 50 bucks.
Amen and amen.
Elston, uh...
I hope I didn't tear it up
too badly, man.
I cannot eat any more of those burritos
from that cantina.
It just tore my stomach apart.
Yeah, maybe we should
get a move on it.
Looks to me like
somebody else has got a move on
while you were gone.
What does
she mean by that?
Oh, no, no, no,
my tongue, it just gets loose,
you know, when I get to sipping
at those card games.
Don't pay me no mind.
You know, my tongue
gets even looser
when my pocketbook is lighter.
Thank you very much.
Your generosity
is "muchly" appreciated.
It's gonna go to
a good cause.
Here are you files.
Oh, thank you.
I didn't see nothing.
Goodbye, Sheila.
What's that all about?
I think...
you need to cut her hours.
She got a couple screws loose.
Don't we all.
Listen, baby, why don't we
have a little champagne?
We just got here.
Sit back and relax.
Yeah, but, you know,
maybe we should go.
I'm feeling a little
Just... a little flushed.
Yeah, um...
Maybe you guys should
take a rain check, you know.
You don't want her
feeling weak and then you guys
have an accident or something.
Yeah, when I feel like this,
I tend to be a little reckless.
Okay, okay, buttercup.
Whatever you want.
We'll get you home
and get you wrapped up, okay?
Thank you.
Can't keep
my hands off of you.
Hey, listen, um...
- sorry we're leaving so soon.
- No problem.
But I left the bottle
of champagne for you.
And I'll see you in the office
tomorrow, son.
See you tomorrow, sir.
- Let's go, baby.
- Okay.
- See you in the morning.
- Come on, baby.
According to this report,
this should be a no-brainer.
The trucker's
blood alcohol level
was well above the legal
limit when he hit her.
I don't know, man,
what kind of monetary value
can you put on a pinkie toe?
Same as any toe.
No, no, not necessarily.
I mean, I don't know if the jury's
gonna see it like that.
You see, now, a pinkie toe
probably should cost
a little considerably less.
I mean, no, a big toe, yeah,
big toe... bucks, I understand that.
But with a pinkie toe?
Let bygones
be bygones.
What kind of open-toe shoes
a 70-year-old woman
gonna wear anyway?
That pinkie toe is long gone.
It's dead,
forget about it.
Sometimes I wonder what goes on
in that head of yours.
Look, I just say the things
that people are scared to say.
You say the things
that scare me for you
as well as future generations.
I... I guess
I'm just tripping, man.
I've been going through some
stuff lately, dude.
This woman's crazy, dude, l...
She's putting stuff
on the stove,
heating it up and everything.
She's on some
medieval stuff right now.
I can't handle it, man,
I don't know what's going on.
Yeah, she got issues.
Yeah, she got issues,
but what does it say about me?
I'm still with her.
Why don't you stand up
for yourself, man?
You weren't like
that in college.
Yeah, I know.
I know, I know,
I guess I...
Guess I lost my mojo a little bit, man.
Yeah, it's like you
lost your confidence
after you didn't get drafted.
You remember
what happened, dude?
I'm sitting there
waiting to get drafted.
The agent snatches the chicken wing
right out of my mouth.
Just like that, you know?
In front of my friends,
my family members.
I had the whole party set up,
it was embarrassing, dude.
I remember,
I had to pay half the bill.
That was the most humiliating day
of my life.
Hands down.
It was just...
You was a loser, too.
Yes, you know what?
My grandmother even
called me a loser.
You're not a loser, man.
Look, you're... you're...
look, you're a junior lawyer.
Come on.
I'm a junior lawyer.
Yes, and now you
probably should leave.
You know what?
On that note, I'm just gonna
get out of here, man.
- I got some things to take care of.
- All right.
- You can finish up yourself.
- Shake it off, buddy.
Junior lawyer.
- (sighing)
- (knocking)
...what are you doing here?
- Shh!
No, listen, about
last night, uh...
I was totally in the wrong.
Don't say
not another word.
It was my fault.
Sometimes I just...
I just don't think straight.
No, it's okay,
I know what you mean.
Listen, let's just promise
each other that
it won't happen again.
No harm, no foul, right?
- Agreed.
- Agreed.
Now I think it would be
in your best interest
to clear the premises
'cause you do not want to let
Sheila catch you here.
You know how she is.
I slipped her a 20
on the way in.
She's looking out for me.
Ah, the power of money,
I love it.
See, that's just it, Elston.
I thought that money
would make me happy.
I thought that it would make me
love him more but it didn't.
I ended up marrying for
all the wrong reasons
and when I look at you,
it just reminds me
that, um...
Yeah, listen, um...
I'm not sure I wanna have this
conversation now.
He's my boss
and he's been really good to me.
All right?
You think
you know that man?
You don't.
That man, he is greedy
and he is low-down.
- Okay...
- He built this firm on the backs
of loyal, hard-working,
dedicated people like you.
He's just like his father
and his grandfather.
Okay, listen.
He's your husband,
all right.
Yes, and that's
why I have the right to tell the truth.
Okay, I'd really rather not have this
conversation, all right?
All right, maybe you're right.
I'm sorry to bother you.
It's no problem.
He's coming
down the hall.
If you want me to
fake a seizure,
it'll be an extra 40 bucks.
- It's not necessary.
- You sure?
I talked myself out of
two speeding tickets that way.
Works like a charm.
Come on, girl, now you...
No, no, no, you are not about
to pay my bills if I lose this job.
Now come on, get your stuff,
get your bags together.
Come on, get out of here, get out!
everything's gonna
come to the light.
You're gonna see the truth.
(door closing)
Yeah, baby, yeah, I know.
Yeah, yeah,
I just went to the bathroom.
That's all I did.
I know, I should have called you
on my cell phone, but, yeah,
it takes a little longer
'cause they didn't have paper towels.
And you know I don't
like to air dry.
I can't go
back to my desk soggy.
Sweet... No, no, I didn't.
Okay, number two.
Are you happy?
No, I didn't go talk to
the Human Resources lady.
No, you messed that up for me,
yeah, you did.
Yeah, you remember, you called in
a bomb threat.
Yeah, now she's scared to death.
Yeah, every time she see me, yeah,
she runs in the opposite direction.
Imagine Flo Jo on the 47th floor
in kitten heels,
just going that way.
That's what happens.
- Yeah, un-huh.
- (crying)
Yeah, okay, look, baby,
I'm gonna call you back, okay?
Yeah, in 10.4 minutes.
Yeah, I'll call
you back, I promise.
I know you're counting.
Okay, love you.
He dumped me!
Who... who, Charles?
The married guy.
Yeah, he said I should've known
that what we had
was just temporary.
Just for fun.
I feel so used.
Oh, ooh, oh.
I mean, ooh, don't cry.
Oh, oh, the pain, I can
feel the pain from...
Don't cry.
Come on, ooh,
come on, just...
I know, even trampolines
need love too.
I hate to say I told you so, Sheila.
- But I told you so.
- Gee, thanks.
Well, what...
Well, what do you
want me to say?
What do you expect
for me to say?
When you're wrong,
you're wrong, Sheila.
You can't be going around wrecking
people's homes,
wrecking this, wrecking that.
In the words
of the immortal Ice Cube:
# You better check yourself #
# Before you
wreck yourself #
# You better check
yourself... ##
You can't even understand.
You can't.
I never had no one
to love me, okay?
My father left me and my mother
when I was eight years old.
Do you know what it's like to
cry yourself to sleep at night
because you miss
somebody so much?
Do you wonder?
You ever wonder why somebody
doesn't love you?
No, no, you don't.
So you just need
to shut your mouth!
That's enough now.
I know what it
feels like to hurt.
I know what it feels like
to have a spicy chicken wing
ripped out of your mouth
when you don't make the draft.
And you know what?
I know what it's like
to pay the bill
at that dinner at that draft.
You know how embarrassing
that is?
You know how hard it is
to go back to the block
where you ain't got drafted?
Now I'm here dealing
with you and everything.
I know about that pain.
I deal with that
pain every day.
But you know what,
I know God's got my back.
God don't like ugly.
So of course you're gonna have
a little harder time than most.
You are, I'm just saying.
But still, you gotta
get down on your knees.
You gotta get down on your knees
and pray.
Honda Civic, Osama Bama.
Yes, you gotta get down
on your knees
and you got to pray, all right?
You know, I just...
You know what,
I'm gonna get back to work
because if I get to preaching
around here,
I'm gonna get the Holy Ghost.
Y'all ain't gonna hear me
up in this piece.
You know, I'm gonna go off.
Whoo, Lord, Jesus, amen...
Can you hold
all my calls please?
Uh, Yeah, Mr. Rand...
hey, how you doing?
You need some coffee, take your coat,
Yeah, I need a coffee
with three Splendas.
Okay, three Splendas,
all right, and so, uh...
three Splendas,
so Jarvis Brown getting your coffee.
Remember Jarvis Brown,
'cause I get the coffee.
Go this way, all right now...
Can you have Elston
meet me in my office?
I need to have a very personal
conversation with him.
Oh, yes, sir.
Remember, Jarvis Brown,
coffee, anytime.
Got ya, I'll be right back.
Oh, he knows.
He knows,
he knows everything.
- Did you open your big mouth?
- I can't believe it, I can't believe it.
- My money supply's gonna dry!
- I didn't do anything.
- What if I die, what if I die?
- I didn't do anything.
Take it to the grave, man.
Take it to the grave, that's
that I always say, man.
That's it, I'm telling you
right now...
You've been so good to me.
I can't believe
he's gonna kill you.
First you're gonna get fired.
Oh, no, I'm gonna miss you
so much, Elston.
Where's he at?
He said for you to meet him
in the conference room.
All right, conference room it is.
Oh, Elston...
after you get killed,
since I know the combination
to your safe
can I have
that $1,500... please?
I'm saving for
a beauty procedure.
Okay, Mom, can you just sing
the first part for me?
Yeah, I'm stressed out right now.
Everybody here is crazy.
Yeah, okay,
just sing it like you used to.
I'll sing with you.
Okay, okay.
# Twinkle, twinkle #
# Little star ##
Yeah, uh, yeah,
like I was saying,
I just punched him in the face.
You know, that's what we do,
we slap people for fun.
Yeah, that's what we do here
at the law firm.
Yeah, uh-huh,
all right, okay, I gotta go.
Yo... what's up, man?
I'll tell you later.
I ain't seen your face long like that
since you punched a cheerleader
for stealing your dance moves.
That was you, not me.
Oh, yeah, that's right,
yeah, yeah.
I would've left him alone too
if he didn't take
my signature spin move.
She's not answering.
Listen, tell Yvette
I'm not gonna be able to make lunch.
I got something
I need to handle.
Okay, boss, no problem.
Mom, you still there?
# Ooh-ooh-ooh... ##
Mr. Trace,
I need to talk to you.
Have a seat.
No, sir,
I'd rather stand.
I'd rather you sit.
I'd rather stand, sir.
Young man,
have a seat.
What is it?
- Well, sir, I...
- Wait, son, let me stop you.
I know exactly
what you wanna say, okay?
Son, let me stop you.
I wanna talk to you
about something
that's very dear to my heart.
I know, that is why
I want to talk...
This firm has been the cornerstone
of this community
for over a decade.
And I'm very proud of that.
And I don't make
any decisions in here
that are not in the best interests
of this firm,
even when it's personal.
Right, sir.
So I've decided...
...I've decided to, uh...
interview for the...
Vice President of Operations
It doesn't mean you're
not gonna get the job.
It just means I think we may go
with somebody a little bit
more qualified.
More qualified?
I put my blood, sweat and tears
in this place for a decade.
I know you did.
Long hours,
no vacations.
How can you tell me
"more qualified"?!
That's my position.
Son, I've been
watching you
and you've been walking around
here with your...
your chest poked out,
like you're the big gun,
like you're the top gun,
like you're running
things around here.
Like I owe you something.
Can I ask you
a question?
Do I owe you something?
Now, son,
you're not ready.
Maybe you'll be ready
in a few years.
But you're not ready now.
So I'll have my decision
in a few weeks.
I don't have
any words right now.
Sometimes no words
is the best answer.
Can I go?
I have some work to do.
You know, I have to go
pick up that Simmons check.
You know, she's getting
a half a million dollars
for a pinkie toe?
Do you know how much
she could've got for a big toe?
You know what?
If you threw in a hand
and a foot...
...she could clean up.
it's gonna be fine.
Charles, can you please
stop sending me
directly to your voice-mail
and call me back?
What are you
doing here?
He just walked out.
I was listening
at the door.
I guess you were right, I...
I tried to warn you.
I have to admit it,
I just don't
think you understand
what I did for that man.
Win all those cases.
Long hours.
I haven't had a vacation
in five years.
Three days after my mother
passed I was back at work.
I deserve that promotion.
Elston, you're an attorney.
You know you don't get in life
what you deserve.
You get what you negotiate.
When he needed you,
you should've just talked to him.
Now that you need him, you don't
have a leg to stand on.
It's your husband,
though, what do I do, like...
Let me just talk to him.
You know,
pillow talk does wonders.
You would do that?
I appreciate it.
Come here,
I can make you feel better.
No, it's...
Look, don't say no.
That's your problem.
You're always looking out for somebody
else and how they feel.
You need to
focus on yourself.
Elston, I know you want to.
Everybody needs
Come here.
- Let me make you feel better.
- Vanessa...
I'm sorry to intrude.
I guess
I should have knocked.
Well, yeah.
I almost forgot you was here.
The last time that Elston
had a woman at his house
the Bulls were winning
the championship.
I know you was doing the cabbage patch
and everything...
Okay, okay,
I forgive you.
So what you watching?
A special on the greatest
NFL defenses of all time.
Hmm, okay.
Okay, who would you pick:
The '86 Bears
or the '76 Steelers?
Uh, okay, that's
a good question.
Well, you know, everybody knows
that I'm a hardcore
Bears fan...
but I'm gonna have to discreetly go
with the Steel Curtain
on this one.
You know, you can't beat that
total dominance on the field.
Right, right.
Okay, as usual,
I agree with you.
You are the expert,
so, you know.
Please, you're a walking
sports encyclopedia.
Well, it is kind of
impressive up there sometimes.
You know what I'm saying,
but you know.
- I just use it for sports, you know.
- Stop it.
You know everything.
You know, that's one of the things
that I love about you.
- Really?
- Yeah.
You're such a smart man.
- Smart man.
- Mm-hmm.
Uh... I should
go call my mama.
Jarvis, stop.
Ooh, I mean...
You know what,
see, that right there.
That right... that's what I like.
Me and you,
we can talk.
You know, we just... it's easy.
It's not complicated,
it's like...
And you don't try to change me.
I didn't
try to change you.
Didn't try to change me.
Yeah, just like you...
didn't have to
break up with me.
You didn't.
I mean, you had me
crying in the shower.
I was singing
Freddie Jackson songs.
I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat,
I mean, it was...
Okay, let's not
dwell on the past, okay?
I mean, sometimes people come into
your life for a season.
Only God knows why.
You know, my pastor,
he preached a great word
on the season of change
in life last week.
- Yeah?
- Mm-hmm.
Well, maybe you could
help me with this.
What do you do
when someone you
thought you loved
turns out that you don't
actually love them at all.
Pray about it.
I mean, the best thing
I can tell you is
to be honest with yourself.
Be honest with her.
But... you know
my relationship with God.
You know how I feel about it.
I mean, with her...
she doesn't see eye-to-eye
about that.
I mean, she hates organized religion.
Well, pray for her
and let the Holy Spirit
deal with that.
I mean, look...
you... you should just love her
and lead by example.
You should let her see what
He has done in your life.
You see...
this is why I dream about you
so often.
- Okay, stop...
- No, I do.
I mean, I be dreaming... I'll be asleep...
- Dream about you.
- Stop it.
I mean, because you always
have the right answers.
Everything you say is just...
it's magical.
I mean, to be honest with you,
lately I've been having
these nightmares
and, like, really scary...
- Nightmares?
- Nightmares!
For real,
like in the daytime,
at my desk, just nightmares,
and you're never in them.
You're always
in the good dreams.
Okay, please.
Spare me the details.
All right,
whatever, whatever.
All right, well...
Elston said he can't
make it for lunch so,
uh, how's about a hug?
Uh, behave yourself.
Come on, get your bigfoot over here
and give me a hug now.
Give me a hug.
Oh, you crushed my toe.
Just please stop it.
All right.
Keep talking about my feet.
Hey, I'm not, you know,
it is what it is, you know, hey.
- You know I love you, right?
- Mm-hm.
But, uh, seriously, um...
...thanks for the advice.
Woman: Ooh, child.
I heard you in here just-a crying
and a-sniffling.
It can't be that bad, can it?
No, I'm sorry.
Can I help you?
Oh, I'm Mrs. Simmons.
- You know, pinkie toe.
- Oh... oh.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Oh, don't be silly.
I'm here for my check.
God done took
that toe back, child.
Ain't nothing
I can do about that.
Well, Mr. Randall,
he went to pick it up.
He insisted that he do it in person
and deliver it to you.
See, that's why
I called this firm right away
as soon as I had that accident.
The personal service.
His grandfather
was like that too, you know.
Well, it's the least we can do,
Honey, don't feel sorry for me.
Feel sorry for yourself
but that man better hurry up
and come on
because I'm late for
my tango class.
- Shoot.
- Tango?
What part of "tango"
don't you understand?
The "tang" or the "go"?
See, that's what's wrong
with you young people.
You're running around here upset
because your life
ain't going the way you want.
That's because you're not grounded
in the word.
You don't know
how God operates.
Honey, life is like a parade.
You standing
on the street watching
but God is way up top
looking down.
He's in the beginning of the parade
and the end
of the parade.
But you came.
That's why we have to
have faith, sister.
Well, is that...
Is that why
He makes us feel pain?
The Bible says:
"Weeping endures
for a night
"but joy...
joy cometh
in the morning"
Try Him.
Ask Him.
Ask Him to reveal
Himself to you.
Ask Him to give you the strength
so that you can endure.
And you'll see.
All things come
together for good
for those who love the Lord.
That's why God
let me lose this toe
so I could be
a blessing to somebody.
See, I'm leaving most of this money
for some college scholarships.
Oh, yes, God had a plan, honey.
Whoa, that is
so generous of you.
Oh, that ain't nothing,
I didn't do nothing.
God did it all.
And this ain't nothing.
My parents
were junkies.
Left me on a housekeeper's doorstep
when I was ten.
Hurt like hell.
But then one day
I picked up that Bible
and I learned that I could not
dwell in the past.
My future was up to me.
I couldn't let somebody else's
stupid decisions
impact my thoughts.
I couldn't let all that
anger and hurt
control my life.
'Cause I knew
I was somebody.
- And you know why?
- Why?
'Cause my Heavenly Father
said so.
He loves me
just the way I am.
I just had to learn to see myself
the way God sees me
and someone He loved
enough to give His life for.
Thank you for your
kind words.
Well, I'm gonna
run out of kind words
if that man don't hurry up
and get here soon.
You gonna see the soft side
come right on up
out of me, child.
I'm going to
my tango lesson.
Hey, look, I know that she's your sister
and everything
and you're probably the last person
I need to be talking to
about this but, look, man,
I haven't felt this way
in a long time.
She's woken up
something inside of me.
I'm so confused.
It must be going around.
You know, I can feel it
deep down in my heart.
I can feel that little love
and I just...
You know what, I should confess.
No, I can't confess,
that would be a nightmare.
You know, usually I always got
somebody to talk to about this
but, you know, my mama, she got
that samba dance-off tonight
so that's a no-go.
- I gotta get out of here.
- What?
Cover for me.
- Hey, uh, okay.
- Cover for me.
- (door closing)
- Some friend you are.
Lord, Lord!
Lord, I know it's been a while.
It's been a long, long while
but I can't do this no more.
I'm empty.
I'm gonna
put my trust in you.
I'm... give it all to you
and see what you have
in store for my life.
I'm through
with married men.
I'm not dating no more of them
and I'm through with
all of that nonsense.
And I'm gonna stop trying to cover up
the pain with material things
and improper relationships
I know ain't going nowhere.
I'm just trusting you and I'm gonna
give it to you, Lord.
I'm gonna give it all to you.
You're moving up in
the corporate world.
No more of this
mom-and-pop nonsense.
Yeah, you're right.
You gotta be the lion
in the jungle that roars.
Look, I say
you let him work for you
another year or two...
then maybe you'll
reconsider after the merger.
Maybe a promotion,
maybe not.
Now remember
what we talked about.
I don't... I don't want to tell
any of the other senior lawyers
that I'm going to put
$500,000 bonus
aside for them, okay?
- Mm-hmm, you're the boss.
- All right, until after the merger.
And I've already put Elston's
money aside, okay?
How do you know
he won't take this money
and start his own firm
and take a couple of
your clients or two?
I say reconsider.
That's why I love you
'cause you're so cunning
and you're so shrewd.
Love you too.
Give me a kiss.
You better go.
I'll talk to you later.
I need to
talk to you, Jarvis.
Do I have a choice?
Not really.
Okay, I'll just do
what I do best.
I'll get talked at.
You see...
that right there
is exactly my point.
I have done everything,
to try to get over
what you did to us.
To help us stay together.
But I have so much anger
and pain towards you...
...and I don't know
how to let it go.
Look, I've been
through therapy.
I've been down to the church.
I've cried in front of
the whole congregation.
Just, I had... I'm crying
like Jimmy Swaggart
in front of
a whole church for you.
To show you
that I'm sorry.
But... it's not enough.
I've asked God
for forgiveness.
But that doesn't matter.
I really need
your forgiveness.
You had no right...
You had no right...
to hurt me
like that, Jarvis.
What do you want?
What do you want, hmm?
You think I'm supposed
to take this punishment
day in after day, huh?
Do you want blood?
Raven, do you want blood?
Well, here, here.
- I'll take blood.
- No, I don't want blood, Jarvis.
Take it, you want blood.
Obviously you do.
- Obviously you do because you...
- No.
You know what?
Look, I know that
you're not in love with me anymore.
And you know
how I know?
That's not true.
'Cause you used to have
a light in your eyes
every time you looked at me.
And that light
has gone out, Jarvis.
Because you've taken that light
and you've chewed it out of me.
You know, do you even know
who I am anymore?
Look, l...
I'm a social butterfly.
I like to get out,
I like to socialize with people.
I like to see and get to know
the world.
I tried to take you to church.
You didn't want to do that.
I tried to pray with you,
you don't want to do that.
What am I gonna do now?
I can't...
I can't go on like this.
- I'm sorry...
- No, you're not sorry.
Because I know when
that light went.
I saw it when you looked at her.
Do you even
love me anymore?
Come on with this...
Do you even love me?
What kind of question...
what kind of question...
- Just answer the question, Jarvis.
- I...
- l...
- Don't.
Just... just don't.
I'll have my sister
pack my things.
- It doesn't have to end like this.
- Don't!
You should've thought about that
when you slept with her.
I'm sorry we didn't get to
spend much time together.
I mean, you've been
working so much.
I know.
I feel so terrible.
It's okay.
I mean,
I needed the quiet time.
And plus, your couch
is so comfortable.
I could really move in.
Well, you know,
my couch is your couch.
Listen, you need anything?
You need some money
or something or...
Your baby sis
is all grown up now.
I can take care of myself.
You make me
feel so old.
I cannot process how
fast you're growing up.
Well, we'll have
plenty of time to talk about it
- at the Super Bowl.
- Yes, we will.
'Cause what man
in his right mind
would turn down
free Super Bowl tickets, huh?
Come here, give me a hug.
Give me a hug.
- I'm glad you came.
- Yeah, me too.
I know I don't say this,
- I've always looked up to you.
- Aw.
No, I do.
When mom died...
you were
the strong one.
You held us together.
You're a hard-working
and good man.
An honest and Godly man.
So please...
don't change for anyone.
Let me know if you
need anything, all right?
- I love you, too.
- Okay.
Do you think it would be okay
if I stop by the office
and tell Jarvis bye?
Yes, yes, he's been
texting me all day.
Him and his girl finally split up
for good so now's he's...
Oh, okay, well,
I will holler at you later.
- Okay.
- Yes.
- See you at the Super Bowl.
- Yes.
- And I love you.
- Love you too.
- Yes, okay.
- Drive... safe.
I will.
What, you forgot
your keys, huh?
Yeah, I saw Sheila
at the office.
She said you'd be here.
Amazingly, she didn't
charge me this time
because she said something
about a building and a parade
and God was on top of
the building and...
Yeah, um...
You never know with Sheila.
Um... have a seat.
Can I, um, get you
something to drink?
No, that's okay.
Oh, I saw your sister
leaving out.
I tried to duck behind
the bushes and ended up
twisting my ankle
and ruining my shoes.
Oh, wow, you okay?
Yeah, I'm all right.
It's nothing
Randall won't fix.
Listen, um...
about yesterday, I...
About yesterday.
You know, I...
Yeah, kind of awkward,
I just wasn't...
Look, just hush.
Don't say a word.
Why don't you just relax
and let's go with the flow
and see where this takes us.
Don't be so stiff,
Come on.
You only live once.
You know, I just... I just never...
I never done anything
like this before.
I really don't know how to feel.
I mean, you're on
my mind all day.
I can smell your perfume.
I feel your touch
when I close my eyes.
I think about
you all day, too.
I know how you feel.
I just feel so guilty.
- But at the same time...
- It's kind of exciting.
(cell phone ringing)
Trace, Trace and Trace.
Well, sure.
I'll transfer you
right now.
And God bless you.
Excuse me, hi.
I'm here for a meeting
with Darion Jackson.
Oh, well, why do
you want to see Darion?
Just being nosey.
Well, I'm opposing counsel
for Gladie Insurance.
Kramer case.
Now, y'all know
y'all need to pay up.
Now, come on.
That woman ran smack
into Mrs. Gladie
while she was standing
there minding her own business.
Yes, minding her own business
while backing up
on a major street.
Well, the woman
has Alzheimer's.
She gets confused.
Now, how can you punish
somebody like that?
True, I'd be
confused too if I was
sending a text and eating curly fries
at the same time.
Well, see,
now you gotta understand
about the curly fries.
You gotta eat 'em
while they're hot.
You're funny.
Funny, funny like what?
I'm here to amuse you,
funny like what?
Ha-ha, just kidding.
You married?
See a ring
on my finger?
Get you something.
- Here's my card.
- Oh.
Oh, okay.
Oh, yes, yes.
He'll see you now.
Last door
on the left.
- Nice meeting you, Sheila.
- Likewise.
Jarvis: I'm so glad I got
her out of my mind.
That's too much.
- (Yvette clearing throat)
- Oh.
- Are you busy?
- Am I busy?
No, I thought
you left already.
Have a seat, come on.
Um, yeah,
I was on my way out
but I thought I'd stop by.
Well, I'm glad you did,
I mean, I...
Look, I'm sorry for all that stuff
the other day with Raven.
It's okay, no, no, no,
really, it's okay.
I mean, I can understand
why a girl
can get all crazy
and angry over you.
Well, you know, I've been known
to break a few hearts
from time to time...
Okay, just like a man.
- Don't know when to shut up.
- A little too much?
- Mm-hmm.
- Okay, you know...
So when you coming back?
Ah, I'm not sure.
You know me,
always chasing that story.
Yeah, I'm chasing you and you
chasing your career.
Well, um...
I guess this
is goodbye then.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah.
- It's goodbye.
- It's goodbye again.
Well, take care of yourself.
Oh, you know me,
taking care of myself.
I have an extra ticket
to the Dallas game.
- Did I stutter?
- (laughing)
Yvette, look.
Even though I would love...
and when I say love
I do mean love...
the idea of getting rid of
all my worldly possessions
and following you
to the ends of the earth.
I just can't right now.
I mean, God has called me
to a life of integrity
and that's how I gotta be.
I mean, I can't honestly give
100% to this
until I have
closure with Raven.
And, I mean, this is how I am.
Better yet...
that's how
God made me.
I understand.
that's another one of the qualities
that I love about you.
You serve it straight up.
It's just a double-edged
sword sometimes.
Take care.
Hey, Raven,
yeah, hi, yeah, it's me.
Okay, all right, look, look, look,
I need to talk...
I need to talk...
let me, can I speak?
Can I speak, though?
I need to talk to you
about something serious.
Where are we going with this
Like, I am not gonna be your
punching bag forever.
Yeah, I just don't
wanna play games anymore.
Are you interested in trying to
make it work?
So it's over?
Well, let it be
over then, all right.
But, look, look, look, I want my
SpongeBob onesie back.
No, that's mine,
that's nonnegotiable.
Yeah, oh, yeah, that's mine.
Jarvis, look...
I miss you so much
and I'm not
leaving without you.
Not this time.
You don't have to.
Courtside it is.
- Okay, let's go.
- Oh yeah, we're gonna be late.
Oh, yeah!
(horn honking)
Andrew, you tell
the most fascinating stories.
I never would've guessed you were
a war hero.
Well, not exactly,
I mean, I was a military lawyer
and I served during
wartime but...
Sounds like a war hero to me.
Okay, I'll take that.
So how was your meeting?
You guys drive a hard bargain
around here
but honestly,
you have made it all worth it.
Those words just flow out of your
mouth so smoothly.
Keep talking.
What time's
your lunch break?
Ohh, and, um...
I know the perfect place.
It's on me
since we just
took all of your money.
- Come on.
- All right.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
It's been a while
since I was able
to spend time with
someone like this, you know?
Yeah, a man like you, I'm sure you
have plenty of women around.
You know, actually...
I'm not really the type
to have a lot of women around.
I'm more of a...
one-woman type of guy,
you know?
See, why didn't
I meet you first?
This is terrible.
I would've chose you any day.
Uh, that makes
me feel good...
sort of.
So it's getting kind of late.
I think you
better go back to the office.
I have to go to the mall before Randall
gets back home.
When will
I see you again?
You'll see me soon.
Well, I hope so.
Oh, speaking of soon,
I talked to Randall
about approving your promotion.
- You did.
- Mm-hmm.
That's wonderful.
Look, don't thank me yet
but I convinced him
to give you a bonus
when the deal goes through.
We need to
make a little side deal.
Of course, what is it?
Well, when the deal goes through,
I need at least half.
Randall is so slick.
See, he has me in this
little prenup
that's so ironclad shut.
He treats me like I'm a teenager
and I'm a grown woman.
I need zeros
behind my bank account.
You know what I mean?
I got you... I guess,
you know, um...
Well, since you got
me the job, I guess I would
owe you something, you know?
Good, exactly.
I knew
you'd see it my way.
So I'm gonna have my lawyer
draw up the contracts.
Look, pumpkin,
let's not get business
and fun mixed up.
You take care of me,
I'll take care of you.
# Say what you wanna #
# What was I doing? #
# You're a married woman #
# I was so lonely #
# I can't deny #
# You're a married woman #
# I was taught #
# Better than that #
# I am so ashamed #
# You're my boss's wife #
# Lord
what shall I do? #
# You are you #
# I am me #
# We are differently #
# Different styles #
# Different taste #
# I'm not like you #
# I'm not like #
# You ##
Let's sit down here a minute.
- Ahh...
- Ohh...
Thank you for
the wonderful lunch.
Oh, but unfortunately, I have to get back
to this hell hole.
Well, I will admit,
our firm is a lot bigger,
nicer, more successful, of course,
and clean
but honestly, you should be happy
because a lot of people
wish they had jobs.
Hmm, yeah, I guess...
I guess you're right.
But you... I used to work at
a shoe department
at Dillard's before I came here
but I don't feel like
going back to those
stank feet and those stank
attitudes all day.
Mmm, I hear that.
Well, hey, just as
a side note, my firm
Peterson, Lewis and Kramer is
expanding into the Midwest
and we are aggressively
seeking new lawyers and talent
so just wanna put that
bug in your ear.
Well, this bug is buzzing.
But, you know...
my boss has been
real good to me
and not a lot of bosses would give you
a two-hour lunch break.
Um, so, um...
Will I see you...
will I see you again?
I don't mean to be rude,
but that is a mighty
stupid question.
What's your credit score?
Well, I guess
I'll call you later.
- Mmm, you do that.
- Un-huh.
Sir, you want to
see me?
Yeah, have a seat.
You've been knowing me
a long time, am I right?
- Yes, sir.
- Good.
I'm not gonna
beat around the bush.
What are you trying to
accomplish by
dealing with my wife?
Sir, I'm not trying
to accomplish...
Save it, save it, save it.
Your number came up
on her cell phone.
What's going on?
Sir, there's
nothing going on.
Let me tell you something.
I want you to
really hear me.
My wife is a nice lady.
naive, very kind.
And whatever
you're trying to do
by going around me
to get to her,
- is not...
- Sir...
It's not going to work.
You understand me?
I'm the boss here.
When I make decisions,
they're final.
You understand?
So go back to your office
and get to work.
That's the last thing
I'm gonna say.
(door closing)
Out of all the days I choose to
leave my wallet in my gym shorts
I choose today to do it.
It's okay.
Gosh, they said
we can get on the next flight out.
Don't beat yourself up.
Beat myself up?
I've been beat up enough
for the last few years.
And you don't ever have to worry
about me beating myself up.
- Jarvis.
- Um... oh, you know what?
Have a seat, look.
I gotta holler
at Elston real quick.
I left my SpongeBob
pillowcase at his crib.
I gotta get it.
- I can't fly without it.
- SpongeBob?
Yeah, SpongeBob.
- There we go.
- I'll be back, babe.
Okay, I'll be here.
Come in.
Elston, what's wrong?
I came right over as soon
as I got the message.
Thank you for coming.
You look upset,
what's wrong?
I should've
never started this with you.
Come on, don't tell me...
- Listen.
- You getting cold feet.
We're just getting started.
Vanessa, I've been
putting my job on the line.
I've been lying and deceiving people,
walking around here.
- This is not who I am.
- What?
You think I put a gun to your
head and made you do this?
- You wanted this just as bad as I did.
- Vanessa...
Vanessa, I can't do this!
I cannot do this,
this is not who I am.
So you think it's that easy.
You're just gonna stand right there
and say that you're done?
No, I'm not an old toy.
You can't just toss me aside
like I'm a piece of dirt!
I never said you
were an old toy, Vanessa.
You're gonna listen to me
and you're gonna do exactly
what I say to do.
Otherwise, I'm gonna
ruin your career at this firm
and you will never make another
dime again.
Now, Elston,
I need you to sign that contract
and I need you to sign it now.
Get out!
Get out, now!
Sheila: You heard the man,
you heard him.
Get out.
Boy, man, I thought
I was devious, but you?
You take the cake, honey,
and all that money you gave me,
I'm giving it back.
- This...
- I'm no longer into that.
My life is a parade.
- Parade?
- Long story.
You know what?
This isn't over.
(door closing)
You know we gotta
tell him, right?
- Are you out of your mind?
- Mrs. Simmons?
- Pinkie toe?
- Mm-hmm.
She's my sister in the Lord
now, you know.
And she always
says that the Bible says:
"First go and be reconciled
with your brother."
Sheila, how can you be quoting
the Bible at a time like this?
Yeah, I know.
But it's never too late,
you know,
even with a past
as long and colorful as mine.
Yes, very long and colorful.
Come on now, we gotta go, now,
come on, stand up.
Come on, hold your head up.
Man up and let's go.
Sheila, you know
I love you like a sister.
I love you too.
And I'm gonna
miss you.
I'm gonna miss you too.
All right, let's go.
- Hey.
- Hey, uh...
I'm busy right now
doing some reading.
Can this wait?
No, sir, it cannot.
What's the problem?
Okay, um...
I'm just gonna go
ahead and say it, um...
I've been having an affair
with your wife.
Is that what you
came here to tell me?
Is this... is this some...
some kind of game?
Some kind of scam or something?
Because my wife
wouldn't do anything like that.
No, no, no, I helped them too
and I'm ashamed of it.
And they didn't
even pay that much.
This... this... this is a joke,
this is not true, okay, so...
Of course, this isn't true.
Okay, listen...
Why would you
do something like that?
I treated you like my own son.
Yes, Elston, why would you
do something like this?
Sir, I don't
know why I did it
but I did it, okay,
I'm so sorry.
I disappointed myself,
I disappointed you
and I'm ashamed.
And I'm willing to
suffer the consequences, sir.
I'm so sorry.
Is this true?
Of course it's not true,
for goodness sakes.
I treated you like a queen,
is this true?
Oh, come on, man.
Yo, tell me this is a lie, E.
You was about to get
a promotion.
I have here on my phone
all the pictures and text messages
that she sent...
- Give me that!
- No, no, no...
I'm sorry, sir.
Why would
you do this to me?
You're gonna stand here
and lie about it.
I want you out of here.
Talk to my lawyer
in the morning.
Go to my house.
Give your keys
to my housekeeper.
You're the worst.
As for you...
I trusted you.
I treated you
like my own son.
You lying, conniving little punk.
I want you to
go clean your desk out
and leave your keys
on top.
Let me tell you something.
If I was 20 years
Randall, Randall, Randall!
You ain't kickin'
nobody, homey.
We're from Cabrini-Green.
Everybody get out.
Get out!
Get out of my office!
Get out!
Let's go.
Get out of my office.
I am not your
toy or your trophy.
You just give me
chump change.
Do you know,
all you did...
was work, work, work, work.
That's all you did.
I needed some attention.
I felt so worthless.
All that money
you make,
you don't think
I deserved any?
I'm your wife.
I want you out.
Get out of my office
before I call the cops
and have them
take you out.
Get out of my office.
- Get out of my office.
- Take it.
Elston: I feel so terrible.
And you should,
Johnny Heartthrob.
- Slow down.
- Jarvis.
What, we can't talk about the truth
around here anymore?
Okay, what you
did was horrible.
I mean, but we've all sinned
and fallen short
of the glory of God.
Did you ask him
to forgive you?
A million times.
You only have to
ask Him once.
I love you
no matter what
and so does He, big bro.
You always know
what to say, huh, sis?
Yeah, ain't she the best?
Ooh, sorry,
that's my man.
- Gotta go.
- Wait, wait, whoa, your man?
Let him in, I want to see
his wedding ring.
Let him in, come on.
I told you,
I'm done with all that.
I don't air your dirty laundry,
Mr. SpongeBob.
Hey, uh, don't go there.
Everybody, this is Andrew.
Wait, he's from
the Stevens firm.
She's sleeping with the enemy.
It's okay, guys,
we're on neutral territory.
For now, at least.
Yo, Elston,
hide the paperwork.
How are you, man?
I'm Elston.
- Pleasure.
- Please to meet you.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna be
Sheila told me what
happened, and, hey,
I know all about your extensive trial
experience with Trace.
And, you know,
pretty sure, you know,
since now you're
technically unemployed
that the partners at our firm
could make you a handsome offer
to come on board with us
because, honestly,
we could use a guy like you.
- As a partner?
- Absolutely.
I mean, board has to approve,
of course
but I'm sure it'll sail through.
Because, honestly,
Elston, you're, uh...
reputation is very
solid in Chicago.
Okay, um...
- Give me your card and...
- Yeah.
...we'll go over some
details on Monday.
- Sure.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, Monday.
Monday, Monday morning.
As in 7:55
early Monday morning,
bright and early, you know,
and make sure
your junior attorney
- sends over the documents ASAP.
- Jarvis.
- Jarvis.
Come on, Andrew, let's go before
we miss the movie.
- 'Cause we gonna get together.
- Okay, all right.
- Pleasure.
- Pleasure, man.
Hey, Monday.
You better go ahead, girl.
Now, if you don't mind, I'd like to get
my SpongeBob pillow
'cause, uh...
I got me a flight
to Dallas to catch.
- Dallas?
- Yeah.
Courtside, bro.
Wait, now look it, man.
Take care of her, man.
Yeah, man,
you know, the Bible says,
"When a man findeth his wife
"he keepeth it,
'cause it's a good thing."
You know, and, uh, I'll be
damned if I let this
good thing get
away from me again.
Amen, brother.
So we gonna go.
All right.
I'll call you
when we land.
- Love you.
- I love you too.
I know where you live, Jarvis.
- Hey, I know, I know.
- Get it right.
I don't want any trouble.
I'm not here
for any trouble.
Just wanted to talk.
Come in.
You're welcome to have a seat.
No, I'm...
too keyed up to sit down.
I'd rather stand.
Look, um...
...I've had a lot of time
to think.
Calmed down.
Now I think I'm thinking straight.
Well, I'm glad
one of us can think straight.
You know, the truth is, uh...
I had suspicions
about her all along.
But I was just blinded
by her beauty.
I was trying
to convince myself
not to think about it.
But I knew eventually it
would all blow up in my face.
I don't know what to say.
There ain't
nothing to say.
You know, uh...
...oh, she's beautiful.
We didn't have
a lot in common.
You know, she likes that...
just that booty-shaking
rap music.
That stuff they play
on the young people channel.
You know, I am...
I'm more of a...
a Luther Vandross man myself.
I understand.
We didn't have
anything to talk about.
It was all a facade.
I mean, she made me
feel young again.
I put her up on a pedestal.
But I knew...
I knew it wasn't real.
I didn't spend
any time with her.
So, um...
what are you gonna do?
Yeah, that's the question.
You know, I want you to
know something.
You weren't the first.
She's had about
three affairs.
I just didn't want to know.
Well, I wish I knew
you didn't wanna know.
That's well said, young man.
You know what you did
was wrong.
And I want you
to know that it hurt.
But I respect you as a man
for taking responsibility
for the mistakes that you've made.
God knows I've made
my own mistakes.
I can't give you your job back
but I want you to know that
you were instrumental
in helping me
build my firm.
So I want you to
have this.
What is it?
Open it.
It's a check.
Sir, this is, uh...
this is very generous, sir,
but I can't take this.
No, I want you to take it.
Do I owe you something?
Remember that?
Well, I want you to know
you did a great job in helping me
build my firm.
So I'm not giving you that.
You earned it.
I'll let myself out.
Thank you.
I know that I can't
do anything to make...
the past right again
but I'll do everything
to make it right in the future.
Yeah... maybe.
Maybe after this all passes,
who knows?
Maybe one day
we'll be friends again.
But right now, I've gotta go
and put my life
back together.
Thank you.