Forbrydelser (2004) Movie Script

I only graduated
from seminary last year.
It's a long course.
Then Kristian phoned -
- to say he was ill, -
- was going on leave, and that
I should apply to stand in for him.
He's my former teacher.
A prison priest -
- has to help the prisoners
with the guilt they bear.
And to help them -
- to find absolution.
Yes, Anna.
He certainly recommends you.
He thinks you are extremely good.
Supportive, committed.
But it's not our usual practice.
What isn't?
Appoint newly qualified priests
for prison duty.
How about that film, then?
Or you could get some sleep
before you go to work.
My sister phoned.
She's pregnant again.
Yet again?
Did she pendulum herself
to see what sex it was?
Maybe she'll purge my aura or get
her shaman to cast his bones for me.
OK, Anna, OK!
You're horrid.
Item: one transferee.
Kate Kristoffersen.
Now, behave yourself!
Ask them to retrain you as a nanny.
What's all this?
- Or another job with babies.
Cut it out.
That looks splendid, Kate.
If you hurry
you'll be in time for breakfast.
What do you want?
- A bowl.
They're over here.
- You're welcome.
What's your name?
- Kate.
What are you in for?
I'm Lizzie and I'm innocent, too.
None of us has done a thing.
You're Kate?
- Yes.
I know someone
who did time with you at Vestre.
I've heard things about her.
- You're worse gossips than my mum.
They said she detoxed in 24 hours
without even cold turkeying.
- It's impossible.
It takes a week of chucking up
and crapping all over yourself.
I'm sick of hearing
about junk. More coffee?
Yes, please.
Every time you see a door you'll
think of your keys...
- This is se. And Anna.
Kristian's stand-in.
I've put Kate Kristoffersen into 367.
Good luck!
- Thanks.
Have we got bad breath?
Good morning.
Good morning... this is Anna,
our new priest as of today.
Hi! If there's anything you want
to talk to me about, just come to me.
Or if there's anything
I can help you with.
Get ready, now!
Workshop in ten minutes!
Take it easy!
- Ten minutes!
I'd better get on with my work.
- Thanks for your help.
You're welcome.
She came in this morning, right?
- Because of pusher trouble.
What kind?
I suppose she got in their way.
This junk stuff makes me sick.
I've started getting letters.
"Hi, cunt. We're going to
cut you up. And your wife."
"And your little kids
...See you soon!"
- Upset them and they send you this.
Or they get their lovers to.
Great job, eh?
Are you about to pray or something?
- I wasn't, actually...
Because I've got to do the cleaning.
Hi, I'm Anna.
Are you sure
you understand this?
What do you mean?
"She is an ordained priest
and spiritual counsellor..."
Put it back!
Goodness me! "Her duty is to
dispense the Word of God -
- and to minister the holy
Sacraments in the Congregation..."
I don't understand a word of it.
I'm going to bed.
I can't concentrate.
That's OK.
Is something the matter?
The way they looked at me!
"Is that what
they mean by a priest?"
Come on! They're used to Kristian.
He looks like a good old-fashioned
priest with white hair and specs.
I so much want to preach on
something relevant to their lives.
"Preach"! I don't like the word.
You'll be a great priest, man.
You only say that
because you want sex.
He is really ill.
He's at a clinic in Germany.
- They say it'll take a miracle.
For him to recover.
It'll take a miracle
for me to recover, too.
The Devil created night shifts,
I can tell you.
See you.
Wake me up when you get home,
all right?
I will.
Why don't you just give it up?
Can't Jossi give her some?
- Jossi refuses.
She's been shagging for dope
though she owes Jossi a bundle.
She'll have a lousy night.
- Jossi is a cow.
It's 9.30. Time to go to your cells.
Keep your shirt on!
- You, too, Lizzie.
Chill, man! We've loads of time.
- Now, then!
Some water?
...Good night.
Good night, all.
It's nearly 9.30.
Lizzie, where are you going?
- For a pee.
Be quick, then.
Marion? Go back to your cell.
Are you off now, too?
- The next shift is due on now.
How about a beer?
- Another night, maybe.
- Yes.
Please help me!
Please help me...
Good morning...
God can see through all our crimes
and all our guilt.
But that doesn't absolve
any of us of responsibility.
On the contrary.
The burden is all the greater, -
- because the knowledge
that guilt is in all of us -
- means that each of us
bears everybody's guilt, -
- and we must all bear the
knowledge of one another's burden.
God sees that we are other than,
and more than our actions.
The truth is that to God
no human is inhuman.
Aren't you meant to have a helper?
- Yes, as a matter of fact I am.
I'd like to be your helper, then.
The old priest
had one called Bodil, but...
...I think she died.
Right! If you'd like to,
that'd be great!
Do priests really believe Jesus could
walk on water and wake the dead?
We regard it more as a metaphor, -
- a picture showing that faith
can do great things.
So you don't really believe in it.
- We do!
We believe that
for God anything is possible.
Can I put these down here?
- Yes.
But sometimes making do with
just believing is very difficult.
I believe in it.
And I know somebody who can do it.
Do what?
Perform miracles.
- Oh?
The new girl.
Kate. She can.
They say she saw something
really amazing one night.
I mean... she received
a visit from God.
And he talked to her.
She has cured me.
I sat beside her and then...
There is something
about God and her.
Shall I make some coffee?
- I could do with a cup.
Only two? Come on!
Want a job?
- A job?
You can take over from Kiki
as my stash.
I'm not interested.
- You're not interested?
I'm clean. Kate helped me.
She can do stuff like that.
I'II be your personal officer
while you are in prison here.
If you need anything or have
any questions, just come to me.
Now, the rules
for doing up your cell...
I haven't moved anything.
- No.
But we have rules.
Fire precautions.
Maybe you don't want
to move things round?
All right.
If you have any trouble
of the kind you had at Horserd -
- I'd like you to come to me.
I'd like a day's supervised leave.
To go to my sister's wedding.
What lovely handwriting she has!
I'II have to phone her
to check she's invited you.
Of course.
You may make phone calls to
four specified phone owners.
The prison has to approve them.
We need their numbers and names.
- Which belongs to...
That's my sister's number.
That's all.
Well... I'll be the officer
who accompanies you.
Excuse me...
I can't make my computer work.
I can't get it to behave...
- Just a moment.
Hey! Stop that!
What's going on?
Shut up!
Shut up!
Hi! My name is Anna.
Mine isn't.
Mine's Kate.
You're Kate -
- and I'm the stand-in priest.
If you want to talk to me
you'll be very welcome.
Just look after yourself
and the baby in your belly, right?
I'm not pregnant.
- If you say so.
I can't get pregnant.
I know I put it in his bag.
What are you so cross about?
You're not allowed to
be cross when you visit me.
For God's sake, man!
Visiting hours are over, Josephine.
Can't we say goodbye first?
Of course.
I can't find it.
Come here.
Come on.
Time's up.
Right, Darling.
We must get some aspirins.
Are you tired?
- No, I just feel a bit funny.
It's called work, Honey.
Most people feel that way.
I'd like some disinfectant
and some soluble aspirins.
Lemon flavoured or not?
Frank? Lemon flavoured or not?
- Lemon-flavoured.
Anything else?
A pregnancy test.
You what?
Yes, what? Well, I feel a bit funny
and I'm buying a pregnancy test.
Don't look at me like that.
I feel really weird -
- and I'm buying a pregnancy test.
I thought we agreed not to waste
time on any more bloody tests?
Yes, we did.
But I feel weird.
OK? So I'm buying one.
Have you read her file?
- Whose?
She's a right little charmer.
Well, what?
- What about tonight?
- Yes.
That beer.
Tonight's not a good night, either?
- No, I don't think so.
Are you scared of me?
- No.
Maybe I'm too old for you?
- No, we'll go for a beer one night.
Just not tonight.
- No, just not tonight.
Right then, push off!
Make way for the real officers!
Have a good shift!
- Have a good night!
What's this supposed to mean?
What the hell is this?
I'm pregnant.
You can't be.
Darling, there must be
something wrong with the test.
Something is wrong.
What are you up to?
- Waiting to take Kate out.
Oh? So soon?
- To her sister's wedding.
Have fun.
- Thanks.
Right, shall we go?
Hi, Michael.
- Hi.
Nice to see you.
- Thanks.
I'd have sworn it wasn't possible.
But you're pregnant.
Without our help.
We can hardly believe it.
- I can see why.
Now, what stage are you at?
When was your last period?
Do you remember?
- July 1983?
That's certainly a few days ago.
- It's a bit...
It's a bit mixed up.
I can check my diary at home.
No, we'll find out
when we scan you.
Now, now!
You're over 35 -
- so we'll offer to test your
placenta or your amniotic fluid.
What do these tests show?
- Any fetal chromosome defects.
We call it...
- We don't want it, do we, Frank?
Do the tests show
if it's a boy or a girl?
Should I buy football boots? Or...
- Do you want to know?
If so, we'll tell you.
Isn't that how it's done?
That's how
some people do it.
It's quite usual.
Shouldn't we?
All right, we'll have one.
No, it's a non-smoker.
Two stations to go.
Hey, you can't do that!
I can't do it.
- You can't what?
I... c... can't...
...sit there at her wedding
with them all staring at me.
Let's find somewhere to sit down
and talk this over... we've time.
Can't we just stay here?
I can't do that.
I have to file a report on
how you did at the wedding.
There are a lot of
rumours about you.
I'd rather not talk about it.
Oh, no, what is it this time?
You don't know anything
about computers, do you?
I was thinking...
I've begun to think again
now I'm feeling better, right?
We've loads of time to think in here.
- I can imagine.
Specially Saturdays and Sundays.
They're dead.
So what have you been thinking?
- All kinds of stuff.
About God and...
...Jesus and... conscience, right?
Mum's side of the family
was really religious.
Maybe that's why I've been thinking
about it so much right now.
They don't want
to see me any more.
Marion, I have access
to everyone's files in here.
Everyone knows why I'm here.
I killed somebody.
I have tried to feel sorry,
but... you can't.
You feel bad about
not feeling guilty?
It was my boyfriend, right?
He was always beating me up.
I don't like talking about it.
Yes, it's hard.
What is?
Forgiving oneself.
It's hard.
Very hard.
That's what it's like when we do
things that are irrevocable -
- or wrong.
But God forgives you.
You think so?
- Yes.
It was nice talking to you.
We can talk for longer if you like.
- No, that'll do for now.
You're a good priest, I reckon.
How is Kate getting on?
- Have you talked to her?
No, not really.
Her and God have
got something going.
They really have.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
How long have you been there?
- Only a little while.
- Hi.
I'm sorry we got off
on the wrong foot.
That's all right.
I'd like to ask...
Have you had
an epiphany of some kind?
You've heard rumours, maybe?
No need to talk about it
unless you want to.
Have you?
- I haven't had an epiphany... that way.
It was more...
It came gradually.
So if your experience was
different I'd like to hear about it.
I'm not crazy.
- That's not what I think.
I was pregnant, it turned out.
That's what I said.
Could you see?
- Or else I'm good at guessing.
If you go into a cell,
tell us first.
Oh, I'm sorry.
We need to be told first.
Karsten, may I ask you something?
I should ask Kristian
but that's difficult now.
And you've been here for ages.
- Yes.
...quite a bit of talk
about miracles.
And supernatural things.
- Yes.
We don't call them miracles
but speed psychoses.
After a while on drugs they start
seeing gods and angels -
- and hearing trumpets... let us
know if you go into their cells.
- OK.
They keep talking about miracles.
- Miracles...
They think one of the prisoners has
supernatural powers. Her hands...
It's sad.
- Why sad?
They're so wretched -
- and they think a magic wand
will solve their problems.
That sounds lovely.
Yes, it's probably just me.
It really does sound lovely.
Shall I show you
something else lovely?
Yes! Priest sex!
Let's move the chairs
and stand up to sing!
That's what we'll do.
Come on!
Where can I find the wisdom
To properly understand?
We can do better than that.
I was thinking...
I don't understand what it means.
Which bit?
- The chorus. About the grass.
"The smallest blade of grass
fills me with wonder."
"Where can I find the wisdom
to properly understand it?"
Somebody is wondering...
About a blade of grass?
- Blades of grass are great.
Blades of grass?
- Yes, Marion?
It's just...
...that Danny and me
used to have a garden.
The guys all used
to pee on it -
- in summer.
There were yellow patches
But the grass grew back
all the same... right?
Yes. It's fantastic.
Life is a gift of God.
- Why isn't Kate here?
She doesn't have to come.
- But you're in the same business.
I'm clean.
You've got to help keep my stash.
- I want no more to do with it.
No. But you owe me and
I'm tired of waiting for my money.
So help to keep my stash
till you've paid up.
I just dropped in.
- Yes.
I'd like to chat.
- Yes?
Or to confess,
or whatever it's called.
I just haven't anywhere else to go.
That's quite all right.
Would you like to sit down?
No, thanks.
- Sorry. I...
The thing is, -
- I have feelings for
one of the prisoners.
- I don't know if it's love.
But I've feelings for her.
And... I have also held her hand.
You've held her hand.
- It's forbidden.
For officers and prisoners...
Laws do tend to get in the way.
But love is not easy to control.
I know it's wrong.
Is it serious?
...can never be illegitimate.
But if it's serious... perhaps -
- you should consider
getting a new job.
So... you had better figure out...
...if it's serious.
You don't have a TV.
You can watch mine if you want.
There's this
really good magician on later.
I've brought you a present.
A thank-you present.
For what?
For making me clean.
I haven't done anything.
It's nothing special.
It's not brand new, I'm afraid.
- OK.
Jossi says
I've got to help with her stash.
I don't want to be
busted for Jossi's dope.
But I can't find
a good hiding place.
I'II help you.
Look, that's the head.
And this is the spine.
- Oh, my goodness!
Let's see what stage you're at...
I'd say you are 15 weeks pregnant.
It's 15 cm long.
Look at that!
- It's moved over there.
It's tumbling around.
- Zooming about.
It's looking at us.
- Maybe it is!
Goodbye and thank you!
- Don't forget this!
The blood of Christ...
The blood of Christ...
The blood of Christ...
The blood of Christ...
It only goes round once.
Our crucified, resurrected Saviour,
Lord Jesus Christ, -
- who has now given us
His sacred body and blood -
- and absolved us
of all our sins.
May His strength
thereby preserve us -
- in true faith
unto everlasting life.
Peace be with you!
You look pleased.
- Yes.
My computer's playing up and
there's a file I want to look at.
Come here.
- What a clapped-out old thing!
Which file did you want to look at?
I don't know her surname.
Kate Kristofferson.
Why her file?
I just want to look at it.
And maybe a couple of others.
Here it is.
She was a drug addict at the time.
And it says her baby died of thirst?
She left her alone for four days.
Left a little girl in her flat?
If you and I were on drugs
we'd be unpredictable, too.
And then she threw
the baby into a dustbin.
She probably thought
she'd only be gone for a moment -
- and then she took
drugs and forgot.
Anyone serving time
for harming a child -
- gets hunted like an animal.
They usually end up in
voluntary solitary confinement.
It's very important that
none of the other inmates find out.
Of course.
I happened to be passing.
- Yes.
Are you all right?
I've been given a present.
By Marion.
Very nice.
What if... was my mum's 60th birthday
next week?
I'll show you what we found.
Then we'll talk about
what happens next, all right?
The amniotic fluid test
revealed a "translocation", -
- i.e. an abnormality.
Look... these are the chromosomes.
This bit has come off this
chromosome and tagged on here.
You can have a chromosome
defect like that and be healthy.
It may mean nothing.
What matters is whether
it's been passed on from a parent -
- or whether it is a new occurrence.
I don't understand.
If it's a new occurrence
the fetus may be damaged.
So we're going to do blood tests -
- to see if one of you
has the same defect.
And if one of us has?
- That will be great.
There'll be nothing to fear.
And it's the most typical.
In 90% of all cases -
- one of the parents
has the defect.
And what if we haven't?
There'll be a 5 to 10% chance
that there's something wrong.
What if we're among the 10%?
In the worst case,
the child will be retarded.
It may have an unusual
Or slightly stunted growth.
Or it may be born with deformities.
So we'll test your blood, all right?
The results will be ready in a week.
- Yes.
Frank, say something.
When my sister was
pregnant the first time -
- they said there might be
something wrong but there wasn't.
That was nice.
But maybe we're not that lucky?
- We're beautiful, young, and lucky.
Say it again.
We are beautiful and we are lucky.
You are beautiful and I am lucky.
I've got a business going.
- I know.
So stop playing Jesus and making
my customers think they're clean.
I don't want my lovely kids
going short while I'm inside.
And for that I need my business.
Don't cross me.
Isn't this a great job?
- Sure.
We spend the day cleaning up after
hookers and junkies.
There's a good feel
about the place right now.
Oh, yes, it's really great.
Have you received
any more postcards?
It's because...
...It's because of my kids.
They're threatening my kids.
They are bastards.
- Not all of them.
Just wait till
you've been here five years.
"Happy Birthday, Mum", then.
We don't have to stay here.
- It's all right.
You could tell me
what you saw on TV last night.
I don't really remember.
I surfed.
Something on space travel.
- Space travel?
Tell me about that, then.
Yes. Where shall I start?
It doesn't matter where you begin.
I'd almost forgotten
things like that.
What things?
- Ordinary things.
Like having coffee somewhere.
Or talking about space travel?
- Talking a lot about space travel.
I'd better get that report done.
What's that nice warder called?
The one with the lovely hair?
He's not that old and
he's got lovely hair.
"Henrik Butterlocks."
It says neither of you has
abnormal chromosomes.
So there is a 5 to 10% risk -
- that something about your fetus
isn't as it should be.
But you can't say
any more than that?
So it may have an unusual
appearance and be -
- retarded?
What you have to decide -
- is whether to continue
the pregnancy or to terminate it.
If you decide to go through with it
and the baby is handicapped -
- we can talk
about the support available -
- and what kind
of life it will lead.
Isn't it too late
for a termination?
No. We'll recommend termination
to the authorities.
It's a formality with this
But for your own sakes
I wouldn't wait too long.
The decision is entirely up to you.
I am available if you want to talk
to me or for whatever else I can do.
How do you do it?
- How do we do what?
If you remove the baby...
How will you kill our baby?
I'd like to know how you do it.
It's our baby and my body,
so I've a right to know.
We use a suppository
called Cervagem.
We insert it into the vagina.
It makes the uterus contract.
And the baby comes out?
- Yes.
Is it alive?
Why not?
Because the contractions
suffocate the fetus.
You say fetus, I say baby.
Funny, isn't it?
Go home and talk it over.
I'II arrange a new appointment.
You'll get a new appointment soon.
We'll get a new appointment.
Come on.
Those knives don't go
in the dishwasher...
I've told you a hundred times.
Is it because you want me
to decide? Is that it?
Say something, Frank.
I don't know what to think.
- Then find out!
Frank, say something.
I don't know how I'II feel if we have
a baby that's sick and poorly.
Nor do I know how I'II feel
if you have an abortion.
I don't know how I feel
and I can't figure it out, OK?
I'll tell you what I think.
I mix with junkies and murderers -
- who have loads of
healthy, bouncy babies.
And all I ask -
- is why this has happened to us?
Why couldn't...
...Why couldn't...
There's a woman there
who left her daughter -
- and when she came back -
- she'd died of thirst.
It isn't fair.
Frank! You keep walking
away from me! It isn't fair!
Kate Kristoffersen
has requested an interview.
I'll wait outside.
Hi, Kate.
I don't really know what I want.
- I just felt like a chat.
Maybe you're not feeling too good?
- A chat? What about?
Will you teach me how to pray?
Of course.
Come up here and sit down.
This is how it starts:
Our Father who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy name.
Thy Kingdom come.
Our Father...
...who art in heaven...
...hallowed be Thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done
in heaven as it is on earth.
Thy will be done
in heaven as it is on earth.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses... we forgive those
who trespass against us.
Give us this day our daily bread.
Forgive us our trespasses... we forgive those
who trespass against us.
What do you want of me, Kate?
- What?
I am not very well. I...
...We'd better do it another day.
I'm sorry.
Anna? ...I've just been
talking to Kristian's wife.
He won't be coming back,
I'm afraid.
If you're happy here -
- perhaps we could make it
a permanent arrangement?
Any questions?
- No.
Are you happy here?
They're not too hard on you?
- No.
I am always the last to know.
- Can I get on home?
Of course.
- I'm not feeling well.
Well, that's fair enough.
- Hi.
Can I help you?
I don't know if you remember me
and my boyfriend.
Oh, yes. We did laugh, didn't we!
Could I see my baby again?
You'll need an appointment.
- I haven't got one.
I have a couple waiting outside.
They say there may be
something wrong.
I'm sorry to hear it.
Something to do
with the chromosomes.
But they don't know what, so...
I just can't do it
without an appointment.
I'II be quick.
It won't take long.
Or I'II wait till later.
I can wait outside.
The fact that God created us -
- does not absolve us
of responsibility.
We are responsible for what we do.
I suppose...
I don't know if
anybody had expected...
...a drop to drink?
We could do that instead.
Or we could just call it a day.
I'II say it again: if you're
feeling bad go and see Kate.
Everyone who's been to Kate
has received help.
You should try it.
It wouldn't do any harm.
What harm could it do?
Tilt it, tilt it!
Or it'll stick.
Now you can brown it.
This one must be yours.
- I've got one.
Want another?
- Yes.
Remember that delivery man who
used to come to our street?
It was a dead easy job.
He took you...
He took you to a cemetery.
You strung him up stark naked in
the back of his van, got out, -
- had a few ciggies -
- and then "happen to find him"
by getting back in.
It was as easy as pie.
All he wanted was
to be "found out".
Then you gave him a blow job
and pocketed 800 kroner.
You got 800?
You never got 800!
I did.
Did you get more?
- No, I got 700.
Hey, that's really mean!
You got 800!
Men are bastards.
- Not all of them.
If Kim wasn't a bastard
you wouldn't be in here.
Aren't you going
to the warder's office for coffee?
What do you mean?
You're getting all lovey-dovey
with Butterlocks, aren't you?
- Is there any more juice?
And you'll rat on the rest of
us if he asks you to?
I've no idea what you're on about.
I keep away from slags
who sleep with screws.
I'm not sleeping with anyone.
- Stop spoiling things, Jossi.
Chill out, Josephine.
Be seeing you, Miss Snout.
Yes, do take a pancake!
The stupid slag!
- Don't mind her, Kate.
We don't know what we want to do.
Whether you carry on or terminate,
we will understand full well.
What do people usually do?
Just over half of them
decide to terminate.
I'm sorry I can't be more specific.
Chromosome defects can be
harmless. The baby could be normal.
But at worst it may be
severely handicapped.
I think we...
...I think
we'd better get rid of it.
That's the decision many people
make and it's easy to respect.
I'II contact the authorities,
and request -
- that they process
your case at once -
- so we can make an appointment
as soon as possible.
I'd like to know
if it's a boy or a girl.
Are you sure you want to know?
It's a girl.
I know this is a terrible strain.
I'II book you in
as soon as possible.
- Yes. That's me done for today.
Have you had a good day?
- Yes.
I think there's a good feel
about the place.
I know you do.
- Most of them are easy enough.
Very touching!
Does that mean
that one of the prisoners -
- is so easy to be with -
- that it's becoming
a bit of a problem?
I'm not sure what you mean.
- Oh, I think you do.
In fact we are duty-bound
to report anything -
- even resembling a relationship
between an officer and a prisoner.
But I'd rather not.
So let's say you'll deal with it
in the next couple of days?
They phoned.
They can fit us in
at 9.30 tomorrow morning.
Then it will be
over and done with.
I'd like us... tell everyone it was
a spontaneous abortion.
That the fetus died and...
It died and it came out.
I want to hear you say
that's all right.
That's all right.
You'd better phone the prison
to say you won't be in tomorrow.
I'II phone them.
I'm on nights so I'II go straight
to the hospital in the morning.
Good morning, Josephine!
Good morning, Tina.
Good morning.
- No!
It's not my fault
I've got appendicitis.
Up you get! You want to earn
your wages, right? Come on!
What's going on?
What do you want?
Yes, what do I want?
What's this about your hands?
- I don't know.
You don't know!
No, neither do I.
I don't know anything -
- except...
...that I've got
a sick baby inside me.
I thought... might be able to help me.
You and God.
Please will you help me?
Just what do you think
you can do?
You can't help me with anything.
Do you think God just says
to heck with what you did?
I know what you did.
You left your daughter
and she died of thirst.
You did, damn you.
What's going on?
You must ask us first!
Anyway, aren't you
taking the day off?
Find something sensible to do!
What was all that about?
It was about her baby.
- Her baby?
It's a little girl.
- What was she shouting about?
...there's another thing.
I've asked them to assign
a new personal officer to you.
We won't be going on
any more outings together.
Good morning, Kate.
There's just one rule
you need to know.
Child killers don't
have breakfast with us.
The kitchen is too dangerous.
You can so easily get hurt.
Somebody's been
on the toilet all morning.
- Do something about it!
You want me to piss in the sink?
- No.
Hey, open up, will you?
Open up!
What the hell did you say to her?
What did you say to her?
What the hell did you say to her?
Henrik, stop it!
Stop it!
It won't help, Henrik.
You bitch!
- Stop it!
What happened?
- I'll deal with it.
Get out, damn it!
Do you realize the time?
We're 20 minutes late.
Let's get it over and done with.
Let's get it over and done with.
Jonathan Sydenham