Force (2011) Movie Script

"The looks and complexion. The gait and attitude."
"She is a real beauty.
Everyone's spellbound."
"The looks and complexion.
The gait and attitude."
"She is a real beauty.
Everyone's spellbound."
"I added the zest to life."
"I added the glow to light."
"it's a new ambiance,
new breeze blowing."
"I am new and so is my attitude."
"Your tresses, your piercing eyes."
"They are so amazing.
Everyone's spellbound."
"Your tresses, your piercing eyes."
"They are so amazing.
Everyone's spellbound."
"I wish to wear the
stars around my neck."
"And the moon on my forehead."
"I wish to dwell the
entire ocean in my eyes."
"Wonder why the heart desires that."
"Some think I am crazy."
"I don't care."
"All I know."
"The heart searches for a way."
"The heart searches for a way."
"You gave color to life."
"You gave energy to life."
"You gave enthusiasm."
"Everyone's spellbound."
"I added the zest to life."
"I added the glow to light."
"it's a new ambiance,
new breeze blowing."
"I am new and so is my attitude."
Come on, come on.. let's go.
Didi, where are we going next?
What's the consignment like?
40 kilos.
Let me have it.
Don't you want to know the rate?
We are not here to buy from you.
- We'll take it.
Look at my size
before you say something.
You aren't snatching
ice cream from a kid.
You are stealing a
consignment from Francis
You aren't laughing any more.
Right now I'm angry.
My God.
Sorry, Francis.
I know I can't afford it but..
I can help you sell it.
If you ever try to
double-cross me again, you'll get it.
The bullets will do the talking.
Give me two day's time..
your work will be done.
Vijay Bhai, this is Francis.
We had asked for bread..
where is it ?
How big is the consignment?
40 kilos.
- What?
40 kilos?
Only More can buy such a big load.
I can take you to one of his men.
Anything you want you are
sure to get it at Modern mall.
You are sure to find More there.
Excuse me.
Oh. This isn't yours?
Even you know that.
40 kilos?
What's the rate? - If you
can take all of it, I'll give..
..You a 10% discount.
Where is the stuff from?
- Punjab border.
The deal can be worked out but
More has a trusted supplier.
Cheema . But he won't..
- Where can I find Cheema?
Cheema is a total wacko.
Anybody taller than 5 feet
5 inches is a cop to him.
He is always armed.
And he doesn't think twice
before shooting in a public place.
Do you live around here..'?
What's your name?
I'm not talking to you nor
do I need to tell you my name.
- Sorry?
Sir! I stay in this area.
You can call my house
and check if you'd like.
My no is
- 267103415
I am not interested
in your phone number.
You moved the barricade
and that's not allowed.
Sir! I accept that I made a mistake.
I shouldn't have
moved the barricade.
Sir! I won't do it again.
You are acting smart
in front of the girl?
No Sir !
- He is not acting smart.
We just need to reach home soon.
Sorry, it was a mistake.
Please let me go.
- How can I let you go?
Sir, I'll drop my friend and return.
I'll be back in 30 minutes.
So until then I should
conduct an orchestra?
But, sir..
- You can go after you pay the fine.
Didn't you see the license?
The insurance papers
are with his friend.
Are the papers too
heavy to keep with you?
Law and order aren't mere words.
- What's the problem?
Sir, they removed the
barricade and tried to get away.
What's your name?
- Raja, sir.
Sir, we've met before.
ACP Yashvardhan was
with the crime branch.
I work with Aastha.
I met you for the
de-addiction program last year.
Last year in Jogeshwari.
Don't you remember?
What's your name?
B-501, Sai Sadan, Sai
Baba Colony Goregoan East.
Last time around you
refused to tell me.
Sir ! They don't have
relevant documents for his vehicle.
Where are you coming from?
We're returning after
watching a late night show.
Is she your sister?
- No, sir, she's a friend.
What do you mean 'friend"?
- 'Friend' means a friend.
It's late at night,
you are out with a girl..
You are roaming without papers..
You remove a police
barricade knowing ..
"That it's kept
there for a purpose.
What kind of a
friend does that make you?
A stupid one, I think.
I am sorry, sir.
It's okay.
Let them go.
- Yes sir.
Thank you sir.
- Go on.
You should always keep
your vehicle documents ..
..With you, when
you are on the road.
Sir! This is the first
time that I don't have ..
..Necessary documents with me.
So isn't that your fault?
You're afraid of guys
with stubble and tattoos..
And you move police
barricades with clean shaven guys!
If I hadn't caught you today..
..L certainly would've
become a drug peddler.
What's up?
Did More give any more names?
No, sir.
- Then what was so urgent?
We could've spoken tomorrow.
- We have a new informer.
Information about?
I will give you
information about everything.
Let me begin with Acetic Anhydrite.
Then I shall go to LSD,
Heroin, Mandrax..
And Ketamine.
And quantity?
Ounces, grams, kilos..
You can forget about them.
Get this, all shipments will
stop coming into Mumbai and..
No shipments will go out.
The only way to prevent a leak
is a small and efficient unit.
Apart from your team and mine,
we won't share..
.. This information with others.
Whom do you have in mind?
- Atul Kalsekar.
He knows the NDPS act by heart.
The lawsuits
prepared by him will help..
Us get convictions
in the NDPS court.
Who else?
- There's a new recruit.
Mahesh Pande. What do you think?
Mahesh.. you look like a salesman.
What's wrong with t-shirt and leans?
Rachna, it's the NCB,
not your call center.
He will be a big plus.
- I have another suggestion.
He's unconventional
but his on-street ..
..Network and
intelligence are excellent.
Kamlesh Sawant?
Glad I caught you
without your clothes on.
Makes it so easy to check.
So, everyone ready for
blood and urine test?
Boys.. - Yash is in
charge of the operation.
All of you will
report directly to Yash.
I will tell you about four gangs.
We will handle four major groups.
And the business is
divided amongst these gangs.
The first racket
is Acetic Anhydrite.
The NCB maintains a
watch on the factory..
.. That manufactures this chemical.
No chemical factory
gives it diversion.
The gang has an arrangement
with the company truck drivers.
They steal small
quantities and when ..
..Enough use it
for big consignments.
The gang's base is in Kutch.
The gang's real kingpin is Kunwar.
Dharmesh is the handler.
Acetic Anhydrite isn't a drug.
It's a precursor chemical.
It's used to prepare Mandrax
and separate Heroin from Opium.
I neither want you
nor your 15 liters!
I want Kunwar.
Who is Kunwar, sir?
Sham e that's a wrong answer.
Sir, 18 kilometers from here is a
village on the border called Bani.
Kunwar conducts all his
business activities from there.
The biggest factory is in Goa.
Manufacturers, suppliers,
peddlers.. are all foreigners.
A Ukrainian gang has a
stranglehold on the entire business.
They don't trust others.
Their leader is Bruno.
Majority of the Heroin in
Mumbai comes from the Punjab border.
An Afghan drug smuggler has been..
Locked up in a
Jalandhar prison for years.
Riaz Jutt.
His men bring the
stuff to the Indian border.
The Heroin smuggled
from Afghanistan..
Helps fund terrorist
operations in India.
Pammi and Rajinder
are responsible for..
For taking it out
and back to Mumbai.
Both of them were
state level athletes.
Politics, BS F, police..
They have contacts everywhere.
Your job is to reach the
consignment to the border.
My men will take it from there.
Don't worry about the police.
- Sir..
Who is
transporting Heroin to Mumbai?
Wh..which heroine, sir?
Madhuri or Karishma.
What are you talking about?
Sir.. Sir, please listen to me..
I will tell you where
Rajinder and Pammi are.
Where do you think you are going?
Sir. Sir. Sir. Sir, what did I do?
Solan, Himachal Pradesh.
Nestled between the numerous local..
Pharmaceutical companies
is the Mandrax factory
Most of the Mandrax
available in Mumbai..
Is supplied from a
factory located there.
And the factory is
managed by Mohinder Singh.
Also known as Monty.
- Keep quiet.
- I'll shoot if anyone moves.
Sir, don't shoot, please.
Kunwar.. time to shut shop.
ACP sir!
- Hello. - Maya.
I know.. I remember.
I wanted to apologize to you, sir.
I have misbehaved
with you three times.
Actually I just couldn't
imagine you as a narcotics officer.
I guess your operations
must be very successful, sir.
You look like a thug.
Thank you for the compliment.
I mean sometimes.. when
you feel like being one.
I didn't want to look like one
while returning your anklet.
But unfortunately.
Actually was..
- Under the pretext of the anklet..
I wanted to ask you your name,
address, sun sign. Right?
No, sir..
The first impression
outside the auditorium.
I got confused.
He was a drug peddler.
- I know..
I mean I realized later that he
had definitely done something wrong.
And I assure you..
NCB officers don't carry
anklets in their pocket.
Tell me.
Wh at?
You wanted to say sorry,
but you haven't.
I am sorry.l mean I am really,
really, sorry.
Your apology is accepted.
What brings you here?
The children from our NGO..
Are presenting a dance
drama in the function.
There are only two
things in life that scare me.
Dance and drama.
And these children are
performing both at once!
Brave kids.
What's up He-man?
You aren't wearing a white
pajama and kurta for mourning today?
Why, sir?
Don't you know
today is the cremation?
Arvind's information has
finished off all the gangs.
Arvind seems to be a
dependable informer.
Frankly I am surprised
by the information..
.. That the
Intelligence Bureau has on Arvind.
He doesn't have
any known drug links.
Arvind was working for a failed
software company in Andhra Pradesh.
He was usually
posted in other countries.
US, Singapore, Dubai.
Hello, how are you?
- Fine.
His son died in Dubai.
Reason unknown.
He told me that drugs were
responsible for his son's death.
How can an outsider possibly
have so much sensitive information?
I hope his motive was
avenging a personal loss.
And nothing else.
The NCB got rid of all gangs.
Everything worked out
according to Vishnu's plan.
How are you, Vishnu?
- Very good, Anna.
Arvind has done
exactly as he was told.
Now it's time you came here.
I'll be there soon, very soon.
- Yashvardhan sir.
Speaking, who is this?
Sir, Maya.
I hope l am not disturbing you.
Maya.. you remember, right?
Dance and drama! How could I forget?
Sir, there's a problem.
I'm sorry I asked you to come here.
It's alright.
Roshni. She is one of
our best local helpers.
Hello, Roshni,
- Hello, sir.
What's the problem?
Roshni lives at Saniay Nagar.
A group of young boys
living there often trouble her.
In fact they threatened her that
if she complained about this..
They would throw acid on her.
That's why I had to
stay back with her.
I didn't know what I should do..
That's why l called you.
When I asked her name..
There they are.. at the tea stall.
Walk towards your home.
Don't worry!
Just go.
She is back!
Hey Mother Teresa!
- Please let me go..
You think you can walk away
just by looking the other way?
I'm talking to you, so
don't you look away!
Please let me go.. -I don't
want to waste my time talking.
When the acid hits her face,
that's when she will get it.
- You are right. - Go.
Get the bottle of acid!
No, please don't do that!
Oh no.. we have to do it.
- Please.
We have to
otherwise you won't get it!
Now I have to do it.
You just can't imagine
what I'm capable of.
Quick! Open it!
- No, please don't!
Since you don't seem to
get it, I have to do it.
Throw it?
- No, please.. please!
Please don't!
- I'll throw it!
Who is he?
Seems like a police officer.
No, sir.
No, oh no, sir..
Sir.. we were just kidding..
It's not acid..
It's only tap water.
Look at this.
I was also kidding.
It's a gun but no bullets.
You can drop me here.
Here? -Yes.
What if it really were acid?
I know what a goon's
capable of when I see one.
What if the bottle did contain acid?
It would have burnt my face.
I get the shivers thinking about it.
And you're so casual about it.
Thank God it wasn't!
Yes, Atul?
We have just arrived.
We are below the building.
Okay bye.
ACP sir..
- Hello.
My friend and I were at the
coffee shop and I saw you.
Would you like to join us?
- Sorry, I'm slightly busy.
There's a hearing at the NDPS court.
Well.. come after you are done.
We'll wait for you.
When did a rose bloom on
this dried log of wood?
I don't know when that would be..
I am not sure.
Please don't wait for me..
Please carry on. Okay?
So I guess now we will
have to salute her too?
Oh no.
Kamlesh. Kamlesh. Give her a hand.
Please.. get out of the way..
Mahesh, get the car..
- Yes sir.
ACP sir..
How are you?
I should be the one asking you that.
I was avoiding that very question.
I'm not good at lying.
It hurts a lot.
Don't worry, you'll be alright.
Let me call the doctor.
Don't blame me for losing the case.
If you had agreed to have coffee..
You wouldn't have gotten
involved in the 'Save Maya Mission'.
Don't worry, we won the case.
There's no need to be
so serious about it.
I was kidding.
I was looking at you and
didn't notice the car.
Here's the file.
- Thanks. - it's okay.
Let's go, sir.
Why do you have your
clothes ironed so crisp?
They could cut like a knife!
Here you go again.
Yash, has gone to that hospital?
You know something..
Atul and Swati are married.
And you are content
going around with Rachna.
That leaves Yash and me.
Now, he is totally into
that girl at the hospital.
God isn't paying attention to me.
Probably because I'm dark.
But this is the end of Yash.
No, sir. Yash isn't like that.
But the girl sure is.
Even I knew one who
had met with an accident.
I ran to her..
Held her in my arms.. and
took her to the hospital.
But her husband
came to take her back.
It should be compulsory for
married girls to wear a mangalsutra.
So have you made
your hospital pass yet?
Wh at?
I mean, you spend
most of your time there.
You should have an Attendant Pass.
Swati, I've been to
the hospital only twice.
That's good. Or you
could fall in love.
Just focus on your work.
Come on, Swati! I feel guilty.
The accident happened because of me.
That's why I went.
- I know, very sad.
In fact, Mahesh said
something but I didn't believe him.
Though now.. I don't know.
What did he say?
I mean, he said that..
.Awhile taking Maya to the hospital
something went into your eyes..
And perhaps your eyes
were wet or something..
I.. I don't remember.
I was worried you know.
Hey loser!
If you act human will
you be less of a man?
'I was worried.'
I know you've been there twice but..
Mentally that's where you are.
Why can't you admit it?
Why can't you admit that you
have fallen in love with her?
I don't think I'll
ever see her again.
ACP sir.
When I was in
college I had an ambition.
That I should get at least
one fracture, a hairline..
On the left arm..
The boys would shower me
with attention, the sympathy.
The accident took
place a little late though.
Wrong time, wrong side, wrong limb..
But still, I like it.
Everyone has written
some cute message..
You want to try your hand?
ACP sir?
Something bothering you?
Nowadays visitors
bring fruits, bouquets..
But this is special.
Thank you for the gun, ACP sir.
Just.. just toking!
So, ACP sir..
Are you this awkward
around every girl or..
Is there something special about me?
Normally the girls I
meet are either carriers..
..Peddlers, users or informers.
And I am very comfortable with them.
So, you are
uncomfortable because l am normal?
No.. I mean..
I'm uncomfortable..
Because of this chair.
The chair?
Hi Sister..
ACP Yash..
Let me get some tea for you.
Reverse case.
Your sister is
uncomfortable around me.
Sir, don't mind this but..
People are often
uncomfortable around the police.
We are normal people.
We are normal people
and I'm a normal person.
Right! So you're normal?
Time will tell how
normal you really are.
I had almost given up.
But I didn't.
I can't help it.
I can't stay away from you for long.
Let's go.
I'm so glad you're back, Vishnu.
What's the next step?
The field is clean and
competition is zero.
Demand is at an all time high.
Now, we will do business..
And together we will rule India.
But there's only one problem.
What's that?
You know what,I am so bored.
I've wasted four weeks of my life,
doing nothing at home.
Nothing interesting on TV and..
The walls don't change
color if you stare at them.
Now the weekend is here.
I'm going to Panchgani,
to visit Sister.
I miss her.
ACP sir..
Will you come along?
When are you leaving, Yash?
- I'm not.
You better go!
You will regret it when she
invites you for her wedding.
No problem , I'll enjoy the buffet.
Yash, listen to me!
Things are under control here.
You could use a break.
I love you, Atul!
You too, Brutus?
Come on! Even your junior agrees.
- Yes. Go, Yash.
I don't want to go!
Just stop it both of you!
"We both don't express the
feelings in our hearts."
"You wish to be mine and so do I."
"We know yet we act so strangely
What kind of a story is this?"
"isn't this surprising. When
there's love then why not admit it?"
"We both don't express the
feelings in our hearts."
"You wish to be mine and so do I."
"We know yet we act so strangely
What kind of a story is this?"
"isn't this surprising. When
there's love then why not admit it?"
"When the hearts say that
we have to be together."
"When the hearts beat
then what's the problem?"
"Your habit of staying
silent is my only complaint."
"Express sometimes the
desires in your heart."
"The secret that's
hidden in my heart."
"Let's tell it to the entire world."
"We both don't express the
feelings in our hearts."
"You wish to be mine and so do I."
"We know yet we act so strangely
What kind of a story is this?"
"isn't this surprising. When
there's love then why not admit it?"
"Now that we are together
then why this distance."
"Though close yet we are far."
"Why are we both scared?
Why are we both hesitant?"
"Wonder why we are so helpless?"
I don't believe there is any
place On earth as beautiful as this
And, even if 1:here is one,
it doesn't matter to me.
My father built this house.
When my parents were alive..
..We used to spend
every weekend together here
Good times, bad times,
we've lived them all over here.
I wanted to show you this place.
I had a great time..
It's quite late, we should leave.
Wh at?
There's something
I need to tell you.
I know something about
you that no one knows.
Wh at?
This no nonsense serious face...
Image so that criminals fear you.
But you're very soft
and sensitive inside.
Maya.. - I noticed it on
the day of the accident.
You helped me into the car..
Placed my head in your lap..
Tried to control the bleeding.
Maya, anyone at that
moment would've done the same.
But would that 'anyone'
have tears in his eyes?
I was conscious and I could see.
Slowly, slowly I
lost consciousness.
But I was sure I wouldn't die.
I kept hoping that
when I open my eyes..
I should see you.
That's exactly what happened.
I took very long to
get to the point..
And even the sun is
bored and setting.
Okay, let me come to the point.
I love you!
There I said it.
You shouldn't have..
I think I might have led you on.
I shouldn't have sent the roses.
I think we are friends.
Why do we need to
define our relationship?
But let's not call it love.
Did I blackmail you with my tears?
Did I seduce you by dancing in
the rain wearing a white saree?
Did I hold your hand while
referring to you as a 'friend"?
I could've done that.
In fad, any girl
would've done it, but I didn't.
I was honest about
my feelings for you.
I didn't ask you what
you thought about me.
I didn't even ask
whether or not you love me!
I told you what I felt.
Yashvardhan, I sort of
expected your reply.
That's why l didn't
ask you any question.
Let's go.
She is so right!
What makes you think you are normal?
I can't lose focus, Swati.
Don't married officers work?
But they are all distracted.
I can see it on their faces.
You are a coward,
Yash. You are scared.
Not letting someone into your
life due to fear of the unknown..
Is escapism, not bravery!
Outside the auditorium.
This is special.
Anyway, let's meet at
the rehearsal tomorrow.
Catch me.
ACP sir..
What a surprise! Are
you here to see me?
Do I know anyone else here?
I need to talk to you.
Can we..?
Talking to you is always a pleasure.
Com e.
Do you know why l called you here?
Definitely not for a kiss?
The first thing that came
to your mind was a kiss.
It's all about sex, right?
Body, height, weight look good
to you and you call it love.
Apart from height, body and weight..
You also wept for me.
That's not enough.
- What do you mean?
What do you even know about me?
People say things behind my back,
sometimes even when I am around..
They call me stiff and boring.
But that makes no difference to me.
You can say all you want..
But I won't change.
Why' would I change a
great item like you?
You think I'm nuts to do that?
Item ?
These days girls
think of guys as an item!
If the item flexes his muscles,
you're happy.
If the item steps out of a
swimming pool and strikes a pose..
You're happy--
I'm happy even if you take your
sunglasses off and give me that look!
What if tomorrow the item
is on duty 24 hours a day?
And if he doesn't answer
your call, every time you call..
What then?
If he raids the night club
where you're dancing what then?
And if the item arrests me..
I'm okay with that too.
Everything is fair in love.
What do you want, Maya?
What do you want from me?
I want to spend my
entire life with you.
Spend every moment with you,
be happy with you.
Keep talking to you..
Sometimes argue with you.
Rest my head on
your shoulder and cry.
Remain as madly in love with
you tomorrow as I am today.
And like every other girl,
I want so much more.
I want to make love to you.
I want to look into
your eyes every day
And one day..
Close my eyes and..
Peacefully die in your arms.
That's all I want!
I love you!
I always have.
From the moment I first saw you.
But I was lying..
Lying to myself and to you.
That's why I didn't want to say it.
Will you marry me?
"My dreams seem lost,
they seem bewildered."
"There are faded signs on the path."
"When you are my companion
everything seems beautiful."
"This land shines
brighter than the moon."
"All trails seem to
lead towards love."
"My dreams seem lost,
they seem bewildered."
"There are faded signs on the path."
"How do I convey? I
am at loss of words."
"Now that we have met.
I have new intentions."
"Why won't there be
restlessness in my heart."
"I am crazy. I always
listen to my heart."
"I am wherever you are.
We are both crazy."
"May this passion never die down.
May we lead our lives just like this."
"We will express
whatever our heart says."
"My dreams seem lost,
they seem bewildered."
"There are faded signs on the path."
"My dreams seem lost,
they seem bewildered."
"There are faded signs on the path."
"When you are my companion
everything seems beautiful."
"This land shines
brighter than the moon."
"All trails seem to
lead towards love."
This information is all useless.
But this file could be useful.
With the help of Arvind's information
these four wiped out four gangs.
Arvind could have led them to us.
That would have
been dangerous for us.
Sol killed him..
But these four are still alive.
I want detailed information
about them and their families.
We aren't inviting
them for a family dinner.
The com petition is dead.
Forget about them!
We shouldn't forget about them.
Like a lion..
What do you mean?
- Lion.
Lions always turn and look
back after taking five steps.
Just to make sure
there is no one behind.
The plan to fake my
death in Mombasa..
And wipe out the competition..
Were the first two
steps in my foolproof plan.
But if I make a mistake
after the third step..
And look over my shoulder..
These four will be there.
I am aware of their strength.
Now I need to know their weaknesses.
What is..
So, the wedding date is confirmed.
23rd of March.
A month to go.. we have to wait!
But that's fine, we can go shopping.
Why are you so stiff around them?
It looks like you are still
uncomfortable around them.
Please! They are
not police officers.
They are with the NCB.
Finally another one bites the dust!
Couldn't help it, I fell in love.
Well.. it happens.
I have become weak.
- No way, Yash. it's not weakness.
I have the information
but they are undercover..
That's why the photos aren't clear.
Atul Kalsekar..
Lives in Vile Parle and is married.
He has been transferred from
the Delhi income tax branch and..
He has a girlfriend,Rachna.
She works at a call center.
Kamlesh, is a little crazy.
His mother lives in Ralegoan Siddhi.
..And the fourth?
He has no one to call
his own and no weakness.
My being alone was my strength.
Eight years as a fearless cop and
there was nothing to hold me back.
No one to care about.
No one to worry about.
Every human has a weak spot.
But now there's Maya.
Perhaps Maya will
become my weakness.
We only need to find it.
And that will
affect his every breath.
Vishnu, you
should've stayed at home.
In a hotel it's..
The fact that I am here is
only known to us and our men.
For the rest of the world,
Vishnu was killed in Mombasa.
When drug mules and couriers..
..Are captured the
loss is negligible..
And if they aren't captured,
the profit isn't a lot either.
That's why we will
send a very big shipment.
- Ketamine.
The rate in Chennai is
35 thousand per kilo.
And in Kenya it
fetches one million per kilo.
One sack of Ketamine in a
genuine cargo export at a time.
And a profit of a 100 million!
But money always leaves a trail.
The NCB and DRI are
hot on this trail.
But our deal won't involve money
We'll send Acetic
Anhydrite to Afganistan and..
In return we will
get arms and heroin.
Some of that will be sold
in the local market and..
The rest packed off to Europe.
And in return for that Grade 4
heroin which sells in Europe..
We will get cocaine in Mumbai.
The heroin will be sent to
Belgium in moulded furniture and..
The cocaine will be
transported to Mumbai inside timber.
Final step we will plough the
cash we receive from the peddlers..
Into the construction
business and get clean funds.
That it is, Anna.
No one apart from me
can supply cocaine.
Place, money, time..
Will be my decision.
Sir, it's cocaine, not heroin.
An overdose..
Possibly because it was much purer
than what's normally available here.
How did such quality
suddenly become so easily available?
Grade four purity heroin..
Is being sold for the price of
grade three stuff in Mumbai.
White for the price of brown.
Probably a new dealer in town.
And he is making his presence felt.
The peddlers don't have a
clue about the suppliers.
A telemarketing system is in place.
Need cocaine?
We'll confirm the place,
time and price.
They collect the
cash at one location..
And drop the stuff at another.
Antwerp Airport.
70 kilos.
Canada, Montreal airport..
20 kilos.
Flights came in from Mumbai.
It means the same grade four
heroin that is shipped abroad..
Is also distributed locally.
Indian exports to Belgium are
a lot lesser than to Canada.
Figure out from the freight movers..
Who sends regular
consignments to Antwerp.
You were right.
He wasn't trying to help us..
He was getting rid
of his competition.
We need to be more cautious.
Arvind's trail could go cold.
Tell me, has Arvind ever
paid with his credit card?
No, sir, it was always cash.
What did he submit as ID proof?
- His passport, sir.
It's an address in Hyderabad.
I've informed the people in Delhi.
I'll get local help.
Atul,where are you?
Got Arvind?
- Yes!
There was a ticket to
the US at Arvind's place.
He has a multiple entry visa.
Why would he go to Vishakapatnam?
I guess Arvind was promised that..
..He would be sent to
the US after the deal.
Instead they killed him
He knew about all
the local gangs here.
We got rid of the competition.
With demand being
high and supply low..
He sold stuff worth billions.
Sir, there's a furniture exporter..
Tahir Mirza.
Send 50 kilos with this to Belgium.
These are his export invoices, sir.
Why should Reddy make all the money?
Send it to the clients in Belgium.
His Belgian clients
aren't buying the furniture..
But the heroin concealed inside.
He exports a couch
for 5000 Euro and..
A coffee table for 2000 Euro.
Moreover, the
timber that's imported..
..Is hardly used at all.
Why does he even import it?
He isn't buying the timber
but the stuff within it.
Look at how well it is polished.
Even the police
sniffer dogs can't catch us.
Where is this furniture workshop?
So Tahirbhai..
Do you run this operation yourself..
Or do you have an
expert panel behind you?
When I was in
construction I met Reddy.
He told me that bricks and stones
weren't as lucrative as powder.
We invested the profits in
the retail space.. into malls.
Gurgaon, Hyderabad and..
Now there's a mall
coming up in Mumbai.
Jean Pierre will bring the Cocaine
with him for the inauguration.
At the inauguration..
Reddy will pick up the Cocaine.
Of course alone!
You don't look well, Anna.
I will be fine when
I see the cocaine.
But Anna.. - it's the
same deal as always, Vishnu,
heroin in exchange for cocaine.
Since it is the first deal it
is better to do it in person.
I told you that you
didn't need to com e.
It hasn't been easy
getting you back, Vishnu.
Go.. be a part of the crowd.
Just watch.
I will be there when
the deal takes place.
That will help you pick us out.
The deal will take
place on the second floor..
At an electronics store.
That's where the heroin and
cocaine will change hands.
Move it! Out. Out.
Catch him. Catch him.
Trying to run. Stop.
Hold him. Hold him.
Reddy! Stop..
Don't move. Don't move.
Raise your hands!
Raise your hands!
Okay I'll surrender.
I'm keeping it on the floor.
- Now! Arrest..
Arrest me. I'm keeping it down.
- Keep it down.
I don't have anything.
I had a bag but I threw it away.
I don't have any money on me.
Now keep trying your luck in court!
Who says I'm going to arrest you?
Yash, calm down.
Yash, calm down. We will
get Tahir's testimony..
We will find the bag in the mall.
You can't imagine how
powerful this guy is.
He can hire any
lawyer at the NDPS court.
He fired his gun, let's shoot him.
Oh come on.. are you the
NCB or encounter specialist?
Shut up! Don't say a word.
- Arrest me, will you?
13 days ago a 19 year old
boy and 21 year old girl died..
Due to your cocaine.
Stop lecturing and arrest me.
Yash, don't shoot.
Keep an eye on him.
- Yash we need him alive.
Yash we need him alive.
Yash, you don't understand...
I'm going to kill him.
I have no regrets, sir.
How many criminals like
Reddy have you brought..
Before the Human
Rights Inquiry Commission?
If you had done so,
you'd have realized..
That they are hardly human.
Sir, you are overlooking the facts.
When shots were
fired from both sides..
Many prominent citizens of
this city were present there.
For some strange reason,
maybe they are too busy..
None of them submitted their
observation before this commission.
Our government has already
spent 20 million rupees..
..On terrorists like Kasab..
And now it wants to
spend another 20 million..
..On an unofficial
terrorist like Reddy?
We just did the same job
with two hundred rupee bullets.
If there's a
similar situation again..
I would do the same thing again.
According to deceased's
widow Saundarya Reddy..
And Vasuvelchitti's petition..
You could've arrested him.
Is it true, Mr. Kalsekar?
Yes, sir.
We could've captured Reddy alive.
Tahir was selling heroin
behind our backs and..
That's why he was caught.
He snitched about Anna and
is now a police witness.
Where can I find him?
NCB has kept him in protective
custody, somewhere close to Mumbai.
Where exactly?
Bala, talk to him..
Tell him to lie low for
a few days.. - I can't!
My brother is dead.
Vishnu, for all practical
reasons you don't exist.
I will be the prime suspect.
- Let me explain.
What does he mean to you?
Nothing, I mean, he works for me.
What's his name?
- Now, imagine Ajay is your brother.
I don't understand.
Let me explain.
So I killed Ajay,
who was your brother.
You know this fact..
But you don't know my whereabouts.
So what if someone refuses to
help you with that information..
What will you do?
Precisely what l will do to you.
I will.. see what I can do, Vishnu.
You go after Tahir, I
will deal with the NCB.
After my first suspension,
even I was restless like that.
This is not fair, sir.
Reddy wasn't a social worker.
I mean, we got suspended for him!
Hey He-man!
Come on, sit. You've got
to enjoy these moments.
Relax Mahesh, come sit.
As part of my team, you can
look forward to more suspensions!
What's this ACP sir?
I thought the
operation was successful.
Probably get a
promotion before the wedding..
Instead he got suspended.
Now I have to look after him.
Yes, but only 50%. I
will get 50% of my salary
First of all, he's not even corrupt.
And on top of that, only 50% pay!
Just my luck!
Madam, you'll get
more time together.
Wedding, honeymoon,
make the most of it!
It's my luck that's bad..
I don't even have a girlfriend.
I did have one but back
then I wasn't suspended.
Tell me something, how
did you meet our He-man?
What, sir?
- Okay, bye.
Atul and Swati are also coming.
- Oh..
Do you know that Swati
isn't talking to Atul?
Swati should understand.
Everybody knows that
Atul is serious about work.
If he sees that
anybody is out of line..
He will stand by the rules.
He'll even have the
zonal director suspended.
Let's go?
- Yes.
Well, I see its time to
terminate the mission.
I can do this.
- You already had.
You give me good usable intel..
..To this whole place.
Yeah, I got them by the balls
with that when this turns into a..
So, you like photography?
No. What makes you say that?
Well,just took a wild
guess given this dark room.
Actually I prefer the darkness.
It won't be around for long.
I also prefer silence.
You can kiss that goodbye!
I don't mind drawing the
curtains once in a while..
But silence? No way!
- Hold them .
Who are you? What
are you doing here?
No, Vishnu, don't.
Vishnu? In Kenya weren't you..
I didn't die.
I didn't die in Mombasa or at
the mall where you led the NCB.
It was a mistake..
I made a mistake.
No, no, no. Vishnu, let
me go. I made a mistake.
Vishnu. I made a mistake! Vishnu.
Please forgive me.
It was a mistake..
And now you have to pay for it.
- Yes, boss.
Kill them all.
- No, no!
Vishnu, I am responsible.
Don't kill them.
Punish me for everything.
You don't get it.
I am punishing you.
The more you cry, the more
your sorrow will decrease.
And I don't want
your sorrow to decrease.
Darkness.. silence..
Even after suspension you
don't stop behaving like an AC P?
If I were you..
I'd be sitting next to me.
I'd flirt a little bit.
Start by holding your hand..
..And you just can't
imagine where it would stop!
Why are you the way you are?
Some of us are born like that.
Manufacturing defect..
No tragic past.
Even so..
I'm still a little curious.
All this focus and passion..
without a past?
Why are you fighting so
hard without any appreciation?
First the IPS,then the
crime branch and now the NCB.
You don't have a past..
Then why are you
working with an NGO?
Being happy and spreading
happiness is my problem.
What's your problem?
So.. why do I do what l do?
These days parents
don't harbor dreams that..
Their children will loin
the army or police force.
They want their kids to
participate in reality shows..
And become dancing
singing superstars.
Then who will do this job?
Today a teenager buying
heroin in a night club..
Doesn't realize that..
The money he spent on the
heroin was probably funding..
At least one bullet fired in
a terrorist attack in Mumbai.
Tahir and his family
members have been killed.
Yes, Atul?
- Yes.
Someone avenged reddy's death.
Well that means the construction
king's drug ring is still active.
I guess so.
Inform your boss and
the home ministry..
To have a human rights
inquiry for Tahir and his family.
Oh come on, Yash!
What do you expect me to say?
Never mind.
- Heard about Tahir?
Who is this?
I'm the one who is in
your thoughts right now.
Tahir shouldn't
have turned inform er.
He did and he was killed.
The four of you
shouldn't have killed Anna.
But you did.
Big mistake.
Now, all four of you will die.
Another thing..
I hope you have watched
your last film with that girl.
Because after I kill you,
I will kidnap her.
And make sure your agony
continues even after death.
Who is this?
ACP Yashvardhan..
Once l tell you my name,
you will never forget it.
Bhargav, this isn't an
official request yet.
I want to know where
the call originated.
- Yes sir.
Go for a stroll in the alley.
See if someone is out there.
- Okay, sir.
Yes, Yash !?
- I think I have got your man.
Send a message to all
the lO's and constables.
Ask them to meet me near my home.
Yes, sir. - Instruct
them to come with weapons..
Ask them to come in Autos or Taxis.
No official vehicles are to be used.
- Okay.
Sir.. there's a car outside..
And it's not from this area.
- Yes, sir.
A white Zen model at the corner..
With a Thane registration number.
What's wrong.. everything alright?
We have to go to Atul's home.
Do you normally go this way..
Or are you just
trying to impress me?
You came here for the first time.
I thought I'd show
you the other way.
Com e.
- Is he inside the house?
- And the girl?
She is with him.. in the bedroom.
What about the security?
There's one constable.
Anyone else around..
Police vehicle or officers?
- Do you think we can kill him now?
Hi, Swati.
- Hi.
Hi. Come.. come in.
Are you leaving right now?
- Yes.
Swati ..
- Yes?
Maya is..
- Okay.
You can kiss her
goodbye if you want to..
We'll close our eyes.
Oh no, we said goodbye
properly when we left his house.
Okay goodnight then.
Come on.
- Bye.
Bye Maya.
- I'll be back.
Good night.
- Good night. - Bye.
Good night.
Who was it?
- The call has been traced.
Techies said the call
originated in China.
IMEI number is a fake and..
The sim card is also from there.
- Right.
What did sir say?
- Sir said it's important that..
..Kamlesh and Mahesh are
there to identify the gangsters.
You are the target, so it's
important for you to be there.
What about weapons?
We'll see to it that
you won't need weapons.
Such a brutal attack on Tahir..
Confirms that it's
someone close to Reddy
In fact, he referred
to Reddy as Anna..
And he sounded very angry.
He followed us the entire day.
In fact, he even knew that we
went for a film from Swati's office.
I am sure his men were
keeping a watch outside my house.
Tonight he will
definitely attack me.
That's when we will
know his identity.
Yash, what if he doesn't show up?
He will for sure.
Let's give him a surprise.
They are here.
Come on, Kamat.
- Yes sir.
Sorry guys, I ruined your sleep.
No problem, sir.
- Okay.
Either there's going to be
some awesome action tonight..
Or nothing at all.
If it doesn't happen, forgive me.
Well if it does.. enjoy the action.
By the way, the three
of us are handicapped.
We'll have to just
watch unless they run away
Let's go.
Mahesh, Kamlesh..
That big black gate.
Get out.
Catch him.
Don't try to run.
Don't try anything. Hands up!
You remember your name, don't you?
Tonight you will have to tell me.
Not so soon..
I'll tell you when I want to.
Once you are inside the NCB lock
up, you will be eager to tell me.
Let's see if you can even take
me to the lockup.. Yashvardhan.
I don't think you can take me
there, at least not in this lifetime.
Vishnu! Remember my name.
I'm telling you on my own terms.
There's a definite
Hyderabad connection.
In our excitement of exposing..
..The 10 billion rupee
drug empire of Reddy's..
We overlooked the Vishnu factor.
What about the abandoned vehicle?
Stolen, sir.
Standard modus operandi.
Identify the gangsters whose
bodies we've recovered. - Yes, sir.
Ask the Mumbai and
Hyderabad police for help.
Yes, sir.
Sir. - You will head to
Hyderabad in the morning.
Yes, sir.
But sir.. Excuse me, sir.
Yash and I know this case well.
I cannot revoke his suspension..
Until I have orders
from the ministry.
Sir, this guy is
dangerous and impatient.
He won't stay quiet.
He will attack us again, very soon.
Sir, please revoke our suspension..
We know this case.
- Don't be paranoid, Yash.
He knows we are ready.
He will think ten times
before attacking again.
Thank you, sir.
Vasu called..
He is scared.
Vishnu, in this business,
be it life or money..
We bear every loss..
But we never strike
back at the police.
I know we don't.
That's why I'm making a start.
Tell Vasu that after I
have dealt with those four..
The NCB won't dare trouble us again.
I'll sleep now, let's talk tomorrow.
You make yourself comfortable, okay?
- Okay? - Good night.
Sorry, Swati, I woke you up.
It's okay.
She is sleeping in
the room upstairs.
What happened? You want something?
No, nothing.
- Okay.
Where are you going?
- Sofa.
You don't need to sleep on the sofa.
I don't like this at all.
Go upstairs to Maya's room.
It's a double bed but
you can sleep single, okay?
ACP sir..
Where were you?
You kept me under
house arrest over here..
And you took off.
It would have been
better if I'd have gone home.
You can't go home right now, Maya.
Your life is in danger.
I am not scared of anyone.
But I am scared of living in
someone's guestroom for too long.
Maya, I am serious.
- Me too, I swear.
You know what..
This is why l wanted to
avoid any kind of relationship.
I knew if a
situation like this arose..
You just wouldn't understand.
Is it a safety issue?
I'll take care.
There can't be any
safer place than this.
Problem solved.
You are a total loss.
Completely insane.
San e.
I have seen you in action.
Even if someone throws acid..
You coolly stand your ground.
Believe in yourself, sir.
You are quite good.
Yashvardhan .
Don't stop..
I am not underage.
Want to check my ID?
What is the typical line you use..
When someone doesn't
cooperate in the interrogation?
Tell me.
Or we have ways of making you talk.
What will I do without you?
A month ago you said
"What will I do with you?"
You really are confused.
Leave me. Mahesh!
Leave me. Mahesh!
Leave me. Please leave me.
Leave me.
Leave her. Please leave her.
And this is my
first gift for the NCB.
- Leave her. Rachna.
How dare he?
Yash, I am revoking your suspension.
I will call the ministry.
- Now you want to call the ministry?
Until now you didn't need us.
Your priority was to keep your
bosses in the ministry happy.
If it wasn't, Mahesh
would've been alive.
Sir, you left him defenseless..
Without a gun on his person.
Sir, it wasn't an officer but a
suspended officer who was killed.
I told you we are not
dealing with a person.
I told you he's an animal.
He barged into the house
and killed him in cold blood.
He raped Rachana
just to prove a point.
And what did we do?
We followed the law.
And what is the law?
To let innocents die.
Whether it's bomb blasts
or terrorist attacks..
Why do the directors and ministers..
..Have something to say
only after people are killed?
Can't you say something
when people are still alive?
Sir, please tell the Joint Secretary
that Mahesh didn't do any wrong.
What's so bloody
wrong in killing Reddy?
He was also killing people.
I admit I was wrong.
Find and kill him.
I will deal with the
inquiry commission.
Where is Vishnu.
Tell us.
Where is Vasu?
- I told you I don't know.
I told you I don't..
The Hyderabad police had said that..
Vishnu was killed in Mombasa.
The goons that were killed
or arrested at Yash's house..
Worked for a builder named Vasu.
I've got a very strong feeling, sir.
If we get Vasu..
We will get Vishnu!
Where is Vasu?
Where is Vishnu?
Should I talk to Maya's
sister and postpone the wedding?
Why, Swati?
Why should we postpone it?
You've shattered his network but
you haven't captured Vishnu yet.
Well it's only a matter of
time before he is captured.
We can't put our lives
on hold because of him.
- He should get married.
Whether it's me or
Mahesh or any other cop..
We are well aware of the
pitfalls of this profession.
I was just saying that perhaps we
could wait until things calm down.
Swati, you know things
never calm down for us.
You know this very well.
Today it's Vishnu.. tomorrow
someone else will replace him.
I don't understand why we
can't take precautions..
I mean, what's wrong if we
postpone it by a few days?
We will send out a
message that we are scared to..
..Vishnu and the
other criminals like him.
- Didn't you say that..
Not leading a normal life due..
To fear of a
criminal wasn't bravery..
But escapism?
Tomorrow I will bring
Maya here after the wedding.
Maya will live here, with me.
Let's go together.
I will bring Maya
along day after tomorrow.
We will celebrate
after Vishnu's death.
You answered the phone
that means no action yet.
Just stop here for a bit.
I will drop this at
the tailor's, okay?
Listen Swati, I will
park and come with you.
It's in this lane, relax.
- Nothing.
Your idiot friend is trying to
provide security everywhere I go.
I missed all of you.
Come back soon.
Now hang up and..
...And just go and lose your virginity.
- Bye.
Recognize me?
Are you happy?
Yash, I told you..
It takes a while to forget things.
We could've married later.
Don't worry about it.
Are you happy?
This was your dream.
Well, I am happy.
There's a lot I want to say to you.
But today..
For some reason I am lost for words.
You will look odd if you don't talk.
"How do I tell you
even if I wish to?"
"What the heart wishes to say."
"How do I pick my dreams?"
"The ocean keeps flowing."
"How do I tell you
even if I wish to?"
"What the heart wishes to say."
"How do I pick my dreams?"
"The ocean keeps flowing."
"listen to what..
.. My silence says."
"The saga is longer..
..Than this night."
"How do I say it? How do I say it?"
"I wanted to say to you."
"I wanted to say to you, my love."
"What do I say..
..When you are right before me."
"What are these feelings?"
"The heart's filled with it."
"It's feels shy to be expressed."
"But it always
reflects in the eyes."
"How do I tell you
even if I wish to?"
"What the heart wishes to say."
"Why do we say.
..What's unsaid?"
"it's the night..
..For the hearts to convey."
"The heart speaks."
"They unfold the secrets."
"There are dream s,
feelings and expressions."
"What's there to say
when we are so close?"
"How do I tell you
even if I wish to?"
"What the heart wishes to say."
"How do I pick my dreams?"
"The ocean keeps flowing."
"Listen to what my silence says."
"The saga is
longer than this night."
"How do I say it?"
Yash !
Yash !
Vishnu, this enmity
is between you and me.
Let Maya go.
Come on Yash!
You could at least come up
with a better line to save her.
By the way..
It was never really
between the two of us.
Dealing in drugs was
our business and..
Fighting against it
was your business.
We were both doing
our respective jobs.
You should've done your
part by arresting Anna.
I would have posted
Anna's bail and done my part.
None of this would've happened.
But then you decided to play God.
And Anna was..
You have given me a lot of pain.
Now it's time.. for payback.
Yash !
The deal was I will tell
you where Yash is and..
You would let Swati go.
That was the deal.
- Wrong!
The deal was I'd let Swati
free when Yash is killed.
If you..
If you couldn't kill
Yash it's not my fault.
Your fault is you took
him to the hospital..
..And got his bullets removed.
But you can do something
to correct your fault.
I'll give you another chance.
Neither I nor my men can come there.
Since you are there..
Kill him. I will let Swati go.
Joint Director of
NCB ACP Yashvardhan..
Succumbed to his bullet wounds
in a local hospital in Panchgani.
It's said that ACP Yashwardhan had
gone to Panchgani for his marriage.
But even his
would-be wife is missing.
He was brought here
after he was shot.
The doctors say that
he was recovering well..
But six months back..
"ACP Yashwardhan was responsible for
wiping out four major drug cartels.
Report suggest the
involvement of one of these gangs
in the attack on ACP
Yashwardhan's life.
However the Home Ministry.
Our sources say he was recovering..
But today he suddenly
stopped breathing and died.
I killed him.
I will text you the address.
You better come alone.
Come and take your wife.
What did he say?
Where is Swati?
It's an Alibaug address.
- How many zones in Alibaug,
Kamlesh? - Six.
And who is the ACP there?
- Gaitonde.
Can we get the local task force?
- Easily.
Sawant, how many
vehicles do we have?
I am sorry
What I did to you..
Any one of us would have
done the same for Swati.
Swati will be fine.
And Maya?
We will find her, Atul.
We know where Swati is..
let's get her first.
Yash, you're in no condition to..
- I'm fine..
just get the task force going.
- Yash..
Insert the IV back, officer.
- You can't go alone please.
I don't want it, nurse.
Just give me a high dose painkiller.
It better be a painkiller..
And not a sedative.
Otherwise l will kill you
as soon as I'm conscious.
Don't go inside.
- Nothing, come on, let's go.
Swati ! Swati !
Swati !
- Yash!
Yash.. help me!
Swati. Yash.. help me!
Yash.. help me!
Yash.. help me!
This is all my fault.
Is Atul there?
- I knew he wouldn't be there.
The officers who have a conscience..
Don't need to be killed.
They take their own life as soon
as they realize their mistake.
You too won't get out alive, bastard
Maya.. I don't want her.
I wanted those three and you.
Are you coming?
Or do you have no interest in
a dead officer's girlfriend?
You killed one of us.. you..
What do you want?
I want to kill you.
You better come alone.
Don't make the
mistake that Atul did.
If I see the team ..
You will surely survive but..
You will be
responsible for Maya's death.
I will come alone.
There's only one left..
- I am fine.
Yash, I am fine. You go!
Go.. don't let him get away!
Kill him!
You don't need to come up.
I'm sending Maya down.
And then one day I want
to close my eyes and..
Peacefully die in your arms.
Only one dream was fulfilled,
ACP sir.
The other dreams..
I told you..
Your agony would
continue even after your death.
Yes, Kamlesh.
- We have a new informer.
I'll be there.
l'll be back home late tonight.