Force 2 (2016) Movie Script

Harish Chaturverdi. Sura] Rawat.
Arun Gupta.
The first three RAW Agents.
You know what to do.
And the rest?
They know that I am passing
information on to you.
They' ll be here to arrrest me soon.
So leave the country
as soon as you can.
Sir, these attacks are
not just on our agents... fact, it's an attack on RAW
Sir, it's an attack
on the entire country.
Dubey, how many of our
agents are still active in China?
Sir, 20. 17.
I am sure they will be attacked too.
Sir, if our agents
keep dying...
...then we'll know about
the Chinese army's movement...
...when they completely
get into Arunachal Pradesh.
I know this is a matter
of National Security.
Whoever is doing this,
he's trying to weaken RAW.
But who could do such a thing,
and why?
Only he can answer this question,
but find him.
How will we catch him, sir?
I am getting you 5 acres
of land in the hean of Mumbai.
You can easily make 1000-1500 flats.
That's fine, but what about Manohar?
I will deal with Manohar.
Inspector Yashwardhan.
Did you come here to buy a flat?
No...I've come for you.
You've a court hearing today.
Did you forget?
Are you crazy?
You think you can drag me out of
my area, in front of my men.
And without the uniform.
You think I would've spared
you if I was in uniform?
We'll come later.
- No-no.
Go deal with him.
My wife died 5 years ago.
Since then I've lost my mind.
I tried really hard to die,
but no one could kill me.
But maybe today is my lucky day.
There's 10-12 of you...
...and I am all alone.
Maybe you can kill me.
I forgot to tell you one thing.
I will diembut I will
take couple of you with me.
Especially you!
Anyone else?
Where are you going?
Wait...don't be scared.
Gotyamkill him!
Shoot him, Gotya! Kill him!
Kill him!
You're dead now!
You're a dead-man.
Wait. . .wait...
- Start the car... - Let's go.
Curse you...
Come on, start the car.
Do something.
Start the car.
Let's go. Let's go.
What are you doing?
Come on, do something.
What's this?
- Oh my, God.
What are you doing?
Spare me...let go of the car.
Let go.
Let go of the car.
Shall we?
Sir, what are your comments...
...on the people that
died in China.
Look...our Intelligence
has found out that...
...the people who died in China
were involved in criminal activities.
And they died due
to a internal gang-war.
But they were RAW agents, sir.
- RAW agents?
They were not even Indian citizens.
The media is sensationalizing
this news for no reason.
- No questions, please.
The government clearly states that...
...lndia has no connection
with these incidents.
The people killed in Beijing,
Shanghai and Guangzhou...
...were not Indian citizens at all.
China has maintained
silence on these incidents.
So commenting on these
incidents right now will be...
Is it done?
Yes, it's done.
ACP sir, how long will this continue?
As long as people like
Niranjan are running free.
Which means forever.
I am a policeman,
if I don't do something then who will?
Why? Aren't there other policemen?
Did you take the responsibility of...
...bringing all criminals to justice?
- Maya.
"One day this heart
will stop beating."
"Be with me...until then."
"No matter how long this night is."
"No matter how long this night is."
"They will be yours forever..."
"...just give an indication."
"Where can I go without you?"
"Try to understand."
"I will tightly embrace your shadow"
"...just give an indication..."
Mr. Yashwardhan Singh,
courier for you!
Pen. - Huh?
The question is whether
...and Arun Gupta died in an accident.
Or is there a mystery behind it?
The CBI is still
investigating this case...
...and we hope to learn
more about it soon.
'Get up you drunkard.'
'Come on.'
'Have we arrived?
- We will if we start moving.'
'We've been sitting
here for 30 minutes. - Why?'
'I won't drive.
- Why?'
' drink and driving.'
'And even if I do,
you will arrest me, you cop.'
'And what are you? Spy?
'SPY... Mr. Bond.
- Correct.'
'So tell me Mr.
Bond, where are you being posted?
'Tell me...what if you die?'
'The way you beat up the bad guys.'
'lam sure you will
end up dead first.'
'I am a cop...if I die,
I will be called a martyr.'
'If anything happens to you...'
'...then the government will say that
he wasn't an Indian citizen at all.'
'That is right.'
'Then you tell them.'
'You tell everyone that
I am India's best citizen.'
'I was the best Indian citizen.'
Sir, none of them
was an accident case.
The Chinese agency learned
that they were RAW agents...
...and they were killed.
Someone is definitely
leaking our identity.
But how can a police
officer have this information?
Yash is not some ordinary officer.
Call him.
Send him in.
Excuse've been called in.
Yash, this is Anjan Das.
Head of RAW.
Please share whatever
information you have with him.
Harish sent this book to me, not him.
Do you know what this means?
Harish didn't trust RAW.
How dare you say that?
Harish was one of my best officers.
- He was my best friend.
But that doesn't...
There are two persons in
this room whom I trust the most.
Please find a way to work together.
Harish has written
'2012' in the year 2016.
It's not a mistake, it's a clue.
It's not a date...
It's a page number.
Page B, 8 and 12.
The first alphabet of page 6 is 'S'.
On page 8 is 'P'.
And on page 12 is..
- 'Y'.
And that makes it 'SPY'.
What's the big deal about it?
We all know there's someone
amongst us who is a spy for China.
Do you know where he is?
Harish knew.
'Enjoy My Book.'
- Embassy.
Embassy Budapest.
This is bad news, sir.
It takes years to make a spy-ring.
We must find that man.
Sir, I will find that man.
Let me go to Budapest.
You shouldn't take such complicated
matters personally, Yash.
I am taking this personally...
so I won't turn over.
It is clear that one of your
men is leaking this information.
But please understand, we cannot carry
out such missions on foreign soil.
There are protocols.
Times have changed.
and so has the country.
Now we strike right at the heart.
Without protocols.
But you're not a RAW officer.
And you're not trained
for such missions.
What about those who were?
Are they alive?
Anjan, trust me.
You won't regret the
decision of sending him there.
Look Yash, you will go there
with the Eastern Europe in-charge KK.
She's created quite a
network in the last two years.
Sir. I need your signatures on this.
Yash, go meet KK. I will join you.
Did you counter-check the
information which Martinez sent?
Yes, ma'am.
Where can I find KK?
Send me printouts of these, please.
- Okay, ma'am.
I am KK...Kamaljeet Kaur.
- Ohh.
What was that 'ohh'?
Were you expecting
a male officer? - Yes.
So you don't think girls are capable?
All I know is that
KK can be a name of a guy.
By the way, who are you?
- Guys!
Conference room, now.
We've a lead on the China case.
Someone's leaking the identities of
our agents from the Budapest Embassy.
We've to find him,
and bring him back alive.
Yash is a police officer.
You two will go together.
Sir, I have a question.
I should be accompanied
by a trained RAW agent.
Why this police officer?
- Because the lead came through him.
This is Brijesh Verma.
Our HRD Minister.
He began his career
in an IS officer.
Sikkim cadre.
He became the cabinet
secretary in 2012.
He remained in this post for 2 years.
And entered politics in 2014.
He contested the elections
from Meerut and became an MP.
And a year later the HRD minister.
Sir, this is irrelevant information.
We're wasting our time.
It's essential for you
to know about the HRD Minister.
Because he's going to Budapest
for the lndo-Hungarian summit.
You two will go there pretending to
look after his security preparations.
It's a perfect cover.
That's the RAW's way of doing things.
Diligence. Homework. Preparation.
This is Naren Kaushik.
Our ambassador for Hungary.
He will assist you with
any kind of help you need.
You can trust him completely.
All the details of the Budapest
Embassy staff are in here.
And simcards too.
I am going to Berlin 3 days
later for a security conference.
If needed, I'll come to Budapest.
Sir, who is leading this team?
- Of course, you will.
Some champagne for you, ma'am.
Thank you.
What is RAW's yearly turnover? - What?
No...they take good
care of their employees.
I bought the business
class ticket myself.
Then you must have booked
a suite for yourself in the hotel.
With your money.
Only film-stars live in hotels.
We're going to the safe house.
This place is called
a safe-house for a reason.
Because no one knows we're here.
Anyway, the ambassador
will be here in 10-15 minutes...
...we need to discuss further plans.
How did you get the
address to this place?
The ambassador emailed it to me.
Anything else.
Yash, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind, Yash?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Don't you dare touch me again!
This is not the way...
Your job is done. They are dead.
You knew this place
was rigged with a bomb?
If he can hack the agency's system...
...and get the agents names, then he
can read the Ambassador's mails too.
That's the Mumbai Police's
way of doing this.
Gut feel. Aggression. Common Sense.
Where do we go novfl
- Same place where film-stars stay.
Sir, KK here.
Thank God you're alive. - Yes,
but whoever it was, thinks we're dead.
Let's keep it that way.
- I'll take care of that.
It is with deep sorrow
that I announce the loss of...
...two of our officers in the blast.
They were here in Budapest
for the lndo-Hungarian Summit.
And their bodies
are yet to be recovered.
We deeply mourn their loss.
But the Summit will
commence as scheduled.
And we're positive, that with the
help of the Hungarian authorities...
...whoever is responsible
for this crime, will be punished.
I am going to check the footage
and records of all the employees...
...and zero-in on the suspects.
After that we'll keep surveillance
on him, and find him.
Brilliant. All the best.
Where are you going?
You work your way,
and I'll work my way.
These drinks are
from the gentleman there.
Thank you so much.
Yash. - Lina.
I don't drink coffee. - Thank God.
I've prepared a list of suspects.
And zeroed-down on these three.
You're drunk.
We're here to work not go pub-hopping.
He's your man.
Shiv Sharma, the interpreter.
Not possible.
He's got a disciplined routine,
used to work in Belgium.
Never missed office.
Always punctual...and
makes good money too.
No connection with the Chinese.
No alcohol or cigarettes either.
No girlfriends...from
home to office and back home.
He's clean.
- Exactly...he's too clean.
These are my three suspects.
Suspect no. 1. Vikas Gupta.
There's been a considerable change... his behavior
in the last 2.5 months.
For someone who never
worked over-time...
...what made him so hard-working
that he works over-time every day?
No. 2 Anshuman Saha.
He married this girl 3 months ago.
She's a resident of Hong Kong.
They never met before...or
even go on a date.
So why suddenly this wedding?
No. 3... Amit Singh.
I suspect him the most.
Before Budapest, he worked for 3
years at the Indian Embassy in China.
And here he handles the Chinese desk.
So here's the plan.
Like you said...he hacked
our entire system from Budapest.
We'll send a coded email
to the Ambassador from a fake ID...
...stating that a Chinese embassy
official has agreed to be our agent.
And he's coming to meet
us at the Glasshouse An Gallery.
And whoever our guy is,
he will definitely decode our email.
And if our suspicion is true...
...he will show up.
You are right.
It's a perfect plan.
He will definitely come there.
What do we have?
Not much, boss. We have camera's
in every corner of the gallery.
Anytime now.
Thank you.
That's him. That's Amit Singh.
Let me zoom in for you.
I knew it.
I told you Yash, he will come.
Ma'am, he's making a call.
Do you want me to intercept?
- Hold on.
He's not making a call,
he's taking pictures.
This is our guy,
we have to pick him up.
Yash, l...
Yash! Yash!
Excuse me.
What the hell is this? Who are you?
Only I will ask questions.
Come with me.
But...what have I done?
Where are you taking me? - Check this.
Yes, ma'am.
That's my personal phone,
you cannot use it. - Shut up.
Yash, where are you?
- KK, your plan was right...
...but you got the wrong man.
Let Amit go.
What? Why?
The right guy never went
inside the gallery. - Who?
Shiv Sharma.
Oh come on, Yash. Not again.
You're wasting your time.
I've already arrested Amit.
Check the CCTV image once.
I am going to Shiv's home.
What were you doing
in the gallery? - l...
Someone forwarded me a email
which was sent to the Ambassador.
And it was written...
- Someone forwarded you the mail?
Take him to the embassy.
You, show me the CCTV footage.
- Yes, ma'am.
Go back.
Zoom into that.
'This is your man.'
'Shiv Sharma.'
Hello. - Yash,
you were right about Shiv.
Where are you?
Behind his building.
I am right outside his door.
- He's not inside.
But there is someone inside.
It's you.
I was scared for a moment.
What happened? Where did he go?
I don't know.
Well, he didn't come downstairs.
That means...
You've an opportunity again today.
Can you shoot?
I will definitely shoot.
Would you like to see?
You're hiding something from me.
- Excuse me.
What do you want to say?
Why do I feel that Shiv knows you?
Of course, he's my fianc after all.
Why did he say that you can't shoot?
That's none of your business. - It is.
It's hard to believe that
this guy can do something like this.
Where did you recruit him from?
We placed an ad...for a consultant.
He had all the necessary
He's from Belgium.
He can speak Hungarian and French.
Did you notice anything suspicious
about him? - Not at all.
He's hard working...and
good at what he does.
He used to mind his own business.
I thought it was a big plus.
So he has no family. - No one.
He's an orphan.
He was only 3 years old
when his parents passed away.
He grew up in some
orphanage in Faridabad.
Later he went to America
on scholarship...for higher studies.
Anyway...we've spoken
to the Hungarian authorities.
The paperwork's complete too.
You can take him to India tonight.
Postpone our travel details,
I want to interrogate him.
No, our orders are we must
immediately take him to India.
He'll be interrogated there.
If we interrogate him now,
we might save someone's life.
I am sorry, Yashmorders are orders.
You follow orders, I am going inside.
You're forgetting
who is leading the team.
Look, I know Harish was your friend.
But the other agents
had friends and family too.
This is not a personal fight.
Yash. She's right.
No chip, no mike, no transmitter.
We found nothing.
We found this when
we checked his clothes...
...but there's nothing in here either.
If you're done ogling at me,
can we get to my clothes?
No-no-no. . .these boring, uncool...
mover-sized clothes
cannot be your choice Ms. Kaur.
But yes, often cops
have a bad taste in clothes.
Don't talk about cops
Because I am a traitor, right?
Don't argue with
me on patriotism and traitor.
You will lose.
Are you done? Shall we?
Wear your clothes.
Or else I will drag
you to India like this.
Yes, sir.
We've left the embassy.
It will take us almost
an hour to get to the airport.
One hour...
This will be the longest
hour of your life.
We won't get to the airport. Ask why?
Because there is problem in our team.
What a peculiar team.
A rich brat RAW agent who can't shoot.
And a Police Officer
who couldn't save his wife.
How will they save their agents?
You better be careful, Ms. Kaur.
Ms. Kaur...anyone who has any kind
of relation with him ends up dead.
Take poor Harish for instance.
Don't react, Yash.
That's what he wants.
And as far as relations
are concerned...
...Ms. Kaur's relations
were always in a mess.
You know when she was 18...
...her dad was going around
with an 18 year old girl.
Like this.
She was 18, and so was that girl.
How would Ms Kaur feel?
Poor thing...
Sir...sir, please handle her.
Sir... handle her.
I hate violence.
By the way, that reminds me
two more of your men are going to die.
Shut up, another word...and
you'll regret it.
If you hadn't shut me up,
he could've been saved.
This one's on you, ma'am.
KK, there are two bikes.
What are you doing, sir?
One's dead,
can you save the other one?
Unbelievable sir,
one says shut up and other says talk.
I'm telling you this team isn't right.
Tell me, Where the next
agent is going to be killed.
Yash, pull him inside now.
- Okay. Okay.
30 minutes.
He will die in 30 minutes,
and only you can save him.
30 minutes...
So he's somewhere in Budapest.
- That's good...that's good.
Not had, Ms Kama.
So what if Ms Kaur can't shoot,
at least she can use her brain.
Now use your brain on this.
One angel...four paths.
How will you save your friend?
Take it inside that building, we'll
have to wait here for a while.
KK, there.
Who are you?
We need your help.
What do you want?
- We need a place to hide.
Yash. - I've no time for 20 questions.
Tell me where are they
going to kill the other agent.
Tell me. -Yash.
They are already scared. Don't!
Can you play? Come here.
One angel...four paths!
One angel...four paths! This is it!
Heroes Square.
We still have 10 minutes.
We've only 10 minutes to save
the next agent, yash.
We have to move fast.
Hurry up. Yash!
We don't have much time.
There! That's Heroes Square.
There's no one here.
Where is he, goddammit.
Where is he?
You're at the right place.
But unfortunately
you're 20 foot above.
Heroes Square is also a metro station.
He's dead.
Poor guy, he was a nice man.
He use to flirt a bit,
but at the end he was a man.
I am very sorry for your loss. - Yash!
Yash, what are you doing?
Yash, what are you doing?
We want him alive.
We wanted our man alive, not him!
Our men...our country.
How much money is enough
to let our own men die?
You think I am doing this for money.
I am really disappointed in you, sir.
Then why are you doing this?
What do you want?
You two can't give me what I want.
He's wasting our time.
We already missed our flight once,
we cannot miss another one.
Must be really hard
to tolerate failure, right.
By now you two must be habitual"
...of failing.
Two losers are here to get a winner.
The RAW should have
sent someone more capable. comes the cavalry.
First the apartmentmand now here.
How do they know where we are?
What? Don't look at me.
You have my phone.
And you guys already checked
all the holes in my body.
How will I tell anyone?
I doubt it's one of you.
Someone's dirty!
Where are you going, Yash?
The tunnel is closed. - I know.
Kudos to you two...
I mean that was was impressive.
But even I will give you two a
chance to be impressed by me.
At the airport.
I mean...there were
so many men on the way... I am sure the entire
army's waiting at the airport.
Who says we're going to the airport?
Where are you taking me? - India.
This helicopter will land
directly on the airport's tarmac.
Yash, bad news.
Another agent of ours
was killed in Malaysia.
Bring Shiv to India
as soon as you can.
Hello, yash.
This is had, '(ash.
Now we'll never know... many more names
did he give to the Chinese.
Someone was definitely
telling them about our location.
How else did they
know we're coming here...
...and not going to the airport.
But who?
Somethings wrong.
We're missing something.
- You're thinking too hard, Yash.
It's over, he's dead. - Exactly.
They tried to save him all day.
So why suddenly kill him?
- It's simple.
When they realized
they cannot stop Shiv...
...from being taken to India,
they killed him.
Why didn't they kill us?
That sniper had a clear shot.
Did you check his bullet wound?
- No, why?
You're good, sir.
But I am just a little better.
Sir, this nature is just amazing.
Have you heard about
the Medusa Spider?
I didn't either.
The venom of this spider...
...can stop a man's
heartbeat for 30 minutes.
Good move.
But next time...your
heartbeat will stop for good.
I mean you're such a player.
You've a dialogue
even for your defeat.
How is Ms. Kaur?
She must be upset.
Take care of her.
- You think about yourself.
How long do you think
they can save you?
I salute you, sir.
I won't give up.
Now this game is going to be fun.
Killing six people is a game for you?
I didn't start this game, sir.
But I will definitely finish it.
By the way, don't forget to thank Ms.
Kaur on my behalf.
None of this could've
been possible without her.
Don't be surprised, sir.
Time is a game-changer.
Check Ms. Kaur's watch
when you've got the time.
What's wrong?
What are you doing, Yash?
Anjan, Shiv can be anywhere in Europe.
And catching him impossible.
KK, there was a tracker
in your watch...
...and it's a very serious charge.
What exactly happened that day?
'It's you.'
'I was scared for a moment.'
'Quietly handover the laptop,
and come with me to the embassy.'
'That's one thing I can't do.'
'And you are 3 minute
and 30 seconds late.'
'I just deleted everything.
- Stay there.'
'Do you want to check?'
I am really sorry, sir.
This is all my fault.
I could've shot him, but I didn't.
KK, we must order an inquiry on you.
Come back, I am sending a replacement.
KK won't go back. - Yash...
KK is a capable officer,
and I trust her.
But that tracker?
- He must have slipped it in...
...when KK was unconscious.
It could've happened to anyone.
We will catch him, you've my word sir.
One thing's clear.
He's giving them
one name after another.
Surely the Chinese must
be giving him something.
Yes, but what?
Anjan sir.
Yes, sir.
- KK, there's been a development.
We've been trying to turn a Chinese
official for the past 6 months.
He's agreed...and he will
give us Shiv's location in one hour.
So stand down and don't
move until I say so.
Got it? - Okay, sir.
Yash, where are you going?
Didn't you hear we'll
be getting his location soon?
Whatsapp me when you get it.
Are you sure this
is what you want? - Yes.
In two days I will
have my revenge on...
...lndia in a way that
it will never forget.
But are you sure that
you guys can handle it.
How about more names
of Indian spies amongst us?
The deal was five names now...
...and five names
after the job is done. you owe us one more name.
Li Zhou Chen.
Li Zhou Chen? - Li Zhou Chen!
Is this a joke?
That's my name.
- Then you must be the agent.
I knew the Indians were trying" turn one of yours
for the past few months.
How did you know he was turned?
On his 10th Anniversary
he bought his wife a 20 Euro scarf.
And this morning,
without any occasion...
A 5000 Euro diamond ring.
Poor gUY-
'You think I am doing this for money.'
'I am really disappointed
in you, sir.'
'Then why are you doing this?'
'What do you want?'
Where are you, sir? - At your home.
When was the last time
you cleaned this place?
Why do you always drop by unannounced?
If you would have
alened me in advance...
...I would've arranged
for some tea and snacks.
Do you need something...or did
you call to waste my time?
Sir, do you know what is the
biggest problem of Indians are?
So you called to waste my time.
We Indians never do our job ourselves.
We keep delegating it.
Now see...a poor Chinese ended
up dead...trying to give away my location.
Too bad
How about an advice... for free?
Stop looking for me.
Marry Ms. Kaur...and settle
down in some hill-station.
You two are old enough now.
Now here's my advice to you.
Sell your home...
...and get used to living
in a room without windows.
"Happy Birthday."
April 2016
Yes, boss.
Samant. I've a job for you.
- I am listening boss
Yash, where are you?
That Chinese official... - He's dead.
What? How? - Shiv.
How will a RAW agent find him novfl
My Hungarian contact... Martinez.
I'll call Anjan, you talk to Martinez.
Martinez never takes any
calls...only replies to texts.
I'll text him.
This? Are you sure?
This is the address he gave me.
Where is Martinez?
Where is Martinez?
Viral, Martinez!
Looking for Martinez?
Where is Martinez?
What was that 'Oh'? - No, I thought...
You thought it was a man.
So you don't think girls are capable?
How typical.
"O sweetheart... my eyes..."
"...have been yearning for you."
"O weren't here..."
"...and I held on to your memories."
"O sweetheart... my eyes..."
"...have been yearning for you."
"O weren't here..."
"...and I held on to your memories."
"How do I explain..."
"...the emotions stirring in my heart?"
"The days and nights are unbearable."
"I had to tell you
what's in my heart."
"The days and nights are unbearable."
"I had to tell you
what's in my heart."
"So I say this to you..."
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
"As you looked at me..."
heart felt an uproar."
"Your intoxication
is slowly growing on me."
"And stealing my senses."
"Stealing my senses."
"The days and nights are unbearable."
"I had to tell you
what's in my heart."
"The days and nights are unbearable."
"I had to tell you
what's in my heart."
"So I say this to you..."
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
"I love you."
She doesn't have a
clue about where she is.
How will she tell us about Shiv?
We need to find someone,
Shiv Sharma.
No problem, but I have 1 condition.
I don't want money, I want to
do bang-bang with him.
What is she saying?
She's saying she will help us,
but in exchange...
Just say yes to whatever she wants.
Finding Shiv is more important.
Are you sure? - Yes.
You can do bang-bang with him.
She's asking when? - Tell
her as soon as she does the job.
As soon as you give us the location.
Sure... Tonight.
Somethings fishy about her.
She never gave wrong
information till date.
And I think she will
give it to you tonight.
How do you know?
She seems to be in a hurry.
- What for?
Ask him to take a shower,
he smells like shit.
What did she say now?
She says take a bath.
How did you get in?
Clothes for you.
Do you have Shiv's location?
Why did you toss away the clothes?
You want to have sex on this?
What are you saying?
Let me take it off...
- Where are you going?
Get off! - "don't be shy.
You cheat...
I've had enough of you, get lost.
Get lost.
- We had a deal, you are a cheater.
What's wrong...that was quick.
So that was her condition?
- Yes... but...why?
Didn't anything happen?
- Are you crazy?
Have you lost your mind?'re a deal breaker.
Now this will cost you double.
No problem.
Shiv is in Holloko Village.
It's still hot...he
couldn't have gone too far.
He must be somewhere around.
Yes, Samar.
- Shiv Sharma was in this orphanage.
But he died 10 years ago.
Yash, no!
Balraj, talk to the home
minister if you have to...
...but just get it done.
Yes, '(ash.
Sir...he's not Shiv Sharma...and
maybe he's not an orphan either.
Whoever he is,
he stole Shiv Sharma's identity.
Use all your resources in India.
Start with the orphanage...
...and find out everything you
can about this imposter in 24 hours.
And I mean everything! - Okay.
Mhatre, assemble a team!
Good job.
Are you crazy?
Why did you stay back in the village?
Because if they didn't see me...
...they wouldn't trust you.
Now they will trust
whatever you tell them.
And hitting those
men was a good touch!
See you!
Martinez. - Now what do you want?
He got away,
we need his next location.
More money or get out.
What is she saying this time?
Will she do the job or not?
She will.
Where do you want me to send them?
Send them to Berlin. - Okay.
I know you don't drink coffee.
Can I ask you something?
Why did you support me the other
day in front of Anjan?
Because I am crazy.
Completely eccentric!
In 2013 we received a tip-off,"
"that a radical-terrorist was
hiding-out in a lodge in Lajpat Nagar.
We arrived at the scene,
he made a run for it.
I could've shot him...
but that day I couldn't.
Two days later he killed five people.
Since that day, l...
Harish and I,
were childhood friends.
We even went to school
and college together.
In fact, we even joined
the force together.
He would often joke about
howjoke about how crazy I am.
Completely lunatic.
Someone will definitely kill me...
...and he will investigate my murder.
Neither he, nor I ever imagined...
...that I will be
investigating his murder.
We'll get him.
Sir. - You were right.
His name isn't Shiv.
His real name is Rudra Pratap Singh.
His father, Karan Pratap Singh was
an undercover agent for RAW in China.
The Chinese Intelligence Agency
found out that he was a RAW agent.
RAW disowned him on our
cabinet secretary's orders.
That's the fact about
the world of spying.
If you're caught, we don't know you.
Which is why he assumed the name
and identity of his deceased friend... that he can
take revenge against RAW.
When did this happen? - 2012.
Yash...I'll call you
as soon as I reach to Berlin.
Take care.
Rudra Pratap Singh?
He isn't trying to take
revenge from RAW. - What?
It's an open and shut case, Yash.
He killed four of our agents.
If this isn't revenge,
then what is it?
It's not that simple.
He wants to use RAW to
get to someone else. - Who?
Where are you going novfl
- To find answer to your question.
Yes, dad...I'm just
leaving for the airport.
When are you reaching India?
What time is your flight?
Son...feels like I
won't be able to make it.
Please don't say you're
tied up with work.
L...l...l wanted to
come to Seattle instead.
Stroll into your office.
See how you're working.
Later we could've gone for a walk.
And have a beer together...
We could've had a beer together.
We never had a beer together, did we?
Yes, dad...but why
are you saying this now?
Did something happen?
Okay...l hid something from you...
No, I hid something from all of you.
I want to tell you about it. - What?
Dad...l don't understand
what you're saying.
Is something wrong?
For the last 30 years...
I've been working for RAV\I...and
not some tech company.
RAW? Dad, is this a joke?
- I wish it was.
Father. . .you're scaring me.
Please leave now...
Things will be fine
when we meet again.
It's too late, son.
What do you mean it's too late?
Why are you saying such things?
Please just leavemeverything
will be fine.
I just want to say one thing.
Look after your mother and sister.
- Father, please...
And I want to tell you one last time. you.
- And I love you too, father, but...
The media has turned
this into a farce.
Karan Pratap is not a RAW Agent.
Karan Pratap has no connection
with RAW whatsoever.
But his family claims that...
...he was working for
RAW for the last 30 years.
Look...even we heard
that he was working for China.
He was selling India's
secrets to China.
Now...who do we believe?
Are you trying to say that
Karan Pratap was a traitor?
You're all smart people.
You know what's best.
No more questions please, thank you.
Mom... - Your father's bank balance...
...has been transferred in your names.
And the Locker as well.
There isn't much in it.
Just...few of my jewellery,
I guess your father...was too honest,
wasn't he?
Mom, please...
I met with the Cabinet Secretary...
He said there's nothing
that can be done.
I tried to explain
that I have two kids.
But he said...
"You...will have to live
with this label of a traitor".
I can't take this anymore.
'You were right.'
'His name isn't Shiv.'
'His real name is Rudra Pratap Singh.'
'His father, Karan Pratap Singh was
an undercover agent for RAW in China.'
'Let's not argue over
patriotism and treachery.'
'You will lose.'
'The Chinese Intelligence Agency
found out that he was a RAW agent.'
'RAW disowned him on our
cabinet secretary's orders.'
'You think I am doing this for money.'
'I am really disappointed
in you, sir.'
'When did this happen? - 2012.'
'Now this game's
going to be fun, sir.'
'Killing 6 people is a game for you.
- I didn't start this game, sir.'
'In 2012 he became
the cabinet secretary.'
'He contested the elections
from Meerut and became the MP.'
'And a year later he
became the HRD Minister.'
'This is Brijesh Verma.
HRD Minister.'
'He began his career
in an IAS officer.'
'Look...even we heard
that he was working for China.'
'He was selling India's
secrets to China.'
'Now...who do we believe?'
Martinez just called,
Rudra is in Berlin.
Anjan is arriving their tomorrow,
he's his next target.
We need to rush.
Rudra isn't in Berlin,
he's right here.
What nonsense. How do you know?
Because he wants to kill
the HRD Minister Brijesh Verma.
Right Budapest.
So Rudra chose to
be posted in Budapest...
...because this summit
was planned almost a year ago.
And sending us to Berlin
was one of his plans.
He knew Anjan's going there.
That means Martinez!
We must stop this summit, '(ash
- No.
If we stop this summit,
we'll never catch Rudra.
Are you going to let a
minister die just to catch Rudra?
Of course not,
we're going to save him. - How ?
We'll shoot him. - What?
The only difference is
they will shoot to kill...
...and we'll shoot to save him.
But what's the guarantee
that Rudra's going to be there.
He will be. I just know it.
Yash, finding him
there will be impossible.
When the bullets will be fired...
...only one man in the hall won't run.
Rudra Pratap Singh!
Yash, this is crazy.
Putting a minister's life
at stake like this is wrong.
Even the minister's should
help their country when in need.
I can't believe that you're
going to shoot the minister.
Not are.
Yash, I can't do it.
I can't shoot the minister.
We don't have any other option.
- Yash, why don't you understand?
I can't shoot. - You can.
You cannot fail twice.
Trust me!
You won't. Come on.
Thank you everyone for coming.
It gives me great pleasure... welcome the Indian HRD Minister
...Mr. Brijesh Verma, to Hungary.
I'd like to call upon him to open...
...the first lndo-Hungarian Summit.
Mr. Verma!
Thank you
Thank you, Minister.
Respected dignitaries.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
This is indeed...definitely
going to be a new dawn... Hungarian-lndo friendship.
'You cannot fail twice.'
'Trust me!'
We look forward to
further collaboration... strengthen our friendship.
A friendship that is based
on common goals, and vision.
Both the countries...
No use...l am going to
kill this bloody minister.
What nonsense is this? Who is he?
Karan Pratap's son.
Karan Pratap?
The one you had killed. - Killed?
What nonsense.
That was standard RAW protocol.
30 years...
Father dedicated 30 years
of his life to RAW and his country...
...but what did he get in return?
He was labelled as a traitor!
And a disgraceful death.
Every RAW Agent knows the
consequences if they are caught.
Even your father. - And my mom?
What was my mother's fault?
My mother killed
herself because of you.
What he did with
your family was wrong.
But you're doing the same thing.
If I've to ruin 100 more
families to get to him, l...
You're forgetting one thing.
I am holding the gun...and
you will be going to jail.
Do you know how many
undercover RAW agents...
...are there in China and Hong Kong?
Do you know?
And how many names do I know?
All of them.
All the names are up here.
How many are you going
to deem as traitors?
I will go to jail...
...but I will give all the names
to the I can kill you.
17 agents will die, until you... - No!
Sir...they will die...
No more RAW agents
are going to die now.
Good job officer, well done.
I didn't shoot him to save you.
I saved those 17 RAW agents.
What? - Your life is still in danger.
What are you doing?
You must fix everything
Rudra's mother...
...and the rest of the RAW
agent's family had to go through.
I've done my duty, now you do yours.
Do it, sir...
He's a bit wayward, he will kill you.
The government has taken
a very important step today.
Those RAW agents who
were deemed as traitors...
...their names are being cleared.
Mr. Verma. - Yes.
We ordered an inquiry
which led us to the fact...
...that those RAW
agents were not traitors.
Other than clearing their names...
...we will also
compensate their family.
Karan Pratap Singh, Harish Chaturvedi,
Suraj Rawat, Arshad Khan...Manjeet Singh,
...Rahul Rajput aur Mahesh Deshpande,
and many more patriots like them...
...laid down their
life for this country.
Tonight their family will be lighting
a lamp in their homes in your name.
Wellmthose RAW agents did
their duty, and I'm just doing mine.
Good job, ACP sir.
Not bad, huh!
You finally learnt how to
use your heart along with your head.
By the way...she's nice. - Who?
Who are you talking to?
You're watching 'Sachayi ki Awaaz'
and with us is the HRD..
Minister Brijesh Verma,
No one.
Who has raised his voice in
support of our RAW Agents.
And his voice is
echoing all over the country.
So the Minister finally
found a way around.
It was nice working with you.
Same here.
Take care of yourself.
And for the first time, our government
hasn't just restored their honor,..
"But also their identity.
Our country is really changing.
"I don't get it...
why do only good people die?"
"Why does bad things
happen to the good."
"Those who should be crying,
are laughing."
"Those who should be laughing,
are crying."
"I've had enough of this."
"I've stayed silent for too long."
"Now listen to the
uproar in my heart."
"Listen to my intents."
"Obsession is my nature."
"It's stubborn...and I am high on it."
"And only I know...where you stand."
"The game you just played...'re going to lose."
"How long are you going to..."
...throw stones at
us thinking we're glass."
"It's boiling in every vein."
"Listen up, it's saying..."
"It's going insane..."
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The country has changed..."
"meverything has changed."
"if you slap us once..."
"...we'll slap back thousand times."
"if you try to intimidate us..."
"...we will rip you apart."
"We promise you...our
force promises you."
"Every bullet in my chamber...
has your name on it."
"We won't miss our aim this time..."
"...we're determined."
"We never bow...nor
can we ever betray."
"We will blow you
away...we are ready."
"It's boiling in every vein."
"Listen up, it's saying..."
"It's going insane..."
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"The color red... red.
"Force is a tenacious."
"It's an's an obsession."
"It's our pride."
"Force is an retaliation."
"It's insanity."
"It's's craze."
"Force is a voice..."
"It's your's my voice."
"It's our voice."
"if we all scream together..."
"...the world will have to listen."
"So scream!"