Force of Execution (2013) Movie Script

Now let me tell you
a little bit about before your time.
Some misguided fools
couldn't quite warm up to the idea
of bowing down to me.
They wanted my business,
but they didn't have
the skill that we have.
See, I got a background.
See, I worked for the government
for a long time.
And I learned from the best.
And I took my skills
after I left the government,
brought 'em here to do what I do.
So they sent about...
four or five hit teams out.
Man, it must have been
like 12, 13 people.
And, well, my boy and I,
we sent them all back dead in a box.
Some of them,
we cut their heads off
and gift wrapped 'em,
got creative and stuff.
Really made a statement, you know?
I think that was the last time I left.
And that was the last time
I questioned this young man's integrity.
All it takes
is one dumb motherfucker
to come in
and try to tear everything down.
You broke the code, Sasha.
You a motherfuckin' rat.
Mr. Alexander, don't kill me.
Give me chance to redeem myself.
Now I gots to get involved
myself personally.
You understand?
I'm gonna have to make
an example out of you.
You want to redeem yourself?
I don't want to use
the word seppuku,
'cause that has something to do
with folks who had honor,
which you don't have.
So why don't you cut
your motherfucking throat,
or I'll do it for you?
Ah! God!
I think I need to get a new suit, man.
This motherfucker got me all dirty.
Look at this shit.
Believe that?
See these here guns?
They were bought with my blood.
And now I'm giving them to you.
Now you delivered me Sasha,
and I appreciate that.
That's how you work your way
to the top and earn my trust.
Now you're by my side, right?
I've got a job you're gonna
have to finish.
And it's gonna be a long road.
But you can do it.
All right?
Not a problem.
We have to send a message.
We're gonna take out a mark,
and Dante set it up with his crew.
They on the inside.
I just need confirmation
when it's done.
There'll be a prison transfer.
You're gonna have a small window,
do you hear?
Confirm the mark,
do the job and get out,
destroy the envelope after you read it.
You know the drill.
All right.
Don't fail me, Hurst.
New transfer coming in.
Time-- 10:29.
A secure. B secure.
Pod C secure.
Okay, you rug heads,
30 minutes fun time.
I remember the first time
I stabbed him.
There was that one
in a white state prison, right?
I was on a mission to stab
this one rat nigger, Monster, right?
It was the same damn time, right?
'Cause I get behind
the nigger Monster, right?
Homies tend to hit the nigger
in the lungs first, right?
Shut the nigger down.
The next thing I know,
he jumped on my motherfuckin' back.
We were wrestling.
I threw the nigger.
Piledrive the nigger down, right?
I stabbed this nigger, like,
five or six times, maybe 15.
About to go down, baby.
That's what's up.
Young nigger get to put some work in.
Motherfucking knife
in the neck the first time,
pulling that shit out--
blood and everything.
It's easy.
'Cause I can't even feel it, right?
Next thing I know,
he jumped
on my motherfuckin' back.
I stabbed this nigger,
like, five or six times.
I get to jag
on this nigger Monster, right?
Goin' back and forth with Monster
and this other guy, right?
Mr. Alexander says
to grab Mr. Henry.
Contact is Iceman.
Tank boss-- Black Benny.
Hurst, you getting this?
Where you goin', cuz?
Where you goin'?
Why you so nervous?
Anyway, I--
I'm on this nigger, right?
Cheese-eater must die!
Come get this cheese,
you fuckin' rat!
You fuckin' rat!
Come get this cheese,
you fuckin' rat!
Fuckin' rat!
Come get this cheese,
you fuckin' rat!
Fuckin' jigs always try to stir it up,
unravel cell wars.
I'm gonna go knock some sense
into that jackin' bulldog.
Wait, transfer's gone.
You fuckin' rat!
Come get this cheese,
you fuckin' rat!
Where Benny at?
Man, that stupid motherfucker
done drifted off.
I'm fixin' to go get strapped.
I'll be right back.
That J-Bird gonna be
a dead nigger soon, you ask me.
Why don't you come out here,
you fuckin' rat?!
He's not the one.
The one is behind you.
You dead, Benny.
You killed the wrong motherfucker!
You was supposed to kill Benny,
Hurst, talk to me.
It's done.
I'll be there in 30 minutes.
Well, your palms
are really itching now.
I learned from the best.
Ain't that right?
Free of the drama.
You know Dante.
Of course.
Take my girls.
Give me a little break here.
Dante is aware that I sent you there
to personally close this issue.
Problem is you took out
the wrong brother.
You deaf or something, white boy?
My little shadow boy here
is good at what he do.
And that's why I felt that
him and I always gotta be good.
That's the first time in 15 years
he's missed a mark.
So I'm fixin' to find out
what happened there.
But in the meantime,
you need to know we have rules.
And we got respect.
I respect you, I respect him.
But if somebody fuck up,
somebody gotta face the music, so...
I killed the man
marked by our contact.
But if I made a mistake,
then I'm willing to take
the consequences.
You see,
he's a man until the end.
Now I can't have you
missing no mark.
In the meantime, I can't be embarrassed
by my business associates.
So there gonna have to be
some kind of consequence.
For now you've retired.
I want him dead, Mr. Alexander.
I'll let you do
whatever you got to do.
- Don't kill him.
- Fucker! Fuck you!
Don't kill him.
Stay with me, motherfucker!
- Wake up. Stay with me!
- Ah!
- Come on, come on.
- Whoo!
- I said bow down, motherfucker!
- Ah!
Fuck you!
Better be glad Mr. Alexander
got a hard-on for your ass.
The man with a plan
says you can live?
- A'ight. You can live.
- Fucker.
We ain't done yet.
He only needs one motherfuckin' hand.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.
You see that motherfucker?
You see that motherfucker?
It's clean right now, baby.
It's clean right now.
Now here's what I want.
Here's what I want right here.
Guess what, dog?
Man says you go home broke,
consider yourself broke, motherfucker!
I'm puzzled.
He killed Dre,
my tank boss inside.
Well, I'm fixin' to figure out
if and how he made the mistake.
But in the meantime,
I can't have you missing no mark.
In the meantime, I can't be embarrassed
by my business associates.
For now you've retired.
Hey, Oso.
Aw, come on.
Put 'em in the cans for once.
Go upstairs.
Leave the departamento.
Hurry up, Oso!
You take breaks every 10 minutes.
The kitchen is behind already.
Talk to the drunk.
Had enough to drink?
Hey, yo, man.
How you feelin'?
See, in the past,
every time we went to war,
we always fought side by side.
You paid for your mistake.
Now it's time to get better,
time to get your strength back.
They took my hands.
I can't help you anymore.
Yeah, well, I ain't asking
for your help at all.
I'm fixin' to get you some money
and ask you to leave.
Get out of here, go as far
as you can go, start a new life.
If I get through this okay,
we'll hook up again.
You're family.
It's like that.
I was inside for two years.
Now that I'm out,
I'm curious to know
why your boy wasted Dre
instead of that piece-of-shit weasel
you put the green light on.
That's the distant past.
But for now, it'd be really good
if you could tell me
something relevant right quick.
You like games?
No, sir.
Well, I think I got a game
that you gonna like.
How'd you like to play
"Pop the Pifiata"
with old Benny the rat himself?
- Tell me.
- Oh, yeah, baby.
Yeah, we got him.
It's a gift from 6-0 to you
to show our respect.
- That right?
- That's right.
Man, if that's true,
you might could have a job,
iceman-- Ice?
You can call me Ice.
Mr. Ice.
Cool. Well, you can call me
Mr. Alexander.
Who you with?
Rich-rollin' 60 Crips,
Mr. Alexander.
Not no more.
You fixin' to roll with me now.
Oh, that's our neighborhood.
Let's start by delivering
your gift to Dante.
Make sure he do things right.
Oh, yeah, he's gonna do what he do.
We gonna do it the 6-0 way--
all day, every day.
Sure enough.
Let's go to work.
Thank you for your time, sir.
Thanks are mine, y'all.
You rat fuck!
I got a special ass-fucking
for you rattin' on the BTF.
But I saved a little something special
for what you did to Dre.
- What the fuck?
- That's right-- what the fuck?
If I were you, I'd let him down.
Let him die like the rat fuck he is,
begging for his life,
not tied up like some damn pifiata.
You know who you're talking to?
The man who used to have the bat.
Benny, look around you.
Go ahead, look around you.
See, all these folks got a reason
to have you dead.
I'm just interested in having you
pay back Mr. Alexander.
Enough of this shit.
You ain't done yet?
Oh. Oh, okay.
All right, come on.
You see that?
Come on, all right.
Now we done, bitch.
why don't you let me and my boys
do the housekeeping?
You go on back
and tell Mr. Alexander
that his pit bull needs a muzzle
or he could end up like Benny here.
I ain't doing shit.
Knock some sense into this nigger.
Come on!
Get up, get up!
Oh, come on!
Tell him your damn self.
That's our 'hood.
Didn't I fuck you last week?
Stop wasting my dick time.
Would you like a translation, bitch?
No, but I want you to go run
tell your boss
that from now on,
any product he moves in my club,
I get 10%.
Now we 6-0, baby,
and we don't accept no apologies.
Adios, motherfucker.
I got a job for you--
shaking your ass.
Shake your ass.
Got a job for you, bitch.
Shake your ass.
Got a job for you, bitch.
Shake your ass.
Shake your ass.
Shake your ass.
Sorry mama-ass nigger.
Oye, hombre,
I told you not to call me
until the shipment was delivered.
Here you go.
Let me know if you need
anything else, okay?
Asshole, I can't understand you.
Speak English or Spanish,
but pick one.
Something's wrong.
Talk to me.
We have a problem with Cesare.
Constantine is taking care of it now.
Copy that.
Here's that Infinity
I was telling you about.
An amazing gun--
long slide, wide body.
Got almost 15 rounds in a .45.
Can you imagine?
Very accurate.
Spectacular pistol.
This is that .50
I was telling you about.
Guncrafter-- amazing.
Flat, fast, no overpenetration,
great distance.
You know, great velocity.
Here's one
of my Longslide Caspian .45s
that I've carried a lot around.
Beautiful gun.
Series 70 Colt,
1938 National Match.
It was one of the smallest .45s
ever made.
It's one of my backups--
one of my personal backups.
Isn't that amazing?
The only reason he lets you
operate in this city, ese,
is because you draw a lot of heat
away from him.
Kind of defeats the purpose
if he's in fucking business with you.
And I'm finished here.
I spoke with Cesare.
Now let's go fix this mess.
What you got in the bag, ese?
You want dinner?
I look like a fucking cook to you?
Hey, keep walking, puto.
Now what say you give me
that box?
No, I can't do that, ese.
I said give me
the fuckin' box, homes.
How'd you do that?
You didn't even use your hands.
Not bad for a cripple.
I fuckin' hate this town.
Nowhere to find a good burger
after midnight.
Kitchen closes in 15 minutes.
Your burgers any good?
The best in town.
Make yourselves at home.
You dropped this.
Thank you.
Don't I know you?
Doubt it.
Hey, you know them black dudes?
Keep 'em away from Karen, all right?
Her old man is like my ace deuce.
Kind of makes her a daughter.
So keep the trash away from her.
Then why don't you pick up
the trash yourself for once?
So what's so important
about that box of yours?
Special ingredients
used for my cooking.
What happened
to your hands, anyhow?
I'll tell you all about it.
Gotta shut her down.
Can't afford to lose
my liquor license.
You know who owns this place, right?
Starts with Alexander,
ends with don't-even-think-about-it.
So Mr. Alexander,
he own you too?
Your tab.
Added an extra $26
for the two hours OT I owe Oso
for hanging around.
Pay it, you can come back.
I don't think she likes me.
I know goddamn well
that nasty OG don't like me.
Fuck him.
Don't fuck with me.
If Mr. Alexander says no,
I gotta eat it.
That's life.
You sound like you scared
of that name.
Mr. Cabron,
Mr. Alexander has
a lot of triggers he can pull
if we go to a ground war.
And I don't feel like
getting shot today.
I don't know,
maybe it's just me.
Peep this-- Constantine runs
the chop shops.
Not for long.
You feel me?
Mr. Alexander wants your product.
But he wants it done quietly.
The quieter, the better.
That's where a nigger like me
comes in.
I'm gonna say this
and I'm only gonna say it once.
Jimmy Falcone is dead.
I own this club.
I'm about to own
the chop shops too.
That's our neighborhood,
you feel me?
A gift.
That could be your future.
One more thing--
we partners now.
Once I cap Constantine,
I expect 10% of everything we move
through the chop shop.
Oh, you bitches, you.
Oso made you some food.
He wanted me to tell you
thank you for your help.
Thank you for your help...
I'm sorry to call.
I just--
How you feelin'?
Alive, which is more than I can say
for Constantine.
- It was a hit.
- Yeah, I heard.
Look, I just want to warn you,
if Constantine is dead,
then that means--
You don't have to warn me
about nothing, man.
I know who hit him,
why they hit him,
how they hit him,
and when they hit him.
They all want my business.
That's all right, man.
I got a little surprise coming up.
So where you stand in all this, son?
You retired me, remember?
Come on, let's go!
We're out of here in 10 minutes, people!
10 minutes!
Nice to be in business.
You sure all this
is going to fit in those cars?
You leave that to me
and you get used to it.
'Cause the day is coming
when I'm going to be the boss.
Mr. Alexander?
His days are numbered.
Crazy gangsters.
Who's that dude?
- That guy there?
- Yeah.
I don't know.
Never seen him before.
He's not with us.
Impress upon him
the value of discretion.
I'm gonna go take a leak.
Let's go, back it up!
Come on!
Hey, don't be shitting in my toilet,
man, all right?
What the fuck you doing in here,
white boy?
Don't I know you from the diner?
You hear me fuckin' talking to you?
That's enough, Bruce Lee.
He's not the one.
The one is behind you.
Thought you were dead.
Mr. Alexander sent you up here, huh?
Hid you under Constantine.
Protected his favorite son
by keeping him out of sight, is that it?
Look, I don't know
what the fuck happened to you,
but I'm the big dog here now.
And my bite is far worse
than your bite would ever be.
Yeah, all that karate shit?
That shit is cool.
But we 6-0, nigger.
We put one to the dome, you feel me?
Now you're lucky I promised my mama
I wouldn't shoot anybody today,
or your ass would be dead.
That's our neighborhood.
Let the bitch live.
Hey, Hurst, you okay?
Man, you need to lay off that shit.
You want to talk,
I'll be back in 10 minutes.
Fuck! Ah!
Yo, dog, what's going on?
What do you want to do?
Bring the bitch to the club.
Where you going?
Grab her legs.
Get the fuck up.
What's going on, gentlemen?
No, no, no, no, don't touch her.
What's happening?
You know we've got bosses
and we've got orders.
I see.
Well, you can't follow these orders
because this is my house,
and that's my girl.
I guess it's on, then.
Quit playing around.
You all right?
- You okay?
- Yeah.
Fuck, yeah.
It's gonna get stupid around here.
So you listen to me and my friends
and listen to him.
- We got you. You heard?
- Yeah.
You two get out of here.
I'll deal with the cops.
No, ese, I can't do that.
These men belong to Iceman.
He's going to come after you for this.
Trust me, this is the best way.
This Iceman, he ain't shit.
I done worse shit in an afternoon
than that puto's done in a lifetime.
I'm not afraid of no AG.
And neither should you be, homes.
There's more to this
than just Karen and Ice.
Let me take this.
Standing my ground.
Making sure I'm taking care of Karen.
Two gangsters coming
after my white girl?
Too bad for them.
- Is this weapon clean?
- Yeah.
Okay, both of you bounce.
Get out of here now.
- You can't get into this.
- Are you kidding me?
An old Mexican con
and a former mob--
whatever you want to call it--
explaining to the cops
why these two dirty gangbangers
ended up all busted like they did?
No way.
They attacked me in my place
and I used the gun that my daddy
gave me forjust such an occasion,
and I don't know what happened,
but I am really glad it did.
Hey, Roman?
Who is this chinga de madre?
Hey, boss?
Three of lceboy's men
just got whacked.
At the diner on 525.
They're gaming us
with Mr. Alexander.
Go there, get something-- anything.
- You got it?
- Yeah.
I'm on it.
I might have to take care of this
my own motherfuckin' self, ya hear?
Yes, sir, Mr. Alexander.
That crazy motherfucker thinks
he can go up against Mr. Alexander.
Shit just got real.
Come on.
- Where Ice at?
- He knows who you are.
But you just can't be walking through
this motherfucker like you own it.
Why don't you ask Junior to walk up
in there and tell him I'm here?
I ain't telling him shit.
I think it's time for you to go.
Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.
Yo, chill out.
Ice said he'll meet with you.
All right.
I thought he might change his mind.
I've been doing this a long time,
you know?
And, uh...
I'm kind of tired of all this shit.
And I know what you're thinking.
I don't blame you,
and I like your style.
You know?
But this could go two ways.
One way it could go is, like, stupid,
and it'll turn into a war.
And war ain't no good for business.
It ain't good for nobody.
To the people who run countries,
wars are great for business.
But we street people, man.
We ain't gonna make no money warring.
So I was thinking
I'll go back up
in the mountains of Thailand
where I learned
all my original bad habits,
leave all this to you.
But you know what?
I'd like to leave with my face,
you know?
So give me a little bit--
just enough to wet my beak.
It's about respect. It's about face.
And I'll be gone.
I thought if you could come over
to the house in the next couple days,
one night, and let's sit down
and just have
a little business discussion.
You a businessman.
And I ain't talking about
I'm just talking about
leaving with respect.
What do you say?
Chitty chitty bang bang,
Crips and things, baby.
We'll work out a number for you.
That's what I'm talking about.
I'll bring my neighborhood with me,
you can have this one.
I like you, nigger.
All right, fool.
I'll see you then.
Get the homies strapped up.
You know how it is, Eric--
tactics of gun-fighting.
If you don't maneuver,
you will be outmaneuvered.
If you're outmaneuvered,
you will be killed.
So let's go home,
get our gear in order,
and prepare for war.
Do what we do best.
- Hurst?
- Alexander?
- I can't leave.
- Yeah, I know.
But I wanted to give you
a chance, you know?
Iceman and his folks would
sort of like to have me retire early,
if you know what I mean.
But you know how I am, man.
I'm not too partial to people
having to try to tell me what to do
and when and how and where.
So I was just thinking, man,
I know you retired,
but I need to bring you back.
No matter how all this go down,
I figured when it goes down,
you could take that money
that I gave you
and give some to Karen
and get her out of here.
Know what I mean?
I could do that.
But what about Oso?
Don't worry about Oso.
He's got his own
marching orders now, son.
Yes, sir.
Sorry, bro.
Ah! What the fuck
are you doing? Oh!
Relax, Roman.
I'm what they call a curandero.
- Mexican witch doctor.
- Oh! Fuck that shit.
You relax!
Look, I gotta get you all fixed up.
You all badass now.
You can only imagine the pain
you can inflict with two good hands.
this is an old family medicine.
It goes way back
to Mayans or Incas or some shit--
I don't know. Old, though.
- This is a very rare scorpion.
- Ah!
One of the rarest in the world--
most poisonous too.
They live right up here
in the high desert.
Very few people know about them.
Now these...
Now this one will kill you a lot faster.
Now it's very important
to get the sting
right in the right area,
where all the meridians are--
where all the meridians
are all tangled up.
Can you believe that shit?
What the hell do I know?
I'm just a cook.
These poisons will work together
with your body,
help you find your hands again.
I didn't ask for your help.
Actually, Mr. Alexander did.
That makes us amigos.
Now we cool?
Let's do the other hand.
Bitches, leave.
Don't get up.
Just listen.
Fuck you, nigger.
Enough of this shit.
You make a deal with the Mexicans,
you moving powder
against Mr. Alexander's wishes?
What do you think, Dante?
I think you're a crazy nigger.
You got no idea, baby.
It's business, Dante.
It's called consolidating power.
Now I don't expect you
to understand that.
But you know how much y'all be making
working for me-- you and your boys?
You know how much you'll be making?
Any of y'all want to make
five Gs a week?
You really think you can buy me?
Nigger, you already bought.
Now it's either me
or the white man Mr. Alexander.
What difference does it make?
You still getting paid, Tom.
The difference is respect.
You see, I got nothing but respect
for Mr. Alexander.
You can go fuck your mother.
Why'd you have to make that comment
about my mama?
What's up with these niggers, homie?
Oh, these niggers straight.
These the homies-- they with me.
Okay, put 'em to work.
You needs to get that nigger--
drag that nigger body outta here.
What's up, nigger?
I want you to call Bear Claw
and hit up No Name.
Be back here in two hours.
- Neighbors.
- Neighbors.
Good, good.
Poison seems to be working.
You're dying, ese.
And this will fix my hands?
How the hell is scorpion poison
gonna fix your hands?
It'll kill you, though.
That's why we mixed it together--
slow down the toxins
so they'll work on your broken bones--
fix them as good as new.
Wait, what broken bones?
No, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Wait-- wait a minute.
I gotta separate the bones again
so the poison helps them reset--
fuse them together,
twice as strong.
- Trust me.
- Okay, wait, wait.
So, wait-- so you've done this before.
- Well, I've seen it done before.
- Okay, you said--
Okay, at least knock me out
with something first.
I think the adrenaline from the fear
has to work with the poison.
I just-- I think that's how it is.
Somebody's coming.
Close the door, close the door.
Make sure it's locked.
Can't let anyone find him like this.
Help me move him. Come on.
Get him up!
Ah! Go on!
Move it!
Get off of me!
I know you, right?
You're Alexander's girl.
That's right.
That's right, you keep on pushing.
Grab this bitch.
Get him in the fucking truck.
Karen, right?
You're Alexander's girl.
You can go to hell.
Hey, boss, I found
the scrapper upstairs,
but there's another one
inside the truck.
Drunk-- useless if you ask me.
You gotta take a look
at his hands, right?
But you gotta look up close.
There's something weird about it.
- He's dead.
- Huh?
He's dead.
Fuck me!
- Who the fuck is he?
- He's just a drunk. He lives upstairs.
Hey, look at his hands.
He's got some kind of disease.
It's all full of puss.
What? What are you
standing around for?
Get rid of him.
Bring the fucking plague into my house.
Fucking pendejos!
Take him out to the desert,
plant him deep enough
the animals don't bring him back.
Hey, boss, what about
this one here?
Por favor, chale, string her up.
Yeah, my pleasure.
I'll get the answers out of her myself.
Fuck it.
- What?
- Where's the fucking chain?
What's up, amigo?
You got any new jokes for me today?
You fucking psycho.
You know...
Manny was really attached
to his tongue.
The airplane coming in.
Say "ah," motherfucker.
- Say "ah!"
- Ah!
So I'm thinking,
maybe you and me,
we finish doing business, huh?
Look, man, that's a casualty of war.
You know how Mr. Alexander
does business.
Once Alexander's gone,
everything's going to be fine, baby.
I'll handle distribution.
You sell everything to me. You feel me?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I think it is you
who's going to have to take
my word for it.
You see, I have the little puta
from the diner.
You know, Alexander's girl.
She's going to come in handy.
Tell you what--
you bring her
and bring a couple of your soldiers.
I'll handle Mr. Alexander.
And if you like, I'll bring you
his tongue in a yellow box.
Now what do you say to that?
I say I love doing business with you.
All right, gentlemen,
we've got a little sand tipper
going on here.
Before we start,
I just want to say
nobody kill Ice but me.
Everybody else free game, you hear?
Heard that.
All right, what I'm told
is they're going to do
a dynamic entrance from the front.
And they'll get on line here
and start shooting straight up
into the compound
like a bunch of dumb-ass gangsters.
I'm gonna be hiding
in this black hole here,
and we'll put Josh up on the balcony
and have him start throwing
some shit down.
Soon as they turn
towards him to return,
I'll come up here over the side
and kill him.
Motherfucker, about damn time
you picked up the phone.
Finally took the dick
out of your mouth or what?
Hey, listen,
I've got a job for you.
Same shit, man.
Orale, hey.
Bring something for the ho,
and I don't mean a vibrator.
No, fuck you, puto.
This is a very rare scorpion.
These poisons will work together
with your body,
help you find your hands again.
Sabes qu, old man?
I'm not going to even give you a chance
to tell me what's going on.
Give her four.
You're too late.
He's gonna get you.
The shadow-- he's back.
One fucking shovel?
One shovel?
You idiot! You know how long
it's going to take us
to dig a hole with one fucking shovel?
Why didn't you bring your own shovel?
You got a fucking car.
Shit, homie, get him out of the trunk.
Andale, grab him.
Come on.
Uh uh uh uh!
You brought your toothpick.
I brought the chain saw.
You go get your one shovel.
Shit. Yeah?
Cesare says to be careful
with that guy you got there, all right?
Why? He's fucking dead.
He used to work for Mr. Alexander.
Just take care of it.
Yeah, but--
What the fuck you think
I'm gonna do with a chainsaw?
Build a clubhouse?
Come on, start digging, one shovel.
You got three seconds
to tell me everything.
Tonight's the night.
Fuckin' cold out.
Cesare says keep your eyes open, ese.
Don't end up like me, ese.
I gave you a second chance.
The girl-- give her to me!
Give her to me.
- That may be a problem.
- Motherf--
Look, I like your style.
A man of action.
I think we could be friends, you know?
Where's the girl?
Ice has her.
They've gone to Alexander's to kill him.
Mr. Alexander
says wait outside the perimeter.
Yo, can I help you?
Y'all go to the front.
Playa, you stay with me.
The rest of y'all go to the back,
kill everything that moves.
That's our neighborhood.
Hey, homeboy.
Motherfuckers huntin' up.
Come on, man.
Come on.
Good shot.
Move out, move out, move out!
- Rat comm' to ya.
- Gotcha.
This motherfucker's paranoid.
He got all these damn
secret passages and shit.
We 6-0.
He gonna get this work, baby.
- Aw, look who's comin' to the party!
- Roman!
Set the charge.
Charge is set.
- Rendezvous at 40, Mike Mike.
- Roger that.
I'm out.
Come on.
Let her go!
Walk away now.
Or else what, motherfucker?
There's six of us!
You can have this kitchen bitch.
Come get her.
Suit yourself.
- Hurst, you got to get her!
- You okay?
- I got you, nigger.
- Move, move!
Should have finished me
last time we met, nigger.
Now you're mine!
Yeah, I been waiting on this.
Come on! Yeah.
Come on!
Gut him like a pig.
Oh, you're out of bullets, huh?
Mr. Alexander.
Now we gonna see what the fuck
you really made of.
Come here, baby.
Come on.
You about to die now, bitch!
I gotta go find Karen.
All right, listen,
everybody dead but Ice.
I'm gonna go find him.
You find her.
How the hell do I get out of here?
Don't even think about it, son.
How do I get out of here?
How do I get out of here?
I said how the hell
do I get out of here?
You die.
You really retiring?
I think the streets
are clean for a while.
See, I'm a dinosaur.
Ain't nobody like me around
no more, so...
I learned how to do bad things
to bad people,
used all that to make a lot of money.
But this is a bad life,
and I regret much of what I've done.
But not all of it.