Force of Nature: The Dry 2 (2024) Movie Script

[ People speaking native
languages ]
-Tell me a story.

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Birds warbling ]

-Hey, hang on!
I hear something!
There's a clearing!
There's a --
I hear a car!
Oh, Jesus. Stop!
-Stop, please!
Stop! Help!
Stop! Oh!
-We've lost someone!
-Have you seen her?
Is she okay?
-Oh, my God, Bree!
Did Alice make it out?
Is she here?
-We need to get
to a hospital fast.
-It's my sister.
She got bitten by a spider.
We need to get her to a hospital
right now.
-Let's get her in the car.
Get her in the car.

[ All breathing heavily ]
[ Thunder rumbling ]
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Thunder intensifies ]

-Hello? Alice?
-Oh, thank God.
Can you hear me?
-Are you okay?
-Daniel knows.
-No, they know. They know.
So, Daniel came out and....
-Hello? Can you talk up?
-It's bad.
-Yeah, just --
Hello? Alice?
[ Line disconnects ]
Hi, Alice. It's Aaron.
I couldn't understand
what you were saying.
Could you give us a call
as soon as you can
or send a text
if that's possible?
[ Sighs ]

[ Keys jangling ]

[ Switch clicks ]
[ Sighs ]

-What else you got hiding
in there?
Wouldn't you love to know.
-Yeah, it's a bit remote for
a corporate retreat, isn't it?
-I think that's the whole idea
behind that kind of thing,
isn't it?
-What, just take people out
of their comfort zone, I guess.
But it's also convenient if you
want to make someone disappear.
[ Car door closes ]
-Alice sounded pretty scared,
-Is there a chance
she could have been faking it
and just run away?
-Nah. We know how much
she loves her daughter.
[ Engine starts ]
I pushed Alice too hard.
-Well, it is what we do.
We have to, to get results.
-Yeah, I know it's what we do,
but when you push them too hard,
that's when they make mistakes.

-Aaron, what do you think?
-This one. Here.
-[ Laughs ]
That's my boy.
-Are we about to get some rain?
It's nothing compared
to the storm front
that's coming in
from the west, though.
-When's it gonna break?
-I'd say two days.
Three days, max.
If it starts to flood out there,
she's got no chance.
[ Birds warbling ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

-Took statements from the women.
Not much help there.
You're welcome to have
a look back at the lodge.
Have yourself a warm shower
and check your emails.
They reckon they did eight or
nine hours of what they called
"hard walking due north"
before they hit the road,
which means that
Alice has now been on her own
for more than 30 hours.
Why did she call you?
000 would be where I'd start.
-Alice Russell is helping us.
-I thought Bailey Tennants
was untouchable.
Too many friends in high places.
I assume they don't know
they're being investigated.
-We don't believe so, no.
-They will now.
Couple of Feds out
of their natural habitat.
Follow me.

-Aaron, I can't -- I can't even
get close to the files you want.
-Alice --
-They're all Daniel's clients.
He handles them himself,
all 12 of them.
-Yeah, the dirty dozen.
We know 'em.
Look, you just help us
with this one last thing,
you're never
gonna hear from us again.
-Oh, you expect me
to believe that?
-The judge signed off
on immunity for you,
but you have to help us.
-They're all hard copies.
They're deep in the archives.
I start scanning them,
it's gonna draw attention.
These guys, they're big fish.
I don't know what they're
capable of if they find out.
-The money that Bailey Tennants
helps hide overseas
every year --
do you have any idea
what that stuff's used for?
Evading international sanctions,
money laundering, slavery,
arms deals.
$15 dollars a year
gets wiped off global economies
by people like this.
I mean, I --
-I can't.
I can't.
Not this time.

-[ Sighs ]
-They followed a valley north
somewhere there,
and we're trying
to work out which one.
-So, how long do you need?
-For one square kilometer,
it takes around about four hours
in medium-density bush.
Much longer if it's steeper
or thicker, which it is here.
We can't get a chopper in,
but we are trying
to locate a hut.
Now, the women found refuge
in this hut.
That was the last place
they saw Alice.
Really spooked the women out.
-Any particular reason why?
-You remember Kovac?
-Kovac the serial killer?
If he still alive?
But all of his murders
were committed in this region,
and some of the bodies
were never found.
-Why are they so convinced
that it's Kovac's base?
-Just outside the door
there was a grave.
A dog's grave.
And Kovac loved his dog.
-The missing teenager was last
seen in the Giralang Ranges.
With the police invest--
-Let's go.

Here you go.

-Watch your head.

[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Car doors closing ]
-Ian Chase.
-Aaron Falk.
-So, you're the boss
around here?
-Can you give us
a bit of background?
-Yeah, well, there were
two groups that went out.
One men's, one women's group.
I picked them up earlier
from the city.
The weather was always
gonna be a problem.
But they were committed,
particularly the women.
-Well, this is it, everyone.
First group back gets pick
of the room on Sunday night.
[ All cheering ]
-Yeah! Too easy!
[ Laughter ]
-Ohh, just watch --
-Oh, shit.
-Sorry. Sorry.
-Ugh. Huh?
-Did it soak through?
-No, no, no.
-Come on, guys.
-So, here we are.
-It's beautiful.
-Lovely, eh?
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Ohh. Here, let me help you.
-Sorry. [ Chuckles ]
-Let's make sure
it's fitted correctly.
-Thank you.
-Yeah, that should do the trick.
Hey, smoking.
-It's a vape.
-Well, it's a smoke-free zone,
so no smoke,
and vape's included.
-Hey, Lauren, can you
give me a hand?
I've got --
Yeah, I can't get --
-Excuse me.
I'm being summoned.
-That's mine.
-Thank you.
-Here, let me help you there.
-I've got it. I've got it.
-So, you want to take off
or wait for your husband?
-Daniel's a big boy.
We could surely
get a head start.
-Oh, love your enthusiasm,
Let's get started.
We don't have to wait
for Daniel.
-Daniel Bailey?
-Well, when did he arrive?
-Ohh, very late.
It set the men back a few hours.
But they made
their camp on time.
Righto, then, ladies,
let's get going, eh?
-We're really doing this.
-I'll come back
for the boys later.
-Let's do it.
-I'll take you down
to the waterfall.
-Good luck, boys!
-So, we leave food,
water, and tents
in lock-boxes
at all the campsites
so the groups don't have
to carry everything.
But, you know, when the girls
didn't come out,
we went in the second and third
Nothing. It was like
they'd never even been there.
So that's when I called
the local cops.
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Rain pounding ]
-Oh, my God.
-Good, eh?
-That's incredible.
-Oh, my God!
-It's so beautiful.
-Love it.
Before I let you go,
there's one more thing.
No mobile phones.
You need a social media-free
weekend, ladies.
Come on, cough 'em up.
Let's go.
-There's no reception
up there anyway.
-I'm sorry,
but how will we take --
-How are you gonna
take selfies?
-Of course.
-In they go. Come on.
-You'll survive.
-There you go.
-Lucky last.
Mirror Falls.
-Oh, it's stunning.
-So, the trail starts
at the base of the waterfall.
-How high is it?
-Ah, she's a baby.
About 15 meters, I reckon?
But the pool at the bottom
is at least as deep again.
The water pressure's crazy.
You -- You fall under that,
you're not coming back up.
-So, the women left from here?
-Okay, ladies.
Food, water and a warm fire
10 K's that way.
Good luck.
-I've got the compass here.
-Bree, you got the map?
-Okay, Bree, lead the way.
-Okay. [ Chuckles ]
Let's go.
-What do you think happened?
-I'm not stupid.
[ Indistinct conversation ]
-Two for one over there.
-Do you know
how humiliating that was?
-Daniel Bailey.
-You're being ridiculous.
-Here we go.
-If it's ridiculous,
why don't you just fuck off,
go back to Melbourne?
-Excuse me a moment.
-Any news?
-Oh, not yet. Sorry.
You did say
that she'd be found by today.
-Well, I'd hoped to.
-Do you need more funding?
'Cause, you know, I'm --
I'm very happy to cover that.
-Look, it's not the funding.
It's not money.
It's -- You know, it's time.
The storm's coming.
Have you searched
that southwest ridge?
-Well, it's inaccessible
at this time of year.
You know, the weather.
-Right. Isn't that all the more
reason to have a look?
-Sergeant King's doing
a really good job at the moment.
He's got a pretty solid plan.
They're doing quadrant searches
a section at a time,
but it is gonna take a while.
Do you know Alice well?
-Sorry. You are...?
-Oh, police. They're helping
with the search.
-Okay. Right. Uh, good.
Ah, yes,
I know Alice quite well.
I mean, we have a lot of staff,
but she's a very highly regarded
member of our team, for sure.
-Did you have any --
Excuse me. Carmen.
I'm helping, too.
Um, did you have any concerns
about her?
-In what way?
-You know, her health,
her mental state,
her ability to complete
this course.
-Oh, look, if I had any doubts
about Alice
or any member of my team,
I would have done something
about it before I put them
in harm's way.
Do you know what I mean?
-Quite right.
-Listen, I'm gonna
have to make a move
because I want to get down
to the site
for King's evening briefing.
I'm assuming I'll see you
down there, you guys.
Thanks for your help with this.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Vehicle departing ]
Did you see that bruise
on her jaw?
Shall we?
-If this is about the action,
you need to take it up
with the lawyers, not me.
-I'm sorry?
-Are you
with Executive Adventures?
-No, no. We're police.
We're assisting Sergeant King
with the search.
Have a seat.
-So, you're, um...
taking action
against Executive Adventures?
This retreat this year
is my initiative,
so understandably I feel
responsible for my team.
And I plan to make damn sure
whoever is liable for this
fiasco is held accountable.
-And you work with Alice?
-I do.
I hired her, actually.
She presents impressively.
Thank you.
-There's a lot of people
that work at the company,
so I was wondering --
how does it work?
Like, how do you actually choose
who gets to go away
on these trips?
-Oh, it's random really, a mix
of pay grades and experience
to develop
cross-company teamwork.
-And the real reason?
-Well, let's just say --
Let's just say we red-flag
the employees that we feel
are in need of some professional
or personal development.
Recently there were complaints
being made against Alice,
so she made the list.
In fact,
she came top of the class.
-What sort of complaints?
-Bullying, technically.
And the feeling was pretty
universal across the board
that we thought
that she would benefit
from learning
the value of teamwork.
-And did she?
-Well, she's not here now with
the rest of the team, is she?

[ Birds chirping ]

-You alright?
Breathe in that country air.
-Oh, it's so beautiful.
-Guys, it's the first flag!
-It's got the
Executive Adventures logo on it.
-Right, I'll give you a hand.
-Guys, come on.
-[ Grunts ]
Hey, just -- just leave it.
It's not worth
breaking your neck over.
What happens if you get
all six of them, anyway?
You get like 100 bucks?
-Actually, it's $240.
-Jill, come on.
This is a waste of time.
-Just let them have a go.
They're not doing any harm.
Couple of hundred in
your 20s is a lot, right?
-I mean, we're gonna be
putting the tents up
in the dark as well as the wet
if we keep this up.
-Don't you remember we did this
exact thing at school camp?
-Here, here, here.
-Is Endeavor still doing that
bush residence for students?
-I assume Margot's attended?
-And your daughter, Lauren?
-They're friends, right?
-[ Grunts ]
-Ooh, that's it.
Nailed it.
-Nice teamwork, girls.
-I'm so happy.
-Hey! Nice work.
-Good job!
-Good job, Bree.
-Let's go.
-Killed it!

-Okay, so,
that star there is Alpha.
That one there is Beta.
And that one?
And what is that one?
-There? Delta.
-Okay, you two stargazers,
how do you navigate south,
using the Southern Cross?

-It's huge.
-We've arrived.
-Okay. Lock box.
Oh, this must be where
all the food and tent shit is?
-Oh, this looks good.
-This is our tents, too.
-What is...
-Ah, shit! Ohh!
Jill? Jill, are you okay?
-[ Groans ]
Been better.
But all good.
I'm fine. I'm fine.
-I think you tripped
on the fire pit.
-Yeah, I dropped my torch.
-Here, have my torch.
-Oh, thanks.
-No worries.
-What have we got?
-Just dry food?
-Yeah, I think that's like...
-Oh, Lauren!
-What are you doing?
-Did you hear that?
There's someone out there.
[ Insects chirping ]

[ Door closes ]
I didn't mean to scare you.
Are you Lauren?
-I'm Aaron.
I'm with the police.
-You okay?
-Yeah. Yeah, I'm good.
I just...
I got a shock.
-What were you doing down there?
-I've been waiting for Alice.
And I know it's ridiculous,
but we passed the waterfall
on the first day,
and if she follows
the river upstream,
maybe she'll find it.
-You've got some bush skills
of your own, obviously.
You led the girls out
on that final day.
-Oh, well, kind of.
I keep thinking
that having rusty skills
might actually be worse
than having no skills.
But your mind starts to play
tricks on you out there.
It's easy to get
really paranoid,
to feel like
you're being watched,
that you're not alone.

-[ Gravelly voice ]
Good evening, ladies!
[ Laughter ]
-Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
-I couldn't bear
to be without you, babe.
-Yes, I'm sure.
-Here's a, uh --
It's a middling
Dandenong Pinot for you.
-A Pinot?
-Thank you and fuck you.
-How's it going?
-Here's a little
slightly too sugary
Shiraz there for you, Laura.
-It's Lauren.
-Lauren. Sorry.
-Are there gas bottles?
-Guys, maybe we could start
a fire for the girls here.
-I think we're good.
We've got this.
-The girls don't even seem
to have their tents up yet.
Let's get some tents out, yeah?
-Let there be light.
-We only need one tent.
-I mean, what took you so long?
Did you get lost?
[ Laughter ]
-No, it's...
-You need a hand, Lauren?
-Could we have a private word?
-Okay, sure.
-Alright, snuggle up.
Snuggle up.
-I mean, you did say that
this was a no-work weekend.
-Looks good.
-So, this morning
when I got in the office,
you'd already taken off.
-Could you hear
what they were talking about?
-Um, no.
Alice came back
a little while later,
and she just stormed
straight to her tent.
She looked really
freaked out to me.
-Hang on. So, you didn't
share a tent with Alice?
-No. She was sharing with Bree.
They had to break
the sisters up.
Jill, of course,
slept in the luxury single tent.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Birds chirping ]

-Wake up your Mum, mate.
Let's go.

-[ Sighs ]

[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Jesus Christ. Get out!
No. No.
I've said it's too dangerous.
And how dare you bring
my daughter into this?
-I didn't bring your daughter
into this.
You did.
Securing her place here
with a donation.
$100,000 that you borrowed
from Bailey Tennants.
-I've told you,
I was gonna pay it back.
-Oh, yeah, that's what
they all say.
It's easy to say that
when no one notices.
But we noticed.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
Was it worth it? Hmm?
Look, we can't keep
you and your daughter safe
from Daniel Bailey
unless you're helping us.
You'll go to jail, Alice.
-You're gonna have to wait
'cause we're going
on a corporate retreat tomorrow.
-Where to?
-To the Giralang Ranges.
Get out of my car.
-Okay, we'll get it
before you leave.
[ Car door opens ]
-What's your name?
Yeah, don't worry.
My mother never bothers to
introduce me to her boyfriends.
But I always like
to introduce myself.
I'm Margot.
-Get in the car now.
He's cute, Mum.
[ Car door closes ]
-Sorry I'm late.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Car door opens ]
[ Birds chirping ]
-Okay, thank you.
-Let's go out the front.
-Hi there, girls.
We're up from Melbourne.
We're helping the police.
-It's, uh, Breeanna and Bethany,
-Yeah. Beth and Bree.
So, it's about Alice.
Have you found her?
Is she alright?
-No, we haven't found her.
I'm sorry.
-Bree, your spider bite.
Funnel web.
How'd you get bitten?
-Ugh. I tripped on a log.
Thought I'd fallen
on something sharp.
Glass, maybe.
And then I saw the spider,
and I knew.
-Is anyone coming up
to be with you both?
-Mum would, but she's got MS.
-Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.
-It's okay.
-We want to ask you
some questions
about the first day
that you -- you got there.
Is it the men came to visit?
-They weren't meant to.
-No, well, it was harmless.
It was a fun night.
-And Daniel was there?
And he spoke to Alice,
who apparently seemed
upset afterwards?
Do you know
what they spoke about?
-Why don't you ask him?
Or Jill.
She was pissed --
-But Daniel and Alice --
you know, they always talk.
They're colleagues.
Friends, too.
Alice is really high up
at Bailey Tennants.
She could run the place one day.
Yeah, they, um --
they disappeared into the
dark and came back much later,
-And whatever happened
between them out there,
after that, everything changed.
All Alice wanted to do
was get out of there.

-Oh, fuck.

You've got a phone?
-I mean,
there's no reception anyway.
-Well, then it's no use to you,
is it?
Just put it away, Alice.
You know the rules.
-Jill, I think
I've gotta go back.
I forgot to sign off --
-I forgot to sign off
on something before I left.
-I am not letting you go back
by yourself.
There's a duty of care,
for one thing,
and if you go back, then all
of us have gotta go with you.
-Well, I could just take Bree
and then you three can go on.
-Oh. Ah.
If you think you get a free pass
because of your special little
friendship with my husband,
you're sorely mistaken.
-Oh, come on, Jill.
-Let's just be clear here.
I employ you, you work for me,
so you're staying, okay?

I mean, if there's no reception,
then --
-Stop, Alice.
-[ Sighs ]

Jesus Christ. Really?
I mean, if you're too lazy
to not walk further out,
at least do it
by your own tent and not mine.
-I'm sorry.
I thought this was the spot.
-That was the tree!
That's the tree
that we all agreed upon!
-I'm -- I'm sorry. I don't
I'm sorry. I didn't --
-It's okay, Beth.
Thank you, Alice.
I think we're all
across this now.
Thank you.
[ Birds warbling ]
-Are there any painkillers?
-It's not time yet.
-Ask the nurse.
-It's not time yet.
They're not gonna
give you anything --
-Just go and ask.
-Excuse me.
-So, even though
you were hungover,
you were asked to navigate?
-Jill shouldn't have
put it on me.
I didn't know what I was doing.
I got sent on a half-day course
at the Botanic Gardens.
Coffee breaks every 20 minutes.
-[ Chuckles ]
-And now I'm supposed to be
an instant expert?
[ Birds warbling ]
-You need some help, Bree?
-Uh, no, I'm -- I'm all good.
Thank you.
-So, which way?
-You sure?
It looks a little rough
and ready.
-Yeah. No, it's left. Come on.
-We're actually making
pretty good time.
I had no idea how quickly
one decision,
one small mistake
could change everything.

[ Chuckles ]

Drink up, buddy.
Back in a second.

[ Dog barks ]

-A dog!
Aaron! Aaron, stop!

There are no dogs out this far.
Come on.


She should be back by now.

[ Birds chirping ]

Are you sure this is right?
-Yeah, it should be right.
-Well, should or is?
-Is. Has to be.
-It's just that we haven't seen
a marker flag all day.
How many are there
supposed to be? Five?
And we have one flag,
and that was from yesterday.
-I think it was that fork
in the road after lunch.
Can I have a look?
I asked you about it, Bree.
-Well, I still don't think...
-See, if we'd taken the proper
turn, we should be right here.
But I actually think
it's more likely we're here.
Lauren, what do you think?
-Yeah, I think you took
the wrong turn, Bree.
-I'm -- I'm so sorry.
-It's okay.
Okay, so, what are our options?
-Well, we could
retrace our steps.
-Retrace our st--
How many turns
do you think we've made
since then, like a dozen?
-Well, I think
it's a good option.
It's the safest, anyway.
-So, can you hear that?
Can you hear?
It sounds like there's a river.
I think --
I think it could be this one.
So, if we headed towards that,
we could orientate ourselves
on the map at least.
-I think that we should
retrace our steps, Alice.
-We would be walking around
in the dark, and you know it.
-Okay, let's try and find this
creek, river, whatever it is.
-Thank you.
-Let's go.
=I'm -- Hey, I'm so sorry --
-It's okay.
-Listen, I asked you
if you needed help.
-I just --
-Come on.
-No, I just didn't realize...
[ Birds chirping ]

-It's gonna kill you.
-Trying to quit vaping.
-Oh, right.
-Was Alice up to something?
-Like what?
-Why don't you tell me?
You're the cops.
Why are you really here?
-Did you and Alice Russell
cross paths at work?
-Not really.
I've only been working there
for a couple months.
Now and then, though,
down in the data room.
Just hunting bits and pieces.
And she liked to get stuff on
her own, which is really weird.
Like restricted stuff.
I was just thinking, now that
she's missing and all...
-So, you'd help her?
Like, you got along?
-No. Alice didn't like me.
And she never bothered
to hide it.
-What'd you do?
-She didn't like me
because she didn't have to.
But unlike me, she doesn't stop
until she gets her way.
[ Birds chirping ]
-Hey, I can --
I can see the river.
I found it.
-We can drink this, can't we?
-Yeah. It's fresh water.
-Yeah, if it's running.
-Oh, my God, that's freezing.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Here, give me a look.
-Hey, can I have a look at that?
'Cause your sister got us
in the shit the last time.
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-Shit, the map! The map!
-Grab it! Grab it!
-No, no, no, no!
-Beth, quick!
-Oh, God.
-Careful there.
-Quick, get a stick
or something.
-Okay, hang on.
-Beth, Beth, grab it.
-Beth, be careful, please.
-Yeah, I've got it.
-Have you got it?
-Lauren, can you get it?
-Watch this!
-Just get it.
-I've got it.
-Can you get it?
-Can you get it?
-Please be careful!
-Can you get it?
-Careful, Lauren.
-You've almost got it.
-Almost. Almost.
-Laur-- Just leave it.
Just leave it.
-It's the goddamn map.
We need it.
-Oh, God.
-Oh, shit!
-Do something! Lauren!
[ Indistinct shouting ]
-I think she hit her head.
She's bleeding!
-Grab her hand.
-Oh, my God.
-Have you got her?


[ Birds chirping ]

[ Engine shuts off ]
-I'll tell you,
it doesn't bode well
that even the assistant
in the data room noticed
Alice behaving strangely.
We shouldn't have sent her
down there as often as we did.
The Baileys must be onto her.
-We followed the rules and
the protocols like we always do.
-Yeah, but I shouldn't have
pushed her so hard.
I shouldn't have put her under
so much pressure.
-She's an informant,
An asset.
She stole a lot of money.
So she is fair game.

[ Indistinct conversations ]
[ Car door closes ]
[ Engine starts ]

So, three days.
They just fell apart so quickly.
-Oh, three days.
That's an eternity out there.

Day one -- you know what? --
they probably felt
pretty confident
they could get their way out.
A little bit of panic
settling in that night.
Day two, start rationing food,
And then lose all sense
of direction.
Then day three.
That'll split any group apart.
-So tough for a city girl
to survive out there.
-She'd be alive, though.
She's alive. She has to be.

-Aaron, what do you see?
-Mum's things.
-Why'd she leave these here?
-To lighten her pack.
-Good boy.
She fell down right here.
She's on the move.
She's awake.
-Do you hear that? Water.
-She'll be careful.
She needs water.
She knows what she's doing.

[ Water rushing ]

Can you hear me?
-[ Coughs ]
-Are you okay?
-[ Gasping ]
The map -- did you get it?
-No, it's gone,
and it's no one's fault.
-God, I think it needs a stitch.
Just breathe.
I'm just gonna patch it
for now.
-We can follow the river
back to the waterfall, maybe?
-No, it's not gonna work.
It's just a maze of rivers and
creeks between here and there.
Here, just hold that.
-I mean, there'll be extra
supplies at the campsite, right?
-Can you sit up for us?
-I don't --
I don't think she can make it.
I think I should head north.
I could take Bree, find
a service road, look for help.
-We should go east,
to the campsite.
Can you please just call
somebody on your phone --
-I don't have any service,
-Okay, okay.
Let's just aim
for higher ground
till we can get a signal.
-I think we should go north.
-I think we should go east
to hit the campsite.
At least there is food,
shelter, and a radio.
And we need to get Lauren
out of these wet clothes.
Alice, you lead the way.
Lauren. You okay?
That looks nasty.
-Did you get that
when you guys lost the map?
-Yeah, I noticed Jill had
a bruise, as well, on her jaw.
-You'll have to ask her
how she got that.
-Alice had a compass.
Is that right?
So she was able to lead you
all out of there?
-Look, whatever they're all
telling you happened out there,
Alice was a part of it.
I'm not proud of it,
but we all were.
Alice, as well.
That's why I wasn't surprised
when she lied to us.
To get her own way.
-I don't think the ridge
is that much further.
Lauren, how you doing
back there?
-Do we have any water?
-No, we're all out.
-[ Breathing heavily ]
-Oh, wow.
This is incredible.
-Sorry. Which direction
have we been walking in?
-East. That was the plan.
-Are you sure?
Towards the ridge
that the campsite's on.
That's right, isn't it, Alice?
We're heading east?
-Yeah, east.
Sorry, it's just,
if that way is east,
then why is the sun
setting in the south?

-What have you done, Alice?
You do realize
we do not have any chance
of reaching
that campsite tonight now?
-Jill, we were never gonna find
the fucking campsite anyway.
-Yeah, well, you made damn sure
of that, didn't you?
Can you at least
check your cellphone
to see if there's any reception?

[ Car door opens ]
-You're leaving?
You gonna stop me?
-No, I wasn't gonna stop you.
-Falk, isn't it?
What department are you with?
Come on, mate.
King Street.
You're a long way from home.
I don't know how much help
you're gonna be
in a search-and-rescue
if that's what this is.
-Well, I actually know
this bush area really well.
-Do you?
-So, um, the girls in there
are keen to hang around
until Alice is found.
That's gotta be pretty handy
for you, hasn't it?
-What do you mean?
-Oh, just in terms of being able
to chat to my employees.
But remember this.
If you talk to my wife again,
it's common courtesy
to allow a lawyer present,
don't you think?
-Well, if it gets to the stage
that your wife needs a lawyer
I'll be sure
to offer her one.
Glad we're on the same page.

[ Car door closes ]
[ Vehicle departing ]

-That's it. Yep.
What are these lines here?
-It's a ridge line.
-What's at the base
of the ridge line?
-A river.
-A river.
We need to head further
into the valley to find her.
That's where she'd go
to find water.
[ Birds chirping ]

-That's it, girls.
Come on. Rise and shine.
-[ Groans ]
-Good morning.
-Is it?
You see that valley down there?
When it heads east,
we're gonna have to cut across,
which could be a little tough,
but if we stay due north,
then we're gonna hit the
northern road in from Melbourne.
Let's go.
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Jill. Morning.
-Any update?
-Well, I'm not allowed
to talk to you,
apparently, without a lawyer.
Your husband's given me
a rap over the knuckles.
-Well, let's just make it
our little secret, will we?
Take a seat.
So, what do you want to know?
-Well, I'm actually interested
how it was that Alice managed
to deceive you out there
because you don't strike me as
the type who'd be easily fooled.
-Well, what was I gonna
do about it?
She left us with no choice.
Alice got her way.
We headed north.
-[ Coughs ]
-[ Sighs ]
[ Birds chirping ]

-Come on.
-Oh, my God, water.
-Can we drink this?
-Guys, guys, guys.
[ Bats screeching ]
-Oh, my God!
-Come on.
-Oh, no, that's gross.
-Come on.
We've got to keep going.
-It's just for one night.
-Excuse me.
-You can stay,
have some room service,
and, uh, just -- if there's
anything you need, just ask me.
-Bree. How are you?
-I'm all good.
-I got nothing.
-Let me sort a room
for you, okay?
-They're all yours.
-Hey, Bree,
do you mind if we have a bit
of a chat with your sister?
-Beth. No smoking.
Lodge rules.
You gotta do that now?
[ Coughs ]
-Oh, sorry.
What is that?
There's something there.
It's a shelter.
-Beth, let's --
Guys, just leave it.
We don't --
-No, we should go in.
-Yeah, let's go.
-Let's check it out.
-Jill, you don't --
-Let's just have a look, okay?
-Yeah, come on.
Just be careful, Beth.
-Jill, I-I think
we should just keep walking.

-It's dry. Come.
Come on.
-It's much warmer in here.
-You alright?

I-I don't like this.
I think that we should
all keep moving.
-Let's just wait.
Just think about it
for a second, okay?
It's drier in here. It's warm.
-Is it?
-People die from exposure,
We need time
to dry our clothes off.
Lauren's been injured.
We need shelter.
-Jill, we know nothing
about this place.
We don't know
who knows about it.
-Oh, my God!
-I don't give a shit
who knows about it.
We need somewhere to stay
for tonight, until we --
-Until what?
-Well --
-I mean, it could be weeks
before somebody finds us here.
I think we should just
stick to the plan,
keep heading north,
get to the main road.
-So, what?
So, we just keep walking
till we find
that five-star resort
with the hot tub and masseuse
on stand by?
Look, clearly no one lives
here, so let's stay for tonight.
-Yeah. You heard her.
-Bree, back me up.
You don't want to stay here?
-The light's almost gone,
and last night was pretty rough.
-Which is why we should
actually keep moving.
You know that we can all walk
out of here now.
-Okay, girls, okay.
Alice can continue
to bitch about staying here,
or we can take a vote.
Okay, who wants to stay?
-I think we should just stay
for one night.
-Thank you.
-Staying it is.
-Thank you.
Alice? You okay?
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm fine, but, um...
I think there's something
in here.

-Are they bones?
Tell me that's not a child.
It's a...
Ugh. I think it's a dog.
-Are you sure that that's a dog?

-I mean, would you call your kid
Or maybe you would.
-Yeah, I think so.
-A dog?

Let's go. Come on.
-What's that?
Is that another grave?
-No. No, it's not.
-It's the same,
but they're just bigger --
-It's -- It's nothing.
-A larger grave?
Are you sure?
Did you check it out?
-No way.
We s-stayed far away.
I mean, we were still trying
to convince ourselves
that Butch was a dog.
-But this larger grave,
did it have a cross on it,
like with the dog?
Was -- Was there a name on it?
-I mean, well,
there could have been,
but we didn't get
too close to it.
-Did you mention
to Sergeant King
that there was another grave,
a larger one,
like a human-sized grave?
-Of course.
-You told him?
Are you sure?

-Listen, I'm not trying
to cause trouble here, but...
do you remember the name of --
of Martin Kovac's dog?
-Don't even joke!
-I'm not joking.
Remember he had that dog
that he used to lure women?
-Can you remember?
-Stop. Enough.
-When we were at school?
-It was on the TV all the time.
We'd talk about it at lunch.
I think it was Butch.
-Uh, yeah, maybe he had a dog.
I don't really remember.
-No, I'm not asking
if he had a dog.
I'm saying do you
remember the name?
-Oh, my God!
Are you fucking serious?
You're being
a manipulative bitch.
-What are you trying to do,
scare us to punish us
for standing up to you?
-No, I'm not.
-Yes, you are!
-What, you wanna stay here?
I mean, what if this
was his base?
Can you imagine what he did
to the women he brought here?
-Who cares?
That was decades ago.
He's probably dead or in jail.
And clearly no one has lived
in here for years.
-Beth's right.
We should just stay while --
-Well, nobody asked you,
You could be helping us
get out of here,
but you're too scared
to even try.
So just stay out of it.
-Stop your bullshit.
We know you got a problem
with staying.
But just keep it
to your bloody self.
I am so sick of hearing
from you.
For God's sake,
someone light a fire.

[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-You just wait outside.
There was a second grave.
-They said it was
a mound of earth.
It might have been a grave.
-It was the size of an adult.
-What are you getting at?
-You've been lying to me.
You're not working fast enough.
-We're following protocols.
-Your team looking for
Kovac's hut,
or are they looking for
Alice Russell, huh?
-We are looking
for Alice Russell.
If they happen to find
Kovac's hut
and that happens to bring
a bit of consolation
to some of those families
of the victims,
then what's bad about that?
-Because there's still time
to find her
and she's still alive out there.
-You work behind a desk, mate.
Let us do what we do,
and why don't you try
and do something
that actually helps us
by going through those?
-[ Sighs ] All the bloody same.
-Don't worry about him.
He trained to be a cop
a lifetime ago.
-Think financial crimes
are faceless,
and we've got
a woman lost out there.
I don't know.
Does any of this stuff
make any difference, really?
-You know, numbers.
-Listen. It's programs.
It's algorithms.
It is chasing them down
through their transactions.
Don't worry about
Bailey Tennants.
We're gonna get 'em.
Because we're smarter.

[ Seatbelt clicks ]
-[ Sighs ]

Give me those.
-You've got this.

-Obviously know
what you're doing there.
-Mm, kind of.
It was harder out there
to light a fire.
-Bet it was.
-The wood was wet,
and everything around it
was rotting away
right there in front of us.
[ Insects chirping ]
-I'm -- I'm -- I'm really sorry
about before.
-It's okay.
We're all really tired.
-How's Rebecca doing?
-I'm just wondering
how she's coping.
-She's fine.
-Is she gonna stay on
for senior school?
The new place looks fantastic,
like the building
that they just finished --
-Why are you asking right now?
Out here?
-I should have asked ages ago.
I know that Margot feels...
I know she feels bad
that she was so tough on her,
but teenagers do awful things.
-Yeah, you should have asked.
-Just sometimes --
-You should have asked ages ago.
But you didn't.
[ Thunder rumbling ]
[ Door opens ]
-Before you say anything,
I know I shouldn't.
-Shouldn't what? Smoke?
-Not allowed to drink
under my probation.
But it's been a rough few days.
So, sorry.
-What is that? Light ale?
Excellent choice.
Your secret's safe with me.
-Will they ask
when you get back?
"How's that addict doing
down there?
Is she behaving herself?"
-No, they won't ask.
Court-enforced drug rehab,
100 hours
of community-service work
at Parkville Nursing Home.
-You have done your research.
-Some. Sketchy.
Adderall, dexamphetamines,
Xanax and Valium
to come down the other side.
What were you thinking?
-Started using
to get through school
and then kept using
to get through life.
-And the break-and-enter?
-It's an expensive habit.
I stole some of Bree's things,
stuff she'd saved up for,
some jewelry that Nana had
given her before she died.
And then she came home,
walked in on me,
and when she tried to stop me,
I hit her.
-She was badly hurt?
-What do you think?
She was smacked in the street
by her sister
trying to steal
her possessions for drug money.
She was badly hurt, yes.
One of the neighbors
called the cops.
Otherwise, we probably
would have figured it out.
-How long do you think
it'll take for them
to realize we're lost?
-Not long. I'm sure
they're already looking.
They would have realized
we're not on schedule
and we didn't make
the second base camp.
-Nobody is looking for us.
We haven't heard a helicopter.
They don't know.
-Hey, look up.
Does anybody know
any constellations?
-Well, there's the
Southern Cross, obviously.
[ Chuckles ]
And you can usually make out
one of the main ones in Virgo
at this time of year.
Sagittarius is too low
on the horizon
to see from where we are.
Guys like to show me stars.
They think it's romantic,
which it is a bit.
And original,
which it's not.
-Which it's not.
[ Laughter ]
I'm a...Taurus?
I'm a Capricorn.
Whatever that means.
-I'm a Cancer.
Apparently we're highly
intuitive and psychic,
so look out, girls.
-You can see why people
used to think their futures
were written in the stars.
-[ Chuckles ]
Some people still do.
-Not you, I'm guessing, Alice.
-No, not me.
I think people
make their own choices.
-I agree. I think
we all make our own choices.
Although we're not always clear
of the consequences
of those choices.
Are we, Alice?

-So, Jill was trying to pick
a fight, was she?
-Everyone fought with Alice.
All of us. And with each other.
Anyone who says
otherwise is fucking lying.
-Okay, so there was a fight
out there with Alice?

Grab your sister.
I'll grab the others.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

So, why did Alice leave?
None of you have been
honest with me
about what happened
on that last night.
This is your last chance.
There's a massive storm coming.
It's going to engulf
the whole search area.
So you need to help me now
while we can still find
Alice alive.
-We need to save the battery.
-Yeah, my battery's dead.
-Are you deaf?
We've got to save the torches.
What is your problem?
Jesus Christ.
-Hey! Stop!
Give it back!
-Ow! You --
-Hey! Give it back!
-It's my torch.
-Watch it.
-You watch it!
-Fucking Christ.
-We're sick of your shit!
-Good, 'cause I'm leaving
first thing tomorrow.
-I've already said
none of us is leaving.
We are sticking together.
-I've already said I don't care
what you think, Jill.
I'm leaving at first light
with or without you.
-You are such a foolish,
selfish little bitch, Alice.
I'm responsible
for everyone here,
and if you walk out
I'm taking no responsibility
for whatever happens to you.
And do not think you're taking
that phone with you.
-That's my fucking bag.
You give it back.
That is my bag.
It's my bag.
Alice, let go of it.
-It's not yours, is it?
-That's not what happened.
I didn't start it.
She hit me first.

-Give me the phone!
-Get off me, Beth!
-Guys, can we just stop?
-Right, give it. Let go!
-Give me that phone.
-Guys, stop!
-Give it to me!
[ Body thuds ]
-Give it to me!
[ All breathing heavily ]
-It was completely dark.
I reached for the torch,
and when I turned it on...
Beth, are you okay?
Here, sit up.
-[ Groaning ]
-Can we just keep this
between the five of us, please?
Beth's still on probation.
She can't afford
any more charges.
-I'll do whatever the fuck
I want when I get back.
-Ladies, let's agree
to draw a line under this...
for now at least.
-Come on. Get some sleep.
-Sorry about your jaw.
-Is that all you're sorry about?
I've always known, Alice.
I've always fucking known.

-[ Crying ]

-Alice was crying?
Known what?
-I gave her the job.
I championed her.
She and I worked
very closely together.

She and my husband were very...
Let's just say, um,
loyalty isn't her best

[ Door closes ]

-Hi, Margot.

-You never told me your name.

-Excuse me.
I need to make a call.
-My name's Aaron.
Detective Falk.
We're here to help
find your Mum.
You okay?
Why is Jill so convinced
they were having an affair?
-Alice was heading up here.
-Have we missed something?
-You gave her the USB.
She promised to get the files
before she left.
-Yeah, there's no calls
from Alice to Daniel.
-Chase said it was early,
so the chances
are she had the USB on her.
-There's my call.
-She got on the bus.
She has it on her, out there.
-Lots of calls to Margot.
Hang on.
Someone could have found that.
-Why didn't you tell me?
-You called her.
The morning that she left.
-How is it that
I don't know about that?
-I called her because
I didn't think you'd been
clear enough with her.
-I went and saw her at her
daughter's school, day before.
-You don't think
that's enough pressure?
-This is what we do.
We get results.
We're good at it.
-And that is why she's
in danger out there.
-I've had it.
-Hang on a second.
You don't think she's alive,
do you, huh?
-Will you just talk to me
and tell me
what the fuck is going on?
'Cause this is just our job.
This is what we do.
We push assets
and we make arrests.
Why is this so different?
-[ Sighs ]
Because I know what
it's like out there.
I know how little time you have.
I know how quickly things
turn bad,
and I know what happens
when you don't get to people
quick enough.
-How do you know?

-Because of my Mum, okay?
I lost my Mum out there
in these mountains,
and that's how come I know.

-Would Mum have a fire
out there on her own?
-Yeah, of course.
She can build a fire.
Your Mum can do anything.

[ Thunder rumbling ]

[ Indistinct conversations ]

-How far away's the next one?
-Another hour.
-Call them back.
-Call them back now.
-What's going on?
-We got to call them in.
The storm's coming.
It's very close.
It's too dangerous.
We're gonna bring them back now.
We've got to wait
for it to pass.
-But she's still out there,
You gotta get a couple of guys.
We need to get
some people in here.
You haven't even bothered
getting people
in that valley yet.
-We have run out of time, mate.
We've got to wait
for it to pass.
I've got volunteers,
SES, police out there.
I'm not prepared to risk them.
-Wait for it to pass?
Two days, three days,
a system like that.
It could be like that
for a week.
-We don't know.
I'm not gonna risk our men.
-Chase, come here.
Okay. We know that they left
the waterfall
and they made
the first campsite,
which is here.
After that campsite, that path
has a dozen splits in it.
They could have ended up
Now, there's a creek over here,
and the amount of rain
that we've had the last four
or five weeks,
a swollen creek could easily
appear like a river,
in which case,
King has got it wrong.
They've traveled further
than he thinks.
-There's a fire trail
right here.
-You'd probably make it
by four-wheel drive
up to this point only,
then by foot
four, maybe five hours.
You've still got half a dozen
valleys to search.
-They mentioned something
about bats
at the entrance to the valley.
Fruit bats, thousands of them.

Can you take me there?


Come on. Let's go.

[ Bats screeching ]

[ Bats screeching ]
Aaron. Come on.
Come on, mate.

-Come on.
The dog.
I know you heard it.
Is there someone out there
other than Mum?
-Your Mum is out here.
That's what matters.
Let's go.

Come on, this way.

Come on, mate.
She's close.
Let's go. Come on.
Through here. Okay. Come on.
Let's go. Come on.

Down here.


[ Insects chirping ]
-[ Sighs ]

How many of Kovac's victims have
never been found, you reckon?

[ Insects chirping ]
Jen. Shit!
-Jenny, are you okay?
-Mum, please open your eyes.
-Mum, please.
-[ Gasps ]
-[ Inhales sharply ]
Hey. Hey, you stay with us.
-[ Whimpers ]
[ Dog barking ]
-Let's go.
We've gotta go, love.
-[ Groans ]
-Come on.
We've got you. Come on.
[ Barking continues ]
-Aaron, come on.

-I'm gonna head north.
We'll meet back here.
[ Leaves rustling ]
[ Insects chirping ]

-[ Breathing heavily ]

[ Thunder rumbling ]

-Hey, I got you.
Here we are at the car now.
Okay, let's get you in.
That's it.

[ Engine starts ]
-[ Groans ]
-Stay with us, Jen.
Aaron, keep talking to her.
-Jenny, stay with us!
[ Thunder rumbling ]

-Thank God.

[ Thunder continues ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Thunder crashing ]

-So, you found her?
-Yeah. We're too late.

[ Thunder rumbling,
rain pounding ]

[ Birds chirping ]
[ Indistinct conversations ]
-Found your cabin?
Recognition and glory
you were looking for?
-That's not fair.
That's not fair at all.
You had a job to do.
I had a job to do.
We did the best we could.
Those people had been out there
searching for days.
Nobody wanted to find her
like this.
I'd only just started out here
when Kovac started murdering
those young women.
Met with the families,
begging us to at least find
the bodies of their children.
Finally. 40 years.
40 years.
We're not that different,
you and me.
-Watch out.
[ Insects chirping ]
[ Vehicle approaching ]
[ Engine shuts off ]
[ Car door opens ]
[ Car door closes ]
-Did she have it on her?
-You alright?
-Where are the girls?
-They're waiting.
No, wait, wait, wait.
What's happening?
-Next to the body
was a broken stump.
Someone had fallen on it.
Next to that,
a web, a broken web.
Funnel web, just like
Bree described it.
-Why aren't the others
in here with us?
-No talking. Shut up.
-I don't understand.
-Why aren't Lauren and Jill
in here with us?
-Shut up, Beth.
-Why? It's a fair question.
-Don't talk. Are you deaf?
[ Insects chirping ]
Thought you were still inside.
What are you doing up so early?
-Same as you, I guess.
-Hey, look.
-About last night...
Listen, I know I've caused you
a lot of trouble,
but I have a way
to make it right.
Alice --
-God, just leave it, please.
-I can't.
It's already gone too far.
She can't threaten you
and get away with it.
-Just trust me.
-[ Sighs ]
-You've helped me all my life.
Helping you now is the least
that I could do.
-Just don't make it worse.
-Can't get any worse than this.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Hey, Bree.
Make sure you go
behind that tree.
-[ Chuckles ]
-[ Chuckles ]
-Did you do something?
-Did I do something?
I haven't done anything.
-[ Scoffs ] Seriously?
-Fuck you!
-You're really pointing
the finger at me
with them right here?
-Pointing the finger?
What are you talking about?
-None of this would have even
happened if it wasn't for you.
-If it wasn't for me, what?
What have I done?
-Girls, at this stage,
I'm gonna ask you to pause
until we can get you a lawyer.
-What the fuck?
-This is bullshit.
I can't believe
you're actually doing this.
-Doing what?
-Trying to wash your own hands
and drop me in it.
-Wash my hands?
Drop you in what?
-Why should I try to help you?
Why shouldn't I just look
after myself and tell the truth?
-Tell the truth about what?
-She was already dead.
You know that.
Alice was already dead
when I found her.
[ Cellphone ringing ]
Phone's ringing.
Come on. Come on.
Sorry. Can you hear me?
[ Breathing raggedly ]
Come on.
[ Whimpers ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
[ Gasps ]
[ Birds chirping ]
[ Grunts ]
[ Wood cracks ]
[ Groans ]
Ohh. [ Gasps ]
[ Whimpering ]
-Why would you do that?
Bree, why would you hide her?
-You know why.
-I don't.
For what? Because why?
-'Cause of you I did it.
For you.
You can't get sent away again.
It would kill Mum.
It was horrible knowing
that it was my fault and --
-It was my fault.
-It wasn't my neighbor who told
the police you robbed me.
[ Sniffles ]
It was me.
I didn't realize
it would go that far.
I'm sorry.

-I understand.
I understand
why you would do that,
but this?
This is so bad, Bree.
Do you not trust me?
Is that what you see
when you look at me?
Do you really think that
I could do something like this?
-I can't believe
you're still lying.
Alice said she'd press charges.
She was a bully.
She wanted to destroy you.
I know why you did it.
Just tell them the truth.
They'll understand, too,
if you just tell them.
-Just stop.
-Please, Beth,
just tell them what you did.
[ Indistinct conversations ]

-Jesus Christ, what the fuck
is she doing here?
-[ Clears throat ]
-Just wait here, girls.

-Who is that?
Is she alright?
-Why are you crying?
She's not your mother.
[ Door opens ]
I'm Carmen. This is Aaron.
Is everything alright?
-I'm just --
I'm looking for my mother,
Lauren Shaw.
I think she's staying here?
-Yes. Well, she is.
What's your name?
Well, why don't we
find Lauren for you,
but in the meantime just come
over here and have a --
have a seat and a glass
of water or something.
And Detective Falk will go
and get your mother.
-It's okay. Take a breath.
-You let those shoulders
of yours relax.
-Take a deep breath.
-He'll find your mother,
and we'll wait here.

[ Water rushing ]

-Did you find her?

[ Crying ]

She's really dead?
-Yeah, she's dead. I'm sorry.
-When I went back to the path
in the morning
and I saw she was gone,
I thought...
I thought she was gonna make it.
I thought she was gonna be
the one to save us.
-Aaron? Aaron, can you --
Can you hear me?
Are you there? Hey.
Oh, Christ.
-Hello? Alice?
-Oh, thank God.
Can you hear me?
-We are completely fucking lost.
-But Daniel knows.
No, he came out,
he asked me to look
into Beth's bags, and he --
-He must think that it's her.
[ Line disconnects ]
Come on!
Are you there?
Jesus Christ!
-Alice, have you got a signal?
-No, no, I don't.
-Well, who were you talking to?
-I wasn't talking to anybody.
Oh, fuck.
-Are you leaving?
-How are you gonna do it
on your own? Seriously.
-Well, I'm gonna head north
and try and find the main road,
which is what we should
all be doing.
You know,
no one is gonna find you here.
-Well, you're not
taking the phone.
-It's my phone.
-And you're not taking the torch
because this is Beth's
and it's the last one
we have that's working.
-Oh, my fucking God.
What is your problem with me?
-You never apologized
for what happened.
-Are you still talking
about Rebecca?
It's been dealt with.
Just leave it alone.
The school investigated.
All the kids that were
responsible were expelled.
I don't know
what more you want.
-Except for Margot.
How much did it cost you
to keep her in school?
Must be really nice to just
throw money at your problems
and watch them disappear.
-You know, you can rest assured
that I have paid much more
than money for that decision.
what did you do?
Where did you get the money
Did you steal it?
From Bailey Tennants?
Is that why Daniel
came to the camp?
-[ Exhales sharply ]
-Does someone know?
I know --
[ Clears throat ]
I know things about them,
and --
and then I was approached
by someone who --
-I-I don't want to know.
This is why you're pathetic.
-I'm pathetic?
You're just gonna leave us here?
Well, at least I'm not a bully
and I didn't raise one.
-You know what?
I'm actually really bloody
proud of my daughter,
and I would do
absolutely anything
to protect her, unlike you.
You wanna know?
You wanna know why Rebecca
is the victim and not Margot?
Because she has had the pleasure
of watching you
for her entire life
get pushed around and walked on.
-Yeah, by you!
-And I am not going to be made
to feel guilty
because you're too weak to
stand up for your own daughter.
-I am not!
Fuck you!
[ Thud ]
[ Breathing heavily ]
What happened?
You okay?
-[ Groans ]
Just sit up.
Did you hit your head?
-Ohh. Ohh.
I think you're just dazed.
Just take a minute.
Hey, I won't tell the others
that you're leaving, okay?

Just sit here
and have a little rest.

I'm gonna go back.

-[ Groaning ]

-It's okay.
I'm sorry, too.

I really did think
she was still breathing,
and I fell asleep thinking
she'd be
halfway back to town or...
I'd wake up
with her lying there next to me.
-Help! Help us!
Show me, Bree.
You have to show me.
-[ Groans ]
-Elevate it.
Oh, God!
-What's happened?
-She got bit by a spider.
I think it's a funnel web.
-Oh, here, here, use this.
Make a tourniquet and wrap
it around to stop the blood.
-No, no, that's not right.
I think it's compression?
-Well, I don't know.
Do something.
Just tie it around the wound.
-We're gonna wrap it, I think.
-Bree, just breathe.
You'll be okay.
-We have to get out
of here, Jill.
We have to get her to a doctor.
We have to go.
Fuck! Hasn't anyone done
a first aid course?
-Yes. Bloody Alice.
Lauren, wake Alice up.
Tell her to come out here.
We've got a spider bite.
-She's gone.
She's taken her bag, everything.
-Can you please go
look in my jacket,
see if the phone
is still in the pocket.
-Sorry. I'm sorry.
-[ Groans ]
-Sorry. I'm sorry.
-No. She's taken it.
-Shit. Great.
-What the fuck?
-Okay, okay,
what are our options here?
We stay here, we wait for Alice,
or we try and get
Bree out of here.
-No, we keep heading north.
-We what?
-We keep heading north
until we hit the road.
That's our best bet.
-Oh, we have to go.
-Okay, let's go north.
-I'm gonna quickly
look for Alice.
-Be quick.
-We don't have time!
-Don't go too far.
-I'll get the bags.

Here, take this.
Hang on, hang on.
-North's this way.
-Come on.
Come on, Bree.
[ Water rushing ]
-You should come back with me,
back to the lodge.
We'll try and fix this,
try and sort this out.
-You think you can fix this?
-We can try.
I promise, okay?
Your daughter's there --
She'd like to see you.
-Rebecca's here?
-She's waiting for you.

-I've tried so hard
my whole life with her.

And I swear to God
I've made mistakes.
But I did the best I could.
I honestly didn't mean
to kill her.
-I understand.
I-I believe you. I do.

-Alice said I was weak.
-She was wrong.
-Yeah. I think so, too.
I'm different now.
How ironic that Alice
pushed me here to find myself.
-Come back.
Come on.
Come on.

-[ Gasps ]
-Aaron. Aaron!
Whatever you do,
keep talking to Mum.
-Jen, stay with us.
Keep her awake.
-Mum, come on, please.
-Keep looking at Aaron.
Hold her hand, buddy.
-Hey, look at me, Mum.
-Stay with us, Jen.
Keep talking to her.
-Dad, hurry.
-Keep her awake.
-Mum, come on.
-Help! Help!
-She's hurt.
I don't know how bad.
-Mum. Please!
Please help us.
-Please! Help us!
Aaron. Hold her hand, mate.
Help! Help!

[ Both gasping ]

-Here, take my hand.
Hold on. Hold on.

-She's okay. She's okay.

-It's devastating news.
I had an interesting
call from my wife.
She seems to have had
a misconception
about my relationship
with Alice.
I don't think you had
the same misconception.
Jill also mentioned
that you knew
Alice's daughter, yeah?
I'm just interested
in how hard you pushed Alice.
I'm assuming you didn't start
with using the daughter
against her mother.
Or maybe you did.
Do you -- Do you know how people
view policing now?
Do you really think
that we see the world
through a lens
of good versus evil
and that you're
our moral crusaders
and we're so happy
that you're gonna come along
and tuck us into our beds
safely at night?
-It's not up to people like you
to decide between
what's right and wrong, is it?
Governments lay the laws.
We follow them.
-Do you want to know
who my clients are, Detective?
Do you know who they donate to?
-It doesn't matter
how much they appear to care
beyond their self-interest.
They're laundering money
through Panama,
the Caymans, or Bouvet Island,
with its population of, what,
10,000 fucking seals?
I see your type all the time,
White-collar crime pricks
standing up in court
with this inner belief
that just because you donate
a tiny fraction of your earnings
that it justifies everything.
And then we've gotta deal
with your lawyers
in the back room,
trying to do deals
because they know
you're about to get put away.
-There it is.
That's why you're here.
That's why
you sacrificed Alice --
to bring me down.
Yes. Know that.
Alice is dead,
and I'm still here.
-I came here to save Alice.
I don't really think
you believe that.
-Daniel, can you give me
the keys, please?
I'm driving.
[ Police radio chatter ]
[ Car door closes ]
-I don't much like him, either.
I saw Alice
going through those files,
scanning them,
one after the other,
early the day we left.
And I've never seen her
so flustered.

[ Car door closes ]
I knew when he turned up
at the camp
that he'd figured out
what was going on.
But he never for a
minute suspected Alice.
Of course, he suspected me.
He thought it was me.
Once a criminal,
always a criminal.
Don't you think?
-No, I don't think that at all.

I've paid for my stupid

It's Daniel's turn now.

She buried it in the bush.
-[ Sighs ]
-Maybe she thought she could
come back
and find it again or...

I guess she was just trying
to do the right thing.
-Thank you.
-[ Breathes deeply ]

What's gonna happen
to all of us now?
[ Car doors closing ]
[ Engine starts ]
Time to go.

[ Birds chirping ]

-We've got him.
[ Sighs ]

It was worth it.

We've gotta celebrate
these victories.
-Not this one.

Do you really think any of
those women are truly guilty?

Lauren? Bree?
Even Alice?

It's easier, though, isn't it?
-What is?
-Blaming someone.
Hunting them down,
locking them up.

But at least out there,
nature holds us all to account.

-First thing tomorrow,
we're gonna head back.
We've got work to do.
Hey. You did well.


[ Insects chirping ]

-Why don't you take
the lead, huh?
Which way?

This way.
-[ Chuckles ]
-Come on.
-That's my boy.

-[ Exhales heavily ]