Forced to Fight (2011) Movie Script

MAN: Shane, it's time to go.
We'll be together again soon, mate,
don't you worry.
MAN: Wait till you see this joint.
Nobody knows about it.
- This is the best kept secret in New York.
- Really?
You know, I'm gonna make some money,
trust me.
This is where it's at.
How are the numbers tonight?
Better than ever.
CROWD: Fight, fight, fight!
SCOTTY: Hey, Danny, hey!
Screw you, man!
Get that prick!
- You scratch it, I scratch you.
- Move, move, move!
No, no, no. This is yourfault.
Get my car back, or I'm gonna get you back.
One move and you're dead.
(LAUGHS) Oh, Shane.
Shane. God.
What the hell, Scotty?
I almost took your freaking head off.
Yeah, right. You could try, man.
Hey, that's my bat.
No, it ain't, it used to be.
You gave it to James, remember?
Never mind. You look like shit.
They're all rough nights for you.
Anyway, look, I only got a couple of minutes.
What's this?
Just paying you back. You know,
for all those times you helped me out?
Plus, there's a little extra in there for...
You know, being my big brother, man.
So what do you want, Scotty?
What? I don't want nothing.
ljust feel good, you know?
Don't lie to me. I told you not to
come around here when you're high.
Ah, God. "When you're high."
Tell me something, Shane,
you ever feel high anymore?
Busting your ass all day
fixing other people's cars, huh?
Better than getting my brains beat out
for scum like Danny G.
I'm not saying what you have here ain't great,
it is.
You got a family, made a life for yourself.
Slavin's Auto Repair?
That's not me, man.
Could be.
Make an honest living for a change.
Yeah, no thanks.
Anyway, I got bigger plans.
I'm gonna go to Reno with the rest of this,
and start up my own operation.
What do you think, huh?
You left Danny G?
He let you go?
Yeah. Yeah, sure, why not? He let you go.
Not with money like that.
You run out on him?
Shane, ljust came over
to say goodbye, okay?
S0, look, say hey to Connie and the kid
for me,
and I'll see you in...
Look, I'm gonna take the back door, okay?
It's a long story.
S0, catch you later on, bro.
Hey, Scotty.
Wait up.
Take this. I don't need it.
Take it.
Wherever you end up, you're gonna need it.
Thanks, bro.
Hey, catch you on the flip side, huh?
Get the money.
Danny, we done here?
For now.
SHANE: I don't even know why I worry.
He's never gonna change.
Of course you care, Shane,
he's still your brother.
Yeah, but it's his life.
He's like, what, 28 now?
It's about time he learned
to take care of himself.
Well, that's not my problem.
- Mom, gonna be late for school.
- Okay.
Ah, what did I tell you about all that sugar?
Was Uncle Scotty here last night?
What makes you think
Uncle Scotty was here last night?
Yeah, he was here, but he couldn't stay.
But he told me to tell you that he misses you
and he can't wait to see you.
So how's that project of yours coming along?
Have you figured
out how to make that water mill work?
Is there a problem?
He had a run-in with some kids at school.
What kind of a run-in?
Well, he brought his project in
to show the teacher,
Did your teacher see what these kids did?
And I have to start all over.
Ijust wanna kill them.
But you're not gonna, right?
Because you're smarter than that.
I don't wanna be smart.
I wanna be strong like you
and kick their asses.
Well, guess what, buddy?
You are gonna kick their asses,
'Cause you know what fighting gets you?
More fighting and more fighting,
until you're old and tired.
And then someone
who's younger and stronger comes along
and they beat the snot out of you.
And then you're right back where you started,
which is where?
That's right.
So you stick to your books
and you remember,
They're gonna be working for you one day.
They're gonna want to be you.
Look what I got for you.
I knew you wanted one.
- Go check that out.
- Thanks. Thanks, Dad!
You're welcome.
You are a handsome devil,
you take after your old man.
I gotta go pick up
some parts that I ordered. Um...
You want me to take him to school?
No, we got lots of time.
You're pretty smart yourself, you know that?
Oh, yeah.
I'm the man with all the answers.
SHANE: Connie!
Stay here.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God, is he okay?
- Call an ambulance.
- Okay.
Quickly, huh?
What the hell have you gotten yourself into?
He'll live.
He's got a fractured radius,
three cracked ribs, broken nose,
and some ligament damage.
I'm so sorry, honey.
He seems pretty convinced
that those guys were trying to kill him.
You mean this Danny G
that you've been talking about?
It seems like he didn't take a dive in a fight
where he was supposed to,
as well as running out on him.
You know, he chose to live in this world.
It can get pretty rough.
How much money are we talking about?
I have no idea, actually.
But whatever it is, he doesn't have it.
What's he gonna do?
What are we gonna do?
I guess we'll just lie low for a while.
Look, I gotta get back to work.
- You okay with James?
- Of course.
Don't worry, okay?
I love you. I'll talk to you later.
- Hey, Frank.
- How you doing?
What's up?
You Okay?
Yeah, I'm fine, why?
You seem kind of quiet
these last couple days.
I'm good.
Okay, well, uh...
Anyways, I got a guy out front.
Said he wants to talk to you
about a fractured radius?
I don't... I don't even know what that is.
You want me to handle this?
- I've got it. You wait here.
- All right.
Long time. You got a minute?
Danny wants to talk to you.
Kind of busy right now.
Not too busy to talk to Danny, are you?
I've got nothing to say to him.
You sure?
Maybe you two could talk about the old days.
Reminisce and stuff.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
Tell your boy to put the phone down.
I got business to discuss.
So as you may have well heard by now,
I got a little problem with your brother.
I don't know anything about
what goes on with you and Scotty.
I know the room number,
So what do you want?
- I want my money.
- You took his money.
That ain't even a long stick on a short hill
of what that mutt owes me.
For one fight? So he'll pay you back.
One fight? That's what he told you?
He's been sucking cash out of me for months.
Sixty-tvvo K to be exact.
And the way I figure it,
his debts are your debts,
you being people and all.
I don't have that kind of money.
I'm not talking about sitting around here
for the next 40 fucking years
I'm talking about a Shane Slavin comeback.
(SCOFFS) You're out of your mind.
I don't fight anymore.
Well, you could have fooled me.
Arn over here's still got a headache.
With a little training, who knows?
Besides, everybody loves a comeback.
No way. It's not gonna happen.
That's pretty whimsical.
Looky here.
You fight again,
you get your brother off the hook.
I make some cash, you make some cash.
And your family you can't say wouldn't
be happy with a little bit of loot, right?
You keep my family out of this.
Now, how am I gonna do that?
Everybody's rolled
into a little ball like a bunch of kittens.
Are you threatening me?
Are you threatening my family?
Now, that's a glass-half-empty way
of looking at it.
I'm offering you a choice.
You fight, or I am gonna hound,
I am gonna dog your brother
right into a pine box.
And don't think about
squirreling him away someplace,
'cause I will get my 64K.
You said 62.
Yeah, well now there's a little bit of vig
for me suffering the goddamn degradation
for coming down to this shithole
and talking to you.
Now think about it. Get out.
Start the car, Arnold.
He never thinks of anybody but himself!
I mean, when the hell is he gonna grow up?
I'm sick and tired
of all the messes he gets into.
And I'm sick and tired
of taking care of him all my life.
And now what?
I'm supposed to give up my life for him?
We can leave.
We'll take James, we'll get out of here.
- We'll lose everything.
- We'll make it.
Look, Connie, I don't have
a lot of marketable skills.
And I'm not going to make a living
as a grease monkey
working at somebody else's place.
So you wanna get beat up for a living?
You saw what happened to your brother.
He was stupid. He tried to cut out on Danny.
They nearly killed him, Shane.
Look, Con, it's just a few fights
until this nightmare is over
and then we'll get our lives back.
I just don't like it.
Con, you never saw me fight.
I was pretty good at this.
But besides,
I just don't see we have any other choice.
It's gotta be done.
DANNY G: Well, if he could've done
any better, he would've done it by now.
And I want 50K, that's it,
spent on those upgrades.
And don't call me at this number again
till you get it done.
So what's all this?
It's all for the new venue.
See, things have gotten very, very, very
vanilla since you quit this business.
People wanna see real brutality,
they gotta go underground.
Venue changes every two weeks,
but to the world it all looks the same,
streamed into my service
from Eastern Europe.
here you are.
What, you get tired of fixing fenders?
So how much do I make for each fight?
Seven K each fight only if you win.
So we're talking about
nine fights?
Only if you win.
Then again, you fix your brother's debt,
I'm only doing this
till Scotty's debt is cleared.
Then I'm out.
Yeah, that's what they all say.
So when do I get started?
How about now?
DANNY G: Stop it, cut it out.
You don't wanna kill him.
This is killing me.
Look, I don't know
where you've been these last two years,
you've been living under a rock or something,
You gotta cutout
this pansy Muay Thai dancing shit.
Get with wrestling holds, judo, jujitsu.
You don't understand these takedowns,
you're not gonna last one round.
I don't give a fuck how quick you are.
I'm a stand-up fighter, all right?
That's what I do.
This ain't stand-up, this is anything goes!
This is head butts, this is knees, eye-gouging,
punches to the groin, break your fingers.
Some tvvo-ton mutt is gonna knock you down,
sit on your face, bite you on the balls,
and he don't give a shit
whether it looks like bi-curious man play,
you're done.
And you're not gonna find
a ring doc to come in here
So get with the program or get out.
Now let's do it again.
SHANE: Shit!
SHANE: I'm not gonna pretend I like this.
I resent being put in this position
and I resent being put in this position by you,
but you're my brother,
and I'm doing it
because I think it's the right thing to do.
But you screw up once and you're out.
I catch you doing drugs, you're out.
I catch you selling drugs, you're out.
I catch you bringing girls in or making bets
or any of that garbage that you're into,
you're out.
I hope I made myself perfectly clear.
SCOTTY: Yeah, look,
And whatever you say.
lwon't screw up, I promise.
This is your last chance, Scotty.
Yeah, I understand that, just...
I won't disappoint you, okay?
Look at the state of you.
Yeah, I know.
Not cool, huh?
You like that I'm here?
SHANE: I'm ready.
I'm ready to fight.
I'm tired of this bullshit training.
ls that all you got?
Oh, this is just so dreary.
Go home, Shane.
Go home and come back when you're ready
to learn how to fight, okay?
Just go home.
By the way, this is Dracul "The Killer" Lupe,
my latest acquisition, Shane.
Now, he can fight.
(LAUGHING) N0, don't even look at him.
Don't go there.
Don't go there, Shane.
CONNIE: We're home.
SCOTTY: I'm in here.
Well, I'm cooking dinner.
So I see.
You can cook?
Well, we'll soon see about that.
- Uh-oh.
- James.
Hey, buddy. How's it hanging?
- Fine.
- Okay, well, do you wanna come over here
and give your Uncle Scotty a hand
because I'm kind of all elbows,
or should I say one elbow?
CONNIE: Uh, butjust for like an hour or so,
he's got homework to do.
All right, promise.
That's gotta suck.
I mean, you know,
you gotta do what you gotta do, right, kid?
I guess.
I got an A in my math quiz today.
You got an A?
Wow, that's...
That's really cool. You know,
I don't think I ever got an A in anything.
No. No, I didn't.
Too stupid, you know.
You're not stupid, you're a fighter.
It's the same thing, kid.
Believe me, it's that same thing.
Well, you're gonna love
your Uncle Scotty's pizza.
The best in town.
CONNIE: Okay, he's down.
Dinner was good, huh?
You know, next time I'll make meatloaf.
You cannot miss with meatloaf.
Pizza? New experience for me.
Listen, man, you don't need to do this, okay?
Once I'm back on my feet,
I'll sort it outwith Danny.
I'm doing it, okay?
I just need to get my first fight.
Right now
I'm getting my ass kicked for nothing.
Listen, Shane,
I know what you're going through, man.
Now that's the game,
that's what people come to see.
If I wanted your advice, I'd ask for it.
And I don't fight dirty.
Well, you better start, man,
or you can quit now.
You know what?
I've got work to finish downstairs.
I don't know.
Yeah, no.
DANNY G: What about Saturday?
It's nothing personal.
Yeah, Saturday. Hang on, I'll call you back.
BOTH: Hey.
Hey, guys.
S0, finally got my first fight.
That's great. Here, I'll get you a plate.
Oh. Okay.
- Beer?
- Yeah.
You know one of Danny G's fighters
by the name of Dracul?
Oh, yeah. You wanna stay away from that guy.
SHANE: Why is that?
Guy's undefeated in 45 fights, Shane.
Plus let's just say
a few people never made it out of the ring.
But don't worry,
Danny never puts his fighters up against him.
He just looked big and slow to me.
Yeah, maybe.
Connie tells me you've been helping out
James with his project lately.
Just want you to know I appreciate it.
That's cool. You know, I do what I can.
You know, I'm not you, but I do what I can.
What the hell is that supposed to mean?
SHANE: You're not me?
Of course you're not me.
You never have been and you never will be.
Yeah, no, l... lguess not.
You know,
you don't need to be such a jerk about it.
Yeah, you're right.
It's okay, Connie, he's...
Just getting in the head space, you know?
What's happening with you?
It's nothing.
Shane, I've never seen you like this.
Jesus Christ, Connie, I said it's nothing.
No. No.
I think I made the wrong decision.
These guys I'm fighting,
they're younger, stronger.
The whole fight game is completely different
than when I was fighting.
Before, I was hungry.
Nothing could stop me.
I had nothing to lose.
My life's different now.
I've got you and James,
the business.
I'm scared, Connie.
It's plain and simple.
Even if you lose all these fights,
you'll never ever lose us.
REFEREE: Ladies, looking good! Yeah!
Been working out, huh, Frankie?
Who's this? A girl? Joey!
You fat bastard, how are you?
Ah, looking good, ladies. Looking good.
l would like to welcome you all
to an evening of fights brought to you
by the one and only Danny G!
Find Screwy Louie to make your bet
or you can check us out at home
on dannygfights. com.
You can't even imagine
the fighters we got tonight.
You are gonna be blown away.
Look at me, look at me, 'cause
I'm who you should be listening to right now.
Make your bets, ladies and gentlemen,
make those bets.
Frankie, look at that hot girl you got,
that is one smoking piece of ass, man.
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen!
Tonight we bring you the very best fighting
the world has ever seen!
with no quarter,
no mercy,
and no equal!
For the first fight this evening
we have Shane Slavin
versus Big Blue Danson!
Come on, guys, let's fight!
Come on, get UP!
And the winner is Big Blue Danson!
I'm sorry.
It's okay, I didn't expect you to win.
You bet against me?
If I was you, I wouldn't bet against me again.
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
And the winner is Shane Slavin!
Bring it!
FRANK: Shane.
You Okay?
Yeah, man, I'm fine.
Almost finished here?
I told you,
I'm running into all types of problems.
Yeah, well, I need you to get finished here
and move onto that Saab.
That guy's been waiting a week.
Okay, sure.
I'm doing my best here, boss.
And it shows.
You keep this up
and I might never come back.
All right.
(SIGHS) What the...
Well, I guess we should start.
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Hey, kid, Shane, that was just stupendous.
That was fantastic.
Just living up to my side of the bargain.
That's three wins now, so 21 grand.
What are you talking about?
What I'm talking about is, the crowd
is getting used to you winning now.
Sojust... I'm not saying... Just draw it out.
Yeah, sure, I can do that.
Great. Here.
Take that.
What's that?
It's just a little cream in your coffee,
a little gravy.
It's a tvvo-way street. Take it.
Hey, the debt is fine. Two or three weeks max,
you're gonna be free.
This? This is a gift from me to you
because you impressed me.
I take care of you,
you take care of me, tvvo-way street.
All right.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
The man said thank you.
Did you hear that, Arnold? Can I get
a thank you out of you once in a while?
You're welcome. Enjoy.
CONNIE: Shane, we can't afford this.
SHANE: Yeah, sure we can.
Dad, can I get the macaroni and cheese?
Go for it.
Look, you deserve it,
and I know I do.
So just enjoy yourself.
Uh, you forgot the kid, bud.
Oh, I don't think so, thank you.
What, my son
can't celebrate his father's success?
What's with that? Go on.
SHANE: Try that, James, you're gonna like it.
Chin-chin, or whatever it is they say.
- Cheers.
- JAMES: Cheers.
Slow down, son.
Try again. You gotta sip it, like a gentleman.
SHANE: There you go. That's my boy.
So I guess Danny's paying you now?
Oh, yeah. You know,
a little bit on the side here and there.
It all helps.
Does that mean
you're any closer to paying him back?
You keeping tabs on me now?
It's down to 41 grand, all right?
CONNIE: Shane, are you okay?
'Cause it seems like, I don't know,
like maybe you're getting in too deep here.
SHANE: What in the hell
is that supposed to mean, in too deep?
Scotty, why don't you go show James
those big fish they have around the corner?
Yeah, yeah, good idea.
Let's go see the fish.
I think they're all from Africa or something.
Come on, I'll race you.
Come on.
What's your problem?
My problem? What's eating you?
This was supposed to be a temporary thing,
something you were doing for Scotty,
not for you.
Yeah. I think you like it.
I think you like the money,
getting the crap kicked out of you
and kicking the crap out of someone else.
SHANE: You wanna know what I like?
The respect.
You have always had our respect.
Is that not enough for you anymore?
Daddy, listen, ljust had a great idea
to make the water mill work.
Great. Why don't you tell your Uncle Scotty
all about it?
I know what I'm doing,
and I don't know why you can't see that.
This guy's a mook and he leaves his body
open, so go kick his ass!
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
You wanted to see me?
Yeah. We got a little dilemma,
but it's solvable.
So it's a perfect opportunity
for you to take a few dives.
Excuse me?
Dives, you ever heard of them?
You want me to lose?
Hey, this is a team sport.
I gotta make some cash.
No way.
- I don't lose.
- Really?
Not when I can win.
Everybody loses once in a while.
You lose a few, then you win again.
Come on.
Where do I stand on Scotty's debt?
Thirty grand, give or take,
but you don't win any loot on these fights.
What the hell are you talking about?
You only make cash if you win.
Now, come on.
You lose a few and then you win again.
But you're forcing me to lose!
Hey, I'm not in this
just to square your brother's debt,
And if I'm not making any cash,
why in the hell should you?
Don't be stupid like your brother.
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
I did what you wanted.
I just came by to say congratulations,
I came by to say thank you.
Now, don't look at me like that,
You don't feel nothing.
I just want this thing to be over.
It Will be.
I promise.
Just keep your end of the bargain,
I keep mine.
Dad, Dad, ljust got a great idea on my...
Hey, what have I told you
about running in the house?
You wanna run, you take it outside!
Hey, Jamesy, uh...
Let's let your dad rest for a while, okay?
I think he's pretty tired.
SHANE: What? You gonna start crying now?
Nobody likes a crybaby.
Come on.
- Go on.
- SCOTTY: Come on, James.
You can show me.
Come on, show me the water mill, okay?
Finally finished it, huh?
Hey, how'd you finally get it to work?
Fish tank motor.
Due to air pressure,
it starts up the whole thing and makes it work.
I knew you were smart, but...
With brains like that,
I'll bet you actually get to build one of
these for real one day, huh?
Look, your father didn't mean what he said,
He's real proud of you.
He's told me like 100 times.
He called me a crybaby.
Look, listen.
All right, I don't know what they told you,
all right?
But the truth is that, um...
I did something stupid, okay?
Something real bad.
That's why I got all beat up.
You know, and right now your father,
he's taking it on the chin.
For me.
So if he gets upset once in a while,
don't blame him.
Blame me, okay?
Well, he's right.
I don't wanna be a crybaby
that gets pushed around.
I wanna be strong like him.
James, you are strong.
Sometimes it takes more guts
walking away from something
than it does duking it out, you know?
You gotta stand up for yourself,
but not with your fists,
with your brains, okay?
Hey, I'll tell you something.
These things?
These things are coming off next week.
You think I could try your scooter?
Maybe we should wait a while.
You know, until your bones get strong again.
Till I get strong again?
What, you don't think I'm strong now, huh?
Wanna try me out now? Huh, little man?
Come on. Yeah, right.
See, that's what I'm talking about, kid.
Tell you what, race you to school, okay?
Come on! I'll race you to school.
Oh, hey.
Thank you.
Don't worry, he's gonna be fine.
Yeah? And what about Shane?
ALL: Oh!
Uh, dinner's almost ready.
Where's James?
I asked Scotty to take him
for pizza and a movie.
He was kind of upset.
He lost his baseball cap today.
I talked to Frank today.
Oh, yeah?
- You call him or he called you?
- No. He called me.
He was pretty upset.
I'm so sorry I hurt his feelings.
Who do you think pays for all of this?
Pizza and movies.
It ain't Danny G no more.
This has got to stop.
You made a deal with him,
and he's not even close to honoring it.
What do you want me to do, Connie?
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Stop! Get him off me!
DANNY G: Get him! Bring his ass out here.
Listen, you. I know where you live.
I know where your wife lives.
I know where that brat of yours
goes to school.
I asked you to lose and make it look real,
not roll over
like some goddamn wet Chihuahua.
How can I make this look real?
I'm tired of getting the crap kicked out of me
for nothing by guys who can't even fight!
You want real? I'll give you real.
Stand him up.
I just want out of this.
You will be soon enough out of it,
now get your ass back out there and fight.
What are you talking about?
I've already fought tonight.
Now get your ass out there! Get him out there.
Get him out there!
- That one, too.
- Okay, are you okay?
There you go.
Feels good to have this back again, huh?
Be back in the ring in no time.
Knock those guys out, take them all down.
Hey, you okay?
I just don't get it.
It's like he's a whole new person.
I mean, I know he's incredibly frustrated
and he's worried about money, but...
It's notjust that, though, Con.
What do you mean?
Well, the money's big, yeah.
But taking dives? It's not easy.
But you gotta understand.
Danny has this way
of making you feel special, you know?
You know, I remember when I first started,
he was like this
weird kind of father figure to me...
I mean, you were young.
It's probably even worse for Shane,
you know?
I mean, after our parents split,
he didn't have that father figure,
so it must've been nice
having someone watching his back,
But anyway, Connie, this isn't your fault.
Hey, you and Shane wouldn't even
be in this position if it wasn't for me.
Yeah? If I hadn't screwed up so bad.
Look, we're a family now,
and we'll get through this as a family.
YOU think?
I know.
All right? Whatever it takes.
And now Shane Slavin
versus Joe Sanboon!
Come on, guys, fight!
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
Now, that looked real.
Stick him in his car.
Scotty? Scotty.
SCOTTY: Okay, hold on.
CONNIE: I'm gonna go and look for him, and
you're gonna stay here and look after James.
- I'm gonna go.
- Shane never came home?
No, I'm gonna go look...
Yeah, all right, all right. What, uh...
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- All right, you need to take him to school.
- Yeah.
Okay, I'll go... I'll go, you stay here.
- All right. Okay, don't worry, don't worry.
- You call me.
- Okay.
- All right?
DRIVER: Hey, you sure
you know where we're going?
I know where I'm going, man,
just keep driving.
All right, let's go all the way to the top.
Around here.
Follow this all the way down,
then take a right.
Okay, go, go! There, there, there!
Go to that car there!
Okay, stop, stop, stop.
Here you go, man.
Oh. Damn it! Shane.
Shane? Shane!
Get off of me.
I don't need you! I don't need anybody!
The hell you don't! Christ!
Where are your keys so I can drive you home?
Jesus Christ.
Look at you. We need to clean you up a bit.
I can't believe you ended up here.
I haven't been to this spot in years, man.
Hey, you remember when we used to
catch live fish off the dock here
back in the day?
I used to catch the fish.
Everything's a fucking competition
with you, huh?
- What are you doing here, anyway?
- I'm saving your ass.
I'm gonna drive you home to your family.
I'm only here because of you, anyway.
Don't start, Shane. Dumbass.
God damn it.
They got you real bad, huh?
Yeah. Whose fault was that?
Shane, you ready?
She's gonna be home soon.
Hey, sweetie.
My God, Shane.
Daddy, are you all right?
SHANE: What the hell happened to you?
It's just he got in a fight
with those boys at school.
Stop, you're scaring him!
- It's just he got...
- He just what?
Got the crap kicked out of him?
It's all right, sweetheart.
This is your fault.
He never got into fights
before you came around.
Is this what you've been doing?
Teaching him to fight?
I mean when you're not too busy
sneaking around hitting on my wife.
- Hitting on your wife? Are you insane?
- CONNIE: In your room now.
Go to your room now.
I took you into my home,
the stupidest thing I've ever done,
and this is how you pay me back?
Are you kidding me?
I don't know what you're thinking.
You wanna know what I'm thinking?
While I'm busy fighting your battles for you,
Sucking up to my son, sucking up to my wife,
pretending like this is your home.
Well, it's not.
- Shane, no.
- You stay out of this.
SHANE: I took you in, I took care of you,
and I told you this is the last time
or I'm done.
I don't care anymore,
and I want you out of my house now.
- Shane, no.
- SCOTTY: No, Connie.
Connie, it's okay, he's right.
You're right.
I should've never let this happen.
I shouldn't have stayed so long.
But you know what?
ljust got used to being part of it, okay?
All right, so I'm sorry.
- Scotty, please.
- It's okay, Connie.
SHANE: Leave him alone.
Scotty, please don't go.
SCOTTY: Connie, it's okay, really.
- Just let him go.
- SCOTTY: It's cool.
SCOTTY: N0, but thank you.
You know, for taking me in
and trying to straighten me out.
You know, maybe one day
I could return the favor and...
Yeah, what are the chances of that, huh?
Give me a break.
- What?
- CONNIE: Are you happy?
You know, for your information,
it was you who gave James the idea
he should stick up for himself, not Scotty.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, you.
And you're the one
who told him not to be a crybaby.
And you're the one
who didn't even bother to look at his project.
You know he built that thing
to make his daddy proud?
And when that failed, he got into a fight
to make his daddy proud.
- He told you that?
- He didn't have to.
Shane, don't you get it?
This isn't Scotty's fault, this is our fault.
I mean...
- Connie, I'm sorry...
- No!
Whatever you have to say,
say it to your son.
I will always be here, but your son?
You need to talk to him right now.
Hey, buddy.
You Okay?
I am really sorry, okay?
You know, you didn't do anything wrong.
I've just been going through some...
This crazy adult stuff, you know?
I was completely out of line.
S0 I'm really sorry.
You know I love you, right?
I love you more than anything.
JAMES: I love you, too.
I'm gonna look for Scotty.
I think I owe him an apology.
That's what I've been trying to tell you.
Hey, Danny.
Hiya, kid.
Look, ljust came
to square up with you, okay?
Too late for that.
No, it's not too late.
I still owe you that 30 grand, remember?
Turns out your brother's a real goldmine,
so your 30 grand
it don't cut no ice with me.
What are you saying,
you're gonna leave us alone now?
That we're good, we're done?
We're not done.
You cross me, you hurt my feelings.
You hurt my feelings, you hurt my reputation.
"My reputation, my reputation.
Oh, my reputation."
You know who said that?
Some mutt named Cassio
in an old limey play about a schvartze.
Now we're done.
I'll look again in the morning
after I take James to school.
Wait here.
Your brother had to go, but his debt remains,
so find me before I find you.
So you have no idea
who might have done this?
Scotty led a pretty rough life.
Like I told you earlier,
he's just been staying with us
for the past few weeks
to recover from a run-in.
With Who?
Couldn't tell you.
FORTINSKI: Well, it looks like
you had a run-in with someone, too.
Not really.
Look, you seem like a smart guy.
Maybe you got involved in something
over your head like your brother did.
And maybe that something is over now.
It is for him.
But if it's not over,
you be a smart guy and you call me.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
Ma'am, I'll let myself out.
Why didn't you tell him, Shane?
Why didn't you tell him the truth?
Or something worse.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna put an end to this.
Hey, Frank.
Oh, hey.
Just wanna say I'm sorry, man.
No, it's okay.
You went a little crazy,
but this whole thing is crazy.
It's Scotty.
- He's dead.
- Oh, my God.
I'm so sorry, Shane.
I'm gonna need your help.
Fortinski. Yeah.
Right. Okay, listen.
Just where are you now?
Hold tight, I'll be right there.
What do you got, a banana in your ear?
Are you fucking deaf?
Pull over, pull over, there he is.
Pull over, pull over.
Well, look at you, up and around already.
I could kill you right now with my bare hands.
I could've killed you
when I killed your brother.
But what good would that do?
Everybody loses.
Look, we got a good thing going here.
I want you to win again.
I want you to leave my family alone.
I can do that, but you gotta square the 27K
your brother owed me.
I'm a fair man.
I got a proposition for you.
Just hear me out. I got a proposition for you.
I got it streamed in around the world
from my new server in the Ukraine.
You fight, and you fight to win.
If you still remember how.
You fight, you square your debt,
you and your family get to fly away.
You lose...
When? Now, tonight.
Why the hell should I trust you?
What, like you got some kind of choice?
You'd be surprised.
You'd be surprised
who's watching your family right now.
Hit it.
Thank you, attention,
may I have your attention?
May I have your attention?
Hey, shut up, you mutts!
Thank you!
Welcome this evening to Danny G Fights.
I'm your host, Danny G.
Thank you very much.
Welcome to the most absolutely
mesmerizing, pulverizing, brutalizing
street fighting hand-to-hand combat
between man to man
on heaven or Earth.
I know you're just creaming in your jeans
to see what kind of event
we've got for you tonight.
'Cause we're gonna see one man,
one man fight for his life,
and that man is Shane Slavin!
lknovv, lknovv, he's been
a little bit disappointing to you lately.
That's why we brought him here, kiddies.
We brought him here
to see if he can still kick ass.
Well, he can kick ass with the best of them.
He can kick ass alone.
If there are doubters among you,
pony up the loot,
or shut up and go home to Mommy.
So let's kick it with the first event of the night,
Shane Slavin
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
DANNY G: Hey, how about it, Shane?
You ready to quit?
Quit while you're ahead. Huh?
Let's go!
And now the next battle.
Shane Slavin
That all you got?
And the winner is...
Got anymore?
Just bring it on!
You sure about that?
All right, then.
And now for the final fight,
ladies and gentlemen, I give you
Shane Slavin versus Dracul "The Killer" Lupe!
(CROWD CHANTING) Fight! Fight! Fight!
That wasn't part of our deal.
I never said who you'd be fighting.
But you don't put him up
against your fighters.
No way I'm fighting him, not now.
No way? Not now?
Remember that little package, Shane.
Nice little present you get to open if you fight.
You don't fight, you don't get to see it again.
So fight, Shane. Fight for your future!
Fight for your family! Just fight!
No one beats me, no one can.
But maybe I'll just let you lose. And live.
All right, give it up, give it up!
Was that incredible? Was that amazing?
I won.
I want my family.
You got your family, we're done.
You think we're done?
We start a new day, we start a new contract.
You announce it.
FORTINSKI: Police! Freeze!
Don't move!
Wait a minute, what is this?
Two in the back.
What is this?
Oh, come on. This is a legit fight.
It's a legit game,
it's a legit corporation registered in Delaware.
SHANE: I could kill you right now
with my bare hands.
DANNY G: I could've killed you
when I killed your brother.
Matter of fact, I can kill you right now.
But what good would that do?
Everybody loses.
Murder One.
- How do you like that, buddy?
- Motherfucker!
Now we're done.
Fucking mutt.
You fucking mutt!
There's Daddy.
You okay, son?
Don't worry,
this is gonna heal, all right?
JAMES: Okay.
Come on, let's go home.