Forensic (2022) Movie Script

Sonal, come on, cut the cake!
"Happy Birthday to you."
"Happy Birthday Dear Sonal."
"Happy Birthday to you."
It's yummy! Very tasty!
I told you once, not to come out!
You want to celebrate birthday?
Your mother died
when she gave birth to you.
You killed your mother.
Your birthday is next
month, isn't it?
I will cut your throat.
Media will stay outside the
perimeter, Okay? Okay Sir!
They should not come in,
without my permission. Okay!
Johnny Khanna! Forensic.
Fourth floor.
Thank you!
Johnny, Johnny!
Yes, darling!
Is it a murder?
Yes, darling!
Telling lies?
No, darling!
Open your mouth!
What happened to him, sir?
He says, when he woke up at night...
he saw that
his wife was not breathing.
Please. Please, help me, sir.
He is a heart patient.
I can't breathe.
Yes, he has a peacemaker.
Is it a pacemaker or ICD (implantable
cardioverter defibrillator)?
Pacemaker, or ICD?
Yes, ICD.
ICD Sir...
ICD chip stores all the data.
Check the ICD of
the last two hours...
you will know whether his heart rate
was of a sleeping person's...
resting heart rate,
or that of someone who was active.
That, of a cold blooded murderer.
Are you saying
he has killed his wife?
I know he is
the one who has done it.
His wife told me.
There's salt in
his wife's toothpaste.
Sodium Fluroacetate,
Metabolic Poison.
Silly Man.
A couplet for you...
The world seems unforgiving
and life so unfair...
When the husband's perfect plan
turns into a nightmare...
Good! That was a nice one!
Sir, you will have
the detailed report by tomorrow.
"When upon life's billows
You are tempest tossed".
"When you are discouraged
Thinking all is lost".
"Count your many blessings
Name them one by one".
"And it will surprise you
What the Lord has done".
Happy birthday, Jennifer!
Thank you!
Happy birthday!
- Thank you!
Hello, Mr Rawat! What happened?
The unthinkable has happened, Madam.
Have you informed Mathur sir?
'Yes! He said, you will see to it'.
Alright! Send me the location!
- 'Okay!'
Did you find her covered, like this?
No, madam! She was getting
soaked in the rain.
So I put the plastic.
From where did you get such
a nice plastic?
I found it lying here only, madam!
- Sorry, madam!
Did you not think, for once...
that this dirty plastic will ruin
all the evidence we need?
Madam. It's my fault, I told him.
The thing is, her dead eyes
are staring at us...
I could not bear that...
Who reported the body?
Madam, that Pahadi, Jassu Pahadi...
Call him!
- Madam, he ran away!
Madam, the thing is, Rawat Sir had
gone to make a call to you...
so I told Pahadi to stand here
and went to take a leak.
When I came back,
he was long gone, Madam.
Why did you leave him alone?
What the hell are you doing?
Go to his house, and bring him.
Okay, madam!
Send the body for post post-mortem.
Secure the entire area,
I don't want anyone here!
I shall report to Mathur sir...
Okay, madam!
- Get on with it, quick!
Pant, secure the area!
No one should come inside,
and touch anything. Okay?
Good morning, Aanya!
Good morning, Ma!
Good morning!
- No!
Where have you been?
- Had some work.
Aanya, what's so interesting?
Uncle is in the news again.
You know what?
I shall drop you to school today.
Just give me 10 minutes, okay?
Okay, auntie!
-Did you find anything on
that missing girl?
After school, you are going
straight to home, Okay?
I will be late today.
Have a good day!
- Bye!
No, I won't give! take from Vishu!
Hi madam!
- Hi!
Hi madam!
- Hi madam!
- Hi madam!
Three years, seven months.
Today's date?
- 17, sir!
Right, 13 days.
The last murder case, in Mussoorie.
Double murder!
I had solved the case in 3 hours.
Rawat, you remember?
Of course, I remember, sir!
The husband found
his wife with her lover...
He killed them both...
He was very clever.
But Ved Prakash Mathur's
eyes are so sharp...
Thank you!...
that he can look
at the hair on your head...
and tell you when you will go bald.
Isn't that right, Madam?
Sir, what do you think
about this new case?
Sir. - Yes.
- He killed a child, mercilessly.
Must be a Monster.
Sir, this case seems
a bit twisted - Really?
Mussoorie is a small town...
Even if you buy an undergarment...
the neighbour gets
to know the color.
For how long
the killer will deceive me?
However cunning he might be.
Sir, the body has been sent
for postmortem.
Here is my preliminary
findings report...
I shall discuss with the SHO,
and start the investigation.
The SHO wants to see
the preliminary findings report...
Okay, I shall be there in 2 minutes.
Sir, not for you.
He has asked for Madam.
The file.
What are you looking at?
Get to work! - Go!
Yes, Megha, come!
The file, sir!
Please sit!
Jennifer's parents will be here,
in some time.
I want you...
to record their statements...
I don't think Mathur is sensitive
enough to handle this case.
It's a child's case.
Thanks you sir!
- All the best!
Well! One more thing.
Yes. I have called Johnny Khanna,
form Dehradun.
Listen, I know. I am sorry!
But he is the best!
And we are lucky, that Johnny
is available right now...
We will need his expertise.
No problem, sir.
Johnny, Johnny!
- Yes, darling!
You missed it again?
- Yes Darling!
How can this be?
You got all of them straight,
and all I could hit is just two...
I can't do this.
You must have cheated.
You must have put a charge on them,
or a timer.
What's the plan ahead?
Inspector Megha Sharma...
and forensic officer,
Johnny Khanna...
solve a brutal murder case,
in the town of Mussoorie.
Megha Sharma, or Megha Khanna?
Johnny Khanna, or Johnny Sharma?
Jenny was so happy!
She had, herself,
chosen return gifts for everyone.
Show me that footage of the choir.
Madam, the sweeper came to
the Church, first.
He cleaned the church.
Madam, he is a Dwarf.
Then Jenny came, with her parents.
Then, the choir teacher came,
with the children.
Then, the choir started.
Jenny sang very well.
So she was leading the choir.
Yes, I was there,
when the children were singing.
Pardon Madam?
- Nothing...
She distributed chocolates
to everyone.
Then we all went to school...
I had to attend class, so
I came to school, after the choir.
Jenny is my best friend.
Did you find her?
Jenny's father seems
to be in a hurry.
Madam, he left right
after the teacher.
Something going on between them
since long.
I wish I had stayed back...
My daughter would have
been with me, today.
Where were you, after the choir?
I was unwell.
So I went home after the choir.
The water bottle was left inside...
she went to collect it, and...
And that's it.
That day Jenny had
come back, inside.
Did you see that?
- No!
I had gone to my room.
Jenny came back, isn't it?
Show me that footage!
Stop! Rewind it!
Zoom in!
Can't see the kidnapper, but...
did Jenny know the kidnapper?
She was waiving at him, right?
Show me the back exit camera!
there is no surveillance
camera here.
Did you bunk the morning class?
What were you doing at the Church?
I had only gone to listen
to the choir...
And where were you after the choir?
After the choir got over,
I came to school.
Get your school bag,
I shall drop you home!
Hey, my child!
- Uncle!
How are you?
- Do I not look fit?
Uncle, you will stay
back today, right?
Of course, I'm staying!
Aanya, come on, let us go!
How are you?
Collect the appointment letter
from the station.
I don't like people
who break protocol.
So report to me,
follow my instructions, and...
just don't get into
the way of police procedures.
Anya's treatment...-I shall send you
the case file.
Johnny, Johnny! Yes darling!
Did your heart skip a beat?
Of course, darling!
Of course!
Hi, Bruno!
Hi, my boy! Good boy!
Good boy! Good boy!
Hey Big Brother!
How are you?
- Still Alive.
And how are you?
- I am first class!
This silly fellow is still biting
at shoes and all...
Shoes, slippers, belt.
- Broom?
This son of a gun will bite
at everything except for his toys.
You come on! Come up!
- Okay!
So good to see you.
- Good to see you too.
This time you are staying, right?
- Yes I will have to.
I have joined on the case.
The murder case?
- Yes.
Megha is leading the investigation.
Actually, I was thinking
of giving it a pass...
but a little girl has been killed.
I had to consider this case.
Of course!
Of course, you have to consider.
Sir, here is the police evidence.
Is that all of it?
- All of it, Sir!
- Welcome sir!
Is there anything else?
Pardon, Sir.
- You are done, right? - Go now!
Madam has asked me
to be with you all the time.
To be with me
or to keep an eye on me?
The body was found here only,
I am pretty sure.
- Very sure!
A few inches left or right...
but definitely there...
Near the wall, I swear.
Where's the chalk mark?
Marking was there, Sir, but
the rain, you know, washed it off.
And you never even considered it
once that it's a rainy season...
and the rain drops might just land
on this heavenly place?
No Sir! Trust me, I am sure
it was found exactly there.
Okay, let me tell you
where it was found.
You see these shoe prints?
These, sir?
- Yes, these!
Yes sir.
These are of your men.
You people have contaminated
the whole crime scene.
And in between all these shoe marks,
that girl was found there.
What fine logic, Sir!
That's the exact spot.
Am I right? - Absolutely,
I remembered it now,
that's where it was.
What's that?
I will kill you.
What is this, sir?
This is how we get into
the mind of the killer.
To catch a killer,
one must think like a killer...
do you understand that?
I am too dumb too understand
all this, Sir.
I can't even understand my
wife's taunts, you know...
You scared the hell out of me.
I will go get the Madam.
Jenny was stabbed multiple times.
Nine times, to be precise.
And these stab wounds
are very unique.
5 m.m in width, and 6 inches deep.
It means the murder
weapon was a knife.
But a very peculiar kind.
A single edged survival knife,
with a serrated spine.
5 m.m in thickness.
Something like this.
Now the most important thing.
Please pay attention!
All the stab wounds are
on Jenny's back...
so it means the killer attacked her
from behind.
But if we look
at the angles of the stab wounds...
it is easy to understand that...
the killer is...
left handed.
What else?
Is that all you have got?
No! I was told
that you are the best.
Even the best needs some assistance
to do better, madam officer.
You must have seen how well your...
officer had preserved
the crime scene.
You are whining like as if...
you always get the crime scene
in perfect condition.
Come on, don't give excuses!
Give results!
Oh, you want results?
You know what?
I can help you with that.
Welcome to the crime scene,
madam officer!
This exit point, of the church, is
the entry point of the crime.
And while examining Jenny's body...
I found traces of moss
under her fingernails.
So I searched everywhere.
First, I investigated on that side.
But, there is no evidence of
Jenny's presence there.
By simple logic of elimination,
there is only...
one place she could have gone,
which is...
See this!
I found her nail marks on this tree.
Her height matches with these marks.
And from here on...
I am assuming that Jenny...
might have walked,
from here, like this.
And while doing that, the right side
of her frocked must have...
brushed against
this white asbestos bag.
And finally...
I found the most definite proof.
Jenny's left thumb print.
On her way,
Jenny caught hold of this pillar.
In to the jungle?
- Hmm.
Come with me!
This is quite far away
from the Church.
The tunnel is quite narrow...
but big enough for
a child to walk through.
You think Jenny walked through this?
- Are you sure? - Absolutely!
I found the traces of
this sewage water on Jenny's frock.
This tunnel is,
approximately, 200 meters long.
Where does it end?
- Come!
This is the tunnel's end.
And if you see, its height
is not more than 4 feet.
And this fencing...
Exactly the same fencing
mark was found...
on Jenny's frock, while examining.
But the problem is,
it is hard to say...
where Jenny could have gone from
here. It could be anywhere.
One more thing, Megha.
Jenny has a scratch wound below
the back of her head.
But that wound has nothing
to do with her death.
In fact, I am sure,
it happened after the death...
when the killer brought
the body here, to dump.
And I am assuming that the killer
tried to throw Jenny's body...
on to the other side of the wall,
but was not able to do it.
And that is when Jenny's hair
got stuck on that barb-wire.
And her head banged on that wall.
Can you see that mark, there?
That mark, there?
- Yes, there!
The body fell down.
The killer left the body here,
and ran away.
And interestingly,
Megha if you see, the...
height of this wall is not
more than 4.5 feet.
When Jenny saw
the kidnapper in the church...
I mean, when we were looking
at the CCTV footage...
it looked like the person was
at her eye level...
Can the killer's height
could be below average?
As in, short adult?
Quite possible.
Oh my God! Can
the killer be a dwarf?
I need more evidence.
Are you leaving?
Madam, his name is Charlie.
He performs at birthday parties,
circus etc.
Don't worry, about him.
Two tight slaps, and he will spill
the beans for you.
Where does he stay?
- Madam, I know where he stays.
Yes, he stays here.
Stop! Stop!
Here, madam!
- Here?
Check the bathroom!
Not here, madam!
You know, Charlie?
Yes, I do!
Where is he right now?
- I don't know where he will be.
Hey, stop!
Hey, catch him!
- Charlie, stop!
Come out!
Everyone, come out, fast!
Everyone, come out! Come.
Charlie Stop! Otherwise you will have to face the consequences.
Hey, wait!
- Show yourself, Charlie.
Oh no!
You go there!
- Catch him, Mr. Rawat.
Catch him!
Come on, fast! Come on!
- Hey, wait! I said, wait!
Hey, wait man!
Where did Charlie go?
- Don't know, sir.
Don't move! Okay?
Charlie, stop!
Move aside!
Hey, brother!
Where are you going?
- You move aside!
Dwarf, Madam?
The Dwarf went this way.
This way?
- Yes, Madam.
Where is that Charlie? Find him!
Who is this sitting here?
Hey, get down!
Hey, look at him!
There, madam!
There's someone.
- Move!
Move aside!
Arrest him! Mr.Rawat.
Come on!
- Sorry!
This is your dream beach
house, right?
Mummy, Papa, Aadya and you.
How are you feeling today?
Why are you angry?
Brother, when was the last time
you went out of the house?
How long you are going to stay
like this, alone and isolated.
There is a reason
I don't go out of this house.
This is a small town, Johnny.
All the places and people here...
remind me of Divya and Aadya.
It makes me realizes
my mistakes as well.
Divya and Aadya were
my responsibility.
But I could not save them.
Now Mymmy and Aadya cannot live
in this house.
Why not?
- Because both of them are dead.
Do you remember Aadya?
We were twins.
But Papa only loved her more.
I can understand.
I can understand your feelings.
But I am sure that
your father loves you also as much.
Now Aadya is not there.
And I cannot meet my father.
You are working with Megha?
- Yes.
You convince her.
You convince her to let me
meet with my daughter.
I am her father.
It has been 5 years.
Johnny, you want me to get out of
this hell, don't you? - Yes...
Only Aanya can pull me
out of this bog, Johnny.
It is going to be tough.
But I promise that
I will talk to her.
You will surely meet your father.
It's okay.
Who is that? Your father?
No. He is my teacher.
But he is like my father as well.
I will just be back, okay?
Should have called me.
Doctor has restrained you...
Don't go out of the room,
like this, alone.
You take rest, come!
We had our session going on.
Careful! Come!
Who was that? Your father?
He is like a father-figure to me.
He is very ill.
He lives alone.
I am all he has.
What's happened to him?
A month ago,
his blood cancer relapsed.
Oh, I am so sorry!
Don't be.
I am a psychiatrist,
but I believe in miracles.
So I will get him better.
I am sure you will.
have you thought about the request,
that I had made for Aanya?
Yes, I cannot allow Aanya
to meet with Abhay.
The thing is, Abhay has not sense of
his responsibilities...
and I don't trust him.
I understand.
But you have to know that,
Aanya is doing a lot better now.
Honestly, Aanya is such
a strong girl.
The way she has recovered...
from this double trauma...
that is really commendable.
All thanks to you!
Don't be.
But if possible, just...
think about the request.
I have to go! Thank you!
- Anytime.
Aanya, let us go home!
I swear on my mother's life, ma'am.
I didn't do anything!
Why did you kill Jenny?
I did not kill anyone, ma'am.
You are mistaken.
I didn't kill anyone, ma'am.
Then why did you run
when you saw us?
And what was that whole
rigmarole about?
When the people harass us...
we have to create a scene to
get them off our backs.
Besides, everybody is scared
of the police.
I got scared, and ran...
Stop lying to me! Or else...
we have ways to get
the truth out of you.
Madam, SHO sir has asked for you.
Good job, Megha.
Did the suspect reveal anything yet?
What's his name?
Charlie Pinto, sir.
Start filing the charge
sheet against him.
What's wrong?
Sir, according to Johnny...
the killer is of short height,
and is left handed.
Charlie too, is left handed.
But other than that,
we have nothing to prove in court.
Sir, there's an eyewitness,
Jassu Pahadi.
He is currently absconding.
But we are looking for him.
Find him, fast!
Or else, we will have to let
this Charlie go. - Okay sir!
You may go!
Uncle, this park is my favourite!
You know, I just love water.
And father loves water, too.
don't you miss your father?
Don't you miss papa?
She doesn't!
Aanya come, let us go home. Come!
Go to the car and wait for me, okay?
Your brother should be ashamed.
He sent you to manipulate Aanya?
For God's sake,
he is her father, Megha!
And, he just wants
to meet his child.
Why are you getting so
paranoid about it?
I mean...
- Really?
Your brother...
took Aanya away without our
knowledge, for two days...
even when she wanted
to come back home.
That's why I had to get
a restraining order against him.
Yes, of course!
Now, if he tries to meets Aanya...
he'll go to prison.
Please stay away from us!
"Even when we met, we couldn't."
"There was something missing
that took me away from you."
"The dreams that I saw with you,
why did they break like this?"
"The eyes are moist, not
understanding what has happened."
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
"You may have complaints
against me as...
I must've done something wrong."
"Please come back and forgive me.
Don't be stubborn."
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
"All my moments are incomplete."
"Trying to endure..."
"the pain of your loss."
- Just try to understand!
Your brother is responsible
for whatever has happened.
Megha, please stop it!
He is her father, for God's sake.
He has lost
his right to be a father.
If anything happens to Aanya while
she's here, what will I do?
Megha, what you mean by that?
I want you to be on my side.
Listen to yourself. Stop being
irrational, and let Aanya be...
That's enough!
You've made your decision.
Please let us go!
You don't have to do this.
Megha, stop!
Stop! Don't involve
his child into this.
I'll never let Aanya meet
this man ever again!
Aanya, let's go.
- Megha!
Megha! Megha!
- Aanya!
Don't go, Aanya. Megha, no!
- Megha!
Megha, come back!
Megha, she's my daughter!
She's my daughter!
Stop her, Johnny! Stop her!
"You may have complaints
against me as...
I must've done something wrong."
"Please come back and forgive me.
Don't be stubborn."
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
"Why did you say goodbye to me?"
Greetings, madam!
- What are you doing here?
Madam, Johnny sir said...
he's going to be in
the lab for the rest of the day.
So I thought, I would go
and look for Jassu Pahadi.
Sometimes, you show so much maturity
that it makes me wonder...
whether it's a mistake or a miracle.
Thank you, madam!
So, did you find anything?
- No, madam!
His house is locked.
I spoke to everyone,
in his neighbourhood.
Nobody has seen him.
Madam, I think
he must've ran away from Mussoorie.
Okay, madam!
Sir, I haven't done anything!
Please, let me go, sir!
That's what I'm here for.
I am your new lawyer.
Johnny, L.L.B. Nice to meet you!
But, I did not ask for a lawyer.
People don't summon God directly,
but he sends help anyway. doesn't he?
Besides, I take up Pro bono cases.
And when I saw your profile,
I understood that you are innocent.
I swear. I haven't done
anything, sir.
I'm just a small guy...
Now, that reminds me...
what is your height?
I've never checked.
Your height is...
Open your mouth.
Okay, now don't move.
Very good! Close now!
What is your weight?
Are you a lawyer, or a doctor?
Stand on this!
Very good!
47.5 kg.
You have a healthy body, don't you?
Not bad.
Just a second.
Here it it. Take it.
Hey, greetings!
- Greetings!
How are you, child? Come in, please.
Greetings, madam!
Happy birthday dear!
- Thank you, auntie!
Thank you!
Happy birthday, Aditi!
- Thank you!
"Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday, dear Aditi!"
"Happy birthday to you!"
What's your name?!
Tell me, what your name is!
Jassu... Jasawant Pahadi.
- Cheers!
Ten, nine, eight...
seven, six, five, four...
three, two, one.
Happy birthday, Aditi!
Your entire police force is useless!
If anything happens to my daughter,
I'll not spare any of you.
You'll see what
I'll do to you all!
I am the M.L.A of this place.
I will make your life a living hell.
Sorry, sir!
Sir, I am employing the entire force
to look for your daughter.
She may have gone astray, while
playing. She's just a child.
Where could she have gone astray?!
- We'll find her, sir...
Don't worry!
I'll take care of it, sir!
Go and look for her!
Okay sir.
- Okay sir!
Do it fast!
I think, we have blood here.
Yes, it's one hundred percent,
human blood.
What have you found?
You need to see this.
Whoever it was, he was barefoot.
And that person has
a wound on the right foot.
The blood oozing from
the wound has formed a footprint.
I think we need to talk
about this, Megha.
I found this footprint,
where we found Jenny's body.
The pressure of the foot
and it's depth on the...
soil suggests that,
whoever this is...
cannot weigh more than 40 kgs.
And, I have weighed Charlie myself.
He weighs 47.5 kgs.
I found this same footprint in
the backyard of...
M.L.A, Negi, from where
his daughter, Aditi, was kidnapped.
Sir, this is the 3D model...
of that footprint.
You can have a look.
I found another DNA in
the blood sample...
of this footprint
that doesn't belong to the victim.
It is a male DNA.
Now, considering all
these possibilities...
whoever we are searching for...
must be a child,
between 10 to 12 years of age.
I am absolutely certain that...
we have a breakthrough here
in our case, sir.
Johnny, you are a good forensic
expert! - Thank you!
But what you are saying...
is very difficult to accept.
A ten year old child is a killer.
That too, a serial killer.
It is very difficult to imagine.
I am sure it is very difficult
to imagine, sir.
But if we focus
on historical facts...
then this is not as impossible
as it looks.
Please allow me to explain!
Robert Thompson and John Venables,
both were just 10 years of age.
They are the youngest serial
killers in Britain.
Mary Bell.
At an age when girls play
with their Barbie dolls...
in that age,
Mary Bell and her neighbour...
Norma Bell, killed two children.
Norma was 9, Mary was 10.
And ironically, sir...
the youngest serial killer of
the world is from India.
Amarjeet Sada,
from Begusarai, Bihar.
He was 8 years old
when he killed for the first time.
After about a year and a half...
he killed another two people...
including his own 6
month old sister.
You know, Johnny,
whatever you are saying...
will look good on a Wikipedia page.
If we keep your theory,
in front of the press...
we will have to face a media trail.
And all of us will get transferred.
I am really sorry to say this sir...
but whatever I am saying is on
the basis of forensic evidences.
Rest, I am sure, you know better.
They are spinning a new story.
They have no real susepct to put
the blame on, so a child it is.
Sir, I took
the statement of the eyewitness...
Jessu Pahadi, last night.
Every day, before the sunrise...
I go to the dumping ground.
What I saw there that day...
I swear on God...
it shook me to the core.
Do we have any sketch
or profile of that child?
The sketch is
being made right now, sir.
Can I speak to officer, Megha Sharma?
Tell me.
Madam, I am calling from the juvenile
detention centre at Rishikesh.
The boy you are looking for...
came to us 3 years ago.
He was brought in at the age of 8,
after he killed his parents.
The boy is very violent.
Madam, I can only say
that during my tenure here...
I have seen many lunatics.
But I've never seen someone
like him before.
Come on!
Come on!
- Leave me!
But he ran away from
here 3 months ago.
He will be approximately
11 years old as of today.
I am clueless
how he reached Mussoorie.
His name is Rohan.
I need Rohan's file.
- Sure.
We are looking
at a suspect in this case.
This suspect is
a child aged between 10 to 12 years.
Ma'am, are you sure you are
not making a mistake?
We have supporting evidence and...
an eyewitness...
whose testimony proves that
this suspect was involved.
'I wish to appeal to
the people of Mussoorie'
'that if you see
this boy anywhere, '
'do inform us immediately'.
Hello, Mussoorie police station!
Hello. - Yes.
- Where did you see him?
Okay! Can you describe him?
If the town MLA's daughter is not
safe in her hometown...
just imagine...
what all can happen to
a common man's family.
Go home, child.
The school is closed.
'It is my request,
to the people of this city.'
'That they should look
after their own child's safety.'
We will not be able to celebrate
your birthday this year.
But we promise you...
that next year we will celebrate
your birthday in a grand manner.
So, are we done?
Let's see!
It's really impressive, Aanya.
That's dad, that's you...
and this is your dream beach-house.
Right? Good job!
I think we are done for today.
So, you wait outside. I will send
someone to take you home. Okay?
Let's go!
And Anaya...
don't go alone.
- Hmm.
It's not safe.
Have you seen him anywhere?
Tell me, ma'am!
- Has Aanya reached home yet?
She must've.
But, why? What happened?
She left about half an hour ago.
I had told her to wait here,
because I went to get...
someone to take her home.
But, I think she went anyway.
Okay, don't worry!
She has the habit of going to
the park to sit there alone.
If she is not at home,
she must be there.
If you find here, please inform me!
Okay ma'am. Thank you.
Mr. Rawat, please come!
- Yes, madam!
Aanya! Aanya!
Aanya, come here!
Mr. Rawat, take him away!
You wild boy, come with me!
Are you okay?
- Yes, auntie.
Mr. Rawat, wait! Wait!
Turn him around!
Where is Aditi?
Where is Aditi?
Where is Aditi?
What are you looking at?
Where is Aditi? Speak!
Take him away!
'How can you stop us like this?'
'You people should
know your limits.'
[crowd murmuring].
Please, get back! Get back!
It's a incredible good news for
the people of Mussoorie!
Sub Inspector, Megha Sharma did it.
The Mussoorie police
has successfully...
arrested the Birthday killer.
The markets
in Mussoorie have reopened.
The children are going back
to school, once again.
Finally, Mussoorie is heaving
a sigh of relief.
"Happy birthday to you".
"Happy birthday, dear Pari.
Happy birthday to you".
I really thank you from
the bottom of my heart, sir!
I wish I had a costly watch on me.
I would have gifted it to you
right away.
Don't say that, Mr. Rawat?
I mean it, sir!
That Rohan got caught
because of the...
magic of your forensic science.
And, I am celebrating my dear
daughter's birthday.
She was really very sad
when I had told her we couldn't.
Thank you very much!
Please, it's no big deal!
Come on, it's getting late! Come on!
Pari, what are you doing there?
It's not safe. Get down!
Happy birthday, Pari!
- Thank you!
[Chatter from the crowd].
Hey, come on, get back!
Come on, get back, all of you!
Use the other gate, go back!
Rohan, do you know these two?
This is Jennifer...
and this is Aditi.
What happened with Aditi?
And Jennifer?
What did you do?
Rohan, what happened to them?
Look at me, Rohan!
Why did you kill them?
- No!
Why did you kill them?
[Megha] Do you know
Aditi and Jennifer?
Oh, my God!
I don't think Rohan has committed
those murders.
- Yes.
Aditi's blood was found
on Rohan's clothes, correct?
That DNA which you found
behind the...
MLA's residence,
was of Rohan's, right? - Right.
Then? - Right,
but Rohan is right-handed.
And I am absolutely certain
that our killer is left-handed.
Oh God!
Johnny, do you think it's a joke?
First you were sure that it was Charlie
because he was left-handed.
And now that
we have arrested the kid...
you say that the serial killer
maybe someone else?
Oh God, you have no idea how
I'm going to... - Just...
Just calm down, alright?
Just try and hear me out!
I am just trying to say that...
if we tag Rohan as the killer...
then, it would be
a big mistake on our part.
As it is I make lots of
mistakes, isn't it?
My biggest mistake was trusting you.
You really don't have to
get personal in this.
You know, you are just like
your brother: unreliable!
You bail on me at the last moment.
I bailed on you? Seriously?
You think I walked away? - Yes!
It was not my job that came
in between us, it was your ego.
Oh please! It is easy to be with
the dead for whole day.
Spend some time with the living,
and you will understand.
You know what? It is useless talking
to you. I made a mistake.
It is my mistake,
that I let you in my life, again!
An FIR has been lodged?
What was the age?
It was her birthday?
Okay, I'll convey this right away.
- Madam!
Whose call was it?
- That was...
Speak up, Pant!
Madam, another girl
has gone missing.
She was 11 years old.
Her name was Bindiya.
She was from Guniyal village.
The FIR was just lodged, just now.
A warm welcome to you all to
this 'Anand Utsav' in Rishikesh.
Say, 'bye'!
Bye, bye!
Here you go! Thank you, brother.
There you...
Hey, Aadya?
Aadya! Aadya!
Where are you, Aadya?
Where did she go?
Divya, please!
Please, calm down!
Where did she go...
Calm down. We will find her.
We will find her.
Aadya! Relax Divya.
Abhay, tell me where my Aadya is!
Aanya! Aanya!
Megha! Megha, come fast!
Aanya has got a seizure.
Okay, don't worry.
Come on, it's okay!
Aanya, come on, wake up!
Aanya. Okay. Come on!
Aanya. Come on!
Come on, wake up!
Wake up! We are all here.
You will be fine.
Okay, there. Come on!
It's okay. Come here.
It's okay! It's alright!
How is Aanya doing?
Much better. Scared me though.
There's no need to be scared.
It's going to be absolutely fine.
Why I am seeing hesitation on
your face, again.
Yes, doctor. Another girl,
Bindiya Pandit, has gone missing.
And we really need your help.
I think I read about it in the news.
But you caught the boy, right?
Yes, but Bindiya went missing
before Rohan was arrested.
So maybe he is involved.
I want you to talk to Rohan.
And see if you can get
any information about Bindiya.
Of course! I mean, if that would
save a child's life, then...
absolutely "yes".
I am Dr Ranjana.
I've come to help you.
Will you tell me your name?
Did your parents get angry with you?
Did they call you a fool?
Now, they can't.
Did these three girls
also call you a fool?
Look at her closely.
Do you know her?
- No!
Did you do anything
to them... [shouts]
I don't know these girls.
I just did what I was told to do.
Who told you?
A little girl talks to me.
[Doctor] A little girl?
Do you know her?
Have you met her?
I can only hear her voice.
Her voice troubles me a lot.
I only do...
what she tells me.
What did she tell you?
I don't remember.
I don't remember anything!
It's okay.
It's okay.
Come on, let's go faster. We are
getting late for the lecture.
[T.V]An astonishing evidence has
surfaced about the Birthday Killer.
[T.V] The boy who is in
the custody of the police...
[T.V] is not
the real Birthday Killer.
[T.V.] An anonymous person has sent
this video to ABTAK.
[T.V] This will change the case direction.
[T.V] Watch this video carefully!
[T.V] Yes, Aanya Khanna.
[T.V] Officer Megha Sharma's
niece. - Megha!
[T.V] The real Birthday killer.
[T.V] The Birthday killer
has been exposed.
[T.V] An exclusive
report by ABTAK.
[T.V] The Birthday killer is...
the niece of Sub Inspector,
Megha Sharma.
[T.V] Serious allegations
on Sub Inspector, Megha Sharma.
[T.V] The missing girl was
from Guniyal village.
[T.V] Sub Inspector,
Megha Sharma's niece...
was present
at the park with the suspect.
[T.V] Megha Sharma herself arrested
the accused boy.
Happy Birthday!
[T.V] Due to the carelessness of
Megha Sharma... - Thank you!
[T.V]...the lives of the children
of Mussoorie are in danger.
[T.V] Mussoorie, be alert!
[T.V] The Birthday Killer is
in Mussoorie.
[T.V] It is not the arrested child
who is the Birthday...
Killer, but it is the niece of
Sub Inspector Megha Sharma.
Come on, get to work!
[Announcement] Attention, please!
[Announcement] All students
and parents...
please don't panic.
- Where is Aanya?
[Announcement] Be safe
while going home.
[Announcement] Be with your parents.
[Announcement] School will be closed
until further notice...
Hey! Where is Aanya?
I don't know!
Do you know where Aanya is?
- No, I don't!
[Announcement] Attention parents,
don't panic.
[Announcement] Be safe while going
home. Be with your parents.
[Announcement] School will be closed
until furthur notice...
Madam, where is Aanya?
Megha, I am so sorry to say this!
Aanya has skipped class many times.
Sometimes, she does not even come
to school for the whole day.
I had told
your mother so many times.
And now, that video of Aanya.
It is so unbelievable.
Is Aanya here, or not?
- She's not here.
The Birthday Killer was hiding
in her house.
They tried to frame Rohan
to save their niece.
Aanya cannot kill anyone, sir.
There is video evidence.
The whole world has seen it
and believed it, too.
Megha, please tell us
where you have hidden Aanya.
Aanya is missing, Sir.
I need your help to find her.
I cannot help you.
I will have to take some
harsh decisions.
I have no other options.
Megha, you are suspended
until further notice.
I cannot allow you to lead a case...
in which your niece, Aanya, has
become the prime suspect.
I hope you don't leave Mussoorie.
I am stationing two constables
outside your house.
Are you putting me
under house arrest, sir?
If Aanya comes back,
she will only come to you.
Please co-operate, Megha!
What's happening, sir?
Now I am the in-charge of this case.
And I trust my instinct rather...
than some random theories
floating around.
And my instinct tells me that...
you, too, should not be allowed
to be in this case anymore.
Your dear niece is
the prime suspect of this case.
There will be
a new forensic officer.
And he will give me
the report that I need.
"Everyone has gone unbridled...
and they are standing in
a queue in front of hell."
"Everyone is on a wrong path."
"Be wary here."
"The heat is blowing...
the city's mind while
the fire is burning within."
"Everyone keeps staring
at the one who's hurt the most."
"What curse is this? What helplessness
is this? To hide this pain."
"Everything is falling apart."
"Why are people agreeing to it?
What is the reason?"
"The one who gets famous runs
away from this fear".
"Reduce the pain, heal the wound...
why does everyone keep hiding that?"
"They are treating
the wound secretly...
What sadness are they suffering?"
just like the blowing wind."
just like the blowing wind."
Aanya always used to draw a house.
She used to feel that
she lived there with her father.
Somewhere in her mind,
she hated Aadya.
She used to feel that...
her father loved Aadya
more than her.
At times, her suppressed,
violent streak would surface.
I hope that she is okay.
And I just hope she is not the one.
"It vanished like a secret,
shattered like a dream...
Where is the one I'm looking for?"
"It vanished like a secret,
shattered like a dream...
Where is the one I'm looking for?"
"There was a mistake,
and it is not hidden from anyone."
"That face has gone missing for
whom I had so much adoration."
"Why is the shadowy night
approaching and the wind moist?"
"This deluded life is giving testimony"
"Reduce the pain, heal the wound...
why does everyone keep hiding that?"
"They are treating
the wound secretly...
What sadness are they suffering?"
just like the blowing wind."
just like the blowing wind."
just like the blowing wind."
just like the blowing wind."
Sir, the third girl, Bindiya
Pandit's, dead body has been found.
An anonymous caller has reported this.
Get on with it! Send
the new forensic officer there!
I did. But, there's a problem.
Someone has tampered with
the forensic evidence.
You mean, Johnny Khanna?
- Who else can it be, Sir?
Megha and Johnny will keep
meddling in the investigations.
Till the time Aanya is found,
we should arrest them both, sir.
Mr. Rawat!
Rakesh, please keep this cup!
Sir, you will have me fired!
I request you...
to go back to you home!
I don't have any home to go to
it's all weathered away, Rawat.
Tell me something...
if your daughter, Pari, had gone...
missing, would you have
sat doing nothing?
No, you would have done
something, right?
Whatever I am doing,
is for my family. - Sir...
the way you tried to make me
emotional about my daughter...
it was good!
But sir...
what you said is also true.
You can't help it,
Family is everything.
Okay, sir, go meet with her!
But only for 10 minutes!
- Okay!
Sir, hide back there!
Rakesh, Priti! Come fast!
There's a girl. Go check it out! Go!
Come on, run!
- Okay sir!
Sir, go!
Thank you so much, Mr. Rawat!
Megha, do you remember?
When you got inducted into
the police force...
for some time,
your confidence was shaky.
But I had full faith in you.
Back then...
and even today.
The times are bad,
it does not mean that...
you can't get through it.
In fact, I firmly believe that,
you are...
the only one who is capable
of solving this case.
Do you understand?
You are the best!
And I am always with you...
no matter what.
Someone is using Aanya!
The video that was shown
in the news...
is actually a CCTV footage.
This means, someone has deliberately
recorded Aanya...
and then the footage was
leaked to the media.
Whoever that is, Megha,
cannot be a kid, it is a man.
A man who has used Aanya
and Rohan just to dump the bodies.
How can you be so sure?
I found Bindiya's body.
- Yes!
Firstly, and fortunately,
I could not...
find any DNA trace
of Aanya, on this.
And secondly, and most
unfortunately, this time's murder...
is far more brutal.
In what way?
It looked like, as if, someone...
vented out
their anger on that child.
Her throat was badly strangled.
The trachea,
windpipe, was severely damaged.
And I don't feel that a child can
kill someone so mercilessly.
On further examination, I found
sample of blood and skin tissues...
from Bindiya's teeth.
I found the bite marks, on her hand.
Human bite mark.
So you are saying that
she bit herself.
No! I am assuming that,
maybe in self defense...
Bindiya bit the killer...
and the killer bit her back,
out of rage.
It is an adult's bite mark, Megha.
It is possible that this time...
the killer did not know
Bindiya initially.
The DNA of the bite mark,
that was found on her hand...
is a man's DNA.
Now whoever this bloody man is...
he is definitely a maniac.
I found an old dilapidated house
while searching for Aanya.
I entered inside!
The tin shelter in the CCTV,
is of that place.
Megha, I believe that this house
is our primary crime scene.
The room in which
the crimes have taken place...
the killer, very cleverly, got
the room painted...
and tried to erase all the proofs.
But I found the blood sample in a
place where cleaning is difficult.
From the crevice...
that connects the wall
and the floor.
And guess what?
The DNA matches with Bindiya's...
Excellent work! Okay!
We shall first go
and seal the house.
Then we shall call
the owner for interrogation...
- Yes.
Are you forgetting that
we both are suspended?
I have got some details
of that house.
This is that house.
The house has been closed
since 40 years...
and the owner died long ago, Megha.
I did the 3D mapping of
that house too.
In the 3D mapping...
we can see even
the smallest of evidences.
I don't need to go back into
that house for any more evidences.
If we seal this house...
and if we do any movement,
the killer will get alert...
and I don't think we can get
hold of him after that.
at the moment our priority
should only be Aanya.
And if we can reach Aanya,
I am sure...
we can also reach
the killer. - Okay!
So we know one thing...
the killer will not harm Aanya for
the next 3 days.
How can you say that?
Because Aanya's birthday
is after 3 days.
Oh yes! - We will have to
find Aanya before that.
This drawing...
These are few of Aanya's
drawing, that...
I think I know where Aanya is.
Sir, you please go now! Please!
Mr. Rawat.
- Madam.
We need your help.
You too?
- Please!
Who is it?
I asked who is there.
Where is Megha?
What do you mean, where?
She is upstairs, Sir!
I already checked, she isn't there.
Sir, I just saw her now...
before going to the toilet.
We checked.
right, Sir.
Possibly, when
I was in the toilet...
she jumped out of
the window and escaped.
- Yes, Sir.
If you were inside, Megha can
escape from anywhere, right?
Absolutely correct,
Sir, she can escape from anywhere.
Father, let's play!
- Aanya.
Auntie, I didn't do anything.
I know.
Abhay, this is it!
You have crossed all the limits.
Do you even know how big a trouble
you have got Aanya and yourself into?
Please, Megha!
How could you even assume that...
I killed those girls?
What about this villa?
Why did we not know of this?
Tell me, why?
Because you never trusted me.
That's why.
Whatever happens,
you have always held me at fault.
Isn't that right?
You got a restraining
order against me.
Even if I wanted to,
how could I tell?
Aanya and I have been meeting
each other since one year.
- Yes!
And we both decided not to tell you.
I got scared seeing
Aanya on the news.
I panicked.
I didn't know what to do.
But I knew what you would do.
You would have taken my child to
the police station.
And you know?
Be it any father, how can he...
imagine his child in the lock up?
And this villa...
This villa was Divya's dream.
Divya wished that, Aadya
and Aanya be gifted such a villa.
I got the villa completed
last year...
and gifted it on Aanya's birthday.
She loves this place, Megha!
When I saw that video...
that killer, whoever that is...
is using Aanya. He is using her.
He could have harmed her further.
That's why I brought her here.
To keep her safe.
It is Aanya's birthday after 3 days.
And I did not want...
Aanya to leave me
on her birthday just like Aadya.
That's why I did what I did.
Believe it or don't...
I don't care!
I don't care!
Yes, Mr Rawat.
Find out, if there are similar
cases, in Dehradun...
or Rishikesh,
in the last 4 to 5 years...
where the girls were kidnapped
and murdered on their birthday.
Do you know her?
I have never met her.
I only hear a little girl's voice.
do you remember
what that little girl tells you?
Very strange.
- Yes.
Pardon me, excuse me!
Hello! Yes, Mr. Rawat! Tell me!
I spoke to one of my friends
in Rishikesh police station.
Your hunch was right.
Madam, such cases have happened
in Rishikesh as well, 5 years ago.
Little girls have...
gone missing on their birthdays.
Very good job, Mr. Rawat! Thank you!
Thank you, madam! Thank you!
No one should get
any hint about Aanya being here.
I was wrong, Abhay.
You are the best person
to keep her safe.
Thank you!
We will be back, okay?
Wait! Where are we going?
You like dead bodies, don't you?
We are going to dig up some old graves.
Let's go! Rishikesh.
Oh, oh, child!
I will be back.
I will see you. Bye!
Kid, everything is going to be fine.
Father is there!
Madam, wait!
- Mr. Rawat?
- Mr Rawat?
Mathur sir is looking for you two.
I dodged him to get to you.
Mr Rawat, you did not dodge him,
he made you believe so.
Madam, I am such a fool.
Rawat, you fool!
Don't get trapped by
this theory master, Johnny.
Surrender yourself!
- Mathur sir...
I don't intend to close the case
like you do, but to solve it.
I will not surrender.
Absolutely not.
Mr. Rawat, get in!
- Megha, listen to me!
Johnny, do something!
- Johnny!
There's one more theory, sir!
- What is it?
that you are the silliest of all.
At least you could...
have us surrounded a lot better.
Hey, don't!
Johnny, wait! Come on!
Sit fast! Come on, fast!
- Yes, sir!
Sir, Mathur is trailing us.
This is all my fault.
Where will you run?
He is onto us, sir. Come on, fast!
Sir, drive fast and be careful.
- Mr. Rawat, sit tight and relax.
Sir, sir.
- Oh, no!
Wow! That was a nice deception!
Sir, Sonu is trailing us now.
He fell off!
Hope he is not injured.
Terrific, sir!
We left them all behind.
They are off the trail now.
This cruel Mathur is here again!
This one likes to get into
wrong places.
Johnny, Johnny!
Yes, darling!
Enough of the time waste!
- Really?
But this is so much fun.
- No, darling!
Okay, then!
Let's take a U-turn!
There's a valley down,
Sir, do you see?
Terrific, sir!
Good bye, friends!
Whose place is this?
I would need some advanced
The more information
we have about the killer...
the easier it is for us
to catch him.
There is only person in
this country...
who has all those instruments.
- Who is it?
My mentor, my guru.
The biggest forensic scientist,
of this country.
So good to see you.
Good to see you.
How are you?
- I am very well. How are you?
I am okay!
These are the DNA reports
that have come.
[Conference discussion]
[Conference discussion]
[Conference discussion]
Johnny, come!
So, Johnny, the lab is all yours!
Nothing is difficult for you.
Solve the case!
Thank you, sir!
- Come!
Rawat, you are making
a policeman commit a crime.
My heart was in my mouth
when I made these copies.
You will bear the consequences of this.
If you guys had not sabotaged
this case...
this day wouldn't have come.
Tell me something, brother.
- Yes.
There has to be
a forensic evidence too.
No, man! I cannot do this.
You are like my brother!
Do it! Come on!
I found one more bite mark from
the Rishikesh evidence.
The DNA from that bite mark,
and the DNA...
of Bindiya's bite mark
are 100 % match.
So, killer is the same,
but the bite...
marks are different.
How is that possible?
It is a simple explanation.
Try and guess it!
If the alignment of
the teeth have changed...
and if the DNA is the same,
I am assuming that the...
killer did some cosmetic
surgery to make sure...
his identity is secured.
And we are also assuming
that the killer...
is a senior citizen,
around 60, 65 years...
wearing dentures,
artificial teeth. - Right!
So, Johnny, it means that...
your killer is two steps
ahead of you.
So, I think,
Johnny, you should go for FDP.
Sorry! What is FDP?
Forensic DNA Phenotyping.
This is an advanced DNA process.
We collect DNA samples from
a crime scene...
and those DNA samples...
we cross match with the victim
and suspect, both.
But, what if there is
no suspect at all?
Then, it would mean, we won't be able
to cross match the DNA.
So, it will be a dead end.
- Absolutely!
And that's where this FDP helps us
find a way out.
We can know about
a person's ethnicity with this FDP.
We can guess his age.
We can know
the color of his eyes and hair.
We can even know
the entire structure of his face.
It is just like,
you have an eyewitness in the case.
And that eyewitness helps to make
a sketch of the suspect.
When all doors are closed...
through FDP we can surely know...
as to which door should
our Johnny boy break.
You mean, with
this small DNA you can...
map out everything
about a person?
Yes, Rawat!
Everything about a person.
Jyoti Singh, and Heena Parekh.
They were students of this school.
2016, 5th standard.
I clearly remember
these two children.
Pragya suffered from Depression.
Jyoti went missing on her birthday.
Around 15 days later, Heena.
Very tragic!
Did you get
any treatment for Depression?
She was being treated
by a very good doctor.
And her condition was
showing much improvement.
But mybe
it was our fate.
Sorry, sir! Just one last question!
Who was the consulting psychiatrist
at your school, 5 years ago?
Dr. Ramesh Gupta.
Dr. Ramesh Gupta.
Are you sure? - Of course! He
was the best one we had.
But he had to resign
due to his cancer.
Johnny, I think we have a lead.
You should join us.
Okay, I will be there!
The house is close.
-we shoud..
Excuse me!
Excuse me!
Do you live nearby?
- Yes.
Mr Ramesh had recovered
from cancer...
but wasn't genuinely happy.
Why? - His son had
committed suicide.
Son's name was Shashi.
When Mr Ramesh adopted him,
he might...
have been around 10 or 12 years old.
He suffered from some mental illness.
Something like Depression.
When Shashi got to know about
Mr Ramesh's cancer...
he could not bear it.
How did Shashi die?
- He jumped in front of a train.
These three are the murders,
and this is a...
suicide, according to
the police reports.
But the way these 4 died, are same.
And the bodies of all 4,
were found on the train track.
Are you trying to say
that Shashi did not commit suicide?
Well, I have a theory.
Ramesh Gupta might have
killed Shashi in the...
same manner
he had killed these 3 girls.
All the love and care
that Shashi deserved...
Mr. Ramesh did provide.
Mr. Ramesh was everything to Shashi.
But why would he kill is own son?
Shashi was adopted.
Maybe Shashi got to know of
these murders...
and since he feared that Shashi
might tell it to the police...
Ramesh Gupta killed him,
and ran away.
When they found the body,
the head and face...
was badly crushed.
Every serial killer has
a pattern. - Okay!
Ramesh Gupta stopped
after 4 murders.
Then the past 5 years...
he must have been going through
his cooling off period.
Something might have
triggered him...
due to which he got active again.
We need to find out
what that trigger is.
Trigger could be anything.
Childhood trauma, for example.
The most common cause.
Or the fear of losing
someone very dear.
Or some psychological disorder
- Cancer relapse.
He is like a father figure to me.
He is very ill.
What happened to him?
A month ago,
his blood cancer relapsed.
Do you have
any photo of Ramesh Gupta?
Yes, this!
Cancer relapse!
Oh, my God!
Dr Ranjana's life is in danger.
Ramesh Gupta is in Mussoorie.
And it is Aanya's birthday today.
Let's go! Come, let's go!
Oh, no!
Sir, I am sorry!
But I will have to leave urgently.
Johnny, don't worry!
As soon as the Phenotyping profile
result is generated...
I shall send it to you.
Thank you, sir!
Aanya. Aanya.
Aanya. Aanya.
Aanya. Aanya, are you okay?
- 'Dr Ranjana'.
'Aanya has a seizure'.
'Megha and Johnny are not here'.
I don't know what to do.
Don't panic. Try to wake her up.
Okay! - I am leaving
for your house now.
I have brought Aanya to the villa.
I shall send you the location pin.
You, please come quick.
Okay, sure! Sure!
- Are you in a rush?
Yes. You remember Aanya?
She has had a seizure.
Today is her birthday...
and her father has taken her
to a villa.
She really needs me so...
I will have to go.
And why are you
out of your room?
please go back to your room,
I will be back very shortly.
I'll be back soon.
Mr. Rawat, wait here!
- Okay!
Yes, sir! Look, I have sent you
the result of Phenotyping profile.
It is shocking.
- Okay, thank you so much!
Are you okay?
See this!
Shashi is alive?
Look carefully at the eyes, please!
Oh, my God!
My God!
I tried to stop Shashi.
But I couldn't.
Shashi has had
a very traumatic childhood.
He was in a juvenile center.
I adopted him.
I Brought him home.
I loved him like my own son.
He too considered me as his father.
He responded to my treatment.
He too wanted to become
a child physiatrist, like me.
'Look into my eyes.'
'Look closely into my eyes.'
'Closely. Looking.'
'When you wake up,'
'you will feel very light.'
'You will have no pain.'
'You will be absolutely fine.'
'Feeling light?
- Yes!'
'Is the pain there?
- No!
Everything was fine.
Then I was detected with Cancer.
'I wish that you become a better'
'physiatrist than me.'
'Who will guide me?'
'How will it be possible
without you, father?'
'Don't lose hope! No!'
'Father, you are all I have.'
'I can't lose you.'
And one night, he just...
'Shashi...what is this...'
'It's nothing.'
'I will manage this.'
'Nothing to worry, father.'
'You just get well.'
'That's all.'
After that Shashi left the house
and went away.
So, Shashi not only changed his
face, but his entire identity.
And he was in front of us,
as Dr. Ranjana, for the whole time...
and we kept looking for a person
who does not even exist anymore.
What an incredible way of hiding
in plain sight!
Shashi targeted only
those girls who...
had gone for counseling to him.
'Hello, Aditi!'
'Hello, Jenny!'
'I can understand
what you are going through.'
This is bizarre.
My cancer...
re-triggered his trauma.
'Shashi, stop all this please!'
'I am dying.'
'Listen to me for once!'
'Why are you always snatched
away from me, father?'
'Since childhood,
this is what has been happening.'
'My sister got my father's love.'
'Not me.'
'Those girls are getting
father's love.'
'Not me.'
'I cannot bear to see this.'
'This girl will get her
father's love.'
'What will I get, father?'
'My father is dying.'
'Shashi, it doesn't
work like that.'
'You will have to accept
the truth that, I...'
'That I will not be with you.'
'Imagine, you are being loved
by so many children.'
'Please listen to me!'
'I don't want to see'
'you running and hiding
from the police all your life.'
'The last time the girls died,'
'you had gotten well.'
'Shashi, I am getting better.'
'Doctor says that I am recovering.'
'Father, you are recovering.'
This time too you shall recover.
'And the police, they will never...'
'I am going.'
'You go to your room!'
'Listen to me, Shashi.'
'Shashi. Shashi.'
Save Aanya!
Shashi will kill her.
At last, Johnny!
You are under arrest!
This way! This way!
Is Aanya fine?
She is asleep.
I don't know. You will have to check.
Hey, Stop!
Stop! Stop!
Happy birthday, Aanya!
Now, after the snap,
you shall go into a deep slumber!
You will hear a little girl's voice.
You will follow her orders.
On the next snap,
you'll follow Rohan!
Rohan, take her home!
On the next snap...
you will remember nothing!
Let's go home!
On the next snap...
you will follow me!
Sir, why can't you trust us?
Sir, it's Dr. Ranjana
who has committed all the murders.
Shashi Ramesh Gupta is Dr Ranjana.
He knew Aditi
and Jennifer personally.
And now, she wants to
take Aanya's life.
Believe me! Some years ago, he
killed 4 girls in Rishikesh.
After that,
he got her surgery done...
changed his gender,
and he became a woman...
and came to Mussoorie.
Sex change?
Yes sir! Trust me!
Damn good!
Johnny, this is a damn good theory!
You should tell this in the court,
the Judge will love it and reduce your sentence.
In fact, you should write film stories.
- Sir, I've proof!
What proof?
- Sir...
Give me the phone!
- Brother's call. Give me the phone!
Johnny, save Aanya!
Brother, what happened? Are
you okay? - She took her!
That woman...
Dr Ranjana, she's taken Aanya.
Abhay, we will find her!
How hurt are you?
Forget about me!
Brother, don't worry!
We will find her!
Sir, please!
Sir, please!
Sir, what more evidence you need!
You still don't trust us?
Turn the vehicle around! Turn it around!
Rawat! Pant!
- Yes, sir!
Locate Abhay, and take him
to the hospital! - Yes sir!
Thank you!
- Thank you!
Thank you so much!
- Thank you, sir!
Thank me later,
Lets save Aanya first!
Thank you so much, sir!
Johnny, guide us!
- Yes, sir!
[Dr Ranjana humming happy birthday].
[Dr Ranjana humming happy birthday].
I want to go to my auntie.
- I want to go to my auntie.
Happy birthday!
- Please, Let me go!
Don't cry on your birthday!
Your sister too hadn't cried.
She was such a good girl!
I want to go to my auntie!
- Have the cake!
Open your mouth! Open your mouth!
I am jealous of girls like you.
You take away all the love,
from your father...
and leave nothing for others.
Your father loved you a bit
too much, didnt he?
Now he will not be able to love you.
Have more cake! Yeah, take it!
Eat all of it!
Your uncle is here, again!
cover that way,
and You, there!
One more CCTV here!
Take care of it!
- Okay!
Johnny, go!
I did not invite you all!
Sir! This one.
Wait a minute!
Wait a minute!
This means, they are here.
Megha, we will have to find Aanya.
Okay, let's spread out.
Move! Move!
Johnny, go!
Megha, check there!
Shashi, where is Aanya?
Shashi, where is Aanya?
Aanya, get up!
Aanya! Aanya!
Please get up!
Get up, Aanya!
Get up! Uncle is here!
Are you okay?
- Uncle!
Aanya, wait here!
Don't come inside! I will be back.
Shashi, no!
Shashi, stop!
Look, your father is still alive.
Shashi, you need treatment.
So, please stop this!
Aanya, no!
- Aanya!
Are you okay?
Auntie, are you okay?
You perfected your aim!
Of course, darling!
Don't worry! Father is fine!
And above all, you are fine!
I love you!
- I love you too, father!
I asked for a beach vacation...
and you brought me here.
It's a different experience...
to watch the mountain,
sitting on the beach.
Here's your beach, and there's my
mountain. Both at the same place.
We have spent so much free time.
And still we've the whole day to spare,
to do absolutely nothing. - True!
There cannot be a better feeling in
this world than that.
But we can be a little mischievous.
Hello! Sir, good morning!
Yes, sir!
Sir, right away. Yes, sir!
Hear me out! I know
what you're going to say.
Vacation canceled.
- Oh, no!
- No, I cannot hear this!
Johnny! - Don't Johnny me,
right now, please!
There are murders
that took place in Goa.
- Yes!
- Series of murders.
Series of murders.
And I'm being sent as
a special investigating officer.
So, will you go to beaches of Goa,
leaving me behind? - Yes!
How selfish you are! I am going!
Jai Hind, sir!
- Goa!