Forever (2023) Movie Script

Stop it. What are you doing?
I can't do it!
No, so fucking close!
Come on.
Did you see that?
What are you doing?
Don't write anything silly.
No. Not on my shoes.
- I'm getting new ones anyway.
- They're fucked.
- Mila plus Kia.
- Forever!
- Now that we're up here
- Yeah?
I'm going to let go.
No, you're gonna fall!
Are you scared? Come on.
How are you so good at this?
I did it!
- Bye. You're the best!
- Bye. You're the best!
- Hi.
- Hello.
She just got home.
Hi, Mom.
- Hi, Cortesa.
- "Hi, Cortesa."
Let her just destroy the ball.
They only think about soccer.
- Have you done your homework?
- Yes, I've done my homework.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- stories about interests
- Sorry I'm late.
Hi, Mila, you know what?
Why don't you start?
Doing what?
Go ahead.
- The presentation.
- The stage is all yours.
The presentation.
Hi, my name is Mirlinda,
but people call me Mila.
I'm 14 years old.
My best friend is called Kia.
My family is my mom
and my hobby is soccer and yeah
I have no pets.
Well, the assignment was
to take one of the questions
and go into more detail,
not to answer everything.
- Shut up. Why are you laughing?
- Quiet.
- What's so funny?
- You shut up.
What about soccer?
How did you get into soccer?
That was when I saw my dad play a game.
Okay, go on.
Yeah, he played in a team in Kosovo.
They were great.
But then he died from an illness.
And do you play soccer too?
Yes. I've played for Linden
since I was seven years old.
What is it you love about soccer?
- Come on, Mila!
- Good, Meri!
Go for it!
- Good!
- Nice! Come on!
Fucking hell!
You're the fucking best.
- Great!
- You're awesome.
We're doing fine. We'll catch up.
Keep attacking.
- Let's go.
- Come on, Linden, come on!
Come on, girls. Keep fighting!
Son of a bitch!
What the fuck did you say?
Hey, you fucking cunt! Stop!
What's going on?
Can't you see what she's doing?
You have one fucking job!
Hey! Mila, back off.
Give the referee some space.
Kia, get her.
Shut up! She called me
a son of a bitch and tripped me.
And you say nothing. Are you blind?
Should I get you glasses?
No. It's cool.
Get her off the field.
- God!
- She's at it again.
Hey Mila, what's up with you?
Oh my God Wow!
Is everybody dressed?
Can I come in?
Well, hey, girls. Yes, that's better.
- Please, take a seat.
- It's Lollo Wallin.
- Let me introduce Lollo Wallin.
- From the national team.
Some of you might recognize her.
She's played for the Swedish national team
and professionally in Europe.
Wolfsburg and Lyon.
Yes, I've played my share of soccer.
Now I'm studying to become a coach,
and I need a junior team
to coach for a season.
I started here in Linden,
so it's great to be back.
You're gonna coach us?
I was watching the game earlier.
You're good, but you could be even better,
and I'm going to see to that.
Any questions?
No? Good, see you on Thursday.
One more thing. Everyone needs to be
changed and ready when practice starts.
That was not correct.
Wallin is dribbling the ball.
Did you see that?
What skill!
And now she moves towards the goal!
Let me see it again.
What skill!
Mila, are you on your period?
- Yeah, can you lend me a tampon?
- No, sorry.
Hi, Samir.
- Hey, it's not Saturday.
- Give it here.
- Admit it, you like him.
- Maybe.
You can't add him when he's right there!
Why not?
What did he write?
Hi, Tom! Who do you think will win?
- Me or Mila?
- I think it will be you.
Say, "ready, set, go."
Ready, set, go.
- No! That's right. Yeah, okay.
- But I won!
We'll put it on our foreheads
and get it down into our mouths.
- I'll take one from here.
- Go!
And down to the mouth.
you'll get better. We'll work on that.
But to do that, we have to go back
to the basics of soccer.
Not just play, but think soccer.
What's the time?
No, six is when practice starts.
It's 6:05 now.
Why does that matter?
- That's five laps.
- What?
We don't usually punish the girls.
I can see that.
Get going.
Hey, get going.
Okay, we can bring the goals closer.
Let's split up
and carry one goal per group.
Come on, Mila. Can't you run any faster?
- No. Hell no.
- Yeah, come on!
You have to make a good first impression.
- I can't do this.
- Come on. Run.
- You know I hate this.
- Come on.
I'll race you.
Yes, Mila.
- Hey, I'm on your left.
- Pass it!
- Mila!
- Mila, pass it!
- Nice save, honey!
- Stop it, Dad.
Your teacher called
and said you didn't do your homework.
I did do it,
but I just misunderstood it and
He was so unclear. It's insane.
- But we have a deal.
- A deal
If you don't pass your Swedish tests,
no more soccer.
Got it?
Why don't you listen to me?
Please just let me go.
Why don't you listen to me?
When are you gonna grow up?
Mirlinda, stop it.
Kia, come on,
you have to eat before your game.
- Come on.
- But I don't want a banana.
- Remember Klas?
- At work.
Is it Samir?
- You know what he did?
- No.
Listen, the entire board
Okay, girls.
I hope you're pumped for the game.
I'll take that as a yes.
We'll start with a back four,
five in the midfield,
and Larsson up front.
- Then
- What about me?
- Excuse me?
- What about me?
You'll start on the bench today.
The bench?
I'm the fucking best.
I'm the only one scoring.
- What's that?
- I'm the only one scoring.
Maybe give someone else
the chance to score?
What do you say?
Or should we remove everyone else
and put you here?
Since you're the best?
Good, Kia. You go talk to her.
Where are you going?
You'll play. You're just not starting.
Don't be silly.
My grades are shit. Mom's gonna kill me.
So why should I stay?
Mila, for real.
I don't know anyone
who loves soccer more than you do.
You can't just quit
because it's hard work.
It's not just that.
It's Mom too. You know her.
You know her classic
- "We left Kosovo because of you."
- Okay, what can you do about that?
It wasn't your choice to leave Kosovo.
Come on. I only disappoint her.
Tell me one time she's been proud of me.
You have to focus on you.
You can't change for her.
You have to live your life.
And as soon as we turn 18, we'll move out.
We'll go far away,
to Stockholm or Gothenburg,
and what can she do then?
Didn't we agree on New York?
Do you remember
why we wanted to go to New York?
- You were so in love with Justin Bieber.
- Justin Bieber!
You were so fucking in love!
- If only you knew, Tom!
- Leave Tom alone.
Okay, I will,
but you were so fucking in love
You were sitting in your room,
and you had a doll
No, stop it!
- You were making out
- No!
- Yes, Kia.
- Come on, Kia.
Yes, Elvira.
- Kia.
- Good.
Yes, Rosa. Here, Elvira.
- Okay.
- Stella?
- Yes, Elvira.
- Stella, here.
Nice. Yes!
- Come on, Kia.
- Here.
Okay, let's gather around!
Mila, come here!
We'll finish with a game.
- Is no one joining her?
- No, these are the teams.
- What? Is she playing by herself?
- Take your places. Come on.
- Seriously, Lollo?
- Start playing.
Well covered!
Fucking hell!
Great job, girls!
Well done, Kicki!
Well done.
I'm amazing.
Just stop it.
What the fuck are you doing? Mila!
- Yeah!
- Great!
Will you play with them or against them?
- I can't hear you.
- Fucking with them!
If you let them down again,
don't come back.
That's all for today. Go get changed.
Hey, I think you were awesome.
You were 40 minutes late today,
so that's 40 laps.
Isn't it enough already?
Are you too tired?
That's it! Come on, Mila!
- What do you want from soccer?
- To have fun.
Have fun.
- To improve.
- To improve, good.
Anything else?
Yes, to win.
To win.
Do you want to learn to win?
- Yes.
- Yes.
Sigge, you start.
- Rosa?
- Louder!
- Rosa!
- Start from the belly.
I can't hear you!
- Hey!
- Sofia!
Good, Kia!
You're 15 this year. You've just started
playing in teams of 11.
That means a bigger field and longer games
but mainly that you have
to start thinking like a team.
You need to watch each other,
learn from your weaknesses and strengths,
and work on them.
Pass the ball!
- Mila, pass it.
- Mila, here.
- Pass it, Mila!
- Look up.
- Come on!
- Mila!
Good, keep that tempo. Come on!
High knees, come on.
You can go faster. Come on.
Good. Nice.
Come on!
Nice! Come on.
Twenty laps left.
Fine by me.
- Larsson!
- More!
- Larsson!
- More!
- More!
- Larsson!
- Rosa!
- Good!
Ball! Yes, Mom, yes!
Mila, here!
Pass it.
- Mila!
- Pass it!
Come on, pass it!
- Mila, here!
- Pass it!
That's it!
- We're playing the Gothia Cup this summer.
- Really?
Today, I think we should decide
that our goal is to reach the playoffs.
- What do you say?
- Yeah!
- Yes!
- Yes!
Damn, great work.
Forty freaking laps.
Gothia Cup!
They're good,
but they have a lot to learn.
It's pretty annoying.
Get it further up on your heel.
Pass it. I'll show you.
You have to get it further up your heel
before you kick it.
Lift it quickly with the side of your foot
to get it higher up.
- Then kick it.
- Yeah.
It's not that hard. Like this.
Try again.
- Fuck!
- What the hell are you doing?
It's not working.
I've practiced all fucking day!
You're so damn angry, Mila.
That's your greatest weakness.
And your strength.
Either you have that anger or you don't.
All good forwards have it.
That's how they find openings.
You have to learn to use it the right way.
Hey, what do you want out of soccer?
I don't know.
When I was your age,
we reached the finals in Gothia.
We got to play at Ullevi.
That's where it all started for me.
If you want this, now's the time.
I'm so freaking tired!
- What's happened?
- What do you mean? Nothing.
I just have PMS.
I hate it. I get tired and irritated.
- Everything sucks, my tummy hurts
- Maybe that's what I have daily in school.
Maybe. I hope it will go away
when you get your period.
Aren't you gonna ask me
how things are going with Samir?
Yeah, how's everything going with Samir?
It's going very well.
Oh yeah,
he said that Leo thinks you're cute.
- Leo?
- Why haven't you met up yet?
Maybe because he is fucking annoying.
Yeah, I know, and maybe a little cute too?
A little sweet?
Maybe a little sexy?
- No!
- Yes!
Yeah, sure he is.
Maybe a bit
It's obvious that you like him,
and he likes you too.
Tonight we're going to
What are you looking at?
See these shoes? They're brand new.
They were released last week.
They're not in any stores,
but Mom managed to order them from the US.
Guess how much they weigh.
Don't know. The same as your brain?
- No, they weigh 155 grams.
- Sorry, I could only find soda.
Oopsie. Sorry.
- That's fine.
- Cool.
- Wanna play?
- Sure.
- Which one do you want?
- I'll have the strawberry.
- Wanna play the women's?
- No, why would I wanna do that?
I don't know. I was just thinking
I can't believe they still earn so little.
- The women?
- Yeah.
- Is that so weird?
- Yes. Why?
The audience is smaller.
Yeah, so what?
So they'll make less money.
When did you last watch a women's game?
But why does that matter?
- Are we gonna play?
- Yeah, sure.
Can I try yours?
Are you okay with me using my straw?
Why are you only passing to me?
Can you shut up?
Do you want me to punch you?
Go for it.
There we have it! Oh, Zlatan.
Fucking come on, push it.
Indirect attack.
Where the fuck are my players?
Bad luck.
That's it!
Look, what a great goal!
- I was kidding.
- Shut up!
- But Mila
- Hey.
Hey, Mila. What are you doing?
You don't get it,
but Samir means a lot to me.
No, I don't get it.
I don't get what makes him so special.
He's caring. He's fun.
He actually cares about me.
- You're the best.
- You're the best.
- More energy please.
- Hi.
- Can I have some of your water?
- Sure.
- I'm dead after training yesterday.
- Same.
Kia, come on. You can do better.
- Yeah.
- Come on now.
Mila, could you come here please?
- You can't play in those.
- They're taped.
But they've split.
- Could you borrow from someone?
- I
Good job.
- I think I have another pair.
- Good.
- Ciao, did you find anything?
- Yes.
Great work,
but where are the celebrations?
Why do you think we do goal celebrations?
It's to show that you own the game.
Before we finish,
we'll run a penalty tournament.
Everybody who scores
does some kind of goal celebration.
What? We don't do that at our age.
What did you say?
Have you seen any other team doing that?
It's embarrassing.
Good. Kia, you go first.
- Lots of energy!
- Come on, Kia!
- Go on.
- Come on.
That's it.
We can stretch later. Good.
You did your best.
- What's up, Shadi?
- It's like bullying.
- What does she want?
- I'm sorry.
I didn't think about how you would feel.
- I wasn't thinking.
- I must have looked stupid.
We weren't laughing at you.
It was the celebrations.
It turned into actual bullying.
- You can talk to me.
- You're great.
I see that you're not motivated in goal.
If you want to, we can work on that,
but you know,
nobody can force you to play soccer.
So are you saying that my daughter
isn't good enough for the team?
- No, I didn't say that.
- So what did you mean?
Okay, let's hit the showers.
- We can talk later.
- This is a club and an association that
I don't belong on the team.
Don't listen to her. She's insane.
- Right, Mila?
- It's a team sport. We are
Don't let it get to you.
It's so fun having you on the team.
Going to tournaments, on the bus
We want you with us.
It wouldn't be the same without you.
We couldn't stay together without you.
We did well. It wasn't your fault.
And we were so close.
If I stood there, you'd see.
- Anyone could have got them.
- No.
What did you do?
We were at Shadi's.
She was sad about the thing with Lollo.
- Right.
- So I was at hers.
I was going to call you, but
No, it's fine.
By the way, I was thinking
Are you doing anything tonight?
I'm just going home. I'm beat.
We'll hang out another day.
- Kia?
- Yeah?
You're still here?
Can I give you a ride?
Nice car.
This one? Are you kidding?
You should see the one I had in Wolfsburg.
It was a freaking monster truck.
- Really?
- Yeah.
It was paid for by the club, but still.
You know, I have a big apartment
and a killer view
What the hell are you doing?
Brainless jerk! Drive!
Who gave him his license?
Where was I?
Right, Wolfsburg.
Their training facilities were perfect.
They had everything.
When you played,
did you get paid the same as the guys?
No, but, you know, that's changing.
For you, it'll be a lot better.
I can promise you that.
- Is it up here?
- Yeah.
- Hey?
- Yeah?
When you go pro,
you'll be as rich as the guys, right?
- Yeah.
- Good.
- Bye. Thanks for the ride.
- Bye.
What have I said?
- What have you said?
- No balls in here.
- I have to practice.
- No!
- I started work at four this morning.
- Mom, please.
When I go pro, you won't be complaining.
Stop it.
How is your Swedish essay coming along?
- You haven't even started.
- I'll do it later. I have time.
No, you'll do it now.
No, Mom, I have to practice.
Mom, you know Lollo. Hey, Mom
Mom, you know Lollo? You know Lollo?
She said now's the time.
- Lollo?
- Yes, my coach.
- She used to be a professional?
- Yes.
If she's a pro and rich,
why is she here coaching girls?
We can't complain about that.
Things are changing.
And when I go pro, then
You won't be a new Zlatan.
Says who?
Because you're a girl.
You're a girl.
So what?
You'll mop floors
and wipe old people's asses
if you fail in school.
I'm saying this for you.
Don't waste your life
on a dream that will never happen.
Do you understand?
Are you done?
Hi, Mila.
Hi. What are you doing here?
Besa called my mom and said that
you'd run off,
so I thought you might be here.
You're so fucking annoying.
Come on.
Where to?
Mom's made some food.
It could just be sandwiches. I don't know.
What kind of ball is this?
- Give it to me.
- No.
- What are you doing?
- Hey!
I really need it.
- That really tickles!
- So sit still.
You have to look after Tom tomorrow.
- We have a meeting.
- Why is it always me?
Stop it, Kia. It's a few hours.
It's about your soccer club.
There. Look, how pretty.
It looks like a filter. Oh my God.
It's gorgeous.
What's this meeting she's talking about?
Didn't you hear?
It's an emergency meeting.
Mom thinks Lollo will be fired
because of what she said to Shadi.
- What? We have to do something about it.
- It might be for the best.
- What do you mean?
- Honestly
If she made Shadi quit,
maybe she's not that great.
When have we been this good?
She knows what she's doing,
and she's been a pro.
You're the best.
Yeah, you're the best
As I said in the email,
it was important for you all to come.
Sadly, we have some bad news.
Take one.
Some things are changing
- What are they saying?
- Nothing much so far.
we'll only have one coach this season.
As Christer was saying,
now that Shadi
isn't a part of the team anymore,
I have to step aside
and put my commitment behind me.
That's a pity.
You know how it is
- What?
- Dini's leaving.
- What?
- What? For real?
- What are you doing?
- Be quiet.
Well, if I'm going to find any motivation
in them before Gothia, I have to
- Gothia?
- Yes.
No, we send one team per year to Gothia.
Boys 16 will be going this year.
Maybe the girls can go next year.
- What?
- We can't afford it.
- What?
- We're not playing Gothia apparently.
- Are you kidding?
- No. It's just the boys.
- Too bad for you, sweetie.
- What did you say?
I said, "Too bad for you, sweetie."
It's fine, you're good at other things.
You're no better than us.
Are you kidding?
We'd beat you in our sleep.
- Okay, then let's play for it.
- Seriously?
It's only fair
that the best team goes to Gothia, right?
- Okay. First one to score?
- That'll be over too fast.
First team to score two goals?
Yeah, all right.
Mohammad, can you referee something?
What something?
A game. Girls versus boys.
- Yeah, sure.
- Perfect.
This'll be easy.
- Halle, can you be in goal?
- Sure.
Be prepared for counterattacks
and play defensively.
You're crazy.
Do you really think we'll win?
We'll destroy them.
- Come on, girls!
- It's embarrassing.
We're going to lose.
- Come on, boys!
- Does anyone have a coin?
Ladies first.
New shoes?
- Start.
- Mila.
Get her!
- Damn it!
- Yes!
- Bring it home, girls.
- Yes!
Shoot! Yes, come on!
- Fucking hell.
- One-nil to the boys.
One down.
Shut up. I mean it.
Girls, wake up, come on!
- What the hell is this? Come on, Tess!
- They have no chance.
What are you doing?
Bring out your fucking aggression,
come on! Come on, girls!
- Come on, boys!
- One more.
- Yes!
- Take it!
- Quickly!
- Take it!
Get her!
Yes, Mila!
Damn it!
Come on!
Come on!
Are you worried?
- Why are you going that way?
- The girls scored.
- One down.
- Wanna have some fun?
- Awesome goal, girls.
- So good!
Come on now, guys.
- Come on.
- Focus now.
- Acke!
- Go!
- Come on, Kia!
- Your turn!
- Great, Kia!
- Again!
- You coming?
- I'm fine. Go.
- What?
- Go.
- Are you hurt?
- No, I'm not.
Are you sure?
- Guys
- Right!
Good! Come on, Larsson!
- Hi.
- What are they doing?
They're playing to decide
which team can go to Gothia.
- What's going on?
- They're playing for Gothia.
- They can't do that.
- Why not?
You said one team can go.
Go! Shoot!
Damn it!
- Good, Tess.
- What was that?
Come on, girls.
Way to go. Great defense. Great, Halle!
Watch your back!
- Good!
- Good. Come on!
Good, Rosa.
- Go on!
- Get her!
- Good, Rosa.
- Come on!
- Good!
- Good, cover them.
Cover Mila!
Good, Mila!
- Damn!
- Nice, girls!
- Behind!
- Come on, Mila. It's yours!
- Awesome!
- Nice, ladies!
- Good, Mila!
- Good!
Come on now!
Come on, you can do much better.
- What's wrong with you?!
- Are you stupid?
- Come on, girls!
- One more goal.
- They don't decide this. The board does.
- They can do whatever they want.
Do you wanna lose or go to Gothia?
Then show it!
- Come on, girls!
- Boys, come on!
They're girls!
Let it go, guys. Come on, now!
Just one more goal.
- What are you doing?
- Good, Mila!
- Nice!
- Good, Mila. Good!
- Come on!
- Pass it.
Get her!
I'll get her!
Good! Come on, Mila!
Go, Mila!
Go, Mila!
Pass it!
- Yes!
- Yes, awesome!
Yes! I knew it! Fucking awesome!
It was fucking offside! And hands!
Come on. Stop it.
Well done, girls!
Gothia, girls!
We really are the best!
We really deserve it.
- Seriously, it
- It hit here.
- So how did that go?
- Please.
- How's your foot?
- Fuck off, seriously.
What the fuck are you doing?
Don't worry about him. Come on.
Hey, Leo,
maybe play in your sleep next time?
Shut up, we let you win.
- No, you didn't.
- That's what you think.
- Come on.
- Gothia Cup!
Gothia Cup!
See what I mean?
Gothia's another level.
Fucking loser.
I swear!
What the hell is that on my locker?
What the hell is this?
What are you laughing at?
Fucking lesbian cunt!
- Shut up, motherfucker!
- Come on.
Come back here! Why are you running away?
Fucking cunt!
How fucking childish
are the guys in our class?
- What's wrong?
- It's not funny.
- Don't take it personally.
- It's cool. We'll just ignore them.
Hey, did you hear?
The guys are going to Gothia too.
- What did you say?
- How is that fair?
- Is she kidding?
- Is it a joke?
- What?
- The boys are going to Gothia.
- What? That's ridiculous.
- Then we played them for nothing.
Isn't it fun that we all get to go?
The club said they would send one team.
Initially one team was going.
Mila, could you come with me
to the office?
- Why are you laughing?
- It's because Samir's going.
It was hot. I had to go shirtless.
Come in. Have a seat.
- Are those the ones?
- Yep.
Well, Mila, there have been some
serious allegations made against you.
You have stolen my son's shoes.
Your son's shoes? No, I haven't.
You can't falsely accuse me.
No. I'm trying to figure out
what has happened.
I didn't do anything.
- The shoes had your name in them, right?
- Yes.
- Did they?
- Yeah.
Well, that's good.
Can I see?
Oh, stop it!
- Aren't you going to look? Come on!
- You removed the tag.
- I don't see a tag.
- Because she's removed it.
- You don't know that.
- She could never afford those shoes.
- Mila, where did you get the shoes?
- I got them from Kia.
From Kia? Okay. Then maybe
we should hear what Kia has to say.
- Yes, I can go get her.
- No, I'd better do that.
Yes, excuse me.
There. Well, this is
Thank you.
This is Kia.
- Tell him those are my shoes.
- Hang on.
Something has happened,
and we seem to disagree,
so I'd like to ask you
if you recognize this shoe.
- Yes.
- Why do you recognize it?
- I'm sorry?
- Why?
They're Mila's shoes.
- Why?
- Okay.
- "Mila's shoes"? They're my shoes.
- Hold on. How did she get them?
She got them from me.
Are you kidding me?
Do you lie this much to Samir too?
- This means nothing.
- Why mention Samir?
- Is this a club for criminals?
- Please, come on!
Don't call me a thief. Take it back.
What do you mean by criminal?
- You're letting her leave with the shoes?
- Seriously
- What are you doing, Mila?
- What?
You made me lie in there.
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to.
What do I tell Samir?
We've just started talking.
Now I'll have to lie to him too.
Thank you so much for that.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I'm fucking sick of always
sticking my neck out for you.
Why are you home?
- Aren't you at work?
- Have you stolen a pair of soccer shoes?
No I haven't.
Have you?
No, it was just a misunderstanding.
If you did,
I swear, you'll never touch a ball again.
But I didn't. It was a misunderstanding.
They're Kia's. She gave them to me.
Then I'll call Kia's mom and ask her.
Don't you trust me?
Be careful, Mila,
so you don't end up in misunderstandings.
- Are you listening to me?
- Yes!
I trust you.
Who's at the door? Yes, who's that?
Okay. Write, "I'm sorry."
Not, "See you tonight."
- It's too cheesy.
- No.
Stop it! No, it'll be
What are you up to?
- What did he write?
- "It's okay."
- Okay.
- I
I sent it.
I bought your favorites.
Right. Put them on the bed.
What? Is it a message?
He doesn't wanna see me.
- Maybe at graduation.
- I'll go with you.
You got an A? Are you kidding me?
Gothia Cup!
What was that we said
That we'd never ever forget?
What was that we saw
In the sunrise by the lake?
What was that we yelled
On the way home on the soccer field?
One day
We'll move away from here
We said, we will take over
We will take over the world
We will
- Can I have a smoke?
- They're mine. Get your own.
- Can I have one?
- I just have one.
Hey, Mila! Excited about Gothia tomorrow?
How the fuck does that work?
Yes, that's good.
Truth or dare?
You can kiss August.
Kiss August?
Okay. Leo, truth or dare?
- The fuck?
- Could I have some?
Okay. How many girls
have you made out with?
I don't know. Twenty, maybe?
- Are you 12 years old?
- Slut.
Okay, Kia. Truth or dare?
Okay, you have to
kiss Mila.
I'm not going to kiss Mila.
You have to. You have to follow the rules.
What the hell was that?
That wasn't a kiss.
Stop it, Leo.
You'll have to make out instead.
No, you said kiss.
- No, make out.
- Calm down.
- Come on, make out!
- Make out!
Make out!
Hey, come on, guys. Stop it.
What are you doing?
Shadi, come on!
Are you going home to fuck now or what?
Why do you have to destroy my life
all the damn time?
- What?
- Leave me alone.
What was I supposed to do?
- Kia!
- Shut up!
Hey, Mila!
Truth or dare?
You have to balance on top of
that swing set over there.
What, are you scared?
She's too scared.
How the hell are you gonna get down?
- No.
- Jump.
Don't do it.
What the fuck?
- What is she doing?
- She won't be able to play Gothia.
Beer, beer, beer! Beer, beer, beer!
Beer! Beer!
Beer! Beer!
Beer, beer, beer! Beer, beer, beer!
Rise and shine, Mirlinda!
Rise and shine!
Was graduation fun last night?
Can I see your grades?
We haven't gotten them yet.
We'll get them by mail.
Do you think I'm a fool?
I got your grades via email.
You have failed several subjects. Swedish!
I did try.
You haven't tried!
You've put all your efforts into soccer.
That ends now!
Are you insane?
Soccer is all I fucking have!
I suck in fucking school!
My mom can't even speak Swedish!
A real fucking mom would've helped me!
You'd have been proud
and let me play soccer!
I spoke to your teacher.
You'll start summer school tomorrow!
Summer school? I can't.
I'm playing Gothia today. Hey!
I'm leaving today.
Time for you to grow up.
What the fuck are you doing?
Open the door!
I have to go to Gothia. Mom!
I'm going to be late, Mom. Open up!
Start studying, and I'll open!
Open the door! Hey, open the fucking door!
Mom! Open the fucking door!
You'd better start studying!
Open the fucking door!
Open the fucking door!
Open it!
Open it!
Open it!
And I replied
I wrote, "Do you want to be with me?"
He hasn't replied.
You have to show it.
He's the one who has to show it.
It's not up to me.
Have you seen each other since?
The best team!
This is our group.
The winner goes to the semis.
Each game counts, okay?
So give it your all.
- Yes.
- Are you with me?
Good, come on, lift the team!
- Yes!
- Shoot!
- Mila!
- Good, Mila!
Do it!
Keep on it!
Where are you?
I'm really worried.
Why aren't we making more opportunities?
- Why are so many passes going wrong?
- I don't know.
Come on, now!
- Hi.
- Hi.
- You okay?
- And you?
- Are you planning a threesome?
- What?
You are?
With that pube-stache you won't get any.
- Pube-stache!
- Pube-stache!
- It's not a pube-stache.
- Then what is it?
I'll show you something from the game.
- How was your game?
- Not very good.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Excuse me?
What if we get to the final?
Now, Mila. Yes!
Good, Mila. Come on!
- Damn.
- Come on, girls!
Lollo, Mila's hurt.
Mila, how's your foot?
All good.
Larsson, what is going on?
She just wants to play. She's in pain.
Kia, get out there and play, okay?
Come on! Good!
Yes! Fucking amazing!
Can I have the pump?
Could I have the pump? Are you done?
- Hi.
- Hi.
Can I see?
Does it hurt?
Yeah, a bit.
Here. Take both before bed,
and get plenty of rest.
Thank you.
Are you pumped for the game?
We have to win it. I'm serious.
Hell yeah, we have to.
- Yes, Mila!
- Kia!
- Good, Kia!
- Come on, Kia!
Now, Kia! Go!
Come on, Kia!
Come on, Kia!
Focus, Kia. Come on now.
You can do better.
What did you just say?
You can do better. Focus.
No, I'm doing my best.
- You've also missed a few shots.
- What?
- You could say "nice run" instead.
- What's that?
You don't have to just complain.
Good, Mila! Good, Mila! Yes!
Nice, Mila!
Good work, Linden!
You're the best!
- That's the focus you need, Kia.
- What?
Look at Mila. You should have her focus.
Good, Mila.
- Good, Mila.
- Nice!
- Nice! Great!
- Good, Mila!
Nice, Mila!
Five years ago I was only talk
Now all of my prayers are heard
My pockets are full of cash
Only riding in tinted cars
Never been a loser, yeah
We're here now.
In the playoffs in Gothia.
You've worked your asses off,
and you really deserve this.
And you've shown
that you can play like a team.
So, what's our goal now?
- Playing the final at Ullevi.
- Exactly.
We're going to win!
Okay, this is the lineup.
We'll start
with Kia and Tess on the bench.
We'll do 4-4-2.
Remember, keep cool, stay calm,
don't make any hasty decisions.
And help each other.
Good. Any questions?
Good, let's do this.
Come on, girls!
- Go, Linden!
- Good luck, girls. You're awesome!
Go! Kia!
They're supposed to be good.
Yes! Go!
Come on!
Come on, Mila. Go for it!
What the hell?
Pass the ball!
-It'll be over soon.
- She won't get in.
There's not enough time.
Won't everyone get to play?
Yes, sure. We'll do that.
Good! Up!
Good! Awesome!
- Yes!
- Yes!
We're in the fucking semifinals!
Come on!
Come on, Kia!
Okay, listen. Damn good work!
- How does it feel?
- Good!
Good. Tomorrow are the semifinals.
I want us to meet here at 7:45.
- Then we have to wake up at 6:30.
- That's right.
That's why I want lights out at ten.
The concert is tonight.
You can go for a bit.
It ends at midnight.
No buts. We're here to play soccer.
If any of you are out past ten,
you can pack your bags and go home.
Good. There.
Awesome job today.
Be proud. Chin up. Good.
Great work today.
Yes, you're so damn
Hi. Erika.
Hi. Mila.
I'm scouting players
for a new Gothenburg youth team.
Lollo says that you're talented.
The team is for people
who really want to commit.
- Is that you?
- Yes.
I'll be watching the finals at Ullevi,
and we'll see.
I'll let you know.
- Say hi to Anna if you see her.
- I will.
- Take care. Good luck.
- Thank you. Bye.
We have to win the semis,
so you can show what you can do
in the final.
I don't know what to do.
- Go over there.
- I can't.
- What do you mean?
- What if he doesn't want me?
Who wouldn't want you?
I mean it. Who wouldn't want you?
Go over.
Come on.
- We're going.
- I'm staying.
- It's almost ten.
- I'll come later.
- No, we're going back.
- I'll come later. I know the way.
I know what Lollo said,
but I want to stay.
Come on, we're one game from Ullevi.
Don't mess with me.
I know. It's your dream
to play at Ullevi, not mine.
I want to stay.
Don't worry.
Go to bed. I'll see you later.
- It's your own fault if you can't play.
- Lollo won't notice.
Why isn't Kia coming with us? Hey?
Leave her. She's staying here.
Good morning. I hope you're all pumped.
Today's the day.
Before I go through the lineup,
Kia, where are you? There you are.
You can pack your things and go change.
- Why?
- Stop it. I know you were out last night.
- Okay, but I'm here now.
- That's irrelevant.
This is how you ruin things for a team.
Come on.
Ruin things? We fought our way
to the semis, and you won't let me play.
- Yesterday, you benched me.
- That's right.
Okay, you can leave.
Is it okay for her to treat us this way?
I won't play if Kia isn't allowed to.
Do you think it's okay?
Maybe you don't want me to play?
You coming?
I mean, she told us the rules yesterday.
- So you choose her over me?
- I didn't say that.
You only think of yourself.
What's that?
You only think about yourself.
You always have.
Who else is going to? Tell me, who?
It's easy for you to say.
- Is it?
- So damn easy.
- Why?
- You know why?
- Tell me.
- You have a family.
Your dad is always by your fucking side
watching your Gothia games.
Do I have that? No I don't!
My mom and dad love you too.
Why do you eat with us every night?
Why do we drive you to practice?
If you're gonna mention that
If you don't want
Mention what?
- I don't have anyone by my side.
- You have me!
Shut up! No, I don't!
I never asked for your help. Ever!
- I'm asking for your help now.
- I won't help you.
You should've listened!
She said, "Be back at ten."
Everyone listened but you!
It's your fault. You would've let me play.
How many times have I had your back?
Maybe I don't mean
anything to you anymore.
No. You mean nothing to me. Understand?
You mean nothing to me.
Are you coming?
"The most important thing
is to think like a team."
Didn't you say that?
Are you okay?
We'll play without substitutes today.
Okay. We've gotta get a grip now.
We're really late.
Mila? Seriously, you can do this.
Come on, wake up now!
Excuse me?
I'm looking for my daughter.
She's playing for a team called BK Linden.
- BK Linden?
- I'm picking her up.
Yes, they're playing in the Bravida Arena.
Come on!
Come on, Mila!
Hey, show them!
Build it up! Help her!
Good, Mila!
Well done, girls!
Good! Come on now!
Two minutes left, 0-0. You can do this!
Calm down!
Are you okay?
Then you'll get a free kick.
Can you play? You have to stop?
You can leave there.
- What are you doing? Get the ball.
- Put the ball down.
What's going on?
Fucking hell.
Nicely done!
Bring it home.
Fucking damn it to hell!
What the hell is this? Come on!
What are you doing? Support us instead!
Come on, Linden!
Hurry up. Last few minutes now.
Do it.
Come on, Mila!
It's cool. You can keep them.
No, I don't need them anymore.
No? Okay, thanks.
Well, I just want to apologize.
Yeah, no, it's okay.
It's no
Bye then.
In the semifinals
You were great in the semis.
It was great.
Thank you.
Well, bye.
Mirlinda, there's someone here to see you.
Can I come in?
Tell me if you need anything.
I had these too.
I had these when I was a kid.
That's funny.
When I was your age,
I dreamed of having a coach
who took soccer seriously.
Because I didn't have that.
And when I started to coach you,
I wanted to be that coach.
But now, I realize
that it might have gotten too serious.
I put too much pressure on you.
I guess I still have a lot to learn
as a coach.
That Erika woman called me.
The one coaching the talent team.
She wants you to try out.
It'd be a big change
with practice in Gothenburg every day,
but your mom sounded positive.
She said she would sort out
the travel plans.
I'll leave the note here.
I know soccer is cruel.
You sacrifice everything,
and still, the chance of success
is very slim.
And even if you succeed,
it can all be over
from one day to the next.
I want you to know that.
If you feel
like you can live without soccer,
I think you should do that
and decline her offer.
Yes, Erika speaking.
Hi, it's Mila.
Yes, from Linden?
Yeah. I was thinking, about the tryouts
Okay, I'm not very good.
No, we know.
- No, I missed.
- I didn't see. You're cheating.
You're kidding.
Are we the best at this or what?
I've gotten us out a tryout.
It's for a new talent team in Gothenburg.
It's tonight,
so if we're going to make it,
we have to leave now.
But I'm not coming to that.
I'm sorry.
I should've had your back.
I didn't mean what I said.
You know how much you mean to me.
You mean the world to me.
I'm not good enough for that team anyway.
Plus, I don't want to.
What do you mean?
I don't want to play soccer anymore, Mila.
Then I don't want to either.
Only you can make that choice.
I have to go to the tryouts.
I know, Mila.
I don't know if I can do it without you.
You'll do great.
Are you going there in these?
You can't play in those shoes.
Mila, have you lost your mind?
You're the best.
You're the best.
I know.
Good, great speed!
Keep control.
Improve your passing.
Come on, Mila!
Subtitle translation by:
Sanna Arvidsson Milton