Forever Christmas (2018) Movie Script

[Reporter] Coming up on KTLA 5:
This season's hottest Christmas
It's November 1st people,
give us a break!
How's your day so far?
You heard, right?
Barely into my first episode
and already it's a mess.
Potential mess.
Anyway, why do you think
I recommended you for this job?
Because I haven't worked
in almost a year
and my career was vanishing
before my very eyes?
Guess again.
Because I'm your oldest friend?
Because you're smart
and resourceful,
and good at troubleshooting.
And there's plenty of trouble
to shoot around here.
Now you tell me.
It's true, you can handle it.
Except for getting over
that cheat Marco
and the whole man embargo.
It's been way too long, Soph.
Over Marco. No embargo.
Not looking.
Please! If you're living,
you're looking.
Sophia! Sit, please. Help.
I always thought
the Sexy Santa Society
sounded a little... sketchy.
Who knew they were going
to get busted
for running an
illegal escort ring?
And we just thought they
serviced shopping malls.
They certainly put the "ho"
in "ho-ho-ho."
To be honest, I always thought
doing a whole episode
on the group seemed
a little exploitive.
Even for a show called
"Extreme Holidays."
Oh, I'm sorry we aren't as noble
as the cooking shows
that you were working on.
Yeah, well, there's nothing
noble about getting cancelled.
Or being unemployed.
Ain't that right?
Now, check out the article
I just sent you, okay?
I forgot all about this guy,
but it just might work.
Guy celebrates Christmas
365 days out of the year?
- Yeah.
- I can hardly handle it one day.
That's why we're not doing
a show about you.
What kind of oddball is this
Will Saunders?
A devoted one, apparently.
His house is a shrine
to all things yuletide.
And he does charity work:
kids, pets, and homeless people.
So, he should want to do this.
And, if he's not
a complete freak,
we should want to, too.
I can't even tell
what he looks like
underneath this reindeer get up.
Nothing about his personal life
except for 33,
has a history in production
and carpentry in scenic design.
That makes sense, I guess?
I just sent you the number
from the studio where he works.
I want you to find him,
meet him, and sell him.
You have one day, sorry.
I'm on it!
Oh, and don't forget that
the entire Bravada TV deal,
not to mention your future
as a producer here,
hinges on the success
of this show.
So... no pressure.
None at all.
Thank you!
No Twitter, no Instagram...
Social media ghost.
Hi, is this Will?
Will, this is Sophia Worthy.
I'm with Super Real Productions.
I am producing a new reality
TV show about the holidays,
and we...
I got your phone number
from your work,
I hope that's okay.
Anyway, this whole "every day
is Christmas" thing you do
sounds really...
and I wondered if we could meet
and talk about filming you
for the show?
Oh, can I ask you why not?
Well, yeah, it's reality TV,
but not how you think...
That's a drag.
You know, it really
could have brought
a lot of attention to all that
great charity work you do.
Oh yeah!
It could have been
a big part of it.
How does tomorrow morning sound?
Yes, I do know that place.
10:00 a.m.? Perfect!
I'll see you then.
Okay, bye.
Excuse me, Will?
Sophia from
Super Real Productions.
Sorry, my bad.
I thought you were someone else.
You're Will?
You were expecting an elf?
What can I get you?
Oh no, it's on me.
Well, it's on Super Real
Productions, actually.
What do you want?
Thank Super Real,
but it's on me.
No arguments.
Medium, non-fat,
half-caf, no foam latte,
with a teaspoon of agave.
Coming right up.
Can I get a medium, non-fat,
no foam, half-caf latte,
with a teaspoon of agave?
Christmas blend,
and just a regular
Christmas blend for me.
What's this?
Just a little something for you.
Open it.
My first gift from
Mr. Christmas.
I could get used to this.
Is that so?
I mean...
I meant, the gifts
you must give...
The pink one's strawberry,
the yellow is lemon,
and the orange is passion fruit.
How did you know I liked
Just a guess.
They seem kind of fancy...
like you.
Hope you like Christmas blend,
I used it for your latte.
It may or may not surprise you
that I wait for it
all year long.
I love Christmas blend,
it's my favorite.
So you live around here?
Yeah, I'm in Vista Gardens.
A little bungalow
right in the canyon.
I know the place, actually.
Yeah, a friend of mine used to
live right next door, I think.
Beautiful spot. Quaint.
So, the show.
The show, right.
Look, I don't want
to disappoint you...
But I'm a pretty low-key guy
and the whole reality show deal
just isn't really my thing.
And honestly, people don't
understand what I do.
Or why I do it.
Then let's change their mind.
You could create a whole
new massive wave
of Christmas enthusiasm!
What's in it for you, exactly?
A skeptic, are we?
Been down this road before.
Okay... the truth?
Our story just fell through
and if we don't find a new one
ASAP we're screwed.
My last show went belly up
and I need to prove myself.
To be honest with you,
I don't know if you are right
for the show,
not until I see your house.
But after meeting you,
I think you could be
great on television.
How's that, mystery man?
That was honest. I'm impressed.
And between you and me,
I am cuckoo for Christmas.
Producing a show like this
would be a dream come true.
If you like my house.
Right, I'd have to see
your house first.
So can I?
I'm not sure.
I'll have to think about it.
Right, of course. Think about it
and let me know.
But I have to know
by the end of the day.
[Paul] So...
he's not the oddball you
thought he was going to be?
Nope, he's actually
kind of a regular guy
with an irregular hobby.
And he's also kind of
on the hot side.
Really? How hot?
Like fireman meets GQ model
meets superhero hot.
You're going to like him.
I'm married.
I don't have the luxury
of liking anyone anymore.
End of day.
[cell phone vibrating]
Will? Hi, it's Sophia Worthy.
Ah, Sophia Worthy.
Is it the end of the day
We're getting there.
So, what did you decide?
Wow, cutting right to the chase.
Listen Will, if you're
not going to do it,
please just tell me now.
Okay, I don't want to do it.
But that doesn't mean I won't.
Or that I will.
I'm confused.
At this point, all I can offer
is an invitation for you
to see my home.
How's half an hour?
Nothing like playing
hard to get.
Is that what you're doing?
Let me give you my address.
[door knocking]
- Hi.
- Hey.
Welcome to my humble abode.
Humble? More like amazing.
It was my grandparents home.
I inherited it.
And who's this?
This is Romeo.
My vicious guard dog.
They're a pretty good
judge of character.
Come on!
I'd say holy cow,
but I'm assuming
you've probably
heard something like it.
Doesn't get old, trust me.
How do you keep
those floating like that?
They're suspended on a filament
that washes out in the light.
Tricks of the trade
in the movie business.
Follow me.
Oh, and don't mind
the mistletoe.
It's everywhere.
Thanks for the warning.
How do you keep
those snowing like that?
Wait, don't tell me!
More trade secrets?
So, how did this all start?
Honestly, I've always
loved Christmas.
You could call me
a Christmas enthusiast.
7 or 8 years ago I was working
on a small Christmas movie
that ran out of money.
So they paid me with
scenery and special effects.
Which was cool,
but then I thought
where the hell am I
going to put it all
when it's not Christmas?
And the rest is history?
Or hysteria, take your pick.
It's gorgeous.
And a little trippy.
But in a good way!
Over here, come on.
May I present:
Christmas under the Sea.
It is so romantic. And peaceful.
Unless you're the seasick type.
Which I'm not.
A friend of yours?
Oh yeah, that's
my second cousin, Ariel.
He loves the ladies, that one.
Little Romeo - did you teach him
everything he knows?
Just gave him the name.
Good answer.
So... how long have you
lived here for?
You said you inherited it?
From my grandparents,
those two right there.
It's so modern.
I had to gut the entire home:
Interior, exterior...
But I kept the original bones.
So now, it's modern
with a heritage spine.
What about your parents?
They didn't want the house?
I'm sure they would have,
but they died when I was a kid.
Long story, but I actually grew
up here.
With my grandparents.
Who were major Christmas fans,
and my inspiration
when I decided
to turn my home into a
Christmas extravaganza.
Extravagant it is.
Pop quiz,
Miss Cuckoo for Christmas:
who's your favorite
ornament maker?
I don't know, I would say
I'm kind of like
an equal opportunity
ornament fan.
Ah, I get it.
Wouldn't want to offend
any of Santa's helpers.
And here we have
"The Train Room".
All aboard?
It's amazing.
My grandpa was a big collector
who got me going on it.
And when I started doing
all this to my home,
the train set grew like crazy.
I'm always working on it,
it keeps me busy...
And out of trouble!
Sorry about that!
Hank, meet Sophia.
Sophia, Hank: my right hand man.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you, Sophia.
Sophia wants to make us
TV stars.
Will hasn't agreed to it yet.
Help me out, would you?
You guys, this looks so good.
It's going to look amazing
on TV.
Which I haven't agreed to, yet.
Sorry, I know.
I'm a producer,
the wheels are always turning.
Want to see it in action?
Check it out.
So good!
Hank seems nice.
He's the best.
He stays here sometimes
when the shelter's full.
And I hire him for odd jobs
here and there.
He's homeless?
Without a permanent home.
For now.
He had one, lost it.
Amongst other things.
We're working on it.
Will, your house is wonderful.
I would love for you and
your home to star in our show.
So what do you think?
I think...
How do I know you won't
make me look like an idiot?
You've just got to trust me,
I guess.
For what it's worth,
I'd like to mention that I was
a documentary film major
in college.
So I know how to get to
the truth.
So why reality TV?
I suppose real life
got in the way?
Something called paying
the bills came knocking.
Fair enough.
I'd also like to mention
that we are willing
to make a serious donation
to a charity of choice.
You're killing me.
I just...
I don't know.
Your house is unbelievable,
The way you do Christmas and
the legacy of your grandparents.
How great would it be to,
on screen,
show everybody
the beauty of that?
I just know that people
would flip over you,
and your home and your story.
And why you do it,
and how you do it.
Your house is one of a kind.
You're one of a kind.
I have to confer with
my business manager.
What do you think?
We'll do it.
Will, this is amazing!
Thank you!
You are not going
to regret this!
Who's the happy camper?
Oh, you'll find out...
Wow, what a beauty!
Imagine when it's all
decorated and lit up!
I bet the crowds are crazy.
Yes, but his crabby neighbor
hates those crowds.
He got an injunction,
so he's not allowed to start
decorating until Thanksgiving.
Nice neighbor.
So, plan accordingly, Linz.
I know the type.
He'll be the first to want a
location fee. Guaranteed.
Let's go!
The gang?
Yes. Will, this is Lindsey,
Kayla, and Aaron.
Our A-team of lights,
camera and...
- Action?
- Sound.
Action is good too, Will.
And this is Romeo, our
Extreme Holidays mascot.
Romeo, are you ready
for your close-up?
At least one of us is.
Let me know if you have
any questions, okay?
Yeah, I got one.
Got any idea what
a nightmare it is
to shoot all this white
on white on white?
Sorry, I didn't design it
with TV in mind, dude.
Relax, Aaron.
I've seen you shoot tougher.
All these projections could
be pretty tricky to light.
Thanks, Kayla.
Are you okay?
Yeah, just taking it all in.
Do you mind if they get
a lay of the land?
Check things out a bit?
Okay, that would be great.
Give us some more time.
Fan out everyone!
Just don't go in any rooms
that are being redone!
And watch out for wet paint!
It's okay.
Your beautiful house is in
good hands. I promise.
As are you.
I'm going to hold you to that.
I'm gonna go follow them.
You want to join?
Sure, after you.
Thanks a lot, Will.
We'll see you Monday morning.
Monday? Like four days
from today, Monday?
Didn't you say your hiatus
started in four days?
Yeah, but I've got a ton
of work to do on the house.
No worries, Will.
That's why the
crew is here to help.
No crew. Just me
and Hank only, please.
You know what?
Why don't you guys go?
I'm just going to grab an Uber
and chat with Will
about a few things.
What's all the hubbub, Saunders?
Reality TV show.
This is my producer, Sophia.
Sophia, meet Fred.
Television, huh?
How much are you paying
for our inconvenience?
Don't worry, you'll be
compensated for your trouble.
The producer is going to
reach out to you shortly.
She better.
Put up with enough
as it is around here.
So... you want a drink?
Yeah, I could have some water.
I can facilitate that.
So, you should have
your contract by tomorrow.
Let me know if you have
any questions.
So I can still back out?
Listen: Christmas means
all the world to me.
Obviously, you can see.
And I do this to share it
with others.
But personally. One-on-one.
My way.
What's that supposed to mean?
Maybe I jumped into this
too quickly.
I do that sometimes.
Listen: this is going to
be hectic, inconvenient,
and a total disruption
of your nice, cozy life.
But you won't regret it.
I promise.
Umm... I've gotta go.
I should go.
All right...
I will see you later, I guess.
Looking forward to it.
These people haven't given you
much time to get ready,
have they?
I'll never really be ready.
Don't ask me why I'm doing this.
Oh, I know why
you're doing this.
That obvious?
She's beautiful.
And smart, and persuasive.
The way I see it is if I can
promote the charities I
work with,
use the show for good,
then I guess it's worth it.
Maybe it's a good opportunity
to talk about the shelter.
That's a good idea, Hank.
I'll put that on the wish list.
Along with Sophia?
Oh my gosh, it is perfect.
There he is!
Hi, I'm Paul Rivera.
I'm the executive producer
and creator of the show.
AKA my boss, so you've
got to be nice to him.
I absolutely love what
you've done with the place.
It is wonderful.
Our only hope is that
we can do it justice.
And you, too, of course.
Why don't you come with me?
I'm going to give you
a rundown of the day.
Great, we'll see you in a bit.
Nice to see you again,
Miss producer.
It's nice to see you again, too.
Okay, so today is mostly just
going to be shots of the house,
bits and pieces of you
talking and explaining
and we're going to get
a shot of you
greeting us at the front door.
Does that sound good?
Yeah. I guess.
As the old saying goes:
if it doesn't work,
we'll just fix it in post.
That's what I'm afraid of.
Don't worry.
I figured you like
to make lists.
Here's mine: these are some
of the charities I work with.
I think it would be good to
put them in the interviews.
Got it.
Okay, while they're getting
set up,
let's get you in
hair and makeup.
No, I don't wear makeup.
On camera everyone wears makeup.
Is this our boy, Soph?
Yes Gia, this is Will.
Smile. Look pretty.
Which shouldn't be
a problem for you.
Will, look,
I know a lot of guys don't
like the whole makeup idea,
but the point is
to make you look
like you don't
have on makeup on.
Let me get this straight,
you want to put makeup on me
so I look like I don't
have makeup on me?
That is why they call it
reality TV!
How we doing?
Good! Just getting
golden boy ready.
So, what do you think?
Dude, or dwarf?
What for?
For Will. To wear
in the opening shot.
We never discussed a costume...
Please hold still, Will.
I'm not wearing a costume.
What about the reindeer suit
you wore in that article?
That was a costume.
I was playing Rudolph
for the kids, for charity.
One time!
Well, now you'll be playing
Christmas dude.
Or dwarf.
Ta-dah! Adorable.
I don't want to look "adorable."
Okay, honey,
that ship has sailed.
She just means we love
the way you look already.
We do, but the audience
has a certain expectation.
Namely, holiday cheer.
So let's be cheery, shall we?
Take this. Thank you.
Did you know about this?
I had no idea.
Look, you told me that
sometimes you can be impulsive.
So... how about now?
That's the one.
Okay, Will.
Sophia is going to call action.
You're going to open the door
and say your first line.
Then you're going to step back,
open the door a little more
like you're inviting us
into your home,
and Aaron is going to do
a beautiful tracking shot
right inside.
What's my line?
Oh sorry, it's...
Hi, I'm Will Saunders.
Welcome to my magical
Christmas wonderland!
Isn't that a little corny?
Christmas is corny.
Not to me.
Why don't we just drop
the "magical"
and stick with the rest?
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
Let's go again, Will.
This time just
a little livelier.
Ready, and... action!
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
Okay that was a lot better,
We're just going to go
one more time. Good work.
And... action!
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
Okay Will, This is television.
You need to pretend to be happy,
You're super excited
about your house
and you can't wait to
share it with the world.
But I'm not and
I look ridiculous.
Fake it, Will. It's TV.
How about we get rid
of the shirt?
We love the shirt.
Not all of us love the shirt.
Hugo? Can you please get
his shirt from the green room?
-On it!
Okay. Let's try that again.
Ready? And... action!
Hey, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
And cut!
That was perfect, Will!
Oh yeah.
So Will, first thing's first.
What do you think sets you apart
from other Christmas
I don't know, I guess
when it comes to Christmas,
I'm all in. 110%.
You could say 365%.
Very true. But I can't take
all the credit.
I had a lot of help
along the way.
Starting with my grandparents.
My grandma actually...
I'm sorry, grandparents?
Will, I'm curious.
You're a young, strapping lad.
You're single, you probably have
a very active dating life,
how do women react when you
bring them back here?
They like it, I guess,
but usually everyone does...
So you could say that this place
is kind of a chick magnet?
Chick magnet?
Yeah! They come and see
all the Christmas joy
and they're like, "Which way
to the sleigh bed?"
Am I right?
I'm sorry, what kind of
questions are these?
Fun ones!
Will come on, we love hearing
about your grandma
and all that stuff,
yadda, yadda, yadda.
It's great.
But look at you:
you're a fireman meets
GQ model meets superhero.
So, Christmas aside,
the folks are going to want
to hear a little dirt.
I think I need a break.
Yeah, of course.
Everyone take five!
I thought it was a
legitimate question.
You asked where
the sleigh bed was.
I know that was
kind of weird, but...
Paul was just doing his job.
What are you two like
good cop and bad cop?
What? No!
Wait, I'm the good cop, right?
You tell me.
Look, we had a deal.
And it didn't include me
talking about my love life.
He was trying to loosen you up,
in his own way.
I'm sure none of it's going
to end up on the show.
Sophia, this is my life.
It's important to me.
I don't pretend to be perfect,
far from it.
But I try to stand for
a few good things.
And that comes across
loud and clear.
Look, just say
what you want to say.
Forget about the questions.
Don't listen to Paul.
It will slide off of him
like Teflon.
Just take a deep breath.
I know this is weird and new.
It sure feels nice.
I meant...
I know what you meant.
But it still feels nice.
Hey, maybe we could...
donate the leftover lunch food
to the shelter?
I could get Hank to pick it up.
Yeah. I'll have to ask Lindsey,
but I don't see why not.
Thanks, Sophia. That'd be great.
All right, are you ready to face
the big bad cameras again?
I only need you
for one more shot.
All right...
No one has ever asked
to donate leftovers
to any other place than
their own refrigerator.
This guy is sexy and saintly.
So we can do it then?
To keep our star happy? Sure.
Oh, no! I left him with Paul.
I really hope he's okay.
See? You don't have
to worry about Paul.
One thing I know about Paul:
he knows how to charm
the pants off of anyone.
I have a feeling those
particular pants
are going to be staying on.
Maybe for Paul...
What's that supposed to mean?
I've seen the way
he looks at you.
So what are you going
to do about it, sunshine?
I'm going to get this last shot.
And stay away from all
mistletoe at every cost.
Is that a professional decision
or that whole
"all hot dudes are heartbreakers"
thing you got going on?
Sweetie, not every guy you
like is gonna turn into Marco.
It is statistically and
physically impossible!
Thank you, have a good day!
You too, bye!
All right, let's go!
Up top, Will!
Are you the fist bump type?
I'm good with that.
I know there were some hiccups,
but you actually
kind of rocked it.
You're welcome.
Is that what I'm
supposed to say?
I saw you chuckling with Paul.
You were making friendly.
That's a good sign.
There are only a few
fleeting pockets of horrible.
Better than I expected.
How's that?
I'm going to give
you some advice.
Have a beer, or six,
and a nice dinner,
and get a good sleep.
Want to join me on that?
Join you for dinner?
Actually, I can't.
As much as I kind of,
really want to.
I'll take "really kind of want
to" for the future.
Good night, Sophia.
Good night, Will.
[TV on in background]
[door knocking]
- Will?
- Sophia!
What are you doing here?
How do you know where I live?
(A) I get nicer greetings
at the DMV.
(B) You told me
when we first met.
(C) Can I come in?
Yeah, sure...
I hope you like irises.
I do! They're beautiful.
From my front lawn.
But flowers all the same.
Very Van Gogh of you.
What are they for?
An apology. For being
such a grouch today.
A grouch?
I kinda was...
But I also needed an excuse
to come over here.
Thinking about the questions
Paul was asking today.
About me being a chick magnet.
And I just wanted
to clarify that
I am not some sort of player.
Thank you... I think.
It felt like Paul was kind of
trying to make me seem like one.
You know, for
television entertainment.
Maybe he just thinks
you're cute.
I like your place.
It's quirky, elegant.
Yeah? Even without gifts
hanging from the ceilings
and mermaid murals on the wall?
I can arrange that.
I know people.
Do you want to sit?
Yeah, just for a minute.
I'm doing this reality TV show
and these people show up
at the crack of dawn, so...
Sounds like it sucks.
Oh, it does...
But there's this
hot producer lady
who kind of makes it
all worthwhile.
Stop! I can't.
This is really bad.
It's really bad for the show.
And for me professionally.
I can't, I can't...
What? You don't like
the way I kiss?
I do. I like the way
you kiss too much.
A lot. Which is why
you need to go.
Thank you for the flowers
and the kiss.
I will see you tomorrow.
You are one disciplined girl.
You will thank me later.
Thank you. Goodbye, Will.
[bouncy, upbeat music]
[bouncy, upbeat music]
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Morning.
- Yeah.
You sure I don't look silly
sitting in the middle like this?
You look great, I promise.
Okay, ready?
So Will, you've been collecting
this train set your entire life.
At what point did it become
a Christmas village?
When my house became
holiday central,
so did the trains.
It keeps the kid
alive in me, too.
The kids that come through
on our fundraising tours,
this is their favorite stop.
Why don't you tell us
a little about the charities
you work with?
Well, the first and key charity
I work with
is at the Union Hope Shelter.
That's downtown
at Third and Lucas.
Look at him go.
I guess there is
some personality
attached to those pecs.
Oh, there's definitely more
to Christmas Dude
than meets the eye.
Just takes the right energy
to bring it out of him.
Of course, on the other hand,
we don't want him to
get too comfortable.
Okay, great!
Let's go over here
and get some more stuff.
Okay, so...
This room is really theatrical.
It's almost "The Little Mermaid"
meets "A Christmas Story."
Yeah, it was
really fun to design.
It's got kind of a
feminine vibe to it
for such a manly man
like yourself.
Wouldn't you say, Will?
Well, I just wanted a little
something for everyone.
What exactly was
the inspiration?
I had this girlfriend,
and she loved mermaids.
I think she thought she
was one in a past life.
So the idea came from her.
Some people think mermaids
are kind of sexy.
Does this double as a fantasy
suite for you sometimes?
Well, any room can feel special
if you're in it with
the right person.
Wouldn't you agree, Paul?
Works for me.
No further questions,
your honor.
You gave it right back
to Paul in there.
I got some good advice
from a smart producer I know.
You should listen to her.
So a mermaid girlfriend?
It was ages ago...
water under the bridge.
I just wanted to toss
your nosy boss a bone.
Good job.
Come on, I want to
show you something.
Okay, so picture
all this stuff covering
the entire front of the
house and you get the idea.
Santa's workshop has
got nothing on you.
Who do you think he calls
for reinforcements?
Hey, I remember this.
This was what you were working
on the day of our walkthrough.
I was. It's a gingerbread house.
My mom and dad bought it for me
the Christmas before
they passed away.
Your last year with them?
It was.
Anyway, my grandpa and I added
a whole bunch of details
to it over the years.
Maybe we can do something
special with it on camera?
Absolutely we can.
Wait five minutes
and then come out.
Yoohoo! Soph!
That was... where were you?
Checking out the millions
of Christmas things.
Will had in the garage.
You would not believe
all the things
he has stashed away in there.
I cannot wait until
we get a shot
of him decorating the
house. It's going to be insane.
I really hope we scheduled
enough time for it.
Did we schedule enough time?
Why are you talking so fast?
- Am I?
- Yeah. You are.
It's just this really strong
coffee this morning.
Yeah! No matter how
much sugar I put in it...
In our next hour: this season's
hottest Christmas recipes.
You're watching KTLA.
Hey, Fred. Come to lend a hand?
Not on your life.
I better not see
any of these lights
shining before
they're supposed to!
You know what the
injunction says!
The lights will be up, not on.
It's just for some
quick filming.
And can I give you a little
piece of neighborly advice?
And what might that be?
How about this Christmas,
I don't know.
Enjoy yourself?
I had it made for you
to wear on the show.
Try it on and tell me
what you think.
I love it!
How's it look?
Like a million bucks!
I think it's amazing.
Maybe we need to make it
a little tighter?
Put it in the dryer?
If you hot wash it,
we can dry it on your abs,
you know what I mean?
How are you today?
- Doing well, how are you?
- Hi, I'm Paul.
- Paul, nice to meet you.
- Pleasure.
So, how do you feel about
Will's Christmas extravaganza?
It's kind of crazy town
for my tastes.
He can decoare my bush anytime.
I can tell you one thing:
I wouldn't want to pay
his light bill. No way!
What do you think of Will's
majestic Christmas wonderland?
I hate the whole thing.
Oh, is that everything?
Yeah, that just about covers it.
Great, great. Did we get that?
Great, can we try it
one more time with a smile?
With a smile?
I hate the whole thing.
So, you happy?
Not unhappy.
Definite improvement.
I'll take it.
Are you heading
back to the office?
No. Home.
Wanna stick around?
You've gotta eat, right?
You cook, too?
Oh yeah. I cook.
No measuring cups or cookbooks.
I'm impressed.
I just wing it.
Usually works out.
Are you sure I can't help
with anything?
I'm sure.
All right, I'm on dishes then.
Be my guest.
So, other than the
mermaid wannabe,
are there any other serious
relationships in your past?
A few, for sure.
I was actually engaged
in college.
Really? Engaged.
That is serious.
Yeah, but we were young and
it would've been a disaster.
Hit and miss since then,
and lately it's just been
me and Romeo.
What about you? Anyone serious?
Yeah, but no one I wanted
to go the distance with.
The last relationship
was a disaster.
He was a cheating mess.
It kind of tainted relationships
and trust for me, so...
Want me to kick his ass?
No, he was not worth the energy.
How did your parents die?
Sorry, was that
way too personal?
You don't have to
answer that question.
No. It's fine.
It was a car accident.
Drunk driver.
How old were you?
Do you have any siblings?
Just me.
Any other family?
That's sad.
What I've experienced
in my life,
it's all relative to what
you've experienced,
what Hank has experienced.
The kids from the
charities I work with,
what they're experiencing.
We only know what we know,
if we have nothing else
to compare it to.
Yeah, I suppose so.
My grandparents swooped me up,
moved me in here,
and raised me like champs.
I was always loved,
that's for sure.
Even though I was a pretty
challenging teenager.
Challenging how?
Fell in with a bad crowd.
Drugs, booze...
Oh yeah.
I was a shithead.
I even broke into a house once.
I hit rock bottom when
I was in my late teens.
Grandparents kicked me out.
Went from one
friend's couch to the next.
Spent a few nights
on the street.
Long story short: it was
definitely an eye opener.
I was lucky my grandparents
took me back.
Worst I ever did was get
a week's detention.
And I swear, it wasn't my fault!
I'm sure it wasn't.
[oven beeps]
You were lucky to have them -
your grandparents.
I honestly don't know where
I would have ended up
without them.
So I try to help others
the way they helped me.
Pay it forward, you know?
And keeping the meaning
of Christmas alive every day
just ties it all together.
That's beautiful, Will.
I wonder what your
grandparents would think
about everything
that's going on here now?
Are you kidding? They'd love it.
They were the happiest,
chattiest pair you've ever seen.
How about your parents?
Not the happiest, chattiest
pair you've ever met.
They were divorced when I was
in third grade, so...
Will, I have a confession
to make.
Should I be sitting down?
No, it's just...
I am not cuckoo for Christmas.
I just said it so you
would do the show
and so that you'd like me.
I have something
to confess, too.
I already knew.
Any true Christmas nut
could've immediately named
their favorite ornament maker.
You went generic.
But it's okay, really.
I won't hold it against you.
Well, thank you.
Although I'm not sure
that I deserve that.
My parents.
Every year they would argue over
who got me at Christmas time.
It was a big competition:
who had the bigger house,
better gifts, fancier vacation,
and it made me dread
Christmas every year.
I still do.
Maybe this year
will be different.
Maybe it will.
Who knew he'd look
so good on a ladder?
Wait! We shouldn't
be letting him do that!
Yeah, it's not really
the best time for our star
to end up in a full body cast.
This is going to be gold.
It'll cut together great!
Plus we are insured up
the wazoo, so...
He's smiley today.
Maybe our boy got
a little lucky last night.
Why do you say that?
That glow, it ain't from
the Christmas lights.
I'll tell you one thing:
he loves that t-shirt.
And we love him in it.
Nice job, Sophia.
How's that? Did you
get what you want?
That was scary.
That was hilarious, and our
cameras caught every second.
Great job, Will,
that was perfect!
He could've killed himself!
Sophia, come on! We need a
little excitement, some action.
Yeah, that you can manipulate.
Don't try this at home, kids.
Will, let's go again.
What is it? What is wrong?
You know what?
I don't trust Paul.
I understand that we're
making television here,
but there are
real lives at stake.
Okay, I'm just gonna
take a stab here:
this isn't about Paul, is it?
It's about you and Will.
What about me and Will?
I asked you first.
Oh my god, you slept with him!
Why didn't you say something?
This is... fantastic!
When was it? How was it?
It was last night and
it was off the charts.
I'm in it really
deep here, Linz.
Okay yeah, I mean,
maybe this isn't the beset
career move for you
at this very second, but you'd
have to be made of cement
not to respond to Will.
That doesn't make it right.
Look, you deserve to be happy.
Just be careful, don't
let it affect the work.
And... enjoy the shit out of it.
Not a peep!
You got it, sister.
Give us the countdown, man.
Three, two, one...
Merry Christmas!
Leaving without a goodbye?
Goodbyes with you
get me in trouble.
You won't stay?
I can't stay.
I understand.
I was thinking, if you want,
I could help you pick out a
Christmas tree this weekend.
Like a date?
Call it work.
My grandpa and I used to
go out after Thanksgiving
and chop down our own tree.
My biggest thrill was
when I was old enough
to do the chopping myself.
Just a boy and his axe.
Until I discovered girls.
Lucky us.
So, how do I know
which one to pick?
Which looks best to you?
I kind of like that one.
Noble fir.
Good, traditional choice.
How tall?
About your height's perfect.
You like the shape?
Oh, yeah. So symmetrical.
Okay, now you have
to check the branches
and make sure they're
soft and pliable
and not brittle in any way.
There's nothing brittle
about this one.
Do you always travel
with 100 spare ornaments?
I just figured,
given your humbug history,
you'd be a little light
in the ornament department.
You figured right.
Thank you.
I grabbed one of my favorites.
A movie theater!
This reminds me of
It's a Wonderful Life.
My favorite Christmas movie.
So she does like Christmas!
I never said I didn't
like Christmas.
Just aspects of it.
Pick a place of honor
for the movie house.
Come here.
I'm falling, Sophia.
I'm falling for you.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Has anyone ever told you
how beautiful you are?
Can't say anyone has told me
I'm beautiful before.
Romeo - is Romeo home alone?
He's with Hank.
Can I say that I love that
you think about my dog?
I think about you.
And how lucky I am.
That you found me?
Well, technically
Paul found you.
I just... followed up.
Remind me to thank him.
How about after the show airs,
Got it.
Hey, wanna maybe go for a hike
or something this morning?
I can grab Romeo,
we can hit up Griffith Park?
I'm still thinking low profile
is the way to go.
Or we could just stay in...
That could definitely have
its definite advantages.
And here we have Frosty,
and his little brother, Norman.
Frosty is a more appropriate
Christmas name,
but Norman's
still... he's nice.
Here you go, hold
these edges down.
Our man's certainly got
charisma, no question.
Once we opened him up.
Or should I say once you did.
Me, you, the crew... teamwork!
We still need some more
drama, conflict.
We have one more day
of shooting.
See what you can get.
I don't want it to have
to be manufactured.
Like this... snow.
Everything you see here
has a history,
a meaning, a purpose.
So how long have you been
collecting all this stuff?
I'm 33 years old so... 33 years.
Since you were a baby?
Well, maybe not that far back.
But my first words were,
"Santa Claus."
Why don't you tell us about
this gingerbread house?
My parents gave me this
incredible gingerbread house
for Christmas when I was a kid.
I was too young then to know
how to put it together,
so my dad and grandpa
showed me how.
And every Christmas since,
I've assembled it.
Last few years,
Hank has lent me a hand.
Push in a little bit.
Kayla, your boom
is in the shot again.
-I'm not in the shot!
I'm looking through the frame!
Kayla, just back up.
Well, I can't really back up...
Kayla, just put your boom up.
Okay, I guess I'm getting
up then...
Okay... no worries,
it's all good.
No one got hurt.
The house can be fixed.
Kayla, are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
It's just, the house...
It's fine.
Is everything okay?
How's the house?
Getting fixed.
Kayla feels so bad. We all do.
If I wouldn't have told her
to back up,
none of this would
have happened.
I'm so, so sorry.
Sorry about what?
I just told you: your house.
How about being sorry
you kept rolling?
Why didn't you stop the filming
the second you saw
what happened?
Listen, I gotta fix this.
I'll see you inside.
So, do you need a ride home?
Don't you live in the
opposite direction?
Yeah, but I can give you
a ride there
if you need one, obviously.
I guess I can put up
with you for a little longer.
He's in the garage.
I should have stopped
rolling immediately.
That's not what Paul would say.
Yeah, well Paul isn't secretly
involved with our lead.
[text message alert]
- Shit.
- What?
Oh my God.
That's good,
but that's not good.
That's bad for the show.
Who you're with is
really none of his
or anyone else's business.
That's just it,
it is his business.
And it just looks bad.
I mean, I know it wasn't exactly
the smartest choice to make,
I made a choice.
Are you sorry you did?
Are you sorry you decided
to do the show?
A little.
But then I wouldn't
have met you...
Unless of course
we're breaking up?
No. I'm an excellent
You are.
But I have a show to produce.
I have to stay focused,
there is a lot riding on it.
Like my career.
Sophia Worthy...
You are one of the
most determined, capable,
inspiring people
I've ever known.
You can do it all. I know it.
That's one of the sweetest
things anyone's ever said to me.
I knew I liked you for a reason.
I'm sorry I got so intense
about the gingerbread house.
It meant a lot to you.
It's a big part of your past.
Yeah, but it's a decoration.
You were just doing your job.
I should have stopped rolling.
And I knew the history
of the house,
and if it's broken...
I'll fix it.
That's what I do.
[Paul] There you are.
I want you to call
to this person.
Who's Helena Miller?
She's a shrink. She's great.
Paul, I know I've got issues,
but I don't need a shrink.
Not for you, for the show.
She's great. I want you
to set up a sitdown with her.
Get her to talk about Christmas,
how it messes with people,
gets in their head,
makes them go nuts.
And by people, I'm
assuming you mean Will?
Sophia, we still need
more dimension.
Unless you're scared you're
going to find out something
you don't want to know.
I call the holidays
my tax season.
It's my busiest time.
Why is that?
Why do you think the holidays
are such a difficult time
for people?
Christmas time is kind of
a perfect emotional storm.
Another year is gone.
What have I accomplished?
Who do I have to celebrate with?
Why does everybody
seem so happy but me?
And then there are the childhood
triggers that pop up.
They can really derail you.
Of course.
So for example,
say if someone wanted
to celebrate Christmas
every day of the year.
What do you think is
the deeper meaning there?
Two words: disfunction junction.
Thank you. Done.
That was great.
Sophia, this is so wrong.
I know, it wasn't my idea.
[Will] How is the show
looking so far?
We have a lot of great footage.
You are looking like
a major star.
Everyone loves Christmas,
so what can go wrong?
Even I'm getting into it.
[text message alert]
Anything important?
My buddy CJ saw a promo
for the show.
He texted it to me.
A promo?
You're kidding, I
didn't know we had one.
Wait... maybe I
should watch it first?
Why? Are you
afraid of something?
No, I just...
Okay fine, let's watch it.
Buckle up this Christmas as
Bravada Television presents.
"Extreme Holidays" with an eye-
opening look at one sexy stud
who celebrates yuletide 365
crazy days a year!"
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland!
It's kind of crazy town
for my tastes.
But my kids love it, so
what're you gonna do?
I wouldn't want to pay
his light bill.
I hate the whole thing.
It's snowing!
Two words: disfunction junction.
You've never seen a guy so
hopelessly devoted in your life!
Catch the series premier,
Christmas Eve!
I don't know, maybe I'm nuts...
Can I do that again?
What the hell was that?
So you knew about this?
Well, I knew they
were cutting promos.
I didn't know when
they were airing.
Well, they have to pull it.
That's not happening.
It has to!
Not only does it
misrepresent Will,
but it misrepresents the show!
Okay Sophia, calm down!
The network got ahold of me
late last night.
The new promos
tested through the roof.
The network immediately
slapped them online, on air...
But it's not the show
we're making!
Well I hate to tell you,
but it is.
At least it's the tone
they want.
What about what we want?
We want our deal renewed.
What if I disagree?
Well, you could quit
and have absolutely no say
in the direction we take.
Or you can stay and cut
a great show.
One that Bravada will
really, really love.
So you're letting them
make me look
like a complete idiot
on national TV.
The one thing I was
worried about from the start.
I'm going to be there
every step of the way
and make sure that
the show looks
as good as it possibly can.
Within my power.
This was such a mistake.
I never should have said yes.
Why did you then?
The truth?
Because of you.
I believed you saw something
in me that maybe I didn't.
So when you told me
to trust you, I did.
I also feel kind of used.
Used? By who?
By Paul. And by you.
I know how you feel - I do.
I was blindsided too.
I really don't want this
to come between us.
It already has.
There you go.
I knew it was too good
to be true.
You can't be that
surprised by it.
I can't?
He was a little prickly.
Very much his own man,
which is not necessarily
a bad thing,
but there were some red flags
flying amid that
first-rate hunkiness.
There were? What red flags?
Well, he's Christmas crazy.
That's unusual.
He's creative and nostalgic.
Not crazy, don't call him that.
You know what I mean.
I don't know, Linz.
He's honestly
all-around perfect.
It's just your judgment got
a little clouded, that's all.
I have never felt this way.
Guys like Will don't
come around every day.
Good thing, because how could
we keep up with them all?
Will told me that he thought
that I saw things in him
that he hadn't seen in himself.
Honestly, it was
the other way around.
And I was starting
to love him for it.
At least I thought I was.
Set it down over there.
Still haven't fixed that yet?
Roof's busted.
Long as I've known you, Will,
you've never been a quitter.
Some things are just
broken beyond repair.
You talking about the house,
or Sophia?
What are we if we can't be
trusted to do the right thing?
People make mistakes, Will.
It doesn't mean they can't learn
from them, can't change.
Yvette and I might
still be together
if I had just made
some different choices.
I might know my kids,
my grand kids.
Just don't be like me, Will.
Don't have regrets.
Come on - let's fix this old
gingerbread house already.
You know what?
Just give me a sec.
Need some help?
Damn gophers...
One of these days they're going
to eat the whole damn mailbox.
Maybe you could get an
injunction against them?
Really is quite the deal
you put on there.
I don't think I quite
realized that
until that whole TV show
came along.
Gotta love those cameras, right?
I, uh...
I gave them an interview,
you know.
I saw. Nice work, very quotable.
Ginny always talked about
how great it was on the inside.
I've been missing her a lot
this last little while.
Feel like a quick tour?
Yeah, I'd like that.
Don't worry, it will stay there.
I don't always succeed,
but that's what I try to do.
So, how's it going?
Good, just trying to decide
what to use from this clip.
Oh, is this when he waxes poetic
about peace on earth
and good will hunting,
or whatever?
Can we please use as little
of this as possible?
Yeah, it's only his entire
philosophy and reason for being.
I get it: laughs, gaffes,
and thrills.
I'm on it, Paul.
Look, I know I've been
hard on you.
But it's because I really
want you to succeed.
You have real ability, and
I want everyone to see it.
So, you going to bring Superman
to the Christmas party?
That would be a little hard
right now.
We're not exactly speaking.
Is that because of the show?
The show. Expectations.
Trust issues.
And don't date the talent:
you were right.
Well, I had to learn
that one the hard way.
But then I married the guy,
It's not always a trainwreck.
- Sophia...
- Will!
I was just...
getting a latte.
Medium nonfat, half-caf,
no foam...
teaspoon of agave.
Good memory.
- So how've you been?
- How've you been?
How's Romeo?
Excited to see you.
Yeah, I miss him too.
The show is looking really good.
Paul was asking me if you
would do publicity for it,
but I assumed it was a fat "no."
Whatever the opposite
of publicity is,
that's what I'll be doing.
I fixed the gingerbread house.
Looks almost good as new.
That's really good.
Merry Christmas, Sophia.
You too, Will.
Bye Romeo.
I just downloaded some extra
that must have got
lost in the shuffle.
You should check it out.
Okay. Thanks, I will.
File's named "New."
[Hank] You know, Will he's like,
he's this tall, good looking
young man.
You wouldn't expect it,
but he's got a heart of gold.
And uh, I just love the guy.
And uh, I just love the guy.
It was probably my favorite
Christmas present of all time.
High five!
Hey, I got your text, what's up?
Bravada moved up the viewing
meeting. It's in two hours.
Two hours? No, it's not
for two days!
Bentley has to
leave town tonight,
wants to see a cut
in person, with us.
No, it's nowhere close
to being ready...
It's not like they haven't
seen footage already.
They cut promos, remember?
They're expecting rough.
How rough is it?
I mean it's long, but watchable.
Fine, just wrap it up.
Paul, I've been meaning to...
I don't have time.
I need to crunch numbers with
Lindsey before the meeting.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Our goal is to launch with
a subject and a situation
so unique and strange,
yet relatable,
that it will set the bar
for an entire year of
extreme holiday madness.
At the same time, we've
tried to split the difference
between sentiment
and sensationalism.
Entertaining, but authentic.
And I think you'll agree that
we have found a major star
in Will Saunders.
Let's see what you've got.
Of course.
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
Hi, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
Welcome to my
Christmas wonderland!
This shirt sucks.
Hey, I'm Will Saunders
and welcome to my
Christmas wonderland.
You sure I don't look silly?
I love that.
How's it look?
It's kind of crazy town
for my tastes.
But my kids love it, so
what're you going to do?
I wouldn't want to pay
his light bill!
I hate the whole thing.
Will is like this tall,
good looking young man.
You wouldn't expect it,
but he's got a heart of gold
and I just love the guy.
[Will] Imagine if we could
keep the spirit of Christmas,
with all its joy and generosity
and good will
alive all year round.
Think how much better off
we'd be?
I don't always succeed,
but it's what I try to do.
That really wasn't like the
promos we cut, now was it?
Jayla, let me explain...
Actually, Sophia,
why don't you explain?
You know, that won't
be necessary.
I know what I expected,
I know what I saw,
and I know how I feel.
I loved it.
Yeah, those promos
that we cut drew eyeballs,
but now it is clear that
we can't have sustain
that broad of a tone
for a whole show.
Paul, you and your team found
the sweet spot in the story.
You made it engaging and vivid,
without sacrificing the charge
of reality TV.
Heck, you almost kind
of redefined the genre.
And just in time for Christmas.
Well done, people.
We are thrilled that
you enjoyed the...
I've got a plane to catch!
And Sophia?
Thank Will for me, would you?
It is clear that you really
brought out the best in him.
Well, that was a surprise.
All the way around.
I tried to warn you
before we went in...
It's a good thing you didn't.
I probably would
have freaked out.
Actually, I still might.
I was just trying to do
the right thing for everyone.
Including you.
And Will.
Not really. He doesn't
care anymore.
You know what? His loss.
Anyway, once we get
picture lock,
we have to jump
on Valentine's Day.
Now, I have got a couple
of romance freaks,
but I want to know
what you think.
I think...
I quit.
Great, quit what?
My job.
Excuse me?
I realized in there that this
isn't the place for me.
I don't want to sneak around
behind my boss's back
to do what I think is right.
What are you talking about?
I somehow thought
that I could take
my love of documentary film
and bring it to reality TV.
And that was very wrong.
What happened in there
was a one-off.
I got lucky, and I know that.
We're going to go right back
to chasing ratings.
Which is fine for some people,
just not for me.
I'm sorry, did Will
put you up to this?
Hardly. If anything, it was you.
You're a sharp,
talented guy, Paul.
But your eye is on the prize,
not the passion.
Don't worry, I'm going to help
you deliver the show on Friday.
And if you're thinking about
replacing me, consider Lindsey.
She's the best.
Merry Christmas, Paul.
What does Christmas
have to do with it?
[door knocking]
[Sophia] Dear Will,
I hate the idea that
your last thoughts of me
are such disappointing ones.
As I got to know the man
you truly are,
my respect and my feeling
for you grew and took shape
in ways that, honestly,
surprised me.
Now my greatest wish
is that I can be a person
you'd respect
with equal measure.
Even if I never see you again,
I want to be a woman
who deserves an amazing man
like you.
Thank you for being that man.
Love, Sophia.
Welcome to my
Christmas wonderland!
This shirt sucks.
I wouldn't want to pay
his light bill!
I hate the whole thing.
Will is like this tall,
good looking young man.
You wouldn't expect it,
but he's got a heart of gold.
I just love the guy.
I was in the neighborhood,
thought I'd drop by.
With irises?
So, did you watch the show?
I did.
It wasn't half as bad
as I expected.
Oh, hold off on the praise,
I'm saying I got what
you were going for.
You tried to keep it real,
make me seem okay,
but give the audience enough
of that dopey stuff
they'd need to keep watching.
And I know it wasn't what
you were told to do,
but you did it anyway.
I know you did that for me.
I didn't do it for you,
I did it because of you.
Because of who you showed
the cameras you were.
I didn't go to film school
for nothing!
And you didn't get in trouble?
The network flipped over it.
Paul folded like a deck chair.
They're already onto
Valentine's Day.
So that must make you
Super Real's new golden girl.
Oh, it totally did.
I'm happy for you, Sophia.
But I quit.
You quit?
What do you mean, you quit?
I want to get excited
about what I do.
I want solve problems with
my art, not make them.
Are you sure you know
what you're doing?
I have no idea what I'm doing.
But I am sure about one thing.
Oh yeah? What's that?
That I really miss you.
And I hope you know that,
no matter what,
you can trust me again.
I do.
I understand now what
you were up against,
how much was truly
out of your control.
What happened wasn't
intentional, or personal.
Until it was personal.
Yeah, I think I remember those.
They were pretty good,
weren't they?
They were okay.
Only okay?
What are you thinking?
I'm thinking...
About you, and me.
Without all that noise
from the show between us.
I like that thought.
If you'll have me, Sophia,
I'm yours.
365 days a year.
It's so easy to forget
The true meaning of Christmas
We get wrapped up with gifts
beneath the tree
Though I desire
so much more
There's so much
to be grateful for
I finally took the time
to reflect
In the night on Christmas Eve
Before I close
my eyes to sleep
I'm down here praying
on my knees
For love to win instead of hate
To keep the ones I love safe
Let the hopeless
know somebody cares
To help the weak stand again
Give the lost a helping hand
And heal the sick
This is my Christmas prayer
I'm here asking you
Because this is more
than I can do
You're the giver of all hope
Make it recur
Through the dark,
we'll shine our light
With your love
all hearts unite
Carrying your
peace everywhere
Help the weak stand again
Give the lost a helping hand
Heal the sick
This is my Christmas prayer
This is my Christmas prayer