Forever Fighter (2018) Movie Script

One old in
Same old out
A lot of things that the people here
Learn to live without
The sign says Eden
It's hard to believe
In the irony in that name
Is lost on me
An old phone booth on the corner
Nothing left in but broken glass
Just need to find a place
and get some caffeine
And some gas
The windmills on the mountain
Bringing power down below
Now can you see what else is here
Under seven feet of snow
The streets are empty buildings
Never lead to the sky
I wonder is this snare
I dare of paradise
WOMAN: Hi, what can I do for you?
Can you turn up the heat?
My mom's hand feels like ice.
WOMAN: Sure, I can do that.
I'll be right back.
Is there anything else
that I can do for you?
WOMAN: She's going to be okay.
Are you a doctor?
Then how do you know?
WOMAN: Because I
believe she will be okay.
Just like I believe that everyone
that comes to this cancer treatment center
believes that they will one day be okay.
Will we be expecting your father soon?
Shall I provide an extra chair?
I don't have a father.
So no, we will not be
needing an extra chair.
WOMAN: Oh, well I'm sorry.
Look, I know you're being nice and all
and I don't mean to be rude
but I would just like
to be alone with my mom.
WOMAN: Okay, I'll leave you two alone.
Can you bring me some
books on breast cancer?
I'd like to know what we're fighting here.
WOMAN: Sure, I can do that.
And, can I get a beer?
It's been a long day.
WOMAN: We don't have
alcohol at the hospital, sir.
And even if we did, I wouldn't
allow you to drink it here.
My name's Jack.
Nice to meet you, Annie.
Thanks for taking care of my mom.
You're welcome, Jack.
Hey Jack.
Hey Jack.
Jack, wake up.
What is it, baby?
You still have 20
minutes before you have
to get up for work.
But I really need to talk
to you about something.
JACK: What is it, babe?
Come on.
You woke me up, so it must be important.
What I have to tell you is that
it's a plus.
A plus?
What do you mean by plus?
I mean a plus.
Plus to what, baby?
Either seats in a luxury package,
or is like the family's
coming over for dinner
and bringing a friend,
like a plus one, like?
Oh, what do you mean by plus?
A plus like on a pee stick, Jack.
A plus?
A plus like you're pregnant plus?
Plus like what Mike and Jenny had a plus
on their pee stick
plus, that kind of plus?
A plus, Jack.
How did this happen?
Well, after Mike and Jenny's party,
we came back and we were
out of rain jackets.
You said I got this.
Well, you didn't.
I don't really remember a
whole lot about that night
except we were out of rain
jackets, your famous line,
I got this.
Where are you going?
Gonna have a smoke.
This is all your fault.
You didn't take your pill
like you're supposed to
and you got pregnant!
My fault?
JACK: Yeah, it's your fault.
This is not my fault.
I take my pill at the same time everyday
just like my doctor tells me to.
And I make you wrap it
up because there's still
a one percent chance that
I could get pregnant.
So you're telling me, the
one night I didn't wrap it up
I hit the baby lottery at one percent?
Yeah, I can't believe it either.
It's like it was meant to happen.
Meant to happen?
Hold on.
How do I even know it's mine, huh?
It could be anybody's kid.
I can't believe you just said that.
Of course it's yours.
Who else's would it be?
Maybe it's Charlie's, that
doctor you think is so smart.
Yeah, maybe it's his kid. (CHUCKLING)
You're behaving like a fucking child.
I thought you'd be happy that something
that shouldn't have
happened to us happened.
But no, you've got to
act like a fucking child.
Hey, hey, listen to me!
I thought I was dating a man
but apparently I'm dating a child.
You're gonna man up and
you're gonna grow a pair
because this one percent
is fucking coming.
Oh and I forgot, I'm Catholic.
So you're gonna fucking marry me.
I am not gonna be the
single mother of a child
with a bigger child as the father.
Now clean up your shit, get
the fuck out of my house
'cause I'm going to work.
Next time I see you,
I better see a fucking man!
Well hi.
How are you?
I'm good, how are you?
You look upset.
Jack and I had a fight.
But it wasn't supposed to be a fight.
Tell me what Jack did.
I'll jump all over him tonight.
Shit, wrong gloves.
What's the matter?
Tell me.
Look, something's bothering you.
What is it?
I don't know what to do.
Let's get your blood pressure.
No, Annie, come on, no.
Something's wrong, tell me.
I'm pregnant.
(GASPING) Oh my god
Annie, that's fantastic!
That's so exciting.
If I have this baby and I'm not married,
my parents are going to be devastated.
Oh sweety, of course
he's gonna marry you.
You're not gonna raise this baby alone.
He's gonna be right there
by your side, helping.
I really needed this.
I can't believe I got pregnant
being on the pill and all.
Isn't that less than one percent chance?
I know, but it happened.
That's amazing.
See you guys were meant to be together.
This baby is going to get
Jack finally to marry you.
What were the chances of that happening?
Less than one percent chance.
You'll make sure he will, right?
Just give him time to figure it out.
You know I never did ask you.
How did Jack happen?
Well, I was very young
and very impressionable
and Danny, Jack's father was so handsome
and so charming.
He was such a sweet talker that well,
a couple months later,
Jack was on his way.
And I thought you
were a strong Catholic.
Oh I am, on Sundays.
You know, I'm so excited for you guys.
You're gonna be such a great mom.
And I'm so excited to be a grandma.
Thanks for this.
Now hopefully I can get your son
to stop being such a jerk.
Don't worry, he was
probably just scared.
He'll do the right thing.
But that doesn't mean you gotta let him
get away with it.
He's gonna need some training. (LAUGHING)
But what should I tell my parents?
Just tell them you're
getting married and set a date.
Okay, will do.
Now let's get this blood drawn.
I can't believe this, Mike.
Annie's pregnant, man.
She got pregnant while on birth control.
Annie's pregnant?
Yeah, man, she's pregnant.
One percent chance.
What can I say?
What can I do, man?
You know I honestly can't
see you being a father.
I mean, you are crazy man,
I can honestly say that right now.
I was crazy, man.
Everything changed when
my mom got sick though.
Everything got so serious so fast.
I mean, no more crazy, no more stupid.
You were different.
You're different now.
I mean I remember when you were up there
at the hospital studying
about breast cancer,
learning all about it.
What it did, how it
worked, how to beat it.
I mean you knew more
than half those doctors
did up there.
If I did, Mike, I'd be a doctor.
Sure be nice to get paid like one.
Man, yeah.
You know Jack,
maybe I'm wrong about you.
Mike, you're never wrong about anyone.
How could you be wrong about me?
Hey, your actions speak for themselves.
Like a shadow walking in front of you,
people are gonna assume
that you're gonna do
the wrong thing first
instead of the right thing.
What are you talking about, Mike?
You're not the same
person as you were before.
I mean you look the same.
You definitely smell the same.
Get out of here, man.
But you're not him anymore.
I mean you're up there
giving your mom hope
giving her strength when no one else
expected you to.
Honestly I just kind of assumed
you would continue partying,
getting piss drunk,
get into fights and all that stupid stuff
you used to do.
I guess honestly that's better than you
drinking and driving and getting
pulled over by the police
because no one will see you anymore,
you'll be going to jail.
Hold on, I lost you, Mike.
What are you getting at?
What are you trying to say?
All I'm trying to say is this.
If you spend half as much
energy as you do with your mom
on this child,
you're gonna be a great father.
Mike, why couldn't
you just have said that
in the first place?
You know what I meant.
Hey Mike.
MIKE: Yeah?
Thanks, man.
I never thought of it like that.
Hey, if you work hard at anything
you're gonna be good at it.
Yeah, you're right.
I mean, I never had a father.
I know the one thing you
can't do is not be there.
Well anyways Mike, I better be going.
My mom's expecting me but
I'm in no rush to get home.
MIKE: Are you gonna
go to Annie's afterwards?
Oh hell no.
No, no, I'm not going to Annie's.
Hell no, man.
Not after what I said and what I did.
She is so pissed. (LAUGHING)
The last person she wants to see is me.
I'ma give her some time to cool off
and then I'll go over
there and I'll apologize.
Yeah, you're probably right.
You should give it a day, maybe two.
Maybe a week. (LAUGHING)
So, are you gonna marry Annie?
You too Mike, same question all day.
Yes Mike, I'm gonna marry her, okay?
We talked about it.
We talked about it happening
down the line of course.
I didn't think it would happen so fast.
But yeah, I'm gonna marry her.
Otherwise she's gonna kill me.
And her mom's gonna kill me, and her dad.
And my mom's gonna kill me.
And my boss is gonna kill me.
Shoot, they're all gonna line up
and just kill me if I don't do it.
that word's been repeated
way too much today.
Plus, I know she told
my mom everything today
when she went in for her checkup.
So when I go home tonight,
I'm gonna hear it from my mom too.
Well plus, I'm gonna kill
you if you don't marry her.
Annie's a good woman.
She's a good girl.
You're really funny, man.
Well I better be going, man.
Everything in this place
always takes so damn long.
Just be patient, Jack.
I really hate this room.
I really do.
This is the bad news room.
I'm gonna ruin your day room.
Can you imagine how
many people got bad news
from that chair right there?
How many lives got changed and destroyed?
I hate this fucking room.
Jack, I know you're nervous
but there's not gonna
be any bad news today.
I don't know how you
stay so fucking calm.
I really don't.
Whatever's meant to be will be.
Whatever's meant to be will be.
Whatever's meant to be will be.
You tell me you were meant to suffer?
I was meant to sit there
and to watch you suffer?
To see you go through all those therapies
where they almost kill
you to get the cancer
and there's nothing I could do about it?
I was meant to believe you were gonna die
because of some fucking cancer?
Oh Jack.
Oh Jack, no.
But look how you've changed.
I mean for the longest time
I was so worried about you.
Just watching you spinning out of control
and there was nothing I could do.
Nothing I could say.
I prayed everyday for
some way to reach you.
And then when I got sick,
you were my strength.
I couldn't have done it without you.
You believed in me.
You believed in yourself.
And you believed in the fight and we won.
And I am so proud of
the man you've become.
And to top it off, you met Annie.
She's such a sweet girl.
You think you could have
met a girl like that
in those bars you used to hang out in?
Probably not, mom, no.
But the real reward, mom, was you.
I don't know what I would have done
if I would have lost you.
We've been through a lot, Jack.
I love you so much.
And you know I'm not
gonna be around forever.
But you're gonna have your own family
to take care of with Annie and the baby.
And it's time to start enjoying life.
And just because your father chose
not to be part of your life,
that has nothing to do with you.
You are gonna be a great father.
So, do you want a boy or a girl?
I want a girl.
MOM: Yeah?
Who stays away from bad
boys like me. (CHUCKLING)
DOCTOR: Good morning, Jack, Emily.
Morning, Doc.
Hi, doctor.
DOCTOR: Thanks for coming in.
All right, let's get this party started.
Bloodwork looks good.
Let's see, the mammogram came back good.
No trace of cancer cells whatsoever.
All right, that's great news.
Great news, yeah.
The only thing I'd recommend, Emily
is that you put on a
little weight, all right?
And I will see you guys in six months.
All right.
Thank you very much.
- Appreciate it.
- Thank you, doctor.
Take care.
Take care doc, take care.
All right, fine
Really it's okay
Face is getting long
And it's all from the strain
Hey, I'm looking for Tony.
BARTENDER: We are closed, man.
Now listen, I know Tony runs this place.
He's an old friend of mine.
Could you just go get him?
Okay, please have a seat over there.
Let me get him for you.
I think I'm always long enough
TONY: I think we say
we're closed, we're,
Danny boy!
Danny, how the hell are you?
I'm good, how are you?
You're looking good, looking good.
I'm good, I'm good.
Well, you want something to drink?
No, thanks, I'm cool.
Danny, it's been a long time.
Yeah, it's been quite a while.
TONY: They let you out early?
Yeah, good behavior.
Good behavior?
No kidding.
What you do now?
Oh I take care of my grandkids.
I run this place.
How many you got?
Oh I got five.
What about you?
What are you doing?
What's next, Danny?
Anthony said you live over on Hope street?
Oh yeah, oh, and thanks
for the pickup yesterday.
It was nice of you.
Yeah, I'm over there.
There's a halfway house.
We get back involved in society again.
Even got me a job.
TONY: A job, what kind?
I'm a baker.
A baker?
Danny, you a baker?
You gotta be kidding.
I want to try to do
things right this time.
I don't want no more dumb and stupid.
I'm sorry.
It just doesn't sound like the man
that I once knew, Danny.
What happened to Danny?
The man you once knew, finally changed.
I started listening to people.
That's how I got where I was.
Didn't listen.
I got locked up because I wouldn't listen
when they said it was a setup.
I lost the love of a real good woman
'cause I couldn't listen to her.
I couldn't hear her.
All I did was not listen.
I was in it for the thrills.
You know that.
Man I'll tell you what,
those thrills end real quick
when the cell doors come shut.
It'll give you a lot of time to think.
So what do you do know?
I do what any fighter does after a loss.
TONY: What's that, heal?
I've been healed up for a while.
I'm looking for a rematch.
I can't believe you're sitting here.
I do not recognize you!
Yeah, it,
it took me a while to
learn to recognize myself.
you remember this picture that Emily
and her kid gave to me to give to you
and you wanted nothing to do with it?
It's a long time ago.
Yeah, don't tell me you still have it.
Well I did keep it.
And the joke's on you!
You know, they still live here.
They do?
They live on the other side of town.
Same house too.
Grandpa, grandpa.
We wanna go to the park.
Did you guys finish eating?
Yes, and we wanna go.
Hi, I'm Maddie.
Why are you sad?
I am?
Yeah you are, you should be happy.
Like me, I'm happy, I smile.
I'm happy.
TONY: Why don't you
go get the others ready
and then we'll go?
Bye mister.
Can't believe you kept this.
I got that church I
want booked for spring.
That's good, baby.
As long as you're happy,
I'm happy with it, baby.
I am happy.
I like this ring you got me too.
All the girls at work were jealous.
I'm glad all that concrete adds up
to your happiness, baby.
Don't be a jerk.
I'm not, baby.
I'm just saying, I notice that
when you're happy, I'm happy.
I like you happy, baby.
Are you trying to get some right now?
Always, baby.
But right now I have to wet the porcelain.
No, no, don't go.
I'm comfortable.
But baby, I gotta go.
Fine, but hurry back.
And close the door when you do that.
JACK: Don't worry, I got this.
Close the door when you do that.
Why don't you close the door?
JACK: 'Cause I'm a man, baby
and a man don't care.
Well then why do you
get mad when I do it?
JACK: 'Cause it's just
not ladylike, I don't know.
Not ladylike?
JACK: Yeah, not ladylike.
You just don't look good
doing it, that's all.
I'm just peeing.
Don't say it.
Don't even finish that sentence.
Just thinking about it makes it gross.
Men are so full of double standards.
Now what are you talking about?
What the hell is a double standard?
Did you not go to school?
I did, baby, but I didn't
learn anything, okay?
It's like a teenage daycare.
Our daughter's probably
gonna read the same books
we read with all these government cuts.
Now tell me, what's a double standard?
How do you know that, but you don't know
what a double standard is?
Okay, guys at work got
kids and they talk, okay?
So what's a double standard?
Well, it's when you can do something
and someone else can't because
different rules apply to them
but they're exactly the same as you.
But I'm a man, baby, and you're a woman.
So, that doesn't matter.
We're different.
I'm a man, you're a woman.
The rules don't change just
because we're different sexes.
Okay, whatever, sure they don't.
Why don't you bring a double standard ass
a little closer right.
Okay, I wanna hold you and my daughter
in my strong manly arms, all right?
Just hold me tight.
I will, baby.
I had a long day at work.
Sure, you ain't gotta
tell me twice, okay?
You gonna rub my belly all night?
Nope, I'm gonna rub your ass next.
But first I'ma take care of
my little lady, then you.
Jack, I'm tired tonight.
So, go to sleep.
I'll do what I have to do
and then I'll go to sleep too.
You're such a dog.
Yeah, so what?
Well anyways, hey, before I forget,
let me know if tomorrow when
you give mom her checkup,
if she lost any weight or not, okay?
Okay, why?
She hasn't been eating lately
and I'm a little worried about her, okay?
Okay, I'll be sure to let you know.
Thanks baby.
Now let me warm you up, okay?
Eh eh ah ah.
We're cuddling afterwards.
No we're not.
You know I hate touching afterwards.
That's the deal.
No deal baby, why are
you doing this to me?
Because I'm a woman.
Ah, okay.
I guess I'm going to bed then aren't I?
Ah, whatever.
Uh, ah.
Night, Jack.
JACK: Whatever, night.
Hey, it's been a long time.
I just want to tell you I'm back in town.
Could you open the door
so I know you hear me?
I'm working at that bakery
over in Hope street.
If you want to sometime, you can swing by
and we could have a chat.
I don't have a phone yet.
But I'm gonna get one.
So if you ever wanted to talk,
just call the bakery and ask for me.
House looks great.
Brand new.
Yeah, Jack did the work.
DANNY: Who's Jack?
Jack is your son.
I finally got that picture
you sent all those years ago.
Kind of thought it was a ploy to
get me to think about
what I might be missing.
Look, you wanna come in and
have some coffee or something?
No, no, I'm okay, thanks.
I think I'll get on, get out of here.
Where have you been all these years?
Oh, well, uh,
for the last 15 years I've been locked up.
They let me out early for good behavior.
Well what are you doing back here?
I didn't think you wanted
anything to do with us.
Listen, I just wanted to tell you
that I'm here if you needed me.
I learned in prison that you choose
what you want your life to be.
And then life makes you
what it wants you to be.
Unfortunately, some of us
learn that the hard way.
You're not going to apologize?
How can I apologize for a lifetime?
Look, it's good to see you.
He was just like you, you know.
A free spirit, didn't care
about anyone or anything.
Then I developed breast cancer.
And Jack changed dramatically.
He was by my side.
He fought with me.
He suffered with me.
And we won that fight.
It's not over.
It's gonna be a lifelong battle.
I'm sorry for everything.
He works over on Fremont Ave.
He does construction.
You should go meet him.
But take that picture
or he won't believe you.
You think that's a good idea?
He needs to meet you.
Do you need a ride?
Oh, no thanks, I'll bus it.
See you later.
Take care, Danny.
Hey, I'm looking for Jack.
Okay yeah.
Let me have somebody send him over.
If you wouldn't mind standing
outside the work zone
down by that last burrow there.
Hey, there's somebody
here looking for Jack.
Could you send him over, please?
Thank you.
So who are you, man?
How do you know my name?
Uh, I knew your mother,
Emily, before you were born.
How come I've never seen you before?
I haven't been around.
So who are you and what do you want?
I'm your father, Jack.
I'm Danny.
Here's a picture your mother held for me.
I didn't see it till yesterday.
So what do you want?
A hug, a handshake, a welcome back party?
I just came back to tell you.
I wanna make up for the time...
Save it.
Save it.
I don't care.
I haven't needed you for 30 years
and when I did you
weren't around, all right?
So what the hell are you doing here?
Well I'm here to tell you this.
I work at a bakery over on Hope street.
I don't have a phone
but I'm gonna get one.
You can call me there if you need me.
But we're fine.
Yeah I figured you'd say that.
Hi, Emily.
Oh, you scared me.
You didn't hear me come in?
No, I was deep in thought.
ANNIE: Did you see
a ghost or something?
Something like that.
Ghost of Christmas past to be exact.
Come on, you have to tell me.
Who was it?
You're not gonna believe this, but,
Jack's father Danny came
by the house this morning.
Are you serious?
Yeah, it was so unexpected.
I'm still in shock from it.
I can't think of anything else.
Well what did he want?
Nothing, just say he was back
and that if we needed to reach him
he's working over on
Hope street at a bakery.
I mean that's just weird.
I mean that he works on Hope street.
Everything's weird about this.
But I know deep inside it's not.
He's here for some reason.
I just don't know what it is.
I just have to let it all settle in
and hope the answer comes.
This tops my stories for
weird things happening.
But you know, I was glad to see him.
He left you and Jack.
Oh no, Jack.
I wonder how he feels meeting his father
for the first time?
You didn't tell Jack that
his father was coming?
Why wouldn't you tell Jack
that his father was coming?
Why would you do that to him?
I don't know, I just,
when I saw Danny walking away
it reminded me of when he was leaving
and I just thought he
should go and meet his son.
Emily, he's going to hurt
him for leaving you guys.
What were you thinking?
He's not gonna do anything.
Danny's a complete stranger to him.
Why would he do anything to hurt him?
Jack told me he used to pick fights
with complete strangers just for kicks.
What makes you think he's
not gonna do that now?
Because my son isn't that man anymore.
And Danny's a complete stranger to him.
He has no connection to him.
I can't accept that.
I'm gonna go get my phone.
No, Annie, you don't have to do that.
ANNIE: I'm gonna call him.
Uh, god.
All right.
ANNIE: I'm calling Jack right now.
EMILY: Okay, well please sit down.
Oh shit.
Come on, come on.
Hi, how are you?
Did anything happen today?
A matter of fact,
something did happen, baby.
I beat down a guy with my shovel today.
How could you do that, Jack?
That was your father!
How did you know my father
came to see me, hmm?
Jack, tell me you didn't, Jack.
No, no I didn't baby.
I didn't beat anybody down,
why would you think that?
Oh thank heavens.
Because of your past, Jack
and all the stupid things
that you used to do.
Baby, I'm not that guy anymore.
Hold on a second.
How did you know my father came to see me?
I'm here with your mother, she told me.
Wow, thanks for the heads up.
Tell her thanks for the heads up, okay?
He says thanks for the heads up.
Well he wouldn't have agreed otherwise.
Oh my god.
She says you wouldn't
have agreed otherwise.
Yeah, I would have said
no otherwise, you're right.
Well, now that you didn't beat him up,
how was he?
How was he?
He was everything I thought he would be.
We took pictures together.
They took pictures together?
Yep, me and him and the shovel.
One big happy family.
That's so cute, Jack.
Send them to me?
You know I didn't
take no stupid pictures.
What is wrong with you?
No, I didn't.
Get your ass back to work,
I'll see you tonight.
What a jerk.
He didn't take any pictures
and he hangs up on me.
What are you smiling at?
Just how cute you kids are.
Your belly's getting bigger everyday.
Ugh, I know.
I'm getting so fat.
Let's get this stuff off of you
and get your weight.
EMILY: Do your ankles swell at all?
Yes, not as bad as I
thought they would though.
Although I have to say
your son only cooks me
hotdogs and Easy Mac.
I am so tired of hotdogs and Easy Mac.
You're gonna need to teach him how to cook
because he won't listen to me.
Well you're gonna have
to work on that training.
Go ahead and step off the scale.
You gotta quit giving in to his charms.
I'll try.
Hey it says here that you lost four pounds
since the last time you were here.
JACK: Hey baby.
Oh my goodness.
You scared me.
Sorry baby.
What are you doing home so early?
JACK: Nothing, baby,
just got home early.
It was a short day today.
Don't you ever hang up on me again.
I'm sorry, I don't
know what got into me.
How was work?
Work was good.
Work was good.
How was your work?
It was all right.
Oh, your mom did lose weight.
She lost four pounds.
I figured.
She hasn't been eating lately.
By the way, what are we eating?
We are eating pasta and salad.
Nice, I'm so done with
Mac and Cheese, ugh.
Me too.
You know baby, I was watching you move
from all the way over there.
And you looked like one
hot sexy mama to be.
Don't try and distract me.
You know what I wanna know.
Wow, it's like I could read your mind.
Uh, what can I say, it
was weird meeting him.
Really weird.
That's all there is to say about that.
Well, does he look like you?
Yeah, a little.
He was talking funny.
Talking funny, what do you mean?
Like he's all knowing
and fatherly and stuff.
What do you mean by fatherly?
All he pretty much said was that
if I need him now, I
know where to find him.
The bakery he works at or something.
Well we should stop by there sometime.
I'd like to meet him.
Did my mom put you up to this?
Yeah right.
We're not going to see him, okay?
I have no reason to see him, all right?
I didn't need him before
and I sure as hell don't need him now.
Come on, Jack.
No, baby.
I don't wanna talk about
my father anymore, okay?
I just want to eat some
pasta, take a shower
and lay in bed with you, okay?
It's not about my parents
or your parents or anyone else, okay?
It's about us, me and you
and this family we're gonna start.
We got this, okay?
Beating that cancer with mom
showed me I can take on
the world and win my way.
After seeing my father today,
I'm ready to be the best dad I can be.
Okay, the best man I can be
for you and the girl, okay?
You hear me?
I hear you.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
All right, I got to take a shower.
Yeah you do that, you stink.
Yeah whatever.
I really hate this room, mom.
We go through this every time.
Just relax.
There's not gonna be any bad news.
I hate this hospital.
It's full of death and tears.
It's also full of hope
and people fighting for their lives.
We go through this every time.
I'm sorry.
I just hate the fact
that this place exists.
Well so does everyone
else in the hospital.
Not as much as me.
Not as much as me.
Nobody hates this place as much as me.
I can't believe sometimes that you prayed
for something like,
hey doc.
DOCTOR: Morning, Jack, Emily.
Yeah, hi doctor.
Thanks for coming in.
I have some alarming results.
Okay, um, let me guess.
The cancer's come back, right?
We've fought it before, we'll
fight it again, right mom?
Doctor, please, what?
The cancer has come back
and it has metastasized.
So um, so it spread to
the other organs, right,
using the blood or the
fatty vessels, right?
That's right Jack, yes.
Um, they are, um,
there are, um,
I'm sorry, there are
treatment options, yes?
Yes there are.
But not in your mom's case.
Based on the PET scan,
the cancer has spread
to her vitals.
It's in her blood, using that,
Doc, doc, we can still fight this, doc.
We can still fight this, okay?
We can still fight.
We fight in this family, doc, okay?
Jack, Jack.
It's okay.
Doc, tell me there's
something you can do.
There's something you can do.
There's something you can do with this.
This is my mom, Doc.
There's something you can do, right?
There are therapies out there.
But her rate of survival
is less than 10 percent.
Doc, you beat cancer.
We beat it before.
You can beat this fucking cancer, Doc,
you can beat it, right, so.
Yes, but at this stage
there's little we can do.
Look Jack, I know you
don't want your mom to die.
There are experimental therapies
but her rate of survival
is less than 10 percent.
I want mom to live!
I don't want you to fucking tell me
there's less than a 10
percent fucking chance
of her survival rate.
Okay, I don't wanna hear that shit.
There's something you can do, right?
Tell me there's something you can do!
No, no, no.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Jack, really, please.
Mom, look mom, you're
dying, you're dying.
You're dying and there's
nothing they can do about it.
You're dying.
EMILY: It was meant to be.
No it's not meant to be!
You're not meant to die!
Jack, please.
Mom, you fought too
hard for your life, okay?
A lot of people out there
don't give a shit about theirs.
All right?
So it's not meant to be, okay?
Jack, please.
Please just calm down.
Mom mom, mom, mom, it's okay, mom.
It's okay, we're gonna fight
and we're gonna win, okay?
Don't give up on me.
Okay, don't quit on me, mom.
Don't quite on me, okay?
You're quitting.
You're giving up.
It was meant to be.
You're quitting.
No, it's okay Jack, really.
I can't take this anymore.
It's okay, really.
No, no, no, don't leave, no.
JACK: Mom, I gotta go, I gotta go.
Jack, Jack, no wait, wait.
No, Jack, really.
Mom, I have to go.
Mom, I have to go.
Please stay, I want you to stay!
I'm really sorry but I have to go, okay?
I'm really sorry but I have to go, okay?
Okay, I gotta go.
Is anybody working today?
It's hard to believe
Hi, what can I do for you?
Are you Danny?
Who's asking?
Your future daughter in law.
What's your name?
It's Annie.
Pleasure to meet you.
Well, how can I help you?
You can help me by finding your son.
He ran off after he found out
that his mom's going to die of cancer.
I thought she beat that.
It came back.
It metastasized.
She doesn't have much time left.
We think that he's gone out drinking
and that he's gonna do something stupid.
Here's his information.
Find him and bring him home.
I just don't want
anything to happen to him.
He has a daughter on the way
and I don't want him in jail or dead.
You said if he needed you
to come here and find you.
You wanted a chance to be a father.
This is your chance.
Bring him to Emily's place.
We'll be waiting there.
I'll find him.
I'll make some calls.
Thank you.
It was nice to meet you too.
Hey Tony.
Yeah, I need your help.
TONY: You know Danny, you
might not be the best thing
for this kid right now, you know?
Yeah I notice that.
You need me to go in there with you
like old times.
Nah, I'll be all right.
You know, I've been
thinking about the kid.
Life's been pretty tough on him.
I mean first I screw him over.
Now, his mother's got
cancer, she's gonna die.
So life is hard.
What else is new?
I just feel for the kid, you know?
Welcome to being a father.
DANNY: Yeah, I guess I had that coming.
Yeah, you did.
There's the bowling alley.
Drive around, see if we see his car.
Well, that's it.
You thirsty?
Not thirsty.
I never knew a man that
had to be thirsty to drink.
You sure?
Okay, well, more for me then.
Let me know when you're done here
and I'll take you home.
Sure, dad.
You gonna tuck me in too?
What, you didn't find that funny, dad?
Let me ask you something, dad.
And I've been thinking about
this all night tonight.
I mean,
what happens?
What happens in heaven
that people could get along
but they surely can't get
along if they're on earth?
I mean, what happens up there?
What happens up there
that they can get along?
I just don't get it.
Do you think me and you will
get along in heaven, dad?
I think you've had a long day
and you ought to get home.
Do you think you and mom
could get along in heaven?
I think you've had a
little too much to drink
and I think you're talking out your ass.
I haven't had too much to drink.
As a matter of fact, it's time
to move on to the next bar.
I can't let you do that.
And why not, dad?
You gonna be my dad for the
first time ever in my life
and tell me what to do, huh?
I'm just gonna take these.
You're gonna give those back, Danny boy.
Or what?
I'm gonna take them from you.
Oh, what you gonna
do, fight me for them?
Yeah dad, I am.
I'm gonna show you how
we fight in this family.
Because mom doesn't want to anymore.
You're not telling me
anything about fighting.
That's how I made my bread.
I fought my whole life.
That's why I loved your mother.
What do you know about mom?
You know nothing about her.
You weren't around, man.
(SOBBING) You didn't
see how hard she fought.
You didn't see how brave she was.
You didn't see it because
you weren't around.
You scared shit of a man.
Yeah okay, I was scared.
I was scared.
Your mom came to me, she
told me she was pregnant.
That she wanted to do the right thing.
I didn't want to hear that.
It was too much!
So I packed my shit and
I took off and I'm sorry.
I don't care about you, man.
I don't care about your fucking story.
I don't care about anything
the fuck you have to say.
Just give me back my fucking keys.
Give them back to me.
I think Jack, we're
gonna have to go outside
and settle this.
Oh yeah, Danny boy.
We're gonna fucking settle this.
What's the matter Jack,
can't you fight an old man?
Nothing but a fucking loser, man.
Fucking loser.
Fucking loser.
Fuck you, man, ugh.
You can fight forever, son,
but you can't live forever.
One's our choice, and the
other's life's guarantee.
I'm really sorry I wasn't
there for you and your mom.
You're a much stronger man than I am.
You got that from her.
Life's not been all that
fair to you and I'm sorry.
But you're gonna be a father.
And I'm not gonna let you
mess that up like I did.
Leave me alone.
You may not need anyone.
But your soon to be wife and your daughter
are gonna need you.
Now let's get you home because
you've had a long, long day
and everybody's worried sick about you.
Your son fights like a drunk!
DANNY: Just follow us home.
I'm gonna kill him.
You're not going to kill him.
I'm gonna fricking kill him.
Who does this?
Jack does this when he's scared.
I'll show him scared.
Would you like some tea?
I'll get you some tea.
I'm okay.
I just gotta make sure that he is okay.
Annie, come on, please sit down.
You shouldn't get too
stressed with the baby.
Baby's fine.
Everything's okay, I
just have to make sure
Jack is okay.
Here they come.
Hey, what's wrong?
Has he been in a fight, what happened?
DANNY: No, he's just drunk.
Oh you mean you're drunk?
Thought you'd have fun with our kid?
What's wrong with you?
You can't run away from stuff like this!
You can't!
EMILY: Come on, come on.
Let's get him to bed.
You got to, because I'm at home now.
DANNY: He's not gonna remember this.
Please settle down.
Fine, fine, all right.
Yeah follow me, follow me, asshole!
Where's his room at?
It's all good, he's okay.
EMILY: Thanks for bringing him home.
He's a good kid, you did a good job.
Hey, do you want some
coffee or something?
DANNY: No, thanks, I
got a ride waiting for me.
Oh, okay.
I'm real sorry about the news today.
I'm glad you're back, Danny.
It's good to be back.
We'll get that coffee sometime.
All right.
Come and see me before you go.
I thought you were at work.
I took the day off. (SIGHING)
If you want to talk about yesterday,
I really don't want to
talk about it, okay?
I'm late already, so whatever it is,
make it quick, okay?
I've decided to continue the fight.
I realize it's something I
need to finish all the way.
No matter the results.
You know,
they gave me three to six months.
But I am going to try to
make it to your wedding.
To at least see my granddaughter.
I won't be around forever
so I'm hoping you will
include your father in your life.
Mom, I don't need him.
I'm fine without him.
I know, but he needs you.
And he's come a long way
and I think he really is
meaning to do the right thing.
This is the last thing
I'm gonna ask of you.
I don't have long and I
don't wanna spend the time
arguing with you.
I forgave your father
and I hope you will too.
Before long he'll be the only
blood family you have left.
I need to hear that you
will try to do that.
I'll make the effort and try.
But you better give it all
you got to beat this thing.
And I don't wanna hear you say anymore
that you're gonna die.
I'm not gonna start planning your death.
What will happen will happen.
Danny reminded me that
no one lives forever.
But you can fight forever.
That's all I ask of you to do.
You got a deal.
I love you, mom.
Oh I love you, Jack.
All right, you better get to work.
Those roads need paving.
Yeah, yeah they do. (CHUCKLING)
And hey, you better see Annie tonight.
I think she wants to talk about yesterday.
Yeah, I'm gonna hear
it tonight. (CHUCKLING)
I deserve it though.
I'm out of here.
EMILY: See you, Jack.
Bye, mom.
Cancer treatment center please?
Thank you.
Anybody here?
Sorry to keep you waiting.
I'm the only one working up front today.
Now what can I get for you?
Oh hey.
Didn't expect to see you
today after last night.
I figured you'd be down
for at least a couple days.
Look, I came here to tell you that
I agreed to mom's terms
to get to know you.
I personally don't like the idea
but a deal's a deal.
She'll continue the cancer fight.
And I will try to get to know you.
Well I appreciate
that, Jack, I really do.
I can't change the things I've done.
But I can try to do better.
So can I.
I don't want you to think
that I didn't love you.
'Cause I did, it's just that,
I didn't want to turn into my old man.
Can I get a bagel or
something, or a cookie?
Oh yeah, okay.
Here you are.
Got a really bad headache.
I'm just not in the
mood for this right now.
If you ever wanna get together or chat,
or throw the old ball around.
Just get in touch with me.
Yeah, I'll have my fiancee
get in touch with you.
Why her, why not you?
She likes group activities.
All right.
See you later, Jack.
Take care.
Hey, did you get everything?
The snacks, the water, the baby's milk?
Yeah, I got it.
It's all covered.
Okay, what about the car seat?
Is that in the SUV?
I took care of it, Annie.
All right, got it.
Now if my husband would just hurry up,
I'm coming baby, I'm coming.
Took a little longer than I thought, okay?
You ready, Emily?
You ready to go?
Yeah you are, yeah you are.
Hey, Danny, would you
take Emily real quick?
Here, Emily.
That's a good girl.
You want some milk?
Ah, maybe you do.
What's this?
What does it look like?
It was a huge baby poop, it took a second.
I have something for you.
You do?
What is it?
Put it on, you'll be
able to see it better.
ANNIE: Danny came up with the idea
and I had it made.
DANNY: You have to wear it
for the Breast Cancer Walk today.
Forever fighter.
It's what your mother was, you know.
A forever fighter.
She never gave up on anyone or anything.
Yeah, you're right.
I really miss her, you know?
Yeah, come here, I know
You know she's watching us right now and,
she'd really want us to get going.
Yeah, yeah.
Yeah, she would.
Okay, let's go, let's go.
ANNIE: Danny, you've got Emily?
DANNY: Sure.
ANNIE: I have the keys.
All right, let's go.
- Got her, dad?
- Yeah, I got her.
Let's go in the car.