Foreverland (2011) Movie Script

Good morning, William.
She's a beauty, isn't she?
That she is, Mr. Steadman.
Price is a little steep, though.
- I just want the best.
- Hmm!
Perfectly understandable.
But first, allow me to show you
Some of our newer models.
Here we have
a 20 gauge steel shell.
Locking and fully casketed.
It also comes in a dark
hunter green finish with
Gold tone maple leaf
design hardware.
Moving on.
My heart's set on Angelica.
The Rolls Royce of basketry.
We're planning a sale
In late October featuring some
stunning new Bavarian design.
Keep me posted,
Mr. Steadman.
You mind if I
close the hatch?
Just for a moment.
You know William,
while I enjoy these visits
Of yours, it occurs to me
that a young man
Such as yourself, should be
out shopping for... cars.
Not... coffins.
They say a coffin
holds enough air
To keep a man alive
for three hours.
So when I'm in here...
Why does it feel
like I can live forever?
I've been asked today
to talk about Cystic Fibrosis.
Now, normally I would perform
One to three hours
of physio daily.
Like Tarzan.
Only I'm not showing off
for Jane...
I'm just trying to breathe.
Because my body lacks
the proper digestive enzymes
To keep my pancreas
clear of cysts,
And my liver
unblocked from bile,
I have to pop more pills
than Rush Limbaugh.
And uh... Other than that,
life's peachy.
I really enjoyed your talk.
- Thanks.
- Penny.
Uh, Will. Pre-dead.
I was wondering...
If it's true that your chances
of fertilizing an ovum
Are roughly 2.06 million,
I mean...
Technically wouldn't that
make you infertile?
Um, like a neutered goat.
Well, this...
has its advantages.
Are we... flirting?
You tell me.
I don't have a lot of room
in my life for anything other
Than my routine.
I've got to do my physio.
Take my meds...
Puff an hour
in the nebulizer.
To keep my weight up,
I've got to eat 4,000 calories
a day.
Oh yeah.
I go to a lot
of funerals, too.
At 21 I've probably been
to more funerals
Than most 80 year olds.
Bobby and I were friends
back in the ward.
We'd always joke that only
one of us would make it
Past our 21st birthday.
I guess he was right.
Cough sounds soupy today.
Last week it was barky,
and the week before
It was hydraulic.
We ran into
Sarah Bennet today.
Pancake house.
Mom, it was the 6th grade!
I held her hand at recess.
And then... she cheated
on me with Ronald Brinkman.
Well she asked about ya.
And she has
really filled out, son.
Jesus, guys!
I know you don't like it
when we make a big fuss
So we settled for just one.
Happy 21, Will.
sodium chloride levels
Are often an early indicator.
That's why you tasted
salt on the skin.
Of course, with all the
recent treatment programs
There are many patients
living into their late 20's.
But when death
speaks to us,
What does it say?
Death does not speak
about itself.
It does not say "fear me. "
It does not say
"wonder at me. "
It does not say
"understand me. "
But it says to us,
"Think of life. "
"Think of the
privilege of life. "
I've heard so many priests
deliver eulogies,
I can't help but rate them
on their performance.
It's like some tragic
American Idol in my head.
Bobby hated flowers.
So what do they do?
Toss a hundred roses
at his funeral.
65 actually.
I guess you knew that.
You probably don't recognize
me without an IV drip.
I remember you, Will.
Maybe you can
answer a question.
Why Del Sol?
It's a healing shrine
down in Mexico.
Some of the kids, we...
used to joke about going.
He just kept saying it
the night he died.
"I'm going to
Del Sol, Hannah. "
"I'm going to Del Sol. "
Wanna get out of here?
Here's to Angelica.
She your girlfriend?
Who wants to get involved
with someone
With an expiry date.
Everybody's got
an expiry date.
The average human body
contains enough salt
To fill four salt shakers.
In ancient Rome,
Conscription soldiers
were often paid in salt.
Hence the expression,
"A man worth his salt. "
It's also very good
on cucumber.
There's something
you need to see.
Estate of Bobby Crane.
I should go.
Repeat customers
are such a rarity
In this line of business.
You work pretty hard,
Mr. Steadman.
Maybe you should
take a load off.
I don't think that would be
entirely appropriate.
How can you sell these things
with any sense of integrity
If you don't take them
for a test ride?
It's a casket, William.
Not a Ferrari.
Try the Newberry.
She's got lumbar support
that'll make a Volvo blush.
All this craftsmanship...
For a few measly minutes
in the sun, and then...
An eternity in darkness.
Doesn't quite seem fair,
does it?
No William.
No it doesn't.
And they danced
By the light of the moon.
The moon, the moon.
They danced by the light
of the moon.
He tastes like salt.
Sorry to keep you waiting,
Mr. Rankin.
Ron Hodges.
Uh, I'm not really sure
what this...
What I'm doing here, or what
this has to do with Bobby.
I was retained by Mr. Crane
two months prior to his, uh,
Unfortunate passing, and...
His instructions were specific.
You are to be
the sole custodian.
Custodian of what?
This is...?
There've been some
exciting movements
In modern urn design.
- This is Bobby?
- Well...
What the hell
was in his grave?
Um, a large
expensive box. Filled with...
My client's pornographic
DVD collection,
And 14 cases of Apple-berry
Mountain flavored Snapple.
I'm also...
Play you a DVD.
I'm only telling you this,
I like you.
And because I'm dead.
Back in the ward,
Back in the day...
You were the funniest kid
I ever knew.
And then of course, bam,
puberty hits and
You turn into
Ghouly VonMorbid.
But here's the plan.
You my friend...
Are gonna drive
2,000 miles South.
To a Mexican church called
"El Santuario Del Sol. "
And there you're gonna
meet a priest...
Named Salvador.
The two of you are going
to scatter my ashes...
Over a sacred salt pond
that runs under the church.
If you don't do this for me Will
I swear, to God, I'll haunt you.
Everyday. I will haunt you
like poltergeist buddy.
Alright, I will Jacob Marley
your ass, for the rest
Of your short, bleak life.
Do this for me, Will.
You're some kind of prankster,
Bobby. I'll give you that.
Can't find a better
drinking buddy?
I'm only here
for the flowers.
How long was Bobby
planning this?
He didn't tell me.
Not that I blame him.
If our parents
knew about this they'd be...
Filing injunctions.
It's heavy.
Hey, wait, wait.
Where are you
going with that?
Bobby had a last request.
I'm making sure
it's being honored.
I never said I wouldn't
honor his last request.
This means you're taking it?
I don't even have a car.
I've never left the city...
Please just give me
some time to figure this out.
Yeah, hi. I need to mail
a package to Baja, Mexico.
It's like a, a metal...
Yeah. And I have some
instructions that need to be
Sent with it also.
No, I know. I understand
that you have rules
About that sort
of contraband.
Perfectly clear.
Alrighty, thanks Trish.
You've been... helpful.
[Grunts, punches wall[
Give me a deep breath in.
I hear crackles.
No snaps or pops?
Well I see
no other option.
We're gonna have to run
a full course of antibiotics.
How long this time?
14 days, then we'll reassess.
I knew it sounded soupy.
Rise and shine sleepyhead.
You've got a big day.
Okay, deep breath in.
More, and push it out.
Keep going. Push, push...
Push, push!
Push, push, push.
Okay, deep breath in...
Same medication
as last time?
ADEK's twice a day.
Creon-20's three to four,
with every meal.
Two with snacks.
two every second day.
And whatever that guy
in the alley was selling.
If you find another vein,
I'll be impressed.
Don't worry. Worse to worst
honey, we'll poke a bitty hole
In that cute little work you got
throbbing in your temple.
Whoo. You weren't lying.
Last time
they found one here.
I understand we're
having trouble finding
A vein again!
Like mining for gold
in a litter box.
See what we got here.
Deep breath in.
Well perhaps it's time
we re-evaluate
The idea of
a permanent port-a-cath.
I told you before, I'm not down
for that cyborg shit.
And as I said before,
is the best medicine.
Just tell me how long.
This is not a positive
line of questioning.
A ballpark. Three years?
Is it... five years? I mean...
Tell me if I'm hotter or colder.
Just show me on a pie chart!
Will, you're healthy.
And you'll remain healthy
if you continue your therapy.
We both know
what this is about.
It's not about Bobby.
It's about me finding some
mystical cure that he
Wouldn't go find
for himself.
Maybe Bobby believed
in miracles. Maybe...
He said his prayers
every night.
I don't.
I'll do this.
I'll do everything he asks.
But there's one thing
I refuse to do.
I will not hope.
When do we leave?
- Mexico?
- Yeah.
Yeah, yeah. We um,
follow the coast
Down to Baja.
Figure a four day drive.
Yeah! Mexico, that place,
you know. That place
Right below San Diego.
I know where Mexico is.
Do you know what could
happen if you get sick
Out there in the elements?
I would soon just cut your
head off, look at you.
We're not going
to Borneo, Mom.
This is...
This is tourist country.
Okay. Have you talked
to Doctor Abisi?
If worst comes
to absolute worst...
You can always reach out
to your Aunt in L.A.
I'm gonna be fine.
Carl is there anything
you'd like to add?
Dad, you okay?
I wanted to surprise you,
for your birthday.
But I couldn't get
the darn solenoid to fire.
You finished it huh?
So uh...
Buckle up man.
Thanks, guys.
Do it!
Primrose oil
for the lungs and diaphragm.
And Saint John's Wart
should help with the anxiety.
Who said I was anxious?
Well you should be.
Clock's ticking.
So you've really
never left the city?
That's what happens when
you spend half your life
In a hospital.
Straight down to Mexico?
No stops. No sleep?
I won't so much as blink.
Over 2,000 miles.
I'm not here to sight-see.
This is a business trip.
And what if at some point,
I find myself needing to pee.
You think your mom
is going to hate me
For taking you on this trip?
That depends if I get back
in one piece or not.
You make yourself
sound like cheap luggage.
You don't know
the half of it.
When I was a kid,
My mother spent
so much time coddling me
I felt like a designer handbag.
Well count your blessings.
I broke my arm playing
hopscotch once.
Took them two weeks to notice
I'd been using my wrong hand
to eat breakfast.
Put this up! Come on.
I gotta put this up.
Stop, stop, stop!
Will, there's goats!
- Goat? What?
- Up on the roof!
- Where?
- Back up!
Back up, back up!
There's goats on the roof.
I want to go see them.
Okay, but not for long.
No, no photos.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Woo hoo!
You're like a little baby.
Woah, woah, woah!
Oh God!
Do you hear that?
That thumping?
That's just the radio.
No, that's not the radio.
Pull over!
Stop right here. Stop.
- We have to call your parents.
- I can't.
My dad will be crushed.
He built this thing
Out of puppy love
and horsepower.
Maybe it's some minor fix.
It's a sign.
I thought you said
miracles were just
A sucker's bet with God.
No, it's...
It's an actual sign.
Where you taking her?
Not today you're not.
What's the diagnosis?
So what I'm proposing
is I...
Take advance payment
for the new...
Radiator, mechanical fan
you'll be needing. And...
Place the parts order forthwith.
Say six bills.
Six hundred dollars?
Well this my friend,
is an antique.
Requiring unique
and unusual innards.
How long's it gonna take?
Well I suggest in the
meantime you bed down
For the night.
How's that figure?
Where'd he say
this campsite was?
Bobby knew
I hated the outdoors.
Bobby didn't plan this part,
I'm pretty sure.
No he planned this.
This even
a campground?
Why would anyone
want to sleep here?
I can help if you want.
With your physio.
No, I'm on vacation.
I'm fine, really.
I've got lungs like a Sherpa.
Suit yourself.
It's not like I was
offering some rub and tug.
No happy endings for me.
Bobby was the same,
you know.
Wouldn't get
close to anyone.
Couldn't see the point.
It's tough to be
a long-term thinker
When you've got
a short-term outlook.
You think
you're so different.
It doesn't matter if you
live to be 30, or...
Everybody thinks
life's too short.
It's late.
We should be going.
How long do we wait?
I don't think
he's coming back.
I'm beginning to wonder if it's
even a functioning garage.
He's coming back.
He's not coming back.
I'm starving.
Mm, wine gums.
Stop him!
- Don't move! No!
- Wait!
Hey! Stop it!
Stop it!
Just breathe, Will.
Just breathe.
Son of a...
You've reached the
Bellevue County
Police Station.
Office hours are
9am - 6pm daily.
Leave a message at the tone.
I'm not calling my parents.
So what'd they say?
Filed a report. They said
check back in 17 days.
That's it?!
We're on our own.
So, we walk.
You gave away your life
savings for a mechanical fan
And radiator.
Still got about...
Two hundred.
You should hang onto it.
Why me?
Because you're
the responsible one.
We're in the middle
of Washington State,
How far is this
supposed to get us?
What about you?
How much did you bring?
I'm between semesters.
I've got about...
A hundred bucks plus
one maxed out credit card.
Your mother entrusted me
with your care.
What am I, fine China?
Let's hitchhike.
Why isn't this working?
Needs more thumb.
- Hello! Thank you.
- Hi! Thank you.
This is silly!
We can't hitchhike
all the way to Mexico.
Then we walk, then.
I could be like the next
Rick Hansen, er... er...
Terry Fox! You know, the great
CF hike to Mexico.
Yeah, I'm sure you'd be
a great poster boy, but...
Cystic Fibrosis is just not
all that glamorous.
Compared to what?
AIDS? Cancer?
Genital Herpes
gets better press.
It's viral marketing.
Get a publicist.
Then again, maybe it's
a good thing
Being the underdog disease.
I'm like Mountain Dew!
I can't believe you like
caner better than CF.
- I didn't say I liked it.
- You said it's way cooler.
It's all in the branding,
you know?
It's the Coca-Cola
of killer diseases.
Even has
it's own zodiac.
Think that's a coincidence?
Now lupus! There's an illness.
Nah. Sounds like
a werewolf with acne.
How you doing?
My lungs feel like they're
packed with silly puddy.
Maybe I should
go to the hospital.
Take this.
It's ginger root.
To expand your capillaries.
You're not by any chance
trying to kill me, are you?
No, sweetie. If I was trying
to kill you, I would bring you
To a hospital.
Just ask Bobby.
Maybe I'll go quietly too.
Just like him.
Drown in my sleep, peacefully.
It wasn't peaceful.
The way you hear people talk.
It wasn't like that with Bobby.
It was miserable.
It wasn't peaceful.
Hannah, I'm...
When I was a kid,
The way my dad
explained it to me...
He told me I was like
Jacques Cousteau.
He said
"The world is your ocean. "
It can be dangerous out there,
And sometimes,
hard to breathe.
"Don't forget your snorkel
if you want to go explore. "
You smell that?
- Thanks!
- See ya later.
No more hitchhiking.
I'm done.
I need a baby wipe.
He wasn't so bad.
He was friendly.
Yeah, well you weren't the one
Wresting his hand
off your thighs since Malibu.
So we catch the next bus
to Mexico.
We're broke, remember?
Barely got enough
for coffee.
There's always Aunt Vicky.
Yeah, well I thought
your Mom said
She's only in case
of emergency.
She's family.
When's the last time
you visited?
Never. Uh...
She and my mom
Had a falling out
when I was just a kid.
Okay, so we're just
popping in to say
"Hi, can we borrow
some bus fare?!"
Yeah, sure. Why not?
Maybe she's some hermit
who collects her poo
In Mayonnaise jars.
What if she's a cat lady?
Did you know that cats
give out pheromones
That may you...
I don't know what
you're selling, but
You'll be buying neck braces
by the bushel if you don't
Go on and scat now!
Aunt Vicky?!
- Go on, scat I said!
- Wait, wait, wait!
Wait, wait, I'm...
I'm your nephew!
I'm Fran's son, Will.
Would you like
some Chai tea?
Please pay homage
to the poor and worldly.
So, you two sweethearts
Need a place to stay
for the night? Naturally.
Yeah, that would...
That'd be great. Sure.
Skirting those pesky
pre-marital taboos, are we?
- No, no, no.
- No! We're...
We promise not to break
any taboos.
Would you happen
to have a fork, Vicky?
I don't partake in tines.
So Vicky, my mom mentioned
something about...
You had a falling out?
There was no falling
to be done.
One of us raised ourselves a
little higher is what transpired.
What happened?
Truths were told.
Lies exposed.
And ego eggs cracked
into... into an omelet
Of enlightenment.
Well that...
- That doesn't sound so bad.
- And I warned her...
That Carl would lead her
from the path.
Your mom married
a non-believer,
And she was
punished for it.
How was my mom punished?
- Let's just go, Will.
- No, wait.
How was she punished?
With you.
With me?
Look Vicky, your head's full
of crayons and raccoons.
This coming from a slut bodied
little... little tart!
You have flaps
in your jacks, Missy!
Uh, thank you very much.
We'll see you
at the next reunion.
Think it's too late
to ask for bus fare?
We're robbing
charities now?
Try to think of it as, uh,
eliminating the middle man.
You sound rough.
It's just a tickle.
There's no Santuario Del Sol
on this map.
Excuse me, ma'am?
Do you happen to have
a local map?
I can do much better.
I have been to the church
of Del Sol.
My husband, he took me there
may years past.
What was it like?
I scored a 45.
How long
have you been married?
This October, 72 years.
And what's your secret?
Well, when one of you
is dead... it's easy!
Are you sure this is it?
I thought Javier was dead.
If Javier would be here today,
he would be standing...
To thank you
and to tell you how...
How much we appreciate
your friendship, and for...
Your love!
"Long live Javier!"
Esperanza, I thought we were
going to Del Sol...
Oh, you shouldn't have!
This isn't... this isn't Del Sol.
Have you ever actually been
to the Santuario, or...?
Ay, my son! Drink your drink,
smooth your shirt,
Dance with your girlfriend
and shut the hell up!
I didn't know
you were such a good dancer!
You okay?
Yeah, yeah I'll be fine.
I'm just... uh...
I'm a little winded.
I'm just gonna
sit this next one out.
Yeah, yeah! Go ahead.
That's not so bad!
Aren't we getting a little old
for the silent treatment?
My pace too slow?
I wouldn't want
to hold you back.
Maybe I should
brush up my moonwalk skills.
We were just dancing, Will.
What, you think I'm jealous
of some cardio freak
With salsa hips?
Well what's wrong then?
Why? Hmmm?
Just tell me why Hannah.
Why are you always
following me?
What are you
getting out of this?
What do you
want me to... say to that?
Redemption? I'm your ticket
to a clear conscious?
I don't know
what that means.
You feel guilty about Bobby.
I'm your surrogate sick boy.
I'm here...
Because no one should
have to do this alone.
This is penance.
Do you have any idea
what it's like to lie awake
At night and listen to the sound
of someone you love wheeze?
To hate the sound so much,
but you hate even more
That you might not
hear it the next day.
You think it's easier
being the healthy one?
Bobby loved sneaking in to the
hospital cafeteria at night.
He'd steal these packs
of paper plates and...
He'd write these little
slogans on them, like:
"What you risk
reveals what you value. "
"Purple is black and blue. "
Then he'd sneak the plates
back in.
He used to get a kick out of
imagining some kid reading
His words while he ate lunch.
Then one day he just...
He just stopped.
I miss him too, Hannah.
For a long time now.
Are you sure?
Are you?
I'm not someone
who can dance all night.
Just breathe.
We made it this far.
We won't let some
little old gate hold us back.
I guess so.
This is Salvador's home.
Uh, would you know
where I could um...
Well... he's here in jail,
and he's pretty drunk.
- We can work it out -
- Really.
If you come down here
to the station.
Yeah, yeah.
Thank you officer.
They're uh, they're holding him
for a drunk and disorderly.
I think they're fishing
for a bribe.
Well we got about 400 pesos.
What's a miracle worth
these days?
So uh, you're a priest?
Shaman, Don...
Look, we just, uh...
We just need an hour
of your time.
No can do.
The place closed.
Cause of the weevils.
They're these little
beetle creatures
That burrow in the dirt.
Yeah, yeah, we know
what a weevil is. But... how...
How did they close Del Sol?
The turf?
The Astroturf.
They treat it as a buffet.
Weevils ate your Astroturf?
It's like cotton candy
to the little bastards!
They love it.
I had to plug all the holes.
The mini-putt?
What mini-putt?
That's not
why you're here?
Why would I bribe someone
out of jail to play mini-putt?
I dunno.
You was trying
to impress the lady?
What does this have to do
with a healing shrine?
No, it's... It's for a friend.
He has, uh...
He has cystic fibrosis.
Oh the one, where you gotta
crap in a bag?
If I had
to crap in a bag...
I'd go looking for miracles too.
No, we're just looking
for Del Sol.
I'm sorry Salvador,
there must have been
Some kind of mistake.
It's all right.
Thanks for the grub, though.
Maybe there's another priest.
Maybe Bobby is laughing
his Jacob Marley ass off.
Well, so we...
We find someone else
That knows about it...
You know miracles, they don't
tend to keep a low profile.
You spotted one lately?
This friend of yours, um...
Is he really sick?
I mean we're not talking
some uh...
Little flu.
Maybe there is something.
Got some cash?
Let's go.
I was one of the first
to come here back in '76.
Doctor gave me half a year.
One dip in that pond,
I felt consecrated.
A bonafide miracle.
So I stayed,
Helped the priest
who ran the place.
They one day,
the ol' bugger up and dies.
Leaves it all to me.
This kid, one day,
she comes looking hard:
All blonde hair and blue eyes
and big hopes.
She doesn't find her miracle.
They blame me.
I'm dumb enough to listen.
I ended up selling the land.
Watched them... turn it into
a golf course for the in love
And the mentally challenged.
Hell, what's the difference?
Then what happened?
I got drunk.
Maybe miracles...
They're a bit like weather.
Do a little jig,
And if the storm comes...
You call it a rain dance.
If it don't...
Well maybe you just
keep dancing.
Alright! Get out of here! Go!
It's called...
Santuario Del Sol.
- It's a mini-putt.
- For the walking dead.
Believe it or not,
the Sol church
Used to be some sight,
Before they turned it into
a par five.
Now, weevils!
Healing time!
It's... this way.
This is
the miraculous healing pond
Of El Santuario Del Sol?
Uh, don't let
the algae fool you.
There's still plenty of mojo
under all that scum.
How deep is this thing?
As deep as you need it, boyo.
It's like the earth puked.
It wants to wake you up!
Pass me the salt.
And uh...
We need four candles.
Put them across
from each other.
Let's... heal...
We anoint...
The body.
Get naked.
I know this is
not about some friend.
You're sick, let's deal with it.
Right here. Right now.
In purity, we don't wear denim.
Actually this...
This is about a friend.
And her brother.
You want me to heal
a cookie jar?
Well it's an urn, technically.
I don't know, guys.
Your friend
looks pretty far gone.
We're not trying
to bring him back to life.
We're just... we're just doing
what he asked us to do.
I don't believe this.
Oh, what the heck.
Alright, let's just do it.
We're here, right?
Put it over here.
Hold it.
I hope you had
a good trip, Bobby.
Goodbye Bobby.
Screw it.
He's not breathing!
- No, no, no.
- Salvador!
Salvador I need your help!
You're gonna be okay.
Okay, we need to,
we need to get you dry.
Come on.
Our packs
are in your truck!
Let's go in, let's go in!
We need
to get you warm.
No, no, no, no!
Slow and steady, okay?
In... Out.
In... Out.
In... Out.
In... Out.
In... Out.
In... Out.
Stay awake, Will!
I -
I can...
I can't breathe.
Hang on.
Let's go. Let's go!
Let's take him to the clinic.
Yeah, we're on our way
there now.
He's fading in and out.
No, I don't know Fran. I don't...
I don't know where...
I'm gonna call you back
from the clinic, okay?
I'm gonna call you back
from the clinic!
I'm right here Will.
Yeah, they're moving him now.
We're taking him home.
"Let it Last"]
# Let it last #
# this moment
in our grasp #
# Let the sun
Stay right where it is #
# Let us bask
Let us bask #
# in this time
that moves so fast #
# May you remain
just as I see you now #
# It's so sad
It's so sad #
# that the memories
that I have #
# Are the ones
that I don't want back #
# But it's alright,
It's alright #
# It's okay, yeah,
It's okay #
# Cause today
was the day #
# That the light
hit you in a way #
Hey! Hey!
I'm in here!
# and it will always #
Yeah, ye-It's me!
I'm in here!
I'm in here!
I'm in here!
Where am I?
You're home.
For two weeks now.
- I'm not...
- You're here.
Alive and well.
I'll check back on you later.
You sound better.
I'm okay.
Where's Hannah?
She's here.
We'll give you two a minute.
Come on sweetheart.
Hey you.
El Santuario Del Sol.
The land of miracles.
Got you a souvenir.
For what you did...
Thank you.
There's something
you need to hear.
"To Build a Home"]
It's been a spell,
I was starting to think -
Epic story, Mr. Steadman.
Well, you must be looking
For some quality time
with Angelica.
Actually I just came in
to tell you that, um...
I think you can take
my name off the mailing list.
Oh? Have you decided
to put a down payment
On that Ferrari?
No, I um...
I'm saving up
for something special.
30 seconds, 30 days...
Or 30 years.
They were all for you, Hannah.
The question is not
how we die...
But how we live.
For me that was
easier said than done.
It was like I spent
most of my life
Slowly drowning.
And when I finally came up
for that first breath,
It tasted so sweet.
It was like the most...
Most precious thing
in the universe.
And now I can hold on
to that breath forever.