Forgotten Love (2023) Movie Script

Thank you. We are done.
What have you pilfered from daddy's bag?
What do you hear?
A song. You were singing!
There, there.
Did something happen?
Read it.
Not this.
Go ahead.
"Countess Karnkowska will dance again."
It's about the patient.
Fell from a horse, blah, blah
Here it is. Listen.
"Luckily, she met Professor Dobraniecki."
You are not a professor yet.
"After a complicated knee surgery"
We operated on the hip.
Hip, knee, who cares?
The point is, they wrote about it.
The old man was elated.
This morning, he promised--
Well, he implied it,
but it sounded like a promise.
Just say it already.
He promised?
-And you already have a plaque?
I ordered it a year ago.
A good doctor has to think ahead.
Get dressed. We're going out.
This calls for a celebration.
Chief's orders.
Maybe he didn't promise,
but he implied it.
Think about it. Maliszewski is retiring.
The old man hates Kalinowski.
Then who? Wurtz?
A man of merit.
Very much so. Lots of accomplishments.
They're all men of merit.
Hausman, Kope, Koperski.
Remember what the director said
when he took over?
He wants young, talented people. Like you.
You may not be young, but you're talented.
You lack only one thing.
Potential. Do you know why?
Because you can't talk to the press
or anyone else.
-A sullen doctor won't bring in sponsors.
-Warsaw Courier!
That's why you have me.
-Get your morning paper!
-Hey, kid! Want to make a buck?
-Do you have more?
-I'll take ten.
Looking for a new wallpaper
for your office?
Go on, laugh,
but you'd better hold on to me.
Soon you'll be doing surgeries
that will make us famous across Europe.
Look out!
Sta! My baby!
My baby!
Careful. I'm a doctor.
Move aside.
Do you have insurance?
Does your husband work?
How is he?
He's alive.
-Public hospital?
-It's too far.
-Let's go to the clinic.
Call the anesthesiologist.
Prepare the operating room.
We have internal bleeding.
Nurse, quickly. To the operating room.
Kocher clamp.
More cloth.
Blood pressure is dropping.
-It's slowing down.
-More oxygen.
Big clamp.
-He stopped.
Take over.
More saline.
Rafa, he's not going to make it.
Check it.
No pulse.
Don't give up, Sta.
Keep fighting.
There's a pulse.
Let's continue.
Is the Lady upstairs?
Sir, ever since you graciously
decided to marry the Lady,
she is always upstairs.
Good night.
Why can't you be happy with me?
Where is Sta?
His mother took him away.
Who authorized that?
-Who signed off on it?
-Dr. Dobraniecki.
I must bring him back.
It's a private clinic.
The old man will kill you.
-I'll pay.
-Do you know how expensive it is?
I'll pay!
In that basement.
Clouds in the sky, pray tell
how to save Sta from the spell.
Boy's under the hat, girl's under the cap,
Jewish braid, I beg thee!
-Holy Mother, come to me!
-Please leave.
May all the ails leave
for the woods, moors, fields, and clouds.
-For forking paths--
May they help him.
May they help thee!
-You needn't have come, sir--
But, sir, he can't be helped.
It's in God's hands now.
Call the carriage!
Who do you think you are?
Taking a child from his guardian?
By force?
Sta needed immediate help.
Under the circumstances--
One word about Hippocrates,
and I'll throw you out.
I spoke to the board.
In our exclusive clinic, there is place--
There is no place.
But there should be.
We wish there was.
We wish there was a place
for poor children in our clinic.
We are doing everything we can,
but it is up to our sponsors' generosity.
Sir, every year in Poland,
quackery and ignorance
lead to the deaths of--
Enough with the ignorance.
-We could mention the quackery.
-Only in passing.
Just a few words.
But the speech should be optimistic.
A speech for whom?
With the considerable help
of the Ministry of Public Health,
we are opening a surgical ward
for children from poor families.
Thus, the Hippocratic Oath is fulfilled.
This wonderful initiative
would not have been possible
without the hard work and commitment
of Professor Rafa Wilczur.
From this day on,
he will be overseeing the entire clinic
as our chief surgeon. Bravo!
Bravo for the minister!
A ward for poor children, beautiful.
Thanks to the likes of you,
we will revive our healthcare system.
It's not about me. It was a team effort.
You are too modest.
Kazimierz Szabowski, Kurier Polski.
What can you tell me about Doctor Wilczur?
Read the papers. He's in all of them.
Will you come to Ziemiaska this evening?
Great idea.
I'm afraid I can't.
Are you sure?
You would meet some important people.
It's my daughter's birthday, Minister.
How is the Lady feeling?
Call Marysia.
Candles and plates!
From the Lady.
The Lady said that she will
write again when she settles down.
Do you like dancing?
All he wants to do is dance.
He's no help at all.
What's your name?
Micha, stop bothering the ladies.
Giddyap, horsey.
Are we going to live in a forest?
-In a forester's house.
-You'll like it.
-I'm Jan.
-I'm Marysia.
Come inside.
Jerzy Dobraniecki speaking.
She left me. Ran away.
Remember where Beata used to live
before we got married?
I'm here. Come.
All right.
I'll be right there.
-Do you know Beata Olszaska?
Don't worry, I won't harm you.
Her aunt Helena used to live here.
Did she move?
Come with me.
Hey, cutie!
Come here!
He's dead?
It must have been a robbery.
Question the neighbors.
We think it was suicide.
How come?
His wife left him and took the child.
He was devastated.
She left a note.
Why do you think it was a robbery?
I don't know. Just a hunch.
I didn't say that categorically--
That's exactly what you said.
The suicide of our chief surgeon
doesn't sound good.
When can we collect the body?
There is no body.
We only found a coat by the river.
The body will surely resurface one day.
So now you have no family left?
I am Little Orphan Mary.
I would marry you, but I'm already taken.
You're lucky any girl wanted you.
What about you?
My Justysia's cousin is quite handsome.
He has seven acres and a horse.
You want me to marry a horse?
I don't need a husband. I need a job.
I promised Mom I would get a degree.
I'll earn the money.
Do you know anyone
who wants to buy a piano?
In Radoliszki?
Beautiful. Zeyer sheyn.
Very beautiful. Tzimes!
It's just that
I'm a poshete yid, a simple Jew.
I can't play.
With all due respect,
I have no need for a piano.
Great, because I don't want to sell it.
Then what's your gesheft
that you brought this piano here?
I want to give it to you.
Give it to me?
For how much?
For free.
I don't need it anymore.
I have no house to put it in.
You could put it over there.
Buying a piano, Dad?
She wants to give it to us.
Ikh farshteyeh nisht.
But you said you can't play.
If you had music here,
people would stay and listen.
They would be drinking and eating.
But musicians are expensive.
Very expensive.
You can play.
I could give you a discount.
And help in the kitchen or at the bar too.
We need help.
Don't tell me how to run my business!
The guests are waiting!
Das iz a metsiyeh.
How much will it cost me
to get this piano for free?
It's here.
You, working at an inn?
What will people say?
They'll say, "Two shots and a beer.
And play something for us."
I won't stay here long.
-I'll earn some money and go to Warsaw.
-Sure you will.
ROOM FOR REN-Come here!
Stop it!
Tell me.
What do I put in the report?
Don't remember this, don't remember that.
You don't remember a thing!
You know who doesn't remember?
Those with a guilty conscience.
Maybe that's me. I don't remember.
How many times
have you been in jail for vagrancy?
About ten.
I'm not a vagrant.
You're not?
So what do you do?
I'm searching.
What are you searching for?
The trouble is--
You don't remember!
Get him out of here, now!
Yes, sir!
Don't come back.
That bloody count!
Watch your hands.
For that, you can go
to the dance in Radoliszki.
I can't go. We lost a wheel.
Shut up.
Damned lump.
We need help.
We can't lift the wagon by ourselves.
Everyone's at the dance.
I'll help.
Marysia, come, sit with us!
Dance with me, then.
Ask Ruta.
I don't want a Jew.
And who are you?
I'm a Pole!
A drunk!
You're the one I want!
Sholem Aleyhem!
Hello! Welcome, gentlemen.
Come in, dear Count and Baron.
I have a special table just for you.
You lost, my friend.
This way, gentlemen.
The local heir, Count Czyski.
Move your fingers.
Nothing is broken,
but the shoulder needs to be set.
Who are you, a doctor?
I'm not, but I can help you.
Lie down.
Stop yelling.
The pain is gone.
It's gone, God be my witness.
Country life does have its perks.
It does? Where are they?
Let's make a bet. You bet the motorcycle--
Losing the race wasn't enough?
I played in Monte Carlo
for a week straight.
Marysia, come. Leave it.
Let's go!
What's your name?
Antoni Kosiba.
Zofia? Look at her!
-How's the shoulder?
How's the arm?
You will need a sling.
Wear it for a few weeks.
You can use a scarf.
-Can you do it?
-Can you?
I'm going to Radom.
What for?
I don't know.
Then maybe you're not going to Radom.
Maybe to Rzeszw or Krakw.
Maybe you're going to my place.
To my mill. If you're looking for a job.
I don't remember what I am looking for.
One week, and she'll be mine.
Want to bet your motorcycle on that?
Your mare.
My mare? Do you know how much she's worth?
-What can I get you?
-You're on.
Three glasses. What is your name?
Marysia. Just the glasses?
We brought our own cognac.
Care to join us?
Allow me to introduce myself.
Count Leszek Czyski.
My friend, Baron Krzeszowski.
-He's an enthusiast--
-I'll get the glasses.
What did he tell you?
He asked for glasses.
I meant Zenek. You talked to him.
Forget that goy. He doesn't deserve you.
I have an idea.
If you lose the bet,
you'll work here as a waiter
for one whole day.
-Are you trying to offend me?
-A bet is a bet. I bet my mare.
You can bet a mare or a palace,
but not your honor.
As you wish.
He likes you.
I'm the best dancer here,
but he wasn't staring at me.
Here he comes, Countess.
You have bewitched me, miss.
I am enraptured.
By your dancing.
Thank you.
Do you wish to pay?
For two empty glasses--
Keep the change.
Mr. Rosenstein will be elated.
Do come again, please.
Be sure I will.
Unfortunately, you won't win the mare.
I'm sorry, Mr. Czyski.
I'll walk you home.
No need.
Then I'll just walk along.
Anyone can just walk down the street.
And if I want to jump, I'll jump.
What? Anyone can just jump.
Stop it, Zenek.
I will when you marry me.
What do you have to lose?
We'll have money.
Father will give me his leather shop.
I'm in great shape.
I can carry you around all day.
My mother didn't love my father,
didn't even know him,
but he gave Grandpa a cow and two heifers,
and now they're happy.
First horses, now cows?
What am I, a maiden goat?
Do you play chess?
My late husband bought the set.
He couldn't play, but he liked having it.
When did he die?
It will be seven years
this Saint Roch feast.
He was sickly.
Zoka did everything in the mill.
Even the punching.
Careful, or I'll punch you.
Yes, he was sickly,
but he bought books and studied languages.
Do you know what matricaria chamo--
Come on, who needs to know that?
A man should build a house,
plant a tree, and make babies.
Go make some.
If you're up for it
Sit down, Antoni.
Matricaria chamomilla. It's chamomile.
Maybe you're a prince?
Or a baron?
Maybe you have some overseas estates?
Or maybe I'm a criminal,
and I killed someone.
Can happen to anyone when they're angry.
What if you have a wife?
Or worst of all, if you're a priest?
Priests are people too.
I don't think you're a priest.
A priest doing actual physical work?
I came to ask if you needed anything.
No, thank you.
I have all I need.
Good night.
Yesterday I unintentionally
made you upset.
I'm not upset.
In any case,
I put your honor in jeopardy.
If I could duel myself--
I think it was your honor
you put in jeopardy.
You made an oaf of yourself.
You're the one who should feel upset.
Can I make it up to you somehow?
Just leave me alone.
I didn't want to offend you.
I just asked if you needed anything.
Don't read too much into it.
Micha's pinned down! A tree fell on him!
-Heavens! Is he alive?
-They say so.
Such a good lad.
Where is he?
At the logging ground.
I'm not paying you to stare!
I told you to be careful.
This is what daydreaming gets you.
Mind his head.
Here. Buy him some medicine.
That's not enough for a doctor.
He needs surgery.
-Then give it back.
-Thank you, sir.
That's settled.
Back to work, or you won't get paid!
He needs to go to the hospital!
What are you doing here?
It's not a big deal. He'll be fine.
I must see Count Stanisaw Czyski.
-Is he expecting you?
-The Count is having tea.
Stop! You cannot go in unannounced!
You simply cannot!
Miss, this can't be!
I apologize for the intrusion,
but there was an accident in your sawmill.
"Your sawmill"?
What kind of language is that?
There was an accident,
in case you don't understand Polish.
Your worker of many years has broken legs.
He needs-- These are awfully poor people.
This is your duty.
Poor accent.
Not Parisian at all.
As for the matter
you disturbed our family meal with,
I will say only one thing.
-Leave the palace at once.
Get on, Marysia!
-It's Miss Marysia to you!
-Call me Leszek.
Do you want to help him or not?
Dr. Pawlicki is a great specialist.
He was there when Grandpa died.
Mom loves him.
I can't tell much in these conditions.
God bless you.
May I take a look?
Are you a doctor?
I am not, but I can help.
Quackery is forbidden.
Please leave.
You could go to prison for that.
I'm sorry.
Can you help us, Count?
Honestly, miss.
The count has graciously agreed to pay.
I'll help.
Thank you.
-Will I walk?
You'll dance. I promise.
They'll call you when the surgery is over.
There are no phones here.
Right. It's awfully poor out here.
Strange, isn't it?
Three years of working for the count,
and Micha has nothing to show for it.
Still, maybe I deserve a "thank you."
Should I kiss your hand, sir?
He works for you.
He toiled away for your motorcycle,
your palace.
Your pants from Paris.
From Milan. I have a tailor there.
Why don't you tell your tailor
to make you a pair of pants
that will make you brave enough
to enter a village hut? A special design.
All right, enough.
I'll call Pawlicki and ask how it went.
I promise.
-Do you need a ride?
The cinema is coming!
Let's go together!
What's on?
How can you deceive your heart
When it knows much more than you?
How can you tell your heart no
When it trembles like a leaf?
You don't know yet who he is
Your beloved, someone dear
And yet love is signaling
That your life has changed for good
The first sign is when a heart leaps
When it does, you are so sure
That he is the only one
Just show me your foggy eyes
Then I'll know for sure
That you love me true
The first sign is when a heart leaps
When it does, you are so sure
That he is
The only one
You're thinking about that gal?
I am.
You fancy her?
It's not that.
Why did you stare? Do you know her?
I don't know. I don't remember.
I've seen her once.
At Micha's.
She wanted to send me to prison.
For what?
For quackery.
She's tiny but full of herself.
One good kick from me,
and even you won't put her together.
-Did you like it?
-I did.
You like romance films.
I haven't seen many.
My mother loved them.
She liked all movies,
but she loved romances most.
She died last year.
My dad passed away recently.
I'm sorry.
My mother was rich.
She had a house, furs, even a grand piano.
But when she met my father,
she just gave it all up.
She didn't take a single dress,
just followed him to the end of the world.
Where was that?
The Kozienicki Forest.
My dad was a forester.
How did you end up in Radoliszki?
By chance. Micha brought me here.
We're childhood friends.
He's all I have.
What about me?
You come from a different world.
So what?
You just said your mother left--
This has been a truly lovely evening.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Why are you here?
-To visit Micha.
The count brought this.
An oyster flies right into his mouth
In goes lobster and some Chablis
He opens his mouth and smacks his lips
Caresses his belly, yippee!
How are you?
I'll be fine.
Of course you will.
It doesn't hurt, but it itches.
He keeps scratching.
Seafood is rich in protein,
as well as vitamins and minerals.
-It's good for the brain and the heart.
-And the legs?
Just try it.
Very good.
Take me somewhere else!
I can't. I promised Rosenstein.
-How to turn it off?
Why do you still work there? Quit.
Some of us
have to pay for college ourselves.
I like it.
Come on.
Remember when I came to the pub?
The day we met?
You bet a horse.
A mare.
Doesn't matter. There was no bet.
Who knows.
Don't you believe me? There was no bet.
That fool suggested that if he won,
I'd have to be a waiter here for a day.
What did you say to that?
Count Czyski working in a Jewish inn?
Can you imagine?
I can't.
Marysia, that's not what I meant.
I'm sorry.
You're a count, and I'm a waitress.
This could never work.
Walczakowa? Not feeling well?
-Why are you here?
He only sees sick people.
My back's acting up.
Your "acting up"
put three husbands six feet under.
What about you? You're no better.
This is my house. The healer's mine too.
If you want a man,
go to Radom and walk the streets!
Thank you, Mr. Kosiba.
I'll take your queen.
Go ahead.
What's wrong with Walczakowa?
Healthy as a horse.
Then why did you examine her?
If I didn't,
how would I know she's not sick?
You're not jealous, are you?
You're not mine.
You're a free man.
But I don't want
to see Walczakowa here again.
She can go to the doctor.
That's what they are for.
She's just bothering you.
I'll kill a rooster.
Want a rooster for dinner?
Who is that, Zoka?
Have you hired a new field hand?
Perhaps I have, perhaps I haven't.
Stop staring. You'll sprain your eyes.
Don't worry about me.
Think of that poor priest
who'll have to hear your confession.
Don't worry about my sins.
Are four bags enough?
-How long will you be gone?
-Long. Perhaps forever.
With that waitress?
Being a waitress is as good a job as any.
This is what you want to do?
If you bring shame on our name,
you will have to leave the palace.
I am leaving.
I will disinherit you!
Where are you taking this boot?
It's my boot. I bought it.
He's young. Have faith.
Go away!
Your wife came to see me.
People say you were in jail,
that you wander the world seeking a buck.
I don't know what I'm seeking.
It's not my business,
but you're the only stranger around here.
My own folks won't help me,
and a stranger
Why do you care? You don't even know me.
It's useless.
No point in staring.
The doctors have already seen it.
Can you move your toe?
What's the difference?
I can't bend it. I can't walk.
Can you feel my touch?
What I feel is anger and such sorrow.
I want to--
I meant the leg.
So you do feel it.
My wife went to the market.
She'll be back in two hours.
I can't do it myself.
I can't crawl to the river
or hang a noose on the tree.
This is all I've got.
Will you do it?
-I'm begging you!
-Put it away, you fool.
Will it hurt?
A lot?
A lot.
With a knife?
A hammer and a chisel.
What are you doing?
-I'm calling the police.
-Stay out of it!
Understand? I don't want your advice.
-I asked him to kill me!
That's what he's doing!
Have you ever operated on a human being?
I don't remember.
Want to help?
You've gone mad.
If not, leave.
This is no place for you.
-You heard him, get out.
Bite this.
Turn away.
Just the beer, Mr. Wancerz?
As always, My Lord.
-Right away.
-Make it cold and fast!
-Move your ass! I'm waiting!
The customer is king!
Sit down.
Hey, Your Majesty!
He's meshugge.
I'm sorry, My Lord.
-It's fine.
-Sod off!
I want to apologize.
You're right.
Waiting tables is no dishonor.
What do you expect? A hug?
I'm leaving.
He loves you.
Go. Loyf nakh im.
I was doing pretty well.
But instead of "garon,"
they called me "My Lord."
You're no good, even as a waiter.
I need a good wife. Will you marry me?
A waiter with one boot?
Will you be my wife?
Will you say something?
Yes, you will say something,
or yes, you will marry me?
Let's run away.
Where to?
To the end of the world.
Where is that?
A small chapel in the woods.
I know the priest. He'll marry us.
Where is Lesie?
Send him to fetch the doctor!
It's here!
This way.
Come in, My Lady.
Leszek, dear God!
He has a broken leg
and a fractured collarbone.
He is unconscious, but he will make it.
Stop interrupting! Get out!
This is our home.
He will be fine.
Save her, Doctor.
I beg you, save her!
I'm not paying you to treat a waitress!
-Fractured skull.
-I know. She needs surgery.
She won't make it through the night.
-Do it.
I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker.
Even Dr. Dobraniecki couldn't help.
Take her to that Dobraniecki.
I'll pay. I'll work my whole life.
All I can do is give her morphine
to reduce her suffering.
-Take her to the hospital.
-But, Dr. Pawlicki
I'm not a doctor. I just
Let's go.
Bring in the stretcher!
I'll help.
-I'm here, sweetheart.
Where is Marysia?
Marysia has died.
-Actually, I said--
-That she's dead.
She is dead.
I stole it.
No, I
I don't know how to do it. I can't.
How do you know?
You don't remember a thing.
This girl,
Were you looking for her?
I don't know.
I don't remember.
Will she live?
Not without a doctor.
-Sir, what do I do?
-Doctor, I beg you!
-I'm so sorry--
-Please, help.
Ms. Jadzia,
leave us alone, please.
Come in.
Thank you.
You are
a medical genius and a famed doctor.
Only you can help me.
My name is Antoni Kosiba.
I came from Radoliszki.
It's a small village--
Excuse me.
What is your name?
Antoni Kosiba.
I am poor, but
the girl will die.
I tried to help her, but
without your help, she'll die.
Please, don't be silly.
Don't make a scene. Please get up, Mr
Mr. Kosiba.
Knock. It's not a barn.
It seems that yesterday
someone took my instruments.
Perhaps by mistake.
Got any proof?
There's proof right here!
Someone performed a craniotomy.
I can see it!
I'd rather not involve the police.
You said it was impossible
to operate here.
Otherwise, you wouldn't leave the girl
without proper care.
What are you staring at?
Go tell everyone
that a farmhand took your instruments
and saved a girl's life!
-May I have a look?
You had your chance yesterday.
Dr. Dobraniecki will come to see her.
Woman, you're mad.
He wouldn't even see the count.
-We had to go to Warsaw.
-He will come to me.
I warn you, I won't drop this matter.
One more thing.
The ring belongs to the Czyski family.
The countess wants it back.
Marysia is alive.
If she wants to,
she will give it back herself.
Where are you from?
I don't remember.
Any family?
I don't know.
Do you work somewhere?
In the mill.
In the mill.
And you heal people after hours?
Sometimes I help people.
Where did you learn that?
I don't remember.
Are you going to stay in the mill?
I'd like to.
She's alive.
Thank the Lord.
Where is Leszek?
You had an accident
on the motorcycle, remember?
Let's spare her the emotions for now.
Is he alive?
Count Czyski? He is.
He's a bit bruised, that's all.
He'll stay in the clinic for a few days,
then he'll return home.
But you,
it's a miracle you're alive.
I'll give you a prescription.
You must be vigilant.
Pay attention to any changes.
Marysia is in good hands.
I meant Mr. Kosiba.
Amnesia often lasts till death,
especially if it results from head trauma,
which was likely the case.
But sometimes the patients
begin to remember things.
I see.
If this happens, he will need a doctor.
if Mr. Kosiba remembers anything,
don't hesitate to let me know
at any time, even at night.
Doctor, please, don't get me wrong,
but I don't want him to remember anything.
He's happy. That's what life is all about.
Why change that?
I understand you. Perfectly well.
Don't worry.
You've heard him.
Leszek's going to be all right.
He'll come here soon.
-You two will dance again.
-He didn't take any money.
-How did you do that?
He's a good man, that's it.
I found you a clinic in Lausanne.
What do you say?
You'll be fine in no time.
By the way,
do you remember Miss Lena,
Princess Wielopolska?
She turned down Baron Sukowski,
so she's still available.
I thought
Are you listening to me?
I killed her.
It was an accident.
The police claim some wire was cut.
I know nothing about motorcycles, but--
-I killed her.
My dear!
He did kill her. That is the truth.
This is how chasing waitresses ends.
Had you not allured her,
she'd still be alive.
Let it be a lesson to you. Settle down.
And you, do something already.
Well, yes.
There, there.
I'll do it.
He hasn't come.
Everything will be fine.
First, you need to get better.
Do you have a nib and an inkwell?
Good afternoon.
The Count is in Switzerland.
Do you know his address?
-I wrote to him, but--
-The Lady
The Lady said not to disclose it.
I see.
-Thank you.
Don't expect an answer.
Don't wait.
I'm sorry for what I said.
-I didn't believe--
-I understand. You had every right not to.
I believe in science.
I want to study medicine.
That's wonderful.
But it must be expensive.
What about Leszek?
I left a letter for him yesterday.
I won't ask what you wrote.
I wrote nothing.
He'll understand.
Call Lausanne.
Can you repeat that?
The same thing. What she wrote.
"My dear Leszek. I am alive."
"I am alive
thanks to Antoni and our love."
"A letter from you
would help me a great deal."
"I miss you.
The days grow long without you,
incredibly so"
Oh, your mom is here.
-Do you want to--
You told him.
You keep insisting I do something.
"Don't just sit there, Stanisaw!
Do something!"
-You told him.
I mentioned it.
My future wife.
Countess Czyska, ne Oksza.
Oy vey! Miss Marysia!
The piano is waiting.
I had a buyer for it,
but I said, "Gesheft is gesheft.
What if Miss Marysia comes back?"
"How would I look her in the eye?"
I will come back.
I surely will,
but Antoni says I must still rest.
Oh my! Miss Ruta!
I'm glad to see you, Miss Marysia.
I was thinking
If I wrote that Czajkowski
is starving his kids,
then I would get
that land we quarreled about.
Mr. Wancerz, a petition is one thing.
I won't write denunciations.
Why not?
That letter you wrote was so nice.
Leszek is young.
He's passionate.
Counts have affairs with waitresses,
but they marry names and fortunes.
That is how our kind does it.
Leszek mentioned
that you wanted to go to college.
I thought so.
The heart says one thing,
but reason disagrees.
In my experience, reason always wins.
Leszek loves me.
Otherwise, you wouldn't propose
such a sum.
Leave and forget about him.
It will be better for everyone,
especially Antoni.
What does Antoni have to do with it?
He stole surgical instruments,
performed an illegal surgery,
perhaps more than one.
He could go to prison
for five years or more.
I know nothing about any instruments.
He stole them to save you.
Pawlicki gave you no chance.
He really helps people.
To heal, you need a diploma.
Leave and forget Leszek.
Then Antoni won't go to prison.
Where are you going? Get in line!
She said you could go to prison.
So Marysia didn't take the money?
Where is she now?
I don't know.
You two didn't talk?
I can't look her in the eye again.
What happened?
Haven't you heard?
Zenek confessed.
He sabotaged the motorcycle.
That scumbag almost killed her.
I was stupid.
I don't know what I was thinking.
Goodbye, darling.
You stole the instruments.
Didn't you?
Why did you do that?
I had no choice.
Why did you do it for me?
You can go to prison.
Don't worry, Antoni.
It will be all right.
It will be all right.
Have you seen Antoni?
I woke up at 3:00 a.m.
He was already chopping wood.
For the winter, he said.
No one reported it.
These belong to Dr. Pawlicki.
I stole them.
-And then, I--
-I know what you did.
You saved my wife's health.
Arrest me, please.
Nobody reported this.
I'm reporting it.
I confess to stealing and to
helping people without a diploma.
Are you sure?
Yes, I am.
-Mr. Kosiba.
-That is not my name.
I bought these documents from a thief.
She's probably asleep.
She's still very weak.
To the forester's house?
Why would she go back there?
Oksza is dead. Mrs. Beata too.
So where is Marysia?
I don't know.
If I were her,
I'd go looking for my father.
What do you mean?
Oksza wasn't her father.
-He wasn't?
Then who was?
I don't know.
They never talked about it.
"Ignorance is not an excuse.
It is a crime in itself."
These are the words
of a renown medial authority,
the late Professor Rafa Wilczur.
He knew what he was talking about.
He was helping the poor.
But he didn't put their lives at risk,
like Antoni Kosiba.
Doing surgery
with a hammer and chisel is a crime.
The defendant was so convinced
of his medical talents
that he went as far
as to steal Dr. Pawlicki's instruments.
That's why the prosecution demands
a five-year prison sentence.
Five years?
Zenek got three for attempted murder!
-Please be quiet!
-Antoni, say something!
You shall be removed from the court!
Does the defendant plead guilty
to all charges?
I do, Your Honor.
Speak up, please.
I do.
Do you wish to explain yourself?
The trial will begin tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
How long will you be looking for her?
Until I find her.
Who was her father?
He could afford furs and pianos.
He must have been rich.
Why did his wife leave?
Maybe he gambled it away.
She left because she loved another.
Loving is one thing,
but why cause a scandal?
A scandal, of course.
Is there a telephone here?
What news from the world?
Look, Sta. He was here, remember?
Stanisaw, hand me my glasses.
I won't.
I refuse to do your bidding any longer.
I don't like this tone.
You are a pompous, self-righteous hag.
I hope he won't be found guilty.
I didn't report him. I told you.
The Young Master is calling.
Due to our past relationship,
I took the liberty to disturb you, madam.
I am listening.
Have you ever heard the name Jan Oksza?
I am not interested in scandals.
I am asking for your help.
Excuse me. I'm looking for somebody.
Do you know her?
Maybe I do, maybe I don't.
Morning. Some patsy's asking about you.
How did you find me?
Thanks to my mother, of all people.
She remembered the scandal.
That's how I found this address.
How is Antoni?
-Have you seen him?
-You don't know?
He's on trial.
All rise!
-Where is the court?
-In Radom.
Do you have a car?
He told me to lie down and grabbed my arm.
He put his foot here and pulled.
Mother had an abscess on her leg.
Couldn't walk for a year.
Let her show you.
Mother, let the judge see.
If people were sick, they went to Antoni.
He always helped.
He never took any money.
I bet Zoka wasn't too happy about it.
They're not married and live in sin!
-Everyone saw.
-That's the truth!
-Be quiet, woman!
We've all seen how she tempted him!
Why didn't you tell me
that Jan Oksza wasn't your father?
He was!
I mean, my biological father
was Rafa Wilczur.
But I don't remember him.
He killed himself.
They found a coat, not the body.
How do you know?
All the papers wrote about it.
My mother told me.
He was a genius.
A pioneer of brain surgery.
Can you go faster? Come on!
Thank you. That is enough.
I'm impressed.
But what do you want to prove?
I want to prove
that the defendant could be a doctor,
but he suffers from amnesia
and does not recall his past.
I need proof, not a show.
Of course. May I call another witness?
Enough. We know what the defendant can do.
But the law is the law.
Only legitimate doctors
are allowed to treat people.
Dura lex, sed lex.
With your permission, Your Honor,
I'd like to call to the stand
Professor Jerzy Dobraniecki,
a renown specialist,
head of the Polish Surgical Association.
We know who Professor Dobraniecki is.
Professor, as a specialist,
would you like to comment on the case?
We are trying Antoni Kosiba,
but we know for a fact
that this man is not Antoni Kosiba.
He may be a doctor. It is quite possible.
But he lost his memory due to head trauma.
The cutting-edge methods
we use in our clinic,
the innovative drugs,
the most advanced
electroconvulsive therapy,
or perhaps
even a surgical procedure could help
I understand what you are getting at.
Thank you, Professor.
DISTRICT COURDo you think Wilczur knew
how to do a craniotomy?
That's what they wrote.
I love you.
You've heard the question.
The Professor offers you treatment.
What do you say?
Who are you?
My name is Maria Jolanta Wilczur.
And this is my father.
Silence, please!
I remember the defendant too.
He saved my life.
You cannot remember him.
You were a little kid!
I was ten, Mr. Dobraniecki.
So what? I will never forget it.
Professor Wilczur is dead!
He is alive.
Mazel tov!
Mazel tov! Lehayim! Mazel tov!
Kiss the bride!
Please, sit down, Mrs. Wilczur.
Leszek will be very happy.
I hope you are right, Baron.
Stay still!