Forsaken (2017) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
We didn't choose this love...
It chose us.
It spoke for us...
and it guided our hand.
We saw each other
for who we really are...
and nothing
can keep us apart.
[all cheering]
[indistinct chatter]
[cheering continues]
[male #1]
Get down, get down, get down!
Let's go!
-Are you men or are you boys?
Are you warriors?
-Or are you cowards?
I want to see blood out
on that field tonight.
Yes, sir!
My boy is going to lead you
to victory out there tonight.
Are you ready, son?
-Are you ready?
-Yes, sir!
-Are you ready?
-Yes, sir.
Then get out there
and show me!
[all cheering]
We'll smash the Red Bulls.
[all cheering]
[male #2]
Let's go!
You let me down.
You let yourself down.
You let the whole
damn school down!
Ah! Please.
You're too chicken-shit
running in yourself.
[Mac grunts]
[door opens]
Oh, my God!
I gotta play better.
It's okay. I can take it.
It would be worse
if he knew about us.
What if I had a way out?
No way.
No way.
-You got in?
[both laughing]
Really, it's, uh, just a routine
English program.
-Six more months.
-Only six more months.
High school will be over.
Then we can be done
with this town
and everyone in it.
I got a surprise
for you too.
What is it?
[camera shutter clicks]
[both chuckle]
It's so retro.
I love it.
I think it belonged
to my mom.
How do you know?
Sitting on top of this.
She's beautiful.
This is the first picture
of her I'd ever seen.
I think it's why
he makes me sleep
in the pool house.
He says it's to focus me
on football
but I think it's 'cause
I remind him of her.
She was an amazing woman.
I wouldn't know.
She loved you more than
her own life.
And that's all
that matters.
[Missy chuckling]
Retro selfie.
[both laughing]
Flash is bright.
[instrumental music]
Gran, you want some breakfast?
Oh, there you are, Sarah.
It's me, Missy.
Did you move my lavender shawl?
Here. Gran.
I have to go to school, okay?
Do not forget your bus pass
on the way
to your doctor's appointment,
Twenty two rights,
Green two, River.
Twenty two. Left.
Draw the defenders away
from the box.
The lineman must apply
strong zone principles.
Two left spread. QBS to make
a quick indecisive decision.
Could be as if he has...
Red 22, hut!
Get your ass up, boy.
[birds chirping]
[Duncan sighs]
LSU, USC, Georgia.
'Cause you're too afraid to gut
something out on your own.
We still have a shot
at a few of these.
OSU is looking for a backup.
Dad, maybe I don't wanna
play in college.
You got somethin' better
to do, boy?
No, sir.
I saw you after the game.
Kissin' on that
squirrelly girl.
You think she cares
about your scholarship?
Little gig just wants
to be Prom Queen.
Hell, I don't know
how to get through to you.
This parenting thing
wasn't supposed to be my job.
Sometimes, I'm glad
she's not here
to see what her son
has become.
Do I need to step in here, son?
-No, sir.
-Do I need to step in here?
No, sir, I'm sorry, I...
I'm sorry,
she's a jersey chaser.
I'll get rid of her.
There's gonna be
a lot of skirts chasing you.
You respect the game...
-Yes, sir.
[car honks]
That's Troy.
I gotta go.
You're just gonna
leave your bowl?
[instrumental music]
[car honks]
Hey, Mac.
Hey, Candy.
Still can't believe your pops
won't let you have a car.
He owns the dealership.
He should be driving me
to school.
San Diego's coming
to Friday's game.
Throw me a touchdown pass,
we'll call it even, alright?
Hey, Mac.
You got a second, buddy?
Rough game on Friday.
There's a method
to his madness, you know.
It's your dad
that got me into college.
Yeah? And how's your head doing?
I mean, I... I get it.
I remember being so angry after
games I wanted to kill somebody.
But, everything has a way
of falling into place.
Do you know that
we're getting married?
That's really great, Duff.
What I'm trying
to say is that...
everything happens
for a reason so...
don't be too hard
on yourself, alright?
-I, uh, got to get to class.
-Have a good day, buddy.
I chose Jane Eyre
as my hero from literature.
Not, um...
for the hardships
she endured
or because
Jane was an orphan
whose family
abandoned her but...
But, b-because Jane created
her own identity
when women weren't allowed
to have one.
refused to be
chained down
by the rules
pushed on her by others.
She took matters
into her own hands
and wrote her own future.
She made her own
moral code
that guided her to happiness
and... despite all the odds
even though the man
she fell for
was above her station
she found her true love.
Like you'll ever know
what love feels like.
It's probably similar
to that feeling
you get when you're being passed
around by the football team.
-Nice comeback.
Your mum help you with that one?
[bell rings]
Alright, good work today.
Mr. Adams, Miss Martinez,
please, be prepared
with your reports
on Wednesday.
I'm sorry, Missy.
Kids. Uh...
How are things at home?
How's your grandma?
She called me Sarah
this morning.
Well, you're doing an incredible
job taking care of her.
Just don't forget
to look after yourself too.
Any new friends
besides Jane Eyre?
There is someone
but I can't say.
A beautiful maiden
and her secret love
just like your heroine.
And does, uh,
Mac feel the same way?
You can't say anything.
But you should never
have to keep love a secret.
Right now, we do.
Besides, I don't need
the whole town to love me.
Just him.
Smile that makes
time stand still
From me
Never leave
[instrumental music]
[bell ringing]
Just a minute, Miss Martin.
I'm sorry.
Take your time.
You can't be in here.
Yes, I can.
I just wanted to see what
all the damn fuss was about.
Frankly, I don't see it.
We might screw the girl
from across the tracks
but that's as far
as it goes.
You're beneath us.
[water pattering]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct chatter]
[bell ringing]
[indistinct chatter]
Alice, I need you.
Girl talk incoming.
I best go.
Anyway, I just
wanted to tell you
how excited I am about
the engagement, you know.
-Duff's like a son to me.
-Are you kidding?
He can't stop talking
about your glory days.
Oh... And hey, it's, uh
dad now.
You got it, coach.
So, Missy.
What's so important
you forgot to knock?
I'm leaving school.
I got an early acceptance
to Stanford
and I have enough credits
to graduate
so I'm enrolling
for spring semester.
Well, congratulations.
That's amazing. Great.
Wow, um...
Is this about Mac?
Is this decision running
towards something that you want?
Or running away from
something you're afraid of?
It's just what I have to do.
If you take away
nothing else
at least you deserve
to be happy
and you deserve to have
love in your life.
Don't let anyone or anything
stand between
you and your happiness.
I miss you already.
[instrumental music]
So my boy Duffy gets up
legs like a newborn calf
shakes off the concussion
drives down the field
and scores the damn winning
touchdown himself.
I've had enough hits
for a lifetime.
Thank you, babe. Only reason
I know what happened
'cause I saw it Monday morning
on game film.
How about Mac this year?
Five in one star.
That's a hell of a job, coach.
Hell of a job.
I, uh, I haven't told
Mac yet
but, oh, hell,
I called in some favors
and I got the call today.
My son's gonna be an OSU Cowboy.
I hate him.
Should have
told me at school.
It's a little hard to get
a word in with you at school.
No, this is different.
You're mine.
I don't care if he hurts me
but not you.
Let's just leave.
You called today
just to say
You moved faraway
And remember when...
Gonna be a Cowboy.
Say I'd go anywhere
Don't you ever get tired
of the whinin' and complainin'?
I mean, I wouldn't exactly
call it whining.
I mean, that young girl that
came into my office today
she told me that she's
graduating early
to attend Stanford
on full scholarship.
Gran, please, come with us.
We're leaving.
We're not coming back.
Can any of your boys
say that?
My boys wouldn't ditch
their team like that.
-But good for her.
Now let's celebrate.
-You want a plate?
This is good.
Mac Attack!
I got pie and game tape.
And I got big news.
Come on, son.
Is this about
your girlfriend leavin'?
I know it's tough, but...
you think they're gonna
be there forever
and then they ain't.
[knocking on door]
Let's just concentrate
on something
that won't quit on us, son.
Let's have a beer together.
You're really gonna
make me come in there?
[door opening]
[instrumental music]
Got it.
[car approaching]
You ungrateful little prick.
-You can't do--
-Like hell, I can't!
This is my property, boy.
[Mac grunting]
Damn it, son.
You're gonna throw your life
away on a piece of ass.
I'll be damned.
You might have some of
your old man in you after all.
[yelling and grunting]
I'm gonna teach you a lesson
you ain't ever gonna forget.
[Mac grunting]
Dad, stop.
[breathing heavily]
I can't believe you. Oh, my God.
You ungrateful coward!
We gotta go.
[music continues]
We gotta go.
We gotta go.
Oh, my God. No.
Come on.
Okay. Ahh...
[dramatic music]
Come on, baby.
Get every drop off.
It's not washing off.
[music continues]
Blood washes away
like anything else.
We have to burn everything.
[music continues]
We still have some
old clothes of my dad, so...
You okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
If we leave now,
they'll know it was us.
I know.
Do you want me
to take you home?
Come here.
[instrumental music]
I know how close
you guys were.
I can handle it.
Well, uh, guess I need to
head over to the house
tell young Mac
he's now an orphan.
I'll do it, sheriff.
You sure?
Bill, how much longer
are you gonna be here?
[both chuckle]
Oh, crap.
You can do this.
Morning, Duff.
What's going on?
There was a, an incident
last night
involving your father.
Mac, I'm sorry to
tell you this, but...
he was killed last night.
Oh, Mac. I'm so sorry.
We're gonna get through this.
I'm sorry, I-I don't think
we've met.
This my girlfriend, Duff.
Oh, I...
I didn't know you had one.
That's... that's good.
Look, I want you to know that
you're more than welcome
to come and stay
with Alice and I.
Want you to
think of us as family.
We'll get through this.
[instrumental music]
Hey when you called me
your girlfriend...
that's all
I ever wanted.
I can't take back
what happened.
Even if I could,
I wouldn't.
What happens next
is up to you.
Just know I did it
because I love you.
I can't live without you.
I don't want to.
Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
[both chuckle]
This is all yours now.
It's ours.
[Missy chuckles]
Wait. Wait...
What's wrong?
Marry me.
-Marry me.
[Missy chuckles]
I can't get it
out of my head.
What, Duncan?
Just seein' him...
laying there.
It's bloody,
and it's cold.
I wish I didn't see him
like that.
He told me to call him dad.
He would.
How's Mac doing?
Boy bawled his eyes out.
But he's stronger
than he thinks.
Apparently, he's got
a new girlfriend.
How'd you know?
Some kids actually
do come to counseling.
-She takes counseling?
What for?
Baby, you know,
I can't talk about that.
Yeah, it's just I've...
I've never seen
this girl before
and all of a sudden,
Honey. Honey.
Just know she's...
really good
for Mac right now.
Bye, dad.
[instrumental music]
Come on, Gran.
This is your home now too,
You okay?
I knew your dad, Duncan.
He gave me my first job,
and I just...
See you, coach.
-Mac, seriously?
Hey, good luck.
Did you ever find out
if this plastic
belonged to the car?
No. It doesn't.
It doesn't belong to any other
vehicle in the lot either.
I think it maybe it could
belong to one of our killers.
I'm sending it all
to Tulsa Forensics now.
Mrs. Pearson is going
to rehab.
It's crazy...
Over here.
Wait, Mac, I know you're
going through some stuff but--
Candice, scoot over.
You heard him?
-Hi, Missy.
Excuse me, deputy.
Missy. I wasn't expecting you.
Mm, Mac's having a really
hard time with all this
and he asked if I could come
instead. I hope that's okay.
This is usually
done with family.
I guess we can make
an exception this time.
These are the items that were
deemed non-crucial to the case.
I'm sure Mac would like to
have them back.
Uh, his wallet's in here.
Cash, credit cards.
Weren't very good thieves,
were they?
What do you mean?
They just left the money.
How well did you know Duncan?
T-though we did get pretty close
there right at the end.
Really? I...
I just don't ever
remember him
saying anything about
Mac having a girlfriend.
Well, Duncan didn't really
talk about much
other than football now,
did he?
Not really sure if he cared
about anything else.
Thank you, deputy.
I'll be sure Mac gets these.
[instrumental music]
Come on.
Same make, same model,
same everything.
-I love you.
-Love you too.
[Missy chuckles]
I got one more surprise
for you.
Are you sure?
Wait, stop, stop.
I would die for you.
Stop. Stop, stop.
-I would kill for you.
-Stop. Get off, get off!
What? Did I
do something wrong?
No, it's not you,
it's just...
[exhales forcefully]
[doorbell dinging]
Come on in.
I brought you
a little something.
-Oh, thank you.
-Oh, thank you so much.
I figured we could all spend
some time together.
Of course.
So, uh, no more pool house, huh?
No, I felt kinda weird
in there
big empty place
just sitting here.
Figured it'd be hard
you bein' here all alone.
No, I'm not alone. Missy's
really helped me through it all.
Oh, and this is Grandma Sherrie.
-One big happy family.
-Really great, Mac.
You know, you need all the
support you can get right now.
Thank you, Alice.
You have no idea
how good it is to see you.
Hey, guys.
Come on, man.
-You okay?
Oh, sorry.
It's just a new present here.
-Let's eat.
-Yeah. Come on in, guys.
So photography, huh?
I don't know,
it's something new.
New is good.
[dramatic music]
-That bad, huh?
Flashin' lights got a
a way of messing with my head.
You got to admit, it was
pretty funny though, right?
You know what, you keep it.
I'll catch the guys
that did this.
I know what you did, Missy.
[dramatic music]
I'm proud of you.
Staying here instead of leaving
for Stanford
after what happened
and the way you've helped Mac.
Mac would have done
the same for me.
I know that Mac and Duncan
had a very strained relationship
but still, it's incredibly hard
to lose a parent.
[plate shatters]
I want you
to know that
we're doing everything
in our power
to catch the guys
that did this.
I just wanna forget about it.
I just wanna make sure
that you're not being confused
by any bad influences.
What bad influences?
With your dad gone, there's
gonna be a lot of people around
trying to take
advantage of you.
Well, Missy isn't one of them.
I'm not accusing anyone.
Come on, let's go inside.
How do you do that?
What're you talking about?
How you just
turn it off like that?
Just got to keep moving.
-Thanks again for dinner.
-Oh, of course, sweetheart.
Okay. I'll see at school
tomorrow, okay?
-Alright, have a good night.
-If you need anything.
-Yeah, of course.
-Bye. Drive safe.
-Bye, guys.
They're so great together.
He doesn't like me.
Duncan's body
isn't even cold yet.
-Of course he does.
What were you two
talking about outside?
Hey, what's wrong with you?
He just needs some time
to get to know you.
It's just, uh...
I'm just tired.
He could be dangerous.
Remember that.
There's only us.
[upbeat music]
Hey, Missy, I was
wondering if maybe
you'd like to go
to lunch with me today?
Me and the girls
are going off campus.
Uh, yeah, that,
that would be nice.
Good, because we need
someone to help...
Mac, Can I talk to you
for a second?
You hear we got
murdered Friday?
Yeah, sorry, man.
Dude, I'm not Duffy
or Coach Clyde. I get it.
Your pops could be
kind of a dick.
-It's not like that.
-Yeah, right?
I can see daddy's love
all over you, man.
-Troy, I quit... for good.
But the thing is all those
scouts were coming to see you.
I need those scouts
at the games
or I ain't going
to college.
Well, you better start
studying then.
Mac, what the hell
happened to you?
[bell ringing]
[instrumental music]
On his way to
the theater of Pompeii
Julius Caesar boasts
"The ides of March have come
yet still I stand."
To which the soothsayer replies
"Yes, Caesar
but the ides
have not yet gone."
Julius Caesar, betrayed and
murdered by his closest friends.
So, what is Shakespeare
trying to tell us?
Your bros don't always
have your back.
In a sense.
What else?
Dammit son, answer the man.
[breathing heavily]
Alas! Not everyone
hath the stomach...
for Shakespeare.
[instrumental music]
[dramatic music]
[music continues]
Oh, my God.
You okay?
I don't know.
I guess...
I guess I'm just not used to
all this attention.
The whole school
watches Mac like...
like the sun
rises and sets with him.
This place is pretty sad,
isn't it?
Just remember, the boys might
walk all high and mighty
during the day, but they always
want to cuddle at night.
So, really, we're the ones
with all the power.
[Mac groaning]
We're seeing a lot of damage
from multiple concussions.
Some were diagnosed earlier, and
others we're discovering now.
I'm so sorry, Duffy.
You're showing signs
of atrophy, not improvement.
It's my recommendation
that you
have a drastic
lifestyle change.
Take some time off from work.
Get some rest.
Do you understand
what I am saying?
This is not going to go away.
You're gonna be so good.
[talking indistinctly]
Hey, babe.
Hey, what's wrong?
Nothing. Nothing.
-I'm fine.
I see you, Mac.
And we may have to fake it
for the town
but you don't
have to hide from me.
I saw him.
My dad.
It's okay.
The blood, it's not washing off.
My neck, it's like it's on fire.
Something's crawling around
in my mind like a damn scorpion.
I can't get him out.
[instrumental music]
gonna be okay, baby.
See, isn't that better?
This isn't as easy for me.
I don't think
I can keep doing it.
Yes, you can.
No. No.
I'm not strong like you.
Are you kidding me?
You just have a different
kind of strength.
[music continues]
What are you doing?
I can't do this right now.
I'll take care of everything.
[instrumental music]
What do you think?
Time to turn in?
I'll be up in a bit.
You need to listen
to your doctor.
Rest, relax.
Gotta move on, babe.
Okay. I'll go to bed.
You know, you sound like them.
-Mac and his new girlfriend.
His dad gets murdered and
they act like they don't care
and now you too.
Of course they do, and I do too.
Yeah, I'm sure Missy's
over there bawling her eyes out
in that big-ass mansion.
-Gold-digging whore.
You have no idea what that
little girl has been through.
That's right.
Of course you two are close.
It figures, with two girls
from the wrong side of the track
to get chummy doesn't it?
Damn it!
Seventies is just so played out.
I'm sick of bell bottoms.
Classic always works,
Oh, my God. A corset
with these babies.
You might as well
skip the Sadie Hawkins Dance
and come straight
to my after-party.
It's gonna be savage.
Uh, yeah.
Yeah, okay, we're in.
Dress shopping
this weekend, Missy?
Wouldn't miss it.
Guys, look.
Excuse me.
What's Duffy doing here?
I need to see that photo
from my engagement party.
I wanna confirm that Duncan
was wearing his belt
the night he was killed.
It wasn't found
at the crime scene.
Yeah, sure.
There's your belt right there.
Text this to me right now.
Good work, coach.
Hey, Duff.
Hey, what's going on?
Come on, Missy.
I can't help you if I don't
know what's going on.
Missy, please let me in.
"May you never appeal
to heaven...
"in prayers so hopeless
and so agonized...
"as in that hour
left my lips.
"For never may you...
"like me...
dread to be an instrument
to what you wholly love."
I am an instrument of evil.
That's not true.
Mac's father
was horrible to him.
And I wanted him dead.
I wanted him dead
so we could be together.
And now he is.
No. No.
Missy, what happened
to Duncan is truly evil
but it wasn't you.
These feelings...
these desires
to protect Mac...
If love is not the one thing
worth fighting for
then what is?
[thunder rumbling]
[intense music]
Fair is foul
and foul is fair
Troy is here
you best beware
Whoo! Missy! Hey!
So, what do you think
of the new routine?
-Loved it.
-Thank you.
Coach Clyde wants to see you
in his office.
Oh, God. It's probably
'cause of my absences.
It's probably because
he's totally obsessed with you.
Well, I better
give the all-purpose show
if I mean to get out
of detention.
-Wish me luck.
-Good luck.
Coach Clyde,
you wanted to see me?
Um, hello! I'm here.
Duff. Great call
on the belt, son.
Damn cheerleader called it in.
Found Duncan's belt
tucked away in Clyde's office.
No. No, this can't be right.
Now, just enjoy it, son. Your
first homicide and you nail it.
You're a superstar again.
Sheriff, I'm telling you. I have
known this man for eight years.
That's a good man
that you have in there
and I'm not telling you,
he did not do it.
This ain't our guy.
Duffy, you're gonna learn
in time
that people are not always
how they appear on the surface.
Now, first thing tomorrow
I want you down
at that high school.
You go interview
the other coaches
any teachers
he's close with, the players.
Hell, anybody that might
give us something on Clyde.
This ain't our guy... but I'll
find you the person that is.
[bell ringing]
You know, I can't wait
for this weekend.
What are you doing?
We had to give Duffy something.
Clyde didn't do anything.
I don't like it anymore than you
but if it's between him or us
I'd chose us, wouldn't you?
Then, what's the problem?
You just seem
awful comfortable about it.
You set up a man for murder
and still find time
to go dress shopping.
Ever since that night, you
haven't looked at me the same.
You're scared of me.
Not of you...
of us.
I'm scared of what
this is turning us into.
I have seen things too, Mac.
Things that only belong
in nightmares.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought I was losing my mind.
I had to be strong.
I would live a thousand
nightmares to be with you.
But I need you to be strong too
'cause I... I can't do it
all on my own.
Aah. Yippie-ki-yay, boys.
Mac, heads up.
Hey, Mac, will you teach me
how to throw a spiral?
Yeah. You, uh, be real gentle
to start with.
-Not too gently.
You grip it kinda like that.
You grip right about...
Yo, let's bounce. I wanna stop
for a burger on the way home.
Yeah, you guys go on ahead.
Wait, Mac, are you leaving me?
Uh, no. I'm just
not feeling too hot.
I'm gonna walk this off
before I get home.
You know how my dad is.
Hey! It's, uh...
Missy, right?
Hey, are we both
in drama with Mr. Perez?
You know, I can tell
what time it is in class
without looking at the clock.
Do you wanna know how?
Well, you see,
class faces west.
When I starting getting glare
off his bald spot
that's how I know
it's almost over.
Yeah, his head's
like the world's last sundial.
Can you, um...
Can you turn around now?
I never thought my jokes
were bad enough to make someone
to make someone
pretty as you cry.
-What's wrong?
-I'm all alone.
[instrumental music]
So really, the biggest
takeaway from this novel
is that both love
and evil are relative.
We can't have one
without the other.
And where there is love,
there will also be...
That's quite enough,
Mr. Wayleigh.
I'm sorry, Missy,
please continue.
Ah, yeah. Uh...
Like I said, love is evil.
Wh... Uh...
Where there is love,
there will also be--
Would you like a trip
to the principal's...
Hey, Mac! Mac, get off of him!
Stop! Mac, get off of him!
Hey! Break it up!
Stop it! Get off...
What is wrong with you?
Go to the principal's office
right now.
-Troy started it.
-It doesn't matter.
You can't just attack someone
because you don't like
what they said.
If you had more control
over your classroom--
-It wouldn't have happened.
Wait outside for me, please.
Whatever. Let's go, Mac.
Are you alright?
Coach Clyde's been here
eight years now.
How well do you know him?
The coaches keep to themselves.
High school clerks
go way beyond the students.
Of course, Clyde respected me
as the head
of the drama department.
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sure he does.
Well, he was, like,
always so obsessed
with us cheerleaders, you know.
So, what was it like
when you went to school here?
I mean, you played ball too,
-That was a long time ago.
[Troy grunting]
Can you wrap that up?
Coach Clyde didn't do it.
What makes you say that?
You cops need motive, right?
Coach Clyde
was the complete opposite.
He loved Coach Duncan.
He frickin' worshipped the dude.
If anybody needed a reason
to kill Duncan
it's his own kid.
-You're talking about Mac.
I mean, he wasn't exactly
the kid Duncan always wanted
and he reminded Mac
of that almost every day.
You should have seen
Mac's neck the day
after the king showed up dead.
Looked like coach
took a belt to it.
A belt, huh?
This is your best friend
you're accusing.
Best friend?
You mean the golden boy
and his bitch girlfriend?
He does whatever
she tells him to do.
Taking instructions,
following orders.
He used to be a leader.
He used to run this place.
Now... I don't even recognize
the dude when I see him.
My best friend?
[indistinct chatter]
Missed you in our session today.
Yeah, I don't need
counseling anymore.
It doesn't exactly work that
way. And after what happened--
Missy, you coming or what?
I got to run.
I'll make it next time.
Hey, Mac.
Mac, hold up a minute,
will you, buddy?
Look, if you're here
to ask me about Clyde
I don't know anything.
No. I'm here to ask about you.
I want to know how you're doing.
I'm doing alright.
I'm actually supposed to
go meet Missy right now, so...
How well do you
even know this girl, huh?
Clyde is going down for murder.
You know that, right?
And they're gonna give him
the death penalty unless
maybe you know something
that can change that.
You're the cop.
You arrest him. I trust you.
Mac. Let me see something.
Do not touch me.
I know you and Duncan
fought the night that he died.
You need to tell me
what happened.
You call beating
the shit out of me "fighting"
then yeah, we fought that night.
Look, if you just
tell me the truth
we can work this out together.
I can help you.
I can't protect you
if you don't--
Then again, he beat me
the week before too
so it's hard to know
which night you mean.
It's funny.
I don't remember
you asking about the truth
after any one of these fights
before he died.
You know what he was.
Who are you?
My dad wanted me to be a man.
He finally got it.
This isn't just gonna go away.
If you think you could
go around playin' house
after something
like this happens
you got another thing coming.
I'm coming, for you
and your girlfriend.
You hear me?
You come after my house...
I burn yours
to the ground.
[dramatic music]
[engine revving]
[woman on phone]
We found micro traces
of blood on that belt.
There's a genetic similarity
to the victim.
Probably a close relative.
[knocking on door]
-Mac, open the door.
This is really important.
Anything y'all need,
I'm here for ya.
[knocking on door]
Mac, open the door.
Let them in.
Tell me about the fight
between you and your dad
the night that he died.
I told you everything at school.
How did the fight start?
What were you two
fighting about?
I couldn't take the pressure
of football anymore.
I told him I wanted to quit.
Then what happened next?
Look, I love my dad.
I didn't want the whole town
to think bad about him.
You sit still.
Look, just because
that boy's blood
was on a belt, that don't mean
he killed his dad.
And just because we found
a belt in Clyde's office
doesn't mean
he killed him either.
By finding blood
on that belt at least gives us
probable cause
to question him, doesn't it?
Are you telling me
that that's the only night
your dad ever put hands on you?
He was a good dad.
Mac, stop lying to me.
You know there are plenty
of people who can corroborate
that your father was rough
on you plenty of times.
Well, they're cowards then.
If someone thought my dad
was hurting me
they should have
reported it earlier.
I mean, it's pretty convenient
that someone would say
these things after he's dead,
I see you put in your transfers
for early graduation.
Stanford, huh?
You must be pretty damn smart.
Just honest hard work
and I'm an avid reader.
You put down those transcripts
the same day Duncan
was murdered.
That afternoon actually.
The day that you decide
to leave high school
the only person
keeping you two apart
your secret boyfriend's dad
just somehow turns up murdered?
It's pretty convenient,
don't you think?
If I tell you something...
will you promise
not to tell Mac?
-And you leave him out of it?
You have my word.
Mac came to my house
to say goodbye that night.
He had bruises all over him.
I've never been so mad
in my whole life.
So I decided right then.
Mac needed my help.
I couldn't leave him like that.
I decided to stay.
Mac cried in my arms
the entire night.
I never let him out of my sight.
I know it's terrible to say...
but I'm not sad about Duncan.
I swore I'd never tell anyone.
But Duncan had been hurting Mac
for years.
To be honest, I'm surprised
you never knew, deputy.
I mean, you were so close
with their family.
But I suppose it's for the best.
Because if you had known
about the domestic violence
and did nothing...
I guess that would make you
an accessory
after the fact, right?
Can anyone prove Mac
was there with you that night?
That poor child
seemed awfully hurt.
I wouldn't normally
let a boy spend the night.
It's not proper.
made him some
of my banana nut bread...
my specialty.
I'll bake some for the station.
-Excuse me.
-I saw boxes of those old...
stale donuts.
It was awfully nice of Mac
to let your grandma stay
with the two of you
in that two-story mansion.
Yes. It is.
He is very kind.
I think that's why
I love him so much.
You have been pulling his
strings all along, haven't you?
Ever since the beginning.
I would never make Mac
do anything he didn't want to.
Every word that comes out
of your mouth is a lie.
How do you live with yourself
just lying with every word
that comes out of your mouth.
Big-ass crocodile tears.
I see through you--
That's about enough, deputy.
You and your family,
you're, you're free to go on.
-Wait, I have one more ques--
-No, deputy.
You have no other questions.
[dramatic music]
Mac, your, uh, dad was greatly
admired in this community.
It's a loss for everyone.
I'm sorry.
Your blood was found
on Duncan's belt
that was taken
from the crime scene.
How do you explain that, huh?
Stop it! Stop!
You were at the dealership
that night, I know you were.
And you killed him.
And if you didn't, she did.
I want the truth from you, huh?
-Okay. Okay. Okay.
-You're right. You're right.
-You're right. You're right.
-Baby, let's go.
No, no, he's right.
It is my blood on that belt.
Because it's the same belt he
used to whip me with every week
after I lost a game. You know.
Mac, you don't
have to say this.
My dad deserved better
than me...
but I didn't kill him.
Okay, come on.
You guys are free to go.
I understand, Mac.
Sorry, again,
about all the trouble.
You're just doing your job,
-My God, Duffy.
Your head is more screwed up
than I thought it was.
Sheriff, they're lying.
Every single last one.
-Even the grandma--
-I don't wanna hear it.
Two weeks paid leave
starting right now.
Go home, spend some time
with that fiance
and get your damn head straight.
Sheriff, my head is fine, I...
Would you just go home
and try and preserve
what little dignity
you've got left.
Boys, get him to his car
and get him home.
[crickets chirping]
Baby, you were great
in there today.
I'm sorry, I thought I washed
all the blood off the belt.
You kidding?
Made it even better.
See the look
on that sheriff's face?
No, we were perfect.
No. We underestimated him.
Yeah, but after today,
his word don't mean shit.
He's not a quitter.
You know that.
It's him... or us.
So, what do we do?
He won't let us leave,
we change his mind for him.
We send a message.
I'm on my way.
[siren blaring]
I am so sorry, Duff.
She, uh, she must've been
upstairs when the fire started.
Hell, it's lucky
we got her out at all.
They're thinkin' it may have
been a electrical fire
that started probably
in the kitchen or...
Well... you give me a call
if you need anything at all,
you hear me?
[machine beeping]
[dramatic music]
We did what we had to do.
For us.
[music continues]
[machine beeping]
I tried to warn you.
I've become an instrument
of evil to what I love.
And I should feel terrible
for what I've done.
But I don't.
I can't.
I accept who I am...
and what I had to do.
For us.
Thank you, Alice.
Do you love me now?
To keep holding my hand
If I placed it in yours
Do you love me now...
Hey, let's go start
our life together.
If I was standing
next to you
Would you walk to me
If you saw me there
With a clear path in between
Would you climb a hill
To get to me
If you could hear me
calling your name
Would you come to me
If I drew you a map
And bought your tickets too
Would you give the time
It would take to find
And only tell me the truth
Come on, baby.
Far and wide...
You're breathtaking.
[intense music]
[instrumental music]
When I saw you
Just the other day
Your smile stole my heart...
Do you remember when I said
I didn't want our first time
to be in Scotswood?
I'm ready... now.
Now I'm somewhere
In the dream
What is real and...
Welcome to the renaissance.
Where's Mac and Missy?
Oh, me thinks I saw
those star-crossed lovers
around here somewhere.
Shut up! Where are they?
-Answer me!
I-I heard Troy Wayleigh
say somethin'
about a warehouse party.
[dance music]
Wait, this is our night.
I only want to share it
with you.
Me, too.
I have an idea.
Come on.
Come on.
[both laughing]
After you.
[instrumental music]
[indistinct chattering]
[music continues]
[dance music]
[all cheering]
-I am Troy Wayleigh!
And you are all free men!
Free to party!
[all cheering]
Where's Mac and Missy?
I don't know,
probably slow dancin'
like a couple of fairies.
[dance music]
[intense music]
[Missy giggling]
Are you ready to start our life
together, Mr. Macbeth?
I am yours, Lady Macbeth.
Don't move.
Get down! Get down!
[Missy screams]
Who do you think you are?
Coming after my family...
[camera shutter clicks]
[Duffy groaning]
You're not gonna
get away with this!
Never! I'm never gonna stop!
If we leave now...
We didn't choose this love...
it chose us.
It spoke for us...
and it guided our hand.
What happened to us is tragic
but our story is not a tragedy.
[gun cocks]
[instrumental music]
This room's a mess
Can't sleep inside
this bed
I don't want to
I hear your steps
Swear I can feel your breath
You're everywhere
You're the sun
through the window
You're fog in the middle
Locked in
how do I get out?
Each brick
inside these walls
that line the halls
I built
this house for you
I hear them loud
I watch them fall
We saw each other
for who we really are.
I built
this house for you
And nothing can keep us apart.
Out of control
you're burning down this place
I built
this house for you
You're like a ghost
it's driving me insane
I'm here alone
and callin' out your name
I built
this house for you
So beautiful
Remember when it shined
like gold?
From every corner
Now it's cold as hell
I'm stuck inside
a prison cell
I miss you
When I planted the roses
How could I ever know that?
You will let them die
Each brick
inside these walls
that line the halls
I built
this house for you
I hear them loud
I watch them fall
I built
this house for you
Just like a fire
it all went up in flames
Out of control
You're burnin' down
this place
I built
this house for you
You're like a ghost
it's driving me insane
I'm here alone
and callin' out your name
I built
this house for you
So beautiful
Remember when it shined
like gold?