Fort Apache (2013) Movie Script

I can't remember how it started.
I remember feeling scared and lost
C'mon, kid.
So how'd it start?
Hey, how'd it start?
Small fires make big fires!
Small fires make big fires.
Well, I surely hope so.
What if we get caught?
We ain't gonna get caught.
And whatever they fought for,
that place became the United States.
Hey Walt.
That's a swell hat you got there.
Ain't you a movie star?
Yeah, where'd you get that hat?
Bowling alley's got burned up.
Fire get anyone?
life ain't a goddamn movie.
Sometimes I wish I was in the movies.
Not to be famous or nothin'.
I just wish I was made of light.
I'd be a light up there
on the silver screen.
Not at all a little kid anymore.
Havin' a fun birthday?
What's it to you?
I can help you have fun, is what.
Can I help you?
You got
one of the Shirley Temple photos?
Well, we ought to, I think.
Star photos are half a dollar.
You're a nickel short.
Aw, come on.
It's my birthday.
I'm turning eleven.
Say, how'd you get in here?
Lester let you in the back?
You are in big trouble, young man.
- Come on!
I didn't do anything!
Let me go!
Hey, can I have a lift?
Fuck you.
I didn't do nothin'!
- Fuck you, you little queer.
Hey, take that back!
Fuck you.
Look at this place.
Wow. Look at this.
You know that girl from Selma?
Yeah, the one
that's gonna be in the movies?
She's up at the city.
She's singing
at that pageant today, ain't she?
We ain't
goin' to no goddamn pageant.
Ah, hell, no.
We goin' to Selma.
We are movin' fast now
and goin' further than I'd ever been.
It was like
we were at the center of the world,
headed towards Selma,
a land richer than I'd ever seen.
Lonnie used to say
there's two different worlds.
One's got everything,
and one's got nothing.
But truth is,
maybe they ain't so different after all.
Maybe life is filled
with all types of different worlds,
worlds of tough and weak,
pretty and ugly.
Sometimes I think
the only thing holding us together
is the sparks causing fires
or maybe electric lines
or the stars up above.
That it was all over,
and when I breathed,
my breath was like lightning.
Truth is,
I didn't care where we was headin'
as long as I
was gettin' out of this place.
Hey, Lonnie.
When we goin' out west?
Hell if I know, kid.
You said one of these times
we'd hop a freight
and get on outta here.
you ever hear about
the animal that chews off
its own leg
to get free from a trap?
That's what it's like
tryin' to leave this place.
I ain't gonna live in no trap.
I'm gonna be gone.
you can't run
with but one leg, kid.
It was like a scene from the movies.
We're off to see the wizard,
the wonderful wizard of Oz.
Come on.
It's yours, kid, for your birthday.
What you gonna call it?
Call what?
Your town.
Ain't nobody here but us.
Where they at?
They're up in the city.
That girl must sing like an angel.
Hep sings better than her.
Hep's singing will make you weep.
Oh, sure.
What the hell
do you know about anything?
I know that girl's going
to California to be in the movies,
and you and Hep ain't
never gonna leave that fright yard,
ain't never gonna be nothin'.
- I ain't no girl.
Ain't no Selma.
No city.
No nothin'.
He's the only one
in this whole goddamn world.
It's your world, brother.
Now what you gonna call it?
Fort Apache.
Let's call it Fort Apache.
What are you doin'?
I need a bridesmaid.
Shirley Temple.
Hollywood special.
Sometimes I wish I was a little kid again
and didn't have
to think about none of it.
But something
inside of me had changed
and I knew
I couldn't never go back.
I realized
I didn't want to be like Lonnie,
and I knew
my destiny now lay with Hep.
Wanna ring the bell?
Ain't it like a movie?
You ever think that
ain't nobody in the world
that could understand you?
I think I'm crazy.
I really must be.
I'm leavin' one day.
You could come with if you want.
We could look out for each other.
Stay or go, it's all the same.
Burn a thousand bowling alleys.
Burn the whole goddamn world.
It doesn't matter.
Walt, come on. We gotta go!
Hep, we still gonna ring the bell?
Hep, come on. We gotta go!
- Come on, Walt!
We gonna ring it?
Here come the police!
- We gotta go!
Walt! Hep! Come on!
- Come on!
There was no way out.
No one to call to for help.
I felt like if I could just hit that bell
hard enough
then maybe
someone would finally hear us.
The End
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